❧By the King.

TRusty and well belo [...] We greet you well:

VVhereas VVe under­stand, That Sir J [...] [...]am takes vpon him (without any legall Authority or Powe [...] [...] issue VVarrants to Constables, and other Our Officers, t [...] [...]vers of Our trained Bands of this Our County, and requ [...] [...] to march with their Arms, and to come into Our Town of [...] where he hath disarmed divers of them, keeps their Arms, a [...] [...]arges the men: And whereas VVe are cre­dibly informed, that [...] persons, who were lately Colonels, Lieu­tenant-Colonels, Captains and Officers [...] [...]rayned Bands of this Our County, intend shortly to summon, and indeavour to mus [...] [...] [...]rces of this Our County: For as much as by the Law of the Land, none of [...] Bands are to be raised or mustered, upon any pretence or authority whatsoever [...] [...]all VVarrant under Our own hand, or by a Legall VVrit directed to the Sherif [...] [...]ounty, or by VVarrant from the Lord Lieutenant, or Deputy Lieutenants of [...], appointed and authorized by Com­mission under Our Great Seal. And wh [...] [...] [...]sent there is no Lord Lieutenant or De­puty Lieutenant legally authorized to co [...] the Forces and trained Bands of this Our County of York, and the Commissions, [...]and, and Power of all Colonels, Lieute­nant-Colonels, Captains and Officers of Our [...]ained Bands,(which were derived from the Commission and Power of the Lord Lieutenant onely) are now actually void, and of no Force and Authority. Our VVill and Comand therefore is, that you forthwith issue VVarrants under Our Hand, to all the late C [...]lonels, Lieutenant-Colonels, Captains and Officers who (whiles the Lord Lieutenants Commission was in Force) had the command the trained Bands of this Our County: A [...]d also to all High and Petty Constables, and other Our Officers, in this Our County, wh [...] it may concern charging and command­ing them, and every of them, in Our Name, [...]nd upon their Allgiance, and as they tender the Peace of this Our Kingdom, not to Must [...], Leavie, or Raise, or to Summon or VVarn (upon any Pretence or Directions whatsoever any of Our trained Bands to Rise, Muster, or March without expresse VVarrant under Our Hand, or VVarrant from you Our Sheriff grounded upon a particular VVrit to that pu [...]pose; which VVe also command you, not to put in Execution without Our Privity and [...]owance, whiles VVe shall reside in this Our County. And in case any of Our traine [...] [...]ds shall rise, or gather together, contrary to this Our command, Then VVe will a [...]and you to charge and require them, to dis­solve and retire to their dwellings. A [...] [...] due Summons from you, they shall not lay down their Arms, and depart to t [...] [...]. VVe will and command you, upon your Allegiance, and as you tender th [...] [...]d quiet of this Our Kingdom, to raise the Power of the County, and suppresse [...]e, as the Law hath directed and given you Power to do. And to the end that th [...]esse Command may be notified to all Our good Subjects in this Our County, so [...] may pretend hereafter to have been misled through ignorance; VVe require you [...] [...]hese our Letters to be forthwith read, and published openly in all Churches an [...] [...]s in this Our Countie. Herein you may not fail, as you tender the safety and h [...] [...] Our Person, the good and peace of this Our Kingdom and will answer the contra [...] [...] perill. For which this shall be your suffici­ent VVarrant.

To Our trusty and welbeloved high Sheriffe of Our County of York.

❧ Imprinted at York by ROBE [...] [...]ER, Printer to the Kings most Excellent Majestie: And by th [...] span [...]es of JOHN BILL. 1642.

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