His Majesties Declaration.

WHereas upon Complaint of the several Injuries, Affronts and Spoils done by the East and West-India-Companies, and other the Subjects of the United Provinces, unto and upon the Ships, Goods and Persons of Our Sub­jects, to their grievous Damages, and amounting to Vast Summs; In­stead of Reparation and Satisfaction which hath been by Vs frequently de­manded, We found that Orders had been given to de Ruyter not onely to abandon the Consortship against the Pirats of the Mediterranean Seas (to which the States General had invited Vs) but also to use all Acts of Depredation and Hostility against Our Subjects in Africa.

We thereupon gave Order for the deteining of the Ships belonging to the States of the United Provinces, their Subjects and Inhabitants; yet notwithstanding, We did not give any Commission for Letters of Marque, nor were there any Proceedings against the Ships deteined, until we had a cleer and undeniable Evidence that de Ruyter had put the said Orders in Execution, by seizing se­veral of Our Subjects Ships and Goods.

But now since finding by these fresh Injuries and Actings of theirs, and the intelligence We have had of their great Preparations for War, and their Granting of Letters of Marque against Our People, that both Our Forbearance, and the other Remedies We have used to bring them to a compliance with Vs, have proved ineffectual, and that they are Resolved what they have done by Wrong, to maintain by Arms and War against Vs;

We have thought fit, by and with the Advice of Our Privy Council, to Declare, and do hereby Declare to all the World, That the said States are the Aggressors, and that they ought in Iustice to be so looked upon by all Men; so that as well Our Fleets and Ships, as also all other Ships and Vessels that shall be Commissionated by Letters of Marque from Our dear Brother the Duke of York, Lord High Admiral of England, shall and may lawfully fight with, subdue, seize, and take all Ships, Vessels and Goods belonging to the said States of the United Provinces, or any of their subjects or Inhabitants, within any their Territories.

And We do hereby Command, as well all Our Own Subjects, as advertise all other persons, of what Nation soever, not to transport or carry any Souldiers, Arms, Powder, Ammunition, or any other Contraband Goods, to any of the Territories, Lands, Plantations or Countries of the said States of the United Provinces; Declaring, That whatsoever Ship or Vessel shall be met withal, Transporting or carrying any Souldiers, Arms, Powder, Ammunition, or other Contraband Goods, to any of the Territories. Lands, Plantations or Countries of the said States of the United Provinces, the same being taken, shall be Condemned as good and lawful Prize.

And We do further Declare, That whatsoever Ship or Vessel, of what Nation soever, shall be met withall, having any Goods, Merchandises, or any number of Persons in her belonging to the said States of the United Provinces, or any of their Subjects or Inhabitants, the whole, being taken, shall be adjudged as good and lawful Prize. As likewise all Goods and Merchandises, of what Na­tion soever, whether of Our Own, or of Foreigners, that shall be Laden aboard any Ship or Vessel, that shall belong to States of the Vnited Provinces, or any of their Subjects, or any inhabiting with them, and shall be taken, the whole shall be Condemned as good and lawful Prize; Except the said Ship or Vessel has Ours, or Our dear Brothers Letters of Safe Conduct granted to them.

And to the end that due Intimation and Publication of this Our Declaration may be made, and Publick Notice thereof be taken; It is our Will Pleasure, That this Our present Declaration shall be published in due and usual Form.

Richard Browne, Clerk of the Council.

London, Printed by John Bill and Christopher Barker, Printers to the Kings most Excellent Majesty, 1664.

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