A Proclamation Proclaimed in London the ninth of Iune

WHeras by the Statute made the seventh Yeare of King Edward the first, The Prelats Earles, Barons, and ommonalty of the Realme, affirmed in Parliament, that to the King it belongeth, and His part it is by Royal Seigniority straitly to defend wearing of armour, and all other Force against the Peace, at all times when it shall please Him, and to punish them which shall doe contrary, according to the Lawes and usages of the Realme; and hereunto all subjects are bound to aide the King as their Soveraign Lord at all seasons, when need shall be. And whereas we under­stand, that expresly contrary to the said statute, and other good lawes of this our Kingdome under colour and pretence of an Ordinance of Parliament, without our consent, or any com­mission or warrant from Vs; the Trained Bands, and Militia, of this Kingdome have been lately, and are intenbed to be put in Arms, and drawne into Companies in a warlike man­ner, whereby the peace and quiet of Our subjects is, or may be disturded: Wee being de­sirous by all gracious and faire admonitions to prevent, that some malignant persons in this Our Kingdome, do not by degrees seduce Our good subiects from their due Obedience to Vs, and the Lawes of this Our Kingdome, subtilly endeavouring by a generall combusti­on or confusion, to hide their mischievous designes and intentions against the Peace of this Our Kingdome, and under a specious pretence of putting Our Trained Bands into a posture, draw and engage Our good subjects in a warlike opposition against Vs, as Our towne of Hull is already, by the Treason of Sir Iohn Hotham, who at first pretended to put a Garrison into the same, onely for Our Security and Service.

We doe therefore by this our Proclamation expresly charge and command all Our She­riffs, and all Colonels, Lieutenant-Colonels, Serjeant-Majors, Captains, Officers, and Soul­diers belonging to the trained bands of this our Kingdome, and likewise all high and petty Constables, and other Our officers and subjects whatsoever, upon their allegiance & as they tender the Peace of this Our Kingdome, Not to Muster, Leavy, raise or March, or to sum­mon or warne upon any warrant, order, or Ordinance from one or both Houses of Parlia­ment (whereto We have not, or shall not give Our expresse consent) any of our Trained bands, or other Forces, to Rise, Muster, March, or Exercise, without expresse Warrant un­der Our Hand, or Warrant from Our Sheriffe of the County, grounded upon a particular Writ to that purpose, under Our great Seale. And in case any of Our Trained Bands shall rise, or gather together, contrary to this our Command, We shall then call them in due time to a strict account and proceed Legally against them as violators of the Lawes, and Disturbers of the peace of the Kingdome.

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