[...] punished with death. No Muster-master shall receive of [...] so testified upon paine of the losse of his place, and further himselfe to the Muster, or to be enrolled in the Muster Ro [...] birth or habitation upon paine of death. To which We h [...] shall after twenty dayes from the publication hereof, be [...] Horseman without a Sword or Pistoll. Nor that any N [...] Muster-master or his Deputies, and attested under their ha [...] [...] ­spective Garrisons and Commands without Licence of th [...] [...] ­ther punishment as is mentioned in the said Articles. All [...] Generall, and his Deputies, and all Officers and Souldiers of [...] inflict the penalties therein mentioned with severity upon [...] And because the Officers and Souldiers of the Foot of Our [...] ­bled chearefully to performe the same. We are gratiously [...] ­taines of Foot of Our Army, shall every of their receive t [...] common Souldiers each foure shillings weekly, the other t [...] upon accompt. And the Officers and Souldiers of Horse, [...] of the Contributions. This Our Pleasure We command [...] Troop and Company of Our Army, and to be fully obeye from time to time to receive a strict accompt of every Person [...]

God save [...]

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