Truth Exalted IN THE …

Truth Exalted IN THE WRITINGS OF THAT Eminent and Faithful Servant of CHRIST Iohn Burnyeat, COLLECTED Into this Ensuing Volume as a MEMORIAL to his Faithful Labours in and for the TRUTH.

Prov. 10. 7. The Memory of the Iust is Blessed.

Psal. 112. 6. The Righteous shall be had in Everlast­ing Remembrance.

LONDON: Printed for Thomas Northcott in George-Yard in Lumbard-Street. 1691.



AS the Tree is known by its Fruits, so I desire thee to-Taste of these, which are here presented to thee, with a Se­rious and Unprejudiced Mind; which are but Some of the Many Testimonies of the Love and Labour of the Deceased Author for the General Good of Mankind, and particu­lar Edification of the Churches of Christ, that are Gathered in our Day by the Eternal Spirit; [Page] in and among whom he was a Faithful, Able and Successful Labourer. The End of Books is the End of Preaching, viz. Informing the Inquirer, Stirring up the Careless, Stopping the Gainsayer, and Comforting and Building up those, whose Faces are turned already Sion-ward; and that are Attended with many Exercises in their Iour­ney to Everlasting Habitations. And as the End is the same, so where the Servants of Christ can­not come, Books may; that are the Testimony of their Care and Ministry for others: They re­main also with us, and are a Memorial of those that writ them, when they are Gathered to their Fathers: and by them the Living often Converse with the Dead; who yet Die not, but Live in their Labours, in the Children they be­get to God; in their Writings they leave behind them, as Pledges of their Love and Care for the Flock; and in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus, with the Spirits of the Just: To whom, and to God the Judge of all, the Dispensation of our Day has brought Thousands; Blessed be his Eternal Name for ever!

These following Writings I Recommend the more Earnestly and Pleasingly to thy Solemn Perusal, Serious Reader, because they are very little Controversial; they chiefly Refer to Practice, [Page] to an Holy and Divine Life, and Walking with God. The First is an Account of his own Con­vincement, the Path he trod-in to Peace with God out of a Wicked World, where the Heaven­ly Call found him: It is Sweet, Lively, Instru­ctive and Perswading to others to Try, as he did, and to Embrace the Holy Truth. Then follows a Relation of his Travels and Ministry in these Nations, and beyond the Seas; as Luke presen­ted the Churches with the Acts or Travels of the Apostles in their Infancy: A Pleasant and Seasoning Lecture both for the Young, who love to hear of Voyages, to Excite them to seek the Lord, his Way and Kingdom, and to Journey to­wards the New and Heavenly Ierusalem; and to Quicken those more Aged, to shake off their Dust, the Earth, that is too Apt to Contract and Stick upon them in the Daily Attention they give to their Temporal Affairs; and to Lift up their Eyes, and see the Fields, how White they are to Harvest, and how few Labourers there are to Take it in; and what need there is of an Holy Care and Oversight of those that are already Gathered; especially Considering, how many Eminent Ones of late are Taken from us!

[Page] His Next Writings are Epistles of divers sorts, to several Places and upon different Occasions, containing Divine Truths and Strong Perswa­sives to Faithfulness, Love, Holiness and Perse­verance in the Way of God, Revealed to them in the Light of Iesus Christ, the Great Light of the World, that Enlightens every one, that comes into the World: Those that have any Spi­ritual Savour, will Taste a Sweet Savour in them; and God will Witness to them, as he is wont to do to the Labours and Writings of his Servants in the Hearts of those, that with Seri­ousness shall peruse them.

His last Two Tracts in this Book (saving Two Epistles, that by coming too late, are mis­placed) are in Defense of the Truth against some Opposers of it, and the only Controversy in the Book: The Soundness of his Answers, and Mo­deration of his Spirit in delivering of them, are no small Commendation to the Truth he defends, whose Faithful Servant he was; for it shews the Power it had over him, how well he knew what he writ, and that he was not only a Professor, but a Possessor of the Living and Saving Faith, that was once deliver'd to the Saints; and is now a­gain Restored by the Operation of the same Ho­ly Spirit.

[Page] I shall Conclude with saying; That as the Author was one of the Most-Eminent of the Second Stock of Ministers the Lord Anointed and Sent forth in this his Glorious Day, and was so Generally Witnessed in his Services in the Hearts of his People; It is tenderly hoped, that those who lo­ved him, will prize his Remaining Testimonies, and be Good Examples to their Families in Read­ing such Edifying Labours of the Brethren, that their Children and Servants may be brought up and Instructed in the Religious Tradition of our Day, according to the Testimony of the Blessed Truth in the Inward Parts: Unto which they are all left, and the holy Teachings and Guidings of it, (and Thou, Reader, likewise) that leads into the Way of Holiness, and into the Path of Endless Peace.


GO, Little Book, speak out the Praise
Of him, that did thy Author Raise
An Eminent Apostle of our Days.
May He, that Blest him, Bless thee too,
That thou the Way of Truth may shew
To the Vain Gentile, and Benighted Iew!
Who spake through him, can speak by
And make thy Readers Hear and See
The Saving Truths of thy Divinity.

A TESTIMONY Concerning the Life and Death OF OUR Dear Friend and Brother in the Lord, John Burnyeat.

HE was a faithful Friend and Brother, and an able Minister of Christ Jesus, who freely preacht the Everlasting Gospel, and laboured to keep it without Charge, who was a True Apostle of Iesus Christ, and preacht him Free­ly; both by Sea and Land. He received the Truth in 1653. in Cumberland, and died in the Lord in Ireland in the Year 1690. after he had stood those great Troubles, Storms and Trials there; and was a great Strength to Friends in the time [Page 2] of their late great Sufferings; He stood it out, when many were Ruined, and fled to England for Succour, and remain­ed, till after King William came in, and King James went out of Ireland.

And then he went up and down Visiting Friends Meetings, that were gathered in the Name of Jesus: And after he had intended to come for England; but there he died in the Lord, and is Blessed, and Rests from his Labours, and his Works follow him. He travelled and Preacht the Gospel in Ireland, Scotland, Barbadoes, Virginia, Maryland, New-Jerseys, Long-Island, Road-Island, and up and down in New-England, and had many Disputes with many Priests and Professors, that opposed the Truth; but the Lord gave him Dominion over all, and to stop the Mouths of the Gain­sayers, and he turned many to the Lord, and was a Peace­maker; and he preacht in his Life and Conversation, as well as his Words. And he travelled with me from Mary­land through the Wilderness, and through many Rivers, and Desperate Bogs, where they said never English Man nor Horse had Travelled before; where we lay out at Nights, and sometimes in Indian Houses, and many times were very hard put to it for Provisions: but the Lord by his Eternal Arm and Power did support us, and carry us through all Dan­gers; Blessed be his Name for ever.

And he was an Elder, and a Pillar in the House of God: and the Name of the Righteous shall be had in Everlasting Remembrance; but the Name of the Wicked will Rot. He was a Man Endued much with the Wisdom of God, and in it had a Care of the Welfare of the Church of Christ, to keep in Peace, out of Strife and Contention: and laboured with the Apostates and Back-sliders to turn them to Christ and his peaceable Truth; So that they might Study to be Quiet, and keep in the Unity of the Spirit, which is the Bond of the King of Kings, and Lord of Lord's Peace. [Page 3] And much more I might write concerning our Dear Brother in the Lord, I knowing him very well, and his Travels and Service in the Lord's Power and Truth; and so doth the Church of Christ, among whom he will be missed.

But he is gone to his Rest; and the Lord by his Eternal Arm and Power is able to Raise up others in his place.

G. F.

The Testimony of Friends in Cum­berland.

COncerning that Faitful Servant of the Lord John Bur­nyeat, belonging formerly to Pardsay-Meeting in Cumberland, he was born at Crabtreebeck in the Parish of Lows-water in the said County; his Parents were of good Re­pute, and his Education was according to his Parentage. The Lord visited him in his young and tender Years, and inclined his heart after good things; whereupon he gave himself to Reading the Scriptures, that thereby he might be informed of those things, that made for his Soul's Peace; and going from one Man to another, who were counted Men of Experience, yet found no true Satisfaction, until it pleased the Lord to send his Ministers to turn his Mind to the Invisible Word of Life, which he gladly received into his heart, and came to Wait in Humiliation, to feel the Operation of it. So that he was brought forth Early in the Day of the breaking forth of God's Light and Power in our Age, when it pleased God to Visit many People in divers Nations of the World, and to [Page 4] make known his Everlasting Truth in the North-Country; which Day of Light, and Truth, and Grace many waited for, and were in a readiness to Receive with Ioy and Gladness of Heart; amongst whom this our Dear Friend J. B. being called by Grace to the Knowledge of the Lord, his Truth and Power, and receiving the same in Love, Faith and Obedience, he came to Witness the Effectual working thereof to his Sanctifi­cation, and so became a Vessel of Honour fitted for his Ma­ster's Use, even Christ, and learned to Rule his own House well, in washing first the Inside, and the Outside appearing clean also. Then his Light began to shine before Men, to the Glory of God, that called him. And this being first done in him, and for him, to his particular peace and satisfaction in the Lord's Eternal Truth, then the Lord opened his Mouth in a few words in much tenderness, which tended greatly to the comforting of his People; he always being careful to wait for the Motion of the Word, and to keep close with it: where­by he grew in his Gift, and was drawn forth to visit Friends in this County, where we dearly loved him. He was faith­ful in the discharge of his Duty, when called to give Testi­mony against the Hireling-Priests in the Steeple-Houses, to gather People from the Mouths of those Greedy Shepheards, that feed themselves, and not the Flock, and did not profit the People at all. And for these things he suffer'd Impri­sonment a long time under a severe Goaler, in a close, nasty place. For the Lord sent him forth in his joyful opening Power and Spirit to preach glad Tidings of Salvation by Christ Iesus, sometimes to the Spirits in Prison, and to them coming out of Prison, and entring into the Glorious Liberty of the Sons of God, and to them who walked stedfastly in that Glorious, pure Liberty (he that hath an Ear to hear, let him hear) whereby he was a blessed Instrument in the Hand of the Lord, both for Convincing and Converting to God, and for the Refreshing, Comforting and Strengthening of them in [Page 5] the Faith, Grace and Truth, that they might be built on the Rock Christ, the Foundation, for all the Chosen of God in him throughout all Generations, that Man might answer the End for which he was made, even to Glorify God; who is worthy of Glory and Praise for ever!

He was a Man of an Excellent Spirit, and of deep Expe­rience in the things of God, and Mysteries of his Kingdom, which were richly made manifest unto him: And it was his Delight to be Meditating therein; whereby his Experience was daily increased unto the Conclusion of his Days. He was a Man tender of God's Glory, and Earnestly sought the spread­ing and propagating of the Truth. The Lord made his Travels successful, and he saw the Fruit of his Labour; and the Lord blessed him with the Fruits of his holy Spirit, whereby he became well qualified for the Work of the Mini­stry, a Nursing Father, lending a hand of help to the feeble of the Flock, and comforting the Mourners in Sion. For his Doctrine did drop as the Dew, and his Speech as the small Rain: He was a Pattern of Righteousness to the Young Generation; over whom he was very Tender: and to the Aged he could give Counsel; so that God made him a strong Pillar in his Church, and cloathed him with Divine Wisdom, that he was capable of speaking a Word in Season to all, which was as a Nail fastned in a sure place.

He was one of the Lord's Worthies in his day, of a quick Sight and clear Discerning, of a strong Arm and skilful Hand, whose Bow abode in strength, and carried the Arrows to the Mark aimed at: like as the Men of Benjamin, that could sling Stones to a Hair's breadth; so he fixed Judgment upon the head of the Transgressor. And his Arrows returned not in vain, particularly against that Wicked Spirit of Separa­tion, where-ever he met with it.

He was often concerned in Testimony against those that pro­fess the Truth and Way of God, and yet did incline to suit [Page 6] themselves to the vain Fashions and Customs of the World, as Inlets to a wrong Spirit, and became evil Precedents to o­thers, especially Young People, that are too much employed in their Minds with foolish Dresses and Fashions, that never knew the weighty Work of Truth and Power of God in their Hearts to work a Change there; but were too apt to look out at others. These things he did often testify against, as one having Authority, being himself Redeemed out of those things by the Power of God.

His Innocent Deportment and blameless Conversation preached where-ever he came; Gravity and Patience was with him, Moderation in Meat, Drink and Apparel, having laid aside all superfluity of Naughtiness and received with meekness the Ingrafted Word; all which were as Ornaments upon him, and preached for the Truth abundantly: as also did the many Living Testimonies he bore, that flowed through him as Show­ers upon the tender Grass.

He was a True Labourer, who spared not his Life unto Death, and was willing to spend and be spent, that he might gain upon the Sons and Daughters of Men, to turn them from Darkness unto the true Light, and from the Power of Satan unto God. Oh! what shall we say of him! He was a faith­ful Preacher of the Gospel, not only in Words, but in Life and Practice, and his Memory shall Live for ever. For his La­bour and Travel both at home and abroad, in Prison and at Liberty hath been such, as cannot easily be forgotten by ma­ny, who have reaped the benefit thereof: For the Lord was pleased wonderfully to appear by him, and sound through him, to the awakening many to Righteousness, and greatly encoura­ging all the Faithful amongst God's People. In Sickness and other deep Exercises he was as a skilful Physitian, to Apply that which was sutable unto all; yea, he was quick, sharp and nimble on the one hand to Search, as on the other hand to Cure, heal, bind up and comfort: but unto the Hypocrites he was [Page 7] Dreadful and Terrible (though he was a Man of large Bowels of Compassion.) Many an untrodden Path he travelled, and passed through great Dangers both by Sea and Land in visi­ting Friends not only in England, but also in Scotland, Ire­land, Barbadoes, New-England, with thé Islands adjacent, passing through Wilderness-places and dangerous Waters. Through all which the Lord in a most wonderful manner pre­served him, with the rest of his Servants, and from the hands of Wicked and Unreasonable Men, who was ever near him for his Preservation both inwardly and outwardly.

And the Lord Cloathed him with Humility before all, as became the Gospel he preached, which he preached freely, counting nothing near nor dear unto him to be parted with, suffered, or to be done, but a willingness was wrought in him through the mighty Power of God, who always strengthened him to do, to suffer, and to undergo all things whatsoever for his worthy Name's sake. And thô the Lord had bestowed eminent Gifts on him, yet he would Condescend to the weak Capacities of all, to reach to the Good in all, that he might lay a Foundation to build upon. He had the Word of Re­conciliation committed unto him, whereby he was made Instru­mental to Reconcile many to God by Iesus Christ, and one unto another. And the Lord caused him to Triumph in Christ, and made manifest the Savour of his Knowledge in many Places, and his Ministry is sealed in the Hearts of many, who are satisfied of his Faithfulness unto God, who hath received him into his Rest.

Now althô his Body be gone to the Dust, yet his Spirit lives; and that Word of Life, which was his pleasure, re­mains for our Comfort, who are yet behind in that Pilgrimage, which he hath past through; and may be attended with the Temptations, which he is deliver'd from; who hath finisht his Days-work: Whom the Lord raised up to shine forth as a Glorious Star in several parts of the Northern and Western [Page 8] World. And his Mild and Grave Deportment did so well become his deliberate Ministry, that it greatly hightned his Esteem amongst his Neighbours; so that he was not without honour in his own Country. And when at any time he came into Cumberland, where he was born and educated his Neigh­bours would abundantly flock to the Meeting to hear him. Yet he was far from Glorying in his Gift, or desiring to be popular; but would rather Restrain such, who would applaud him; he having Self in no Reputation He may be truly numbred among the Righteous, who sought God's Glory and the Peace and Unity, Flourishing and Prosperity of his Church, which Christ is the Head of. Much more might we say concerning him, but shall attribute nothing to him, but to the Lord's Power, that did support him.

And now, if Samuel had cause to Mourn for Saul, and the Children of Israel wept thirty days for Moses, much more cause have many now to mourn for the loss of so dear a Friend. But though our Loss be great, his Gain is beyond utterance; who hath received the blessed Recompence of Reward for his La­bours and Travels, for all his Service and Suffering. And having finished his Course and Time in this World, is entred into Life and Happiness everlasting in the World to come. And we pray the Lord of the Harvest, to raise up other La­bourers, both in his Room, and also in the place of others, that have finished their Testimonies for God and Christ, that God over all through Iesus Christ may have the Honor, Glory and Praise from Generation to Generation, who is blessed for ever, Amen!

Mark the perfect man, and behold the upright, for the end of that man is peace, Psal. 37. 37.

  • Philip Burnyeat
  • John Tiffin.
  • John Bancks.
  • Tho. Laythes.
  • Tho. Dockwray
  • Chr. Wilson.
  • Tho. Fletcher.
  • Rich. Head.
  • Chr. Story.
  • Peter Fearon.
  • Jonathan Bowman.
  • John Bowstead.
  • Thomas Wilson.
  • Ja. Dickinson.

The Testimony of several Women-Friends in Cumberland.

IN brokenness of Heart and tenderness of our Spirits we have this Testimony concerning our Dear Friend and Brother John Burnyeat; That he was one of the Lord's Wor­thies, chosen and fitted by him for his Work and Service, and it was his whole Delight to do the Will of God; so he came more and more to know of his Doctrine, whereby he was made a good Instrument in the Hand of God, for the Converting many from the Error of their ways to the way of Truth and Righteousness. He was one, on whom that Prophecy came to be fulfilled, That Saviours shall come upon Mount Zion to judge the Mount of Esau, and the Kingdom shall be the Lord's. For he well knew, how to Divide the Word of God aright, which dwelt plentifully in him as Deep Waters, and the Well-spring of Wisdom, as a flowing Brook; so that he was often as Clouds full of Rain, emptying himself at the Lord's Command, causing the Seed of Life to spring; where­by God's Inheritance was confirmed. He was a Man of a Thousand, clothed with Innocency and beautified with Hu­mility; Words are too short to set forth the Excellency of that Spirit, by which he was guided; Neither can we express fully, what is in our Hearts concerning him. Yet shall we Attribute nothing to him, but to the Lord's Power, that wrought effectually in him, to the making him to shine. For he was an Instrument of Good to many, making a Difference, saving some with Fear, pulling them out of the Fire, hating even the Garment spotted by the Flesh: being found in that pure and undefiled Religion of Visiting the Fatherless and [Page 10] widows in their Affliction; and through the Grace of our Lord Iesus Christ keeping himself Unspotted from the World: and therefore knew, how to Save upon Mount Zion, and Judge upon Mount Esau. Much might be written concern­ing him, for we know, the very Desire of his Heart and Bent of his Spirit was, that God through his Son might Reign in the House of Jacob, and the Kingdom might be the Lord's. He abhorred the Appearance of Gathering to himself, and had Self of no Reputation; therefore the Lord honour'd him with his Divine Presence, and made his Company (althô dreadful to the Back-sliders, yet) very desirable unto many, especially those who knew his Integrity and Zeal for the Exal­tation of the Name and Truth of God; in whose Hearts he was highly esteemed for his Works sake, which shall follow him, althô he be at Rest from his Labour, being got to his desired Haven, where the Wicked cease from troubling, where the Weary be at Rest. And there the Prisoners rest together; they hear not the Voice of the Oppressor, for the Accuser of the Brethren is cast down, Temptations cannot prevail; an Over-coming is known by the Blood of the Lamb, and by the Word of their Testimony, who have not loved their Lives unto Death. And To him that over­comes, saith Christ Iesus, will I grant to sit with me in my Throne; as I also overcame, and am sate down with my Father in his Throne: he shall not be hurt of the Se­cond Death, but with Abraham, Isaac and Iacob, and with all the Faithful in the Kingdom of God without ceasing sing Praises unto him, who sits upon the Throne, and to the Lamb for ever and ever-more; who is Worthy!

O the great Loss we have of him! How can we but La­ment! Yet it is his Everlasting Gain: For he shall never Re­turn to us, but we may go to him. And that Word of Life, in which his Life was hid, yet remains for our support; which, as we are careful to keep to, will preserve us, as it [Page 11] has done him, to Enter into that Mansion of Glory, the Lord hath in store for all the Faithful.

He was Dear unto us in the Lord, with whom our Souls were bound up in God's Everlasting Covenant; And thô his Body is gone to the Dust, yet our Souls rejoice with many more, in that we enjoy his Spirit, and are come to the Gene­ral Assembly and Church of the First-born, and to God the Judge of all, and to the Spirits of Just Men made Per­fect, and to Jesus the Mediator of the New Covenant, and to the Blood of Sprinkling, that speaks better things than that of Abel; where our Ioy is full, and our Spirits bowed and subjected to the Will of God, where our Peace flows, and the Life arises, that fills our Hearts with Praises, that As­cend as sweet Incense to the Lord God and to the Lamb, who is blessed for evermore!

The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord, and he delighteth in his way, Psal. 37. 23.

And they that be Wise, shall shine as the brightness of the Firmament; and they that turn many to Righte­ousness, as the Stars for ever and ever, Dan. 12. 3.

  • Margaret Fawcet.
  • Jane Wilson.
  • Margaret Head.
  • Jane Hall.
  • Mary Wilson.
  • Mary Bowman.
  • Sarah Fallowfield.

An Account by Way of Testimony concerning our Dear Friend and Brother Iohn Burnyeat.

WE will leave to others the Account of his Birth and Convincement, that were his Neighbours and Kin­dred; and shall speak of him only, as some of us knew him from an Intimate Fellowship in divers Services for above Twenty Years. He was a Choice and Seasoned Vessel of Christ, the special Workmanship of his Power and Wisdom, by which he was effectually qualified for the Ministry of his Everlasting Gospel, throughly furnished, may We say, to every good Word and Work, God called him unto. Deep and Large in his Gift, reaching, what was seasonable to every State; in Judgment sound, free in Utterance, Zealous for Holiness; severe against Unsound and Dividing Spirits: Most tender to Penitents and returning Prodigals, affectionate to the Bre­thren, und careful over the Flock of God, that they might Answer their Heavenly Call, and grow in the Truth. Of a grave and steady Temper, yet sweet; Hardy in his Consti­tution, and Undaunted and Unwearied in Mind: He was the Father of many Children in Christ, who through his Ministry were begot again to a Living Hope; and the Builder up of more through the same, in the pretious Faith of God's Elect. For this he often Travelled through this Nation, and some­times Scotland, and the Plantations in America; but Ire­land in a more peculiar manner, both at his first Entrance upon his Ministry, and of latter Years, where he Married and chiefly resided, and where he laid down his Head in Peace with God, and Love to his People, and good Will to all men, being about the 59th Year of his Age, and is en­tred into Eternal Habitations, to praise the God of his Mer­cies [Page 13] in the Living Family of the Spirits of the Just for ever.

He was indeed a Man of an Excellent Spirit and Divine Understanding from God, and deep in the Knowledge of the Heavenly Mysteries of the Kingdom of God, and also of the Depths, Wiles and Subtil Workings of Satan, wherein he lies in wait to beguile the Children of Men: and the Lord many times opened him in his Heavenly Wisdom to declare of them, that those who had regard to God, and the Peace of their own Souls, might be preserved out of Satan's Snares. He was an able and powerful Minister of the Gospel of Sal­vation, a Strengthener of the Weak, and an Incourager of the Upright and Sincere-hearted, to continue to the end: But he was indeed dreadful to the Hypocrites and Rebelli­ous, and all the Opposers and Gainsayers of the Truth. A skilful Marks-Man, yea, one of the Lord's Worthies of Is­rael, a Valiant in the Camp of the Lord, and an Un­daunted Warrier in his Holy Host; and his Bow abode in strength, and Wisdom was given him to direct his Arrows to the very Mark; so that the Sturdy were wounded, the Meek were comforted, the Tender in Spirit refreshed. And was by the Lord made Instrumental to wound that Self-separa­ting and Dividing Spirit, thad had for want of Watchfulness in the Divine Light and Faithfulness to God's Spirit and Truth in the inward parts prevailed over some, who notwith­standing in a disguise, and under specious pretences, endea­vour to sow the Seeds of Dissension, Discord, Separation and Division among the Gathered of God. And the Lord blessed his Labours greatly, and so preserved him in a Holy Conversation, and in a meek, tender, bearing, healing Spirit, that he promoted both by Doctrine and Practice that holy Truth he professed and was a Preacher of, and made full proofs of his Ministry in many Lands and Countries: and at the great City of London, where he was made Instrumental to the Good and Comfort, Refreshment and Edification of many; and [Page 14] was Valiant there (as in other places) in the time of Trials, Sufferings, Storms and Persecution.

And he was also a great Incourager of the Good in Young and Old, and as a tender Father and loving Brother, to those who were young in their Testimonies for the Truth, and would rather help a Young Branch to strengthen it in its growth, than to bruise or hurt it in any measure.

This short Testimony we Dedicate to his Memorial, that shall be had in Everlasting Remembrance; for his Name is Written in the Lamb's Book of Life, where none can blot it out: Our Brother, our Friend, and our beloved Companion in the Heavenly Fellowship, with whom some of us have some-times Travelled in England and Ireland upon divers Services for the Truth's sake; and Blessed was our Labour of Love toge­ther. He was an Apostle among the Chnrches of Christ, and he is a fixed and bright Star in the Firmament of God's Heavenly Power and Kingdom for ever. O Friends! you that knew him, know the Loss of him in the Church of Christ, with other Faithful Brethren since departed, worthy of double honor; concerning which sad Providence we have this to say to you, It points plainly to us the Evil that is to come upon the Wicked and Unfaithful, and the great Calamities that are at the Door. The Lord fit us all for them, that we may find an In­terest and Sanctuary in the Truth above the Reach of this E­vil World; which they will want, that do not prefer it above the chiefest Ioy.

  • Stephen Crisp.
  • Charles Marshall.
  • William Bingley.
  • John Field.
  • Francis Stamper.
  • Jasper Batt.
  • William Penn.
  • Benjamin Antrobus.
  • John Vaughton.
  • Benjamin Bangs.
  • Samuel Waldenfield.
  • John Butcher.

A Testimony of several Friends in Ireland, in whose Hearts it sprung, and who gave it forth in the behalf of our Dear Brother Iohn Burnyeat.

AS for our Dear Friend and Worthy Brother in the Lord John Burnyeat, late of Dublin deceased, whom some of us have known many years, we have this Testimony in the Truth concerning him, viz. That he has been steadfast in the Lord's Work, an able Minister of the Gospel, and faith­ful Lobourer, who had a Word in Season to Minister to the several Conditions of Friends and People, dividing the Word aright; a Strengthener of the Weak, and a free Feeder of Christ's Lambs and Sheep (with the Food he had freely re­ceived) to the Comforting many. His Testimony for the Power of Truth and Righteousness was clear, many were Convinced by him. His Conversation was so heavenly, and becoming the Principle of Truth, he was a Preacher of, that we know no one, that can truly Charge him with any thing, that might spot his Profession or Ministry. He was a Man excellently well qualified for the Work, whereunto he was called of God, the Lord having endued him with a large Measure of his Spirit. He had great Openings and Discoveries of the Mysteries of God's Kingdom: he had also the Tongue of the Learned, and was fitted for every good Word and Work the Lord employed him in. His Qualifications were beyond many; and thô little in him­self, yet in the Lord a Mighty Man of Valour. In all times of Suffering and Exercise he failed not to be in the Front; he was a Valiant in Israel, and a Pillar in the House of God: He did Sympathise with the Afflicted, seeking the good of others; and above all the Honour and Prosperity of Truth was in his Eye.

When he took his Wife amongst us, how Careful and Cir­cumspect was he of Truth's Honour, and the Concord and [Page 16] Unity of Friends and Brethren! And where he came among Friends, he would not be Idle, but did often Visit the Sick, and Comfort those that were in Distress or Af­fliction. For indeed, he was a true Servant to all honest Friends, as well the Poor as Rich; and would freely Administer of his outward Substance to such as stood in need. He was meek and gentle, and of a healing Spirit; and it was the unspeakable Love and Mercy of God to us in this Nation, and particularly this City of Dublin, to or­der his outward Abode and Settlement amongst us. By whom many were Convinced of the Truth, and turned from the Evil of their Ways; and the Peace of the Church, the Unity and Fellowship of Friends Increased. He was one of the Archers of Israel, who could shoot to an Hairs-breadth, to the wounding of the Hairy Scalp of the Wicked one, and the putting of the Lord's Enemies to Silence.

He was a Messenger of Glad Tidings, and directed us to the blessed Light, that God had caused to shine in our Hearts, when we were Strangers to it? yea, then did it Appear, as a Witness for the Lord against all Ungodly Practices. It was a Day of Glad Tidings to many, when the Lord made him one of his Trumpets to us, to sound his Gospel to the reaching God's Witness in our Hearts: Oh! that it may not be forgotten by any of us, who have been turned to God! He had a true Love for all Tender-Hearted Friends, and travelled for their Growth and Prosperity in the blessed Truth, not only in these Three Nations, but also in the Western Islands and America, to the turning many to the blessed Way of Life and Salvation, as by following Accounts will appear.

He was a true Pattern of Godliness and Piety, in an hum­ble, meek and in-offensive Conversation, Apt to Teach, Ready to give heavenly Advice and Instruction: a good Example in all things. An Early Comer to Meetings, and a diligent [Page 17] Waiter therein: Many times he would sit a pretty while in Si­lence, (not being forward to speak) Reverently waiting upon the Opening of the heavenly Life (like the good Housholder spoken of) to bring forth of his Treasury things both New and Old. He was deeply Experienced in the Work and Service of the Lord, and was a great Comfort and Support to many in their great Sufferings and hard Exercises; and did mightily Strengthen and Encourage Friends in their several places of Abode. Twice, during the late Troubles he visited Friends in Munster, and in this Province of Lynster, unto whom he was very open; and had large Meetings: for in many places the World's Teachers were fled, and left their Flocks. Many times in the Publick Meetings he would bear a faithful, plain and clear Testimony against Superstition and Idolatry, and a­gainst that Loose, Wicked, Blasphemous and Unclean Spirit, that many gave up to be led by. As soon as the way was open to the North, he visited Friends there.

Now after the Death of his Wife he had some Intentions to go for England, and sent his Son thither; but seeing the Trou­bles of Wars coming on, and that many Afflictions and Exer­cises would attend us, and that many People being possest with great Fears, fled for England; at which time many Testimo­nies came from Friends of sundry Meetings, for all to mind the Lord's preserving Power, and not to let Fears take hold of them, as it did of others, who knew not the Lord; Our Dear Friend, though he had an Opportunity, had no Freedom to go for England; but gave himself up to stay with Friends here, and bear a part of the Sufferings, that might attend us. In which time he was a pretious Instrument in the Lord's Hand for the Comforting his People in the time of great Af­flictions and Calamities; for he was a Chearful Encourager of us. He was a Dear Friend, a True Brother, a Diligent Over-seer and Tender Father; a Perfect and Upright Man in his day, who feared God, and eschewed evil. And though [Page 18] he sought the Salvation of all, yet could not bear with De­ceitful Men, and Evil Workers, who profest the Truth, yet brought Dishonour to it; against such he had a Iust Indigna­tion and Godly Zeal. Oh! the Remembrance of his Fatherly Care over God's Heritage in keeping things in good Order, is not to be forgotten: For his Care was great, that the Professors of Truth might walk answerable to it in a Chast Life, and Blameless Conversation.

And in all his Travels, into whose House he entred, he was Content with what things were set before him, were they never so mean; which was great Satisfaction to many poor, honest Friends, amongst whom his Lot was cast. He would not usurp Authority over his Brethren, but was of a healing Spirit and Lamb-like Nature, and of a good Report in all his Travels.

Our Dear Friend and Brother did greatly delight to Read the Holy Scriptures, and would often and with great Earnest­ness Advise Friends frequently to read the same, and the Young and Tender in years more especially▪ as also Friends Books, wherein the Principles of Truth were Treated of; that so none might be Ignorant of the Principles of the true Chri­stian Religion, now again preached and clearly held forth.

He was at our Province-Meeting at Rosean-Allies a little before his Decease, where he bore a Living, Fresh Testimo­ny amongst Friends to our great Comfort, and Exhorted Friends to Faithfulness. From thence he went to Montroth, and had a Meeting there; and from thence to Ballinakill, and had a Meeting there. So he came to the Monthly-Meeting at New-Garden, where many heard him bear a living, sweet Testimony in the Opening of the Word of Life, to the Re­freshing of their Souls. After Meeting he came home with our Friend John Watson to his House; and feeling himself not well, took his Bed, and was visited with a Fever; and continued sick for the space of Twelve days, All which time [Page 19] he was preserved in his Senses, and in a sweet Frame of Spirit; and did often say, he was sine at Ease, and quiet in his Spirit. The Lord did Attend him with his heavenly Power and Presence, to his Comfort and our great Satisfaction. He said to John Watson, That he ever loved the Lord, and the Lord loved him from his Youth, and that he felt his Love. He was wonderfully preserved in a sensible Condition to the Last; and on the Eleventh day of the Seventh Month 1690 about Two of the Clock in the Afternoon he quietly and peaceably Departed this Life about the 59th Year of his Age, and is gone to his Rest with the Lord, and his Works follow him.

And as he honoured the Lord in his Day, so he was ho­noured with the Company of many Antient Friends from se­veral Parts of our Province, to Accompany him to his Grave at New-Garden, where he was Decently Interred the Four­teenth day of the same Month; and there we had a good Meeting, to the great satisfaction of many Friends and o­thers.

And now surely, If David did well in Sorrowing for Ab­solom, we have Reason greatly to Lament the Loss of so Dear, Tender, and Upright-hearted a Friend, whose Labour and Travel was great both in Body and Spirit, faithfully to serve the Lord, his Church and People, and to Exalt his Glori­ous Name, and propagate his Living Truth in the Earth, and to preserve Unity and Peace in the Churches of Christ. But be­lieving, 'tis the Lord's Will, that's done concerning him, in a Holy and Reverend Resignation and Submission thereunto, we ought to be Content; knowing, 'tis his unspeakable Gain to be Absent from the Body, and at home with Christ.

And thus, Dear Friends, We that yet remain, do see, how the Lord is pleased to Remove from among us many of our Antient Friends and Faithful Labourers in the Gospel of Peace, who have been serviceable in this Day for the Gather­ing [Page 20] and Confirming of many in the Truth, that we may walk therein. And Friends, we that are yet behind, are the more immediately concerned for to Labour in the Heavenly Gift of his Divine Grace, the Lord in his Love hath bestowed up­on us, that so we may come up in this Gospel-day to succeed them, that are gone before us to their Rest in the Lord, in bearing a Faithful Testimony to the blessed Truth; that our Memorial may live to Ages to come, as this our Dear Friend and Elder Brother's doth amongst God's People this day: who having Faithfully finisht his Course here in great Patience, and an humble and holy Subjection to the Will of God, hath now received a Crown of Immortal Glory, which is laid up for all the Faithful Followers of the Lamb, and Lovers of the Appearance of our Lord Jesus Christ: To whom and the Father through him be Glory and Honour both now and for ever. Amen.

  • Anthony Sharp.
  • Roger Roberts.
  • Amos Strettel.
  • John Watson.
  • Henry Hillary
  • John Haukes.

A Paper of John Burnyeat's, that came to hand, since his Works were Printed.

IN the Morning, as I was Laying upon my Bed, and my Soul greatly Afflicted under the View and Considerati­on of the State of things, as it was among Friends in the City of Bristol, and some parts adjacent, because of the great Contention and Opposition; and when I was under the Exercise, and my Life appeared Grieved, even until my Soul was brought into sore Anguish (at times) and Grief, to see, how Hard some were and Unruly, and Obstinate: In this Tra­vel of Spirit my Heart being bowed, I said within my self, and before the Lord, and unto him; I matter not, what I be, nor how much I be Abased: For we must pass through good and bad Report, as the Faithful in former times did. And then when I was thus gone down into the Grave of Self-denial, where I thought, I could Lye and be Troden upon; the Lord God signified unto me by his Holy Spirit on this wise: Though thou be willing so to be, yet will not I be Troden under (and further said) There are some of them, that are as Dead Men be­fore me, because they have lifted up their Heel against me, and have rejected my Word, and slighted, or set at naught my Reproof.

And further the Lord God signified unto me, That the Spirit of Core, and Balaam had entred, which would shut Truth out of Doors, and pluck Christ from his Throne, and lead away the Minds of People after their own Inventions to worship the Works of their own Hands. And He further signified unto me, how that the Plague of Leprosy, and sore Judgment of Hardness of Heart was upon them; and they had lost their Beauty, and were not sit to come nigh the [Page] Altar of the Lord, nor to be in the Lord's Congregation: and that he would Decide the matter. And further he sig­nified (to my Comfort,) There was a Priest to stand between the Living and the Dead, with a Holy Censer and pure Incense, to make an Atonement; and the Eyes of all the Tender and Sensible were to be towards him, that they might Re­ceive the Law from his Mouth, and that his Lips might pre­serve their Knowledge.

And further, there was something also of the Spirit of Cain, which did appear had Entred, even that which did Envy Abel's Acceptance.

When I had seen these things from the Lord, and it was shewed me, I should speak forth the Matter unto the People; my Heart was wonderfully broken within me: And I cried, and said, Wo is me! must I be the Messenger to carry this Message unto this People? And when I was under this Exercise, the Lord did signifie unto me; If I Delivered his Word Faithfully, then should I Deliver my own Soul; but if not, I should Die for it; my Life should go for theirs. Then did the Dread of the Lord's Word, and his Majesty strike me down, and made me willing to be given up, without any more Reasoning: Blessed be the Lord for ever, who both gives the Word, and Power to Deliver it.

J. B.

AN ABSTRACT Of some of Iohn Burnyeat HIS LETTERS TO HIS Brother T. A. of LONDON: Which is a Continuation of his Travels for the last Eight Years of his Life, being all his own Hand-writing.

I Am arrived here safe from Cumberland, and was at all those Meetings I had appointed in Westmorland, viz. I had a large Meeting at Camsgill on the third day of the Week, it being the General Meeting; it was a [Page 74] most pleasant day, the Meeting out of doors very large, Friends so generally came in. And indeed, the Lord's Power was with us; my Heart greatly enlarged unto Friends. The fourth day following I was at Sedber, the Meeting with­out Doors by the Meeting-House (the Doors being shut up by the Officers, but) quiet and large. The fifth day I was at Grayrig; sixth day at the Hight; first day at Swart­more; and on the third day at Hawkes-head, and had a blessed Meeting; my Heart was comforted. The fourth day we had a great Flood, hindred me from getting home that day; but got to Keswick in Cumberland; and fifth day got home to our Meeting at Pardsay, and was also there the first day, where the Lord enlarged my Heart to clear my self heartily that day. The third day I was at the Mens-Meeting, where the Lord was richly with us; Ever­lasting Glory be to him for ever. The fourth day early I came down to Whitehaven; several Friends came with me, but the Ship being ready, could not stay. So went on Board, and the next day in the Evening arrived safe here at Dublin; where all is well. I left all our Friends well in Cumberland,

It greatly pleases me to hear of Friends in England, and how it is with them this Trying day. For as we love the Truth, and one another therein, we have a Concern upon us for one another, and for the Truth in General: And therefore I delight in the Truth's prevailing, and in Friends prospering therein. The Lord stir up all concerned in their Places to be Faithful, that none may shrink in the Day of Trial, &c.

[Page 75] Last Week was our Half-Years-Meeting, many Friends here, and a blessed Season we had through the enriching Vertue of the Lord's Power, and in Love, Peace and Concord all was carried on amongst us: and so all was sweet and comfortable. Here is a Discourse of putting the Laws in Execution against Dissenters; however, if the Lord suffer such a thing to be, I believe, it will be for his own Glory at last, in the manifesting the Approved, and try­ing the Faith of his People. But we are yet quiet, save some that are in Prison for Tithes. Our Meetings are large and full in this Nation, and Friends tell me, there is an Openness in many places. O! that we may be found faithful, that we may work with him in his Vineyard and Harvest.

The Lord preserve us all in the Faith, that gives the Victory, and faithful to God in this Trying day, wherein it appears, the Lord sees it meet to Try his People, both in their Faith and Patience, that the Approved may be made manifest. We have large Meetings in this City, and an O­penness in divers places in the Country. I have been in the Counties of Wicklow and Carlow, and the Queens-County, and at the Mote, and Edenderry: And to morrow I intend, if the Lord will, forth again to the Province-Meeting at Rosen-Allies.

I have been through these Parts as far as Castle-Salem, and had a Meeting there yesterday was a Week, and so re­turned back again to Cork, to the Six-Weeks-Meeting; where we had a blessed Season, the Lord's Power was richly a­mongst [Page 76] us. And after to morrow, I think to go toward Toughill, and so into the County of Tipperary, and then to Castle-Dormant-Meeting; and then for ought I know, towards Dublin. I am comforted in my Service amongst Friends, who are generally glad of my coming, and of what they have an Expectation of, in relation to my Mar­riage: but my Heart is fully satisfied, in that I feel the Lord's Goodness towards us, and in his Fear I do delight to wait upon him in this, as in other things, and desire, that we may be a good Example. And therefore I find it our way not to be hasty: The Lord give us wisdom to walk so, as that he may be Glorified, and Friends in us Comforted. This I desire above all Earthly Things.

I am concern'd to hear of the Continued Sufferings of our Friends in England; we are yet at Ease here, as from those things: The Lord work our Hearts more and more into Thankfulness, and guide us in Wisdom, to walk wor­thy of these Favours, that in displeasure he may never take them from us; but when-ever he is pleased to Re­move them, it may be in his Love, for a Trial unto us, as I believe it is with many of his Faithful Ones, whom my Soul desires, he may still preserve in the Faith that gives the Victory.

I have been in the North, and did pass through Friends, and had a blessed Service. I am intended to go forth of this City to morrow towards Wicklow, and so through the County of Wexford to visit Friends there.

We have now Accomplisht that Concern of Marriage, which we have for some time been under; and blessed be the Lord, he has been unto us a comfortable Director in our Undertakings in this Matter, to the Satisfaction of Friends in the General, who were with us. And besides the Friends of this City, we had many of the Friends of the South-end of the Nation, who were come to be at the Half-Years-Meeting, and some the sooner upon our Account; and abundance of other People. We had a blessed Meeting, several Brethren with us, and (the Lord's Power assisting) all things were well, and we had Peace and Comfort, and the Truth was honoured, and not on­ly Friends, but many sober People were greatly af­fected with the Management thereof. Well; the Lord will honour his Name and Way and People, if we be but careful to honour him. The Lord is good unto us, we have Cause to mind his Goodness unto us: and truly that which is chiefly in both our Hearts, is to seek his Glory, and above all things to desire preservation in his Wisdom.

I have been a time in the Country, and came into the City again but yesterday. I went to the Prevince-Meet­ing at Rosen-Allies, and have visited many Meetings: I was comforted with Friends in the good presence of the Power that did attend us. Things are pretty well among Friends, and our Meetings large and full. We feel little of those Sufferings, that our dear Friends in England have heavy upon them: The Lord preserve us Tender, Low and Humble, that we may be worthy of such a Mercy from the Hand of the Lord.

Here is a Report abroad, that Meetings will be disturb­ed and broken up, but nothing done yet; It must be Friends here, as well as in other Parts, that must bear the Burden, as to the right part in Suffering; and I hope, it will be Friends Care to be given up in the Innocency, to suffer for that Testimony the Lord hath raised in their Hearts, by which we have been kept Innocent and Clear from the beginning under all Governments: And so never could touch nor join with that which did seek the hurt of any. This must be our Cloak or Covering, and that gives Boldness, and is and will be the Ease of the Spirits of all the Faithful, and that which will answer the Con­sciences of our Adversaries. And I believe, if some Suf­fering do come, it will work for good through Trying our Spirits, Faith, and Patience, so that many may come to know themselves, and the Lord and his Power also bet­ter thereby.

We are very likely to partake in some measure of Suffer­ings with our Friends and Brethren in England. The last first day the Major sent the Marshal to our Meeting in the Fore­noon, and I being speaking, he commanded me to go with him, which after some Discourse I did. He commanded the Meeting to Disperse, but Friends kept quiet in their pla­places. I was carried before the Major, with whom I had some Discourse to this effect: He asked me, Why we did act contrary to the Government, having been commanded not to meet? I told him, We do nothing in Contempt of the [Page 79] Government. But, said he, why do you not obey then? I said, Because it is Matter of Conscience to us, and that which we believe to be our indispensible Duty, to Meet to­gether to Worship God. To which he Answered, You may be misled. I told him, If we were misled, we were willing to be informed, if any could do it. Then it was urged, Other Dissenters had submitted, and why would not we? I said, What they do, will be no Plea for us before the Judg­ment-Seat of the Great God. So after some other Dis­course, the Major committed me to this Prison. The Pro­fessors have left their publick Meeting-Places: The Bishop of Dublin sent for them, and they Consulted together, and with Consent returned this Answer, That they would for­bear. The Bishop also sent for A. S. and did to him re­quire the same of Friends; but A. S. told him, We could not forbear to Meet to Worship God, &c. So in the end the Bishop said, If we would meet, we must take what did follow, &c. However, I hope it will work for the honour of Truth: The Lord preserve Friends faithful and vali­ant. I hope God has a Remnant, that will stand in the Trial: Though if Sufferings do come hard, it may cause some to turn their Backs. Let the Lord order, as he plea­seth; I know no better way, than to endeavour to be pre­pared for Sufferings.

We are satisfied, that the Lord's Hand, is in all these things; and doubtless, he hath a purpose to Magnifie his Arm, and thereby to Exalt his own Name and pretious Truth in the End; and in his so doing, his People shall be Comforted, and receive the Reward, even every One, that endures unto the End. And truly, as our Eye is unto him in our Exercise, we feel still a Ground for a sure Hope, [Page 80] that abides as an Anchor sure and stedfast; by which we are held, that we cannot be driven away. In this is our Comfort, when we seem as to the outward, as if we had no surer Place, than upon the tossing Waves of the Trou­bled, Tempestuous Sea; all uncertain, no stedfastness nor stay for Rest unto any in Looking out. And therefore I often think, I am satisfied, it's God's way, thus to blow upon the Nations with the Breath of his Displeasure, that all the Waters (for the People are Waters) may be Tossed together, and that they may be made Restless, and dri­ven on Heaps, and into Confusion, and so become a Sea; into which Babylon, as a great Milstone, must fall, to make her perpetual End. Even that Mystery Babylon spo­ken of of old, that hath so prevailed, and made the Nati­ons drunk, and gone over Peoples and Languages, not one People only: and all that partake with her in her Sins, must partake with her in her Plagues and Iudgments. And therefore is the Lord calling out of her; but her Sins, her Delights and Delicacies many are unwilling to part with: and that's the Reason, why many stay there, that do not think themselves within her Borders.

But the Nations are drunk with her Wine, and know not what they are doing; for their Understanding is lost. O! the sadness of that day! my Soul of ten doth view it; but the Greatness of their Sin doth draw it down upon them: which is come into the View and Remembrance of the dreadful God!

And therefore may all the Righteous Rojoyce, who truly feel Redemption out of her, and are come through Christ the Seed to be Sons and Daughters of Zion, and so Heirs of the peaceable Ierusalem, that's built upon the Rock and Foundation, that the Gates of Hell cannot prevail a­gainst.

[Page 81] We are here still detained Prisoners, and have of late writ to the Major; but he answered, He would not set us at Liberty without an Order from the The Earl of Arran. Deputy. Then we wrote to him, and A. S. and S. C. did go to him, and he was very kind to them, and told them, He had a greater Love for us, than any o­ther Dissenters, because he believed, that we did mean honestly.

I am now clear'd of my Imprisonment; we wrote to the Deputy a few Lines, which he carried to the Council. After which he sent his Secretary to the Recorder of the City with his Order for our Release; which was very full and clear, without any thing demanded of us. I have not heard, that Friends in any part of this Nation are medled with—We enjoy great Favours at the Hand of the Lord: O! that we may walk worthy thereof for ever, and be mov'd thereby to a Sense, of what our dear Friends in England still suffer; and then will the Mercies we live un­der, be rightly valued.

I have been through all the Meetings in Ulster, and did return home but the third day this Week. I had a blessed time amongst Friends, and found things in the main very well. I had large and peaceable Meetings, which is a Mercy I desire the Lord may so sanctifie unto us, as that we may walk worthy of them, while they are afforded us: and when he sees meet to order it otherwise, we may be prepared. I have been but little at home of late, and know nothing, but that I may go next Week forth of Town again towards the other end of the Nation.

I came home this day: I have been through the most of the South and Western Parts, and have had a good Journey, and Friends generally well, and all our Meetings peaceable.

In my last I hinted, that I was but newly come home from visiting Friends in the South-end of the Nation, and so from the Province-Meeting at Castle-Dormant. I came home on the second day, and an appointed Marriage was to be on the third day; which was accordingly, and a­bundance of People there was, so that we had a good Opportunity, and the People ge­nerally This was A­mos Strettel's Marriage. well satisfied: so that a very great Report of Recommendation is abroad through the City concerning our Order and Method, and the Gra­vity and Solemn Manner of our Accomplishing of it. It's greatly our Comfort, when that in all our ways we honour the Truth. I have had a busie Winter in Travelling, and prosperous: and now I see nothing, but I shall have Li­berty to stay a while at home. The Lord is good to us, and orders things to our Comfort; and we are comforted in him, and one in another: blessed be his Name for ever.

It is just the time of our Half-Years-Meeting, and there are many Friends in Town. We had a very large Meet­ing, and very quiet and well.—And things in the gene­ral very well amongst Friends, as relating to Truth. We [Page 83] have Cause to be Thankful to the Lord for his Mercies and Comforts we enjoy, who is the Author of all Mercies and Comforts, sanctifying all things rightly to them that fear and love him, through the sanctifying of their Hearts by his Word, that keeps, bears up and upholds. O! the Lord keep all our Hearts stayed in this, and then will all things work together for good, according to the antient Saying.

I left Dublin, sixth day was a Week; I have some in­tent to go over into Scotland, but am not yet certain of the time: but do hope, if the Lord preserve me in my Li­berty, to Return into this Country again.

Graysouthen, the 19th of the 6th Month.) Between two or three Weeks time I hope to be as far as Edenbor­rough.

I have had a very peaceable and prosperous Journey, since I came into Scotland hitherto. I came to Edenburgh at the time appointed, and stayed here one first day: and then took my Journey into the North, and I. H. and I. T. with me, and spent about three weeks there, and in my Jour­ney: had Meetings, while I was there, almost every day, and a blessed open Service (through the Lord's Power) a­mongst Friends. For there is an open, tender-hearted People, and they were glad of my coming; for there had not been any English Friend among them of a long time. And being clear, I. T. and I came away this day a Week, and left I. H. there; we got to this Town the fourth day of the last Week, and was at Edenburgh the fifth day at their [Page 84] Meeting, and yesterday had a blessed Meeting there in the Fore-noon, and here the Afternoon: and to morrow we in­tend to take our Journey for the West; and do hope to be clear this day a Week to go for England, and hope to be in Cumberland to morrow a Week (if the Lord will.) Hi­therto all hath been very quiet where I have been; and I hear nothing, but Friends Meetings are quiet all over Scot­land, and Friends are suffered to be quiet: but in some pla­ces they are very busie with some other People. Here hath been a pretty deal a-do about a Plot; but of these things we know nothing, nor in such doings have no hand, and there­fore about it desire not to meddle. Though others doings may bring Sufferings upon us; yet still our Happiness is, to be kept Innocent, that if we suffer, it may not be for e­vil-doing; and then it will be well.

And truly in this Trying day, wherein we are all of us like to have our Faith and Love to God Tried, our greatest Concern always is, to be in our hearts truly and wisely gi­ven up, and resigned into the Will of God, that we may therein rest in and under whatsoever the Lord may order for us, or call us unto; and then may we have peace in every Exercise, and have Dominion in our Spirits over eve­ry Opposition, which are many, that the true Travelling Is­rael of God doth meet withal in this Age.

I got very well through the West of Scotland, met with no Disturbance: All was quiet, when I was there. Our Meetings are quiet in Cumberland: I suppose, I may stay yet about two weeks here.

I came out of Cumberland about two Weeks ago, and was at Strickland-head, and then came on into Bishoprick, and thought, I should but have touched at Darnton and this Town, and so on into Yorkshire: But when I was at Darnton, it came upon me, to give Friends a visit further in this County. And so I went to Durham, and had a blessed Meeting there, and did visit the Prisoners. And then went to Sunderland, had a Meeting there. And then to Shields, and to T. F. had a Meeting there. And so re­turned to Sh [...]tton, and so to this Town, and had a blessed Meeting in the Evening yesternight, it being their Meet­ing-time. They are usually kept out of their Meeting-House here; but yesternight we got in, and the Meeting was full and peaceable: and so have all the Meetings, where I have been. And now I am ready to go over in­to Yorkshire, and do hope to be at York in about two Weeks time.—I suppose I may be there first day come two Weeks.

I have had a very comfortable and peaceable Journey, and came through Cleveland and the Moors to Whitby, and from thence up to Molton and to York—Meetings have been quiet all along where I have been. Yesterday a Fortnight a Constable was at the Meeting-House, before I came, and stood in the way to speak with the Friend that I came along with, it being just before the Sessions. He had a Warrant, and was to give his Return at Sessions; and therefore threatned, that if we would not forbear to meet that day, he must carry us before a Iustice. However, after we had Reasoned a while with him, we parted, and [Page 86] went into the Meeting; and he went away, and did not come into the Meeting. So we had a blessed Meeting, and parted in Peace; and the Lord's Power was over all, to our great Joy.

This was all the Appearance of Molestation, I have yet met with: And I have had a very good Season, and a­bundance of Meetings, since I left York. In Yorkshire I was at Robert Lodge's House, and had his Company a pretty time out of Yorkshire. I went to Lancaster, and when I had visited Friends, I came into Westmorland to Preston-Meeting; and yesterday was at Sedberge: We had a peaceable Meeting, but out of the Meeting-House in the Street: the Meeting-House being locked up from Friends. I intend some Meetings in this County, and so down to Swartmore, and on into Cumberland, as the Lord makes way.

I have had a very peaceable Journey, and did visit Friends Meetings very fully in Westmorland, and all qui­et. And since I came into Cumberland, I was down at Carlisle and the Border: And now my Service seems to be over, and I am preparing to go home. And was at Workinton this day; and to morrow I intend to go to Whitehaven, and to take the first Opportunity for Dublin.—Thus far I have been preserved very well through all my Travels; and now I hope I shall get home.

I got well here last Night, but was put ashore in the North in Strangford-River, about seventy Miles from [Page 87] Dublin, and about four and twenty from Lisnagarvy: And being put ashore there, I found an Openness in my Heart to give Friends a Visit in the North, and so spent near two Weeks among them, and had many good Meetings. I am very glad, and my heart is truly Thankful unto the Lord for his preservation through this last Journey so safe and clear, and ordered my way so comfortably home, where I hope I may be of Service in my place, and a Comfort to Friends. The Lord our God is to be minded by us in all things.

I find things amongst Friends generally pretty well, as formerly, and Meetings very large and peaceable here, and in the North. I am intended out of Town to the Pro­vince-Meeting.

This Half-Years-Meeting we had a very great Ap­pearance of Friends out of the Country, many say, they have not seen so many ever before. And to our publick Meetings abundance of other People came, even far more than could get into our House; and they were very so­ber: so that the Truth hath a good place amongst sober People. Though the Professors, who shrink and hide, we are informed, do rail against Friends; they do seem, as if they were given up to hardness of heart, and so set in their blindness and hardness, as to go on, till the Rod come upon them. For they do not lay any thing so to heart, as thereby to be brought off from the evil Errour of their hard and prejudiced Minds. It doth appear, that they envy Friends good, and are offended, that we do not flie into holes as they do. But as for Friends, they are very cheerful; and we have had a very blessed Season, and kept in Unity, Peace and Concord in our Meetings and Con­cerns: [Page 88] and the Lord's good Presence pretiously with us, to our Comfort and Consolation.

And blessed be the Lord, he is not wanting unto us, both to sanctifie our hearts, and also to fill them with his Spiritual Mercies, and to Contribute of his other Mercies and Blessings, whereby he may make our days pleasant unto us; that with Gladness and Joy of Soul we may serve and praise him, who is worthy for ever,


Yesterday I came home, having been through the South­end of the Nation, and between six and seven weeks away, and have had a very comfortable Journey amongst Friends, and peaceable. Blessed be the Lord for his Mercies to­wards us.

I am glad to hear, that things are so still and quiet in England, and that Friends have some little breathing time of ease from their sharp persecution. It is the Lords mercy towards us: but our Innocency is that, which must speak for us; and if we loose that, our defence would depart from us; and then there would be none to fly unto: for vain is all help from below. Therefore it will be our happiness to rest quiet, with our Faith in him, for he is able to preserve, who promist them of old, he would give them favour in the eyes of the King of Babilon. And it had been their safe­ty to have trusted in his word; but in their taking of their own way, they brought Ruin upon themselves; and so will all do now, whose eye is not unto the Lord to stay their minds upon him; but look out to follow their own Contri­vances. I know, the Truth will keep out of all such things, [Page 89] if Friends be careful to keep under the Conduct there­of: But if fleshly Reasonings prevail in the Unbelief, then the Eye goes out, and the Mind into the haste; so the Patience and Long-Suffering is lost, and the Hope and Faith let fall. Then the Creature can neither trust in the Lord, nor stay rightly for his Time and Season.

Our Meetings are very quiet and peaceable, which is a Mercy we greatly value, and our Hearts in the Lord's Truth are at rest, and that's our Comfort.—Both there and here, and where-ever we are, it will be our place to be prepared for Sufferings; that's likely to be our Portion for the Truth: And it is but, as it has been of old, If any will live Godly in Christ Iesus, he must suffer Persecution. I am ready to go out of Town to visit Friends in the County of Wicklow.

I am sorry, that so much Occasion of Offence should be given to some Friends here, by some that take Liberty there (viz. at London) by running back into such things, as the Truth Condemns, and so to be Encouragers of Pride and Vanity, that will grow too fast, to the draw­ing down of the Displeasure of the Lord upon Man. And therefore I would have Friends to stand in that which is plain, and keep to the Cross in their Trades, and Dealings, and Cloaths, and in all things, that they may remain stand­ing Witnesses for God in Righteousness against Pride, and all the Vanity of the World; for therein will stand our Safety for ever. I desire, that we may live up to the Truth in all Things, that the Blessing may attend us.

[Page 90] And indeed, we had need to be Circumspect: For every Lawful Thing is not Expedient, because there may be an unlawful Liberty strengthened thereby. The Lord keep us all in his Wisdom truly Lowly and Humble, that we may still honour him in all things, and remain a People through our Day to his Glory. For if upon us in our Day we let the Spirit of the World prevail to the overthrowing of our own Testimony, what Ex­ample and Footsteps shall we leave to them that come af­ter us?

I am full, and could say much, for my Heart is con­cerned to hear them, who themselves are not so good as they ought to be, strengthen themselves by bad Examples. For though some may be slow to mind that which is good, so as to learn Good from the Example thereof; yet they are quick to take Encouragement from the Con­trary.

We have had a comfortable Season this Half-Years-Meeting, quiet and peaceable, and in Love and Unity a­mong our selves; so that we have cause to be truly thank­ful unto the Lord for that Mercy, amongst all other Mer­cies we Enjoy from his blessed Hand.

Though the World be full of Tumults, Disquietness and Amazements; yet blessed be the God of our Salvation, who hath brought us into a Degree of that Rest, which the Distresses, that are from below, cannot Reach. So that there is something known to Retire unto for a Sanctu­ary, that the World knows not; neither can the Destroy­er [Page 91] come into it. Therefore our Safety is, always to keep our Interest therein, that we may have our Priviledge unto our Mansion there, and so rest in the Time of Trouble, where no Hurter nor Destroyer can come.

The Lord's Power is to be admired, loved and believed in for ever, who gives us blessed Seasons, and Calms and Quiets. It's true for ever, the Winds and Seas must obey him; blessed are all that put their Trust in him. Fears and Restlesness doth possess the Hearts of many; but for our parts, we have an Eye unto the Lord, and know, he hath a hand in ordering of, or suffering all things for Ends best known unto himself; and therein we Rest.

And I desire, that the Lord by the Indwelling of his Power in our Souls may still so keep and preserve us in that Simplicity and Godly Sincerity, wherein we may al­ways know one another, and be a Comfort one unto a­nother in the plainness and simplicity of that blessed Truth, that saves and sanctifies from all Unrighteousness, and Unites unto God, and brings into near Fellowship one with another. For this is that which sanctifies, fits, and prepares the Heart of Man for every good Vertue, and settles and composes his Nature not only for heavenly Mercies, and that he may receive and enjoy them, but also for his Station in this World, and the Enjoyment of Temporal Favours; that he may receive and enjoy them with a Blessing, and in true Comfort; and also be a Blessing and a Comfort in his place unto all concern'd. This is the Happiness and Advantage, that is to be wit­nessed through the Working and Indwelling of that Eter­nal Power, which God Almighty has Revealed in the Hearts of his People in this Day, as there is a faithful Minding of, and Subjection unto it, in the true Love of it. And sure, many there are, which if they knew the comfortable Ef­fects [Page 92] of it, would not abide under its Condemnation, as they do: But it is, as it was said of old, They will not be­lieve, though a Man should tell it unto them.

The Account of the Death of my dear Wife will be come to hand before this, which is no small Exercise to me. But though my Loss be great, in having her Re­mov'd from me, yet I believe, it is her Gain. For she has been under great Weakness and Exercise of Body a long time; however, this I can say, she bore her Exercise beyond Expectation; and told some Friends, She believed she was kept the longer, because I was so unwilling to give her up. And I must confess, it was hard, that it could not easily be got to, and that for several Reasons: but when I saw, that it must be so, I was made willing, for her Exercises took hold of my Spirit. The Morning of that day she did de­part, she said to me, She was afraid, her Passage would be hard: I told her, I did hope not. She was under a great Exercise of Pain, but bore it with wonderful quietness, and sate under it as one waiting for Deliverance; and very sensibly spake to me a little before her Departure. So she went away like a Lamb, without so much as a Groan. We lived Comfortably together, her Nature was Good, Kind and Courteous, she was Merciful, very Confiderate, and of a good Understanding: she will be greatly missed in this place, for Friends had a good Love and Esteem for her; and I have Experience and know, that many who seem­ingly might exceed in Appearance, will come far be­hind.

We are pretty quiet here at present; but Peoples Hearts are like the troubled Waters, no stay nor settlement, cannot tell what way to go to be satisfied, or quiet in their Minds: only they that know the Truth, may rest there and be quiet under the Covering of it; otherwise it would be mighty uneasie. I did intend for Cumberland, but at present Friends could not well bear my going away, neither have I free­dom in my self: So I rest in my place, waiting the Time and Season for it.

Our Half-Years-Meeting is over, where were Assembled many Friends and Brethren from divers Parts of the Nation, according to our usual manner. We enjoy our Meetings peace­ably and quiet generally over the Nation, and in most Places our Meetings are large, and many People come in; and all People have their Liberty in the Free Exercise of their Con­sciences in Matters of Religion. And as for Friends and Truth, they are in good Esteem, both with High and Low. The Lord's Care and Mercy over us hath been largely ma­nifest, and Friends do learn great Experience of the Pre­servation of the mighty Arm of the Lord in this Great Day of Trial, which is upon this Nation; yet to our Joy and Comfort Friends are carried over it in the Faith of the Son of God, and have been preserved miracu­lously, even beyond our Expectation in several places, where their Trials have been very great, and the Dan gers, as to appearance, dreadful; yet Friends have kept to their Habitations, trusting in the Lord, and following their lawful Concerns and Business.

[Page 94] At this Half-Years-Meeting our Hearts were made more than ordinarily glad to see one anothers Faces in such a time as this; and the Lord's Power and Presence was with us, that Crowns our Meetings: And in the sense and sweetness of the same are the most of our Friends and Brethren this Day gone towards their outward Be­ings in the Peace of God, and in great Love and Unity, which did pretiously abound amongst us in this our Meeting throughout all our Concerns and Affairs.

The fourth day next I am intended to go into the Country towards our Province Meeting; and do think to visit Friends, e're I return.

I have had a very comfortable Journey among Friends, and for the most part very large Meetings, beyond my Expectation, and very peaceable, viz. On the third day at Tipperary, and fourth day at Iohn Fennels. But at Tip­perary I had like to have been got hold of by the Rappe­ries, and lost my Mare; but I got away and escaped, and rode back into the Town. Last first day we had a very large Meeting at Edward Goodings; it was their Monthly Meeting. This day we have a Meeting here, to morrow at Samuel Watson's, and the fifth day at the Meet­ing that belongs to Lambs-Town. I think, Carloe-Monthly-Meeting is next first day, I intend to be there.

Friends, as far as I can have account, are in the Gene­ral pretty well in Health, and at Liberty, and our Meet­ings quiet and peaceable; and so are all others, for ought I know. But many in the Country under Sufferings, as in respect to the Loss of their Goods, by reason of the Wars this Land is greatly attended with. However, our Friends their Eye is to the Lord, who doubtless suffers not all these things to come to pass without a Cause, but to be a Chastisement for the sinfulness of the Children of Men. O! that all would take warning, to keep out of that which provokes him to Displeasure, that his Hand might be removed.

And truly, that which is our Comfort and Stay in the midst of all, is the holy Presence of his Power, that at­tends our Meetings; from the Evidence of which we re­ceive our Satisfaction, that the Lord is well-pleased with us. And this is that which bears up our Spirits in the time of Exercise.

I had the Opportunity this last Winter to go through Friends both in Leinster and Munster, which was a great Satisfaction both to me and them. Friends are generally well, and our Meetings are full, and we enjoy them in quietness as formerly: and the Lord's Presence is with us to our great Comfort, which is valued by all, that are rightly sensible of it, as a great Mercy.

I have been visiting Friends in the North, and had an ac­ceptable and comfortable Season amongst them, and found them very chearful. It is still to be lamented, that Sin and Wickedness should so abound; but the Lord doubtless will plead with all that grieve him in his own way and time; though he be Long-suffering. And therefore it will be our Happiness, to rest quiet under his disposing and ordering Hand, by which he will in his Wisdom and Power over­rule all Men and Things, who knows best, how to Execute Iustice and Iudgment upon all, according to their Works or Deserts: For before him all things are naked and bare, therefore he cannot miss in Iudgment. We resting here, and waiting upon him, it quiets our Spirits, and sweetens them: and also I can say, it makes many bitter things sweet, and so sanctified, that we meet with Comfort in Tribulation. And though it be both Natural unto, and Lawful for us in Affliction reverently to pray for and desire Deliverance, and also when obtained, to rejoyce therein, and bless the Lord therefore; yet still our Happiness is, to mind his Providences, and wise Ordering of all things, and there­with to be Content, without either murmuring at, or strug­ling against, what he seems good to bring to pass. And so here we shall all rest in one Fold and Covenant, and seed in one Pasture together, and so have a Fellow-feeling of one a­nothers Ioy or Sufferings. For our Resting-place is but one in the Truth, and our Salvation stands therein for ever: and therefore we need look at no other.

Iohn Burnyeat.

SEVERAL EPISTLES WRITTEN By J. B. to Friends from divers Places.

Dear Friends,

IN the dear and tender Bowels of Love and Life do I dearly salute you all, who are faithful to the Lord, with­out respect of Persons, in whose Life and Love I feel you, and enjoy you, wherein my Heart is opened towards you, my dearly beloved ones, with whom I am daily refreshed and comforted in Christ Jesus the Fountain and Well-spring of Life and living Refreshment; who is our Rock and daily Refuge, unto whom we fly and are safe in the day of storms and tempest, when the floods arise, and the raging Waves of the Sea do swell and beat; yet in the Light have we a safe hiding-place, and a sure and peaceable Habitation, against which they cannot prevail: As faithful to the Lord we a­bide therein, whose Love towards us hath abounded, and will abound, as we abide in that, unto which his Love doth reach, which is his own Seed; which he hath raised in us by his own Power and outstretched Arm: wherein the Issues of Live and Love are known and received. Therefore, my dear Friends, keep to it, and feel it continually; that fresh, [Page 98] and lively, and open-hearted, ye may always be in the Life, that nothing may enter, that would vail the Seed, and op­press it; for that will stop the Issue of the Love of God, which is shed abroad, and shedding it self abroad in the Hearts of all the Faithful, whereof we in the bountifulness of his Love have richly been made partakers of. Therefore as one who with you have been partaker of the rich and endless Love of God, I do exhort you, my dearly beloved ones, to continue in his Love, and all to abide faithful in the Life, that Death again may not pass over any one; but that the Life, which God hath raised, may be felt, and that may rule over him, that hath the Power of Death in every one of us, to his own Praise and Glory, who hath redeemed us, wherein the comfort, strength and refreshment is re­received daily from him, who is the Life and Strength of all that wait upon him, and who is near to preserve all them that are upright in their Love towards him. And herein have we boldness, believing, that neither Tribulation, nor Affliction, Persecution, nor Distress shall be able to separate us from the Love of God, which we enjoy in Christ Iesus, al­though he may suffer great things to come upon us (as it is at this day) to try us; nor yet to separate us one from another, nor to break our Unity in the Spirit, wherein we feel and enjoy one another. In which, my dear Friends, I feel you, and have you often in my remembrance, to my great Joy and Gladness of heart: for ye in the Lord are my Ioy and Rejoycing many times, when all other Com­forts are taken from me; but only that, in which I feel and enjoy you, wherein our Unity, Life and Love doth stand, wherein I remain

Your Brother in my measure received, J. Burnyeat.
[Page 99]Postscript.
Dear Friends,

I Wrote a Letter in the Eleventh Month, before I went out of these Parts, and sent with one, who did intend to pass through Cumberland; but I hear, it was left in York­shire: which did something trouble me, because that I did not obtain an Opportunity to send again so soon, as I could have desired, in regard we travelled into the West towards Gallo­way and Cork: But at Dublin, when I was there I wrote a Letter, which I partly believe, may be come to you. So being in haste, I cannot give you an account, as I would de­sire; only Times are very troublesome, in regard of the Distractions of the People in this Nation. We were taken Prisoners, after we came from Dublin, at Ardmagh, and kept three days: It is very hard to Travel in this Nation for us; but for the Seed's sake we are freely given up into the Will of God.

Dear and well-beloved Friends in Cumberland,

BRethren and Sisters in the holy Covenant of Life, with you is my life bound up in the unspeakable Bond of perfect Unity, and unfeigned Love, wherein I feelingly reach unto you in this day of weighty Trial, wherein every ones Faith and Patience must come to be tried, and every ones Foundation made manifest whereon he stands; blessed are they, whose Foundation and standing is in the Power of Christ Je­sus, the Rock of Ages, and Foundation of many Generations, such shall stand immoveable on the Rock in the day of Tem­pest, and shall be at Peace, and kept in Safety in the Power, in the hour of Temptation, and time of trial. Therefore, my dear Friends, as if I were present with you, my Bowels [Page 100] are opened towards you, and my Life reacheth unto you, in pure love, even desiring that every one of you may truly feel and abide in the feeling of the pretious Life and pure invisible Power of the blessed God, which he hath made manifest in your Hearts, whereby every mind of them, that hath been faithful to the Lord, is changed and renewed, and redeemed, and made pure and sweet through the vertue and goodness of the same, whereby our Souls continually are refreshed, as we abide in the sensible seeling of the Lord's Presence. O! therefore, my dear Friends, ye who have tasted of the Lord's goodness, and have been nourished by his mercies inwardly, who have felt the weight of his love, and the value of his truth in your inward parts, Mind that as your chiefest treasure; my dear Friends, that the sweet Consolation, and the pretious Spring of the Father's love ye may feel opened in your Hearts from day unto day, and from time to time. For truly Friends, large is the Lord's goodness, and exceeding pretious is the Fountain of endless mercies, which he hath opened in this day, for the refresh­ing of his own dear Children, whose whole trust and con­fidence is in him alone: Therefore let none again incline in their minds after the things in this Creation, or desire further to enjoy it, or any thing in it, then you may enjoy them in the Covenant of God. This, my dear Friends, is truly in my Heart from the Lord to lay it before you, and to warn you of in his Name and Fear, I say, Friends, that ye, who have tasted of the Lord's goodness in any measure, and have felt the working of his heavenly Power, to the re­deeming of your minds out of all visible things, and to give you an entrance into the Inheritance, that never fades a­way; That ye may not look back again into the Glory of the things of this Creation now in this day of Trial of your Faith, but that all may be offered freely into the Will of the Lord; that whatsoever you enjoy, it may be in his [Page 101] Covenant: that his blessing may richly be felt in your in­ward parts, and his peace sweetly enjoyed in your Hearts. Or else truly, otherwise, if any seek in the declining mind to hold any thing out of his Covenant and pure fear, the blessing will not be upon that heart, but it will be unto them, as the spoil, which the Children of Israel fell up­on contrary to the Word of the Lord; and like unto Achan's wedge of Gold, which became a Curse in the Camp of Is­rael. Therefore let all with their all be freely offered up unto the Lord in Righteousness, with an upright heart, which is but a Service reasonable in this day from us, who have so largely been made partakers of the richness of his Loving­kindness and Mercies, that so every heart may stand open, purely waiting for the heavenly vertue, and for the renew­ing of the heavenly gift, that every one may be strengthen­ed by the same in the inward man; that so we may all to­gether with one heart truly rejoyce in the Salvation, and Consolation of the Lord our God, which we feel and en­joy in Spirit. And furthermore, my dear Friends, that you all, who feel your hearts and all freely given up unto the Lord, both you and yours into his Will, Mind the Power which hath made you willing, and dwell and abide in the sensible feeling of that continually; that so every mind may be kept low and humble before the Lord, sensible of the Rock of their Salvation, and of the Arm of their strength and preservation; that so all fleshly boasting and glorying may for ever be excluded out of the Salvation, Preservation and Keeping of all the Redeemed of the Lord; that he alone, who is the Salvation of his People, and the Keeper of Is­rael, may have the Honour and Glory, and the Praise, from the Work of his own Hands, who is God over all, blessed for ever and ever, whose Works will for ever praise him in all his Children.

[Page 102]
From me your Brother, who is now Prisoner in the Dungeon in Rippon Common-Goal, where I am se­parated from having Liberty to be amongst the rest of my Fellow-Prisoners, only because the Lord opened my Mouth among them in our Meeting, when we were together waiting upon the Lord. Iohn Burnyeat.
Dearly Beloved,

UNto whom the pure love of my heart in the Covenant of Life doth plentiously flow forth at this time, my Soul dearly Salutes you all, who are faithful unto the Lord, without respect of Persons, whose Minds are kept faithful unto the unchangeable Power of Life and Vertue, wherein your Souls have been refreshed, and by which you have been gathered into the belief of the Truth, and to the Ac­knowledgment of the same; which in a good degree hath been made manifest in and among you. My Exhortation as a Brother in the Bowels of Love unfeigned unto you, whom my Soul dearly loves, is, That as the Lord hath ap­peared, and made manifest his Power in your Hearts, even so wait ye, that your dwelling ye may come to witness to be in the same. For Friends, ye know, that it is not suffi­cient, only to know, that he hath Appeared; but that ye feel your Dwelling to be in the Power, and so in the daily sense of the renewing of his appearing in your Hearts: that by it your Hearts may be kept open unto him, and so you from day to day may know the renewing of his Presence, and the Vertue of his own Life in you. O! my dear [Page 103] Friends, this is that by which every heart may be kept sweet and living, and vertuous, and open unto the Lord so that the Issues of his Love will become as a Refreshing River unto every Soul, that keeps faithful unto him.

Therefore Friends, all mind your standing and your dwelling in the Power, and wait for the Inward Operation of it in your Hearts, that by its dwelling in you, and living in you, your Hearts may be kept tender, and contrite and broken before the Lord. And Friands, beware of hardness of heart, I warn you in God's Fear, for therein the deceit­ful Worker gets advantage, and Unbelief comes to enter; and so such will come short of the Rest, that God hath pre­pared for his People, who through the deceitfulness of sin come to be hardned. And so Friends, least this should come upon any one of you, and so ye fall short of the Rest, Watch in the Fear of God, and keep down to the tender Principle of Life every one of you in your own particulars, by which your hearts may be kept out of the hardness in the tender- and brokenness of heart, in which state the Lord is witnessed to dwell with man and in man, according to his promise. And so will you know the growing of the holy Seed in you, into the pure Dominion, by which that which would darken or harden, will be subjected, and kept in the subjection; and so your Souls kept in the freedom of the Seed in God's Cove­nant, where life and peace is witnessed: and so Heirs of the Promise, and of the Blessing, being come into the promised Seed, Children of the Promise, and so of Abraham through Faith, unto whom the Promise was made, and so blessed with him, who is the Father of all the Faithful, through which we come to be Heirs of the Kingdom, and so in it (according to the promise) come to sit down with Abraham, Isaac and Iacob, in this day of the Gathering of the Gentiles, and bringing home of the lost Sheep of the House of Israel.

Therefore Friends, mind your standing in the Seed Christ [Page 104] the true Vine, that you may have life abundantly, and know its abounding in you. For whosoever goes from him, the Life, the Seed, the Vine Christ Iesus, the Power of God, shall wither, and decay, and die, and in the end be fit for nothing but the fire. And that shall such know, who in the day of the Lord's Gathering, and tender Visiting in Mercy and Loving­kindness, will not be won and gained into Faithfulness; but slight the Day of their Visitation.

Therefore, my dear Friends, be faithful unto the Lord e­very particular of you, in that which you have receiv'd from him, and wait to be guided by that in your own hearts. And keep low and down to the Principle of Life in your own hearts, that you may never become stiff-necked, nor hardned in your hearts again. For this was Israel's Sin of old; whose hearts were hardned, and whose neck was become like an Iron sinew, that it could not bend unto God's Toke. For which he was wroth with his People, and cast off his Inheritance in that day; so that their Enemies had power over them, and laid their Dwellings desolate. Those things are left unto us for an Example, that we might not fall after the same manner of Unbelief, but fear; lest a Promise being left us of entring into his Rest, we should fall short through Unbelief, and so loose the Inheritance, and so by the Enemy have our Habitations luid desolate, and so be carried Captives out of our Dwelling-place. These things, my Friends and Brethren, I lay before you in the fear and love of God, which is weigty in my heart to­wards you all, and so desire, that the Lord may preserve you all faithful unto himself, in the feeling of his life and good presence, by which your hearts may be kept open unto him, and so open in true Love one towards another, that as a Fa­mily in the love of God you may dwell together: In which love my Soul dearly Salutes you all, and so in it remain

To my dear Friends in the North of Ireland about Kil­more, Lurgan and that way.
Your Brother and Companion in the Tribulation and Pati­ence of Christ Jesus, I. B.
Dearly Beloved,

WIth whom in the Covenant of Life, Light and Peace I am one, wherein I am with you, and in Spirit do reach unto you in that love, which many waters cannot quench; in which my Soul at this time doth very dearly sa­lute you all, ye Children of the Covenant, which have been born again of the Word Immortal, and in the life of the true Seed remain; unto you all, without respect of Persons doth the love of my Soul reach, with the Salutation of my life in the power that is endless: In which my desire is, that the Lord may preserve you all, that as living Plants in the Vineyard of God you may flourish, and bring forth righteous Fruits, and so be a honour unto the Lord in your generation, and then you need not doubt, but the Lord will honour you in the glory of his Kingdom, that is without end. And therefore Friends, the life of Righteousness in the power, that is without end, do you all mind to live in; that fruits of holiness in a godly conversation may be brought forth by you all; by which the Gospel of Peace and Salvation comes te be adorn­ed: and so the effects of Righteousness you will all come to know, which is peace and assurance for ever. Which is that you ought all to be mindful of, that the evidence of peace, by the testimony of the living Spirit in all your hearts, ye may feel renewed daily; which will not be without an abi­ding and living in the life of Righteousness, whatsoever No­tion of Profession may be held in the wrong mind, and not in the power and life of Righteousness. For this Testimony is true and living, searching narrowly under all Coverings, and breaking through all Vails, entring into the inner Court, and breaking through into the Secret Chambers to see, what may have a being there, or be worshipped. So that in vain it is [Page 106] to cover any thing in this day, wherein the searcher of all hearts hath appeared; and he is come, whose Fan is in his hand, who sits as Resiners fire and as Fullers sope, to cleanse and to purifie his chosen Tribe, that they may be a peculiar People, a chosen Generation, and a Royal Priesthood, to shew forth the Praises of him, who hath called out of darkness in­to his marvellous light. And therefore, My dear Friends, with open hearts and nakedness of Spirit do you all walk be­fore the Lord, not seeking any Covering, but that of the Spirit in the life of Righteousness, that its Testimony and wit­ness you may all have in your hearts to bear witness with you unto Justification; that so ye may be cloathed with the white Robe of Righteousness in the power of the Lamb, and so become Kings and Priests unto God, reigning over that in the power of the Lamb's Spirit, which can never offer a Sacrifice acceptable, before which the hearkening and obe­dience hath acceptance: and so will the life of the true Priest be known to spring in you, in which you are accepted, and so in the life of him that is a Priest for ever after the Order of Melchisedeck (according to the word of the promise and of the oath) you will be a Royal Priest-hood, offering up an acceptable Sacrifice unto the Lord. And so my dearly belo­ved (unto whom my heart in pure love is opened) keep your habitations in the Life of the Son, in the Life of the Priest, that lives for ever, that you may never be rejected; in him is the Father well pleased, in him are all our Offerings accepted, and without him ye can do nothing: All Coverings and Robes without him are but as filthy Rags, and all Garments with­out his power and life of righteousness are no better, than a Menstruous Cloath, and abomination in the sight of the Lord.

And therefore keep your Garments clean, your hearts pure before the Lord, that the acceptance you may never lose: and mind the living of the power in your hearts, and your living in it unto God the Father, that as we have been [Page 107] quickened together in the Resurrection of the Life, even so in the same we may worship the Father for evermore. And so in this, Friends, doth my heart's love reach unto you all, in which my Soul doth once more very dearly salute you all, ye Children of the Covenant and of the blessed day of God Almighty, who walk in the Light, my heart is ravished with pure love in the Remembrance of you: O ye dearly beloved of my Soul, I have not forgotten you, neither have I been un­mindful of you, though outwardly we have been separated; but the antient love hath lived in my heart, yea, and doth live towards you all, which draws forth strong desires in me unto the Lord, that in his Will I might see your faces; which I hope, will be answered in his time: and until then I am freely given up into his Will to stand out of time, being sa­tisfied with the invisible union and fellowship in the Spirit, that I have with you, which time nor distance of places can never wear out, because that life and power, which is eter­nal, is known; and that love which changes not, is injoy­ed, in which I am one with you, and remain

Your Brother in the Covenant, where Sin is blot­ted out, and Everlasting Righteousness is brought forth, in which we worship the Father acceptably, I. Burnyeat.
Dear Friends,

I Have had a great Exercise upon my Spirit concerning this late Observation of a Day, or Fast, which was set forth and pretended unto; and seeing the pride and vanity, that people was in, not like true Mourners and Fasters, and such as would have the Iudgment removed; and also seeing the bitter Cruelty, that appeared as a part of the fruits of it; and furthermore, seeing the difference, that did seem to ap­pear in Friends minds, about the owning or not owning of it, by submitting unto their Requirings, or doing to the con­trary, as a testimony against it; after I had passed under a [Page 108] deep Exercise in Spirit for some time, at last the Lord God by his Eternal Word raised up my Spirit in the zeal thereof, and did smite against all such Mockeries: and then in a hea­venly Revelation (my Understanding being opened, and closing with the Word) he shewed unto me, that it was to be Witnessed against by all, that stood in the Testimony of God, and that those, that would weaken the Spirits of any in their Testimony in this or other things, wherein Friends have a Te­stimony for God, it was plainly shewed me from the Lord, how they would draw a vail over the pure in themselves, and in others, and in a cowardly, underly Spirit, by the cor­rupted, sallen wisdom, would put the Candle, that God hath lighted, under a Bushel, or under a Bed, and so cover it for a while, until at last it would be put out: so that we, like other Professors, at last by this Spirit would be led to yield to any thing, rather than suffer; and so then the offence of the Cross might cease. And then also there was another thing, which had been very long under my consideration, of which, I was not hasty to judge or meddle, wherein Friends have somewhat differed; but at this time was not minded by me, because of the other, that was upon me. But when the Lord had cleared the other to me, he brought up this also before my mind, which is about Sending Men, Horse and Arms to the Training, Trooping or Playing, which is folly as to us; for which many, that could not send, have suffered the spoiling of their Goods. And the Lord then plainly satisfied me, that it was his Testimony, wherein Friends were to stand, and that they that bore another Testimony either in words or action, it was from that Spirit, and in that Wisdom, that would put a bushel over the lighted Candle, and by degrees would put it out, and would lead us to crouch to the Spirit of the World, until its large wing of Darkness would over-shadow us, and become our Covering; and then we should be like others, that have lost their Testimony. And then when the Lord had [Page 109] thus done, oh! how my Soul was filled with heavenly, di­vine love towards all the willing Sufferers for the Lord's Te­stimony! So that I can say, it was with me, as it was with Deborah, when she said, her heart was towards the Gover­nours of Israel, who offered themselves willingly among the peo­ple; and then I could not but praise the Lord. And so this is the Testimony, that the Lord did put into my heart, which I am moved of him to give forth, for the comfort and sa­tisfaction of all, that desire to serve the Lord in their Gene­ration, and to keep their Consciences pure, and their Gar­ments unspotted. And therefore Friends, keep in the first, for he is the last, and shall stand, when all others shall fail. And reason not with flesh and blood, but wait for the power, that it may open you; and as you are kept open thereby, the wonderful things of God in it will be made known un­to you, and the depths of Satan will be seen also; and there will be a growing in righteousness. For in the power is the righteousness of God revealed from faith to faith by which the just lives; which cannot be witnessed, where the Testimony is let fall, and the Light covered, and the Talent laid in the earth; though it may be tied in a white Napkin of fair Profession. For the Gift or Talent is neither to be hid in the Earth, nor bound by any in any thing, but to have its liberty, until by its own power all be subjected unto it self, that God may be all in us all. This is the Testimony, that I am to leave with you in these matters; and so being eased in Spirit, in the lasting love of God I remain

Your Brother, Iohn Burnyeat.
Dear and Well-beloved,

YOU whom the Lord hath called to believe, and to be partakers of his Divine Nature, and of his mani­fold Mercies, that through the strength thereof you might bear witness to his Name, and testifie to his Truth in your Day, for which the God of Wisdom suffers you to be tried, and your faith to be proved, as it hath been his way in all A­ges for the proof of his people, that their hearts might be tried, and their Love appear, how weighty it is to him, that hath loved them: whereby the Glory of the Truth, and the Excellency of it might be made manifest.

And now my Friends, this is your day and hour of your Trial, wherein the Lord by you (I believe) shall be honour'd, and you rewarded with that good Reward, which shall out­ballance all the present Sufferings, unto which the Glory of the present World is not to be compared. And though from you it is my Lot to be separated, and so in the like kind not to suffer among you; yet I cannot say but that I suffer with you; for my Spirit is not without a feeling of your sufferings.

O! you dear Lambs of the Shepherd's fold, is it so, that the Wolf seeks to devour? and is the Lion and devouring Bear let loose, that would snatch up the Lambs? Fear not, though in his Mouth? We have a Shepherd, that will de­liver, and like David, will save from the power of the De­stroyer, so that your Life shall not come under his power: For God is on Israel's side to preserve, though they would swallow up quick. And therefore let your Trust be in the Arm of his strength for ever, and you shall know, that he is able to make up all to you again.

Dearly beloved, My very Heart and Soul salutes you all in the Reach of that Life, which by nothing that is visible, [Page 111] can be stopped; and in the sense and enjoyment of that I am spiritually with you, wherein I may say, I do partake with you both of the Sufferings and Tribulations, and also of the Ioy and Consolation, that abounds in your Souls, as the Reward of your Obedience and Faithfulness unto the Lord, that hath called you thereunto, and raised you up for that purpose. And therefore let none look back, nor be dis­mayed, for the Cause is the Lord's, and he will stand by you, and will plead your Cause with all that rise up against you, and will bring your Righteousness to light more and more, and shew who are his, and approved in his sight. And he will also discover and lay open the Cruelty of such, and ma­nifest them, who outwardly would shew themselves to be Sheep, but are inwardly Ravenous, and so Ravening Wolves; and so labour to lay waste the Heritage of the Lord to spoil his Flock: They are such, who would not have the Lambs seed quietly in the green Pasture of the Lord's pleasure, nor to lie still in the Fold of true Rest.

But blessed be the Lord for ever and ever, he hath brought many to the Mountain of his Holiness, where they shall not hurt nor destroy; even as he hath promised. And therefore let all mind their dwelling there, and be not moved, and the Treasure will be known, and the Riches received, which all the Spoilers from Babylon, and Men of War from Egypt shall not rob you of: For it is from thence they all come to spoil Zion, and to rob her of her Glory. But the Lord is her defender, and her King is in the midst of her, and Salvati­on is round about her for Walls and Bulwarks; Glory, and Honour, and Praises to the Lord our God for ever and ever! For he hath taken to himself his great power, and is going on Conquering and to Conquer: And will effect his own pur­poses, and bring to pass his own Designs in despite of all his Adversaries; so that when they think to pull down, he is building up; and in that way which they think to destroy, [Page 112] he will establish, and so repair the Streets of Zion in trou­blesome times, and build up her Desolations, and repair her Breaches, as before hath been prophesied. And seeing it is certainly thus, let us all trust in him for ever; and wait up­on him, that his power by us may be felt, and his Love and vertue may be fed upon, which nourisheth up the Soul to E­ternal Life.

Dear Friends, the Aboundings of the Love of God which is in my Heart towards you all, I cannot but signifie unto you, amongst whom I have been a partaker of such pretious Mercy and rich Blessings, as we have enjoyed together, and as I am satisfied, still abounds in your Hearts from the God of our Mercies. And so Friends, this is a Testimony of my love unto you all; do you receive it in particular, as if I had writ unto you all, one by one: For this it is the Lord hath made one in his Son, and brought us into Unity; as we abide in him, there is no Separation, therefore cannot we be forgotten one by another.

Dear Friends, by this you may understand, that I am very well every way; and going on in the Service, into which I am called. The last day but yesterday I had a Meeting in Boston, but very few of the People came, they are still under the fear of them, who are like them, and of that Generation, unto whom Christ said, would neither en­ter-in themselves, nor suffer others. However, we had a very comfortable and peaceable Meeting, and Truth is over them, and will bring them under, and confound their In­ventions. From

Your Friend and Brother, Iohn Burnyeat.

To the Rulers, Ministers, and People of the Island of Barbadoes, who see and take notice in any measure of the Hand of the Lord that is upon them, and have desires in them to have his Iudgments removed.


IT is Sin that provokes the Lord, and causeth his Judg­ments in his wrath, to come upon a Nation, a People, or a particular; and for that doth the Lord visit with his Rod, and many times smite with his sore Judg­ments. And while that is lived in, the Lord will not hear, though man may cry, and make many Prayers, as you may see in the Scriptures of Truth. Read Isaiah the 1st, and see what the Lord said unto Israel, when they were revolted, and become a sinful Nation, a People laden with Iniquity: Tho they offered Sacrifices and burnt Offerings, and called Assemblies, and observed the new Moons and the appointed Feasts, the Pro­phet called them, the Rulers of Sodom; and said, Hear the Word of the Lord ye Rulers of Sodom, give Ear unto the Law of our God, ye People of Gomorrah; to what purpose is the multitude of your Sacrifices, saith the Lord, &c. And further told them, That though they spread forth their Hands, he would hide his Eyes from them, and when they did make many Prayers, he would not hear; their Hands were full of Blood: And therefore commanded them to wash, make clean, and put away the Evil of their doings from before his Eyes, and cease to do evil, and learn to do well; seek Judgment, re­lieve the Oppressed, judge the Fatherless, plead for the Widow, and then come and let us reason together, saith [Page 114] the Lord. So here you may see, this is the way for Man to cease from doing Evil, and to learn to do well, whereby he may come into acquaintance with the Lord, and to have his Prayers to be heard, and his Requests to be answered, and so the Judgment to be removed. And also Daniel's Counsel to the King was, that he should break off his Sins by Righteousness, and his Iniquities by shewing Mercy to the poor, that it might be a lengthening to his Tranquillity, Dan. 4. 27. And all along in the Scriptures of truth, you may see, that Sin was the cause why the Lord was angry with any People, and why his Wrath came upon any Na­tion; and that the Lord (though he spared long many times) would not be reconciled unto them, till they obeyed his call in turning from the Evil of their ways; and if they would not be turned, at last he brought his Judgments upon them to cut them off. As you may see concerning Israel many times, both in the Wilderness, where the unbelieving and disobedient were cut off and perished; and also, after they were come into the Land of Promise, how often be­cause of their Sins, he brought his Judgments over them, and Destruction upon them, after that he had warned them, and by his Prophets called unto them, to leave their Wick­edness, and to learn to do righteously, and to amend their ways and their doings: And because they would not hear, but continued in their Sin, the Lord brought his sore Judg­ments upon them, and rejected them, and cut them off, and laid the Land desolate, notwithstanding the multitude of their Sacrifices, of their Prayers, and of their Observa­tions. So that he that killed an Ox, was as if he slew a Man, and he that sacrificed a Lamb, as if he cut off a Dog's neck, and he that offered an Oblation, as if he offered Swines blood, and he that burned Incense, as if he blessed an Idol; and all this was, because they chose their own ways, and their Souls did delight in their Abominations, as you [Page 115] may read, Isaiah 66. 3, 4. And therefore were all their Per­formances rejected of the Lord, and he brought their fear upon them; because when he called, they would not an­swer, when he spoke, they would not hear, but did Evil before his Eyes, and chose that in which he delighted not. So that all along you may see in the Scripture, that it was not that which People did do as upon the account of the Worship of God, that did at all please him, or appease his Wrath, while they did Evil before him, and chose that in which he delighted not; as is very evident from the Scrip­tures of Truth, in divers Testimonies therein to this pur­pose. Time would fail to mention all; and what was written afore-time, was written for our Learning, and that we should take warning by their Example, who sinned and continued therein till the day of Mercy was over, Rom. 15. 4. 1 Cor. 10. 11.

And therefore since the Lord hath stirred in you to take notice of his Judgments, and of his Hand upon the People of this Island, prepare your Hearts to seek the Lord in his own way; and before you do pretend to draw nigh unto him that is Holy, or to Worship him, or to offer an Offer­ing, or to keep a Day unto him, forsake your Sins, Put away the evil of your doing from before his Eyes, and learn to do well, that your Prayers may be heard, and that you may keep the Day holy unto the Lord; and so observe the Fast which the Lord hath chosen, which is, To loose the bands of Wickedness, to undo the heavy Burthens, and to let the oppressed go free; and to break every Yoke; to deal thy Bread to the hungry, with such like Works of Righteousness: And then the Lord hath promised, that such, their Light shall break forth as the Morning, and their Health shall spring forth speedily, and their Righteousness shall go before them, and the Glory of the Lord shall be their Reward. And then may such cry, and the Lord will answer, and say, Here [Page 116] am I; when there is a taking away from the midst of you the Yoke, the putting forth of the Finger, and the speaking of Vanity, &c. Isa. 58. 6, 7, 8, 9. And therefore try your ways and your doings, and let none think that the Lord is like a Man, that he will be satisfied with fair Words or Pretences; where his Voice is not hearkned unto and obey­ed, but Sin lived in, and the Fast kept which the Scripture condemns, which the Lord hath not chosen, as you may read Isa. 58. 2, 3, 4, 5, verses; for you may see there, how that that People did seek him daily, and had a delight to know his ways, as a Nation that did Righteousness, and forsook not the Ordinances of their God. They asked me the Ordi­nances of Justice (saith the Lord) and they take delight in approaching unto God; and then cryed, Wherefore have we fasted, and thou seest not? Wherefore have we afflicted our Souls, and thou takest no knowledge? The Lord gives the reason, Behold, saith he, In the Day of your Fast, ye find Pleasure, and exact all your Labours: Behold, saith he, ye fast for Strife and Debate, and to smite with the Fist of Wickedness; ye shall not fast as ye do this day, to make your Voice to be heard on high, saith the Lord. Is it such a Fast that I have chosen, a Day for a Man to afflict his Soul, and bow down his Head as a Bulrush, and to spread Sack­cloth and Ashes under him? Wilt thou call this a Fast, and an acceptable Day to the Lord? saith the Prophet. Nay, as I have shewed before, this is not it; and therefore let every one consider how they are prepared, to keep the Fast that God hath chosen, that the Fruits thereof may be brought forth by every one that pretends unto it, or else their cry will not be heard on high; for the Lord knows every ones intent, and takes notice of their doings; so that it is not every one that saith, Lord, Lord, that shall enter and be accepted, but he that doth the Will of God. So here you may see there is two Fasts, the one chosen, and the other [Page 117] rejected, and the Fruits of both manifested, whereby they may be known, who are the true Fasters, and who are not, agreeable to what Christ hath said; every Tree shall be known by its Fruit: And so let all mind what they do, and what they bring forth; for they that fast for strife and debate, and do smite with the Fist of Wickedness, they do not fast to the Lord; their Voice he will not hear, according to the Scripture. And such who instead of setting the op­pressed free, of undoing the heavy Burthens, and of break­ing every Yoke, do bring under Oppression, and lay heavy Burthens, and make Yokes instead of breaking them, such are not the People the Lord will accept in their Fasts, nor whose Prayers he will hear: Because they walk not in the equal way of the Lord, but love to wander, and have not restrained their feet, therefore saith Ieremiah, The Lord doth not accept them, but will remember their Iniquity and visit their Sins; and therefore the Lord commanded the Prophet, that he should not pray for that People for their good; for said God, When they fast, I will not hear their cry, and when they offer Burnt-offerings and an Oblation, I will not accept them; but I will consume them by the Sword, and by the Famine, and by the Pestilence, Ier. 14. 10, 11, 12. So you may see all along, the Lord doth not regard all that Man can do, or may do, so long as he wandereth from God, and doth not restrain his feet from walking in the evil way. Thus hath it been in all Dispensations of the Scripture be­fore, and therefore much more under this last and most glorious Ministration of the Gospel of Christ Jesus, which is professed by you, wherein the former comes to be ful­filled and finished, or perfected, where Christ himself is the great Law giver, who gives out his Ordinances and Pre­cepts unto all his People, who according to the promise of the Father, gives unto them the Spirit, and writes his Law in the Hearts of all the Children of the new Covenant, [Page 118] Ier. 31. 33. which they are to observe and to walk after; and if any one do otherwise, he ought to be dealt with­all, according to the command of this great Law-giver, Mat. 18. 15, 16, 17. First to be spoke to, and see if he will hear, either a Brother, two or three, or the Church: And if he will not hear, nor be gained, then saith Christ, Let him be unto thee as an Heathen and a Publican. But he gives no Commission unto Christians to persecute, to put in Prison, to take away Goods, to pull down their Houses, to put their Feet in the Stocks, to root them out of the World Root and Branch, no; nor to wish it so to be done unto them. But if any do, he will reprove such, as he did the Disciples, when he told them, They knew not what Spirit they were of, when they desired Fire to come from Heaven; for he came not to destroy, but to save, as you may read, Luke 9. 54, 55, 56. And you may see what the Apostle Paul saith, who was a wise Master Builder; he saith, One Man esteemeth one day above another, ano­ther he esteemeth every day alike; but between them, he saith, Let every Man be fully perswaded in his own mind. So you may see, here is no forcing upon any Man, in those things that appertain to the Worship of God; but as Christ over-rules the Conscience, and per­swades the Heart, and brings Man into a belief that it is according to the will of God, so that it may be done in the Faith, without which none can please God; for saith the Apostle, Whatsoever is not of Faith, is Sin, Rom. 14. 5, and 23. Verses. And therefore as the Gospel is pro­fessed, let Christ's commands be observed, and the Ex­ample of the Primitive Christians followed, who were blessed in their Day, and had the witness of acceptance with God; who were persecuted, but never persecuted any, nor sought to trouble any, as upon a bodily or out­ward account, for their Conscience; though they did [Page 119] reprove them sharply, that turned away from the power of Truth, and became Enemies to the Cross of Christ, whose Belly was their God, who gloried in their shame, and minded earthly things, and so served not the Lord Jesus Christ, but their own Bellies, Phil. 3. 18, 19. Now such the Apostle did bear Testimony against, or any others that did unrighteously; but we do not read, that he either did, or desired to have it so, that they that did not serve the Lord Jesus Christ, should be put in Prison, or in the Stocks, or any such like bodily Punish­ment, but left them to the righteous Judgments of the Lord at his coming, (having warned them) and so not to have fellowship with them as Brethren; but accord­ing to Christ's command, let them be as Heathens or Publicans. And so all may see very clearly, that will read the Scripture with a single Eye, that it is not of Christ, nor according to the Primitive Example of the Church in her best State, to inforce the Conscience of any, to do any thing as a Duty to God, which they themselves had not a perswasion unto, though they did very sharply reprove, and very zealously bear Testimony against all such, who made Shipwrack of Faith and a good Conscience, and turned from the guidance and lead­ing of the Grace of God, into Lasciviousness, Wanton­ness, and fleshly Liberty. And therefore I cannot but desire, that all that profess Christianity, may follow the Example of them that were the first and wisest Builders of Christianity, who laid the Foundation so, that another cannot be laid. And he that would build upon this that is already laid, otherwise than they build­ed, must suffer loss in the Day when his Works come to be tryed.

And therefore if any see the Lord's Rod, and his Judg­ments in these things that is upon the People of this Island, [Page 120] let all such humble themselves under the mighty Hand of God, and wait to feel his mighty Power, to sub­due the Man of Sin, and to bring under that which hath oppressed the Soul, that through the power of the Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God, the oppressed may be set free, and every Yoke may be broken, that it may be witnessed which was spoken by him, Ioh. 8. 36. If the Son make you free, ye shall be free indeed; and so then People do come to the Fast that the Lord hath chosen, and that Fast cannot be accompanied with Cruelty; nor there is no smiting with the Fist of Wickedness, nor bringing Oppression over the Just, where Christ is owned and followed (as the Lord hath appointed) as a Witness, a Leader and a Commander, for which he is given to the People, as you may read in Isaiah 55. 4. But where these Evils are brought forth, as the fruits of any Fast, by those that appoint a Fast, or pretend to keep a Fast, is it not like unto Iezabel's Fast, that she caused the Elders and Nobles of the City to proclaim, where the just Man was witnessed against, condemned, and stoned to Death for nothing, but because he could not give nor sell his In­heritance away, which the Lord had given him? And so we desire the good of all Men, and that every one may take notice of his own ways, how he walks before the Lord, and do unto others as he would be done unto; and that all may be free upon the account of things that appertain to God, and so left to the Judgment of him that knows all Hearts, that from him they may receive Reward.

And as for those things wherein Man is concerned, if any Man do wrong or injury to another in Person or Estate, we say, let such be punished according to the Law, which was made for the Transgressor, and let Judgment run down as Waters, and Righteousness as a [Page 121] mighty Stream, Amos 5. 24. This is the way the Scrip­ture largely testifies, wherein Man may come to be ac­cepted, and the Wrath of God appeased, and his Judg­ments removed, and so the right Desire answered.

From a Lover of Peace and Rigteousness, who truly seeks the good of all Men, John Burnyeat.
Dearly Beloved,

WHom the Lord hath called and Sanctified, and chosen in the Son of his Love, through whom he hath visited you in this Generation, as he did the People and the Gentiles in ancient Days; that you might pertake of his Salvation, and of the Power of his Life, and of the Glory of his Kingdom, with those that are gone before you. I say, for this end hath the God of Wisdom in his Love reached unto you in that Country, with the rest in this Age, that have waited for his Salvation, and have sought [Page 122] the rich things of his Kingdom in his own way. And now I am satisfied, that many of you in your measures, can seal to the Truth of Christ's Words, who said, Seek and you shall find; for as he is faithful that hath promised, even so we have found his Words sure and true. And now my Friends, being its certainly so, as many can witness, that they have found that which is Eternal, which belongs to Eternal Life, having been guided by that, which the Cloud and Pillar of Fire in the Wilderness was a figure of; every one with all diligence hold that fast, which you have received, that you may grow in, and be guided by it in your further Travels in the Heavenly Journey, towards the blessed Hea­venly Canaan, which is still before you, as the Price of the high Calling of God in Christ Jesus. And therefore ob­serve the true Mark, and still press forward towards the same, as the Apostles and ancient Saints did. And take heed I intreat you, unto your selves, and the exercise of your Minds, lest your Eye inwardly be drawn forth to look at another Mark; for if you do, then will not the Price be the same that was theirs, who was faithful unto Death, and so continued unto the end, and obtained the Crown. Therefore be you all watchful, to keep the Enemy of your Souls out of your Hearts, that he may reign who is your Friend, for ever, who seeks your good, and brings Life and Peace unto your Souls, under whose Government and peaceable Dominion you will find Rest and Pleasure for your inward Man. And now my dear Friends, since it is the Lord's Truth you have received, and his Holy Power that you have felt, (in these Countries, even as his People in other parts) dwell you with it, and in it with careful Minds, that you may therein live unto God, as such that have a part in the first Resurrection, that you may reign for ever and ever over the Power of the Second Death. And all take heed of the mysterious Workings of [Page 123] the wicked one, who works in Deceit by Guile, in every transformed Appearance, to draw the Mind out of the pure Center in the true Power, to the Likeness and Image which hath no Life in it, where there can be no stedfastness, nor true reigning over the Will that is unruly and foolish. Therefore my dear Friends, keep your Watch every one in your own Hearts continually, that you may not be be­trayed from that pure Life, that yields vertue unto your Souls, and nourisheth up to Eternal Life. For I know; that the wicked one, in his deceitful Workings you have been acquainted with, and his evil Design the Lord by his Power, in his Light, hath discovered unto many of you; so that you, by the same, have escaped his hurtful Snares, and yet lives in that which must reign at last over all. And therefore keep your Habitation in the Power that is unchangeable, wherein you may live for ever without fading; for the Power fades not, but abides in its Glory for ever; so that the first is the last, the Root and Off-spring. Blessed are they that have kept their first Love, and have stayed in their Righteous Habitation, into which the Power did redeem them; they do still witness a growing from Grace to Grace, from Strength to Strength, and from one degree of Holiness unto another, until they come to be purely like him, who is their Redeemer, who shall change them, and bring them from Glory to Glory, till they bear the Image of the Heavenly Man, and be like him, that is altogether glorious, who is putting of his Glory richly upon his Church, which is his People in this Day. And therefore you that have received the Spirit of the Lord, and are acquainted with it, do you follow it in all its pure leadings with faithful Hearts; for it will certainly lead all the Faithful to know an increase of Glory. And take heed of the Spirit of the World, which is not of God, but leads from him; that [Page 124] Spirit where it prevails, causeth to wither and sade, and brings Barrenness upon the Soul, and Darkness and Death, and then the Glory is lost, and the Image of the Heavenly then is not born, nor no Man in that is Heir of the Heavenly Inheritance. Therefore it doth behoove all to look to their standing, in that wherein the Heirship is, that none may come short of that Crown, which Paul said, was laid for him, and all them that loved the appearance of the Lord Jesus Christ. And so the God of Love and Peace keep you all, in his Love, Fear and Wisdom, that your Dwellings for ever may be in his Peace, which the World cannot take away, nor rob you of; that so with the rest of his He­ritage, you may shine in the Light of his Glory, and dwell in the Richness of his Kingdom for ever and ever. Amen.

This is the Desire of my Soul for you all, whom I truly love, and in the Life Salute, where­in I am your Friend and Brother, J. B.
My dear Friends in Cumberland,

UNto you my Love and Life reaches, and purely flows forth in that which Lives for ever; wherein I do in the Innoceney and Life of Righteousness truly Salute you all, whom the Lord hath raised and called to be a part of the first Fruits unto himself in this day of ours, wherein the Glory of his hidden Life he hath Revealed unto a Remnant, even that which from the Wise and Prudent of this World is still hid; and from such, as turn back into that Wisdom, it comes again to be Vailed, so that the Light of the Glo­ry of it they lose again, though they had a view thereof. And therefore blessed are all, who keep their Habitation in that Power which never Changeth nor Decays, the Glory of the Heavenly things will be still in their view, by which their Hearts will be enlarged towards the Lord, both in Love unto him, and a Living People to his Honour in all things, that his Name may be Exalted, and the Testimo­ny of his Truth in its own pure Nature in every thing kept up, according to its Brightness and Glory, as by the power thereof we were raised up in the beginning, as the life of Holiness grew in us, dear Friends, that which quickned and raised us from the Dead in years past, through which we Live unto God; and as we keep in the same, we shall for ever be accepted by him, and be well pleasing in his sight: but out of that you know none shall be regarded by him, though ye might do much, for he did not regard them in the days of old for all they could do, that did not keep in the Life of Righteousness, though they might go far, even to the covering of the Altar with Tears. And therefore, as I said, that by which you were first quickned and raised, [Page 126] is that in which for ever we must be accepted, so that every one is to mind and wait for an increase, and by ex­perience of the growth of that wherein there is a coming upwards, from a Child's State, to a farther growth, and still it is in the same Nature, without degeneration from that which was first, and so the first is witnessed to be last, and ye grow more and more into the fulness of Christ, in whom all fulness dwells. And therefore my dearly Be­loved, in all your Meetings upon the Truth's account have an eye unto, and wait for an Injoyment of his Blessed and Heavenly and Heart-breaking Power of the Lord God a­mong you, that your Hearts may be broken thereby, and your Spirits melted into true Love and Contriteness, and you preserved in that state, and then will your Hearts be inlarged in the Heavenly Wisdom that is Pure, Peaceable, Gentle and Easy to be Intreated, and in that Wisdom and Power in you all, in the same will all your works stand to the Honour of God, and Comfort one of another, and your Eys will be always to the Promotion of Truth in Righteousness, keeping up your ancient Testimony, into which God raised you by his Power in years past, and in the Life and Power of God you will keep under, and weak­en that which would arise to trample his Holy Testimo­ny under Foot, and so keep the House and Family of God in Order, and keep to the Cross to that, which would be out in a Fleshly Liberty, to make void the Cross of Christ, by which we were Crucified to the World, and the World to us; for that which would be from under the Cross, is the same that would lead into the World again, and so would make shipwrack of Faith and a tender Conscience, and lead into headiness, hardness, stubornness, and looseness again, and then do they Apostatise from the Life of God that is in them, and become Reprobates concerning the Faith, and so through forsaking their first Love, lose their [Page 127] Reward at last. And therefore the true Elders, Elder Men and Elder Women ought to have this Care upon them over the younger, that all may be preserved in the first Love, and first Zeal, that none may lose that, nor draw back into a fleshly Liberty, down into the Wisdom that is from below, which hath not its Spring in, nor from that Heavenly Gift, which cannot keep the Hearts pure, as the Heavenly doth; and you know, it was the Gift of the Heavenly Power, that first Quickned us, and made us to Live to God; and you know, it is the same that keeps our Hearts Tender and Lively, by which we Live for ever. For our Life that we now Live, is by Faith in him who is the Power of God, and we Feed upon him, and his Flesh is Bread, according to his own Words; for he is the Living Bread that came down from God, and still comes down, therefore mind it, wait for it, and stand up for it, and be not starved again upon the barren Mountains of your own Imaginations, where this Bread of Life is not to be found. And dear Friends, keep your Men and Womens Meetings in the Lord's Fear and Power, and keep in the Holy Care, where you may have a sense of your concern in the Body, and feel your Place and Charge every one of you, and be Zealous for Righteousness in the particu­lar and in the general, and the Lord will be with you, as he hath been, I am witness: For none no longer dwells in the Truth and Love, than they dwell in Righteousness, though they may make a profession. And be not at all discouraged in your works for the Lord and his Truth, by that Spirit that would bring a light esteem upon your Holy Care and Godly Order in the Truth, for it is the same in Nature, that in all ages endeavoured to lay wast God's Heritage, and obstruct his Work, and layed stumbling blocks in the way of God's Traveling People, to cause them to fall, and to turn back a­gain; the Lord will blast every desire, that those go about in this matter who let in this Spirit, and bring his Life over [Page 128] it, and preserve his People therein; that in this Life and Heavenly Liberty, they may Serve him, and Praise him, who Lives for Ever, who is Everlastingly Worthy, to whom be glory and Dominion, World without End.

Dear Hearts, you being Living in my Remembrance, as also the Heavenly Seasons we had together, when I was last with you, my Heart is filled with Love towards you; and in that I send these few Lines, as a Salutation and tender Greeting unto you, that you may know you rest in my Re­membrance, as I believe I do in yours. So the God of Love and Peace keep you all in his Love and Fear unto the End, that your Portion may be with him in his Eternal Kingdom, where there shall be no Sorrow, but you may dwell in Pleasure for ever, and for evermore.

From your Friend and Brother in the Fel­lowship of the Gospel. J. B.
Dear and Well-beloved,

UNto you, who are the called of God in those parts, unto whom the visitation of his Day hath reached, and upon whose Hearts the Heaven'y Light thereof hath shined, in its pure spiritual breakings forth, so that you are become the Children thereof, and do walk therein; unto you all doth the tender Salutation of my Soul reach in the love of God, and in the Fellowship, which is a Mystery, which is held in a pure Conscience, and continued, as we walk and abide in the Light, in which we have fellowship with the Father, and with the Son, and also one with ano­ther, and so are of one Family and Houshold, partakers of that one Bread, which all the sanctified in all Ages did feed upon; which is that which we are to wait for in this Day, that we may live thereby unto God, and grow through the Divine Nourishment thereof up into his Nature, and into his Strength, wherein we may triumph over the Adver­sary, as the Antients did of old, and rejoyce in the God of our Salvation, who is our Strength and Tower of Safety for ever.

Dear Friends, Great and large hath the Love and Kindness of our God been unto us (who were Strangers, Aliens and Enemies in our minds unto him) in this, that he hath called and chosen us to be his People, and to bear witness unto his appearance, and the shinings forth of his Light, and of the Glory of his Presence, whereby he hath richly comforted our Souls, and lifted up our Heads above all sorrow, even when the Enemy hath thought to sink us down into the Pit. Thus hath the Lord dealt bountifully with our Souls, and been a ready help in the needful time; to him be the Honour and Glory for ever and ever! So that now it be­hooves [Page 130] all, after so many Deliverances, Favours and Mercies, to stick close unto the Lord, and seek his Glory above all, and that with all their strength, that so he who is the good Husband-man, may be glorified through every ones bringing forth of Fruit, according to Christ's command.

Now my Friends, this all observe, that none can bring forth Fruit unto God's Glory, but as they abide in Christ the living Vine; from him is the Life received, by which, every one lives unto God; and it is by the vertue of that Life, that every one must act to his Praise. And there­fore see, that you all retain it in its own Purity, and live in subjection thereunto through your whole Day; that you may be as fruitful Branches, abiding in the right Na­ture, and bearing holy Fruit: And then will you feel the holy Dew abide upon your Spirits, throughout your Age, that will preserve you from withering, your Leaf from fading; and so your Fruit shall be ripe in due season, and not be untimely brought forth in that which will not en­dure: For that in which we have believed, will endure for ever. The Heavenly Power which God hath revealed in our Hearts, and made manifest for a standing Foundation, that's sure for ever; upon which, as you all abide stedfast, the Gates of Hell, with all the power of Darkness, shall not prevail against you, but you shall be able to withstand him, and keep your Habitations in the Dominion thereof, and dwell in Peace upon the Rock of safety, in the midst of all Storms; and sing for joy of Heart, when those that forsake this Rock, shall howl and lament for vexation of Spirit. For the Lord God will bring his Day and his Power over all, and upon all, that fly to any shelter, or seek any other defence, that have once known his Truth; and he will be unto such as a Moth, and as Rottenness, and their Strength he will waste, and their Garment and Cloth­ing he will destroy, and their Beauty and Glory he will [Page 131] cause to fade; though they have been as a beautiful Flower in the head of the fat Valley, yet will fading come upon them, even dryness at the Root, and withering and decay­ing upon the beauty of their Blossoms. And therefore let all keep unto that, and in that, which will not decay, come to nothing, nor never be turned into Darkness, but abide in its vertue and glory, in and by which the Lord hath visited you, and through which his Day hath dawned upon your Souls, the Morning whereof you have known bright and clear, as without Clouds, in which you have seen the Son in his Glory to appear unto your Souls, with his Heavenly healing, warmness and vertue. Now Friends, this is that which for ever is to be kept too, that the Day may be known to increase in the light and glory of it, in its own clearness, without mixture, not mixing with it your own Wisdom, Thoughts, or carnal Imaginations, which do prove such Clouds, where they are suffered to arise, that they bring Darkness over the understanding, and make the Day cloudy and dark, and so occasion wandering, and to some turn the very Eye-lids of the Morning into the Shadow of Death. And through such things hath the Enemy so prevailed over some, that he hath brought them again into the Night of Everlasting Darkness and Confusion, ere they have been aware, whither he would lead; and thus as a Man void of Understanding, over whom the Whorish Woman hath prevailed, and so led down to the Chambers of Death, have many followed those Steps, that have taken hold on Hell, where Misery is sure to be met with­all.

Dear Friends, that which preserves from these Dangers, is that Arm and Power which God revealed in the begin­ning, by which (as we are Witnesses) he redeemed our Souls out of many afflictions. And therefore, let it be every ones care, to wait for a clear and sensible feeling of that [Page 132] same Power in its own pure Nature, to spring in all your Hearts every Day, and then will your delight be so in it, and your acquaintance (in a clear Understanding) will be so with it, that you will never be deceived, so as to take any other for it. Then to your comfort, will your Hea­venly Peace spring under the Power and Government of him that is the Prince of true Peace, and so will your Hearts be made truly glad, and weighty, and ponderous, and not to be carried about with every Wind: For in this is the true and sure Establishment of the Soul, with Grace in the Covenant of Life for ever; and these are they whose Peace is of a standing nature, who are not given to change. But this I have always observed, that where there is an uncer­tain Spirit or Mind, though in some states into which, at times they may come, they may have Peace, and feel some Refreshment, yet for want of constancy and stedfastness (which is preserved through a true, watchful and diligent attendance upon that which doth not change, which is sure for ever) they lose their Habitation, and their state of Peace, and come to be tossed in their Minds, and afflicted in their Spirits; and also are the occasion of tossing, affliction and di­stress unto others, who not being aware, may sometimes be in danger to suffer with them, when they fly from the Word, that should uphold, as it was with Ionah in the days of old. And therefore it is good for every one, to have their Hearts established with Grace, and in the Grace wait for a settle­ment, that under the pure teachings thereof, they may be preserved from going into those things that will procure Woe; and so shall every ones State in that which is good, be more and more constant, and then will there be a grow­ing, and going forward and not backward. For that which doth occasion any to linger, or draw back, is Carelesness, Unbelief and Disobedience; and in such the Lord's Soul doth take no pleasure. And therefore in that which doth [Page 133] not change, all live, by which all changeable and mutable Thoughts, and Imaginations, and Desires will be judged down, and the spring of Life over all will slow; and the First will be the last; for in that the Beauty and Glory doth stand for ever. And all that abide not in it, to grow in the vertue thereof, (whatever they have been) at the best will be but as a fading Flower in the head of the fat Valley, as it was with Ephraim; the Lord will take no de­light in them, but reject them, and cast them out, as such whose Beauty is gone, whose Gold is become dim, and whose Wine is mixt with Water: And so as reprobate Silver shall they be esteemed even of Men, because the Lord hath re­jected them.

So the Lord God keep and preserve you all in that which was from the beginning, and will endure unto the end, that in that ye may flourish and grow, as the Lilly of the Valley, and the Tree by the Rivers of Water. This is the desire of my Soul for you all, who truly love you in the love of God, wherein I remain one with you, and am

Your Brother in the Truth, J. B.

Let Copies of this be sent to New-England, Virginia, Maryland and Barbados.

ONE Oliver Morross, an Informer, came into a Meeting in Mahuntleth in Mountgomery in Wales, where Iohn Burnyeat, in the fear of God was speaking unto the People, and Preaching the Gospel of Peace and Salvation unto them (for their good) as he had received from the Lord; the said Oliver Morross, Informer, with several Constables, and many other Rude People came twice into the Meeting, to break up the Meeting, and made a great disturbance: But Friends in quietness sitting still (only one who reasoned the matter with him) he at last went out, and all his Com­pany to the Stable, and there took all the Horses, and Friends Horses, all they could find in the Town: But after Meeting we got them again, they being then taken with­out any colour of Law. But the next day, being the 3d day of the 10th Month, the said Informer went to one William Pugh of Mathauern, a Justice of Peace (so called) who came along with him, and met Iohn Burnyeat and Thomas Ellis upon the Road, and stopt them both, and caused them to turn back to an Ale-house, where this Informer, and another Man (which was William Pugh's Bayliff) Swore against them for Preaching at the aforesaid Meeting, for which the Justice Fined them, and wrote a Warrant, and sent for a Constable, who by that Warrant seised upon Iohn Burnyeat's Mare, and Thomas Ellis's Horse, with Saddles and Bridles; and so they were constrained to Travel on their Way on Foot, till they could get to an Ale-house to get Lodging. This Reward the Lord's Servants Received at their Hands, for their Love and Good will to the Souls of People.

[Page 135] Iohn Burnyeat's Mare was worth about 8 l. Thomas Ellis's Horse, about 3 l. 10 s.

Iohn Burnyeat's Mare Dyed within an hour and an half after Seizure; and the other Friends took the Mange and Dy­ed in the Informer's Hands within six Months time.

J. B.
Dear and Well-beloved in the Lord,

WITH you my Soul hath Precious Unity in the Spi­ritual Fellowship, and Nearness, and Heavenly One­ness, which stands in that Life, by which we were first Quickened; in which we Live, and in the Increase of which we grow into a Heavenly Understanding and true Soundness, in Discerning and Judgment, whereby the Faithful come to be more and more accomplished for their Places, and fitted for every good Work, that so they may answer their Office and Membership in the true Body, whereof Christ Jesus is the Head; of which Body we are made living Members through his Love, who hath called us, and in his Son chosen us to be Heirs of Life.

Dear Friends, your selves know, that he who through his Bounty hath blessed us with Spiritual blessings, in Christ Jesus, so that we are made Stewards of his Manifold Graces, [Page 136] who now doth require answerable Service from us all, accord­ing to our gifts received from him; and whosoever is found Faithful to their Gifts and Places, shall certainly witness an Increase, and so grow in Grace and in the Knowledg of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, and so come more and more into true soundness, and to the Spirit of a sound Mind: For you know, how richly the Power of Christ was Manifested in us and among us in the beginning, and how wonderful it did work for the Redeeming of our Hearts out of the World, the Vanity and Pleasures of it, that we might Love and Affect Heavenly things, and delight in the glory of that which comes from Heaven. And in that day you may re­member the glorious and Heavenly Raptures we many times were raised up into, and with admiration were ready to turn about and say, We will Behold this Wonder, the Bush which Burns, and is not Consumed. But since that time many have been the Exercises, and weighty have been the Tryals that have been met with in our Spiritual Progress, through which the Lord hath led us; and many Temptations hath the Lord delivered us from, and led us out of; and many Weaknesses hath he passed by, and Trespasses hath he in his great Mercy forgiven; so that to this day we remain, and that in cove­nant with him: Therefore have we cause to Praise him, and to Sing unto him. Now our present state and capacity, to which he hath brought us, is to be minded, and our duty therein; for now many are come to be Free from being Ser­vants or Slaves unto the old Task-masters; and though but in our Journey, yet there is something to be done, which was truly Figured out in Israel's Travel; they were to fit the Ta­bernacle with all the Services and Ornaments belonging there­unto, though in the Wilderness in their Travel; and the Men and Women were both concerned (as you may read) in the work to prepare for the Fitting of the Tabernacle, accord­ing to the Command of the Lord. And this was after the [Page 137] Lord had appeared unto Moses, shewed his Wonders in Egypt, wrought that great Salvation at the Red Sea, and manifested his dreadful Presence upon Mount Sinai; and given forth his Holy Law, and his Manifestations, by which he Taught Israel to do his Will; so that in the observation of which they were blessed; a lively Figure, of what our Souls are Witnesses of, in the Heavenly Substance. So that now we are not to be neg­ligent, for it would not have been well in Israel to have an­swered Moses (when according to the Command of God he put the People upon it, both Men and Women, to Work for the Fitting of the Tabernacle) We had no such thing, when we came out of Egypt, we had no such thing put upon us, when we began our Iourney; we will do as we did in the beginning: This would have been Rebellion against him, that by the Hand of Moses brought them out of Egypt, and freed them out of Bondage: And you know, what Judgments and Destruction he brought upon them, that did rebel and gainsay, as Corah and his Company, who withstood the Ordinance of God.

Oh! my dear Friends, methinks, I am as if I were talking with you of the Lord's Mercies and former Loving Kindnesses and Dealings with us; and being also under a present sense of our present state and capacities, to which he hath brought us, my Bowels within me are even Melted with a Holy Love and Tenderness towards you; and in that Love I send these Lines, as the Salutation of my Soul in that which Lives for ever, and as a signification of that entire love, which in my Heart lives towards you; Wherein I desire, that both you and I for­ever may so mind our present state, and our growth and the in­crease of the Mercies of our God unto us, as to answer them by a Faithful Serving of him, and one another in that love which thinks no Evil, and is never weary of doing good, and yet will not vaunt it self. Now this is that which lives in my view, the Power of Christ, which was so Richly Ma­nifested [Page 138] in the beginning, did then Work to the preparing of us to be a People fit to do his Will; and so it wrought unto a Cleansing, Washing, and Sanctifying of us, that we might be Holy Vessels fit for his use. Now being Prepared, the same power in the Faithful works mightily, to the Fitting and Furnishing of us unto every Good Work, that we might be to the praise of his grace, who hath called us; and if we so be to his praise, we must grow in Grace, and in the know­ledg of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ: And if we grow in the Knowledg of him, as we have known him to save us from Sin, and to destroy the evil one, and so to be our Sanctification and Redemption; even so we must Wait to know him to be made of God unto us Wisdom, that he may be our Wisdom, and the Fountain of it unto us may be the gift of his Holy Power in our Hearts. And so then, as it did mightily work in our Hearts to Prepare us, even so will the same Gift be felt to work mightily to furnish us with Wisdom, and to enable for every Good Work; and so you will know him to be made of God Wisdom unto you. For the Holy dread of the Power upon the Heart in Righteousness being felt, guides him or her in Wisdom that Speaks; the same Holy Fear and Dread upon the Heart guides him in Silence, that in Silence sitteth, whose mouth is not opened, and so he is made still, and Christ your Head, who is one in the Man, and in the Woman, Wisdom unto you; and so here all will be kept in your places, as you keep in Subjection unto him, who is the Head, the Husband of the true Wife.

And dear Friends, mind his Heavenly Power, and keep under a Holy Reverence unto it, and that will keep you Savoury and Reverent in your Meetings, and clear and in a good understanding, and Subject one unto another; and so you will be Co workers together, and helpers one of another, and so you will come to have the benefit one of anothers gifts: And thus as Members, will you supply in a Blessed [Page 139] Unity every one your Office in the Body. And therefore my Counsel, as a Brother in Love, unto you is, Let all be Sub­ject: None, in whom the tender Life in a Heavenly Rever­ence doth move for Counsel, Advice or otherwise, to quench it, or to stop the Service; for in so doing others may be wronged, as well as the particular, unto whom the Lord intends benefit by thy gift: For it is not good to Stop; only let all take heed, that their own Spirits may be Subject, that Christ may be head in all, and he may be your Wisdom. And be open and ready in your Hearts to Re­ceive Counsel, Help and Instruction one from another, and keep down the forward, heady and rash Spirit, that would run without Reverence, and speak without the true Fear, from that none will rightly understand, nor have a true sense of the Weight of the Service of this Day.

O! it is fresh in my Heart, the Dread, the Reverence, the Fear, that our Hearts were filled with in the begin­ning, in which we went about Truth's Concern; this same is still to be Felt and Minded, and then all will be kept Savoury; and in this will all your Meetings, your Care and Labour of Love be a sweet Smelling Sacri­fice unto the Lord.

And Friends, let your Monthly and Quarterly-Meetings be kept orderly for the Service determined and aimed at, that you may be retired from the World, and such not concerned in the Service Proposed for such Meet­ings; that so all that come, may be either Capable of doing Service in a Reverent Mind, or to Learn that which may be for Truths Honour, their own Good, and your Comfort; and then will all you, who are concerned, get into your Service without Strait­ness, and so will be a help one unto another in your particular gifts, and the Spring of Life will be open­ed [Page 140] among you, and your Meetings will be Delight­ful unto you; and you in that will be a Delight one to another; and then with one Consent, in the Pleasant Unity you will do the Lord's Work together, as his Ser­vants and Hand-maids, and a part of his pleasant Heritage, which he hath Chosen, and upon whom he rains down his [...] daily.

And so the God of Peace and Love fill your Assemblies with his Presence, Life and Love, that you may Flourish, as the Plants of his Right-hand-planting, and be faithful through your whole Day, is the desire of my Heart and Soul, who Remain,

Your Brother in the Lord Jesus Christ, I. B.
To the Women's Meetings in Cumberland.
Dear Friends,

YOU whom the Lord hath visited and reached unto by his own holy Arm of Heavenly Power; for that blessed end, for which he hath visited many Nations, and appeared unto many People, that he might shew Glory again unto Mankind, which through Sin, they were fallen short of, that so in his Visitation he might renew that Heavenly Image, whereby he might be glorified again among the Sons of Men; and now in this great Day of Visitation, which hath dawned upon the Nations, you in these Countries have been visited and reached unto, and graciously saved and delivered from the Snares of Death, and opened unto the way of Life; so that you have both seen into that hidden Glory, and tasted of, and been enjoyers of the power of that Life, which hath no end. And now that care which always ought to dwell upon your Hearts, is this, that you may keep in possession that which you have received: That as was said of old, None may take your Crown from you, nor none may fall short of that Rest, which is prepared for the visited and redeemed of the Lord. The way you have known, God hath shewed it unto you, and called you to walk therein; and the mark you have seen, the Lord hath set that before you, that you might press towards it, as the antient Christians did, for the Price of the high Calling of God in Christ Jesus. And now dear Friends, that which I desire all may be concerned in, is, how there is a pressing for­ward towards the Mark, and a going on in this way which the Lord hath cast up or revealed, and called you to walk in; for it is he that travels on; that shall come to the blessed End, and obtain the Crown of Glory; and not such as lingers or sits down by the way, either to take up a Rest, or look [Page 142] for another Inheritance, besides what God hath promised, shall be the possession after the War is over, and the Con­quest obtained. For Iordan must be gone through, and the Canaanites utterly subdued, before any Man of War sit down in his Inheritance: Therefore those Tribes, that had their Lots on the other side of Iordan, were to go through Iordan, and continue in the War, till all was subdued: And thus is the saying true, He that continues unto the end, shall be saved; and he that's faithful unto Death, shall have the Crown of Life. And therefore let a concern be always upon your Minds in this weighty matter, that you may see how it is with you, and whether you are still in your Journey upon your Travel towards the Mark for the Price: And as you must mind, whether you are in your Travel, pressing forwards or no; even so you must mind also, that you press forwards toward the Mark, or else you may come short of the Price, the blessed Inheritance, and so be such as Iames speaks of, that ask and receive not, because they ask amiss. For the Heavenly Wisdom is to be sought after, and waited for, that comes down from above, which teacheth and guideth in the Heavenly Way, the Heavenly Path of Life and Salvation, where every ones steps will be sure, and their goings will be established, and their understandings will grow. For the Iust Man's Path, will be as the shining Light, that shines more and more, unto the perfect Day: Here none will be like those that beat the Air, or run at an uncertainty; the Apostle said, they were not such, yet there may be such, whose Pains and Travels may be great. Therefore still I say, let your pressing be towards the Mark, in the sense of the Lord's power, which is the true Guide, and the true Cross, that mortifies and crucifies the Flesh with its Affecti­ons and Lusts, and keeps Self down in the Death, out of the Reputation, for there is none due unto it. For whoso­ever gives and seeks Reputation to it, which ought to be [Page 143] made of no Reputation, such can never rightly seek God's Honour, nor work his Work, nor obtain the right Price, nor attain the Crown, but must fall short at last: For it is in him that crucifies Self, and makes it of no Reputation, that the Election stands, and in whom the Heirship is for ever. And therefore, dear Friends, wait all to feel his power in your Hearts, and diligently mind the blessed working thereof, that you may feel, how it purgeth your Consciences from dead Works, and cleanseth your Hearts from Sin; for Sin defileth the Heart, that it is not prepared for the Lord, he will not dwell therein. Therefore it must be washed, and dead Works must be purged away; for no Man can serve the living God therein; it must be the living Works in the living Power, wherein we must be accepted. And so let all mind the living Power, which is the living Guide, which doth guide in the living Way, and keeps alive unto God; and so you will all be kept a living People, and grow up in the living Wisdom that is from above, which is inwardly taught by the living Gift, that is received from the Father of Lights, with whom there is no variable­ness, nor shadow of turning. And as you grow up in this Wisdom, you will be constant, there will be an establishing, and such will shew out of a good Conversation their Works, with Meekness and Wisdom. But saith the Apostle, if there be bitter Envying, and Strife in your Hearts, glory not, and lie not against the Truth; this Wisdom descendeth not from above, but is Earthly, Sensual and Devilish: For where En­vying and Strife is, there is Confusion and every evil Work. But the Wisdom that is from above, is first pure, and then peaceable, gentle, and easie to be entreated; full of Mercy and good Fruits, &c. And the Fruit of Righteousness is sown in Peace of them that make Peace; so you may see the Fruits brought forth, manifest the Wisdom, from whence it comes: The Heavenly peaceable Wisdom brings forth [Page 144] the peaceable Fruits of Righteousness, and is full of Mercy, gentle, and easie to be intreated, and full of good Works; but the Earthly brings forth the contrary. Therefore saith the Apostle, If there be bitter Envying and Strife in your Hearts, glory not, and lie not against the Truth: Say not, thou art in the Heavenly Wisdom, while this lodgeth in thee, for this Wisdom descendeth not from above, but is earthly and sensual, and therefore can never establish, but bring Confusion, because he is the Author of it, that can never work good.

And therefore dear Friends, let your Hearts be always kept in subjection unto that Power, that bridles your Wills and crosses them, and keeps you lowly, humble and gentle, where the daily dying, which the Apostle was in, may be witnessed; and so you will see the true pressing forward towards the Mark, and the true growing into Dominion over him that would hinder; and then, as Iames saith, Swift to hear, slow to speak, slow to Wrath; for the Wrath of Man worketh not the Righteousness of God. Yet this I have often observed, Man in a heat of Wrath would be working for God; but in that he cannot work the Righteousness of God: Therefore well said Iames, Swift to hear, slow to speak, slow to Wrath: And you know, that he whom we ought to hear, saith, Learn of me, for I am meek and lowly in Heart: And so as every one learns of him, and minds the leadings of his Power, and the teachings of his spirit of Grace in their Hearts, they will grow more and more like him, and come into his Nature and healing Spirit, and so in his Grace and Life be Healers and Saviours: And therefore was it said by the Prophet, they should be as Saviours upon Mount Zion. Now Friends, every one mind this saving, healing power in your selves, and bow in your Hearts unto it, and be still in your Minds and calm, and you shall see how it will sweeten you, level your Spirits, and bring down that which [Page 145] is high and losty, and hard, and you shall see, how the Mountains will melt at the prefence of the Lord, at the presence of the God of Iacob, and you shall see, how the Winds and Seas obey your Saviour, and into what calmness he will bring your Spirits; and then when all is still, your Ear being opened, which is the first Work of the Word, you will be swift to hear, and hearing, your Souls will live: And you will come down out of all the noises, floatings and swellings, into the calmness and stillness, where you will admire your Saviour, and say, What manner of Man is this, that even the Winds and Seas obey him? And you will see, that though Iordan over-flow her Banks, yet at the leadings on of our Ioshuah, and at the entrance of the feet of our High Priest, it must be driven back, that the Ransomed of the Lord may pass over dry-shod. Much of this nature in Spirit may be read, as there is a hearkning and keeping low; but the forward, rash and hasty, are often tossed upon the Waters, and very uncertain in their ways and doings; and therefore do produce unto themselves much affliction of Soul and Spirit; for to them the promise doth not belong, where it is said, He will keep them in perfect Peace, whose Minds are stayed upon him, because they trusted in him.

Now Friends, methinks the Way is plain, if every one would be careful to attend upon the power and its openings, and give way thereunto, and be humble; for its the humble he teacheth his Ways, and the meek he will guide in Iudgment, and the willing and obedient he will feed, for the Promise is, They shall eat of the good of the Land. And therefore I do beseech all, be mindful, be you all careful, keep your Hearts out of the World, and the drowning, surfeiting Cares and Pleasures of it, that you may neither be choaked, nor surfeited with the excess of that, nor so led up into the worldly Pleasures, and Liberty out of the Truth, which that draws into, as thereby and [Page 146] therein to forget the Lord, and overlook your inward State. For if any so do, they lose the Glory, the Beauty and Sweetness of their Heavenly condition; and then they grow weary of the Way of the Lord, and ready to say, as some of old, What profit is there in serving of God, or in keeping of his Ordinances? And therefore the God of Life stir you up, and awaken all unto Watchfulness and Diligence, that you may grow rich in the inward Man, and be replenished with the Vertues and Graces of God, that you may be a fruitful People in those parts of the World, to the Honour and Glory of him who hath called and visited you, who is Worthy of all Glory and Honour, Praise and Dominion for ever!

And dear Friends, my Heart's love reacheth unto you all, who love and fear the Lord; and in the Love of God I dearly salute you all, and send this as a Testimony of that Love, that still lives in my Heart unto you, and therein I remain,

Your Friend and Brother, I. B.
Dear Friends,

THE Love of my Heart and Soul is richly extended forth unto you; and surely, my Heart is affected with you in the Exercise you are under, and do endure in this Day, wherein the Lord seems to be pleased to try you as in a Furnace of Affliction, and to prove your Faith and Pa­tience, that you may come to know the value of it, even of that which is more precious than Gold that perisheth. And truly, my Heart believes, that the Lord doth not suffer it to come upon you to destroy you, but to try you; and when his good Will is fulfilled in that, and they have filled up their measure, whose Hearts are hardened in their Cruel­ty, he will find a way to deliver and bring forth his tryed and proved People, whose Hearts are right before him, and whose Souls are wisely set to seek him; unto such shall all things be rightly sanctified, and the Blessing, and the Peace and Glory shall rest upon their inward Man, with the richness of that Life which comes from Heaven, for which you suffer; for it is your innocent suffering for this, (as you have the Witness thereof in your selves) that brings the Crown and Diademe of Glory to be put upon the Head of your inward Man. So that the saying of the Apostle comes to be witnessed, The Spirit of God and of Glory shall rest upon you. Oh my most dearly beloved Friends! How is my Soul melted into tenderness, and my Heart broken within me, in the meltings of the love of God towards you, and in the sense of your long and weighty Trials, that you have endured and gone through; and yet for all must they seem, as if they were but beginning. Is the strength of the hard-hearted such, that they are resolved to make a full end, or to try what the Lord can do? Will they prove [Page 148] their Arm to the utmost? Well, the Lord in his own time will manifest, that it is but Flesh, and not Spirit, and therefore that which must decay and wither, and be dried up, and so prove weak at last, when the unseen Arm of the Lord, which they see not, nor know not, shall be revealed, and stretched out, and made bare; which you that look not at things that are seen, have a Faith in, which Faith is that by which you live, and in which you have your Victory, and in which your Hope doth fasten as an Anchor, both sure and stedfast: So that though the Winds do blow, and the raging Waves do swell high, yet you are preserved and kept from being overthrown and destroyed.

Dearly Beloved, methinks, I find a Word of sweet Exhor­tation in my Heart unto you, whom my Soul loves, who may be, or are tryed in this exercising Day with Bonds or Imprisonments. In the first place, get into a quiet frame of Spirit and Mind within your selves every one, and into a resignedness freely up into the Will of God, out of time, looking as little at that, as you can; for if you do, it will make your Exercises worse and harder. For this I have experienced, that when a Man is freeliest resigned into the Will of God, and in a right Spirit most given up to suffer for him, he is fittest to have his Liberty, and most commonly it is the nearest unto him. Dear Lambs, I know there is sometimes a Travel in Spirit, to get into a right place with the inward Man, when the outward Man is in Bonds; but when the Heart once gets thither, all things are made easie and comfortable by him, who said, his Yoke was easie, and his Burthen light. And now be all concern­ed thus to get through in your Spirits, and then you will feel, that the Word of God is not bound, but free, and your Souls will be free in it and its holy Power, and so be fed by the Milk of it, that your Souls will draw spiritually [Page 149] from the blessed Breasts thereof, by which you have been born again. And being thus in your inward Man re­newed unto God, and up into his Life, where the Habi­tation of Peace and Quietness is for your Souls, that they cannot reach to bring a Disturbance to, and there feeling your Ease, Joy, Peace and Pleasure to be such, that you can in your Prison-House sing joyful Praises unto the Lord; then, my Friends, be vvatchful, tender and kind one unto another, and over one another, that Love, Peace and Joy may be maintained among you all, who suffer rightly and innocently for the Truth of our God; that so you may be one anothers Ioy and Crown of Rejoicing in the Lord Jesus Christ your Life and Strength.

And dear Friends, where there is innocency and simpli­city, bear one with another, and help one another, that in your sufferings you may have fellowship one with another; and so keep in the fellowship of the sufferings of Jesus Christ, where all may be humble and tender, that so while others are striving to provoke you to come out of your places, and to offend the Lord, you may not provoke one another, nor be an occasion unto any one to go out of their place in the Truth, and so to lose their Peace with the Lord and in his Spirit. For I have observed, that there is a care to be amongst Friends, at such times and in such con­ditions, when they are kept up together, that all things may be kept sweet and pleasant, and that they may even join together in bearing the Burthen that is laid upon them; and those that are more grown, and deeper in their experi­ence, of what they are called unto, may help the weak, and so fulfil the Law of Love.

And dear Friends, let not unprofitable Discourse be gone into, for that may lead into a striving, that may hurt the unity, that should be kept in the Light, and hath sometimes grown into a Heat, which hath set some Spirits against one another, [Page 150] which should have been one, and kept in the Unity, where the love and comfort is. And so all watching in the Light, and waiting to feel the healing Power and Life in your Souls, there will be a sweetness and Heavenly oiliness over your Hearts, in which you will have a delight one in another, and in one anothers good; and this will help you all, and so the strong comforted in the innocent and reverent care of the weak, and the weak comforted in the Love, Care, Gentleness and Kindness of such that are strong: And this preserves as a pleasant Family, to the Honour of the great Lord and Father. And so then shall you see, how he will delight in you, and appear among you, and enrich you, and bless you every one with a Portion from himself, out of his Heavenly Bounty, and Divine rich Trea­sure, that none will want Bread, nor refreshing Wine to nou­rish you in the inward Man; but the holy Gift in you will be as a Well, springing up unto Eternal Life.

And so, you dear suffering Children of the Lord God All­mighty, my Heart and Soul most dearly salutes you all, and in the Love of God I have Unity with you in your blessed Te­stimony, for which you suffer; in which the God of all Grace and Truth comfort your Hearts, and bear up your Heads over all your Hardships and deep Sufferings, which, as I under­stand, are renewed and increased upon you: That through him, for whom you suffer, who is your God, and the great Lord of Heaven and Earth, you may be strong to endure and abide to the end, to his Glory and Honour, who is over all, and Worthy of all, Blessed for ever, Amen.

From your Friend and Brother, in that which shall out-live all Hardship, in which we have believed, J. B.

A Copy of an Epistle written to Friends at Bristol, in the time of their Sufferings.

Dear Friends,

UNTO you, whom God hath Visited in his Love and Mercy, and unto whom he hath shewed Kindness through his Son our Saviour, whom he hath given for Salva­tion unto the Ends of the Earth; unto you, I say, doth the real Love of my Heart reach forth, and for you in my Heart there Dwels a Care, that as God in the exceeding Riches of his Love and Mercy hath Visited you, and called you to be Saints, through the Sanctification of the Word, and Purifying through Faith, that you being made Holy, might become Heirs of Eternal Life through his Son Christ Jesus, and of that Eternal Kingdom, into which no Unholy thing must Enter. And now being you are called with this Holy Calling, thus to be Heirs through Faith in the Seed, in whom the Election and Heirship doth stand for ever; do you all mind the Heavenly Rule and Government of this Holy Seed in all your Hearts, that your Spirits may be kept in their Places, in Subjection and Reverence unto him, whom the Father hath Anointed, and whose Spirit the Father hath sent forth into your Hearts, to lead you into all Truth, even into him, who said, I am the Truth, in whom the Fulness Dwells; that you might be in him that is True, even in the Son, in whom the Heirship is: That so you may be Heirs, yea, joint-Heirs with him, that is True and Holy for ever.

And now my Friends, being the Lord in Mercy hath cal­led you unto this high and honourable Calling, to be Saints and Heirs in Christ, mind your Calling, and what you are called unto; and be careful to keep in him, and walk in him, as you have received him, and to sit together in him, in Heavenly places, as the Saints of Old did: for the Heavenly [Page 152] Places are in him, the safe dwelling, and he is the Way, and in him is the safe Walking; and therefore did the A­postle exhort the Saints to Walk in him, as they had receiv­ed him. Now my dear Friends, all learn to know what it is to walk in Christ, the Power and Righteousness of God, and then your steps will be sure; For he is the Light, and Day, where there is no occasion of stumbling. And you are to mind your Sitting together in Heavenly places in Christ, not a-sunder, not out of the Unity, but together in him, who is but one in all, and holds all in Oneness, in Life and Fel­lowship that abide in him. For he cannot be divided, his Coat was without Seam; that was the Figure, and so is his Spirit, that is the Covering of his Body now, which he hath Purchased with his own Blood; it hath no Division or Seam in it, but is One, although it differs in Manifestation or Gifts, as to degree or operation, because of the many Offices pro­per to the distinct Members of one and the same Body, where­of Christ is the Head; yet the Life through the whole Body, by which every Member is supplied with ability to answer its place, is but One, and thereby is the Body kept in Uni­ty. For the Life doth rule the Members of the true Body, and therefore that Member, that goes from under the Go­vernment of the Life, must needs Die; Death comes over it, and the Power of Death rules it: and hence comes the Breach of Unity, and the Discord, and the Strife, and the Contention. And therefore let all your Hearts be kept in the Sense of the true Life and Power of God, and in subjection thereunto in true Love, Lowliness of Mind and Humility of Spirit; and then in this right frame of Spirit you will be ready to serve one another in Love, and not to rule over one another in Lordship; for that is not proper, no, nor it is not Natural unto the Living Members of the Living Body, unto whom Christ is the Head, and over whom he Rules. And so dear Friends, you all keeping in the Power, and that [Page 153] ruling in your Hearts, that keeps tender and lowly, you will be full of an holy Care, and the living Zeal for the Lord's honour, and for the preservation of his People in Righteousness, that the Truth may be kept a top, and Righteousness Lived in by all, that do make a Profession of that honourable Name and Truth, in which we have believed, and through which we have been Saved, and Sanctified, and made holy; and then will Unity, Love and Peace spring and grow among you, and you will be a Joy and Comfort one unto another, and strengthners and helpers one of another in this great Work, and Day of God. And thus the Faithful keeping their Places, and their Care in every Meeting, and minding the Order and Government of Truth in themselves, to be kept in Humility, and the holy Tenderness in their own Hearts, there will be that Sweetness and peaceable Reverence, that will be Sa­voury and Comely in the Eyes of all. And in, and under the Government of this peaceable Spirit you Living and Walking, you may then come to be rightly concerned to God's glory, in the Blessed Order, which the Truth hath led in­to, and by the Power of God is now set up in the Churches of Christ, for the keeping of all out and down, that are un­clean, unruly and unholy, and preserving of the Camp of God in that Purity, that is proper for it; that he that is holy, may delight to dwell there, and abide in the midst thereof. And dear Friends, all you that keep your habitations in the Lord's Power, neglect not your Gifts received from Christ; but be you all concerned in your places, and according to your abili­ties for the Honour of Truth; that every thing that would bring Dishonour to that worthy name, by which ye have been called, and give Occasion of stumbling unto the weak, may be removed in the Wisdom of God, or at least by the tender power of God Judged out from among you; that the Camp may be kept clean, and Righteousness may run down, and the glory of the Lord break forth upon you, and you [Page 154] therein may shine to his Praise and Glory for ever more.

Dear Friends, I also was willing to let you know, that our Meeting this year at London was very quiet, and peace­able; and blessed Unity and comfortable Fellowship in the Power and Love of God was Witnessed among us, and we gathered up in that together, into that care and concern, which the state of the Churches of Christ in this trying day did require. For many of our Friends, in divers places of this Nation, are under great Sufferings for their Testi­mony: But otherwise the Truth doth prevail and gain up­on many Hearts; and through these Tryals God will Mag­nifie his Power in the end, and Crown his People with Dominion; for through Sufferings will the Lamb and his Humble and Faithful Followers have the Victory.

We had also account from divers Countries, of the Prosperity of Truth, and the State of Friends, at the Year­ly Meeting now lately over, as Holland, and the Country that way, and from Ireland and Scotland; and so had an account in Letters to the Yearly Meeting of the state of things, and the affairs of Truth, to our great Comfort. And therefore it is desired (that if the Lord should so or­der, that we may Meet together, as hitherto we have done, and intend, if he permit, to do) that you in America would endeavour to send over against that time from your several Countries, an account of the Prosperity of Truth, and how it is among you as to the Affairs thereof, that at that Meeting Friends may have an account from you, as we have from other Parts. And for this end it was desired by Dear G. F. (whom many of you know, hath a general Care upon him for the good of the whole Body) that at your Half-years-Meeting in the latter part of the year, you might draw up an Epistle, which might be sent to be at [Page 155] London at the Yearly Meeting every year, and so from your Half-years-Meeting in every place, there may be an account given yearly, which will be a refreshment and comfort to Friends. And therefore it is desired, that if this come in time to your Half-years-Meeting, you would be mindful of it, and answer the desire of Friends; and let Copies of this be sent to Virginia, Maryland, Pensylvania, and New-Iersey, and to Long-Island, and Road-Island, and to Sandwich, and where there may be a Service, or to Scituate, if the Half-years-Meeting be there, and to Barbadoes, or the Leeward-Islands.

So with my Love to you all, in that wherein all the Faith­ful have Fellowship, I conclude and remain

Your Friend and Brother in the Truth, I. B.

An Epistle to Friends of Bristol, Directed to C. J.

Dear C. J.

IN that everlasting Truth and Seed of Life, through which the God of Truth hath reached us and visited us, is the living Love and true endeared Affection of my Heart and Spirit Richly and Sweetly let forth and extended unto thee, with thy dear Wife, and your Children; as also unto the Faithful and true-Hearted to the Lord in that City, who in this Trying day are given up unto God, both to Do and Suffer for his Name's sake; My Soul, I can still say, is deep­ly Affected with your Suffering state, and be sure you are many times livingly in my Remembrance, and that in the near Approaches of my Spirit unto the Lord: for in that, in which the access and the true drawing nigh unto him is experienced, do you live upon my Heart, and are brought very often into my view, together with your Suffering State, under which it is the Pleasure of your Heavenly Father to Try you, and to prove your Faith and Confidence, and to let you know the preciousness thereof in the time of need. And now my dearly Beloved, see all of you, that you keep in the Faith that gives the Victory, and truly saves and defends; and know that ancient saying true for ever, The very hairs of your Head are all numbered, and not one shall fall to the ground, without your Father's Providence. And therefore let [Page 157] your Eyes be unto him, both for Salvation and Preserva­tion, and know, that he both can and will deliver, when he sees good; for you know him that is the living God, that reigns, and will reign over all, and in due time make all know, that he can do, whatsoever he pleaseth in Heaven and in the Earth. And therefore mind your acquaintance with him, and your knowledg of him, in that which may be known of him in your Hearts, and your Unity with his Life in your Souls, that you may all feel the Peace thereof, and the Holy Spring therein, which Man by all his Cruelty cannot reach to put a stop unto: But when they that seek to destroy you, and to take all Comfort from you, have done all they can, this Spring being open in your Hearts, you have Comfort, Peace and Joy, that they neither know of, nor can keep from you. Oh! you dear Suffering Children and tender Babes of the Almighty, who are called unto this day and hour of Temptation or Trial, how doth my Soul Love you! how is my very Heart's Love let forth unto you at this time, as at many other times! The Lord the God of Strength be with you, and strengthen and fill your tender Souls with the Glo­ry of his Life, and the sweetness of his Presence, that your Spirits with gladness may Praise him in the midst of all these Exercises, with which you are compassed. And now my dear Friends, you being so in my Heart, with a living Sense of your Trials that are upon you, methinks, I see the Wall with which the God of Israel doth compass you about, over which the Adversary cannot shoot an Arrow; tho his Boast­ing may be great what he will do, as of Old it was. Oh! happy are they, that abide within the compass of it, and so retire and spread their Cause before the Lord, who is the living God. Remember the King of Old, who commanded silence, and said, Answer him not a Word, and so returned to the Temple and to the Altar of the Lord, and spread the Cause before him, and confessed the weakness of the Daughter of [Page 158] Sion to bring forth; and also his Faith in the sufficiency of God's Power, when he said, Thou art able to Save, &c.

Oh! my dear Friends, Live up to the Lord in your Spirits, and be Faithful, and keep your Peace with him in the inner-Man, and mind your Unity with his Spirit, and take heed of that, which would obstruct your Fellowship with his Life; let no Fair Pretences over you Prevail, that may have any tendency to bring your Spirits into Bon­dage, or any straitness over your Hearts; for that Bon­dage will prove the greatest Slavery: and this I do believe you right well know.

And now my Dear Friends, all of you minding your inward Freedom, and your Spiritual Ease, in the Free­dom and Liberty given you of God through Christ your Saviour; you will have a Dwelling and Habitation filled with Glory, Riches and Comfort, over which the Ene­mies Cloud cannot come: and in that you will see through to the end of all, that would either Darken, or bring Distress. And so you will see, how good it is to trust in the Lord, and to rely upon his Power, and be given up freely into his Will.

And so dear Hearts, my Love is truly unto you all, and in the Love with which I have anciently Loved you, and in which I Love you as much as ever, do I very dearly Salute you all, you tender Suffering Children, and with my Soul and Spirit desire, that God in Mercy and Kindness may bless you with Spiritual Blessing in Christ Jesus, and enrich your Souls with the Divine Fatness of his House, and Pleasure of his Life, that you may have Joy every day, and delight every Morning in your Bosoms; that so your Strength may be renewed, and your Ability so encreased, that you may be able to bear, what is upon you, till the [Page 159] Lord see good to Work your Deliverance, and case you of the yoak and Burthen, that you bear. Which the Lord in Mercy take off, if it be his pleasure, is the desire of

Your Friend and Brother in the Fellowship of the Sufferings and Tribulation, and also of the Consolation, which we are called unto through Christ Jesus our Lord. I. B.
Dear Friends,

IN the Everlasting Covenant of Life and Peace, and in the pure spring of Divine Love in the same, do I re­member you, and in Spirit reach unto you, and very dearly salute you all, who in the Faith that gives the Victory, do remain and stand stedfast, and so keep your Habitations and Dwellings in the Heavenly places, in Christ Jesus your Redeemer, who hath redeemed you out of the Wickedness that is in the World, unto himself, and so into his own Power and Nature, which is righteous; that you might become the Righteousness of God in him, and so be restored into the Image, Nature and State, in which Man was Created, by him that made all things good, and Man in his own Image, that he might delight in Man, and that Man might honour and glorifie him. Now this Work of Re­stauration, you know, God hath sent his Son to effect and accomplish in Man, and for Man, that again Man might honour his Creator, and become the delight of his Maker, whose delight is to dwell in the Habitable parts of the Earth, even among the Sons of Men. And therefore, that you may be his Delight, and that he may take Pleasure in you, do you all keep in that which hath Renewed, or doth Renew and change the Heart and Spirit of the mind, that in the Newness thereof you may serve, and honour, and glorifie him, from whom the renewing Power and Word doth come, that so the new Creation, the new Heavens and Earth may be known, wherein Righteousness doth dwell; and that you may have [Page 161] your Conversation there, and so shine as Lights among this crooked and perverse Generation, in whose Heaven and Earth Unrighteousness doth dwell. And therefore will the Lord (as the Apostle said) not only shake the Earth, but the Heavens also, that that which cannot be shaken, may re­main. And truly, I do believe, that many ones Heaven will be shaken, before this searching, winnowing, trying Day be over, that's growing on upon the Nations and Peo­ple; for the Heavens of many are grown over, and covered with Darkness and thick Clouds, and the Glory thereof is gone, and the brightness and stedfastness thereof is lost; not a Star to be seen, except a Wanderer out of its course, out of the Covenant, that hath greatly lost its Light, and so in the Clouds of Darkness driven to and fro by the variable, uncertain Winds, that are, and may be suffered to blow, to shake that which is shakable, and remove that which will not endure, that that which cannot be shaken, may remain, and the Glory of that may appear, which will endure.

Dear Friends, God hath manifested that which is sure for ever, and will endure, and stand, and last, and you have known the power of it; and as you keep in the holy sense thereof, you will be stedfast, constant and firm in your Minds, and not soon shaken, nor removed from your Habi­tation and stedfastness in the Gospel of Christ Jesus our Lord, which is the power of God, which is above all Powers, Thrones and Dominions, and will stand, and cannot be shaken. For its above Iohn's Ministration, the Gospel Power and Kingdom is, and he that's least there, is greater than Iohn; and is come to that which is surer than a Reed, that may be shaken with the Wind; though it be not broken, yet it may be shaken. And therefore they that would dwell there, and not come on to Christ the Rock, that cannot be shaken, their Dwelling is not safe, their Ha­bitation will be thrown down, and their House made a [Page 162] Desolation. Methinks I see it so in our Days, upon such that have sitten down short of the Eternal Substance that ended all Shadows, Iohn's, as well as those that were before him. And therefore, dearly Beloved, you that have known the Eternal Substance, the living Power of the Lord Iesus Christ manifested in your Hearts, by which you have been quickned, raised up, and made alive unto God, keep to the Power in your Souls, and mind its living in you, that you therein may live unto God, and so abide a living People through your Age, God's living Witnesses in your Day, without Alteration; and so be such as have not only been Hearers of the Word, but Doers also; and so such whose House is built upon the Rock Christ Iesus, which by the Storms and Winds cannot be thrown down. For the sure Foundation being kept unto, you will abide, and endure, and the Lord will bless you with inward Peace in your Souls, and true Pleasure in your Hearts, and you will en­joy the true Riches and Heavenly Treasure, and learn (as you keep to the power of God in your Hearts) to lay up this true Treasure in Heaven, through the true Faith, where the Thief cannot come to steal, nor the Moth to waste or corrupt. And then your Riches and Treasure, that you trust and delight in, being thus laid up in Safety, your Hearts will be at quiet and in ease, and setled in the Kingdom, in Heaven, where the Treasure is; and then Christ's Words will be witnessed; Where the Treasure is, there will the Heart be also. Oh my dear Friends, how true are these things! Happy are they that grow up into the experience thereof, through the working, operation, and openings of the true, living, Heavenly Power in their Hearts; such their Minds are kept free from that which would entangle, and their Feet at liberty, that they may run chearfully the Race that is set before them. For the Riches, the Price that their Hearts are upon, being before them, and the Mark [Page 163] also, that they look at, this draws them to look forward, and press forward; so that they are not of them that draw back to Perdition. And thus Friends, you may see, where, and in what your profitable Exercise is through your Day, and where the lasting Gain, Riches and Treasure is to be got, that will endure, and be your Portion, when the Ene­my and all his Instruments have done what they can. And this made David say, he would not fear what Man could do unto him, for the Lord was his Shepherd, he said, and the Lord was the Portion of his Cup, and the Lot of his Inheritance, &c. And therefore keep your Hearts out of the World, and the Riches thereof, which are uncertain; and also above the delighting in the Glory thereof; and let your delight be in the Lord, and in the sweet and plea­sant Enjoyment of his righteous, peaceable Power all the Day long, that you may still feel a Habitation therein, and a place of Safety to fly unto in every needful time. And wait you upon its holy springings in your Hearts, that your Souls thereby being united unto God, you may dwell in his Covenant, and so in Unity with him and his blessed Son, and so feel the Fellowship, which is a Mystery, held in a pure Conscience.

And dearly Beloved, live at Peace among your selves, and wait for the Spirit of Love and Concord to spring in all your Souls, that the true Mark of Christ's Disciples may appear among you. Remember what he said unto his of old, By this shall all Men know, that ye are my Disciples, if you love one another. And consider what the Apostle said, He that dwells in God, dwells in Love, &c. And therefore I intreat you, wait for the power of it in your Hearts, that you therein may serve one another, and so the whole Body may be edified, the weak strengthned, the faint-hearted en­couraged, and the lame not turned out of the way, but all helpt forward on their way. And you all being thus in the [Page 164] righteous holy Power, exercised for good, (which is that it will lead unto) you will be a Strength and Comfort, and Crown of Rejoycing one unto another, and so helpers forward of one anothers Joy in the Lord: Surely this is needful in this Day, wherein Zion hath so many Enemies; she had need to be as a City that's at Peace within her self. So the God of Peace keep you all in the Dominion of his Life, that therein you may reign over every hurtful Thing, and so dwell in the holy Mount of Safety, where the Destroyer can­not come; and upon the holy Hill of Zion, about which he hath appointed Salvation for Walls and Bulwarks: That so you may all witness Peace to be within her Walls, and Pro­sperity within her Palaces. And so you may every Day witness high Praises in your Hearts and Mouths unto her King, who is King of Kings, and reigns over all, who only hath Immortality, and dwells in the Light: To whom be Glory and Eternal Praises, saith my Soul, for ever and for evermore, Amen.

From your Friend, and one that truly loves you in the Truth, J. B.
Dear R. S.

UNTO thee with thy Dear Wife, C. H. R. U. and theirs, with the rest of Friends there in Prison with you, doth the living sincere Love of my Heart truly reach and livingly flow forth; for I can say of a truth, that you are often near my Soul, and livingly in my Heart, and that in my nearest approach unto the Lord, when my Life opens, and my Spirit is let forth through the Power thereof, and poured forth into his Bosom (as blessed be his Name, he gives us access by his own Spirit) even then are you many times fresh in my Heart, and Livingly before me, as if I were present in Body with you; and with great delight do I put up my Supplications upon your account, unto the Lord our God, rejoycing to feel the Lord so concerned for you, that by his own Spirit he so often stirs up a remembrance of you in my Soul, and that upon such Holy occasions. Oh! blessed be his Name, he is the Keeper of Israel, that neither Slumbers nor Sleeps, but remembers his People, and his Eye is open to see their Afflictions, and his Ear is open to hear their Complaints and tender Groanings; and no doubt, but he will arise in his own due time, to work Deliverance and Sal­vation, and they shall glorify him. Oh! my dear Friends, how is my Soul overcome in the weighty Love of God at this time unto you all, who Suffer, or are given up to Suffer for his Name's sake, that hath Loved you and values your Testimony above all things; and so are of that number, that love not your Lives unto Death, but are given up to follow the Lamb, whithersoever he goes. Oh! my Heart is affected with you in your Testimony, and can say, as Debora of old, My Heart is towards you, who offer your selves willingly among the People, now to Suffer in the Lambs Battle (as they did to [Page 166] War in the outward War) for that's the way the Lamb and his followers do overcome; he was made Perfect through Suffering: And the Promise still is, The Lamb shall have the Victory; everlasting Glory, and Honour and Praise to the Living God that sits upon the Throne, and to the Lamb who is worthy for ever more.

And therefore my dear Friends, look not out, look not back, but to the Lord your Rock and Strength look for Help and for Deliverance; for you know, that its from him that Salvation comes, and not from the Hills and Mountains; for he is the God of the whole Earth, and the Mountains shall Melt at his Presence, and before him shall the Hills Fly, yea the Sea also shall Fly, and Iordan shall be Driven back, that his Ransomed may pass on, his Redeemed People may Enter into their Rest. Oh! theresore let us Cleave unto the Lord our Saviour, and so sollow Christ our Redeemer, who can cut a passage through the great Deep; let us not be dismayed at any thing, that may rise up in our way to oppose us, so long as our Leader is with us, and our blessed Rock attends us, and we feel our dwelling within the Munition thereof; our Bread will be sure, and our Water will not fail, and our Hearts will not be barren, nor our Souls will not be faint; but we shall grow through the blessing of Israel's God, and Live, when with all their cunning the enemies of the Truth have contrived our overthrow. For there is nothing can hurt us more in the Trying Day, than want of Faith in God's Power, and Arm of strength, which never failed them that put their trust therein. And therefore my dearly Beloved, with whom my Soul is bound up in the Covenant of Life, wherein I have Unity with you, and can say, although you bear the Burden, yet my Heart is concerned for you, and also with you in your Godly concern and Testimony, for which you Suffer; and therefore cannot you be forgotten by me. For as we Love the Truth, and the Holy Testimony thereof, for which you [Page 167] Suffer, and are in Bonds, in Spirit we are often as Bound with you, and fellow-feelers of your Burthens. And further­more, we cannot propose to our selves any other, than e're long to be Sharers with you, to be Partakers of the like Sufferings, Trials and Exercises; and therefore still it is our safety to be Prepared in our Hearts, and into the Will of God to be given up to Do or Suffer for his Name's sake.

For our days do seem to be like the Days of Old, where­in the Apostle said, they were Killed all the Day long, and ac­counted as Sheep for the Slaughter. If we look into the Scrip­tures, we have a Cloud of Witnesses; and so through what was Written aforetime, which was Written for our Learning, we may have Comfort, and our hope Strengthened, and so be En­couraged to Trust in the Lord our Strength, and in whom our Hope is. And now it is still to be our care, as Lambs or Sheep, to Live in Innocency, and so as Lambs to Suffer for our Innocency, and for our Testimony, which we are called unto; and surely, I often consider, what more Innocent Practice can we ever be found in, than in our Peaceable Meetings, to Wait upon the Living God, and to Worship him in his peace­able Spirit, by which our Hearts come to be cleansed of all Evil, and our Spirits gathered into the Peace and Love of God, in which we Love God again; and not only so, but have our hearts filled with Love and Good will towards all Men, in the Peace and Sweetness of which, we are enabled to Pray for the Good of All, even our Enemies. And if this must be misinterpreted, and our Righteous and Godly Intents counted a Transgression of the Law, and a Breach of the Peace, I do not know, what such who so do, can call Innocency: For surely, every one whose Heart is rightly Exercised in this Godly Duty, which the Living God calls us unto, must needs be Innocent before God, and in that Frame of Spirit, wherein we cannot, nay, dare not desire the Hurt of any; but as the Truth ariseth, Pray for all Men, both for Rulers and People. [Page 168] Thus, I know, under the Exercise of the Righteous Power of Christ in our Meetings, are our Hearts qualified; and then if we must Suffer for Well doing, under the name of Evil-doers, we shall be happy; and may satisfy our selves, with what Christ of old said, The Servant is not greater than his Lord: For if they accounted him a Blasphemer, and said, he had a Devil, and so Persecuted him; we may well look unto him, and Comfort our selves in following such an Ex­ample.

And therefore be ye Comforted, you Faithful Sufferers with Christ, and for him, and Comfort your Hearts in the Recompence of Reward, which is with God for you; and wait for the Spirit of God, and of Glory, that it may rest upon you. And never look out, for your Cause is Good; it is that which God hath called you unto, and you are happy in your Nobility and Valour; and whosoever shrinks from their Innocent Testimony in this matter, will suffer Loss in their Inward Condition: for if any draw back, such shall know, the Lord will not go with them, nor have any Pleasure in them, nor be their Comforter, but Re­prover.

And therefore my Soul desires, that all may be Valiant for the Truth, and stand in the Power thereof, unto what the Lord hath called unto, that so you may be together as a City set on a Hill, that cannot be hid. For though the Foxes have Holes, and the Fowls of the Air have Nests, yet remember what Christ said to the Man, that said he would follow him.

And so the Lord give you all Valour and Strength, and Enrich you with true Patience, which the Tribulation worketh into in the right Exercise, that so you may all grow up into the true Experience, and so into the Hope, which makes not ashamed; that the Love of God may be shed abroad in your Hearts every day, by his Spirit, which he hath given [Page 169] you: And then will you all feel a dwelling in his Covenant, and in his Peace.

And so in this Covenant, Peace and Love, I very dear­ly Salute you all, and in it do I still remain,

Your Friend and Brother I. B.

J. B's Epistle to Friends in Glocester-Prison.

Dear Friends,

UNTO you, who are Faithful Sufferers in that City, with the rest of the Faithful in that City and Country, who in your Hearts are given up to Suffer for the holy Name of the Lord Jesus Christ our Saviour, who hath Cal­led and Redeemed, Chosen, and given you Hearts not only [Page 170] to believe, but also to suffer for his Name's sake, and thus hath counted you worthy as Vessels of his Choice; unto you all, I say, in the Name and Love of Christ Jesus our Lord, I send Greeting, and with-all the tender Salutation of my Soul and Spirit in that near Affection and holy Union, into which, by the power of the Holy Ghost we have been gathered and united: So that as Members of that one Body, into which we have been Baptized by that one Spirit, (wherein the true access unto God doth stand) we have our Fellowship together, and so drink together into that one Spirit, and are refreshed with the Water that flows from the living Rock, that followed Israel of Old, who is the Rock of our Age, the stay of the Generation of the Righteous in this Day, that upon which we have our sure standing, so that we cannot easily be moved. Though the Winds do blow, and the Waters swell and toss, and the unestablished be driven to and fro, and so afflicted in their Spirits, yet this Rock abides for a Habitation and Being of Safety unto all them, that keep firm thereunto, and so do abide near in their Spirit unto the holy Power thereof, they find the living Spring of that Grace from the same in their Souls, that the World cannot take away, whose Treasure the Thief cannot steal, nor the Moth waste; for its Heavenly, and kept by a Heavenly Hand. And such who mind this, will be ready to offer up their Earthly Substance, and also them­selves into his Hand and Will, out of which no Man is able to pluck. And surely, in this Day there is no true Rest nor Satisfaction to the Souls or Spirits of Friends, but as they get hither in the Faith with their Hearts and Spirits: And when we are here spiritually, oh this holy Shield, how doth it defend! Oh the holy Rock, how do we sit under the shadow of it! Oh the holy Ioy, that the Dwellers upon this do feel in their Spirits, though the Tempest be great! Oh the God of Heaven keep us all in the holy sense of this, [Page 171] that our Spirits may be born up from sinking under our Exercises in the Trial; that so we may all glorify him in our Day.

Dearly Beloved, you tender, suffering Children, whose Hearts are tender of God's Glory, and therefore are willing to give up your selves and your all for his Name's sake, that you may be of that number (who following the Lamb whithersoever he goes, and not loving your Lives unto Death) that may stand with him upon Mount Sion: My Heart and Soul is knit unto you, and you are near me, and in the unity of the antient Life, I feeling Love abundantly to flow unto you, you have had a proof of the sincerity of my Love of old unto you: And truly, you that stand in your inno­cent Testimony, faithfully do ingage my Heart still more and more in Love unto you. Oh the tender meltings of my Spirit in the sweetness of the Love of God, in which I reach you, and rejoyce with you in your Ioy, which all the Wrath of Man cannot put a stop unto. I know, your Hearts are at ease, and your Spirits free, and the Weights and Burdens from off you who are freely given up to suffer, though in these Bonds outwardly: But there can be no such spiritual Portion received by any that shrink from their Testimony in this Day of Trial. For the Word is true for ever, They that suffer with him, shall reign with him: He the Captain was made perfect through Sufferings, he must be followed by all that come in the fulness, to pertake with him of his Glory. And such who draw back, and would find a place of Safety for themselves to escape their Sufferings for their Testimony, though they should fly to the uttermost parts of the Earth, the Lord's hand will find them out, and there will not only be a holding back of the Portion, but a spiritual Pain will overtake, where the Heart is tender; and because thereof, uneasie will every ones place be unto their Spirits.

[Page 172] And therefore, my dear Friends, keep in the Faith and Word that Iustifies, and then will you reign in the Seed that's heir for ever; wherein you will Overcome, and In­herit, and be Conquerors, and so Triumph with the Lamb that must have the Victory, before whose Feet the Crowns of all the Mighty must be laid down; unto whom the Kings of the Earth, and all Flesh must bow; in him we trust, his Heavenly Kingdom we wait for, and pray for the coming of, that even such as are our Enemies, by the power thereof may be Con­verted unto God, and so have an Inheritance with us in that Kingdom, that hath no End. That so Mankind might rest together in that Hope, that makes not ashamed; where the Love of God might be shed abroad in all Hearts by his Spirit. Thus God is filling the Hearts of his Children with good Will towards all: The Lord keep us therein for ever!

Dear Friends, by this know, that I am well, and am now come to have a share with you of the Sufferings, that attend for the Gospel's sake. I have been three Weeks a Prisoner here in the Marshalsee of Dublin. So in the true Fellowship of the Gospel am a Partaker with you both of the Sufferings and Consolation that attend us for the Testimony thereof. I remain

Your Brother, I. B.
Dear J. Banck,

UNTO thee with thy fellow-Prisoners, who suffer for the blessed Testimony of that precious Truth, in which we have believed, doth the real and tender Affecti­on, and Love of my Heart and Soul flow forth at this time; and in the sweetness and peaceableness of that which is our Life, do I dearly salute you, and in the unity thereof tenderly greet you all, whose Hearts are kept up in that, and under the holy conduct of it, for which you suffer: In this have we our unity, which in it self lives and reigns over all, and shall reign in its own pure Dominion and Dignity, even the Power of our Lord Iesus Christ, to whom Prin­cipalities and Thrones, and Dominions must be subject. It is for the Testimony of him, you know, that you suffer, to wit, the Testimony of Iesus, which you have received from him by his Spirit, and thereby have it sealed in your Hearts. Though many do not understand the weight and certainty of your Testimony, for which you suffer, and therefore may look lightly upon it; yet you, who are enjoyers of the Power, and so have received the Spirit of Iesus, which is the Spirit of Prophesy, and so his Testimony therein you feel the Weight of it, and know the Certainty of the Testimony for which you suffer; and so in your Sufferings have your Peace and Iustification. And therefore, my dearly Beloved in the Lord, see that you all hold that fast in all your Hearts in the inward, rich Possession of it, for which you suffer, that you may feel your Reward with you, and your Comforter in [Page 174] you to bear up your Spirits over all your Sufferings; and so you will have a Satisfaction in your selves; that whatever others say, or may think of your Sufferings, and the reason thereof, you know within your selves, that it is for the Truth, and its Testimony, that you suffer, and for the keeping of your Consciences clear in the sight of God. And so in the hidden Man of the Heart, you rest in quietness, in that hidden Life which you receive from Christ; and here is your Peace and Comfort, which no Man can take from you; no, nor Man knows of it, but such as are in Fellowship with you, who live in, and love the same Testimony. And therefore those, that know not your Reward, your Crown, nor your Peace, cannot reach to take it a way; and that is our Joy, that we have a Crown and Inheritance, that is out of their sight, and so out of their reach.

Oh therefore let all take heed, that through carelesness or looseness of Spirit, or any other thing you be not beguiled or betrayed from that, to the losing of it, while you are suffer­ing for it! You know, my Friends, it is possible; such things have been even in our Age, that while some have been suffer­ing for the Truth, they have been betrayed from the Truth, and the Innocency and Simplicity of it in their Hearts; and so have lost the Truth, even that for which they were called to suffer. For you know, it is an inward thing, and must be held in the inward unity of the Mind in a spiritual Fellowship; and if there be not a care, even while we are in one thing doing for the Truth in the outward, in the inward we may lose it, and our Justification by it; and then whither shall we go for our Peace and Recompence? The God of my Life give you all Wisdom and Fear, and fill you with holy Reverence, that you may still stand in awe before him, and be watchful over your spiritual Path, and the Feet of your Souls and Minds, that you may invisibly tread in the invisible way of Peace and Righteousness.

[Page 175] And Dear Friends, live in Peace and Love together amongst your selves, and in a holy, solid Life before all Men, keeping out of the Spirit of the World in all things; that as it is upon a Religious Account that you suffer, you may appear in all other things to be Religious Men, or otherwise you know, the Truth cannot be honoured by your suffering. For if Men, that suffer for or upon the account of Religion, appear not to be Religious Men, this overthrows the Glory and Beauty of their Religion, and brings it into Dis-esteem amongst Men: And therefore did Christ command, that our Light should shine before Men, by their seeing of our good Works, &c. And Dear Friends, have a care of provoking one another unto any thing that is Evil; but endeavour to stir up and provoke one another unto Love and good Works; that you may build up one another therein, and so help to bear one anothers Burthen, and fulfill the Law of Christ, that you may all be kept up together in the Iustification and Peace. And so Dear Friends, my Heart's Love being unto you, I send these few lines as a Testimony thereof, by which you may know, you are in my remembrance in the Love of God, and my Heart hath an honourable Esteem of your Testimony, and your Sufferings in Righteousness for the same. I desire to be remembred to Friends in the Country, both below Carlisle, and above, and Friends in the City; to Io. Carlisle and Family, with the rest: My Wife's dear Love is to you all: My Love is with you. Farewell!

From your Friend, I. B.
Dear Friends,

IN the universal Spirit of Life and Truth, and of Righte­ousness and Peace doth the tender Affection and pure Love of my Heart flow forth and reach unto you all, who are true Lovers of the Power and the Holiness of the same, wherein alone it is, that we bear the Image of him whose Name is Holiness, and his Nature and Being is Purity; so that in that only we do draw and may draw near unto him, and have Fellowship with him, and enjoy his Presence, who is our God, our Life and Salvation. And therefore in the Unity of that, whereby we have been quickened, and through which we Live unto him that hath quickned us, do I exhort and beseech you all, to mind with Reverence his secret and sweet Visitations by his Holy Power upon your Spirits in your Hearts; that you feel that to appear there, and so through the brightness of its appearing to destroy him, whose coming is after the Working of Satan with all Power, &c. and with all Deceivableness of Unrighteousness in them that Perish: And not only to appear and destroy him and his Works, but also to abide with you, and dwell in you, and so make you his dwelling-place. And then you being Watchful, shall not Watch in vain, because the Lord then will be your keeper; and then, as one said of old, He keeping the City, the Watch-man watcheth not in vain. Thus you may see it ful­filled in your own Hearts unto your own Souls, and so have Comfort and Confidence with Holy David, and with him Live above the fear of Evil (though you might walk through [Page 177] the Shadow of Death, as he said) because of the Lord's be­ing with you. And therefore, Friends, see that you all be mindful of him in his Appearing by his Power and Spirit of Grace in your Hearts, and let him have Room there, and not to be straitned, or thronged up or oppressed, for he delights to dwell alone there, and have the whole Heart to himself, and at his own disposing, that he may Fill it with that which he takes Pleasure in, and in which he only may be Glorified and Honoured. And therefore doth he require the Heart, saying. My Son, give me thy Heart: And Christ Commands, That we should Love him with all our Hearts, &c. So as I said, let him have room in your Hearts, and take heed, that with this World, the Spirit of it, Nature of it, and Love to the things therein, your Hearts be not filled, and so taken up, that there be not room for him, whose coming is with such Glory and Ful­ness, that he fitls all that are rightly poor and empty, with that Fulness, Richness and Glory, that there can be no want to them, that have him for their Portion and Inheritance; and so keep single in their Hearts before him. But where the Heart is filled with Delight in, or desire after other things out of the Covenant of God (which is out of his Favour) there the Lord will not have delight to Dwell, there is not room; nay, he will not have delight to appear there, because it will be his Grief and an Oppression unto him. Was it not so of old, when he took up his Complaint against both Iudah and Israel? As you may see, Amos 2. how the Lord pleads with them, and threatens them, what he would bring upon them for their Sins, that he reckons up against them; and withall to aggra­vate their Crimes (as he might justly do) he also reckons up, and tells them, what he had done for them, how he had de­stroyed the Amorites for their sakes, brought them out of the Land of Egypt, led them in the Wilderness, given them the Land of the Amorites to Possess, raised of their Sons to be Prophets, and their young Men to be Nazarites: But, saith he unto them, Ye gave my Nazarites Wine to Drink, and com­manded [Page 178] my Prophets, saying, Prophesy not; behold, I am pressed under you, as a Cart is pressed that is full of Sheaves, saith he. Hence it may be understood, that when he hath been at work, and hath done good by his glorious Power, who worketh wonderfully for them (and now in them also) that believe in his Power; if there be a going from him, and a letting in of other things into the Heart, where he should Rule and have his Dwelling in Man, and so with Man, it becomes a Grief and an Oppression unto him, and so a Provocation, that he will not always bear it, nor spare Man, though he is long­suffering, as may be seen very fully in that Prophesy of Amos, and more at large through the Scripture, which was written for our Learning, that we might be warned, and thereby be stirred up unto that diligence, care and watchful­ness, which may tend to our preservation.

And now considering these things that were of old, and observing, how that in our Age the Lord hath made known his wonted goodness unto us, even that which doth far exceed the outward Priviledges of outward Israel; for that which he blesseth us withall, is a Possession and Enjoyment of a degree of his own Life, who is the Creator, by which he Created all things, which is more than the Enjoyment of the Creature; the Loss of which was the great penalty laid upon Adam, if he broke the Command; which he having lost, is again restored unto us through Christ Iesus, the Second Adam, the Lord from Heaven, which we having received, do thereby live unto God, and therein serve him.

And so Dear Friends, the thing that is chiefly in my mind unto you in the reach of the Heavenly Bowels, is, To intreat and be­seech you all, To be tender in your Hearts, and careful over your Spirits, that you may not let in, nor join with any thing, that will bring Grief or Oppression upon your Life, or lead you into the Transgression of the Law thereof. Mind the Exhortation of the Apostle, Grieve not the Spirit, by which you are Sealed, &c. [Page 179] And so as you are careful, watchful and wise to take heed un­to the Holy Conduct and Blessed Leadings and Direction of this Spirit and the Law thereof, your Souls will dwell in Peace, and your Feet will tread in a safe Path, even the Path of Peace, and your Steps will not Slide; but you will witness what David said of old, to be true, The Righteous shall inherit the Land, and dwell therein forever; for saith he, The mouth of the Righteous speaketh Wisdom, and his Tongue talks of Iudg­ment. The Law of his God is in his Heart, none of his steps shall slide. So here you see, what it is that keeps from Sliding, the Law of God, which is in the Heart; this preserved David, for it was as a Lanthorn to his Feet, and a Light unto his Paths.

Oh! my Dear Friends, you may be happy; yea, we may all be happy, if we be as careful as we ought, to walk by this Rule. Oh! the Sweetness, Peace and Glory, that he fills the Hearts of all his People with, that take heed unto his Law: the Spirit is not grieved, the Life of the Soul is not Oppres­sed, the Soul, Life or Spirit of Man is at ease, and so in the glorious Liberty of the Sons of God, and so in that state, where it can Sing unto the Lord, and Praise him. And there­fore all of you mind your Dwelling, and inward Liberty, and Spiritual Freedom from all the Corruptions of the World, and of the Flesh, both inwardly in your selves, and all Temptations from without, that you may reign in the Dominion of the Seed Christ Iesus for ever, and so with him be Co-heirs of that Heavenly Inheritance and Possession, which he hath Pur­chased for you.

And so in the Unity of that Life, which reigns over all, do I very dearly Salute you all, who Love the Truth; and in that do I desire, that the God of Life may bear up your Spirits by his Power, over and a top of all that would Defile or Oppress; that you may be preserved to remain the Sons and Daughters of God without Rebuke in and among this [Page 180] Crooked and Perverse Generation, amongst whom do you Shine as Lights, to the Glory of him who hath called you out of Darkness into his Marvellous Light; who over all is wor­thy of Glory and Honour and Dominion, World without End. From

Your Friend and Brother in the Truth, I. B.
Dear R. R.

IN the Love and Unity of the Blessed Truth, which lives and abides for Ever, do I very dearly Salute thee and thy Wife; and therein is my Heart's desire for you unto the Lord, that by his blessed Hand and Power, you may be born up and supported under all Exercises, that may attend, and in your minds Preserved with an invisible Eye unto the Lord, taking notice of his Orderings, as it is his Hand, that brings to pass what he sees Good; and then in his Fear and Love there will be a Reverent Submitting unto his Will without [Page 181] Murmuring or Repining at what the Lord doth. Though Nature in the True and Natural Affection (which good Men and Women cannot be without) may be broken and greatly bowed down; yet as long as the mind is preserved from Mur­muring at what the Lord doth, it will be well, there will be a Heart Capable of giving him his due, as it was with Iob.

Dear R. I must needs say, my Heart is concerned for you, both upon thy own Account, having heard of thy great Weakness there, and Affliction thou hast been under, and also because of the Loss of thy Dear and Tender Daughter, who in your Absence is taken away both from you and us. But what shall I say? It is so, and the Lord hath done it; and it is not safe to Dispute the Case with him, or say, Why hath he done so? But tenderly submit unto his Will, and bless him that gives and takes away, as he sees good. However, this I think I may say to thee and thy Wife with safety, you need not sorrow, as such who have no Hope, because of the ground God hath given for a sure Hope of her Eternal Well-being, which is the Mark we are all Pressing towards; and they are happy that do obtain it. For I was with her that same day that she Dyed in the Afternoon, and had a serious, weighty season with her. She sent for me, and told me, as soon as I came to her, That now she was satisfied she must Die; and her Heart was wholly set after her Assurance of Peace with the Lord; and her desires to us, to wit, her Husband and me, was, That the Doctor might not trouble her or meddle with her, for she was not willing to be molested or hindred from a quiet Depar­ture. For her Heart was set after a peaceable Departure out of this World; as was evident from her words several times. And she was very sensible, and did speak to me with a good understanding; and seemed to be concerned for many (as she said) that came to Meetings in Dublin, who did not mind their Conditions, or the stay of their minds, which she [Page 182] feared, would scarcely be Saved. My Heart, I must needs say, was greatly affected with her Exercise and Concern, and was Comforted in the Sense of that living Presence, that was with us at that Season. And when we had spent some time together, and were Refreshed, and I to go away, she did most solemnly take her Leave of me in great Affection, and signified, how kind she took my Visit; withall seriously say­ing, Farewel dear John, If I never see thee more: And so I came away. In a few Hours after she was struck with Death.

In the Evening my Wife and I went again to see her, then we found her very Ill, but lay quiet, under the Extremity of her Pain. We, with several other Friends sate by and waited on her, until she Departed, which was about the 11th Hour at Night. She went away in quietness, as I found be­fore was her Desire. And we sitting and standing quietly by her, our Hearts were broken; and I felt a Glorious Melt­ing Power, which tendred my Spirit, and a Brightness and Light that did shine; and it was sweetly in my Heart, when she was Departed, She is not gone into Darkness, but is in the Light. The sense whereof was great Satisfaction to me, because I know the Glory is there, in the Light for ever. And now poor Lamb, it is her Gain, though your and our Loss. For considering her years, she was a Modest and Good Example; and as she said to me at that Season, She was never inclined to Vanity. And I perceived, her care was sometimes greatly for you, fearing your Exercise would be Great. Well, I must needs consider, that the Loss of such a Dear Child can­not but come very near Tender Parents; yet you may be comforted in a satisfaction of her Well-being, and so rest; and even say with David, We may go to her, but she cannot come to us. And so Comfort your Hearts in the Lord, and so rest in his Will.

And Dear R. this may find thee something better in Health, than we have of late heard; however, I am sure my Heart [Page 183] truly desires, that it may be so: And if the Lord give strength, I should be glad to see thee here. For methinks, all this while thou hast been absent, thy place seems to be empty; I cannot look upon it, that thou shouldst be from amongst us. But if the Lord give strength, thou shouldst be here, bear­ing and having thy share with us: For I look upon thee as one of us, and so methinks would not have thee delay, as the way opens. My Wife's very dear Love is to thee and thy Wife; and our Love is dearly to Ellin Callow, and Friends there. For further account of things, I may leave to other hands: We are all quiet and peaceable here. So with my true and endeared Love unto thee, I conclude and remain

Thy Friend J. B.

The above is a Copy of a Letter Writ by John Bur­nyeat to Roger Roberts concerning the Death of his Daughter Ann, late wife to Amos Srettel, who Departed this Life the 8th of the 11th Month, 1685, about the 11th Hour at Night.

For the Priests in CARLISLE, and their Followers.

YE which stand up to teach the People, behold your Flock which ye teach, and see what is brought forth among them, such Fruits, as were never brought forth among them that were taught of God, nor by any that he sent. But the small Effect your Teaching doth bring forth for God, doth evidence to your faces, that ye are not sent by him, but run, and the Lord doth not send you, therefore doth the Peo­ple profit nothing by you, but the Fruits of Unrighteousness do still remain among them, and they are not turned to God, and out of their Sins by all your Teaching. For Persecution is found in some, and Pride, and Drunkenness, and Mocking, and Scorning, and Reproaching of them that fear God, doth appear among them that follow you. Oh consider of it, you that take in Hand to Teach these People, did ever any of the Ministers of Christ own such for Christians? Consider of it, was Persecution found among the Saints? Or did they Im­prison any? Shew one Example in the Scriptures for it, if there be any. Or did the Apostles own them for Christians: that did persecute? Consider of these things, Were not they Enemies to the Truth, that did persecute and imprison? And was it not the Saints, that the Persecution rose against? And did not the Apostles suffer Persecution? And were not they Enemies to Christ that persecuted them? And are not they Ene­mies to Christ that persecute now? Oh! that you would but consider of it, and see what Generation ye are of, and what Fruits ye bear! and whether ye and your Followers bear the Fruits of the Ministers of Christ and the Saints, or ye bear [Page 185] the Fruits of the false Prophets, and of the rude Multitude and persecuting Generation, that persecuted the Righteous: For from the beginning the Righteous were persecuted even from Abel; but we never read, that the Righteous did persecute any, but were always Sufferers. So it is evident, that they that persecute and imprison, are shut out of the Life of them that gave forth the Scripture, and are found in their steps, which were Enemies to the Truth, and did persecute them that lived in the Life of it. And so ye, that take in hand to Teach the People of this Town, look upon your Flock, and see, what Fruits are brought forth by some of them. Yet for all this your Teaching of them, you have not brought them to so much Moderation and Love, as was in Felix, who commanded a Centurion to keep Paul, and to let him have Liber­ty, and that he should forbid none of his Acquaintance to Mini­ster or to come to him. But we find not so much Moderation nor Love among you, who say, ye are Christians; for we are kept in Prison, and our Friends are hindered to come to us. Oh be ashamed of your Flock, ye Teachers, that for all your teaching, ye have not brought them so far into Moderation and Love, as they were, who persecuted the Apostles and Saints; and so they must needs be far short of being true Christians. But you are bad Examples to them herein; for many of you, who are Teachers, do cause the Innocent to be cast into Prison, and persecuted; and so do manifest your selves by your Fruits, not to be in the same Life, the Apo­stles were in, who always suffered, and never did persecute any. So consider well, ye Teachers, of this, that your Flock is not a Flock of Sheep and Lambs, but rather the Nature of Wolves doth appear among them, whose Mouths are open against the innocent, who live in the Nature of the Lamb. Are ye not therefore of those, who run, and the Lord never sent you? Who do not profit the People at all, who from time to time stand up to teach them, and yet they [Page 186] remain in their old Nature, not changed from their former Conversation. Oh cease! Seeing no Fruit is brought forth to God by all your labour. Is it not for the love of Mony that you Teach? And do ye not seek after the Fleece more than the Flock? And do ye not go from one place to another for Rewards? Let that of God in your Consciences answer. Is not this it, which blinds your Eyes, that ye do not see what Generation ye are of, when you read the Scripture? Which testifies, who they were that persecuted, and who they were that suffered Persecution then, in the Apostles days. Search the Scriptures, and see whether the Persecutors, or they that were persecuted, were the Saints of God in those Days? And whether the way be not the same now in these our Days, yea or nay?

From a Lover of your Souls, who is a Sufferer in outward Bonds in the Common Goal in Carlisle, for the Truth's sake, J. B.

The Truth of their Principles and Doctrine Cleared and De­fended, from the loud (but false) Clamours, base Insi­nuations, and wicked Slanders of Iames Barry.
Published for the general Satisfaction and Benefit of all, who simply desire to know and embrace the TRUTH.

‘He that hideth Hatred with lying Lips, and he that uttereth a Slander, is a Fool, Prov. 10. 18.‘I have not sent these Prophets, yet they ran; I have not spoke to them, yet they Prophesied, Ier. 23. 21.‘Therefore Night shall be unto you, that ye shall not have a Vision; and it shall be dark unto you, that ye shall not divine; and the Sun shall go down over the Prophets, and the Day shall be dark over them, Mic. 3. 6.‘Prove all things; hold fast that which is good, 1 Thess. 5. 21.

SEveral Papers having past between some of us, the People called Quakers of the City of Dublin, and one Iames Barry of the same (who calls himself an Independent Minister,) occasioned by his often abusing, and frequent reflecting upon us and our Principles, as Erroneous, in his publick Preaching, and sometimes in private Discourse; and an account thereof coming to divers of us, by several Persons, some notice we took of his said Reflections, and accordingly sent to him by way of Admonishment, but did not pursue it; not looking [Page 188] upon it so very material for us to concern our selves with him, only returning his false Aspersions upon himself, he being reputed a Man so addicted to Rail against divers sorts of Peo­ple, at last were necessitated, by the many Informations brought us, of his continuing his abusive Reflections upon us, and many desiring to see and hear us together, that they might be satisfied, whether it was so as he had said, or no; and ac­cordingly sent to him, and desired him to give us a publick Meeting, and there to make good his Accusations, or other­wise to acknowledge the wrong he had done us therein. But in answer to our so just and reasonable a Demand, he sent a scurrilous Paper, wherein he both greatly abused us, and the Evidence we had quoted to him, as also several of our Friends, and their Writings in general terms, tho' to this day he hath not produced to us one Sentence out of all their Books, that he doth charge to be erroneous; yet had the confidence to bid us call in all such Books, and let them be burned by the Com­mon Cryer, and deny the Authors of them; and withall deny­ing, he had so said, as we were informed. We thereupon fur­ther examined our Evidence, who still affirmed, what he had declared, as aforesaid, was truth: And we also having the substance of the matter in two chief points, viz. That we de­nied the Resurrection, and Salvation by the Coming of Christ, witnessed by another of his Hearers, who declared, he had heard him so charge us; to which we returned him an An­swer, giving him an account, how that we had examined the said Evidence again, and that he stood to his said Infor­mation; and also how that another Person testified as before­mentioned, with several Certificates from other Persons of other Abuses and wicked Accusations he had cast out against us. We therefore did renew our Demand unto him, viz. To give us a Meeting, and then appear to make good his said Charges (if he could) against us, and that we would then also appear to vindicate our Principles, as laid down either by us or [Page 189] our Friends, whom he had so abused, whose names he had inserted in his first Paper.

After a long time he sent us another Paper, wherein he tells us, that by our method he perceives, we are not like to ap­pear in publick to discourse Principles, &c. and in a boast­ing way tells us, that we will not vouchsafe him the least ground imaginable, on which to bottom a hope, that we and he shall come to grapple in a publick Contest, and so proceeds still in the denial of some of the matter in charge already proved, not failing to renew his Reflections upon us, and our Principles.

Now when we had received this boasting Paper of his, by which one might think, that he on his part should not fail to grapple in publick, we returned him Answer (seeing he denied some part of the Charge as laid down) and made him this offer as a moderate expedient, to give him a Meeting, and that the Witnesses and he might come face to face, and that they might have liberty before the People to declare their matter of Evidence, which they had to offer, and we to lay down our Reasons, why we were dissatisfied, and then he to say what he could to clear himself: and when all had said, what they had to say to the opening of the matter, we would quietly leave it to the Consciences of the People to judge, and believe, as they should find the Justice of the Case in their own understandings: and this being done, we offered to proceed to discourse with him about those three Principles, viz. The Resurrection, Iustification, and Perfection in Sanctification, as to Degrees attainable; and further, about particular Ele­ction and Reprobation of Persons: and also offered to dispute with him Principle for Principle, so long as might tend to Edification, &c.

And for this end we demanded a Meeting, and desired an orderly and peaceable Auditory of sober People, that gravely in the fear of God we might go through those things in our [Page 190] Discourse to our Satisfaction and their Edification, &c. And further offered our largest Meeting house for an Accommodati­on to the Meeting, if he pleased; or otherwise we would submit to go to any other convenient place of his appointing: and left it to him, to make it as publick as he thought good, &c.

Some time after he received this, he sent us another scur­rilous Paper filled up with Reflections, not only upon us, but also upon the People that might have been at the Meeting, which he could not possibly know who, nor of what sort; he might have brought all his own Hearers, if he would, we put no limitation, but as above, an orderly, peaceable Auditory of sober People. But instead of coming to Grapple with us in publick (as he terms it) which one might have thought by his boasting there was to be no doubt of, he flies quite off from that, and tells us of Printing to the view of the World what we have to offer, &c. And in the beginning of his Paper tells us, The expedient propounded in our last Paper is al­together vain and impertinent, &c. and saith, It rather bespeaks us Children not past our Non-age in those things, &c. and further saith, That our offering such an expedient for an Accommodation, &c. He looks on it to be a part of that Subtlety of which the mystery of Quakerism is made up and constituted, in that we do so readily contrive, and under colour of seeming Zeal for Truth, propose such Mediums, as we doubt not will in the end, or event, make for the advantage of our Cause and In­terest, could we, by our pretty Serpentine acts, as easily charm Iames Barry into a compliance with our Proposals, as our Semi-proselites into a belief, that (because of our for­wardness and seeming earnestness to appear for our dark and rotten Cause) the People termed Quarkers are, beyond all dis­pute, the only holy and pure People, whom God hath blessed, &c. Thus far Iames Barry.

[Page 191] Now let all sober unprejudiced Readers observe and consi­der, whether our Expedient that we offered, and the Mediums we proposed, be such as he would here suggest and insinuate? and whether there appears such subtle Contrivance and par­tial Intentions in our method for the advantage of our Cause and Interest, that in the end, or event, if our Proposals had been complied with, beyond all Dispute the Judgment must be given on our side, that we were the only holy and pure People whom God had blessed? Now our Offer was, as be­fore related; and if our Proposals had been complied with, he might have brought whom he pleased; we excluded none that he would bring, nor put any limitation, otherwise than desiring an orderly and peaceable Auditory of sober People: so that it's evident, we had no Contrivance (nor could) in that method we desired, to have only such Persons, as would give the Cause on our side, right or wrong, as he would wickedly insinuate. But it's plain, for all his boasting and railing Rab­shekah like, he has been contriving, how to find out a crafty shift to cover himself in his Retreat, not being willing to ap­pear to our faces in publick, lest he should be publickly manifested and reproved for his unchristian Railing against us, and abusing and belying of us and our Principles be­hind our backs. But this is not all, that hath this tendency in his Paper; but he renews it over again, to perswade Peo­ple to believe, That the Quakers had made such a choice of Moderators, as would give it on their side, let it be Non-sense or Heresie, or what it will; For, saith he, you will not leave the Decision to men that are the same in Iudgment with me, &c. and in Answer he proceeds to give Judgment upon the Meet­ing that was proposed, to whom he saith, he will not leave it, (counting them the Moderators which the Quakers chose,) and thus represents the people, calling them a dark, faithless and ignorant Rabble, whose Nature (saith he) is the very Re­cipient of spiritual darkness, and who will on that account suck [Page 192] and drink in Whimsies and the poison of Error, as the Fish drinks Waters; with those kind of Moderators, (saith he) which the Quakers choose to decide Controversie in Matters of Faith, Non­sense and Heresie will be the best Divinity, Noise and Clamour set off with the paint and varnish of Multitude of Words and Texts of Scriptures, neither understood, nor rightly applyed, will be the most convincing Arguments to prove a Victory. By all this the Reader may see, that he would perswade the Peo­ple, that the Quakers had made a choice of what sort of People they would have, and that they were such a People, whose Nature is the very Recipient of Spiritual Darkness, &c. And with whom Non-sense and Heresie would be the best Divinity, &c. Let all sober unbiassed People judge in this Case, whether he doth not greatly wrong us, yea or nay? for you may see he is left free to bring whom he would: What! could he find none but such to bring with him, to hear and judge? Secondly, You see what sort of People we desire, as in our Paper signified; and we also affirm, that it was the desire of our Hearts, to have sober, Conscientious, Religi­ous People, that would have their understandings exercised according to a good Conscience, that they might discern Right from the Wrong, and receive every thing accordingly. And so he goes on further with a Lye from his Pen; and saith, Certainly, should James Barry consent to the Quakers in this Matter, he believes, the Quakers themselves, as well as others, would laugh at him. This is but a silly shift to endeavour to get off with, and he a Believer of a Lye; for we are more serious in our Resolutions, and intend better things in our Desires, than in the obtaining of them to Laugh at it. And we do believe, that if Iames Barry had given us a Meeting, as desired, and had given no more occasion, nor worse than his Answering our desire in that, no sober People would have Laught at him, nor have made Rimes of him neither; for all he saith, When he doth so, he will not be displeased with [Page 193] Quakers, and others, if they do make Rimes of him for his folly in this thing. But the Wise in Heart may see the end of all these Evasions and Shuffles and impertinent Excuses, as well as his wicked Abuses, and ungodly Reflections and false Accu­sations, which he endeavours to cast upon us; and so to the Understandings and Consciences of such we leave it, let them judge between us in this Matter.

But among all these he has yet another Proposal, which it may be he accounts a chief one, offered in a former Paper, and that is, that we agree upon Judicious Persons to be present at our Discourse, who may be in the capacity of Moderators, to judge indifferently, who is in the Right, and who is in the Wrong. I can hear nothing of that, but will­ing you are (saith he) to leave the Dispute to be determined by the Conscience or Reason of every one, that shall hear. We sup­pose, that in this Proposal he accounts himself above a Child, because he judges our Expedient we propounded, altogether Vain and Impertinent; which rather bespeaks us Children not past our Non-age in those things we pretend to know: However we would have him produce his Example for his riper Age, he thinks himself grown into; and seeing he judges ours Vain and Impertinent, let him prove his Proposal in this Case, to have been the Practice of the Antient Gos­pel-Ministers and Primitive Christians, and thereby he may Convince us of our Child-hood. For when he Discoursed with our Friends, that we sent, to whom we left it to con­clude with him about time and place for a Dispute; speak­ing about the Moderators, he said to them, He looked upon it Improper, that those Moderators, which should be chosen, should be either of his People, or our People; and gave this Reason for it, that then the Difference would still be the same: So it's evident, that the Moderators must have been of a different Faith and Principle from us both. Now how this would consist with True Christianity, and with a right contending for the Faith [Page 194] delivered to the Saints according to Iude's advice, let it se­riously be considered. For us to give up our Faith and Testi­mony, and to be concluded, whether it's Right or Wrong, by Men not of the same Faith, we thought very improper, and that which no True Christian can do.

We do understand, the Apostles and Primitive Christians were concern'd in Disputes, and did contend for the Faith, and were to give an answer to every man that asked a Rea­son of the Hope that was in them, with Meekness and Fear, 1 Pet. 3. 15. But where it was thus referred to chosen men agreed upon, not of their Faith, to judge who was in the right and who was in the wrong, is not to be proved from their Example, tho he proposeth, that the sacred Scripture shall be the standard of Examination, and trying every matter by. We find in Acts 6. 9. and Acts 9. 29. that Stephen and the Apostle Paul were concerned to dispute with such men of malice and bitterness, as Iames Barry appears to be; but finds no such chosen Men to refer their Testimony, or the Differ­ence between them, and their Opposers unto: We also find in Acts 17. 17. Paul disputed in the Synagogue with the Iews, and with the devout Persons, and in the Market daily with them that met with him: but nothing is said of such Moderators to be in such a capacity to judge, as Iames Barry proposeth; and in Acts 19. 8. how Paul went into the Syna­gogue, and spake boldly for the space of three Months, dis­puting and perswading the things concerning the Kingdom of God; and in the 9th Verse, that he disputed daily in the School of one Tyrannus, but nothing of Iames Barry's Method of Moderators. Therefore we leave it to Iames Barry, to bring forth his Example from the Standard he hath chosen, for examining and trying every matter by; for if he do not, though he saith, we bespeak our selves Children, he will ap­pear to be in a worse condition, not yet come to be a Child, and so not so far as the Childhood of the true Birth, with­out [Page 195] which none can enter into the Kingdom of God. But he saith, Willing we are to leave the Dispute to be determined by the Conscience or Reason of every one that shall hear: We do say, as touching those things which the Witnesses charge him with, seeing he denies some part of it, when he, and we and the Witnesses have said, what each hath to say, we will quietly leave it to the Consciences of the People, &c. and then proceed to Discourse of the three Principles aforementi­oned: and when we Dispute, and are perswading the things concerning the Kingdom of God, as Paul did, as before shew­ed, whether it be not most proper to leave or commend our Testimony to the Consciences of the Hearers in the sight of God, let Wise Men judge. For the Apostles, as they were con­cerned in the Ministry, and in handling of the Word of God, did by the Manifestation of the Truth commend themselves to every Man's Conscience in the sight of God, as you may see, 2 Corinth. 4. 1, 2. And you may see, what he further saith in Chap. 5. 11. how he said, they were manifest to God, and did trust also, they were made manifest in the Consciences of them at Corinth; and this is the furthest we ever inten­ded, thus to leave it to the Consciences of People, and let them receive or reject, as they will answer it to God. And this is evident from the Scriptures, to be the Method of the true Ministers, and such as were concerned to dispute or per­swade things concerning the Kingdom of God; but not to give up our Testimony in matters of Faith so to be determin­ed by any chosen or not chosen, whether it is right or wrong, and so to hold or deny accordingly, as to our selves and our own Faith; that we find no Example for, from the true Christians. For Paul saith, They were made manifest to God, (and there he stood) and did trust, they were made manifest in their Consciences; he also saith, 2 Corinth. 2. 15, 16. they were unto God a sweet Savour of Christ in them that are Saved, and in them that Perish; but to the one the Sa­vour [Page 196] of Life unto Life, and to the other the Savour of Death unto Death. So that you may see, they did not give their Faith away, as it was to God; but commended their Testi­mony to every Man's Conscience, and left them to answer it to God, as they received or rejected. So that we do not find in the holy Scriptures Iames Barry's method of choosing Men not of the same Faith and Principle, to be in a capacity to judge, who is in the right and who is in the wrong, and so to end the Dispute by their Determination. We have been the more large in answering this, because it is looked upon by him and some of his Hearers, to be so wise and necessary a Pro­posal, that ours, in comparison to it, is accounted by them al­together vain and impertinent.

And to other Qualifications proposed by him, we answered thus in ours to his first Paper, That we look upon it, to be all our Duty to keep in the Fear and Wisdom of God, that we may be preserved out of all Clamours, Janglings, and un­handsom or unchristian Railings, or Reflections on both sides, (which were also his own Terms, having thus assented to him therein.) We further said, Being thus preserved, then to stand in our Christian Liberty, to endeavour that which may tend to the Honour and Glory of God. There is one passage more in his Paper, we are not willing to omit the observation of, before we proceed further; where he saith, Blessed they are, I confess, more than the generality of their Neighbours; but saith he, It is with that kind of blessedness, which is the Portion of God's Enemies; and so cites Psalm 17. 14. and Psalm 73. 12. where it is said; From Men which are thine Hand, O Lord; from Men of the World, which have their Portion in this Life; Behold, these are the ungodly, who prosper in the World, they increase in Riches. And then Iames Barry saith, I doubt not, but that this is one of the most powerful Engines, by which the art of Quakerism hath been propagated in the Kingdoms of the Earth.

[Page 197] Now let all sober People observe, how he applies these Scrip­tures, and how like it is to the rest of his envious doings; for first he confesseth, that we are blessed in having Worldly Riches; so then it is well, that what we have, comes as a Blessing, and is not wickedly got. O but (saith he) it is with that kind of Blessedness, which is the Portion of God's Enemies.

Now we would have him make out, how he knows it to be so; Are all that prosper in the World, and increase in Riches, God's Enemies? Surely nay; Abraham, Iob, David and Solomon, when his Heart was inlarged in the Wisdom of God, and many other Faithful Men were Rich, and yet not Ene­mies to God. Paul in his Epistle to Timothy did not find fault with their being Rich; but desired, such might be warned not to trust in them, but to be Rich in good works. And Christ said, It is more blessed to give, than to receive, Acts 20. 35. Therefore it would be no unhappiness in Iames Barry, to have Riches, that he might rather give and be helpful to the Poor, than to be burthensom, and make his Ministry chargeable to his Flock; for we suppose, he is subject to seek and desire it, as well as other Men: as is evident from his receiving several sums of Mony upon pre­tence of going into America, which when he had got, fail'd in performance.

Oh but he doubts not, but this is one of the most power­ful Engines, by which the art of Quakerism hath been pro­pagated, &c. but what reason he hath thus to believe, he doth not give: But we may easily believe, it is because he is full of Envy and Bitterness towards us, or else he might see cause to doubt of it. But in short, we say, that true Christianity, which he calls Quakerism, hath not been pro­pagated by this Engine, but by the Power of God, which up­held his People. That it could not be the increase of Worldly Riches that propagated it, will plainly appear, seriously con­sidering [Page 198] the cruel and grievous Sufferings of our Friends from the very first, that it pleased God to call and raise them up to bear a faithful Testimony to his Name and Truth. Surely, if they had sought the Riches, Ease and Glory of the World, they would not have chosen Afflictions, by chearfully giving their Back to the Smiter, and not with-holding their Goods from the Spoiler. Many to the losing of all, not having a Bed left to lye upon, nor Cattle to Till their Ground, nor Corn for Bread or Seed, nor Tools to work withal: Also Whipping, Stock­ing, Stoning, Imprisonment they have been treated with. For many years, not so few as a Thousand Prisoners at once; until Released by the present King, scarce a Prison in England, but hath been fill'd with them; besides many Pre­munired, their Estates seized, and they kept Prisoners, some for twenty years, others during Life, many hundreds dying Prisoners.

All this in Old England. Yet Iames Barry's Brethren in New-England exceeded As at large may be seen in George Bishop's two Books, entituled, New-England judged. these Cruelties against our Friends there; not only Stockt, but Whipt so unmerci­fully their Flesh like Jelly, and in that condition drove them many Miles into the Wilderness among the Indians and wild Beasts.

Yea, Tender Women have they tyed to a Cart, stript to the Wast, and whipt through several Towns, ten Stripes a piece in each on their naked Backs, and then unmercifully left them in Frost and Snow; also cut off Ears, burnt in the Hand, Banisht on pain of Death, and at last put four of our Friends to Death by the hands of the Common Hangman, on no other pretence, but meerly for being Quakers; in which Cruelty they continued, until stopt by an Order from the late King.

[Page 199] In Plymouth-Patent they made a Law, to take all the Quakers Cattle from them, except one, and in the Execution left the worst. Thus our Friends were fully tryed there; but the Lord, who called them not only to Believe, but also to Suffer, upheld them by his Power, so that they chearfully underwent all those Hardships, rather than violate their Faith, or make Shipwrack of a good Conscience. Now all seriously considering their Faithfulness towards their God, their Patience in Sufferings, their Peaceableness towards the several Governments they have lived under, their Honesty and Charity towards their Neighbours, will plainly demon­strate, Iames Barry's Charge cannot be true, viz. the getting of Riches is one of the most powerful Engines to propagate the Art of Quakerism, as he scornfully calls our Holy Religion; which we affirm to be no other than Worshipping God in his own Spirit and Truth: and doth also evidence, Iames Barry's application of the aforesaid Scriptures to be wicked and false, and not as David intended, who sets them forth in the 73d Psalm, as you may see; They set their Mouth a­gainst Heaven, &c. saying, how doth God know, is their know­ledge in the most high?

After all this abusing of us, and these shuffling Evasions, to avoid giving us a publick Meeting, he comes off thus; Seeing therefore, that by coming together, the matter in Dispute is not like to be determined, it remains therefore, that what you have to offer in Vindication of your Selves and Principles, &c. be in Print exposed to the view of the World by you. But let all consider, why we do not come together to endeavour the Determination of the Matters in dispute; and they may see it is, because he will not appear in publick, though he hath boasted as before, and now puts us to Print in Vindi­cation of our Selves, and the three Principles before men­tioned. But wherefore shall we Print in Defence, seeing he hath not in all his Papers laid down one Argument, no [...] [Page 200] brought one Scripture to confute any of the three, as laid down either by us, or by our Friends whom he abuseth; nor yet as they are laid down by himself: and besides, the same Friends of ours that he names, and divers others, have writ in Vindication of two of the said Principles. So that whosoever desires to read the Vindication of them, may see it in Samuel Fisher's Rusticus ad Academicos, never yet answer­ed; and in George Whitehead's, and William Penn's, (in an­swer to divers Books, and Thomas Hicks's lying Dialogues; where he, like Iames Barry, forges many Lies against us) en­tituled, The Christian Quaker, &c. remaining unanswered either by him, or any else that we ever heard of.

And as for the third Principle, we never before him heard any judge Perfection in Sanctification as to degrees, attainable in this Life, an Erroneous Principle; and therefore it doth not so much concern us to vindicate in Print, that which so often is done already, and he to make no offer to confute them; however he after his former manner, as may be seen in his last Paper, can make a great threatning boast, saying; At the back of your Vindication James Barry will send forth in Print his Arguments, to prove the Quakers grand Hereticks in these Points, &c. And why would not Iames Barry give us a Meeting to prove us such, according to his former Boasting? Might not that have been convenient first, or otherwise in writing to have given us some Arguments, that we might have had something to have vindicated our Selves against, that wise Men might have seen a little into the ground of our Difference? But it is to be questioned, whe­ther he hath any Arguments against them, that are fit to be brought forth before wise Men; and therefore his great­est Policy is to keep them hid, and so please Fools with his boasting of them. But, to do him Justice, we must confess, he hath given us cause to appear some way to vindicate our selves and our Principles, according to his de­mand; [Page 201] and since he himself proposeth Printing as the Method, now we think it not amiss to do accordingly, believing, he cannot reasonably find fault with that which he himself seems to advise unto.

In his first Paper, he calls us Persons, who delight in brangling, and stirring up the Spirit of Animosity and Pre­judice, and Men of as little Charity and Religion, as those we receive our idle Stories from; whether this be not more his guilt, than ours, we shall leave to the Lord to judge, and also to Men of understanding, who have the know­ledge of both our Practices. In his second Paper he charges our Principles to be dark and uncertain, but lays down no Arguments against them. In his last, before recited, you see, how he charges Quakerism, as he terms it, to be made up and constituted of Subtlety, and judges us to be in serpentine acts, and our Cause dark and rotten; and likewise you may see, what an Imputation of being God's Enemies he endeavours to fasten upon us in his Application of those two Scriptures, viz. Psal. 17. 14. and 73. 12. and in the conclusion of the same Paper giving his Reason, why he sent all his without date, tells us, He did it willingly, hav­ing seriously considered, that a dateless Answer was at any time good enough for foolish and impertinent Stories, and nonsensical Whimsies.

So that though he lays down no Arguments to confute our Principles; yet you may see, who are unbiassed and without prejudice, what confidence he hath to pass sentence upon us, and our Blessings, to be that kind of Blessedness which is the portion of God's Enemies, and that is a sad portion. Let him be as full of Envy as he can, to answer it, he need desire no worse for us; the Lord forgive the thoughts of his Heart, and the words of his Mouth, and bring him to Repentance, if he see good: for from these doings of his it appears, he is in the gall of Bitterness, and [Page 202] wants Charity, which is the perfecting Vertue. He spares not to judge both us and our Principles, as the worst of Men and Principles, which if he speaks truth of us, then we are so indeed; but he hath that yet to prove: and therefore he had been wiser, if he had first proved us such, and then given his Judgment upon us; but alas! his Malice and Envy would not suffer him to stay for that, lest he should be pre­vented for want of proof. You see, how he judges us to delight in brangling, and stirring up the spirit of Animosity and Prejudice, which is the work of evil Men, and our Prin­ciples dark and uncertain, and therefore not of God, who is Light and unchangeable; and that our Religion is made up and constituted of Subtlety, then not of Simplicity; and our Acts Serpentine, that proceed from the Wicked one, and not from Christ, that bruiseth the Serpent's head; and our Cause dark and rotten; then it is not in the Everlasting Light. All this being once proved by him, then he makes good his Application; we are Enemies indeed to God and Christ: But all this we do deny, and leave at his Door to prove if he can; and until then we lay it upon him, as a wick­ed Sentence and Judgment. But this is not all, tho' this were enough, if true, to make the Quakers and their Principles hat­ed of God and good Men.

But in his Preaching, and other Discourse, as well as in his said Papers, he hath not spared to Rail, Abuse and pass Judgment upon us, as appears by several Witnesses, one whereof Iohn Smith affirmed, that he heard him in his publick Preaching declare, That the Quakers were the Spawn of the Iesuites, and that the Iesuites were the Spawn of the Devil, which he himself hath since owned to two of our Friends, who spoke to him about it.

Now this false and wicked Accusation we utterly deny, and therefore turn it upon himself to prove the same; we [Page 203] having born our Testimony against them, as we do against him, and all others who stand up against the glorious appearance of Truth, as it hath pleased God to manifest it in this Day: and therefore do utterly deny to be of their Off-spring; yet do desire, that in his next he would make out, how they are the Spawn of the Devil, and we their Off spring in that Line? So let all People consider the de­sperate boldness, harshness and hardness of this Man's Heart and Spirit; you see, how in his unwholsom Words he places us in the Devil's Line and Off spring, and so near as his Grand­children; what worse can he make of us, or in what state that's more dreadful can he place us? Sure in his Judgment we are far separated from God: Doubtless he accounts us of the reprobate number, that God never had Mercy for, since he believes there are such.

It is also evidenced unto us, that he joined the Quakers and Muggletonians together, and Witness Tho­mas Smith. said, that we did take upon us to know the Di­mensions of God, viz. To know his length, breadth, big­ness, form and likeness; which is altogether false: for we utterly deny such Erroneous Principles, and have born our Testimony against Muggleton.

It is also evidenced unto us by two Witnesses, that Iames Barry in his Preaching did affirm, Iohn Kelson, Thomas Cole. that the Quakers were a bewitching, and blas­pheming, erroneous People, cheating God of his Right; and that they did compass Sea and Land to make one Proselite; and when they had done, made him two-fold a Child of the Devil more than before. Thus it appears, that he still en­deavours to incense People against us, as that we are from the Devil, and are working for him, to turn and beget to him, and not to God. Those, with many more such like unchristian Reflections and Abuses against us and our Principles, are brought to us, and testified to have pro­ceeded [Page 204] from his Mouth; and therefore we offered, as be­fore, that we desired a publick Meeting before the People, that the Witnesses and he might come face to face, and that the People might hear both sides with their Witnesses, and when all was heard, that we would leave it as before proposed. And this we thought might be a good oppor­tunity for him to clear himself, if innocent; but it's like, he knowing in his Conscience his guilt, made him fly from so reasonable an offer, and shuffle as he hath done, that he might escape coming to the Trial, left he should be further manifested.

Now as to those three Principles Iames Barry promised to send forth his Arguments in Print, to prove the Quakers grand Hereticks in, they were in our Answer (to one of his said Papers) sent him, laid down, and expressed according to the following Words, viz.

To the first we affirm, That we own the Resurrection, and do believe, that the Righteous shall rise and ascend into Glory, and be glorified in Heaven with an Eternal Reward, and that the Wicked also shall rise and come to Iudgment, and be turned into Hell to receive an Eternal Punishment. But that the same fleshly Body which must undergo Death and Corruption, shall rise and enter into Heaven, we leave for thee to prove, and make good from the Scriptures of Truth; being our selves satisfied in believing what the Apostle saith, 1 Cor. 15. 36, 37. when he answers the Fools Question, saying, That which thou sowest, is not quickned, except it die; and that which thou sowest, thou sowest not that Body that shall be, &c. and further saith, verse 44. It is sown a Natural Body, it is raised a Spiritual Body, &c. And in the same Chap. saith further, verse 50. Now this I say, Brethren, that Flesh and Blood cannot inherit the Kingdom of God, neither doth Corruption inherit Incorruption.

[Page 205] Thus we laid it down, and looking upon Iames Barry's Asserting, That it must be the Fleshly Body, which must Die, and see Corruption, (for these are his words) we did believe, he contradicted the Apostle in so saying, and also Christ himself, who said, that the Children of the Resurrection were equal unto the Angels, &c. Luke 20. 36. And there­fore did we offer to Dispute with him in the Vindication of our Faith, as to this Principle.

The second Errour that he charged upon us, was, That the Quakers deny, that Men are Iustified and Saved by the alone Righteousness of Iesus Christ, imputed without the Concurrence of inherent Righteousness. And in another Paper Condemns us of Errour, for Believing, that the Active and Passive Righteousness of Iesus Christ is not the only Righteousness (as imputed to us by God, without any mixture of Righteousness inherent in us) by the which Sinners must be Iustified and eternal­ly Saved. We Answered.

That we do own Righteousness to be Imputed of God, and God's Imputation thereof to be a Blessing and Happiness unto Man; but do not believe, that Sinners shall be Iustified and Saved by the Imputation only of the Active and Passive Righteousness of Christ without us, without any Righteousness wrought in us by the Spirit of Grace, which comes by Iesus Christ.

Let all People (that are of understanding Hearts) seriously con­sider this, which he calls an Errour, and charges upon the Quakers for such an Errour, as that he will prove us grand Hereticks herein, &c. for allowing any mixture of Righte­ousness inherent in us, that is, cleaving to, or abiding in. One might think, he had never read the Scriptures, thus to exclude the work of Grace in the Heart. Did not the Apostle say, Eph. 2. 5. By Grace ye are Saved, and vers. 8. again, By Grace ye are Saved, through Faith, not of your Selves; it is the [Page 206] Gift of God. And was not this Grace a Spiritual Gift? And was it not to be in their Hearts? Did not the Apostle say, Let the Word of God dwell richly in you? And were they not to sing with Grace in the Heart? Col. 3. 16. And was not Christ in them the Hope of Glory? Chap. 1. 27. And did not Christ say, Iohn 3. 3. Except a Man be Born again (or from above) he cannot see the Kingdom of God? And vers. 5. Except a Man be Born of Water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the Kingdom of God: For that which is Born of the Flesh, is Flesh, and that which is born of the Spirit, is Spirit, as v. 6. From all which it is evident, that none can enter the Kingdom of God, without this Regeneration, and being Born again. And how can this New Birth be, without the work of the Spirit of Christ in the Heart? And how can this work of Regeneration be wrought, and no Inherent Righteousness? Or, how can it be, that a Man may be Born of the Spirit, or from above, and have no Righteousness a­biding in him? And without this work of Regeneration and New Birth, you see Christ saith, he cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven. This being rightly understood, let Iames Barry tell us, what manner of Justification and Salva­tion that is, which he means, that is without any mixture of Righteousness wrought in a Man, by the Spirit of Grace, or abiding in him; for he saith, By the alone Righteousness active and passive of Christ, imputed without any mixture of Righteousness inherent, must Sinners be justified and eternally saved. But it is evident from Christ's Words, that by this eternal Salvation of Iames Barry's, a Man cannot enter the Kingdom of God, for they are not prepared for it. Behold, Christ saith, John 15. I am the Vine, ye are the Branches; abide in me, and I in you: And verse 5. He that abideth in me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much Fruit: Without me ye can do nothing.

[Page 207] Now can it be possible, that any should be in Christ, and Christ in them, and yet no Righteousness Inherent (that is, sticking to, or abiding in them;) and yet they, as Branches bearing Fruit, and if they do not bear Fruit, they are to be taken away; then not Saved and Justified, if they be taken away; and if they bear Fruit, Christ is in them, and they in him: Then, if it be so, Righteousness is Inherent, both by sticking to, and abiding in. So let Iames Barry make out, how any can be in Christ, and Christ in them, and no Righteousness Inherent: Or otherwise, how any can be Fruitful, and consequently Justified and Saved, and Christ not in them, and they in him; seeing Christ saith, it cannot be: And verse 6. You may see the end of all, that abide not in Christ, As withered Branches cut off, they are gathered for the Fire. So that they that abide not in Christ, bear no Fruit, and are neither Justified nor Saved, agreeing with the very Parable Christ speaks, Matth. 9. 17. Neither do Men put New Wine into Old Bottles, else the Bottles break, and the Wine runneth out, and the Bottles perish, &c. Which plainly demonstrates, there must be an inward work of renewing; for it is not the Old, that must enter: There­fore the Apostle saith, 2 Cor. 5. 17. If any Man be in Christ, he is a new Creature: And in 1 Cor. 5. 7. The Apostle exhorts them, to purge out the old Leaven, that they might be a new Lump, &c. and in Gal. 6. 15. The Apostle having spoken before of the effects of the Cross of Christ, tells them, That in Christ Iesus neither Circumcision nor Uncircumcision availeth any thing; but a new Creature. So that we may see, the A­postle (who believed his Master's Doctrin) pressed to have it answered, by witnessing the Old Man put off, which was corrupt according to the deceitful Lusts, and to be renewed in the Spirit of their minds, &c. Ephes. 4. 22, 23. And in Col. 3. 9, 10. There you may see, that the Apostle tells them, they had put off the Old Man with his Deeds, and had put on the New, [Page 208] which was renewed in Knowledg after the Image of him, who had Created him; and was not this new Man Christ, or at least the bringings forth of his Power in them? for the A­postle saith, Rom. 13. 14. But put ye on the Lord Iesus Christ, &c. and Col. 2. 6. As ye have therefore received Christ Iesus the Lord, so walk ye in him. And Col. 3. 11. Having spoken of them that had put on the New Man, as before; saith, Where there is neither Iew nor Greek, &c. But Christ is all, and in all. As the Apostle saith, 1 Cor. 1. 30. He was made of God unto them Wisdom, Righteousness, Sanctification and Re­demption.

So here was the true Imputation, or gift of God, thus given or made theirs, and so imputed; and so they did witness his Pow­er to Work in them; as the Apostle saith, Ephes. 3. and 20. And in the same Chapter you may see, how he desired with bowed Knees unto the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, that he would grant them according to the Riches of his Glory, to be strengthned with might by his Spirit in the Inward Man; and listewise in his Epistle to Titus 3. 5. Having spoken of the Love of God to Mankind, Not by works of Righteousness which we have done, but according to his Mercy he Saved us, by the washing of Regeneration and renewing of the Holy Ghost: So here still the Apostle hath regard to the Doctrin of Christ, and Maintains Regeneration through the Renew­ings of the Holy Ghost; so they were Washed thereby, and Born thereof. To this agrees another Testimony of his, 1 Cor. 6. 11. Having told them, that the Unrighteous shall not Inherit the Kingdom of God; and having reckoned up to them the wickedness, that the Gentile were given to; saith, And such were some of you, but ye are Washed, but ye are Sanctified, but ye are Iustified in the Name of the Lord Jesus, and by the Spirit of our God.

And what saith James Barry, was not Righteousness here wrought in them? was there none Inherent, when this work [Page 209] of Sanctification and Washing was wrought by the Spirit? or were they Saved and Justifyed while they were in those gross Evils before-mentioned? If so, let us know, what manner of Salvation it was; for the Apostle saith, None shall Inherit the Kingdom of God; and the same Apostle saith, Phil. 2. 12, 13. Work out your own Salvation with Fear and Trembling; for it is God, that worketh in you both to Will and to Do of his good Pleasure.

Now it is evident, that though they Preached Remission of Sins past, in the Name of Jesus, to those that did Believe, and so through Faith their Sins came to be Blotted out; yet without this Washing of Regeneration, and work of the Spi­rit to Renew them, that they might be Born again, as Christ had said, they could not enter into the Kingdom of Heaven. And therefore you may see how the Christians witnessed the New Birth, and how the Apostles laboured for it; yet this neither was by them then, nor is by us now accounted Man's work alone: But was the work of Christ in them by his Spirit. And that was the reason, why the Apostle came under such a Travel, as in Gal. 4. 19. where he saith, My little Children, of whom I Travel in Birth again, until Christ be Formed in you. Here the Apostle was concern'd, lest they should be lost, and he had bestowed upon them Labour in Vain, as verse 11. seeing they were going out into the Observa­tions, which were unprofitable; and therefore in Chap. 5. 16. saith this, I say then, walk in the Spirit, and ye shall not fulfil the Lusts of the Flesh. So you may see it was the Spirit the Saints were to walk in, and thereby was the overcoming of the Flesh, with its Lusts. As the Apostle in Rom. 8. doth at large Testify; and tells us plainly, verse 9. That if any Man hath not the Spirit of Christ, he is none of his. And verse 14. saith, As many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the Sons of God. But Iames Barry with some of his Hearers denyed Revelation, and accounted it an Errour in us to own it; [Page 210] and therefore it cannot be expected, that they should walk in it, who deny it, or that they should be Adopted by it, or Sealed by it. And therefore let Iames Barry in his Answer make out, how they came to be Christians, or Children of God, and whether they are Christ's, and how they came to be so, and whether they own Regeneration necessary to Salva­tion, Yea or nay: And whether this Eternal Salvation he saith Sinners are Saved by, without any Mixture of Inherent Righteousness, do fit Man for the Kingdom of God, Yea or nay: And whether any Man can reap Benefit by the Active and Passive Righteousness of Christ without, except he have a True Faith; and whether any Man can have a True Faith without the Word of Faith; and whether this Word of Faith be not in the Heart, &c.? Yea or nay: And whether true Faith be not an Effect of this Word in the Heart, Yea or nay; according to Rom. 10. And this is not the speech of the Law, but of the Righteousness of Faith, as in verse 6th. and 7th, Thou need not say, who shall ascend into Heaven to fetch Christ down, or who shall descend into the Deep to bring him again from the Dead, &c. verse 8th, The Word is nigh in the Heart and Mouth: This is the Word of Faith, which we Preach, and is this Word there in the Heart? And doth it beget Faith in Christ, and concerning his Righteousness, and yet no Righteousness within? For Iames Barry will have no mixture; it must be a Faith without Righteousness, or else a Justification and Salvation without Faith. So let him send forth his Arguments to prove us grand Hereticks according to his Promise, and then it may be seen, what we have further to say in the Vindication of our Prin­ciples; which if he do not, let it rest upon him as such a one, and let Errour and Heresie lye at his Door.

The next Errour that he chargeth upon us, as he lays it down in his own Terms, is, That we do own Perfection in Sanctification as to degrees in this Life.

[Page 211] Answer. We having said so much before, tending to prove this no Errour, in our so owning of it, need now say little more; especially, seeing we never heard it accounted an Er­rour before, till now by him, and do question, whether any will be now of his mind. The Apostle, as is shewed before, said to the Saints, They were Washed, and they were Sanctified: And again, he speaks of their being Saved by the Washing of Regeneration, and Renewing of the Holy Ghost; and Jude (verse 1.) writes unto such as were Sanctified by God the Father, and Preserved in Iesus Christ. Was this Washing and Sanctification, which was by God the Father, and by his Spirit, and in the Name of Jesus Christ, altogether without Perfection, that it is by Iames Barry accounted an Errour, to hold Perfection of Sanctification in any degree? What! are the Works of God and his Spirit in Christ so Imperfect, that they admit of no degree of Perfection in them? Then how should the Saints Perfect Holiness in the fear of God, according to the Exhortation given by the Apostle? 2 Cor. 7. 1. We look upon it, thus to charge God in the Work of his Spirit in Christ, to be little less than Blasphemy. David saith in Psal. 18. 30. As for God his way is Perfect: And in verse 32. It is God that girdeth me with Strength, and maketh my way Perfect. And Moses saith, I will Publish the Name of the Lord, Ascribe ye Greatness unto our God; he is a Rock, his Work is Perfect, for all his ways are Iudgment, &c. Deut. 32. 3, 4. These bear a better and truer Testimony for God, his Ways and Works, than Iames Barry, who will admit of no degree of Perfection in Sanctification; which we always held to be the Work of God and his Spirit in Christ wrought for the Saints, and in the Saints: As the Prophet also Testi­fieth, Isa. 26. 12. Lord, thou wilt Ordain Peace for us, for thou also hast wrought all our Works in us.

To Vindicate these our Principles, or any thing Writ in Vindication of them by our Friends, which he hath Abused, [Page 212] viz. George Fox, George Whithead, William Pen and Edward Burroughs; we offered to give him a Meeting, and with him to Dispute fairly, that it might be Manifest, whether his or ours did most agree and concur with the Testimony of holy Scriptures.

We offered further then, to Dispute with him about the Doctrine of Particular Election and Reprobation of Persons, or of Christ's not Dying for ALL Men; and told him, we were desirous to be Informed, what Gospel of glad Tidings Ministers of such a Faith and Principle had to Preach to them that Christ Died not for, which might tend to their Benefit unto Salvation; or whether they never press such to Believe as a Duty Incumbent, nor ever offer Salvation unto them in the Name of Christ, if they do believe? This we said we did look upon to be a material Principle, and ought to be cleared up, because it concerns so great a part of Man­kind. And Iames Barry's Messenger, that he sent with his Papers, said, That Iames Barry would lay down his Life in Vindication of this Principle: Therefore we expect he should Inform us, what Gospel he hath to Preach to them Christ. Died not for, and what object of Faith he hath to lay down for them to Believe in; for Faith must have an Object: Or whether they do not press it, as a Duty in ge­neral upon all to Believe? And then let us know their Me­thod of Distinction, who Preach not the Gospel to every one; for sure, there can be no Gospel of glad Tidings to those Christ Died not for: And we know 'tis the common Opini­on of such, that they that Christ Died not for, are the great­er Number; and if this Doctrine of theirs be true, how can the Message of the Angel be true? Luke 2. 10. And the An­gel said unto them, fear not; for behold, I bring you good tidings of great Ioy, which shall be unto ALL People. And in the same Chapter you may see, what Simeon said, For mine Eyes have seen thy Salvation, which thou hast prepared before the [Page 213] Face of ALL People. Here he Witnesseth to the general Offer of God unto ALL. And the Apostle, Rom. 5. 18. saith, That as by the Offence of ONE, Judgment came upon ALL Men to Condemnation; even so by the Righteousness of ONE, the free Gift came upon ALL Men unto Iustification of Life. And in Psal. 68. 18. David, speaking of Christ, saith, Thou hast ascended up on high, thou hast led Captivity Captive, thou hast received Gifts for Men; yea, for the Rebellious also, that the Lord God might dwell amongst them. And to this agrees the Parable of the Sower, whose Seed fell some on the High-way, some on the Thorny, some on the Stony, and some on the good Ground: And also the Parable of the Talents, Matt. 25. 15. where it is said, He gave to every one according to their several Abilities; but ALL did not improve, as Paul saith, Rom. 10. They have not all Obeyed, though they had Heard: and in 1 Tim. 2. 6. you see what he saith of the Mediator, Who gave himself a Ransom for ALL Men, to be Testified in due time. 2 Cor. 5. 14. For the Love of Christ constraineth us, because we thus judge, that if one Died for ALL, then were ALL Dead; and was not their Judgment right in this? Heb. 2. 9. But we see Iesus, who was made a little lower than the Angels for the suffering of Death, Crowned with Glory and Honour, that he by the Grace of God should tast Death for EVERY Man. So you see, that by the Grace of God he should tast Death for EVERY Man; and yet Iames Barry and such, by their ungracious Limitations, would have it to be but for a few; and so he goes to contradict the Scripture, and so is witnessed against, by that which he said should be the Standard to try every thing by; And therefore is not true according to the Standard. And in the 1st Epistle of John 2. 2. you may see what he saith of Christ and his Death; And he is the Propitiation for our Sins; and not for ours only, but also for the Sins of the whole World: So not for theirs only, but also for the Sins of the whole World. And 2 Pet. 3. 9. [Page 214] There the Apostle tells us of the Long-suffering of God to us­ward, not willing that ANY should Perish, but that ALL should come to Repentance. And the Prophet Ezekiel, being of the same mind, declares fully in the 18th chap. That the Lord hath no pleasure in the Death of a Sinner, but rather that he would Repent and Return. Many Scriptures might be laid down to witness against this unrighteous Principle of limiting God in the universality of his Love to Mankind; for the rejecting of which, and slighting the offers of Free Grace, which has appeared to all Men, according to Titus 2. 11. Man brings destruction upon himself.

But Iames Barry's Messenger that he sent, which we sup­pose may be an esteemed Member of his Church, did charge it to be Blasphemy for any to say, That Man could do contrary to the Will of God; and when it was offered to be proved in an hundred places of Scripture and more, where the Will of God was manifest, and that Men did contrary to it; for if it were not so, we should not have Sin com­mitted; for in the Scripture all sorts of Sin are forbidden: After this was offered, he still affirm'd it. And further discoursing of what benefit the Reprobate could have by the coming of Christ, he said, the Devil had a benefit by it; but being much desired to shew wherein, he could make no­thing out.

Iames Barry makes a Boast of his Hearers, most of them being in a state of Grace; but if they be not founded upon better Principles than these, they are far from being in a state of Grace and Happiness. Therefore in Charity we desire, they may look to their standing, and not to be setled upon such unsound Principles, as Iames Barry the Independent Minister (as he calls himself) labours to settle them in; which is opposite to God's Free Grace, which brings Salvation.

[Page 215] Iames Barry also, with some of his Hearers, did account it an Errour in the Quakers to own Immediate Revelation; and said, they did disown it. Now seeing it is so, that the immediate Spirit of Christ, and its Immediate Revelation is denied by him; we demand of him, how he came to be a Minister, and whence he hath his Ability, and that Know­ledge of God he pretendeth to have, and from whom he hath received his Gospel that he Preacheth? Its evident enough, not from Christ; for indeed it is not like his, nor him, who would have gathered the Children of Jerusalem, as a Hen gathereth her Chickens, and they would not; therefore were they rejected, because they would not be gathered. The Apostle saith, 2 Cor. 3. 6. They were made able Ministers of the New Testament, not of the Letter, but of the Spirit; and verse 5. saith, Their sufficiency was of God; and Gal. 1. 11, 12. the Gospel which Paul Preached, It was not after Man; for he neither received it of Man, neither was taught it; but by the Revelation of Iesus Christ; Eph. 3. he declares, That he was made a Minister according to the gift of the Grace of God given unto him by the effectual working of his Power; and Peter saith, 1 Pet. 4. 11. If any Man speak, let him speak as the Oracles of God; if any Man Minister, let him do it as of the ability which God giveth, that God in all things may be glorified, &c. Now how is this Ability re­ceived from God, if not by his Spirit? and therefore he gave different Gifts of the Spirit for the work of the Ministry, and by that they were opened and inlarged, and made able. But Iames Barry denying this, from whom hath he his Call? and whence hath he his Gospel and Ability? If he saith from God; We desire to know, how he received it, being not by the Spirit, he having denied that; and if it be not by the Spirit, it cannot be from God: For what a Man receives of Spiritual Benefit, it must be by the Spirit, either immediate­ly, or mediately by its working through an Instrument. [Page 216] Therefore let him make out, how he comes by his Call, Ability and that Necessity he pretends to be upon him? for the Divine Spirit being denied, it must be from Man, or else from his own corrupt Heart, for Self-interest; which is most probable, that he might get Gain and live upon the People: For it is evident, his Necessity is not the same that was upon the Apostle, 1 Cor. 9. 16. He owns not his way of receiving it, nor doth follow his Example in Preaching it.

And to his Hearers this Advice we give: Consider well your State, and whether you profit under his Ministry or no: For of old, they that ran, and the Lord did not send them, did not profit the People; for he denying Revelation by which the Father and the Son is savingly known, no other Knowledge is come to without it, but by Hear-say, which is not that Knowledge Christ speaks of, which is Life Eternal. And for your satisfaction, read the following Scriptures, Mat. 11. 27. Christ saith, Neither knoweth any Man the Father, but the Son, and he to whomsoever the Son will reveal him. So Christ is positive, that no Man knows God but by his Revelation, Mat. 16. 17. Christ saith, it was the Father that Revealed him unto Peter; and Gal. 1. 15, 16. There you may see the Father Revealed his Son in Paul, 1 Cor. 2. 10. The Apostle speaking of the great things God had prepared for them that love him, saith, God hath Revealed them unto us by his Spirit; and in Eph. 1. 17. you may see, how the Apostle prayed for the Saints, That God the Father of our Lord Iesus Christ, the Father of Glory, would give unto them the Spirit of Wisdom and Revelation in the Knowledge of the Son; and 1 Cor. 14. 30. he saith, If any thing be Revealed to another that sits by, let the first hold his Peace. Here you may see, that from the Testimony of the Holy Scripture (which your Minister said, should be the Standard to try every thing by) in the true Church, [Page 217] Revelation was expected, and to be given way to in the Church; and by the Apostle was prayed for, that God would give the Spirit and Revelation unto the Church; for he knew they could not Worship, Pray, Preach, nor Sing aright without it. And what! Is this accounted an Error now by your Minister or you? Where is your Stan­dard? Will you not come to the Scriptures, nor to the Spi­rit neither? Where is your Bottom and Foundation that you Build upon? What's your Root that bears you? You have got a foolish Builder, he will not follow the Example of Paul, a wise Master-Builder, 1 Cor. 14. 15. Paul said, He would pray with the Spirit, &c. and sing with the Spirit, &c. Eph. 5. 18. There the Apostle exhorts them, To be filled with the Spirit; and Rom 8. 26. he saith, They knew not, what to pray for as they ought, but the Spirit helped their Infirmities, &c. And Christ in the 4th of Iohn saith. That God is a Spirit, and they that Worship him, must Worship him in Spirit and Truth; and such doth the Father seek to Worship him. Now let your Minister clear these things up to you; how in your Church or Families either, he and you deny­ing Revelation, can Worship aright, Preach, Pray or Sing aright? and by what you have Ability, and know what to Pray for, without the Spirits help? What! are you so strong of your selves, in your Self-Ability, that you do not need that which the Apostles, and all true Christians sought the help of, and could not do without? Nay, it was that, by which they knew what to Pray for, and therefore they waited for its Assistance: And Paul said, he would Pray with it. You may make long Prayers, like the Pharisees, but what will it avail, it being done without that, in which the Saints had access to God? So here your Praying and Worship, and Separation or Gathering being without the Spirit, what can it be, but from self, and in self? And so like them spoken of in Iude 19. These be they, who separate [Page 218] themselves, sensual, not having the Spirit. And we desire you to read the 8th Chapter to the Romans, and consider, what you are to walk after, as Christians, and to be led by, and to live after; and with what you are to mortify the Flesh, or the deeds of the Flesh, if you own a Mortification needful to Salvation; and whether you can be Christ's, and not have his Spirit? and whether you can be the Sons of God, and not be led by his Spirit? And whether you are Children but by Adoption? And if by Adoption, whether this Adoption is not by the Spirit? And whether it was not the Spirit it self, that bore witness with the Saints Spi­rits, that they were the Children of God? As verse the 16. And then consider what your Evidence is, or whether ye have any or no? You considering these things weightily, will certainly find your selves at a loss, while ye are deny­ing the Spirits discovery or Revelation, whatever Iames Barry may tell you of your being in a State of Grace.

And therefore ought all People to be turned unto the Spi­rit and Light of Christ Jesus in their Hearts; and if your Minister do not direct and turn you thereunto, he is no Mi­nister of Christ, nor will ever bring you to Christ your Sa­viour, and then, how can you be saved? And if he turn you to the Light and Spirit of Christ, then he must own the Revelation thereof in the Church, or else he denies Christ in his Offices to teach his People, who is both King, Priest and Prophet in his Church; and if he turn People to the Light, then he must not Preach against it; but if this be not a part of his Message, that God is Light, and Christ is spiritually the Light of the World, and so a part of his work to turn to this Light, he is no Minister of Christ. And for your Satisfaction read these Scriptures: Paul, a true Mini­ster, Acts 26. 18. speaking of God's sending him to the Gentiles, said, It was to open their blind Eyes, and to turn them from Darkness to Light, and from the Power of Satan to God. [Page 219] And 1 Iohn 1. 5. he said, their Message which they had heard of him, and declared, was, That God is Light: So then they that turn People to the Light, turn them to God and Christ, as is further evident from Christ's own Words, Ioh. 8. 12. Then spake Iesus again unto them, saying, I am the Light of the World, he that followeth me, shall not walk in Darkness, but shall have the Light of Life. And Iohn the Baptist's Testimony concerning him (who was the Eternal Word, by whom all things were made) was, That he was the true Light, which lighteth every Man that cometh into the World, John 1. 9. And Christ commanded to believe in the Light, Iohn 12. 36. saying, While ye have the Light, believe in the Light, that ye may be Children of the Light, &c. So People are both to be turned to the Light, and to believe in the Light, and to walk in it; or else whatever be pro­fessed, People can be but Children of Darkness, and such as know not, whither they go. And in Isa 42. 6. and Isa. 49. 6. you may see, how God promised, that he would give Christ for a Light, &c. so that they that deny and slight the Light, deny Christ, God's Light and Salvation. And Eph. 5. 13. the Apostle saith, That all things that are reproved, are made manifest by the Light; for whatsoever doth make manifest, is Light. So that you may see, what need People have to mind the Light, or else they must be ignorant of their States, and also of the Glory of God; for in the Light is the Knowledge of God's Glory received, as may be seen in 2 Cor. 4. 6. and also you may see where this Light is to shine; For God who commanded Light to shine out of Dark­ness, hath shined in our Hearts, to give the Light of the Know­ledge of the Glory of God in the Face of Iesus Christ.

Much might be said in the Vindication of this Testimony for the true Light, wherewith Christ hath lighted every Man; but this may suffice to all that will believe the Scrip­tures, and accordingly turn their Minds to the true Light of [Page 220] Christ, that he may give them a right understanding to know him that is True, according to 1 Iohn 5. 20. seeing Iames Barry in his last Paper seems to accuse us, as if we would bring Texts of Scripture neither understood, nor rightly applied; therefore when he sends forth his Answer upon the back of our Vindication (according to his promise) let him give his Applications upon the fore-cited Scriptures, which are quoted for the Proof of our Principles, and as an Evidence against his: and so let him prove us grand Here­ticks, as he said he would; or otherwise let him leave off his boasting, and cease from belying and abusing of us, as for­merly he hath done.

Written in Vindication of the Truth, our selves, and the rest of our Traduced Friends.

Iohn Burnyeat, Amos Strettell.

JAmes Barry's Answer to two Letters (sent him by Anthony Sharp) which by way of Postscript was in his last Paper to us in the following Words, viz.

I do acknowledge my self indebted to your Scribe, viz. Anthony Sharp, in two most exquisite and polite Letters, the which I hope to answer, when I have little else to do: So begging his Worships Patience may bear a little longer with my slowness in this Business, I bid him Farewell. J. B.

For Answer. Anthony Sharp being abused and belied in particular, as well as we and our Principles in general; when Iames Barry finds leisure to answer his Letters, we shall leave Anthony Sharp to reply, who doubtless therein will further manifest both him and his folly, without either such delays, or using such vain and scornful flouts, improper to have come from the Pen of a Christian, much less a pretended Minister.

Memorandum. If any be desirous to see the several Papers, that have past betwixt Iames Barry and Us, the Originals may be seen with Amos Strettell, at the Band and Hood in Back-Lane, and true Copies thereof with Thomas Ashton, at the Three Kidds and Gloves in Cavan-Street, Dublin.

[Page] THE Holy TRUTH AND ITS Professors Defended:

In an Answer to a LETTER writ by Lawrence Potts, Priest of Staplestown near Catherlough, unto Robert Lackey a Parishioner, and formerly Hearer of the said Priest; Occasioned by his forsaking his Ministry, and embracing the blessed Truth herein vindicated.

By Iohn Burnyeat, and Iohn Watson.

Take Counsel together, and it shall come to nought; speak the Word, and it shall not stand: for God is with us. For the Lord spake thus to me with a strong Hand, and instructed me, that I should not walk in the way of this People, saying; Say ye not, A Confederacy to all them, to whom this People shall say, A Confederacy; neither fear ye their fear, nor be afraid. Sanctify the Lord of Hosts himself, and let him be your fear, and let him be your dread, Isa. 8. 10, 11, 12, 13.


Christian Reader,

ANother Letter coming to our Hands subscribed J. T. the tendency thereof being to beget a dislike in R. L. (to whom it was Writ) to the Princi­ples of Truth, as professed by us the truly Reformed Christians, called Quakers; and to prevent the writ­ing of more such, occasion'd our making thus publick the following Answer to Priest Potts's Letter; and the rather, understanding the said J. T. saw it, and takes no notice thereof in his, although it Answers the sub­stance thereof, excepting in these following particulars.

1. His accounting it an Errour in us, Not to Swear.

Ans. We in short say, we have Christ's Command for not Swearing, Matt. 5. 3, 4. Swear not at all; And seconded by the Apostle, James 5. 12. which we believe ought to be observed by all Christians.

[Page] 2. He charges us with Denying the Trinity as he terms it.

Ans. We do really own the Three that bear record in Heaven, the Father, the Word and the Holy Ghost, and these Three are One, Iohn 5. 7. And we also own the Three that bear witness in Earth, the Spirit, the Water and the Blood, and these Three agree in One, as verse 8. and so we do and always did believe, according to the Holy Scriptures.

3. He charges us with Denying the Scriptures to be the Word of God.

Ans. We believe the Scriptures to be what they call themselves, a Testimony or Declaration, as in Luke 1. 1. John 5. 39. But Christ we own and believe to be the Word of God, according to John 1. and Rev. 19. 13. So we own the Word of the Lord, that came unto the Prophets, saying, as in Ezek. 7. 1. and in divers other places; and we own and believe the Sayings of the Word, as recorded in the Holy Scriptures. So the Word, that came unto the Prophets, was the Sayer, or that which spake unto them; and the Scriptures are the Words or Say­ings, which the Word (or Spirit of Christ) spake unto (and through) the Prophets; as is evident from the Testimony of the Apostle, 1 Pet. 1. 10, 11.

J. B. J. W.

The Holy Truth and its Professors Defended, &c.

Lawrence Potts,

WE having met with a Paper of thine, and find­ing our selves, and others of the People called Quakers concerned therein, with our Chri­stian Religion and Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, which we are called to bear witness unto, and contend for, were not willing to let it pass without taking notice of thy false Charges upon Us and our Religion; together with thy weak Vindication of thy self, with the rest of the Clergy of your Church, in those things which thou hast yet to prove. And we find our selves the more concerned, because of thy Chal­lenge in thy Paper, where thou say'st; It dos become your Teachers, to make this plainly appear to you and me, from whom they have drawn you; and therefore if they can make it out, I again challenge it of them and you.

By the way we would have thee take notice of this, that Robert Lacky in his Letter to thee doth acquaint thee, that it was the Light or Grace of God, that let him see the Evil or Defects in himself and others, and so meerly the Love of God, that prevailed in his Heart; so that it was not Man, that drew him from thee and thy Teachings, but the Lord Iesus Christ, the true Shepherd, whom the Father promised, that by his Spirit of Light and Grace did draw him, and so fulfilled the Promise of the Father in Ezek. 34. 10. where he saith, He would deliver his Flock from the mouth of such as fed themselves, that they might not be Meat for them, &c.

[Page 226] In the first place we observe, thou blamest him for saying, If he or any other, through the Light of God's Grace in the Heart, do see Defects in themselves or others, that profess that Religion, wherein they were bred, he does not understand, how he incurs Damnation by forsaking it, &c. And so in thy Answer blamest him for confounding Religion (as thou say'st) with the Carriage of its Professors, &c.

Answer. It's true, there may be wicked Men Professors of a most holy and pure Religion; and therefore for some particulars being of an evil carriage, to condemn a Religion, is not proper. But when a Man finds and understands, that in the Exercise of his Religion he receives not power against Sin and Temptation in himself, nor yet sees the effect of such a power in others (it may be, not in the very Teachers) but that is lived in, which answers not the Law of God, nor the Life of a true Christian; and yet here is no dis-membring of such, or excluding them from their Church-Fellowship; This may justly give ground to suspect a Defect in that Religion. And therefore it may be war­rantable for a Man under these Observations, both concern­ing himself and others, to enquire and seek after a Reli­gion, wherein Power may be enjoyed from Christ to over­come Sin, and withstand Temptation. And we do believe, thou thy self art not ignorant, how that not only many of the People of your Church are of a loose Conversation, but diverse of your Clergy also; and yet they suffered to abide in their Places and Offices, without either being ex­cluded or silenced; though the Apostle exhorts, To with­draw from every Brother, that walks disorderly. And again, 1 Cor. 5. 11. He writes unto the Church, not to keep com­pany with any called a Brother, that was a Fornicator, or Covetous, or an Idolater, or Railer, or a Drunkard, or an Extortioner; such thou mayst see were to be denied Fel­lowship in the Church. But we have often observed, how [Page 227] that in your Church there have been and still are both Swear­ers, Liars, Drunkards, and Men given to other profaneness; and yet little zeal appearing to Excommunicate or exclude them. But when any for Conscience sake could not pay the Priest his Wages, though it were but some small matter, oftentimes such a one should soon be prosecuted and Ex­communicated; so that by your practices (what-ever you may profess in words) you are more zealous for your Gain and Interest, than for excluding Evil, and promoting Righ­teousness in your Church; and so like them the Apostle speaks of, who minded earthly things, whose end (he said) was Destruction, Phil. 3. 19. Now such practices are no marks of the Church of Christ; but of a false Church, where there is want of zeal for Righteousness: Whereby it is manifest, that you are not in the undefiled Christian Reli­gion, which keeps from the Spots of the World, and leads into Fellowship with the Father and his Son. And there­fore there was no such Danger (as thou insinuatest in thy Letter) in his leaving of your Church, of incurring the Dam­nation of his Soul, or choosing an unsafer way to Heaven, in coming to that Religion he hath chosen.

Next, we observe, thou seemest to take an advantage at his saying, It is the Light of God's Grace, that let him see the evil of his own Heart that he lived in, and the evil of others also; and so wouldst strain these words, the evil of others, particularly to the seeing of the hidden Evils of their Hearts in secret, as he saw his own; whereas it is not to be questioned, but that he intended the Evil, that others brought forth into Words or Actions. Though when he speaks of himself, he names his Heart, saying, My own Heart; yet thou unfairly makest a great deal ado about it, to bring him under blame, as if he assumed God's Prerogative, and plainly contradicted the Apostle Paul in the 14th chap. of the Romans; but that thou hast no just reason for these thy [Page 228] endeavours, wise Men may easily comprehend: However it is certain, that through the Light of God's Grace in the Heart, Men may come to see the defects in themselves, and also in others, without assuming God's Prerogative. And as to thy saying, It's a Term often used by the Quakers, but not rightly understood by them. Thy Charge is false; The Quakers understand it, and thou canst not make out the contrary, though it's easie for thee and others to accuse: But that we leave upon thee to prove and make out. But as for his seeing the wickedness of his own Heart, it is not to be questioned; and also to see the Vanity and Wickedness of others, is not difficult. For it is apparent enough, that Men that are in the Society of the People of your Religion, may see, what is brought forth daily, that is not agreeable to Christianity both in Words and Actions. And seeing this, and that which Christ lays down, being granted, that out of the abundance of the Heart the Mouth speaks; and a good Man out of the good Treasure of his Heart, brings forth good things, and an evil Man out of the evil Treasure brings forth evil things, Matth. 12. 35. Then according to this Rule of Christ's, by what Men bring forth in their Conversations, the Heart may be judged. And though the Lord search the Heart, and try the Reins, and to know Secrets is his Prerogative; yet what is thus manifested (according to the Rule of Christ) is no presumption to believe or give judg­ment in.

And as to the Apostles Words, Rom. 14. Thou makest an impertinent Application of them, in bringing them as a Testi­mony in this concern against him; for the case in which they were not to judge one another, was in point of Faith, or their growth or liberty therein; the Weakness of the Faith of a weak Brother was to be born with in that straitness that was upon some, as in respect to Meats, and the observing of Days, which others were grown over, that were not to be [Page 229] judged, but in point of Faith were to be left to their own liberty; and in that case, saith he, Let not him that eateth not, judge him that eateth, for God hath received him; and he that did eat, was not to despise him that did not eat.

So thou may'st see, that the Apostle had a regard to their Growth in the Faith, and so would have all walk accordingly in Wisdom, with care not to hurt one another: But what is this to People of a loose Life, whose Words and Actions are contrary to the Law of God, and so sinful? May we bear no Testimony against such? Was it not the Practice of the Prophets, Christ and the Apostles to Reprove such, and give Testimony against them, and yet not contradict Paul in this case? How ignorant thou shewest thy self to be of the Scriptures!

But mark thy Iudgment, and where it will fall: Have not (these many years) your Church and Ministry been concerned in Persecuting such as could not for Conscience sake, and in the liberty of their Faith, Observe Days, and other things, which you required? And when they could not conform to you, they have not only been judged by you, but sorely abused, and cast into Prison, put in the Stocks, and their Goods spoild: Thus have many suffered only for matters of Faith and Conscience towards God. And so herein it is evident, that your established Church thou speakest of, is highly Guilty of the Fact, thou chargest to be plainly contrary to the Apostle in that fore-cited Scripture in Rom. and so is judging another Man's Servant in that, wherein he ought to be left to his own Master, and presumest to meddle with Christ's Pre­rogative; so you are under thy own Condemnation, being guilty of that which thou wouldst condemn in others: And this to be your practice, can be proved by many Witnesses, that have suffered upon this account by your Church, both in England and Ireland. From what is before said it's evident, that for a Man to say, That he sees the evil of his own Heart [Page 230] by the Light and Grace of God, and the evil of other Men, which were conversant with him in his loose Conversation, doth not bring him under the Censure of the Apostle, as thou igno­rantly dost imply: Therefore thou mayst take it home to thy self, and thy Brethren, as a just Judgment upon you for the reasons aforementioned.

Thou further say'st, That perhaps we will object, that Christ in Matth. 7, 16. says, Ye shall know them by their Fruits, &c. To which thou Answerest, He does so; but tellest us, It hath relation to false Prophets, and withal wouldst insinuate, as if the Teaching Quakers (as thou callest them) were such. But that they are such, is a false Insinuation, which thou canst never be able to prove. And by Fruits thou tellest us, that both there and in other places is meant the Doctrine of those false Prophets or Teachers, that being the proper Fruits of such men, and not their particular Actions.

Answer. That Christ's words here have a relation to false Prophets, we grant it; and that they are to be known by their Fruits, we also acknowledg: But that the Fruits there meant are only their Doctrines, and not their particular Acti­ons, as thou affirmest, we do deny. And that it is not so, as thou sayst, doth plainly appear from the words of Christ in many parts of the same Chapter. For first he saith, They shall come in Sheeps-Cloathing, but inwardly they are ravening Wolves, (so not in the Sheep's Life.) And what is the Sheep's-Cloathing? Is it not the Words of the true Phrophets, Apostles and Servants of God? As appears by the Testimony of the Lord's Servants, as may be seen in Ierem. 23. 30. Behold I am against the Prophets, saith the Lord, that steal my Words every one from his Neighbour. And the Apostle speaking of De­ceivers, Rom. 16. 18. saith, That by good words and fair speeches they deceive the Hearts of the simple. So that it is evi­dent, these false Prophets and Deceivers had good words; for God said, they had Stoln his Words from their Neighbours, [Page 231] &c. and they had fair Speeches, but were inwardly Ravening, from whence evil Fruits were brought forth. But that by Fruits there is not meant their Doctrine, as thou say'st, Ob­serve further what Christ saith in that Chapter; Do men gather Grapes of Thorns, or Figs of Thistles? Even so every good Tree bringeth forth good Fruit: But a corrupt Tree bringeth forth evil Fruit, &c. Wherefore by their Fruits ye shall know them, ver. 20. And in the following verses it is most clear, that by Fruits he means their Deeds and particular Actions; for his words are, Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the Kingdom of Heaven; but he that doth the Will of my Father, which is in Heaven; (so the Fruits here meant are Doings, not sayings.) Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy Name, &c. and then will I profess unto them, I never knew you, depart from me ye that work iniquity: Here the Working of Iniquity was the cause of their exclusion from him. And further, speak­ing of the Wise and Foolish Builders, he saith; He that hear­eth these sayings of mine, and doth them, I will liken him unto a wise Man, &c. And every one that heareth these sayings of mine, and doth them not, shall be likened unto a foolish Man, &c. So that all along it doth appear, that the Particular Actions are the Fruits, whereby Christ declares they may be known, and accordingly may be judged; though

Thou say'st, Many Hereticks, men who have embraced vile Doctrines (as thou affirmest the Quakers do) have been of good Lives.

First, As to thy affirming, That the Quakers do embrace vile Doctrines, that is false; and we turn it back upon thee as a wicked slander, and challenge thee to bring them forth, that we may know, what they are that thou accounts so, and whether they be ours or not. In the next place, where dost thou read in all the Scriptures of Men, that held vile Doctrines, that were of Good Lives?

[Page 232] The next matter thou takest in hand to defend in thy Paper, is, Your Tithes, your great Delilah. For it's evident, that it is your Tithes and other Revenues, that is the very cause, for which the most of you did become Ministers; otherwise we are perswaded, we had not had One of an Hundred in those Offices at this day of you. For it's the Trade, as it's made by you, whereby you get your Rich Gain, that is chief­ly in the Eye of those concerned in the preferring of Youth in­to the Schools; and we think, it is as much in the eye of the Ministers, in their coming out of the Schools, and going into the Nations to be Teachers, as your practice doth manifest. So that Christ and his Gospel is the least of your concern in the ground of your design, whatever may be pretended. For in all things Mens ways and Actions are a more sure Evidence to Demonstrate, what they are, than their Words; therefore Christ saith, by their Fruits ye shall know them: So that we do not wonder to find thee so concerned to plead Worldly Gain. But to come to the matter, thy business is, To prove Tithes of Divine Institution now under the Gospel Dispensation (which if thou do, then we will confess, it is no defect in your Reli­gion) Thou say'st, It will be no hard matter to do; but thou hast not done it: And if it be so easie to do, thou should'st have done it, to have convinced him that scruples its Lawfulness. However it may be supposed, thou hast brought thy chief Proof, in quoting Christ's Words in Matth. 23. 23. and Luke 11. 42. Where he speaks of the Pharisees paying Tithes of Mint, Anise, Cummin, &c. and tells them, These things ye ought to have done. And then thou say'st, Nothing can be plainer to them, that are not desirous to wrest the Scriptures to their own de­struction: So by thy own Words this is thy chief proof, be­ing (as thou sayst) nothing can be plainer. But as plain as thou wouldst make the simple believe it is, all that are wise do clearly see, that this has no relation to the Gospel-Dispen­sation, but to the first Covenant and Priesthood. And saith [Page 233] the Apostle, Hebrews 7. 12. For the Priesthood being changed, there is made of necessity a change also of the Law. And in the 8th chap. thou may'st see, how he proves the Lawchanged, and gives the Reason for the Lord's giving a New Covenant or Testament, and making the first Old. So it's plain, the Priesthood that received Tithes, and the Law that made them of Divine Right to the Priesthood, are both changed, and both a New Law or Covenant and Priesthood set up and esta­blished by the Oath and Promise of God, which are the two immutable things, by which God shews the Immutability of his Counsel abundantly unto the Heirs of Promise, for the strengthening of their Consolation through Christ, that is made an High Priest for ever, as thou mayst read, Heb. 6.

Now thy work is, To prove Tithes of Divine Institution in the New Covenant, and then to prove and shew the Priesthood, that is to Receive them; for thou mayst see, both the Law, that gave them, and the Priesthood, that received them, are chang­ed. And though Christ told the Scribes and Pharisees, they ought to have done it; that was according to the Law of the First Covenant, which was not then dis-annulled, Christ not being offered up, but he himself under it: for it is said, He was made under the Law, to Redeem them that were under the Law, Gal. 4. 4, 5. and so he taught People to observe it; as when he had cleansed the Leper, in Matth. 8. he bid him shew himself to the Priest, and offer the Gift, that Moses com­manded for a Testimony unto them; and so while under the Law, he was for observing the Law: But now that being end­ed in him, his Law is to be observed, and what he has ordain­ed, we are to be subject to. But before we speak to that, we are willing, to take a little observation of the difference between your Priesthood, that now takes Tithes, and God's Priesthood, that received Tithes by his Law in his first Covenant. First, Levi's Line, that was to receive Tithes of Israel, had not their Inheritance of Land among their Brethren, this the [Page 234] Lord ordered to be their Inheritance, to wit, Tithes and Offer­ings, which they were to have from the rest of the Tribes; as thou mayst see in Numb. 18. And likewise when they had received the Tithes, which was all the Inheritance they had among the Children of Israel, they were not to have it only to themselves; but the Stranger, the Fatherless, and the Wi­dow were to have a share with them; they were to be reliev­ed out of the Tithes by the same Law, that there might be no Beggars; and the Owner himself was also to partake of them, as thou mayst see in Deut. ch. 14. and ch. 26. So it is evident, you far exceed them as to Self-advantage; you have all to your selves, your Ministry is far more chargeable, than the Priests under the Law; neither Poor nor Owner must have a share with you, nor the Payers of the Tithes eased from the burthen of the Poor, for all that you get.

Pray thee, tell us, how your Tithes come to be of Divine Right? Thou sayst, It is not hard to prove, when demanded. We Demand it, and also Deny it; do thou Prove it, if thou canst: We are sure, if this Law were in force, that gave it to Levi, you in the using of it walk far beside the Law, and so still are under Condemnation. Oh! is it not a shame, that Men, that pretend to be Ministers of Christ, and can tell the People (as thou dost in thine) of forsaking all for Christ, and yet in your practices do neither walk answerable to the Freedom and Ease of the Gospel, nor Iustice and Equity of the Law of the first Covenant? And therefore we advise thee to lay down thy Religious Plea for these Wages of thine; for we can account them no better than Balaam's Wages of Unrighteousness, which he loved, but durst not take, spoken of 2 Pet. 2. 15. For it doth appear, there were such in the Apostles days, that forsook the right way, and followed Balaam's Errour; and certainly, we are not without such now in our days.

[Page 235] But now let us consider, what Christ hath Ordained, who is the Law-giver under the New Covenant. Thou sayst, Tho' Paul does not mention Tithes and Offerings, yet he speaks, what is equivalent to them. We desire to know, what thou intendest by Equivalent? Dost thou mean of an equal Value and Institu­tion with them? We grant what Paul saith, to be just and reasonable, and according to the Gospel, that it was no great thing, where they had Sown Spirituals, to Reap of their Carnal things: And thou seest, Paul puts it upon an If, and says, If we have sown Spiritual things; he claims no power to it else: But this will not serve you, you cannot abide within the Gospel-Ordination and Bounds, no more than you do the Law, about your Tithes, but you will reap Carnals, where you sow no Spirituals. Thou mayst see also the A­postle speaks of feeding a Flock, and planting a Vineyard, and eating the Milk and Fruit; but still it's the Milk and Fruit of the Flock and Vineyard, that they had Fed and Planted, and not other Mens. But this will not serve you, let the Nations bear Witness; you will reap, whether you sow or not; you will eat, whether you feed and plant or not; you will have it by force, like Eli's Sons, if you cannot get it otherwise. And thou bringst the Apostle's Words, Even so hath the Lord ordained, that they who Preach the Gospel, should live of the Gospel; and then queriest, doth Paul say, the Lord has ordained? And will you say, the Lord has not ordained? Is not this to give the Apostle a flat lie?

We answer, Nay, we will not say, nor never did, that they which Preach the Gospel, may not live of the Gospel, according to Christ's Ordination; but then it must be ac­cording to his Ordination, and not according to Man's Will and Invention, to answer his own covetous Inclination. And we also grant what the Apostle saith, Let him that is taught in the Word, communicate to him that teacheth in all good things; but still he must be a Teacher, and it is [Page 236] from them that he teacheth, that he must expect it: But this will not please you, but you will have from them that were never taught by you, as thousands in Ireland may bear wit­ness. So thou mayst see here, how impertinently thou wouldst apply the Scriptures to them that have no right to them, upon that account thou bringst them; but they will not serve thy turn. And where is the Wrester of the Scrip­tures to their own Destruction, that thou speakest of? Thou hast need to see, if thou canst clear thy self of it.

Thou goest on, and sayst, Thou canst tell, what we will say to these and such like Texts; you will, I warrant you, (sayst thou) say, that Tithes are not mentioned, &c. But thou mayst see, thou wast under a mistake, and it was a vain confi­dence in thee to say so: We have something else to say, as before. But you will allow sure, that they enjoin a Mainte­nance, &c. thou sayst; We will allow that: But then let it be, what the Lord has ordained, and we are content. And now let us observe, what that is. In Matth. 10. when Christ sent forth his Twelve Disciples to Preach and Heal the sick, he said, Freely you have received, freely give; and the Allowance he ordained for them, when he sent them out without Mony or Gold, was; That they might Eat such things, as were set before them; for, saith he, the Work­man is worthy of his Meat. And in Luke 10. when he sent out his Seventy, he gave them the like Command, and told them, They might stay in that House, into which they had entred, eating and drinking such things as they did give; for, saith he, the Labourer is worthy of his Hire: and in the 8th verse he saith, Into whatsoever City ye enter, and they re­ceive you, eat such things as are set before you. So here it was such, as did receive them, that they were to abide with; and it was such things, as they did give, and set before them, that they were to eat: so it was the free Act of such as did receive them, that they were to live upon, and be sup­plied [Page 237] by. Here is no liberty to Compel; but the Power of the Gospel was to open their Hearts, to minister freely of their Carnals, as they received freely of the Spirituals from them; and this agrees with what the Apostle says in all those places before mentioned: so that it is evident, he had regard, unto what the Lord and ordained. But this will not serve your Turn; you cannot be content with what Christ ordains, and the Apostle approves of, 1 Tim. 5. 18. Thou shalt not muzzle the Ox, that treadeth out the Corn; and the Labourer is worthy of his Reward. The que­stion may be by some asked, what this Reward is? the A­postle clears it up in the 6th ch. 8th v. having in the former verse told Timothy, That we brought nothing into this World, and it is certain we can carry nothing out; and having Food and Raiment, let us therewith be content: Here was the Counsel of an Apostle to a Bishop; for it's said, he was Bi­shop of the Church at Ephesus.

Now things being well weighed according to the Scrip­ture, where is the Divine Right either for Tithes, or the other great Revenues, you Clergy-men Compel the Nations to pay you? It is not from Christ's Command, nor the Apo­stles, nor from any of their Examples, neither Apostles, Bi­shops, Pastors nor Teachers: You are without Warrant from the Scripture; you have neither Precept nor Precedent for your Practices, either as in respect to your great Revenues, that you seek after and enjoy, nor your manner of forcing People to pay you. All we see in Christ's Ordination, that was to be done to them, that would not receive them and relieve them, was, they were to shake off the Dust of their Feet, as a Witness against them: And then Christ shews the danger of their rejecting; but refers it to the day of Judgment. But this will not serve you, though ye pretend to be spiritual Men, yet it plainly appears you are for your carnal Ends; you cannot trust your selves under [Page 238] Christ's Care to live of the Gospel, and what that freely produceth in the Hearts of the People, as Christ's Mini­sters did. And you may see what they answered, when he questioned them, as in Luke 22. 35. And he said unto them, when I sent you without Purse and Scrip, and Shooes, lacked ye any thing? and they answered, Nothing. So here is Faith and Obedience, and the Effects also of the Faith and Obedience of Christ's Ministers set before us for an Example: But it's evident, you do no more love to follow the Example of the Primitive Ministers, than you love to sub­mit, to what Christ hath ordained; as appears by the great bustle thou makest, and the many shuffling Arguments thou usest, to invalidate the good Example of the Apostle in that godly Care that was upon him, that he might not make the Gospel chargeable; which is no more than the real duty of every true Minister of Christ, although you make it not your concern, as is evident from your practices. And what if the Apostle had Power, and asserted his Power? Thou seest, what Power he asserts in these Words; Have we not power to eat and to drink? and again, Have we not pow­er to forbear working, &c? as in 1 Cor. 9. So thou may'st still see, that he pretended to no power above his Master's Commission, who said, They might Eat such things, as were set before them: The Labourer was worthy of his Meat. So still this makes nothing for thee and thy Brethren; his Power you will not be content with, no more than his Ex­ample; for then you know, you must not live in Pride, Highth, Fulness and Idleness, as ye do. And so being his Power will not answer your Ends, you fly from his Power, which was the Gospel, which they that Preached it, were to live by, to Man's Power and Law for your Maintenance; and by that, Force and Compel People to pay you, for whom you do no Work, and to whom you cannot say, as he did, 1 Cor. 9. 1. Are not you my Work in the Lord? But alas! how many [Page 239] Thousands do you Compel in Ireland to pay you, that are not your Work in this sense he speaks of? You have no con­cern in their Conversion, if they be Converted; but whether they be or not, you matter not, you will have your Revenue from among them.

But thou tellest him, He does not consider, that the Gospel of Christ was but in its Infancy; Paul was but then planting it, endeavouring to make it the established Religion of the Nations, as now it is.

Answer. That Paul was planting it, we grant; but that the Religion which he endeavoured to establish, is now the Established Religion of the Nations, we deny. For, first, there is no such Unity Nationally in Religion, as he endea­voured to establish; as in 1 Cor. 1. 10. Now I beseech you, Brethren, by the Name of our Lord Iesus Christ, that ye all speak the same thing, that there be no Division among you; that ye be perfectly joined together in the same Mind, and in the same Iudgment. Secondly, They are not established in Holi­ness, and that Perfection, which he laboured to establish and present them in; as Col. 1. 28. Warning every Man, and teaching every Man in all Wisdom, that we may present every Man perfect in Christ Iesus. And likewise in Ephes. 4. we read, that he gave Ministers, and Gifts for the Ministry, for the perfecting of the Saints, and for the edifying of the Body of Christ, &c. till they all come in the Unity of the Faith to a perfect Man, &c. And 2 Corinth. chap. 7. verse 1. His La­bour was, To bring them to perfect Holiness in the Fear of God. This is the Religion Paul and others endeavoured to Establish in the Nations, and to Establish People in; and for this end Peter exhorts the Believers To be holy in all man­ner of Conversation, that as he, which had called them, was holy, so they might be holy, 1 Pet. 1. 15. Here is that, which they laboured to make the Established Religion of the Nati­ons, viz. Unity, Perfection and Holiness in all manner of [Page 240] Conversation. Thou affirmest, That now it is made, as he (to wit, Paul) endeavoured to make it. If this were true, then the Nations would be gathered into Righteousness and Holiness, Unity and Peace, Love and Good will: But alas! there appears no such Fruits of the true Religion a­mongst the generality of the People of the Nations; which doth demonstrate, that there is no such Establish­ment of it, as thou hast asserted, what-ever may be professed in words.

We take notice, how much thou art offended at his tell­ing thee, That the Ministers wrought with their Hands, and takest occasion at the Word Ministers, as if he had said, All laboured, and then affirmest, it's very false: whereas he only saith Ministers in the plural Number (not All,) which is proved true by the Scripture and thy own Confession, who grantest, That Paul and his Fellow-travelling Apostles did labour with their Hands: And then when thou hast Asserted it to be false, thou challengest him, to shew another Apostle, besides them in the New Testament, that wrought: For, sayst thou, They for sook their Boats, their Nets, their Trades for his sake and the Gospel; and the New Testament doth not inform us, that they ever returned to these Trades again for a Livelihood.

Answ. We read Iohn 23. that Peter, above three years after he was called by Christ, with several other Disciples, after they had so forsaken their Boats, &c. went a Fishing, and that Peter then had his Fisher's Coat, [not a long Gown, as those called Ministers now wear,] and we do not believe, they went for Pleasure, but to get Fish. From whence we may groundedly conclude, that they used that Imploy for a Livelihood at times, when they were not immediate­ly imployed in Preaching the Gospel: And we challenge thee, to prove the contrary, if thou canst.

[Page 241] Concerning thy querying for a Command for keeping the First Day of the Week, or calling it the Lord's Day; We say, we Meet together on the First Day of the Week, (for to Meet is our Duty) and also upon other Days; and for this Practice we have both Command and Example. The Saints were commanded not to forsake the assembling of themselves together, Heb. 10. 25. and we account every day is the Lord's; and He that regardeth a Day, ought to regard it to the Lord: and he that regardeth not the Day to the Lord, he doth not regard it, Rom. 14. 6. But what Scripture have ye for all such Days as you observe, which are called such and such Saints Days?

Thou sayst, Thou hast been the longer on this particular, be­cause thou findest, it galls us most.

Answ. When thou hast read our Answer, (which by rea­son of thine being so long, hath caused ours to be so too,) thou mayst consider of it, and of thy impertinency in quot­ing the Scriptures to prove your Practice, which being well observed, doth witness against you; and then we doubt not, but it will prove that which will gall thee and thy Brethren, who are so found in such Covetous practices, as the Scriptures plentifully testifie against. And for a fur­ther Testimony against your Practices, read these following Scriptures, of which for brevity's sake, having been so long already, we shall forbear to write the Words, they that can, may read them in the Bible, Isa. 59. 9, 10, 11, 12. Ier. 5. 30, 31. Ezek. 13. 19. Ezek. 34. ch. Mich. 3. 5, 11. Ioh. 10. 12. Tit. 1. 10, 11. 1 Tim. 3. 1, 2, 3. 2 Pet. 2. 14, 15, 16. Iud. 11, 12, 13.

In the next place, thou undertakest to inform him of some Defects in that Religion he had chosen: and first, thou sayst, Our Teachers have no lawful Call to Preach the Gospel, and quotest the Apostle's saying, Rom. 10. 15. How shall they Preach, except they be sent? That is, sayst thou, how can [Page 242] they Preach the true Doctrine of Christ, unless they be sent by him, or by those Apostles of Christ, who received immediate Commissions from him, &c.

Answ. We grant, what the Apostle saith, How can they Preach, except they be sent, &c? But that our Teachers are not so sent, thou neither undertakest to prove by Argu­ment, nor Scripture; although thou hast the confidence to affirm, that they have no lawful Call, or Commission to Preach the Gospel: which we turn back upon thee, as a false Ac­cusation; and demand of thee to prove and make it appear to be true, if thou canst. For we do believe, that none can be true Ministers, but such as are sent by Christ, and have their Call and Commission from him, and also receive the Gospel which they Preach, and their Ability from him: For the Scripture is plain, that the Gospel-Ministers were sent by him, and received the Gospel they Preached, and Ability to Preach it from him, and not from Men; as in Gal. 1. 11, 12. And in 2 Cor. 3. 6. the Apostle saith, They were made able Ministers of the New Testament, not of the Letter, but of the Spirit; and in the foregoing verse he saith, Our sufficiency is of God: And Ephes. 3. 7. he declares, That he was made a Minister according to the Gift of the Grace of God, given unto him by the effectual working of his Power: And Peter saith, 1 Pet. 4. 11. If any Man speak, let him speak as the Oracles of God; if any Man Minister, let him do it as of the Ability, which God giveth, that God in all things may be glorified, &c.

And so from him, we say, we have received our Call by his Eternal Spirit, and do wait upon him to receive our Ability daily, that what we do, may be by the Gift of the Grace of God given unto us; that God in all things may be Glorified. And if this be not according to the Scripture, and the way of God, do thou in thy next shew, what is? And prove your way of being bred up at Schools, and Learn­ing [Page 243] your Tongues, and taking your Degrees there, and ob­serving your Ceremonies in your Ordination, and coming forth according to your Traditions; and then looking for a Benefice the greatest you can get; and then setling in a Parish for so much a Year, until you can hear of a Place with a great­er Benefice; and then remove for Greater Gain and Prefer­ment. And while you stay in a Parish, take such Lordship upon you, that none of your Church or Hearers may have Liberty to Speak or Preach, but such as are so Ordained, as you are? Clear these things in thy next to be according to Scripture, if thou canst. In the mean while we charge this Method and these doings not to be according to the Rule of the Gospel, or Example of the Primitive Ministers. That this is your Practice, we believe thou canst not deny: But in the true Church this Order and Liberty was Ordained by the A­postle, as in 1 Cor. 14. 30, 31, 32. If any thing be revealed to another that sitteth by, let the first hold his peace; for you may all Prophesie one by one, that all may learn, that all may be com­forted: and the Spirits of the Prophets are subject to the Pro­phets. But this Liberty, which the Apostle Ordained, you do not admit of, no more than you do of other things, which were the practice of the true Church, and Christ's Ministers; but instead thereof are gone into things, which are of Man's Ordaining and setting up: And therefore Robert Lacky, and all in whom God hath opened an understanding to see you a right, have reason enough to forsake you and your Church. And as for those Scriptures thou quotest, to prove a succes­sive Power to send others: They make nothing for your me­thod of Ordination at all; for Matth. 28. he said, He would be with them, &c. doth not say, They should send others. In Acts 1. the Apostles desired one in the place of Iudas to be numbered with them, and he was chosen by Lot: So here was the Lord's Lot. And in Acts 14. 23. it is said, They Or­dained Elders in every Church. Now how these Scriptures do [Page 244] prove a true Succession to your Call and Ordination, let all that are wise in heart, judge.

Secondly, Thou sayst, We have no Sacraments administred in our Religion, neither that of Baptism, whereby People are admitted into the Christian Church, nor that of the Lord's Sup­per, by which they are strengthned and preserved in it.

Ans. First, We demand, whence thou hast this Term Sa­craments, and what is the proper Signification of it? We are sure, thou hast it not from Scripture. And Secondly, We put it upon thee to prove, whence you have your Authority for that which thou callest Baptism, by which, thou sayst, People are admitted into the Christian Church, viz. Sprinkling Infants? We deny, that you have any Authority from Scrip­ture, either by Command or Example for it: For we never read in all the Scriptures of either Baptising or Sprinkling Infants: There is no such thing in that Scripture by thee quoted. Therefore thou art in a great mistake, in charging this to be a defect in the Quaker's Religion, not to have such a Practice, which is an unwarrantable human Invention. And it is a great Defect in your Religion, to perswade people, that when you have Sprinkled a little Water on the Head or Face of a Child, and signed it with the sign of the Cross, it is there­by admitted into the Christian Church, and call it Baptism, when it is but Sprinkling; and therefore a Defect through­out. But thy Charge upon the Quakers Religion, that we deny that of Baptism, by which People are admitted into the Christian Church, we affirm to be false. For we own that Baptism, according to what the Apostle saith 1 Cor. 12, 13. For by one Spirit are we all Baptised into one Body, whether we be Iews or Gentiles, &c. This we own to be Christ's Baptism: And we also own Iohn's Ministration of Water to have been God's Ordinance in its day: But yours we leave for thee to prove, from whence you had it?

[Page 245] Secondly. Thou sayst, Nor that of the Lord's Supper, by which they are strengthened and preserved in it.

Ans. Let all that are wise in Heart, consider, whether that which thou callest a Sacrament, which you take, hath such a great effect in it, as to strengthen and preserve in the Christian Church, which is Christ's Church? For the Protest­ants do account it no more than a Sign of an inward Spiri­tual Grace. But we are satisfied concerning what Christ did, as in that Scripture thou quotest, Luke 22. For he had regard to the fulfilling of the Law, and his time drawing near, that he was to be Sacrificed (and so the true Passover, as Paul saith, 1 Cor. 5. 7. For even Christ our Passover is Sacri­ficed for us) had a desire to eat the Figurative Passover with his Disciples, before he suffered; as thou mayst see Luke 22. and in eating the Passover he took the Cup, and gave thanks, and gave it to them, and bid them divide it among them­selves; and likewise took Bread, and brake it, and gave it to them. And after Supper again he took the Cup, and gave them. And thou mayst see, what he said both of the Bread and the Cup; the One was his Body, which was given for us, the other was the Cup of the New Testament in his Blood, which was shed for us: Which words import, that his Body, which is broken for us, is the substance of that Unleavened, Typical Bread; and his Blood, which was shed, is the substance of that Cup. Not that the Bread and Wine was his Body and Blood, for that was but Typical; though some do ignorantly imagine, that he meant the outward Bread and Wine was his real Body and Blood: As the Iews thought, he had meant the Temple made with hands, when he spake of the Temple of his Body. For we read, that when the Passover was instituted, they were to have a Lamb without blemish, and unleavened Bread, and the Door-Posts were to be sprinkled with the Blood of the Lamb; which Passover was certainly a Type of Christ the immaculate Lamb, whose Body is the true Bread, that [Page 246] nourishes the Soul to Life eternal; and his Blood sprinkles the Conscience from dead works to serve the Living God. This is that we have an eye to, that which was broken for us, and shed for us; and we think, by thy Writing thou art not of the Papists mind for the Real Presence: And if not, then consider, what that Bread and Drink was, that was broken and shed for us, which he spake of, though he was then eating the Passover with his Disciples; and then come on and see, what the Apostle saith to the Mystery of it, which was that which he preferred in the Church at Corinth, 1 Cor. 10. there he tells them of the Fathers, viz. the Church in the Wilderness, and saith, They did all eat of the same spiritual Meat, and did all Drink of the same spiritual Drink; for they drank of that spiritual Rock that followed them, and that Rock was Christ. So here thou mayst see, the Meat was Spiritual, and the Drink was Spiritual, and the Rock was Spiritual, that they drank of, and that was Christ. So the Apostle, speaking to Wise Men, bids them judge, what he saith; as in ver. 15. and in ver. 16. saith he, The Cup of Bles­sing which we bless, is it not the Communion of the Blood of Christ? And the Bread which we break, is it not the Communion of the Body of Christ? And ver. 17. For we being many, are one Bread and one Body, for we are all partakers of that one Bread. The Iudgment of this thou seest the Apostle refer­red to Wise Men; and we know, Wise Men will Iudge, that it is this Spiritual Meat and Drink, that strengthens and pre­serves in the Church of Christ, what-ever thou may'st say to the contrary. And so thou wrongest the Quakers, in saying, That we have not the Lora's Supper administred in our Reli­gion; for we greatly delight in the Lord's Supper, to eat and drink that which strengthens and preserves us in the Church of Christ. And for your Practice, that you use in your Church, we demand your Example for it, and whence it did arise? For thou may'st see, that Christ in the Figure did eat the [Page 247] Passover with his Disciples according to the Law, and gave them the Cup both before and after Supper, as a foresaid.

Thou pretendest, Thou hast other notorious defects in our Religion, but forbearest to bring them forth; only one, thou say'st, thou canst not omit, which is so great a one, that it ren­ders the generality of the Quakers almost no Christians at all: And thou say'st, Most of us are guilty, and that is a de­fect in the very badg and mark of a Christian Disciple, which, say'st thou, is Love and Charity; and so quotest Christ's words, John 13. 35. By this shall all Men know, that you are my Disciples, if ye love one another.

Ans. Thou dost in this, as thou hast done in other things before, charge us to be Guilty, but dost not bring one Proof or Argument to prove the Guilt upon us from matter of fact, unless thy saying, It is so, be either Proof or Argument; which no wise Man will understand to be so. Thou say'st, Perhaps, we have charity among our selves, we love one the other, who are of our Perswasion. However that is well so far, it answers this Text of Scripture, which thou hast quoted; we wish, we might say in truth so much for all of your Per­swasion. But thou goest on to shew, how we should love Ene­mies, &c. and tellest us what Iohn says, That God is Love. and the more a Man hath of Love, the nearer he doth approach to the Nature of God; and so tellest us, what Paul saith of Charity, &c. But what doth all this towards the proving us to be defective in this great badg and mark of a Christian Disciple? That this is both your and our Duty, we grant; but thou dost not shew matter of Fact, wherein we are Guil­ty. It is an easie matter to accuse and charge; but Wise Men will consider, how they can make good the Accusation, before they charge. But since thou hast provoked thereun­to, let us take an observation of the Works of your Church and Ministry, and see, how you have born this badg and mark of a Disciple of Christ? or whether we can find any [Page 248] Defects in her or not, that we may see, whether there is any reason to forsake her, or not? For many years past the Fruits of your Church and Ministers have been such, that we think, it will be hard for any to say, they are the badg and marks of Christian Disciples, (for thou speakest in thy Letter of the Protestant Religion, as it is profest in the Church of England and Ireland) and so it is of that Church, we now have Reason to take an observation. Let it be considered; from whence hath all that great Persecution for many years proceeded, whereby so Many Families have been ruined, many thousands Imprisoned, their Goods taken away, not leaving some so much as a Bed to lie upon, Cattel to Till the Ground, nor Corn for Bread and Seed, nor Tools to work withal; Whipping, Stocking, Stoning, and grievously Abusing: so that many there­by have lost their Lives; and meerly, because they could not come to your Worship for Conscience sake, or for Meeting together to Worship God according to their Faith. And in these Persecutions the Ministers have often had a hand them­selves, in sending forth wicked Informers, and sometimes ap­pearing in their own Persons. Besides the great Sufferings, wherein many have suffered for the Ministers Wages and Hire, which hath not been a little: This in England. Yet we have not escaped in Ireland, but have often been Imprisoned for Meeting together to Worship the Living God, as we have also been for the Ministers Wages. Now these not being the acts and deeds of former Ages, but of our present Age, and of a People yet Living, we need not say much to make it out, it being still as Wounds Bleeding, which may be seen. There­fore come to the Application, and see, where the Imputation of this great Defect, which thou couldst not omit, will fall? If thou canst prove these doings of yours to be the effects of Love and Charity, then thou clearest your Church from this great Defect; and if so, may be, it may be a true Church. But sure, they manifest quite the contrary, and were never [Page 249] the marks of a True, but of a False-Church; as may be seen from the days of Cain downwards. So that there's no want of Reasons, why R. L. and others may turn from your Church, and so in turning from you to the Truth, which the Quakers are Witnesses of, is not unsafe, but a safe way to Heaven, notwith­standing all that thou hast said to the contrary in Reflection upon us and our Religion, as also upon him, as if he had for­saken you, and changed his Religion out of Covetousness; for which thou neither dost nor canst give any grounded Reason: And therefore having said so much already, we need not say much more to these matters.

When he Answered thee, and told thee, It was the Love of God manifested in his Heart, &c. and not Covetousness, nei­ther Humours, Passions, nor Prejudice, &c. For all he tells thee so, yet thou still assertest, That it plainly appears to be out of Covetousness; and sayest, In this, as in other things he shakes hands with the Papists, and not meerly for Conscience sake. So here, as in other things thou dost charge and accuse without proving what thou say'st, as if thou knew his Heart and Conscience better than himself. What dost thou think, who is now judging another man's Servant? And who is now Assuming God's Prerogative? And when he tells thee, It was the Love of God manifested, Thou tellest him, It seems to Thee, that God had with-drawn his Love from him, in suffering him to forsake so rational and pure a Re­ligion, as the Establishedone is, for a Perswasion, that has either little or no Reason or Purity in it.

Ans. As for your Established Religion, what Reason and Purity is in it, or the contrary, we have in some measure before shewed; and all that will but observe your Religion, and the Effects of it, may easily see, that this is but a vain boast in thee, to set forth your Religion for such a rational and pure one. And for thy saying, That which he hath chosen, hath little either of Reason or Purity in it: It is but thy Say so; thou dost not undertake to prove or make it out at [Page 250] all. So that if People will believe, what thou say'st, it must be so, because Thou sayst it, and not from anything thou makest appear to manifest, what thou sayst to be true.

Thou goest on still after the same rate, and when he saith, He felt nothing of incurring the Displeasure of the Lord; but on the contrary had more Peace in his own Conscience, than when under thy Teaching: Thou tellest him of What Paul saith of some, whom God had given up to a Reprobate mind; and so would'st perswade him, that this is his state; and when he speaks of Enjoying Peace more, than when under thy Doctrine, thou say'st; The reason is plain enough, while under thy Doctrine his Conscience was under a tenderness, it was sore with sin, &c.

Ans. Truly we believe, there was Reason for it to be sore with Sin; but he might stay long there, before it would be saved from Sin, and so healed from that soreness; for that you never come to, by your own confession. For all your days you are complaining, that there is No Health in you; so you are like to be sore with Sin: But all that see their Infirmity, and what Physicians of no value you are, had need to look out for a better Religion, and better Ministers or Physicians to their Souls. So that its still evident, he had Reason to forsake yours, and look out for a Religion, that had more Power and Vertue in it to deliver from Sin, and heal the Wounds it had made. But it is not to be questioned, that if he had stayed with thee, and lived in his vain Con­versation, that would have been better born with by thee, than his owning of that which leads to a Reformation: and so like them of Old, that while People put into their Mouths, they cryed Peace; but when they did not, then prepared War against them.

Thou tellest him of Going into the Quakers old way of uncharitable Censuring, because he saith, Many of the Prote­stants in England and Ireland prosess Christ in Words, but in Works deny him.

[Page 251] Answ. This is evident from their doings, as is before proved; so that it is no hard matter to make that Charge good against them. Do thou clear them, if thou canst.

When he saith, ‘As far as he understands, our Principles and Practice are according to Christ's Institution, which he doubts not but we will make good upon occasion;’ Thou, in answer, say'st, Thou knowest our Practice well enough: Which if true, and if so bad, as thou endeavourest to make People believe of us, why hast thou brought none of them to make good thy Charges against us? And as for our Prin­ciples, thou say'st, Thou never heard'st, we had any. Then thou must needs be ignorant of our Way and Religion: And therefore in thy speaking evil of it, thou speakest evil of things thou understandest not; and so art of that Generation spoken of 2 Pet. 2. 12. And as for our Faith and Principles, they have been published to the World both by Words and Writ­ing, they have not been hid in a corner; so that any that had a mind to concern themselves against us, and yet (as wise Men) would not judge without an understanding, (lest like thee, they should speak evil of the things they did not understand) might easily be informed, what our Principles are. However, we are a People that believe in the Lord Iesus Christ, and that the Father sent him into the World to lay down his Life a Ransom for all Men; that whosoever believeth in him, shall not perish, but have Eternal Life: That he was Crucified without the Gates of Ierusalem, and so became a Propitiation for the Sins of the whole World: And that after he had suffered, and was buried, God the Fa­ther Raised him again by his Eternal Spirit, after which he shewed himself unto many Witnesses, and then Ascended into Heaven, and is Glorified with the Father with that Glory he had with him, before the World was made And we further believe, that he is the Light of the World, and that he ought to be followed, according to his own words, Iohn [Page 252] 8. 12. and That he lighteth every Man that cometh into the World, according to Iohn 1. 9. and that this Light, where­with he lighteth every Man, all ought to believe in, that they may be Children of the Light, according to Iohn 12. 36. And so we believe in his spiritual Appearance according to his Promise, who said, He would pray the Father, and he should send them another Comforter, even the Spirit of Truth, according to Iohn 14. 16, 17. and this was his own Spirit, for he is the Truth; and of this the Saints were Witnesses, as the Apostle saith, Gal. 4. 6. And because ye are Sons, God hath sent forth the Spirit of his Son into your Hearts, crying, Abba Father. And thus was Christ in the Saints the Hope of Glory, according to Col. 1. 7. And thus believing and witnessing the Truth of the Scripture, we wait upon God for his Spirit, that we may worship him therein according to the Institution of his Son Christ Jesus, as in Iohn 4. 23, 24. and that we may pray with the Spirit, and sing with it, according to 1 Cor. 14. 15. For the Apostle exhorted the Saints, To be filled mith the Spirit, Eph. 5. 18. and the Saints were to Pray in the Holy Ghost, Jude 20. So our Faith stands in the Power of God, which is that the Apostle laboured, that the Saints Faith might stand in; as thou may'st see 1 Corinth. 2. 5. believing, that there shall be a Resurrection both of the just and unjust, they that have done good, unto the Resurrection of Life, and they that have done evil, unto the Resurrection of Damnation, according to Iohn 5. 29.

Here we have given thee some account in short of our Faith, Principles and Practice, and proved them to be accord­ing to the Scripture, whereby thou may'st see, if Prejudice and Self-Interest do not blind thine Eye, that Robert Lacky in turning from thy Teaching to Christ the true Light and his Teaching (according to God's Promise under the New Covenant, who said, They shall be all taught of the Lord, which according to our Principle we direct People to wait [Page 253] for) it's no unsafe way to Heaven, nor (as thou falsly accusest us) a pursuing such ways, as are directly contrary to holy Scripture, which thou (in some measure) promisest, thou wilt make appear; but hast it yet to do.

Thou say'st, Because thou art fully satisfied, we cannot make this out, therefore thou wilt shew him, how he has incurred not only the Displeasure of God for the present, but the Damnation of his Soul hereafter (unless he repent and return) by this his departure from the Religion he was bred in.

Ans. Thou may'st see, thy Satisfaction is without ground, as also thy confident presumption in thy passing such a Sen­tence upon him concerning his present and Eternal Estate: And surely, thy Iudgment herein is groundless, rash and vain; as all may see, who have any true Christian understanding and discerning, and do but observe, what is brought forth under your Teaching in your Religion. For we understand no Reason, thou assignest for thy Iudgment, but His leaving of your Religion, which we have before proved, he had good reason so to do: And therefore neither he, nor any other need be afraid of thy Threatning upon this account, because from what is before written, it is clear, that there are great Defects in the Principles and Exercise of the Religion he was bred in (if he was bred in yours) and so not according to Christ's Institution, as may be seen, if compared with the Scripture; and that there are no such Defects in the Religion he now embraceth, but proved in the Principles and Exercise of it to be of Christ's Institution according to the Scripture. And herein thy Challenge we have answered, and endea­voured to make it appear both to thee and him, according to thy demand: But if thou hatest to be Informed, it shall lie at thy own door, and thou shalt answer for it thy self. So it is plain, he may have changed out of a Principle of Con­science and pure Love to God and his Soul, and not out of Interest, Humour, Passion or Prejudice, as thou seemest to accuse him.

[Page 254] And as for thy Assuring him upon thy Word, that it is not for any temporal advantage, that thou seekest to reduce him, but only in love to his Soul, as thou hast to all Mens, as thou say'st.

Ans. We think, he hath no reason to believe, that thou and the rest of your Clergy have such a Love to the Souls of all Men, as to be the only Reason of your coming amongst them to be their Teachers; for your Practice (which is a surer evidence than your Words) speaks the quite contrary, in that you do leave any People, where you are, to go to another place for an Augmentation and higher Preferment: So that it's evident, it is not the good of People's Souls, nor the Glory of God, that chiefly moves you in this concern, what-ever may be pretended to. And so to the Consciences and Understandings of Wise Men, we refer these things to be considered of, with our Hearts desire to God for you all, that he would open your Understandings, and let you see the Errour of you Ways, and bring you to a Refor­mation, that the People you may lead in Errour no longer. We conclude and remain Desirers of the Good of all Men.

  • Iohn Burnyeat,
  • Iohn Watson.

An Addition of two Epistles of Iohn Burnyeat's to Friends in Long-Island and Barbadoes, which came to Hand, since the Printing of the former.

Dearly Beloved,

WHO are called to be Saints, and to believe in the only Begotten of God the Father, which he hath raised to be the Horn of Salvation in the House of his Servant [Page 255] David, to rule over the Redeemed in Israel for ever; unto you are my Bowels opened in pure, unfained Love, and in the plentiful flowing of the same at this time doth my Soul dearly salute you all, who keep faithful unto the Beloved, and live in the power of his Salvation over all the fallen Spi­rits, which are in the World, which brings into bondage: With you my Soul hath Unity in the Life, which was before Transgression and the Fall was, and in that, My Friends, are you written in my heart, and often in my remembrance, even when my Supplication is poured forth unto the Lord in the behalf of his People, that you in that place among the rest of his heavenly Flock and Sheep of his own Pasture, may be safely kept by the right hand of his power from the Devourer, and from the deceitful Snares of the Enemy, which are laid as Traps by the cunning flight of Satan to ensnare the Simple, and betray the Innocent from the simplicity of the Gospel, which ye have received in Christ Jesus our Lord; in which as ye have believed, ye have found Salvation, and Peace and Rest unto your Immortal Souls. I even as a Bro­ther, and one that entirely loves you with that unfeigned love, which thinks no evil, do at this time beseech you all in the fear of God to see, that ye Walk Circumspectly, answer­able unto the Gospel of Christ Iesus, in which ye have believed; that ye may adorn the same in your Lives and Conversations, as Children of the Light and of the Day, bringing forth the Fruits of the Spirit in Righteousness and true Holiness, and not the Fruits of the Flesh in the night and in the darkness, in which they walk, who follow not the Lord Jesus Christ.

And therefore, My Friends, stand fast in your Liberty, in which Christ Jesus hath made you free; and be not entang­led with the Yoak of Bondage, but mind purely the operation of the Eternal Spirit and invisible power of the everlasting God, which he hath made manifest and revealed in your hearts, by which you have in measure known Liberty from [Page 256] the Bondage of Corruption (the corruptible Bond) and have tasted of the glorious Liberty of the Sons of God, in which your Souls have found pleasure. I say, Friends, mind all its lively Operation in your hearts, and wait upon it with diligence, that your hearts may be kept clear, and the eye of your Understandings single, that you may purely distinguish and put a difference between the pretious and the vile, between that in which the Lord is to be Worshipped, and that in which there is no Acceptance with God: And so will you come more and more to know, how to chuse the good, and refuse the evil. And Friends, in the freedom of God's Spirit, and in his fear I warn you all, Take heed of a fleshly Liberty be­yond or above the pure fear, which keeps the heart clean; for that will let in Pollutions, and bring the Just into Bondage, and your Souls into death again, where there will be a want of the pure presence of God to refresh them, although the Boaster may boast of liberty, and promise it as they did in the Apostles days, who themselves were the Servants of Corruption. And so, My Dear Friends, whom my Soul loves with the hea­venly love, that seeks the good of all, you who have tasted of the love of God and of the power of the World which is to come, and of the power of that life, which is without end, Keep Constant in the Faith, unto the Beloved of your Soul, and gad not abroad to change your way, like her, whose Feet abides not in her house, but runs out after other Lovers, and so lose the first Love: For this the Lord reproved the Church in the days of the entrance of the Apostacy, when they begun to de­cline from the purity of the Gospel. And therefore as ye have received that which is unchangeable, live in it, that your Souls may never die from the sense of God's Love, and the feeling of his vertuous presence; that in the joy and peace, that is unspeakable and full of glory, you may abide, and for ever live; where your Souls may be refreshed from day unto day, and from time unto time, through the multiplying of his num­berless [Page 257] Mercies, by which he nourisheth all them that fear him, and wait upon him. And so will you all keep lively and vertuous in a growing and flourishing Condition, fruitful, bringing forth fruit to his praise, who hath called you. And as you keep unto the power of God (which is the Cross unto that part, which would be out) and dwell in it, your mind will be setled, and stayed and kept clear, and the understanding open, whereby you may behold the Glory of God and be kept in Cove­nant with him; and so feed upon his Mercies with all his Lambs and Children, and lye down in the fold of Rest and Safety with the Sheep of his pasture in Covenant with him for evermore: In which I remain

Your Friend and Brother, J. B.

For Friends in the Barbadoes, New-England, Virginia and Maryland, the Signification of my purest Love unto you all, amongst whom I have travel'd in those parts.


IN the eternal Truth and Power of the Lord God dwell, and keep your Habitations in that which changes not; in the power of an endless life, where there is no shadow of turning. All you that have known the Lord, and have been sensible of the Word of his Eternal Power in your hearts, by which you have been quickned unto him, so that with the rest of his beloved ones you have been made Partakers of that heavenly treasure of Life and Vertue, which is in him, and through his Son is manifested unto us, by whom Life and Im­mortality is brought to Light; unto you all without respect of Persons doth the Love of my Soul reach, and the Salutation of my Life at this time, having you fresh in my Rememberance. In the Bowels of true Love is my Heart opened, and my Spi­rit drawn forth in this word of Exhortation unto you all who [Page 260] have tasted, that the Lord is gracious; That you all take heed of turning from the Grace of God into Wantonness, Laciviousness or any vanity whatsoever, by which your Hearts may be defi­led: But that ye all watch unto the Truth, and wait upon the preserving power of the Lord God, that ye may reign in the dominion of the same over all the evil Lusts of the Flesh, which would arise in your hearts to war against the Spirit of Holiness, and so would hinder your Sanctification. This of a truth, Friends, you ought to take heed unto, even the Spirit of Holiness and Power of the Lord our God, which in this latter Age he hath largely manifested for to sanctifie his Peo­ple; that so your hearts may be kept clean and preserved (ac­cording to Christ's Command) out of the surfeiting with the Cares of this Life, and from being overcome with and drown­ed in the Pleasures and Vanities of this World, that you may never lose the excellency and glory of these heavenly things, which God the Father in the bountifulness of his loving kind­ness hath been pleased to manifest, with which all the glory of this present World is not to be compared. And so, my Dear Friends, you that feel the Lord and his goodness in your hearts, Walk Circumspectly as before him, with Reverence and Godly Fear in the holy Awe, that you may not provoke him at any time, nor grieve his holy Spirit, by which you are Sealed; but with tenderness of heart and pureness of mind wait upon him at all times: So will your Peace spring up as a River, and your Righteousness be multiplied, as the Waves of the Sea; and so over all the choaking Cares of this Life, and drowning Plea­sures of this present vain World you will be preserved, to have a being in the power of that life, which is without end: In which as there is a dwelling faithfully, you will all grow and increase in the dominion over all hurtful Lusts, that war against the Soul in your own particulars. And also there will be a growing over all hurtful Spirits, that have entred since the beginning, whose Life is in the Fall, and not in the pure [Page 261] Redemption, nor in the redeeming Power, that brings out of the Fall. And so to the Lord God, Friends, be ye all faithful in your places, that you may be a blessing in your Generation in those Countries and Places, where ye dwell; that the Nati­ons may be seasoned, that your savory life may sweeten the People. And Friends, have an eye to the Glory of God, and the Honour of his Truth in all your undertakings; I even com­mand you in his fear, it being upon me by his Spirit, that the Lord's name may not be blasphemed among the Heathen through your unfaithfulness. For truly, my love being great towards you, I am jealous over you with a godly jealousie, and there­fore am constrained to use great plainness, as having a sense of your state. And therefore be ye provoked unto Love and to good Works in a faithful obedience, and serving of the pow­er, for its in that, that all accepted. And lay aside all Wrath, and Clamour, and evil Speaking with all bitterness; and re­ceive with meekness the ingrafted Word, which is able to save your Souls: And in the power of that dwell, and it will di­vide aright between the Pretious and the Vile, and so will cut off all that is not of God, not regarding what may be profes­sed, where the living vertue is wanting. This pure, living Word is your Preserver, that keep faithful in it, and will keep you from all deceiveableness and lying Spirits, which are not of the Father, but of the World, and from the God of the same in the dark power, beguiling the unstable Soul through his lying Signs and Wonders in the power of darkness, without living vertue: And this Word, which you have received, will live in your hearts, and minister daily of its own vertue into your Souls for their refreshment, if you keep faithful unto the same. But if the Thorny Cares of this life, and the choaking Pleasures of this vain World take root and place in your hearts, then the freshness is lost, the issue of living vertue is stopt; the ministring word and power is with-drawn; the Fountain again is sealed up, and the dry Winds and the scorching heat [Page 264] comes and dries up, and causes to wither the green Blade, be­fore the Corn comes to perfection: So that the harvest and time of gathering never comes. Therefore, O my Friends, be faithful unto the Lord, and be not drawn aside from the sted­fastness of the Gospel neither on the one hand, nor on the other; but step in the straight path of Life, Peace and Salvation, which the Lord hath prepared for your feet, that the Weak may be strengthned and the Lame recovered, and none turned out of the way. For truly, there is much upon you, I feel it in this matter, even you that feel the Lord in any measure, that you all be vigilant and diligent in your places, that you may be a strength unto the Weak. And therefore am I moved once more to warn you now, you even you that know the Lord, To take heed unto the power of the Lord God in your hearts, and with that keep down the earthly, worldly Spirit, that so you live over it in the Spirit and Power of the Lord, may draw more unto you; or else I feel it, you will not only be guilty of your own Blood, but the Blood of others also, which stumble at your unfaithfulness, who have been call'd and accounted as the first Fruits unto God, and unto the Lamb in those parts of the World in this blessed day of the Lord, in which he hath appeared and gathered by his power, and also doth preserve and nourish by the vertue of the same, all that he hath gathered, whose trust and confidence is in him. And so, My Friends, this may give you to understand, that I am safely arrived in England, and am perfectly well every way: And Friends here are generally well, Meetings very large, and the Truth in good esteem among many People, who are not yet of us: And great openness in all places, where I have been, in the hearts of all People, and great desires to hear the Truth, for it is of good Report. This from Me, who remain

Your Friend and Brother, J. B.
The END.

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