To call thee and them to repentance & amend­ment of life, without which you cannot see God.

Be ye separated from your Priests, and from your I­dolatrous Worship, and touch not the unclean thing, that the Lord may receive you; Written by one who follows the Lamb, and desires the welfare of all Souls, as I was moved thereunto by the Eternal and true Spirit of God, being quiet and still in my habitation.

And something also to the scattered Seed of God, which hath been held in bondage under Pharaoh the Task-master.

Who am hated by the unwise, and foolish in heart, and am reproachfully call'd a QUAKER.


LONDON, Printed for Robert Wilson, at the Black-Spread-Eagle and Windmill in Martins, neer Aldersgate, 1660.

A Warning unto the City of London, and the Suburbs round about, &c.

O The day and hour of thy Visitation is now, O City of London! with all thy Suburbs, and likewise the day, hour, and time of Gods righ­teous Judgements is at hand, and will be exe­cuted upon thee in flames of fire from heaven: O my soul mourneth for thee, and my bowels is troubled, and my heart is pained within me, to see thy de­solation, my eyes runneth down as a Fountain for the misery that is overtaking thee: O the fury of the Lord! it is terrible, and who may stand, when it waxeth hot, and burneth as a fla­ming fire: O repent, repent, repent! for thy wickedness sur­mounteth the wickedness of Sodom and Gomorrah, thy pride and ambition far exceedeth Jerusalems: Jerusalem had one Temple to worship in, and it was commanded of the Lord to be built, and the Lord commanded them to worship in it; but according to your imaginations, so is your worship, and as your streets are, so are your Idols Temples, and thy Idolatrous Worship; the abomination of desolation, sitteth where it ought not, and the Seed that belongeth to Immortal Life, is buried in thee! O London, London! how art thou fallen? and from whom art thou gone astray? even from the righteous Judge, and pure God of heaven, and of earth, O! thou art dead, and dying from the true worship and service of the Lord, which is in Spirit & in truth; thou art groaping at noon-day, and thy light is not risen out of obscurity, that should give thee the knowledge of the Glory of God in the Face of Jesus Christ, although the measure of Gods grace hath called thee to re­pentance, and doth strive with thee against thy pride, cruelty, hard-heartedness, and oppression, but thou wilt not lend [Page 2] thine ear unto it, neither doth the grace of God teach thee; but to the contrary art thou led unto persecution, by that spirit which leadeth into transgression: O! how many of the Lords dear servants, Lambs and Babes, hath the Lord sent in­to thy streets, high-wayes, and Idols Temples? to declare what they have seen, tasted, and handled of the Word of Life, and hath proclaimed this notable terrible day, which they see is coming upon thee, & to declare unto thee thy sins & transgres­sions, and how great the indignation of the glorious God will be executed upon thee by reason of them, and for clearing their consciences, and being obedient unto the Commands of the Lord, some of them hast thou stoned, and some imprisoned, and cruelly beat, and unmercifully used them, of which doings the Lord taketh notice, and heareth the groans of the inno­cent, and the cries of the oppressed: O! its entered, its entered into the ears of the Lord God of Sabbath, who knoweth how great our sufferings is in this City, and in all quarters of the whole earth, where we have been sent, we have groaned under cruel oppression and tyranny, by unjust Judges, and unrighte­ous Rulers, especially by our own Countrymen, and in the Land of our Nativity, for which my spirit is troubled, be­cause we all profess the name of Christians, and own Christ in words, to be a Saviour, but in works and life you deny him; and by this thing is the name of the Lord blasphemed amongst all them, who doth not own Christ at all, whom you call Hea­thens; but truly their life condemns yours, they having no Law, are a Law unto themselves, and they shall rise up in Judgement with this Generation, who draweth nigh unto the Lord with their lips, and their mouths, but their hearts is far from God: O the Lord God will be eased of such a vain Religion as this, he that seeth thee in secret is the munition of rocks, & he will reward thee openly, his Sickle shall pierce thy heart, and his sword shall rip up thy bowels; pain, sorrow, and anguish shall overtake thee, as a woman in travel, and from it thou shalt not escape: O friends! as a woman hath pain before she bringeth forth, so certainly and surely must you feel the pangs of death, before you know the Birth immortal; and if that this be not witnessed, there is no seeing of God, nor no in­habiting [Page 3] of his holy Hill, where alone dwelleth purity; holiness, and righteousness for ever: O search and try, you who are Citizens of this mortal City, which may truly be called So­dom and Egypt, for in thee is the Son of God crucified, and put to open shame! Do you feel or know a part in another Ci­ty which is immutable, which fadeth not away? Do you eat of the hidden Manna which corrupteth not? or do you drink of the Blood of the Lamb? Have you yet found peace with the Lord? Are you reconciled unto the God of Jacob? Are you saved, or saving from your sins? Or have you seen the Lord, and the place where the mighty God dwelleth? if not, your Religion is all in vain, and if you do not speedily repent, you shall die in your sins, and where he is, you shall not come; This will be his answer unto you, who is the Alpha and Omega, the first and the last, Depart ye workers of iniquity, I know you not: O this will be sad tidings unto you, who have got a fair covering, but its not of the Spirit of God, which the Lord will rent off in the day when he shall take peace from the earth! O ye Inhabitants of this bloody City! cast away every man from him the Idols of Egypt, with your gods of gold and silver, of precious stones and goodly houses, and make no longer your belly your gods, least God cut you off in this day in which he is slaying the wicked with the First-born of Egypt, the Lord will choak Pharoah, with all his Host, in the Sea of confusion! O! a night of darkness is a coming upon thee, and upon all thy neighbour Cityes, O! a thick cloud co­vereth thee, mists and fogs is spread upon thee, thy glory is staining, thy honor is laying in the dust, and thy mortal Crown shall be thrown into the pit, thy destruction is coming upon thee at noon-day; thou shalt look for light, but have none, and for the dawning of the day, but it shall not appear; glad tidings shall be hid from thee, sorrow, and trouble, and fear, shall compass thee about; thou shalt wish for death rather then life, and for the grave, but shall not find it, then shalt thou seek to thy Priests, thy Rulers, and Judges, who have caused thee to erre, thinking thereby to get peace, but shalt find none; the earth shall not bring forth unto thee her encrease, as in times past; and as thy vultrous eye hath been delighted with vanity, and thy adulterated ear hath [Page 4] been filled with curiosities of strange voices, and thy heart hath been filled with lust, pride, and vanity, thy tongue ex­ercised with cursing, swearing, and lying, cheating and cozen­ing, and taking the Name of the Lord in vain; and as thy feet hath walked after pleasures, and thy hand hath handled de­ceitfulness, guile, and fraud, and have been all servants unto sin, and fulfilling the devils will, even so must the Vengeance and Plagues of the Lord be powred out upon the Man of Sin, which hath captivated thy mind, and misled thy members, which was created only and alone to serve the living God, the Creator of Heaven and Earth. O! what rioting, swear­ing, cursing and drunkenness, murder, whoredome, and theft, is found in thee, which grieveth the soul of the righteous, co­zening, and cheating, & deceiving souls for dishonest gain, buy­ing and selling the Words of God on the Market day, and in the Idols Temple, all this is found in thee, which Words of God, the holy men of God spoke them to the people freely; as they had freely received; they coveted no mans gold, or silver, but having food & rayment, they were therewith content; and they who preached freely, were Co-heirs with Christ, who had purchased a City for them, whose Builder and Maker is God, they said to the Scribes and Pharisees which sate in Moses Chair, who had the Prophets words read amongst them, that they would not enter in themselves, nor let others to enter in: They said also, that they might all prophesie one by one, and if any thing was revealed to one that stood by, he was to speak, and the first was to hold his peace, for God is a God of Order; but in this our day, which is the Lords, and the time wherein we are cast, if any in the Spirit of the Lord come a­mongst you, and be moved to speak in his power, thou beat­est, and bruisest, and hallest before thy Magistrates, and cast­est into prisons, by this we see plainly and clearly, that thy Religion is not the pure Religion, and that thy Church is the Church of Rome, and thou art governed by the Whores pow­er, which God is laying wast, and dashing to pieces, in this his glorious day: Thy clouds of Religion, be they never so thick, they are seen thorongh; in the light and power of God we do measure the height, the length, depth, and breadth of [Page 5] all thy Religion, thy Sun is eclipsed, and thy glory is fallen. O thou Lucifer, Son of the Morning! thy portion is in the lowermost hell, thy part and lot is vanished away, and thy beauty is driven away, as the dust in the Summers day before the wind; woe from the Lord God of Power be unto thy law­yers, for they have stollen away the key of knowledge: O the oppressed groaneth under their cruel tyranny of oppression! they lie in wait to ensnare the simple, and to beguile and in­trap the honest-hearted; but the Lord loveth the pure in heart, and preserveth them out of the Lions mouth, and out of the paw of the Bear, glory be to God on high, Dominion and strength be given to his Son for evermore: Howl ye Law­yers, weep bitterly ye Rulers, and Judges, lament ye Priests, for the day of Gods account is coming on, and it hasteneth, wherein the Book of Conscience shall be opened, wherein your sins are written, as with the point of a Diamond, and out of the Book of Life you shall be judged, according as your works shall be, so shall your reward be, for our God is pure and immortal, he will torment the wicked, and plague the ungodly, and cast into the pit for ever: O! I most humbly beseech you, as in Christ stead, leave off your covetousness, with your hypocritical Religion, your fained prayers, and ab­hor your selves in dust and ashes, that repentance and amend­ment of Life you may know with the Lord, before thy house of clay be dissolved, for the Son of Life weepeth over thee, as he did over Jerusalem. O that thy eyes were open, and thy heart unvailed, that thou mights see how good the Lord is unto all the sons and daughters of men, and how long he hath ten­dered his mercy and grace unto thee, and hath held forth his hand with a cup of blessings for thee, but thou hast joyned is­sue with the transgressor, and art rebellions and stiff-necked against the Seed of God, the Lord God make thee sensible of thy back-slidings, and heal thee, if he see it good: O! my soul is truly powred forth unto the Lord for thee, that thou may est not inherit the Lake which is prepared, but peace and rest for thy immortal soul thou mayest find; for the soul is immortal, and there is no mortal thing can satisfie thy soul, but the pre­sence of the Lord, which is far beyond the gold of Ophir, or [Page 6] the Onick stone. O! what wouldst thou give for peace with God, when thy day shall be turned into darness, & thy table shall be made a snare unto thee, and thou shalt be like the hearth in the Wildernesse, which seeth not when good cometh, thy lovers shall pass away, & trouble shall compass thee round about; then if thou hadst the whole world thou wouldst give it for peace with God, but then will thy day be sealed up, and there will be no place found for repentance; therefore I desire thee in the dreadful power of God, put not the day of the Lord afar off, but let the Sword of the Lord cut down, and the fire burn up all that is contrary to God; and away with thy Idols, down with thy Images, pluck down thy high places, for the Lord will be avenged of thy Groves, thy strong Okes, and tall Cedars, and he will ride upon thy high hills, and thy fenced City will he lay waste; and he will ease the innocent, and deliver the oppressed, thy prison doors shall be broke up, and the bonds of iniquity burst asunder, the agreement made with hell and death will be disannulled; and though many of us have been halled out of your Mass-houses, and have been halled before Magistrates, both by Papists and Protestants; yet know this, that our God in whom we trust, he lives for ever, and he sits as Judge amongst the Gods. O! the fury of the Lord is gone forth against the wicked, and they shall not prosper, and although they may reign for a while, and build their nests in the stars for a short time, and joyn hand in hand to punish the righteous, and to oppress the just, and to oppose Christ and his Kingdome, yet he whose glorious reign is begun in the earth, who is the King of Saints, and Governour of heaven and earth, he will pluck them from their stately thrones, and disinherit them of their mortal life, unless they turn to the sword which will cut, and to the axe which will hew, & to the fire which will burn them; then wilt thou come to know the Circumcision which is made without hands, and a bapti­zing into Christs death; and if a baptizing, then a death of deaths unto all mortal, and visible, and dying things; then wilt thou be a new creature, All old things will passe away, the old heavens and the old earth will be burned up, and a new hea­ven, & a new earth will be created in righteousness, wherein the [Page 7] Lamb dwelleth, whose Name is called the Word of God, who is the light of the world, and was given of the Father a light to lighten the Gentiles, and to be the glory of his people Is­rael :This light checks thee in secret, when no mortal eye seeth what thou art doing; this light beholds thee; and this is Gods swift Witness, which he hath placed in man, which is only and alone sufficient to lead into immortal life, although the blind guides, who are of the cursed stock of Ham, sayes, that this light which is in man, is natural, and not sufficient of it self to lead to God. This is my testimony friends, which I must bear amongst you, for the true light, against all that doth oppose it, who hath been a Citizen with you in this bloody City, and have been feeding with you upon the husks with the Swine, and alienated from God, and a stranger to his life, as you are at this day, whilest I was one with you in your Religion and Worship, my soul was hungry, and was even black with thirst, I had almost fallen in your streets for want of the Bread of Life; no peace nor true rest amongst you could I find, yet mornings, and evenings, and at noon­day, I sought the Lord, but could not find him, because I was not in his way, neither did I hearken to his light, neither could any of your chief Priests tell me where the Lord was to be found, but told me in heaven, but what heaven was, and where it was, they knew not; the light which is pure con­demned me, and no peace with the Lord could I find amongst all your dead worships, and earthly performances; but at length the Lord, [...]ho is rich in mercy, he looked down from his holy habitation, and he saw there was no help amongst men, nor no refreshments to be received from their Ministry, but my soul was dying and fainting away, with a numberless number besides me, by reason of our sins & transgressions, then the Lord sent in fulness of time his Servants into this City, F H and E B, who spoke the Word of Eternal Life, where­by my weary soul was refreshed, and the dead heard, and li­ved, and glorifies the Lord in the land of the living: Glory and honor be given to God, who sent them furnished with the treasure of knowledge and wisdome, and to speak com­fort unto the prisoner of hope; and I, amongst many in this [Page 8] City, may blesse the hour and the time that they came in the Power and Spirit of God to visit this City, for by their com­ing was I turned from darknesse to light, and from Satans power to Gods; and they were instruments in the hand of the Lord to bring me to his Kingdome, the Lord God in his end­lesse love hath made me forsake this City, with all the glory and pleasures of it, and I see another City, and do inhabit a more durable habitation, which will never fade away, but will stand me in stead for ever; and by the light of Christ, which is eternal, was I brought to this habitation; and if ever thou comest to God, thou must own this light which thy Teachers speak against: if thou wilt love the light, it will lead thee in a path which thou hast not yet trodden in; there is no Lyon, or Lyons Whelp, hath trodden in this path, no vultrous eye hath seen it; therefore thou must come forth of thy fallen e­state, thy whoredomes and ungodlinesse, before one step thou canst tread in; therefore repent, and come and drink freely of our Fountain, and eat of our Rock, who liveth for ever: O! my hearts desire unto the Lord is, that you may be saved from your sin, and purged from your iniquities, and be made clean by the blood of the Lamb, before you return to the dust from whence you came, and shall be seen no more: For friends, there must be a laying down of the earthly, and as that is laid down, there is a receiving of the heavenly; but if you live in sin, and die in sin, then is there no redemption from sin, sin separates from God; the wa [...] of sin is death, and after death to Judgement: Hell is prepar [...] for the wicked, and the worm which shall never die, and the fire that shall never be quenched, is the sinners portion, who lives and dies in sin; For there is no repentance in the grave, nor no remissinn of sin af­ter death, but as the tree falleth, so it lieth, as Death leaveth you, Judgement will find you; and as the lightening shineth in the East unto the West, so is the coming of the Son of man in his day upon all sinners: He will come as a thief in the night upon thee, then what secret corner hast thou to hide thee in? or what remote place canst thou fly unto for shelter? seeing our God is potent over Sea and Land, and his eye is over the whole world, and his hand is stretched over all living. O! [Page 9] the Rocks and the Mountains shall not cover thee, nor dens, nor holes, nor caves of the earth shall not shelter thee, but the Lord will be avenged of thee, and plead with thee himself, who is a just God, and a Saviour, and will give unto every man according as his works shall be, from whose presence the wicked must depart. O! blessed and happy for ever are all they who knows a redeeming from amongst men, and from a vain and a light conversation, by the precious blood of the Lamb. O! give thanks to God fro ever, that he hath, and is giving you a possession in the durable inheritance, that never fadeth away; you are built upon the Rock of Ages, never to be removed. O! let us dwell together in the unity of the Spirit, and in the bond of love for ever, that we may stand for ever witnesses against this wicked and perverse Generation, who have not the fear of God before their eyes, whom God will destroy as he did the old world, and they shall be as ashes under the soals of the righteous feet. O London! in the pre­sence of the Lord God I declare unto thee, thy peace is not durable, neither will thy Faith remain, it is as the raging Sea, whose waves are up and down, and thou art tossed in thy mind, as a Ship upon the Sea, driven with a mighty wind; thy hope is in man, and it faileth; thy joy is dying, and will die away. O! therefore put thy trust in the living God, and not in man, whose breath is in his nostrils, that thou mayest be saved from the day of wrath, which will suddenly come upon the families of the earth: All Nations shall partake of his wrath, and all Tongues of his fury; for all flesh hath cor­rupted its way before the Lord, all flesh hath sinned, and come short of the glory of God, so all flesh must know the wrath of God executed upon the wicked, for the Lord hath determi­ned a Consumption to come upon the whole earth; therefore O earth, earth! hear the Word of the Lord, and be thou se­parated from your uncleanness, and live before the Lord, that all the dayes of thy appointed time, thou mayest wait till the change comes, for nothing but life will stand before the Lord, who is immortal. And know this of a truth, that this is writ­ten in pure love to thy soul: O London! the righteous is op­pressed in thee, and the innocent cryeth in thy streets, by rea­son [Page 10] of oppression: O! feed the hungry, and cloath the naked, and hide not thy self from thy own flesh, for you are all made of one blood, and one mould, upon the face of the whole earth: He that saith he loves God, and doth not feed the hungry, and cloath the naked, and judge the cause of the poor and needy, he is a lyar, and doth not the truth. And know this ye Judges, and Rulers, and Magistrates, that there is a Judge above you which will call you to an account, and will judge you out of the book of Conscience, and give you a full reward; and you shall all know in the day when the Lord rips off all coverings, and takes peace from the earth, that there is a Deliverer in Sion, which will deliver his righ­teous seed, and none shall hinder; and although we are despi­sed in thee, and hated by thee, yet the Lord who is the everlast­ing Councellor and Prince of Peace, he is our Redeemer, who is the portion of our cup, and the lot of our inheritance, & we have none in heaven but him, nor upon earth that can deli­ver but he, & he wil plead our cause with them that hate us, and our innocency shall appear as the Sun in her ful strength, & we shall be as a morning without clouds, when the Lord shall a­rise, and take the honor to himself, and exalt his Kingdome a­bove the heavens, and his Dominion above the stars, then shall Jerusalem be the praise of the whole earth, and they shall rejoyce in her who now mourneth, and say one to ano­ther, Come let us stand upon Mount Sion, and sit down upon the holyhill, for our God and his Christ reigneth over all the whole earth. O! this is a blessed estate which the [...]ighteous doth in­herit; but as for the wicked, they are as stubble throughly dri­ed; and the Word of the Lord is as a fire, and they must be burned up, and be shut without the gates of the City, where the Lamb treads the Wine-press of Gods wrath. So in the fear of the Lord repent, and amend thy life, least God sweep thee away into the pit of utter destruction, out of which there is no redemption.

Oh London! the Lord God of Heaven and of Earth, he is burdened with thy vain Religion; who maketh a profession of God, and of Christ, and yet liveth in lust and vanity, pride and vain-glory, in swearing and curfing, and yet is covered with a covering which the Lord will take away: O how doth [Page 11] gluttony abound in thee, rioting and sporting in the day time! thou knowst not how almost to go along the streets, thou art so proud and haughty, and the poor in thee are ready to famish, for whose estate and condition my heart is pained within me, old and young, blind and lame, lieth in thy streets, and at thy Masse-houses doors crying for bread, who are almost naked for want of cloathing, and fainting for want of bread, and yet thou canst passe by them in thy gaudy apparrel; and our-stretched neck, with thy face decked with black spots, which are the marks of the Whore, the Beast, and the False Prophet, which is not the attire of Sarah, Abrahams wife: Thou knowest not what to eat, nor what to drink, nor wherewith to be cloathed, thy mind is so vain, and thy Reli­gion is so aiery; and if any of these that are blind, or lame, or destitute of a being, asketh of thee a penny, or farthing, thou sayest thou hast it not for them. O! remember the Lord will call thee to an account; and truly a sad day it will be for thee, when he shall take thy peace away; who hath lavishly spent Gods Creation upon thy lusts, and hath not distribu­ted thy morsel to the poor, and to the needy, the light of Christ in thy Conscience condemns thee for thy not so do­ing, and from that thou canst not fly, that shall be thy con­demnation for ever if thou hatest it, and thy salvation for e­ver, if thou lovest it. O! tremble and quake before the Lord, ye sons of Sodom, and Daughters of Gomorrah, who doth inhabit this mortal City which doth-corrupt, and will die away, your glory the Lord will bring to nothing; there­fore keep to the light which condemns you, that an entrance into the immortal Kingdome you may find: Woe be unto all thy Usurers, who hoardeth up the unrighteous mammon, and doth not lend to the poor and distressed, and saith, they have it not for them, the rust of their money in the Day of Judgement shall rise up against them, and Gods swift Witness in their own hearts shall condemn them which lives for ever; therefore all ye Usurers, Soothsayers, and Star-gazers, that inhabiteth this place, and elsewhere, repent, for Gods plagues and Judgements is to be executed upon you, and upon all that lendeth an ear unto you, you Star-gazers and A­strologers, [Page 12] who can discern the face of the Sky, but doth not know the signs of the coming of the Son of Man, whose glo­rious appearance will discover your dark works that you act in the dark night, and tho night shall passe away, and you shall know a day of Judgement, and see him whom you have pierced, of whom the Sun, Moon, and Stars, bears testimo­ny, and keepeth their station with God; therefore its good for you to know the Rod of God, to instruct you in his path, and to lead you to his Kingdome, and this is the desire of my soul, that you may all inhabit peace, and rest with the King of Heaven and Earth: So know, that your day of vi­sitation is now, the Lord doth hold forth unto you mercy and peace, therefore imbrace it whilst it is tendred unto you, least you be shut out, and your day be sealed up.

The Lord is risen in Sion, and is shining forth in the perfection of beauty and holinesse for ever: O! how glori­ous and beautiful are his garments? and how lovely is his countenance unto all his sons and daughters, who have forsa­ken all to follow him, who is a man of sorrows, and well ac­quainted with grief; who trampled upon all the glory of this world, the Oni [...]k stones, and the gold of Ophir was nothing unto him, neither are they any thing in comparison of him, for all who doth enjoy him, enjoyeth fulness, both of wis­dome, and knowledge, prudence, and understanding; he doth endow them with all those treasures which this empty world cannot afford; he is not of this world, who is the seed, the light, the power of God, but he is Heir of Eternal Peace, and in him are the families of the earth blessed, who doth de­ny themselves, and take up their daily crosse, and follow the Seed, the Angel of the New Covenent, wheresoever he go­eth; it is they that are saved, who walketh in the light of life, and doth rejoyce in sufferings, tryals and tribulations, know­ing that thorough these things they must enter into the Lambs Kingdome, and hereby may they know that they are in the way of God, for this is a remarkable token whereby they may know that they are in their spiritual journey; if they are ha­ted and persecuted of all men for righteousnesse sake, then are ye blessed of the most high God? Art thou halled out of [Page 13] the Synagogues, and plucked before Rulers, for the Kingdom of Heavens sake? Art thou made a prey of in the gate, for reproving sin and iniquity in the gate, and suffereth the ene­my to plough long furrows upon thy ba [...]k, for the testimony of truths sake? Know this, thy reward is great in the King­dome of heaven; and these are marks and tokens wherein thou mayest certainly know that thy journey is holy, and thy path is pure wherein thou treadest, where thy persecutors can by no means walk in, but they must own thee and thy life, which will slay the first nature, birth, and glory, and bring into the fools estate, that ye may truly be made wise, and endued with the treasure of wisdome, which liveth and abideth for ever. O! all ye my dear friends, that knoweth a bathing and washing, and a making white in the blood of the Lamb, unto you doth my Royal love flow forth from the fountain of life: O! ye are near and dear unto me, as in the fountain of love ye dwell, which knitteth our hearts toge­ther in one, which is Christ, the Way, the Truth, and the Life, unto whom none can come, but they who doth deny their own wills, their pleasures and delights, and bow to his Sceptor which is swayed in righteousness: O! they must lay down their Crowns at the feet of the Immortal Birth, the Seed Roy­al, which is a Noble Priesthood, which remaineth for ever, before they can have peace with him: Therefore all ye Lambs, and Babes, and Plants of God, in the Lords power dwell, that you may be preserved in the day of tryal, which is coming to try all them that dwelleth upon the earth; and in the hour of temptation, you may find bread in your own house, and water in your own Well, which will satisfie your soul in the time of draught, that glory and honor you may render unto the Lord, whose Name is, I am, and there is none like him amongst all the gods, who saveth his people from their fine, and blotteth out their transgressions, who filleth both heaven and earth with his glory; Glory, and eternal honor, and ever­lasting dominion be ascribed vnto the God of my life, who is eternally pure, and as he is, so is his City, which is a ha­bitation for all the followers of the Lamb, the situation is righteous indeed, and is of Gods own Nature, which Nature [Page 14] hath fallen man received a measure from the beautiful God to bring him out of sin, and transgression, and to redeem him wholly from the fallen estate, it is placed in man only and alone to redeem him from death to life, and to be his salvation, and satisfaction, or condemnation for ever; and this is my witness in every man, and to this do I speak, and it shall arise and answer for me in the day of the Lord; and this is the seed that the Lord hath left in the earth, in which seed the families of the earth is blessed, and in the seeds light shall all the Nations that are saved walk in, and triumph in his name, which is called the Word of God, by which the world was made, and the heavens was framed, who was in his Fathers bosome before man was, or had a being upon the earth, and shall live and abide for ever, glory and thanks be given unto the Lord, whose Royal Standard is set up in the earth, and whose Reign is begun upon the earth, and whose Tabernacle is with men, whose dwelling and abiding is with the sons and daughters of men: Glory over all Sea and Land be given to the pure God, who searcheth; and tryeth, and seeth the way of all flesh, and its he that justifieth the righte­ous, and who is he that doth condemn, or lay any thing to the charge of Gods Elect? It is the Lamb of God that taketh a­way all sin, and in him is no sin, and if he condemneth, who can justifie? Therefore let all that are justified, and set free by the Lamb, abide in their freedome, and live in the power and life of the Birth Immortal, that they may not be intangled again with the yoke of bondage, which is truly a yoke indeed, and heavier to be borne then it was at the first: for there re­maineth no more sacrifice for sin unto such who have tasted of the Word of God, and of the powers of the world to come, and afterwards looketh back to Egypt, and to the goodlinesse of Pharaohs house, such falleth short of a resting place, and dieth in the wildernesse, and leaveth an ill savour unto Generations to come: But blessed and happy are all by Sea and Land, who abideth low in their measures of life gi­ven them, by the husband-man, who is Lord over Sea and Land, and entereth into the good land, and seeth all to be turned out before them, and inherit the promise, and the [Page 15] Kingdome without end, with Caleb and Joshud, who have fought a good fight, and lay down their heads in peace, and entred into rest with their Fathers, who gained a good report, and are a good savour unto this day unto all that doth believe in the same Gospel which was preached unto Abraham, who saw the Gospel, and believed in it: So all that are of faith, are of A­braham, for his Seed shall be multiplied as the stars of heaven, or the sand upon the Sea shore for number, which is the Seed of the Kingdome of God, there is a numberlesse number that is re­deemed and redeeming out of Nations, Tongues, and people, by the seed up to God and many there is, whose faces are turned towards Sion, the City of our solemnity, there to praise the Lord in that City; the morning stars meet together, and the Sons of God shoot for joy, and singeth Halelujah to the Highest; the Bridegroom is come, & he hath betrothed them to himself, who cannot but rejoyce; his Table is prepared, where the Lambs and Babes eateth, and is satisfied; there is a river as clear as Christal, which runneth softly, of which all drinketh freely, and is satisfied. O! here is fulness of joy to be reaped in this City, honor, glory, and dignity inhabiteth here: O! come hither all ye ignorant, unwise, and simple ones, who knows not a stay to your minds, nor a resting place for the soal of your feet, neither satisfaction for your souls: O! come and drink, and eat freely with us, without money and without price, for we have found him whom our souls loveth, who is the choicest of ten thousand, and the chiefest in the whole earth, he hath been exposed from amongst us for many years, but now is he come, contrary to the whole earths expectati­on, to visit and redeem his people, and to get himself a name in the earth: Glory be to him who hath been as a stranger up­on the earth for ages, and as a wayfaring man; to tarr [...] for a night for Generations, but glory for ever, he is well known in Sion, for he hath comforted the mourners therein, and he hath revived the fainting spirit, and hath bound up the bro­ken-hearted, the feeble knees hath he strengthened, the blind he causeth to see, and the lame to go upright, the Leopard is cleansed, the dead is raised, the deaf heareth, the dumb speaketh, all this is done by Sions King, in this the latter [Page 16] day, and our eyes hath seen it. O! what tongue is able to ex­presse the Noble acts of our God: O! its unutterable and un­declarable, words are too short, Declarations must end, but the life by which they are written, liveth in it self for ever and ever. O! all ye dear and tender ones, who doth abide either by Sea or Land, dwell in the pure life, in the single be­ing, in the lovely estate, let not your minds be captivated by any created object, or visible thing, but feel the birth immor­tal to be brought forth, and reign over the world; and you espoused to Christ, Children of the Lamb, Heirs of the world which is without end, let him be your beloved alone, who is light and life, beauty and strength, wisdome and prudence, altogether lovely and glorious, whose day is glorious and perfect, and all must be perfect that walks in it; therefore be ye holy as he is holy, without which none shall see God, who is im­mutable, and dwelleth in everlasting burnings, no flesh can see him and live: O! the notable terrible day of the Lord will suddenly come upon all slothful and disobedient ones, who idly spendeth away their present time, and hideth Gods money in the earth, but an account one day must you all give, when the last Trumpet shall sound; then shall you come to Judgement, the Just to the Resurrection of Life, and the un­just to everlasting torments; therefore be awakened all ye that have been long convinced of the truth of God; arise and shake off the dust of the earth, plough up the fallow ground of your hearts with the power of God, let judgement be brought forth unto victory, let the Sickle reap the earth, that the righteous branch may come forth, which you hold in bon­dage thorough your negligence and unbelief: O! dishonor the Lord no longer with your out-side profession, which is as a shell without a kernel, which God will rent off, it will not cover you no longer, for it is deceit, and a hypocritical Re­ligion, which is covered over with fair words, and a fair gloss on the out-side, and within side is rottennesse and putrifying sores: O! this is loathsome in the sight of the Lord; woe be unto all from the Lord God of heaven and earth, who hold­eth the truth of God in unrighteousnesse: O! your cover­ings will be too narrow to cover you, and your beds will be too [Page 17] short to stretch your selves on, for the Lord is come to tor­ment you: O! the Lake is prepared for you, that burneth for ever: O! what will you do, when the Lord shall appear to strip you, and to uncrown you, and bereave you of all your mortal glory, and lay your honor in the dust, then without repentance there will be no enjoying of Gods presence, which giveth life to the weary soul: O repent, repent! ye Aliens and strangers, who are yet without the knowledge of the pure God, and knows not an entrance into an undefiled being, which is made without hands: O! come and sit down where we have sate, abhorring our selves in dust and ashes, we have lain as they that have been dead of old, and our sorrow has been our sin, and our beauty hath been turned into ashes, and our glory as stubble, and our hour as the morning dew, and our wisdome as a shadow which hath been, and now is not: O consider! all ye Kings and Princes, Dukes and Earls, Lords and Ladies, Governours and Magistrates, Priests and Jesuites, this will the Lord do by you, as he hath done by us, he will lay your habitations wast, who respects not the person of any, but you shall sit as a Widdow, that is, rebuked of husband and children, bemoaning her self; even so shall you be: But if you are willing to endure this straight way, and narrow gate, wherein nothing that is of this world shall enter, but must be laid down; and if you will deny your selves, and take up your daily crosse, and follow the light, whom you have grieved and wounded with your whoredomes and idola­try whithersoever he goeth, then shall you be with us, where we are, and eat and drink with us of the living Bread and Water of Life, and see him who is invisible, who cannot be seen but by Faith, and this Faith purifies the heart, and maketh pure, as God is pure. O! Come unto the Fountain of Life, and drink freely with us: O! Christ hath invited all upon the whole face of the earth, poor and rich, to come into his banqueting house, and to eat freely of the Bread of Life, and to drink of the still waters of Shilo, which satisfieth the hun­gry soul. O! come to our Shepherd, who hath laid down his life for his sheep: O come! and see how good he is, and where he feedeth his flock at noon-day; O! come into his [Page 18] Fold, who is all love, and life, and gaineth unto God the hungry soul, and reconcileth every tyred spirit which panteth after him, and blessed are all they who feeleth satisfaction with the Lord, it is better then wine or oyl; and all who joyneth issue with the Seed of God, they know a more durable encrease, for they encrease in wisdome, purity, and holi­ness, and so dwelleth with the Lord in their measures. O! all ye that have followed Christ, the Heir of Life and Salvation, and doth follow him in the straight way, and narrow gate, your portion is eternal, if you dwell therein, and look not out at the over-turnings of men, and their power, and what they may inflict upon you, or cause you to suffer hard­ships for your Religion, which you profess in truth and righteousness, but look to the Lord, who hath the hea [...]ts of all the Sons and Daughters of Adam in his hand, and as a river of water he can turn them whither so­ever he will: therefore my dear beloved friends, who are friends of God, let us dwell together in the life immortal, and let us be compassed about with Gods righteousness and strength for ever, that if the Lord suffereth that we should suffer death for our Religion which is pure, let us choose it rather then life, and joyfully, and heartily, and patiently imbrace it, and bear it, for our God is good, and in the midst of flames (he hath) and will be with us, and from the waters he will deliver us; in the sixth trouble he hath been with us, and from the seventh he hath delivered us, glory be to him who is as a wall of brass round about us, and as a flame of fire he compasseth us about; he was with the Patriarchs in the deepest of their calamities; the Prophets in times past he upheld, and was their meat and drink, and in him they rejoyced, and with him they suffer­ed, and finished their testimony in faithfulness; he was unto the Disciples, a stay, and a staff, salvation and righteousness, even their exceeding great reward; their houses was filled with his life and power, he was a mouth of utterance unto them, he carried them thorough great tryals, he was their meat and drink, and they fed upon him in a weary Land, even so can we truly say, that he hath been with us in a vast howling wil­derness, in a strange Land, and amongst strange people, who have not truly worshipped the God of heaven and earth, he hath been our stay and the upholder of our head in the day of battel: Glory be to him who is our Rock, who never leaved nor forsaked any that fears him, but he watereth them with the dew from heaven, and maketh them green as the grass, or tender plants; he cloatheth them far beyond the Lillies in the field, he giveth breath, and life, and length of dayes for ever in his sight; therefore all who have known this cloathing, let it dwell with you for ever, and let your hearts be upright in his sight, your consciences exercised continually in the sight of God and men; and the Lord God of heaven and of earth preserve us all in all, and over all, and thorough all, up to himself: The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, which is perfect, and the peace which standeth for ever, keep your hearts and minds staid upon him for ever, out of all mortal and dying things.

E. B.

Something after.

O London! who should [...]t be as a nursing Mother unto thy Na­tion, and a Pattern and Example unto all Nations, for in thee and from thee doth the Law proceed, and Councel is given forth which should be pure, and thy Law direct, whereby the Just and Innocent might be Judged in Righteousness; thy Judges and Ru­lers should Judge for God, and be guided by the just Law of God in them, but for want of true Judgement and Equity the Just is op­pressed, and the Innocent and Harmless groaneth for want of Righ­teous Rulers and Godly Judges, and wholesom Lawes. O London thou hast sacrificed upon the Mountains unto sirange gods, and that's Cains sacrifice which the Lord accepteth not, neither doth he regard your Joy and Mirth, for your joy is but for a moment saith the Lord, but your sorrow is for ever and for ever, and your torment world without end, O! my Soul lamenteth for thee, to see what an estate thou art in, all above the witness of the pure God, in ungodliness, lust, pride and wantonness, you spend Gods Creation upon your lusts, pride and vain glory; O! let the Seed of the Lord arise in you, and con­demn you and bear witness for me and the rest of us who are called and calling out of you, and are redeeming from amongst you up to God, and our Souls is sorrowful for to see how you neglect the pure way of God. And likewise the day of your visitation, my heart did even bleed within me to see your sacrifices, knowing from whence it came, and whether it went, and to whom it was offered; And I could have wept day and night to have seen the path of Righteousness trodden down, and all trampling upon the Seed of God, which lyeth low in you, some in drunkenness, others in swearing and taking the Name of God in vain, some in pushing and haling and beating the Lambs of God, and all in disorder dishonouring of God, on the 21th of the 12th Month, 1659. your evil works and words did exceed in that day and night, and it shall rise up in Judgement against you, that day and night shall you remember with all the rest of your time ill spent, to your torment and utter overthrowing; and know this, that God will call you to Judgement, and give you your portion with the hypocrites, unless you repent and amend your lives; therefore e­very [Page 20] one who hath any true desires after the Lord, be ye separated from the wickedness that is acted in this City, and from the actors of it, that you may find your desires to be satisfied, & your souls raised up out of the pit, & saveth from the condemnation which is coming upon all workers of iniquity; the Lord spareth and suffereth but for a time, until he hath gathered his remnant from amongst you, and made up his Jewels which shall live in his house for ever, Then desolation and misery and a woful cry shall be heard in your streets, and your houses shall be left unto you desolate, and your Idols tem­ples shall be a habitation for Owls and Birds, the Satyrs shall dance there, they shall be a habitation for every unclean spirit, your Priests shall preach no more, & your Diviners shal go mad, God wil dry up the tongue of the Egyptian Sea, who hath opened a door of mercy in this City in due season, and hath given you yet a Day to repent in, but remember thy Day will be over, as thy Sisters Sodoms and Gomorrahs, their time was spent, and the Day of their visitation is passed, the Lord spared the Righteous, even Just Lot, whose Soul was grieved with the ungodly conversation of the wicked; even so is ours, this day with the unjust and im­pure conversation of thee O London: but Ju [...]t is our God and Righteous for evermore, who is able to deliver us, and hath delive­red us out of the flames which sha [...] come upon you our God beholdeth all your unjust proceedings with his Seed, for which he will give you your reward, who is a Just God, and a Saviour; and wo from the Lord God be unto all the Magistrates and Rulers of this City, who doth not Rule yet in Righteousness; and wo from the Lord be unto all Masters and Mistresses that doth inhabit this place before mentio­ned, who doth not order their Families in the fear of God, nor are not in the fear nor power themselves, who one day shall know another Ma­ster who will give you a just reward according as your works shall be, who is Gods Righteousness, and to whom all power in Heaven and Earth is given, and it is he alone that will Judge this bloudy City with all the Families and Kindreds of the whole Earth, and they shall not escape his Righteous Judgements, although thou maist cry for the Rocks and the Mountains to cover thee, and thy Religion to hide thee from the wrath of God, but it cannot be, for his eye, whom we serve, is over the whole world, and his Arm of Power is stretched over thee with a sword which is fourbished in his hand, which will cut down [Page 21] and utterly destroy thy Priests in thee, who divineth for money, and preacheth for filthy lucre, and love give ye, which feed­eth of the fat and cloatheth with the wool and makes Mer­chandize of Souls with fair words; Gods vengeance, wo and wrath is their portion, and they shall fall by the sword of the living God, thy Judges and Rulers shall be slain in the day that the Lord visiteth thee in the fierceness of his wrath, for his Soul is burthened with thee, and his Spirit is grieved every moment of time with thy filthy conversation; therefore repent, for the day is coming, and thy time of torment and misery hasteneth apace, thy condemnation slumbereth not, thou hast forgotten good dayes without number, and thou art yet in the land of forgetfulness, thy [...]imes testifieth against thee, and thy iniquities is gone over thy head, and thy transgres­sions is without number, even as the stars in the firmament, and thy ungodliness before the Lord is for multitude as the sands of the Sea shore, thou ha [...]t corrupted thy way before the Lord, and art fallen short of the glory of the Lord; therefore return to the mea­sure of Gods Spirit, that thou mai [...]t know amendment of life and an inheritance in another City before thou art dispossessed of this City: and peace and re [...]t, purity and joy may possess thy house, and the New Heaven and the New Earth thou maist witness, and a feed­ing upon the bread of Life that maketh truly wise, and a drinking of the water of life which truly satisfieth the immortal Soul; this must thou witness if ever thou wilt enjoy the pure habitation of God, or sit down upon his holy Hill which is beautiful indeed before thou returns to the d [...]t from whence thou camest, there is the center of the earthly; the center of the heavenly is unmortal and dwel­leth in immortality, and as thou serve [...]t and obeyest, and join­eth issue with this, it will lead thee up to God the Saviour and Re­deemer of thy Soul, where the earthly center and the first birth and nature cannot enter, there is a great gulf and separation between the two seeds and the two natures, the one delighteth to ser [...]e the Lord, and it is its nature to work, Righteousness and Holiness for ever, and it cannot join with the cursed the other is continually prone to do wickedness, and it leadeth in drunkenness, lying, swear­ing and d [...]ssembling, cheating and cozening, and it cannot do good, neither shall it have a habitation with Abels nature, who sacrificed upon Gods Altar a Sacrifice of praise, and the Lord had regard un­to [Page 22] to it: So if thou joyneth with Hagars Seed, the Bond-woman, thou shalt not inherit the durable possession; therefore as thou lovest the good of thy soul, and thy immortal life, return to that which yet condemns thee, which is the light of Christ, and it is pure and immortal, and know it to justifie thee, for the Spirit of the pure God will not alwayes strive with thee, no more then it d [...]d with the Old World: O thou City of London! remember how the Lord o­vertook the old world in th [...]ir evil deeds, he came upon them as a thief in the night, when they little thought of him, he took them eating and drinking, Marrying, and giving in marriage, and he repented that ever he made man upon the Earth, and he overtu [...]ned them in his fiery wrath, and in his fiery indignation, he spared not Jerusalem, wherein his Temple was built; and dost thou think that the Lord will spare thee? I am afraid the Lord will over­turn thee in flames of fire, as he did them in their gain-sayings: Therefore a­mend thy life while it is to day, and prize the short moment of time which thou hast yet to spend, least God cast thee into Hell, which is prepared for the wicked and abominable. And this is my councel unto thee, whether thou wilt receive it, yea or nay: It is good, and the same which the Apostles gave to the ungodly in that day, and to the Scribes and Pharisees, who were learned men, whose zeal did far exceed thine in this thy day; and this is it, that thou re­turn to the Spirit of God which is in thee, and be guided by it, and led with it, into righteousness, meekness, and long-suffering, and walk in the light whilst you have the light, for the night will come, wherein no man can work; but in this glorious day the Son worketh, and the Father worketh, therefore let him not work in vain, but let the Spirit of the pure God work down, and lead out of all thats contrary to God, that so life over death may reign in thee. O! that thou wert like the Noble Bereans, that searched the Scripture in their day, and if thou wouldst do so with the same Spirit that gave them forth, then wouldst thou see clearly that we are in the way of God, and live the life of the Scriptures, and then wouldst thou joyn issue with us, and leave thy dumb idle Shepherds, which indeed are greedy dumb dogs, and can never have enough, and come to Christ, whom God hath given for a Leader and a Commander to his people, and to be Salvation to the ends of the earth, who is the Physitian and the Bishop of the soul, who leadeth into the Fold immortal, where he feedeth his Flock at noon-day, in the heat of persecution, and in the day of fiery try­als, he is a sure hiding place, his Name is a strong Tower, the righteous fly thereinto, and are saved; but as for the wicked, they must inherit the Lake that burn, for ever, for thats their habitation, which is never-dying torments, which God hath prepared since the Foundation of the earth for them.

E. B.

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