KKnow all men by these Presents, That we [...] are holden and firmly bounden unto Captain Abraham Roberts of London, Marriner; Commander of the good ShipResolution now bound for the East-Indies, in the sum of [...] hundred pounds of good and lawful Money of England, to be paid unto the said Captain Abraham Roberts his Executors, Administrators, or Assigns, to the which payment well and truly to be made, we bind us, and either of us by himself, in the whole, and for the whole, our and either of our Heirs, Executors and Administrators, firmly by these Presents. Sealed with our Seals.

WHereas the above-mentioned Captain Abraham Roberts hath entertained the above-bounden [...] to go and serve as a [...] out and home in the said Ship in the now intended Voyage to the East-Indies, according to an Agreement of Charter-Party, between the Governour and Company of Merchants of London Trading to East-India, of the one Part, and the Owners and Commander of the said Ship on the other part, and from thence to return back again into the Port of London, at and for the Salary of [...] by the Month, accounting the twelfth part of a whole year to the Month: Of which Sallary or Wages the said [...] hath already received Imprest before-hand, the sum of [...] and the rest he the said [...] his Executors, or Administrators, is to have and receive at such time as the said Ship doth come out of the East-Indies, and be discharged of her Goods and Merchandizes within the Port of London, into the East-India Companies Warehouses, and the whole Freight received for the same and not before, any Rule or Custom to the contrary notwithstanding. Now therefore the Condition of this Obligation is such, That if the said [...] shall and do at all times, from henceforth, and from time to time, during the said Voyage, duely and honestly, to the best of his power and skill, perform his Service and Duty in the said Ship, according to his said place and Office, or such other Place or Office as he is or shall be assigned to in the said Ship, and do not absent himself from the said Service in his said Imployment, as he is or shall be assigned unto, until his Voyage shall be ended; Namely, that the Merchandize of the Governour and Company aforesaid, shall be discharged in the said Port of London, out of the said Ship into the said Companies Warehouses. And further, if the said [...] do during his Imployment aforesaid, honestly, civilly and courteously behave and demean himself towards the said Commander, and to those impowered by him, and likewise from time to time, give and render to the Commander of the said Ship, or those intrusted by him, a just and true Account of all such Goods, Moneys, Stores and Provisions as are or shall be committed into his Charge and Custody, and shall during his said Imployment, observe all such Rules as the said Commander and his Owners are obliged to in their Charter-party aforesaid, Viz. shall not during his said Imployment, by himself, or any other for his use, or for the use of himself or any other, but the Company onely, bring, transport, carry or load, or cause to be brought, transported, carried, or laden upon, or in the said Ship, either Outward bound to the Indies, or in the Indies, or Homewards, any Treasure, Goods or Merchandize, of the Quality here-under-mentioned, any Gold or Silver in Coin or Bullion, Brass, Copper, or Iron Ordnance, Muskets, or small Fire-Arms, Iron-Shot, Gun-Powder, or Granado-shells,; any sorts of Iron wrought or unwrought, or in Bars, or otherwise; any Woollen Cloth, Cloth-Rashes, woollen or worsted Stuffs, Bays, Lead wrought or unwrought, white or red Lead, Quick-silver, Vermilion, Coral, Amber, Coral Beads, large branch'd polish'd Coral, Chrystal and Flint-Glasses; Cochenele, Elephants Teeth, Brimstone, Allom, Copper, Pewter, Tyn wrought or unwrought. And Homewards, or in the East-Indies, any sorts of Goods or Merchan­dizes made of Cotton or Silk, or mixt with Cotton or Silk, of what denomination soever; or any Indico, Cloves, Cinnamon, Cardamons, Cotton-yarn, Benjamin, Nutmegs, Salt-petre, Pepper black or white, Long Pepper, Cassia Lignum, or Cinnamon de Matt, Tramboon Cinnamon, Mace, Lacks of any sort, Cowries, Green-Ginger, Turmerick, Coloured Ginghams, or Raw Silk of Bengal, or any sort of Raw Silk, Aloes Succatrina, Camphire, Myrrhe, Tincal, Red-wooll, or Carmania Wooll, Coho-seeds, China Roots, Mu [...]k in Cod or out of Cod, Diamond, Diamond Boart or Sinal, any sorts of Skins, Leather, or Hides, drest or undrest. Sugar of any sort, Sandal or Sappan wood, Red Earth, Tutenage, Bettellees, or any of them, but such as shall be laden for Account of the Governour and Company, and also observe and keep all such other Rules as in the said Charter-party are Expressed. And if the said [...] shall in every thing be Obedient to the said Commander, and do no­thing to the Prejudice or Dammage of the said Owners and Commander, Then this Obligation to be void and of none Effect, or else to stand and remain in full Force and Vertue. And if it shall appear that the said [...] hath entered himself, or that he is already or should be prest into their Majesties Service, it shall in no wise hinder the Captain aforesaid, from reco­vering the Dammages he sustained by the Non performance of this Obligation.

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