Charles R.

HIs Maiesty in his princely compassion and very tender care, taking into con­sideration the distressed condition of many his good Subjects, whom the late dreadful and dismal fire hath made destitute of habitations, and exposed to ma­ny exigencies and necessities; For present remedy and redresse whereof, his maie­sty, intending to give further testimony and evidences of his grace and favour towards them as occasion shall arise, hath thought fit to declare and publish his royal pleasure, That as great proportions of bread and all other provisions as can possibly be furnished, shall be daily and constantly brought, not onely to the Markets formerly in use; but also to such Markets as by his Majesties late Order and Declaration to the Lord Mayor and Sherifs of London and Middlesex have been appointed and orained, viz. Clerkenwell, Islington, Finsbury-fields, Mile-end-Green, and Ratclif: his majesty being sensible that this will be for the benefit also of the Towns and Places adjoyning; as being the best expedient to prevent the resort of such persons thereunto as may pilfer and disturb them. And whereas also divers of the said distressed persons have saved and preserved their Goods, which nevertheless they know not how to dispose of: It is his maiesties pleasure, That all Churches, Chappels, Schools, and other like Publick Places, shall be free and open to receive the said Goods, when they shall be brought to be there laid. And all Iustices of the Peace within the several Counties of middlesex, Essex, and Surry, are to see the same to be done ac­cordingly. And likewise that all Cities and Towns whatsoever shall without any contradiction receive the said distressed persons, and permit them the free exercise of their manual Trades; his maiesty resolving and promising, that when the present exigent shall be passed over, he will take such Care and Order, that the said persons shall be no burthen to their Towns or Parishes. And it is his maiesties Pleasure, That this his Declaration be forthwith published, not onely by the Sherifs of London and middlesex, but also by all other Sherifs, mayors▪ and other Chief Officers in their respective Precincts and Limits, and by the Constables in every Parish. And of this his maiesties pleasure all persons concerned are to take notice, and thereunto to give due obedience to the utmost of their power, as they will answer the contrary at their peril.

God save the king.

London, Printed by Iohn Fill and Christopher Farker, printers to the Kings most excellent maiesty.

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