By the King.
A Proclamation touching the Adjourning of part of Hillary Terme.

THE Kings most excellent Majesty being now involved in an unnaturall War, raised against Him by divers of His own Subjects, and finding no hope of a present Peace, which He hath much desired and indeavoured, and being now setled at His City of Oxford, in His own Person, and His Army attending Him there for His necessary defence for this Winter season, hoping that, before any new occasions shall be offered for the effu­sion of more blood unnaturally spilt, it will please God who is the God of Peace, to open some way to attain thereunto, which some by all means indeavour to divert, hath amongst other things which concerne the Good and Prosperity of His people, taken into His Princely consideration, how, and in what place, and in what manner the next ensuing Hillarie Terme with most conveniency for Himselfe, and His own affairs, and for His good Subjects may be held in a time of so much danger and distraction; and upon serious weighing of all Circumstances fit to be considered of, His Ma­jesty hath resolved, and by this His Royall Proclamation doth Order, Appoint, Declare, and Publish, That because the Lord Keeper of the Great Seale is the Supreame Judge of the High Court of Chancery, and he must necessarily attend His Majesties Person, that the said Court of Chancery, and all proceedings of what kinds or sorts soever, shall, and by these presents are, and stand adjourned to the City of Oxford, where His Majesties residence now is, and for that time is likely to bee, for the whole Terme of Saint Hillary now next ensuing; and shall begin, and bee there held and continued upon, and from the three and twen­tieth day of Ianuary, now next ensuing, untill and upon the Thirteenth day of February then next following. And because the Commissioners for His Majesties Treasury, and the Chancellor of the Exchequer, are likewise here attending His Person, that the Receipt of His Majesties Exchequer, and of the first Fruits, and Tenths payable by all Spirituall Persons, and others, shall be, and by these presents is, and stand adjourned for and during all the Term, and time aforesaid, unto the said City of Oxford, and shall be there held and continued. And because the Court of the Dutchie of Lancaster may with more ease, and conveniency to all His Majesties Officers, and loving Subjects having occasion to attend the same, bee kept in the City of Oxford, then at the City of Westminster, in these troublesome times, that the said Court of Dutchie of Lancaster shall be, and by these presents is, and stands adjourned for, and during all the Terme and time aforesaid, unto the said City of Oxford, and shall be there held and continued. And because His Majesties Court of Wards, and Liveries is principally intent upon matters of His Revenue, and the same with much more conveniency to His Majesty, and with as little inconveniency to His Subjects having businesse therein, may bee as well held in Oxford, as in Westminster, His Majesty doth farther also by these Presents, Order, Appoint, Declare and Publish, That the said Court of Wards, and Liveries shall bee, and by these Presents is, and stands adjourned for, and during all the Terme and time aforesaid from the said City of Westminster, unto the said City of Oxford, and shall bee there held and continued. And because it is most proper that the Lord Privy-Seale for the time being, and the Masters of Requests to His Majesty, who are the Councell of the Court of Whitehall, or Court of Requests should attend His Majesties Person, wheresoever He is, or shall be; and all Suits depending in that Court, are properly depending before His Majesty, and the Bills there are exhibited unto His Majesty and to none other, His Majesty doth likewise Order, Appoint, Declare, and Publish that the said Court of Requests or Court of White-hall shall be, and by these presents is Adjourned from Westminster aforesaid, unto the said City of Oxford, and for, and during all the Terme and time aforesaid shall there be held and continued. And because in the time of this miserable distraction the Subjects of this King­dom, having Suits in any of the Courts of the Kings-Bench, Common-Pleas, and Exchequer cannot with such safety, and contentment as His Majesty wish [...] unto them, attend their Suits, and Causes depending in any of the said three Courts, And yet that many Causes of smaller moment may be dispatched [...] out the Clients and Suitors themselves, by their Attourneys, and Solliciters, if but a part of the said Terme may be held and kept in the places where Records of those Courts now are, and from whence without very much trouble, and charge they cannot be removed; His Majesty hath further resolved, by these presents doth publish, and declare, That He shall, and will by His Writs of Adjournment totally Adjourne the two first Returnes of the said ensu [...] Terme of Saint Hillary, commonly called Octabis Hillarii, and Quindena Hillarii, untill the Returne called Crastino Purificationis, and that the two las [...] turnes of the said Terme called Crastino Purificationis, and Octabis Purificationis, shall be held at Westminster in the usuall places where formerly they were [...]el [...] All which His Majesty signifieth to all, and singular His Officers, Ministers, and loving Subjects of this His Realme, to the intent that they, and every them who have, or shall have any Suite, or other occasion to attend any of the said Courts of Chancery, Receipt of Exchequer, and of First Fruits and Tenth [...] Dutchie of Lancaster, Court of Wards, and Liveries, and Court of Requests, may give their attendance at the said City of Oxford as aforesaid, and not else­where, and that such of them as have, or shall have cause to attend, or who have cause or Commandement to appeare in any of His Majesties said Courts Kings-Bench, Common-Pleas, and Exchequer at Westminster, in or at the said Returnes of In Octabis Hillarii, and Quindena Hillarii, or in, or at any day or ti [...] from and after the said Returnes of Octabis Hillarii, and Quindena Hillarii, and before the said Returne of Crastino Purificationis, may tarry at their dwelling or where their businesse otherwise shall lye, without resorting to any of the said Courts for that cause before the said Returne of Crastino Purificationis next comming, and that without danger of forfeiture, penalty, or contempt, to incurre towards His Majestie in that behalfe. And neverthelesse His Majesties pleasure is, that two of His Justices, that is to say, of either Bench one, shall the first day of the Terme of Saint Hillarie, called Octabis Hillarii, according to the ancient order of the Lawes, keep the Essoines of the said Octabis Hillarii, at which Returne of Octabis Hillarii Writs of Adjournment shall be directed to the said Justices, giving them authority to Adjourne part of the said Terme of Saint Hillarie, that is to say, from Octabis Hillarii, untill the said Returne of Crastino Purificationis, as before is said, and the same Adjournment shall be made in the first day of the said Octabis Hillarii, commonly called the day of the Essoines. Willing, and Commanding all, and every of His Majesties Officers, Ministers, and Subjects, to whom it doth, or shall appertain, to observe, and keep their Assemblies, and Appearances with all their Returnes, and Certificates in His Highnesse said Courts at Westminster In Crastino Purificationis next, then, and there to be holden, and kept, and there to doe their Offices, and Duties in every behalfe in like manner and forme, as they should or ought to have done if this present Proclamation had not been had or made, as they will answer the contrary at their Perills.

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