HIS MAJESTIES LATE GRATIOƲS MESSAGE AND Summons to the City of Glocester Aug. 1643. With their Answer thereunto.

OUt of Our tender Compassion to our City of Glocester, and that it may not receive prejudice by Our Army, which We cannot prevent, if We be compelled to assault it, We are personally come before it to require the same, and are gratiously pleased to let all the Inhabitants of, and all other persons, within that City, as well Souldiers as others, know, That if they shall immediately submit themselves, and de­liver this Our City to Us, We are contented freely & absolutely to pardon every one of them without exception; And doe assure them in the word of a KING, that they nor any of them shal receive the least; Dammage or Prejudice by Our Army in their Persons, or Estates; But that We will appoint such a Governor, and a mo­derate Garrison to reside there, as shal be both for the ease and security of that City and that whole County. But if they shall neglect this Profer of Grace and Favour, and compell Us by the Power of Our Army to reduce that place (which by the help of God We doubt not We shall be easily and shortly able to doe) they must thank themselves for all the ca­lamities and Miseries must befall them. To this Message We expect a cleere and positive Answer within two houres af­ter the publishing hereof, And by these presents doe give leave to any Persons safely to repaire to, and returne from Us whom that City shall desire to imploy unto Us in that businesse. And doe require all the Officers and Souldiers of Our Army, quietly to suffer them to passe accordingly.

WE the Inhabitants, Magistrates, Officers and Souldiers within this Garrison of Glocester: unto His Majesties Gratious Message returne this humble Answer. That We doe Keep this City according to Our Oathes and Alleagiance to and for the use of His Majesty and His Royall Posterity; And doe accordingly conceive Our selves wholly bound to obey the Com­mands of His Majesty signified by both Houses of Parliament; And are resolved by Gods helpe to keep this City accordingly.

  • De. Wise Major.
  • John Brewster.
  • William Luggo.
  • My. Singleton.
  • Thomas Hill.
  • Thomas Pury.
  • John Scriven.
  • Nich. Webb.
  • Jo. Dorney.
  • Anth. Edwards.
  • John Halford.
  • Toby Jordan.
  • G. Dawidssone.
  • Robert Maxwell.
  • Edw. Massie.
  • Con. Ferrer.
  • Hum. Mathews.
  • Isaack Dobson.
  • Edward Gray.
  • Charles Blount.
  • Peter Crispe.
  • Rob. Backhouse.
  • Ja. Harcus.
  • Tho. Pury Iun.
  • Rob. Stevenson.
  • Tho. Blayney.

LEt the World now judge if His Majesty could have sent a more Gratious Message to His most loyall Subjects, and whether these desperate Rebels deserve any Mercy, who after so many offers doe stil refuse a Pardon. But since their returning this Rebellious An­swer, they have set their own Suburbs on fire, which surely is not to keepe the City either for the KING or Parliament.

Printed at Oxford, by Leonard Litchfield, Printer to the Ʋniversity. 1643.

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