Silent Meeting A WONDER To the VVORLD; Yet Practised by the APOSTLES, And Owned by the PEOPLE of GOD, scornfully called QUAKERS.

Printed in the Year, 1671.

Silent Meeting A WONDER to the WORLD, &c.


HAving formerly passed through a twofold Ministry; First, As a Gifted man in the National.

Secondly, As a Baptist; and now brought to wait on God in silence, it is a wonder to many; upon which the Lord hath led me forth to publish this Paper, and make it a free gift unto those who desire some satisfaction concerning Silent Meeting, in which I wait on God for a Purer Ministry, if he please to bring me unto it; or if I fall short (like Moses to dye in Mount Nebo, Deut. 32.49.) and only see it afar off, his blessed will be done.

I preaching first in the National Ministry for hire, selling my Ser­mons at my best Market, and afterwards being took off from that Merchandizing, becoming a Baptist, and preaching freely without selling, did now think my spiritual condition to be very good; but the Eternal God,Jer. 48.11. who empties from vessel to vessel, to take away all the carnal taste, did not suffer me many years in this estate; who by a further discove­ry of himself, brought me back to silence, that I should wait with the despised remnant, called Quakers.

And as one alone from the tumult, or outside of a wood, can easily hear the clamours and outcries within; so I being come forth of the Forms and Forests of the world, unto a holy silence, by the power of Jesus Christ within me, could the better discern to see and view the various Sects and Forms in their Congregations, how un­like [Page 4] the most part were unto the true spouse of Christ; which with a heavy burden on my spirit, I beheld their Parochial Assemblies to appear something like Nebuchadnezzars Image in the golden head, Dan. 2. but upon a through observation in the Life, Fruits, and Con­versation, as the iron and clay; barren, fruitless and empty, having the imitations and forms of Godliness, but denying the power of Christ, in leading forth the Creature.

When thus, like the returning Prodigal, (Luke 15.17.) I came to look on my self within, I saw how I had sed on husks; but God (my Father) had bread enough: And al hough Arts, Scien­ces, teaching for hire, getting of mony, with such carnal delights, quieted flesh a while, as a Rattle or Pipe doth a Child, for a time, without the breast; yet now that immortal part seeing its emptiness, and coming to the true hunger and thirst after righteousness; no­thing but an eternal God would satisfie, to give that bread, flesh, and drink of Life, (John 6.51, 53.) whereby a poor soul may grow in grace, and in the knowledge of God: But those that live and de­pend only upon outward Forms, and visible Things, the same deceive thousands, who thereby fall short of what they imagine.

I now see that he is no true Minister of Jesus Christ, but who is led forth by his Spirit, and such we rejoyce to hear declaring the things of God: Otherwise upon meeting we sit silent with the tongue, yet having a heart full of praises, where we worship God in Spiri and in Truth,John 4.24. 2 Cor. 6.16. who makes our bodies Temples for the same Spi it: not speak­ing by hear-say, and humane Ar [...]s, but lay all that down: when earthly thoughts, ear hly words, and earthly works are all laid aside, and the Temple within us is ready, the Light of Christ shining in it, and the Lord, with a further manifesta ion of his Love, enters it by his Eternall Power: whereupon we can truly say, That the Lords presence is amongst us, feeding of his Flock, and making us feel the power of an endless Life

As one must come forth of the house, which intends to see it round about, so we, in obedience to God, being separate and come forth from the world, can the better see how the ma­jor part of the People come o their Wo ship as to a Market,2 Cor. 6.17. drest up in their fashions, with their tongues in carnal discourse, both going thither and returning back, the eye gazing upon vanity and filth, the ear ready to receive such stuff as de­files, [Page 5] and the heart as an Anvil to forge within; whereby they come, not enquring like the Sspouse of Christ, Cant. 1.7. or as a People to do the work of God; as a true Wise to rejoyce in her Husband; but as an Harlot that wantons and sports her self: yea, if they stay a while for their coming to­gether, what scoffing, playing, quarreling, carnal talk, un­seemly behaviour, and sinful actions are taken up amongst them, woful experience can testifie?

And among such People I poor wretch did once spend some time, seeing them words, which they paid for, but did not keep them; using pleasing expressions, and speaking by hear-say (as others did) and not upon experience from Christ within me, but by imitation, as Players on a Stage, assume the Name, and act the Persons of Princes, Nobles, &c. but being come off and unmasked, they are no such men: yea, I was per­swaded [...]hen, that flesh must sin, and have its lusts fulfilled, while I wa [...] in the body, not seeing that all filthiness of flesh and spirit must be cleased, or else holiness cannot be perfected in the fear of God;2 Cor. 7.1. and with com­fort I write this Truth, That I have found and felt more of the Lords presence in one Silent Meeting, than I have done in a hundred Sermons preached by me in times past, and though then I did deliver them with much zeal. But this is,


Who have given their money for that which is not bread; Isa. 55.2. buying the Letter of their P iests, that chide them for sinning, yet say, They must continue sinner while they are in this Body; telling the People, that God must do all for them and in them; yet bid the same People to get Faith, get Re­pentance, &c. so that the new Creation, in making a New Creature, is a Mystery unto them that are thus ignorant, 2 Cor. 5.17. which affirm, that People must live in sin until they die; as if God had laid a necessity upon the Creature to offend him; therefore they own no Light with­in, nor Power of Christ within,2 Cor. 10. v. 5. whereby to bring each thought in obedience, but rather like the Athenians, they mock at what they under­stand not, Acts 17.18.

[Page 6]Take heed therefore, both you that sell Scripture Letter for money, and you Hearers which think you buy it; for thus Simon the Sorcerer thought with his money to purchase the Gift of God, but his deceit deceived himself, and he went with­out it, Acts 8.20. And do not think, that speaking, hearing, and reading the Scriptures, sufficeth to make you wise unto Salvation, 2 Tim: 3.15. but consider how it must be by faith in Christ Jesus: So except Christ in Spirit be within to work Faith and Obedience, the seeing, hearing, or reading the Let­ter avails little without us: for the Letter of former Scri­ptures, the Scribes, Pharisees, and persecuting Priests had, who crucified Christ; as many now have the Letter also, yet to little purpose, whilest they seek to destroy the works of the Spirit. Nor doth Christ say, That there is Eternal Life in the Scriptures, John 5.39. but reproves the Jews, who thought so, yet would not own him who was the substance of all.

Look therefore, by the Light of Christ within you unto whom ye yeild your selves in your members to obey, as eyes to see, ears to hear, tongues to speak, hearts to think, &c. for therein you are servants,Rom. 6.13, 16. whether in power for doing good, or under the Devils power by living in sin: and whether you live after the flesh in the Devils power, or after the Spirit in Gods power, may be easily known by the mind within of each man and wo­man: for upon what the mind is carried with most eagerness, joy and delight, in earthly things, or upon heavenly things, in that estate you are at present, of flesh or Spirit, either for Hea­ven or Hell, Rom. 8.5, 6, 7. Yet I advise you not to take up this or that outward Form, but to seek for that Pearl, and sell (or part with) all earthly affections to buy or obtain it, Mat. 13.45. even that Kingdom of God to be within your selves which is in the Sanctified ones: for God mani­fests himself in the Creature,Luke 17.21. making his People Partakers of the divine nature, 2 Pet. 1.4. cau­sing things invisible to be understood, even his Eternal Power, &c. So that he leaves man without excuse, Rom. 1.20. and for that Spirit which leads into these Truths we silently wait. And this was,

Practised by the Apostles, Who had from Christ two distinct [Page 7] Commissions for going forth to preach: The first from Christ in the flesh before his death, Luk. 9.1, 10. which lasted but a time for although they could cast forth devils, while it held, yet being ended, they could not do it, Luke 9.40. and in this they went only to the Jews, Mat. 10.5.

The second Commission was to all Nations, Mat. 28.19. both to Jews and Gentiles; given them by a risen Christ, and confirmed by the Holy Ghost, or Christ in Spirit, about Fifty dayes after, Act. 2.1. during which time, although thay prayed, yet they did not go forth to preach unto the people, until they had that Spirit which they were commanded to wait for, Act. 1.14. Ephes. 1.13. as the Seal of their Commission, Acts. 1.4. So they were silent, as unto Preaching, wherein they waited for that which should lead them into all Truth, John 16.13. Whence note, It was not the Letter, or Christ in the flesh, that Jesus said should do it, but him in Spirit, who promised his Disciples to come again unto them, John 14.28. John 16.22. and although he came again to them after he was risen from the dead: yet in the several Promises, we may see how it was the Holy Ghost, or Christ in Spirit should lead them into all Truth, and bring all things to remembrance; and make them able Mi­nisters of the Spirit, John 14.26. 2 Cor. 3.6. And such the Holy Ghost teacheth, Luke 12.12. yea, it is said, The Holy Ghost speaketh, Mark 13.11. And the Spirit speaketh in them, Mat. 10.20. And what injuries are done to them is taken to himself, Matth. 25.41.

Thus being at Jerusalem, all in one place, with one accord, (as they were commanded to wait) Acts 1.4. Acts 2.1. in that Silent Meeting they received what they had waited for, which made them able Ministers of the Gospel: and then Peter began to speak, Verse 14. This being the order of their second Commission, and is to hold unto all that look for Christs spi­ritual coming into their flesh to make them able Gospel-Teachers, and their bodies a habitation and temple for the same Spirit, 1 Cor. 6.19. Ephes. 2.22. Therefore it is not Christs spiritual coming in another Saints flesh, which I feel, that gives me comfort; but when the same Holy Ghost, even Christ in Spirit dwelleth in my Body, I then can witness it, by his Eter­nal Power within, who is my Light and my Saviour. But this [Page 8] is a strong Lesson to the world, who cannot receive or know this Spirit promised to be in the Saints, John 14.17. Yet this remember, that who hath not Christ in him, he is a Reprobate: 2 Cor. 13.5. Which Scripture-Truth, and Gospel-Practice is,

Owned by the People of God, scornfully called QƲA­KERS: Who coming like Solomon (Eccles. 2.) unto self-experience, in seeing all our joyes, pleasures, profits, or other things delightful to the flesh, to be but vanity and vexation, we become silent thereunto, not answering, to obey the lusts of the carnal mind, but as dead to the world, that we may live unto God: Even then humane Prudence, in things of the Lord is laid in silence, and fleshly glory is em­ptied forth; leaving off to love the world, or the things of the world (1 John 2.15.) as formerly; being as the great dung-hill for the true Convert to keep under his feet, and not magnified in his heart; knowing that every work and secret thing, both good and evil, must come to judgement, Eccles. 12.14.

In which holy silence, although the tongue speakes not, yet the Spirit helpeth, Rom. 8.26. which the heart-searcher be­holdeth: the Body in Silent-Meeting resting from labour (which is all the rest in a carnal mans worship) but we go further, with a heart striving to rest from sinful Imaginations, and entering upon a true rest in God, of which we feel, see, and taste in its beginnings, as an earnest of our blessed Inheritance;Rom. 8.23. desiring Christ may take the whole Dominion in us, to deliver from that bondage of corruption, by redeeming the Body from the same, which in part is begun, and shall be finished when Christ is formed, Gal. 4.19. and the strongest takes the whole possession; but a time we must wait for this as at Bethsaidas Pool, until the Lord by his healing-water cures his poor wounded Creatures.

In consideration of such a spiritual Ministry, note three Things:

  • 1. The work of Moses.
  • 2. Of Christ in the Flesh.
  • 3. Of Christ in the Spirit.

First, Moses believed and obeyed, seeing things afar off, [Page 9] yet drank of the spiritual Rock that followed: but his work was not to hold unto the end in a Levitical Ministry, and pay­ing of Tithes, with material Temple-worship, &c. for he shews how the Lord would raise him another Prophet to be heard, and who would not hearken to that Prophet (Christ Je­sus) in all things, the Lord would punish, Deut. 18.15, 19. of whom Peter and Stephen spake the same, Acts. 3.22. Acts 7.38.

Secondly, Note Christs work in the flesh, who had a glory with God before the world was, John 17.5. but now assumed a body to satisfie for sinners, and preached in that body, to be the Light, for enlightening the world, to make them ain [...]s, not as if they were such, but that they might be forshewing how his true Disciples and followers should forsake all to embrace him, John 1.9. and they belevied he was the Son of God: Yet then, (he being with them in his flesh) they were ignorant of many things; as the Rising from the dead, Mark 9.10. and understanding of the Scriptures, Luke 24.45. and of Christs Kingdom, thinking it should be temporal in Israel, Acts 1.6. and of his Sufferings, before he entred into his glory, after his fleshly manifestation. Luke 24.21, 26, Yea, John Baptist testifi­ed of Christ, yet afterwards sent to know if it was he, Mat. 1.1, 3. Neither doth Christ say, that then in flesh he told his Dis­ciples all things, or lead them in to all things; but left that work unto his coming in spirit, John 16.13. John 14.16, 26. For, although in himself he had the Spirits fullnesse, yet to be­lievers it should not come untill he was gone away in flesh, John 16.17. the vessel of his body being broken, and the Un­ction thereof, to fill many therewith: where Note, As Moses Ministry was now at an end, so also Christ in flesh should de­part, and Christ in spirit would come, to set up a Minstry, and abide with Believers for ever, John 14.16. Heb. 13 8.

Thirdly, Consider Christs work in spirit, which is to abide for ever; But at this the Jews stumbled, thinking it was in flesh he should continue alwayes, and so they looked for a tem­poral Kingdom, and outward glory, John 12.34. as many aim at in these dayes: whereas his Kingdom is not of this world, John 18.36 neither are his Ministers of the Letter, but of the Spirit, 2 Cor. 3.6. called New Testament (or new Covenant) [Page 10] Ministers, having that written in their hearts, before pro­mised, Jer. 31, 3 3. Isa. 54 13. John 6 45. who should not search Authours, Commentaries, Manuuscripts, as a Shop book, for a Sermon, but speak from the power of Christ with­in, as Paul did, Gal. 1.16 and the Apostles Acts 2. did, having the Word in the Mouth, and in the Heart, Rom. 10.8. For the Scriptures must be preached by the same Spirit that gave them forth, and not only by humane Learning, for flesh is not able to comprehend the things of God; and who hath not this spirit is none of his, Rom. 8.9. from whence we may speak boldly, That those which have not this Spirit, to preach from it and by it, they are none of Christs: and by this Spirit they knew the things of God, who had received it, 1 Cor, 2.10.12, and this searcheth the deep things of God: So it is plain, that True Ministers must have Christ in Spirit, who speaks in Spi­rit, Mat 10.20, 40. And who heareth or despiseth them is said to do it unto Christ, Luke 10.16. Therefore we must pray God to send us such, for men cannot do it by calling one ano­ther Bachelors, and Masters, and Doctors upon humane Arts and Acts: which is like that of the Jews, John 5.44. where­in one man took honour of another: And take heed lest it be with you as it was with Jerusalem, of whom it is not said ye could not, but, ye would not, Luke 13.34. A sad condi­tion.

And now this 22th day of the 7th Month, the Word of the Lord came unto me, to warn all you in power; and you Na­tional Priests (or Ministers) called Bishops, Deans, Doctors, or inferior; and you that are Hearers, Know ye, that the Lord is pleading hi own cause, and hath a strong controversie with you; Therefore take heed what Ministry you plead for; and remember what I answered William Prynne; That there is no Gospel-Plea for Tythes, nor forced Maintenance, &c. To you that was; and this is, from the Lords Spirit by me his Messenger.

Now as the Apostles Silent Meeting was in expectation of the Spirit before promised; so God (in Scriptures) having ingaged himself, that in these latter dayes there should be flow­ings forth thereof, we silently wait for it; and whoso looks now for this promised Spirit (being a frequenter of Silent [Page 11] Meetings) must in the power of Jesus Christ, sincerely strive to have these three things in themselves:

  • 1. A Spiritual Watch.
  • 2. A Spiritual Touchstone.
  • 3. The Spiritual Scales.

I say unto all, Watch, Mark 13.37. For you know not when the time of Tryal is, or when the coming of the Spirit shall be; it being as the wind, which bloweth where it listeth, John. 3.8. For flesh loves to break out, and have its will, and the lusts thereof; therefore the Spiritual watch must be truly kept within, to see and note what works are in hand, and what words are issuing forth, and what thoughts are in thee: But those which keep not this Watch, do run hastily upon action, and their tongues speak unadvisedly, in hasty Questions and Answers, oftentimes proceeding to Passion and rage, like short fits of madness, with their hearts wandring out after folly, and carnal objects; by which means many Professors break forth into filth, yet say, They are Souldiers of Christ, but keep not a Spiritual Watch under him; so their Tongues are not bridled, nor have they learned to take heed unto their wayes, Psal. 39.1.

Therefore, if thou seekest to reap the pure benefit of Silent Meetings; learn,

First, To come unto a Pure Silence in thine ovvn self, which is to silence all in thee that is evil, by that Eternal Power of God; so thy Tongue, Heart, and Hands shall be under the faithful Watch, and the Actions without in the Body, with thy Actions within of thy mind, as Love, Joy, Desire, &c. will by degrees be all brought into true Obedience. Which Watch keeping according to thy measure (or Talents received) sin shall not have dominion over thee; but thou wilt grow in Grace, and become a Conqueror in him that hath loved thee. Therefore remember what Christ spake to his Disciples, was also to thee and me, Watch, Mark 13.37.

Secondly, When the work, word, or thought is thus staid by the Watch, then bring it to the Spiritual Touchstone, for tryal, whether it be good or no; for oftentimes Satan and [Page 12] Flesh covers Vices under the names of Virtues, and will either extenuate or lesten a sin, or else flourish it over with some zeal, or pretence of holiness, therefore we must prove and try them in the Light of Christ: which the Apostle sets forth by Examination and proof of a mans own work, 2 Cor. 13.5. Gal. 6.4. and thereby is seen what is accep­table to the Lord:Ephes. 5.10. Mal. 3.3. For God by his Spiritual work cometh into a man, as a Refiner, to pu­rifie; and unto what strength and heat the Spiritual fire in thee is come, so is the melting, trying, and re­fining within, upon the proof of thy actions, and taking away of dross and filth: yea note in words themselves, how some­times they are too many, sometimes unsound and untrue, some­times too short, in telling but half a truth &c. Therefore let them first be tried by the Spiritual Touchstone, before they pro­ceed out of thy mouth, whether they are pure or impure.

Thirdly, Use the Spiritual Scales, to weigh, ponder, or consider all things to be spoken or done, before they pass from thee; for man durst not let so many filthy words drop from his tongue, if first they were weighed and considered within at the Heart. Yea and Nay, Yes and No, must be the same as they are spoken, and so speak the same thing intended, and pretended; for otherwise you are Lyars, and Lyars are for the Lake, Rev. 21.8. Rev. 22.15. to be amongst, Doggs and Whoremongers without. Yet with many, Lying is common, who have not learned to speak the same thing intended; as if you ask them, to eat, to drink, to tarry, &c. they will say No; yet desire them again and they will accept it; so here they are Lyars. Some in Scoffs and Mocks, think it is witty to speak a Lye in Jest; others being asked the truth of a thing, will sometimes flourish and enlarge it, making the same too much, or too little, as in Praising or dispraising, in buying or selling, and account themselves expert dealers, and cunning Chapmen, because they can use their tongues for advantage; whereas they are but Lyars in it; and such know not what a Spiritual Watch meaneth: Therefore know, that in all such estates, ye are quite out of the good old way, or way of truth; and remem­ber, If any such seem Religious, yet they are not so, seeing [Page 13] their tongues are unbridled, not brought to the truth, and their Religion is vain or empty, Jam. 1.26. Yet because you are such, I do not say, you are damned; but declare your being captive in fleshly Babylon, shewing from the Spirit of God, what must be done by you, if ye are saved.

If any are in Christ they are New Creatures, and there is a new Heaven and a new Earth in them for all the parts, members, faculties, and abilties, are put to a new use; the new heart, and new spirit is in them, so they speak and act new things from that law of God written in their inward parts; and such dare not vent their frothy words, as flesh did for­merly, but now there is a killing of that; as Paul died dayly, 1 Cor. 15.31. so the New Creature dies dayly to sin, he is dead as to act in sin, but lively to Righteousnesse; where­as the Sinner is quick to sin, but dead and dull in the things of God: So thou shalt see the difference of these Two Estates, betwixt Darknesse and Light, when thou comest to use the Spiritual Watch, Spiritual Touchstone, and Spiritual Scales; according to thy measure in the growth of Grace, to know the power of an endless life within thee, working and effect­ing these things; and then thou mayest say, I now see what pure silence is, yea, then thou shalt benefit by Silent Meetings.

And those that are come to the pure silencing of flesh, to bridle the tongue, to wrestle with the spiritual wickedness in the high place of the heart,Ephes. 6.12. 2 Cor. 10.5. 1 Cor. 10.31. that each thought may be brought into obedience unto Christ, and whatsoever they act, do all to the Glory of God; such can witness the pow­er of Christ in them, and when he pleaseth to call them by his Eternal Spirit to go forth as Ministers, they can best declare what God hath revealed unto them; As the Man having the Devils cast forth, published in Decapolis, how great things Je­sus hath done for him, Mar. 5.20. wheareas they that preach by hear-say, and humane study, shew, they speak not as the Spirit gives them utterance, but with the tongues of flesh, from car­nal Apprehensions: So that, when they preach unto the people it might be objected; Jesus I know hath the Spirit, and Paul I know had it, Act. 19 15. but who are ye? upon what account [Page 14] would ye conjure forth sin out of others, who have not the True Spirit your selves?

Therefore let none assume or own any other Gospel-Ministers, than those called forth by the Spirit of God, as Christ in Spirit, after his Resurrection and Ascension, confirmed the same, to lead them into all truth, and bring all things to their remembrence, as able Ministers of the Spirit, and not of the Letter, 2 Cor. 3.6. as Carnal men do, who teach one another Humane Learning, and then sell it for Divinity, forcing many to pay for it at a dear rate, even to spoiling of Goods, Imprisonment and cruelty.

But some will Object their Non-Scripture Distinctions of Mediate, and Immediate, Ordinary, and Extraordinary, &c. saying, That although the Apoctles were so called of God, yet they ordained others not so called; and so out of their carnall In­ventions they undertake to consecrate or make Steeple-houses, Masse-houses, High-places, or the Tower-houses to be Churches, and to be Holy-places, and fit men by their Arts and Degrees to preach in such places, &c.

Answ. All their pretences can no more make such Places holy, than a heap of stones, nor add any more vertue thereby into the Pulpit than into a Tub: For God is worshipped in Spirit and Truth: Gal. 1.18. John 4.23, 24. 1 Tim. 1.3. Mat. 16.17. Nor are true Teachers to deliver any other Doctrine than what the Apostles did: Therefore see what Qualifications they were to have, 1 Tim. 32, &c. Tit. 1.6, &c. Now it is not flesh and blood that reveals this unto them, nor the Tongues of Humane Learning which qualifies men thus for the Ministry, but the same Spirit of God: Therfore it is common to see those ha­ving much humane Learning to be Great Persecutors, and will not take up the Crosse to follow Christ and so crosse their own Lusts, Pride, Covetousness, Envy and Filth, but give way unto it, by which means we find so many cruel Priests; for there is scarce any Persecution of Saiants, but the Priests are chief Actors therein, either by instigating or acting.

Now consider Friends, it was that charged on Thyatira, for suffering Jezebell, who called her self a Prophetesse, to teach and seduce the People, Rev. 2.20. So these Nationall Ministers [Page 15] call themselves Divines, and Gospell Ministers, yet lead the People in Error; which we now seeing by the Light of Christ, if we do not discover, reprove, and oppose them therein, God will lay the same thing to our charge as he did unto Thyatira; For now Jesus Christ will set up his own Ministry: And al­though he forbad not his Disciples to hear the Scribes and Pharisees, Mat. 23.3. when the Law-Ministry was not ended; yet now having finished that work in his flesh, his Spiritual Mi­nistry he hath set up to continue unto the end, and no other are we to hear. And this is the Testimony which the Lord hath called me to hold forth, Therefore hearken unto it.

William Britten.

Concerning Gathering in the Name of Jesus.

CHrist Jesus the Second Adam, who came amongst the Sons of Fallen Adam, you may see the beginning of his set­ting up his Meetings, when he saith, Where two or three are gathered together in my Name, I am in the middest of them: so you see here Christ begins with a few, two or three, for there was the gathering of the Jews, Scribes and Pharisees, their Temple and Synagogues: and likewise there was the gathering of the Heathen to Dianas Temple: And all them that gathered in the Name of Jesus, came from the Jews Synagogue and Temple, and likewise the Gentiles, into the Name of Jesus; for they who are gathered in the Name of Jesus, whose Name is above every name, and there is no Sal­vation by any other name under the whole Heaven, but by the Name of Jesus, into which the gathering is, where all know their Salvation; and so who are gathered into the Name of Jesus, are gathered into the Power and Authority. For you know when a Tax or Assessment is gathered in the name [Page 16] of the Head, or Heads of a Nation, it comes in Power and Authority, that you obey it either actively or passively.

And so who are gathered in the Name of Jesus, they are ga­thered in the Power, the Second Adam, whose Power and Au­thority is above the Power of the first Adams Sons and Daugh­ters; by which Power, and in whose name their People are gathered: But Christ, whose Name is above every name, and there is no Salvation by any other Name under Heaven, but by the Name of Jesus; and they that be gathered in this Name of Jesus, by the Power in which they know their Salvation, and they do see there is no Salvation by any other Name un­der the whole Heaven, nor gathering by which they gather, they bid farewel to all other names and gatherings under Hea­ven, as knowing there is no Salvation but in the Name of Jesus. And this fulfils Jacobs Prophesie, who saith, The Law shall not depart from between Judahs feet, until Shilo come; and the gather­ing of all Nations shall be unto him: So then its clear, if the ga­thering of all Nations be unto Christ, they must forsake all that, into which they were gathered: And therefore that makes all the Heads of the National Wayes to be angry, that holds them up; and therefore with such, The Lamb makes War in Righteousness, going on Conquering and to Conquer, that he may Rule whose Right it is, that he might subdue all things to himself; in whose Name all things are to be done, and in whom all People are to be gathered, whom God hath given for Salva­tion to the ends of the Earth. And likewise this doth fulfil Mo­ses Prophesie, who said, Like unto me will God raise up a Pro­phet, whom in all things the People shall hear, who is the Salvati­on to the ends of the Earth, to whom the Gathering of all Nations must be: And they who be gathered in his Name, do and must hear him in all things, by whom all things were made and cre­ated, who was glorified with the Father before the World began.

G. F.

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