HIS MAIESTIES LETTER TO THE MAJOR, ALDERMEN, Sheriffes, and the rest of the Common-Councell of the Citty of BRISTOLL.

TRusty and Welbeloved We greet you well.

Whereas We are informed that by the power and Authority of cer­tain Factious and Rebellious Persons in that Our Citty of Bristoll, diverse of Our good Subjects (as namely Robert Yeomans, George Bourchier, William Yeomans, Ed­ward Dacers and others) of that Our Citty are impriso­ned for preserving their Duty and Loyalty to Us, and for refusing to joyne in, or assist this horrid and odious Rebellion against Us, and that the said wicked and traiterous Persons, have presumed to condemne the said innocent Men to dye, and upon such their sentence notoriously a­gainst the Lawes of God and Man, they intend to execute and murther Our said Subjects; We have thought fit to signify to you the Major, Al­dermen, Sheriffes, and the rest of the body of the Councell of that Our Citty, that if you suffer this horrid and execrable murther to be commit­ted upon the Persons aforesaid, and thereby call the just judgement of God, and bring perpetuall infamy upon that Our Citty, We shall look up­on it as the most barbarous and inhumane Act that hath been yet commit­ted against Us, and upon you as the most desperate betrayers of Us, and of the Lives and Liberties of your fellow Subjects, And We doe therefore will and Command you, not to suffer any violence to be done upon the Persons aforesaid, but that if any such be attempted against them, that you rayse all the power and strength of that Our Citty for their rescue, and to that purpose We command all Our good Subjects of that Our Cit­ty to ayde and assist you upon their Allegiance, and as they hope for any Grace and Favour at Our hands, And that you and they Kill and Slay all such who shall attempt or endeavour to take away the lives of Our said Subjects, And for so doing this shall be your warrant. And here of you may not faile at your utmost Perill.

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