By the Kings Most Excellent MAJESTIE.
A DECLARATION to all His Maiesties Loving Subiects in His Kngdoms of ENGLAND, SCOTLAND, and IRELAND, &c.

FOrasmuch as we have lately received an Overture, in the name of some thousands of Our Loving Subjects in our King­doms of England, Scotland, Ireland, and Our Dominion of Wales, &c. wherein is expressed the late cruel, Tyrannical and perfidious practises and proceedings of a pack'd piece of a Parliament or Juncto, who have assumed a Power to them­selves far beyond what ever hath been acted or done by any of Our Predecessors, contrary to Law, Reason and the just Rights and Priviledges of all Our good Subjects.

We do therefore Declare, that We shall according to our late Proclamation endeavour so far as in Us lyes, to make good Our Promise in every particular. To which end and purpose, We have already provided shipping, and embarqued a considera­ble part of Our Army to be landed at one of the places therein mentioned; resolving with Our Self to appear in Our own Roy­all Person at the head of those Forces, for the better encouragement of all Our good Subjects. All which might have been per­formed long since, had not the siege of Dunkirk, put a demur to Our proceedings therein, it being a place very considerable and of great concernment as to the management of Our so weighty undertakings; Our chief ends being, to restore Religion in its purity, the Lawes to their Channel, the Nobility and Gentry to their Estates, and all Our loving Subjects to their Ancient Li­berties; In effecting whereof, if not assisted by you, we do verily believe salvation will come some other way, and we shall by Divine providence be restored to Our Royal and Legal Prerogatives; Yet we doubt not in the least but that many of Our good Subjects will so far provide towards Our assistance, as to unite their heart in a joynt and hearty consent to so publick a good as concerns not only Our Self, but them and their Posterities for ever.

In the meantime, (to prevent effusion of blood) If Propositions of Peace shall be propounded by those at Westminster, Our ears shall be alwaies open unto them, and not only ready to receive them, but even to seek and solicit for them, when ever We can probably judge that they are a Full and Free Parliament, and will not reject Our Overture, which with all possible expediti­on will come to their Hands.

And We are so far from denying to answer any Propositions of Peace sent by them, that we will and do promise, upon the word of a King, that if a Treaty may be procured, We will use no Hostile means, or other way which may be a hinderance therunto; the Sum of Our demands being. The glory of God, in the maintenance of the true reformed Protestant Religion, the just and in­separable right of the Crown, the just power and Priviledges of Parliament, and the lawful Rights of all Our Good Subjects: and all these under no ambiguous tearmes, whereby the contrary party have formerly deluded and mislead so many of Our Loving Sub­jects, pretending that they have all along fought for the same.

Notwithstanding if no Treaty can be procured, we shall hazzard Our Self to defend and maintain these our so just and Legal de­mands, and for those who are obstinate, and refuse to joyn with Us in the prosecution of these Our just intentions, We do De­clare them unworthy of Our assistance. Nevertheless we know and do assure our selves, that few or none of Our good Subjects are ignorant of the heavy Taxes that have been imposed upon them since our exilement, upon pain of plundring their goods, and and imprisonment of their persons, taking from them a fifth part of their yearly Revenue, besides Contribution; plundring al­most all men of quality in every County, to the undoing of many of Our good. Subjects; And after these sufferings what an Excise hath been set upon the Bread and Meat they eat, and which is far worse how our Churches have been abused and made Stables, robbing and defacing them, abolishing the true Protestant Religion, and instead thereof introduced so many Religions as men shall fancy to themselves.

We are likewise confident, That many of Our Good Subjects are sensible of the happy Government they and their Ancestors have enjoyed under many godly and pious Kings and Queens; Therefore we will and require all Our Loving Subjects seriously to consider how ever probable they can expect such dayes again, except they joyn with Our Self and Our Forces, to advance Our Throne and Regal Dignity. Which will be the only means to make up the Breaches in Our poor Massacred and divided King­doms, procure a happy Union betwixt Our Good Subjects, prevent all future distractions, and we may obtaine honour from all Christian Princes, that Religion, Justice, Loyalty and a Free Trade may flourish throughout Our Dominions.

God save the King.

ANTWERP, Printed by his Majesties speciall Command. 1659.

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