A SMALL TREATISE Writ by one of the True Christian FAITH; WHO Believes in GOD and in his Son JESUS CHRIST.

Acts 24.14.

After the way which Men call Heresie, so worship I the God of my Fathers, Believing all things which are writ­in the Law and the Prophets.—

Psalm 78.1.

What I have heard and known, and our Fathers have declared we will not hide from our Children, but to the Generation to come we will shew forth the Praise of the Lord; his Power also, and his wonderful Works that he hath done, and declare it to our Children, that they may set their hope in God; and forget not the Works of God, but keep his Commandments.

By S. B.

London, Printed in the Year, 1700.

THis small Treatise is given forth by one who hath not designedly insinuated in­to any Man's favour, nor w [...]ingly to offend, but desires to follow Peace with all Men; hav­ing in the sight of the All-seeing God declared what I have seen, and what I have heard and received by the Word of Life; not boastingly, but in simplicity of Heart; and whoever sows in that Ground, shall find encrease: They that sow in the Hypocritical ground, to be seen of Men, shall in Harvest reap a poor and barren Crop; but those that have in sincerity followed the Lord their God, and have gon on weeping, bear­ing Precious Seed, shall come again rejoyceing, bringing their Sheavs with them, with such I have mourned, and with such I now rejoyce, and have not consulted with Flesh and Blood nor earthly advantage, but with many of my dear Friends have wrestled with the good An­gel until the day dawn, and the Day-Star arise in our Hearts, and hath not let him go until he hath blessed us; and of that Stone have made a Pillar, and he was there though we knew it not, and have not received these things by Tradition, though born of good Parents (though of another perswasion) yet could not [Page]my Heart be satisfied but thirsted, to know the True and Living God, who hath fully satisfied me, of whom I asked the true Bread, and he hath not deceived me, nor given me a Serpent instead of a Fish, but like a good Father hath given me that Bread which daily nourisheth my Soul; Blessed are all those that have a part in the first Resurrection, on such the second Death shall have no power.

It is not to the Rich nor the full, but to those that are asking the way to Sion with their Faces thitherward, to whom I thus write.

THE Lord having given to Man a Measure of his Spirit to profit withal, hath by his Son the Light of the World knocked at the Door of our Hearts, to whom we opened, and let him in, and he is become our Salvation; and all those that fight against this his Blessed Appearance, and will not that he should rule over them, he will come in an hour that they look not for him, and give them their portion with Hypocrites and Unbelievers.

Having beheld many good Men casting their gift into the Treasury, I of my little cast in my Mite, which I would not through negligence omit any thing wherein I might serve the Lord, his Truth and People; believing it my Duty, having found that satisfaction and rest to my travelling Soul, that I could not find by all my undertakings, though I sought them sincerely in visible things; until I turned into the Word of God in the Heart, and by the light there­of saw to sweep my own House, wherein I found the lost Piece, Luke 15.9. the Pearl of great Price, the little Leaven hid in three measures of Meal, and the Parable therein truly opened, and thereby have learned to know the true God, and Jesus Christ whom he [Page]hath sent; which to know is Life Eternal, which leads into the Kingdom of Rest and Peace; and am so well satisfied with the truth thereof, that I may say with Paul, if an Angel from Heaven should Preach any other Doctrin, I could not re­ceive it: Though I have met with many Tryals and Temptations in the way, yet none so great as to cause me to question the truth thereof, when I have beheld many to fall on the Right Hand, and on the left, and many go back again, I was preserved, and firmly fixed, and grounded on the Rock, which Rock is Christ, and he is my King, Priest, and Pro [...] and hath led me through dispensations, and administrations, and hath brought me to praise his Name in the Land of the Living, and in this we rejoyce, notwithstanding the fury of Men, well know­ing from what Spirit it comes, even the same that called the Son of God a Devil, a Blasphe­mer, a Friend to Publicans, and Sinners, a breaker of the Law, and his Apostles, turners of the World upside down, Acts 17.6. and as he was then, so are we, accounted by some as deceivers, yet true, though called Hereticks, Worshiping the God of our Fathers, Believing the Law and the Prophets, and in Jesus Christ the Son of God, and in the Anointing, which he pro­mised to send, and he hath sent, and we have re­ceived it, and the sufficiency whereof we have experienced, and is become our Teacher suffi­cient to guide into all Truth: This is the Day he Promised, which many desired to see, but saw it not; and many might have seen, but have rejected the Lord of Life; and like the [Page]Dog returned to the Vomit, and as the Sow once washed, to the wallowing in the Mire; and think to cover themselves by laying open what they judge the weakness, or infirmities of o­thers, and make Men offenders for words, and make their own perverse Constructions thereof, and not what they intended that writ or spake them; but if some were so weak as they have Represented them, sh [...] not every one Answer for himself? But the Innocent, and many who were not then Born, must be Charged therewith. O ye workers of Iniquity, your strength in the Arm of Flesh shall not secure you; for he against whom you are risen is too mighty for you, to whom all must bow; though he is great in Mer­cy, yet just in Judgment, and will judge the Secrets of all Hearts, by Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour, who with his Spiritual Eyes sees through all carnal imaginations of Mens Tradi­tions and Imitations, and will get himself a Name above all, Lord of Lords, who in the time of Ignorance winked at these things; but now he looks that all should come to the know­ledge of his Son, who gives unto his Children to know the God of Abraham and his Seed; that he will bring them to the Land of Promise; who raised up his Servant Moses to go before Israel, and delivered them (out of the Hand of Pharaoh and his Task-Masters) who passed through the Sea, and came into the Wilderness, and there wandred, and murmured, as some have done in our day, and have gon round until they came near the Place where they came in, some went for­ward toward the good Land, and brought an e­vil [Page]Report thereof, but praised be God who hath raised up a Spirit of Courage, as was in Josuah and Caleb, and they press forwards toward the good Land, and have entred the Borders thereof, and found it as God Promised, a Land following with all good things; of which, who­ever have tasted, it is beyond all carnal appre­hensions or Imaginations, which if the Heart be filed therewith, it must be emptied. All that would know the True God, in the Heavenly still Voice, and the Prophet, of which Moses said the Lord your God shall raise up, him shall you hear, and him we do hear, and have Learned subjection to his Will thereby, as well know­ing, all things work together for good: And have this to say to all true Christian Friends, be of good Courage, fear not the Reproach of Men, there is nothing come to pass but what was for a Tryal for us, and what I said once I may say again, it is a Cloud God suffereth to rise, and the Wind shall blow away the Chaff, but he will gather the Wheat thereby nearer to­gether; this I know to be a certain truth, by which my Heart hath been strengthned, and so I have by this Prophetical Dream, which I had many years ago, when I had no thought or suspicion of what is since come to pass. Which was as followeth,

I with some of my Christian Friends, was fallen into their Hands who had been of the same Profession, but they were changed into so cruel a Nature, as I thought I never saw the like; for, for my Friends I was grieved more than for my self, but they were taken out of my sight, and I [...]

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