THE Psalms of DAVID In METRE. Newly Translated With Amendments.

By William Barton, M. A.

And Sett to the best Psalm-Tunes In Two Parts, VIZ. Treble and Bass; With Brief Instructions for the understanding of the same; together with a Table of the Psalms, and Names of the Tunes to each Psalm.


The Basses, with the Table, are placed at the latter end of the Book.

To God with understanding Praises sing,
For over all the Earth he is the King.

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The Gamut, or Scale of Musick.

  Gsolreutsol 𝆹sol 𝆹la 𝆹 
TrebleFfautfa 𝆹fa 𝆹sol 𝆹
 Elala 𝆹mi 𝆹♭ fa 𝆹
Dlasolsol 𝆹la 𝆹la 𝆹
 Csolfafa 𝆹sol 𝆹sol 𝆹
Bfabemimi 𝆹♭ fa 𝆹♭ fa 𝆹
 Alamirela 𝆹la 𝆹mi 𝆹
Gsolreut𝄞 sol 𝆹𝄞 sol 𝆹𝄞 la 𝆹Tenor
 Ffautfa 𝆹fa 𝆹sol 𝆹 
Elamila 𝆹mi 𝆹♭ fa 𝆹
 Dlasolresol 𝆹la 𝆹la 𝆹 
Csolfaut𝄡 fa 𝆹𝄡 sol 𝆹𝄡 sol 𝆹
Bfabemimi 𝆹♭ fa 𝆹♭ fa 𝆹 
BassAlamirela 𝆹la 𝆹mi 𝆹
 Gsolreutsol 𝆹sol 𝆹la 𝆹 
Ffaut♭ fa 𝆹♭ fa 𝆹♭ sol 𝆹
 Elamila 𝆹mi 𝆹♭ fa 𝆹 
Dsolresol 𝆹la 𝆹la 𝆹
 Cfautfa 𝆹sol 𝆹sol 𝆹
Bmimi 𝆹♭ fa 𝆹♭ fa 𝆹
 Arela 𝆹la 𝆹mi 𝆹
Gamutsol 𝆹sol 𝆹la 𝆹

Instructions concerning the Gamut.

IN the First Column of your Gamut, you have the Names of the several Lines and Spa­ces. In the Second, you have the Notes to each Line and Space, and their Names as they are to be Sung when Mi is Bmi.

In the Third, you have the Notes to each Line and Space, and their Names as they are to be Sung when Mi is in Ela.

In the Fourth and last Column you have the Notes to each Line and Space, and their Names as they are to be Sung when Mi is in Alamire.

Secondly, you see the Lines of your Gamut are divided into three Fives, expressing the Three several Parts in Musick (viz.) Treble, Tenor and Bass: And upon one of these Five Lines in every Part, you will find a particular Mark or Cha­racter called a Cliff; by which you may know exactly how to call every Note, that is placed upon the five Lines, or Spaces; for upon the fourth Line from the bottom, which is F-faut, you will see this Mark 𝄢 which is called the Bass or F-faut Cliff; because it is placed upon F-faut: And upon the Second Line above it you will see this Mark 𝄡 which is called the Tenor or C-sol-faut Cliff. And upon the Second Line above that you will find▪ this Mark 𝄞 which is called the G-sol-reut or Treble Cliff.

Now take any of the Five Lines which you see Tied or Braced together out of the Scale, and you'l find these several Cliffs placed as follows: The Bass upon the upper Line but one of the Five. The Tenor upon the middle Line of the Five, and the Treble upon the lower Line but one of the Five,

[Page 2]Now as I said before, by these Cliffs you may know exactly how to name your Notes when you see them pricked down, either in Treble, Tenor, or Bass. But that you may the better understand them, I'le lay before you these following Examples in the Three several Cliffs.

The First Example in the Treble or Gsolreut Cliff.

[...] Sol, la, fa, sol, la, mi, fa, sol, la, fa, sol, [...] la, mi, fa, sol, la, fa, sol, la, mi, fa, sol, [...] la, fa, sol, la, mi, fa, sol, la, fa, sol, la,

The Second Example in the Tenor, or Csolfaut Cliff.

[...] la, fa, sol, la, mi, fa, sol, la, fa, sol, la, [...] mi, fa, sol, la, fa, sol, la, mi, fa, sol, la, [...] fa, sol, la, mi, fa, sol, la, fa, sol, la, mi,

The Third Example in the Bass, or F-faut Cliff.

[...] fa, sol, la, mi, fa, sol, la, fa, sol, la, mi [...] fa, sol, la, fa, sol, la, mi, fa, sol, la, fa, [...] sol, la, mi, fa, sol, la, fa, sol, la, mi, fa▪

Thirdly, You may here observe by these Ex­amples that Mi is the principal or Master-Note, which leads you to know all the rest; for ha­ving found out that, the other follows in course. And this Mi, as I have already shown, has its being in Three several places. The first of them you see is in Bmi, but if a Flat, which is known by this Mark (♭) be set in that place, then it is removed into its second place, which you see is Elami; and if a Flat be also set in that place, then it is removed into its Third place, which you see is Are or Alamire: so that in which of these places you find it, the next Notes a­bove it Ascending (as you may see in the fore­going Examples) are called Fa, sol, la, Fa, sol, la; and then you see the next Note is called Mi again: In like manner the next Notes below it Descending are called La, sol, fa, La, sol▪ fa, and then you see the next Note is called Mi again, for it is found but once in eight Notes Ascend­ing or Desecending.

[Page 4]Now I proceed to the first Example of Tu­ning the Voice, or a Lesson of Plain Song upon Five Lines in the Treble, or Gsolreut Cliff, con­sisting of eight Notes gradually Ascending and Desending.

[...] Sol, la, mi, fa, sol, la, fa, sol, sol, fa, la, sol, fa, mi, la, sol,

Now you are to observe when a Sound is given to the first Note, which is called Sol, you are then to rise to La (as the next in order a­bove it) one whole Tone or Sound, and another whole Tone to Mi: From Mi to Fa is but half a Tone; From Fa to Sol, and Sol to La, are whole Tones; From La to Fa, but half a Tone; From Fa to Sol a whole Tone; And you might Ascend, if your Voice would permit you, Ten Thousand Octaves in the same Order as this one. The difference between whole Tones and half Tones either rising or falling, are easily distin­guish'd; for all whole Tones are chearful to the Ear, but half Tones are melancholly; and you'l always meet with two half Tones (either rising or falling) within the compass of Eight Notes, and those two are called Fa: For to rise from Bmi to Csolfa, and from Ela to F-faut, are me­lancholly Sounds; Also to fall from F-faut to Ela, and from Csolfa to Bmi are melancholly sounds.

Now for fear you should not Sing these Notes in Tune at the first, you ought to get the Assistance of a Person, either skill'd in the Voice or Instrument, and let him Sing or Play your Eight Notes over with you, till you can retain the sound in your Memory so well, as you may be able to do it without him: And when you are perfect in this first Example, here is a second[Page 5]Example a little harder which is called Thirds ▪ because of the skipping from the first Note to the Third, and so missing a Note upon every Key as you rise and fall.

[...] sol, mi, la, fa, mi, sol, fa, la, la, fa, sol, mi, fa, la, mi, sol,

But for fear you should not rightly understand what I mean by skipping a Note, I have set you a third Example, thus: [...] Sol, la, mi, sol, mi, la, mi, fa, la, fa, mi, fa, sol, mi, sol, [...] fa, sol, la, fa, la, la, sol, fa, la, fa, sol, fa, mi, sol, mi▪ [...] fa, mi, la, fa, la, mi, la, sol, mi, sol.

You see now from the first Note of this Ex­ample you Ascend three Notes gradually, as you were Taught before in your Eight Notes, and then you fall to your first again, then leaving out the second Note which should be Alamire, you skip from the first to the third, or from Gsolreut to Bfabemi, which will be the same thing with the Second Example, called Thirds: And the same Method you must observe in the rest of this Example: Also the like must be done with Fourths, Fifths, Sixths, Sevenths, and Eighths, As you may see in this Fourth Ex­ample, wherein these several Leaps, or Skip­pings in general are proved.

[Page 6] [...] Sol, la, mi, sol, mi, sol, la, mi, fa, sol, fa, sol, la, mi, fa, sol, sol, sol [...] Sol, la, mi, fa, sol, la, sol, la, sol, la, mi, fa, sol, la, fa, sol, fa [...] Sol, la, mi, fa, sol, la, fa, sol, sol, sol, [...] sol, fa, la, sol, la, sol, fa, la, sol, sol, sol, sol, fa, la, sol, fa, sol, fa, [...] Sol, fa, la, sol, fa, mi, sol, mi, sol, fa, la, sol, fa, mi, la, sol, la, [...] Sol, fa, la, sol, fa, mi, la, sol, sol, sol,

I shall now proceed to give you some Instructi­on in the Flats and Sharps, which are two Cha­racters of a different Quality, and much used in Musick.

[Page 7]A Flat is known upon a Line or Space by this mark (♭) and a Sharp by this (♯) and the use of them are to Flat and Sharp any Note they are placed before.

As for Example.

Suppose you were singing your Eight Notes, and when you come to Csolfa, or the first Fa above your Mi you should find a Sharp in that Space, you must not Sing it as I directed you in your first Example of Tuning the Voice, where I told you it was but half a Note or Tone above your Mi, but you must sing it a whole Tone above your Mi, for the Quality of a Sharp is to raise any Note it is Placed before half a Note or Tone higher, (or to speak like a Musician) sharper than it was before. Also when you descend to a Sharp, as from Ela, to Dlasol, or from Alamire to Gsolreut, and a Sharp, should be in Dlasol or Gsolreut, then you are to fall but half a Note, which is a Melancholly sound, as I before told you all half Notes were, either rising or falling, and consequently you may easily distinguish whether you sound it right or not, for it is like falling from Ffaut to Ela, or from Csolfa to Bfabemi.

A Flat, when it is placed before any Note which you should sound a whole Tone or Note higher than the Note immediately before it, obliges you to sound it but half so high, in the same manner as from Bfabemi to Csolfa, or from Ela to Ffaut.

Observe also, that when these Flats or Sharps are placed at the beginning of your five Lines immediately after your Cliff, they serve to all the Notes that shall happen in that Line or Space where you see them placed, unless it is contradicted by a Flat or Sharp placed before that Note which the Composer has a mind should be so: And when they are not placed at[Page]the beginning, they serve only to those Notes they are placed before. To conclude: I have made it my Endeavour so to perfect and finish this Work, that nothing should be wanting to render it useful to the End it is designed.

Upon Mr. WILLIAM BARTONS Elaborate Translation of the Sacred Book of PSALMS.

GO Book, and serve thy Master, none so great
His Gift alone did make thee so compleat.
Polish the Fabrick of reformed Times,
Fresh, fair and fine, to flourish as thy Rhimes.
Lo, thou hast art, the learned to content;
To please the curious thou art eloquent,
Quickness thou giv'st to those that quickness want,
And dost interpret to the ignorant.
The scrupulous thy skill doth satisfy,
And captious carpers are convinc'd thereby.
Thy price is little, but thy worth is such,
That every leaf deserveth twice as much.
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  • Thomas Case
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Cum multis aliis.

[Page]The Psalms of David in Metre.

Psalm I.

David's Tune.
[...] BLes--sed, O bes-sed Man is he
[...] that shans the Sin--ners way:
[...] the coun--sel and the com--pa--ny
[...] of such as go a--stray:
The scorner's seat that hath abhorr'd:
verse 2 but sets his whole de—light
Upon the Law of God the Lord,
and minds it day and night.
verse 3 He shall be like a Tree, whose Root
is planted near a River;
Which in his season brings forth fruit,
whose leaf shall never wither.
And all he doth is blest of God.
verse 4 Th'ungodly are not so;
But are like chaff disperst abroad,
when stormy wind doth blow,
verse 5 Therefore th'ungodly never must,
nor may the sinner stand
In Congregation of the just,
when Judgment goes in hand.
verse 6 For loe, the way of men upright
the Lord with favour knows:
Whereas the ways shall perish quite
Wherein the sinner goes.


Metre 2. To the 148 Psalm Tune.
[...] THrice bles--sed Men are they
[...] that no bad coun--sels hear;
[...] Nor walk in Sin--ners way;
[...] Nor sit in scorn--ers Chair,
[...] But with de-light do mind the word
[...] of God the Lord, both day and night.
verse 3 Such shall be like a tree
by Rivers spreading root
Which when his seasons be,
brings forth his pleasant fruit;
Whose leaf likewise, is always seen
most fresh and green, and never dies.
And whatsoever deed
he puts his hand unto,
Shall Prosper and succeed,
verse 4 As shall no sinners do:
[Page 11]For surely they, shall be like Chaff
which winds blow off, and drive away.
verse 5 Therefore th' ungodly race
in judgment shall not stand,
Nor sinners have a place
with Saints at Christ's right hand.
verse 6 For God well knows, the just mens path,
but theirs in wrath, he overthrows.

Psalm II.

Windsor Tune.
[...]WHy rage the hea--then fu---rous-ly?
[...]and peo--ple plot vain things?
[...]The earth-ly Kings their pow'rs ap--ply,
[...]and ru---lers with the Kings.
God and his Christ oppose they do,
and thus presume to say;
verse 3 Come, let us break their bands in two,
and cast their cords away.
verse 4 But lo the Lord that dwells on high,
and doth in heaven abide,
Shall laugh at this conspiracy,
and their attemps deride.
verse 5 Then shall he also speak to those
in wrath, and furious heat:
And very sorely vex his foes;
in his displeasure great▪
[Page 12] verse 6 Yet have I set my king, saith he,
upon my holy hill,
Inthron'd with glorious dignity,
to reign in Sion still.
verse 7 I'le publish the decree, and say,
the Lord hath said to me,
Thou art my son, and lo, this day
I have begotten thee.
verse 8 Ask me, and I will give to thee
the priv'ledge of thy birth:
For thine shall all the nations be,
and utmost parts on earth.
verse 9 Thine iron rod shall crush them all;
and thou shalt lift it up
To dash thy foes in pieces small,
like to a potters cup.
verse 10 Be wise now therefore, O ye kings
ye judges of the land,
Be well instructed in the things
ye ought to understand.
verse 11 See that you do your selves imploy
in Gods true service here:
Mix trembling alwayes with your joy,
and worship him in fear.
verse 12 O kiss the son of God, I say,
lest ye excite his wrath:
And so be made to miss the way,
and perish from the path.
For if his anger ne're so small,
be kindled in his brest,
Then happy, happy are they all
that on their Saviour rest.

Psalm III.

Lincoln Tune.
[...]O Lord, how much do they in-crease,[Page 13]
[...]that rise to trou--ble me?
[...]And they that do di-sturb my peace,
[...]how ma----ny, Lord, they be?
[...]How ma---ny of my soul have said,
[...](pre---su---ming to pre--sage)
[...]There is for him no hope of aid.
[...]tho God him---self in-gage?
verse 3 But thou, O Lord, art my defence,
when I am hard bestead:
My glory and magnificence,
and thou holdst up my head.
verse 4 My prayer to thee I did address,
and cry'd to God most high:
And from his hill of holiness
he heard me graciously.
[Page 14] verse 5 I laid me down most quietly,
I slept and rose again:
Because I knew assuredly
the Lord did me sustain.
verse 6 And though ten thousand of my foes
were round about me laid,
And came on purpose to oppose,
I will not be afraid.
verse 7 Rise, Lord my God, on thee I call,
save thine anointed one,
For thou hast smote mine enmies all
upon the bare cheek-bone:
Thou brok'st the teeth of impious men.
verse 8 Salvation comes from thee
Upon thy chosen people then,
thy blessing sure shall be.

Psalm IV.

St. Marys Tune.
[...]HEar me, O God my right'ous-ness,
[...]when I to thee re--pair:
[...]Thou hast en--larg'd me from di-stress,
[...]in mer---cy hear my pray'r.
verse 2 O sons of men how long will ye
my dignity despise?
How long will ye love vanity,
and follow after lies?
[Page 15] verse 3 But know that God makes special choise
of saints for his own sake:
And he will surely hear my voice,
when I my prayers make.
verse 4 Then stand in aw, and cease to sin,
but set your selves apart:
And silent on your beds begin
to commune with your heart.
verse 5 For incense offer innocence,
and righteousness present:
And wholly put your confidence
in God omnipotent.
verse 6 Who'l shew us any good? they say,
many are muttering thus;
Thy countenance, O Lord, display,
and let it shine on us.
verse 7 For thou hast made this heart of mine
more joyful and more glad,
Then when they brought in corn and wine,
and great increase have had.
verse 8 In peace therefore will I lie down
and take my rest full well:
For thou, O Lord, and thou alone
dost make me safely dwell.

Psalm V.

Lowath Tune.
[...]O Lord, un--to my words give ear,
[...]my me---di---ta---tion weigh.
[...]My King, my God, my cry--ing hear,[Page 16]
[...]for un---to thee I pray.
verse 3 At morning thou shalt hear my cry?
at morning I'le direct
My prayer unto thee on high,
and patiently expect.
verse 4 For thou art not a God that will
with sin delighted be,
No wickedness nor any ill
shall ever dwell with thee.
verse 5 Within the view of thy pure eye
the foolish shall not rest:
All workers of iniquity
thy nature doth detest.
verse 6 Thou shalt destroy them that are prone
to utter tales and lies:
God will abhorr the bloody one,
and such as fraud devise.
verse 7 But to thy house will I draw near,
in thine abundant grace:
And worship in thy holy fear,
towards thy holy place.
verse 8 Lord, lead me in thy righteousness,
because of all my foes;
And thy strait paths, lest I transgress,
before my face disclose.
verse 9 For in their mouth no truth appears,
their heart with mischief throngs:
Their throats are open sepulchres,
they flatter with their tongues.
verse 10 Destroy them, Lord, destroy them all
let them be overthrown,
And into just destruction fall,
by counsels of their own,
[Page 17]And let them be cast out and quell'd
for their excessive sin:
For they have wickedly rebell'd
against the Lord therein.
verse 11 But let, O Lord, all those rejoyce
that put their trust in thee:
Let them with shouts lift up their voice,
and ever joyful be.
Let them likewise that love thy name,
which is their confidence,
Be ever joyful in the same,
since thou art their defence.
verse 12 For to the righteous man no doubt
thou wilt thy blessing yield:
And ever compass him about
with favour, as a shield.

Psalm VI.

Bristol Tune.
[...]O Lord, my God, re--buke me not
[...]when thou shalt an---gry be.
[...]When thy dis-plea-sure wax-eth hot,
[...]then do not cha--sten me.
verse 2 O Lord, have mercy on my soul,
for I am wond'rous weak:
Lord, I beseech thee make me whole,
for ev'n my bones do break.
[Page 18] verse 3 My soul is also vexed sore;
but Lord how long a space?
verse 4 Return, O Lord, my soul restore,
and save me of thy grace.
verse 5 For none can praise or think, on thee
when dead in grave they lie:
verse 6 And now my groaning wearieth me,
so near to death am I.
All night I make my bed to swim,
my couch with tears o'reflows:
verse 7 Mine eyes consum'd with grief wax dim,
because of all my foes.
verse 8 Ye workers of iniquity,
go from me every one:
For God hath heard me graciously,
when I did weep and moan.
verse 9 The supplications which I made
the Lord did entertain:
And he that heard me when I pray'd,
will hear me yet again.
verse 10 Let all mine enemies therefore
be vext with shame thereby:
Let them return, and be full sore
ashamed suddenly.

Psalm VII.

Martyrs Tune.
[...]O Lord, my God, I do re-pose
[...]my con---fi--dence in thee:
[...]O save me from my fu--rious foes[Page 19]
[...]and now de---li--ver me.
verse 2 Lest like a lion he should tear,
and piece-meal rend my soul;
While there is no deliverer
his fury to controul.
verse 3 O Lord my God, if I did this,
if my hands be not free,
verse 4 If I rewarded him amiss
that was at peace with me;
Yea Lord, I have delivered,
and let him safely go,
That without cause hath injured
and us'd me as a foe.
verse 5 Else let my foe pursue to slay,
and take my soul unjust:
Let him tread down my life and lay
mine honour in the dust.
verse 6 Rise, Lord, in wrath thy self address,
because mine en'mies rage:
Awake for me in righteousness,
ev'n as thou didst engage.
verse 7 So shall the congregation close
about thee generally:
Return then for the sakes of those,
and sit inthorn'd on high.
verse 8 The Lord shall judge the people sure:
judge me, O Lord, likewise,
According as my heart is pure
and upright in thine eyes,
verse 9 Set wickedness her period,
but stablish stedfastly
The righteous men, O righteous God,
who heart and reins dost try.
[Page 20] verse 10 And my defence, even all I crave,
is of the Lord alone;
Who alwayes will be sure to save
the upright-hearted one.
verse 11 God judgeth righteous men, be sure;
and God, though he delay,
Is angry with the wicked doer,
yea, doubtless every day,
verse 12 Unless he speedily repent,
his glittering sword is whet:
His angry bow the Lord hath bent,
and hath it ready set.
verse 13 He hath prepared deadly darts,
determining to shoot
Sharp arrows at the viperous hearts
of those that persecute.
verse 14 Behold he travelleth in birth
with his iniquity,
Conceiving mischief, and brings forth
no better then a lie.
verse 15 He made a pit and digged it,
and mighty pains did take:
And now is fallen into the Pit
which he himself did make.
verse 16 Upon his own head shall reboun
his mischiefs, spite and hate:
His violent dealing shall come down
and light upon his pate.
verse 17 Unto the Lord give thanks will I
for all his righteous ways:
And to the name of God most high
sing chearful songs of praise.

Psalm VIII.

St. Marys Tune.
[...]O Lord, our Lord, how ex--cel-lent[Page 21]
[...]is thy name eve---ry where!
[...]Be-hold thou hast thy glo---ry plac't
[...]a--bove the star---ry sphere.
verse 2 Weak babes and sucklings thou hast sent,
thy power and praise to show
To still thereby the Enemy,
and the avengeful foe.
verse 3 When I behold attentively
the heav'ns which thou didst frame,
The moon on high and starry skie,
which by thine ord'nance came:
verse 4 What's man or mans posterity?
think I; what wondrous love,
He should of thee remembred be,
or vis'ted from above?
verse 5 For thou hast made him little lower
then Angels in degree:
And didst him crown with great renown,
and glorious dignity.
verse 6 Thou mad'st him have dominion o're
the works which thou hast wrought,
And by thy care all creatures are
to his subjection brought.
verse 7 All oxen, sheep and fowl, with these,
and cattle him obey:
What e're the field or air can yield,
and fishes of the Sea:
[Page 22] verse 8 What ev'r is in the paths of Seas,
or passeth through the same,
verse 9 O Lord our Lord, all Lands record
the glory of thy name.

Psalm VIII.

Metre 2. To the 148 Psalm Tune
[...]O Lord, our Sovereign Lord,
[...]of how ex--cel--ling worth
[...]Thy Name must we Re--cord
[...]in all the spa-cious Earth?
[...]Whose glo--ry bears a stamp Di-vine,
[...]with beams to shine a--bove the spheres
verse 2 Out of the Infant mouth
of babes and sucklings small,
Thou hast ordain'd thy truth
with strength to conquer all:
To lay them low, that bear ill will,
and for to still, th'avengeful foe.
[Page 23] verse 3 Thy heavens there on high,
when, Lord, I think upon:
verse 4 The Moon and Starry Skie,
the Works which thou hast done:
Lord, what is Man, or what's his Seed,
that thou shouldst heed, so poor a span?
verse 5 Thou madest him to be
of an inferiour state
To Angels in degree
yet to participate:
And didst him Crown, with Glory great,
to sit in seat, of high Renown.
verse 6 Thou gav'st him absolute
dominion over all:
And all things at his feet
in bound obedience fall,
To him they yield, all Oxen, Sheep,
and beasts that keep, i'th'open field.
verse 7 The fowls of all the Air,
and Fishes of the Seas:
Which have a thorow-fare
to pass there as they please:
O Lord our Lord, th' excelling fame
of thy great Name, all lands Record.

Psalm IX.

London Tune
[...]O Lord I'll praise thy ho---ly name
[...]with true and hear---ty zeal:
[...]Thy won-drous works will I pro-claim,[Page 24]
[...]and none of them con-ceal.
verse 2 In thee with gladness I'le rejoyce,
and to thy Name will I
In songs of praise lift up my voice,
O thou that art most high.
verse 3 When as mine adversaries shall
be turned back with shame,
Ev'n at thy presence they shall fall;
and perish by the same.
verse 4 For thou, O Lord, thou shalt alone
maintain my righteous cause:
Thou sitest in thy righteous throne,
to judge by righteous laws.
verse 5 Thou hast rebuked heathen men,
the wicked are destroy'd:
Thou hast put out the name of them,
and made it ever void.
verse 6 O en'my, all's accomplished,
destructions now are done:
The cities thou hast ruined,
they and their mem'ry's gone.
verse 7 But God the true eternal one,
for ever shall abide:
He hath prepar'd his Princely throne,
just judgment to decide.
verse 8 And he will judge the world alone
in justice faithfully:
And minister to every one
in truth and equity.
verse 9 The Lord moreover will become
a refuge for th'opprest:
In times extreamly troublesome,
he'l be a place of rest.
[Page 25] verse 10 In thee will all men trust repose,
that know thy faithful name:
For thou hast not forsaken those
that duly seek the same.

The second part.

verse 11 Sing praises to the holy one,
that doth in Sion dwell:
The glorious deeds that he hath done
among the people tell.
verse 12 When he inquireth narrowly
for blood which they have spilt;
He calls to mind the poor mens cry,
and their oppressors guilt.
verse 13 Lord, pitty me, think on my grief
caus'd by mine en'mies hate,
Thou that dost raise me with relief,
from deaths destructive gate.
verse 14 That I in Sions daughters gates
may all thy praise record;
For thy salvation consolates
my thankful heart, O Lord.
verse 15 The heathen sink into the pit
that they themselves prepar'd:
And in the net that they did set,
are their own feet ensnar'd.
verse 16 The Lord is known in these affairs,
by judgements which are wrought:
When sinners hands do make the snares
wherewith themselves are caught.
verse 17 The wicked shall be turn'd to hell,
people of every kind;
Ev'n all that on the earth do dwell,
that have not God in mind.
verse 18 For needy souls may well be sure
not still to be forgot:
The expectations of the poor
for ever perish not.
[Page 26] verse 19 Up Lord, and let not men have leave
still to prevail by might:
But let the heathen folk receive
their judgment in thy sight.
verse 20 And strike them, Lord, with fear so far;
that all the nations then
May know themselves (whoer'e they are)
to be but mortal men.

Psalm X.

Lincoln Tune.
[...]WHy dost thou, Lord, stand off so far,
[...]and seemst thy self to hide:
[...]And seest what troublous times here are,
[...]and what op--pres--sing pride?
[...]Where-with the wick-ed hunt the poor,
[...]O let them be sur--priz'd;[Page 27]
[...]Caught in the snare they thought so sure
[...]and which them--selves de--vis'd.
verse 3 For of his hearts ungodly lusts,
the wicked boasts, O Lord:
And he doth bless the covetous,
that is of thee abhorr'd.
verse 4 He seeks not after God a jot,
such is his haughty pride:
In all his thoughts God cometh not,
but is indeed deni'd:
verse 5 He ever loves to tyrannize,
judgment he counts far off.
He puffs at all his enemies,
with a disdainful scoff.
verse 6 He saith in heart, I know that I
shall never be displac't:
Nor of the least adversity
at any time shall taste.
verse 7 His mouth is full of blasphemy,
of fraud, deceit and wrong:
Mischievousness and vanity
sit underneath his tongue.
verse 8 In villages he sit's obscure,
the innocent to slay:
His eyes are bent against the poor,
but in a private way.
verse 9 He lion-like lurks in his den,
waiting to catch the poor:
He draws him to his net, and then
he takes him to be sure.
[Page 28] verse 10 He croucheth and doth lowly bend,
humbling himself withal:
That so the poor man in the end
by his strong ones may fall.
verse 11 He saith in heart God hath forgot,
he hides away his eyes,
And willingly beholds it not:
but, O Lord God, arise.
verse 12 Forget not, but thy hand forth stretch
for poor men undertrod:
verse 13 O wherefore should a wicked wretch
contemn th'almighty God?
It shall not be requir'd at all,
thus speaks he in his heart;
verse 14 But of their mischief spite and gall,
thou Lord, a witness art:
And what thou seest shall surely be
by thy just hand repai'd.
The poor commits himself to thee,
thou art the orphans aid.
verse 15 The arm of tyrants merciless,
Lord break in sunder quite:
Search out his sin and wickedness,
till all be come to light.
verse 16 God reigneth an eternal King,
by whose revenging hand
The heathen people perishing,
are banisht from his land.
verse 17 Lord, the desire of humble men
hath pierc't thine easy ear:
An heart thou wilt prepare us then
and cause thine ear to hear;
verse 18 To judge the poor and fatherless,
that are opprest so sore:
That earthly men may not oppress;
nor vex them any more.

Psalm XI.

Lowath Tune.
[...]I Put my con-fi-dence in God,
[...]why there--fore do ye say,
[...]That as a bird un--to her hill,
[...]my soul shall hast a--way?
verse 2 For lo, the wicked bend their bow,
and fit their shafts with art
Upon their strings, to shoot unseen
at the upright in heart.
verse 3 If the foundation verily
be ruin'd and destroy'd;
Alas! what can the righteous do,
the danger to avoid?
verse 4 The Lord is in his holy place,
his throne's in heav'n on high;
His eyes behold the sons of men,
and try them narrowly.
verse 5 By him the right'ous man is tri'd,
the wicked man abhorr'd:
And he that loveth violence
is hated of the Lord.
verse 6 On sinners he shall rain down snares,
and they must all drink up
Brimstone and fire and horrid storms,
the portion of their cup.
[Page 30] verse 7 For God most right'ous ever doth
in righteousness delight:
And with a pleased countenance
beholdeth the upright.

Psalm XII.

Windsor Tune.
[...]O Lord, put to thy help-ing hand,
[...]for now the god---ly cease:
[...]The faith-ful peo--ple of the Land
[...]ex-ceed--ing---ly de--crease.
verse 2 Men generally speak vanity
unto their friends apart:
Their conf'rence slips from flatt'ring lips,
and from a double heart.
verse 3 The lips that utter flatterings,
the Lord will cut away:
And tongues that speak presumptuous things:
for thus they boast and say,
verse 4 We shall not fail but to prevail,
with tongue and lips most free:
They are in our peculiar power;
for who are Lords but we?
verse 5 Now for th'oppression of the poor,
and sighs of needy souls,
I'le rise, saith God, and him secure
from scornfull foes controuls
[Page 31] verse 6 And we are sure God's words are pure,
as silver from the mines
In furnace tri'd and purifi'd
no less then seven times.
verse 7 Thy people, Lord, shall be assur'd,
preserved by thy grace:
They shall for ever be secur'd
from this ungodly race.
verse 8 But all the while the base and vile
are set in place of power:
On all sides then, do wicked men
seek whom they may devour.

Psalm XIII.

Stanford Tune.
[...]HOw long, O Lord, of thee,
[...]for--got--ten shall I be?
[...]How long a space wilt hide thy face,
[...]for e---ver-more from me?
[...]How long shall I con--dole,[Page 32]
[...]take coun--sel in my soul;
[...]And dai--ly bear such grief and care,
[...]and en'--mies proud con--troul;
verse 3 Consider, hear my cries,
my God, clear thou mine eyes:
Lest sleep of death my last drawn breath
perpetually surprize.
verse 4 And least mine en'mies say,
lo I have got the day:
And glad they be that trouble me,
when put beside my stay.
verse 5 But I thy mercy made
the rock whereon I staid:
My heart in me right glad shall be
in thy salvations aid.
verse 6 Unto the Lord will I
sing praises chearfully;
Because that he hath dealt with me
exceeding bounteously.

Psalm XIV.

Windsor Tune.
[...]THe fools af--firm there is no God,
[...]for so in heart they say:[Page 33]
[...]Vile deeds they do and none doth good,
[...]so quite cor---rupt are they.
verse 2 For lo the Lord from heaven view'd
the race of all mankind,
To see if any understood,
or sought his god to find.
verse 3 But they were all corrupt and naught,
all turn'd aside and gone:
Not one that any good hath wrought,
no verily not one.
verse 4 Are wicked workers so misled,
so blind and brutish all,
That they should eat my folk like bread?
On God they do not call.
verse 5 But ev'n in all their jollity
great fear upon them fell:
For in the sweet society
of just men God doth dwell.
verse 6 Ye mock the wisdom of the poor,
and would his counsel shame:
Because he makes himself secure
by faith in God's great name.
verse 7 But O that all that we hear tell,
the Lord would once fulfill:
Namely his word to Israel,
from out of Sion hill!
When God his peoples bondage turns,
that freedom once is had:
Then Jocob shall rejoice that mourns,
and Isr'el shall be glad.

Psalm XV.

St. Marys Tune.
[...]WHo shall a--bide, Lord (teach us still)
[...]with--in thy tents of grace?
[...]And who with--in thy ho--ly hill
[...]shall have a dwel--ling place?
verse 2 The man that walketh uprightly,
and worketh right'ousness;
And doth from hearts integrity
the very truth express.
verse 3 That hurts his neighbour in no sort,
nor slandreth with his toungue:
Nor taketh up a false report,
to do his neighbour wrong.
verse 4 The man in whose discerning eyes
vile persons are abhorr'd:
But them he highly magnifies
that truly fear the Lord.
verse 5 That keeps his cov'nant faithfully,
though he the loss sustain;
Nor putteth out to usury,
to get unlawful gain.
verse 6 That will not for a world be brib'd,
the blameless to betray,
He that doth these things here prescrib'd,
be mov'd he never may.

Psalm XV.

Metre 2. Oxford Tune.
[...]LOrd who shall have a dwel-ling place
[...]I'th' Ta--ber--na---cle of thy grace?
[...]thy ho---ly hill who shall pos-sess?
[...]The Man that walk--eth up--right--ly;
[...]And work--eth no in---i---qui---ty,
[...]shall sure--ly have that hap--pi---ness.
The man that walks in God's true fear,
and speaks the truth with heart sincere
According to his just intent;
he that back-bites not with his tongue,
Nor doth his neighbour any wrong,
is such a man as here is meant.
verse 2 That takes not up an evil fame
reproachful to his neighbour's name,
Nor useth no Injurious word:
he that doth look with just disdain
[Page 36]Upon vile persons and profane,
but honors them that fear the Lord.
That to his promise goes not cross,
although engaged to his loss,
Nor puts out Coyn to Usury:
nor takes reward against the Just;
He that doth thus may boldly trust
not to be mov'd eternally.

Psalm XVI.

Lowath Tune.
[...]LOrd, save me, for I trust in thee
[...]sin---cere---ly from my heart;
[...]Con-fes-sing thee my Lord to be,
[...]and so in--deed thou art.
My goodness unto thee I know,
can never have extent:
verse 3 But to the saints that live below,
and to the excellent,
verse 4 In whom my whole delight is plac't:
but questionless all those
That after other Gods make hast,
shall multiply their woes.
verse 5 The blood of their drink-offering,
I'le not present the same:
Nor move my lips in mentioning
of their detested name.
[Page 37] verse 6 The Lord, is mine inheritance,
and portion of my cup:
Of mine allotted maintenance
thou art the holder up.
verse 7 The lines are fall'n successively,
and happily to me,
A goodly heritage have I,
a pleasant place to see.

The second part.

verse 8 I Bless the Lord unfeignedly,
who counsell'd me aright:
So that my reins instructed me
in seasons of the night.
verse 9 I still conceiv'd the Lord to stand
before me as my guide:
Since he doth stand at my right hand
I know I shall not slide?
verse 10 Therefore my heart and tongue are glad,
and both rejoice in this:
The certain hope my flesh hath had
of everlasting bliss.
verse 11 Thou wilt not leave my soul in hell,
nor wilt thou suffer me
Thy holy one (belov'd so well)
corruption for to see.
verse 12 The path of life thou wilt shew me,
for there are all the treasures:
And joys at thy right hand there be,
and everlasting pleasures.

Psalm XVII.

Bristol Tune.
[...]LOrd, hear the right, at--tend my cry,[Page 38]
[...]un---to my pray'r give heed,
[...]That doth not in hy--po--cri--sy
[...]from feign--ed lips pro-ceed.
verse 2 And let my sentence uncontroul'd,
proceed with power from thee:
And let thy right'ous eyes behold
the things that equal be.
verse 3 My heart thou hast examined,
by night thou didst inquire:
Thou hast me prov'd and visited,
and tri'd me as by fire.
Yet by thy searching thou shalt find
in me no wickedness:
For I am purpos'd in my mind,
my mouth shall not transgress.
verse 4 Concerning works of men profane,
thy lips did guide me so,
That from the paths I did refrain
wherein destroyers go.
verse 5 Uphold my goings, Lord, my guide,
in all thy paths divine:
So that my footsteps may not slide
out of those ways of thine.
verse 6 I have with comfort call'd on thee,
for thou, O God, wilt hear:
Incline thy self to answer me,
and to my speech give ear.
[Page 39] verse 7 Thy wonderfull kind love disclose,
O thou whose strong right arm
Saves all believers from their foes,
that rise to do them harm.

The second part.

verse 8 Preserve me, Lord, from hurtful things,
as th' apple of thine eye:
And under covert of thy wings
defend me secretly,
verse 9 From wicked men that tyrannize,
let thy hand help me out:
And from my deadly enemies,
that compass me about.
verse 10 In their own fat they are enclos'd,
and bear themselves so high,
That with their mouth they are dispos'd
to speak presumptuously.
verse 11 They have encompassed us round
in our own footsteps now:
And down unto the very ground
they bend their lowring brow.
verse 12 Like th' eager lion that doth long
to take his prey in chase:
And as it were a lion young:
that lurk's in secret place.
verse 13 Arise and disappoint him then,
and cast him down, O Lord:
Defend my soul from wicked men,
which are thy cutting sword.
verse 14 From worldly men thy help I crave,
from men which are thy hand:
Which in this life their portion have,
and do not see beyond.
Thy hidden stores their bellies fill,
with many children blest,
They spend their substance at their will,
and leave their Heirs the rest.
[Page 40] verse 15 But I in righteousness abide,
beholding thy sweet face:
And waking shall be satisfi'd
with th'image of thy grace

Psalm XVIII.

Lincoln Tune.
[...]O Lord my strength I will love thee.
[...]The Lord's my rock and fort:
[...]My safe de---li---ver--er is he,
[...]my God, and my sup--port:
[...]My strength and sta--tion most se-cure,
[...]in whom my trust shall be:
[...]The horn of my sal--va--tion sure,
[...]and my high tow'r is he.
[Page 41] verse 3 Upon the Lord's name I will call,
who is most worthy praise:
So shall I scape my en'mies all
with safety all my days.
verse 4 The pangs of death did me inclose,
whereby I was dismai'd:
The floods of wicked men arose,
and made me much afraid.
verse 5 The pangs of hell which dreadful be,
did compass me about:
The snares of death prevented me,
and made me to cry out.
verse 6 Then did I call in my distress,
upon the Lord most high:
And to my God with earnestness
I did send out my cry.
And from his temple graciously
the Lord my voice did hear:
Before him also came my cry,
yea, even to his ear.
verse 7 Then shook the trembling earth for fear,
and dreadful terrors seiz'd
Upon the hills foundations there,
because he was displeas'd.
verse 8 Out of his nostrils went a smoak,
and from his mouth there came
Devouring fire, which did provoke
the sulph'rous coals to flame.

The second part.

verse 9 Th'Almighty Lord, the heavens bow'd,
and downward did descend:
Beneath his feet a sable cloud
of darkness did extend.
verse 10 A cherub-chariot did him bear,
whose plumes he made his sail:
The winds his winged coursers were,
and darkness was his veil.
[Page 42] verse 11 Dark his pavillion, dark the Skie,
dark waters, dusky clouds
Compose an airy canopie,
wherein himself he shrouds.
verse 12 A brightness did before him flame,
which did thick clouds dispell:
Then down the battering hail-stones came
and coals of fire there fell.
verse 13 The Lord from heav'n in thunder spoke,
the voice of God most high
Did make the stormy hail-stones smoke,
and coals of fire to fly.
verse 14 Yea, and he let his arrows fly,
and put his foes to flight:
He shot out lightnings, and thereby
discomfitted them quite.
verse 15 Then were the water-channels seen,
and worlds foundations vast
Disclos'd at thy rebuke so keen,
and at thy nostrils blast.
verse 16 The Lord did send from heav'n on high,
he took and drew me out
From waters of adversity,
which compass'd me about.
verse 17 He sav'd me from my potent foe,
and safely set me free
From such as sought my overthrow,
and were too strong for me.
verse 18 They did prevent me craftily
in that most dang'rous day
That threatned my calamity,
but God was still my stay.
verse 19 He brought me to a spacious place,
by his great pow'r and might:
And sav'd me freely of his grace,
for I was his delight.
[Page 43] verse 20 According to mine innocence,
was my reward made sure:
The Lord did give me recompence,
because my hands were pure.

The third part.

verse 21 For in the ways of God have I
continually trod:
And have not ever wickedly
departed from my God.
verse 22 For unto all his statutes still
I had a great respect:
And no part of his holy will
did I at all reject.
verse 23 Yea, I was also most upright
before the Lord most high:
And kept my self as in his sight,
from mine iniquity.
verse 24 Therefore the Lord rewarded me,
as I had done aright:
And as my hands were clean and free
from sin in his eye-sight.
verse 25 The merciful thou wilt requite
with mercy in their kind:
And they that are themselves upright,
the like of thee shall find.
verse 26 Unto the pure thy purity
thou wilt, O Lord, declare,
And thou wilt deal as frowardly
with those that froward are.
verse 27 For, Lord, thou wilt those people save,
whom sharp afflictions tri'd:
And wilt bring down all those that have
the lofty looks of pride,
verse 28 For thou wilt make my candle burn,
and shine exceeding bright:
The Lord my God will surely turn
my darkness into light.
[Page 44] verse 29 For I ran through a troop by thee,
and safely scap'd them all:
And by my God assisting me,
have I leapt o're a wall.

The fourth part.

verse 30 As for the Lord, his way is pure,
the word of God is tri'd:
He is a buckler safe and sure
to all that can confide.
verse 31 For who except the Lord alone,
a God esteem'd may be?
And who a mighty rock but one;
and our Jehovah's he?
verse 32 'Tis God that by his power and might
strongly girds up my loins:
And makes me take my way aright,
to perfect my designs.
verse 33 He makes my feet to be as swift
as are the hindes in pace:
And I must count it as his gift,
that gains me each high place.
verse 34 He taught my hands all Warlike skill,
my fingers how to fight:
So that a bow, a bow of steel
is broken by my might.
verse 35 Thou gav'st me thy salvations shield,
to arm me most compleat:
And thy right hand hath me upheld,
thy favour made me great.
verse 36 Thou hast enlarg'd with liberty
my stepping place so wide,
That both my feet stood stedfastly,
and did not slip aside.
verse 37 I overtook my foes that fled,
for I pursu'd apace:
Nor till they were extinguished,
did I forsake the chase.
[Page 45] verse 38 Mine enemies I did so greet,
with blows not dealt in vain;
That down they fell beneath my feet,
and could not rise again.

The fifth part.

verse 39 For thou hast girt me powerfully
to battle with my foes:
And hast subdu'd them under me,
that up against me rose.
verse 40 Also the necks of all my foes
were given me by thee:
That I might quite destroy all those,
that greatly hated me.
verse 41 They cri'd and called earnestly,
but there was none to save:
Yea, even to the Lord most high,
but he no answer gave.
verse 42 Then like the dust that's blown about,
when boist'rous winds do meet,
I beat them small, and cast them out
as dirt into the street.
verse 43 Thou sav'dst me from seditious hands,
the heathens head to be:
I shall be serv'd by forrein lands,
and folk unknown to me.
verse 44 As soon as they do hear of me,
forthwith they shall obey:
Submissive shall the strangers be,
and yield themselves straitway.
verse 45 The strangers till they do submit,
shall soon fall off and fade:
Their secret places they shall quit,
they shall be so afraid.
verse 46 O blessed be my rock of pow'r,
that ever doth abide:
And let the Lord my Saviour,
be highly magnifi'd.
[Page 46] verse 47 'Tis God that hath avenged me,
my people he subjects;
verse 48 My Saviour from my foes is he,
my person he protects.
Yea, thou hast set me o're them all,
that did my hurt conspire:
And sav'd me from that tyrant Saul,
whom fury set on fire.
verse 49 Therefore will I give thanks to thee
among the heathen, Lord:
In songs of praise with melody,
will I thy name record.
verse 50 Deliv'rance great he gives indeed,
and mercy keeps in store
For David and his sacred seed,
and that for evermore.

Psalm XIX.

London Tune.
[...]THe Hea-vens give to un--der-stand
[...]the glo---ry of the Lord:
[...]The o---pe--ra--tions of his hand
[...]the fir---ma-ments re---cord.
verse 2 Day unto day hath made it known,
and night to night declar'd:
verse 3 And speech or language there is none,
where their voice is not heard.
[Page 47] verse 4 Their line is gone throughout the earth,
their words as far extend:
And there's his royal tent set forth,
the sun to comprehend.
verse 5 Which as a bridegroom bravely clad,
doth leave his lodging-place:
And gyant-like with gesture glad
sets out to run his race.
verse 6 He reacheth heavens vast extreams,
making his course compleat:
And nothing can by any means
be hidden from his heat.
verse 7 The Law of God is very pure,
the soul it purifies:
His testimones are most sure,
making the simple wise.

The second part.

verse 8 The statutes of the Lord are right,
and consolate the mind:
His precepts pure affording light
to eyes by nature blind.
verse 9 God's fear is clean from all defects,
and always doth endure:
His judgments just in all respects,
and truth it self's no truer,
verse 10 Far more then many treasur'd summs.
of gold to be embrac't:
Far sweeter then the hony-combs,
or hony to the taste.
verse 11 Thy servant is forewarn'd thereby,
thy precepts to regard:
And he that keeps them carefully,
shall get a great reward.
verse 12 But who can understand and see
the error of his thoughts?
Lord, cleanse me and deliver me
from all my secret faults.
[Page 48] verse 13 Thy servant also, Lord, restrain
from all presumptuous crime:
And let them have no power to reign
in me at any time.
And then I shall be most upright,
being restrain'd by thee:
I shall be blamless in thy sight,
and great transgressions flee.
verse 14 O let my mouth, O let my heart,
in all I think or say,
Be pleasing to thee, Lord, that art
my saviour, strength and stay.

Psalm XX.

Lowath Tune.
[...]THe Lord now hear thee gra--cious-ly,
[...]in this di---stress-ful day:
[...]The name of Ja cob's migh-ty God
[...]be thy de--fence and stay.
verse 2 And from the sanctuary send
assistance in thy need:
And out of Sion strengthen thee,
and make thee strong indeed.
verse 3 Remember all the offerings
which thou hast brought entire:
And now accept the sacrifice
which thou hast made by fire.
[Page 49] verse 4 Thy hearts desire he'll grant to thee,
and all thy counsels bless:
And make them be accomplished,
with sutable success.
verse 5 Lord, we rejoyce in thy defence,
and in thy name and aid
Of our great God our banners shall
be cheerfully displaid.
The Lord, fulfill all thy desire,
and grant what thou dost crave:
verse 6 And now I know that God most high
doth his anointed save.
And he will hear him graciously
from his most holy heav'n,
With saving strength of his right hand,
which shall to him be given.
verse 7 Some trust in chariots, some in horse,
but we will think upon
The name of thee the Lord our God,
and trust to that alone.
verse 8 Lo, we do rise and stand upright,
but they bow down and fall.
verse 9 Save, Lord, and let our heavenly king
now hear us when we call.

Psalm XXI.

St. Marys Tune.
[...]O Lord, in thy sal--va--ti---on
[...]The king shall much de---light,[Page 50]
[...]With joy--ful ex--al--ta--ti--on
[...]in thy great strength & might.
verse 2 For what his heart desir'd to have,
thou grantedst every thing:
And what his lips of thee did crave
was not deni'd the king.
verse 3 With thy good blessings manifold.
thou hast him early sped:
And set a crown of perfect gold
upon his royal head.
verse 4 And when he asked life of thee,
thereof thou mad'st him sure:
And gav'st it to eternity,
for ever to endure.
verse 5 His glory is exceeding great
in thy salvations aid:
Honour and Majesty compleat
thou hast upon him laid.
verse 6 Thy blessings ever-flowing streams
thou didst to him impart:
Thy countenance with chearful beams
doth greatly glad his heart.
verse 7 Because the King unfeignedly
doth put his trust in thee:
And through thy mercy, O most high,
remov'd he shall not be.
verse 8 But thy Almighty hand, O Lord,
shall find out all thy foes:
And all that have thy name abhorr'd,
thy right hand shall disclose:
[Page 51] verse 9 And make them like a fiery hearth,
ev'n in thy wrathful hour:
The Lord shall swallow them in wrath,
and fire shall them devour.
verse 10 Their fruit shalt thou abolish then,
destroying their increase:
And from among the sons of men
shall cause their seed to cease.
verse 11 For they intended ill to thee,
strongly persuaded too,
T'accomplish that iniquity,
which they could never do.
verse 12 For these things thou shalt make them fly,
turning their backs in chase:
Charging thy bow strings readily
against thine en'mies face.
verse 13 In thy peculiar strength, O Lord,
thy matchless glory raise:
So shall our chearful Songs Record
thy pow'rs deserved praise.

Psalm XXII.

Bristol Tune.
[...]MY God, my God, wherefore hast thou
[...]for---sook me? O where--fore?
[...]Art thou so far from help-ing me,
[...]when I do cry and roar?
[Page 52] verse 2 To thee my God, even all day long,
I do both cry and call:
All night I cannot hold my tongue;
yet hear'st thou not at all.
verse 3 But, Lord, thou art the holy one,
and in that place dost dwell,
Where always thou inhabitest,
the praise of Israel.
verse 4 Our fathers in the time forepast,
did put their trust in thee:
They trusted and their faith held fast,
and thou didst set them free.
verse 5 They were deliver'd evermore,
by calling on thy name:
And for the faith they had in thee,
they were not put to shame.
verse 6 But, I alas! am not a man,
a despicable worm,
A meer reproach of Men I am,
whom all the people spurn.
verse 7 All they that see me, laugh at me,
and scornfully do they,
Shoot out their lips, and shake their head,
And thus in scorn they say:
verse 8 He trusted that the Lord would be
his Saviour by his might:
Let him deliver him, since he
took in him such delight.
verse 9 But, Lord, thou knew'st me in the womb,
and thou didst take me thence:
When I was on my mothers breast,
thou wast my confidence.
verse 10 And I was c [...]st upon thy care
even from my birth till now:
And from the womb that did me bear,
my God and Guide art thou.

The second part.

verse 11 O Lord, depart not now from me,
in this my present grief:
Since I have none to be my help,
none else to send relief.
verse 12 For many bulls have compass'd me,
and compassed me round:
The strongest bulls that use to be
on Bashans fatning ground.
verse 13 They gape upon me greedily,
to kill me if they may:
Much like a lion roaring out,
and ramping for his prey.
verse 14 Like water I am powred out,
my joynts asunder part:
As wax with fire runs all about,
so sorrow melts my heart.
verse 15 My strength is like a potsherd dri'd,
my tongue cleaves to my jaws:
I am brought down to dust of death,
and thy hand is the cause.
verse 16 And many dogs do compass me;
the wicked when they meet,
Conspire against me cursedly,
they peirce my hands and feet.
verse 17 Yea, I may reckon every bone,
on me they gaze and stare.
verse 18 Upon my vesture lots are thrown,
and they my garments share.
verse 19 Therefore I pray thee be not far
from me in my great need:
But rather since thou art my strength,
to help me, Lord, make speed.
verse 20 And save me from the cruel sword,
by thy almighty pow'r
Preserve my dear and darling soul
from dogs that would devour.
[Page 54] verse 21 And save me from the lions mouth,
as thou hast answer'd me:
When from the horns of unicorns,
I made my Prayer to thee.

The third part

verse 22 I will declare thy name, O Lord,
unto my brethren dear:
Amidst the Church I will record
thy praise, that they may hear.
verse 23 O ye his saints that fear the Lord,
set forth his praise and fame:
Let Jacobs seed and Israels
for ever fear his name.
verse 24 For he despis'd no poor mans case,
nor set his cause aside:
Nor from him ever hid his face,
but heard him when he cri'd
verse 25 Therefore in congregations great
my praise shall be of thee:
And I will pay my vows, O Lord,
where all thy saints shall see.
verse 26 The meek shall eat and be suffic'd,
and those that do endeavour
To know the Lord shall praise his name;
their hearts shall live for ever.
verse 27 And all the ends of all the earth
shall readily record,
And call to mind his works set forth,
and turn unto the Lord.
The kindreds of the nations all
shall worship in his sight:
verse 28 For he must govern great and small,
all nations are his right.
verse 29 All fat ones of the earth shall eat,
and worship the most high:
And they that stoop and lick the dust,
ready to starve and die.
[Page 55] verse 30 A seed of saints shall serve the Lord,
accounted and foreknown:
A generation of the Lords,
which he himself doth own.
verse 31 They shall come forth, and there declare
his righteousness to those
That born in after ages are,
that God did thus dispose.

Psalm XXIII.

St. Marys Tune.
[...]MY Shep-herd is the Lord most high
[...]I shall be well sup--ply'd.
[...]In Pa-stures green he makes me lye,
[...]by si--lent wa---ters side.
verse 3 He doth restore my soul that strays,
and then he leads me on,
To walk in his most right'ous ways,
for his names sake alone.
verse 4 Yea though through deaths dark vale I go,
yet will I fear no ill:
Thy rod and staff refresh me so,
and thou art with me still.
verse 5 My table thou hast furnished
in presence of my foe:
With oyl thou dost anoint my head,
my cup doth overflow.
[Page 56]Surely thy goodness and thy grace
shall always follow me:
And my perpetual dwelling place
thy holy house shall be.

Psalm XXIII.

Metre 2. Stanford Tune.
[...]THe Lord my Shep--herd is,
[...]and he that doth me feed:
[...]Since he is mine, and I am his,
[...]what com--fort can I need?
[...]He makes me to lie down
[...]up---on the flow-ry grass:
[...]Then to the streams he leads me on,[Page 57]
[...]where wa---ters gent---ly pass.
verse 3 And when I go astray
he doth my Soul reclaim:
Conducting me in his right way
for his most holy Name.
verse 4 Yea though the paths I trod
through Deaths dark Vale should be,
I would not fear, for there's my God,
a staff of strength to me.
verse 5 And in mine en'mies sight
thou mak'st me sit and dine:
Anoint'st my head in foes despite,
and fill'st my Cup with Wine.
verse 6 Surely thy grace and love
shall measure out my days:
And from thy house I'll not remove,
nor there from thee my praise.

Psalm XXIV.

St. David's Tune.
[...]THe Earth is God's, the peo--ple his,
[...]the World, and all her Goods.
[...]He rou- [...]d--ed it up--on the seas,
[...]and fixt it on the floods.
[Page 58] verse 3 Who shall ascend God's sacred hill?
and who may make account
To stand and to continue still
within his holy mount?
verse 4 Whose hands, and heart are clean and free,
and spotless in thine eye
Whose soul affects not vanity,
nor swears deceitfully,
verse 5 For such a one the Lord shall bless,
and he shall surely have
The rich reward of right'ousness,
from God that doth him save.
verse 6 For such do seek the Lord indeed:
this is the godly race:
O Jacob, this is sure the seed
of them that seek thy face.
verse 7 Ye everlasting doors stand ope,
ye gates lift up your head:
And give the king of glory scope
within your courts to tread.
verse 8 Who is this great and glorious king:
his royal name record.
The strong and ever conquering,
almighty, glorious Lord.
verse 9 Ye everlasting doors and gates,
lift up your heads on high:
And then the prince of potentates
shall enter in thereby.
verse 10 Who may this king of glory be?
set down that name of his:
The Lord of hosts and none but he,
the king of glory is.

Psalm XXV.

Southwel Tune.
[...]I lift my heart to thee,[Page 59]
[...]my God and Guide most Just:
[...]Now suf--fer me to take no shame,
[...]for in thee do I trust.
Let not my foes rejoyce,
nor triumph over me:
verse 3 Yea, let not any be asham'd,
that duly wait on thee.
Let them be all asham'd,
which causlesly transgress.
verse 4 Shew me thy ways, Lord, teach thou me
thy paths of right'ousness.
verse 5 Lord lead me in thy truth,
and teach me in thy way:
Thou art my God and Saviour;
on thee I wait all day.
verse 6 I pray thee, Lord, remember
thy mercies manifold:
And thy compassions plentiful;
for they have been of old.
verse 7 My youthfull sins and faults,
O keep not on record:
In mercy for thy goodness sake
remember me, O Lord.
verse 8 The Lord is good and just,
and therefore takes delight
To teach poor sinners in his way,
that they may go aright,
[Page 60] verse 9 The meek the Lord will guide
in judgment not to swerve:
The meek and humble he will teach
his ways how to observe.
verse 10 For all the ways of God
are truth and mercy still
To them that keep his covenant,
and do obey his will.

The second part.

verse 11 And now for thy name sake,
O Lord I thee intreat
To pardon my iniquity,
for it is very great.
verse 12 Who ever fears the Lord,
the Lord will let him know
The perfect path of right'ousness,
wherein he ought to go.
verse 13 In goodness evermore
his soul shall sweetly rest:
And by his whole posterity
the earth shall be possest.
verse 14 The secret of the Lord
shall all that fear him know:
His Council and his covenant
he to his saints doth show.
verse 15 Mine eyes continually
upon the Lord are staid,
To pluck my feet out of the net,
which for my soul is laid.
verse 16 Behold me, Lord, in love,
and pity my distress:
For I am sore afflicted, Lord,
and left quite comfortless.
verse 17 The troubles of my heart
are every day increast.
O bring me out of my distress,
and let me be releast.
[Page 61] verse 18 See my affliction, Lord,
my anguish and my pain:
And take my sins so clean away,
that none of them remain.
verse 19 Consider, Lord, my foes,
how they increase and swarm;
And how they hate me cruelly,
that never did them harm.
verse 20 O keep my harmless soul,
and, Lord, deliver me:
And let me never be asham'd,
because I trust in thee.
verse 21 Let my integrity,
and uprightness defend
And keep me safe, because, O Lord,
on thee I do depend.
verse 22 And now, O Lord, redeem,
and bring thine Israel out
Of all the straits and miseries
that compass them about.

Psalm XXVI.

Bristol Tune.
[...]JUdge me, O Lord, for I am just,
[...]and blame--less I a-bide:
[...]In thee like-wise I put my trust,
[...]there--fore I shall not slide.
[Page 62] verse 2 Prove me, my God, I thee desire,
and search me secretly:
Try me with thy refining fire;
my heart and reins, O try.
verse 3 Thy loving kindness, Lord my God,
before my face I lay:
And in the paths of truth have trod,
and kept that holy way.
verse 4 I do not hold society
with men whose deeds are vile:
I will not come in company
with them that practice guile.
verse 5 The congregation of the lewd
I do detest and hate:
And with the wicked multitude
I will not be a mate.
verse 6 In innocency I will wash,
and purify my hands:
Then will I hasten to the place
where thy pure altar stands;
verse 7 That I may publish and proclaim,
with voice of joy and praise:
And tell of thy most worthy fame,
in all thy works and ways.
verse 8 The habitation of thy house,
Lord I have loved well:
And that same place so glorious,
where thy renown doth dwell.
verse 9 O gather not my soul with them
in sin that take their fill:
Nor yet my life among those men
that seek much blood to spill.
verse 10 Within whose hands mischievousness,
and wickedness abides:
And their right hand it is no less
replenished with bribes.
[Page 63] verse 11 But as for me walk on I will
in mine integrity:
Redeem me, and be merciful
unto me, O most high.
verse 12 My foot stands in an even place,
and here I will record,
And shew before the churches face,
the praises of the Lord.

Psalm XXVII.

Dublin Tune.
[...]THe Lord's my sa-ving health and light,
[...]why should I be dis--maid?
[...]He is my life, my strength & might,
[...]why should I be a---fraid?
verse 2 When as the sons of wickedness,
my foes and en'mies all
Came on me to eat up my flesh,
they stumbled and did fall.
verse 3 Though hosts against me pitch their tent,
my heart shall fear no foes:
But in this case be confident,
though wars against me rose,
verse 4 One thing I have desir'd of God,
which I will seek for still:
That I may have a blest abode
in Sions sacred hill.
[Page 64]That I may there spend all my days,
beholding God's sweet face:
Inquiring after blessed ways
within his holy place.
verse 5 For he shall in the evil hour,
me in's pavillion hide:
And make his sacred tent my tow'r,
where I shall safe abide.
verse 6 And now behold, my head shall be
exalted and renown'd
Above my foes that compass me,
in all the circuits round.
Therefore will I bring to his tent
the sacrifice of joy:
And songs of praise will I present
unto the Lord most high.
verse 7 Hear me, O Lord, when as I cry
with earnest voice to thee:
Have mercy on me, O most high,
and kindly answer me.
verse 8 When as thou said'st, my face seek ye:
instructed by thy grace,
My heart made answer unto thee,
Lord, I will seek thy face.
verse 9 Hide not thy face, O Lord, I pray,
hide not thy face from me:
In anger do not put away
thy servant, Lord, from thee.
Thou wast my helper heretofore,
O do not leave me quite:
Forsake me not for evermore
O God my saving might.
verse 10 When Parents both forsook their son,
and cast me off together:
The Lord took care when they had done,
a better friend than either.
[Page 65] verse 11 Teach me, O Lord, thy way to know,
and graciously dispose,
That in a plain path I may go,
because of all my foes,
verse 12 Give me not over to my foes,
for most maliciously
False witness are against me rose,
that breath out cruelty.
verse 13 And surely I had fainted quite,
but that I hop't to see
Thy goodness in the land of light
dispensed unto me.
verse 14 Wait on the Lord couragiously,
he is thy strength and stay
Thy heart with faith to fortify,
wait on the Lord, I say.


Bristol Tune.
[...]TO thee I cry, O Lord, my rock,
[...]thine an--swer let me have:
[...]Lest by thy si-lence I be like
[...]to dead men in their grave,
verse 2 O hear the voice of my request,
now that to thee I cry?
When tow'rds thy holy oracle
I lift my hands on high.
[Page 66] verse 3 O draw me not with wicked men
to act the sinners part,
That speak unto their neighbours peace,
while mischief fills their heart.
verse 4 Give them according to their deeds,
and mischief of their hearts:
O recompence their handy-works,
and render their deserts.
verse 5 Since they regarded not God's works,
nor what his hands have wrought;
He shall not build, but break them down,
and bring them all to nought.
verse 6 Blessed for ever be the Lord,
because that he hath heard
My voice and supplications,
which I to him preferr'd.
verse 7 The Lord's my strength and fortitude,
my safest sheild is he:
My heart reposed trust in him,
and he hath holpen me.
Therefore my heart exceedingly
doth triumph and rejoyce,
And with sweet songs of praise to him
will I lift up my voice.
verse 8 God is the strength of Israel,
and lo the Lord alone
He is the Saviour, and the strength
of his anointed one.
verse 9 Lord, save thy people powerfully,
and bless thine heritage:
Feed them likewise and raise them high,
henceforth from age to age.

Psalm XXIX.

Oxford Tune.
[...]GIve to the Lord ye migh-ty ones,[Page 67]
[...]Give to the Lord your crowns & Thrones:
[...]his strength & glo---ry to con-fess
[...]As-cribe due glo---ry to his name,
[...]Worship the Lord, his praise proclaim
[...]in beau-ty of his ho--li--ness.
verse 3 Heark, you may hear his ratling cloud,
the God of glory thunders loud,
This is the voice of God most high.
the Lord on many waters is,
verse 4 And that loud sounding voice of his,
is full of power and Majesty.
verse 5 Heark how his voice with terror speaks:
yea, and the Lord the cedars breaks,
The cedars of mount Lebanon,
verse 6 Like wanton calves he makes them skip
Like a young unicorn they trip,
mount Lebanon, and Syrion.
verse 7 The flames of lightning they divide,
the fire doth flash on every side,
His thundering voice effects no less.
verse 8 The thundering voice of God doth make
[Page 68]The mighty desarts move and quake,
it shakes all Paran wilderness,
verse 9 The voice of God (so very strong)
doth cause the hindes to cast their young.
And the bare forrests to appear:
while his renown by every tongue
Is through his holy temple sung,
and these works celebrated there.
verse 10 For God sits king upon the floud,
yea from the first his kingdom stood,
And it shall never, never cease,
verse 11 The Lord that is our strength and tower,
Will give his people ample power,
the Lord will bless his church with peace.

Psalm XXX.

St. Marys Tune.
[...]I Will ex--tol thee, O most high,
[...]for I am rais'd by thee:
[...]Thou hast not made mine en--e--my
[...]to tri--umph o---ver me.
verse 2 O Lord my God, to thee I cri'd
for succour and relief:
And graciously thou didst provide
to heal me of my grief.
[Page 69] verse 3 Thou brought'st my soul up from the pit,
thou kept'st me, Lord, alive
From them that are gone down to it,
while safely I survive.
verse 4 O ye his saints, sing to the Lord,
and thankfully confess
Unto his name, when ye record
his perfect holiness.
verse 5 His wrath is in a moment past,
life from his favour springs:
Though weeping for a night may last,
the morning comfort brings.
verse 6 And I in my prosperity,
did confidently say,
Surely I shall live happily,
and see no evil day.
verse 7 So very strongly by thy grace
my mountain, Lord, was laid:
Then didst thou hide away thy face,
and I was soon dismai'd.
verse 8 Then in my tribulation,
to thee, Lord, did I cry:
And made my supplication
unto the Lord most high.
verse 9 What gain is in my blood when I
unto the grave go down?
Can dust praise thee, and testify
thy truth and thy renown?
verse 10 Lord, I beseech thee, hear me now
in that which I have pray'd:
Have mercy on me, and be thou
my all sufficient aid.
verse 11 To joyful dancing thou hast turn'd
my sorrows dolefull noise;
My sackcloth loos'd wherein I mourn'd,
and girt me round with joys.
[Page 70] verse 12 To th'end my tongue may sing thy praise,
and never silent be:
O Lord my God, even all my days
will I give thanks to thee.

Psalm XXXI.

Lincoln Tune.
[...]IN thee, O Lord, I put my trust,
[...]O put me not to shame:
[...]De--li--ver me as thou art just,
[...]ev'n for thy righ--t'ous name.
[...]Bow down thy ear and hear me now,
[...]de----li---ver me with speed:
[...]My ca--stle, and strong rock art thou,
[...]to save me at my need.
[Page 71] verse 3 For, Lord, thou art my fort and tower,
which I for safety take:
Then lead and guide me by thy power,
O God, for thy names sake.
verse 4 Pull me out of the net which they
for me have closely laid:
Because thou art my strength and stay,
to whom I fly for aid.
verse 5 The spirit which thou gav'st to me,
I to thy hands commit.
For thou, Lord God of truth, art he,
that hast redeemed it.
verse 6 All such as set their heart on lies,
I utterly abhorr'd:
Detesting all such vanities,
I trusted in the Lord.
verse 7 Thy mercies great do make me glad,
my joyes do overflow:
For thou hast weigh'd what cares I had,
and known my soul in woe.
verse 8 Thou hast not, Lord, deliver'd me
into mine en'mies hand:
But in a place of liberty
hast made my feet to stand.

The second part.

verse 9 Lord, pity me, do thou condole,
for I am in distress.
Mine eye, my belly, and my soul
Consume with heaviness.
verse 10 My life is spent with misery,
my years with sighs decay:
Strength fails me through iniquity,
my bones consume away.
verse 11 I was a scorn to all my foes,
chiefly to neighbours nigh,
A fear to friends, for even those
see me without, and fly.
[Page 72] verse 12 Like to a dead man out of mind,
so am I quite forgot:
And disregarded of mankind,
as 'twere a broken pot.
verse 13 For many slanders have I heard,
and fear on all sides lay:
While they devised and conspir'd
to take my life away.
verse 14 But yet I trusted to thy pow'r:
O Lord, my God, said I,
Thou art my God and Saviour,
on whom I do rely.
verse 15 My times are all at thy dispose;
do thou then set me free
From bloody hands of all my foes,
that follow after me.
verse 16 Upon thy faithful servant make
thy gracious face to shine:
And save me for thy mercies sake,
for I am one of thine.
verse 17 Lord let me never be abasht,
for I thy succour crave:
But let the wicked ones be dasht,
and silenc't in the grave.
verse 18 Let lying lips in silence die,
which speak the worst they can,
Most proudly and contemptuously
against the righteous man.
verse 19 O Lord, how great felicity
hast thou laid up for them
That fear thy name and trust in thee,
before the sons of men.
verse 20 Thou hid'st them in thy secret eye,
from haughty tyrants wrongs;
Kept in thy secret canopie
from all the strife of tongues.
[Page 73] verse 21 O blessed be the Lord above,
that succour'd me so far:
And shew'd me such exceeding love,
in a strong town of war.
verse 22 I said in haste, I am remov'd,
and cut off from thine eyes,
Yet was I so of thee belov'd
thou heardst my doleful cries.
verse 23 O love the Lord, all ye his saints,
for he the faithful guards:
And the proud man with punishments
he plent'ously rewards.
verse 24 Be strong, and God shall stay your heart;
be confident ye just;
And surely God shall take your part,
since ye on him do trust.

Psalm XXXII.

Lowath Tune.
[...]BLes--sed, O bles--sed man is he.
[...]whose sin God pas---eth by:
[...]And hid is his in--i--qui--ty
[...]from God's all---see----ing eye.
verse 2 Blessed is he to whom the Lord
imputeth not his sin:
Whose heart hath all deceit abhorr'd,
and guile's not found therein.
[Page 74] verse 3 For while I no confession made,
but silent kept my Tongue,
My bones (as if with age) decay'd
with roaring all day long.
verse 4 Thy hand on me was burdensome
the day and night throughout:
So that my moisture did become
like Summers parching drought.
verse 5 Then I confest my sin to thee,
and all my faults reveal'd:
My trespass and iniquity
no longer I conceal'd:
I said, I will to God confess
what all my sins have been:
Then thou forgav'st the wickedness,
and guilt of all my sin.
verse 6 Hence all good men shall pray to thee,
what time thou maist be found:
Sure when great floods of water be,
he safely stands his ground.
verse 7 O God thou art my hiding place,
from straits thou sets me free:
And with sweet songs of saving grace
thou dost encompass me.
verse 8 I will instruct thee, saith my God,
and teach thee in the way:
My watchful eye shall be thy guide,
lest thou shouldst go astray.
verse 9 Be not so rude and ignorant
as is the horse and mule:
Whose mouth if that the corb it wants,
from harm thou canst not rule.
verse 10 For certainly to men unjust,
shall miseries abound:
But him that in the Lord doth trust,
shall mercy compass round.
[Page 75] verse 11 O all ye right'ous men rejoyce,
and in the Lord delight,
With joyful shouts lift up your voice,
all ye whose hearts are right.

Psalm XXXII.

Metre 2. To the 100 Psalm Tune.
[...]O Hap-py man! whom God forgives,
[...]and hides what he has done a--miss;
[...]Owns him as if he had not sinn'd,
[...]whose heart sin--cere and up-right is.
verse 3 My woes increas'd, while I suppress'd
my guilt; no quiet I could get:
verse 4 Thy wrath did press me like a weight,
and scorch'd me like the Summers heat.
verse 5 I then resolved to disclose
my crimes, and open all my wound;
I humbly did confess my sins
to thee, and easy pardon found.
verse 6 This Mercy shall invite good men
in season to implore thine aid;
Then tho' their troubles like a flood
should rise, they need not be afraid.
verse 7 Thou, Lord, shall be my safe retreat;
to thee I'll fly in all distress;
Thou wilt preserve me; and in songs
of Victory I'll thee confess.
[Page 76] verse 8 I'll counsel sinners to obey;
verse 9 And not be like the Horse or Mule,
Whose fury till they're broke or tam'd,
No Rein can guide, no Curb can rule.
verse 10 Such sinners meet with heavy stroaks:
verse 11 While those that trust in God, shall prove
The happy men then let the just
Rejoice and Triumph in his Love.


London Tune.
[...]YE righ-t'ous in the Lord re-joice,
[...]for praise be-comes the saints:
[...]Praise God with psalt'ry, harp, and voice,
[...]and ten-string'd In--stru--ments.
verse 3 Sing to the Lord aloud with praise,
with skilful songs and new:
verse 4 For lo his word, his works and ways
are faithful just and true.
verse 5 Justice and judgment he doth love,
ev'n this most right'ous Lord:
And with his goodness from above
the earth is richly stor'd.
verse 6 The word of his eternal truth
compos'd the spangled skie:
And by the breathing of his mouth,
the hoasts of heav'n on high.
[Page 77] verse 7 The waters of the Sea he keeps
confin'd within the shore:
He layeth up the liquid deeps,
as in a house of store.
verse 8 Let all the earth submit with fear
to this almighty Lord:
And all the nations every where,
ev'n tremble at his word.
verse 9 For he but spake, and it was done,
and when his word was past,
His ordinances thus begun,
and evermore stands fast.
verse 10 The counsel of the nations rude
the Lord doth bring to nought:
He doth defeat the multitude,
of their device and thought.
verse 11 But Gods own counsels do remain,
they stand for ever sure:
The thoughts which his heart doth retain
from age to age endure.

The second part.

verse 12 That nation's blest, whose God's the Lord,
foreknown in his decree;
And chosen of his own accord,
his heritage to be.
verse 13 The Lord from heaven cast his eye
on men of mortal birth;
verse 14 Beholding from his seat on high
all dwellers on the earth.
verse 15 Alike he frames and fashioneth
the hearts of great and small:
Their works he well considereth,
and judgeth of them all.
verse 16 No num'rous host can save a king,
it is not strength that can
Deliverance from danger bring
unto a mighty man.
[Page 78] verse 17 A horse is vain, and never can
give safety in the fight:
Nor shall deliver any man
by his great strength and might,
verse 18 But lo, the Lord doth set his eye
with favour on the just,
And those that fear him faithfully,
and in his mercy trust:
verse 19 To save their precious souls alive
from deaths destructive pow'r:
And store of wholsome food to give,
when famine would devour.
verse 20 Our soul doth wait with patience
for God the holy one:
He is our help and our defence,
he is our shield alone.
verse 21 For lo, our heart in him shall joy,
because we can proclaim
That we have trusted stedfastly
in his most holy name.
verse 22 Lord, let thy mercy and thy grace
upon us ever be:
Accordingly as we do place
our confidence in thee.

Psalm XXXIV.

St. Marys Tune.
[...]AT all times I will mag-ni--fy,
[...]and bless the li---ving Lord:
[...]My thank-ful mouth con-ti-n'-al--ly[Page 79]
[...]his prai---ses shall re--cord.
verse 2 My soul shall boast in God's great name,
with glad and glor'ing voice:
The humble men shall hear the same,
and mightily rejoyce.
verse 3 O magnify the Lord with me,
and let us all endeavour
Him to exalt in high degree,
and praise his name together.
verse 4 I sought the Lord with fervent cries,
and he my voice did hear:
The Lord deliv'red me likewise
from all my painful fear.
verse 5 The saints lookt up to him on high,
and by this means they came
To be enlightned gloriously,
their face receiv'd no shame.
verse 6 This poor man cry'd, the saints shall say,
the Lord did hear his call:
And for his troubles he made way,
to help him out of all.
verse 7 The angel of the Lord most high
encampeth ev'ry where;
Deliv'ring them continually
that walk in God's true fear.
verse 8 O taste, ye saints, and tasting see,
that God's a gracious one:
O happy, happy man is he,
that trusts in him alone.
verse 9 O fear the Lord, ye saints of his,
fear him with one accord:
For never any want there is
to them that fear the Lord.
[Page 80] verse 10 Young lions lack, and shall endure
sharp hungers mortal sting:
But they that fear the Lord are sure
to want for no good thing.

The second part.

verse 11 Come, Children, with alacrity,
unto my words give ear:
And I will teach you perfectly
the Lords true filial fear.
verse 12 What man unto long life aspires,
and loveth many days:
To see the good that he desires,
let him observe these ways.
verse 13 Thy tongue all evil must exclude,
thy lips must guile eschew:
verse 14 Depart from evil and do good,
seek peace, and peace pursue,
verse 15 For on the right'ous ev'ry where
the Lord doth set his eye:
And opens his attentive ear
to their uncessant cry.
verse 16 the Lord hath set his countenance
against the wicked race:
To cut off their rememberance
on earth from ev'ry place.
verse 17 The right'ous cry, the Lord doth hear,
and ends their troubles quite.
verse 18 To broken hearts the Lord is near,
and saves the soul contrite.
verse 19 Full many are the miseries
of just and right'ous men:
But out of all adversities
the Lord deliv'reth them.
verse 20 And by a special providence
he keepeth ev'ry bone:
That none by any violence
is broken, no not one.
[Page 81] verse 21 But evil shall the wicked slay,
and whosoever hate
The right'ous, for their right'ous way,
shall soon be desolate.
verse 22 The Lord doth graciously redeem
his servants souls each one:
And none do put their trust in him,
that shall be overthrown.

Psalm XXXV.

Bristol Tune.
[...]LOrd plead my right'ous cause with those
[...]that are with me at strife:
[...]O fight a-gainst my mor--tal foes,
[...]that fight a--gainst my life.
verse 2 Lay hold O Lord upon the lance,
the buckler and the shield:
Stand up for my deliverance,
and for me fight the field.
verse 3 Draw out the sword, and stop the way,
of those that follow me:
And to my soul in mercy say,
thy sav'our I will be.
verse 4 Confound them with rebuke and blame,
that seek my soul to kill:
Let them turn back and fly with shame,
that think to work me ill.
[Page 82] verse 5 As chaff doth fly before the wind,
so let them fly apace:
And let God's angels come behind,
to prosecute the chase.
verse 6 Bring them in dark and slipp'ry way,
that they may surely fall:
And let God's angel make no stay,
but persecute them all.
verse 7 For causelesly within a pit
a net for me they hid:
Ev'n for my soul they digged it,
and this they causeless did.
verse 8 Let him be ruin'd unawares,
and taken in the net:
Yea taken in those very snares
which his own hand hath set.
verse 9 And then my soul shall joy in thee,
thy help, O Lord, to find:
And thy salvation then shall be
as musick to my mind.
verse 10 And all my bones shall thus confess,
Lord, who is like to thee,
That sav'st the poor man from distress,
when foes too pow'rful be?
Yea, thou deliv'rest by thy pow'r
the poor and needy man,
From him that seeketh to devour,
and spoil him if he can.

The second part.

verse 11 False witness did against me rise
with evidence untrue:
And charg'd me with iniquities,
whereof I nothing knew.
verse 12 For good they did reward me ill,
to th' spoiling of my Soul:
But as for me I used still
their sorrows to condole.
[Page 83] verse 13 I put on sackcloath for these men,
My soul did fast and mourn:
And into mine own bosome then
my prayer did return.
verse 14 Ev'n for my foe I made my moan,
as for my friend or brother:
I bow'd down heavily as one
that mourneth for his mother.
verse 15 But they rejoyced in my woe,
vile abjects met to plot:
They gather'd when I did not know,
they tore me ceasing not.
verse 16 With mocking hypocrites at feasts,
they gnasht their teeth at me.
verse 17 O Lord, how long shall these vile beasts
both seen and suffer'd be?
Rescue my soul in this sad state,
from their destructive paws:
And bring my darling desolate
even from the lions jaws.
verse 18 And then will I give thanks to thee
in great assemblies, Lord:
And in the thickest throngs that be,
will I thy praise record.

The third part.

verse 19 Let not my wrongful enemies
lift up their horn on high:
Nor let them wink with scornful eye
that hate me causelesly.
verse 20 For not a word of peace they say,
but closely take in hand
Deceitful matters, to betray
men quiet in the land,
verse 21 Yea and their mouths are open'd wide
against me spitefully:
Aha, aha, mine enemies cry'd,
we saw it with our eye.
[Page 84] verse 22 O Lord, thou canst not choose but see,
O do not hold thy tongue:
O Saviour, be not far from me,
Lord be not absent long.
verse 23 Stir up thy self, and undertake
my judgment to decide:
My God, my Lord, ev'n now awake,
and let my cause be tri'd
verse 24 According to thy equity,
judge me, O Lord, my God:
And let them not joy over me,
while I am under trod.
verse 25 Nor suffer them in heart to say,
ah! we would have it thus:
Nor let them say, he's made a prey,
and swallow'd up by us.
verse 26 Let bashful shame upon them fall,
and let confusion sad
Be brought at once upon them all
that at my hurt are glad.
Let them be cloath'd with infamy,
let shame confound their face,
That do so proudly magnifie
themselves in my disgrace.
verse 27 But let them shout and triumph still.
with gladness and applause,
That favour me and bear good will
unto my right'ous cause.
Yea let them say continually,
extoll'd be God above,
His servants true prosperity
that doth so truly love.
verse 28 And I most gladly will express
thy praise with grateful tongue:
And celebrate thy right'ousness
O with praises all day long.

Psalm XXXVI.

St. Marys Tune.
[...]UN--god--ly mens in----i--qui--ties
[...]do make me think and say,
[...]God's fear is not be--fore his eyes,
[...]that goes this wick---ed way.
verse 2 For in his own deluded eye,
that man himself doth flatter:
Until that his iniquity
be found a hateful matter.
verse 3 His words are full of wickedness,
and framed to deceive:
But wisdom, truth, and right'ousness
he doth forsake and leave.
verse 4 He plotteth on his bed by night,
his mischiefs to fulfil:
He sets himself in ways not right,
and he abhors no ill.
verse 5 O Lord thy mercy doth ascend,
above the heavens high:
So doth thy faithfulness extend
unto the starry skie.
verse 6 Thy right'ousness is like the hills,
the greatest not the least:
Thy judgments a deep Ocean fills,
thou savest man and beast.
[Page 86] verse 7 How excellent, Lord, is that grace,
and love that from thee springs:
Therefore the sons of men do place
their trust in thy spread wings.
verse 8 With fatness of thine house on high
thou shalt thy saints suffice:
And make them drink abundantly
the river of thy joys.
verse 9 Because the spring of life most pure,
doth ever flow from thee:
And in thy light we shall be sure
eternal light to see.
verse 10 O then continue thy sweet grace
to them that have thee known:
And let thy right'ousness embrace
the upright hearted one.
verse 11 But let not, Lord, the foot of pride
against thy servant stand;
Nor let me ever fall or slide
by any wicked hand.
verse 12 Lo, there the wicked workers fall,
they fall before our eyes:
They are cast down, and never shall
be able more to rise.


Windsor Tune.
[...]FRet not thy self, nor be in-cens'd
[...]for such as will trans-gress:
[...]Nor be thou en--vi--ous a-gainst[Page 87]
[...]the Sons of wick----ed--ness.
verse 2 For they shall soon be cut away,
like to the tender grass:
And like green herbs they shall decay,
and wither as they pass.
verse 3 Trust in the Lord, and put thy hand
to actions that be good:
So shalt thou dwell within the land,
and be assur'd of food.
verse 4 Also delight thy self in God,
and he shall let thee have
Thy hearts desire accomplished,
whatever thou dost crave.
verse 5 Commit thy way unto the Lord,
trust also in his name:
And then, according to his word,
he will effect the same.
verse 6 And he shall publish and display
thy justice as the light:
And make thy judgment, as noon day,
to shine exceeding bright.
verse 7 Rest on the Lord, with patience stay,
fret not thy self a jot
For him that prospers in his way,
and speeds his wicked plot.
verse 8 Let not rash anger in thee rise,
all wrath forsake and shun:
Fret not thy self in any wise
that evil should be done.
verse 9 For evil doers shall be destroy'd
by God's revenging hand:
But they that daily wait on God,
they shall enjoy the land.
[Page 88] verse 10 For lo, within a little space
the wicked shall be gone:
Yea, and thou shalt not find his place,
though pondering thereupon.
verse 11 But meek men shall possess the earth,
with all her rich encrease;
And shall delight themselves in mirth,
and most abundant peace.
verse 12 The wicked plots against th'upright,
devising what he can;
And even grates his teeth for spight,
against the right'ous man.
verse 13 The Lord shall laugh at his lewd way,
beholding from on high,
How unawares his fatal day
doth hasten and draw nigh.
verse 14 The wicked men their sword have drawn,
prepar'd their bow and quiver,
The poor and needy to cast down,
and slay the upright liver.
verse 15 Their swords shall enter at their heart,
and pierce themselves quite through:
And e're they can discharge their dart,
their bows shall break in two.

The second part.

verse 16 A little that the just enjoys,
is better far to them
Then all the wealthy treasuries
of many wicked men.
verse 17 For God will surely break the arm
of sinners by his might:
But he will still uphold from harm
and stablish the upright.
verse 18 God knows the days of upright men,
and he reserves in st [...]re.
A rich inheritance for them,
which lasts for evermore.
[Page 89] verse 19 They shall not be asham'd at all,
when evil doth betide:
But in the day of famine shall
be sweetly satisfy'd.
verse 20 But wicked men shall perish soon,
and such as God provoke:
As th'fat of lambs they shall consume,
and vanish into smoak.
verse 21 The wicked man a borrowing goes,
but cares not to repay:
Whereas the right'ous mercy shews,
and freely gives away.

The third part.

verse 22 By such as God pronounceth blest,
the earth shall be enjoy'd:
But such as he hath curst, shall be
cut off and quite destroy'd.
verse 23 A good mans steps the Lord doth bless,
and orders them aright:
And in his way of godliness
he greatly doth delight.
verse 24 And though he fall, he falls not quite,
but shall be made to stand:
For God upholds him by the might
of his most mighty hand.
verse 25 I have been young, and now am old,
yet, to my hoary head,
The just, nor his, did I behold,
cast off to beg their bread.
verse 26 Still he is merciful and kind,
and out of kindness lends:
A blessing (too) he leaves behind,
which to his seed descends,
verse 27 Depart from evil and do well,
lay up good works in store
And then thou shalt be sure to dwell
in peace for evermore.
[Page 90] verse 28 For God loves judgment and will not
forsake his saints at need;
For ever he preserves their lot,
but slays the sinners seed.
verse 29 To all the earth the just are heirs,
it is their heritage,
To dwell therein both they and theirs,
even from age to age.
verse 30 The mouth of right'ous men hath force
deep wisdom to express:
Of judgment doth his tongue discourse,
and talk of Right'ousness.
verse 31 The law which his great God did make,
doth in his heart abide:
And of the steps that he doth take,
not one shall ever slide.
verse 32 The wicked watcheth narrowly,
to catch the right'ous man:
And seeketh opportunity
to kill him if he can.
verse 33 But God will never let him fall
into his wicked hands:
Nor let him be condemn'd at all,
when he in judgment stands.

The fourth part.

verse 34 Wait on the Lord and keep his path,
he shall exalt thee then
To dwell on earth, and see his wrath
upon ungodly men.
verse 35 The wicked in great pow'r and pride,
with terror I have seen,
Spreading himself on every side,
like to a lawrel green.
verse 36 Yet passed he away like wind,
and lo, he was quite gone:
Yea, and I sought him, but could find
no sign of such a one.
[Page 91] verse 37 Mark and behold the perfect man,
and mark till his decease:
For sure the end of such a one
is everlasting peace.
verse 38 But they that wilfully offend,
shall be destroy'd together:
And this shall be the wickeds end,
to be cut off for ever.
verse 39 But right'ous mens salvation
of great Jehovah is:
In time of tribulation,
he is a rock to his.
verse 40 And God shall help and succour them,
and he shall save the just:
Deliv'ring them from wicked men,
because in him they trust.


Bristol Tune.
[...]ME, Lord, in wrath do not con-troul,
[...]nor scourge in fu----ry fierce?
[...]Thy hea---vy hand sinks down my Soul,
[...]thine ar---rows deep---ly pierce.
verse 3 My flesh no soundness hath within,
because thou art displeas'd:
My bones by reason of my sin,
by no means can be eas'd.
[Page 92] verse 4 The weight of mine iniquities,
which o're my head doth roul,
Ev'n like a heavy burden lies,
too heavy for my soul.
verse 5 My wounds corrupt and putrifie,
my folly makes it so:
And much bow'd down with misery,
all day I mourning go.
verse 7 My loins are fill'd with loathsomness,
my flesh hath no sound part:
verse 8 I'm weak and bruis'd in such excess,
I roar for grief of heart.
verse 9 But, Lord, thou know'st my whole desire,
my groans are in thy sight,
verse 10 My heart doth pant, my strength doth tire,
mine eyes have lost their light.
verse 11 My lovers and my friends so dear,
stand distant from my sore:
My kinsman unto me so near,
come at me now no more.
verse 12 And they that seek my life lay snares,
and they that seek my wrong
Speak mischief, and their heart prepares
deceits, even all day long.
verse 13 But as a man both deaf and dumb,
that neither speaks nor hears,
verse 14 From whom no contradictions come,
I stopt both mouth and ears.
verse 15 For, Lord, my hope against my foe
is wholly fixt on thee:
And thou, O Lord my God I know,
wilt hear and answer me.
verse 16 For hear, said I, least they should be
puft up with wanton pride:
And magnify themselves on me,
when once my foot doth slide.
[Page 93] verse 17 For I am ready now to halt,
my sorrows still I see:
verse 18 Wherefore I will declare my fault,
my sin shall humble me.
verse 19 But still mine en'mies are in heart,
increast and waxen strong:
They hate my soul without desert,
and do me all the wrong.
verse 20 They are my adversaries too,
that good with ill repay:
Because I carefully pursue
a good and godly way.
verse 21 O Lord my God, forsake me not,
far from me never be,
verse 22 My Saviour, O defer no jot
to help and succour me.

Psalm XXXIX.

Windsor Tune.
[...]I Will take heed un--to my ways,
[...]and keep my tongue, said I;
[...]Brid-ling my mouth from sin-ful words,
[...]while wick---ed men stand by.
verse 2 And dumb with silence thus I stood,
and did not speak a word:
I held my peace from speaking good,
then was my sorrow stirr'd.
[Page 94] verse 3 My heart within me waxed hot,
while busi'd here about:
And as I mus'd the fire did burn,
at last these words burst out.
verse 4 Lord make me understand my end,
and days uncertain date:
That I may fully apprehend
the frailty of my state.
verse 5 Lo, thou hast made my days a span,
mine age is nothing deem'd:
Sure all men are meer vanity
at best estate esteem'd:
verse 6 Sure each man walks in vainest show,
sure they are vext in vain:
He heaps up wealth, and knows not who
shall gather all his gain.

The second part.

verse 7 And now, O Lord, what wait I for?
my hope is all in thee.
verse 8 Save me from all my sins, lest I
a scorn to fools should be.
verse 9 But I was silent at these things,
I speak not, but was dumb:
Because I knew my sufferings
from thy good hand did come.
verse 10 Remove from me thy scourge and plague,
which I cannot withstand:
I am consumed by the blow
of thy correcting hand.
verse 11 When thy rebukes correct for sin,
it makes mans beauty die,
Like garments where the moth hath been;
sure all are vanity.
verse 12 Lord hear my prayer attend my cry,
regard my tears that fall:
I sojourn as a stranger here,
as did my fathers all.
[Page 95] verse 13 O spare me, Lord, and give me breath,
my strength to me restore;
Before I go from hence by death,
and shall be seen no more.

Psalm XL.

Dublin Tune.
[...]WIth ex--pect--a--tion for the Lord,
[...]I wait---ed pa--tient---ly:
[...]At length to me he did ac--cord,
[...]and heark--ned to my cry.
verse 2 He brought me from a dreadful pit,
and from the miry clay:
And on a rock he set my feet,
establishing my way.
verse 3 He taught my mouth new songs to frame,
our God to magnifie:
Many shall see and fear his name,
and on the Lord rely.
verse 4 O blessed man whose hearts repose
is God for all supplies;
Respecting not the proud, nor those
that turn aside to lies.
verse 5 O Lord my God, many are these
great works which thou hast wrought:
Many the gracious purposes,
which are to us ward thought.
[Page 96]None can sum up how great they be,
and when I would express,
Declare, and speak of them to thee,
I find them numberless.
verse 6 No sacrifice nor no such thing,
dost thou at all desire:
Burnt-offering, or sin-off'ring
thou dost of none require.
verse 7 But thou hast opened mine ears;
then, lo I come said I:
The volume of thy book declares
of me apparently.
verse 8 My God, I come to do thy mind,
and do it with delight:
Yea in my heart thy law I find,
for there thou didst it write,

The second part.

verse 9 Thy justice and thy right'ousness
in great resorts I tell:
Behold my tongue no time doth cease,
O Lord thou know'st full well.
verse 10 Thy justice I have not conceal'd,
my heart could not with-hold;
Thy faithfulness I have reveal'd,
and thy salvation told.
verse 11 With hold not thou thy tender love
from me, O Lord, therefore:
Let truth and mercy from above
preserve me evermore.
verse 12 For, Lord, with mischiefs manifold
full sore beset am I:
My sins on me do take such hold,
I even droop and die.
And surely many more they be
than hairs upon my head:
Therefore my heart quite faileth me,
and is discouraged.
[Page 97] verse 13 But of thy mercy, gracious Lord,
be pleas'd to set me free:
And with great speed do thou afford
salvation unto me.
verse 14 Let them sustain rebuke and shame,
that seek my soul to kill:
Drive back my foes and blast their fame
that work or wish me ill:
verse 15 Let this reward their shame repay,
confounded let them be,
Whoever say, aha, aha,
in way of scorn to me.
verse 16 Let such as seek thy name be glad,
and joy in thee always:
Let such as love thy saving aid
say still, to God be praise.
verse 17 But poor and needy, Lord, am I,
yet not of God forgot:
Thou art my help and sure supply,
my God, O tarry not.

Psalm XLI.

St. Marys Tune.
[...]THe Man is blest that pru--dent-ly
[...]doth of the poor cake care:
[...]For God will sure de---li--ver him,
[...]when great--est dan--gers are.
[Page 98] verse 2 The Lord will keep him safe alive,
and bless him in the land:
And thou wilt not deliver him,
into his en'mies hand.
verse 3 Upon his bed of languishing
the Lord will hold his head:
And in his sickness strengthen him,
and make ev'n all his bed.
verse 4 O Lord, said I, do thou extend
thy mercy unto me:
And heal my soul for I have sin'd,
and sore offended thee.
verse 5 Mine enemies speak ill of me,
and say, when shall he die,
That so his name and memory
may perish utterly?
verse 6 And if he come to visit me,
he doth but vainly gloze:
His heart heaps up iniquity,
and tells it where he goes.
verse 7 My hateful foes ly whispering,
and jointly they combine
Against me to devise my hurt
is all their main design.
verse 8 An evil and mischievous thing,
say they, cleaves to him sore:
And now that he lies languishing,
he shall rise up no more.
verse 9 Yea, Lord, my peaceful friend, of whom
I was so confident,
That at my table eat my bread,
his heel's against me bent.
verse 10 But, Lord, be merciful to me
and raise me up again:
That I may justly recompence
the doings of these men.
[Page 99] verse 11 And that thou favour'st me, O Lord,
by this good sign I see:
Because my foe may not insult,
nor triumph over me.
verse 12 But I in my integrity
am stablisht by thy grace:
And thou for ever settest me
before thy glorious face.
verse 13 The Lord the God of Israel
be prais'd eternally,
From age to age for evermore
Amen, Amen, say I.

Psalm XLII.

Oxford Tune.
[...]LIke as the thir-sty heart doth pant,
[...]when he doth brooks of wa-ter want:
[...]so sighs my soul, O Lord, for thee,
[...]My soul thirsts for the li--ving God:
[...]when shall I en--ter his a-bode,
[...]his beams of beau-ty there to see?
[Page 100] verse 3 Tears are my food both right and day,
while, where's my God? they daily say.
verse 4 My very soul in tears I shed,
when I remember how in throngs
We fill'd his house with praise and songs,
and I their solemn dances led.
verse 5 My soul, why art thou so deprest,
so tost and troubled in my breast?
O hope in God for evermore.
for yet again shall I confess
His favours with much thankfulness,
and comforts which he shall restore.
verse 6 Yet now my soul within me faints.
my God consider my complaints:
For I will think upon thee still;
ev'n from the vale where Jordan flows,
Where Hermon his high forehead shews,
and also from the little hill.

The second part.

verse 7 Deep unto deep with noise do call,
when as thy spouts of water fall,
And while thy dreadful tempest raves:
for all thy floods falls from the skies,
And billows after billows rise,
to swallow me amidst the waves.
verse 8 Yet will the Lord by day command
his loving-kindness near at hand;
His songs by night shall lodge with me,
as Musick sweet amidst my cares,
And then will I present my prayers,
God of my life, ev'n unto thee.
verse 9 And say, my God my rock, O why,
am I forgot and mourning die;
And by my toes are brought to dust?
verse 10 Their words like weapons pierce my bones,
while still the eccho to my grones,
Where is thy God, thy only trust?
[Page 101] verse 11 My soul why art thou so deprest,
troubled and tost within my breast;
Bow'd down and sunk beneath thy load?
O hope in God, and on him wait,
For I his praise will celebrate,
who is my Saviour and my God.

Psalm XLIII.

St. David's Tune.
[...]Judge me, O God, and plead my cause
[...]a--gainst a na-tion vile:
[...]O save me from the ty-rants jaws,
[...]and such as pra-ctice guile.
verse 2 For of my strength thou art the God,
why do I mourning go,
Cast off by thee and undertrod
by my imperious foe?
verse 3 O send out light and truth divine,
to lead and bring me near
Unto that holy hill of thine,
and tabernacles there.
verse 4 Then to thine Altar I will press,
O God my wondrous joy:
O God my God, thy name to bless
my harp I will employ.
verse 5 Why art thou then discouraged
within me, O my Soul?
[Page 102]And why art thou disquieted?
let faith thy fears controul.
Hope still in God thy help to be,
whom I shall yet applaud:
My health of countenance is he
and my most gracious God.

Psalm XLIV.

Lincoln Tune.
[...]WE have, O God, heard with our ears,
[...]our fa--thers have us told
[...]what works thou didst in days of theirs,
[...]and in the times of old.
[...]How thy hand drove out hea-then men,
[...]to plant them in their place:
[...]Thou didst af-flict those peo-ple then,[Page 103]
[...]and cast them out a--pace.
verse 3 For by their Sword they never got
possession of the land:
Their own puissance sav'd them not,
but it was thy right hand.
It was thine arm and shining face,
from whence their help did rise:
Because our fathers found such grace,
and favour in thine eyes.
verse 4 My great and pow'rful king art thou,
ev'n thou alone, O God:
Command thou that deliv'rance now
for Jacob may be had.
verse 5 Through thee we will push down our foes
and through thy name, O God,
Whoever have against us rose,
shall quite be undertrod.
verse 6 For I will never trust, O Lord,
unto my bended bow;
Nor yet conceive I that my sword
can save me from my foe.
verse 7 But thou hast sav'd us from our foes,
and fully set us free:
Yea thou hast put to shame all those
of whom we hated be.

The second part.

verse 8 In God we all day long do boast,
and ever praise thy name:
verse 9 Yet now thou go'st not with our host,
but casts us off with shame.
verse 10 Thou mak'st us from the foe to fly,
turn back and quit the soil:
And they that hate us mortally,
enrich themselves by spoil.
[Page 104] verse 11 Thou gavest us into their hands,
as sheep ordain'd for food:
And scatter'd us in heathen lands,
among a barb'rous brood.
verse 12 Thou sell'st thy people now for nought,
taking no price nor pay:
So that thy people are not bought,
but wholly giv'n away.
verse 13 Thou makest us a meer reproach
unto our neighbours near;
Yea a derision unto such
as round about us are.
verse 14 Among the heathen we are spread
as by-words of disgrace
A scornful shaking of the head,
before all Peoples face.
verse 15 My sore confusion and disgrace
before me still I see:
The shame of my abashed face
hath also cover'd me:
verse 16 Because the voice of blasphemy
we hear with many taunts,
By reason of the enemy,
and the avengers vaunts.

The third part.

verse 17 All this is come upon us, Lord,
yet we forgat not thee;
But in thy cov'nant have abhorr'd
to deal deceitfully.
verse 18 Our heart is not turn'd back, O God,
nor have we gone astray▪
Nor any other path have trod,
but onely in thy way.
verse 19 Though thou hast crusht us in the place
where dragons draw their breath:
And cover'd us in this sad case
with darksome shades of death
[Page 105] verse 20 Had we forgot our God's great name
and help of idols sought,
verse 21 Should not our God search out the same,
since he doth know our thought?
verse 22 Yea, for thy sake, Lord, all the day
are we kill'd up as sheep:
And counted as the flock which they
for common slaughter keep.
verse 23 Awake, O mighty Lord, awake
why sleep'st thou altogether?
Arise for thy dear servants sake
cast us not off for ever.
verse 24 O wherefore dost thou hide thine eyes,
forgetting our distress;
And look'st not on the miseries
which do our souls oppress?
verse 25 For down to dust our soul is trod,
on earth as worms we craul:
verse 26 Rise for thy mercies sake, O God,
aid and redeem us all.

Psalm XLV.

St. Marys Tune.
[...]My stu-dious heart con-tem-plat--ing,
[...]good mat---ter doth in---dite;
[...]Touch-ing the king I made a thing
[...]which here I will re---cite,
My tongue is as a writers pen,
that writes with swiftest speed.
verse 2 Much fairer then the sons of men,
I say thou art indeed.
For grace is power'd in plent'ous store,
into thy lips divine:
And God therefore for evermore
hath blest those lips of thine.
verse 3 O gird thy sword upon thy thigh,
thou that excell'st in might:
Appear in thy great Majesty,
and in thy glory bright.
verse 4 And ride on in thy Majesty,
with prosperous success;
Because of thy humility,
thy truth and right'ousness.
And thy right hand, O mighty king,
shall unto thee declare
Th'accomplishing of many things
most terrible and rare.
verse 5 Thine arrows shall be sharp in all,
in all thy en'mies hearts:
Much people shall beneath thee fall,
sore wounded with thy darts.
verse 6 O God, thou hast a lasting throne,
that never more decays:
And thy alone dominion
a right'ous scepter sways.
verse 7 Thy soul loves truth, and lewdness hates,
and God thy God therefore
Thee consecrates above thy mates,
with oyl of gladness store.
verse 8 Of cassia, myrrhe and aloes,
do all thy garments smell:
Which out of these thy palaces
of ivory please thee well.
[Page 107] verse 9 Among thy noble female band
kings daughters were enroll'd:
At thy right hand the queen did stand
in purest Ophir gold.

The second part.

verse 10 Hearken, O daughter, bow thine ear,
consider and incline:
Forget what were thy people there,
that fathers house of thine.
verse 11 So shall the king desire to see
thy beauty then much more:
For only he thy Lord must be.
whom thou must needs adore.
verse 12 And there shall Tyrus daughter be,
and many rich and great:
Presenting thee with gifts most free,
thy favour to intreat.
verse 13 The daughter of this royal line,
within for to behold,
Doth with divine perfection shine,
her cloathing's all wrought gold.
verse 14 Be brought unto the king shall she
in needle-work array'd:
And unto thee her train shall be,
and Virgin-mates convey'd:
verse 15 With nuptial joys and festival
they shall these Virgins bring:
Where met they shall have entrance all,
i'th palace of the king.
verse 16 In fathers stead thou shalt have sons,
by new and heavenly birth:
And make those sons most mighty ones,
and chief in all the earth.
verse 17 To ages all I'le keep in store
the mem'ry of thy name:
Thy praise therefore for evermore
shall all the earth proclaim,

Psalm XLVI.

Dublin Tune.
[...]God is our hope on whom we wait,
[...]our strength and re---fuge near,
[...]A pre-sent help in ev'-ry strait:
[...]There-fore we will not fear;
verse 2 No though the earth should be displac't
and though the mountains steep
Into the very sea be cast,
and bur'ed in the deep.
verse 3 Yea, though the sea great noise doth make,
and restless roars and raves;
And though the very mountains shake,
with swelling of her waves.
verse 4 There is a river flows apace,
and maketh glad thereby
The City of God the holy place,
and tents of the most high.
verse 5 The Lord is in the midst of her,
be mov'd she never may:
The Lord shall help her, and confer
that help by break of day.
verse 6 The heathen raged fur'ously,
the kingdoms moved were:
His voice he utter'd from on high,
the earth did melt for fear.
[Page 109] verse 7 The Lord of hosts of Israel
is evermore with his:
And lo, out tow'r impregnable
the God of Jacob is,

The second part.

verse 8 Come see, and ponder in your thought
the works of God's own hand:
What desolations he hath wrought
in sight of all the land.
verse 9 He ceaseth wars now ev'ry where,
which kingdoms did conspire:
He breaks the bow, he cuts the spear,
the chariot burns with fire.
verse 10 Be still, and understand, saith he,
that I am God alone:
Among the heathen I will be
the high exalted one:
On earth I will be magnifi'd,
in all my might and power.
verse 11 The Lord of hosts is on our side,
and Jacobs God's our tower.

Psalm. XLVII.

London Tune.
[...]YE peo--ple all, with one ac--cord
[...]clap hands and joyn in joys;
[...]Shout ye, and sing un--to the Lord[Page 110]
[...]with most tri---um-phant noise.
verse 2 For he's a high and dreadful one,
to be ador'd with fear:
A mighty king in all the earth:
exalted far and near.
verse 3 For us shall this almighty king
subdue the heathen lands;
And people in subjection bring
to Israels commands.
verse 4 Our heritage where we must dwell,
shall he select alone:
A glorious lot for Israel,
his wel-beloved one.
verse 5 God is ascended up on high
with shouts which shake the ground:
The Lord is gone up gloriously
with trumpets chearful sound.
verse 6 Sing praise to God, sing praise with mirth,
sing praises to our king;
verse 7 For God is king of all the earth:
all skilful praises sing.
verse 8 God reigneth universally
over the heathen lands:
Sits on his throne of sanctity,
and all the earth commands.
verse 9 The princes of the lands abroad
do all of them flock hither:
All people serving Abrahams God,
they and their kings together.
For lo, the shields of all the earth
belong to God most high:
He is exalted and set forth
exceeding glor'ously.

Psalm XLVII.

Metre 2. To the 148 Psalm Tune.
[...]LEt all in sweet ac--cord,
[...]clap hands and voi---ces raise
[...]In ho--nour of the Lord,
[...]and loud---ly sing his praise.
[...]For God most high is King of Kings,
[...]and rules all things with Ma-je--sty.
verse 3 Whole Nations of our foes
he throws beneath our feet.
verse 4 A happy lot he chose
for us as he thought meet:
The dignity of Israel,
belov'd so well, by the most high.
verse 5 God is gone up on high
with shouts and trumpets sound,
Ascending glor'ously.
verse 6 O let him be renown'd;
His praises sing, and loudly raise,
your voice to praise, our Heav'nly King.
[Page 112] verse 7 For God is Sovereign King
and Lord of all the Earth:
With understanding sing,
and set his praises forth.
verse 8 God reigns alone o're Heathen men,
sitting upon his holy Throne.
verse 9 The Princes gather there,
the Princes of all Lands:
And people far and near,
whom Abraham's God commands,
The shields are his; throughout the Earth,
of so great worth Jehovah is.


St. Davids Tune.
[...]GReat is the Lord, his praise no less,
[...]for so must we re--cord
[...]Here in his hill of ho--li--ness,
[...]and ci---ty of our Lord.
verse 2 Mount Sion is a beaut'ous thing,
the whole earth's joy and pride:
The city of the mighty king
is on her northern side.
verse 3 The Lord within her palace there
is known a refuge nigh:
verse 4 For lo, the kings assembled were,
together they past by,
[Page 113] verse 5 They saw it and they marvelled,
for there they durst not stay:
But troubled and astonished,
they made great haste away.
verse 6 Great terrour there fell on our foes,
and grievous pangs of pain,
And sharp as women in their throwes
at any time sustain.
verse 7 And as a fur'ous eastern wind
puts Tarshan ships to wrack:
Such fur'ous force our foes did find,
when thy hand drove them back.

The second part.

verse 8 Now have we seen what we have heard
recorded in our coasts,
Touching the city of the Lord,
the sov'reign Lord of hosts:
The city of our God, to wit,
where this was testifi'd,
That God himself will stablish it,
for ever to abide.
verse 9 And these thy sure compassion, Lord,
thy kindness and thy grace,
Most quietly did we record
within thy holy place:
verse 10 For like thy name so is thy praise
as far as land extends:
And store of right'ousness always
thy right hand comprehends.
verse 11 Therefore let Sion plent'ously
of heav'nly joys partake:
And Judah's daughters leap for joy,
for thy just judgment sake.
verse 12 Walk forth, and compass Sion mount,
and round about her go:
Her stately tow'rs distinctly count,
and all their numbers know.
[Page 114] verse 13 Mark ye her bulwarks very well,
her palaces regard:
That ye may certifie and tell
the ages afterward.
verse 14 For this God doth and will abide
our God to our last breath:
For ever he will be our guide,
and our support till death.

Psalm XLIX.

Dublin Tune.
[...]All dwel-lers here on earth give ear,
[...]all peo--ple heark-en hither:
[...]All gen'--ral-ly both low and high,
[...]both rich and poor toge--ther.
verse 3 My mouth behold shall now unfold,
and wisdom shall relate:
Yea, and my heart and inward part
shall knowledge meditate.
verse 4 I will incline this ear of mine
a parable to hear:
And open my deep mistery
upon my harp most clear.
verse 5 Why should the day of grief dismay,
and make me fear and doubt?
When steps of my iniquity
shall compass me about?
[Page 115] verse 6 Concerning those that trust repose
in wealth and worldly store,
And make their brags of golden bags,
though they have nothing more.
verse 7 There's not a man of them that can
his brother's soul redeem,
Nor for him may a ransome pay
sufficient in esteem:
verse 8 (For that's of too great price to do,
and so must cease for ever)
verse 9 That always he alive should be,
and see corruption never.
verse 10 He doth perceive all die, and leave
to others their estate:
The fool, the wise, the brutish dies,
for death's the common gate.
verse 11 Their very heart and inward part
this thought doth entertain:
To wit, that all their houses shall
for evermore remain.
Their dwelling place from race to race,
as they conceive, shall stand:
They call the same by their own name,
to wit their house and land.
verse 12 Nevertheless if man possess
great honour for a day,
'Tis quickly ceast, and like the beast
he perisheth straightway.
verse 13 This way of theirs plainly appears
a foolish way and weak:
Yet are they by posterity
approv'd in all they speak.
verse 14 Like sheep in fold the grave shall hold,
and death shall them devour:
And over them shall upright men
at morning have the pow'r.
[Page 116]And in the grave their beauty brave
shall quite consume away,
And perish from their ancient home,
which also shall decay.
verse 15 But God▪ will sure my soul secure,
when I this world shall leave:
On me the grave no power shall have,
for God will me receive.
verse 16 Be not afraid when one is made
exceeding rich and great:
When some great name augments the fame
of his fair dwelling seat.
verse 17 Who once by death depriv'd of breath,
shall no possession have:
His pomp shall end, and not descend
with him into the grave.
verse 18 Though till he dy'd he magnifi'd
his soul for worldly pelf:
And worldly men will praise thee then,
when thou befriendst thy self.
verse 19 For he shall go to them below,
unto his fathers old:
And take his place with their vile race,
and never light behold.
verse 20 Man being high in dignity,
yet understanding not,
In his decease is like the beasts
which quickly dy and rot.

Psalm XLIX.

Metre 2. To the 100 Psalm Tune.
[...]LEt all the Peo-ple round the earth
[...]their Ears with great at-ten-tion bow,[Page 117]
[...]To words that e--qual-ly con-cern
[...]both rich and poor, both high and low.
verse 3 Wise and grave Maxims I lay down:
verse 4 And with attention quick and sharp
My self will listen, while they're sung
to the soft musick of my harp.
verse 5 Why should the Man who trusts in God,
affright himself with needless fear
In days of evil; when old age
approaches, or when death draws near.
verse 6 Vain men applaud their stores, yet none
verse 7 His brother can from dying save;
verse 8 Life's purchase is too great; no wealth
verse 9 Can buy our freedom from the grave.
verse 10 The ashes of the wise and good
with fools together mingled lie:
The rich tho' loth to go, must leave
the world, with all their wealth, and die·

The second part.

verse 11 Some think on houses that they build,
their fame eternally shall stand;
And to preserve their memory,
give their own names unto their land.
verse 12 Death levels all their state with beasts,
makes all their splendid titles fade:
verse 13 Yet their posterity approves
the follies and mistakes they made,
verse 14 Driv'n to the grave like sheep, their strength
and beauty quite consum'd away;
They in death's fold shall lie inclos'd,
until the Resurrection day.
[Page 118]A day in which the Just shall reign,
and o're the Bad dominion have:
verse 15 Then shall I be receiv'd to bliss,
after I'm raised from the grave.
verse 16 Be not concern'd when one's made rich
or honour'd here; for when he dies;
verse 17 Naked he goes away from hence,
and stript of all his glory lies.
verse 18 Tho' whilst he liv'd he blest himself,
and other men are apt to praise
His prudent management, who strives
his wealth and family to raise:
verse 19 It's folly all; since he must tread
the path his fathers went before;
And in the place where he now dwells,
never see light or comfort more.
verse 20 Man that to honour is advanc'd,
and with true wisdom is not blest;
Tho' pleas'd with false and flatt'ring hopes,
shall die and perish like a beast.

Psalm L.

Lincoln Tune.
[...]THe migh--ty God, the Lord spake out,
[...]and gave the earth a call,
[...]From sun's up-rise, and round a--bout
[...]to his far di----stant fall.[Page 119]
[...]From Si---on beau-ties fair----est fair
[...]hath God in glo----ry shin'd.
[...]Our God shall come, and shall not spare
[...]to ut---ter all his mind.
A flame of fire devouring quick
shall go before his face:
Tempest'ous storms shall gather thick
about his judgement-place.
verse 4 He to the heavens from on high,
and to the earth shall call:
Gath'ring his people gen'rally,
that he may judge them all.
verse 5 Gather to me my saints, saith he,
bring those before mine eyes,
That have a cov'nant made with me
by solemn sacrifice.
verse 6 And then the heavens shall record,
and make his justice known:
Because that God, the right'ous Lord,
is judge himself alone.
verse 7 Hear, O my people, what I tell,
and what I testify
Against ev'n thee, O Israel:
God ev'n thy God am I.
[Page 120] verse 8 I will not say that thou didst sin
for want of sacrifice:
Thy burnt oblations still have been
renew'd before mine eyes.
verse 9 No bullock will I take at all
out of thy house to me:
Nor any he goat from thy stall,
my sacrifice to be.
verse 10 For mine alone are all the beasts
wherewith the forrest fills:
And all the cattels and increase
upon a thousand hills.
verse 11 What ever fouls the mountains yeild,
are all to me well known.
And all wild beasts throughout the field,
they also are mine own.
verse 12 If any hunger I sustain'd,
I would not tell it thee:
The world and all therein contain'd
belongeth unto me.
verse 13 Will I desire to eat the flesh▪
of strong bulls, dost thou think?
Or will it God himself refresh,
the bloud of goats to drink?
verse 14 Offer to God in sacrifice
thanksgiving chearfully:
And see thou pay thy vows likewise
unto the Lord most high.
verse 15 And then with courage call on me
in any dang'rous days;
And I will sure deliver thee,
and thou shalt give me praise.
verse 16 But to the wicked saith the Lord,
what hast thou, wretch, to do
The statutes of my holy word
for to declare and show?
[Page 121] verse 17 Why should thy wicked mouth relate
what these my cov'nants be?
Seeing thou dost instruction hate,
and cast my words from thee.
verse 18 When thou a wicked thief hast seen,
thou joynedst with him then:
And a partaker thou hast been
with the adult'rous men.
verse 19 Thou giv'st thy month the liberty
to utter all that's vile:
Thy tongue is skill'd in treachery,
to frame deceit and guile.
verse 20 Thou sittest in the scorners chair,
and speakst against thy brother:
Thou slanderest and dost not spare
the son of thine own mother.
verse 21 The wickednesses thou hast wrought,
at which, though I did see,
I held my peace, and thou hast thought
that I was just like thee.
But know, I will reprove thee yet
for thy iniquities:
Thy sins in order I will set
most plain before mine eyes.
verse 22 Now understand and think on this,
ye that forget the Lord;
Lest I should tear you piece by piece,
when none can help afford.
verse 23 Who offers praise he honors me:
who guides his ways aright,
Him will I surely cause to see
Jehovahs saving might.

Psalm LI.

A Proper Tune.
[...]O Lord con--si--der my di-stress,[Page 122]
[...]and now with speed some pi---ty take;
[...]Blot out my grie--vous wick-ed ness,
[...]good Lord, for thy great mer-cies sake.
verse 2 Wash me, O wash me thoroughly,
and purifie my heart within:
Wipe off my foul iniquity,
and cleanse me fully from my sin.
verse 3 For I acknowledge my offence,
and my transgressions I confess:
And daily have a deeper sence
of my most heinous wickedness.
verse 4 Thee, thee alone I have contemn'd,
committing evil in thy sight:
And if I were therefore condemn'd,
yet were thy judgments just and right.
verse 5 Behold, O Lord, for thou dost know
that I receiv'd my shape in sin:
My mother hath conceiv'd me so
and I was bred and born therein.
verse 6 Also behold, Lord, thou dost love
the inward truth of upright hearts:
And wisdom coming from above,
thou wrotest in my inward parts.

The second part.

verse 7 Purge me with hyssop, O my God,
and then I shall be clean I know:
[Page 123]O wash me in my Saviour's blood,
and I shall be more white than snow.
verse 8 Make me to hear amidst my moans
the sweet and comfortable voice
Of joy and gladness, that the bones
which thou hast broken may rejoyce.
verse 9 Take all my sins clean off record,
and hide them ever from thy view.
verse 10 Create a clean heart in me, Lord,
and a right spirit in me renew.
verse 11 O cast me not away from thee,
where I shall never see thy face:
Nor do thou take away from me
thy sweet and sacred spirit of grace.
verse 12 Restore to me those joys again,
which I was wont in thee to find:
And thy sweet spirit let me retain,
for to uphold my heart and mind.
verse 13 And then shall sinners learn thy way,
for they shall all be taught of me:
And such as now do go astray,
shall be converted unto thee.

The third part.

verse 14 Deliver me, O God, from blood,
O God of my salvation dear:
And then my tongue shall sing aloud
and make thy right'ousness appear.
verse 15 Then open thou my lips, O Lord,
O thou that keepest Davids keys:
Then shall my busy tongue record,
and shew forth thy most worthy praise.
verse 16 For thou desir'st not sacrifice,
nor is burnt-offerings thy delight:
For were they valued in thine eyes,
I would have offered infinite.
[Page 124] verse 17 A wounded soul that feels its smart,
is God's approved sacrifice:
A broken and a contrite heart,
O God, thou never wilt despise.
verse 18 Now, Lord, do good in thy good will
to Sion and Jerusalem:
Build Salems walls, bless Sion hill,
of thy good pleasure unto them.
verse 19 Burnt-off'rings then thou shalt accept,
and whole burnt-off'rings shall be paid
In right'ousness observ'd and kept,
and bullocks on thy altar laid.

Psalm LI.

Metre 2. To the 100 Psalm Tune.
[...]LOrd look up--on my sin--ful Soul,
[...]that un--to thee for mer-cy flies;
[...]As thy com-pas-sions bound-less are,
[...]so blot out mine in---i--qui-ties.
verse 2 O wash me throughly from my crimes,
for thou alone canst make me clean:
verse 3 With tears I now confess my guilt,
amaz'd to see how vile I've been.
verse 4 Against thee only I have sinn'd,
and thy tribunal, Lord, I fear;
For if arraign'd and judg'd by thee,
I must be cast, and thou be clear.
[Page 125] verse 5 I was conceiv'd and born in sin,
too prone and bent to do amiss;
verse 6 But in [...] purity to thee,
and truth of hea [...] most pleasing is.
verse 7 Lord, shew me thou art reconcil'd,
as those with hyssop sprinkled know
They are absolv'd; thy grace can wash
and make me whiter than the snow.
verse 8 My sins have forfeited the joys
and inward peace that once I had;
Thy pard'ning voice would heal again
my broken bones, and make them glad.
verse 9 No longer, Lord, behold my sins
with a severe and angry look;
O take their stains out of my Soul,
and blot their guilt out of thy book.

The second part.

verse 10 Create in me, O God, a heart
clean and unspotted in thy sight;
Renew a well composed mind,
unmov'd from Goodness and upright.
verse 11 Lord, do not cast me from thy sight,
as one whom thou no more canst Love▪
Nor let thy Spirit, whose grace I need,
tho' grived too much, from me remove.
verse 12 Its saving Comforts and free aids,
t' uphold my feeble pow'rs afford.
verse 13 Thus Sinners will be drawn t'amend
their ways, and turn unto the Lord.
verse 14 O save me from the crying guilt
of Blood, that sin of crimson dye;
Thy Faithfulness I'll then proclaim,
and loudly sing thy Clemency.
verse 15 My opened Lips shall speak thy praise;
verse 16 For this thou rather dost desire,
Than costly Sacrifice of Beasts
consumed wholly in the fire.
[Page 126] verse 17 Thou, Lord, a broken contrite heart
Dost more than bloody off'rings prize;
This present now I humbly make.
which God, I trust, will not despise.
verse 18 Thy people whom thou lov'st, delight
to bless, defend and succour them:
Do good to Sion, Lord, and build
the Walls of thy Jerusalem.
verse 19 The Praises of the right'ous then,
how kind thou art, shall loudly tell;
And all their choicest Off'rings laid
upon God's Altar, please him well.

Psalm LII.

Lowath Tune.
[...]WHy glo-riest thou in mis-cheif now,
[...]O man of migh--ty pow'r?
[...]God's good-ness will con--ti--nue still,
[...]ev'n ev'---ry day and hour.
verse 2 Thy tongue is still devising ill,
and mischief comes thereby,
Yea, it hath been a rasour keen,
working deceitfully.
verse 3 Thy wicked mind is more enclin'd
to evil then to good:
And right'ousness thou lovest less
then lies to be pursu'd.
[Page 127] verse 4 Deceitful tongue, thou lov'st all wrong,
and words that do devour.
verse 5 God shall therefore for evermore
destroy thee by his power.
He shall I say take thee away
out of thy dwelling place:
And pluck thee out ev'n by thee root,
from all the living race.
verse 6 The right'ous there shall see, and fear,
and laugh at him, and say,
verse 7 Lo, this is he that could not see
to make the Lord his stay.
But for defence put confidence
in heaps of worldly pelf:
And in the sin he lived in
encouraged himself.
verse 8 But like a green fresh olive seen
within God's house am I:
And in the grace of God will place
my trust perpetually.
verse 9 And I always will give thee praise,
because thou didst all this:
And wait upon thy name alone,
so good to saints it is.

Psalm LIII.

Dublin Tune.
[...]THere is no God, the fool doth say,
[...]at least his heart saith so:
[...]Cor-rupt are they, and vile their way,[Page 128]
[...]and all good works for--goe.
verse 2 The sons of men th'Almighty view'd
from heaven, to descry
If any of them understood,
and sought God faithfully,
verse 3 They are revolted gen'rally,
a most corrupted brood:
None treads the paths of piety,
nor any one doth good.
verse 4 Are all so brutishly misled,
that wicked paths have trod?
They eat my people like to bread,
they have not call'd on God.
verse 5 But lo, they were affrighted sore,
and mightily dismaid:
Although there was no cause wherefore,
to make them so afraid.
For ev'n thy strong besiegers bones
the Lord disperst abroad,
And thou hast sham'd those wicked ones,
because despis'd of God.
verse 6 O that the sweet salvation then
which Isr'el waits for still,
Were fully come to all good men
from out of Sion hill.
For surely when the Lord sets free
his captives now so sad:
Then Jacob shall most joyful be,
and Isr'el shall be glad.

Psalm LIV.

Martyrs Tune.
[...]SAve me, O God, by thy great name[Page 129]
[...]and judge me by thy strength,
[...]At-tend my pray'r, re-ceive the fame,
[...]and hear my words at length·
verse 3 For strangers do against me rise,
oppressors seek my Bloud:
And do not set before their eyes
the fear of thee, O God.
verse 4 Lo, God's my help, and stands with those
that do uphold my heart.
verse 5 He shall reward my env'ous foes
according to desert.
Destroy them in thy right'ousness:
verse 6 And freely I'le accord
With sacrifice thy name to bless,
for it is good, O Lord.
verse 7 For now hath God deliver'd me
from all perplexing woes;
And let mine eyes most plainly see
his will upon my foes.

Psalm LV.

Bristol Tune.
[...]O God, un--to my pray'r give ear,[Page 130]
[...]and do not hide thy face:
[...]But un---to my re quest give ear,
[...]now su---ing for thy grace.
verse 2 Attend unto me graciously,
and hear my doleful cries:
I mourn with thoughts of misery,
and make a troubled noise.
verse 3 Because my en'mies voice grows high,
because leud men oppress:
They cast on me iniquity
in wrath and spitefulness.
verse 4 My heart within me laboureth
of pain that makes me sick:
The terrors of untimely death
are fall'n upon me thick.
verse 5 Trembling and fearfulness do fall
on me in ev'ry part:
And horrour coming therewithal
hath over-whelm'd my heart.
verse 6 O! that I had the faculty
of flying like a dove:
Then would I fly away, said I,
and to some rest remove.
verse 7 Lo then I'd wander wide, and stay
in desarts far to find,
verse 8 And hasten my escape away
from tempest, storm and wind.

The second part.

verse 9 Destroy, O Lord, do thou divide
and separate their tongues:
For I have in the city spy'd
strife, violence and wrongs.
verse 10 Both day and night they go about
upon the city wall:
Mischief and sorrow both break out
within the midst of all.
verse 11 There is abundant wickedness
within her very heart:
And from her streets deceitfulness
and guile do not depart.
verse 12 For it was not an enemy
that us'd me with such scorn:
For then I could more easily
the injury have born.
Nor was it he that hated me,
that lift his horn so high:
For then I would have hidden me
where he should not espie
verse 13 But it was thou, a man, that hast
thy self so magnifi'd:
Though my acquaintance once thou wast,
my equal and my guide.
verse 14 We did consult with sweet content,
in most familiar kind:
And to the house of God we went,
in company combin'd.

The third part.

verse 15 Let death seize on them speedily:
and send them quick to hell:
For there is all iniquity
among them where they dwell.
verse 16 But as for me, my care shall be
upon my God to call:
And then shall he give ear to me,
and send me aid withall.
[Page 132] verse 17 Evening and morning and at noon
I'le pray and cry aloud:
And doubt not to be heard as soon,
his ear's so easily bow'd.
verse 18 He hath preserv'd my soul in peace,
from battel in array:
For there was found a great increase
with me that very day.
verse 19 My God shall hear and punish them,
he that of old abides:
But God's not fear'd of wicked men,
because no change betides.
verse 20 He hath put forth his treach'rous hands
against his peaceful friends:
And broke his cov'nants solemn bands,
to serve his wicked ends.
verse 21 While he gave forth smooth butter'd words
his heart was bent to spoil:
And though his words were naked swords,
they seem'd more soft then oyl.
verse 22 Cast on the Lord thy burthen then,
he shall thy soul sustain:
For he will not let righteous men
be mov'd but still remain.
verse 23 But they shall all be overthrown
that wickedness commit:
For thou, O God, wilt bring them down
into destructions pit
To bloody and decitful ways
who e're addicted be,
Shall not continue half their days:
but I will trust in thee.

Psalm LVI.

Southwell Tune.
[...]HAve mer--cy, Lord, on me,[Page 133]
[...]whom man would make a pre [...]:
[...]Be--hold how he op--pres--seth me,
[...]con--tend--ing ev'--ry day.
verse 2 They that mine en'mies be,
would daily me devour:
For infinite against me fight,
O thou of highest pow'r.
verse 3 What time soever, Lord,
I am of foes afraid,
Lo then will I trust faithfully
in thy assured aid.
verse 4 In God I'le praise his word,
in God my trust shall be:
And placed there I will not fear
what flesh can do to me.
verse 5 My words they utter wrong,
and wrest them ev'ry day.
Their thoughts are still to work me ill,
in whatsoe're they say.
verse 6 They all together throng,
they hide themselves likewise:
My steps they watch, and ly at catch
my soul for to surprize.
verse 7 Shall they escape so well
in this their wicked path?
Upon them frown, and Lord, cast down,
this people in thy wrath.
[Page 134] verse 8 Thou dost my wandrings tell:
let down thy bottle, Lord,
And put in there each briny tear;
are they not on record?
verse 9 When I shall cry to thee,
it puts to sudden flight
My daunted foe; and this I know,
for God defends my right.
verse 10 Thro'God's enabling me,
his word will I proclaim:
Yea, in the Lord, will I record
his words due praise and fame.
verse 11 In God alone have I
repos'd my trust for aid:
Let mortal man do what he can,
I will not be afraid.
verse 12 Thy vows upon me lie,
Lord, I must pay the same:
And I always will render praise
unto thy holy name.
verse 13 For thou my soul hast freed
from death so near at hand:
And wilt not thou uphold me now,
and make my feet to stand?
That I may still proceed
to walk as in thy sight:
And spend my days unto thy praise,
with them that live in light.

Psalm LVII.

Dublin Tune.
[...]BE mer--ci--ful to me, O Lord,
[...]be mer----ci--ful to me:[Page 135]
[...]Be--cause my soul be--lieves thy word,
[...]and puts her trust in-thee.
Yea to the shadow of thy wings
I will for refuge fly,
Untill these lamentable things
shall quietly pass by.
verse 2 I'l cry to God with earnest breath,
ev'n unto God most high:
Who faithfully accomplisheth
my competent supply.
verse 3 And he shall send from heaven high,
and save me (by his power)
From his reproach and obloquy
that would my soul devour.
verse 4 God shall send forth his truth and grace,
though now my soul doth dwell
And lodge among a wicked race,
set all on fire of hell.
Degen'rate sons of men I mean,
whose fury being stirr'd,
Their teeth are spears and arrows keen,
their tongue a sharpned sword.

The second part.

verse 5 Be thou exalted, O great God,
above the starry skie:
And far above the earth abroad
thy glory set on high.
My en'mies have prepar'd a net,
my steps to overthrow:
verse 6 My soul for which the same was set,
is bow'd down very low.
[Page 136]And they have also dig'd a pit
before me in the way:
But falling in the midst of it
themselves are made the prey.
verse 7 My heart is fixed stedfastly,
my heart is fixt, O God:
And I will sing with melody,
and spread thy praise abroad.
verse 8 Awake my glory, up I say,
my harp and lute awake:
And I will wake before the day,
sweet melody to make.
verse 9 Thy praise, O Lord, will I set forth,
where throngs of people be:
Among the nations of the earth
will I sing praise to thee.
verse 10 Because thy mercy doth ascend
unto the heavens high:
Thy truth as largely doth extend,
unto the cloudy skie.
verse 11 O God, let thy exalted name
above the heavens stand:
Advance thy glory and thy fame
above the sea and land.

Psalm LVIII.

Martyrs Tune.
[...]O Con--gre-ga-tion put in trust,
[...]and men of mor---tal seed.
[...]Are all your judg-ments true and just?[Page 137]
[...]and are they so in---deed?
verse 2 Nay in your hearts ye do devise
to bind the cruel bands:
And in the Earth ye exercise
the vi'lence of your hands.
verse 3 The wicked from the very womb
have erred on this wise:
Into the world no sooner come,
but go astray by lies.
verse 4 Such as the serpents poison is,
such poison just is theirs:
And as the adder stoppeth his,
just so they stop their ears.
verse 5 For the deaf adder will not hear
the charmers charming voice;
But deaf to all his charms appear,
though they were ne're so choise.
verse 9 Lord, break their teeth within their mouth,
the great teeth of the stout,
Of the fierce lions in their youth,
O God, ev'n break them out.
verse 7 As weak as water let them be;
and when he aim's to shoot,
Let all his whole artillery
drop broken at his foot.
verse 8 As snails within the shell consume,
so, Lord, consume them quite:
And like abortives from the womb
which never see the light.
verse 9 Before the pots can feel the thorns,
his fury shall let drive:
And with his whirwinds angry storms
take them away alive.
[Page 138] verse 10 The just shall joy, it doth them good
to see thy vengeance then:
And he shall wash his feet in bloud
of the ungodly men.
verse 11 So that a man shall surely say,
sure just men have reward:
And there's a God that doth repay,
and justice doth regard.

Psalm LIX.

St. David's Tune.
[...]MY God, do thou de--li---ver me
[...]from all mine e---ne--mies:
[...]And save me from their ty--ran-ny,
[...]that do a--gainst me rise.
verse 2 From workers of iniquity,
in mercy set me free
From all their bloudy cruelty,
my God, deliver me.
verse 3 For lo, they lie in wait for me,
the mighty do combine
Against me undeservedly,
and for no fault of mine.
verse 4 They run and do themselves prepare,
when I no fault do make:
Awake to help me by thy care,
and perfect notice take.
[Page 139] verse 5 Most mighty God of Israel,
awake to judge the earth:
Spare none that wilfully rebell,
but pour thy vengeance forth.
verse 6 Lo, they return at evening-tide,
and as a hungry hound
They make a noise on ev'ry side,
and trace the city round.
verse 7 Their mouths belch out great blasphemy,
lo, in their lips are swords:
For who, say they, doth stand so nigh,
that he should hear our words?
verse 8 But thou, O Lord, shalt laugh at them,
and they shall be despis'd:
For thou shalt scorn the heathen men,
and all th'uncircumcis'd.
verse 9 Because of his great strength and pow'r,
Lord, I will wait on thee:
For God is my defence and tow'r,
to which I always flee.
verse 10 The God from whom my mercy flows,
shall me betimes prevent;
And let me see upon my foes
my very hearts content.

The second part.

verse 11 Lord, bring them down, but slay them not
disperse them by thy pow'r:
And let it never be forgot,
O Lord our shield and tow'r.
verse 12 For wicked words and blasphemies,
O trap them in their pride:
And for the curses and the lies
which from their lips do slide.
verse 13 Consume in wrath, consume them quite:
that men may apprehend
Thou rul'st in Jacob by thy might,
to th'earths remotest and.
[Page 140] verse 14 Let them return at evening-tide,
and like a hungry hound:
Make a great noise on every side,
and trace the city round:
verse 15 Wand'ring abroad with weary feet,
seek up and down for meat:
And howl when they are hunger-bit,
and have not what to eat.
verse 16 But I with early diligence
will sing aloud thy praise,
Who wast my refuge and defence,
in all my dang'rous days.
verse 17 O thou my strength, I'le sing to thee,
to praise thy love and pow'r;
Who art a gracious God to me,
my strong defence and tow'r.

Psalm LX.

Lowath Tune.
[...]O God, thou didst us once for--sake:
[...]and we were scat-ter'd then:
[...]Thou wast dis-pleas'd but O be-take
[...]thy self to us a---gain.
verse 2 The earth sore broken with thy hand
doth tremble, Lord, and quake,
O heal the breaches of our land
for it doth bow and shake.
[Page 141] verse 3 Things that were hard and rigorous
thou hast impos'd on thine:
And thou hast given drink to us
of stupifying wine.
verse 4 Yet gav'st thou them that feared thee
the banner of thy aid,
Because of truth and veritie,
to be on high displai'd.
verse 5 Now, Lord, that thy beloved land
delivered may be;
Save with the pow'r of thy right hand,
and harken unto me.
verse 6 In holiness Jehovah speak,
with joy I go about
All Shechem to divide and take,
and Succoth vale mete out.
verse 7 Manasseh must to me subcribe,
and Gil'ad stand in aw:
My chiefest strength is Ephraims tribe,
and Judah gives my law.
verse 8 On Edom I will set my foot,
my wash-pot Mo'b shall be:
And thou, O Palestina, shout,
and that because of me.
verse 9 But who will lead me all the way
unto the city strong?
And who will guide me, that I may
to Edom go along?
verse 10 Thou, Lord, that hadst cast off our coast,
and thou, O God, ev'n thou
That lately wentst not with our hoast.
wilt thou not guide me now?
verse 11 The help of man is vanity;
Lord, help us in distress,
verse 12 Through God we shall do valiantly,
he shall our foes suppress.

Psalm LXI.

To the 119 Psalm Tune.
[...]RE--gard, O Lord when I com-plain,
[...]and make my suit to thee:
[...]Let not my pray'r as-cend in vain,
[...]but give good ear to me.
[...]For from the earths re-mo---test part
[...]I cry for some re---lief
[...]To thee, O Lord, when as my heart
[...]is o---ver-whelm'd with grief.
Conduct me to that rock of pow'r
that higher is than I:
verse 3 For thou wast my safe hope and tow'r
against the enemy.
[Page 143] verse 4 And in thy tabernacle still
I gladly will abide:
Under thy secret wings I will
continually confide.
verse 5 The vows that did my soul engage,
Lord thou hast heard the same,
And gav'st me to the heritage
of those that fear thy name.
verse 6 To thine anointed thou didst give
prolonged days to see:
The many years that he shall live,
the longest age shall be.
verse 7 Before the Lord he shall abide,
for ever to endure:
Thy truth and mercy O provide,
which may preserve him sure.
verse 8 So will I sing from day to day
the praises of thy name:
That having vow'd, I daily may
to thee perform the same.

Psalm LXII.

Bristol Tune.
[...]MY soul with ex--pect-a---ti--on
[...]de--pends on God in--deed:
[...]Be-cause my whole sal-va---ti---on[Page 144]
[...]doth still from him pro--ceed.
verse 2 He only is my rock of pow'r,
my saving health is he:
He is my high defence and tow'r,
much mov'd I shall not be.
verse 3 How long a time will ye devise,
and labour what you can
To act mischievous villanies
against a harmless man?
Ye shall be sure of recompence,
for God shall slay you all:
Ye shall be like a tottering fence,
and as a bowing wall.
verse 4 His excellency to subvert
they only do devise:
They bless with mouth, but curse in heart
and take delight in lies.
verse 5 But thou, my soul, still wait upon
the high and holy one:
Because my expectation
doth come from him alone.
verse 6 He only is my rock of power,
and my salvation prov'd:
He is my high defence and tower,
I shall not once be mov'd.
verse 7 In God is my salvation,
and glor'ous dignity:
God is my strength and station,
my rock and refuge nigh.
verse 8 At all times trust in him alone,
ye saints, with one accord:
pour out your hearts before his throne,
our refuge is the Lord.
[Page 145] verse 9 Sure mean men are but vanity,
and great men are a ly;
Wholly more light than vanity,
if them you weigh and try.
verse 10 Trust not in wrong and injury,
in robb'ry be not vain:
If wealth and riches multiply,
set not your heart on gain,
verse 11 Once God hath spoke: yea and again,
twice have I heard this said:
That power doth only appertain
unto the mighty God.
verse 12 And also that compassion
belongs, O Lord, to thee:
And thou rewardest every one,
just as his actions be.

Psalm LXIII.

To the 119 Psalm Tune.
[...]O God my God, I'le seek to thee
[...]with ear---ly care and haste
[...]F [...]r, Lord, my ve--ry soul in me
[...]doth thirst of thee to taste.
[...]And in this bar--ren wil---der-ness▪ [Page 146]
[...]where wa--ters there are none,
[...]My flesh doth great-ly long for thee,
[...]and thee I wish a----lone:
verse 2 That I might see thy glor'ous pow'r,
and brightness of thy face;
As I have seen it heretofore,
within thy holy place.
verse 3 Because the loving-Kindness, Lord,
which is in thee alwayes,
Is better to thy saints then life.
my lips shall give thee praise.
verse 4 Thus will I bless thee all my days,
and celebrate thy fame:
My hands I will devoutly raise
in thy most holy name.
verse 5 With marrow and with fatness fill'd
my very soul shall be.
My mouth shall joyn with joyfull lips,
in giving praise to thee:
verse 6 When on my bed I do record
thy love with sweet delight,
And meditate on thee, O Lord,
I'th watches of the night.
verse 7 Because thou, Lord has been my healp,
I will lift up my voice:
And in the shadow of thy wings
I greatly will rejoyce.
[Page 147] verse 8 My soul doth press hard after thee,
and follows thee apace:
And thy right hand upholdeth me,
while I pursue the chase.
verse 9 But they that seek my soul to slay,
shall certainly descend
Into the inwards of the earth,
by some unhappy end.
verse 10 The sword shall shed their guilty bloud,
and they shall fall thereby;
And be the portion and the food
of foxes when they die.
verse 11 But God's anointed shall rejoyce,
his servants all shall glory
In God that shall strike dumb my foes,
and stop their lying story.

Psalm LXIII.

Metre 2. Oxford Tune.
[...]O God my gra-cious God, to Thee,
[...]My Morn-ing Pray'rs shall of--err'd be;
[...]For thee my thir-sty soul doth pant;
[...]My faint-ing flesh im-plores thy grace,
[...]With-in this dry and bar-ren Place,[Page 148]
[...]Where I re-fresh-ing wa-ters want.
verse 2 O to my longing Eyes once more
that Veiw of glor'ous Pow'r restore,
Which thy Majestick House displays:
verse 3 Because to me thy wondrous love
Than life it self does dearer prove.
my lips shall always speak thy praise.
verse 4 My Life while I that Life enjoy,
in blessing God I will employ,
With lifted Hands adore his Name:
verse 5 My Soul's Content shall be as great,
As theirs who choicest Dainties eat,
while I with Joy his praise proclaim.
verse 6 When down I lie sweet Sleep to find,
Thou, Lord, art present to my mind,
And when I wake in dead of Night:
verse 7 Because thou still dost succour bring,
Beneath the shadow of thy wing,
I rest with safety and delight.
verse 8 My soul when Foes would me devour
cleaves fast to Thee, whose matchless Pow'r
In her Support is dayly shown:
verse 9 But those the Right'ous Lord shall slay
That my Destruction wish; and they,
that seek my Life, shall lose their own.
verse 10 They by untimely ends shall die,
their flesh a prey to Foxes lie:
But God shall fill the King with Joy,
verse 11 Who thee confess shall still rejoyce,
Whilst the false Tongue and lying Voice,
Thou, Lord, shalt silence and destroy.

Psalm LXIV.

Lincoln Tune.
[...]VOuch-safe, O Lord, to hear my cry,
[...]and to my pray'r give ear:
[...]Preserve my life from th'-ene--mie,
[...]of whom I stand in fear.
[...]Lord hide me from the se---cret snare
[...]that wick---ed men de---vise:
[...]From them that wick-ed work-ers are,
[...]and do a--gainst me rise.
verse 3 who whet their tongues like sharpest swords
and bend their speeches so
That they may shoot their bitter words,
as arrows from their bow.
[Page 150] verse 4 That they may shoot in secrecy,
the perfect man to hit:
They do shoot at him suddainly,
and do not fear a whit.
verse 5 With courage they in ill proceed,
and commune how to lay
Their privy snares, in hope to speed,
for who shall see? say they.
verse 6 They search out shrew'd iniquities,
they search with utmost art:
Their inward thought, how deep it lies
in ev'ry wicked heart!
verse 7 But God shall let his arrows fly,
to shoot at them therefore:
And with an arrow suddainly
shall they be wounded sore.
verse 8 So shall they make their tongues to fall
upon themselves that day:
And it shall make beholders all
for fear to flee away.
verse 9 All men shall fear that see this thing,
they shall Gods works declare,
Most prudently considering
what these his doings are.
verse 10 The right'ous shall in God delight,
confiding in his name:
And all that are in heart upright,
shall glory in the same.

Psalm LXV.

Southwell Tune.
[...]O God, praise wait--eth still,
[...]for thee in Si---on hill:[Page 151]
[...]The vow will we per--form to thee,
[...]and rea---di----ly ful---fil
verse 2 O thou whose titles are,
the God that hearest pray'r,
The God to whom all flesh shall come,
to thee we do repair.
verse 3 Our sins have born great sway:
and much against us say:
But as for these, Lord, thou shalt please
to purge them all away.
verse 4 O blessed man is he,
whom thou dost choose to thee,
And mak'st resort unto thy court,
a dweller there to be.
Where all that do abide,
shall fully be supply'd
With grace, of which the house is rich
which thou hast sanctify'd.
verse 5 By fearful things displai'd
in justice for our aid,
O God of our protecting pow'r,
thy answer shall be made:
Who art our confidence,
and all the earths defence;
And also theirs whom th'ocean bears;
and all the coasts far hence.
verse 6 Whose strength sets fast the hills,
and girt with pow'r, he stills,
verse 7 The sea that raves with boist'rous waves,
and mens rebellious wills.
[Page 152] verse 8 Thy signs affright the stout,
that dwell the earth throughout:
Thou dost display the break of day,
and mak'st the ev'ning shout.
verse 9 Thou visitest the land,
wat'ring it with thine hand:
Gods river which makes th' earth so rich,
pours down at thy command,
It doth with water flow,
and corn thou dost bestow,
When as thou hast by thy fore-cast,
provided for it so.
verse 10 Her ridges all aloft
thou water'st very oft:
Her surrows all thou mak'st to fall,
with show'rs thou mak'st it soft.
verse 11 Her budding thou dost bless,
thy goodness, Lord, no less
Doth crown the year, and ev'ry where
thy paths drop fruitfulness.
verse 12 They drop on desarts wide,
thy pastures are supply'd:
While rain distills, the little hills
rejoice on ev'ry side.
verse 13 The pastures flocks forth bring,
with corn the valley's spring:
And cover'd o're with stock and store,
they shout for joy and sing.

psalm LXVI.

London Tune.
[...]O all ye lands, in God re-joyce;
[...]Sing forth his praise and fame:[Page 153]
[...]Ex--tol him both with heart and voice
[...]and glo---ri---fy his name.
verse 3 How terrible, O Lord, say ye,
in all thy works thou art!
Thy foes are forc'd to yield to thee,
though with a feigned heart.
verse 4 To thee shall all the earth bow down,
and sing to thee, O Lord:
Thy holy names reserv'd renown
in songs shall they record.
verse 5 The works of God, O come and see;
ye shall acknowledg then
How terrible his actions be,
unto the sons of men.
verse 6 He turn'd the sea to firm dry land,
and where the ships do swim,
We went on foot as on the sand,
there we rejoyc't in him.
verse 7 He rules with pow'r for ev'rmore,
his eyes all lands espy:
Let not rebellious men therefore
exalt themselves on high.

The second part.

verse 8 O all ye people, bless our God,
and let the chearful voice
Of his due praise be heard abroad,
while we in him rejoice.
verse 9 Who setting dangers all aside,
our soul in life doth stay:
And suff'ring not our foot to slide,
upholds us in our way.
[Page 154] verse 10 But thou hast tri'd and prov'd us yet,
ev'n as the skilful tryer
Doth prove his Silver, casting it
into the hottest fire.
verse 11 Thou broughtest us into the net,
where we intangled were:
And great afflictions, very great,
thou mad'st our loins to bear.
verse 11 Thou mad'st fierce men ride o're our heads
we went through flames and floods:
But now thou hast thy people led
to places stor'd with goods.

The third part.

verse 13 Lord, I will go into thy house,
burnt-off'rings I will bring:
And I will pay thee all my vows,
fulfilling ev'ry thing.
verse 14 The vows which with my mouth I speak,
in all my grief and smart:
The vows I say which I did make
in anguish of my heart.
verse 5 I'le offer thee burnt-sacrifice,
incense and fat of rams:
And I will offer thee likewise
fat bullocks, goats, and lambs,
verse 16 Come forth and hearken, ev'ry one
that fears the living Lord:
What he for my poor soul hath done,
I will to you record.
verse 17 I call'd upon his sacred name,
this mouth to him did cry:
My tongue likewise extoll'd his fame
with great alacrity.
verse 18 I also watch't least any way
my heart should sin regard:
For then I knew when I did pray,
my pray'r should not be heard.
[Page 155] verse 19 But God hath heard me verily,
and did full well attend
Unto my pray'r and fervent cry,
which did to him ascend.
verse 20 All praise to him, to him I say,
that always had regard;
And nev'r put my pray'r away,
nor sent me home unheard.

Psalm LXVII.

Southwell Tune.
[...]HAve mer---cy on us, Lord,
[...]and grant to us thy grace:
[...]And un--to us do thou af--ford
[...]the bright-ness of thy face.
verse 2 That all the earth may know
the way to godly wealth:
And all that live on earth below,
may see thy saving health.
verse 3 Let all the world, O God
give praise unto thy name:
O let the people all abroad
extoll and laud the same.
verse 4 Throughout the world so wide,
let all rejoice with mirth:
For thou shalt justly judge and guide
the nations of the earth.
[Page 156] verse 5 Let all the world O God,
give praise unto thy name:
O let the people all abroad
extoll and laud the same,
verse 6 Then shall the earth increase,
great store of fruit shall fall?
And God our God shall grant us peace,
and greatly bless us all.
verse 7 Yea, God shall bless us all,
and earth both far and near:
And people all in general
of him shall stand in fear.


To the 119 Psalm Tune.
[...]LEt God om-ni---po-tent a-rise,
[...]his scat-t'red foes to chase:
[...]And let his hate--ful e---ne-mies
[...]fly from his an----gry face.
[...]As dri-ven smoak dis-pel them quite;[Page 157]
[...]as fire makes wax to fry,
[...]So let them pe--rish in his sight,
[...]that work in---i-----qui--ty.
But let the just be fill'd with joy,
rejoicing in his sight:
Yea let them most exceedingly
rejoice with great delight.
Sing unto God, and sound his praise,
who back't the vaulting skie:
By Jah (his name) his honour raise,
and let your joys go high.
verse 5 A father of the fatherless,
and judge of widows case
Is God, whose throne of holiness
is in the highest place.
verse 6 He stores the solitary cell,
he frees the chain'd and bound:
But lets rebellious people dwell
and starve in barren ground.

The second part.

verse 7 O God, when thou wast in the head
of all thy peoples host,
When marching thou their camp didst lead
along the desart coast;
verse 8 The earth did at thy presence quake,
in drops the heavens fell:
Thy sight made Sinai's hill to shake,
O God of Israel.
[Page 158] verse 9 O God, thou didst the drought asswage,
sending a plent'ous rain:
Whereby thy weary heritage
was well refresht again.
verse 10 Thy congregation settled there,
for thou didst it restore:
Thou of thy goodness didst prepare
a dwelling for the poor.
verse 11 God gave the word of victory
and presently there came
Innumerable company,
that published the same.
verse 12 The kings of armies (overcome)
were forc'd to flee away:
And ev'n she that stay'd at home
helpt to divide the prey.

The third part.

verse 13 Though ye have lien among the pots,
ye shall be to behold
As wings of doves with silver spots,
and plum'd with yellow Gold.
verse 14 When the Almighty in our sight
gave kings the overthrow,
Victorious Isra'l shin'd as bright
as doth the Salmon snow.
verse 15 The hill whereon Jehovah dwells,
as Bashen hill we count:
A lofty hill that paralels
the height of Bashan mount.
verse 16 Ye higher hills, why leap ye so?
for this must be the hill
Which God doth for his dwelling know,
and so he ever will.
verse 17 God's char'ots twenty thousand are,
myriads of chief account:
The Lord's among them, as it were
in Sina's holy mount.
[Page 159] verse 18 Thou hast ascended up on high,
and thou, O Christ, didst then
Lead captive our captivity,
receiving gifts for men.
Yea ev'n for rebellious men
thou didst those gifts receive:
That God the Lord might dwell with them,
and they rebellion leave.
verse 19 Blessed be God that doth us load
with daily favours thus:
Ev'n that God that hath bestow'd
salvation upon us.
verse 20 For our God is the God alone
that doth salvation give:
And those that under death do groan,
by him alone do live.
verse 21 But God shall wound his en'mies head,
and in his kindled wrath
Shall make his hairy scalp to bleed,
that holds his sinful path.

The fourth part.

verse 22 I'le bring again, the Lord did say,
from Bashan when I please:
I'le bring my people safe away,
even from the deepest seas.
verse 23 That thou mayst dip thy foot in blood
of adversaries slain:
And bathing in the crimson flood,
thy dogs their tongues may stain.
verse 24 For they have seen, O God, this thing,
they saw thy steps divine;
The goings of my Lord, my king,
within his sacred shrine.
verse 25 In first place went the singing men,
the minstrels next aspire:
The damsels with the timbrels then
made up the sacred choir.
[Page 160] verse 26 O bless the Lord, his praise forth tell
where all the church doth meet:
Ev'n from the spring of Israel,
sound forth his praises sweet.
verse 27 There little Benjamin doth run,
and Judah's companie:
The Princes too of Zebulon,
and those of Napthali.
verse 28 Thy God by his supreme command
hath strengthened thee thus:
Strengthen O God by thy good hand,
what thou hast wrought for us.
verse 29 Thy temple at Jerusalem
shall then cause forreign kings
To bring to thee their diadem,
and all their precious things.

The fifth part.

verse 30 Rebuke the spear-mens company,
and that unruly crew
Of bulls and calves, till gen'rally
they pay their tributes due;
Till each man silver plate presents:
disperse and scatter far
All those tumultuous malecontents,
that take delight in war.
verse 31 Then shall the lords of Egypt land
to thee their presents bring:
The Black-moores shall stretch out their hand
unto their heav'nly king.
verse 32 Sing unto God most joyfully,
ye kingdoms of the earth:
O sing unto the Lord most high,
and sing his praise with mirth,
verse 33 The heav'ns of heav'ns of old which backs
like some well manag'd steed:
Hark how his voice in thunder cracks,
a mighty voice indeed.
[Page 161] verse 34 Ascribe ye strength to our great God,
whose excellency rare
Is over Isr'el plainly shew'd,
whose strength the clouds declare.
verse 35 O God thou art a dreadful one,
and so thou dost appear
From heav'n thy high and holy throne,
and in thy temple there.
For Isr'els God and Saviour,
he is the very same
That gives his people strength and pow'r,
and blessed be his name.

Psalm LXIX.

Bristol Tune.
[...]SAve me, O God, of thy free grace,
[...]for now the bil--lows roul;
[...]And pres-sing on come in a--pace
[...]in---to my ve---ry soul.
verse 2 I sink in deepest mire and mud,
where is no standing ground:
I am o'rewhelmed with the flood,
whose waters do abound.
verse 3 Uncessant crying wear'eth me,
my throat is hoarse likewise:
While, O my God, I wait for thee
with sick and famisht eyes.
[Page 162] verse 4 And they that hate me causlesly,
I reckon to be moe
Then are the very hairs (I think)
which on my head do grow.
And they that would destroy me, Lord,
my wrongful foes are they,
And mighty, so that I restor'd
what I took not away.
verse 5 O God, thou know'st my foolishness,
and thou dost fully see:
If I have done unright'ousness,
it is not hid from thee.
verse 6 Let none that wait upon thy name,
Lord God of hosts, I pray,
Let none of them be put to shame
for my sake any way.
verse 7 Because for thy sake, Lord, alone,
I suffer this disgrace:
For thy sake, Lord, and not my own,
hath shame o'respread my face.
verse 8 A stranger now I am become
to brethren of my own:
One mother bare us in her womb,
yet am I as unknown.
verse 9 For zeal hath quite consumed me,
which to thy house I bear:
And the reproaches cast at thee,
are fall'n to be my share.

The second part.

verse 10 When I did weep, when I did fast
for chast'ning of my soul,
That in a scoff at me they cast,
and did reproach me foul.
verse 11 I put on sackcloth to my shame,
for they my deed condemn:
And when I wore it I became
a proverb unto them.
[Page 163] verse 12 They that did sit within the gate,
discourst of these as crimes:
And drunkards as they quaffing sat,
did put me in their rimes.
verse 13 But as for me, O Lord, my pray'r
waits the propitious hour:
Let me thy bount'ous mercies share,
and prove thy saving pow'r.
verse 14 Deliver me out of the mire,
and me from sinking keep;
From those that do my hurt desire,
and from the waters deep.
verse 15 Let not the flood prevail a whit,
whose water overflows;
Nor deep devour me, nor the pit,
her mouth upon me close.
verse 16 Hear me, O Lord, for thou art still
both loving, kind and good:
Thy tender mercies on me spill,
and drown me in that flood.
verse 17 And from thy servant do not hide
thy face in this my need:
I am opprest on ev'ry side,
O hear me, Lord, with speed.
verse 18 Unto my troubled soul draw nigh,
redeem and set it free:
And from mine en'mies tyranny
do thou deliver me.
verse 19 Thou know'st all my reproach and shame,
thou seest my great disgrace:
Mine en'mies which procure the same
are all before thy face.

The third part.

verse 20 My heart is broke with obloquy,
and I am full of grief,
I look't for some to pity me,
but no man gave relief.
[Page 164] verse 21 In vain on comforters I think,
when gall they gave for meat:
And gave me vinegar to drink,
when as my thirst was great.
verse 22 O turn their table to a snare:
and that which should have been
For to have made them well to fare,
a trap to take them in.
verse 23 Let darkness be before their eyes.
and let them still mistake:
Yea and enforce their guilty loins
continually to shake.
verse 24 Pour out thine indignation still,
with force on them to fall:
And let thine anger terrible
take hold upon them all.
verse 25 And let their habitation
be desolate and waste:
And in their empty tents not one
inhabitant be plac't.
verse 26 For lo, they persecute him much
whom thou hast smote before:
And talk unto the grief of such,
as thou hast wonnded sore.
verse 27 Add therefore sin unto their sin,
and let them still transgress:
And let them never enter in
into thy right'ousness.
verse 28 O let the book of life be rac't,
and thence their names be took,
And never with the just be plac't
in that most blessed book.
verse 29 But I am poor and full of grief,
Lord, to my soul draw nigh:
Let thy salvation give relief,
and set me up on high.
[Page 165] verse 30 I will take up a joyful song
God's praises to proclaim;
Extoll him with a thankful tongue,
and magnify his name.
verse 31 And this shall please the Lord likewise,
and make a better proof
Then ox, or bull in sacrifice,
that hath both horn and hoofe
verse 32 Hereat the humble shall be glad,
to see it with their eye:
And lo your heart that seeks for God,
shall live and never die.
verse 33 For lo, the Lord doth hear the cries,
which his poor servants make:
Those pris'ners he doth not despise
that suffer for his sake.
verse 34 Therefore let heaven his praises sing,
the earth and all the seas:
And also every kind of thing
that lives and moves in these.
verse 35 For surely God will Sion save,
and Jadah's cities rear:
That dwelling houses men may have,
and large possessions there;
verse 36 His servants seed (the faithful race)
inheriting the same:
And it shall be the dwelling-place
of them that love his name.

Psalm LXX.

To the 51 Psalm Tune.
[...]MAke haste, O Lord, and set me free,
[...]make haste, O God, and suc--cour me.[Page 166]
[...]Con-found them with con-founding shame,
[...]that seek my soul, to hurt the same.
Let them be turned backward still
turn'd back with shame that wish me ill.
verse 3 Reward their shame that say, Aha,
and let confusion be their pay.
verse 4 All that seek thee, and all that love
salvation coming from above.
Full glad in thee let them abide,
still saying, God be magnifi'd.
verse 5 But I am needy, weak and poor,
make haste to help me Lord therefore:
My help and my deliverer,
thou art, O Lord, do not defer.

Psalm LXXI.

Lowath Tune.
[...]O Lord, I put my trust in thee,
[...]when plun--ged in di--stress:
[...]Let no con-fu--sion seize on me,[Page 167]
[...]nor shame my soul op--press.
verse 2 Defend me in thy right'ousness,
and rescue me with speed:
Encline thine ear with readiness,
and save me at my need.
verse 3 Be thou my rock, where I may have,
all times a safe resort:
'Twas thy command thy saint to save,
O thou my strength and fort.
verse 4 Save me, my God, from wicked men,
and from their strength and pow'r;
From folk unright'ous, and from them
that cruelly devour.
verse 5 On thee, O God, my hopes attend,
and upon none beside:
My youth did upon thee depend,
as it's most faithful guide.
verse 6 Thou hast upheld me from my birth,
thou tookest care of me
Ev'n from the womb, thou brought'st me forth,
my praise still waits on thee.
verse 7 Indeed I seem a prodigie
to many carnal eyes:
But my strong refuge is on high,
on him my hope relies.
verse 8 Therefore my mouth shall daily sing
the glory of thy name:
And let it not speak any thing,
but of thy praise and fame.

The second part.

verse 9 My God, O cast me not away,
when age my limbs doth shake:
And when my vigour doth decay,
do not my soul forsake.
[Page 168] verse 10 For they that bare me causless hate,
against me speak full ill:
And they that for my soul lay wait,
conspire against me still.
verse 11 Lay hands upon him now they said,
and let us all fall on:
For there is none to be his aid,
his God from him is gone.
verse 12 Therefore, O God, that seest my need,
far from me do not be:
But Lord my God, make haste, make speed
to help and succour me.
verse 13 Confound them and consume them all,
that do against me rise:
Let scorn and shame upon them fall
that do my hurt devise.
verse 14 But I on thee my hopes have set,
and laid them up in store:
Nor will I ever thee forget,
but praise thee more and more.
verse 15 I will do nothing all the day
but shew thy righteousness:
All day thy saving joys display,
for they are numberless.
verse 16 Assisted by thy strength, O God,
I will go safely on:
Thy right'ousness I'le spread abroad,
thy right'ousness alone.
verse 17 For from my tender inafncy,
O God, thou hast me taught:
And I have told continually
what wonders thou hast wrought.
verse 18 Forsake me not now I am old,
now that my hairs grow white:
Till unto this age have told,
and shew'd the next thy might.

The third part.

verse 19 Thy right'ousness, O God, exceeds
in the most high degree:
Thou hast performed wondrous deeds,
who can compare with thee?
verse 20 Thou who hast shew'd me troubles sore,
ev'n thou my life shalt save:
And though I were intomb'd, restore
and bring me from the grave.
verse 21 My greatness thou shalt much increase,
my comforts shall abound:
And with thy comforts and thy peace
thou shalt inclose me round.
verse 22 I will instruct each warbling string
to make thy praises known:
Yea, O my God, thy truth I'le sing,
O Israel's holy one.
verse 23 A multitude of joys shall throng
about my lips to sit;
While my glad soul breaths out a song
to him that ransom'd it.
verse 24 My tongue shall also now proclaim
thy justice all day long:
For they are quell'd and brought to shame
that seek to do me wrong.

Psalm LXXII.

To the 119 Psalm Tune.
[...]LOrd give thy judg-ments to the king,
[...]that ju---stice may be done:[Page 170]
[...]And give the skill of go-vern-ing
[...]un---to his prince---ly son.
[...]Then shall he go-vern up--right-ly,
[...]and do thy peo---ple right:
[...]Then shall he judge with e--qui-ty
[...]the poor that have no might.
verse 3 The very mountains he shall bless,
to bring the people peace:
The little hills by right'ousness
shall yeild a great increase.
verse 4 And he shall judge the indigent,
and save the poor and weak:
And the oppressor fraudulent
in pieces he shall break.
verse 5 and then from age to age shall they
regard and fear thy might:
So long as sun doth shine by day,
or else the moon by night.
[Page 171] verse 6 He shall descend as soaking rain
upon the mowen grass:
As show'rs that water hills and plains,
whatever way they pass.
verse 7 The just shall flourish in his days
and all shall be at peace:
Untill the very moon decays,
and all it's motions cease.
verse 8 He shall be Lord of sea and land,
from shore to shore throughout?
From sea to sea on either hand,
and all the earth about.
verse 9 All those that in the deserts dwell,
before him bow they must:
His enemies he will compell
to stoop and lick the dust.
verse 10 The kings of Tarshish and the Isles,
Sheba and Seba's king,
Shall come with presents many mlies,
and gifts to him shall bring.
verse 11 Yea all the kings and higher powers
shall kneel before his throne:
All nations and their governours
shall serve this king alone.
verse 12 For he the needy one shall save,
when unto him they call:
The poor I say, and them that have
no help of man at all.

The second part.

verse 13 Most mercifully he shall spare
the poor whom power controuls:
And he will ever have a care
to save poor needy souls.
verse 14 From violence and thral shall he
their abject souls redeem:
And in his sight their bloud shall be
of singular esteem.
[Page 172] verse 15 And he shall live, till they bring store
to him of Sheba's gold:
He shall be prays'd for evermore,
and daily be extoll'd·
verse 16 Handfulls of corn shall grow upon
the pregnant mountain tops:
The fruit shall shake like Lebanon,
of that same little crop.
The Citizens of Sion hill
shall flourish as the grass:
And in great peace and plenty still
their happy days shall pass.
verse 17 His name shall last and be in mind,
till sun's surcease and rest:
And as a blessing to man-kind
all lands shall call him blest.
verse 18 Praise ye the Lord of hosts, and sing
to Isra'ls God each one:
For he doth ev'ry wondrous thing,
yea he himself alone.
verse 19 And blessed be his glorious name
to all eternity:
Let th' earth be filled with his fame:
Amen, amen say I.


Martyrs Tune.
[...]TO Is---ra'l tru---ly God is good,
[...]to each pure-heart--ed one
[...]But as for me I scare--ly stood[Page 173]
[...]my feet were al---most gone.
verse 3 For I was galled grievously,
and mov'd with envy then,
Beholding the prosperity
of these ungodly men.
verse 4 For in their death no bands there are,
their strength is firm and sure:
verse 5 They have no plagues, no grief, nor care,
which other men indure.
verse 6 Pride therefore, like brave Ornaments,
doth compass them about:
And like a garment violence
doth cover them throughout.
verse 7 Their eyes stand out with very fat,
of wealth they have such store;
What heart can wish, nor only that,
but ev'n a great deal more.
verse 8 Corrupt they are and very vain,
and with unbridled tongue
Oppression proudly they maintain,
and highly boast of wrong.
verse 9 Against the heavens all along
their daring mouth dares talk:
And their unbridled lavish tongue
throughout the earth doth walk.
verse 10 Therefore God's people oft come up,
and here they turn about,
Since waters of so full a cup
to them are poured out.

The second part.

verse 11 And thus they say, how can it be
that God should ever know?
And the most high discern and see
the things that are so low?
[Page 174] verse 12 Behold, these the ungodly are,
that seem to live in peace;
And prosper in the world so far,
whose riches still increase.
verse 13 Then said I, I may gather hence,
that I with too much pain
Have wash'd my hands in innocence,
and cleans'd my heart in vain.
verse 14 For I was plagued for my sin,
ev'n all day long, O God:
And ev'ry morning I have been
chastised with thy rod.
verse 15 But when I had conceiv'd all this,
I still refrain'd my tongue;
Lest I should censure saints amiss,
and do thy children wrong.
verse 16 Then I bethought me how I might
this matter understand:
But lo the labour was too great
for me to take in hand.
verse 17 Till in thy house I did attend,
and there, O Lord, and then
I understood the wretched end
of these ungodly men.
verse 18 For surely in a slippery place
thou causedst them to sit:
To cast them down with great disgrace
into Destruction's pit.
verse 19 A moment brings their misery,
O great and wondrous change!
They are consumed utterly
with terrours great and strange.
verse 20 Ev'n as a dream in fancies brow,
from waking senses flies:
,Lord, when thou awak'st thou shalt
their Image quite despise,

The Third part.

verse 21 Yet thus my heart was griev'd hereby,
and pain my reins opprest
verse 22 So rude and ignorant was I,
and in thy sight a beast.
verse 23 Nevertheless I do remain
continually with thee:
By thy right hand thou dost sustain,
and firmly holdest me.
verse 24 Thy counsels, Lord, which I regard.
are my most faithful guide:
And thou shalt take me afterward
to heav'n glorify'd.
verse 25 For whom have I in heav'n but thee▪
nor is there any one
In all the earth desir'd of me,
except thy self alone.
verse 26 My flesh doth fail me very sore,
but God upholds my heart:
He is my strength for evermore,
my portion and my part.
verse 27 For they that far estranged be,
lo they and ev'ry one
That go a whoring Lord, from thee,
shall quite be overthrown.
verse 28 But now for me 'tis best of all,
near thee my God to dwell:
I trust in God, and that I shall
of all thy wonders tell.


Dublin Tune.
[...]WHy art thou, Lord, so far from us[Page 176]
[...]in all this dan--ger deep?
[...]Why doth thine an---ger kin---dle thus
[...]a---gainst thy pa--sture sheep?
verse 2 From times of old remember still
where thy possessions fell:
The purchas't place of Sion hill,
where thou wast wont to dwell.
verse 3 Perpetual ruine's here begun;
come help, and come apace:
See what thy foes have lewdly done
within thy holy place.
verse 4 Amidst thy congregation here,
thine en'mies rage and roar;
And set for signs their ensigns there
where thou wast serv'd before.
verse 5 A man was famous formerly,
for hewing down thick trees,
By lifting up his ax on high,
to fetch his blow at these.
verse 6 But now they rend and rase as fast,
and all at once are broke:
The curious carved work defac't,
with ax and hammer's stroke.
verse 7 Thy holy house they set on flame,
defil'd, and cast to ground:
The dwelling-place of thy great name,
where once thou wast renown'd.
[Page 177] verse 8 They said in heart, come on, let us
destroy them out of hand:
And they have burnt up ev'ry house
of God in all the land.
verse 9 Our signs are lost, our prophets gone,
thine oracles are dumb:
Among us all there is not one
konws when an end shall come.

The second part.

verse 10 How long, Lord, shall the enemy
breath such reproach and shame?
Lord, shall our foes perpetually
blaspheme thy sacred name?
verse 11 Wherefore, O Lord, withdrawest thou
thy hand, even thy right hand,
O from thy bosome pluck it now,
thy en'mies to withstand.
verse 12 For God is Isra'ls king of old,
who hath salvation wrought:
And all the earth may well behold
what help to his he brought.
verse 13 Thou by thy strength didst part the seas,
where liquid water spreads:
And in the very depth of these
thou brok'st the dragons heads.
verse 14 Leviathans heads thou didst divide,
although their strength was great:
And thus thy people were suppli'd
i'th wilderness for meat.
verse 15 The flood and fountain, Lord most high,
thy power did cleave in two:
And mighty rivers thou mad'st dry,
that Isra'l might go through.
verse 16 The shining day and shady night,
peculiarly are thine.
Thou hast, O Lord, prepar'd the light,
and caus'd the sun to shine.
[Page 178] verse 17 The earth with all the ends and coasts,
thy mighty hand did frame:
Both summer's heat and winter's frosts
by thine appointment came,

The third part.

verse 18 O Lord let this remembred be,
how great reproach and shame
The en'my dares to cast on thee,
how fools blaspheme thy name.
verse 19 Thy turtles soul which many hate,
do not to them deliver:
Thy congregations poor estate
do not forget for ever.
verse 20 Regard thy cov'nant, rid and clense
dark corners of our land,
So full of cruel Robbers dens,
as ev'ry where they stand.
verse 21 O let not those that are opprest
return again with shame:
But help the needy and distress't.
and let them praise thy name.
verse 22 Arise, O Lord, and still maintain
the cause that is thy own:
Remember well how fools disdain,
and daily scorns are thrown.
verse 23 Forget not, Lord, how great it grows
how insolent, how high,
The tumults of thy rebell foes
increase continually.

Psalm LXXV.

St. Marys Tune.
[...]O God, we ren-der thanks to thee,[Page 179]
[...]to thee we give the same:
[...]For by thy won-drous works we see
[...]the near---ness of thy name.
verse 2 When I the congregation call,
an upright judge I'le be.
verse 3 The earth's dissolv'd, the men and all,
her pillars hold by me.
verse 4 But I admonish'd them the while,
ye wicked fools, said I,
Be not so vain, be not so vile,
nor lift your horn so high.
verse 5 Presumptuous horns do not advance,
nor speak with haughty mouth:
verse 6 Promotion doth not come by chance,
from east, or west, or south.
verse 7 But God is sovereign judge alone,
and there can be no other:
He at his pleasure pulls down one,
and setteth up another.
verse 8 For in God's hand there is a cup,
the liquor that it hath
Is wine as red as blood fill'd up
with mixtures of his wrath
He pours it out and he will make
the wicked of the land,
Wring out the very dregs, and take,
and drink them at his hand.
[Page 180] verse 9 To Jacobs God I will each day
declare fresh songs of praise.
verse 10 The wicked's horns I'le cut away,
but right'ous mens I'l raise.


To the 100 Psalm Tune.
[...]IN Ju---dah God is known to his,
[...]his name is great in Is--ra---el:
[...]His san--ctu'-ry at Sa---lem is
[...]he doth in Si---on-moun-tain dwell.
verse 3 The bows and arrows brake he there,
the battle, shield, and sword and spear.
verse 4 Thou art more glor'ous ev'ry way,
and excellent then mounts of prey.
verse 5 The stout of heart are over-thrown,
and they have slept their sleeps last night:
And of the mighty men, not one,
hath found his hands wherewith to fight.
verse 6 O God of Jacob, thy reproof
spoil'd rattling wheel, and thund'ring hoof:
Chariot and horse, at thy fierce blast,
into a sleep of death are cast.
[Page 181] verse 7 Thou, thou alone art worthy fear,
for who may stand before thine eyes?
Who dares approach, who dares appear,
when once thy burning wrath doth rise?
verse 8 From heav'n thou mak'st thy judgments heard;
the silent earth was sore afraid,
verse 9 When God arose to Judgment then,
to save on earth all humble men.
verse 10 Mans wrath shall surely praise thy name,
henceforth held in by thy restraints.
verse 11 O make your vows, and pay the same
unto the Lord your God ye saints.
verse 12 Let all about him presents bring
to him that daunts the proudest king:
To him, I say, whose fear compells,
and princes spirits curbs aud quells.


To the 119 Psalm Tune.
[...]I with my voice to God did cry,
[...]my sad e-state to see
[...]My voice did cry to God on high,
[...]and he gave ear to me-[Page 182]
[...]I sought him in my wo---ful day,
[...]my sore still ran all night:
[...]My wea--ry soul did put a---way
[...]all com--fort and de---light.
verse 3 I thought on God in my distress,
yet trouble did remain:
And overwhelm'd with heaviness,
my soul did sore complain.
verse 4 Mine eyes from sleep thou dost restrain,
and mak'st me still to wake:
I am so vext and full of pain,
my speech doth me forsake
verse 5 Then thought I on the days of old,
the years of antient times;
Wherein Gods mercies manifold
did overflow our crimes.
verse 6 My song by night I call'd to mind.
I commun'd with my heart:
My soul made earnest search to find
some word to ease my smart.
verse 7 Alas said I, what will the Lord
cast off, and not restore?
And from henceforth will he afford
no favour any more?
[Page 183] verse 8 Is all his mercy ceas't and gone?
must that no more prevail?
The promise of the holy one,
shall that for ever fail?
verse 9 Hath God forgotten to express
his mercies wonted measure
Is his dear love and tenderness
shut up in his displeasure?
verse 10 Then said I, my infirmity
doth cause these doubts and fears:
I will recall what the most high
hath done in former years.

The second part.

verse 11 I will retain in memory
thy wonders manifold:
I will remember certainly
thy wond'rous works of old.
verse 12 And I will also meditate
of all thy works of fame:
And I will chearfully relate
how thou hast wrought the same.
verse 13 Within thy sanctuary bright
thy way, O God, is known:
And there is none to match the might
of our Almighty one.
verse 14 Thou art the God by whose great might
are wrought such wonders rare:
And plainly in thy peoples sight
thy works thou didst declare.
verse 15 All Isra'ls whole posterity
are thy redeem'd indeed:
Thy arm did set at liberty
Jacob and Josephs seed.
verse 16 The waters did thy visage see,
they saw and were afraid:
And at the very sight of thee
the depths were sore dismai'd.
[Page 184] verse 17 Excessive storms the clouds pour'd out,
the skies sent forth a sound:
Thy arrows also walk't about,
and were dispersed round.
verse 18 Thy thund'ring voice was heard on high
and ev'n from heav'n it spake:
Thy lightnings lightned earth and skie:
the earth did move and quake.
verse 19 Great waters and great seas there be,
which thou didst tread and trace:
Though none can now thy foot-steps see,
nor know the certain place.
verse 20 By Moses and by Aarons hand
thou didst lead (tow'rds the deep)
Thy people to the promis'd land,
like to a flock or sheep.


St. Marys Tune.
[...]Heark--en, my peo--ple, to my law
[...]en--cline your ears to hear:
[...]And let my speech at--ten-tion draw
[...]and win a list--ning ear.
verse 2 My mouth shall speak a parable,
and sayings dark and old:
verse 3 Which we have heard and known so well,
and which our fathers told.
[Page 185] verse 4 We will not from their seed conceal
the wonders God hath done:
His praise and pow'r we will reveal
unto the age to come.
verse 5 For God himself established
in Jacob this decree:
This statute he determined
in Israel for to be.
And charg'd our fathers ev'ry one,
that what he had decreed,
They should express, and make it known
to their ensuing seed.
verse 6 That th' age to come and following race,
his testaments might know:
Who should arise in father's place,
and them to theirs should show.
verse 7 That they thereby might learn to set
their hope in God above:
And might not God's great works forget,
but keep his law in love.
verse 8 And like their fathers might not be,
degenerate and base:
A stiff and stubborn progenie,
and a rebellious race.
A generation sure they were,
whose heart was not set right:
Whose soul likewise was not sincere
and perfect in Gods sight.

The second part.

verse 9 The sons of Ephraim, carrying bows,
nor did they armour lack,
In day of battle with their foes,
were forc't to turn them back.
verse 10 God's cov'nant they observed not,
nor would his laws regard:
verse 11 His works and wonders they forgot,
which he to them declar'd.
[Page 186] verse 12 Great marvels had their fathers known,
all acted in their sight:
In Egypt and the field of Zoan,
performed by his might.
verse 13 The sea for them he did divide,
and did the channel drain:
He heap't the water on each side,
and made for them a lane.
verse 14 He led them with a cloud by day,
and with a brighter light
Of flaming fire he shew'd the way,
and led them all the night.
verse 15 The stronger rocks he also clave
within the desart dry:
And, like as from great depths, he gave
them drink abundantly.
verse 16 From rocks he made the streams to rush,
and by his power supreme
He made the waters run full gush:
as fast as any stream.
verse 17 Yet did they sin exceedingly,
and more and more transgress
Greatly provoking the most high
within the wilderness.
verse 18 Yea in their heart their sin was great,
for (out of deep distrust)
They tempted God, by asking meat
to satisfy their lust.
verse 19 Yea against God they spoke no less,
and said profanely thus,
A table in the wilderness
can God povide for us?

The third part.

verse 20 Behold he smote the rock indeed,
and thence gusht waters great:
But can he give his people bread,
and send them flesh to eat?
[Page 187] verse 21 Therefore the Lord this thing discern'd,
and caus'd his wrath to swell:
His anger against Jacob burn'd,
and scorched Israel;
verse 22 Since they did not on God rely,
nor in that saviour hope.
verse 23 Though he had charg'd the lofty skie,
and heaven-doors set ope.
verse 24 And showers of manna he did rain,
for them to eat their fill:
And gave them of the finest grain
that heaven could distil.
verse 25 So mortal man did freely eat
the food of angels rare:
For God sent down that heavenly meat,
enough and yet to spare,
verse 26 He caus'd an east wind which he sent,
to blow in heaven by kind:
And by his power omnipotent
brought in the southern wind.
verse 27 He rain'd upon them living flesh,
like summers dust for store:
And feather'd foul he brought them fresh,
as sand upon the shore.
verse 28 In midst of all the camp throughout
he let it gently fall:
And he disperst it round about
their habitations all.
verse 29 So they did eat their greedy fill;
their own desire he gave;
verse 30 Nor were estrang'd from their own will,
nor what their lust did crave.
But while the meat was in their mouth,
verse 31 Gods wrath upon them fell.
And slew the flower of all their youth,
and choise of Israel.
[Page 188] verse 32 Yet for all this they sinned still,
their gracious God they grieve:
And let his works be what they will,
they never would believe.
verse 33 Therefore he made their destiny
their miseries to double;
Spending their days in vanity,
and all their years in trouble.

The fourth part.

verse 34 But when he slew these wicked men,
they back to God retir'd;
And sought him very early then:
and after God inquir'd.
verse 35 Remembring then that God alone
was all the rock they had
And that redeemer they had none,
except the highest God.
verse 36 Yet did they ev'n all along
but flatter with their mouth
They li'd unto him with their tongue,
and sought him not in truth.
verse 37 For still their hearts hypocrisie
was manifestly shew'd:
And that they walk't not stedfastly
in cov'nant with their God.
verse 38 But he so full of clemency,
their injuries forgot;
And pardon'd their iniquity,
and overthrew them not.
Yea, many a time he pleas'd to turn,
destruction from their path:
And would not let his anger burn,
nor stirr up all his wrath.
verse 39 For graciously he call'd to mind
how that they were but flesh;
And like a temporary wind,
that doth not come afresh.
[Page 189] verse 40 How often in the wilderness
did they provoke him sore:
And in the desarts did transgress,
and grieve him more and more.
verse 41 Yea, they turn'd back, as always prone
to tempt the Lord most high:
And limited the holy one
of Isra'l shamefully.
verse 42 They were unmindful of his hand,
and of that famous day,
When from the foe in forreign land
he brought them safe away.
verse 43 What signs likewise by him were done,
which were in Egypt shown,
And mighty wonders many a one
within the fields of Zoan.
verse 44 How he had turn'd the rivers there
to dismal streams of blood:
So that the thirsty passenger
abhorr'd the chrystall flood.

The fifth part.

verse 45 He sent of flies of divers sorts,
amongst them to devour:
And to destroy them in their courts,
he join'd the frogs in pow'r.
verse 46 He let the caterpillars eat
the fruit of all their soil:
And gave their labours hopeful sweat
to be the locusts spoil.
verse 47 Their pleasant vines with hail-stone show'rs
were beaten down and lost:
And all their spreading sycamores
were perish'd with the frost.
verse 48 Their cattle also he assaults
with batt'ring show'rs of hail:
And with the burning thunder-bolts
he did their flocks assail.
[Page 190] verse 49 Fierce anger wrath and discontent
he let as fiercely fall:
By evil Angels, which he sent
to vex and plague them all.
verse 50 He making way for his fierce wrath,
spar'd not their soul from death:
But made the pestilence a path
to force their dying breath.
verse 51 He smote in Egypt in one night,
the first born from the dam:
The very chief of all their might,
within the tents of Ham.
verse 52 But made his people safely pass
the danger of the deep:
And led them in the wilderness,
like to a flock of sheep.
verse 53 He led them safe and free from fear,
amidst the briny waves:
But overwhelm'd their en'mies were,
the seas became their graves.
verse 54 And them unto the borders brought
of his most sacred land:
The mountains which himself had bought
by pow'r of his right hand.
verse 55 The heathen too he did expell,
and did their lands assign
An heritage to Israel,
dividing it by line:
And made his tribes dwell in their tents,
verse 56 Yet tempt they God most high,
And kept not his commandements,
but griev'd him vehemently.
verse 57 Unfaithfully they backwards slide,
their fathers dealt just so:
And they likewise were turn'd aside.
like a deceitful bow.
verse 58 With places which they built on high,
they did the Lord displease:
And moved him to jealousie
with graven images.

The sixth part.

verse 59 When God heard this, (as he must needs)
he was exceeding wroath:
And Isra'l which had done such deeds,
he did abhor and loath.
verse 60 So that the tents of Shiloh were
forsaken by him then:
The tents which he had placed there
among unworthy men.
verse 61 And sent into captivity
his ark in forreign land:
And gave his beauteous dignity
into his en'mies hand.
verse 62 He gave his people to be slain
by the devouring sword:
And caus'd his wrath to scorch amain
the her'tage of the Lord.
verse 63 The fire of his increasing rage
consumes their young men brave:
And honourable marriage
their maidens might not have.
verse 64 Yea, by the sword their priests did fall,
and yet, alas! there went
No widows to the funeral▪
their sad deaths to lament.
verse 65 But then the Lord awoke anon,
as one from sleep doth start:
And shouted like a mighty man,
when wine hath chear'd his heart.
verse 66 And smote his foes i'th'hinder parts
to their perpetual shame:
A vile disease for vile deserts,
which on his enemies came.
verse 67 And Joseph's tabernacle was
wholly refus'd by him:
And yet he chose not in those days
the tribe of Ephraim,
[Page 192] verse 68 But chose the tribe of Judah there
even Sions sacred mount;
Above all other places dear,
and high in his account.
verse 69 And there his holy temple plac't,
like pallaces on high:
And like the earth, which he set fast
to all eternity.
verse 70 He chose his servant David too,
and from the folds of sheep
He took him other work to do,
a flock of souls to keep:
verse 71 From following the great-belli'd ewes,
the Lords own flock to feed;
His people Isra'l, and the Jews,
that were of Jacobs seed.
verse 72 So David fed them faithfully,
and govern'd all the land
After his hearts integrity,
and with a skilful hand.

psalm LXXIX.

Lowath Tune
[...]THe hea-then, Lord, come in a--main,
[...]thine he----ri--tage to waste:
[...]Thy ho--ly tem--ple they pro--fane,
[...]Je---ru----sa---lem is rac't
[Page 193] verse 2 Dead bodies of thy servants dear
make rav'nous fouls a feast:
And thy saints flesh hurl'd here and there
to ev'ry savage beast.
verse 3 Their blood about Jerusalem,
like water it is shed:
And none was left to bury them
when they were slain and dead.
verse 4 Our neighbours near do us deride,
and mock us to our face:
And round about on ev'ry side
they load us with disgrace.
verse 5 How long Lord? shall it ever be
before thy wrath expire?
And shall thy kindled jealousy,
for ever burn like fire?
verse 6 'Gainst heathen men that know thee not,
Lord, let thine anger flame:
And let it be the kingdom's lot
that calls not on thy name.
verse 7 For they have greedily devour'd
thy servant Jacob's race:
And quite laid waste with fire and sword
his antient dwelling-place.
verse 8 O think not on our former crimes,
prevent us (be not slow)
With tender mercy shew'd betimes,
for we are very low.

The second part.

verse 9 Help us, O God, our strength and stay,
thine honour lies at stake:
Save us, and purge our sins away,
merely for thy names sake.
verse 10 Why say the heathen, where's their God?
be known then in their sight:
Revenge on them thy servants blood,
which they have spilt in spite.
[Page 194] verse 11 The pris'ners throbbing sighs receive,
admit their mournfull cry
And by thy sovereign pow'r reprieve
the men condemn'd to die.
verse 12 And let our neighbours have restor'd
into their bosoms bold
The scorns they cast on thee, O Lord,
restore them seven-fold.
verse 13 So we thy flock and heritage
will ever bless thy name:
And spread thy praise from age to age,
and celebrate thy fame.

Palm LXXX.

Dublin Tune.
[...]O Shep-herd, thou that dost pro-vide
[...]for Is----ra'ls tribe and stock,
[...]And dost the seed of Ja---cob guide,
[...]and lead'st him like a flock;
Thou glor'ous God, that dwell'st between
the cherubims on high,
Give ear, and let thy light be seen
to shine forth glor'ously,
verse 2 In Ephraims and Manasses sight,
and Benjamins appear:
In all our sight stir up thy might,
to save us Lord, draw near.
[Page 195] verse 3 Turn us, O God, to thee again,
for we too long have swerv'd:
Cause thou thy face on us to shine,
and we shall be preserv'd.
verse 4 Lord God of hosts, how long shall we
be left to this despair?
How long, Lord, wilt thou angry be
at thy own Peoples pray'r?
verse 5 Thou giv'st thy people tears for bread,
and tears likewise for drink:
Their table thus is overspread,
their cup's fill'd to the brink.
verse 6 Thou mak'st us in our neighbours eyes
meer subjects of debate:
With laughter do our enemies
behold our sad estate.
verse 7 Turn us again, Lord God of Hosts,
and cause (as we have crav'd)
Thy face to shine on Isra'ls coasts,
and then we shall be sav'd.

The second part.

verse 8 A noble vine of Israel
thou didst from Egypt bring:
The heathen folk thou didst expell,
and plant it there to spring.
verse 9 Thou mad'st it room for Isra'ls sake,
by thy almighty hand:
And caused'st it deep root to take,
and lo it fill'd the land.
verse 10 The hills and mountains all abroad
were cover'd with its shade:
And like the cedar-trees of God,
her branches were displaid.
verse 11 Her boughs extending far and wide,
unto the sea she sent:
And to Euphrates river side
her other branches went.
[Page 196] verse 12 Why hast thou then with great decay
broke down her hedges so,
That all that pass along the way
do pluck her as they go?
verse 13 And it is wasted by the boar
that cometh from the wood:
The wild beasts of the field great store,
devour it for their food.

The third part.

verse 14 Lord God of hosts, we beg of thee,
return again to thine:
Look down from heav'n, behold and see,
and visit this thy vine.
verse 15 The vineyard and the branches young,
which thy right hand hath set,
And for thy self hast made so strong,
do not, O Lord, forget.
verse 16 It's burnt with fire, it is cut down,
and in a wasting case,
At thy rebuke, Lord, at the frown
of thy displeased face.
verse 17 Uphold, Lord, with Authority
the man of thy right hand:
The son of man made strong by thee,
and for thy cause to stand.
verse 18 So will we not go back at all
from thee, O Lord, most high:
Then quicken us, and we will call
on thy name constantly.
verse 19 Lord God of hosts, our hearts incline,
and turn us now again:
And cause thy face on us to shine,
and safe shall we remain.

psalm LXXXI.

London Tune.
[...]O Sing a-loud with chear-full voice[Page 197]
[...]to God our strength and stay:
[...]And make a ve--ry joy--full noise
[...]to Ja--cob's God this day.
verse 2 O take a psalm for melody,
and bring the timbrell hither,
The pleasant harp and psaltery,
and join them all together.
verse 3 Blow up the trumpet this new moon,
(a duty not the least)
At times appointed to be done,
upon our solemn feast.
verse 4 For this was made a statute law
for Israel of old:
And such as God himself did draw,
for Jacob's sons to hold.
verse 5 This he ordain'd in Josephs house,
passing through Egypt land:
Where I did hear the barbarous,
but did not understand.
verse 6 I eas'd him of the burden there,
that on his shoulders lay:
His hands likewise deliver'd were
from making pots of clay.
verse 7 O Isra'l thou didst call on me
in thy distressful case:
I rescu'd, and I answer'd thee
in thunders secret place.
[Page 198]I prov'd thee also in the way,
where thou would'st needs prove me:
Ev'n at the streams of Meribah
I try'd and proved thee.

The second part.

verse 8 O my dear people, come and hear,
and I'le declare to thee:
O Isra'l, if thou wilt give ear,
and hearken unto me;
verse 9 There shall be in thee no strange God,
nor ev'r at all shalt thou
Adore the Gods that are abroad,
to whom the Gentiles bow.
verse 10 For I the Lord thy God am he
who thee from Egypt led:
Inlarge thy mouth in pray'r to me,
and thou shalt sure be sped.
verse 11 But though that I did Isra'l chuse,
my own select to be:
yet Isra'l did my voice refuse,
and would have none of me.
verse 12 So then I gave them up unto
their own hearts wandring thought,
To do as they desir'd to do,
as their own counsels taught.
verse 13 O that my people had compli'd,
and heark'ned unto me:
And Isra'l had not walkt aside,
but kept to my decree.
verse 14 I should have soon subdu'd their foes,
and turn'd my pow'rfull hand
To the subversion of all those
that durst against them stand.
verse 15 The haters of the Lord (be sure)
had made a low submission:
But Isra'ls time should still indure,
and in a blest condition.
[Page 199] verse 16 With finest of the wheat should he
have fed his chosen flock:
I would have satisfied thee
with honey from the rock.


To the 119 Psalm Tune.
[...]IN the as-sem--bly of the saints
[...]the Lord him--self doth stand:
[...]And sit---eth in the Judgment seat:
[...]with Judg--es of the land.
[...]How long shall par---ti---a----li--ty
[...]pre--vail a---mong you then,
[...]To make you judge un-right-ous-ly,
[...]and fa--vour wick--ed men?
[Page 200] verse 3 Defend the poor and fatherless,
too weak for worldly might:
Aid such as suffer great distress,
and see ye do them right.
verse 4 The weak and poor deliver ye,
and needy of the land:
And rid them from the tiranny
of ev'ry wicked hand.
verse 5 They know not, nor will understand,
but walk without the light:
All the foundations of the land
are out of order quite.
verse 6 I said indeed that ye were Gods,
and sons of God most high:
And that ye had a mighty odds
by princely Majesty.
verse 7 But ye as common men shall die,
and ye shall fall one day,
As fell those people formerly,
whom vengeance swept away.
verse 8 Arise O Lord, thy self advance
just judgment to pursue:
The earth is thine inheritance,
all nations are thy due.


St. Marys Tune.
[...]O God no long-er hold thy peace
[...]but now thy si---lence break:
[...]This still tran-qui--li--ty sur-cease[Page 201]
[...]and raise thy self to speak:
verse 2 For now behold, thine enemies
do rage tumultuously:
And those that hate thee do arise,
and lift their heads on high.
verse 3 Most crafty counsel they have ta'ne
against us all at once;
Consulting how to work the bane
of all thy holy ones.
verse 4 Come let us cut them off, said they,
and leave no root behind:
So that the name of Isra'l may
no more be had in mind.
verse 5 For they have all with one consent,
consulted as one man:
Confed'rate, and against thee bent
with all the pow'r they can,
verse 6 The tents of all the Edomites,
and many other mens:
The Ishmaelites and Moabites,
and all the Hagarens.
verse 7 Gebal and Ammon do conspire,
and Amaleck combines
With the Inhabitants of Tyre,
and with the Philistines.
verse 8 Assur is also join'd with them,
and all of them indeed
Have join'd against Jerusalem
with Lots incestuous seed.

The second part.

verse 9 Do to them, Lord, as in that day,
when Midians hoast was strook:
As to Jabin and Sisera,
which fell at Kishon brook:
[Page 202] verse 10 Which miserably perished
at Endor, where he found
There carcasses all scattered
as dung upon the ground.
verse 11 Like Zeeb and Oreb, O compell
their noble peers to fall:
As Zeba and Zalmunna fell,
so let their Princes all.
verse 12 Those namely that have spoken thus,
come on, and let us take
The houses of the Lord to us,
and them our houses make.
verse 13 Make them I pray thee, O my God,
like wheels that still turn round:
Or like the stubble blown abroad,
when whirlwinds sweep the ground.
verse 14 And as the fire consumes a wood
with fierce and furious flame;
And mountains where the trees once stood,
are singed with the same.
verse 15 So let thy whirlwind furiously
pursue them, Lord, full fast:
And let thy tempests terrify,
and fright them with thy blast.
verse 16 Cover, O Lord, and fill their face
with their deserved shame:
That they may humbly beg thy grace
and seek thy glorious name.
verse 17 Yea let them all confounded be,
and troubled day and night:
Yea, bring them all to infamy,
and let them perish quite.
verse 18 That men may know that thou alone,
whom we Jehovah call,
In all the earth the only one,
art highest over all.


Oxford Tune.
[...]O Lord of hosts how love--ly fair
[...]thy sa--cred ta--ber-na--cles are:
[...]Ev'n where my soul doth long to be!
[...]Yea and my spi---rit pines a--way,
[...]With-in thy courts to come and pray:
[...]my flesh and heart cry out for thee.
verse 3 O living God, methinks I miss
the sparrows and the swallows bliss,
so happily inhabiting:
for they may build their nests full throng
and near thine Altar lay their young,
O Lord of hosts, my God, my King.
verse 4 O blessed, are all those that may
dwell in thy house both night and day
for they will ever give thee praise.
verse 5 And blest the man whose strength's in thee,
who though he cannot present be,
yet sets his heart on thy sweet ways.
[Page 204] verse 6 Ev'n theirs that passing Baca's vale,
dig wells to serve when waters fail,
or use the pools which rain doth fill.
verse 7 From strength to strength they travel there,
until at last they all appear
before the Lord in Sion hill.

The second part.

verse 8 O thou that art the God of War,
whose all the hoasts of creatures are,
depending on thy soveraignty,
vouchsafe thou, Lord, my pray'r to hear,
listen and lend a gracious ear,
O God of Jacob's family.
verse 9 O God our sav'our and our shield,
that dost to us protection yield,
behold us with a kind aspect:
and now be pleas'd to look upon
the face of thine anointed one,
and let thy beams on him reflect.
verse 10 For in thy courts I count one day
a thousand others to out-weigh:
nay I had rather keep a door
within the house of the most high,
then dwell with all prosperity
in sinners tents for evermore.
verse 11 For God's a son and shield divine,
and doth with grace and glory shine,
and gives all good things to the just.
verse 12 Blest is the man, O Lord of hoasts,
that only thine assistance boasts,
and hath in thee repos'd his trust.

Psalm LXXXV.

St. Davids Tune.
[...]LOrd, thou hast dealt most fa-vour-r'bly[Page 205]
[...]with thy be---lo---ved land;
[...]And Ja--cob's hard cap-ti----vi--ty
[...]brought back with pow'r--ful hand.
verse 2 Thy peoples foul iniquities,
which they have lived in,
Thou Lord, hast cover'd from thine eyes,
and pardon'd all their sin.
verse 3 Thy furious wrath thou didst asswage,
which did so fiercely burn:
And from the fury of thy rage
thou didst in mercy turn,
verse 4 O God of our salvation,
turn us likewise to thee:
And cease thine indignation,
and no more angry be.
verse 5 Wilt thou be angry still with us,
and evermore contend?
Wilt thou draw out thine anger thus,
untill all ages end?
verse 6 O wilt thou not again revive
the people of thy choice:
That being so restor'd alive
they may in thee rejoice?
verse 7 Do thou, O Lord, thy mercy show
apparent in our sight:
And on thy Church, do thou bestow
thy saving health and might.

The second part.

verse 8 I'le hear what God the Lord will say,
for he will speak of peace;
So that his saints and servants may
their former follies cease.
verse 9 Sure his salvation is at hand,
to those that do him fear;
That glory may adorn our land,
and be a dweller there.
verse 10 Mercy and truth have sweet access
and both together meet:
And perfect peace and righteousness
with mutual kisses greet.
verse 11 Eternal truth and verity
out of the earth shall spring:
Justice looks down from heav'n on high,
an heav'n on earth to bring.
verse 12 Yea and the Lord shall here bestow
abundant grace and peace:
And make our land to overflow
with plentiful increase.
verse 13 Before his face shall justice go,
and (where the way was dim)
Shall now direct our foot-steps so,
that we may follow him.


St. Marys Tune.
[...]O Lord, bow down thy gra-cious ear
[...]to my com-plaint and cry:[Page 207]
[...]And now, O Lord, in mer--cy hear
[...]for poor and weak am I.
verse 2 Preserve my soul, because I have
receiv'd such grace from thee:
O thou my God, thy servant save
that puts his trust in thee.
verse 3 O be thou merciful to me,
O Lord I humbly pray:
Because I call and cry to thee,
and do it ev'ry day.
verse 4 And fill thy servants soul with joy,
that now with pain is pin'd:
For unto thee, O Lord do I
lift up my soul and mind.
verse 5 For thou art very good, O Lord,
in pard'ning very free:
And art with plent'ous mercy stor'd
tow'rds all that call on thee.
verse 6 Therefore, O Lord, when I do pray,
regard and give good ear:
Mark well the words that I do say,
my supplication hear.
verse 7 In time when trouble doth me move,
to thee I do complain:
Because I know and plainly prove,
thou answer'st me again.
verse 8 For like to thee, O Lord, is none
among the powers divine:
Nor are the works of any one
to be compar'd with thine.

The second part.

verse 9 All nations made by thy great might,
and all thy hands did frame,
Shall come and worship in thy sight,
and glorify thy name.
verse 10 For, Lord, thou art a mighty one,
and thou dost wond'rous deeds:
And thou, O Lord, art God alone,
from whom such pow'r proceeds.
verse 11 Teach me the way of truth most right,
and I'le observe the same:
And unto thee my heart unite,
that I may fear thy name.
verse 12 I will praise thee unfeignedly,
O Lord, my God that art;
And I will ever glorify
thy name with all my heart:
verse 13 Because thy mercies shew'd to me
in greatness do excell:
My soul by thee hath been set free
out from the lowest hell.
verse 14 O God, the proud against me rise,
and throngs of vi'lent men
Have sought to make my soul their prize,
but thee they mind not then.
verse 15 But, Lord thou art a God most kind,
suff'ring no little space:
Compassions store in thee we find,
and plentious truth and grace.
verse 16 O turn to me, and pity me,
and let thy servant have
The strength that is bestow'd by thee,
thy hand-maid's son to save.
verse 17 And shew me some good token now.
that hateful foes may see
And be asham'd, because that thou
dost help and comfort me.


Windsor Tune.
[...]THe ground-works of God's ci----ty fair
[...]are ve---ry strong--ly stai'd:
[...]Up--on the ho---ly moun-tains are
[...]his firm foun--da----tions laid.
verse 2 God loves the gates of Sion best,
his grace doth there abide:
He loves them more than all the rest
of Jacob's tents beside.
verse 3 Most glor'ous things are said of thee,
O city of the Lord.
verse 4 Rahab and Babylon shall be
thy converts on record.
All those that know me with desire
hereof shall hear me tell:
How Ethiope, Palastine, and Tyre,
were born in Israel.
verse 5 And it shall be of Sion said,
this and that man she bore:
And the most high will be her aid,
and strength'n for evermore:
verse 6 Counting the Gentile with the Jew,
and booking ev'ry heir.
The singers and Musicians too
and all my springs are there.


Martyrs Tune.
[...]LOrd God of my sal-va--tion dear
[...]to thee I us'd to pray:
[...]And bring my sup--pli---ca-tion here
[...]be--fore thee night and day.
verse 2 Now let my prayer have access,
before thee, O most high:
Incline thine ear with readiness,
and hearken to my cry.
verse 3 For, Lord, my soul is fill'd with woe,
such sorrow now I have:
My very life is brought so low,
that it doth touch the grave.
verse 4 And I am counted one of them
that to the pit descend:
And to be one among those men,
whose strength is at an end.
verse 5 As free among the slain and dead,
lodg'd in oblivion's land;
No more by thee remembered,
but cut off from thy hand.
verse 6 Thou laist me in the lowest Pit,
in darkness and deep caves,
verse 7 Thy wrath lies hard upon me yet,
I'm prest with all thy waves.
[Page 211] verse 8 My friends thou hast put far from me,
and made them loath me sore:
I am shut up in misery,
and can come forth no more.
verse 9 By reason of my misery
mine eye sheds many a tear:
Lord I have daily call'd on thee,
to thee my hands I rear.
verse 10 Intend'st thou Lord, said I, to show
thy wonders to the dead?
Shall dead men rise again, that so
thy praises may be spread?
verse 11 Shall we thy loving-kindness, Lord,
within the grave express?
Or can destruction best record
thy truth and faithfulness?
verse 12 Shall we in darkness understand
thy wonders manifold:
And in oblivion's cloudy land
thy right'ousness behold?
verse 13 But these my prayers and my cries,
to thee, O Lord, I sent:
And early e're the morning rise,
my pray'rs shall thee prevent.
verse 14 Why then, Lord, is my soul, I say,
thus long cast off by thee?
And wherefore dost thou hide away
thy gracious face from me?
verse 15 I am afflicted like to die,
suff'ring from youth to age:
I am distracted whilst that I
indure such wrath and rage.
verse 16 The fierceness of thy furious wrath
is gone quite o're my head:
And I do seem as one cut off
with too much fear and dread.
[Page 212] verse 17 They came about me ev'ry way,
as waters breaking out:
And altogether ev'ry day
they compass'd me about.
verse 18 And thou hast separated far,
from me my friends and lovers:
And those that mine acquaintance are,
a cloud of darkness covers.


St. Marys Tune.
[...]TH'e--ter--nal mer-cies of the Lord
[...]my song shall still ex--press:
[...]My mouth shall con-stant-ly re-cord
[...]his truth and faith---ful--ness.
verse 2 For mercy shall be built, said I,
for ever to endure:
In heav'n it self thy verity,
shall be establish't sure.
verse 3 I made a cov'nant, saith the Lord,
with David mine elect:
And to my servant past my word,
and sware to this effect:
verse 4 Thy seed will I establish sure,
that it can never fall:
And build thy throne up, to endure
to generations all.
[Page 213] verse 5 The heav'ns shall praise thy wonders, Lord,
and all thy faithfulness
Thy Congregations shall record,
and all thy saints confess.
verse 6 For who in heav'n can any way
with our Lord God compare?
Which of the glor'ous angels may
so bold comparison dare?
verse 7 In saints assemblies evermore
must God have dread and fear:
With rev'rence must they all adore,
that unto him draw near.
verse 8 Lord God of hosts, what Lord is else
with such great power crown'd?
Thy faithfulness who parallels,
in all the circuits round?
verse 9 The restless raging of the seas
thou rulest at thy will:
Their swelling waves thou dost appease,
and mak'st them calm and still.
verse 10 Thou brok'st in pieces Egypts land,
like one that slaughter'd lies:
Thou hast with thy almighty hand
disperst thine enemies.

The second part.

verse 11 The heav'ns and the earth are thine,
the world so richly stor'd,
With all the fulness found therein;
thou founded'st them, O Lord.
verse 12 The north and south no being had,
before thou didst them frame:
Tabor and Hermon shall be glad,
rejoycing in thy name.
verse 13 O God, thou hast a mighty arm
of sovereign command:
Strong is thy hand, thy power is firm,
and high is thy right hand.
[Page 214] verse 14 Justice and judgement on thy throne
retain their dwelling-place:
Mercy and truth conjoyn'd in one,
shall go before thy face.
verse 15 Blest is the people that doth know,
and hear the joyful sound:
Thy beams shall light them as they go,
and shine about them round.
verse 16 They in thy name shall all the day
rejoyce exceedingly:
And in thy righteousness shall they
be lifted up on high.
verse 17 For of their strength thou art the crown,
and of thy grace thou canst
And wilt procure (with great renown)
our horn to be advanc't.
verse 18 For, Lord, thou dost defend us well
from ev'ry hurtful thing:
The holy one of Israel
is our almighty king.

The third part.

verse 19 In vision to thy saint was said,
(for then thou mad'st it known)
Lo, I my helping hand have laid
upon a mighty one.
I have exalted very high
one that is chosen forth:
Of all the people generally,
and one of greatest worth.
verse 20 My servant David I have found,
and on his honour'd head,
In token that he should be crown'd,
my sacred oyl I shed.
verse 21 With whom my hand shall go along,
to stablish him full sure:
My arm shall also make him strong,
that he may still indure.
[Page 215] verse 22 The enemy shall not oppress,
nor make of him a prey:
Nor shall the son of wickedness
afflict him any way.
verse 23 I will beat down and quell his foes,
and do it in his sight:
And I will greatly plague all those
that do him hate and spite.
verse 24 But lo, my faithfulness and grace
to him shall be the same:
His horns shall have the highest place,
exalted in my name.
verse 25 And I will make his pow'r to reach
unto the ocean wide:
And his right hand of pow'r shall stretch
unto the river side.
verse 26 Thou art my father he shall cry,
thou art my God alone:
Thou art my rock to which I fly
for my salvation.
verse 27 And I will make him my first born,
by priviledg of birth:
And will exalt his glorious horn
above all Kings on earth.
verse 28 My mercy will I make to last,
preserv'd for him in store:
My cov'nant also shall stand fast
with him for evermore.
verse 29 His seed will I perpetuate,
that it shall last always:
His Throne shall bear as long a date,
as heav'ns eternal days.

The fourth part

verse 30 If David's seed forsake my law,
and walk not in my way:
verse 31 If from my precepts they withdraw,
and from my statutes stray:
[Page 216] verse 32 They shall be sure that I their God,
to visit will begin;
And scourge them with a smarting rod,
for their offence and sin.
verse 33 Yet wholly to withdraw my love,
their sin shall not prevail:
Nor shall they so much anger move,
to make my truth to fail.
verse 34 My cov'nant I will never break,
it shall continue still:
And that which once my lips did speak,
I'le certainly fulfill.
verse 35 Once by my holiness I swore,
that sacred oath and high;
That having promised before
to David I'le not ly.
verse 36 His seed for ever shall endure,
while time it self shall run:
His throne shall be establisht sure
before me as the sun.
verse 37 And as the moon within the skie
for ever standeth fast,
A faithful witness there on high;
so shall his kingdom last.

The fifth part.

verse 38 But now thou hast cast off O Lord,
and left me all alone:
Yea in thy wrath thou hast abhorr'd
me thine anointed one.
verse 39 Thy cov'nant with thy servant made,
thou hast again unbound:
His crown thou hast profan'd and laid
it even with the ground:
verse 40 Moreover thou hast broken down
his hedges ev'ry one:
And his strong hold in ev'ry town
thy hand hath overthrown.
[Page 217] verse 41 All they that pass along the way;
do spoil him every where;
He is a meer reproach and prey
unto his neighbours near.
verse 42 Thou hast exalted the right hand
of all his bitter foes,
And made his hateful en'mies stand,
rejoycing at his woes.
verse 43 Moreover, Lord, his sword so keen,
thou now hast blunted quite;
Nor art thou in the battle seen,
to make him stand in sight.
verse 44 His glory thou hast made to cease,
and cast his throne to ground:
verse 45 His youthful days thou did'st decrease,
and him with shame confound.
verse 46 How long, Lord wilt thou hide thy face,
as never to return?
Shall thy fierce wrath so long a space,
like fire consume and burn?
verse 47 Remember, Lord, how short an hour
I have for to remain:
Wherefore hast thou imploy'd thy power,
to make all men in vain?
verse 48 What man alive shall not see death,
but still his life shall save,
And stop the hand that stops his breath,
to bring him to the grave?
verse 49 Lord, where's thy former clemency?
thy kindness in our youth,
Which thou hast sworn so solemnly
to David in thy truth.
verse 50 Remember Lord, the great disgrace,
by us thy servants born.
And how my bosom doth imbrace,
the mighty peoples scorn.
[Page 218] verse 51 Reproaches which thine enemies,
on me, O Lord, have thrown,
And do the footsteps scandalize
of thine anointed on.
verse 52 But blest for ever be the Lord,
and blest be God again;
And let the Church with one accord
resound amen, amen.

Psalm XC.

Windsor Tune.
[...]LOrd thou hast been our dwel--ling-place
[...]from age to age on earth
[...]Be--fore the ve---ry time and space
[...]which gave the mount--tains birth:
Or ever thou hadst fram'd or form'd
the earth, or smallest clod,
Or any part of all the world:
thou art eternal God.
verse 3 Thou grindest man through grief and pain
to very dust and then,
Thou saist return to dust again,
return ye sons of men.
verse 4 Though life a thousand years do last,
it semeth in thy sight
As yesterday when it is past,
or as a watch by night.
[Page 219] verse 5 As with the floods that swiftly pass,
thou carriest them away;
Ev'n like a sheep, or like the grass
which quickly doth decay;
verse 6 Which in the morning grows upright,
but fadeth by and by;
And is cut down e're it be night
all wither'd, dead and dry.
verse 7 For by thine anger Lord our God
we are consum'd and spent;
And troubled with thy stinging rod
of wrathful punishment.
verse 8 Thou settest our iniquities
plainly before thy face,
And thy clear countenance descries
our sins in secret place.
verse 9 For all our days are past away,
thine anger taking hold;
We spend our years from day to day
as when a tale is told.
verse 10 The date of all our days appears
but threescore years and ten;
And they that live to fourscore years
are surely stronger men:
Yet pain and grief is all the strength
which then they count upon;
And also that, cut off at length;
and we as blasts are gone.
verse 11 To whom, O God, doth it appear
what power thine anger hath,
Even according to thy fear,
so is thy dreadful wrath.
verse 12 Lord teach us this religious art
of numbring out our days;
That so we may apply our heart
to sacred wisdom's ways.
[Page 220] verse 13 Return, O Lord; how long e're thou
compassion on us take?
And let it Lord repent thee now,
for thy dear servant's sake.
verse 14 O fill us early with thy grace,
that so we may rejoyce;
And all our lives contin'ed space,
triumph in heart and voice.
verse 15 According to the days wherein
thou plagu'st us, make us glad?
After the years which we have seen
so sorrowful and sad.
verse 16 O let thy blessed work appear
unto thy servants true,
And let thy glory shine most clear
unto their children's veiw.
verse 17 Shew us the beauty of thy face;
and what we take in hand,
Establish, Lord, of thy good grace,
and make it firm to stand.

Psalm XC.

Metre 2. To the 100 Psalm Tune.
[...]LOrd, ev'---ry age and race has seen,
[...]Thou hast our help and re--fuge been▪
[...]E're that the Mountains had a birth
[...]or e----ver thou hadst form'd the earth.
Thou hadst a being long before,
and shalt abide when time's no more.
verse 3 Thy first Decree 'gainst man was just
bidding him Turn again to Dust.
verse 4 A thousand years, if we could stay
in life so long, is but a day
Compar'd with thee, and in thy sight
like the short watches of the night.
verse 5 Death, like an overflowing stream,
sweeps us away; our life's a dream.
verse 6 As flow'rs i'th' morning fresh and fair,
cut down ere night and withered are.
verse 7 Thine Anger and our Wickedness,
verse 8 Makes the short term of Nature less:
verse 9 And thus our years t' an end are brought,
as swiftly as a breath or thought.
verse 10 Our Age to seventy years is set;
if to another stage we get,
And unto fourscore years arrive,
we rather sigh and groan, than live.

The second part.

verse 11 Lord, who with due reflection hath
thought on the terrors of thy wrath?
Wrath that is equal to our dread,
and strikes so often sinners dead.
verse 12 Oh that the sence of our last end,
th' uncertainties this life attend,
May more excite our fear of thee,
and a wise care of piety.
verse 13 When, Lord shall thy displeasure cease?
when wilt thou give our troubles ease?
Now we are humble and repent,
shew pity to us, and relent.
verse 14 Oh let that Mercy come at last
we long impatiently to taste:
verse 15 And in proportion to our tears,
let gladness crown our future years.
[Page 222] verse 16 Since Acts of Grace thy Glory are,
and please thee most; do thou appear
In these to us and to our Race:
verse 17 Shew us the beauties of thy Face.
Afford thy Light to guide our way,
that we may never go astray:
All our good undertakings bless,
and prosper with desir'd success.

Psalm XCI.

Dublin Tune.
[...]WHo dwel-leth in the se---cret place
[...]of him that is most high,
[...]In sha--dow of th'al-migh-ty's grace
[...]a---bides con---ti---n'al---ly?
verse 2 Thus of the Lord I will report,
my gracious God is he;
He is my refuge and my fort,
in whom my trust shall be.
verse 3 He surely shall be thy defence,
both from the fowler's snare,
And from the noisom pestilence,
which doth infect the air:
verse 4 His feather'd wings shall cover thee,
and be thy confidence;
His truth thy trusty shield shall be,
and buckler for defence.
[Page 223] verse 5 Thou shalt not need to be afraid,
for terrors of the night;
Nor for the arrow be dismaid,
that flies in open sight.
verse 6 Nor shalt thou fear the pestilence,
that walks in darksom way;
Nor that destructive violence
that wasts at height of day.
verse 7 And at thy side as thou dost stand,
a thousand dead shall be;
Ten thousand strook at thy right hand,
and yet thou shalt be free.
verse 8 Only shalt thou stand by and see,
beholding with thine eyes,
What wicked men's reward shall be,
for their iniquities.

The second part.

verse 9 Because thou mad'st, the Lord most high,
thy dwelling-place to be;
The same to whom I always fly,
to shield and succour me:
verse 10 There shall no evil thing befall
to thee in any case;
Nor shall there any plague at all
come nigh thy dwelling-place.
verse 11 For he shall charge his heavenly host
to bear thee in their arm.
And watch the way wherein thou goest
and keep thee safe from harm.
verse 12 And they must be thy guard and guide,
O dear beloved one,
Lest that thy foot should slip aside
or dash against a stone.
verse 10 The lion thou shalt tread upon
the aspe and lion's whelp,
The dragon thou shalt trample on
by God's great power and help.
[Page 224] verse 14 Because he set his love on me,
therefore saith God will I
Deliver him and set him free
from all adversitie.
I'le set him up in high degree,
because he knew my name:
verse 15 With prayer he shall call on me
I answering the same.
His horn with honour I will raise,
be with him in temptation,
verse 16 Suffice him with the length of days,
and shew him my salvation.

Psalm XCII.

St. Marys Tune.
[...]TO praise the Lord most thank-ful--ly
[...]it is an ex-c'llent thing
[...]And to thy name, O thou most high,
[...]sweet Psalms of praise to sing.
verse 2 To shew the kindness of the Lord
before the morning light,
Thy truth and justice to record
when it doth draw to night.
verse 3 Upon an instrument likewise
whereto ten strings are bound,
Upon your harps and psalteries
with sweet and solemn sound;
[Page 225] verse 4 For thou hast made me to rejoyce
in things atchiev'd by thee,
And I triumph in heart and voice
thy handy work to see.
verse 5 How great, O Lord, who can express
thy works and thoughts profound,
Which are a deep so bottomless
that none can search or sound:
verse 6 The brutish man discerns no whit
nor sees thy mighty hand;
Unconstant fools are far unfit
this thing to understand.
verse 7 When wicked men as grass do spring
and evill doers all
Appear most fat and flourishing,
it shews their utter fall.
Then is their final ruine nigh,
and even at the door;
verse 8 But thou, O Lord, thou art most high,
and that for evermore.

The second part.

verse 9 For lo, O Lord, behold and see,
behold thy foes shall fall,
The workers of iniquity
shall be dispersed all,
verse 10 But like unto an unicorn,
with high advanced head;
So shalt thou, Lord, exalt my horn,
and fresh Oyl on me shed.
verse 11 The harm I wish my wicked foes,
mine eye shall surely see:
The same mine ear shall hear of those
that rise to trouble me.
verse 12 But like the palm the just shall be,
so flourish and come on:
And like unto the cedar tree,
that grows in Lebanon.
[Page 226] verse 13 Those that within the house of God
are planted by his grace,
In our God's courts shall spread abroad,
and flourish in that place:
verse 14 And in their age much fruit shall bring,
and fat, as e're was seen;
And pleasantly both bud and spring,
with boughs and branches green.
verse 15 The Lord's uprightness to express,
who is a rock to me;
And there is no unright'ousness
in him, nor none can be.

Psalm XCIII.

London Tune.
[...]THe Lord doth reign with roy---al--ty,
[...]a---ray'd in beau---ty bright;
[...]The Lord is cloath'd with ma--je--sty,
[...]and girds him--self with might.
The world is fixt, and still must hold,
for thou decreed'st the thing.
verse 2 Thy throne's established of old;
thou art eternal king.
verse 3 The floods have lifted up, O Lord,
the floods (whose tempest raves);
Have lifted up their voice, and roar'd.
verse 4 The floods lift up their waves,
[Page 227]The Lord on high is mightier far,
than many waters noise;
Yea mightier than the waters are,
when foaming billows rise.
verse 5 Thy testimonies precious
are kept on sure record,
And holiness becomes thy house
for evermore, O Lord.

Psalm XCIV.

Martyrs Tune.
[...]O Lord to whom it doth be- [...]ng
[...]just ven-geance to re---p
[...]O God the pu--nish---er of wrong
[...]do thou thy self dis--play.
verse 2 Thou judge of all in general,
thy self no longer hide:
Arise, dispence a recompence
to all the sons of pride.
verse 3 How long, O Lord, how long I say
shall wicked men oppress!
How long a time shall such as they
triumph in wickedness:
verse 4 How long shall they pronounce and say
hard things not to be born,
And all that ply iniquity
still boast themselves with scorn.
[Page 228] verse 5 Thy people, Lord, they break and bray;
thy her'tage they oppress,
verse 6 Widows and strangers they do slay,
and kill the fatherless.
verse 7 And yet dare they presume to say
the Lord shall never see,
This Jacob's God whom they applaud
shall no discerner be.
verse 8 O understand ye people rude,
some knowledge now discern,
Ye fools among the multitude
at length begin to learn.
verse 9 Shall he not hear that plants the ear,
and also shall not he
That form'd the eye so cur'ously
be able for to see.
verse 10 He that doth heathen men chastise
shall not that God correct;
He that doth teach men to be wise
is there in him defect.
verse 11 The lord can tell and knows full well
what thoughts we entertain
For he doth scan the thoughts of man,
and finds them all but vain.

The second part.

verse 12 Blest is the man whom thou, O Lord,
dost fatherly chastise,
And out of thy most holy word
dost teach him to be wise,
verse 13 That thou (most blest) maist give him rest
till stormy times be past,
And till the ditch be digg'd in which
the wicked shall be cast.
verse 14 For sure the Lord will not reject
the people whom he takes,
The heritage to him select
at no time he forsakes
[Page 229] verse 15 But sure regress to right'ousness
shall judgment have again,
And joyning then true-hearted men
shall wait upon her train.
verse 16 Who will rise up in my defence
against the vile and leud:
Who will for me stand up against
the wicked multitude,
verse 17 But that the Lord did help afford
against these wicked men,
I had almost giv'n up the ghost,
and dwelt in silence then.
verse 18 But when I said my foot doth slide,
I now am like to fall,
Thy Mercy Lord thou didst provide,
and stay me therewithal.
verse 19 But in the crowd and multitude
of various thoughts which roul
Within my brest, thy comforts rest
and do delight my soul.
verse 20 Lord, shall the throne of wickedness
have fellowship with thee?
Which frameth mischeif to oppress,
ev'n by a flat decree?
verse 21 They gather all against the soul
of right'ous men and good;
And as for them they dare condemn
the innocentest blood.
verse 22 But lo, the Lord that saves all his,
is my defence on high:
My God my rock and refuge is;
and unto him I fly.
verse 23 He'll recompence their own offence,
and take them in their sin:
The Lord, I say, our God shall slay,
and cut them off therein.

Psalm XCV.

Ely Tune.
[...]COme let us sing with joy--ful noise,
[...]to our sal--va--tion's su---rest rock
[...]With Psalms of praise and shouts of joys
[...]to our God's pre-sence let us flock.
verse 3 A God of kings of great command,
A King of Gods indeed he is.
verse 4 The earth's great deeps are in his hand;
the strength of hillsare also his.
verse 5 Dry land and seas, even both of these,
his holy hands did form and frame.
verse 6 O come adore with bended knees,
the Lord our makers blessed name.
verse 7 For he's our God, and none but he;
we are his folk and pasture stock;
The sheep of his own hand are we,
he is our shepherd, we his flock.
verse 8 If ye will hear his voice this day,
then harden not your stubborn heart,
As at Massah and Meribah,
ye prov'd me in the desart part.
verse 9 When me your faithless fathers prov'd,
and tempting saw my power displaid:
verse 10 I forty years was griev'd and mov'd
with this lewd race: and thus I said;
[Page 231]They err in heart now more and more,
and have not known my path most blest.
verse 11 To whom therefore in wrath I swore,
they should not enter in my rest.

Psalm XCVI.

London Tune.
[...]SIng ye with praise un-to the Lord,
[...]new songs of joy and mirth;
[...]Sing to the Lord with one ac-cord▪
[...]all peo---ple of the earth.
verse 2 Yea, sing unto the Lord I say,
and magnify his name;
From day to day his health display,
and gospel-grace proclaim.
verse 3 Declare his glory, do not spare,
to let the heathen know,
How great and rare his wonders are
among all people, shew;
verse 4 For God a great God doth appear,
and greatly prais'd must be;
And ev'ry where be had in fear
above all Gods must he.
verse 5 For all the Gods of heathen lands
dumb idols do appear:
But God's own hands and quick commands
made the celestial sphere.
[Page 232] verse 6 Before him honour stands in sight
with majesty and grace:
Adored might and beauty bright
are in his holy place.
verse 7 Ye people give unto the Lord,
let ev'ry stock and tribe
Unto the Lord with joint accord
glory and strength ascribe,
verse 8 Give glory to the Lord the king,
due to his name on high:
Devoutly bring an offering
and to his courts draw nigh,
verse 9 O worship ye the Lord with fear
in beauties holy place:
O earth appear from far and near
before his awful face.
verse 10 Tell heathen men the Lord doth reign,
the world confirm'd shall be;
Nor shall again a shake sustain,
so just a judge is he.
verse 11 O let the heavens rejoyce therefore
and let the earth be glad,
The sea shall roar, and all her store
triumphant joys shall add.
verse 12 Yea let the field and ev'ry thing
therein lift up their voice,
The trees shall sing, the woods shall ring
and mutually rejoyce.
verse 13 Before the Lord, for lo he comes
the earth to judge and try,
To us he comes with right'ous dooms
of truth and equity.

Psalm XCVII.

St. Marys Tune.
[...]THe Lord doth reign as sov'-reign king[Page 233]
[...]let all the earth re--joyce:
[...]The mul--ti--tude of Isles shall sing
[...]with glad and plea--sant voice.
verse 2 Dark pitchy clouds and shady night
are round about his throne:
Most perfect judgement, truth and right
dwell with the holy one.
verse 3 A dreadful fire before him goes,
and as it burneth out
With furious flames consumes his foes
and en'mies round about.
verse 4 His lightnings did so brightly blaze,
and to the world appear:
Whereat the earth did look and gaze,
amaz'd with dread and fear.
verse 5 The hills like wax did melt and thaw
and could no longer stand:
When they God's glor'ous presence saw,
the Lord of sea and land.
verse 6 The heavens high declare and shew
his justice all abroad:
That all the world may see and know
the glory of our God.
verse 7 Confusion to all those shall come
on graven gods that call,
That boast themselves of Idols dumb:
ye gods adore him all.
[Page 234] verse 8 Mount Sion heard with great applause;
and was affected much;
And Judah's daughters joy'd because
thy judgements Lord were such.
verse 9 For thou, O Lord, art set on high
and Idols under-trod;
And thou exalted wond'rously
above each other God.
verse 10 Hate evil ye that love the Lord,
he saves his Saints dear souls:
He saves them from this wicked world▪
and adverse power controuls.
verse 11 And light is sown for right'ous men,
and each shall reap his part;
And gladness great springs up for them
that are of upright heart.
verse 12 Rejoyce ye right'ous in the Lord,
much joyfulness express;
And give him thanks when ye record
his perfect holiness.


London Tune.
[...]SIng to the Lord a new made song,
[...]for he hath mar--vels done;
[...]His ho--ly hand and arm most strong
[...]the vi----cto---ry have won.
[Page 235] verse 2 The Lord almighty hath made known
his saving health and might;
His truth he openly hath shown
in all the heathen's sight.
verse 3 Tow'rds Isra'ls honour'd house hath he
remembred truth and grace;
The earth did his salvation see
declar'd in ev'ry place.
verse 4 Make joyful noise unto the Lord,
all dwellers on the earth;
Make noises loud, his praise record
with songs of joy and mirth.
verse 5 O sing unto the Lord, I say,
and with the harp rejoyce;
With solemn harp his praise display,
and psalms melodious voice.
verse 6 With trumpets shrill express your joys,
with sound of cornet sing;
And make a very joyful noise
before the Lord the king,
verse 7 O let the sea with billows swell,
and all its fulness roar;
The world likewise and all that dwell
upon the spacious shore.
verse 8 Let floods clap hands with one accord,
let hills express their mirth,
And join in joys before the Lord,
who comes to judge the earth.
verse 9 With right'ousness and judgement then,
shall he the people try,
And justly judge a world of men
with truth and equity.

Psalm XCIX.

St. Davids Tune.
[...]THe Lord doth reign as king of kings,[Page 236]
[...]let all the peo---ple quake,
[...]He sits up--on the Che---ru-bims;
[...]let th' earth be mov'd and shake.
verse 2 The Lord that doth in Sion dwell,
is wondrous high and great:
The people he doth far excell
and sits in highest seat.
verse 3 Let all men praise and magnify
thy great and dreadful name,
For it excells in sanctity,
and most deserveth fame.
verse 4 The princely power of our king
loves judgement, truth and right,
Thou rightly rulest every thing
in Jacob through thy might.
verse 5 The Lord our God exalt ye now,
and worship him alone:
Before his footstool bend and bow,
for he's a holy one.
verse 6 Moses and Aaron with his priests,
and Samuel on him call:
Among his Saints these made requests,
and he did answer all.
verse 7 He in the cloudy pillar spake
and shew'd to them his will:
The laws and statutes he did make
they labour'd to fulfil:
[Page 237] verse 8 O Lord our God thou didst them hear,
and wast a pardoning God:
Thy mercy did to them appear
though thou didst use thy rod.
verse 9 The Lord our God exalt you still,
bow down before his throne,
And worship at his holy hill,
for he's a holy one.

Psalm C.

A Proper Tune.
[...]ALl peo--ple that on earth do dwell
[...]sing to the Lord with chearful voice
[...]Him serve with fear his praise forth-tell,
[...]come ye be--fore him and re-joyce.
verse 3 The Lord ye know is God indeed,
without our aid he did us make:
We are his flock, he doth us feed,
and for his sheep he doth us take.
verse 4 O enter then his gates with praise,
and in his courts do ye proclaim
Your thankfulness to him always,
and ever bless his holy name.
verse 5 Because the Lord our God is good,
his mercy is for ever sure:
His truth at all times firmly stood,
and shall from age to age endure.

Psalm CI.

Lowath Tune.
[...]MEr--cy and judgement are my song
[...]which Lord I'le sing to thee;
[...]And wise-ly walk in per--fect way,
[...]un---til thou vi---sit me.
And I will walk with upright heart,
within my house, O Lord;
verse 3 Not any thing will I behold
that is to be abhorr'd.
I hate their work that turn aside,
to me it shall not cleave
verse 4 I will not own a wicked man,
the froward heart I leave;
verse 5 I'le cut him off that slandereth
his neighbour secretly:
I'le not endure the proud in heart,
nor him that looketh high.
verse 6 I will look out the faithful men,
that they may dwell with me:
And whoso walks in perfect way
my servant he shall be.
verse 7 Whoso is bent to use deceit,
I will abandon quite:
The liar I will not abide
to tarry in my sight.
[Page 239] verse 8 The wicked I will soon destroy,
and rid the land of them;
And cut away the wicked ones
from God's Jerusalem.

Psalm CII:

Bristol Tune.
[...]LOrd hear my pray'r and let my cry,
[...]come spee--di---ly to thee,
[...]In day of my ca--la--mi--ty
[...]hide not thy face from me.
Incline thy gracious ear to me
in this my day of need,
And when I call and cry to thee
Lord answer me with speed.
verse 3 For like as smoak consumes away,
so do my days expire,
My bones are burnt and do decay
like to a hearth with fire.
verse 4 My heart is smitten like the grass
quite withered and dead;
And I, alas! do quite let pass
to eat my needful bread.
verse 5 By reason of my doleful groans
and pain that I am in,
My grief breaks forth, so that my bones
do cleave unto my skin.
[Page 240] verse 6 Lo, I am like a Pelican
in mournful wilderness.
And like a hated owl I am
in deserts comfortless.
verse 7 I watch and am quite desolate
and sparrow-like alone,
Which separated from her meat
on houses top doth moan.
verse 8 Mine enemies have all the day
reproached me with scorn,
And mad men in their frantick way
are all against me sworn.
verse 9 So that I have instead of bread
the ashes eaten up,
And with my drink the tears I shed
are mingled in my cup.
verse 10 Because of thy severity
and of thy angry frown;
For thou hast lifted me on high
and then hast cast me down.
verse 11 The days wherein my life doth pass,
are like a flitting shade;
And I am like the withering grass,
which instantly doth fade.
verse 12 But, thou, O Lord, shalt still endure
for ever constantly,
And thy remembrance shall stand sure
to all posterity.

The second part.

verse 13 Thy tender bowels now shall stir,
to bring poor Sion home;
For lo, the time to favour her,
yea the set time is come.
verse 14 For even in her very stones,
thy servants take delight;
The ruines under which she grorns,
find favour in their sight.
[Page 241] verse 15 And so the heathen every where,
shall reverence thy name;
And all the kings on earth shall fear
thy glory and thy fame.
verse 16 When as the Lord builds up again
fair Sion's broken wall,
His glory shall appear most plain
and visible to all.
verse 17 The prayer of the destitute
he shall regard and prize,
Their earnest and their humble suit
the Lord will not despise.
verse 18 And this for ages yet to come
shall rest upon record;
People created in the womb
shall one day praise the Lord.
verse 19 For from his sanctuaries height
the Lord doth cast his eye;
From heaven did his perfect sight
the spacious earth discry.
verse 20 To hear the prisoners doleful groans
and lamentable cry;
And to relieve oppressed ones
that are condemn'd to die.
verse 21 That so the Lord's most holy name
may be declar'd to them;
And they proclaim his praise and fame
in all Jerusalem.
verse 22 When as the people far and nigh
shall all be gather'd there,
And kingdoms most unan'mously
to serve the Lord in fear.
verse 23 But while I waited in the way,
my strength he hath decai'd;
Yea, he hath shortened my day
then thus to him I said:
[Page 242] verse 24 O! Take me not away my Lord,
in midst of all my days:
Thy years all ages shall record,
thy time no whit decays.
verse 25 The earth's foundation thou hast laid
of old, as now it stands:
The glorious heavens thou hast made
the work of thine own hands.
verse 26 But they shall perish and decay,
while thou continuest still;
They shall wax old and wear away,
ev'n as a garment will.
As vestures thou shalt change their frame,
and changed they shall be;
verse 27 But thou art evermore the same,
thy years no end shall see.
verse 28 And Lord thy faithful servants race
for ever shall endure;
Their seed likewise before thy face
shall be establisht sure.

Psalm CIII.

To the 119 Psalm Tune.
[...]BLess thou the li-ving Lord, my soul
[...]his glo--r'ous praise pro-claim
[...]Let all my in-ward pow'rs ex-toll
[...]and bless his ho----ly name.[Page 243]
[...]For-get not all his be----ne--fits
[...]but bless the Lord my soul:
[...]Who all thy tres-pas-ses re--mits,
[...]and makes thee sound and whole.
verse 4 Who did redeem and set thee free
from death's infernal place:
With loving kindness crowned thee,
and with his tender grace.
verse 5 Who fills and satisfies thy mouth
with all good things of his,
And makes thee to renew thy youth,
just as the Eagle's is.
verse 6 The Lord doth fully execute
I justice and right'ousness,
And judgement, for the destitute
whom wicked men oppress.
verse 7 To Moses he did first reveal
the way that they should go;
And made the sons of Israel
his mighty acts to know.
verse 8 The Lord is merciful we know,
and graciously enclin'd;
To anger he is very slow,
compassionate and kind.
[Page 244] verse 9 Contin'ally he will not chide,
nor evermore contend;
His anger shall not long abide,
but quickly have an end.
verse 10 He doth not unto us dispence,
as our deserts have been:
Nor giveth us a recompence
according to our sin.
verse 11 For as the heav'n is far above
the earth's infer'our frame;
So is his mercy and his love
to them that fear his name.
verse 12 As far as is the sun's uprise
in distance from his fall,
So far our foul iniquities
he sep'rates from us all.

The second part.

verse 13 As fathers are compassionate
unto their children dear,
So doth the Lord commiserate
his saints, that do him fear.
verse 14 For he doth know our brittle frame,
our mould and fashion just;
He well remembers whence we came.
and that we are but dust.
verse 15 And as for man his days (alas!)
do soon decline and yield;
He flourisheth but as the grass,
or flower of the field.
verse 16 For it is gone and quickly too,
when some bleak wind goes o're;
And then the place whereon it grew
shall never know it more.
verse 17 But unto all eternity
God's goodness doth endure;
To ages all successively
his right'ousness stands sure.
[Page 245] verse 18 To such as keep his covenants,
and fear his holy name;
Remembring his commandements
to execute the same.
verse 19 The Lord within the heavens high
hath firmly fixt his throne;
And over all things gen'rally
his kingdom rules alone.
verse 20 All ye his angels bless the Lord,
ye that in strength excell;
That do his precepts with regard,
minding his word so well.
verse 21 Bless ye the Lord, O! bless him still,
O all ye hosts of his;
His Ministers, that do fulfil
what e're his pleasure is.
verse 22 O bless the Lord ye works of his,
wherewith the world is stor'd;
Where ever his dominion is,
my soul bless thou the Lord.

Psalm CIII.

Metre 2. To the 100 Psalm Tune.
[...]BLess thou the Lord my soul his name
[...]let all the pow'rs with-in me bless
[...]O let not his past fa--vours lie
[...]for-got--ten in un-thank--ful-ness.
[Page 246] verse 3 It's he that pardons all thy sins;
He that in sickness makes thee sound:
verse 4 It's he redeemed from the grave
Thy Life, with Love and Mercy crown'd.
verse 5 It's he that fills thy mouth with good,
and all thy just desires supplies:
Who like the Eagle, makes thine Age
To a renewed youth arise.
verse 6 From his strict Justice, sure relief
oppressed Innocence will find
verse 7 Moses and Isr'el knew his ways,
and kind intentions of his mind.
verse 8 Abundant Mercies flow from God,
love is his nature and delight:
verse 9 Slow is his wrath, and tho' he chides
intends not to destroy us quite.
His Anger in its rise and stay,
from rules of Justice never swerves;
verse 10 And when he punishes our faults,
the measure's less than sin deserves,
verse 11 As Heav'n is far above the Earth,
so his Rewards exceed our Love:
verse 12 Farther than East is from the West
his pardon does our sins remove.

The second part.

verse 13 A father's pity to his child,
resembles God's, tho shorter far;
verse 14 For he considers our weak frame,
that onely quickned Dust we are,
verse 15 Man's days are like the Grass or flow'r,
that in the field its beauty shows;
verse 16 But fades with every blasting wind,
and then its former place none knows.
verse 17 But God's eternal truth and love
is to good men and to their race:
verse 18 Those that his laws and cov'nant keep,
his favour ever will embrace.
[Page 247] verse 19 Circled with glor'ous Light, his throne
the Lord has plac't in heav'n above;
Whose mighty pow'r and sov'reign rule
extends o'er all that live and move.
verse 20 Bless God ye Angels, who in strength,
and ready services transcend:
verse 21 Bless him ye Hosts and Ministers,
who all, to do his will, attend.
verse 22 All ye his works that subject are
in ev'ry place to his controul,
Bless ye your Maker; and with them
joyn in his praises, O my Soul!

Palm CIV.

Dublin Tune.
[...]O Bless the Lord, my soul, and say
[...]my God thou art full great;
[...]Bright ho-nour is thy rich ar---ray
[...]and ma---je--sty thy seat.
verse 2 With light thou cov'rest thee about,
as with a princely robe;
And like a curtain stretchest out
the bright celest'al globe.
verse 3 With watery seas his roof he ciels,
and there his rafters binds,
He makes the clouds his chariot-wheels,
and walks on winged winds.
[Page 248] verse 4 He makes his winged messengers
of pure spirit'al frame:
He makes his glor'ous ministers
a burning fiery flame.
verse 5 He laid the whole foundation
of all the earth so sure,
That still it keeps its station,
and ever shall endure.
verse 6 Which first was cover'd with the flood
as with a garment large,
The waters o're the mountains stood,
until they heard thy charge.
verse 7 And then at thy rebuke they fled,
thy thund'ring voice they fear'd;
Hasting away for fear and dread,
and straight, dry land appear'd.
verse 8 And now dispersed far and wide,
by hill and dale they go,
Unto the place thou didst provide,
to that same place they flow.
verse 9 Their passage now thou dost restrain,
and settest them their bound,
That they may never turn again
to cover all the ground.

The second part.

verse 10 The Lord doth send the fruitful springs
into the vales below;
And all along the hills he brings
their fruitful streams to flow.
verse 11 And they give drink to every beast,
which in the field doth ly:
Wild asses there, among the rest,
do quench their thirst thereby.
verse 12 By them the feathered nation
do comfortably house,
And have their habitation
to sing among the boughs.
[Page 249] verse 13 And from his chambers richly stor'd
he wat'reth all the hills.
The fruit which these thy works afford,
the earth with plenty fills:
verse 14 For cattle he makes grass to spring,
and herbs for man's own use;
Conven'ent food for every thing,
he makes the earth produce.
verse 15 To glad man's heart he makes the soil
bring forth the grape for wine;
Hearts strength'ning bread and suppling oil,
to make his face to shine.
verse 16 The trees of God (though many a one)
no moisture ever want;
The Cedars of mount Lebanon,
which he himself did plant.
verse 17 Wherein the birds do make their nests,
the stork too (as for her)
She hath her house wherein she rests
upon the stately firr.
verse 18 For wilder goats the mountains tops
are made a refuge fit;
And in the clefts of hollow rocks
the little conies sit.
verse 19 He did appoint the changing moon
the seasons for to shew;
And when his time is to go down
the sun doth likewise know.
verse 20 Thou makest darkness, and behold
dark night is over-spread;
And then the forrest beasts are bold
to creep forth to be fed.
verse 21 The lion and the lion's whelp
come roaring all abroad
After their prey, and seek their help
and sustenance from God.
[Page 250] verse 22 The sun ariseth in the skie,
they flock together then,
And lay them down most quietly
within their secret den.
verse 23 Then man goes forth with chearful mind
his labours to begin,
And ply's his work of every kind,
till evening calls him in.

The third part.

verse 24 How many are thy works, O Lord,
in wisdom all compos'd;
The earth by thee is richly stor'd
with treasures there inclos'd:
verse 25 So is this great and spacious deep
replenisht therewithal,
Where things innumerable creep,
and beasts both great and small.
verse 26 The ships also here make their way,
Leviathan here keeps,
Whom thou hast made to sport and play
within the tumbling deeps.
verse 27 On thee do all these creatures wait,
expressing their desires,
That thou maist give them needful meat,
when as the time requires.
verse 28 That which thou giv'st (as thou seest best)
they gather for their food;
Thy lib'ral hand thou openest,
and they are fill'd with good.
verse 29 Thou hid'st thy face, and by and by
in misery they mourn
Thou tak'st away their breath, they die
and to their dust return.
verse 30 Thy spirits pow'r thou sendest forth,
they are created then;
And so the face of all the earth
thereby renews agane.
[Page 251] verse 31 The glory of the Lord most high
for evermore shall be;
And in his works of majesty
greatly rejoyce shall he.
verse 32 His look can make the earth to quake,
and if he gently stroke
The mountains, lo, his touch doth make.
those very mountains smoke.
verse 33 Unto the Lord will I sing praise,
while I have life and breath;
And glorify him all my days.
and honour him till death.
verse 34 My thought of him shall be so sweet,
as nothing else can be,
And all the streams of joy shall meet
when, Lord, I think on thee.
verse 35 Let sinners perish from the earth,
and lewd men be no more;
But let my soul God's praise set forth,
praise ye the Lord therefore.

Psalm CV.

St. Marys Tune.
[...]O Ren--der thanks un--to the Lord
[...]and call up---on his name;
[...]A-mong the peo-ple O re-cord
[...]his deeds de--serv--ing fame.
[Page 252] verse 2 Sing unto him whose pow'r exceeds,
sing psalms to him with joy:
To talk of all his wondrous deeds
your busie tongues imploy.
verse 3 O make your boasts with one accord
in God's most holy name;
Let ev'ry soul that seeks the Lord,
be joyfull in the same.
verse 4 Seek ye the Lord, for him enquire,
his strength and power implore:
His face and favour O! desire
and seek it evermore.
verse 5 What he hath wrought to mind recall
in each myster'ous deed;
His wonders and the judgments all,
which from his mouth proceed.
verse 6 O ye the seed of Abraham,
who served with respect;
Ye children which of Jacob came,
his chosen and select.
verse 7 He is indeed the Lord our God,
his judgments are set forth,
And manifested all abroad
throughout the spacious earth.
verse 8 He calls to mind his covenant,
whatever he engages;
The word of his commandement:
unto a thousand ages.
verse 9 Which covenant the Lord did make
to Abraham the first heir;
The solemn Oath which he did take,
and unto Isaac sware.
verse 10 And he confirm'd the same as well
to Jacob for a Law,
A cov'nant which from Israel
he never would withdraw.
[Page 253] verse 11 Saying, I will my Church advance
and give into her hand
The lot of her inheritance
ev'n Canaan's fertile land.
verse 12 When they of faithful Isra'ls seed
but few in number were,
Yea, but a very few indeed,
and also strangers there.
verse 13 When shifting habitation
they went at God's command,
From nation unto nation,
flitting from land to land.
verse 14 He did not suffer any man
to wrong them where they came,
But for their sakes he soon began
the mighty kings to blame.
verse 15 Saying to those that sate in thrones,
let no presumptuous arm
Once touch my dear anointed ones,
nor do my Prophets harm.
verse 16 He call'd for famine on the land,
and brake the staff of bread;
verse 17 But he beforehand sent a man,
by whom they should be fed.
Ev'n Joseph for a servant sold,
subjected to controul;
verse 18 Whose feet the heavy chains did hold,
the iron pierc't his soul.
verse 19 Until the time and period,
which Joseph had foretold,
Try'd was he by the word of God,
as fire doth try the gold.
verse 20 Then gave the king commandement
that loosed he should be,
The ruler of the people sent
to loose and set him free.
[Page 254] verse 21 He made him ruler of his house;
and Lord of Egypt's land;
And all his substance precious
committed to his hand.
verse 22 To bind his disobedient peers,
his princes to compell,
And for to teach his Senators
the way to govern well.
verse 23 And then did aged Isra'l stirr,
and into Egypt came;
And Jacob was a sojourner
within the land of Ham.
verse 24 And he did greatly multiply
his people Isra'l there,
And made them stronger, verily;
than all their en'mies were.
verse 25 He turn'd their hearts to be as foes,
his people they abhorr'd;
And craftily they dealt with those,
the servants of the Lord.
verse 26 His servant Moses then he sent,
and Aron whom he chose:
verse 27 His signs and wonderseminent
in Egypt they disclose.
verse 28 Darkness he sent where they did dwell,
and made it dark indeed;
His messengers did not rebell
against his word decreed.
verse 29 He turn'd their waters into blood,
and flew their fish thereby;
verse 30 The land brought forth a loathsome brood
of Frogs abundantly.
verse 31 Kings chambers swarmed with the same,
then spake the Lord of hosts,
And divers sorts of flies there came,
and lice in all their coasts.
[Page 255] verse 32 He gave them hail in all the land,
and flaming fire for rain;
verse 33 He let no vine nor fig-tree stand
unsmitten in the plain.
verse 34 He brake the trees in all their coasts,
he spake, and locusts came,
And caterpillars, mighty hosts,
whose number none can name.
verse 35 And eat up ev'ry herb and flow'r,
which in the land was found,
And utterly they did devour
the fruits of all the ground.
verse 36 He also smote within one night
the first-born in the land,
The very chief of all their might
he smote with dreadful hand.
verse 37 He brought them forth and furnish'd well
with silver and with gold,
Nor did the tribes of Israel
one feeble person hold.
verse 38 All Egypt was exceeding glad;
when they did thus depart,
So much the fear of Isra'l had
surprised ev'ry heart.
verse 39 He spread a cloud in open sight
to be a shady tent:
And all the night did fire give light
to Isra'l as they went.
verse 40 He brought them quales whereon they fed
for flesh they ask'd to have,
And satisfi'd them with the bread
which he from Heav'n gave.
verse 41 He opened the rock from whence
fresh waters gush'd apace,
(As if a river ran from thence)
in dry and desart place.
[Page 256] verse 42 For into his remembrance came
the holy promise made
Unto his servant Abraham,
which promise cannot fade.
verse 43 And then he brought his people forth
with joy for their release;
And all his chosen ones with mirth
and shouts of joyfulness.
verse 44 And unto them delivered
the heathen peoples lands,
And they alone inherited
the labour of their hands.
verse 45 That they the better might observe
the statutes of his word,
And from his precepts might not swerve,
O! magnify the Lord.

Psalm CVI.

St. Davids Tune.
[...]PRaise ye the Lord to him give thanks,
[...]for good and kind is he,
[...]For lo, his mer---cy doth en-dure:
[...]to all e---ter----ni---ty.
verse 2 His mighty acts who can recite
according to their worth,
His praises that are infinite
who fully can set forth.
[Page 257] verse 3 Blessed are they that judgment keep,
and he that doth observe
The perfect rule of right'ousness,
and doth at no time swerve.
verse 4 Think on me Lord with favour free,
such as thy people find;
With thy salvation visit me,
and have me in thy mind.
verse 5 That I may see that nations good,
whereof thou hast made choice,
And glory with thy heritage,
and in their joy rejoice.
verse 6 But we have sinned grievously,
the father and the son,
We all have wrought iniquity,
and lewdly we have done.
verse 7 Our fathers, though they saw thy works▪
yet did not understand
Thy wonders and thy miracles,
perform'd in Egypt land:
Nor did they keep in memory
thy great abundant grace:
But did provoke him at the sea,
the red sea was the place.

The second part.

verse 8 Yet did he save them ev'ry one,
for honour of his name.
That he might make his power known,
and spread abroad his fame.
verse 9 The red sea also dried up
at his severe command,
And so he led them through the deep,
as through the desert land.
verse 10 He sav'd them from their haters hand,
and safely let them go:
Redeeming them from Egypt land
and from their cruel foe.
[Page 258] verse 11 The waters overwhelm'd their foes,
not one escap't away:
verse 12 Then they believ'd the word he spake,
and sang his praise that day.
verse 13 But all his works so wonderful
they hastily forgot;
And for his counsel and his will
they duly waited not.
verse 14 But being in the wilderness,
they lusted veh'mently,
And in the desart place no less
they tempted God most high.
verse 15 He gave them also their request
at full, without controul;
But wasting leanness therewithal
he sent into their soul.
verse 16 They envi'd Moses in the camp,
and yet not him alone,
But Aron too, who had the stamp
of consecration.
verse 17 The earth then open'd suddenly,
proud Dathan to devour
And all Abiram's company
it cov'red in that hour.
verse 18 And in their congregation
a fire was kindled then,
The very breath and flame whereof
burnt up those wicked men.
verse 19 They made a calf their deity,
when they in Horeb were,
And worshipped submissively
the molten image there.
verse 20 And thus they chang'd their glor'ous God,
into a molten mass,
Form'd in the likeness of an ox
that feedeth upon grass.
[Page 259] verse 21 But God that was their Saviour,
they utterly forgot,
The works which he in Egypt did,
they now remembred not.
verse 22 Most wond'rous works he brought to pass
in Ham's accursed land;
And dreadful things by the red sea
perform'd by pow'rful hand.
verse 23 Therefore he threat to ruine them,
and would have made it good,
Had not his chosen Moses then
before his presence stood.
He stood before him in the breach
to turn his wrath away;
Or else he had destroy'd them quite,
and they had fall'n that day.
verse 24 Yea, they dispis'd the pleasant land,
and trusted not his word;
verse 25 But murm'ring in their tents they stand
not heark'ning to the Lord.
verse 26 Therefore he lifted up his hand
against them every one,
That in the desert wilderness
they might be overthrown.
verse 27 To overthrow their seed also
among the nations rude,
And scatter them in all the lands
among the multitude.
verse 28 For now they join'd themselves likewise
to filthy Baal-peor,
And eat the dead God's sacrifice,
such as those Idols were.
verse 29 Thus they provok't the Lord to wrath,
with that abhorred sin,
Of new-found out idolatry,
and so the plague broke in.
[Page 260] verse 30 Then stood up zealous phinehas,
and did those sinners slay;
By judgement just (for such it was)
and so the plague did stay.
verse 31 And it was counted unto him
a righteous act indeed,
To all the generations
of his ensuing seed.
verse 32 They vext him also at the lake,
so called from their strife,
That Moses suffered for their sake
the shortning of his life:
verse 33 Because their provocations
his patient spirit stirr'd,
So that he utter'd with his lips
an unadvised word.
verse 34 They did not utterly destroy
the nations of the land
Concerning whom the Lord most high
did give a strict command.
verse 35 But were among the heathen spread,
whose works they learned there,
verse 36 And all their idols worshipped,
which were to them a snare.
verse 37 Yea, they did slay in sacrifice
their daughters and their sons:
Off'ring to devil-deities
their harmless little ones.
verse 38 Their sons and daughters blood they shed,
whom they with guilty hand
To Canaan's idols offered,
and blood defil'd the land.
verse 39 Thus was it their own works and deeds
that did defile them so,
And with their own inventions
a whoring they did go.
[Page 261] verse 40 Therefore the anger of the Lord
against his folk did flame:
His own inher'tance he abhorr'd
by reason of the same.
verse 41 Into the hands of heathen men
he gave them for a prey:
Their hateful foes rul'd over them,
and forc'd them to obey.
verse 42 Their enemies with cruelty
opprest them in the land;
And they were humbled shamefully
under their en'mies hand.
verse 43 He did release them many times,
but they provok'd him so,
What with their counsels and their crimes,
that they were brought full low.
verse 44 He did regard them ne'ertheless,
and had a gracious eye
To their affliction and distress,
whenas he heard their crie.
verse 45 His cov'nant he for them renew'd
repenting in his mind,
According to the multitude
of his compassions kind.
verse 46 He made them to be favoured
and pitied of all those,
By whom they were as captives led,
when they were bitter foes.
verse 47 Save Lord our God and gather us
from heathens now a days,
That we thy holy name may bless,
and triumph in thy praise.
verse 48 Bless Isra'ls God, the Lord most high,
and let all flesh record
His praises to eternity,
amen, praise ye the Lord▪

Psalm CVII.

Lowath Tune.
[...]O Ren-der thanks un--to the Lord,
[...]for good and kind is he;
[...]Be--cause his mer--cy doth en-dure
[...]to all e--ter----ni----ty.
verse 2 Let the redeem'd in ev'ry land,
the Lord's redeem'd, say so:
Those whom he rescu'd from the hand
of their injur'ous foe.
verse 3 And gather'd them out of the land,
both from the east and west,
And from the north and from the south,
unto a place of rest.
verse 4 In wilderness they wandered
in solitary way?
And found no place inhabited,
nor town wherein to stay.
verse 5 Hungry and thirsty all the while,
not having what to eat;
So that their very soul began
to faint for want of meat.
verse 6 Then did they cry unto the Lord,
when trouble did oppress;
Whose favour did relief afford
to them in their distress.
[Page 263] verse 7 And led them forth the readiest way,
that they may go and find
A city and a dwelling-place,
according to their mind.
verse 8 Let them therefore praise God's great name,
for his great goodness then,
And for his works of wondrous fame,
to all the sons of men.
verse 9 For he doth fully satisfy
the longing soul with food,
And filleth every hungry soul
with blessings that are good.
verse 10 Ev'n such as sit in shade of death,
and in dark dungeons ly;
Whom sharp affliction hampereth,
and iron bands do ty.
verse 11 Because they did rebelliously
transgress against God's word;
And did contemn that counsellor,
who is the highest Lord.
verse 12 Therefore he did their heart bring down,
with labour and with pain?
And down they fell and there was none
to help them up again.
verse 13 Then did they cry unto the Lord,
when anguish did oppress,
And he did save them speedily
out of their deep distress.
verse 14 From shade of death and darksom night,
which they lay groaning under,
He brought them out to life and light.
and brake their bands in sunder.

The second part

verse 15 O! that all men would praise the Lord
for his great goodness then,
And for his works most wonderful
unto the sons of men.
[Page 264] verse 16 For he hath broken pow'rfully
the brazen doors and gates
And cut in sunder forceably
the iron barrs and gates.
verse 17 Fools fall into affliction
by falling into sin;
And through their own iniquities
they are ensnar'd therein.
verse 18 Their soul whom sickness visiteth,
abhorrs all kind of meat;
And they draw near the gates of death,
their sickness is so great.
verse 19 Then in their trouble they do cry
unto the Lord for aid,
Who saveth them from their distress,
according as they prai'd.
verse 20 He sent his word of power supreme,
and did them heal and save;
And graciously deliver'd them,
ev'n from the very grave.

The third part.

verse 21 And Oh! that men would praise the Lord
for his great goodness then,
And for his works most wonderful,
unto the sons of men.
verse 22 And let them offer sacrifice
of praise unto the Lord;
And with the shouts of joy likewise
his wondrous works record.
verse 23 They that descend to sea in ships,
and follow for their gain
Their necessary merchandize
upon the watery main;
verse 24 These men do God's rare works behold,
and none so well as these
Do see his wonders manifold
within the deepest seas.
[Page 265] verse 25 For by the word of his command
he makes fierce winds to rise,
And lifteth up the rouling waves
unto the very skies.
verse 26 They mount to heav'n, and then they roul
down to the deeps below;
And by and by their very soul
doth melt because of woe.
verse 27 They reel and stagger too and fro,
like drunkards in their fits,
And like unto distracted men
are put besides their wits:
verse 28 Then in their trouble did they cry
unto the Lord for aid;
Who did redress their misery,
according as they prai'd.
verse 39 The storm is chang'd into a calm
by his command and will;
So that the raging waves thereof
are now exceeding still.
verse 30 Now winds and waves do rage no more,
which they are glad to see,
And so he brings them to the shore
where they desir'd to be.
verse 31 Oh! render Praises to the Lord
for his great goodness then,
And for his works most wonderful,
unto the sons of men.
verse 32 And in the congregation great
let them exalt his name;
And in the honour'd Elder's seat
advance his praise and fame.

The fourth part.

verse 33 The Lord did make it barren soil,
where floods did once abound,
And turns the very water-springs
to dry and thirsty ground.
[Page 266] verse 34 A fruitful land to barrenness
he turns because of sin,
When he rewards the wickedness
of those that dwell therein.
verse 35 Again the very wilderness
to standing pools he brings,
And turns the dry and desert ground
to plenteous water-springs.
verse 36 And there he makes the hungry dwell,
that so they may provide,
And get them cities furnisht well,
wherein they may abide.
verse 37 That they may plant the pleasant vines,
and sow the fruitful field;
And may receive the rich increase,
which every year shall yield.
verse 38 Such blessings are on thee conferr'd
that they are much increast;
So that of all the numerous herd
they do not loose a beast.
verse 39 Yet for their sin they are brought low,
and minished again;
Expos'd to wicked tyranny,
affliction, grief, and pain.
verse 40 He pours on great ones great disgrace,
and causeth them to stray
In solitary desert place
where is no beaten way.
verse 41 Yet setteth he the poor on high,
and him from harm doth keep:
And multiplies his family
like to a flock of sheep.
verse 42 This thing the right'ous shall descry,
rejoycing in the same:
And it shall force iniquity
to stop her mouth with shame.
[Page 267] verse 43 Whoso hath wisdom from above
these matters to record,
Ev'n they shall understand the love
and kindness of the Lord.

Psalm CVIII.

Windsor Tune.
[...]O God, my heart is now pre-par'd
[...]so al---so is my tongue:
[...]I will ad-vance my voice, O Lord,
[...]and praise thee with my song.
verse 2 Awake my viol and my harp.
sweet melody to make:
And in the morning I my self
right early will awake.
verse 3 Among the people shall thy praise
be published by me:
Among the heathen folk, O Lord,
will I sing praise to thee.
verse 4 Because thy mercy, Lord is great
unto the heavens high:
Also thy truth extends it self
unto the clearest skie.
verse 5 Above the starry firmament,
extol thy self, O God,
And, Lord, display upon the earth,
thy glory all abroad.
[Page 268] verse 6 And that thy dear beloved ones
delivered may be:
Save them, O Lord, by thy right hand,
and therein answer me.

The second part.

verse 7 God in his holiness did speak,
my joy I cannot hide:
The vale of Succoth I'le mete out,
and Sechem I'le divide.
verse 8 Gilead is mine Manasseh mine,
and Ephraim's tribe together
Shall be the chief of all my strength
and Judah my law-giver.
verse 9 My servile wash-pot Moab is,
on Edom I will tread:
And in my triumphs with a shout,
Philistia shall be led.
verse 10 But who will undertake to be
my leader and my guide
To Edom, and the city there
so strongly fortifi'd?
verse 11 Lord wilt not thou that didst cast off
our armies heretofore?
And with the hosts of Israel
wilt thou go forth no more?
verse 12 Lord, give us help from trouble then,
because no other can:
And it is very vanity
to hope for help from man.
verse 13 We shall do very valiant acts,
assisted by our God,
And by his power our enemies
shall all be under-trod.

Psalm CIX.

Bristol Tune.
[...]O God my praise, hold not thy peace;[Page 269]
[...]For false and wick---ed tongues
[...]A-gainst me speak and ne--ver cease
[...]their cla--mours lies and wrongs.
verse 3 With words of spight and causless fight,
they compass me alway.
verse 4 Ev'n for my love my foes they prove,
but I make haste to pray.
verse 5 They did reward me ill for good,
and hate for love they show.
verse 6 Therefore set thou some tyrant lewd,
to triumph o're my foe.
verse 7 Let Satan stand at his right hand,
and when his doom comes in,
Appoint that he condemned be,
and turn his prayer to sin.
verse 8 His office let another take,
cut short his wicked life:
verse 9 His children wretched orphans make,
with widow-hood vex his wife.
verse 10 Let all his sons be vagabonds,
and beg for to be fed:
In places that are desolate,
let them seek out their bread.
verse 11 Let the unjust extortioner
catch all he hath away:
And that which he hath laboured for,
let be the stranger's prey.
[Page 270] verse 12 Stir up no Friend that may extend
relief in his distress:
And let there none have pity on
his children fatherless.
verse 13 Cut off his whole posterity,
before thy wrath asswage:
Their name extinguish utterly,
in the ensuing age.
verse 14 His father's fault let that be brought
before the Lord for ever:
His mother's crime by length of time
let be extinguish't never.
verse 15 Before the Lord continually
let them be all brought forth:
That he may cut their memory
for ever from the earth.
verse 16 Since he forgot and cared not,
compassion to impart:
But sought to break the poor and weak,
and slay the broken heart.
verse 17 As he lov'd cursing and despite,
let it come to him so:
As blessings did not him delight,
so let it from him go.
verse 18 And as he had arrai'd and clad
himself with curses vile:
Let it like drink within him sink,
and soak his bones like oyl.
verse 19 Let it be to him like the coat,
that never is laid by:
And like a girdle girt about
his loins continually.
verse 20 Let God dispence a recompence,
mine en'mies to controul:
That are incen'st to speak against
mine inoffensive soul.

The second part.

verse 21 O God the Lord do thou for me,
ev'n for thine own name's sake:
Because right good thy mercies be,
my freedom undertake.
verse 22 For I indeed do stand in need,
with misery sore distrest:
My grieved heart with wounds do smart,
and bleeds within my breast.
verse 23 I'm gone like sun's declining shade,
like wandering Locusts tost:
verse 24 My knees through fasting weak are made,
my flesh her fat hath lost.
verse 25 Yea I became to them a shame,
on me they gaze and stare:
verse 26 Their heads they nod, help, Lord my God.
and me in mercy spare.
verse 27 That they may know it is thy hand,
for thou hast done the deed:
verse 28 And when they curse, do thou command
a blessiing to succeed.
Let shame surprise my foes that rise
my soul for to destroy.
But yet afford thy servant, Lord,
abundant cause of joy.
verse 29 And let mine adversaries all
be cloathed with disgrace:
Let shame and self confusion fall
upon mine en'mies face.
So that their own confusion
may cover them throughout,
As if it were a mantle there,
to compass them about.
verse 30 And I will greatly praise the Lord,
with joyful mouth and tongue:
Yea, and I will his praise record
amidst the thickest throng.
[Page 272] verse 31 For he shall stand at our right hand,
and for our sake controul
The doom of them that would condemn
the poor man's harmless soul.

Psalm CX.

Oxford Tune.
[...]THe Lord un--to my Lord thus spake
[...]Sit at my right hand till I make
[...]a ve--ry foot-stool of thy foes.
[...]The Lord shall send from Si--on's tow'r
[...]The sov'-reign scep-tre of thy pow'r
[...]rule thou a-midst them that op-pose.
verse 3 Thy people shall come willingly,
in day of thine authority,
Within fair Sion's sacred walls:
where thy first converts shall abound,
As thick as dew upon the ground,
which from the womb of morning falls.
The unrepenting God thus swore,
thou art a priest for evermore,
[Page 273]By order of Melchizedek.
verse 5 And God at thy right hand shall slay
Proud kings in that his wrathful day:
verse 6 And all the heathen he shall check.
With corpses he shall strew the ground,
and heads of many countries wound,
Filling the places with the dead.
verse 7 And he shall make no longer stay,
But drink the torrent in the way:
therefore shall he lift up the head.

Psalm CXI.

London Tune.
[...]Ap-plaud the Lord, whom I will praise
[...]with my whole heart and might:
[...]Both in the se--cret of the just,
[...]and in the church-es sight.
verse 2 Great are the works of our great God,
and every one no doubt
Delighting in them from their heart,
with care do search them out.
verse 3 His work most honourable is,
and glorious no less.
Unto eternity endures
his truth and right'ousness.
verse 4 Surely he made his wondrous works,
still to be had in mind:
[Page 274]Choice favours hath the Lord in store,
and he is good and kind.
verse 5 To them that fear his holy name
he giveth meat good store:
Jehovah will be mindful of
his cov'nant evermore.
verse 6 Clearly hath he declar'd to his,
his works of powerfulness:
Leaving to them the heritage,
which heathens did possess.
verse 7 Most perfect are his handy-works,
his judgments very pure:
Not one of his commandements,
but are exceeding sure.
verse 8 Stablisht they are for evermore,
so that they cannot fade:
And ev'n in truth and right'ousness
each one of them is made.
verse 9 Plent'ous redemption he hath sent,
to make his people free.
So is his cov'nant evermore
confirm'd by his decree.
Know ye that holy is his name,
and to be had in dread.
verse 10 Religious fear of God likewise,
is wisdom's well-spring head.
Sound understanding have they all,
that carefully endeavour
To practise his commandements:
his praise endures for ever.

Psalm CXII.

St. Marys Tune.
[...]PRaise ye the Lord, for blest are such[Page 275]
[...]as fear the Lord a--right,
[...]And love his laws ex-ceed-ing much,
[...]and do them with de--light.
verse 2 His seed shall multiply on earth,
and prosper mightily:
And God shall pour his blessings forth
on his posterity.
verse 3 Of wealth and riches in his house,
there shall be plenteous store:
His memorable righteousness
endures for evermore.
verse 4 Unto the man immaculate,
in darkness riseth light:
Gracious he is, compassionate,
and every way upright.
verse 5 A good man shews much kind respect,
and lends to him that needs:
And with discretion will direct
all his affairs and deeds.
verse 6 Surely he shall not moved be,
while time to time can add:
In everlasting memory
the right'ous shall be had.
verse 7 For any evil tidings told,
he shall not be afraid:
His faithful heart which makes him bold,
on God is firmly staid.
[Page 276] verse 8 His heart is so established,
afraid he shall not be;
Till his desire accomplished,
upon his foes he see.
verse 9 He hath dispensed liberally,
and given to the poor:
He shall to perpetuity
be stil'd a right'ous doer.
Exalted high his horn shall be,
with honour thus atchiev'd.
verse 10 The wicked man this thing shall see,
and be extreamly griev'd.
Yea, he shall gnash his teeth for spite,
and pining melt away:
And his desire shall perish quite,
the wicked man's I say.

Psalm CXIII.

A Proper Tune.
[...]YE chil-dren which do serve the Lord
[...]Praise ye his name with one ac-cord:
[...]Both now and e---ver bless his name.
[...]Ev'n from the ri---sing of the sun,
[...]Till it re--turn where it be-gun,[Page 277]
[...]ex--tol and mag--ni---fy his fame.
[...]The Lord all peo--ple doth sur-mount
[...]His glit--t'ring glo--ry we may count
[...]a--bove the hea--vens to ex-tend.
[...]For who in all the world a-broad,
[...]Is like un--to the Lord our God,
[...]whose dwel-ling doth all height transcend?
verse 6 He doth abase himself we know,
things to behold both here below,
And also in the heavens high.
verse 7 The poor and needy sort he brings
Even from the dust to sit with kings,
in thrones of princely majesty.
verse 8 Among his people thus doth he
Place them with princes in degree,
E'vn them that from the dunghil came.
[Page 278] verse 9 The barren he doth make to bear,
and with great joy her seed to rear:
praise ye therefore his holy name.

Psalm CXIV.

Oxford Tune.
[...]WHen Is--r'el went from E--gypt land,
[...]And Ja--cobs house by pow'r-ful hand
[...]from peo--ple of a bar-b'roustongue
[...]Ju-dah was then his ho--ly place,
[...]And Is---ra'l his do-mi--nion was
[...]who led them safe--ly all a--long.
verse 3 The sea saw that and fled amain,
and Jordan wheel'd about again,
And forced back his waves profound.
verse 4 The rocky mountains skipt like rams.
The little hills like timorous lambs,
and could not stand their stedfast ground:
verse 5 What ail'd thee, O thou sea to fly?
what drove you back so hastily,
Ye rouling waves of Jordan's floud?
[Page 279] verse 6 What made you mountains skip like rams?
and you, O little hills, like lambs,
To quake and tremble as ye stood?
verse 7 Tremble, O earth, before the face
of that great God of Jacob's race,
Tremble before him awfully,
verse 8 He turns hard rocks to standing lakes.
And fountains of hard flint he makes,
by his great power and majesty.

Psalm CXV.

Bristol Tune.
[...]LOrd, not to us, Lord not to us,
[...]do thou the glo-ry take:
[...]Ev'n for thy mer-cy mar-vel-lous,
[...]and for thy truth's dear sake.
verse 2 Why should the heathen utter this,
now where's their God, say they?
verse 3 But our God in the heavens is,
what he will do he may.
verse 4 Their idols gold and silver be,
which men's own hands did make.
verse 5 Lo, they have eyes, but cannot see,
and mouths, but never spake.
verse 5 Have ears, but do not hear a jot,
noses, but feel no scent:
verse 7 Proportion'd hands, but handle not,
and feet; but never went.
[Page 280]Nor through their throat can give a call,
verse 8 And like these idols just
Their makers are, and so are all
that in them put their trust.
verse 9 O Isra'l, trust thou in the Lord,
thy help and shield is he.
verse 10 O Aarons house, trust in his word,
a help and shield to thee.
verse 11 And ye that fear the Lord each one,
be careful that ye build
Your confidence on him alone,
who is your help and shield.
verse 12 The Lord hath thought upon us well,
his people he will bless:
Ev'n all the house of Israel,
and Aaron's house no less.
verse 13 Whoever fear the Lord therefore.
he'll bless them great and small:
verse 14 God shall increase you more and more,
you and your children all.
verse 15 You are the blessed of the Lord,
whose quick commandment came,
And made the heavens at a word,
and earth's inferiour frame.
verse 16 The heav'n, even the heavens high,
are all of them the Lord's:
But he to man's posterity
the spacious earth affords.
verse 17 The dead indeed praise not the Lord,
they give him no renown:
Nor any do his praise record,
to silence that go down.
verse 18 But we that are alive therefore,
will bless the living Lord.
From this time forth for evermore;
do ye his praise record.

Psalm CXVI.

Lincoln Tune.
[...]I Love the Lord un-feigu-ed--ly
[...]be--cause he pleas'd to hear
[...]My sup--pli-ca--tion and my cry,
[...]with an at---ten---tive ear.
[...]Be-cause he hath in-clin'd the same,
[...]so gra-ciou--sly to me:
[...]Therefore will I call on his name,
[...]whilst I a---live shall be.
verse 3 The pangs of death did wind about,
and compassed me round:
The pains of hell had found me out,
trouble and grief I found.
[Page 282] verse 4 Then did I call most earnestly
upon the Lord's great name:
Release my soul, O Lord, said I,
I humbly crave the same.
verse 5 The Lord's a very gracious one,
and full of right'ousness:
And tenderer compassion
no bowels can express.
verse 6 The Lord preserveth carefully
all those that simple be:
For I was sunk in misery,
and he recover'd me.
verse 7 Return, my soul, that art set free,
return unto thy rest:
For largely hath the Lord to thee
his benefits exprest.
verse 8 Because that thou my soul art freed,
which else in death had slept:
Mine eyes from tears delivered,
my feet from falling kept.
verse 9 Now will I walk before the Lord,
as always in his sight:
Among the living to record
his praise in land of light.
verse 10 For I believed help would come,
therefore I spake no less:
Though I was plunged for a time,
in very deep distress.

The second part.

verse 11 At other times in haste I said,
rush, all men liars be.
verse 12 O then what shall I give to God,
for all his gifts to me?
verse 13 The cup of sweet salvation,
lo, I will take it up:
And God's great name I'le call upon,
with that same blessed cup.
[Page 283] verse 14 The solemn vows which I did vow
unto the Lord most high,
Those will I pay and offer now,
whilst all his saints stand by.
verse 15 Of great account undoubtedly,
and precious in God's eyes
The death of his dear saints shall be,
when any of them dies.
verse 16 Truly I am thy servant, Lord,
I am thy hand-maid's son,
Thy servant that obeys thy word,
whose bonds thou hast undone.
verse 17 To thee, Lord, will I sacrifice
the sacrifice of praise:
To call upon thy name likewise,
my thankful voice I'le raise.
verse 18 The vows I say which I did vow,
unto the Lord most high,
I will among his people now,
perform them openly.
verse 19 In God's own courts I'le offer them;
there in thy house, O Lord,
In midst of thee Jerusalem:
his praise do ye record.

Psalm CXVII.

London Tune.
[...]O Praise and mag--ni--fy the Lord,
[...]ye na---tions ev'--ry one:
[...]And ye, O peo--ple, all a-broad[Page 284]
[...]his glo--rious praise make known.
verse 2 For his compassions plent'ously
he doth to us afford:
His truth is to eternity:
O magnify the Lord.


St. Marys Tune.
[...]GIve thanks to God, for he is good,
[...]his mer---cies still en--dure:
[...]Let Is---ra'l say this ve---ry day
[...]his mer--cies still are sure.
verse 3 Let Aaron's house confess this day,
his mercy still prevails.
verse 4 Let them that fear the Lord now say,
his mercy never fails.
verse 5 I call'd on God in my distress,
and largely he reply'd.
verse 6 I fear not man do what he can,
for God is on my side.
verse 7 Whoer'e they be that succour me,
the Lord takes part with those:
And I my full desire shall see
upon my hateful foes.
[Page 285] verse 8 It is far better to depend
upon the Lord alone,
Then to repose our confidence
in any mortal one.
verse 9 Better it is to trust in God,
and cast on him our care:
Than to repose our trust in those
that powerful princes are.

The second part.

verse 10 All nations compast me about,
but in God's name alone
I trust that I shall easily
destroy them every one.
verse 11 They compast me about, I say;
they compast me about,
But in the name of God shall I
destroy and root them out.
verse 12 They swarm'd like bees, but are extinct
as thorns that fiercely flame:
For soon I shall destroy them all,
in God's almighty name.
verse 13 My foe, thou hast thrust sore at me,
thinking to make me fall:
But so the Lord assisted me,
that I escaped all.
verse 14 The Lord is all my fortitude,
he is the song I sing:
And is become the rock from whom
my saving health doth spring.
verse 15 The voice of saving health and joy,
in just men's dwellings is:
The Lord's right hand doth valiantly,
ev'n that right hand of his.
verse 16 The right hand of the Lord I say,
it is exalted high:
The Lord's right hand none can withstand,
it works so valiantly.
[Page 286] verse 17 I shall not die, for I shall live,
and living shall declare
The works of our almighty Lord,
how wonderful they are.

The third part.

verse 18 The Lord indeed that chast'neth me,
hath chastened me sore:
Yet hath not he abandon'd me
to death, when at death's door.
verse 19 Open to me the sacred court,
the gates of right'ousness:
And thither I will now resort,
God's praises to confess.
verse 20 Set open this most blessed gate
of God the Lord I say,
That right'ous men may enter in,
for none have right but they.
verse 21 Lord, I will praise thy holy name,
for when to thee I prai'd,
Thou heardst my voice, and art become
my rock of saving aid.
verse 22 The stone which by the builders was
refused with disgrace,
Is now become the corner stone,
and set in chiefest place.
verse 23 This is the work of our great God,
and wondrous in our eyes.
verse 24 This is the day the Lord hath made,
to fill our hearts with joys.
verse 25 Save now, I do beseech thee, Lord,
I pray thee earnestly.
Ev'n now afford thy help, O Lord,
and send prosperity.
verse 26 Blessed be he that comes to us
in God's great name alone:
And we from Sion's sacred house,
do bless you every one.
[Page 287] verse 27 The light we see it is the Lord's,
who thus the day adorns:
Come bind the sacrifice with cords
unto the altar's horns.
verse 28 Thou art my God whom I'le exalt,
my God whom I will praise.
verse 29 Give thanks to God for he is good,
his mercy lasts always.

Psalm CXIX.

The first part to St. Marys Tune.
[...]O Bles--sed are the in---no-cent,
[...]and per---fect in the way:
[...]Who from the Lord's comman-de-ments
[...]do ne---ver go a---stray.
verse 2 Blessed are they that care to keep
his testaments intire:
And such as for the Lord do seek
with all their heart's desire.
verse 3 They practise no iniquity,
but in God's ways they go:
verse 4 And we must serve thee uprightly,
for thou hast charg'd us so.
verse 5 O that my ways were made direct,
and to thy statutes fram'd:
verse 6 Which when I gen'rally respect,
I shall not be asham'd.
[Page 288] verse 7 With upright heart I'le give thee praise,
and keep thy laws aright:
verse 8 When I have learn'd thy right'ous ways,
O do not leave me quite.

The second part.

To St. Marys Tune.
verse 9 What may a young man think to do,
to cleanse his way, O Lord?
Surely by taking heed thereto,
according to thy word.
verse 10 Lord, I have sought thee from my heart,
and from my heart I pray,
That I may not at all depart,
or wander from thy way.
verse 11 I hid thy word within my heart
that I might not transgress.
verse 12 Teach me thy ways, for Lord thou art,
renown'd with blessedness.
verse 13 The judgements of thy mouth divine,
I with my lips have told:
verse 14 Rejoycing in those ways of thine,
more than in heaps of gold.
verse 15 Upon thy precepts I will muse,
thy ways will I respect:
verse 16 Thy statutes with delight peruse,
and not thy word neglect.

The third part.

To the Proper Tune.
[...]DEal boun-t'ously in gifts of grace
[...]with me thy ser---vant Lord:[Page 289]
[...]That I may live and run my race,
[...]and keep thy ho-----ly word,
[...]O--pen O Lord, and clear mine eyes,
[...]that I may see and know
[...]The won-der--ful great my-ste-ries
[...]which from thy sta--tutes flow.
verse 19 I do confess my self to be
a stranger here on earth:
O do not hide thy laws from me,
but clearly set them forth.
verse 20 My soul doth break with fervency,
and only for this cause,
Of longing so continually
after thy sacred laws.
verse 21 As for the proud presumptuous men,
which from thy statutes stray,
Thou hast, O Lord, rebuked them,
and cursed is their way.
[Page 290] verse 22 As for reproaches and contempts,
remove them, Lord, from me:
For I have kept the testaments
which I have learnt of thee.
verse 23 And though great princes also sate,
thy servant to condemn:
Thy statutes I did contemplate.
and boldly spake of them.
verse 24 Thy testimonies also are
my very hearts delight:
Nor need I other counsellers,
to guide my ways aright.

The fourth part.

To St. Marys Tune.
verse 25 My soul doth cleave unto the dust,
vouchsafe thou, gracious Lord,
To quicken me as thou art Just,
and hast ingag'd thy word.
verse 26 O Lord, I have acknowledged
my secret ways to thee,
And thou thereto hast hearkened:
thy statutes teach to me.
verse 27 Make me, O Lord, to see and search
thy precepts perfect way:
So shall I have thy wondrous works
to talk of every day.
verse 28 But now my soul doth melt away
for heaviness, O Lord:
Vouchsafe to be my strength and stay,
according to thy word.
verse 29 The way of lying vanity
from me, O Lord, withdraw:
And grant me very graciously
the knowledge of thy law.
verse 30 For I have chose the way most true,
thy Judgments are my aim:
verse 31 Thy testaments I stuck unto,
Lord put me not to shame.
[Page 291] verse 32 And I will run with full consent,
the way thou giv'st in charge;
When with thy sweet incouragement
thou shalt my heart enlarge.

The fifth part.

To the Proper Tune.
verse 33 Instruct me, Lord, to apprehend
thy precepts perfect way:
And I shall keep it to the end,
ev'n to my dying day.
verse 34 Make me, O Lord, to understand,
and I shall keep thy law:
Yea, to observe thy full command,
my heart shall not withdraw.
verse 35 Thy path-ways let me never miss,
but keep thy laws intire:
No other pleasure do I wish,
nor greater thing desire,
verse 36 Unto thy precepts bend my mind,
let those alone entice:
And let me never be inclin'd
to wicked avarice.
verse 37 Avert mine eyes from vanity,
the lure whereon they gaze:
And by thy spirit quicken me
in thy diviner ways.
verse 38 And as thou hast ingag'd thy word,
so ratify the same
Unto thy faithful servant, Lord,
who vows to fear thy name.
verse 39 The carnal fear of obloquy,
from me, O Lord repell;
For thou dost judge with equity,
and therein dost excell.
verse 40 Behold, Lord, with what eagerness
thy precepts I pursue:
Vouchsafe then in thy right'ousness,
to quicken me anew.

The sixth part.

To the Proper Tune.
verse 41 And now let thy campassion
come unto me, O Lord:
And shew me thy salvation,
according to thy word.
verse 42 And so shall I sufficiently
answer his words unjust:
Whoe're he be that taunteth me
for in thy word I trust.
verse 43 And let not, Lord, the word of truth,
nor let thy Judgements just
Be wholly ta'ne out of my mouth,
for in them do I trust.
verse 44 And so shall I continually
thy laws for ever keep,
verse 45 And walk at large by this discharge,
for I thy precepts seek.
verse 46 Thy testaments will I recite:
to kings, and fear no shame:
verse 47 And in thy laws will I delight,
for I have lov'd the same;
verse 48 Lifting my hands to thy commands,
which I have lov'd so well:
And for this cause will mind thy laws,
and of thy statutes tell.

The seventh part.

To St. Marys Tune.
verse 49 Remember, Lord, the faithful word
unto thy servant told:
And whereupon thou causedst me
to build my hope so bold.
verse 50 And only this my comfort is,
in time of my distress:
Because thy word shall quicken me
in all my heaviness.
verse 51 Lo they deride that swell with pride,
and scorn me very much:
Yet have not I declin'd thy law,
for fear of any such.
[Page 293] verse 52 I did record thy judgments, Lord,
thy judgments wrought of old;
And meditating thereupon,
took comfort and grew bold.
verse 53 Yet horrid crimes like stormy times
have taken hold on me:
Because lewd men forsake the law,
which is ordain'd by thee.
verse 54 Yet every where thy statutes were
my comfortable song,
In places of my pilgrimage
where I have past along.
verse 55 I did record thy name, O Lord,
by night and kept thy laws.
verse 56 And this I had by keeping them,
and for no other cause.

The eight part.

To St. Marys Tune.
verse 57 Thou art my part and portion
even thou, O Lord, alone.
I said that I would carefully
observe thy words each one.
verse 58 Thy favour free I did intreat
with my whole heart, O Lord,
Then grant to me thy mercies free,
according to thy word.
verse 59 To thy decrees I turn'd my feet,
when pondering my ways,
verse 60 Haste I have made, and not delay'd
to keep thy holy laws.
verse 61 And tho' the bands of wicked men,
have made of me their prey:
Yet have I not thy laws forgot,
as careless of thy way.
verse 62 At midnight I will wake and rise,
to render thanks to thee:
Because thy word and judgements, Lord,
so just and right'ous be.
[Page 294] verse 63 With all that fear thy holy name,
I am companion still:
Of such as seek thy laws to keep,
and precepts to fulfill.
verse 64 Thy mercies great, O gracious Lord,
do fill the earth with store:
Teach me the way how to obey
thy statutes evermore.

The ninth part.

To the Proper Tune.
verse 65 Thou hast dealt very well with me,
with me thy servant, Lord,
And, I have found thy favour free,
according to thy word.
verse 66 Teach me good judgement in thy word,
and knowledge of thy will:
For thy commandements, O Lord,
I have believed still.
verse 67 E're thou didst touch me with thy rod,
I err'd and went astray:
But now I keep thy word, O God,
and by it guide my way.
verse 68 Lord, thou art good, and thou dost good,
all graces flow from thee;
Make then thy statutes understood,
and practised by me.
verse 69 For though proud persons did invent
against me many a lie:
Yet kept I thy commandement
with heart's sincerity.
verse 70 Their heart is fatned mightily,
like lumps of greace congeal'd,
But my delight and all my joy,
is in thy laws reveal'd.
verse 71 But I account it good for me
chastised to have been:
That I may learn thy laws from thee
and shun the snares of sin.
[Page 295] verse 72 The law of thy own mouth I hold
far better unto me,
Than many thousand pounds of gold
and silver heaps can be.

The tenth part.

To the Proper Tune.
verse 73 Thy hands have made and fashion'd me,
thy grace on me bestow,
To know thy precepts what they be,
and practise what I know.
verse 74 Then all that fear thee shall be glad,
when me they shall behold:
Because I have assurance had
in what thy word foretold.
verse 75 Yet, Lord, I know and do confess
how just thy judgements be:
And that of very faithfulness
thou hast afflicted me.
verse 76 I pray thee let thy mercies kind
come to thy servant, Lord,
For comfort to my troubled mind,
according to thy word.
verse 77 Thy tender mercies bowels, Lord,
O let them come in sight:
That I may live and keep thy word,
for therein I delight.
verse 78 But shame the proud whoe're they be,
for they without a cause
Have most perversly dealt with me,
but I will mind thy laws.
verse 79 And now, O Lord, let every one
that truly feareth thee,
And all that have thy statutes known,
let them turn in to me,
verse 80 And let my heart unto thy laws
be so sincerely fram'd:
That I may not have any cause
whereby to be asham'd.

The eleventh part.

To the 100 Psalm Tune.
[...]MY soul for thy sal-va--tion faints
[...]but in thy word is all my stay:
[...]My fail--ing eves urge sad complaints
[...]when wilt thou com-fort me? they say.
verse 83 A wrinkled bottle set in smoke,
I rightly am compar'd unto:
But lo the word which thou hast spoke,
I have not yet forgot to do.
verse 84 How many are thy servant's days?
when wilt thou righteous vengeance take
On persecutors of my ways,
and judge them for thy servant's sake?
verse 85 The proud have digged pits for me,
with which thy law doth not accord;
verse 86 For all thy laws are equity:
they persecute me, help me, Lord.
verse 87 They had consumed me almost,
with cruel and injurious hands,
Here upon earth's malignant coast,
yet I forsook not thy commands.
verse 88 O give thy loving kindness vent,
to quicken up my fainting mind.
So shall I keep the testament
which thy most holy mouth hath sign'd.

The twelfth part.

To the Proper Tune.
verse 89 The word which thou hast spoken, Lord,
is permament and sure:
And like to heavens constant course
for ever doth endure.
verse 90 All ages find thy faithfulness,
which never slacks nor slides:
Like as thou hast established
the earth, and it abides.
verse 91 According to thy ordinance
continuing to this day:
For all are servants unto thee
and do thy word obey.
verse 92 And if in this thy constant work,
I had not found delight:
In my extream affliction, Lord,
I should have perisht quite.
verse 93 Therefore I never will forget
thy precepts to express:
For thou thereby hast quickened me
in all my heaviness.
verse 94 Continue then to save me, Lord,
for I am one of thine:
And I have fought with diligence,
thy precepts most divine.
verse 95 Though wicked men laid wait for me
to kill and to destroy:
Yet I consider of thy laws,
and think of them with joy.
verse 96 For Lord, I see there is an end
of all perfections here:
But only thy commandements
far larger do appear.

The thirteenth part.

To the Proper Tune.
verse 97 O how I love thy sacred word
which doth thy law display!
It is my meditation, Lord,
and study all the day.
[Page 298] verse 98 Thou mak'st me by thy laws to be
far wiser than my foes:
For that those laws abide with me
and I abide by those.
verse 99 With all my teachers I compare,
excelling them in skill:
Because thy testimonies are
my meditation still.
verse 100 In understanding I out-go
the ancients (full of days:)
Because I do not only know,
but also keep thy ways.
verse 101 I have refrain'd my feet, O Lord,
from every evil way:
That I may keep thy faithful word,
and no time go astray.
verse 102 And from thy sacred judgements, Lord,
I never did depart:
For thou hast made thy heavenly word,
distill into my heart.
verse 103 And, Lord, in these thy words of truth,
how sweet a taste I find:
Sweeter than honey to my mouth,
thy word is to my mind.
verse 104 Thy precepts do so well direct,
and so much skill impart:
That all false doctrines I reject,
and hate them in my heart.

The fourteenth part.

To the Proper Tune.
verse 105 Ev'n as a lamp unto my feet,
so doth thy word shine bright:
Both night and day it guides my way,
and to my paths gives light.
verse 106 And I have sworn most solemnly,
and will perform it too:
That I will spare no pains or care,
thy right'ous laws to do.
[Page 299] verse 107 I am afflicted very much,
but quicken me, O Lord:
And let me be reviv'd by thee,
according to thy word.
verse 108 The free-will offerings of my mouth,
I pray thee, Lord, accept:
And teach me now which way and how
thy judgements may be kept.
verse 109 My soul is ever in my hand,
in danger to be lost:
Yet have I not thy law forgot,
what ever it might cost.
verse 110 And though the wicked secretly,
their subtle snares did lay,
Yet am not I seduc'd thereby,
to wander from thy way.
verse 111 Thy statutes are the heritage,
whereof I have made choice
To my last day, for those are they
that make my heart rejoyce.
verse 112 I have inclin'd my heart to keep
the laws thou didst decree:
And will attend them to the end,
ev'n till I come to thee.

The fifteenth part.

To the Proper Tune.
verse 113 The foolish thoughts of vanity
I do detest and hate:
But in thy holy law do I
delight to meditate.
verse 114 Thou art, O Lord, my hiding-place,
and shield of my defence:
And in the word of thy good grace
I put my confidence.
verse 115 Depart from me ye wicked men,
that other paths have trod:
And I shall keep with freedom then
the precepts of my God.
[Page 300] verse 116 According to thy word proclaim'd,
my soul in life uphold:
And let me never be asham'd
of this my hope so bold.
verse 117 Uphold thou me, and then shall I
be very safely kept:
And to thy laws continually
I will have due respect.
verse 118 And thou hast trodden down all those
that from thy statutes stray:
For their deceit will soon disclose
the falshood of their way.
verse 119 And all the wicked of the earth
as dross thou dost remove:
The laws therefore which thou setst forth
I do intirely love.
verse 120 For I do tremble, Lord, to tell
what vengeance thou wilt take:
Thy judgements are so terrible,
they cause my flesh to quake.

The sixteenth part.

To the Proper Tune.
verse 121 I have done right to other men,
and followed right'ousness:
Then leave me not, O Lord, to them
that would my soul oppress.
verse 122 A surety for thy servant be
engaged for my good:
And let proud men's oppressing me
be by thy power withstood.
verse 123 But all this while mine eyes do fail,
thy saving health to see:
Untill thy right'ous word prevail,
to help and succour me.
verse 124 According to thy mercy Lord,
with me thy servant deal:
And the commandments of thy word
to me, O Lord, reveal.
[Page 301] verse 125 I am thy servant give me skill,
and make me understand:
That I may know thy holy will,
and practise thy command.
verse 126 It's time for thee to work, O God,
and no time to withdraw:
For wicked men have undertrod,
and quite made void thy law.
verse 127 Therefore I love thy statutes more,
than gold digg'd from the mine:
Yea, I prefer them far before,
the gold that is most fine.
verse 128 Therefore I judge all thy decrees,
in all things to be right;
False doctrines and all heresies
I hate as opposite.

The seventeenth part,

To the Proper Tune.
verse 129 O Lord how very wonderful
thy testimonies are:
And for this cause to keep thy laws,
my soul doth take great care.
verse 130 The very entrance of thy words,
doth give thy servants light:
And maketh them though simple men,
to understand aright,
verse 131 My mouth I opened and did pant,
with zeal as hot fire:
Because that these thy just decrees,
inflam'd me with desire.
verse 132 Look on me in thy mercy, Lord,
and grant me of the same:
As usually thou dost apply.
t'wards them that love thy name.
verse 133 Order my foot-steps in thy word,
and all my lusts controul:
And let no sin have entrance in,
to lord it o'r my soul.
[Page 302] verse 134 Release me from oppression,
and injuries of men:
And so shall I more chearfully
observe thy precepts then.
verse 135 And let thy gracious countenance,
on me thy servant shine:
And make me wise in mysteries,
that truly are divine.
verse 136 For, Lord, I weep whole seas of tears,
and 'tis my constant course,
And all because they break thy laws
without the least remorse.

The eighteenth part.

To the Proper Tune.
verse 137 O Lord thou art a right'ous God,
a right'ous God indeed:
And upright all thy judgements are
which from thy mouth Proceed.
verse 138 Thy precepts, Lord, which thou dost press,
and giv'st us charge to do:
Are perfect rules of right'ousness,
and very faithful too.
verse 139 My zeal hath quite consumed me,
it was so very hot:
Because my wicked enemies
have all thy words forgot.
verse 140 Thy word indeed is very pure,
as silver try'd by fire:
Therefore thy servant will be sure,
to love it most entire.
verse 141 And though l am of small account,
and scorn'd by carnal minds;
Yet do not I forget those laws
to which my duty binds.
verse 142 An everlasting righ'ousness,
thy right'ousness must be:
And, Lord, thy law can be no no less
than perfect verity.
[Page 303] verse 143 Trouble and anguish very great
on me have taken hold:
Yet thy commandments unto me
far greater joys unfold.
verse 144 Eternal are thy just decrees:
to me vouchsafe and give
An understanding heart in these,
and I shall surely live.

The nineteenth part.

To the Proper Tune.
verse 145 With my whole heart I cri'd to thee,
O Lord, hear thou my prayer:
Thy statutes shall be kept by me,
with diligence and care.
verse 146 I cri'd to thee in my distress,
Lord save and succour me:
And I will keep with faithfulness
the words of thy decree.
verse 147 I did prevent the dawning day,
so early was my cry:
I made thy holy word my stay,
and waited patiently.
verse 148 The watches of the night so late,
my wakeful eye prevents:
That I might sweetly meditate
on thy commandements.
verse 149 O let my humble voice be heard,
in loving kindness free:
According to thy judgements, Lord,
vouchsafe to quicken me.
verse 150 Behold, O Lord, how near they draw,
that wicked plots pursue:
But they are far off from thy law,
in every thing they do.
verse 151 But thou, O Lord, art near at hand,
and universally:
Whatever things thou dost command,
are perfect verity.
[Page 304] verse 152 And as concerning thy decrees,
I understand of old
That thou, O Lord, hast founded these,
eternally to hold.

The twentieth part.

To the Proper Tune.
verse 153 Consider my adversity;
and now deliver me:
For I forget not carelesly,
the word that comes from thee.
verse 154 O plead my cause with equity,
and rescue me, O Lord:
Restore my soul and quicken me,
according to thy word.
verse 155 But surely thy salvation, Lord,
from wicked men withdraws,
It is too far for them to seek,
that do not seek thy laws.
verse 156 Great are thy tender mercies, Lord,
which in thy bowels strive:
According to thy gracious word,
my drooping soul revive.
verse 157 Mine enemies are many, Lord,
my persecutors many:
Yet have not I swerv'd from thy word
for slavish fear of any.
verse 158 But I was greatly griev'd, O Lord,
when I with sorrow saw:
How these perfidious wicked men,
would not observe thy law.
verse 159 But as for me consider, Lord:
how much thy laws I love:
And in thy kindness quicken me,
with favour from above.
verse 160 For from the first to last, O Lord,
thy word is true and sure:
Thy right'ous judgements every one
perpetually endure.

The one and twentieth part.

To the 100 Psalm Tune.
[...]PRin--ces have per--se-cu--ted me,
[...]ma--li-tious-ly with-out a cause:
[...]Yet stands my heart in fear of thee,
[...]so much thy word my con-science aws.
verse 162 I have rejoiced at thy word,
as one that finds the richest prize:
verse 163 And I do love thy way, O Lord,
but hate and loath the way of lies.
verse 164 Seven times a day I give thee praise,
ev'n for thy right'ous judgement's sake:
verse 165 Great peace have they that love thy ways,
and no offence they need to take.
verse 166 Lord I have hop't for thy defence,
and thy commandments I have done.
verse 167 My soul hath kept thy testaments,
and loves them dearly ev'ry one.
verse 168 Thy precepts I have kept with care,
thy testimonies I pursue:
For all my ways and actions are
before thee, ever in thy view.

The two and twentieth part.

To the Proper Tune.
verse 169 O Lord, let my complaint and cry
have quick access to thee:
And give me knowledge graciously,
as thou hast promist me.
[Page 306] verse 170 O let my supplication,
before thee be preferr'd:
And grant me thy salvation,
according to thy word.
verse 171 And then my lips shall be prepar'd
to utter thankful praise,
When unto me thou hast declar'd,
and taught me all thy ways.
verse 172 My tongue shall utter and express
the praises of thy word:
For thy commands are right'ousness,
ev'n all of them, O Lord,
verse 173 Then let thy helping hand prevail,
when perils do oppose:
For leaving other helps that fail,
thy precepts I have chose.
verse 174 And I, O Lord, have long'd to see
thy saving health and might:
And, Lord, thy law affecteth me
with very great delight.
verse 175 O let my soul in safety live,
and it shall give thee praise:
And unto me thy judgements give,
to help me all my days.
verse 176 I went astray like wandring sheep,
O seek thy servant yet:
For thy commandements to keep
I do not quite forget.

Psalm CXX.

Oxford Tune.
[...]I cri'd to God in my di-stress,
[...]Who did a rea---dy ear address[Page 307]
[...]to hear my pray'r and send me aid.
[...]Lord save my soul I thee in-treat,
[...]From ly----ing lips and tongue's de-ceit:
[...]thus fer--vent--ly to him I prai'd.
verse 3 But ah! what shall be done to thee,
Thou tongue as false as false can be?
what shall be giv'n thee for thy part?
verse 4 Sharp arrows of the mighty sure,
With burning coals of Juniper;
such shalt thou have, such as thou art.
verse 5 But woe is me that must perforce
As far as Meshech have recourse,
to be a tedious sojourner:
As banished from Israel,
That I must be constrain'd to dwell
within the tents of Kedar here.
verse 6 My soul hath dwelt this many a day
With him that hates a peaceful way,
and is to quietness averse.
verse 7 I am for peace, I love no jars;
But when I spake they were for wars,
and by disswasion grew more fierce.

Psalm CXXI.

Dublin Tune.
[...]UP to the hills I lift mine eyes,
[...]from whence my suc---cour came.
[...]My help ev'n from the Lord doth rise
[...]that heav'n and earth did frame.
verse 3 And not a whit will he permit
thy foot to slide or fall,
For surely he that keepeth thee,
he slumbers not at all.
verse 4 Lo he that keepeth Israel,
he slumbers not nor sleeps:
verse 5 The Lord thy keeper shades thee well,
at that right hand he keeps.
verse 6 That neither may the sun by day,
have any pow'r to smite:
And hurt thee by his influ'ncy,
nor yet the moon by night.
verse 7 The Lord shall save thee from all harm,
thy soul shall be secure:
The Lord, I say, with pow'rful arm,
shall keep thee safe and sure.
verse 8 Thy going out is brought about,
with safety by his pow'r:
Thy coming in secur'd by him
henceforth for evermore.

Psalm CXXII.

Oxford Tune.
[...]I did ex-ceed-ing-ly re-joyce,
[...]To hear the for-ward peo-ples voice,
[...]in off'r-ing of their own ac---cord:
[...]For in this man--ner did they say,
[...]Come, let us up and take a--way
[...]un--to the tem-ple of the Lord.
verse 2 Within thy gates, Jerusalem,
our feet shall come and stand in them,
to worship and to offer there.
verse 3 Jerusalem is built so neat,
Compact together and compleat,
the like there is not any where.
verse 4 The holy tribes with one accord,
The tribes, I say, of God the Lord
to Isra'l's testimony came;
Thither they went on solemn days,
To worship and to offer praise
unto the Lord's most holy name.
[Page 310] verse 5 For there are stately thrones erect,
Erected there for this respect,
for judgement and for equity:
Which thrones of right do appertain
To David's house, which there must reign,
to judge the people right'ously.
verse 6 O pray therefore and do not cease,
but pray for our Jerus'lem's peace,
they that love thee shall prosper well.
verse 7 Peace be within thy wals, say I,
I wish as much prosperity
within thy palaces to dwell.
verse 8 My brethren and companions dear,
Make me now say, let peace be here,
I wish it heartily to thee.
verse 9 The temple of our God no less
Makes me to seek thy happiness,
as much as ever lies in me.


Bristol Tune.
[...]TO thee, O Lord to thee a-lone,
[...]do I lift up mine eyes:
[...]O thou the high and lof--ty one,
[...]that dwell'st a---bove the skies.
[Page 311] verse 2 Behold as servants look unto
their Lord and Master's hand;
And as the eyes of Maidens do
their mistresses attend:
So do our eyes attend and wait
upon the Lord our God,
Till he do us commiserate,
that here are undertrod.
verse 3 Have mercy on us O most high,
have mercy on our woes:
For we are fill'd exceedingly:
with foul contempt of foes.
verse 4 Our soul is fill'd exceeding much
with scornings and contempt,
Of those that are at ease, and such
as are most insolent.

Psalm CXXIV.

St. Marys Tune.
[...]HAd not the Lord our Cause espous'd
[...]his Peo---ple now may say:
[...]Had not the Lord en-gag'd his pow'r
[...]to suc---cour us that Day,
When wicked Men with cruel wrath
inflam'd, against us rose:
verse 3 Too feeble all our pow'rs had been
their Fury to oppose.
[Page 312] verse 4 To their devouring Jaws, our Life
had been an easy prey:
verse 5 Their rage, like an impetuous stream,
had swept us quite away.
verse 6 Blest be the Lord, who chose this way
his Mercy to enhance;
Then, when our Dangers loudest call'd,
to send Deliverance.
verse 7 We lay like poor intangled Birds,
caught in the Fowler's net:
God's pow'r has broke their snares, and we
at liberty are set.
verse 8 Since all our help lies in his name,
that Earth and Heaven made:
Our future hopes shall all depend
on his Almighty Aid.

Psalm CXXIV.

Metre II. A Proper Tune.
[...]NOw Is--ra--el may say and that tru-ly,
[...]If that the Lord had not our cause maintain'd
[...]If that the Lord had not our right sustain'd
[...]When wick-ed men against us fu---riously
[...]Made their up-roar, and said we all should die.
Now long ago they had devour'd us all:
And swallow'd quick as we may well suppose,
Such was the wrath of our enraged foes,
As in great floods when show'rs excessive fall,
Our souls had been o'erwhelm'd and past recall.
The roaring waters and imperious flood
Had long ago o'erwhelm'd us in the deep,
But blest be God that did us safely keep;
And gave us not a prey (as case then stood)
Into their teeth that thirsted after blood.
Just as a bird deludes the Fowler's game
And scapes away, right so it fares with us;
The snare is broke, and we are scaped thus,
Our help is in the Lord our Saviour's Name,
Whose pow'rful word did earth & heav'n frame.

Psalm CXXV.

Lowath Tune.
[...]ALl they that trust in God shall prove
[...]as firm as Si---on hill:
[...]which ne---ver can be made to move
[...]but stand--eth sted---fast still.
verse 2 As hills surround Jerusalem,
so God is altogether,
About his people, guarding them,
from this time forth for ever,
[Page 314] verse 3 The rod of sinners shall not rest
upon the just men's lot:
Lest righteous men too much opprest,
should do they care not what.
verse 4 Do good to all good men, O Lord,
to men of upright heart:
But such as of their own accord
to crooked ways depart.
verse 5 With workers of iniquity,
the Lord shall lead them out:
But Isra'l shall undoubtedly,
with peace be hedg'd about.

Psalm CXXVI.

To the 113 Psalm Tune.
[...]WHen God had our de--liv'rance wrought
[...]And Si--on out of bon--dage brought
[...]it seem'd to us a ve--ry dream;
[...]So much our souls di-stract-ed were
[...]Be-tween the thoughts of hope and fear,
[...]to quit a dan--ger so ex-tream.[Page 315]
[...]A--bun-dant joys fills e---v'ry breast,
[...]And is in songs of joy ex-prest,
[...]and e-v'ry tongue most sweetly sings:
[...]The won-d'ring hea-then oft would say,
[...]How good, how great a God have they,
[...]that wrought for them such migh-ty things.
verse 3 Great things for us the Lord hath wrought
Above the reach of humane thought:
which makes our joy so much abound.
verse 4 And now, Lord, bring the remnant ont.
Of bondage, as the show'rs in drought
or rivers, to a parched ground.
verse 5 He that goes forth in times of need,
Sorrowing to spare his precious seed,
and sows in tears and times of dearth;
verse 6 When the fat harvest comes about,
Shall make a glad return, no doubt,
with laden sheaves, and shouts of mirth.


Oxford Tune.
[...]UN-less the Lord the house do build,
[...]Un--less the Lord the ci---ty shield
[...]man works man wakes but all in vain.
[...]While God gives his be--lo---ved sleep,
[...]Their bread in sor--rows some do steep
[...]ear--ly and late, with fruit--less pains▪
verse 3 Young children, lo, come from the Lord,
A fruitful womb is his reward.
verse 4 No Giant shoots such shafts as those,
verse 5 Happy is he and free from shame,
Whose quiver's furnisht with the same,
in court and camp to foil his foes.


St Marys Tune.
[...]BLes-sed are all that fear the Lord[Page 317]
[...]and walk as God com-mands:
[...]For thou shalt eat the plen--ty stor'd
[...]by la--bours of thy hands.
All welfare shall to thee betide
and happy be thy life;
verse 3 Like th'fruitful vine on thy house side,
lo, such shall be thy wife.
Thy children round about thy board,
like plants of olive tree.
verse 4 Behold the man that fears the Lord,
thus blessed shall he be.
verse 5 From Sion God shall prosper thee,
and bless thee every way:
And thou Jerus'lem's good shalt see
unto thy dying day.
verse 6 Yea with great joy thou shalt behold
a plentiful increase
Of children's children (being old)
and Isra'l's stablisht peace.

Psalm CXXIX.

Lincoln Tune.
[...]MA--ny a time and oft have they
[...]di--strest me from my youth,[Page 318]
[...]Now Is---ra--el may speak and say,
[...]and speak it of a truth.
[...]Oft from my ten--der in----fan--cy
[...]af--flict--ed me have they:
[...]Yet have they not pre-vail'd thereby
[...]a--gainst me a----ny way.
verse 3 The plowers on my back did plow,
and made their furrows long.
verse 4 The righteous Lord hath cut in two
the wicked's cords so strong.
verse 5 All Sion's hateful en'mies stop,
confound and overthrow:
verse 6 Make them like grass on houses top
which with'reth e're it grow.
verse 7 Whereof the mower ne're receives
so much as hands can gripe:
Nor he that bindeth up the sheaves
a bosomful grown ripe.
[Page 319] verse 8 Which ne're invites the passengers,
at gath'ring of the same,
To say thus much, God speed you sirs
we bless you in his name.

Psalm CXXX.

To the 119 Psalm Tune.
[...]O Out of the deeps I cri'd to thee,
[...]Lord hear my voice said I:
[...]and let thine ears at--ten--tive be
[...]to my re-quest and cry.
[...]If thou shouldst mark i--ni---qui-ties
[...]then who should stand, O Lord?
[...]But there's for-give-ness in thine eyes
[...]that thou maist be a-dor'd
[Page 320] verse 5 I earnestly expect the Lord,
my very soul attends,
In expectation of his word,
whereon my hope depends,
verse 6 My soul waits for the Lord, I say,
more than the watch by night:
Yea, more than they that wait for day,
and for the dawning light.
verse 7 Let Isra'l hope in God alone,
for with the Lord there is
Most plentiful redemption,
and mercy for all his.
verse 8 And this most gracious Lord shall please
his Isra'l to redeem
From all their sins and trespasses,
how great soe're they seem.

Psalm CXXX.

Metre II. To the 148 Psalm Tune.
[...]OUt of the depths of wo
[...]I cry'd to thee, O Lord,
[...]Lord bow thine ear so low
[...]and let my voice be heard.
[...]O bow thine ear, At--ten--tive--ly,[Page 321]
[...]un--to my cry, my pray'r to hear.
If thou severe shouldst be,
then Lord who should be clear'd,
But mercy is with thee
that so thou maist be fear'd.
I wait, I tend, upon the Lord,
and on his word, my hopes depend.
My soul waits for the Lord,
more earnestly than those
That wait with great regard,
till day the light disclose.
Yea, more I say, Desires dispatch,
than they that watch, for break of day▪
Let Isra'l hope in God
for with the Lord is found
Mercy to spare the rod,
redemption to abound.
By him likewise, All Isra'l is
redeem'd from his, iniquities.

Psalm CXXXI.

Martyrs Tune.
[...]O Lord I have no scorn-ful eye
[...]no proud or haugh-ty mind▪
[...]I seek not things that are too high[Page 322]
[...]but hum--bly am in-clin'd.
verse 2 My soul is like an Infant wean'd
ev'n from his mother's breast.
verse 3 And Israel to be sustein'd,
on God should always rest.


Lincoln Tune.
[...]KIng Da--vid, Lord, re-mem-ber now,
[...]and all his cares re--cord;
[...]How he did swear to God, and vow
[...]to Ja--cob's migh---ty Lord.
[...]Sure-ly, said he, I will not come,
[...]nor e---ver put my head
[...]In--to my house and lodg-ing-room,[Page 323]
[...]to go up to my bed▪
verse 4 I will not give one wink of sleep
unto my weary eyes:
Nor suffer slumber once to creep
mine eye-lids to surprize;
verse 5 Untill I do find out a place,
a place wherein may dwell
The mighty God of Jacob's race,
the Lord of Israel.
verse 6 The first news of his blest abode,
lo, Ephratah did yeild:
After, we found the ark of God
plac't in the wood-land field.
verse 7 Now therefore will we all go in,
into his dwelling-place:
And humbly we will worship him
at foot-stool of his grace.
verse 8 Arise, O Lord, and come at length
into thy place of rest,
Thou and the ark of thy great strength
thy temple to invest.
verse 9 O let thy priests be all array'd
with right'ousness throughout:
And let thy gracious saints be made
for very joy to shout.
verse 10 For David's sake thy servant known,
O do not turn away
The face of thine anointed one,
that unto thee doth pray.

The second part.

verse 11 The Lord in truth to David sware,
and will not turn from it:
Out of thy loins shall come thine heir,
upon thy throne to sit.
[Page 324] verse 12 If thy seed keep my covenant,
and laws that I make known:
Thy children then shall never want
heirs to enjoy the throne.
verse 13 For God hath chosen Sion hill,
desiring there to dwell.
verse 14 This is my rest and dwelling still,
for I have kep't it well.
verse 15 Her meat I'll bless abundantly,
wherewith she shall be fed:
And I will also satisfy
her poor with store of bread.
verse 16 And I will also clothe her priests
with saving health and grace:
And with the voice of joyfulness
her saints shall shout apace.
verse 17 There will I make his horn to bud,
ev'n David's horn to spring:
I have ordain'd a lamp so good,
for my anointed king.
verse 18 His adversaries all of them
then will I clothe with shame:
But on himself his diadem
shall flourish with great fame.


To the 100 Psalm Tune.
[...]BE-hold how good and full of bliss,
[...]and what a plea-sant thing it is,
[...]When bre-thren do most lov--ing-ly[Page 325]
[...]to--ge--ther dwell in a---mi--ty.
verse 2 It's like the precious ointment shed
upon the top of Aaron's head:
Which drencht his beard, and from his crown
ev'n to his garment's skirts ran down.
verse 3 Like pearly dew of Hermon hills,
or which on Sion mount distills:
Where God poures down his blessings store,
bless [...]ngs of life for evermore.


Southwel Tune.
[...]BE--hold ye here at hand,
[...]ye ser-vants of the Lord,
[...]Which in his house by night do stand
[...]praise him with one ac----cord.
verse 2 Lift up your hands on high
within his holy place:
And kneeling in humility,
bow down before his face,
verse 3 The Lord (shall they say still)
that made both heav'n and earth,
Bless Isra'l out of Sion hill
with favours thence pour'd forth.

Psalm CXXXV.

London Tune.
[...]PRaise ye the Lord, praise ye the name
[...]of God with one ac----cord:
[...]O praise him, and ex-toll his fame,
[...]ye ser--vants of the Lord.
verse 2 O ye that are admitted thus
within his house to stand,
And in the courts of our God's house
are plac't, by his command.
verse 3 Praise ye the Lord, for he is good,
sing praises to his name:
For it is sweet to be employ'd
his praises to proclaim.
verse 4 For God hath chosen to himself
Jacob, of his own pleasure:
And hath elected Israel
for his peculiar treasure.
verse 5 For well I know the Lord is great,
and that this Lord of ours
Transcends all Gods, and hath his seat
above all sov'reign pow'rs.
verse 6 Whatever thing the Lord did please,
he did effect and do,
In heav'n, in earth, and in the seas
and all deep places too.
[Page 327] verse 7 He causeth vapours to arise
from earth's remotest ends:
Lightnings, and rain, and winds likewise
he from his treasury sends.
verse 8 Who smote the very first increast,
throughout all Egypt land:
All the first born of man and beast,
with his revenging hand.
verse 9 Who sent his signs and wonders great
into the midst of thee,
O Egypt, upon Pharo's seat,
and all his family.
verse 10 Who did the mighty nations smite
and potent kings he slew:
verse 11 As Sihon that strong Amorite,
whom there he overthrew.
And next unto the Amorites,
was Og of Bashan king
And all the realms of the Canaanites
he did to ruine bring.
verse 12 And the inher'tance of their land,
he gave it full and free
Into his people Isra'l's hand,
their heritage to be.
verse 13 Thy name for ever doth endure,
and thy memorial, Lord,
All generations shall be sure
to keep on firm record.
verse 14 For lo, the Lord is fully bent,
his people's judg to be:
And of his servant's punishment
repent himself will he.

The second part.

verse 15 The idols of the heathen lands,
are silver and of gold:
They are the work of workmen's hands
and such as men did mould.
[Page 328] verse 16 They have a mouth, yet spake they not.
and eyes but want their sight.
verse 17 Have ears but never hear a jot,
their mouths are breathless quite.
verse 18 Such sensless stocks their makers are,
that did these idols frame:
And such is each idolater,
that trusteth in the same.
verse 19 But bless the Lord with one accord,
O house of Israel:
And all the praises of the Lord,
let Aarons house forth tell.
verse 20 O bless the Lord his praise confess,
O ye of Levi's tribe:
And ye that fear the Lord no less,
due praise to him ascribe.
verse 21 From out of Sion hill let them
for ever bless the Lord,
Who dwelleth at Jerusalem:
his praise do ye record.


To the 148 Psalm Tune.
[...]GIve laud un----to the Lord
[...]for ve---ry good he is,
[...]The God of gods re----cord
[...]and praise that Name of his[Page 329]
[...]for cer--tain-ly, His mer--cies shall,
[...]en-dure to all, E--ter--ni--ty.
Give thanks, O ev'ry one
unto the King of Kings,
For he and he alone
hath wrought such wondrous things: for &c.
To him whose skill profound
did make the heavens clear:
And set the seas their bound,
and made dry land appear, for &c.
To him that did display
those great and glorious lights:
The sun to rule by day,
the moon and stars by nights, for &c.

The Second part.

Give thanks to God most high
who smote with pow'rful hand,
In Egypt gen'rally
the first-born of the land: for &c.
And from them in that land
brought Isra'l clearly out,
With stretcht-out arm and hand
that brought the work about: for &c.
To him that did divide
the red sea into parts:
And there did Isra'l guide
to pass with joyful hearts: for &c.
Amidst it they did go,
but Pharaoh and his host
The Lord did overthrow
upon the red-sea coast: for &c.

The Third part.

Give God his praises due,
and thankful thoughts express,
Who led his people through
the howling wilderness: for &c.
Great kings the Lord did smite,
and famous kings he slew,
King Sihon th' Amorite,
and Og of Bashan too. for &c.
And gave (in open veiw)
the land where they did dwell
An heritage unto
his people Israel: for &c.
Who did remember us
when our estate was low
And hath redeemed us
from the oppressing foe; for &c.
To him give praises due,
who gives all flesh their food,
O give ye thanks unto
the God of heav'n so good:
for certainly, his mercies shall,
endure to all, Eternity.


St. Marys Tune.
[...]HArd by the brooks of Ba--by-lon,
[...]we sat down weep--ing there:
[...]when Si---on hill we thought up--on,[Page 331]
[...]each thought in--forc'd a tear.
verse 2 Amidst it there green willows were,
whereon our harps we hung:
For they that led us captives there,
requir'd of us a song.
verse 3 And they that wasted us that day,
did ask and urge us thus,
Sing one of Sion's songs, said they,
and make some mirth for us.
verse 4 How shall we ever tune our tongue
to sing at your command;
The Lord Jehovah's sacred song
here in a forreign land?
verse 5 If I forget thee in my heart,
O Salem's sacred hill,
Let my right hand forget her art,
and forfeit all her skill.
verse 6 Yea let my tongue cleave to my jaws,
if thou shalt be forgot:
Yea and above my chiefest joys
if I prefer thee not.
verse 7 Lord, think on Edom's sons we pray,
whom we so spiteful found:
That said in sad Jerus'lem's day,
rase rase it to the ground.
verse 8 Daughter of Babel thou must be
destroy'd and ruin'd thus:
Happy is he that doth to thee
as thou hast done to us.
verse 9 He shall be blessed for his pains,
that takes thy little ones,
And dasheth out their Infant's brains
against the pavement stones.


To the 100 Psalm Tune.
[...]WIth my whole heart I praise thee now
[...]be-fore the Gods thy praise I sing
[...]To-wards thy ho---ly house I bow
[...]to praise thy name; O heav'nly king.
Ev'n for thy loving kindness, Lord,
and for thy truth so often try'd
For thou hast magnifi'd thy word.
yea, more than all thy name beside.
verse 3 Thou answer'st me that very day
wherein I did so call and cry:
Thou strengthened'st me and wast my stay,
my soul thou strengthened'st inwardly.
verse 4 All kings on earth shall give thee praise,
when from thy mouth they hear thy words
verse 5 Yea singing walk along thy ways:
such fame such great fame is our Lord's.
verse 6 Though God be high above all things,
the lowly he regardeth much
But on the proud contempt he brings,
and afar off he knoweth such.
verse 7 Although I walk in danger's path,
thou shalt revive me and extend
Thy hand against my en'mies wrath,
and thy right hand shall me defend.
[Page 333] verse 8 The Lord will perfect my affairs,
so firm and sure thy mercy stands;
Neglect not thou thy wonted cares,
to keep the works of thine own hands.


Dublin Tune.
[...]O Lord, thou hast me search'd & known
[...]My sit---ting down thou know'st,
[...]My ri--sing up; my thoughts each one
[...]thou seest when di----stant most.
verse 3 Thou compassest my path, my bed,
and all my ways dost note.
verse 4 There's not a word my tongue hath said,
but thou dost fully know't.
verse 5 Behind, before, thou hast beset,
and on me laid thy hand.
verse 6 Such knowledge is too great to get
too high to understand.
verse 7 Whither, O whither shall I go,
and from thy spirit flie?
Where shall I hide me high or low,
from thy all-seeing eye?
verse 8 If I should climb to heav'n on high,
or make my bed in hell?
Thou art in heav'n assuredly,
thou art beneath as well.
[Page 334] verse 9 If on the morning wings I fled,
the utmost seas beyond:
verse 10 There by thy hand I should be led,
and held by thy right hand.
verse 11 And if I say the darkness sure
shall hide me from thy sight;
The darkness which is most obscure,
about me shall be light.
verse 12 Yea, darkness hides not from thy sight
but night as day shines clear:
To thee the darkness and the light
do both alike appear.
verse 13 For, Lord, my reins most secret room
possessed is by thee;
And in my mother's narrow womb
Lord, thou hast cover'd me.
verse 14 I'le praise thee that hast made me thus.
of rare and fearful frame:
Thy handy-works are marvellous,
my soul well knows the same.
verse 15 My substance was not hid from thee,
when secretly compos'd:
And curiously thou formedst me,
in earth's dark caves inclos'd.
verse 16 Thine eye did see my substance rude,
thy book nam'd ev'ry limb.
Which by degrees were fashioned,
when yet was none of them.
verse 17 How precious also unto me
are thy sweet thoughts become
O God how very great they be,
in gross and total summ!
verse 18 If I should count them they are more,
in number than the sand:
And I when I awake therefore,
am still at thy right hand
[Page 335] verse 19 Surely thou wilt the wicked slay,
O God spare none of them,
Therefore from me depart, I say,
O all ye bloody men.
verse 20 For lo, they utter all their spight,
O Lord in thy disdain:
Thine adversaries set thee light,
and take thy name in vain.
verse 21 Do not I hate thine enemies;
and that for hateing thee?
And those that do against thee rise,
am not I griev'd to see?
verse 22 Yea, Lord, I hate them perfectly,
I count them my own foes.
verse 23 Search me, O God, my conscience try,
my heart and reins disclose.
verse 24 And see if I do go astray
in any course of sin:
Shew me the everlasting way,
and lead me Lord therein.


Metre II. To the 100 Psalm Tune.
[...]LOrd when I have to do with thee
[...]in vain I seek to be con-ceal'd.
[...]Thou know'st me per--fect--ly, to thee
[...]My ve--ry thoughts are all re-veal'd.
[Page 336] verse 3 Both when I sit and when I rise,
my walking and my lying down;
verse 4 To thee my works and all my words
better than to my self are known.
verse 5 On ev'ry side within the reach
of thine incircling Arm I lie:
verse 6 Whose force I neither can resist,
nor scape the notice of thine Eye.
verse 7 Whither can I retire and find
a place where God dos never come?
verse 8 His glories I should meet in heav'n;
his pow'r, had I in Hell a Room.
verse 9 Could I remove to th' utmost Sea,
wing'd with the swiftest morning ray
verse 10 Thy hand, that thither must support
my flight, would my abode betray.
verse 11 If o'er my sins I think to draw,
the blackest curtains of the night:
verse 12 All will be clear to thee; for what
we darkness call, to thee is light.
verse 13 My inmost Reins by thee possest,
with all th' affections seated there?
To thee that mad'st those hidden Springs
within the womb, must needs appear.
verse 14 In all thy works, O Lord, I see
the footsteps of thy wond'rous skill;
And to excite my praise I find
within my self more wonders still.

The Second part.

verse 15 Unseen by all, when form'd within.
the dark Recesses of the womb;
Before the fine Embroidery
of parts was to perfection come:
verse 16 In that rude Mass, thou didst discern
the daily growth of ev'ry part;
And what th' eternal mind had fram'd;
was copied out with curious Art.
[Page 337] verse 17 Lord, I admire the various thoughts,
and the wise counsels of thy mind;
Their Sum is infinite; yet all
are dear to me, because they're kind.
verse 18 Their number's greater than the Sand;
which whilst my busy thoughts run o'er,
I sleep: and find when I awake,
I'm only where I was before.
verse 19 I'm sure that their destruction's near,
who wickedly 'gainst me combine;
Hence then, ye bloody-minded men,
nor your own ruine seek in mine.
verse 20 Thy Foes they are, who use thy name
intended mischiefs to disguise;
And boldly call God in to vouch
for all their calumnies and lies.
verse 21 Do not I, Lord, detest and hate
Such as oppose thy Laws and thee?
verse 22 I loath them perfectly and count
my self their utter Enemy.
verse 23 Lord, since my thoughts accuse me not
of living in a false disguise;
I'm less afraid to undergo
the tryal of thy piercing eyes.
verse 24 Search me, and where thou seest that I,
unwillingly have done amiss,
Correct my errors, and reduce
my wandrings to the way of bliss.

Psalm CXL.

Martyrs Tune.
[...]FRom work-ers of in---i--qui-ty,
[...]O Lord be my de--fence:[Page 338]
[...]Pre-serve thou me, and set me free
[...]from men of vi---o--lence.
verse 2 Whose hearts imagine villany,
and gathered they are,
And do comply continually
in purposes of War.
verse 3 They whet their tongues as darts of death,
like to the serpent fly:
The poys'nous breath of adders deaf
under their lips doth ly.
verse 4 Keep me, O Lord, from wicked hands,
and from my furious foe:
Those firebrands whose purpose stands
my steps to overthrow.
verse 5 A snare for me the proud did hide
and they have spread a net:
And cords they ty'd by th' high-way side,
and gins for me they set.
verse 6 Therefore unto the Lord, said I,
thou art my God alone.
O Lord, most high attend my cry
and supplication.
verse 7 O God the Lord, thou dost bestead
my soul with saving might:
And thou my head hast covered
in day of bloody fight.
verse 8 Grant not, O Lord, grant not a jot
the wicked man's desire:
O further not his wicked plot,
lest that should lift them higher.
[Page 339] verse 9 As for their head of all the throng,
that compass me about,
Let mischief sprung from their own tongue
quite cover them throughout.
verse 10 Let burning coals upon them fall,
and cast them in the fire:
And let them all in deep pits fall,
whence they may not retire.
verse 11 Let there be no establishment
for lewd tongues here below,
Evil shall hunt the violent
unto his overthrow.
verse 12 I know God will maintain by might
the cause of the distrest:
And will not slight the poor man's eight,
but help him, when opprest:
verse 13 Surely the right'ous ev'ry where
thanks to thy name shall give:
And all that bear a mind sincere,
shall in thy presence live.

Psalm CXLI.

Dublin Tune.
[...]TO thee, O Lord, I call and cry,
[...]make haste and come to me:
[...]And bow thine ear at--ten--tive-ly,
[...]now when I cry to thee.
[Page 340] verse 2 O let my pray'r be now set out
as incense in thine eyes:
And lifting up of hands devout,
as evening sacrifice.
verse 3 And set a careful watch before
my hafty mouth, O Lord:
And of my lips keep thou the door,
against each evil word.
verse 4 Incline my heart to no misdeed,
with them that wicked are:
Nor let me ever dare to feed
of their delicious fare.
verse 5 But let the right'ous smite me, Lord,
for that is good for me:
And his reproof and sharpest word,
a sov'reign balm shall be.
Such smiting shall not break my head,
for yet my pray'rs likewise
Shall willingly be offered
in their calamities.
verse 6 Their judges being overthrown,
as on the stony street;
Then shall they hear my words each one,
for they are very sweet,
verse 7 But now about the graves they leave
our bones, all scatter'd round;
As wood which one doth cut and cleave,
lies scatter'd on the ground.
verse 8 But, Lord, mine eyes are unto thee,
my trust is in thy grace:
O God the Lord, then leave not me
in so forlorn a case.
verse 9 O keep me safely from the snare,
they laid to take me in:
And from the gins of those that are
such practisers of sin.
[Page 341] verse 10 And in their own devised net,
Lord let the wicked fall:
Ev'n in the net which they did set,
whil'st I escape withall.

Psalm CXLII.

Martyrs Tune.
[...]I Cri'd un--to the ho--ly one,
[...]with ear---nest voice and cry:
[...]I made my sup---pli--ca-tion known
[...]un--to the Lord most high.
verse 2 I pour'd out my complaint and cry
before his gracious face:
I shew'd before him readily
my deep distressful case.
verse 3 When, Lord, my spirit sunk in woe,
my path was known to thee:
And in the way where I did go,
they laid close snares for me.
verse 4 I look't on my right hand and saw,
but none would know me there:
Refuge did fail and quite withdraw,
none for my soul did care.
verse 5 I cri'd to thee, O Lord, and said,
thou art my refuge then:
Thou art my portion and my aid,
i'th'land of living men.
[Page 342] verse 6 Attend my cry for I am low:
and, Lord, deliver me
From them that persecute me so,
and are too strong for me.
verse 7 My soul from prison, Lord, set free,
thy name to glorify:
The right'ous then shall stock to me,
when I thy bounty try.


Windsor Tune.
[...]LOrd hear my pray'r and hum-ble suit,
[...]thy wil---ling ear ad---dress:
[...]And an--swer me in e---qui--ty,
[...]in truth and faith----ful---ness.
verse 2 And into judgment or dispute;
thy servant do not call,
For with thee can no mortal man
be justifi'd at all.
verse 3 My foes my soul do persecute,
my life to ground is trod:
My dwelling made in darksome shade,
as men long dead, O God.
verse 4 Therefore my burden'd spirits shrink,
my heart is desolate;
verse 5 And wisely weighs the ancient days:
thy works I meditate.
[Page 343] verse 6 On all thy handy works I think,
to thee I stretch my hands:
My soul in me thirsts after thee,
as do the thirsty lands.
verse 7 Lord, hear me soon my spirits sink,
and now left I should be
Like them that go to th' pit below,
hide not thy face from me.
verse 8 Cause me to hear of thy kind love
before the break of day:
Cause me to know what way to go,
for thou art all my stay:
verse 9 I lift my soul to thee above,
Lord, save me from my toe:
I fly to thee to shelter me,
no other God I know.
verse 10 Thy spirit is good let that sweet dove
thy servant's soul instruct
In thy command, and to the Land
of uprightness conduct.
verse 11 Lord for thy name's sake quicken me,
and that this very thing
May well express thy right'ousness,
my soul from trouble bring.
verse 12 And of thine own benignity;
and for thy goodness sake,
Cut off all those that are my foes,
and vengeance on them take.
Destroy'd and ruin'd let them be
that do my soul oppress;
For I serve thee religiously,
with all submissiveness.

Psalm CXLIV.

St. Davids Tune.
[...]BLes-sed for e---ver be the Lord[Page 344]
[...]who is my strength and might
[...]Who taught my hands to use the sword
[...]my fin--gers for to fight.
verse 2 My goodness and my fort likewise,
my shield of saving pow'r,
My Saviour from mine enemies,
and my exalted tow'r.
In whom I put my confidence,
for it is only he,
That bringeth to obedience,
the people under me.
verse 3 Lord, what is man that thou shouldst take
such knowledge of him here:
The son of man that thou should'st make
account of him so dear.
verse 4 Sure man is like to vanity,
his days decline and fade:
And pass away most hastily,
like to a flitting shade,
verse 5 Lord, bow the heavens and come down,
and do but gently stroke
The mountains, with an angry frown,
and they shall quickly smoak.
verse 6 Cast forth thy lightning from the skies,
and all thy foes disperse:
And to destroy thine enemies,
shoot forth thy lightnings fierce.
[Page 345] verse 7 Send from above thy hand that saves,
And rid me as I stand:
And snatch me from the mighty waves,
and from strange children's hand.
verse 8 Whose mouth doth utter words devis'd,
and fraught with falshood great:
And their right hand is exercis'd
in cunning and deceit.
verse 9 New songs to thee will I present,
my psalt'ry shall agree:
And on a ten-string'd instrument,
will I sing praise to thee.
verse 10 'Tis he that unto kings extends,
salvation's welcome pledge;
His servant David he defends,
from sword's offensive edge.
verse 11 Release and rid me speedily,
from hands of sinners vile:
Whose subtle mouths speak vanity
their right hands full of guile.
verse 12 That so our sons may thrive apace
as plants in youth do grow:
Like polisht stones of some fair place
so may our daughters show.
verse 13 Our garners full as they can hold
with every kind of thing:
And in our streets the flock and fold,
may many thousands bring.
verse 14 Let not our labouring oxen faint,
nor enemy invade:
No leading captive, no complaint
within our streets be made.
verse 15 O blessed people would we say,
with such like blessings stor'd:
Yea, rather blessed people they,
whose God is God the Lord.

Psalm CXLV.

London Tune.
[...]THee will I praise my God, and King
[...]and e----ver bless thy name:
[...]And all my days I'll give thee praise,
[...]and still ex---toll thy fame.
verse 3 Great is the Lord in ev'ry thing:
and greatly must we praise
That name of his, whose greatness is
unsearchable always.
verse 4 One age shall still be publishing
to that which next succeeds
Thy worthy praise in all thy ways,
thy mighty works and deeds.
verse 5 And I, Lord, will discourse and treat,
what glory thou hast won:
The fame of the great majesty,
that hast such wonders done.
verse 6 Thy might likewise shall men repeat,
and deeds of dreadful fame:
Nor will I spare for declare
the greatness of thy name.
verse 7 The memory of thy goodness great,
they largely shall express:
And shall in songs, with joyful tongues
declare thy right'ousness.
[Page 347] verse 8 The Lord is good to all indeed,
his tender love and grace,
verse 9 His creatures all in general
do taste in ev'ry place.
verse 10 Lord, all thy works thy praise shall spread,
and thee thy saints shall bless.
verse 11 They shall proclaim thy kingdom's fame,
and thy great pow'r express.
verse 12 To publish all his mighty deeds,
and make mankind to know
How gloriously in majesty
his kingdom shines below.

The second part.

verse 13 A kingdom of eternity,
thy kingdom is, O Lord,
And thy alone dominion,
all ages shall record.
verse 14 The Lord upholdeth all that fall,
and makes the crooked straight,
verse 15 And Lord, on thee continually
the eyes of all things wait.
verse 16 In seasons due thou feed'st them all,
thy opened hand doth bring:
To satiate the appetite,
of ev'ry living thing.
verse 17 Righteous is God in all his ways,
holy in all he doth:
verse 18 And nigh to all that on him call
in uprightness and truth.
verse 19 He will fulfil the heart's desire
of them that do him fear:
He will likewise attend their cries,
and save them ev'ry where.
verse 20 And all that love him, doth the Lord
preserve in ev'ry place:
But will destroy ev'n utterly
all the ungodly race·
[Page 348] verse 20 My mouth shall speak the Lord's due praise,
and let all flesh endeavour
Thus to proclaim his holy name
from age to age for ever.

Psalm CXLVI.

St. Davids Tune.
[...]PRaise ye the Lord, my soul give praise
[...]un----to our heav'n--ly king
[...]While life and breath pro-long my days,
[...]his prais---es will I sing,
verse 3 Trust not in men magnificent,
nor in man's mortal seed,
Whose pow'r is not sufficient
to help you in your need.
verse 4 Because his breath doth soon depart,
then turns he to his clay:
And all the counsels of his heart
do perish in that day.
verse 5 Blessed and happy is the man
whom Jacob's God doth aid:
And on the Lord his God alone,
his faith is firmly staid,
verse 6 In him that made both earth and skie,
and all in sea, or shore:
And keeps his promise faithfully,
and will do evermore.
[Page 349] verse 7 With justice always he proceeds,
for such as suffer wrong:
The poor and hungry soul he feeds,
and breaks the fetters strong.
verse 8 The Lord doth give the blind their sight,
the lame to limbs restore:
The Lord doth in his saints delight,
and loves them evermore,
verse 9 He helps the widows in distress,
and strangers sad in heart:
He doth defend the fatherless,
and ill men's ways subvert.
verse 10 The Lord shall reign eternally,
thy God, O Sion hill
Shall reign to all posterity,
O praise him, praise him still.


To the 100 Psalm Tune.
[...]PRaise ye the Lord, for it is meet
[...]the prais--es of our God to sing:
[...]For the im-ploy-ment is most sweet,
[...]and praise a ve---ry come--ly thing.
verse 2 The Lord doth build Jerusalem,
gathers th'out casts of Isra'l's bounds
verse 3 He healeth broken-hearted men,
and bindeth up their bleeding wounds.
[Page 350] verse 4 The number of the stars he tells,
and all their names he doth recite.
verse 5 Great is the Lord his pow'r excells,
his wisdom is most infinite.
verse 6 Poor humble souls the Lord doth raise,
but treads the wicked to the ground:
verse 7 Sing to the Lord our God, sing praise,
praise him with harps harmonious sound.
verse 8 Who with thick clouds o're spreads the skie,
prepared rain on earth distills,
And makes the earth to fructify
with store of grass on highest hills.
verse 9 He giveth to the beast his food,
and feeds the raven's brood that begs,
verse 10 The strength of horse doth him no good▪
nor takes he pleasure in man's legs.
verse 11 The Lord doth take delight in them
that in his faithful fear abide:
And taketh pleasure in those men
that in his mercy do confide.

The second part.

verse 12 O praise the Lord Jerusalem,
praise thou thy God, O Sion hill,
verse 13 Who makes thy bars and strengtheneth them
to keep thy gates in safety still.
Thy children in thee he hath blest,
verse 14 He maketh in thy borders peace,
He fills thee also with the best
and finest of the fields increase.
verse 15 He sends out his command on earth,
his word doth very swiftly post;
verse 16 The snow like wool he giveth forth,
he spreads like ashes hoary frost.
verse 17 He casteth out his ice like crust,
his pinching cold who can sustain?
verse 18 He sends his word and melt they must,
and into water turn again:
[Page 351]His pow'r doth cause the wind to blow,
whereby the ragged water flows:
verse 19 His word to Jacob he doth show,
his laws and judgment Isra'l knows.
verse 20 He dealt not so with other lands,
as for the judgments of the Lord,
No heathen people understands,
do ye therefore his praise record.


London Tune.
[...]PRaise ye the Lord praise ye the lord,
[...]ev'n from the hea--vens high:
[...]Ev'n from the heights his praise re--cord,
[...]a----bove the star---ry sky.
verse 2 His angels all, his praise begin,
and all his hosts of might:
verse 3 Praise him both sun and moon, praise him
O all ye stars of light.
verse 4 Ye heav'n of heaven's lofty sphere,
him praise and magnify:
Ye waters also that be there
above the heavens high.
verse 5 O let them praise the mighty name
of our almighty Lord:
For he commanded, and they came,
created at his word.
[Page 352] verse 6 He hath establisht them to be,
and that for evermore:
He hath ordained a decree,
which they shall not pass o're.
verse 7 Praise God from th'earth all in your kind,
ye dragons and all deeps:
verse 8 Fire, hail, snow, vapour, stormy wind,
his word that fully keeps.
verse 9 All hills and mountains, fruitful springs,
all trees and cedars high:
verse 10 All beasts and cattel creeping things,
and all the fowl that fly.
verse 11 Kings of the earth and people there,
princes and judges all;
verse 12 Young men and maidens ev'ry where,
old men, and children small.
verse 13 O let them praise the Lord's great name,
for that excells alone:
His glory is above the frame
of earth and heav'n's high throne.
verse 14 And he exalts his people's horn,
his people he doth raise:
His dearest saints from Isra'l born,
O give the Lord his praise.


Metre II. A Proper Tune.
[...]YE bound-less Realms of Joy
[...]Ex--alt your Ma--ker's Fame;
[...]His praise your song em--ploy[Page 353]
[...]A-bove the star--ry Frame:
[...]Your voices raise, ye Che---ru-bim
[...]And Se--ra-phim, To sing his praise
verse 3 Thou Moon, that rul'st the Night,
And Sun that guid'st the Day,
Ye glitt'ring stars of Light,
To him your homage pay:
His praise declare, ye Heav'ns above,
And Clouds that move, in liquid air.
verse 5 Let them adore the Lord,
And praise his holy Name,
By whose almighty word
They all from nothing came,
And all shall last, fom Changes free
His firm Decree, stands ever fast.
verse 7 Let Earth her Tribute pay;
Praise him ye dreadful Whales,
And Fish that through the Sea
Glide swift with glitt'ring Scales.
Fire, Hail, and snow, and misty Air,
And Winds that, where, he bids them, blow.
verse 9 By hills and Mountains (all.
In grateful Consort join'd)
By Cedars stately tall,
And Trees for Fruit design'd:
By ev'ry Beast, and creeping thing,
And Fowl of Wing, his Name be blest.
[Page 354] verse 11,12 Let all of Royal Birth,
With those of humbler frame;
And Judges of the Earth,
His matchless Praise proclaim.
In this Design, let Youths with Maids,
And hoary heads, with children join.
verse 13 United zeal be shown,
His wond'rous Fame to raise,
whose glorious Name alone
Deserves our endless praise.
Earth's utmost ends, his power obey:
His glorious sway, the sky transcends.
verse 14 His chosen Saints to grace
He sets them up on high,
And favours Isra'l's Race
Who still to him are nigh.
O therefore raise, your grateful voice,
And still rejoyce, the Lord to praise.

Psalm CXLIX.

To the 119 Psalm Tune.
[...]PRaise ye the Lord and sing new songs
[...]God's prais-es to de-clare,
[...]O praise him in the thick-est throngs
[...]where saints as--sem---bled are.[Page 355]
[...]Let Is---ra'l joy and tri-umph still,
[...]and of their ma--ker sing:
[...]And let the sons of Si---on hill
[...]be joy--ful in their king.
verse 3 Let them extol his praise and fame
in dances, when they meet,
Let them sing praises to his name
with harp and timbrel sweet.
verse 4 For lo, the Lord his dear delight
doth in his people place:
And he will make the meek shine bright
with saving health and grace.
verse 5 O let the gracious saints rejoyce,
whom glory doth invest:
Let them sing praise with loudest voice,
as on their beds they rest.
verse 6 Let the high praises of the Lord,
be in their mouth contain'd:
And let a double edged sword
be put into their hand.
verse 7 To execute great plagues and pains
upon the heathen lands:
verse 9 To bind their stately kings with chains,
their Lords with iron bands.
[Page 356] verse 9 To execute on them the doom
found written in his word:
This honour to all saints doth come,
praise ye, praise ye the Lord.

Psalm CL.

Stanford Tune.
[...]PRaise God praise God most high
[...]with--in his sa---cred tow'r:
[...]I'th' fir---ma-ment of large ex--tent,
[...]where he de--clares his pow'r.
[...]O praise him thank-ful---ly,
[...]for his al--migh--ty deeds:
[...]His praise forth shew ac-cord-ing to
[...]his great--ness which ex--ceeds.
[Page 357] verse 3 O magnify the Lord
with stately trumpets sound:
With psalteries and harps likewise
that he may be renown'd.
verse 4 Do ye his praise record
among them in the dance:
With timbrels, flutes organs and lutes,
his praises to advance.
verse 5 Let the loud cimbals ring,
his praise to magnify:
Praise him upon the silver one,
that soundeth loud and high.
verse 6 Let ev'ry breathing thing,
be ready to record
The praise and fame of God's great name,
Amen, praise ye the Lord.

Psalm CL.

Metre II. London Tune.
[...]PRaise God with-in that sa-cred place
[...]where he his Grace be--stows;
[...]Your wond'ring thoughts to hea--ven raise
[...]where he his Glo---ry shows.
verse 2 Let all his mighty acts of pow'r
your inward passions move;
That your acknowledgments may suit
the Greatness of his Love.
[Page 258] verse 3 Musicks soft notes, and louder sounds
verse 4 Of instruments imploy,
verse 5 T' excite Devotion, and attend
the triumphs of your joy.
verse 6 Since all to this Creator owe
that breath by which they live;
Let ev'ry thing that breaths, to him
their cheerful praises give.
The End of The Psalms.

A Table of the Psalms, with the Names of the Tunes to each Psalm.

Psalms.The Tunes Names.Psalms.The Tunes Names.Psalms.The Tunes Names.
1S. Davids31Lincoln61To the 119
1To the 14832Lowath62Bristol
2Windsor32To the 10063To the 119
4S. Marys34S. Marys64Lincoln
6Bristol36S. Marys66London
8S. Marys38Bristol68To the 119
8To the 14839Windsor69Bristol
9London40Dublin70To the 51
10Lincoln41S. Marys71Lowath
11Lowath42Oxford72To the 119
12Windsor43S. David's73Martyrs
14Windsor45S. Marys75S. Marys
15S. Marys46Dublin76To the 100
15Oxford47London77To the 119
16Lowath47To the 14878S. Marys
17Bristol48S. Davids79Lowath
19London49To the 10081London
20Lowath50Lincoln82To the 119
21S. Marys51Proper93S. Marys
22Bristol51To the 10084Oxford
23S. Marys52Lowath85S. Davids
23Stanford53Dublin86S. Marys
24S. David's54Martyrs87Windsor
26Bristol56Southwel89S. Marys
28Bristol58Martyrs90To the 100
29Oxford59S. Davids91Dublin
30S. Marys60Lowath92S. Marys
93London2 p.S. Marys127Oxford
94Martyrs3 p.To Proper128S. Marys
95Ely4 p.S. Marys129Lincoln
96London5 p.To Proper130To the 119
97S. Marys6 p.To Proper130To the 148
98London7 p.S. Marys131Martyrs
99S. David's8 p.S. Marys132Lincoln
100proper9 p.To Proper133To the 100
101Lowath10 pTo proper134Southwell
102Bristol11 pTo the 100135London
103To the 11912 pTo Proper136To the 148
103To the 10013 pTo proper137S. Marys
104Dublin14 pTo Proper138To the 100
105S. Marys15 pTo proper139Dublin
106S. David's16 pTo Proper139To the 100
107Lowath17 pTo proper140Martyrs
108Windsor18 pTo proper141Dublin
109Bristol19 pTo proper142Martyrs
110Oxford20 pTo proper143Windsor
111London21 pTo the 100144S. David's
112S. Marys22 pTo proper145London
113Proper120Oxford146S. David's
114Oxford121Dublin147To the 100
117London124S. Marys149To the 119
118S. Marys124proper150Stanford
119First part to S. Marys125Lowath150London
  126To the 113  

The Basses to each Tune in this Book.

The Bass to Bristol Tune.


The Bass to St. David's Tune.


The Bass to Dublin Tune.

[...] [Page]

The Bass to Ely Tune.


The Bass to Lincoln Tune.


The Bass to London Tune.

[...] [Page]

The Bass to Lowath Tune.


The Bass to Martyrs Tune.


The Bass to St. Marys Tune.

[...] [Page]

The Bass to Oxford Tune.


The Bass to the 51 Psalm Tune.


The Bass to the 100 Psalm Tune.

[...] [Page]

The Bass to the 113 Psalm Tune.


The Bass to the 119 Psalm Tune.

[...] [Page]

The Bass to the 124 Psalm Tune.


The Bass to the 148 Psalm Tune.

[...] [Page]

The Bass to Stanford Tune.

[...] [Page]

The Bass to Southwell Tune.


The Bass to Windsor Tune.


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