JERƲSALEMS GLORY Breaking forth into the WORLD BEING A SCRIPTURE-DISCOVERY OF THE New-Testament-Church In the Latter Dayes, immediately before the SECOND COMING OF CHRIST.

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THIS Precious Trea­tise of the New Testa­ment Church in the latter Dayes, Preached ma­ny Years a-go by that Evan­gelical Prophet, Mr. Jeremiah Burroughes; was committed to us by a Citizen of Zion, to whose ready Pen the World is much engaged, for Preserving the Mantles [Page] of divers of our late Eli­jah's, which they let fall from their Pulpits, before they went to Heaven.

If thou hast seen and tasted that Gracious and Warm Spirit, which runs through His many other VVorkes, Published by Himself and His Brethren; it will certainly encrease in thee a Spiritful Thirst and Longing after what else he hath received from his LORD and MASTER, and hath freely Commu­nicated, as His Embassadour to His People, which are [Page] yet to be printed.

The Principal Scope of this Small, though weighty Book, is, to give us Scrip­tural notice that Jesus Christ will usher in His second Coming, by making Je­rusalem, (His Church) a Praise in the Earth, (a Glo­ry throughout the World.) This is plainly demonstra­ted according to the WORD by this Apollos, mighty in the Scriptures, and an In­terpreter one of a Thou­sand. Therefore serious­ly peruse every Text without a prejudicate Opi­nion, Judge not rashly, lest [Page] thou be judged: For this Master-Builder hath set be­fore thee, nothing but that which is grounded upon the Pillar of Truth, and which is according to the Golden Reed of the Sanctuary. Here is a singular Collection of seve­ral Scriptures of the Old and New Testament, look­ing one the other in the face, (as the Cherubims of Gold did, which Moses made at each end of the Mercy Seat) and shaking Hands together for the more evident and firm De­monstration of this Great [Page] Gospel-Truth, following the Apostles Rule, Comparing spiritual things, with spiri­tual things; so that you will find this Soul-ravi­shing Point, (that Christ's Church shall be the Praise and Glory of all the World) as the Light of the Sun, breaking forth more and more, to a perfect mid-day of Glory.

Oh! how welcome will that day of Christ's Espou­sals and Coronation, be to His Love-sick Spouse; as the Dove with the Olive Leaf was to Noah, or the re-appearing [Page] of the Star to the Wise Men!

Let us resolve in the strength of Christ (who is the only Supream Head of His Church) constant­ly to make it our solemn business to plead at the Throne of Grace, those glorious Prophesies and Pro­mises in his Name, in whom they are Yea and Amen, even till He Establish, and till He make Jerusalem a Praise; till He have not only laid the foundations with Saphirs, but finished this City of Pearl; not only brought forth the Corner stone, but the [Page] Top Stone of Jerusalem: and all the Earth with shouting, cry, Grace, Grace to it.

Less than the Least of Jerusalems Re­membrancers, William Adderley.


THE Publisher of these Sermons, is desirous they might pass with Testimonial into the World, that they might pass with the greater Freedom. But indeed the Name of the Author, so well known, may be sufficient Argument [Page] for their Reception in every place.

These Sermons are but some Fragments, of the VVorthy Authors Judici­ous and Pious Labours; But Christ gave order to his Disciples that the Fragments should not be lost. Faith may here find some food; as it takes a prospect of the Glo­ry, that is hereafter to be revealed.

For here you have the Author's Sentiments about the last times, and of [Page] the Catastrophe of all things at last; After the Dra­gon and the Beast have acted their parts in their opposition to the Lamb, and his followers, wherein he hath presented to our View the many ancient Pro­phesies recorded in Scrip­ture, that bear witness to these things. So far as you see Prophetick Light shine before you, take heed to it, which is all that is desired of the Reader, and by the Publi­sher. Who having this Commodity, I mean this Copy lying by him; was [Page] willing to bring it forth, as men bring Corn and other necessaries to Market for publick Use and bene­fit; only remember, that it was not in the Au­thor's Intention for to have it so. Had his own hand been upon the Frame, you should have seen the Lines drawn with more Accuracy, and the Truth more fully searched into. And if any hath thoughts different from the Au­thor's in these ensuing Ser­mons; let him shew, how­ever, that Respect to so Reverend a Man, as to re­ject [Page] nothing Rashly that is Asserted by him; and if he doth not Receive, let him Consider; And let us all be waiting and pre­paring for the Bride-groom's coming. Amen, Even so come Lord Jesus.

ISA. 62. v. 7.

And give him no rest, till he esta­blish, and till he make Jerusalem a praise in the Earth.


IN the former Chapter, there are many Promises of an excellent and Glorious state, that God would bring his Church into, in his time: with those Promises, the heart of this Prophet Isaiah was much taken, and therefore in the beginning of this Chap­ter, (saith he) For Zion's sake will I not hold my peace, and for Jerusalem's sake I will not rest, until the Righteousness there­of go forth as brightness, and the Salva­tion thereof as a Lamp that burneth: And as he himself would not rest, nor hold his peace, so he would that all the Watchmen, that were set upon the Walls of Jerusalem, and so after, all the Mini­sters of the Church, that they should not rest; yea he would that they should give God no rest, until he establish and till he [Page 2] make Jerusalem a praise in the Earth.

Give God no rest; he speaks here after the manner of Men, to note what im­portunity there should be among the peo­ple of God, in seeking of God, to make good all those glorious Promises that he hath made to his Church, for the raising of it up to a glorious state: as a man that is importunate of any business, he is not satisfied; if he doth Petition, and no­thing comes of it, he falls to it again and again, and seeks to get by importunity, and resolves that he will be at no rest. And so God speaks after this manner, not that his rest, or not rest, doth de­pend upon us; But that we should be as importunate with him for so great a mer­cy as this is, as with any man in the world, that we were resolved, that till he had given us an answer, we would give him no rest: and give him no rest un­til he hath established, and made Jerusa­lem a praise in the Earth.

Till he establish. Till he makes good his word, till the Church be brought to a settled way of mercy, and into a safe and sure condition: For sometimes (as if the Prophet should say) we find the [Page 3] Promises beginning to work, and God is doing good for us, but at other times things seem to go back again, therefore give him no rest till he Establish, till we see things settled. As you Mariners, when you are to go a great Voyage, you love to see the Wind settled in some place or other before you go forth: so faith the Prophet, Sometimes we find the mercy and goodness of God much to­wards us; but things have gone back again, therefore give him no rest till he hath established.

And till he hath made Jerusalem a praise in the Earth.

By Jerusalem we are to understand the Church of God, not so much the City Jerusalem that then was, but the Church of God that was to be in the times of the Gospel especially, for Je­rusalem was a Type of it.

As the praise of the Earth; The Sep­tuagint translates it, and the word signi­fies the Glory, the Exaltation of the Earth: till he makes Jerusalem the praise of the Earth.

Now we know that Prayer ought to be in Faith, then those that pray to God, [Page 4] and especially that are importunate with God, they must believe that there is such a thing to be done, that the Church of God is to be made the praise and Glo­ry of the Earth: And if they believe it is to be done, they must have some word for it.

Now this is the main thing, that I in­tend at this time to make out unto you, that there is a time that God hath, to make his Church, to be the praise and glory of all the world. In this World; To be the glory of the Earth, not only to be glorious its self in Heaven; that I suppose you all believe, that there is a time that the Church Militant here, shall be Triumphant in Heaven, and glorious there; but that there is a time that God in this Earth, shall make his Church to be the glory of the earth: And therefore all the Saints of God, to whom the glo­ry of God is dear, who do desire that the Honour of God may be raised and set out, they are to pray for this, and to be importunate for this, as a certain thing that is to be done and fulfilled by God: Now because you cannot pray for it, and be importunate, to give God [Page 5] no rest till you see it plainly that it will be so, therefore this thing is now to be o­pened unto you.

The truth is, Jerusalem, the Church of God, hath been in a low Estate al­waies, in comparison of what God in­tends it to be at this time, when the Prophet here saith, give God no rest till he make Jerusalem the praise of the whole Earth.

Jerusalem was in no glorious condi­tion, it was but a little before God in­tended a Captivity of Judah and Jerusa­lem: For this Prophet, (you shall find in the beginning of his Prophecy) did Prophesie in the dayes of Hezekiah; now in the sixth year of Hezekiah's Reign did the Babilonians come and sack Sa­maria, 2 Kings 18.10. and took the People into Captivity: And it might be (for ought we know) not above a year or two before their captivity, that here the Prophet calls upon this people to pray to God, and give him no rest till he set Jerusalem up, as the praise of the whole earth; and yet he knew it was it to go into Captivity presently; certainly then the Prophet did not intend here any [Page 6] time that should be in his dayes, or in any little time after. The Prophet there­fore must needs have a Reference to some notable time of the Church, that must be in after dayes, the people of the Jews were never the praise of the whole Earth.

If you look before this time, they were unto the other people, but a con­temptible people, and lived in a little Countrey, one way a little more than fourscore miles; a very little Countrey it was that all the people of the Jews li­ved in, and very contemptible in re­spect of the other Nations of the World: Therefore it was not the praise of the whole earth before.

Not presently after this is spoken, for they were to go into Captivity, and to be there so long a time.

You will say, it may be 'tis meant a­bout the time when they were to return from Captivity.

No not so neither, for they were but very poor and contemptible in the eyes of the world after their Captivity; for when they did return, it was but by leave, and they were but as Servants [Page 7] unto the Medes still, they were but as servants unto Cyrus, and the rest of them. When they went to build the Walls of Jerusalem again, they scoff at them; And what doe these feeble Jews? and if a Fox goes but upon their walls, it will break them down. Certainly in their re­turn from Captivity, they were not the praise of the whole Earth, no nor in af­ter times; they had many interruptions before they could bring any thing to any effect. Many Learned men compute that they were longer a building the wall than they were in Captivity; and we know that it was not long after their Cap­tivity, that they all did lye at the mercy of a wicked Haman, who had gotten a Decree to cut off all the people of the Jews; therefore they were not in any glo­rious condition, no not after their return from Captivity: from that time till the time that the Romans came and destroyed them, they were but in a low condition, and then afterwards they were low enough: so that it could not be meant literally of Jerusalem, of that place, nor of the Church of the Jews; therefore it must be meant of the state of the Church in the [Page 8] times of the Gospel: Now when was that as the praise of the whole earth? certain­ly though it were the praise of God, and God had his praise from his Church at all times; yet now this must be meant of some eminent time that was to come, and it must be some outward glory that they must have, so as the whole earth must take notice of it.

And it was not in the time of Christ himself, Christ himself was the glory of God, but yet in the earth he was despi­sed, a man that had no form nor come­liness in him; in regard of outwards, they were then under Herod, and rejected Christ when he came, and within a while afterwards by Titus Vespatian they were destroyed, and an unspeakable havock was upon Jerusalem, and the people of the Jews, and so they have abode to this day, to be as a runnagate Nation. For the Apostles, nothing was more contempti­ble than they; you know what St. Paul saith, not only of himself but of other of the Apostles, they were made the ve­ry off-scowring of the Earth, the basest things of the Earth; even the Apostles themselves, they were in no outward [Page 9] glory before the face of the world, that they could see it.

And afterwards in the Primitive times, you know they were under most dread­ful persecutions, how they were Massa­cred and hackt and hew'd, and what wo­ful misery they were put to: all this while Jerusalem was not the praise of the Earth.

Well, but after those bloody persecu­tions ended, then came Constantine, and then they had peace, and were in a more flourishing condition.

But not then neither, for presently Antichrist began to rise; then, This day is poyson poured into the Church: Then they fell out one with another, by their contentions; then Arrianisme began to spread all over the World; and within a little time they were brought into a great Bondage, under an Antichristian power; and so great darkness did come upon all the Churches. I find Mr. Bright­man and some others, they begin the 42 Weeks, even from the time that the Church did begin to flourish in some outward pomp and glory. Then began the Prelatical power presently upon that, [Page 10] and so they reckon the time of reigning from thence; so that Jerusalem hath not been yet the praise of the whole Earth to this day: Therefore this that the Pro­phet here speaks of, must be meant of some other time that yet is not come to pass; so that we live in these times where­in we are to look for the accomplishing of this Prophecy, that God should make Jerusalem the praise of the whole Earth, yet in another manner than ever he hath done; and that's the thing that I especi­ally shall endeavour to shew you, that yet there is a time for Jerusalem, for the Church to be in a more glorious conditi­on than formerly it hath been, so that we may have our spirits awakened and stirred up, not only to Pray, but be In­stumental all that we can, for the setting up of the glory of the Church of God; God is about the working of a great work this way, and therefore it's pity that any that have love to God, and to his cause, but that they should put on all they can by Prayer, and all the wayes they can, to further such a glorious work as this is: it was that, that was the comfort of the Saints of God in the Primitive times, and [Page 11] a little after, when they suffered hard things, yet had comfort that there was a time a coming, that Jerusalem should be the praise of the Earth, and that Jesus Christ should come and Reign in his Church in another manner, than ever yet he did. Just in Martyr, that lived about thirty years after John, Prophesies (in speaking of this point) of a glorious time of the Church that should be. ‘Both my self (saith he) and all that are Orthodox do generally hold this, that there is such a time of the Glorious condition of the Church.’ And Lactantius, that lived 1300 years ago (or more) he spends a great many Chapters in shewing the glorious condition of the Church of God that should be, and they longed for it; now we are fallen into the times that are near­er; our salvation is nearer than when they believed, yea, or when we our selves did at first believe. And therefore as in natural things, the nearer a thing comes to the Center, the faster it moves, so the nearer the people of God come to the glorious condition that God intends for his people in the latter dayes, the more should their hearts outrun them, in giving [Page 12] God no rest till he come to establish it: Wherefore then for the opening of this, Christ hath great things to do for his Church in this world, in making of it the praise of the Earth.

I'le first shew it you by comparing di­vers Scriptures together.

And then I'le shew you what the state of the Church is like to be, when it comes to be made the praise of the whole Earth; or what God will do for his Church, when he intends it to be the praise of the whole earth.

For the first, To compare some Scrip­tures; the Scriptures are very remarka­ble, especially in the Prophet Isaiah, compared with divers Scriptures in the Book of the Revelations; you may see (as it were) how they do Eccho one to ano­ther, whereby we may see apparently, that Isaiah was an Evangelical Prophet (as he is called by many Divines.)

The first is in the 24. Isa. v. 23. com­pared with the 4. Rev. 4. v. In the 24. of Isa. Then (speaking of God's delive­rance of his Church from evil, then he makes this promise) the Moon shall be confounded, and the Sun ashamed, when [Page 13] the Lord of Hosts shall Reign in Mount Zion, and in Jerusalem, and before his Ancients gloriously. The Moon shall be confounded, and the Sun ashamed: The meaning of it is this: There shall be so much glory, as shall darken the glory of the Sun and Moon, and because their glo­ry shall be darkned, they shall be as it were ashamed: As a man when he sees others come that have more glory than himself, it puts him to some shame; so they shall be ashamed; why? because the Lord of Hosts shall Reign in Mount Zion, and in Jerusalem, before his An­cients gloriously. Certainly this hath not been yet fulfilled, the Lord hath not so reign'd in Mount Zion and in Jerusalem before his Ancients gloriously, so as to darken the glory of the Sun and Moon.

Now in the 4th of Rev. v. 4. it seems to have regard to this Scripture, and shews you what the Throne of Christ is, when he shall come to Reign in Zion glo­riously. And round about the Throne were four and twenty seats, and upon the Seats▪ I saw four and twenty Elders, sit­ting cloathed in white rayment, and they had on their heads Crowns of Gold; and [Page 14] here the Lord reigns before the Ancients. There's the Throne of God set up; and upon the Seats I saw four and twenty El­ders, or Ancients, sitting cloathed in white rayment, and they had on their heads Crowns of Gold. So that John seems to have regard to this Text, and that Prophesie of John is apparently of the state of the Church that was to be in after times.

And so there are other places of Scrip­ture, as that 54. of Isa. and 21. of the Revelat. In the 54. Isa. v. 12. there's a promise to the Church that was Afflicted; O thou Afflicted, tossed with Tempest, and not comforted, behold I will lay thy stones with fair colours, and lay thy Foundation with Saphires; And I will make thy Win­dows of Agats, and thy Gates of Carbun­cles, and all thy borders of pleasant stones. Here God promises that he would build his Church with precious stones, the Church that was so Afflicted and tost: Now mark the 21. of the Revelat. and see there how St. John takes this Pro­phesie, and doth plainly interpret it, that it is of the glorious state of the Church that should be after: saith the [Page 15] Text there, describing there the glori­ous Estate of the Church; And the Foun­dations of the wall of the City, were gar­nished with all manner of precious stones. Here's a Prophesie it should be so, and John takes this Prophesie, and tells, that this is to be understood of a time of the Christian Church, that it shall indeed be so.

And again, in the 60. of Isa. v. 19. compare it with the 21. Rev. v. 23. In Isa. there the Text speaking of the glorious state of the Church that should be, saith, The Sun shall be no more thy light by day, neither for brightness shall the Moon give Light unto thee, but the Lord shall be un­to thee an everlasting Light, and thy God thy Glory. Thy Sun shall no more go down, neither shall thy Moon withdraw it self, for the Lord shall be thine everlasting light, and the dayes of thy mourning shall be end­ed. Certainly this hath not yet been ful­filled. And in the 21. Rev. towards the latter end, you have almost the same words: And the City (saith the Text) had no need of the Sun, neither of the Moon to shine in it, for the Glory of God did lighten it, and the Lamb is the Light [Page 16] thereof. I shall afterwards come further to open somewhat of the meaning of that, what it is, no to have no need of Sun and Moon, when we come to open wherein the glory of the Church doth consist, that God intends to make the praise of the whole Earth.

I might name divers other Scriptures, but I hasten rather to the other thing, (which is the main) to open wherein the Church shall be the praise of the whole earth, or what shall make it to be the Praise of the whole earth.

First, more generally; Certainly when the condition Jerusalem shall be in when Gods time shall come, there will be a time of Resurrection from the dead: there will be a kind of Resurrection from the dead, before the general Resurrecti­on at the great day of Judgment: we have divers Scriptures that do seem to point at this, and indeed clearly to ma­nifest it: The first Scripture is in the 12 Chapter of the book of Daniel, that speaks of a Resurrection, another Re­surrection than that that shall be at the great day of Judgment: saith the Text, And at that time thy people shall be deli­vered, [...] [Page 17] every one that shall be found written in the Book. And many of them that sleep in the dust of the Earth, shall awake, some to ever­lasting life, and some to shame and ever­lasting contempt; and they that be wise, shall shine as the brightness of the Firma­ment, and they that turn many to righte­ousness, as the Stars for ever and ever. Now that this must be an Estate of the Church before the great and general Resurrection, is clear.

First, It's said here, Some shall rise; he speaks not of all shall rise: Now at that day, good and bad, all shall rise.

But then Secondly, The uttermost glory of the most eminent godly men that shall rise, it shall be but to shine as the brightness of the Firmament; and the height of all is, that they that turn many to Righteousness, as the Stars, they shall but shine as the Stars.

Surely those who are not only righte­ous themselves, but are means to turn others to Righteousness, they are like to have the greatest degree of Glory in Hea­ven; which is a mighty encouraging place, not only to Ministers, but to all, to seek to convert all they can: For this [Page 18] Scripture seems to hold forth this Truth, that the Lord will look upon them as In­struments of his Glory, and give them a higher degree of Glory than others: But now, at the great day of Judgment we know that the Saints of God shall shine brighter than the Stars; they shall be as the Sun: These Bodies of Clay, that we carry now about with us, in the great day, when Christ shall come to judge all the World, they shall shine as the Sun in the Firmament: The poorest Man, or Woman, or Child, that is god­ly, though their Bodies are cloathed with Rags now, yet at the day of Christ their Bodies shall be made to shine as the Glo­ry of the Firmament; nay, more than so, as the Glory of the Sun: Yea, they shall be like to the Body of Jesus Christ himself, &c. and the Body of Christ shall be beyond the Glory of the Sun; there­fore this is not meant of that time; for the height of all the Glory here is but as the Stars.

But then a third Reason why it is not meant at that time, is, because the Lord bids Daniel to close up this Prophecy, and tells him it shall be a thing kept hid. [Page 19] Now, that there shall be a Resurrection, that God shall come to judge the World, this was never any such secret, the light of Nature will tell us this; that there is a time that it must be well with the righ­teous, and ill with the wicked: The Hea­thens could tell us of a time that God should judge the World: But now the Prophet here speaks of this as a Mystery, that it was not to be revealed till the lat­ter dayes.

Yea, and then Fourthly, The Lord promiseth to Daniel, as a peculiar and special favour unto him, that he should arise, and stand in the Lot at the end of the dayes. Now for Daniel to arise at the day of Judgment, that's a thing that is common to all, good and bad; but here it is promised to him as a special Mercy, that he shall stand up in the latter dayes in his Lot: And there­fore, according to the Reverend Bright­man, and others, this place is interpre­ted of the time of the calling in of the Jews, when they and the Gentiles shall joyn together; and Jerusalem shall then be set up as the Praise of the whole Earth.

[Page 20]And the rather it makes me think so, because the Apostle in the 11 of the Rom. vers. 15. speaking of the time of the cal­ling of the Jews, he doth make use of such a kind of Phrase, that it shall be even a time of Resurrection, it shall be no other but even a raising from the dead. In the 15 verse, For if the casting away of them be the reconciling of the World, what shall the receiving of them be, but life from the dead? Therefore it seems that he had some Reference to this very Scripture here at this time.

And in the 37 of Ezek. the beginning, the receiving of the Jews there, is set out by the dry Bones that were breathed up­on by the breath of God, and so they stood up as an Army, and had life.

Yea, and this shall be as a new Crea­tion: There will be as great works done, as God did when he made the World at first, and he will put forth as great a power. So you have it set forth unto you in the 65. of Isa. There the Prophet prophesying of a Glorious Con­dition of the Church, what it should be, mark how he doth express it. For be­hold, I create new Heavens, and a new [Page 21] Earth, and the former shall not be remem­bred, nor come into mind. But be ye glad, and rejoyce for ever in that which I Cre­ate; for behold, I create Jerusalem a re­joycing, and her People a Joy. I create (saith he) new Heavens, and a new Earth. When will God do this? Why, saith he, Be glad in it; for behold, I cre­ate Jerusalem a rejoycing, and her People a Joy. When this Jerusalem shall be made the praise of the whole Earth, then there shall be new Heavens, and a new Earth created: That is, there shall be as great a change of things, as if there were new Heavens, and new Earth created: There shall be a mighty glori­ous power of God manifested towards his Churches, as if God were Creating new Heavens and new Earth again. Oh! we do not know, but that either you or some of your Children, may yet live to see such times as these are.

And it's another World indeed. It's not the World that we live in now; there shall be a kind of new World: And therefore some Scriptures, that ma­ny times we think are meant concerning the Life in Heaven, after the day of Judg­ment, [Page 22] because they are spoken of ano­ther World; they are rather to be un­derstood of the state of the Church here in this World. And to the end that I may shew this, for otherwise all that's said is but in vain:

It may be you will say, that the Pro­phet mean't that State of the Church Triumphant in Heaven: And so the Apostle St. John, in his reference to what the Prophet saith; he seems to mean it, of the glorious state of the Church in Heaven. And I verily believe the most of you that have read with Ob­servation the latter end of the Book of the Revelations, you have thought it hath been meant of the State of the Church in Heaven; but that it cannot be be meant: I'le give you a Reason or two why the 21 of the Revelations can­not be meant of the Church in Hea­ven.

First, Because the Text saith, That Jerusalem shall come down from Heaven; after he had described it in the 10 Vers. He carryed me away in the Spirit to a great and high Mountain, and shewed me that great City, the holy Jerusalem, des­cending [Page 23] out of Heaven, from God. That is, the Glory of Jerusalem shall not come from the Earth, nor from any Earthly means: Though men ought to do what they can, yet it shall be too great a Glo­ry for any earthly means to be able to bring; but it shall come down from Heaven; there shall be some admirable glorious work of God from Heaven, to bring Jerusalem into such Glory as it shall be brought into. And that's one thing; That it is not the State of Hea­ven, for it comes down from Heaven.

And then besides, that that is an unde­niable Reason, is that which you have in the 24 and 26 Verses; And the Nati­ons of them which are saved shall walk in the light of it; and the Kings of the Earth do bring their Glory and Honour into it. They do not bring their Honour to the State of the Church Triumphant in Hea­ven: The Saints in Heaven shall have no need of any of the Glory of the Kings of the Earth; the meanest, poorest Ser­vant, or Boy that is Godly, shall be more glorious than all the Kings of the Earth ever were in this World; but this is such a State, that the Kings of the [Page 24] Earth shall bring their Glory to it. And in the 26 verse; They shall bring the Glo­ry and Honour of the Nations into it: The meaning is, that when this time comes, the Lord will make all the Kings of the Earth, and all the Nations of the Earth to be some way serviceable to the Glory of his Churches; that's the plain meaning of it: that whereas now the Kings of the Earth, and the Nations do persecute the Church generally, and (as in the second Psalm you have it) the Kings of the Earth they combine them­selves together against Jesus Christ, and will none of his Government; but yet for all this, the Lord saith, that he will set his King upon his holy Hill: And then here is the Prophecy, that there shall be such a work of God upon the Kings and Na­tions of the Earth, as they shall all come in, and bring their Glory to Jerusalem, to the Church, to do the uttermost they can to make the Church to be Glorious. This is in General the state of Jerusalem, when it shall be made the Praise of the Earth.

But now that I might come to move Particulars about this:

The first thing is this; When that [Page 25] time shall come, all Tears shall be wi­ped from the Eyes of Saints; the People of God shall be delivered from all Ene­mies; they shall never be any further pestered with wicked and ungodly men to be enemies to them, but be fully freed from them all: We groan under the burden of the Enmity of wicked Men, and their Opposition; I, but let us be content to bear it, and to endure Oppo­sitions from wicked and ungodly Men; for there is a time a coming, that thou shalt be delivered even in this World.

You will say, when we come to Hea­ven, we shall be above the Malice of all the wicked Men in the World.

Nay, there is a time when the Saints shall be above the Malice of wicked men upon this Earth: In the 28 of Ezek. A Chapter that speaks so much of the Glorious Condition of the People of God, verse 24. There shall be no more a pricking Briar, nor any grieving Thorn of all that are round about them that despised them. They shall be so far from having any power to do any mischief to the People of God, as they shall not be so much as able to prick them, no griev­ing [Page 26] Thorn, nor no bryer pricking of the Saints of God, as heretofore they have done. It will be a blessed time when the Saints shall be delivered from the Curse of the Earth, the Bryers and Thorns it brings forth. Where are wic­ked men, certainly those are the worst Bryers and Thorns in the World, and do the most mischief here in the World: Now the Lord hath promised that they shall be delivered wholly from them. Rev. 21.4. There is a Scripture leading to that way; And God shall wipe away all Tears from their Eyes, and there shall be no more Death, neither Sorrow, nor Crying; neither shall there be any more Pain: For the former things are passed away. This is prophesied of for such times as these are; for those that then liv'd; the Saints are like to live when Christ shall come in that Glorious state of Judgment, and have no pain nor sickness, and therefore be delivered from all Ene­mies, and from all evils both from without and within, in regard of any pain or mise­sery; and in the 19 of the Revelations, we have it there prophesied of Christ, that he shall come and have his Vesture dipt in [Page 27] blood, in the overcoming all the wicked and ungodly; Verse 13. And he was cloathed with a Vesture dipt in blood, and his Name is called the Word of God. And the Armies which were in Heaven follow­ed him upon white Horses, cloathed in fine Linnen, white and clean; and out of his Mouth goeth a sharp Sword, that with it he should smite the Nations; and he shall rule them with a Rod of Iron; and he treadeth the Wine-press of the fierceness and wrath of Almighty God. But this is observable, why it's said, that the Gar­ments of Christ were dipt in blood, and the Robes of the Saints were white: the meaning is this; That it is to note, that when this time comes, to set up Jerusa­lem as the praise of the whole World, that Jesus Christ he shall come to be aven­ged of his Enemies, of all the wicked and ungodly upon the Earth; and so he shall come in an Hostile way against them: But those that follow him, they shall have their Robes white, the Saints shall triumph; they shall do nothing but take the Triumph: Christ shall go be­fore, and endure all the difficulty and hardship, and they shall come after in a [Page 28] triumphing way. Thus the Scripture speaks of deliverance from wicked men. And in the 12 Zech. verse 3. there you have a place likewise observable for this: And in that day will I make Jeru­salem a burdensome stone for all People; all that burden themselves with it, shall be cut in pieces, though all the people of the Earth be gathered together against it: I'le make Jerusalem a burdensom stone; will they fight against it? it shall be a bur­densom stone to them; and whosoever set themselves against Jerusalem in that day, shall not prevail, but shall be cut in pieces. Why that day hath not been yet: But there shall be a day, when whosoever throughout the World shall set himself against the Church, shall not prevail, but shall be cut in pieces. And so we find in the 11 of Exod. the 7 verse, That when the People of Israel went out of Aegypt, the Text saith there was not a Dog that did move his Tongue against them. We know the Deliverance from Aegypt was typical: It notes the deli­verance of the People of this new Jeru­salem from the Tyranny of Anti-Christ. And therefore in the 15 of the Revel. [Page 29] you find that Moses Song it is sung again. In the 15 of Exod. after their Deliver­ance from Pharaoh, Moses sings a Song of Thanksgiving; and in the 15 Rev. they sing it over again, verse 2, 3. after their deliverance from their Captivity. The Dogs of the World they do move their Tongues against the Saints of God now, but there is a time coming that no Dog shall move his Tongue: They shall be so convinc'd of the Inhabitants of Jerusalem, that God is with them, that they shall not be able to move their Tongues against them. And I remem­ber, Lactantius (that I spake of before, that did speak so much in his time, so many hundred Years agoe, that there was such a time a coming;) he hath this expression among others: At that time it shall be with wicked men as it was with the People of Aegypt: When God (saith he) did deliver Israel from the Aegyptian Bondage, he brought most dreadful Judgments upon the Aegypti­ans at that time; so (saith he) when­ever the time shall come, that God shall set up Jerusalem as the Praise of the whole World, then shall be most fear­ful [Page 30] Judgments upon the ungodly. Now indeed Judgment begins at the House of God, and the Saints in many places suf­fer most; but then Judgment shall fall upon the Aegyptians, and God will de­stroy wicked men, or at least subdue them so far, as they shall not be able to do any hurt to the Saints: And that's the first thing that shall be, when Jeru­salem shall be made the Praise of the whole Earth; the People of God shall be delivered from wicked men, and all Oppression; and much less shall they be oppressed by one another: It is that that darkens Jerusalem now, that it's un­der oppression from evil Men, and that the Saints do oppress one another so much. But for the Union of the Saints, that we shall speak of afterwards.

But for the second thing, and that's this: Then shall all the Expressions of the Churches Glory, that we have in the Old Testament in a Typical way, be fully made good, and that visibly; it shall be visibly and apparently to the World made good.

You will say, What are those?

There are very many, the Lord speaks [Page 31] very much of the Glory of his Church, when he had his Church but among the Jews; but certainly the wayes of God towards his Church then were ty­pical, and God intended by his high Expressions of the Glory of his Church then, some other thing that should be afterwards made good in a more appa­rent and visible way: As thus now, you have these things said of the Church of God in the Old Testament.

First, That it is the Portion of God, Yea, it is his Pleasant Portion, Jer. 12.10 verse. By that that hath outwardly appeared, who would think that a few People that were contemptible to the World, were God's pleasant Portion? All that we read of the State of the Church in the Old Testament will ap­pear one day before all the World, that indeed God did not say in vain of his Church, that it was his pleasant Por­tion.

Secondly, We find that God saith, that his Church is his Inheritance. Isa. 19.25. It is his own Inheritance; Yet how do the wicked break into the Inhe­ritance of God for the present! But [Page 32] there is a time a coming, that the Lord will make it appear to all the World, that his People are his Inheritance.

Thirdly, The Church is called the Dearly Beloved of Gods Soul, Jer. 12.7. It is a very high Expression, the Dearly Beloved of his Soul: And yet at that time the Lord saith there, that he will give the dearly Beloved of his Soul into the hand of their Enemies. Oh! but how doth it appear then that the Church is the dearly Beloved of Gods Soul? Well, though it doth not so appear now to the World, God hath a time to make it appear before all the World, that his Church is the dearly Beloved of his Soul.

A fourth Expression is, That it is the Peculiar Treasure of God, in the 19 of Exod. v. 5. Ye shall be a peculiar Trea­sure unto me above all People. Men make much of their Treasure, but especially Treasures that are Peculiar: Now the Lord hath another Treasure besides the Church; the Blessings of God in Na­ture are God's Treasure; therefore in the 28 of Deut. 12. verse, the Scrip­ture saith, that God did bring out of [Page 33] his good treasure, when he speaks of the outward blessings of his People: when God gives us of the good things of nature, he gives us out of his good treasure; I, but that's a Common Treasure, the trea­sure of nature: But God hath a Peculiar Treasure, and that's his Church, there's the Riches of God: Just as if a Merchant should be trading for divers sorts of Com­modities, perhaps he trades for Cloaths, or Lumber stuff, there is some treasure there; I, but he trades for Jewels and Pearls besides, and he hath them lockt up under divers Locks, and there he ac­counts all his treasure to be: Now I may compare all the good things of this world, in respect of the Excellency of the Church to a deal of Lumber, of Cloaths, and such things indeed as have some worth in them: But when you come to the Church there be the Jewels of God, the Pearls of God, and the heart of God is upon them: there God communicates the Ri­ches of his goodness: Oh! it's a blessed thing to be one of Gods people, then thou art one of his Jewels, of his treasure, of his peculiar treasure. Now doth it ap­pear to the World that the Church is the [Page 34] peculiar treasure of God? why it's tram­pled under foot by men; but God tells us that there is a time that it shall not be so as now it is. In the third of Malachi, There is a time that he will make up his Jewels: Now the Jewels of God lie tram­pled under feet, they seem to lie in the dirt; but vers. 17. They shall be mine, saith the Lord of Hosts, in that day when I make up my Jewels, and I will spare them, as a man spareth his own Servant that serveth him. There is a time a coming for God to make up his Jewels, there are many precious Jewels lie in the dirt, and no body regards them. But a time shall come, when it shall be known that there is a difference between him that feareth God, and him that fears him not; why do not we know it now? those that are Spiritual know it. But this Scripture seems to hold forth this thing, that there shall be a time that all the world shall know it. Now the time is that we can­not discern by any outward things a dif­ference between Love and Hatred; But there will be a time that we shall discern between the Love and Hatred of God, apparently before the world: There [Page 35] will be a time when it shall be said, Ve­rily there is a reward for the Righteous, verily there is a God that Judgeth in the Earth: That's the fourth Expression.

The fifth is, The Church is called the Glory of God: In the fourth of Isa. Ʋpon all the glory shall be a defence; and so in another place, I will place Salvation in Zion, for Israel my Glory. The house of Gods glory; So it's called in the 60. of Isa. v. 7. It's called the Crown of glory, In the 62. of Isa. v. 3. And it's called the Throne of Gods glory. Jer. 14.21. —The glory of God. —The House of his glory. —The Crown of his glory. The Throne of his glory: All these Expressions hath the Church of God in the Old Testament: Certainly God intended that these being Typical, should Typifie some glorious condition that the Church should be in, in time to come.

We find that the Church is called by way of Type, Gods Ornament. Ezek. 7.20. As for the beauty of his Ornament he set it in Majesty. It's the Ornament of God: The Beauty of his Ornament: The beauty of his Ornament set in Ma­jesty. All these three are in one Verse [Page 36] spoken concerning the Church of God. As for the beauty of his Ornament, he set it in Majesty, but they made the Images of their Abominations, and of their dete­stable things therein. The force of the Argument is thus; Saith God, Why, was not my Church, and Ordinances there, more glorious than their false Worship? was not my Temple more glorious than their Images? As for the beauty of his Ornament, That is, the Tem­ple that was a Tipe of the Church, he set it in Majesty; Yet, saith he, they went and made Images. O wretched People! that when they had such a glorious Tem­ple, where my presence was so much, and yet that they should turn to Wor­ship stocks and stones! As if God should say to any wretched Man or Woman, Hast not thou come to the Word, and heard the Excellency of my Son set forth unto thee? and hast not thou had the glo­ry of God in the Gospel shining before thine Eyes? hast not thou heard of those blessed things that are revealed in the Doctrine of Grace? and yet wilt thou turn after base things, to satisfie thy flesh, and mind nothing else but that? O un­worthy [Page 37] wretch that ever thou shouldest be partaker of any of those Excellent and glorious things, that are revealed in my Gospel! Just in such a manner doth the Lord speak to this People. What, go and forsake my Temple and Ordi­nances, and go and turn to Images, when it was so glorious! O unworthy that ever they should receive mercy from the Lord!

Now was the Temple of God at such a time as that Gods Ornament, so beau­tiful, and set in Majesty, surely Gods Church that is Tipified by it, is one day or other to be an Ornament to God, and a Beauty, and set in Majesty and glory.

And then it's called the Royal Diadem, in the Book of Isa. There is a time there­fore when this must appear to be so, which is, when the Lord shall set up Jerusalem as the praise of the whole Earth. Now if the state of the Church in the time of the Law that was Typical, was so, mark what the Apostle saith con­cerning the tipes and shadows of the Law, Heb. 10.1. The Law having a shadow of good things to come, and not [Page 38] the very Image of the things, can never with those Sacrifices which they offered Year by Year continually, make the com­ers [...] thereunto perfect. The Law had but a shadow of the Image of things, as is observeable. It had not so much as the Image, it was but a shadow, then surely they could but barely resemble the good things to come: here this Scripture may be understood by the way that Limners or Picture-Drawers use when they would make a Curious Pi­cture of a Man. First they draw a sha­dow with a piece of Chalk or Cole, by which you may see a little proportion of the man, but what's this to the Image of the man; now that's more excellent, and much beauty there is in that; But in the man himself there doth appear more glory still than in his Image: why the time of the Church under the Law, that was like the drawing of a man upon a piece of Board with a Cole; But now, the state of the Church under the Gos­pel, that's like the Image it self; and the state of the Church in Heaven, that's as the Man himself: So then, I make use of this Scripture thus: If the Lord [Page 39] speak so of his Church in the time of the Law, when the state was but Typical; That it was his Portion,—his Peculiar Treasure,—his Inheritance,—and his Diadem,—and Ornament, and the like; what shall it be in the time of the Gospel, when we come to have the Image of the thing, not the shadow but the Image? and then what must it be in Heaven, when it comes to be the thing it self in glory? And this is the second thing that shall be, when the Church comes to be the praise of the whole Earth. Oh now give God no rest, Lord let it appear thus: this point will help you to pray much, and you should put this into your Petitions. Lord make thy Church ap­pear to be thy Portion; Thy Treasure, Thy Glory, Now come Lord Jesus, come quickly, O that that day might come!

The third thing is this, That when God sets up Jerusalem as the praise of the whole Earth, then God will make good the Promises, that he hath made unto his Church in the Old Testament: And the Prophecies of the glory of his Church, which are very many, that the truth is, we do not know what to make [Page 40] of them, we are fain to make Allegories of them, when it's very probable that they are to be in a literal way to be un­derstood, and all for the want of the knowledge of this one thing, that there is a time for God to set up Jerusalem as the praise of the whole Earth. Com­monly we find that Divines have opened the promises of the Old Testament ei­ther by way of an Allegory, or of the state of the Church in glory, so that there hath been a great mistake in this thing.

We find in the 54 of Isa. v. 17. when the Lord makes a promise to his Church that no weapon that was formed against that should prosper, he concludes it and saith, This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord. All the promises in the Old Testament, are the Inheritance of the Saints of God: It's a very sweet place, it's an Excellent place to poor People, that have no Riches, nor Inheri­tance left them by their Parents, but they have the Promises for their Inheritance. Thou may'st look over the Book of God, and watsoever promise thou findest made to the Church, thou mayst look [Page 41] upon it as thine Inheritance. Many car­nal men that have great Inheritances other ways, they have nothing to do with the Promises of the Saints. But the poorest Saint hath all the glory that there is in the Promises of the Word of God, they are their Inheritance.

But in the mean time I have little.

Why thou art under age yet, and God he is thy Guardian, and God will be ac­countable to thee for all; and the longer thou stayest before thou comest to thine Inheritance, the more shalt thou have when thou comest to it: and therefore remember that all the Promises in the Word are to be made good to thee one way or other, and all that concern his People will be made good in this world, when God shall come and set up Jeru­salem as the praise of the whole Earth. We shall understand that hereafter, and therefore we find in the 5th. of the Re­velations, that there the Lamb, he only is able to open the Seals of the Book. There was brought a Book Seal'd, and a Proclamation was made to know, who [Page 42] was worthy to open the Book, and to loose the Seals thereof. Now the Text saith, that John saw none found wor­thy.

At length there appeared a Lamb as it had been slain, and he was found wor­thy, and the Book was given to him, and he opened the Seals of the Book: this Book is the Book of the Prophecies of the state of the Church in the new Testa­ment, and the promises of God for the glory of the Church of the new Testa­ment. Now these things have been kept Sealed for a long time, and especi­ally before Christs time; But Jesus Christ the Lamb that hath been slain, it is he only that is able to open this Book and the Seals of it, and there is a time that he will open it, he opens it by degrees to his Church. And therefore I find it's very observable in the 22. of Revel. vers. 6. There comes an Angel to John, and said unto him; These things are faithful and true. And the Lord God of the holy Prophets sent his Angel to shew unto his servants the things which must shortly be done. Why now John was before, speaking of the glo­rious [Page 43] condition of Jerusalem, the Jeru­salem that came down from Heaven; Now saith he, The Lord God of the holy Prophets sent his Angel. Why is it said here, The Lord God of the holy Prophets? The meaning is this, that the Lord now sends his Angel to make his Servants to understand what was in the Prophets, and therefore the Lord hath this title, The Lord God of the holy Prophets. It's not said here, The great God, or the holy God only, or the Fa­ther of Christ, or any such title; But the Lord God of the holy Prophets. That is, I here will manifest to my Servants what I did Inspire the holy Prophets with in former times, and will open their Prophecies unto them. O it will be a blessed time when we shall come to un­derstand the Prophecies of the Old Te­stament, and how they do aim at the New Testament; you Read their Book, and how often do you shut the Book, and say, O Lord I cannot understand, I do not know the meaning of these things, and so likewise the book of the Revelati­ons: and sometimes you are ready to think, why doth God write so in his [Page 44] word. But be satisfied in this thing, in your Reading the Scriptures there are some things very dark; But now the main things that concern thine everlast­ing Salvation, are clear enough; and bless God for that. But now if you would know why other things are dark, they are dark because the Lord intends in them to manifest some glorious thing, that he will do towards the latter end of the world for his People, that the truth is, God would not have generally known till then. You will say, why then have we the Scriptures? Yes, we have them now, that God may appear so much the more glorious when they are fulfill'd, that they may be manifested to his Saints that these are no other things than the Prophets did Prophesie of divers thou­sand Years ago. Now this will mightily add to the Joy of the Saints, when they shall come to see, O this is partly ful­filling of such a Prophecy in Isa. and in Ezek. and in the Revelations; now it adds to the Joy of the Church, to know that these things that now they have, are no other than God did foretel by his holy Prophets, as no question now when [Page 45] Christ was Prophesied of. For he was Prophesied of for four thousand Years be­fore he came into the world, and in a Mighty dark way, as now this first Pro­phecy of Christ: The seed of the Woman shall break the Serpents Head; what could they understand of this? and yet under this Prophecy was the whole Gospel Prophesied of: and he shall bruise thy heel; there all the sufferings of Jesus Christ were Prophesied of under that Prophesie. Now I am confident, that for the general part of the Jews, they un­derstood no more of that Prophecy to be meant of Christ and his sufferings, than we when we Read in Ezekiel and in the Revelations, do understand what God will do for his Church in time to come: But now when this Prophesie is fulfill'd, that we find the seed of the Woman is come, and how he hath over­come Principalities and Powers, and how the Devil hath opposed him; now we see the meaning of this Prophecy: And now, we can bless God so much the more for Christ.

Christ is no other than the Lord did in Paradise formerly Prophesie of. And [Page 46] so divers other Prophecies in the Old Testament; as, The Scepter shall not de­part from Judah unto Shilo come. Alas! none of the Jews almost did understand this: And that not a bone of Christ should be broken; and so I might name you forty such Prophecies: so just as now, The Prophecies that were Pro­phesied of concerning Christs coming in the Flesh, were very obscure in the Old Testament, but were made clear by the fulfilling of them to us in the New: So the Prophecies of the glorious state of the Church, when Jerusalem shall be made as the praise of the whole Earth, they are obscure to us yet, but when it comes to be made clear, the Saints of God will praise and bless God that now they come to enjoy that, that so many years ago was Prophesied of: And therefore comfort your selves in this, when you Read the Prophecies in the Word. —But certainly when it shall come, it will be a blessed time, and there­fore pray for it, give the Lord no rest till he set up Jerusalem as the praise of the whole Earth: For then shall the Book of God be opened, and things [Page 47] shall be seen mighty plain when that comes. I will give you one Scripture for that, of the clear opening of things when Jerusalem shall be made the praise of the whole Earth. You find in the fourth of the Revelations and vers. 1. There was a Door opened in Heaven, nothing else but a Door. But afterwards you find that Heaven it self was opened: In the 19. Chap. vers. 11. And I saw Heaven opened, and behold a white Horse, and he that sat upon him was called faithful and true, &c.

First, A Door was opened, and then the Heaven of God was opened; Note­ing that there should be a Progress in the state of the Church; at the first they should have but a little knowledge, but afterwards they should have abun­dance of knowledge. And in the 11. Chap. the 19. vers. And the Temple of God was opened in Heaven, and there was seen in his Temple the Ark of his Testament, &c.

How comes that to pass, for in the time of the Law there was no such opening of the Temple, as to see the Ark of Gods Testament, for that was [Page 48] kept hid: But now, speaking of the glorious times of the Church in the state of the Gospel, the Temple of God was opened in Heaven, and there was the Ark of the Testament of God seen, it was made clear. Then the Ark of Gods Testament it was kept hid from the People, that they could not see it in the time of the Law.

But when Jerusalem shall be made the praise of the whole Earth, the Tem­ple shall be opened, and the Ark shall appear, the word of God shall be made open in the Promises and Prophecies of it: Therefore let us pray and believe, let us believe and pray that this time may be hastened.

The Second SERMON. On a Fast-Day, at Stepny. Octob. 31. 1645.

IN the fourth place, the time when Jerusalem shall be made the Praise of the whole Earth, what shall be done then? We shall be delivered from all Oppressions, —The Titles of the Church made good visibly, —Prophecies and Promises fulfill'd.— And in the fourth place there shall be a wonderful Confluence of People that shall joyn with the Saints in the way of God's Worship. It's true, now there are but a very few that do joyn to worship God, how little is God known in the World; and Jesus Christ, how little is he acknowledged in all the world: if we should divide the World (as some have ▪) into thirty parts, we find not [Page 50] above five of those thirty that do so much as acknowledge Jesus Christ, all the other are Heathens at this very day. And then among those that do acknowledge Christ, in the Grecian Churches, though he is acknowledged to be Christ the Saviour, yet they are extream ignorant generally. And what a great part of the Christian World hath Popery under it! And among those that make pro­fession of Christ, how few are there that do honour him, and worship him accor­ding to his own way! But when this time comes, that Jerusalem shall be made the Praise of the whole World, you shall have a mighty Confluence of People; It shall not be said any more, Little Flock, fear not, little, little Flock, but it shall be a great Flock; and therefore you find in the Book of the Revelations, that Je­rusalem, when it comes to be measured, it is said to be a great City, a mighty Confluence shall be unto the Church: In the 2 of Daniel, v. 35. it's said there, (speaking of the Church, as I remember) 'tis by way of resemblance of a Stone; that it should grow great, as a Moun­tain, and it should fill the whole Earth; [Page 51] there should be the generality of the World called in, the fulness of the Gen­tiles, together with the Jews; I will not say every one, but generally they shall be called in to the true Worship of Jesus Christ, and to the embracing of the Gospel.—That Scripture in the sixtieth of Isa. ver. 3, 4. and so on, it is remarkable for this. And the Gentiles shall come to thy light, and Kings to the Brightness of thy Rising: Lift up thine Eyes round about and see; all they gather themselves together, they come to thee: Thy Sons shall come from far, and thy Daughters shall be Nursed at thy side. Then thou shalt see, and flow together, and thine Heart shall fear, and be enlarged, because the abundance of the Sea shall be converted unto thee; the forces of the Gentiles shall come unto thee. Mariners and those that converse at Sea, they shall be converted unto the Church. 'Tis a Prophecy shew­ing that the Lord hath a special care of Mariners, that have gone on in wayes of Ignorance, not knowing Christ, and the way of the Gospel; saith he, Abundance of the Sea shall be converted unto thee. He doth not mean the waters of the Sea, [Page 52] but the People that do converse in the Seas, Mariners in the Sea; that they shall even come over the Sea to joyn, when they hear the Gospel comes to be set forth in the beauty and Power of it. And so he goes on still further in the 6 vers. The multitudes of Camels shall cover thee, the Dromedaries of Midian and Ephah, all they from Sheba shall come, they shall bring Gold and Incense, and they shall shew forth the Praises of the Lord. Read but this sixtieth of Isaiah, and you shall find both this of the multitude of Peo­ple:—And of abundance of Glory of Jerusalem that shall be; which in the very Reading of it you cannot think that this hath been yet fulfill'd since the time of this Prophecy, and therefore is yet to come. — And so in the 66 of Isa. (For this Prophet Isaiah is the most Evangelical Prophet, that speaks more of the Glory of the times of the Gospel than any Prophet;) vers. 7, 8. Before she travelled, she brought forth, before her pain came, she was delivered of a Man-Child. Who hath heard such a thing? who hath seen such things? shall the Earth be made to bring forth in one day, or shall [Page 53] a Nation be born at once? for as soon as Zion travelled, she brought forth her Children. — Here's the Number, and the Suddenness of it together. It shall be done even in a sudden way.

That Promise shall be then fulfilled to Christ, wherein the Lord hath said to him, That he would give unto him the Heathen for his Inheritance, and the uttermost parts of the Earth for his Pos­session: Now, though that Promise be made to Jesus Christ, yet the Lord is a great while afore he doth make it good to the uttermost, that he did intend. Well then may we be content to wait for the fulfilling of Promises, when as the Pro­mise that God hath made to his own Son, he is fain to wait for the fulfilling of it. And that's the fourth thing: A great con­fluence of People shall come into Jeru­salem; it shall be a great City.

And then in the fifth place, Where there are multitudes coming in, will there not be a great deal of dross and filthiness? It is usual, that a Church, while it hath but a few, it may continue in some pu­rity; but, let a Church have many to joyn with it, have but any considerable [Page 54] Number, it usually doth quickly cor­rupt. There grows a great deal of soyl and filthiness, where there are a Number joyned together. But now, this shall be the Glory of this Jerusalem, that though it shall be very great, there shall be a mighty Confluence of People, yet it shall abide in its purity, there shall be a great deal of Purity in the Or­dinances that they shall have, and in the Professors that shall joyn together: And for that, we have that Prophecy in the 44. of Ezek. verse 9. which is a place by all Divines understood of the state of the Gospel: Thus saith the Lord God, No Stranger uncircumcised in Heart, nor uncircumcised in flesh, shall enter into my Sanctuary: Not so much as uncir­cumcised in Heart.

☞ Mark here; it seems, in the times of the Gospel, a meer outward Profes­sion is not enough; for one to profess himself to worship God, and the like; but if he be uncircumcised in Heart, he must not enter.

You will say, How can we know the Heart?

[Page 55]It's true, we cannot know the Heart, unless it be some way discovered; but if there be any thing to discover wicked­ness in the Heart, such a one in the times of the Gospel must not be received into the Church of God.

☞ And there will be a time of grea­ter discerning than now there is, and therefore you find it in the 21. of Revel. where St. John doth Prophesie of the New Jerusalem, at the last verse. And there shall in no wise enter into it any thing that defileth, neither whatsoever worketh abominations, or maketh a lie: But they which are written in the Lambs Book of Life. In no wise, no, no, there's two negatives there, though we in our English Tongue make two Negatives to be an Affirmative, yet the Holy Ghost doth not; there shall not, not, no, in no wise shall there enter any unclean thing into it.

Now it is apparent by divers things in this Chapter, that this must be meant, not of the Glory that there shall be in the highest Heavens, but of some Glory of the Church here: For it is said in the 24. verse, That the Nations of them [Page 56] which are saved shall walk in the light of it, and the Kings of the Earth do bring their Glory and honour into it. Now the Kings of the Earth do not bring their Glory and Honour to the highest Heavens; there's no difference between a King, and the poorest and meanest; they must there be stript of all their Robes, and the Kings of the Earth shall bring no more Glory to that, than meaner men. Therefore it must be un­derstood of an Estate here, where the Kings of the Earth do bring their Glo­ry to it.

'Tis very hard to conceive, that it is impossible for any Hypocrite to get in; yet the Scripture speaks so as it shall not be ordinary for an Hypocrite to get in. Indeed, in the state of the Church as hitherto it hath been, or as yet it is, there are abundance of Hypocrites; and therefore that's no Argument against la­bouring to cleanse the Church from pro­phane ones: to say, Why the best of all have those that are Hypocrites. Though it's true, yet when men do some way or other discover themselves to be Hypo­crites, they must not be received into the Church.

[Page 57]But now here's the Question, Whether there should be any but those that should give such Testimony of Godliness, as may appear to the judgments of men to be so; And if once they appear to be otherwise, they should be cast out of the Church.

This must be a certain Rule; those that ought to be cast out, if they were in, they must not be received in, if now they were to be received. If no Prophane one but must be cast out, if they were got into the Church, when they appear to be so; why then certainly they are not to be taken in, appearing to be pro­phane.

We are now to labour what we can to come as near to that glorious Jeru­salem as we are able: We are now to la­bour to promote the condition that the Church shall be in then; but we cannot expect for to have it yet, till the Lord doth put another Spirit upon men than hitherto. Therefore when God intends to make Jerusalem as the Praise of the whole Earth, there will be certainly another Spirit upon men, than yet there is for the present.

[Page 58]Therefore in the sixth place, the Gifts and Graces of the Saints shall be exceed­ingly raised and enlarged. Those that are now poor, and low, and mean, shall be then very much enlarged and raised. For that take these Scriptures; Isa. 65.20. There shall be no more thence an Infant of dayes, nor an Old Man that hath not filled his dayes; For the Child shall die an hundred years old, but the Sinner being an hundred Years old, shall be ac­cursed. This apparently speaks of an Estate in this World: But now the mean­ing is this; That there shall thence be no more an Infant of Dayes; that is, those that are weak, shall be raised to a very high pitch of Ability and Understanding; even Young ones shall be raised very high, to have the understanding of men in them; and so proportionably the gifts of the Saints shall be raised in that time. And in the 12. Zech. 8 verse, there it's more clear. In that day shall the Lord defend the Inhabitants of Jeru­salem, and he that is feeble among them at that day, shall be as David, and the House of David shall be as God, as the Angel of the Lord before them. Mark, [Page 59] he that is feeble shall be as David, at that day, and the House of David shall be even as an Angel of God. Those that are weak Christians, yet at that day, when the Lord shall set up Jerusalem as the praise of the whole Earth, weak Chri­stians shall be as David, and he that is strong shall be as an Angel of God. Now I would but know when was this? what time was this? was this ever in the time of the Gospel? I verily believe the times of the Gospel are as glorious at this day, as ever they were since the Apostles days, in regard of the graces of Gods Spirit. There is as clear Revelati­ons of Christ, and as strange workings of the Graces of Gods Spirit in the genera­lity, (I must except those that are emi­nent, as the Apostles, and those that had miraculous and extraordinary gifts; but to speak of the generality of Christi­ans,) they have as much knowledg of Jesus Christ, and the wayes of Christ, as ever any; yet can we say now that even strong Christians are like David? If we should examine and see what David was, how short should we come? where have we almost any that may parallel with [Page 60] David? but there is a Prophecy that the feeble shall be like David, and the strong ones shall be like the Angel of God. In the forty fifth Psalm, there the Church is described: The Cloathing of the Kings Daughter is of wrought Gold, and she shall be brought unto the King in Rayment of Needle-work. Which is but to signifie the excellent Gifts and Graces of the Saints; that they shall be cloathed, as it were, with their Gifts, as Princes Daughters that have such Cloa­thing. And Revel. 22.3, 4. there's a Prophecy that they shall continually stand before the Lord, and serve him night and day; they shall be unweari­ed in the service of the Lord, they shall serve him night and day. Now you are quickly tired, a little time in the worship of God doth tire you; but there is a time coming, when the Saints shall be so strengthened with the Gifts and Graces of the Spirit of God, as they shall be able to serve him night and day.

The seventh thing that shall be done, when Jerusalem shall be raised, as the praise of the whole Earth; it shall be the glorious presence of Christ that shall [Page 61] be amongst them. I say, the Glorious presence of Christ; I do not say, the Per­sonal presence of Christ in his Body; for that would require arguing and much dispute; therefore we meddle not with it: But that there shall be a more glorious presence of Jesus Christ in his Churches, than yet hath been: That the Scripture seems to be clear enough in: As in the 21. Revel. verse 22. And I saw no Temple therein, (that was, in the New Jerusalem:) For the Lord God Al­mighty, and the Lamb are the Temple of it: And the City had no need of the Sun, neither of the Moon to shine in it; for the Glory of God did lighten it, and the Lamb is the light thereof. That is, there should not be such need of help as now there is, either from Creatures, or Or­dinances, in comparison; for the Lord God shall be the light of that place, and the Lamb shall be instead of the Temple. In the 2 Pet. 1.19. compared with the Rev. 2.28. There is very much to give light to this, and yet that we are not able to understand throughly the meaning of it: We have also (saith he) a more sure word of Prophecy, where­unto [Page 62] you do well that you take heed, as unto a lig [...] that shineth in a dark place, until the day dawn, and the Day-star arise in your Hearts. This more sure word of Prophecy, he means certainly the Scriptures that we have, and the way of Gods revealing himself there: You do well to take heed, (saith he unto them) Ʋntill the Day dawn, and the Day-star arise in your Hearts. He seems to speak here, of another manner of manife­station of light from God, that shall be besides that sure Word of Prophecy; that is, the Day-star rising in their Hearts. Now compare this with the 2. Revel. and the 28. There is promised to such as do overcome in Antichristian times, that at length the Lord will give unto them the morning Star. Now these two being compared together, may cause us thus much to see, that there certainly shall be some further Presence of Christ among the Saints, than in former times hath been: For Christ, he is the morn­ing Star, and God will give them the morning star; that is, he will give them Christ; the Presence of Christ shall arise in the Hearts of the Saints in another [Page 63] way than formerly; for they were Godly to whom this morning Star is promised; but if you continue to be Godly, and to overcome in the Anti­christian time, you shall have this bles­sing, you shall have the morning Star: They had Christ to justifie them, and to sanctifie them. But they were promised to have Christ yet further, in another more high and glorious presence of his, to be as a morning Star arising in their Hearts.

And in the 33 of Isa. v. 17. there it's promised to them that are upright, that they should see the King in his Glory. Thine eyes shall see the King in his beauty. The Promise is made to those that are described in the 15. vers. Jesus Christ, the King, that was so much de­sired in former times, shall appear in his beauty and glory unto them. And in the 102. Psam there's a clear Prophe­cy of this Estate of Jerusalem, when the Lord shall make it the praise of the whole Earth. Thou shalt arise, and have mercy upon Zion, for the time to favour her, yea the set time is come, vers. 16. But in the 15. vers. So the Heathen shall [Page 64] fear the Name of the Lord, and all the Kings of the Earth thy Glory. When the Lord shall build up Zion, he shall ap­pear in his Glory. There will be a glo­rious appearing, when God shall come to build up Zion, and make Jerusalem as the Praise of the whole Earth. God hath appeared gloriously in all his works in former times; but this great work is the greatest next the sending of his Son into the World, to be made flesh; It is the greatest that ever was done; the building up of Zion, Then God shall appear in his Glory. When the Marri­age of the Saints shall be, the new Jeru­salem, that is, the Spouse of Christ. As Parents do use to put on their best Gar­ments, in the time when they marry their Children; so in the time when the Lord shall raise Jerusalem, thus it shall be, as a great Marriage-day of the Church to Christ. Now there is a Marriage of particular Souls to Christ; but then there shall be a glorious Marriage of the Ʋni­versal Church to Jesus Christ, as in a Body; and then the Lord shall appear in his Glory: There shall be a more glorious presence of God and Jesus [Page 65] Christ with the Saints, than yet we have had.

The eighth thing, That there shall be when Jerusalem shall be set up as the praise of the whole Earth, Powerful God­liness, and the Saints shall be honoured in the World. As they have been tram­pled under feet, and disgraced, and vilified in the World; So when this time shall come, they shall be honoured in the World, and their Enemies shall stoop to them. We have a great many Scriptures that tend that way. In the 49. of Isa. v. 23. You may Read there how the Enemies shall come and stoop to the Saints, that did despise them be­fore. And so in the 3d. Revel. vers. 9. Those that hated them shall come and bow unto them. I will make them of the Synagogue of Satan, which say, they are Jews and are not, but do lie; Behold I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee. They will not own them now, but God hath his time to make wicked and ungodly men, to come and acknow­ledge that these are the beloved ones of the Lord, verily these are the Servants, [Page 66] yea they are the Children of the most high God. And more specially those Scriptures that you have in the Pro­phecy of Isaiah, Chap. 60.6. and so vers. 13. V. 6. The Multitude of Ca­mels shall cover thee, the Dromedaries of Midian and Ephah: all they from Sheba shall come, they shall bring Gold and Incense, and they shall shew forth the praise of the Lord. All the Flocks of Kedar shall be gathered together unto thee, the Rams of Nebaioth shall mini­ster unto thee. And vers. 13. The glory of Lebanon shall come unto thee, the Fir-Tree, the Pine-Tree, and the Box toge­ther, to beautifie the place of my San­ctuary, and I will make the place of my feet glorious. Mark, The Church it is the place of Gods feet: It's under God, but the Lord hath his time to make it glorious before all the world: For if you speak of the Spiritual glory of it, so it is so glorious now. Gods Church it was always glorious spiritually before God, and was the most glorious Object that God had to view in the World: But here's a promise that he will make it glorious before others. Vers. 14. [Page 67] The Sons also of them that afflicted thee, shall come bending unto thee, and all they that despised thee, shall bow themselves down at the Soles of thy feet, and they shall call thee, The City of the Lord, the Zion of the Holy one of Israel. It may be they called them before nick names; they call'd you Hypocrites, and you were they that made such a show of Religion, but you were a company of proud People that would seem to be holier than other men; But now they shall call thee the City of the Lord, and the Zion of the Holy one of Israel. And vers. 15. Whereas thou hast been for­saken and hated, so that no man went through thee, I will make thee an Eter­nal Excellency, a Joy of many Genera­tions.

This is not spoken only unto Godly men, personally and particularly, but to Godly men as in a Society, as in the Church; they shall be made an Eternal Excellency, and a Joy of many Genera­tions.

And again, for the 9. of Zech. v. 16. And the Lord their God shall save them, in that day, as the Flock of his People: [Page 68] For they shall be as the stones of a Crown lifted up, as an Ensign upon his Land. They shall be as the stones of a Crown lifted up: This shews the Excellent glory that shall be put upon the Saints: Now they are as stones in the dirt; but then they shall be as the stones in a Crown that's lifted up. And so in the 12. Chap. vers. 5. And the Governours of Judah shall say in their hearts, The Inha­bitants of Jerusalem, shall be my strength in the Lord of Hosts their God. It is not, shall be, that's in another Character, and they in that Jerusalem, they shall be honoured by the Governours of Judah; And the Governours of Judah shall say, well, our strength it is in the Inhabitants of this Jerusalem; In the Lord of hosts their God; We accounted them before but as Schismaticks and precise Fools, but we see that God is with them. And the Governours of Judah shall say, Our strength is in the Inhabitants of Jeru­salem, in the Lord of Hosts their God. This will be a blessed time, when Gover­nours shall acknowledge the Saints to be those that the Lord doth own; and they shall acknowledge the very strength of a [Page 69] Nation to consist in the Saints: They shall see that the Saints have a propriety in God beyond others; there is such a time a coming, however they be despised now. In the third of Mal. v. 3. The Lord makes a promise that he will ga­ther up his Jewels, and there shall be a time when there shall be a known dif­ference between him that feareth God and him that feareth him not; The Saints of God are compared to Jewels that lie in the dirt, and Swine trampling upon the Jewels, but there is a time that the Lord will gather up these Jewels, and at that day there shall be known a dif­ference between him that feareth God, and him that feareth him not: this time is coming, and this is the time that my Text speaks of, that we should give the Lord no rest untill he make Jerusalem thus: Certainly when this is, it will be the praise of the whole Earth.

The Ninth thing is, when Jerusalem shall be made the praise of the whole Earth, it will be made a quiet Habitation; there shall be a blessed Union of the Church, then shall divisions be ta­ken away: Now that that hinders the [Page 70] beauty of the Church, and of the Saints, and doth exceedingly darken their beau­ty, it is their Divisions: were it that the Saints of God could live in union one with another, and so grow up in holi­ness, they would be a great deal more beautiful in their conversations: My beloved is one, and the Daughters saw her and blessed her. But the divisions and contentions that there are among the Churches, do exceedingly take away the beauty and glory of them, and there­fore they are not now the praise of the places where they live; but many times they make themselves the scorn of the places; but there is a time a coming that this Spirit of division shall be taken away from among the Saints, you will say, that will be a blessed time indeed: I'le give you two or three Scriptures that are very observable for this; In the 11. of Isa. vers. 13. There's the first pro­mise of Ʋnion that there shall be among the Churches. The envy also of Ephra­im shall depart, and the adversaries of Judah shall be cut off; Ephraim shall not envy Judah, and Judah shall not vex Ephraim. Now ordinarily in Scripture, [Page 71] Ephraim and Judah is made Typical of the Churches, there was a great deal of contention between Ephraim and Judah, one envying another: Now this Pro­phecy is not yet fulfill'd; for we never Read of Ephraim, (that is) the ten Tribes and Judah were joyned in that near League and Union one with ano­ther, as yet: For the ten Tribes were carried Captive, and never returned; Judah indeed was carried Captive and they did return, but not the ten Tribes. Therefore it is spoken of an Estate of the Church afterwards: Though my Church shall be in after times, the times of the Gospel, like Ephraim and Judah, one envying another, I'le take away their envy, they shall not envy, but they shall love one another, and joyn one with another. Ephraim shall not envy Judah, and Judah shall not vex Ephraim. —And then another Prophecy is, in the 14. Zech. vers. 9. And the Lord shall be King over all the Earth; in that day, shall there be one Lord, and his Name one: It's true, all of us that are Chri­stians, we acknowledge but one Lord; but we call him by divers Names, and one [Page 72] saith, This is his mind, and another faith, the other is his mind; but saith he, In that day as there shall be but one Lord, so his Name shall be but one. There shall not be those different apprehen­sions of Christ as now there are, but Christians shall generally joyn together in one. There shall not be such opinions to divide Christians one from another as now there are, there shall be but one Lord, and his Name shall be but one. — And a further Prophecy which is very remarkable, is in the third of Zeph. v. 9. For then will I turn to the People a pure Language, that they may all call upon the Name of the Lord, to serve him with one consent. In the Ori­ginal it is, with one Shoulder; now how do Christians shoulder one another, and push one another by the shoulder as it were, opposing one another what they can; but then they shall joyn their shoulders together, and all shall be but as one shoulder; they shall serve the Lord with one shoulder, with one con­sent; their hearts shall joyn in one, and then their strength shall joyn together: Now this is that that shall be done, when [Page 73] the Lord shall make Jerusalem as the praise of the whole Earth; you that mind the Lord, and the things of his glory, give him no rest untill he do esta­blish this that he hath promised, and make Jerusalem the praise of the whole Earth.

In the tenth place, there shall be a great change of things in the world at that time, a great change in the whole frame of the creation of Heaven and Earth: And I think verily that place in the eighth of the Romans, (and there is ground for it, why we should think so) is meant of this time. Vers. 20, 21. For the earnest expectation of the crea­ture, waiteth for the manifestation of the Sons of God; For the creature was made subject to vanity, not willingly, but by reason of him who hath subjected the same in hope, because the creature it self also shall be delivered from the bon­dage of corruption, into the glorious liberty of the Children of God. For we know that the whole Creation groaneth, and travelleth in pain together until now. And not only they, but our selves also, which have the first fruits of the Spirit: [Page 74] Even we our selves groan within our selves, waiting for the Adoption, to wit, the redemption of our Bodies.

Now that this should be then, in such an Estate of the Church in this World, this is the Reason: Either you must grant it to be so, or otherwise you must grant that after the day of Judgment, in the state of glory that the Saints shall have, (which Divines generally say shall be in Heaven) you must grant that then there shall be the continuance of all the Crea­tures as now they are, and that the Saints must live here: Now that is hardly granted by any Divines.

But this speaks of the whole Crea­tion to be delivered from their bondage, and to come to partake of the benefit of the Adoption of the Sons of God: That is, at that time when the Adoption of the Sons of God shall appear glori­ously, that there shall be such a change in all the Creatures, that they shall be restored to the first perfection, that they had in the state of Innocency: They groan to be delivered from the bondage, surely they do not groan to be Annihi­lated and turned into nothing: There­fore [Page 75] there is a time for the Heavens, and Earth, and Sea, and Plants, and Beasts to be in another condition than now they are.

And to say that this shall be at the day of Judgment, or after, few Divines have thought: But this is spoken of a time when all the Creatures in this world shall have a mighty change put upon them. And to that end, the Scripture likewise in the 2 of Peter the 3d. Chap. though one would think (in the Reading of it) if you did not mark it throughly, that it should be meant at the day of Judgment; but if you observe it throughly, it seems to be spoken of a great change, that there shall be when the creatures shall be delivered from bondage. In the 10. vers. But the day of the Lord will come as a Thief in the night, in the which the Heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the Elements shall melt with fervent heat, the Earth also and the works that are therein, shall be burnt up; and now ob­serve the 13. vers. Nevertheless we ac­cording to his promise, look for new Hea­vens and new Earth wherein dwelleth [Page 76] Righteousness. There shall be a mighty change in the world by Fire, or some other way, and so as all things shall seem as if they were brought into nothing; but saith the Apostle by the Holy-Ghost, We according to his promise look for new Heavens and a new Earth wherein dwel­leth Righteousness: Now suppose all the world were dissolved, how new Heavens and a new Earth then? shall the Saints after the day of Judgment have a new Earth, and live upon the Earth here? This I suppose you would think to be but a very strange Doctrine; But now this is such a change of things as shall have New Earth, as well as New Hea­vens, and this is according to the pro­mise; now what promise have we in all the Book of God that this hath reference to?

I find all Divines referr it to the 65. of Isa. For you have no other Scrip­ture that you can refer this promise to in the 17. vers. For behold, I create new Heavens and a new Earth, and the for­mer shall not be remembred nor come into mind. But be ye glad and rejoyce for ever in that which I create, for behold, [Page 77] I create Jerusalem a rejoycing, and her People a Joy. So that this Scripture in Peter, though in some passages of it may seem to referr to the great day of Judge­ment, yet compared with Isa. out of which it is taken, it appears to be but a very comment upon my Text: and I find ge­nerally, Interpreters do Interpret this of Isa. to be meant of the Church of God in this World. And so by comparing one Scripture with another, we may find out much truth. And besides, the Prophets did Prophesie very little about the Eter­nal life after the day of Judgment, though something there was about it, but very little in comparison, and therefore we have a great deal of Reason to think it to be meant concerning this time of this new Jerusalem, when God shall make it to be the praise of the whole Earth.

Lastly, This shall add to the beauty of this new Jerusalem, that Prosperity shall do it no hurt; and therefore as I remember in the 4th. of the Revelat. the state of the Church in this time is compared to an Eagle: there were four Beasts, the first like a Lyon, the second like a Calf, the third was like a Man, [Page 78] and the fourth was like a Flying-Eagle: Noting the four states of the Church, and the last shall be as an Eagle, that is, they shall be lifted above all these outward things: At first, when the Church was rai­sed from persecution in Constantines time, the History of those times tells us, that there was a voice heard in the Air, To day is Poyson poured into the Church; It was at that time when Constantine did endow the Church with great Endow­ments; and we find it now, that we have weak stomacks, and are not able to bear much prosperity, and therefore God hath thought it rather fit to keep his Church low; but when that day comes, for Je­rusalem to be made the praise of the whole Earth, there shall be no fear of hurt from prosperity; For Christ shall be all in all to them: There shall be a more immediate enjoyment of God, and that will keep them from taking hurt by what they have in the creature.

Now let's put all these together, and see what a glorious condition the Saints shall be in: surely, when all these things shall be fulfilled, then you must needs say, that Jerusalem will be made a praise in the whole Earth. That is,

[Page 79]First, When there shall be a Resurre­ction, a new creation, a new world, when all Tears shall be wip'd away, when all wicked men shall be kept under. When the Church shall appear to be the plea­sant Portion of God, his Inheritance, his dearly Beloved, his Glory, and when all Promises that have been made to them, and all Prophecies of their glory shall be fulfilled; when there shall be a wonderful confluence of the Nations, Jews and Gen­tiles to them, and yet there shall be a great deal of purity in ordinances, there shall not be filth among them as now there is. And the gifts and graces of the Saints shall be mightily inlarged and raised, when there shall be a glorious presence of the Father and of Jesus Christ with them, when Godliness, and the Saints shall be honoured in the World as much as it is contemn'd, when there shall be a blessed Union among all the Churches, when there shall be a mighty change of the crea­tures, and when there shall be no fear of any danger, of any hurt by any Prosperity that they shall enjoy: surely then will Je­rusalem be made a praise of the whole Earth. Therefore let the Saints give [Page 80] the Lord no rest until Jerusalem be thus made as the praise of the whole Earth.

You will say, are these things so, are they so indeed? This may seem to be very strange, and a strange point to some of you: But in former times, it was not so accounted: those that are learned will find that Lactantius, 17. Book, 18.23, 24. Chapters, spends them almost all upon this Argument, and he speaks of very strange things, which I am loath to mention, (It may be he might go too far) and he liv'd about 1300. Years ago. —But Justin Martyr (that was long be­fore him, for he was but thirty Years after John the Disciple) speaking about this point that I am speaking of. I, and all that are Christians of the Orthodox Faith hold this, that there is such a time a coming, of a glorious condition of the Church; —I know that this hath been abused by those that they account Mil­lenaries; there were some that did abuse this Doctrine, and made the glory of the Church to consist in fleshly pleasures, (and the like) and so they were con­demn'd. But I make the glory especially to consist in Spiritual good, yet so as it [Page 81] shall appear to all the World. And I find some Expressions in the Revelations, where the Holy Ghost speaks of this, of Christs coming to appear in this glorious manner; he hath another manner of phrase to express it, than I find in all the Book of God, when other things are spoken of. In the 19. of the Revel. v. 9. He had spoken before of the Kingdom of Christ. And he saith unto me, Write, blessed are they which are called unto the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. And he saith unto me, These are the true sayings of God. Are there any false sayings of God? It were blasphemy to think so; one would think that if he did but say, these are the sayings of God, it were enough; or these are true sayings: But to make it sure that we may believe it, These are the true sayings of God.

Not only the sayings, but the True say­ings of God.

Now if you say, How can these things be?

To that I answer as in the eighth of Zech. v. 6. Thus saith the Lord of Hosts, if it be marvellous in the Eyes of the Rem­nant of this People in these days, should it [Page 82] also be marvellous in my Eyes (saith the Lord of Hosts;) It's marvellous in your Eyes, should it therefore be marvellous in my Eyes? I am the Lord of Hosts! We may be ready to think these things can­not be; But the Lord intends to put forth an Almighty power in bringing this to pass, and it is that that is much in the heart of God to do.

These things, the nearer the time comes, the more they will be known, and therefore I think it very useful at some time or other, that people should be acquainted; only Ministers had need have a Spirit of sobriety and moderation, because not yet being fulfill'd they are not throughly understood, and therefore we must not dare to be too bold in our guessing at things that are not clear: But such things as appear clearly, so as we may see there is footing for, we should exercise our selves in, and labour to make others acquainted with.

But now, If you ask me when shall these things be? when shall Jerusalem be made the praise of the whole Earth? I Answer thus:

The Third SERMON.

IT's very hard to determine the par­ticular time; but surely at the end of Antichrist's Reign it must be: And how long Antichrist shall reign, that we know certainly; only the difficulty is to reckon the very time of the beginning of his Reign: I say, how long his Reign shall last, we have certain knowledge of that, that Anti­christ shall reign for 1260 Years. And we have such Parallel Scriptures for this, that there is nothing more evident than it is; and generally Divines agree up­on it.

Those two Scriptures in the Book of the Revelations are sufficient, especially compared with some in Daniel. Rev. 11.2, 3. The Court which is without the Tem­ple leave out, and measure it not; for it is [Page 84] given unto the Gentiles, and the Holy City (which is the Church) shall they tread under feet forty two Months. And I will give power unto my two Witnesses, and they shall Prophesie a thousand two hundred and threescore dayes cloathed in Sackcloath. Now these forty two Months, and one thou­sand two hundred and threescore dayes, will come to the same, that is, a day for a year, wherein the Church should be un­der the power of Antichrist.

And he saith, two Witnesses; not as if he meant only two men, but because by two or three witnesses every thing is esta­blished. But the Spirit of God means by the witnesses (whatever they are) those that shall witness to his Truth in the true Church of God, in all places of the World, those that witness to his truth: They shall prophesie in Sack-cloath: that is, in a mourning condition, they shall go on in their witness for 1260 dayes, 1260 years.—And so in the 12 of the Revelations, there we read of the wo­m [...]n (by which the Church is set out) that fled into the Wilderness, where she had her place prepared of God, that they should feed her there, even 1260 [Page 85] dayes. The Holy Ghost falls upon this number, which is 1260 years.

Now all the difficulty is about the be­ginning of this 1260 dayes; that is, when Antichrist did prevail, and when the Church was driven into the Wil­derness.

I find generally, those that make a computaiton of the Reign of Anti-Christ, they pitch it upon two Periods; either upon such a time as will be ended within a very few years, as Mr. Bright­man and others; he thinks it will be ended so as that the beginning of these dayes will be a matter of five or six years hence.—And others in the year 1666. But there is another computation of those that think Anti-Christ did not be­gin to reign so soon, and they conceive it will be a matter of two hundred, or more years before the beginning of these times. But I think God hath not left it fully clear to determine about the time, only this, God by his strange kind of workings among us, doth seem as if he were hastening of the time, as if it were near at hand.

[Page 86]Wherefore then, we leave all uncer­tainties, and come to shew you what use you are to make of what hath been said about this time, of Jerusalems being made the praise of the whole Earth.

Ʋse. The first is, the consideration of this, that God hath his time to bring his Church to be in such a glorious con­dition here in this World, this should be a great incitement to us all to come in and embrace Jesus Christ, to be Godly; —Why, because the Lord intends to glorifie himself so much in the Church; —and though I dare not tell you the time, yet there's nothing to the contra­ry but that it's possible it may be in your dayes, that you may live to see these times: or if you should not live, yet in the 12 of Daniel we read of a Resur­rection that should be at that time; However, when we do but think that there is a time that Jesus Christ shall be honoured in the World, and Godliness shall be had in high esteem in the World, it's a mighty Argument to cause man and woman to come in and imbrace Religion. — But if it should prove to be in your days, as nothing appears to the contrary, [Page 87] but many probabilities there are for it; it would go very hard with you, if so be these times should come upon you un­awares, and you not found to be God­ly: For the Scripture speaks most dread­fully against those that have liv'd in the places where Christian Religion hath been known, and yet have been naught and ungodly, and these times found them so: —After these times were described to John in the Book of the Revelations, then saith he in the 21 Chap. 8. vers. But the fearful, and Ʋnbelieving, and the Abominable, and Murderers, and Whore­mongers, and Sorcerers, and Idolaters, and all Lyars shall have their part in the Lake which burneth with Fire and Brim­stone; which is the second Death.

Mark, The very Fearful and Ʋn­believing; and I take it, the Reason why the Fearful and Ʋnbelieving are here placed among these notorious Sinners, it is because that in the time that Anti-Christ shall prevail, many out of fear of trouble and danger shall deny the truth, and cleave to the Antichristian Party, and because they see things go very hardly with the Godly Party, they will [Page 88] forsake them through their Unbelief; and therefore they are reckoned in among the notorious vile sinners, and the rather because that a little before this time shall come;

There will be a great tryal and hour of Temptation. Men will be put to it to be tryed what they are, whether they have faith in the Word, or not, or whether they have courage for God, or not.

Now therefore, because God intends to put men to the tryal a little before these times come, (therefore he saith,) The fearful and unbelieving; he reckons up them among the notorious Sinners: as if the Lord should say; When I am about to set up this new Jerusalem, there will come a time of tryal, and abun­dance of you that made fair Professi­ons, while you met with some evils and troubles, through your fear and unbe­lief you will forsake my cause, and will rather cleave to them. But know, you shall have your Portion in the Lake of Fire and Brimstone, which is the second death. — And so in the 22 Revelations; there the Holy Ghost speaks of men [Page 89] that are unjust, when this time shall come, and saith he, He that is unjust, let him be unjust still, he which is filthy, let him be filthy still: If men will go on in their Injustice and Filthiness, let them go, saith God, I intend not now to work further upon them; but as these times shall meet with them, so it shall be with them to all Eternity.

The nearer the approaching of these times, the less will wicked men be wrought upon: Therefore now let us come in, and embrace the truth; for this truth that is preached to you, and the works of God that you are put upon, they will be honoured one day; we love to be of the strongest side, the side that will prevail, we love to joyn unto it: Certainly the side of Godliness, and the truths of Christianity is of the side that will prevail one day, and there­fore come in and joyn with them: Though it's true, there are many things now that seem to darken Religion, but certainly Religion is getting up in the World; though the Devil doth bestir him as much as ever he did since he was a Devil, to darken Religion, and the [Page 90] Glory of it in the World, yet certainly Religion is getting up, and it will pre­vail. Take heed you be not like the five foolish Virgins, which I find divers do apply to this very time when the Bridegroom shall come, when Christ shall come in his glory to set up Jeru­salem as the praise of the whole Earth, that then the wise Virgins shall enter in with him, and be partaker of the glo­ry of the times; but the foolish Virgins shall knock at the door, saying, Lord, Lord, open to us, but he shall say, I know you not, depart, ye workers of Iniquity. You that make but a meer out-side of Religion; and have but a formal pro­fession of Religion, you have Lamps but you have no Oyl in your Lamps bur­ning, when Christ shall come, you shall be shut out, and not be Partakers of the glorious Jerusalem, that shall be made the Praise of the whole Earth.

And likewise this is a great Argument to move you to bring up your Children in Godliness, and to instruct them in the wayes of Godliness; because if you should not live to it, yet your Children may: Therefore labour to infuse what you can, the knowledge of Christ into [Page 91] them now betimes, that so they may partake of those glorious things that are spoken of in the Word.

But Secondly, Is there a time that Jerusalem shall be made as the Praise of the whole Earth? let us be willing to mourn with Jerusalem while it is in a mourning condition, and be willing to suffer for Jesus Christ a while, seeing there is a time that all sorrows shall be turned into Joy, and all Sufferings shall be done away, and wherein the Saints shall be all honoured and recompensed abundantly. In the eleventh of the Re­velations you find, that the Witnesses were to prophesie in Sackcloath, in a mourning condition, for a long time. It can't be meant of two men, because they were to prophesie 1260 Years; but what made them go on in that mournful condi­tion? they did believe this time.

Therefore in the 12. verse you shall find how they that had prophesied in Sackcloath for so long a time, they were slain a little before this time came, and for three years and an half together, there was a slaughter made of them; and the Text saith, After three dayes and an half, that is, three years and an half, the Spirit [Page 92] of life from God entred into them; and they stood upon their feet; and great fear fell upon them which saw them; and they heard a great voice from Heaven, saying unto them, Come up hither. And they ascended up to Heaven in a Cloud, and their Enemies beheld them. They were mightily honoured before their Enemies: Those that had been prophe­sying in Sackcloath, and were willing to suffer for Christ for a long time, now they were called up, and honoured be­fore their very Enemies. Let us be wil­ling to suffer, and that will be an evidence that we shall rejoyce with this new Je­rusalem, when it shall come to be made the Praise of the whole Earth.

So in the 66 of Isa. v. 10. Rejoyce ye with Jerusalem, and be glad with her, all ye that love her, rejoyce for joy with her, all ye that mourn for her. All that mourn'd for Jerusalem when the glory of it was darkened, shall come and re­joyce with Jerusalem, when Jerusalem shall be made as the praise of the whole Earth.—And the very Book of the Revelations is written on purpose for to encourage the Saints to be willing to suf­fer all the time of Anti-Christ's Reign. [Page 93] And hence it hath been, that in the time that Antichrist hath Reign'd, there hath been so little known of the Book of the Revelations, because it hath been ap­plyed only in a metaphorical way, and all the glory hath been interpreted of the glory of Heaven: Because, I say, there hath been a darkness on the face of the Earth in the time of Antichrist's pre­vailing. And it hath been the care of Antichrist to darken this, and to keep under the Saints, and to make them suffer very hard and grievous things. But, as I remember, I have read of Caius the Emperour; that when Agrippa had spo­ken for him before he was Emperour, and suffered for his sake; after Caius came to be Emperour, he put a Chain of Gold about his Neck, and gave it him, just as heavy as his Iron Chain had been before. So, look what any one suffers for Jesus Christ now, before he comes to take this Kingdom to himself, before the time comes when the voice shall be heard from Heaven, saying, The King­doms of the Earth are become the Lords, and his Christs, and he shall reign for ever; I say, look what measure of suffer­ings any have for Christ now, Christ [Page 94] will put a Chain of Gold upon them as heavy as ever their Sufferings were.

And especially now we had need pre­pare for Sufferings, if it should prove that this time be at hand; for we find that a little before this glorious time there's like to be as great Sufferings to the People of God as at any time; as in the 11 of the Revelations, where it's spoken of the Witnesses prophesying in Sackcloath, they prophesied for 1260 Years. But they were not slain until three Years and a half before this glori­ous time was risen, and then they were slain. So that immediately before the time that Christ shall come and appear in his Glory, there will be greater Suf­ferings unto his Churches than there were in former times; for you find, that just upon their slaying, that they were call'd up to Heaven. And the seventh Trumpet sounded presently after, and there were great voices in Heaven, say­ing, The Kingdoms of this World are be­come the Kingdoms of our Lord, and of his Christ; and he shall reign for ever and ever.

[Page 95]As if the Holy Ghost should say, Now all sufferings are done with all, and now the Kingdoms of the World are become the Kingdoms of the Lord, and his Christ; and he shall reign for ever and ever.

And the four and twenty Elders which sate before God on their Seats, fell upon their faces, and worshipped God, saying, We give thee thanks, O Lord God Almighty, which art, and wast, and art to come; because thou hast taken to thee thy great power, and hast reigned. Whereas before men had power, now God hath taken his great power to himself.

☞ This follows presently upon it, which is a very great Argu­ment why those Witnesses are not yet slain,Note: The Witnes­ses not yet slain. because immediately upon their be­ing slain there should follow such strange things as these are. And then the King­doms of the Earth should be the Lords, and his Christs.

You will say, Are they not now?

[Page 80]No certainly, not so as then, in that we do not see such an eminency of Christs taking the Kingdoms of the Earth, now more than formerly; and I say, this is an evident Argument that the Witnesses are not slain.

In the 12 of Daniel, there you have a Prophecy of the same times that we have here. But mark how he begins this Prophecy; there, saith he, in the 1 vers. And at that time shall Michael stand up, the great Prince which standeth for the Children of thy People, and there shall be a time of trouble, such as never was since there was a Nation, even to that same time; and at that time thy people shall be delivered, every one that shall be found written in the Book. Though the time of trouble without be great, such as never was the like, yet these that are written in the Book shall be delivered. And so he goes on, describing the glorious conditi­on of the Church of God as it shall be: I spake something to that in the opening of the Glory of this new Jerusalem, and shew­ed you, that it could not be meant there of the Glory of Heaven; but of the [Page 97] glory of the Church here that should be upon the Earth.

And then in the 3d. of Revel. vers. 10. we Read of an hour of Temptation that should be throughout the face of the Earth; there is a time of Temptation that shall go quite through the whole world, and whether yet this is come upon us, doth not certainly appear, and there­fore let the consideration of this prepare us for suffering before hand. For God will cause sufferings to try men, who are true and will cleave to him, and who are not, but will desert him: And so I re­member Lactantius (the former Author quoted) he speaks as clearly of this, as if so be that he did live and had seen it: saith he, A little before these times, times wil grow so evil in comparison of the times that we live in now, in which wickedness one would think were grown to the greatest height that possibly could be, yet in comparison of these, there shall come such evil times just before this glorious time of the Church, as our times may be accounted Golden and Happy times in respect of those sad times; for, saith he, good men they shall be a prey to [Page 98] wicked men, and they shall be in con­tempt and poverty; all right among men shall be confounded, all Law shall perish, and no man shall know what's his own; things shall be in such a cumbustion and confusion that no Law shall prevail, and no man shall know what's his own; this shall be a little before (saith he) the glorious state of the Church where­in Christ shall appear: Now if he could say so, so long before, certainly none then having Scripture so suitable to it, have cause to fear that yet we may live to meet with very hard things.

☞ Although it will be but short, that's the comfort; if there should be great sufferings just before the day break, and it should be darker than it was, yet it will continue but a while, three Years and an half will be the most: But the times of the great sufferings of the Church before Jerusalem is to be made the praise of the whole Earth, these three Years and a half will put men so to it, that if they have not true grace they will fall off.

The Administration of Gods Provi­dences are very strange, we have had [Page 99] thoughts that all had been blowing over, that we should have liv'd in safety and peace, but clouds gather still: And though the former clouds seem'd in some measure to be gone, yet new clouds are gathering, and therefore it's wisdom for the People of God, that fear God and look into his Word, to see what God hath made known in his Word; I say it's their wisdom to prepare for the hardest that possibly can come: That they may be bright, and made white with all the troubles that they meet with, and be not among them that shall not be found written in the Book, and so to be cast out of all the good of this Jeru­salem that shall be made the praise of the Earth.

Thirdly, Though we should prepare for sufferings, yet let us strengthen our faith, and rejoyce in the hope of such times as these are, in the midst of suf­ferings rejoyce: it's an Excellent thing when a Christian is able in the midst of sufferings to rejoyce in the assurance of a promise, when things go never so con­trary, yet to keep in Gods ways upon the expectation of a promise to be ful­fill'd. [Page 100] You have an Excellent Scripture in the 64. of Isa. vers. 5. Thou meetest him that rejoyceth and worketh Righte­ousness, those that Remember thee in thy ways: behold, thou art wroth, for we have sinned. In those is continuance, and we shall be saved. If you read this Chapter you shall find that the Church was in a sad condition; but mark, Thou meetest him that rejoyceth and worketh Righte­ousness: In the saddest times there were some that did not only work Righte­ousness, but did Rejoyce and work Righ­teousness; Though God was wroth, and all things did seem to be very dis­mal, yet there were some that went on in the ways of Righteousness, and re­joyced in the ways of Righteousness: It's a most Excellent Scripture, and of marvellous use to us if God should bring us into sad times, for us not only to keep in the ways of Righteousness, but to rejoyce in the ways of Righteousness, to rejoyce that ever we were brought into it, and that's upon an expectation that the Lord will save us. Whatsoever sufferings you meet withall, yet strength­en your faith, and rejoyce in the Ex­pectation [Page 101] of this Glory of Jerusa­lem.

The believing of such times as these are, really makes Life desirable, especi­ally because God is so stirring in this Age; not for any great matters that we shall have outwardly in the World for a while, but that we may come to see the Issue of all these stirs; and at length, out of all the Confusion, to see Jerusalem to be the praise of the whole world. And therefore in the 102. Psalm. which I think verily hath reference to these times, you shall find the Title of it to be, A Prayer of the afflicted when he is over­whelmed, and poureth out his complaint before the Lord.

But mark, in his pouring out his complaint before God, how he comforts himself, in the 13. vers. Thou shalt arise, and have mercy upon Zion, for the time to favour her, yea the set time is come. For thy servants take pleasure in her stones, and favour the dust thereof, so the Heathen shall fear the Name of the Lord, and all the Kings of the Earth thy glory. When the Lord shall build up Zion, he shall appear in his glory. The [Page 102] Lord shall appear in his glory in build­ing up Zion that is now cast down, I say it's a Prophetical Psalm, of the dispo­sition of Christians a little before this Kingdom shall be made the praise of the Earth.

Now mark, what those do desire that shall live a little before these times. In the 24. vers. I said, O my God, take me not away in the midst of my days. As if he should have said, O Lord, I hope that e're long thou wilt build up Zion, and appear in thy glory, and fulfill thy pro­mises concerning Jerusalem; O Lord, take me not away in the midst of my days: It is (I say) a Prophetical Prayer of the Christians that shall live a little before Gods building up of Zion.

But you will say, Why shall any de­sire to live, for if one should die (if he be Godly) he shall go to Heaven; and will it not be as good to be in Heaven, as to live to see Jerusalem the praise of the Earth?

To that I answer, that though it's true, It will be as good for the Soul; but for Soul and Body, to live here to see that glorious administration of God in the [Page 103] World, to see God honoured upon the Earth, where he hath been so much dis­honoured, certainly it cannot but be an abundant satisfaction and contentment to those that are gracious, and that it is desirable; notwithstanding the objection, I make it clearly thus, from the pro­mise that God gave to Children that did obey their Parents, in the fifth Com­mandment, Honour thy Father and thy Mother; why? That thy days may be long in the Land which the Lord thy God giveth thee. God makes a promise that they should enjoy the Land of Ca­naan. And why? Godly Children, should go to Heaven if they had died: But it was accounted a mercy to live long in the Land of Canaan.

Now the Land of Canaan was but a Type of the glorious Church, so that this is a more glorious promise: There­fore (I say) it is desirable to live to see what God intends to do in these Con­cussions. It is observ'd by some, that John did never fall down to worship the Angel but twice, and twice he fell down and worshipped the Angel. But you shall observe it, if you examine the [Page 104] places; It was when the Angel brought him the tidings of this glorious Jeru­salem: and Johns heart was so taken with these tidings, as indeed he forgets himself so far as to fall down and wor­ship the Angel, which was sinful: but I note it for this end, to shew how mighti­ly the heart of John was taken with the tidings of this new Jerusalem: And God expects that though we have but a glimpse of it now, yet that our hearts should be much taken with the tidings of this glorious Jerusalem, when it shall be made the praise of the Earth. Christ hath humbled himself in this world, and hath been dishonoured here, and there­fore the Father will advance him, and honour him in this World as well as in Heaven.

And the Heathen, and uttermost parts of the Earth, are given to Christ for a possession, but Christ hath not had it yet, and therefore let us strengthen our Faith, and joyfully expect such a time as this is. Those whose hearts are carnal and sen­sual, they mind only carnal and sensual things, and cannot believe these things; but such as have Faith to believe, they [Page 105] are able to rejoyce in the Expectati­on of this glory that is to be reveal­ed.

Fourthly, These truths that have been delivered about this glory of the new Jerusalem, they call for heavenly hearts, they call off all our hearts from the Earth, why should we have our hearts: groveling upon the Earth, when as God hath revealed such glorious things as these are? In the 60. of Isa. v. 1. Arise, shine, for thy Light is come, and the glory of the Lord is risen upon thee.

I may make use of it, at least by way of Allusion, thus: O arise, and shine in heavenliness, and shake off the dust of this Earth, for here you hear of the glory of this Lord, and who knows but it may very suddenly, within a little time arise upon us? yet the very hearing of it were enough to cause us to shake off all Earthliness from our Spirits: when John was shown the new Jerusalem, he was carryed up upon the mountain; so if we would understand the glory of this Jerusalem, we must get up our hearts on high. It is an Observation of Mr. Brightman, upon the 4th. of Revel. [Page 106] Where we have described the four living Creatures, the Lyon, the Oxe, the Man, and the Eagle. Now (saith he) these four living Creatures do set forth the four Estates of the Church. The Lyon sets forth the state of the Church in the Primitive times, they had Lyon-like Spirits, that were able to encounter the rage of persecuting Emperors, to endure all kind of Torment without having their hearts daunted at all.— The second State of the Church was the Oxe, that is, Antichrist prevailing, they were as an Oxe that is a heavy and dull Crea­ture, fit to bear burthens.—But then the third is the Man, that is, a man comes to inquire after the reason of things, and to understand things, and doth desire liberty. Why now (saith he) in the beginning of the Reformation, the state of the Church was like a Man. They would not be under such base Thraldom to take the yoke of Antichrist as they did before; before they were lead like beasts, but now they were as Men, they would understand what they did.—And then the fourth was like an Eagle, that is, soaring aloft, on high. When the Church [Page 107] shall be in this glorious condition, Men shall be of Heavenly minds, they shall soar up like the Eagle, to be above the Earth. And certainly such dispositions are fit for this new Jerusalem, and though it be not yet come, yet we should labour to be of such dispositions as are fit for it.

And that's the fifth Use, To prepare for these times, fit our selves.

First, By the Wedding Garment, for now comes the Bridegroom, and we should prepare for him by the Wedding Garment.

You will say, What is the Wedding Garment by which the Saints are pre­pared to meet with Christ?

The applying of the Righteousness of Jesus Christ by Faith, that's the Wedding-Garment; when Christians come to understand clearly the point of Justification without mistake. There are some kind of hastenings about it in these times more than before, and inquiring after the very grace of God in the point of Justification, but certainly that point is darkened much by many errors: But now the clear understanding the point [Page 108] of Justification, of Gods Righteousness applyed by Faith, this is the Garment by which we are to meet with Jesus Christ, when he shall appear in his glory; and I verily believe, that in the time of the new Jerusalem, the point of the Righteousness of Jesus Christ will be the main point of Religion that then will be known, and that the hearts of the Saints will be taken up withall, the main point of Religion; and as we see, the nearer we grow unto these times, the more clearer is the point of Justi­fication revealed to us: O what strange conceits in times of Popery had People of Justification, and I verily believe that many of your Consciences may tell you, that a very few years since, you had very strange thoughts about that point, and understood but little of it; but it begins to be clear more and more, and we should study that point more; for surely it is that point of Religion that will take up the heart of the People of God most in such times as these are. It is called the fine Linnen of the Saints, which is the Righteousness of the Saints: That that's Translated in your Books Righte­ousness, [Page 109] it is the Righteousnesses of the Saints, that's this.

Not only the knowledge of the Righ­teousness of Christ applyed by Faith; But Righteousness before Men too, is the fine Linnen of the Saints, they shall ap­pear Righteous before men, and Righ­teous, being cloathed with the Righte­ousness of Jesus Christ. And I would therefore commend that to those that speak much of the Righteousness of Jesus Christ; know, they must have Righteousnesses, in the Plural Number; that is, not only be careful to have Righteousness before God through Christ, but Righteousness before Men: and that's the second thing that is to be done for preparation of us for Christs coming, to have our Lamps burning, Holiness shining in our conversations before Men, to live convincing conver­sations, to make the ways of Godliness amiable.—And then let's watch, O take heed of slumbering.—And let us be constant in our holy profession, take heed our Lamps do not go out.—And let us humble our selves for our former defilement; we have defiled our selves [Page 110] by superstitious vanities in former times; O let us humble our souls for them, thereby shall we be fitted for this glo­rious time. If new Jerusalem should come, and you not humbled for your former defilements, you would be unfit for this time.

Sixthly, Seeing there is such a time for this new Jerusalem, why then let us labour to further what we can the cause of God in his Church, to make the Church as near to Jerusalem as we can now.

For though it's true, it shall be brought to pass by the Almighty power of Jesus Christ, yet he requires that his Saints should put their hands to it, and indeed, this should be the care of all that make profession of Godliness, to do what they can to make Jerusalem to be the praise of the world now. O 'tis a blessed thing to live to see the glory of God as it shines in this new Jeru­salem. But if it be blessed to See it, it is more blessed to have a hand in it: O let us be willing to consecrate all that we are, or have, for the furtherance of the glory of this new Jerusalem; let us [Page 111] labour to draw all that we can to Godli­ness, and be Godly our selves: That should be the work of all those that profess Godliness, to labour now to walk so as to make every body in Love with Godliness, and to labour to wipe off all the aspersions that are cast upon the ways of Godliness; there are strange errors and miscarriages of men, why now those that are faithful should labour to wipe off all those things.

But on the other side, let them know, that make profession of Religion now, and walk scandalously, and are abomi­nably erroneous in their Opinions, they do what they can to hinder the glory of this Jerusalem: though it's true, God will bring it about, but thou dost what thou canst to hinder it. O wo to thee that thou wert born to such a time as this is! It's ill that thou shouldest live in such a time as this is, to cast any stain upon Religion, that Religion should suffer any thing for thee.

Now every one that makes but any profession of Religion, O they should labour to walk exactly, and humbly, and faithfully, and conscionably, that [Page 112] they may win others, and so others being won by their conversation, why then the People of the Land might joyn together, and say, Well, verily it is these are the servants of the living God, and we will joyn with them, and set up their ways, for we see them to be the ways of God; I, this were very hopeful, that Je­rusalem were lifting up indeed; if so be we would convince men by our holy conversation: But now when there ap­pears so much folly and baseness of Spirit in those that are Professors, why it makes men hate Religion more than ever they did; and indeed, but that we know God can bring the greatest good out of the greatest Evil, one would think that there were as great a stop to the glory of the Church in these times, as ever there was, but wo to those that are the stoppers. And howsoever some cry out, such men stop it, and such men stop it, but the Lord I hope will come e're long, and will make it appear who hin­ders the glory of his Churches; whe­ther it be those that in the sincerity of their hearts labour to raise up Godli­ness to the strictest form of all, or those [Page 113] that will content themselves with a form.

Certainly those that give up them­selves to promote the most strict way of Godliness, and the most pure Ordi­nances, they are not those that hinder the Reformation; but Christ will own them to be those that further the Glory of this Reformation.

The Scripture speaking of this Jeru­salem, saith, that no impure thing should enter into it; that is, Men should be as careful as possibly they can, to keep out all things that are impure, and so to raise up the ways of Godliness to the strictest and highest rule that possibly they can; these are they that further the glory of this Jerusalem.

The Last thing is that we have in the Text, Give God no rest till this be. We might make it a several point of Doctrin, but I only bring it in here by way of Use. The truth is, when Christ taught us to pray, Thy Kingdom come, he had an Eye at this; for the Kingdom of Christ is not fully come till this time be come; and as in that 36. of Ezek. 37. When the Lord had promised there such glo­rious things to his People, saith he, [Page 114] I will yet for this be enquired of by the House of Israel, to do it for them. So though God doth intend to raise up Jerusalem thus, yet the Lord will be sought unto, for it must be furthered by Prayer: All Gods People should cry out, Come Lord Jesus, come quickly! how long, how long, holy and true, will it be before thou dost this, before these things come to pass, my precious Lord! God loves importu­nity, especially in such things as these are.

Divers motives I had thought of to have put you on to this, to be mighty in Prayer.

First, Till this time, till Jerusalem be thus raised, the truth is, the Earth is un­der a Curse, a Curse all that time.

For, First, all Creatures are subject to vanity, and that vanity shall not be taken off, nor the bondage, till this time.

Secondly, There will be trouble and Wars continually till this time, there will be no certainty nor settledness of things till Jerusalem come to be made as the praise of the Earth.

There will attend affliction to the peo­ple of God; yea and to others too.

Yea, and there is a Curse upon mens Spirits, which will not be taken off till this time comes.

[Page 115]The truth is, when we look upon what is in the Earth, we can see little that should make us desire to live, in respect of the earthly comforts that are here; and for my own part, thinking in my thoughts about this point, this Meditation came into my mind: I wonder why men that live here, and are not useful, and ser­viceable, to do service for God; I won­der why they should desire to live! for what pleasure is there in the Earth? The Earth is under a curse. Now were it not for this one thing, that we might live to make our peace with God, and to do God service; I say it's a wonder that any should desire to live; for the truth is; Afflictions, and Fears, and Troubles, will countervail the Comforts of any that do live: But indeed, that will countervail our affliction, if we may live to do ser­vice for God, but let us give God no rest till this be; because till then, the Earth is under a curse: It is this that brings a glory to the Earth; O! it will be worth living in the World, when God shall be set up in the World, (when Je­sus Christ shall rule in the World,) it will be worth the living, and not till then.

[Page 116]And then further, give God no rest, because that the time is near now; how­soever, it is near in respect of what it was when this Prophet thus spoke, for [...]t was above two thousand Years ago [...]hat the Prophet spake these words.

Now the end of the world it's even up on us, and Christ seems to be even at the door. Now as it is in nature, a hea­vy thing, the nearer it comes to the cen­ter the faster it moves; so the nearer we are come to this time, the more should our hearts be stirred, for the time is even at hand, and therfore let us pray now mightily: as we find in the 9th. of Dani­el; Daniel did understand by Books that the time of their deliverance was near: Mark at the third Vers. the Text tells us, that Daniel set his face to seek the Lord, O then he fasted and prayed in­deed. My Brethren, when you have such things as th [...]se presented to you, and some h [...]l Arguments presented like­wi [...] are near; learn to set your [...] the Lord, and re­solve never to [...]king, till he make this Jerusalem to be the praise of the whole Earth. O my Brethren! now a [Page 117] praying heart is worth something; it is a miserable thing for any Man or Woman not to have a Spirit of Prayer in these times, a dangerous sign that such a one shall never be partaker of the glory of this new Jerusalem, that hath not a pray­ing Spirit in these times.

Yea, now we find there are mighty stirrings abroad in the world, the hearts of men are more raised to expect it than ever they were before. I remember it's observed of the woman of Samaria, you may see by her that there was a general expectation raised of the Messias, at the time that he came; saith she, when the Messias comes, he will tell us all things: and truly there is the greatest expecta­tion of the Saints of God, and those that are the most strict and holy, the greatest expectation of these times, as ever yet was, and we find the Lord is so stirring in the world, as makes us think that he is bringing about some glorious things; and therefore pray, pray, pray; and you that want matter to pray, among other things, put this into your prayer, both in your Closets and Families, pray the Lord, and cry to him so as to give him [Page 118] no rest every day: O Lord, make Jeru­salem the praise of the Earth! O Lord, we see abundance of darkness in thy Churches, and Godliness is little Ho­noured in the world, but O Lord, make thy Churches glorious, set up the glory of Godliness in the world! pray thus privately, and so publickly.

And a further motive to give God no rest, is this: That in this your heart doth joyn with the work of God that is most acceptable to God, and that his Soul doth take delight in; and that's a comfortable thing.

And besides, give him no rest, for God hath appointed Prayer to be a special Engine, and a great means to fur­ther this. In the 102. Psalm (saith the Text) The Lord will regard the Prayer of the destitute. Alas! may some say, I am a poor weak Christian, a poor Body, I am able to do but little, I may Sigh to God, but what are my prayers worth? Mark the Text, speaking of the glory of these times, and of the way to further it; The Lord will regard the Prayer of the destitute: Though thou beest but as a poor shrub, the Lord will [Page 119] regard thy Prayer; and mark what the Text saith, This shall be written for the Generation to come, vers. 18. This is written for thee, Prayer hath done great things, hath made a mighty change of things; and if ever People were encou­raged to pray, now they may be encou­raged, because they have seen so much that Prayer hath done already.

We have many Scriptures which I had thought to have spoken of, for the encouragement of you in Prayer for these things, that you might go on and not faint. Though you see things seem to go very Cross, yet be not troubled at it, but still go on, give him no rest; it may be God will do nothing now, yet still give him no rest, but be constant till the thing be done; for certainly it will be done at length, and if it should not come to pass in your life, yet this I will con­clude withall, When you die, die in the Faith of it: Any of you that have been earnest in prayer for this thing, and yet you see little come of it, yet die in the Faith of it, when you die; as it is said of Joseph, in the 50. of Gen. 24. Behold I die, and God will surely visit you, and [Page 120] bring you out of this Land, unto the Land which he sware to Abraham, &c. So you may speak to your Children, I die now, I must not see this new Jeru­salem, but there is hope that God will bring you into it, though I perhaps shall not see it: and close your Eyes with this belief when you are to die, I die, yet in the Faith that there is a time a coming, that the Lord will make Jerusalem as the praise of the whole Earth.


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