Soit Baille a [...] Seigneurs, A Ceste Bille les Seigneurs sont Assentuz: An Act which His Maiesty hath Promised

His Royall word to passe, for Justifying the Proceedings of Parliament in the late VVar, and for Declaring all Oathes, Declarations, Proclamations, and other pro­ceedings against it to be void.

Agreed on between His Majesty and the Commmissioners, at Newport in the Isle of VVight.

WHEREAS the Lord [...] Commons Assembled in Parliament, have bin necessitated to make and prosecute a VVarre in their just and lawfull De­fence; and thereupon Oathes, Declarations and Proclamations have been made against them, and their Ordinances and Proceedings, and against o­thers for adhering unto them, and for executing Offices, Places, and Char­ges by Authority derived from them; and Judgements, Inditements, Outlaries, Attain­ders, and Inquisitions, for the causes aforesaid, have been had and made against some of the Members of the Houses of Parliament, and other his Majesties good Subjects, and Gran [...] have been made of their Lands and Goods:

BE it therefore Declared and hereby Enacted, by the Kings Majesty, and by the Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament, and by Authority of the same. That all Oathes Declarations and Proclamations, heretofore had or made against both or either of the Houses of Parliament, or any the Members of either of them, for the causes aforesaid, or a­gainst their Ordinances or Proceedings, or against any for adhering unto them, or for doing or executing any Office, Place or Charge, by any Authority derived from the said Houses; or either of them, And all Iudgements, Iudictments, Outlaries, Attainders; Inquisitions and Grants thereupon made, and all other Proceedings for any the causes aforesaid, had, made, done or executed, or to be had, made, done or executed, whether the same bee done by the King or any Iudges, Iustices, Sheriffes, Ministers, or any others, are void and of no effect, and are contrary to and against the of Lawes of this Realme. And be it further Enacted and hereby Declared by the Authority aforesaid, That all Iudges, Iustices of the Peace, Mayors She­riffes Constables and other Officers and Ministers shall take notice hereof, and are hereby prohibited and discharged in all time to come, from awarding any Writ, Processe or Sum­mons, and from pronouncing or executing any Iudgement, Sentence or Decree, or any way proceeding against, or molesting any of the said Members of the two Houses of Parliament, or against any of the Subjects of this Kingdome, for any the causes aforesaid.

London Printed by Robert Ibbitson.

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