A CLEAR VOICE OF TRUTH Sounded forth, And as an Ensign lifted up and displayed, in answer to the proceedings of the Christians by name in Asia, by way of Controversie and Expostulation; to­gether with Savoury and Wholesome Admo­nishments, which may become of good use and profitable to all that read with a single eye, and understand with an upright heart.

Also the same somewhat tends by way of gentle reproof to their hasty and unequitable proceedings against the Innocent Servants, Messengers and living Witnesses of the Living and True God.

Yet with the tendernesse of an upright Heart and Spirit (not onely of a free born English-man, but also of a True Christian) from the same hand its principally directed to the Lord Embassador (so called) in Constantinople, and to the English Company of Merchants and Factors in Smyrna, with somewhat to the Merchants in Genoa, tendred again by way of Visitation, and that from God, for them and others in Ita­ly, to consider and not reject to their own hurt.

Blessed are they which are persecuted for Righteousnesse sake, for theirs is the Kingd [...]m of Heaven, Mat. 5.10.

Printed in the year, 1662.


THere is certainly a very Pretious, Noble, Royal, Long-Suffering Seed of the Eternal God of Hea­ven and Earth, the which in these latter dayes of our age since the long night of Apostacy [from Christ and his Holy Apostles and Saints life] to which the Eternal Arm of the Lord God is manifestly revealed unto eternal Salvation and perfect Redemption, in and by the Light of the Lord Jesus (the Immanuel) who as truly light­eth every man, as he tasted Death for every man that cometh into the World, and this pretious Seed which is the Light that is sown for the Righteous,And the People become perfect­ly Righteous that believe in and obey the same light of Jesus, and are there­by made partakers of the Righteous­ness, and so of the same nature of God, which comes to be revealed from faith to saith in Male and Female, for which end the light which is the Seed is sown in the heart, is the Light shines in darkness which com­prehends not that which is the trea­sure in the earthen Vessel as a pearl hid in a field, and is the good thing which can give the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ, 2 Cor. 4.2. Pet. 2.19. Rom. 1.19. 1 Cor. 6.2 Cor. 11. the same hath been visited from on high as a thing hid in ob­scurity in many, under the Region and Shaddow of Death and Destruction, so that it hath been quick­ned and revived mightily to the amazement and a­stonishment of Kindreds, Nations, Tongues and peo­ples because of the arm of the Lords Salvation, with which he hath arisen in his Majesty and shaken terribly [Page] the Earth and Heavens also, and made the Keepers of the strong Mans House to tremble, and by his power of ho­liness to bind him and spoile his goods; So that the ever­lasting Light hath sent his Word (of Power) into Jacob, and it hath lighted upon Poor distressed Israel, in whose house he, the Lord God (that Spirit) hath promised to dwell in the midst for ever, as in the Antient dayes, and many of the Eternal Off-spring of Life which is the Light of men, having gladly received the Word of Life, not from man nor by man that shall dye, but from his mouth, that was dead and is alive, and behold he liveth for evermore, that leads his Flock like a good Shepherd to Living Springs and Fountains, which are as wells spring­ing up into everlasting Life, in them that believe, as the Scripture hath said, John 4. John. 7.38.30.

And these as Lambs among Wolves, having the blessed Life and Salvation to Proclaim in Faithfulness, travelling in their innocent integrity on this wise, as our Brethren the Prophets and Fathers of old did from one Na­tion to another People; Now why are the Nations angry? and why do the Mighty and Potentates of the Earth com­bine and take Counsel together against the Lord and his Anointed? Is it not because the Eternal God is provo­king them to jealousie and to anger with a foolish Nation, with them which are deemed not a People, who are Poor, Afflicted, Despised, Destressed on every hand, yet not forsaken of the Lord their Rock, their Strength, Deut. 32.

Now it came to pass that after the Lord God [who formeth the Mountains and Createth the Wind which obeyeth him,] Amos. 4. last. had given three more of my Brethren together with me a good passage from the Land of our Nativity to Italy, namely, to Legorne, where two of us, (to wit) John Stubs and Henry Fell, [Page] was ordered of the Lord to passe from thence towards Alex­andria and they became obedient; and it came to pass also by the permission of God who suffered the men of our own Nation to Banish and expel them away from that Region and Coast, where they gave a sound of the Mighty Day of Gods visitation, and saith Christ, as they have done unto me, so will they do unto you, &c. The Gada­renes loved their Swine and besought Christ to depart out of their Coast, and them that Rebel against the Light, saith, depart from us (even to the most High) for we de­sire not the knowledge of thy wayes, Job. 21. Job. 24. 13, 14.

And furthermore my Dear Brother Richard Scostrope my Companion in Tribulation and in the Power of God, by which we were also ordered (having no imposition from any mortal man on our Consciences God is witness) was ordained of God to pass Eastward, towards Asia, namely, to Smyrna, intending also to travel further (if the Lord suffered not Sathan to hinder;) and behold when we came there, having enjoyed the benefit of a good passage, that the Merchants and Great men and others of our own Na­tion did not a little perplex and burthen themselves not only at our bodily presence, but also with our faithful and true innocent and harmless message of life, and glad ti­dings of Salvation to the Nations, and verily they cannot deny but that our behaviour and deportment (if they speak truth) was such as we professed in Words and Doctrine in all good Conversation whilest we abode among them, as examples in the manifold Dispensations of the grace of God Almighty, to whom be the Glory over all, A­men.

We being at our first coming sent for before the Consul of the Nation, gave him a good and sober information of the intent of our hearts as God had ordered and determi­ned [Page] in some measure (to try them) and he said that he must give account to the Lord Ambassadour and send ti­dings to Constantinople to him, and he could not suffer us to pass further till he had received information in an­swer, &c. Now we saw not of our departure from Smyr­na imediately, and seeing that they did intend to write, many of them being evil affected with prejudice and such like surmisings against us that loved them, and travelled in the love and Spirit of Gods Truth for their eternal good freely, albeit they hated us without cause as it befell our Lord and Master; I also was moved in the fear of the Lord to write and give the Ambassadour an honest and true information of the intent of our hearts, to the end he might be honestly warned of receiving any evil and false intelligence that he may not consent with the same, nor with the ground of it to joyn or stretch forth his hand therewith against the Lord, his Truth and innocent Peo­ple.

THE Copy of the Letter is seen meet to be inserted here following, seeing the same was made leight of, and rejected as a thing of nought, as many have done to their own hurt and condemnation, namely, O. C. and the many Parliaments in their dayes past, in which the Eternal God tryed them (what if I say to the uttermost) before he smote, and broke and shattered them to pieces as Potters Vessells, and wherled them up and down as Clouds of Tempests and Darkness, as it were from one end of the Land to the other in his sore displeasure (in the sight of the Nations, to the final destruction of many of them that tur­ned the back; Albeit they seemed to have their face towards the good Day of their Visitation from on High, which they wofully sinned away, and the just recompence of reward as a fruit of their own doings, even in the sight of the Nati­ons, fell upon them as a weight too heavy for them to bear, and as great judgements from the same Hand of God is re­served in store, and is ready to be revealed and executed up­on the Heads of them that walk in the same wayes and paths of unrighteousnesse, which provokes the Lord to his Face, I speak not on this wise to (upbraid without the Fear of the Lord) the generation thats passed away, and seems to be laid in the dust of the Earth, but rather that the present ge­neration of men, of what Name or Denomination they were, are or may be under, that have but somewhat of the Fear and Zeal of the God of Truth in their Hearts, thereby to be warned in their day, and not to make the evil example of a­ny to be so to them, as evil to follow it, nay but contrari­wise, which is so far acceptable to God, for Sodom and Gomo­rah and the old World, were and are evident examples of the sore displeasure of the Eternal God of vengeance, to whom it peculiarly and properly belongeth, and he will certainly repay Fury to his Adversaries, and Recompence to his Enemies, when he awakes and stirs up his strength as a MIGHTY ONE (the KING, the Lord of Hosts is his Name) to bend his Bow, and whet his glittering Sword, he will cast up, cut down [Page 8] and overturn, and not spare to spend his Arrows of famine and destruction, and let them fly with his outstretched Arm of strength, to smite and strike into the Hearts of the double-minded, so that his anger shall smoak in the fiery Zeal of his Eternal Majesty against such a one, that being often repro­ved, goeth on still in his iniquities, he shall suddenly be de­stroyed, and that without remedy, as saith one in a certain place, Prov. 29. yet the Nations of men may certainly un­derstand that the most High holds forth his Eternal Name, as he is the Lord God, long suffering and of great goodness, nei­ther delighteth he in the destruction of any, but rather in their return unto the Wisdom of the Just, unto Eternal Life in it to live for ever, and not to die in their sins, for as he is the Light of Israel, and his Holy One for a flame, and a consuming fire to burn up Bryars and Thorns against the workers of Iniquity, so is he a God of Judgement, and blessed are all they that wait for his Salvation, and put their trust in him, he will shew them his Covenant, and establish them in the same, in which they shall not be confounded, neither be ashamed, nor yet shall any make them afraid, but quiet­ness and assurance for ever shall be their reward in Eternal Peace and Blessedness, together with him and the Spirits of Just men made perfect, on this wise my Soul in life breath­eth and travels for the Restauration of all things, into the Glorious Liberty and Freedom of the harmless Sons of God.

Verily, the Eternal love of my God thats shed abroad within my heart, its much enlarged to stream forth Uni­versally, even to the whole Creation that travels in pain under the Bondage of Corruption, over which mine eyes have poured forth many tears, and in the brokennesse of my very heart have I dolefully Lamented and Mourned for the same, but at present, I am necessitated to proceed on to what is before mine eye, as I have began concerning this little Treatise.

The Copy of the Letter.


THy Everlasting Honour and Wel-being with the Lord and with the Spirits of just men our soul wisheth right well, so peace be unto thee.

This is that thou may [according to the Just, Noble Principle of God in thee] have a right understanding of somewhat of the Truth, Innocency and Ʋprightness of our hearts, who are the Servants of the One True and Living God and Father of all Truth, and called by his grace of life, which in our hearts we have received gladly, to De­clare to the Nations, even the same grace that hath brought Salva­tion to us, the same also that appeareth unto all men without respect of persons that they may be saved from the wrath to come, by which grace of life (I say) we are called to peace and good will to all men (as our Fathers were) in the same to forsake the Pollutions of the World and our Native Country, Kindred and Fathers House to do and suffer the will of God, and keep his Commandments which are not grievous to us in the life of our Obedience to his Blessed Will, who called and sent us into these parts whether the Sons of men believe us or not, or hear or forbear; And seeing the God of our Life hath bles­sed and prospered us hitherto in our journey, we have the Living Te­stimony of the Spirit of Life witnessing to the same in our Consciences, and to the Truth of what is here written unto thee.

And forasmuch as we understand from the Consul here that we shall not by him be admitted to pass further without thy advice or con­sent, therefore have we freedom, and in the fear of the Lord seen meet to let thee know somewhat from our hands, as to the present ser­vice of our God, whose Power, Favour and life in his Covenant of E­ternal Light and Peace we possesse Glory to his Name, for which our lives are not dear unto us, which are (also) in our hands to serve the Lord his Truth and People, and to the end thou may not, in any wise be as an Instrument to stop or let the work of God from going on, by the hand of his Messengers and Ambassadours of peace, Wherefore in the fear and tender love of the God of Heaven is this to be laid be­fore thee (to warn thee) as thou art in thy place of Authority (which [Page 10] we own, esteem and honour in the Lord, one of us (being two) ha­ving a message from the Lord of Heaven to the Prince (or Emperour) of the Turks, and well will it be with the men of our own Nation if they be not found setting themselves against the service of God, his Truth and People whom he alone will make a blessing to Nations, that shall surely prosper without Bow, or Sword, or visible Weapons of war, the Lord hath spoken it, and the Prophesie shall as surely be fulfilled in its time or season.

So the Lord give thee wisdome and a Noble understanding ac­cording to his determinate Counsel therewith to honour him in thy place of Judicature; and so my Spirit saith, Amen.

I am thy Friend, and so to the whole Creation of God, Daniel Baker. Richard Scostrope.

NOw it was so that after this was sent, we notwithstand­ing sought daily for passage convenient to Constanti­nople, and at last it presented by way of a Dutch Ship, and we spake to the Commander for the same end on board the said Vessel, but before She sailed away, a Warrant was forth­with given out and sent from the Kings Embassadour to Smyrna, which men of high degree gladly received and pro­secuted the same against us, to expell us from their Coasts, and separate us from their company, all be it we were not in any wise chargable unto them, neither did eat any mans bread for nought.

A Coppy of the Warrant which came from the hand of the Kings Ambassadour, and prosecuted by the English Na­tion in Smyrna in Asia against two servants and witnesses for God and his Truth and People called Quakers.

WHereas we are informed that there is lately arrived with the Zant Frigot, one Daniel Baker with his companion, com­monly called by the name of Quakers, with intention to come up to [Page 11] this Port; And because we have had experience that the carriage of that sort of people is ridiculous and is capable to bring dishonour to our Nation, besides other inconveniences that may redound to them in particular, and to the English Nation in general.

We therefore will and require you to give a stop to the said Qua­kers from proceeding any further in their journey, either to Con­stantinople or the present Court of the Grand Signior or to any other place where our Authority extends, Shipping them away either di­rectly for England or any other parts where they shall chuse to Im­barque. And we do herely require all Officers and Members of the Factory, and Masters and Officers of Ships to be ayding and Assisting to you herein, and for so doing this shall be your Warrent.

For our Loving Friend Anthony Isacson Esquire, Consul for the English Nation in Smyrna by his Ex­cellencies Command, Paul Kecaut Secretary.

And they sent a Turks Jannesary together with a Drugger-man the Consuls Officer and Hamalls (Porters) to our lodging, and sent us away as Prisoners.

To the Lord Ambassadour (so called) and to the English Nation in Constantinople and Smyrna.


I am honestly perswaded, viz. If that the Nobility of thy understanding were not vailed or darkned with preju­dice, so that thou hadst a perfect understanding of what thou hast done, and if it were to do again it would be a hard thing for thee then to do the same, wherefore blame me not, if I tell thee in truth and plainness, saying, Behold how thou hast turned thy hand against the just Lord, and set thy self also against his Work, his Truth and People, and the migh­ty, [Page 12] everlasting, terrible God that lives for ever, (in whose hand thy breath is) he will certainly plead with thee for the same, [yea and with them also who with one consent have joynd together with thee herein,] who are but a man that shall die and come to judgement, as its appointed for all men, and lo God hath given thee a day of visitation, of Sal­vation, but behold how thou hast put the same far away from thee; and he that liveth for ever, so far hath tryed thee (together with the English Nation in Asia) in thy place, of of Authority and Judicature, in giving thee also a plain and certain warning, by my hand through me. [concerning somewhat of the work and counsel of the Everlasting Light, who is the Living and true God, and Father of all Truth over all blessed for ever Amen] before thou didst intermeddle or proceed either to the right hand or to the left, to the end that thou might take heed, and beware of being instrumen­tal in stopping the work and service of the Everlasting; And lo thou hast rejected and made light of the same (as doth appear) and turned thy hand against the Just, the Harmless and Innocent and guiltless, and also reproached the Living God, inasmuch as the same is done to his Friends and Mes­sengers that have drawn so near thee, in peace, good will and uprightness of heart, and in love unfained without self­ends but with its denyal [according to the commandment of our Lord and Master, even Christ The light of the World (which lighteth every man that cometh into the World) in the work and service of him, who is the Lord God of Judgement, with our pretious life also in our hand have we thus come, not loving our lives to the death for his Names sake, for his Peoples sake, for his Gospels sake, who freely laid down his pretious life for us, (leaving us an example) who came not in our own name, will or time, but have herein forsaken Country, Kindred and Fathers House, Wife and Children and what else [our God that liveth for ever knoweth right­well] as our Fathers of old did, God knoweth the upright­ness of our hearts also, concerning this and much more, which for the Truths sake might be declared, but at this time it is not convenient, and our message (which from man we received not) of life and salvation, was and is, to give a [Page 13] certain sound of the great and mighty day of the Lord at hand, and also of the same life of the holy Prophets, and Apostles of Christ the Lord of life thats arisen from the dead, with his sa­ving health in the midst of us, to the Nations that are invol­ved in thick darkness, and wallowing in obscurity to awa­ken them, and also that they may assuredly know, that the mighty, terrible and glorious, and dreadful day of the eter­nal God is come and at hand, and that the same hath also begun to dawn and to spread forth its shining beams of eter­nal brightness in the North parts of the World, even in Eng­land first, the which is manifesting it self, and shining forth over all Nations, to the condemnation and destruction of wickedness, and also to the Justification and Salvation of the Righteous which of the Lord is to turn the sons of men from ungodliness, now after this long night of Apostacy, and also as it were to awaken the eternal Light of our Lord Jesus) which is the witness of God in every conscience, (yea and to answer the same (in all men) which is to guide Nations, the Sons and Daughters of men into all truth, against which they have rebelled, and from the same they are fallen by transgression; And behold the Lord God that lives for ever, as in the ancient dayes is doing this and much more, and accomplishing his own work, not according to mans way, will or time in these latter dayes, but as in the dayes of old, is he provoking of Nations to jealousie to anger, and to wrath by those which are not a people, he is provoking them to anger, and to wrath with a foolish Nation, forasmuch as they have provoked him the everlasting Lord of Heaven and Earth, to anger with their vanities, for saith the Lord, a fire is kindled in mine anger, and it shall burn unto the lowest hell, it shall consume the Earth with her increase, and set on fire the foundations of the Mountains.

Listen ye great Mountains, and inhabitants of the Earth, what will become of you? where will you hide or sly when your foundations is set on fire? wherefore give ear ye lofty trees, and strong oaks, the Lords controversie is with you, for saith he, A fire is kindled in mine anger, which will burn un­to the lowest Hell (mark that) I will heap mischiefs upon them, I will spend mine Arrows upon them, they shall be burnt with hung [...], [Page 14] and destroyed with burning heat & bitter destruction. And friend as sure as God hath given thee breath, know, that so sure are we his Servants and Messengers freely given up into his hand to suffer his Will and Pleasure and to do the same in Earth, as it is in Heaven (as thou thy self prayest, but it would be well if thy actions did not speak the contrary as certainly they do concerning this matter.

And behold the time will certainly come to pass that the true witness of the Everlasting Light in thy Conscience will answer to thy understanding, that we are men of truth, fear­ing God, and sent of him (and not of or by man) whom thou hast so reproached and defied, together with many more; Alas poor man I pitty thee, and as for my part I am honestly perswaded, that King Charles, whom thou calls Lord and Master, would not have given forth such a ridiculous, vile and reproachful Sentence against the guiltless, an inno­cent harmless people, as thou hast done under thy hand and seal, peradventure in thy hast (in a strange Land) how­so ever we pray the Lord, that the same may not be laid to thy charge (when thou hast most need of mercy, if happily repentance unto life thou may witness, and albeit we may freely forgive thee by what we do or may suffer because of thee, yet we know that the Lord will not hold you guiltless, after so clear a warning (from his mouth that liveth for e­ver) as you have had in your day, that are guilty in the same thing, and God Almighty will be clear of thee and so also will his Servant, if in your sins you dye; and therefore behold I yet cease not to cry, Repent, Repent.

And seeing that the Everlasting Lord and King of Eternal Life, laid a necessity on me more especially to preform this service (if Sathan hindred not) and to try thee also, and the English Nation together in Asia concerning the same for your good, and not otherwise, but behold how you have joyned together with one consent to reject and defie the same message of life and salvation, through letting up the dark spirit of prejudice and evil surmisings against the Lord, the Innocent and guiltless, and thus (to your greater con­demnation have you been permitted by the everlasting God, so far to have your own hearts desire, and to expell the [Page 15] Friends and Messengers of Christ out of your Coasts or Bor­ders, once and again, and not only so, but as much as in you concerns, not to suffer them to come within the extent of your Authority, in the Turks Dominion, in which you are as saith the Warrant; but will you bear with me if I question with you, saying, what are they contrary to all men? as a rebel­lious Generation said to the holy Apostles, And what do they bear Testimony, not for, but against the World, because the deeds thereof are evil, and can they not neither receive the Honour and Glory of it, nor give the same to any man, according to the com­pleat example of their Lord and Master the life of man, the true Christ, for which end Christ is come in the flesh, as he did many hundred years since, who hath by his grace of life manifest in us freely redeemed us from the same vanities and pollutions which we witness (and testifie against in o­thers.

And will you blame me if I say, what are not you of the same generation, as Job saw rebel against the Light who know not the wayes thereof, neither abide in the paths thereof, Job. 24.13. and Job. 21. Alas poor men, are you the men also that are without a good and noble understanding, and are wise to do evil, and hate to be reformed, to discern between the pretious and the vile; Alas for you, yea woe and alas for you, what have ye done? cannot you smite upon your thigh, and say on this wise, how shall we account with the Lord of life, of eternity for these things and much more, when his mighty hand, and the weight thereof you feel heavy upon your Con­sciences in the day that shall burn as an Oven, according to the Prophesie of the Eternal Spirit by Mallachi, Mal. 3.

Behold and know ye, O ye great men of the Earth, ye high Mountains, Strong Oakes and lofty Trees, this I with a clean mind declare unto you, if I be no more, (viz.) that our Consciences are clear in the sight of God, that lives for ever, who with a pure eternal eye, perfectly beholds the intents and uprightness of our hearts (though hid from you) concerning this service, and the living testimony of life an­swereth in us to the same, and therefore have I bouldness in the Truth to stand, and also to write on this wise; And again I say, we are clear from the guilt which remains upon your [Page 16] Consciences. And furthermore know ye that our service is so far accepted and we are also clear of the same in and by Jesus Christ, our Lord and Master, who moved us hereunto, and sent us freely to and among you in the Turks Borders and Dominion, the which by your actions its manifest ye would have stand, but God Almighty hath otherwise deter­mined, with a notwithstanding, and surely it would be well with you could you witness and savour the answer of a good Conscience, the which in the truth verily and certainly we do, in the sight of God concerning this our service (whe­ther you believe the same or not) its even so; And again I say we are clear of your guilt and condemnation, before the Lord God of Judgement, the Judge of all; and be it known unto you that he who sent us is true, whose witnesses we are; Albeit some of you (as the same Generation in the daies of old, contemptuously and maliciously said to him, that he was mad and had a devil and what else, yet we have in the Lord held fast our integritie in the Truth, in Life and Conversa­tion, to confess him before men, and bear his reproaches in the fellowship of his Sufferings, following his harmless and compleat example, as the Sons of God in the midst of a crooked and perverse Generation, unto which we are called, and are his living witnesses and testifie of his undefiled life manifest in us, and that he also is arisen from the dead and liveth for ever in the everlasting Light, the which is your con­demnation and not salvation (whatsoever you profess in words) whilst you are found setting your selves against his appearance (now in this second coming a quickning spirit [who is the Lord from Heaven] without sin unto salvation in his Friends and Messengers) as who hath drawn so near you, with his visitation of Salvation in such clouds of witnesses, in and with his mighty pure power of holiness, yet with them eyes (that are Adulterated from his undefiled life, and truth) which cannot cease from sin (with which you see) therewith cannot you behold him who is and is to be glorified in his Saints, and also admired in all them that believe, who will certainly render venge­ance (as saith the Holy Scripture) not onely on them that know not God, but also on them that obey not [Page 17] the Gospel of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, the Light and Life of men who tasted death for every man, and as certain he lighteth every man that cometh into the World, to the end that all men in him who is the Light might believe and be saved (by the Light, who is the Author of Eternal Salvation) not onely from sin which worketh guilt and condemnation, but also from the wrath to come, but wo will be to them that not onely withstand his Appearance, his Truth and People (who are not according, but contrary to the World, its Wayes, Worships, Honours and Glory, Traditions and Lusts, and herein neither enter your selves) but also as much as in them is hinder others, who are as it were ready to enter, from going in; but behold Publicant, Harlots are, and come to be converted, and so to enter the Kingdom, whilest men of high degree themselves are shut out; And will you bear with me if I ask you, saying, Have you been at all careful, and not forgetful to entertain stran­gers? Or have you not wilfully and despitefully shut the same out of your remembrance? And how have you obeyed the perfect Doctrine of the Gospel of God? But what hath not Christ in his Friends, in his Lambs and Messengers, been as Strangers and Pilgrims? Yea hath not he been as a Prisoner and Captive, despised in and among you, but how at all have you visited him, or entertained him, that beareth the iniquity and liveth for ever? He right well knoweth, and in the day of God so shall you, and it may be well if the same will appear to your justification; Poor men my heart pitieth you, woe and alass for you, but the Scrip­ture, not to your justification do we witness fulfilled; And what if I say your unchristian-like dealing against us, the same turns to us for a Testimony [albeit, we rejoyce not, as your reward will be evil unto your selves, but mourn over you] and if this we did not witnesse in our integrity, sure of all men most miserable should we be, and as he saith, who is the Resurrection and the Life (viz) If they have persecuted me, they also will persecute you; if they had kept my sayings, they would keep yours also, but these things will they do unto you (why) because they know not him that sent me, saith Jesus, John 15. And have ye not read these sayings, Now I tell you before it [Page 18] come to pass, that when it is come to pass you might believe that I am he; Verily, verily, he that receiveth whomsoever I send, re­ceiveth me, and he that receiveth me, receiveth him that sent me, John 13. But consider, have you received him, or do you know what is the thing, or whom you have rejected and de­fied in what you have done to them whom he hath assuredly sent, whether you can believe the same or not; And do you not know that he saith on this wise, He that heareth you, hear­eth me, and he that despiseth you, despiseth me, and he that de­spiseth me, despiseth him that sent me, Luke 10.16. And do you think it had not been better your hand had been laid upon your month, and to have manifested silence in the fear of the Lord, rather then to have proceeded so far as this to your own hurt? Woe and alas for you, how can you truly say to the contrary in the Day of God? and is it not your sins and your iniquities which keeps back good things from you? And can you say that the words of our Living Testimony have been at any time against any thing thats of the nature of God thats Equitable and Just? And what, must all your strength and wisdom with what else you have, be stirred up to keep up the strong holds of darkness, its Works and Fruits, even of the man of sin, and Satans Kingdom, is it not even so? Bear with me if I ask you, what ye think of such that were to depart from the presence of the King of Eternal life into everlasting fire, with the Devil and his Angels, who visited no [...] Christ though sick and in prison, and when he was a stranger and naked took him not in, neither cloathed him, nor nourished him with either meat or drink, when hungry and thirsty, cold and naked, but bowels of compassion was shut up, such took him not in (nay there is no room for the Babe of Glory in the Inn, but a Manger where the beasts feed over him, there the Virgins first born must lie) Oh that any of you having ears to hear may hear; but what think you will be the portion of such that not onely dease not to do such things to him in his Members, but also speak all manner of evil against him, and are not content there­with, but he must be banished as a Rogue or Vaga­bond out of their Coasts and Borders, whose carriage also must be as it is deemed and termed, Ridiculous, and [Page 19] capable to bring dishonour to a Nation (because his Kingdom, Ho­nour and Glory is not of this World) as some one saith, be­ing possessed with fear, even as they were, who said of him whom the Nations abhoreth, (viz.) If we let him thus alone, all men will believe on him, and the Romans will come and take a­way our Place and Nation; And so had they not respect to their persons and places, and outward vain Honour and Glory of their Nation (which was and is to be defaced and brought into contempt) more then to Christ the Light, and saving Truth of all Nations, and true Honour thereof, and therefore justly condemned, and there houses left desolate, as the Holy Scriptures witnesseth; but will you blame me, yet if I ask you saying, What will you condemn a hard-hear­ted Generation, and justifie your selves, whilest you are walking in the steps, and doing the same things (like the Gaderenes and unbelieving Jews in the dayes of Christ) put it not far from you, its even so whether you hear or forbear, wherefore out of your Coasts and Borders and else where the extent of your Authority or Dominion doth reach or extend, must he (the Lamb) be expelled or banished. Woe and alas for you, woe and alas for you, that know not what you do, who shall bewail you, when no hiding place will be found from his Eternal Light and Everlasting Wrath to hide? Behold whether you hear or forbear how the Scrip­tures of Truth is fulfilled, not to your justification, as saith Christ our Lord and Master (viz.) in as much as ye did it not (Concerning Receiving, Visiting, and Communicating) to one of the least of these, ye did it not unto me, Mat. 23. and these shall go into Everlasting punishment, but the Righteous into Life Eternal, whom you have wilfully rejected and unjustly condemned, and think not that this is to justifie our selves, but the Grace of God which is our life and strength, which of a truth we have gladly received, and its set up in our Hearts, otherwise at this day we had not been (but Glory, Blessing and Salvation to the Lord our God over all, Amen.)

And will you bear with me yet a little, if I proceed to que­ry what is the Crimes that are or tend to be so Rediculous, thats so capable to bring dishonour to the Nation; Was not [Page 20] Nicodemus [a master in Israel] somewhat Noble, when he would not have the Law to judge a man before it hear him? Doth our Law Judge a man before it hear him, saith he, and saith King AGRIPPA, I would hear the man my self, and its well known what he was (a Heathen termed) who was so Noble in such a Matter, as to hear the Accused as well as the Accusers.

And if thou O Ambassador (for King Charles of Great Bri­tane in the Turks Dominion) hadest manifested the Nobility of a good understanding, so Nobly in the first place, before such a hasty sentence was given forth under thy Hand and Seal, by thee, to have suffered us to come and appeared be­fore thee, to the end that thou mightest have enquired ho­nestly into the Nature and Ground of the Matter, as a man of God in the place of Judicature, and so according as thou hadst found us either Clear or Guilty of unjust Crimes (which indeed are Ridiculous, and tends to the Dishonour & Destructiveness of a Kingdom or Nation,) & then to have clered thy Conscience, in laying the Sword in its due place, as a terror to evil doers, and not upon the head of the Innocent and Guiltless, to whom he that bears the Sword of the Righteousness as a Mi­nister of God, should be a praise, and our Bodies would also have been ready either to do or suffer accordingly; but be­hold, herein thou also hast been wanting, and the Guiltless Cause thou hast not pleaded, but contrariwise condemned the same; and hereby they have suffered the more, but the reproaches of Christ they esteem as great Riches, though accounted they be even as the vilest off scouring of all things; yet what is their Ridiculous Crimes, what is it because they are scornfully called Quakers, or because they are the Elect of God, Redeemed from a vain Conversation, and conform not to the Vanities, Traditions, Lusts and Customs of the World, which are not of the Father of all Truth? or is it because all men speak not well but evil of them, and sepa­rate them from their Company, as Christ Prophesied should befal them? Luke 6.22. Mat. 10.22. or is it because they cannot Swear at all, neither Lye nor Dissemble, but speak the truth from the heart to every man in plainnesse, with­out respect of Persons, Nations or Places? or is it because for Conscience sake (and not in any evil surmising, or contempt [Page 21] to any mans person) they honestly wear their Hats, as the rest of their plain and useful Garments, and cannot receive, neither give the honour thats beneath the Son with flatter­ing Titles, either to themselves or to any man, which is not contrary, but according to the Perfect and Compleat Ex­ample of Christ their Lord and Master, and Captain of Sal­vation, who receives not honour from man, and saith, How can you believe, which receive honour one of another, Mat. 5:

But I demand as a Christian, in truth and indeed, as a free born English man, yet further, what is the evil (these that are so contrary to the World, its Friendship Honour and Glory) that they have at all done? Or what are they guil­ty of, that they are deemed so Ridiculous; and so capable to bring Dishonour to a Nation? (who shall become a blessing to all Nations, with a notwithstanding this and that which letteth, thats to be taken out of the way) What must peo­ple believe Accusations to be true, without instancing or ma­king the Cause manifest to their understandings, because its the pleasure of men of high degree, to say they are so, and so, is this sufficient to stand before the God of Judgement, and good men of understanding? who have they been chargea­ble unto, or who have they defrauded? or have they eaten any mans bread for nought? or wherein is their carriage Ridi­culous? or what is any manner of their Crimes, or Behavi­our, or Deportment, otherwise then Peace and Love that worketh no ill to its neighbour, but good will to all men, in Truth and Uprightness, Temperence and Sobriety, in Life and Conversation? (but whats the matter with the Sons of men, that they so burthen themselves with the Sons of Truth, and blameless Servants of the Living God, who do all things well in the Light, through Christ the light that strength­eneth them) let the Lords Witness, the light in your Consci­ences arise to answer, either to your Justification or Con­demnation. O ye men of England in Asia, can you justly charge any evil against them, let the same come forth and be manifest to the whole VVorld, if Equity and Truth be on your side, but if the savory Fruits of the Life of Eternal Righteousnesse, in sound Doctrine, with wholesom Com­munications [Page 22] that corrupteth not good manners, with long-suffering, meekness and gentleness of Christ brought forth by them who shine as lights in the world (being redeemed from the vanities and evils thereof) if these be the fruits and manners, or things ye call evil, surely in so doing the same tends not to your justification; and are these the Ridiculous Crimes that will bring dishonour to a Nation, what will equity, truth and uprightness, and plainness of a heart, temperance, innocency and sobriety, with savoury and wholesome Communications, without guile, fraud or deceit in life and good conversation doing the will of God from the heart in his fear and reverence, and [...] these the things that are deemed so Ridiculous and capable to bring Disho­nour to the Nation, to the King or his just Government, or is it not the contrary, even the hurtful lusts which men fulfil and walk after, from whence wars and fightings ari­seth, together with evil Surmisings, Strife, and Debate, and Violence, and Spoile, with flatterings and guile ariseth, double-mindedness, revealings pride of life and hypocrisie, al arising from one and the same ground of iniquity in the Sons of men, from whence also cometh so much Wasting, Devouring and consuming the good Blessings and Crea­tures of God upon the ungodliness and hurtful lusts, that wars against the Pretious and Immortal Soul, and are not only hurtful and destructive to a man, to his Body, Soul, Mind and Spirit, but also to the greeving, and provoking, and wounding of the Just, Eternal Lord God of Heaven and Earth, and so becomes destructive also to a Family, to a Ci­ty, to a Kingdom and Nation.

And what are not these and such like, the noysom and unsavoury Fruits (which is a shame to Christianity and ut­terly contrary to the most Wise, Gentle, Temperate Life of the Lord Jesus and his Saints upon Earth) so frequently by the Apostate Christians, and Christians by name only, brought forth day by day, among the Turks, who excel many of them in uprightness, steadfastness and temperance in things civil, and in matters of communications and deal­ing between man and man, to your condemnation, who are guilty and so below them herein, so that an ill savour [Page 23] hath ascended up to the Lord, from the unwholesome con­versation of the Christians by name and words out of the true Christians savoury, meek, gentle, long-suffering life, bringing forth contrary and unsavoury fruits, and what are not these the things that is Ridiculous, and also capable to bring dishonour to a Nation, to God, the King and to their own bodies and souls oppression [men of clear understanding will not reject but consent and adhere to my Testimony] by reason of such dishonourable fruits abounding in a strange Land, among the Nations of men, and thereby give occasi­on to them called Turks, Heathens, Jews and Infidels, and what others among you, not to win them to the most holy Faith of Gods elect, but contrariwise to abide in their brutishness, hardness of heart and infidelity, and unbelief, and not only so, but also to blaspheme and dishonour the Lord God of Eternal Life and his Worthy Name, by which ye are called, and also to reject and defie both you and your Religion, and Christianity in the generall.

Oh how often my very heart hath been grieved and my soul oppressed and wounded in me many a time, from time to time, yea over the men of my own Nation have I wept, and mourned, [whilst they have magnified themselves in the pleasures of unrighteousness, against their own souls, and the people of the Lord of hosts,] my God knoweth because of these things: And oh our Souls hath been wounded, grieved and vexed from time to time, and pressed down in us day by day even as truly as the soul of righte­ous Lot was in Sodom, because of the unsavoury and unfruit­ful words and works of darkness, brought forth by the Apo­state Christians of all sorts, among the Turks; Oh the pride of life, Oh the vanities, Oh the excess and superfluites of noughtiness abounding together with flattery, deceit and double-mindedness that abounds and superabounds, among and over the false Christians, which keeps back the Heavenly distillings of the early and latter rain from on high, that the same desends not to reach to the lower parts of the Earth, where the poor prisoners of hope and exiled captives are shut up, but have any of you an ear to hear, or eyes to see whats the matter that hinders, Stops the blessings of eternity, by [Page 24] resisting that which is holy (which checks and reproves for sin, evil and vanity) in your selves and others, the same good thing is freely given of God, to guide you and all men into all truth, and from the contrary in which the false Christians excels the Turks, even in unrighteousness, and I am as it were constrained to write on this wise, to their shame, yet in love if happily the same may tend to their Salvation, from the contrary, effect and ground of oppression with its fruits, so that they hereby have provoked the Eternal God of mercy and judgement not a little, and have caused his anger to wax hot, and to burn like a consuming fire against the root and ground of iniquity raigning in and over the Sons and Daughters of men, and his wrath and sore displeasure from Heaven, in the eternal Light is revealed against the same, toge­ther with the vessels of wrath fitted for destruction, and ma­ny of you may feel the same, not to your justification or salvation, who have been such an ill savour to the Lord, and his Friends, and crucifie his meek, sweet and temperate life even of the Lamb, the Light our Lord Jesus Christ, day by day, as if every day were a day of slaughter, so that the noy­some corrupt fruits which are not meet for repentance, are a noy some smell even among the Turks as I have truly said, and many of you will find it so in one day, notwithstand­ing God eternal time after time hath not been wanting with visitations in visiting you both with judgemens and mercies, yet may it not be said for all this, will they not learn righteousness, but rather wax worse and worse, and are ready to say, who shall reprove or be Lord over us, and to the most high as them that rebel against the Light did, saying, depart from us, for we desire not the knowledge of thy wayes but to take pleasure, not in the Truth but in unrighteousnes, whose reward must be according to the unfruitful works of darkness, and God Almighty may yet plead with you con­cerning these things, and happily to try you, yet more Messengers of Righteousness may he send to visit you [to­gether with the Jews, Turks and Heathens] that if happily your end may be peace and not otherwise, which we chiefly seek and travel in love and good will for the same (whether you will hear or forbear) either to your eternal salvation or condemnation.

But will you not count me your Enemy and despise me, If I in the truth tell you the truth, saying, misery and de­struction, oppression with hard-heartednesse is yet in your wayes, take heed and beware least the same arise up so high, and at last overcome you to eternal perdition, and if I should testifie, saying, This is a certain warning from the hand of God that liveth for ever: I right well know you can hardly believe the words of my Living testimony, but I perfectly know from what Spirit and ground they are brought forth, and I am well satisfied in the life that now is, and was, and shall for ever be one and the same which is Unchangable, Immortal, Invisible, Eternal, without variableness or sha­dow of turning in the least degree into any contrariaty from its own pure nature or property, and clear substance of its undefiled nature of true Light and Life, which never fadeth away, in which I rest, and in the same my living soul magnifieth the living invisible God of immortality and eter­nal life, to whom be living endless praises, with eternal Do­minion over all this and that which letteth (which is to be taken out of the way) now and for ever as in the beginning o­ver all, Amen.

And for so much as you have so far made light of the ap­pearance of the good day of your visitation of salvation, now the day light of the morning is begun to dawn over the Na­tions (the dark night of Apostacy, since the Holy Apostles dayes being so far spent) the clouds of obscurity and un­fruitful works of the night of darkn [...]ss being made manifest by the Light of Eternity, and brought to the same for judge­ment and condemnation, but behold how you have been found Defying, Rejecting, Abhorring and Persecuting the Prophets, and Messengers, and People of the true and living God, who sent us not in our own name, will or time, to prove you and to warn you, and to preach repentance, and reformation, and reconciliation to God among you in A­sia, as in other parts of the World, not in your own way or wisdome that is not from above but from beneath, of the World, who have been permitted so far as to stop us in the work of our God to your own hurt, and what if I should say on this wise, Let the Lord require the same at your hands and of [Page 26] that Generation, that is under the line of unrighteousness, that runs paralel through the unbelieving, wrathful, perse­cuting nature, even from Cain unto this present day, who are uncircumcized in heart and ears, and stifnecked, al­waies resisting the holy Ghost as did your Fathers, as the holy man who was filled with the Holy Ghost, saith Acts 7. But I have prayed that what you have done, may not be laid to your Charge, who know not what you do, ye know I speak truth, and the Light of Christ in you will answer me, in the day of God, whether yet you hear or forbear, I am and shall be clear, albeit as much as in you is ye have en­deavoured to stop and hinder the work of the everlasting God, and his glorious truth from spreading, yet the Truth (the Light that is eternal) the same which lighteeth every man that cometh into the World, I say with a notwithstanding, shall it break forth and shine perfectly bright, and spread its same, glory, and eternal excellency, through and over all Nations, and prosper according to the most wise Decree, and eternal Counsel of the everlasting Lord the Light and King of eternal life, and the same shall awaken and answer the e­ternal witness that is just in every Conscience, whether Turks, Jews, Christians or Heathens, under what name or de­nomination soever they be called: And behold this my spi­rit prophecieth (viz.) that with them eyes you now may see with shall you never behold the same, neither the Goodness, Riches, Bles­sings and Mercies which the everlasting Light hath in store to dis­pence among and over the Nations of men that come to fear him and his goodnesse, and also turn from ungodlinesse.

And behold furthermore I declare that your evil intents and works of darknesse, what if I say the same shall work to­gether for our good unto eternal life and peace, and so turn to us for a testimony, as it doth not to your justification, but contrariwise, yet our prayer is for you that hate us without a cause, but the time may come, and it hasteneth, that you may wish you had never been born to have seen this Age and Generation, whilst we cry wo and alas for you, in the day in which the burthensom stone though little (as cut out of the Mountain without hands) it is known and the Nations that burthen themselves with it shall be cut in pieces, and grownd [Page 27] to powder on whom it falls (whose light is like unto a stone most pretious clear as Chrystal) according to the prophesie of the e­ternal Spirit of holiness, and verily the mercy and goodness and knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ, the same shall fill the Earth and abundantly stream forth, and spread its virtue and excellent power over all Na­tions, and flow plentifully even to the ends and uttermost parts of the Earth from Sea to Sea and to the utmost extent or circumference of its bounds; the Lord, the Lord of eter­nity in his own life, and by the Almightinesse of his own Arm thats revealed and manifest in the midst of his poor afflicted and despised, yet honourable people, against whom you have magnified your selves to your own hurt, in and by whom, without visible weapons of war, will he even our Lord perform the same and much more, and many both on the right hand and on the left shall break forth as a mighty flood, or as the Stars of the Firmament of the power of the everlasting Light, and many shall fear and tremble, because of the abundance of peace and truth, that is, and is yet to be revealed even in them that turn from ungodlinesse to the Light of the Lord who enlighteneth the poor, and deceitful mans eyes, the Lord enlightneth both their eyes saith the wise man, and the poor man is guided in obedience to the same light which justifieth him, and condemneth the deceitful man that hates it, Prov. 29. so he that doth evil hateth the Light which is not Salvation but Condemnation to the evil doer, as Christ saith, John the 3d. And blessed shall the man be that believeth in, and obeyeth the Light of the Lord ma­nifest in him, to guide him into all Truth from all the con­trary, and the Nations shall be asnamed and confounded be­cause of all the goodness that the eternal God of Judgement will perform unto, and in the blessed and beloved obedient Seed of his bowels, thats to be gathered from the four winds and ends of the Earth where they have been (in the dark night of Apostacy) scattered.

Wherefore with my single voice behold I cry unto you, yet by the same Eternal Spirit of Life and Prophesie, take heed and beware least that therefore come upon you, which is spoken of in the Prophets, saying, Behold ye dispisers and [Page 28] Wonder, and Perish, the Lord is working a work in your dayes, which you will in no wise believe, though a man declare it unto you; and whether you hear or forbear, the Scripture do I witness fulfilled in me, in the answer of a Good Conscience, according to the Compleat and Perfect Example of my Lord and Master, whom I Fear and follow, and serve, in the Fellowship of his Reproaches & Sufferings in the Gospel Life and Peace, viz. The Lord God hath opened mine ear, (Blessed be his Glory Amen) and I was not Rebellious a­gainst him, neither turned away back; I gave my back to the smiter, and my check to them that plucked off the Hair; I hid not my face from shame and spitting, my God knoweth right well, in obedience to his will the same is done, being called to the Fellowship of the same Sufferings and Glory of Gods Lamb, and to indure the contradictions of ungodly sinners, as he did, yea, the Lord God will help me, there­fore shall I not be confounded; thou hast made my face like a [...]line, and I know that I shall not be ashamed, he is near that justifieth, who shall contend with me?

Behold all ye that kindle a fire, and compass your selves about with sparks of your own kindling, walk in the light of your fire, and in the sparks that ye have kindled, this shall ye have of my hand, ye shall lie down in sorrow.

This following was sent in a Letter, from the English Con­sul at Grand Caire, to an English Merchant in Legorne in Italy, concerning Henry Fell and John Stubs.


I Forgot to advise you how that the Quakers at their departure, go­ing down to the Marine, did throw Pamphlets about the Streets, in [...]atine, Hebrew and Arabique, which might have set them a burn­ing had they stayed a little longer; Therefore I beseech you, if you hear hereafter of any such people that intend to come this way, to prevent them what you can, for they may do me a great prejudice.

Rich. Bendish.

A Loving Visitation, tendred to the English Merchants in Genoa, who received it not.

Friends, Read and Honestly consider with the Spirit of Modera­tion, for whether you will hear or forbear, this is that you may well understand, that in the first place,

THE most Holy Faith of Gods Elect (without which its impossible to please God) its not of that Nature, to Respect Persons, neither to give flattering Titles to any man, (which are of the vain inventions of vain man) but to honour, or well esteem all men in the Truth, Fear and Reverence of God, the which is to have the Pecu­liar and Supream Preheminence in every mans Conscience, and so to rule over the whole Creation of God, that the Eter­nal Blessing of the Invisible and Immortal God, by Jesus Christ the True Light of the world, may come upon all, in the true Seed which is ordained to bruise the Serpents Head, and to destroy the Devil and his unfruitful works of Dark­ness in man, the which captivateth and defileth (and also is destructive to) the Creation, over which the true Seed is to Rule, who is the True Light which lighteth every man, and is the Way, the Life, the Truth, a manifestation of the same is in every man, in Male and in Female, it shines in darkness (in man) and the same would guide them out of, and from every unjust way, word, thought and action, yea and from all unequitableness, into truth and uprightnesse, wherein the Riches of Eternal Peace and Felicity may come, and in the same be possessed within the heart of every particular, even in the midst of the sons of men, to the Glory of the Everlasting Fountain of Life, from whence the true Property and pure nature of every good thing receiveth vertue to subsist according to the excellent and unsearchable wisdom and decree of the Divine Substance or Eternal Being of the Majesty of the Heavenly [Page 30] Power of the Everlasting Light, who is the True and Living God over all, blessed for ever, Amen.

Now to the end that prejudice and evil surmisings (which are not of God the Father of all Truth) may be removed out of the minds of the men of my own Nation (viz.) Eng­lish, or any others that burthen themselves because I can­not give, neither receive the honour of the world, with its Ceremonies and flattering Titles, either to my self or to a­ny man, and I am willing to testifie, that its not in any con­tempt to the persons (which are the workmanship of the Eternal God) of the sons of men, but for Conscience sake, that I use not the same as in times past, and because I am well perswaded in the Grace of God, and perfectly satisfied in the same measure in my own particular; therefore in that love which thinks no evil, I am moved to give forth some reasonable and true words, to a good end as aforesaid, which are not contrary to God, neither to the example of just and honourable men, nor to the Holy Scriptures of Truth, which saith to the True Christians, If you respect persons ye commit sin, and are convinced by the Law as Transgressors, saith the A­postle James, James 2.9. And there is no respect of persons with the Lord, who will judge righteously according to every mans work saith Peter, 1 Pet. 1.17. And ye shall do no unrighteousnesse in judgement, Thou shalt not respect the person of the poor, nor honor the person of the Mighty, (mark that) but in Righteousnesse shalt thou judge thy Neighbour, saith the Lord, Deut. 19.15. And I say unto you, that for every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of judgement, for by thy words thou shalt be justifi [...]d, and by thy words thou shalt be con­demned, saith Jesus, Mat. 12.36, 37. I testifie that the light of Christ Jesus in every mans Conscience, will clearly shew or manifest to mans understanding, what words, thoughts and intentions are justifiable, and what are also condemna­ble; wherefore my spirit of life is ready to say, Blessed is and shall the man be who suffereth his mind to be guided by the pure and true manifestation of the Eternal light, which is of the Nature of God manifest within, as it is written, Rom. 1.19, 20. 1 Cor. 12.7. For the manifestation of the Spirit (which is true) is given to every man to profit withall, and they that [Page 31] profit not by the same, shall certainly receive the un­profitable servants portion, not to Salvation, but con­trariwise unto perdition, which is the just reward of them, which not onely reject the Truth and receive it not in the love of the same, but also take pleasure in unrighteousness, and so provoke the Lord to his Face, and defie and condemn the just in themselves, and the Generation of the Righteous also in the General, but yee shall not walk in the manners of the Nations, which I cast out before you, saith God to the true Seed, for they commit­ted all these things, and therefore I abhorred them, saith the Lord, Levit. 20. let not me I pray you respect the person of any, neither let me give flattering Titles unto men, for I know not to give flattering Titles, in so doing my Maker would soon take me away, Job 32. he will surely reprove you if ye secretly respect persons, shall not his excellency make You afraid, Job 13. but they that are taking pleasure in di­vers lusts and vanities, which maketh war against the Immortal soul, and wounds the spirit of the just, these are they that are of one and the same Nature and Gene­ration that the holy and perfect man saw in his dayes (who feared God and departed from evil) which rebel against the light, they know not the wayes thereof, neither a­bide in the paths thereof, who also say as they did to the Most High, depart from us, for we desire not the knowledge of thy wayes, Job. 24.13, 14. Job 21. But God shall wound the Head of his Enemies, and spend his Arrows of Famine and Destruction upon such as being often reproved, yet hardneth their necks, and go on still in the way that is not holinesse, rushing mightily into sin and transgression, without fear or amazement, even as the Horse rusheth into the Battel, and so greedily drink down iniquities even as the Ox drinketh water, yea and hate to be reformed, which is the greatest evil, which hardneth their impenitent hearts the more unto perdi­tion. Wo and alass for them that sit in darkness, un­der the shadow of Death and Destruction, before their day of Visitation finally pass away over their heads, when [Page 32] they inexcusably may be left to cry out in the Anguish and Vexation of Spirit, saying, How have we wilfully and rebelliously despised, and stifneckedly defyed the day of healing and saving health, and then say I, Dives his nature that fared sumptuously every day in excess and fulness, shall sensibly discern the nature of poor Lazarus and its reward, and also that which is of the flesh, the first birth, and the lust thereof which is contrary to, and warreth against the spirit and its birth, and then the two seeds may be discerned the one from the other, the seed of God from the seed of the Serpent, Cain and Abels na­ture and worship, Esau and Jacobs nature, the prophane person, and the plain man, the hunting nature, and that which is obedient, quiet and dwells within, at home in his Tent; Isaak and Ismael, the seed of Bondage from beneath, and the free born from Above, the scoffer which is to be cast out, & the beloved Heir of the Promise which is to abide within, in the Fathers House for ever, for the seed of Bondage is not to be heir with the Free-born, neither to that seed do I write the words of my living and true Testimony, but to that which is just in every mans Conscience, in the sight of God do I desire to be manifest, and so I shall be a sweet savour, not on­ly in them that believe, but also in them that perish, and if any have an ear to hear let him for his good.

And what if I say in truth on this wise, because the Fear and Reverence of the Living Eternal Invisible God is set up within my heart, therefore (and not otherwise) I cannot respect the persons of any, neither give or re­ceive the Honour and Glory of the world, Christ Jesus my Lord being my Perfect and Compleat Example, also who saith, I receive not honour from man, and his very enemies who came to provoke, and tempt, and insnare him, they discerned that he was a Just man, and that he respected not the person of any, as it is written of him, that said to unbelievers on this wise, How can you believe which receive honour one of another, and seek not the ho­nour which cometh from God onely, John 5. Mark that.

And I am right well and favourably perswaded that as any of the Sons of men come to be honestly guided by a just, steadfast and equal Principle of God, as is the Light of Christ within them, to walk thereby in a just path, and equitable way, and in the same, at all times to speak true, fast, sound, savoury and uncondemnable words and such like actions to all with whom they have to do, and not to be hurtful or destructive to the Crea­tion of God, but also doing in the same light just and equitable things to all even as they would be done by, according to the perfect doctrine of Christ, the Law and the Prophets, I say the same will testifie for them, and make them truly honourable, and draw down Bles­sings, and not the contrary; and so in every Nation he that feareth God and worketh righteousness is accepted of him, and these things will be acceptable and justifica­ble and not condemnable in the sight and presence of the everlasting God, and so the true honour comes to be manifest which comes from God, whose eternal eye, the Light perfectly discerneth, and seeth into, and wisely searcheth every mans heart within, and God is not devided from his eye, for as God is said to be a spi­rit, so he is light, 1 Epist. John 1. from which no secret work of darkness can in any wise be hid, all be it the same be acted never so secretly. And behold I testifie in his Name that is true, that the sound of his mighty day is come to the Nations, and the same terrible and glorious day hath begun to dawn in England in the North, and behold his everlasting Light is arising over all Nations even the Light of the Lord Jesus who light­neth the poor and deceitful mans eyes, yea he lightneth every man that cometh into the world with the Light that is perfect and true, either to condemn or justifie e­very mans words, thoughts and actions, and this per­fect Light of eternity is manifestly arisen up and hath its preheminence that is just in thousands to the glory of the Lord who worketh both to will and to do in them that fear him, and have received of the fulness of his life [Page 34] in the same in which they live, and walk, and rest, and so are become a blessing to the Nations in the Light of his eternal Countenance, in whom also they have be­lieved unto Salvation, the transparent brightness of which through such clouds of living witnesses, is shining forth over the Nations, Kindreds, Tongues and Peoples that have corrupted the Earth, and a [...]e degenerated and alienated in obscurity under a thick vail of darkness in the night of Apostacy since the Holy Apostles days, from the Light and Life of the Invisible and Immortal God and his Lamb the light who is coming in 10 thousands of his Saints to convince all of their ungodlike words, Hard-speeches, Thoughts and Actions, and to lead as many as receive and believe in the same Light with which they be enlightened from all sin and unrighteous­nesse, and so from the condemnation of the same and wrath to come, even up to God the Father of all truth, from whence the Light, Life and every good thing com­eth, according to the Prophesie of good old Enoch and the rest of the Prophets, and blessed shall the Man, the Family, the City, the Kingdom, the Nation be that doth not wilfully and rebelliously reject, but receive and accept of the good day of their Visitation of Salva­tion, of which I am one that giveth a certain sound, be­ing saved by the same Grace and Life of God (that bringeth Salvation, and appeareth to all men, to the end that they may be saved by it also, and redeemed from Nations, Kindreds, Tongues and Peoples, for all the Earth was of one Language before Babel or Nim­rods Generation of Builders was, and the Holy scriptures saith, That he was a mighty hunter before the Lord, who did and will confound their many Languages and Tongues that are out of the Truth and Plainnesse, into which the sons of men are to be redeemed from the contrary, for which my soul in love to the whole Creation travelleth, and my spirit in the same is ready to say Amen, to the counsel of the Everlasting light in the truth, for the good and well-being of all the sons of men, under what name [Page 35] or denomination soever they be called, albeit, I am as a stranger among them, and as an out-cast or vile off-scouring of the world, and forsaken, but its not so with me of the Lord Almighty, whose servant and living witness I am, and his clean pure spirit of Life within my very Heart and Bowels beareth me record to the same in Peace, whether the sons of men believe me or not, or hear or forbear, who scornfully call me a Qua­ker, but in the Power of God do I work out my salvation with Fear and Trembling, according to the Holy Apostles sound Doctrine and scriptures of Truth; And my name is known to the world (and to the saints in light upon the earth.)

Daniel Baker.

This was Rejected and not received by them.

THe Holy Apostle Paul as the Scripture saith, (in his life) which giveth testimony unto this day on this wise, (to wit) that all Asia had forsaken him, and what af­ter there has been in these latter dayes among them cal­led Christians, not only in Asia, but also in all parts of the World where the joyful sound hath come, but many rebell against the visitation of life and salvation, so that they have rejected the word of the Lord, and its Am­bassadours of peace and saving health, which the most high hath sent to and among them, and as the hard-hearted Jews in unbelief cryed help men of Israel, against two poor harmless Lambs in those dayes of the Holy A­postles, that were deemed by them to be such as turned the World upside down, and contrary to all men, on such wise the same voice hath been sounded [...]orth and lifted up unwisely by the same Spirit in Asia against two plain na­ked Messengers and Ministers of Truth; But how is it [Page 36] that wise men seem to be so vailed, or whats the matter that their understandings are so darkned from the Wis­dom and the clear Spirit of discerning that of the Pure Immortal God, that they cannot see what they do, many of them whom my heart pitieth: Why should ye be so affraid of the harmless and guiltless that sounds the Message of undeniable Truth, even the Word of the Lord which is the Sword of the Spirit, whose wea­pons are not carnal or visible, as Cain and Judas's were, but Spiritual, with the same to make war against Spiri­tual wickednesse, and to destroy and cut down that which rules even in high places, and in the Power of the Word Eternal to beat down and kill that which is hurtful and destructive to the Creation of God, in Na­tions, Kingdoms, Thrones and Dominions, that the same Power of the gentle Lamb of God may rule in and over all as in the beginning, to the End that every man that liveth under the name or denomination of a Chri­stian, may clearly and truly say from his very heart [without mocking or provoking God Eternal to his Face] viz. AS IT WAS IN THE BEGIN­NING, SO IT IS NOW, AND EVER SHAL BE, And if the Sons of men did but suffer the fear of the Lord to possesse their hearts, and thereby honest­ly consider the weight of these words which so many vainly and unwisely utter, they would in the first place fear and tremble, and not take the Name of the Lord so in vain, nor offer the sacrifice of fools. But alas, theres few see as it was in the beginning, or how it is now, or what shall be in the World which hath no end, which is the same which in the beginning was, in which is the life which is the light of men, which men hate, because their deeds are evil, which unfruitful works blinds the eye of a good and noble understanding, and therefore even a Magestrate, being so vailed, albeit in the place of Judicature, having a sword in his hand, lifts it up and beareth it against the just and guiltlesse, and so smites and wounds the Innocent, which should be [Page 37] a terrour to the evil doer, and to them that do well not hurtful, but a praise; but otherwise it hath sadly hapned in Ages and Generations even unto this our day against the Lamb, and his appearance in and through his Members, who hath been wounded and slain since the foundation of the World: And so it comes to passe through many that are in one and the same nature of transgression, Even as a blind man, having a sword in his hand, being hasty and as it were mad, layes it he knows not where, and smites he knows not what; And so he was a wise man that said on this wise, to wit, Man being in honour and understandeth it not, is like the beast that perish.

Now having a necessity in equitablenesse to give forth these writings to publick view to a good end, for the good of all that hear and dis­cern between the things that are of a good re­port from what is otherwise condemnable and not justifiable in the sight of God, neither of good men, and also seeing it is so, that plain Truth and its Friends, Followers and Messengers among the Nations (as its their portion to passe through the contradictions and manifold suffer­ings and reproaches of Christ their compleat ex­ample) are daily beset with the same afflictions, and false reports from multitudes that are say­ing with open mouth, as in the dayes of the Pro­phets, Report say they, and we will report, yet we delight not to Retaliate any more then a good necessity from God Almighty lyeth on us, to give testimony for his Truth and Name and peo­ples sake, for on this wise did the holy Prophets and Apostles as the holy Scriptures of Truth [Page 38] largely testifieth, as in the Books of Jeremy, Psalms and the New Testament, and the Acts.

‘This shall they have for their pride, because they have reproach­ed and magnified themselves, against the People of the Lord of hosts, the Lord will be terrible unto them, for he will fa­mish all the gods of the earth, and men shall worship him, every one from his place, even all the Isles of the Heathen, Zeph. 2.10, 11.
Daniel Baker.

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