❧ A Proclamation for the redresse of certaine Grievances complained of by the In­habitants of the County of OXFORD.


WHEREAS Complaint hath been made to His Majestic on the behalf of the Inhabitants of this County of Oxford, that although they have agreed to a great weekly Contribution by way of Loane towards the Provision of His Majesties Horse, yet in many parts of this County, they suffer in these particulars following, wherein they humbly pray to be releived.

First, That the Souldiers do put their Horses into the standing-corne, and do eate and spoile it, which will be an utter undoing to the owners, if it be not remedied.

Secondly, They turne their Horses into their Meddowes, and mowing-grasse, whereby they shall have no Hay to keep their Cattell the next winter, refusing other grasse fit for them.

Thirdly, Whereas there is 3s 6d by the week allowed for a Souldiers Dyet, in many places a Souldier, a Woman, and a Child, or a Boy, be all billetted and dyeted at the same rate, as for one man.

Fourthly, Many of them refuse to give Tickets, when they have been billetted a moneth, or six weeks in a place, and some who do give Tickets, will not make them so perfect, as that the Master of the family can have allowance thereof, when it is brought to the Sheriffe or other Collectour.

Fifthly, Where Souldiers are quartered in a Parish, and sometimes one or a few houses receive them, as the Quarter-Master appoints it, they who receive them can have no contribution from them of the same Parish or Li­berty, who receive either none, or a fewer number, whereas the charg being borne by all of ability indifferent­ly, it would be the easier, and the more equall.

His Majestic taking these things into His Princely consideration, doth give His approbation of the reasonable­nesse of them all. And being willing to case His good Subjects in all things which He can, and the necessity of the times will permitt Doth now declare His Royall Pleasure and Command that these things above written, and complained of, be from henceforth reformed. & doth require the Commanders and Officers of His Army, as much as in them lyeth, to see the same observed, and that whosoever shall offend therein must expert to receive punish­ment strictly, according to the quality of his offence, and that both the Inhabitants of the County, and the Souldi­ers may take the better notice hereof and observe it, His Majestie doth command that this be forthwith Printed and Published in every Church and Parochiall Chappell within this County.

God Save the KING.

Printed at Oxford by LEONARD LICHFIELD, Printer to the University. 1643.

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