Certaine Quaeres propounded, and sent by the Divines of Oxford to the Synod now assem­bled at Westminster, desiring their Resolutions upon them, concerning the Oath publi­shed now to be taken.

I. WHether the imposing the second clause in this Oath upon a mans Consciencc concerning the Plot lately discovered doe not very much resemble the damnable Inquisition, seeing it compels a man to bee his owne Acouser?

II. What is meant by that equivocating terme, namely, According to my vocation, in the fourth clause?

III. Wether I may lawfully, and with a good Conscience swear that the two Houses have taken up just and lawfull defensive Armes? whether (according to their Protestation lately taken) they doe endeavour to defend the Protestant Re­ligion according to the Law established seeing that there amongst them some part of it is reviled and scoffed at without re­proofe, and also a Synod of Divines called to alter the frame of this Church government (and using the Parliaments owne words) to frame it nearer to the Discipline of the Kirke of Scotland?

IV. Whether by taking this Oath, we do not renounce our former Oath taken in the late Protestation, namely, to main­taine, His Majesties now endangered Person, His decaying Honour, and His despised Prerogative, seeing wee sweare to fight against the Company where His Person is, and against those raised by His Authority?

V. Whether all the Kings Army be Papists, or what part of it, or where the Popish Army is that we must see disban­ded before we lay downe our Armes?

VI. Whether the King doe declare himselfe ready to maintaine the Popish Religion, or the Protestant Religion esta­blisbed by Law in this Kingdome, and why we may not believe him?

VII. Whether the Protestant Religion now established by Law in this Kingdome, be the true Protestant or no, and what Protestant Religion it is that I must swear to maintaine?

VIII. Whether I may lawfully and with a safe conscience swear that clause in the Oath That to the utmost of my power I will assist all other persons that shall take this oath, in whatsoever they shall doe in pursuance of it?

All these Quaeres being fully answered, and our consciences being well satisfied by sufficient Reason & Scripture, we shal be as willing as any other to take this Oath, or any other that may conduce to the good and happinesse of this Kingdome.

OXFORD, Printed by Leonard Lichfield, Printer to the Vniversity, 1643.

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