¶ A Proclamation Commanding the due Execution and Observance of certaine Orders lately Published concerning Contributions.

WHEREAS certaine Contributions or Weekly Rates and Payments have been agreed to be answered to Us by the Inhabitants of divers Counties in this Our Kingdome of England, for and towards the support of Our Armies, raised for the just and necessary defence of Us and Our good Subjects in the Time of this Rebellion: in the Assessing of which Contributions and payments, as also in the demeanour of Our Souldiers towards those who pay the same, divers abuses and injuries have been discovered to the great disheartening of Our good Subjects in their undertakings for Us, and the manifest prejudice of Our Affaires. For the removing and remedy whereof, Certaine ORDERS have been framed and composed by the Advice of the Lords and Commons of Parliament Assembled at Oxford, and presented to Us, which We doe well approve, and have caused the said ORDERS to be published in Print, in a Book intituled, ORDERS Presen­ted to His MAJESTY by the Advice of the Lords and Commons Assembled at OXFORD, for the more Indifferent Rating and Levying of Moneys to be raised by way of Contribution, and to prevent the disorders of the Souldiers of His MAJESTIES Ar­mies and oppression of other His good Subjects. We doe therefore by this Our Proclamation Declare and Publish Our Will and Pleasure to be, That the said ORDERS shall be strictly observed by all Persons whatsoever, and be duely put in execution. And We doe hereby Charge and Require all Our Commissioners intrusted or authorized by Us touching the said Contributions and payments within the severall and respective limits of their Commissions; And all Majors, Sheriffes, Bayliffes, Constables, and other Our Officers, and all other Our Subjects whatsoever, whom it may concerne, that they conforme themselves thereunto. And We doe hereby likewise straitly Charge and Command all Officers and Souldiers of Our Armies, That they submit and yeeld obedience to the said ORDERS, and that they presume not in any sort to act or doe any thing contrary to the same, as they will answer their contempt therein at their perills.


¶ Printed at Oxford, by Leonard Lichfield, Printer to the Ʋniversity, 1644.

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