A TRUE RELATION OF THE Unjust Proceedings, VERDICT (so called) & SENTENCE OF THE Court of Sessions, AT MARGARETS HILL IN SOUTHVVARK, Against divers of the Lord's People called Quakers, on the 30th. day of the 8th. Month, 1662.

Published for the Honour of GOD, the Vindication of the Innocent, and the Information of People. By JOHN CHANDLER.

Printed in the Year, 1662.

A few Words to the Jury, who contrary to their Oaths brought in a false Verdict (so called) against the Innocent.

TO every Individual, as well the Promoters of, as Consen­ters unto that unjust Verdict, these few lines are directed; desiring that ye may reade them with patience and moderati­on; and consider what you have done, and repent and humble your selves before the Lord, before it be too late, even before the Anger of the Lord (who is patient and long-suffering) break forth upon you, and you be utterly cut off and perish in your sins, and you be for ever deprived of the presence of the Lord, and have your portion amongst Murderers and Unbelievers, which will assuredly be your portion, except you repent. And truly, this I can say, that my soul hath been grieved, and my spirit full of heaviness for you, and with tears have I be­sought the Lord never to lay this sin to your charge, having learned to bless them that curse, and pray for them that despite­fully use us: But truly, your sin is very great; for you have not only made your selves Murderers (if the Lord prevent it not) of twenty two Persons, to the ruining of our Wives and Chil­dren; but also have made your selves a President unto o­thers in the like case; you being the first and most hardly that ever durst bring in such a Verdict amongst us in our Genera­tion.

And now I desire to expostulate a little with you, to know what was the very ground and cause of your so dealing, seeing there was no Evidence to prove any thing against us.

And first, you the Promoters, Was this your end, to have the Righteous cut off from the Earth, that so you might live in Swearing, Drunkenness, Whoredom, and all manner of Prophaness and Debauchery, without once being reproved? Or, was it for fear of Finement or hope of Favour? or, did you expect some Reward? or, did you believe that your bring­ing [Page 14] us in guilty, would (as it did) extend to the depriving of us both of Liberty, Life and Estate? and did you hope to be sharers thereof? or to advantage your selves by destroying of us? Which of these was the reason? deal plainly with your own hearts and consciences, and think not to hide any thing from the all-seeing eye of the Lord, nor from such as walk in his Light, and abide in his Counsel.

And now to you the Consenters, who for a season withstood your fellows, I have a few words to write; That although your end was not so bad, nor your envy so great as the others, yet your reward will be the same, and you must drink of the same Cup, except you speedily repent; and it is well if a place of repentance be found for you; for, you have not on­ly betrayed the Lives of honest men, but also have betrayed your own Consciences, and done despight against the Spirit of Grace that strove in you, and through cowardise and slavish fear consented to condemn the Innocent: for the Scribes and Pharisees could not compass the death of Christ until Judas betrayed him; no more could those blood-thirsty-men have compassed ours, but by your consent. Oh that you would consider, and lay these things to heart, and remember the saying of the Servant of the Lord; What is required of thee, O man, but to do justly, shew mercy, and walk humbly with thy God? but you have dealt unjustly, you have shewed no mer­cy; and now for you to repent and walk humbly with your God, would indeed be the rejoycing of my soul, who desires, that the Lord may shew mercy unto you all, though you have not done justly towards me nor the rest of my Brethren.

by one who knoweth well, and also is well known unto many of you, by name, Nathaniel Robinson.
[Page 20] GIve ear, O King, O Parliament, O Judge,
And Justices, who bear the Saints a grudge,
Who have or may promote, as men of strife,
A wicked Statute for to take their Life.
Behold! all People of the English Nation,
A Law set forth against the Separation,
Made by a Council, Signed by a Queen,
Long laying dormant, now reviv'd ageen;
Horrid Design, ever to be accurst,
To leave the late Act, and to take the worst;
Which blames a harmless People, by its Lies,
As wicked and seditious Sectaries,
And such like falshoods, which the Priests, with all
Ill Magistrates, possessed have, and shall,
Until the Beast and Prophet false are cast
Into the Lake, when they have done their last.
The while, let's talk a littl' of your abuse,
To leave y' at least the more without excuse:
What have we said, or done? we fain would know
Before we die (the Land we can't forgo)
That ye should thus us sentence right or wrong,
Sure, not by God's Law, but your own so strong:
Did ever men just Judgment more pervert,
Christians in name, but Hypocrites in heart!
If we should hold our peace; the Stones might cry
With rumbling voices to the Heavens hie.
What do ye say to Christ and Christians
In Ages past, inhabiting all Lands,
Who separated from the wicked train
Of Idol people, where they did remain?
What to the Sect declar'd of in the Acts?
And Paul accus'd by th'Jews of heinous facts?
Who being spoke against in ev'ry place;
Yet you'l not dare in words them to deface.
[Page 21] See then how like your Fathers ye do walk,
Who of the Scriptures then did prate and talk,
Who justified the Saints that went before,
And yet condemn'd the present ones as sore.
Repent, repent, be humbled in the dust,
And bite those tongues that did condemn the Just:
Yea, rather rent your hearts, which took content
To Prison, Banish, kill the Innocent:
For if we felt not Light, Life, Truth and Love,
We durst not thus so boldly to reprove.
Well, come what will, Glory to God on High,
That we three Months in Prison are to lye,
Wherein, if not submit, the Cross to fly,
Then to forswear these Lands, or else to die.
But we must hearken to our Master's Call,
Who saith within us, Swear ye not at all;
For he hath brought us unto Yea and Nay,
And him we are resolv'd for to obey;
'Cause we through Grace, are sure to gain by loss,
This makes us love the Seed, and kiss the Cross.
O Immortality, most glorious sight!
Which through the Gospel, God hath brought to light:
O hellish darkness, and eternal pains!
For all th' impenitent (reserv'd in chains)
And persecuting Antichristians,
Both Great and Small, who do defile their hands
With blood, or any thing that may offend.
The Lambs of Christ that hold out to the end.
Th' All-powerful Mighty Judge to such will say,
Within their Consciences, Depart, away
Ye cursed ones, into eternal fire,
Prepar'd for evil Angels in mine ire:
For ye not only have not visited
My Babes and Brethren dear, when hard bested;
But wrong'd them much by various enmitie,
And doing thus y' have done it unto me.
Come, come ye Blessed, shall Christ Jesus speak,
Within his Flock, whose hearts now melt and break
[Page 22] For the Abominations committed,
And who by Suffring now, for him are fitted;
Receive the Kingdom and the endless Life,
I'le be thy Bridegroom, thou shalt be my Wife;
For thou hast holp my Poor in want and need,
And born the burdens of the Suffring Seed,
And loved me above all Earthly thing;
So I into this Glory do thee bring.
Then ye that know the Father and the Son,
And Sp'rit, that brought you out of Babylon,
What the good Husbandman in you hath sown,
See that it grow, and do not smite your own
Fellows, nor eat and drink with th' drunken, but
Feed them, lest he do you in sunder cut,
As Hypocrites; for 'tis a sudden Day;
See how it dawns, Hark how he comes away.
Even so come Lord Jesus, come quickly.

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