¶A Proclamation concerning His Majesties NAVY.

WHEREAS Wee by Our Gratious Proclamation, bearing date the tenth of November now last past, freely offered Our Grace, Favour, and Pardon to all Seamen, Sailers, Mariners and other Watermen, who having been formerly se­duced by some Traiterous and Seditious Persons, were this last yeare used as Instruments, to detaine Our Ships from Vs; yet under this Proviso neverthelesse, that they did speedily returne to their Obedience and Loyalty, and did not from thenceforth presume to serve in any of Our ships detained from Vs, or otherwise to serve against Vs by Sea or Land, or by Loane, Contribution, or otherwise to assist the Army raised against Vs, or to Assemble or Muster them­selves in Armes, without authority derived from Vs, or enter into any Oath of Association, for opposing Vs or Our Army, as by the said Proclamation more at large may appeare. And whereas afterwards, We by another Pro­clamation, bearing date the tenth of February now last past, did again admonish all Our Subjects of the quality before mentioned, and also all Our Officers, Victuallers and Servants of all sorts belonging to Our Ships or Navy, that they should from thenceforth, forbear to intermeddle in the Graving, Rigging Furnishing, Manning, or Serving of, or in Our ships, by the direction of Robert Earle of Warwick, or any other, without Our speciall direction and Warrant, upon the paines, in the said last Procla­mation mentioned, as by that Proclamation it may also at large appeare. And whereas We have bin informed, that some wicked & seditious Persons intending to seduce Our good Subjects, and with false-hoods to abuse them, that they not knowing the truth, might still be misled (as formerly they have been) to serve the Wicked designes, and Treasonable practices of such as are in Rebellion against Vs, have given out and published, That whatsoever is intended for the preparation and setting out of the Navy in the Spring now approaching, is done by Our speciall direction and ex­presse Warrant, which is utterly false, We not having any purpose or reason to trust our Navy, or any of Our Ships in their hands and power who have given so cleer a testimony of their former disloyalty unto Vs, and of their endeavours to destroy Vs and Our Kingdom: We doe therefore hereby Publish and declare, That we have not given, nor doe intend to give any such command, direction or consent, that any of Our Ships, or any other Ships of this Our Kingdom, shall be Prepared, Victualled, Rigged, Man'd, or set to Sea, by, or under the Command or Conduct of the Earle of Warwick, or any other Person or Persons whatsoever, by any pretended authority from one or both the Houses of Parliament, without and against Our consent and expresse Command. And We doe further give notice hereby to all Our Subjects, whom it may any wayes concerne, that as We are and ever shall be carefull to the utmost of Our Power to protect Our Good Subjects from the Malice of Ours and their Enemies, either at home or abroad, and to that end shall use all the just means We possibly can to restore them to their former Peace, whereby they may en­joy the comfort of the true Protestant Religion in the integrity thereof, the Freedome of the known Lawes, the Liberty of their Persons, and Pro­priety of their Estates, and just priviledges of Parliament, whatsoever is malitiously and slanderously suggested to the contrary, so We will by the due course of Law, vindicate Our Honour with a just indignation against and upon all those who from henceforth, after so many gratious admoni­tions and offer of Free Pardon for what is past, (which We doe now again gratiously and freely renew) shall wilfully and malitiously presume to give assistance in any thing to the said Earle of Warwick, or any other, who upon any specious, but false pretences, shall endeavour in this yeare now ensuing, to Prepare, Rigge up, Victuall, Furnish, Manne, or set forth any of Our own Shippes, or any other Shippes of Warre, appertain­ing to any others, without Our Warrant under Our hand and Seale; We being well assured, that under the pretence of making a defence for the Kingdome against some imaginary forraigne Enemy (where in truth We know not of, or have cause to suspect any such) the purpose of the Con­triver of these Rebellious Actions, is manifest to be in the first place wickedly and traiterously to convert Our Navy, and the Navy of the King­dom to the destruction of Vs and of Our Crown, and good Subjects, and to make themselves Masters thereof, if they can therein prevaile (as We hope by Gods blessing they shall not) and if they prevaile not, then by the Convoy of those Ships to convey themselves and those who goe with them into some forraigne parts, with a purpose that neither themselves nor those who serve them shall returne to their native Country, to whom they have been so professed Enemies, and by this means to rob the Kingdom of the Shipping which is the defence thereof; And that these are the undoubted intentions, if the former Acts of Hostility against Vs performed the last yeare, by some of those Ships set out under the name of the said Earle, and by the authority of the two Houses of Parliament, were not sufficient to satisfy Vs and all others, The late barbarous Actions of, and by some of those Ships, within a very few daies now past at Burlington Bay in Our County of Yorke, to the hazard of the life of Our dearest Consort the Queene, at the time of Her landing there (if God in his great mercy had not protected and delivered Her) not casually but purposely committed, will give sufficient testimony thereof to all the World, to the perpetuall shame of the Actors and Abettors thereof, For which in due time they must expect their just reward.

God Save the KING.

Printed at Oxford by LEONARD LICHFIELD Printer to the University. 1642.

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