ΒΆ A Proclamation concerning some illegall Warrants lately issued into severall places in Our Counties of Buckingham and Bedford, and other Counties, under the name of the Earle of Essex, or by his pretended Authority.

WE have lately seene some Warrants sent abroad under the name of Robert Earle of Essex now in actuall and open Rebellion against Us, and under the names of Sr Peter Temple, Sr William Andrews, Thomas Terrell, and others, who ayde and assist the said Earle in his Rebellion, commanding diverse Inhabitants of those Counties to send in Horses, Armes, Uictualls, and Money, towards the maintenance of the Army raysed under the Command of the said Earle against Us, and intimating that if those to whom those Warrants are directed, shall refuse to obey the same, they shall be reputed as Enemies to their Country, and be proceeded against accordingly. We wonder that any should be so bold, as to make such Warrants and publish them, they being utterly illegall and Trayterous; We shall wonder if any shall be so weake to be seduced by such Impostures, as to lay aside their Duty and Alleagiance to their King, for feare to displease those who casting away the feare of God and men, are in Rebellion against their Soveraigne. But least any should be seduced, and hoping that some may beware of, and so avoyd the danger they may suddainly fall into, in yeelding to these to illegall Commands, and so become partakers in the Crimes, and runne into the danger of the forfeitures which attend them, We have thought it fitt to declare, and We doe hereby publish and declare, That whosoever shall seduce others, or suffer themselves to be seduced in giving obedience to any such Warrants, Commands, or Perswasions, that they doe thereby incurre the Crime of High Treason, as ayders, and assistants to those Rebells, and must expect to undergoe the penalties and forfeitures justly due for the same.

God Save the KING.

Printed at Oxford by LEONARD LICHFIELD, Printer to the University. 1643.

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