CERTAIN Considerations propos'd by the CITY to the SOULDIERY in and about LONDON, touching the Peace and Welfare of the NATION.


WE conceive you to be persons no less reasonable and conscientions then stout and couragious; and therefore propose these weighty particulars to your prudent and pious consideration.

First, that your poor native Countrey is now brought into a languishing and expiring condition, by the almost-monthly Mutation of arbitrary and Tyrannicall forms of Government, contrived and set up by a sort of Ru­rall, and Mechanical Mashromes, Sons of earth and yesterday, to promote and accomplish their own ambitious and coveteous designes.

Second, That these usurping Tyrannes obtained not supremacy by their own personall power and policy: but it was the hands that lifted them up, and your shoulders that supported them.

Third, That it was with expence of your bloud, hazard of your lives, and the solary due to your service, that severall Grandees of the Army, Rump, and City, have purchased such goodly parcels of the Crowns, the Churches, and Delinquents Lands.

Fourth, That if you desert these Cormorants and leave them to the justice of a free Parlia­ment, they may be constrained to disgorge those sweet Morsels (which have made them swell with fatness, and render them up for discharge of the Arrears of the Land and Sea-souldiery, and other publick uses and benefits.

Fifth, That it is by your strength that Tyrans are enabled to prophane our Religion, vio­late our Laws, infringe our Liberties, invade our proprieties. It is with their feet that they tread on our necks, and with the sword that they wound and kill us.

Sixth, That as your ill-placed (and not Well rewarded) valour, hath been instrumentall in plunging your afflicted Conntrey in a Gulph of Miseries and calamities; so it hath now pleased Providence to put into your hands the power of putting her up, and restoring her to her former flourishing condition.

Seventh, That the blessed work may be effected without any the least effusion of bloud; if you but please to draw out, and unanimously declare for a free Parliament.

Eighth, That if you shall thus declare, the Nation in generall, and the City more particularly will stand by you with their lives and fortunes; and bless, praise, and reward you, as the principall Authors, under Heaven, of all the content and happiness they shall reap thereby.

Ninth, That if you persist in adherence to the Excrement of a Rump, which now Rules, you will enable them to raise and Modall a new Army, and then you cannot but expect the re­ward of your former desertion, which, at least, will amount to an unrewarded and ignominious Cashiering, which will expose you to the scorn and hate of the whole Nation, which now de­sires cause to love and honour you.

WE the proposers of these considerations are a very considerable number of Citizens of no mean quality and fortunes who know it to be according to the Temper of the gene­rality of the City, and indeed of the Nation; and we wish a Judgement upon our persons and Fa­milies, if we do not at your first declaring immediately appear with you, and faithfully adhere un­to you with the hazard of all that is dear unto us, and see all your Arrears forthwith dischar­ged, and you received with hearty respect and thanks into future employment, with assurance of enlargement and continuance of your Pay.

Consider, we beseech you, these things, and the Lord give you a right understanding.

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