❧ The Kings Majesties Speech to the sixe Heads, concerning the Queens going into Holland.

MY Lords, and Gentlemen; nothing but exstream necessity shall make me willing at this time for to give consent unto the Queens going out of the Land; and I shall be very sorry if the case stand so, that she should be forc't to go to preserve her health, and I give unto both Houses many thanks, for the care they have of my Wives health and contentment: therefore I desire there may be a Committee of both Houses here to morrow, at three a clock, to attend my Wife, with these Reasons which have now been read to me.

❧ The Queens Majesties Speech to a Committee of both Houses at Whitehall, touching Her going into Holland.

MY Lords, and Gentlemen of the House of Commons, I am thankefull to both Houses of Parliament, for the great care they have of my health; and for their affections to me, hoping that I shall see the effect of it: Truely nothing but my life could move me to this consideration, and if I thought I could serve the King, and Kingdome with the hazard of my life, I would do it willingly, and I hope you do beleeve, I am so much interested in the good and welfare of this Kingdome, that I shall never in my life wish or desire any thing that may prove to the prejudice of it.

July 20. Printed Anno Dom. 1641.

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