Fitted for the ready use, and un­derstanding of all good Christians.

PSAL. 47. 7.


All lands Commanding:
With Understanding.

Hezekiah commanded the Levites to sing praise unto the LORD, with the words of DAVID and of A­SAPH the Seer, &c. 2 Chron. 29. 30.

LONDON, Printed by Matthew Simmons, for the Companie of STATIONERS. 1644.

At the Committee of the House of COMMONS in Parliament concerning Print­ing, April 2. 1644.

IT is this day ordered by the said Committee, that the Poëticall Translation of the PSALMS by W. B. &c.— bee entred into the Register-book of the Company of Statio­ners, and Printed.


Tunes for PSALMS

of pure Eights, i. e. Eight syllables in a line.

I. The first French Tune is the tune of the old 100. Psalm, used every where, and may serve for all the Psalms in Eights.

[...] O come sing we with joyfull noise, To our Sal- [...] vations surest rock: With Psalms of praise and [...] shouts of joys, To our Gods presence let us flock.

II. The second French tune, is the old tune of the 10. Commandements, used oft in London.

[...] A God a King of great Command, Above all [...] Kings and Gods he is: The earths deep places [...] in his hand, The strength of hills is also his.

[Page] III. Sweet tune is the tune of the old 51. Psalm. used in most places, proper for the 77. Ps. 1 p. 119. Ps. 11. p. 142. Ps. and for the 25. observing sembrief pauses [...]n the four-lin'd metres.

[...] Dry land and seas, even both of these, His holy [...] [...]ands did form and frame: O come adore, with [...] bended knees, The Lord our makers blessed Name.

[...] For he's our God, and none but he: we are his [...] pasture-people choice: The sheep of his own [...] hand are we, If ye this day will hear his voice.

IV. Choice tune is an easie extract out of the old 113. Ps & serveth properly for the 20. 76. & 99. Psalms.


Then harden not your stubborn heart, As, in [...] the Provocation, they, In that extreme temp- [...] tation day, Provok't me in the desert part.

[Page] [...] When as your fathers tempted me, They prov'd [...] me and my work did see; I forty yeers was griev'd, [...] and said, This tempting age hath wholly strayd.

V. 1. Strain tune, i. e. a strain (viz. the first and third line) of the old 113. Ps. instantly learnt, and is proper for all Psalms in the form of the 15th.


VI. 2. Strain tune, viz. a strain of the old 148. Ps. And also ye, &c. instantly learnt, and is proper for the 70. and 135. Psalms. Moreover, these two strains put together, make a most compleat and pro­per tune for the 23. 26. and 146. Psalm.

[...] This people have in heart digrest: And have [...] not known my path most blest. To whom therfore, [...] In wroth I swore, They should not enter in my rest.

Single tunes of Eights and Sixes.

VII. Martyrs tune (proper for sweet and sad ditties) used commonly in all places.

[...] Sing to the LORD a new-made song, For he [Page] [...] hath marvails done: His holy hand▪ and arm [...] most strong, The victorie hath wonne.

VIII. Coventry tune (proper for sweet and solemn ditties, mixt with fours like the 8. Ps.) used in pri­vate families in London.

[...] The Lord almighty hath made known, His sa- [...] ving health and might: His truth he openly [...] hath shown, In all the Heathens sight.

IX. York tune (proper for joyfull ditties) used every where, and may best serve for both the Coventry tunes, to those that cannot sing them.

[...] Tow'rds Israels honour'd house hath he, Re- [...] membred truth and grace: The earth did his [...] salvation see, Declar'd in every place.

[Page] X. Davids tune (most proper for joyfull ditties) u­sed now frequently in London.

[...] Make joyfull noise unto the LORD, All dwel- [...] lers in the earth: Make noises lowd, his praise [...] record, [...]n songs of joy and mirth.

XI. Cambridge old tune (proper for sad and solemn ditties, mixt with foure, like the 40. and 41.) used in most places.

[...] With Harp, and Psalms melodious voice, And [...] Trumpets to him sing: With sound of Cornet eke [...] rejoyce, Before the LORD the King.

XII. Pause tune, used in Coventry, most proper for the 49. 52. and 111. Psalms.

[...] Let seas and shores rejoyce their fills, And both [...] roar out with noise: Let waving floods, and [Page] [...] towring hills, Clap hands and joyn in joys.

XIII. London long tune, proper for solemn ditties, and used every where.

[...] Before the LORD, whose comming shall, The [...] earth with judgement try: Judging the world, [...] and people all, With truth and equitie.

XIV. Oxford tune, proper for sad ditties, (such as the 6. and 7. Psalms) used commonly in all places.

[...] Behold, how much it doth excell, And what [...] great joy to see: When Brethren do together [...] dwell, In perfect unitie.

XV. Dutch bass tune, used commonly in Cambridge, and of late in Aldermanbury, it agrees in consort with the tune following, so that it is all one whether you take, for they may be sung both together.

[...] Its like the precious ointment, which was powr'd [Page] [...] on Aarons crown: Which to his beard and gar- [...] ments rich, Even to the skirts, ran down.

XVI. Dutch tune (proper for mixt ditties) is the most excellent and ordinary tune in all England.

[...] Like pearly dew of Hermon hill, Or Sions [...] silver show'rs: Blessings of life for ever still, [...] The LORD upon them powrs.

Double tunes of Eights and Sixes.

XVII. Sinners tune (proper for the saddest ditties in the form of the 38. 51. 88.) as the tune of that which was called, The humble suit of a sinner; A most excellent tune, mnch used of old.

[...] Hard by the brooks of Babylon, We sate down [...] weeping there: When Sion hill we thought up- [...] on, Each thought enforc't a tear. Amidst it there [Page] [...] green willows were, Whereon our harps we [...] hung: For they that led us captive there, [...] Requir'd of us a song.

XVIII. Old England tune, is the tune of the old 119. Psalm, fi [...] for mixt ditties, and may be used for any staffe tune of eights and sixes, being best known, but when it is put to any of them with four-lin'd metres, as the 143, 145. 148. it must be observ'd with sem­brief pauses, which the very meeters will point at.

[...] And they that wasted us that day, Did ask and [...] urge us thus: Sing one of Sions songs, said they, [...] And make some mirth for us. What tongue can [...] tune or utter them? In forein land what heart?

[...] If I forget Jerusalem, My right hand lose its art.

XIX. New tune or New staffe tune (proper for Psalms [Page] of mixt forms, viz. the 12. 59. 94. 101. 109. 120.) is the old tune of Te Deum, onely paused and altered in a line or two to fit the metres.

[...] If I do not remember thee, My tongue be speech- [...] less quite: If thou be not preferr'd of me, Above [...] my chief delight. And now O Lord, full well re- [...] cord, The sonnes of Edoms cry: Thus did they [...] say, In Salems day, Raze, raze it utterly.

XX. Magnificat tune, a most delicate joyfull tune, used frequently of old, and not fit to be forgotten.

[...] O daughter Babel, thou whose fall, And ruine is [...] design'd: O happy is the man that shall, Reward [...] thee in thy kind. He shall be blessed for his pains, [...] That takes thy little ones, And dasheth our their [Page] [...] infants brains, Against the pavement stones.

Tunes of Sixes and Fours.

XXI. Short Staffe tune, is the same with, Where righ­teousness doth say, onely perfected in the 3. and 7. line: It is proper for mixt ditties, like the 36. Psalm.

[...] O praise the LORD all lands: All people [...] praise his Name, Whose marvailous kind love [...] to us, Deserves eternall fame. His truth eternall [...] stands, On firm and sure record; For evermore, [...] Do ye therefore, Give praises to the LORD.

XXII. London short tune, is the tune of the old 67. Psalm, used in all places; And may serve for all the tunes of sixes and fours.

[...] Thy Church Lord bless and keep, So that it [...] perish never: Nor onely keep, but feed thy [Page] [...] sheep, And lift them up for ever.

XXIII. Southwell tune, proper for sad ditties, as the 13. Psalm.

[...] Lord God of Hoasts incline, And cause thy fa [...] [...] to shine; Turn us to thee, And then shall we, [...] For ever saved be.

XXIV. New verse tune, a most sweet tune, fit for dolefull ditties, as the 57. Psalm.

[...] So we whom thou dost call, Thy flock and peo- [...] ple shall Bless thee alwayes, and spread thy [...] praise, To generations all.

XXV. Tune of the old 113. Psalm, is proper for the 98. Psalm, and for the 9. and 19. parts of the 119. Psalm▪ but they that cannot sing it at large, may use onely three first metres.

[Page] [...] Unto the Lord a new song sing: For many a [...] great and wondrous thing, His mighty pow'r to [...] pass doth br [...]ng. His holy arm of soveraigntie, [...] And his right hand exalted high, Hath gotten [...] him the victorie. He hath made known his sa- [...] ving might, And brought his truth to open light, [...] Even in the very heathens sight He graciously [...] hath cald to minde: His perfect truth and mer- [...] cies kinde: As all the house of Israel finde.

An Apologeticall Preface To the READER.

Courteous and Christian Reader,

MAy it please thee to under­stand, that I have collected the most choice and exqui­site tunes that are or have been used in all England; I have onely added or alte­red a little in some, to make them adequate and suitable to severall forms of metre, and to bring some choice strains and ditties into more frequent use, leaving multitudes of tunes (in Ravenscroft) as unnecessary & burdensome.

The Tenor-part of these tunes I have here pricked out, both for readines to hit, surenes to hold, suitablenes to the subject, pleasant­nes of variety, and easines of distinction: For to tie our selves to the tunes prescribed, will be a better distinction, then to print them in staves, because they are not all staffe-tunes.

The want of such an help as this causeth the Clerks to stumble so much upon the same tune, and to sing joyfull & dolefull ditties all alike, and makes the Congregation often to mistake, and fall sometimes into severall tunes at once, which disturbs the spirits and dulleth the de­votion.

[Page] And (Reader) were it but beleev'd what an easie thing it is to understand the use and meaning of the Musick notes, thousands (that have good voices) would observe, inquire, and exercise so much, as to be able to sing all these Preface-psalms in that variety of tunes wh [...]ch are here described, and so chaind on purpose as that one may easily fall out of one tune into another all along.

And whensoever thou wouldst learn a tune by it self, repeat those words that bear the burden of it; for instance, if thou wouldst learn Davids tune, use those words, Make joyfull noise unto, &c. for by harping still on the same words, a tune is more easily learnt.

Company and custome, the use of an instru­ment, or observation of a chime, are excellent and speedy means to learn tunes, which I leave to them that list, and to them that listen.

Nevertheless, for such as care not, or can­not learn, and till such learning be attained, know thatViz. Dutch tune, old En­gland tune, French tune, and London long tune. three or four of these tunes (eve­ry where known and heard of) with two or three lines of the old 113. psalm, will serve handsomly to sing all the Psalms in the book.

Now lest any man (in this stumbling age) should scruple at the lawfulnes of singing Da­vids psalms (as unsuitable to our occasions) let him consider that express Scripture, 2 Chron. 29. 30. which fully shews their law­fulness and worthiness, and the Arguments, Annotations, and the very Index will con­vince thee of their suitableness and excellence, [Page] for surely had people known those types and examples that are written for our learning in the book of psalms,Ignorance of the sense of Psalms, the cause why people doubt whe­ther they should use them. they would have acknow­ledged our state and story contained in them, and as fit for our times as for our text. Why may not a Christian sing & say now with Da­vid, I will divide Sichem and mete out the valley of Succoth, &c. Are not these types of Christ his conquests, and hath not every Chris­tian a share in his Saviours Victories? 1 Cor. 3. 21. All things are yours, &c. He conquers for us, and we in him. And if such a passage as this, be currant, what can be excepted?

And what an acceptable service the singing of these psalms is, we have evidence in the ho­ly Scripture, 2 Chron. 20. 21. 22. When they began to sing and to praise, the Lord set Am­bushments against the children of Ammon, &c.

Lastly, touching the translation it self, since Hebrew must be made English, English must be made Verse, and Verse ryme, wee must of ne­cessity admit some alteration and amplificati­on of words, although without extravagant excursions of unnecessary paraphrase or frothy flourishes of undivine Poetry.

But since Poetry is a gift of God too, and very notable to kindle, quicken, and enflame affection. Since this gift (in the greatest mea­sure) is most necessary for such a work as this, wherein much majestie and gracefulnes, toge­ther with plainnes, sweetnes, cleernes (sutable to the capacities of vulgar people, (and even of so many women) is required; Me thinks [Page] none should be of that mind to tie us so strictly to the prose and text, as must constrain us to render it in such rugged ingratefull and mis­shapen verse, as many judicious men have al­ready much misliked, and such as multitudes of plain people would deem to have neither ryme nor reason.

One translation I finde little better com­pacted throughout then this verse:

And will deliver them: He shall
Them all deliver from
The wicked, and shall save them all,
Because they trust in him.

Another translation is full of uncouth He­braisms.

My heart a good word boyleth servently,
Psal. 45.
I to the King do say mine actions:
My tongue the pen of writer speedily,
Much fairer art thou then be Adams sons.

Others are full of extravagancies and in­congruities:

He hath in thee shew'd wonders great,
Psal. 135. Quid hoc ad rhombu [...]? Psal. 5.
O Aegypt (void of vaunts)
For thou art God, in wickednes
That takest no delight, &c.

Doubtles therefore it will please the most, and most judicious, to make it smooth, cleer, and easie, yea, so that every line may contain distinct sense in it self, or else convey it so me­thodically to the next, that no disordered ruptures (which darken, dissipate, and a­dulterate the sense) might be found therein, [Page] which as it is the most dainty, so it is the most difficult peece of service of all other, and is onely found fault withall by many, because it is is so hard to hit: and for my libertie, and thy liking thereof, I pr [...]y thee give me leave to plead these insuing Considerations.

1. The [...]oly Scripture useth as much diffe­rence & indifference in Following the Sentua­gint [...] most com­mon (but yet the most cor­rupt) tran­slation. recitations of Scrip­ture, as I desire to be allowed me in this tran­slation. Psal. 68. 18. Thou hast received gifts for men, is rendred Eph. 4. 8. And gave gifts to men. Psal. 40. 6. Mine ears hast thou opened. Heb. 10. 5. A body hast thou ordained me. Yea, in the Old Test [...]ment, even in the tenor of the Commandements. Exod. 20. 8. Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy. Deut. 5. 12. Keep the Sab­bath day to sanctifie it, as the Lord thy God hath commanded thee. Ver. 14. That thy man-servant and thy maid-servant may rest as well as thou. And remember that thou wast a servant in the land of Aegypt, and that the Lord thy God brought thee out thence, through a mighty hand, and by a stretched-out arm: therefore the Lord thy God commanded thee to keep the Sab­bath day. And in the New Testament, Mat. 6. 12. Forgive us our Debts. Luk. 11. 4. For­give us our sinnes. Yea, in the Psalms them­selves, Psal. 14. 5. There were they in great fear, for God is in &c. Psal. 53. There were they in great fear, where no fear was: for God hath scattered the bones, &c.

[Page] 2. Tho I change a word of the translation, yet possibly it may be as proper, pertinent, and significant, as that which is taken in the prose translation. Psal. 1. 3. I have translated [...] fade. Psal. 2. 1. I render [...] think. Buxtorf. Psal. 3. 2. [...] Succour any way (the word signifying all manner of Sal­vation, &c.) In divers other places tho I change the word, yet (I hope) I have not tres­passed upon the text.

And I trust I may affirm that notwith­standing any alteration of the prose, I have neither omitted any materiall word, nor in­serted any thing besides the scope and meaning of the text, but whatsoever I have expressed, is included, intended, and intimated in that Scripture which I render, Ellipsis and Pleo­nasmus (so frequent in the Hebrew) making much for paraphrase; yet have I not gone so wide with all my metres, but that others, with very scont metres, have been forc't to paraphrase farre wider; Neither are those Psalms which metre most frequently, more re­mote from the words then the rest, for I al­wayes took the matter in that form that it would most easily admit of metre, and thought it impossible to translate some Psalms neatly, had I not given way to let them fall into those formes, wherein thou now findest them.

Lastly, I affirm constantly,Nec verbum verbo cura­bis reddere, &c. Hor. that it is the dutie of a translator in such a work as this, [Page] to follow the idiom of his own language, otherwise he doth not keep to his text, but corrupt it rather: It is true, some words and phrases are so peculiar to a language, that no other may be found to render it ge­nuinely: I know not in what language to render this phrase without an Hebraism. Psal. 56. 12. Thy vowes are upon me O God. [...]

And some phrases are best understood by metaphrase of other language. I cannot but suppose that phrase, Psal. 129. ult. The bles­sing of the Lord be upon you, to be most properly rendred in our, God speed you Sirs. And th [...] phrase, Psal. 125. 3. Should put forth their hand to iniquitie, in most com­pleat sense thus, Should d [...] they care not what.

As for many Hebrew phrases, (Men of bloods, i. e. bloody men, an heart and an heart, i. e. a double heart. Speak thee into wickednes, i. e. speak against thee wickedly) if I should keep to such like, I should fill the translation with absurdities and solecismes, and from Hebraismes should run into barba­rismes: And, I pray tell me, in what other language learned men have don so: who would translate, Auri sacra fames, O holy hunger of gold: but ô cursed thirst of gold, &c. Wherefore having been over-ruled to alter the first verse of the book, into that begin­ning, which seems to [...]ear it self so [...]old upon the Hebrew (tho partly sharing with the En­glish [Page] phrase) yet being suspicious (by what I hear from good criticks) I here reca [...]t, and lay down my first version in the other bal­lance (which is according to the Manuscript-Copie presented to the reverend. Assembly.) Take which you will.

THat man hath God pronoūced blest,
That doth not walk astray;
By coūsels which lewd men suggest,
Nor stands in sinners way.


TO The High and Honourable Court OF PARLIAMENT.

An Epigram.

GReat Senatours, I ow devoutest pray'rs,
For both the Houses honourable chairs,
Their Orders furthering these Psalm-affairs.
I know not yet, what friendship got between
Hath set me downe so far behinde the screen,
That scarce enough I may be heard or seen.
But if I can appeare, I may appeal,
And venture something for the Churches weal,
In some case it is capitall to conceal.
I dare not parley, but I dare protest,
I aim God should be served with the best;
The judgement is referred to your brest.
Your beams are bright, and day light doth appear,
[Page] The text and the translation both are here;
Judge by the clock of your judicious ear.
Then cherish vertue with a gracious face.
If either do excell, give that the place;
If both have done alike, give both their grace.
So shall great Academies crown our brows,
With learned lawrell: And they shall allow's
To voice your votes, & say y'have paid your vows.
Great Chronicles shall also blase your Name,
And set it burning in a lampe of fame,
Guilding your just acts with its shining flame.

TO THE RIGHT-HONORABLE EDVVARD Earle of Manchester, Speaker (pro tempore) of the Hou [...] of Peers in Parliament.

A double Epigram.

NOw I see that malice fli [...]s
As a Meteor from the skies,
Never caring where it light,
So it shew sufficient spite,
Here, a pattern of the meek
[...]ears aspersion on his check,
Native pure [...]esse clears againe,
As a spring his muddie stain.
Lo, his countenance confutes
All these vile and vulgar bruits,
Scattering mists where he doth bow
That bright splendour of his brow,
Fret Errinnys, break thy gall,
Till it drown thee, spleen and all:
I must tell his trust abroad,
In this well deserved Ode,
For his country h [...]th not seen
One more true then he hath been.
[Page] My Lord and loadstone of my heart and more,
I felt none mortall pull so strong before,
Oh let me still finde favour in those eyes
That scatter clouds; and where bright Sun-beams rise.
To the tribunall of so milde a look
I will adventure this Oracular book,
The which elsewhere I have presented twice,
And at the third time shall not bate the price.
I care not, I, although I hear men say,
Your Psalms are censur'd for Apocrypha:
I ask no more, but when you next consult,
You please to let them sing Quicunque vult.
My last ambition is but to present
Great gratulation to the Parliament;
And till this promis'd panegyrick come,
I leave this begg'ring poetry strook dumb.

Reader vouchsafe to see, and looke, and taste a sup of Hymns, and creamy afterings, made up in the last sheet of all the book, with directions gi­ven to make all even, if the Reader also please to see the titles and the prefaces.



To Dutch tune.

David shews the felicity and fruitful­nesse of the godly; the defection and destruction of the wicked.

THat man is blest and blest agen
That doth not walk astray,
Heb. Blessednes­ses.
By counsels of ungodly men,
Nor stands in sinners way,
Much less practises and perseveres.
Nor sits in seate of scornfull mates:
verse 2 But in Gods law delights,
And t [...]ereupon he meditates
Continuall daies and nights.
verse 3 Like planted tree by water-springs,
Palm tree ever green. Therefore perfect in kinde and measure Work for good.
Such one shall he be made,
Which in his season fruit forth-brings,
Whose leaf shall never fade.
All shall succeed by him design'd;
verse 4 Th' ungodly are not so,
But like the chaff which boyst'rous winde
Drives eas'ly to and fro.
verse 5 Therefore th' ungodly never must,
Not boldly as guiltless. Any judge­ment, speci­ally the last.
Nor any sinner may
In Congregation of the Just,
Stand up at Judgement day.
[Page 2] verse 6 For lo the way of men upright,
The Lord with favour knowes:
Whereas the way shall perish quite
Wherein the sinner goes.


To Dutch bass tune.

1. Part.


David prophecies of Christ his kingdome, how oppos'd by Jews and Gentiles: The derision, and destruction of implacable adversaries.

WHy do the heathen rage, and fret,
And people think vain things?
verse 2 They rise,
Act. 4. 25.
and are in counsell set,
Both governours and Kings:
GOD and his Christ oppose they do,
And thus presume to say;
verse 3 Come,
let us break their bonds in two,
And cast their Cords away.
Luk. 19. 14.
verse 4 The Lord that doth in heaven dwell,
Their doings shall deride;
And laugh to scorn his foes that swell
with such presumptuous pride.
verse 5 Then,
When he sees fit time.
in his wrath, the most supream
Shall all his foes controul:
And in displeasure most extream
Torment their guilty soul.

II. Part.


Christ his Dignity, Deity, and Dominion; Kings and great ones (for examples sake) are exhorted to embrace his Gospel for their own safety.

verse 6 Upon my Sions holy hill,
Over the Church.
Yet have I plac'd my King;
[Page 3] verse 7 Thou hast decreed, and wilt fulfill,
And I declare the thing.
The Lord hath spoken thus to mee,
Thou art my onely Sonne,
This day have I begotten thee:
verse 8 Aske but to have it done,
Day of E­ternitie.
All heathen kingdoms I will make
The priv'ledge of thy birth:
To convert or confound
And thou shalt in possession take,
The utmost parts on earth.
verse 9 To crush thy foes shalt thou lift up,
Thy weighty iron rod:
And dash them, like a potters cup,
In pieces small, ô God.
verse 10 Now therefore, ô ye Kings, take care
That ye may understand:
Be well instructed yee that are
The Judges of the Land.
verse 11 See that the LORD have service done
With reverence and respect:
verse 12 Rejoyce with trembling:
Love, ho­nour, obey Christ.
kisse the Son,
Lest ye in wrath be checkt.
So should ye perish from the way,
If his least anger flame;
Wa [...] of sal­vation.
O blessed, blessed then are they
That trust upon his Name.


To Oxford tune.

David complains of Absolom, and his adhe­rents, conspiring against him; his confi­dence in God, that defends the faithfull, and destroys the wicked.

LOrd, how their number multiplies,
That vex and grieve me sore!
[Page 4] Yea, they that do against me rise,
Wax hourly more and more.
verse 2 There's many of my soul do say,
His God no help shall yield,
Nor bring him succour any way:
verse 3 But Lord, thou art my shield.
Thou art th' uplifter of my Head,
My glory and my pride:
My voice to God I uttered,
verse 4 Unto the Lord I cry'd,
He heard me from his holy Hill:
verse 5 I laid me down and slept,
From hea­ven typed by Sion.
And wak't again in safety still,
By him sustain'd and kept.
verse 6 Although ten thousand of my foes
Beset me round about,
I will not be affraid of those,
Nor of my safety doubt.
verse 7 O Lord my God awake, arise,
Defend my righteous Cause;
For thou hast smote mine enemies
Upon the very jawes.
As sure as done alrea­dy.
Break thou the teeth of all the throng
That work ungodlinesse:
verse 8 Salvation doth to God belong;
Thou dost thy people blesse.


To London long tune.

David appeals & prays to God, blames Sauls Courtiers for discrediting his Election of God to the Kingdome; Admonisheth them to repent: preferreth spirituall desires to [Page 5] carnall, and reposeth himselfe in Gods safe protection.

O God that art my righteousnesse,
Witness Judge, Pro­tector, and rewarder of it.
Heare when I call to thee:
In wofull time of my distresse,
Thou hast inlarged mee.
Have mercy and attentive bee,
Unto the pray'r I frame:
verse 2 O sonnes of men,
Speak base­ly of my a­nointing. So do the wicked of Christ and his Saints.
how long will yee
My glory turn to shame?
How long will yee vain things affect,
And follow after lies?
verse 3 Know that the Saint is Gods select,
And he will hear my cryes.
verse 4 All sinfull courses set apart,
And stand in awfull dread;
In silence commune with your heart,
Upon your secret bed.
verse 5 For incense offer innocence,
And righteousnesse present:
And wholly put your confidence
In God omnipotent▪
verse 6 What way they may themselves advance
Great multitudes inquire:
But Lord thy shining Countenance
Is all that we desire.
verse 7 For thou hast made my heart to feast
With sacred comforts more,
Then worldlings when they were increast
With Corne and Wine good store.
verse 8 I'l both lie down sweet rest to take,
And also sleep secure:
[Page 6] For onely thou, ô Lord, dost make
My dwelling safe and sure.


To Cambridge old tune.

1. Part.


David prays for audience with confidence of successe: because, though Gods pure Na­ture hates odious and obstinate sinners, yet the Saints have free accesse to the throne of grace.

O Lord unto my words give ear,
My meditation weigh:
verse 2 My King my God my crying hear,
For I to thee will pray.
verse 3 I'th morning thou shalt hear my Cry,
I'th morning I'l direct
My prayer to thee, and from on high
Thine answer I'l expect.
verse 4 For thou art not a God that will
With sinne delighted bee,
No wickednesse nor any ill
Shall ever dwell with thee.
verse 5 Within the view of thy pure Eye,
The foolish shall not rest:
All workers of iniquitie
Thy Nature doth detest.
verse 6 Thou shalt destroy them that are prone
To utter tales and lies:
God will abhorre the bloudy one,
And such as fraud devise.
verse 7 But to thy house will I draw neer,
In thine abundant grace:
[Page 7] And worship in thy sacred fear,
For they loo­ked towards the Temple, when absent 1 Kin. 8. 38. Dan. 6. 10.
Towards thy holy place.

2. Part.


He prays for Gods safe protection, and sure direction, lest he should fall into the power or practise of the wicked here described; the sweet and safe condition of the godly.

verse 8 LOrd in thy justice be my guide,
Because of all my foes:
Thy paths (lest I should goe aside)
Before my face disclose.
verse 9 For in their mouths no faithfulness,
Nor truth have any room:
Their inward parts meer wickedness,
They gape for good mens de­struction.
Their throat an open tomb.
They flatter with dissembling tongue,
verse 10 O God destroy them all,
By their own counsels going wrong,
Let them be sure to fall:
Cast out in their iniquitie,
And multitudes of sin;
For lo they have rebelliously
Offended thee therein.
verse 11 But let them all that trust in thee,
And love thy holy Name;
Since they by thee defended bee,
Be joyfull in the same.
For gladness let them ever shout,
verse 12 For thou wilt blessings yeeld,
And guard the Righteous round about
With favour as a Shield▪


To Davids tune.

David complains of his sicknes, the impos­sibilitie to serve God in the state of Death, the extremitie of his sorrows, malignitie of his adversaries; he getteth victory over his temptations.

O Lord my God rebuke me not,
When thou shalt angry bee;
When thy displeasure waxeth hot,
O do not chasten mee.
verse 2 O Lord have mercy on my soule,
For I am wondrous weak:
Lord I beseech thee make me whole,
My bones with anguish break.
verse 3 My soul is also vexed sore,
But Lord how long a space?
verse 4 Return ô Lord, my soul restore,
O save mee of thy grace;
verse 5 For after death can no man have
Remembrance Lord, of thee;
Who hopes to thank thee in the grave?
verse 6 My groaning wearieth mee,
And I am neer to death with grief and misery.
All night I make my bed to swimme,
My Couch with teares o're-flowes:
verse 7 Mine eye, consum'd with griefe, grows dimme,
Because of all my foes.
verse 8 From me yee sinners go away,
For lo my voice that wept,
The Lord hath heard, the Lord, I say,
verse 9 My prayer will accept.
God heard my suit at my desire,
verse 10 Let shame my foes confound;
With suddain shame let them retire,
And sore vexations wound.


To Coventry tune.

1. Part.


David being forced out of Jerusalem by Ab­soloms Conspiracy, and rail'd upon by Shi­mei, pleads his own innocency.

O Lord my God, I do repose
My confidence in thee;
From all my persecuting foes,
Save and deliver mee.
verse 2 Lest, like a Lyon, cruelly,
My soul he piece-meal rend,
And teare it, while no Saviour's by
To succour and defend.
verse 3 O Lord my God,
Of seeking Sauls life. 2 Sam. 26. 9
if I have done,
This treasonable act;
Or if my hands have ere begun
So treacherous a fact.
verse 4 If I to him rewarded ill,
That was with me at peace;
(Yea, I did still, by my good will,
My causlesse foe release)
verse 5 Then let my foe pursue my soul,
And take, and tread it down;
Trampling my life with proud controul,
And bury my renown.

II. Part.


David prays for restauration to his Kingdom, to minister just judgement to the people, after the example of almightie God.

verse 6 RIse Lord in wrath, lift up thy hand,
Because my foes so storm;
The Judgement which thou didst cōmand,
Settle my Kingdome promised.
Awaking now perform.
[Page 10] verse 7 Then shall th' Assembly generally
Themselves to me betake;
Return therefore,
As a Judge on the Bench.
and sit on high,
Even for this peoples sake.
verse 8 His peoples cause the Lord will trie,
O let my Judgement bee
According to th' integritie
And righteousnesse in mee.
verse 9 O put a finall period
To lewd mens wickednesse:
As for the righteous men, ô God,
Establish them no lesse.
The righteous God tries heart & reins,
And every secret part:
verse 10 And my defence is by his means,
Who saves the upright heart.

3. Part.


God tries the righteous with wise and just corrections; plagues the wicked with dire and dreadfull punishments, confounding them in their own cursed Counsells.

verse 11 WIth Judgement will the Lord be sure
The righteous to repay:
And with the lewd and wicked doer,
God's angry every day.
verse 12 Unlesse he speedily repent,
His glittering sword is whet:
His angry bow the Lord hath bent,
And hath it ready set.
verse 13 He hath prepared deadly darts,
Determining to shoot
Choice arrowes at the vip'rous hearts▪
Of those that persecute.
[Page 11] verse 14 Behold how with iniquitie
He travailes in his thought,
Conceiving mischief craftily,
Fails of his wicked pur­pose.
And falshood forth hath brought.
verse 15 He made a pit, in digging which
Great pains himself did take;
And now is fall'n into the ditch
Which he himself did make.
verse 16 Upon his own head shall reboun [...]
His mischiefe, spite, and hate;
His violent dealing shall come down,
And light upon his pate.
verse 17 Unto the Lord give thanks will I,
For all his righteous waies;
And to the Name of God most high,
Sing chearfull songs of praise.


To Coventry tune.

David admires God glory, most glorious in weak instruments; his goodnes to man­kinde, giving him dignitie and dominion over the inferiour world, which Christ (taking our nature) subdues and sanctifies to us.

O Lord our Lord how excellent
In all the earth's thy Name?
Behold thou hast
They glory plac't
Above the heavens frame.
verse 2 Weak babes and sucklings thou hast sent
To preach thy power and skill;
Mat. 21. 16
That thou might'st so
Th' avengefull foe▪
And adversary still.
[Page 12] verse 3 When I behold attentively
The heavens thy fingers frame;
The Moon on high,
And starrie skie,
Which by thine ord'nance came:
verse 4 What's man, or mans posteritie!
Think I, what wondrous love,
He should of thee
Remembred bee,
Or visited from above!
verse 5 For thou hast made him little lower,
Heb. 2. 9.
Then Angels in degree;
And didst him crown
With great renown,
And glorious dignitie.
verse 6 Thou mad'st him have dominion ore
The works which thou hast wrought,
Beneath his feet
Subjection meet
Thou hast all creatures taught.
verse 7 All oxen, sheep, and fowl with these,
And cattell him obey,
What e're the field
verse 8 Or aire can yield,
And fishes of the Sea.
What ever's in the paths of Seas.
Or passeth through the same,
O Lord our Lord
All lands record
The splendor of thy Name.


To Davids tune.

David praiseth God for defence of the Church, and destruction of the enemies: God the supream King, and righteous Judge of the world, in whom the faithfull happily con­side.

[Page 13] O Lord I'l praise thy holy Name,
With true and hearty zeal:
Thy wondrous works will I proclame,
And none of them conceal,
verse 2 In thee be glad, in thee rejoyce,
And to thy Name will I
In songs of praise lift up my voice,
O thou that art most high.
verse 3 When as mine adversaries shall
Be turned back with shame:
For in thy presence they shall fall,
And perish by the same.
verse 4 For thou, ô Lord, thou hast alone
Maintain'd my righteous Cause:
Thou fatest in thy righteous Throne,
To judge by righteous Lawes.
verse 5 Thou hast rebuk't the heathen rude,
And made for ever void
Their hatefull name, so that the lewd
Are utterly destroy'd.
verse 6 Destructions are accomplished,
O Enemie,
The foe can destroy no more. Thou thou didst destroy others.
so it frames:
Thou hast destroy'd, and ruined
Great Cities, and their names.
verse 7 But God, the true Eternall one,
For ever shall abide:
2 King. 19. 25.
He hath prepar'd his kingly throne,
Just Judgement to decide.
verse 8 From Judgement he will not decline,
[Page 14] Exactly just and true,
To judge the world, and will assigne
To every man his due.
verse 9 The Lord moreover will become
A refuge for th' opprest:
In times extreamly troublesome,
Securest place of rest.
verse 10 In thee will all men trust repose,
That know thy faithfull Name:
For thou hast not forsaken those
That duly seek the same.

2. Part.


God is glorified in delivering the Church, and taking the wicked in their own craftinesse.

verse 11 UNto the Lord our God sing praise,
That dwells in Zion mount:
And all his wondrous works, and wayes
Unto the Church recount.
verse 12 When he for blood inquiry makes,
When he sets upon judgement.
Those he forgets not then:
But into his remembrance takes
The cryes of humble men.
verse 13 From gates of death thou dost me rear,
Have mercy on my state:
Think on the troubles that I bear,
Of those that do me hate.
verse 14 That I in Zions daughters gates,
The chief places of assembly.
May all thy praise record:
For thy salvation consolates
My thankfull heart, ô Lord.
verse 15 Sunk down the wicked Heathen are
Into the pit they made:
Heathen in life.
[Page 15] Their foot is taken in the snare,
Which they themselves have laid:
verse 16 By doing Judgement God is known,
The wicked man is snar'd
By that destruction which his own
Mischievous hands prepar'd.
verse 17 The wicked shall be turn'd to Hell,
These God-forgetting men:
verse 18 For poor men shall not alwayes dwell
In dark oblivions den.
The needies long expecting eyes
For ever shall not fail:
verse 19 Up Lord, against the Heathen rise,
And let not man prevail.
Let them be judged in thy sight,
verse 20 And all the Nations then
With fear and dread be danted quite,
And know themselves but men.


York tune.

The presumption and crueltie of the wicked.

WHy dost thou Lord stand off so farre,
And seem'st thy self to hide:
And see'st what troublous times here are,
And what oppressing pride:
verse 2 Wherewith the wicked hunt the poor,
O let them be surpris'd,
Caught in the snare they thought so sure,
And which themselves devis'd.
verse 3 He boasteth of his hearts desire,
And doth the covetous blesse;
Coveting to do mischief.
Whom (while the wicked doth admire)
The Lord abhorres no lesse.
[Page 16] verse 4 Not seeking after God a jot,
Such is his staring pride;
In all his thoughts God commeth not,
verse 5 His waies none can abide.
Thy Judgements Lord are far enough
Above his purblind sight:
At's enemies he makes a puff,
And by them all sets light.
verse 6 His heart hath said, I know that I
Shall never be displac't:
Nor of the least adversitie
At any time shall tast.
verse 7 His mouth is full of blasphemie,
Of fraud, deceit, and wrong:
Mischievousness and vanitie
Sit underneath his tongue.
verse 8 In lurking dens and od by-ways
Of Villages he sits:
The innocent he takes and slays
In secret holes and pits.

2. Part.


The craft and crueltie of the wicked; prayer prevails against their power.

verse 9 MOst privily against poor men
He bends his murth'rous eyes:
And, like a Lyon in his den,
In wait he closely lies.
That he the simple man may get,
He lies in secret wait:
When once he draws him to his net,
Then doth he catch him strait.
[Page 17] verse 10 He doth crouch down and lowly bend,
Humbling himself withall:
That so the poor man (that's his end)
By his strong Ones may fall.
Strong clut­ches or con­federates.
verse 11 His heart hath said, God hath forgot,
He hides away his eyes,
On purpose he beholds it not:
verse 12 O Lord ô God arise,
Forget not, but thy hand forth-stretch
For poor men undertrod:
verse 13 O wherefore should a wicked wretch
Contemn all-mighty God?
It shall not be requir'd at all,
Thus hath he said in heart:
verse 14 But of their mischief, spite, and gall,
Thou Lord a witness art.
And wilt requite it with thy hand,
The poor man doth commend
Himself to thee, for thou dost stand
The fatherless his friend.

3. Part.

Argument as before.

verse 15 THe arm of Tyrants merciless,
Lord break in sunder quite:
Search out his secret wickedness,
Till all be come to light.
verse 16 God reigneth an eternall King,
By whose revenging hand,
Uncircumci­sed in heart rooted out.
The heathen people perishing
Are banished the land.
verse 17 Lord the desire of humble men
Hath pierc't thine easie ear:
[Page 18] An heart thou wilt prepare us then
And cause thine Eare to hear.
Zach. 12. 10.
verse 18 To judge the poor and fatherlesse,
That are opprest so sore,
That earthly men may not oppresse
Nor vex them any more.
A sory lump of earth.


French. 1. Tune.

The Saints impregnable safety so long as God is in heaven; his different dealing with the good and bad.

IN God I put my Confidence,
Yee O my friends.
Why do yee utter such a word?
Why say you to my soul, fly hence
Unto your mountain, as a bird?
verse 2 For lo, the wicked bend their bowes,
Their arrows on their strings prepare,
In secret for to shoot at those
That upright-hearted persons are.
verse 3 If the foundations be destroy'd,
If outward props faile.
What can the Righteous do? they say;
verse 4 Heavens holy temple stands not void,
For God is present there for ay.
The Lord within the heavens high,
Hath stablished his royall throne:
His Eyes behold,
Behold nar­rowly.
his Eye-lids try
The sonnes of mortall men each one.
verse 5 The Lord the righteous throughly tries,
But he the wicked greatly hates,
And him that loveth cruelties
His righteous soul abominates.
[Page 19] verse 6 Brimstone and fire,
Which they cannot evade.
and tangling snares
Upon the wicked raine shall he;
An horrible tempest he prepares
The portion of their cup to be.
verse 7 For God that is a righteous one,
Doth righteousnesse as much affect:
The upright man he looks upon
With very singular respect.


To new tune.

The great corruption of the wicked world; their prophane and presumptuous speeches; The preservation of the Church.

O Lord put to thy helping hand,
For now the godly cease:
The faithfull people of the land
Exceedingly decrease.
verse 2 Men generally
Speak vanitie
Unto their friends apart:
Their conference slips
From flattering lips,
And from a double heart.
verse 3 The lips that utter flatterings
The Lord will cut away:
And tongues that speak presumptuous things;
verse 4 For thus they boast and say;
We shall not fail
But to prevail
With tongue and lips most free,
With our bold words.
They are in our
Peculiar power,
For who are Lords but wee?
[Page 20] verse 5 Now for th' oppression of the poor,
And sighs of needy souls,
I'l rise, saith God, and him secure
From scornfull foes controuls.
verse 6 And we are sure
Gods words are pure,
Promises infallible.
As silver from the mines,
In furnace tri'd,
And purifi'd
No less then seven times.
verse 7 Thy people Lord shall be assur'd,
Preferved by thy grace;
They shall for ever be secur'd
From this ungodly race.
verse 8 But all the while
The base and vile
Are set in place of pow'r:
On all sides then
Do wicked men
Seek whom they may devour.


To London short tune.

He complains of desertion and distresse; prays for seasonable reliefe and release; appre­bendeth confidence and comfort.

HOw long, ô Lord, of thee
Forgotten shall I bee?
How long a space
Wilt hide thy face
For evermore from me?
verse 2 How long in heart condole,
Take counsell in my soul,
[Page 21] With daily care:
O how long bear
Exalted foes controul?
verse 3 Consider, hear my cryes,
Cleer, Lord my God, mine eyes,
Lest I pe­rish.
Lest sleep of death
My last-drawn breath
Perpetually surprize.
verse 4 And lest mine enemy say,
Lo, I have got the day,
And glad they be
That trouble me,
When put beside my stay.
verse 5 But I thy mercy made
The rock whereon I staid,
My heart in me
Shall joyfull be
In thy salvations aid.
verse 6 Unto the Lord will I
Sing praises cheerfully,
Because I felt
How he hath dealt
With me most bounteously.


London long tune.

The corruption of mankinde; hatred of the godly; deliverance pray'd for and expected in all distressed times.

THere is no God the fool hath thought,
Corrupt is all the brood:
Abominations have they wrought,
And none of them doth good.
[Page 22] verse 2 The sonnes of men the Lord did view
From Heaven, to discern
If there were any one that knew,
Or sought Gods will to learn.
verse 3 But they are all corrupt and nought;
They all aside are gone:
Not one that any good hath wrought,
No verily not one.
verse 4 Are workers of iniquitie
So brutishly mis-led;
To eat my people greedily,
With de­light and without scruple.
Devouring them like bread?
Upon the Lord they do not call:
verse 5 There were they in great fear;
For God will surely be with all
The righteous every where.
Psal. 53. 5.
verse 6 Ye sham'd the counsell of the poor,
Despised his weapons of faith and prayer.
Whose faith on God was stay'd:
verse 7 But oh that Israel might procure
From Sion saving ayd.
When God his peoples bondage turns,
That freedom once is had,
Then Jacob shall rejoyce, that mourns,
And Israel shall be glad.


1. Strain tune.

The description of a true Isralite.

LOrd who shall have a dwelling place,
In Tabernacles of thy grace?
Thy holy hill who shall possess?
verse 2 Sure he that worketh righteousness.
[Page 23] That walks upright, and speaks the truth;
Word and deed.
And this even from his heart he doth.
verse 3 He that backbites not with his tongue,
Nor doth his neighbour any wrong▪
Nor taketh up (tho others broach)
Against his Neighbour a reproach.
By his good will.
verse 4 Vile men are in his eyes abhor'd;
But honoured they that fear the Lord.
That changeth not what once he swears,
Hates perfi­diousnesse.
Tho he the loss and dammage bears.
verse 5 That puts not out his coin, whereby
To gain by biting usury.
Nor takes reward to circumvent,
Covetousnes and all in­justice.
Or prejudice the innocent,
He that doth these things is approv'd,
And never shall that man be mov'd.


Oxford tune.

David professeth and praiseth his interest in God,A Type of Christ in all. and charity to the Church; he dis­claimeth merit and idolatry.

LOrd save me, for I trust in thee,
verse 2 Sincerely from my heart;
I have acknowledg'd thee to bee
My Lord, and so thou art.
My goodness unto thee, I know,
Can never have extent;
verse 3 But to the Saints that live below,
The truly excellent.
In whom my sole delight is plac't,
verse 4 But questionles all those
[Page 24] That after other Gods make haste,
Shall multiply their woes.
The bloud of their drink-offering,
Gentiles offered hu­mane bloud to Idols.
I'l not present the same:
Nor move my lips in mentioning
Of their detested name.
verse 5 The Lord is mine inheritance,
And portion of my cup:
Of mine allotted maintenance
Thou art the holder up.
verse 6 To me successfully the lines
In pleasant places fell:
Measured with lines.
The heritage which God assignes
To me, doth much excell.

2. Part.


He praiseth God for his Spirit and provi­dence; professeth his hope of resurrection and life everlasting.

verse 7 I Bless the Lord,
Prophecying of Christs resurrection.
by whose good means
I was advis'd aright;
Yea, by his counsell have my reins
Instructed me by night.
verse 8 I set,
As my Pro­tector.
and still conceiv'd to stand
The Lord before my face:
Because he is at my right hand
Shall nothing me displace.
verse 9 With joyes and consolations fresh,
This therefore fils my brest:
Glad is my glory, and my flesh
In certain hope shall rest.
verse 10 My soul in hell thou wilt not leave,
My person. Act. 2. 31.
Nor ever wilt permit
[Page 25] Thy Saints dead body to receive
corruption in the pit.
verse 11 The path of life thou shew'st to mee,
And joyes abundant store
At thy right hand there are with thee,
And pleasures evermore.


York Tune.

He prays for audience, professing his sincerity.

LOrd hear the right, attend my cry,
Unto my prayer give heed;
That doth not, in hypocrisie,
From fained lips proceed.
verse 2 My sentence let come forth from thee,
And let thine eyes be mov'd,
Things equall to behold and see:
For thou my heart hast prov'd.
By night thou tri'st me,
Of affliction
but shalt find
In me no wickedness:
For I am purpos'd in my mind
My mouth shall not transgress.
verse 4 Concerning works of men profane,
By murmur­ing.
Thy lips did guide me so,
Thy coun­sels.
That from the paths I do refrain
Wherein destroyers go.
verse 5 Uphold my goings, Lord my guide,
In those thy paths divine,
So that my foot-steps may not slide
Out of those paths of thine.
verse 6 For I have duly call'd on thee,
Sure thou ô God wilt hear:
Lord hear my words, incline to mee,
And lend a gracious ear.
[Page 26] verse 7 Thy wonderfull kind love disclose,
Oh thou whose strong right arm
Saves all that trust in thee from those
That rise to do them harm.

2. Part.


He prays to be delivered from the wicked, the scourge of the godly, their temporall prosperitie, and eternall destruction.

verse 8 Preserve me Lord from hurtfull things,
As th' apple of thine eie:
Oh hide me underneath thy wings,
verse 9 From lewd mens tyrannie.
From deadly foes that have intrapt
My soul on every side:
verse 10 In their own fat they are inwrapt,
Their mouths are fraught with pride.
verse 11 They have encompassed us round
In our own foot-steps now:
We may al­wayes say now.
And down unto the very ground
They bend their lowring brow.
verse 12 Like th'eager Lyon that doth long
To take his prey in chace:
And as it were a Lyon young
That lurks in secret place.
verse 13 Lord rise and disappoint him then,
And cast him to the ground:
Defend my soul from wicked men,
Which are thy sword to wound.
verse 14 From men, ô Lord, which are thy hand,
From worldlings fill'd and cramm'd
With temp'rall blessings at command,
And afterward are damm'd.
[Page 27] Thy treasures hid their bellies fill,
With store of children blest:
They spend their substance at their will,
And leave their babes the rest.
verse 15 But I in righteousness abide,
A glimpse thereof now.
Beholding of thy face:
Waking frō affliction, and in the resurrection.
And waking shall be satisfi'd
With th'image of thy grace.


To London long tune.

David delivered from Saul, &c. gives thanks, and sweetens these thoughts with forepast dangers.

O Lord my strength, I will love thee,
verse 2 The Lord's my rock and fort,
And my DELIVERER is he,
My God, and my support:
My strength and station most secure,
In whom my trust shall be:
The horn of my salvation sure,
And my high tower is he.
verse 3 Upon the Lords Name I will call,
Who is most worthy praise:
So shall I scape mine enemies all,
With safety all my daies.
verse 4 Sorrows of death did me inclose,
Wherewith I was dismaid,
The flouds of wicked men arose,
And made me much afraid.
verse 5 Sorrows of hell then did I see
Set round on every [...]ide:
The snares of death prevented me,
[Page 28] verse 6 Then to my God I cri'd.
I call'd upon the Lord most high,
In my distress and fear:
He from his Temple heard my cry,
My words came to his ear.

2. Part.


David describeth Gods wrathfull judge­ments under the similitude of those prodi­gious tempests, which he sometimes really executed on his adversaries.

verse 7 THe earth did tremble then and shake,
A trembling on it seis'd:
The mightie hils did also quake,
Because thou wast displeas'd.
verse 8 Out of his nostrils went a smoke,
God descri­bed as a war­riour.
And from his mouth there came
Devouring fire, which did provoke
Sulphurous coals to flame.
verse 9 Th'almighty Lord the heavens bow'd,
And downward did descend:
Yet invisi­ble.
Beneath his feet a sable cloud
Of darkness did extend.
verse 10 A Cherub Chariot did him bear,
Whose plumes he made his sail:
The winds his winged coursers were,
And darkness was his vail.
verse 11 Dark his pavilion,
Vapour and Clouds.
dark the skie,
Dark waters duskie clouds
Compose a very Canopie,
Wherein himself he shrowds▪
verse 12 And at the brightness which did flame
Before him in his ire,
[Page 29] His thick clouds past, and with the same
Hail-stones and coals of fire.
verse 13 The Lord in heaven thundred lowd,
His voice the Lord most high
In hail-stones gave, and in a cloud
Of fire, powr'd from the skie.
verse 14 He sent out arrows from the skie,
And scattered them by those:
He shot out lightnings dreadfully,
Discomfiting his foes.
verse 15 Then were the water-chanels seen,
And worlds foundations vast,
Disclos'd at thy rebuke so keen,
Even at thy nostrils blast.

3. Part.


Gods great goodness to his people, planting grace in them, and then rewarding it.

verse 16 GOd sent from heaven & took me our,
And drew me from the deep:
Of affliction
verse 17 From hatefull foes both strong & stout
He did me safely keep.
verse 18 My stronger foes prevented me,
In that so dang'rous day,
That threatned my calamitie,
But God was then my stay.
verse 19 Into a place secure and free
My soul he quickly brought:
Because he took delight in me,
He my deliverance wrought.
verse 20 According to mine innocence,
Was my reward made sure:
The Lord did give in recompence,
[Page 30] Because my hands were pure.
verse 21 For in the waies of God have I
Continually trod:
And have not ever wickedly
Departed from my God.
verse 22 His judgements all before me were,
His statutes unremov'd:
verse 23 Before him was my heart sincere,
Wherein no guile was prov'd.
From staines of mine iniquitie
I kept my Conscience free.
verse 24 Therefore the Lord abundantly
Hath recompenced me.
According to th' integritie,
And cleanness of my hands:
Which he, beholding with his eye,
Exactly understands.

4. Part.


Gods different dealing with good and bad.Seen in Da­vids exam­ple. The military vertue of the Saints.

verse 25 THe mercifull thou wilt requite,
With mercy, in their kind,
And they that are themselves upright,
The like in thee shall find.
verse 26 Unto the pure thy puritie,
Thou wilt O Lord declare:
And thou wilt deal as frowardly
With those that froward are.
verse 27 For, Lord, thou wilt those people save,
whom sharp afflictions tri'd:
And wilt bring down all those that have
The loftie looks of pride.
[Page 31] verse 28 My candle thou shalt surely light,
This darksome night of mine,
The Lord my God will make as bright
As lightsome day to shine.
verse 29 I ran through armed troops by thee,
And safely scap'd them all:
And by my God (assisting me)
Have I leapt o'r a wall.
Scal'd the walk of a Citie and taken it.
verse 30 As for the LORD his word is tri'd,
His way is perfect pure:
To all that have on him reli'd,
He is buckler sure.
verse 31 For who, except the LORD alone,
A God esteem'd may be:
And who a mighty rock but one,
And our JEHOVAH he?
verse 32 It is the LORD which girds & binds
My soul with power so great:
verse 33 He makes my feet like feet of Hinds,
My enter­prize to be atchieved. Castles and Forts.
And makes my way compleat.
He sets me on the places high,
By conquest mine they are:
verse 34 He taught my hands the facultie
Of exercising warre.
So that a bow compleatly steel'd
Is broken by mine arms:
verse 35 Thou gav'st me thy salvations shield,
Thy right hand holds from harms.
Thy gentleness did me advance,
verse 36 My stepping-place made wide:
That by no danger of mischance
My foot should slip aside.

5. Part.


David triumphs in his Victories,A president of ours, a type of Christs for us. and pro­phecies of the accesse of the Gentiles to the Church.

verse 37 I Have pursu'd my foes that fled,
And also overta'n:
And, till they were extinguished,
I did not turn again.
verse 38 They had not strength enough to rise,
I wounded them so sore;
Beneath my feet, mine enemies
Are fall'n in bloudy gore.
verse 39 Thou girdedst me with fortitude
To battell with my foes:
And under me hast them subdu'd
That up against me rose.
verse 40 Mine en'mies necks into my hand
Were given me by thee:
That I might root out of the land
All them that hated mee.
verse 41 Lowd shrieks and cryes they multipli'd,
But there was none to save:
Yea, even to the LORD they cri'd,
But he no answer gave.
verse 42 As small as dust that's blown about
When boist'rous winds do meet:
I beat my foes, and cast them out
As dirt into the street.
verse 43 Thou hast me Lord delivered
From all seditious hands:
And thou hast made me to be head
Of all the heathen lands.
[Page 33] A people shall my servants be
Whose face I never saw:
verse 44 As soon as they do hear of me
They shall obey my law.
verse 45 The strangers shall be all dismaid,
Heb. Lie fainedly, as hypocrites for fear.
The strangers shall submit,
And fade away, and be afraid
Where they in secret sit.
Exo. 15. 14

6. Part.


God is glorified for the victories of Christ, and the Church the true seed of David.

verse 46 O Blessed be my rock of power,
That ever doth abide:
And let the Lord my Saviour
Be highly magnifi'd.
verse 47'Tis God that hath avenged me,
My people he subjects:
And my Deliverer is he
That me from foes protects.
verse 48 Above them hast thou rais'd my head
That did my hurt conspire:
And me from him delivered
VVhom fury set on fire.
verse 49 Among the heathen for this thing,
Thy praises I'l proclame:
And cheerfull songs of triumph sing
To thy victorious Name.
verse 50 Full great deliv'rance he doth bring,
And mercy keeps in store,
For David his anointed King,
After the Spirit.
And HIS seed evermore.


To Davids tune.

1. Part.


The creatures shew Gods glory; the Scrip­tures his grace and saving knowledge.

THe heavens give to understand
The glory of the Lord:
The operations of his hand
The firmaments record.
verse 2 Night unto night hath knowledg show'n,
The moti­ons of the spheres day and night, teach the Creator to all Nations. Their course & compasse. Specially the Sphere of the Sun.
And day with day confer'd:
verse 3 And speech or language there is none
Where their voice is not heard.
verse 4 Their line doth close and comprehend
The vast earth round about:
Unto the worlds remotest end
Their words are passed out.
The Lord a TABERNACLE there
Did for the Sun compose:
verse 5 Which as a Bridegroom doth appear,
That from his chamber goes,
Rejoycing for to run a race
Like to a champion stout:
verse 6 At heavens farthest distant place
Begins his going out.
And he to heavens utmost end
His circuit makes compleat:
And there is nothing can defend
Or hide it from his heart.
With Gods blessing. 2 Cor. 10. 4.
verse 7 The law of God is perfect pure,
The soul it purifies:
His testimonies are most sure
And make the simple wise.

PSAL. XIX. 2. Part.


The names and properties of the Scriptures; the benefit of obeying them, which makes the godly sue for grace.

verse 8 THe statues of the Lord are right,
And consolate the mind:
His precepts pure, affording light
To eyes by nature blind.
verse 9 Gods fear is clean from all defects,
The rule that guides us in Gods fear.
And alwayes doth endure:
His Judgements just in all respects,
And truth it self no truer.
verse 10 Far more then many treasur'd summes
Of gold to be embrac't:
Far sweeter then the hony-combes,
Or hony to the taste.
verse 11 They are thy servants monitors
How he his life should frame:
A great reward's provided for's
If we observe the same.
verse 12 But who can all his errours see?
O cleanse my heart within
verse 13 From secret faults,
Heb. Prouds, head-strong temptations▪
ô keep thou mee
From all presumptuous sin..
O let it have no Regiment
In me at any time:
And then shall I be innocent,
And cleer from greatest crime.
verse 14 The meditations of my heart,
As apostasie, desperation, & such like.
And every word I say
Take in good part, ô Lord that art
My Saviour, strength and stay▪


To choice tune.

David going forth to battell, offers sacrifice;A type of Christ, and pattern for us. the Church prays confidently for accepta­tion and success.

LORD hear thee in this troublous day,
The name of Jacobs God defend;
verse 2 From Sion be thy strength and stay,
From hea­ven typed by Sion.
Help from the Sanctuary send.
verse 3 Thine offrings all in mind be kept,
He thy burnt Sacrifice accept:
verse 4 Thy hearts desire he grant thee still,
And all thy counsels LORD fulfill.
verse 5 We will rejoyce in thy defence,
And spread our banners in the name
Of thee our God and confidence,
LORD hear thy prayers, and grant the same.
verse 6 Now know I God will save from harm,
Now having prayed.
With saving strength of his right arm,
And heareth his anointed one,
From heav'n his high and holy throne.
verse 7 Some hope in Charets help to find,
And some in horses hope the same,
But wee will ever bear in mind,
The Lord our Gods all-helpfull name.
verse 8 They are brought down & fallen quite,
But we are ris'n and stand upright:
Are victori­ous.
verse 9 Save LORD, let the King give ear
Now when we pray, our prayers to hear.


To Dutch tune.

David gives thanks for victory,A type of the blessings of the Gospel▪ and the rich blessings of God.

[Page 37] O LORD, in thy salvation
The King shall much delight
With joy and exultation
In thy great strength and might.
verse 2 For what his heart desir'd to have
Thou granted'st every thing:
And what his lips of thee did crave
Was not deni'd the King.
verse 3 With thy good blessings powred down,
Thou hast him richly sped:
And thou hast set a royall crown
Of pure gold on his head.
verse 4 He ask't thee life, and thou did'st give
To him that blessing prime:
Even length of dayes,
He in his person, Christ of his loins, we of his faith live for ever▪
that he might live
An everlasting time.
verse 5 He glorieth most exceedingly
In thy salvations aid:
For honour and great majestie
Thou hast upon him laid.
verse 6 Of blessings ever-flowing streams
Thou did'st to him impart:
And with thy countenances beams
Rejoyc'd his joyfull heart.
verse 7 For LORD the King unfainedly,
Doth put his trust in thee:
And through thy mercie, ô most High,
Remov'd he shall not be▪

2. Part.


The consuming wrath of Christ against all im­placable adversaries.

verse 8 THy right-hand shall thy foes disclose,
Thy omni­potent power.
Thy hand thy haters all:
[Page 38] verse 9 And fiery ovens shall burn thy foes,
What time thy wrath shall fall.
The Lord shall swallow them in fume,
Fire shall devour them then.
verse 10 Their fruit shalt thou from earth con­sume,
Their seeds from sons of men.
verse 11 For they against thee did intend
A most mischievous thing:
The utter extirpati­on of thy Church.
But cannot bring to passe the end
Of their imagining.
verse 12 Lord, thou shalt make them for these things,
To turn their backs apace,
Charging thine arrows on thy strings,
Against their stubborn face.
verse 13 In thy peculiar strength, O Lord,
Thy matchless glory raise:
So shall due cheerfull songs record
Thy powers deferved praise.


To Oxford tune.

1. Part.


David complains of desertion and disdain­fulness of his enemies, remembers (to his comfort) Gods ancient dealing with the Saints.

MY God, my God, wherefore hast thon
Forsook me? O wherefore!
Why art so far from helping now,
When I do cry and rore?
verse 2 My God, I cry even all day long,
Yet hear'st thou not my moan:
All night I cannot hold my tongue,
verse 3 But thou 'rt an only one.
[Page 39] Thou that inhabit'st Israels praise!
The place thine in type, and the service thine own for ever.
verse 4 Our fathers hop'd in thee,
In thee they trusted all their dayes,
And thou did'st set them free.
verse 5 They cry'd to thee, and by the same,
A blest deliverance got:
And, trusting in thy holy Name,
Confounded were they not.
verse 6 But I'm not reckned for a man,
Meditate of Christs hu­miliation.
A despicable worm:
A meer reproach of men I am,
Whom all the people spurn.
verse 7 All they that see me laugh, O God,
Shoot out the lip do they:
And shake their heads with scornfull nod,
And thus they speak, and say:
verse 8 He trusted that the Lord would be
A Saviour for his sake;
Let him deliver him since he
In him delight did take.

2. Part.


Gods originall providence to his Saints; aRepresen­ting Christs sufferings. complaint of savage adversaries and ex­treme afflictions.

verse 9 EVen from the womb which me possest,
O Lord, thou took'st me thence:
When I was on my mothers brest,
Thou wast my confidence.
verse 10 I from the naked womb was cast
Upon thy care alone:
Thou from my mothers belly wast,
The God my soul doth own.
[Page 40] verse 11 Be not far from me, trouble's neer,
And none to help me out:
verse 12 So many bulls have every where
Incompass'd me about.
Strong Bashan bulls encompassing
Prevent me all escape;
verse 13 Their wide mouths like a ravening
And roaring Lion gape.
verse 14 Like water I am shed and sunk,
Spirits la [...]guishing.
My bones dis-joynted all:
My heart, within my bowels shrunk,
Like molten wax doth fall.
verse 15 My strength is, like a potsheard, dri'd,
My tongue cleaves to my jawes:
Seeming as helpless and hopeless as the dead.
In dust of death to be and bide,
Thou dost thy servant cause.
verse 16 For dogs have me invironed,
Assembled wicked bands
Have me inclos'd and compassed;
Meditate of Christs pas­sion.
They pierce my feet and hands.
verse 17 Yea, I may reckon every bone,
On me they gaze and stare:
verse 18 Upon my vesture lots are thrown,
Luke 23. 39.
And they my garments share.
verse 19 But Lord my strength make haste to help,
And be not far from me:
verse 20 My darling soul from cruell whelp
And bloody sword set free.
verse 21 Lest I by Lions mouths be torn,
Savage ad­versaries. Experience.
Save and deliver me:
For from the horns of Unicorns
Thou heard'st me pray to thee.

3. Part.


The relief of the afflicted, the dainties of the Gospel, conversion of the Gentiles, and successions of the Church.

verse 22 O Lord,
I David, as a type of Christ, Heb. 2. 11.
I will declare thy Name
Among my brethren dear,
And I will spread thy praise and fame
In congregations here.
verse 23 O yee his Saints that fear the Lord,
Praise him in word and deed:
Glorifie him with one accord,
O all yee Jacobs seed.
Yee seed of Israel do no less,
But always fear the Lord:
verse 24 Because th'afflicted souls distress
He never hath abhorr'd.
He did not such a soul despise,
Nor unaffected hide
From him his favourable eies,
But heard him when he cry'd.
verse 25 In great resort I'l spread thy fame,
And pay my vowes I will
Before them all that fear thy Name.
verse 26 The meek shall eat their fill:
Feed on the sweet pro­mises.
They shall, that seek him, praise the Lord,
Your hearts shall live for ay.
verse 27 The worlds vast ends shall all record,
Remember the truths of the Gospel.
And turn to God shall they:
All kindred nations shall to thee
In humble worship fall:
verse 28 The kingdoms gods, and he shall bee
Supreme of nations all.
[Page 42] verse 29 All sat ones on the earth shall eat,
Rich & poor seek & sub­mit to Christ
And worship him they must:
And they must bow before his seat
That stoop, and lick the dust.
His own soul none can keep alive.
Procure or prevent his own salva­tion.
verse 30 A seed shall serve the Lord,
A Generation shall survive
Which we for his record.
verse 31 They shall come forth,
One gen [...] ­ration o [...] [...] ­lievers to another.
and there de­clare
His righteousnesse to those
That born in after ages are,
That God did thus dispose.


To the 2. French tune.

The sure supply of the Saints.

THe Lord's my Shepherd to provide,
No wofull want shall I abide:
Spirituall pastures.
verse 2 In pastures best
He makes me rest,
He leads me by still waters side.
verse 3 Restores my soul, as guide thereto,
From sinne and error.
For his names sake, in paths most true:
verse 4 Though I invade
Deaths horrid shade,
Saddest af­flictions.
That darksome valley walking through,
Yet I will fear no kind of ill:
For thou art ever present still
VVith me,
Thy power, providence and spirit.
O God,
They staffe, thy rod,
My heart with heav'nly comforts fill.
verse 5 My table thou hast furnish't so,
Corporall blessings.
Even in the presence of my foe,
[Page 43] Thine ointment spread
Upon my head:
Making my cup to overflow.
Yea, all my lifes continued space,
verse 6 Surely thy goodness and thy grace
Shall follow me:
The Church on earth & in heaven.
Thy house shall be
My ever constant dwelling place.


Dutch Bass tune.

He exhorts to receive Christ the King of the world: describes the Citizens of his spi­rituall Kingdome.

THe earth's the Lords with all her goods,
Made one globe of earth and water, bu [...] quere, if wa­ter be not the center and basis. 2 Pet. 3. 5. Sion hill a type of hea­ven.
And all the worlds contain:
verse 2 He [...]tablish'd it upon the floods,
And fixt it on the main.
verse 3 VVho in Gods holy place may stand?
His hill ascend unto?
verse 4 The pure in heart and clean in hand,
VVhose oaths are just and true.
VVho suffers not his soul to cleave
To Idols most abhorr'd:
verse 5 He shall undoubtedly receive
The blessing from the Lord.
From God his Saviour he shall speed
VVith gifts of saving grace:
verse 6 O Jacob, this thy seekers seed,
Ev'n theirs that seek thy face.
verse 7 Yee everlasting doors stand ope,
Yee gates lift up the head:
Doors of your hearts in all gene­rations.
And give the King of glory scope
[Page 44] Within your courts to tread:
verse 8 Who is this glory-crowned King?
His royall name record;
In battell always conquering,
The Strong and mighty Lord.
verse 9 Yee everlasting doors stand ope,
Yee gates lift up your head:
And give the King of glory scope
Within your courts to tread.
verse 10 Who may this Kingly person be,
And all the glory his?
The Lord of hosts, and none but he,
The King of glory is.


To Sweet tune.

David sueth for Gods protection, and par­don of his sins, specially those of his youth.

Raise my af­ [...]ections.
I lift up my soul to thee,
verse 2 In thee my God, I trust repose:
O Let not me
Ashamed be,
Nor over-topt by envious foes.
verse 3 Put none to shame whom goodness draws
To wait upon thy holy name:
Who break thy lawes
Without a cause,
Persecute without pro­vocation.
Let them be rather put to shame.
verse 4 Shew me thy paths, teach me thy way,
verse 5 Lead, in thy truth, and teach my heart.
On thee all day
I wait and stay,
For thou my God and Saviour art.
[Page 45] verse 6 Thy tender loving kindnesses,
And thy sweet mercies manifold,
O Lord now please
To think on these,
For they have ever been of old.
verse 7 My great transgressions what they be,
Nor yet my sins of youth record:
In mercy free
Remember mee,
Even for thy goodness sake O Lord.
verse 8 The Lord's a good and upright one,
To them therefore that go aside,
Will he, alone,
His ways make known,
verse 9 The meeke will he in judgement guide.
He to the meek will teach his way,
verse 10 Lo, all his paths are truth and grace:
To such are they
As do obey
His covenant, and his laws imbrace.
verse 11 Lord, I beseech thee earnestly,
For thy names sake I thee intreat
To pardon my
For it is most exceeding great.

2. Part.


He prayes for help in affliction, and the like for the Church.

verse 12 WHat man is he whom God indues
With grace and care the Lord to please,
To him God shews
To do all for the best. In quiet & con­tentation.
What way to choose
[Page 46] verse 13 His soule shall also dwell at ease.
His seed shall have inheritance here,
verse 14 His secret will the Lord disclose
To them most clear,
That do him fear:
And he to them his covenant shows.
verse 15 Mine eyes on God are ever set,
In hope and prayer.
By whose great help I make no doubt
My feet to get
Out of the net,
Net of af­flictio [...]
For he shall surely pluck them out.
verse 16 Turn thee to me compassionate,
Affliction hath me over-charg'd,
Behold, my state
Is desolate,
verse 17 And troubles of my heart inlarg'd.
O bring me out of my distress,
verse 18 Behold th' affliction I am in,
What painfulness
Doth me oppress,
And Lord forgive me all my sin.
verse 19 Consider my malicious foes,
For very many such there be,
Rank hatred shows
It self in those,
And cruelly they hated me.
verse 20 O keep my soul from them that plot,
And unto me deliverance send:
O let me not
Be sham'd a jot,
For on thy name do I depend.
verse 21 Let innocence and uprightness
Preserve me, for I trust in thee;
Lord grant redress
[Page 47] Of all distress,
verse 22 That Israel so redeem'd may be.


To the 2. French tune.

Davids integrity, and love to the ordinances: he avoydeth the ungodly way, and unhap­py end of the wicked.

MY righteous judgement, Lord decide,
For I in innocence abide,
Still walking just,
In God I trust,
And therefore sure I shall not slide.
verse 2 My heart examine, prove, and try,
My secret reins, O Lord descry:
verse 3 Thy kind love lies
Before mine eyes,
And walked in thy truth have I.
verse 4 I have not with vain persons sate,
For hypocrites I am no mate:
verse 5 The multitude
Of sinners leud
I verily detest and hate.
I do not sit with wicked bands,
verse 6 In innocence I wash my hands:
Not wor­shipping thee with a wicked heart as they do.
So I no doubt,
VVill press about
The place, whereon thine Altar stands.
verse 7 VVith thankfull voyce there to declare,
And publish all thy wonders rare:
Such love did I
Unto thy habitation bear.
[Page 48] verse 8 O Lord, I love that dwelling place,
The house of thy frequented grace.
verse 9 My soul joyn not
With sinners lot,
Nor yet my life with bloody race.
verse 10 Within whose hand is villany,
Their right hand full of bribery.
verse 11 But, as for me,
I'll constant be,
Walking in my integrity.
Redeem me, grant me, Lord, thy grace,
verse 12 My foot is in an even place,
My affection and conver­sation is up­right.
I will record,
Thy praise, O Lord,
Before the congregations face.


To Martyrs tune.

1. part.


Davids care to serve God is his crown and comfort against all adversaries and af­flictions.

THe Lord's my saving health, and light,
Why should I be dismaid?
He of my life's the strength and might,
Why should I be afraid?
verse 2 When as mine enemies and my foes,
Most wicked persons all,
To eat my flesh, against me rose,
They, stumbling, down did fall.
verse 3 Tho hosts against me pitch their tents
Should fear my heart surprise?
No, I will be thus confident
Tho wars against me rise.
[Page 49] verse 4 One thing of GOD I have desir'd,
Which I will seek for still:
That I, till life be quite expir'd,
May dwell in Sions hill.
That there, within his house, I may
The Lords faire beauty view:
Enquiring for the blessed way,
VVithin his Temple true.
verse 5 In tabernacles of his grace,
He shall securely lock,
And hide me in their secret place,
And set me on a rock.
In his pavilion shall he me
In troublous times inclose:
His temple's a protection.
verse 6 And now my head shall lift up be,
Now that God hath put an end to my temp­tations un­der Saul, &c.
Above my neighbouring foes.
I therefore to his tents professe
My offrings for to bring:
A sacrifice of joyfulnesse
VVill I present and sing.
Yea, to the LORD sing praise will I,
verse 7 Lord hear me, when to thee
VVith earnest voice I call and cry,
Have mercy answering me.

2. Part.


The sweet ecchoes of a gracious heart; the providence of God to the Saints in want of worldly friends.

verse 8 WHen as thou said'st, seek ye my face,
My heart said unto thee,
I'l seek thy face, Lord grant thy grace,
verse 9 And hide thee not from me.
[Page 50] In anger cast me not away,
Nor leave thy servant quite,
Forsake me not, thou wast my stay,
O God my saving might.
verse 10 When parents leave, will God provide:
verse 11 To me thy wayes disclose,
And in a plain path be my guide,
Because of all my foes.
verse 12 Deliver not to enemies
To have their will on me:
False witnesses against me rise,
That breath out cruelty.
verse 13 And surely I had fainted then,
But that I hop'd to see,
Here in the land of living men,
GODS goodness shew'd to me.
verse 14 Wait on the LORDS assistant Name,
Thy heart with courage stay;
And he shall fortifie the same,
Wait on the LORD, I say.


To York tune.

He prayeth for the Church, and curseth the wicked hypocrites and atheists.

O LORD my rock,
The Sanctū Sanctorum, where Ora­cles were delivered.
I cry to thee,
To me ô be not dumbe:
Lest if to me thou silent be,
I like dead men become.
verse 2 My supplications audible
A type of heaven, and the Church of God.
when I call to thee:
When tow'rd thy holy Oracle
My hands up-lifted be.
[Page 51] verse 3 With wicked doers devoid of grace,
O draw me not away:
Draw me not to their sin, nor drag me to their judgement.
Which speak their neighbours fair to face,
But secretly betray.
verse 4 Repay their deeds, and handy-works,
Indeavours, and desarts:
With all their wickedness that lurks
In their malicious hearts.
verse 5 Since they Gods works did not regard,
H [...]ed not his providence, nor means of grace. Unrecove­rable.
Nor what his hands fulfill'd,
Destruction sure is their reward,
God shall them never build.
verse 6 Blessed be God, because he heard
My supplications voice:
My hearts repose, and help conferr'd
Which make it much rejoyce.
verse 7 The LORD'S my strength, my shield, my tow'r,
I'l sing his praise alone:
verse 8 The LORD'S their strength,
Of all the faithfull as well as mine
& Saviour
Of his anointed one.
verse 9 Thine heritage LORD bless and keep,
So that it perish never,
Nor onely keep, but feed thy sheep,
And lift them up for ever.


To Davids tune.

Potentates exhorted to praise the supream King,For exam­ple of o­thers, &c. for the wonders of nature; and the people of God, for their perpetuall pro­tection.

YE mighty to the LORD give you
Deserved strength and fame▪
[Page 52] verse 2 O give the LORD the glory due
To his most facred Name.
In beauteous place of holiness,
VVorship the Lord most high;
verse 3 VVho doth his pow'rfull voice express
In waters of the skie.
Thunder in the Clouds.
Lord God of glory's thunders fly
From elements watry tow'r:
verse 4 Gods voice is full of Majesty,
Thunde. 5.
Gods voice is full of pow'r.
verse 5 God thundring voice let fall thereon,
Breaks down the Cedars tall:
The Lord in thee, ô Lebanon,
Makes Cedar trees to fall.
verse 6 He makes them skip as young calves do,
(VVith tottering earth-quakes torn)
Mount Lebanon, and Syrion too,
Like youngling Unicorn.
verse 7 Gods voice doth flames of fire divide,
Flashes of lightning.
verse 8 The Lord's voice deserts shakes:
Yea Kedesh desert, terrifi'd
VVith his dread thunder, quakes.
verse 9 God's voice doth through the forests pierce,
And hindes to calve compells:
To cast calf.
And all his house his praise reherse,
Each tongue his glory tells.
verse 10 The Lord upon the floods sits King,
Ruling the Seas and tempests. Metaph. tyrants.
His kingdome shall not cease:
verse 11 The Lord will strength to Israel bring,
And blesse his Church with peace.


Dutch tune.

David magnifies Gods everlasting mercies, by his happy recoveries from momentany miseries.

[Page 53] LOrd I'l extoll thee with my voice,
For I'm advanc'd by thee:
Thou hast not made my foes rejoice,
Nor triumph over mee.
verse 2 To thee my God complain'd I have,
Thou Lord hast made me whole:
verse 3 And from the all-devouring grave,
Grave of de­struction.
Brought back my gasping [...]oul.
That I to pit should not go down,
Thou sav'dst my life, O Lord:
verse 4 Sing, ô ye Saints, the Lords renown,
Which is such an ar­gument of his faithful­ness and goodness.
His holiness record.
verse 5 His anger in a moment's past,
Life from his favour springs:
Tho weeping for a night may last,
The morning comfort brings.
verse 6 In my prosperitie I said,
I shall not moved be:
verse 7 So strongly was my mountain laid,
My king­dome.
And favour'd so by thee.
Thou didst thy face obscure and hide,
And trouble did invade:
verse 8 Then LORD to thee, to thee I cri'd,
And supplication made.
verse 9 What profit is there in my bloud,
VVhen I to pit go down?
Shall from the dust thy praises bud,
Shall dust thy truth renown?
verse 10 LORD I beseech thee hear me now
In that which I have pray'd:
Have mercy on me, and be thou
[Page 54] My all-sufficient ayd.
verse 11 To joyfull dancing thou hast turn'd
My sorrows dolefull noise:
My sackcloth loos'd, wherein I mourn'd,
And girt me round with joys.
verse 12 To th' end my tongue may sing thy praise,
And never silent be:
O Lord my God, through all my dayes
Will I give thanks to thee.


To Oxford tune.

David resignes himself to God.

IN thee, ô LORD, I put my trust,
O put me not to shame:
Deliver me, as thou art just,
By that most righteous Name.
verse 2 O down to me thy quick ear bow,
With speed deliverance send:
A rock of strength, an house be thou
Thy Servant to defend.
verse 3 For LORD thou art the rock & tower
VVhereto I me betake:
Then lead and guide me by thy power,
O GOD for thy Names sake.
verse 4 Pull me from close nets laid for me,
In thee my strength doth stand:
verse 5 My Spirit I commit to thee,
And to no other hand.
Lord God of truth, I'm thy redeem'd,
verse 6 All them have I abhorr'd,
That lying vanities esteem'd,
Worldlings and Idola­ters.
But I trust in the LORD.
[Page 55] verse 7 I in thy mercies will be glad,
Yea, much rejoyce in those:
For thou hast weigh'd what cares I had,
And known my soul in woes.
verse 8 Thou hast not in mine enemies hand
Inclos'd me by thy doom:
But made my stedfast feet to stand,
In large and spacious room.

2. Part.


New persecutions renew his supplications.See 1 Sam. 23. 26, 27. & 24. 1, 2.

verse 9 IN mercy send me Lord relief
Whom troubles great befall:
My mournfull ey's consum'd with grief,
My belly, soul and all.
verse 10 My life, my yeers, my strength, my bones
Have all together fail'd:
Consum'd and spent with sighs & grones,
Of wickedness bewail'd.
verse 11 I was a scorn to all my foes,
And to my friends a fear:
And specially reproach't by those
That were my neighbours near.
When seen without,
In the desart for fear of incurring Sauls dis­pleasure.
they from me fled,
verse 12 And I am quite forgot;
As men are out of mind when dead,
I'm like a broken pot.
verse 13 For many slanders have I heard,
On every side was fear,
While they together have conferr'd,
And all against me were.
They thought to take my life away;
verse 14 In thee my trust did stand,
[Page 56] Thou art my God (I us'd to say)
verse 15 My times are in thy hand.
M [...] lot and affairs.
From persecuting foes of mine,
And enemies hands me take:
verse 16 Thy face let on thy servant shine,
Save me for mercies sake.
verse 17 Since LORD, I call'd upon thy name,
From shame thy servant save:
Let wicked men be put to shame
And silence in the grave.
verse 18 These lying lips silence and choak,
That with contempt and pride
Such grievous things have lewdly spoke,
And righteous men bely'd.

3. Part.


The great happiness of the Saints in this life.

verse 19 HOw great thy treasur'd mercies be
For them that fear thy name!
How much more in ano­ther world.
And wrought for them that trust in thee
Where men behold the same.
verse 20 Thy secret presence from mans pride
Shall keep them safe and sure:
Thy close pavilion shall them hide
From strife of tongues secure.
Thy prote­ction. Calumnies and curses.
verse 21 The Lord his kindness hath dispenc'd,
To me in wondrous sort;
As in a City strongly fenc'd,
His name be blessed for't.
verse 22 I said in haste, thou hast cast mee
Off from before thine eyes:
Yet heardst thou when I cry'd to thee
My supplications cryes.
[Page 57] verse 23 O all yee precious Saints of his,
The LORD sincerely love:
For every true believer is
Preserved from above.
He plenteously rewards proud doers:
verse 24 Take courage and he shall
Confirm that valiant heart of yours,
O yee believers all.


To Cambr. old tune.

The free forgiving grace of God, and benefit of penitent confession.

O Blessed man is hee,
Whose sins God passeth by;
verse 2 And (covering them) reputes him free
From all iniquity.
Whose spirit entertains no guile;
But confest, Sees all.
verse 3 For while I held my tongue
My weary bones wax'd old the while,
Perplext, as if my bones were full of ach, as in old age.
Through roaring all day long.
verse 4 Thine hand on me was burthensome,
Each day and night throughout:
My nat'rall moysture is become
As sommers parching drought.
Prov. 17. 22.
verse 5 Confessing humbly, then did I
My sins to thee reveal;
And did not mine iniquity
In any point conceal.
I said, I will to God confess
What all my sins have bin:
And thou forgav'st the wickedness
And guilt of all my sin.
[Page 58] verse 6 Hence all good men thy grace shal crave
VVhat time thou mayst be found:
By my ex­ample, 2 Co. 6. [...].
Nor rising flood, nor roaring wave,
No tempta­tion over­come them.
Them ever shall surround.
verse 7 And hiding place I have of thee,
Thou shalt preserve from wrongs:
And round about encompass mee
VVith sweet salvations songs.

2. Part.


He profers to direct Saints and sinners: un­happy they that brutishly reject his coun­sell.

verse 8 I Will direct thee faithfully
The way that thou shalt go:
And guide thee with my watchfull eye
That I may teach thee so.
Watching if thou take the way as I directed.
verse 9 O be not like the horse and mule,
By reason nothing led,
VVhose mouth the bit and bridle rule,
Lest they too neer thee tread.
verse 10 For certainly to men unjust
Shall miseries abound.
But him that in the Lord doth trust,
Shall mercy compasse round.
verse 11 O all yee righteous men rejoyce
And in the Lord delight;
VVith joyfull shouts lift up your voyce
All yee whose hearts are right.


York tune.

1. Part.


The admirable stability of Gods works and counsels, in the Trinity of persons.

YEe righteous in the LORD rejoice,
For praise becomes the Saints.
verse 2 Praise God with Psaltrie, Harp & voice
And ten-string'd instruments.
verse 3 A new song to the Lord indite,
Sing loud and play with skill:
verse 4 For lo, the word of God is right,
His works all truth fulfill.
Accomplish all perfecti­on.
verse 5 Justice and Judgement he doth love,
His goodness fils all coasts;
verse 6 The word of God made heav'n above,
His Sonne, Ioh. 1. 3. And holy Ghost. Gen. 1. 2. From over­flowing the earth, Iob 38. 11.
His Spirit all their hoasts.
verse 7 He watry seas collected keeps,
And heaps the billows curl'd:
In storehouses he layes the deeps,
O fear him all the world.
verse 8 In awe of him let all men stand
That dwell from sun to sun:
verse 9 For it stood fast at his command,
The creati­on.
He spake, and it was done.
verse 10 The counsels which the heathen take,
The Lord doth bring to nought:
And their device doth fruitlesse make,
VVhat ere the people thought.
verse 11 The counsell of the Lord stands sure,
And so for ever shall:
Th' intentions of his heart endure
To generations all.

2. Part.


Gods speciall and common providence, the creatures vanity, and Gods All-sufficiency to help in hardest times.

verse 12 THat nation's blest, whose God's the Lord,
That people's blest whom he
Hath chosen of his own accord,
His heritage to be.
verse 13 The Lord looks down from heaven high,
Beholding all abroad
All mortall mans posterity
verse 14 From place of his abode.
In all the earth, and all the parts
The dwellers he surveys:
verse 15 Alike he fashioneth their hearts,
Made the soul of one as well as another.
And all their works he weighs.
verse 16 No num'rous host can save a King,
Their corp'rall strength saves none:
verse 17 A horse of save's a meer vain thing,
His great strength saves not one;
verse 18 Behold Gods eye tow'rds them set ope
That him in rev'rence have.
And them that in his mercies hope,
verse 19 Their souls from death to save.
To keep alive when death's destroy,
verse 20 Our soul waits for the Lord:
He is our help, our shield, our joy,
verse 21 In whom our hearts accord.
Because we have put confidence,
In his most holy name:
verse 22 The mercy Lord to us dispence,
As we hope in the same.


To Martyrs tune.

David by his own practice and experience, inciteth to praise and trust in God.

AT all times I will blesse the Lord,
Thy praise ô Lord of hoast
verse 2 My busie mouth shall still record,
My soul in him shall boast.
The humble wondrous glad shall be,
In hearing of the same:
verse 3 O magnifie the LORD with me,
Let's all exalt his Name.
verse 4 I sought the Lord, he gave good ear,
And all my terrours dash't:
verse 5 They look'd to him, inlight'ned were,
Nor was their face abash't.
verse 6 This poor man cri'd,
Remembers how poor David did and sped.
the Lord did hear,
And all his troubles end:
verse 7 Gods Angels tents are pitched near
Gods children to defend.
verse 8 O taste and see how good God is,
Who trusts in him is blest.
verse 9 O fear the Lord ye Saints of his,
Such shall not be distrest.
verse 10 Young Lyons shall be hunger-pin'd,
Their food shall be so scant:
But they that seek the Lord to find,
Not one good thing shall want.

2. Part.


The way to true happines; with the privi­ledges of the godly, and wickeds misery.

[Page 62] verse 11 COme children hearken unto me,
Gods fear I teach to you:
verse 12 Who longs for life, good things to see,
And dayes desires not few.
verse 13 The lying lips where falshood breeds,
And wicked words refrain:
verse 14 Depart from evill, do good deeds,
Seek peace, and peace maintain.
verse 15 Upon the righteous every where,
God casts intentive eies:
And opens his attentive ear
To their uncessant cries.
verse 16'Gainst workers of iniquitie,
An angry brow he frames,
To cut from earth the memory
Of their detested names.
verse 17 The righteous cry, the Lord doth hear,
And all their troubles ends.
verse 18 To broken hearts the Lord is near,
And contrite souls defends.
verse 19 Great are th' afflictions, which befall
The LORDS most holy ones:
But God shall help them out of all,
verse 20 And keepeth all his bones:
Every part and piece of him. Mat. 10. 30.
So that not one of them is burst.
verse 21 But mischief slays the lewd:
Who hate the righteous shall be curs'd,
And utterly subdu'd.
verse 22 The Lord redeems from captive state
His servants souls each one:
From hell, sin, and misery.
And there shall none be desolate
That trust in him alone.


To Oxford tune.

An earnest prayer against Persecutors.

LORD plead my righteous cause with those
That are with me at strife:
O fight against my mortall foes
That fight against my life.
verse 2 Lay hold of buckler, and of shield,
My help stand up unto:
verse 3 Draw out the Spear and keep the field
Against them that pursue.
Say to my soul, I'm thy defence,
Let shame their hopes controul.
verse 4 Confusion be their recompence,
That seek to hurt my soul.
Let thy fierce hand them backward strike,
Confusion may they finde
verse 5 Who seek my hurt, let them be like
The chaff before the winde.
Let Gods swift Angel make pursuit,
The messen­ger of ven­geance.
Close at their heels I say:
verse 6 Them let Gods Angel persecute
In dark and slipp'ry way.
verse 7 For causlesly within a pit,
A net for me they hid:
Even for my soul they digged it,
And this they causless did.
verse 8 O let destruction unawares
Upon this monster fall:
And let him, having hidden snares,
Be taken therewithall.
Even that destruction LORD decree,
[Page 64] That he fall in the same:
verse 9 And then my soul shall joyfull be
In Gods all-mighty Name.
And joy in his salvation much,
verse 10 And all my threat'ned bones
Shall say,
Every vein in my heart, &c.
What other God is such
VVho saves the needy ones?
Thou helpest him that stands in need,
From foes that are too strong:
The poor from spoilers thou hast free'd,
And wretched men from wrong.

2. Part.


The perfidiousness and ingratitude of the wicked.

verse 11 MOst wicked men against me rise,
To witness things untrue:
And charge me with iniquities,
Whereof I nothing knew.
verse 12 They did reward my good with ill,
My love with hate requite:
And sought my souls destruction still,
Sought my life.
With utmost of their might.
verse 13 But I their sickness did condole,
In sackcloth fasted, mourn'd:
The pray'r of mine afflicted soul.
Did me good tho not them Some under­stand zeal & constancy in his prayer.
Into my bosome turn'd.
verse 14 I for my foe behaved mee,
As for my friend or brother:
I bow'd down heavily, as he
That mourneth for his mother.
verse 15 But they rejoyced in my woe,
And were together got:
[Page 65] Base abjects, when I did not know,
They tore me ceasing not.
Tore my good name.
verse 16 With mocking hypocrites at feasts,
They gnash't their teeth at me:
verse 17 O Lord how long shall these vile beasts
Both seen and suffered be?
Destroying Lyons ô defeat,
My darling soul defend:
verse 18 I'l praise thee in assemblies great,
Where multitudes attend.

3. Part.


He prays against the spitefulness of the wic­ked here described.

verse 19 LEt not my wrongfull enemies
Lift up their horn on high:
Nor let them wink with scornfull eies
that hate me causlesly.
Wink mock­ingly.
verse 20 Deceitfull things they take in hand,
Against such men they plot
As are most quiet in the land,
For peace they utter not.
verse 21 Yea they their mouths have op'ned wide
Against me spitefully:
Aha, Aha, mine en'mies cri'd,
The mischief we wished.
We saw it with our ey.
verse 22 This thou hast seen, no silence keep,
Lord from me be not far:
verse 23 Stir up thy self, awake from sleep,
And come to Judgement-bar.
My Lord my God, move to my cause,
verse 24 Judge me ô Lord my God,
[Page 66] According to thy righteous laws,
Nor suff'r it undertrod.
verse 25 Nor suffer them in heart to say,
Ah, we would have it thus:
Nor let them say, he's made a prey,
He's swallowed up by us.
verse 26 With shame confound them gen'rally,
With self-confusion clad:
Themselves who'gainst me magnifie,
And at my hurt are glad.
verse 27 Let them be glad, and shout for joy,
VVith my just cause that side:
Yea, let them say continually
The LORD be magnifi'd.
VVho joys in's servants prosp'rous state;
verse 28 And then my gratefull tongue
Thy righteousness shall celebrate
VVith praises all day long.


To London short tune.

The vilenes of the wicked; the greatness of Gods mercies, and the interest of the righ­teous in him and them together.

LEwd mens transgressions great,
Unto my heart descries,
And makes it clear,
That there's no fear
Of God before his eyes.
verse 2 He to his own conceit
Grosse flatteries doth propound:
Of prosperi­tie and im­punitie. Cursed of God and man.
Untill the sin
He liveth in
An hatefull thing be found.
[Page 67] verse 3 The words his mouth hath said
Are wickednesse and theft
Good things to do
And wisdom too
Hee hath for ever left.
verse 4 He mischiefe on his bed
Deviseth to fulfill:
He doth delight
In ways not right,
And he abhors no ill.
verse 5 Thy mercy heaven (at least)
Thy truth the clouds doth touch:
verse 6 As mountains steep,
Or swallowing deep,
Thy truth and judgement's such.
Thou, Lord, sav'st man and beast,
verse 7 O God, how exc'llent things
Thy love, thy grace
Make mortals place
Their trust in thy spread wings.
verse 8 Full feasted they shall be
VVith thy sweet houses fat:
With the sweet of spi­rituall com­forts, much more with eternall, as full as a ri­ver, & thou art the foun­tain it self.
Thy river which
Yeeld pleasures rich,
They all shall drink of that.
verse 9 The spring of life's with thee:
VVe shall see light in thine.
verse 10 Never remove
From them thy love
That know thy name divine.
Thy love and clemency
Let th'upright hearted prove:
verse 11 No foot of pride
Let make me slide,
[Page 68] Nor wiekcd hand remove.
verse 12 Works of iniquity,
Destruction shall surprise:
There where we may see it.
Lo there they fall,
And never shall
Be able more to rise.


To Martyrs tune.

The many and happy priviledges of the Saints controlling envie and ingratitude.

THy minde for sinners nor disturb,
Nor evill doers envie:
verse 2 For they like grass and tender herb
Are soon cut down and die.
verse 3 Trust in the LORD, and put thy hand
To actions that are good;
Sure supply.
So shalt thou dwell within the land,
And be assur'd of food.
verse 4 Delight in God abundantly,
And he shall condesend
Thy hearts desire to satisfie;
verse 5 Thy way to God commend.
Trust in him, and it shall be done,
verse 6 Thy truth shall burnish bright;
Sun-shine name cleer'd from scan­dall in Gods due time.
Thy judgement as the noon-tide Sun,
Thy righteousness as light.
verse 7 Rest in the LORD, with patience stay,
Fret not thy self a jot
At him that prospers in his way,
And speeds his wicked plot.
verse 8 Let not rash anger in thee rise,
Distemp'ring wrath forsake:
[Page 69] Fret not thy self in any wise,
In evill to partake
verse 9 For evill doers shall be destroy'd
But earth shall sure afford
An heritage by them enjoy'd,
A standing house and memoriall.
That wait upon the Lord.
verse 10 For lo, the wicked shall be gone
Within a little space:
Scarce leave a fly [...] blown chronicle.
Yea, thou shalt study thereupon,
Yet shalt not finde his place.
verse 11 The lowly shall the earth possess,
After the last day, some think.
And there they shall delight:
And bath themselves in blissfulness
Of peace most infinite.

2. Part.


The impotent malice of the wicked, and pre­cious priviledges of the godly.

verse 12 THe wicked plots against th'upright,
And at him grates his teeth:
verse 13 But God shall laugh at all his spight
Whose day he coming see'th.
verse 14 The wicked have their sword and bow
Drawn out and ready bent:
The poor and needies overthrow
Their mischievous intent.
And them that uprightly converse,
To slay with cruell stroke:
verse 15 But their own hearts their swords shall pierce,
Their bows shall all be broke.
verse 16 A portion put in godly hands,
Though it be small and poor,
[Page 70] Is better far then house or lands,
Of many a wicked doer.
verse 17 The wickeds arms shall all be broke,
Their great power crusht.
But God's the just mans stay:
verse 18 He knowes the days of upright folk,
Their heritage lasts for ay.
At least in the world to come.
verse 19 They shall not once ashamed be
VVhen evill times betide:
And in the day of scarcitie,
They shall be satisfi'd.
verse 20 But lo, the wicked shall decay,
As fat of Lambs consume:
Gods enemies shall fade away,
And vanish into fume.
verse 21 The wicked man on borrowing goes,
But cares not to repay:
But still the righteous mercy showes,
And frankly gives away.
verse 22 By such as he pronounceth blest,
The earth shall be enjoy'd:
And such as he doth curse supprest,
And utterly destroy'd.

3. Part.


Many remarkable providences towards the godly.

verse 23 A Good mans steps the Lord doth guide,
Delighting in his way:
verse 24 He shall not sink, although he slide,
For him Gods hand doth stay.
verse 25 I have been young, and now am old,
Yet to my hoary head,
The just forsook did ne'r behold,
Nor HIS seed begging bread.
[Page 71] verse 26 He kindly lends to him that needs,
His seed is surely blest:
verse 27 Depart from evill, do good deeds,
And ever dwell in rest.
verse 28 The Lord his Saints will not reject,
For he in Judgement joys:
He will for ever them protect,
But wicked seed destroys.
verse 29 The righteous shall the earth enjoy,
And therein ever dwell:
Hereafter, See Rom. 8. 19.
verse 30 Because he doth his mouth imploy
VVith oracles to tell.
His tongue deep judgement doth impart,
verse 31 And he doth carefull hide
His Gods commandment in his heart,
None of his steps shall slide.
verse 32 The wicked wait the just to slay,
But to the hand of them
verse 33 God will not leave him as a prey,
Nor him (when judg'd) condem'.

4. Part.


Holiness tends to happiness, wickedness to destruction.

verse 34 WAit on the Lord, and keep his ways,
And thou (rais'd by his hand)
Shalt see when he the wicked slays,
And shalt injoy the land.
verse 35 The wicked I have seen bear sway,
And spread like Laurell green:
verse 36 Yet suddenly he past away,
And could no more be seen.
I sought, but him could no where finde,
But he of upright ways
[Page 72] verse 37 The perfect (if yee mark and mind)
In peace he ends his days.
verse 38 But them that wilfully offend
Together God shall slay:
And this shall be the wickeds end
To be cut off for ay.
verse 39 But righteous mens salvation
Of God Almighty is:
In times of tribulation
He is a rock to his.
verse 40 And sure the Lord will help command
To aid and keep the just:
And save them from the wickeds hand,
Because in him they trust.


To Oxford tune.

David laments his sickness, sin and sorrow, his bitter enemies and false-hearted friends.

ME Lord in wrath do not controul
Nor scourge in fury fierce:
verse 2 Thy heavie hand sinks down my soul,
Thine arrowes deeply pierce.
verse 3 My flesh no soundnesse hath within,
Because thou art displeas'd:
My bones, by reason of my sin,
By no means can be eas'd.
verse 4 The load of mine iniquities
Which o'r my head doth roul,
Even as a heavie burthen lies,
Too heavie for my soul.
[Page 73] verse 5 Because my foolishness was such
My wounds corrupted stink:
To provoke thee by my sins.
verse 6 I am bow'd down exceeding much
And under troubles sink.
I all the day lament afresh,
verse 7 Fill'd with a loath'd disease,
That leaves no soundness in my flesh,
And on my loyns doth seize.
verse 8 Feeble I am, and broken sore,
Disquietness doth grinde
My wofull heart, and makes me rore,
verse 9 LORD, thou know'st all my minde;
How peni­tent, pati­ent, prayer­full.
My groaning is not hid from thee,
verse 10 My grieved heart doth pant:
My strength and ey-sight faileth me,
My eyes their light do want.
verse 11 My lovers, friends, and all my kin,
Far from my sore retire:
verse 12 And they lay snares to take me in,
Who 'gainst my life conspire.
And they that seek to do me wrong
Do speak mischievous things:
And base deceits, ev'n all day long,
Are their imaginings.

2. Part.


Davids patience and prayer in affliction.

verse 13 AS deaf I heard not, and as dumb
My lips I never stirr'd:
I seem'd not to hear the reproaches of the ene­my.
verse 14 Thus like a man did I become
That doth not hear a word.
And in whose mouth is no reproof
No answer to my re­proehers.
verse 15 But LORD in thee I trust:
[Page 74] Thou hear'st me to my souls behoof,
O Lord my God most just.
verse 16 For hear me ô my Lord, said I,
Lest their insulting pride
Should them against me magnifie,
My foot being slipt aside.
verse 17 Before me still my sorrows are,
Ready I am to halt:
Almost la­med wit mischief.
verse 18 For my transgressions I'l declare,
with sorrow for my fault.
Gen. 32. 31.
verse 19 But still how lively foes have I?
And they are strong beside:
But I will try what re­pentance will doe.
And they that hate me wrongfully
Are greatly multipli'd.
verse 20 They are mine adversaries too
That good with ill repay:
Because I carefully pursue
A good and godly way.
verse 21 O Lord my God forsake me not,
Far from me never be:
verse 22 My Saviour ô defer no jot,
But haste to succour me.


To Cambr. old tune.

David troubled at wicked mens prosperitie, answers it with consideration of the vani­tie and brevitie of life.

I Will look to my waies, I said
Lest with my tongue I fin:
My mouth, as with a bridle staid,
Lest I mur­mure.
I'l carefully hold in.
[Page 75] VVhile wicked men before me stood,
verse 2 As dumb I spake no word:
I held my peace, yea ev'n from good,
Then was my sorrow stirr'd.
verse 3 My heart within me waxed hot,
Beholding their pro­speritie, I would rather say nothing, [...] good thoughts came in. The passion continued.
While musing hereabout:
The fire fierce burning ceased not,
At last these words burst out.
verse 4 Lord make me understand mine end,
And dayes most certain date:
That I may fully apprehend
The frailty of my state.
verse 5 Lo,
In compari­son of thy Eternitie.
thou hast made my dayes a span,
Mine age as nothing deem'd:
Meer vanitie is every man,
At best estate esteem'd.
verse 6 Sure each man walks in vainest show,
In vaine are mortals vext:
He heaps up wealth, and doth not know
What gath'rer shall come next.

2. Part.


David expos'd to contempt by consuming af­flictions, is patient, and prays for respite to improve his short life to the best ad­vantage.

verse 7 ANd now ô Lord my hope's in thee,
All other hopes forborn:
verse 8 Forgive my sins, and save thou me
From fools reproach and scorn.
Murmured not at the affliction which I know came from thee. Lev. 10. 3.
verse 9 Lo I was dumb, and nothing spoke,
Because the deed was thine:
verse 10 O Lord revoke from me thy stroke,
Which while I feel I pine.
[Page 76] verse 11 When thy rebukes man undergo'th
Of sin-chastising pain,
It wasts his beautie like a moth,
Iob 13. 28.
Sure every man is vain.
verse 12 Lord hear my prayer, my cries attend,
Not silent at my tears:
A sojourner my dayes I spend,
Heb. 11. 13.
As all my fathers theirs.
Mine is a strangers residence,
verse 13 O spare me Lord, therefore,
Restore my strength, ere I go hence,
And shall be seen no more.


To Cambridge old tune.

David magnifies Gods mercies to himself, and admires the greatness of them to his Church.

FOr God I waited patiently,
Plung'd in a dreadfull pit,
My cry he heard
And did regard,
And pluckt me out of it.
verse 2 He brought me out of miry clay,
From the deep dunge­on of misery, to asure rock of safetie.
And to a rock me led,
My feet to stay
In safer way
My steps he stablished.
verse 3 New songs put in my mouth did he,
Godly men at least shall learn to fear and trust in God by my example.
His praises to record:
Many shall see,
And fear, by mee,
And trust upon the Lord.
[Page 77] verse 4 Blest man whose faith and whole repose
In God doth firme abide,
Regards not the example of Ido [...]aters and unbelee­vers.
And no whit knows
The proud, nor those
To lies that turn aside.
verse 5 O Lord my God how marvellous
The works which thou hast wrought?
How numerous
Are, towards us,
The thoughts which thou hast thought?
No man can reckon what they are
In order unto thee:
Would I compare
And them declare,
They cannot numbred be.

PSAL. XL. 2. Part.


The circumcised heart and ear of the Saints: the perfect obedience of Christ, and publi­cation of the Gospel.

verse 6 NO sacrifice dost thou desire,
Not in com­parison of Spirit, or Christ.
Nor offering brought thee in:
None made by fire
Dost thou require,
Ier. 7. 22.
Nor offering brought for sin.
Alluding to that, Exod. 21. 6.
But thou hast opened mine ear,
verse 7 Then said I, lo I come:
Ioh. 5. 39.
Thy volumes bear
Me witness there,
Thy book contains the sum.
verse 8 My God, I joy to do thy will,
Thy law is in my heart:
[Page 78] Where throngs do fill
Thy Sions hill,
Thy truth will I impart.
verse 9 Lo I my lips have not refrain'd,
O Lord thou know'st no less:
verse 10 With heart restrain'd
Have not retain'd
Or hid thy righteousness.
Act. 20. 27.
verse 10 And thy salvation have not I
Conceal'd in any sort:
Thy truth nor thy
From all the great resort.
verse 11 VVith-hold not thou ô Lord from mee
Thy tender love therefore:
Thy favour free
And truth let be
My keepers evermore.

3. Part.


David shews the grievous persecution,Herein a type of Christ, and a pattern to us. and gracious preservation of the Saints.

verse 12 INnumerable woes infold,
And mine iniquities
On me take hold,
So uncontroll'd,
I cannot lift mine eyes.
More mis'ries do my soul assail
Then hairs are on my head:
They so prevail
My heart doth fail,
By them discouraged.
verse 13 O Lord defend me, Lord so please,
[Page 79] My help make haste unto:
verse 14 Confusion seize
And shame on these
That my souls hurt pursue.
VVho wish me ill, ô cause that they
VVith shame repulsed be;
verse 15 Destruction pay
Their shame, that say,
Aha, Aha, to me.
verse 16 Let them that seek thee in thee joy,
VVho thy salvation love
Let them reply
Extoll'd be God above.
verse 17 A poor and needy wretch am I,
Yet not of God forgot:
My help and my
Assur'd supply,
My God ô tarry not.


To Camb. old tune.

Gods goodness to the poor, and to such as pitie them: the hypocrisie and malicious­ness of our adversaries.

THe man is blest by whom the poor
Is duly thought upon:
The afflicted and persecu­ted.
The Lord will sure
His peace procure.
When troublous times come on.
verse 2 The Lord will his preserver be,
And him alive will save:
Great blessings hee,
Both he that suffers and he that pi­ties him.
O Lord, from thee,
[Page 80] On earth is sure to have.
He shall not be delivered
Unto his enemies will:
verse 3 But on his bed
Be strengthened,
VVhen he is weak and ill.
God will give him ease, a couch of conten [...] ­ment.
His bed all made, when sick and sore,
verse 4 Be gracious LORD to mee,
I said therefore,
My soul restore,
I am a poor sinner need­ing mercy.
For I offended thee.
verse 5 Mine enemies speak ill of me,
When comes his dying day:
And when shall we
Survive to see
His perished name, say they?
verse 6 If visit me, he complements,
His heart it self doth load
With vile intents,
All which he vents
VVhen ere he goes abroad.

2. Part.


The mal [...]ce of persecutors, and mercies of God.

verse 7 MY haters all lie whispering
Against my soul combin'd:
Some hurtfull thing
On me to bring
Devise they in their mind.
verse 8 An ill disease doth him surprise,
And cleaves to him so fast,
That now he lies
He shall not rise,
[Page 81] But breath's, say they, his last.
verse 9 Mine own intire, fed, trusted friend,
A figure of Iudas.
Disdainfull heels did he
Against me bend,
verse 10 But Lord extend
Thy mercy soon to me.
And raise me to requite the blow,
By justice in a lawfull [...]. y.
verse 11 I have thy favour got,
By this I know,
Because my foe
Ore me triumpheth not.
A pledge of my delive­rance, and their destru­ction.
verse 12 I am upholden by thy grace
In mine integritie:
Thou dost me place
Before thy face
And that perpetually.
verse 13 The Lord the God of Israels name,
For ever day by day,
And all his fame
Let us proclame,
Amen, Amen, I say.


To London short tune.

David expresses his great desire to the pub­lick Ordinances, and delight in the remem­brance of them.

EVen as the Hart when he
For brooks of water pants:
So, after thee,
My soul in mee,
When Lord thy presence wants.
verse 2 My soul doth thirst for thee,
The living GOD most dear:
[Page 82] O when shall I
Approaching nigh
Before the Lord appear?
verse 3 My tears my meat have been,
Wherewith I sup and dine,
Both night and day,
While still they say,
Where is that God of thine?
verse 4 My soul dissolves within,
Melts in grief.
While I these thoughts renew'd,
Because that I
Had formerly
Gone with the multitude.
VVe to Gods Temple went
VVith voice of joy and praise,
Where there ensu'd
A multitude
Observing holy dayes.
Such seasts & Sabbaths as God ap­pointed.
verse 5 Why art thou discontent,
My soul why dost thou grieve?
Why should'st thou be
So mov'd in me?
O still in God believe.
Still shall I give him praise
For his sweet favours aid:
verse 6 But ô my God
I'm undertrod,
My soul in me's dismaid.
VVherefore, in these sad dayes,
Remember thee I will
From Hermon and
Swift Jordans land,
To think of them in these places of ba­nishment, will com­fort me.
And Missars little hill.

2. Part.


David in deep affliction incourageth his soul in God.

verse 7 THy water-spouts and deeps
Each other do invite:
Thy waves and all
Thy billows fall,
And overwhelm me quite.
verse 8 He loving kindness keeps,
Songs of his experienced power and goodness.
Remembred still by day:
His song shall be
By night with me,
To God my life I'l pray.
verse 9 I'l say to God, My rock,
Why hast forgot me so?
And why go I
So heavily
Oppressed by my fo?
verse 10 My foes reproachfull mock
Doth pierce my heart like swords:
While, where is thy
Good God, they cry,
And daily use such words.
verse 11 O why dost thou permit
These sorrows to depress,
O why, my soul,
Dost thou condole
With such unquietness?
Hope thou in God, even yet
His praise shall I record,
Who doth advance
My countenance,
And is my gracious Lord.


To Oxford tune.

David longeth after the Ordinances, and incourageth his soul in God.

IUdge me ô Lord, and plead my cause,
Against th'ungodly train:
From subtill tyrants greedy jaws
My righteous soul sustain.
verse 2 For of my strength thou art the God,
Why do I mourning go:
Cast off by thee, and undertrod
By my imperious fo?
verse 3 O send out light and truth divine,
To lead and bring me neare
Unto that holy hill of thine,
And tabernacles there.
verse 4 Then to thine Altar I will press
Of God my wondrous joy:
O God my God, thy Name to bless
My harp I will employ.
verse 5 Why art thou then disquieted
Within me ô my soul?
VVhy art thou thus discouraged?
Let faith thy fears controul.
And hope in God thy help to be,
Whom I shall still applaud:
My countenances health is he,
Makes me hold up my head with comfort.
And my most gracious God.


Old England tune.

He sets out Gods ancient mercies to the Church, renouncing all confidence in themselves.

[Page 85] O God our fathers have us told,
We heard it with our ears:
VVhat works thou did'st in times of old,
In those rare days of theirs.
verse 2 How heathen people by thy hand,
Quite dispossessed were:
Afflicted and expel'd the land,
To plant our fathers there.
verse 3 With their own sword they never got
Possession of the land:
Their own puissance sav'd them not,
But thy right arm and hand.
This from thy lightsome countenance,
Much favouring them, did spring:
verse 4 To Jacob grant deliverance,
O God that art my King.
verse 5 VVe will push down our enemies,
Through thy great Name O God:
And all that up against us rise,
Shall thus be undertrod.
verse 6 For sure my trust shall not be plac't
In swords defence nor bows:
verse 7 But thou our haters hast disgrac't,
And sav'd us from our foes.

2. Part.


Former mercies aggravate present mise­ries.

verse 8 IN God we all day long will boast,
And daily praise thy Name:
verse 9 But now thou goest not with our hoast,
But casts us off with shame.
verse 10 Thou mak'st us from the slaughtering foe
Faint-hearted to retire:
[Page 86] And they that hate us spoil us so
Even as themselves desire.
verse 11 Thou gavest us into their hands,
As sheep ordain'd for food:
And scattered us in all the lands,
Among a heath'nish brood.
verse 12 Thy people thou dost sell for nought,
Tis but a vile price they are sold for.
And lo, thou did'st not adde
Nor yet increase thy substance ought
By price for Israel had.
verse 13 Our neighbours with reproachfull mocks
And scornfull tauntings flout:
We are become as laughing-stocks
To dwellers round about.
verse 14 Thou makest us a by-word here
Among the heathen spread:
Among the people every-where
A shaking of the head.
verse 15 Lo my confusion through disgrace
Before me still I see:
The shame of my abashed face
Hath also covered mee.
Makes me blush and hang down my head.
verse 16 For his voice sake that doth reherse
Such blasphemies and taunts:
By reason of th' avenger fierce
And adversaries vaunts.

3. Part.


The constancy and integritie of the Church in persecution.

verse 17 THis storm of trouble have we felt,
Yet have not thee forgot:
Nor in thy Covenant falsly dealt,
[Page 87] verse 18 Our hearts diverting not:
Nor from thy ways our steps have stray'd,
verse 19 Though thou hast broke us sore
In Dragons dens, and deaths dark shade,
Where we are covered ore.
verse 20 If our Gods Name we have forgot,
To strange gods rear'd our hands,
verse 21 God shall discov'r it, shall he not?
Our thoughts that understands.
verse 22 We all day long are kil'd and slain,
Even for thy dear Names sake:
As sheep for slaughter we are ta'n,
verse 23 Why sleep'st thou? Lord awake.
Cast us not off for evermore,
verse 24 Arise, why hid'st thy face?
Forgetting our afflictions sore,
And our distressed case.
verse 25 For down to dust our soul is trod,
On earth as worms we craul:
verse 26 For thy sweet mercies sake, ô God,
Rise, help, redeem us all.


To Coventry tune.

The perfections and prerogatives of Christ Je­sus, set forth in a type of Solomon.

MY studious heart contemplating,
Good matter doth indite:
I of the King
Compos'd a thing
Which here I will recite.
A Poem, a bride-song.
My tongue is as a Writers pen,
Forward to utter thy praises. Spirituall beauty.
To frequent writing us'd:
verse 2 O fairer then
The sons of men,
Thy lips have grace infus'd.
Ioh. 7. 46.
[Page 88] God therefore hath thee ever blest,
Exercise O Christ, thy martiall and princely power, con­vince, con­vert, &c. Magnanimi­ty mixt with meekness.
verse 3 Thy sword gird on thy thigh:
And be thou drest
O mightiest
With state and majesty.
verse 4 Ride on in this thy majesty
VVith prosperous success:
Because of thy
Thy truth and righteousness.
And thy right hand shall teach thee things,
Thy success shall be glo­rious.
Even rare and dreadfull arts:
verse 5 Thy shasts keen stings
Shall wound the Kings
Proud adversaries hearts.
VVhereby thy foes are undertrod.
verse 6 For ever lasts thy throne:
Thy ruling rod
Even thine ô God,
It is a righteous one.
verse 7 Thy soul loves truth, and lewdnes hates,
Oil of the Spirit ma­king joyfull in God.
And God thy God therefore
Thee consecrates
Above thy mates
VVith oil of gladnes store.
Above Moses Melchisede [...], &c. and the best Saints. Thy adorn­ing sweet smelling gifts and graces come from heaven, typed by So­lomons ivory palace.
verse 8 Out of the Iv'ry palaces
With fragrant garments clad:
Myrrhe, Alôes,
And Cassia please,
Whereby they make thee glad.
verse 9 Among the noble female band,
Kings daughters were inroll'd:
At thy right hand
[Page 89] The Queen did stand
In purest Ophir gold.
Kingdoms and Provin­ces added to the Jewish Church.

2. Part.


The happy calling, and manifold priviledges of the Church in type of Solomons Queen.

verse 10 HEarken ô daughter, bow thine ear,
Consider and incline:
Forget what were
Thy people there,
Forget car­nall affecti­ons.
And fathers house of thine.
verse 11 Then shall the Kings affections stream,
Desire thy beautie trim:
The Chur­ches obedi­ence is her beautie.
For he must reign
Thy Lord supream,
And thou must worship him.
verse 12 With gifts among them shall resort,
Gentiles be Proselytes.
Thy daughter there, ô Tyre;
The richer sort,
There craying for't,
Thy favour shall desire.
verse 13 The daughter of this royall line
VVithin for to behold,
Spirituall beautie.
Doth with divine
Resplendence shine,
1 Pet. 3. 4.
Her clothing all wrought gold.
verse 14 Be brought unto the King shall shee
In needle-work aray'd:
At last day in robes of righteousne [...]s Ephes. 5. 27. Additionall Churches.
And unto thee
Her train shall be,
And virgin-mates convay'd.
verse 15 With nuptiall joys and festivall,
They shall these Ladies bring:
[Page 90] Where met, they shall
Have entrance all
To th' Palace of the King.
Mat. 25. 10.
verse 16 Thy fathers, for succession sake,
Succession of the Church, and some fa­mous instru­ments.
Shall leave a fruitfull birth;
VVhom thou mai'st take
And Princes make
In all the Christian earth.
verse 17 To ages all I'l keep in store,
Remembrance of thy Name:
This Psalm shall ever honour Christ.
Thy praise therefore
For evermore
Shall all the earth proclame.


To Dutch tune.

The siege of Jerusalem is raised; the Church triumpheth in God.Its thought that of Sena­cherib.

GOD is our strength and present aid,
2. Chr. 32. 21.
Our refuge in our need:
verse 2 Therefore we will not be afraid,
Nor tottering earth-quakes heed.
verse 3 Tho midst of Seas huge hils be hurld,
Tho troubled waters rore:
And swellings of the billows curld,
Make mountains tremble sore.
verse 4 A river there with crystall stream,
Siloh runs still for all their threats and brags.
Shall glad that Citie of his:
The sacred tents of God supream:
verse 5 The Lord amidst her is;
2. King. 18. 27. 19. 24.
Right early God shall help her there,
She shall not once be mov'd:
Much more the spirituall springs.
verse 6 The heathen Kingdoms moved were,
And most outragious prov'd.
[Page 91] He uttering then that voice of his,
2 King. 19. 35
Made th'earth to melt away:
verse 7 The Lord of hoasts with Israel is,
And Jacobs God our stay.
verse 8 Come, see Gods works, whose powerfull hand
The earth hath des'late made:
verse 9 He ceaseth wars in every Land,
He breaks the desp'rate blade.
He fires the Chariot, breaks the bow;
verse 10 Be still and know, saith he,
That I am God on earth below,
And there extoll'd will be:
Among the heathens magnifi'd
Shall be my glorious power.
verse 11 The Lord of hoasts is on our side,
And Jacobs God our Tower.


To Martyrs tune.

The happy calling of the Jews and Gentiles;Figuring Christs as­cension, and the glorious state of the Church. the triumphant carrying up of the Ark. 1 King. 8. 4.

CLap hands ye people generally,
With voice of triumph glad:
verse 2 Shout to the Lord, that is most high,
And greatly to be drad.
Ore all the earth a mightie King:
verse 3 He shall subdue the lands:
Subject the Gentiles to our faith.
And people in subjection bring,
To Israels commands.
As he chose us and pro­vided for us, so he shall bring in the rest with us.
verse 4 Our heritage shall God select,
The portion fair set out
Of Jacob whom he did affect:
verse 5 The Lord's gone up with shout.
Ioh. 10. 16.
[Page 92] The Lord's gone up with trumpets sound,
To God due praises sing:
verse 6 Sing praises, ô sing praises round,
Sing praises to our King.
verse 7 Of all the earth God's King alone,
Sing praise with knowledge then:
verse 8 God sits upon his holy throne,
Reigns ore the heathen men.
verse 9 The peoples Princes hither throng,
The Gover­ners ow du­tie to God.
People of Abrahams God:
The shields of th'earth to God belong,
Exalted all abroad.


To old England tune.

To siege of Jerusalem is raised;In token of the spirituall beauty of the Church. He praiseth the beautifull structure thereof.

GReat is the LORD, his praise no less:
For so must we record,
In mountain of his holiness,
And Citie of our Lord.
verse 2 Mount Sion is a beauteous thing,
Sion where the Temple was built, was on the South-side Jerusalem.
And on her Northern side
The Citie of the mightie King,
The whole earths joy and pride.
verse 3 The LORD within her palace there,
Is known a refuge nigh:
verse 4 For lo, the Kings assembled were,
The Princes of Senacherib and others.
Together they past-by.
verse 5 They saw it, and they marvailed,
And troubled sore they were:
2 Kin. 19. 36.
verse 6 They hasted thence, for fear and dread,
2 Chr. 20. 2.
Which seis'd upon them there.
[Page 93] As child bed-pains take woman-kinde,
So sorely pain'd were they:
verse 7 Thou breakest with an Eastern winde
The Tarsean ships at Sea.
It was a ship­wrack like defeat, full of fear and confusion.
verse 8 I'th Citie of this King of pow'rs,
VVe saw as we were told:
The Citie of this God of ours,
Tarshish a Citie famous fo [...] shipping. We have seen proved what we heard pro­mised, and prayed for in the Tem­ple.
God ever shall uphold.
verse 9 We thought on thy compassions (Lord)
Amidst thy Temples frame:
verse 10 All ends of earth thy praise record,
According to thy Name.
Thy right hand's full of righteousness,
Lord, let thy Judgments voice
Make Judahs daughters joy express,
And Sion hill rejoyce.
verse 12 Walk round about and Sion view,
Her stately turrets tell:
verse 13 Her palaces consider you,
And mark her bulwarks well.
That so to all posteritie,
It may be testifi'd,
verse 14 This God, our God perpetually,
Till death will be our guide.


To pause tune.

The vanitie of worldlings prosperitie, though a riddle to the world it self.

ALL people hear
VVith carefull ear
The thing which I shall tell:
Yee great and small,
Rich, poor, and all
[Page 94] verse 2 Throughout the earth that dwell.
verse 3 My mouth (behold)
Shall now unfold
The wisdome of the wise:
My studious heart
In sacred art
It self shall exercise.
verse 4 Yea I will mine
Own ears incline
This parable to mark:
With sweet harp sing,
While opening
My parable so dark.
verse 5 VVhy should the day
Of grief dismay:
VVhen as my conscience feels
It self hemm'd in
With all the sin
Of mine offending neels?
Of my mis­deeds and evill wayes; or of my close perse­cutors.
verse 6 Concerning those
That trust repose
In wealth-replenish'd bags:
And, having more
Abundant store,
Of riches make their brags.
verse 7 There's not a man
Of them that can
His brothers life redeem:
Much less his soul.
Nor for him may
A ransome pay
Sufficient in esteem.
verse 8 For that's of too
Great price to do,
[Page 95] And so much cease for ever:
verse 9 That alwayes he
Alive should be,
And see corruption never.
verse 10 He doth perceive
All die and leave
To others their estate:
The fool, the wise,
And brutish dies;
For death's the common gate.

2. Part.


The misery of worldlings in death and judge­ment, wherein the godly have pre-eminence.

verse 11 THey think that all
Their houses shall
Be set for ever fast:
Their dwelling place
From race to race
As they believe shall last.
Their mansions all
These worldlings call
By their appropriate name:
verse 12 Yet man set high
In dignitie
Abides not in the same.
Like beasts, a thing
Soon perishing,
verse 13 This is their foolish way,
Yet are they by
Approv'd in all they say.
[Page 96] verse 14 Like sheep in fold
The grave doth hold,
Pale death shall them devour:
And upright men
Shall surely then
Have over them the pow'r.
At the resur­rection when the night of death is past.
VVhen mornings light
Concludes this night:
And all their beautie brave,
Shall death expell
From whence they dwell,
To perish in the grave.
verse 15 But God will sure
My soul secure,
VVhen I this earth shall leave:
Which shall recompence my lying in the grave.
On me the grave
No pow'r shall have,
For he shall me receive.
verse 16 VVhen riches shall
To worldlings fall,
Be not discourag'd then:
VVhen flattering fame
Exalts the name
And house of worldly men.
verse 17 VVho, once by death
Depriv'd of breath,
Shall no possession have:
His pomp shall end,
And not descend
VVith him into the grave.
verse 18 Tho till he di'd
He magnifi'd
His soul for worldly pelf:
[Page 97] And worldly men
Will praise thee then
When thou befriends thy self.
verse 19 Well, he shall go
To th'place below,
The grave and hell.
To which his fathers old,
VVhen they were dead,
VVere gathered,
And never light behold.
verse 20 Man being high
In dignitie
Yet understanding not,
In his decease
Is like the beasts
Which quickly die and rot.


To Martyrs tune.

God (as at the great Judgement) condemns meer formall service, wherewith hypocrits please themselves.

THe mighty God the LORD spake out,
And gave the earth a call:
From Suns up-rising, round about
To his far-distant fall.
verse 2 From beautifull perfections rare,
Gloriously, as comming from that holy & glo­rious place. 1 King. 8. 11.
From Sion God hath shin'd:
verse 3 Our God shall come, and shall not spare
To utter all his mind.
A flame of fire devouring quick
Shall go before his face:
Tempestuous storms shall gather thick
Before his Judgement place.
verse 4 To heav'n he from above shall call
His peoples Judge to be:
Heaven and earth shall be witness.
[Page 98] verse 5 Thus summoning the earth withall,
Gather my Saints to me;
Those that with me in Covenant are,
Professors by all the seals of my Covenant.
By sacrifice each one:
verse 6 And heav'n his justice shall declare,
For God is Judge alone:
verse 7 Hear me ô people called mine,
To Israel speak will I,
I that am God,
For think­ing the out­ward Cere­mony e­nough.
that God of thine,
Against thee testifie.
verse 8 Burnt-offrings or for sacrifice
I will not Israel blame:
To have them still before mine eies,
I do not mind the same.
verse 9 I'l take ne he-goats from thy folds,
Nor bullocks from thy stall:
verse 10 For every beast the Forest holds,
Mine own I justly call.
A thousand hills my Cattell feed,
All mine, I say, not thine:
verse 11 I know all fowls the mountains breed,
The fields wild beasts are mine.
verse 12 If any hunger I sustain'd,
I would not tell it thee:
The world and all therein contain'd,
Pertains alone to me.

2. Part.


God promiseth to hear and help the truly gratefull and godly, but rejecteth and threatneth wicked professors.

verse 13 WIll I eat flesh of Bulls or Cows,
Or drink goats bloud will I?
[Page 99] verse 14 Give God his praise, and pay thy vows
To him that is most high.
verse 15 Then in thy trouble call on me,
And promise of me claim:
And I will sure deliver thee,
And thou shalt praise my Name.
verse 16 But as for them that wicked are,
Them God will say unto:
My Statutes why do'st thou declare,
What hast thou there to do?
My Covenant should thy mouth relate?
verse 17 Since thee I alwayes finde
Instruction to detest and hate,
And cast my words behinde.
verse 18 Thou saw'st a thief, and did'st consent
To th'practise of his sin:
And with the loose incontinent,
Thou hast partaker bin.
verse 19 Thou from no ill thy mouth refrain'st,
Thy tongue doth mischief frame:
verse 20 Thou sit'st secure and speak'st against
Thy brothers honest name.
Thou dost reproach with slanders vile,
Even thine own mothers sonne:
verse 21 And I kept silence all the while,
That thou these things hast done.
Just like thy self did'st thou suppose
Me also to have bin:
But I'l reprove thee, and disclose
In order, all thy sin.
verse 22 Consider this all ye that have
Th'avengefull God forgot:
That I (when there is none to save)
[Page 100] In pieces tear you not.
verse 23 He that presents me with due praise,
Shall glorifie me so:
To him that orders well his wayes,
Will God salvation show.


To sinners tune.

David bitterly laments his sin,His adultery & murther 2 Sam. 11. and sues for pardon and peace of conscience.

HAve mercy LORD, and pitie take,
On me in my distress:
For thine abundant mercy sake,
Blot out my wickedness.
verse 2 O wash me clean from filthiness,
And sep'rate sin from me:
verse 3 For my transgressions I confess,
My sin I alwayes see.
As a ghost in my sight. As the onely punisher or pardoner, Oh what a majesty have I offended?
verse 4 Against thee LORD, and onely thee,
Did I my sins commit:
That, when thou speak'st and judgest me,
Thou might'st be clear and quit.
I did this evill in thy sight:
Whereby ô Lord thou shalt
Be said to pass thy judgement right,
And I in all the fault.
verse 5 My shape is sin LORD thou dost see,
Originall corruption aggravates, and so doth grace recei­ved.
For I am form'd therein:
My mother hath conceived me,
Even in the heat of sin.
verse 6 Lo, thou requirest truth sincere,
In every inward part:
Thou mad'st me to know wisdome there,
In secret of my heart.
[Page 101] verse 7 Purge me with hyssope,
With the bloud of Christ, signi­fied by it.
and I know,
I shall be clean and free:
And whiter then the driven snow,
If also washt by thee.
Exod. 12. 22.
verse 8 Oh then let joy and gladnes speak,
And make me hear their voice:
That so the bones which thou did'st break,
May feelingly rejoyce.

2. Part.


David prays for renewing grace,As unable to recover of himself. and for the Church which he had scandalized.

verse 9 LOrd hide thine eies from all my sin,
And my misdeeds deface:
verse 10 O God make clean my heart within,
Renew my mind with grace.
verse 11 O cast me not away from thee,
(Thy presence shunning mine)
Nor ever take away from me,
That holy Spirit of thine.
verse 12 The joyes of thy salvation LORD,
Restore to me again:
And thy free Spirit to me afford,
My soul for to sustain.
verse 13 And to transgressors I will teach,
Thy wayes to penitent men:
By publish­ing this Psalm of my fall, and thy favour.
And sinners (unto whom I preach)
Shall be converted then.
verse 14 From guilt of bloud-shed quit me Lord,
Thou God and Saviour mine:
Then shall my song aloud record
Thy righteousness divine.
verse 15 Unlock my lips, and then my task.
Shall be thy praise to show:
[Page 102] verse 16 For sacrifice thou dost not ask,
Which else I would bestow.
Burnt-offring is not thy delight,
But other sacrifice:
verse 17 A broken heart, a soul contrite,
Thou wilt not Lord despise.
verse 18 Of thy good pleasure Sion bless,
Build up Jerus'lems wall:
verse 19 Pure sacrifice of righteousness,
Thou shalt be pleas'd withall.
Burnt offrings then, and those entire,
In sacrifice shall they:
With Bullocks (fit for holy fire)
Upon thine Altars lay.


To pause tune.

David condemns all treacherous time-servers and malicious persecutors of the godly,By occasion of Saul and Doeg. 1 Sam. 21. who shall surely flourish, while these perish utterly.

WHy dost thou boast
Of mischief most,
O man of mighty pow'r?
Gods goodness will
Continue still,
Even ev'ry day and hour.
verse 2 Thou dost incline
That tongue of thine
To practise mischiefs great:
Yea it hath been
A razour keen
In working of deceit.
verse 3 Thou far above
Good things dost love
Ill wayes to entertain:
[Page 103] And righteousness
Thou lovest less
Then for to lie and fain.
verse 4 Deceitfull tongue
Thou lov'st all wrong
And words that do devour.
verse 5 God shall therefore
For evermore
Destroy thee by his pow'r.
He shall, I say,
Take thee away
From place where thou dost dwell:
VVith vengefull hand
Thee from the land
Of living souls expell.
verse 6 The righteous there
Shall see and fear,
And, laughing at him, say,
verse 7 Lo this is he
That could not see
To make the Lord his stay.
But, for defence,
Put confidence
In heaps of worldly pelf:
In getting wealth and preferment by wicked­ness.
And in the sin
He lived in
Incouraged himself.
verse 8 Like th'Olive green
Shall I be seen
To have a flourishing place,
I shall flou­rish specially in my soul.
In Gods house still,
And ever will
Betrust me to his grace.
[Page 104] verse 9 For ever I
Will magnifie,
And on thy Name attend:
Since thou did'st bring
To pass the thing,
Their destru­ction and my deliverance.
And Saints thy Name commend.


London long tune.

The corruption of mankind, full of persecution and profaneness; a prayer for deliverance.

THere is no God, the fool doth say,
At least his heart saith so:
Corrupt are they, and vile their way,
And all good works forgo.
verse 2 The sons of men th'almighty view'd,
From heaven to descry:
If any of them understood,
Or sought God faithfully.
verse 3 But quite corrupt and far declin'd,
Is every mothers sonne:
None, no not one doth vertue mind,
Nor one good action's done.
verse 4 Are all so brutishly mis-led,
That wicked wayes have trod:
To eat my people like to bread,
And have not call'd on God.
verse 5 They fear'd where was no cause of dread,
Prov. 28. 1. No marvell, for somtimes God hath torn them in pieces that sought the ruine of the Church.
To fright those guilty ones:
For God hath piece-meal scattered,
Thy strong befiegers bones.
Because the LORD did them despise,
Thou putst them to disgrace:
verse 6 O that to Israel might arise
From Sion, saving grace.
[Page 105] The Lord from thraldoms cruell yoke,
His people setting free:
Shall Jacobs heart to joy provoke,
And Israel glad shall be.


Cambridge old tune.

A complaint of treacherous adversaries.

LOrd save me by thy mighty Name,
Me by thy strength defend:
verse 2 O hear the humble pray'r I frame,
And these my suits attend.
verse 3 For strangers do against me rise,
As barba­rous as hea­then.
Oppressors seek my soul:
They set not God before their eies,
Their actions to controul.
verse 4 Lo,
Take their part that take mine.
God's my help, the Lord's with those
That do my soul maintain:
verse 5 Their evill to mine envious foes,
He shall repay again.
Destroy them in thy righteousness,
verse 6 And freely I'l accord,
With sacrifice thy Name to bless,
For it is good ô Lord.
verse 7 For he hath me delivered,
From all perplexing woes:
Mine eye hath seen accomplished
His will upon my foes.


Oxford tune.

David dangerously beset,Being in Keilah. and in grievous perplexitie, wishes opportunitie of flight.

O God unto my prayer give ear,
Hide not thy face from me:
verse 2 My supplications daign to hear,
Attending what they be.
[Page 106] In my complaint I cry aloud,
A mournfull noise I make:
verse 3 Because the adversary proud
So insolently spake.
Because of lewd mens tyrannie,
VVherewith I am opprest:
Threap it upon me tho guiltless.
Who charge me with iniquitie,
And me in wrath detest.
verse 4 Sore pained is my heart in me,
Deaths terrors on me fall:
verse 5 Trembling and fear accompanie,
They come upon me all.
And horrour hath o'rewhelm'd me quite:
verse 6 Oh that I had Doves wings,
That I might take to sudden flight,
And rest from these sad things.
verse 7 Then would I wander wide and stay
Ith' Wilderness behinde:
verse 8 I'd hasten my escape away,
From tempest, storm, and winde.

2. Part.

The base perfidiousness of the wicked.

verse 9 DEstroy ô Lord,
Set them at ods, to their destruction in Keilah, & let them not agree about betraying me.
divide their tongues,
For I have seen how rife,
And how the bloudy Citie throngs
VVith violence and strife.
verse 10 Both night and day they do surround
The very walls of it:
Mischief and sorrow there are found,
Amidst the same to sit.
verse 11 In midst thereof is lewdness vile,
That with the mischief meets:
[Page 107] Most base deceit and crafty guile,
Depart not from her streets.
verse 12 For had a foe these taunts began,
I could the same have born:
Or had my hater been the man,
Who 'gainst me lift his horn,
Then I from him my head would hide:
verse 13 But it was thou a man;
Yea mine acquaintance, equall guide,
This tragedy began.
verse 14 VVe did consult with sweet content,
In most familiar kind:
And to the house of God we went
In unitie combin'd.

3. Part.


Prayer prevails against persecutors; provi­sion and protection promised to the godly.

verse 15 LEt death seize on them speedily,
And send them quick to hell:
For there is all iniquitie,
Among them where they dwell.
verse 16 But as for me on God I'l call,
Defended by his might:
verse 17 I'l pray, and cry aloud withall,
At morning, noon, and night.
The LORD shall hear me when I pray,
verse 18 For he preserv'd me whole,
From battell marshal'd in aray,
And bent against my soul.
For there was many a one with me,
Angels, or companion [...] with me de­livered.
verse 19 The LORD will surely hear:
He that abides of old, even he,
And it shall cost them dear.
[Page 108] Since they no sudden changes see,
No bad suc­cess. Saul did so.
They fear not the most high:
verse 20 He hath laid hands on such as be
With him at unitie.
He brake the Cov'nant on his part.
1 Sam. 19. 6.
verse 21 His words did fairly sooth:
While cruell warre possest his heart,
No butter was so smooth:
His speeches were more soft then oil,
Yet pierc't like swords drawn out:
verse 22 O cast on God thy carefull toil,
He shall provide, no doubt.
The righteous to be under-trod,
He never will permit:
verse 23 But thou wilt bring them down, ô God,
Into destructions pit.
To bloudy and deceitfull wayes,
Who ere addicted bee,
Shall not continue half their dayes:
But I will trust in thee.


London short tune.

David maketh God his refuge, shewing the crueltie and subtilty of his adversaries.

HAve mercy LORD on me,
Whom man would make a prey,
Behold how he
Oppresseth me,
Contending every day.
verse 2 They that mine enemies be,
Would daily me devour:
For infinite
Against me fight,
O thou of highest pow'r.
[Page 109] verse 3 What time I am afraid,
Lo, I will trust in thee:
verse 4 His word will I
Still magnifie
In God inabling me.
Commend the faithful­nes of his promises.
In Gods assured aid
I have repos'd my trust:
I fear not you
What ye can do
That are but mortall dust.
verse 5 My words they utter wrong,
And every day they wrest:
Their thoughts are still
To work me ill,
What ever they suggest.
verse 6 Lo, they together throng,
Themselves they closely hide,
When as they watch
My soul to catch,
They mark me every stride.

2. Part.


The sins of the wicked, and sufferings of the Saints, are for our comfort, and their con­fusion.

verse 7 SCape they by sins of theirs?
Persecutions causing me to flee and flit from place to place.
Nay, rather let them fall:
In angry frown
By thee cast down.
verse 8 Thou tell'st my wandrings all.
Yea, thou keepest a Register of them. Be repulsed by my pray­ers.
O bottle up my tears,
These in thy book are plain:
verse 9 I know, when I
To thee shall cry,
My foes shall turn again.
[Page 110] For God is on my side:
verse 10 In Gods most holy Name;
By Gods grace I will praise the certainty of his promises.
His word will I
Still magnifie
In God I'l praise the same.
verse 11 On God have I reli'd,
I will not fear for ought
That ever can
By mortall man
Against my soul be wrought.
verse 12 Thy vows are on me LORD,
I'l render praise to thee:
verse 13 Since thou didst save
My soul from grave,
Deadly dan­gers.
When death arrested mee.
O wilt not thou accord
To keep my feet upright?
From falling into sin or sorrow.
To walk with grace
Before thy face
With them that live in light.


To Dutch bass tune.

David makes God his refuge in great dan­gers.

O Lord vouchsafe, vouchsafe thy grace,
Be mercifull to me:
For my distressed soul doth place
Her confidence in thee.
Yea to the shadow of thy wings,
I will for refuge fly:
Untill these lamentable things
Be passed quietly.
verse 2 I'l cry to God with earnest breath,
[Page 111] Even unto God most high,
VVho faithfully accomplisheth
My competent supply.
verse 3 From heaven shall Jehovah send,
And, by his mighty pow'r,
From their reproach my soul defend,
That would the same devour.
God shall send forth his truth and grace,
verse 4 I lodge in Lions den;
My soul is pris'ner in a place
Among enraged men.
Setting Saul on, 1 Sam. 24. 9.
I lodge with men whose teeth are spears,
And arrows are their words;
And those envenom'd tongues of theirs,
Are like to sharp'ned swords.

2. Part.


David extends his thanksgivings for delive­rance to the coasts of the Gentiles.So prophecy­ing of the Gospel to be heard there.

verse 5 O God let thy exalted Name,
Above the heavens stand:
Advance thy glory, raise thy fame
Above both sea and land.
verse 6 They lai'd a net, they dig'd a ditch,
My soul to take and drown:
VVithin the very mid'st of which,
Themselves are fallen down.
verse 7 My heart is fixt, ô God my heart
Is fixt upon the thing:
I'l praise thy Name with all my art.
verse 8 My glory wake and sing.
Awake my Harp and Psaltery,
My tongue.
My self will early wake:
[Page 112] verse 9 Among the people LORD will I
Thy praises undertake.
And by my song shalt thou be prais'd
Among the heath'nish crowds:
verse 10 Thy mercy is to heaven rais'd,
Thy truth doth reach the clouds.
verse 11 O God let thy exalted Name,
More high then heaven stand:
Advance thy glory, rear thy fame
Above the sea and land.


Martyrs tune.

He inveigheth against ungodly Governours and great ones; shewing their corruption, obstinacy, and utter destruction.

DO ye O Congregation
Speak righteousness indeed?
O humane generation
Do ye with truth proceed?
verse 2 Yea,
Isa. 48. 8. Inchanters ticed the ad­der out of her hole by a voice or tune to kill them, but som were so craftie, as to stop one ear with the tayl, and the other with the ground, lest the in­chantment should tice her out.
ye in heart work wickedness,
Ye tyrannize on earth:
verse 3 Prone are the wicked to digress,
Estrang'd even from their birth.
As soon as they be born they erre,
By lies they go astray:
verse 4 Such as a Serpent hath in her,
Such pois'nous breath have they.
Deaf Adder-like, that as shee lies,
Stops close her wilfull ear,
verse 5 That charme the charmer nere so wise,
His voice she will not hear.
verse 6 O let the eager tusk, that hangs
Each side their mouth, be burst:
[Page 113] Break out ô God the cruell fangs,
Of these young Lions curst.
verse 7 Melt them, as running waters flow,
Make them as weak as water.
And when the tyrant heeds,
To shoot his shafts from bended bow,
Be they as broken reeds.
verse 8 So let them pass away on earth,
As snailes to slime do run:
A snail out [...]f her shell.
Or like a womans timeless birth,
And never see the Sun.
verse 9 Before they feel your thornes to prick,
Heb. Before they (i. e. the godly) feel your thorns pricky, he (i. e. God) shall blast both the quick and burned (i. e. dead thorn.)
The Lord shall them disperse:
The dead and dry, the keen and quick,
As with a whirl-wind fierce.
verse 10 The just shall see the vengeance then,
Rejoycing much to see't:
And in the bloud of wicked men,
Victorious wash his feet.
verse 11 Sure righteous men reap vertues fruits,
Men shall acknowledge so:
Sure he is God that executes
Just judgement here below.


To new staffe tune.

A prayer against persecutors, describing their villanous and ravenous dispositions.

FRom all my cruell enemies,
My God deliver me:
From them that do against me rise,
My strong defender be.
verse 2 Me from the lewd
Vain multitude,
And bloudy men defend:
[Page 114] verse 3 For lo they lie
In secrecie
My soul to apprehend.
The mighty men, with one accord,
Against me do combine:
Yet not for my transgression LORD,
Nor any sin of mine.
verse 4 They have begun,
Prepar'd, to run
In haste, without my fault:
Awake, and see,
And succour mee
Against their fierce assault.
verse 5 Thou therefore Israels righteous God,
The soveraign LORD of hoasts,
Awake and visit with thy rod,
Even all the heathen coasts.
Such as are implacable, and incorri­gible.
Transgressors lewd
Do thou exclude
From pardon and from pitie:
verse 6 Return'd in dark,
Like dogs they bark,
And go about the Citie.
verse 7 Lo, in their lips are sharpned swords,
Their mouths belch out their pride:
For who, say they, shall hear our words?
verse 8 But thou shalt them deride.
The heathen born
Thou LORD shalt scorn.
verse 9 On thee will I attend,
Because of thine
Own strength divine,
For God shall me defend.

2. Part.


Prayers and praises returned for delive­rance from persecution.

verse 10 MY gracious God shall me prevent,
With his compassions free:
Upon my foes my hearts content,
The LORD shall let me see.
verse 11 Suppress them quite,
And by thy might
Disperse, but slay them not:
Some think it a prophe­cy of the dis­persed un­beleeving Jews.
O LORD our shield
Some sign to yield
That may not be forgot.
verse 12 For sinfull words which mouths pro­fane,
And cursing lips let slide,
And for their lies let them be ta'n,
Yea, even in their pride.
verse 13 In angry fume
My foes consume,
That none of them remain:
None remain in honour or happiness.
That every land
May understand
Great Jacobs God to reign.
verse 14 Let them return at evening tide,
Since they raven like dogs, let them speed no better, let them be emptie, &c.
As howling dogs are wont:
And round about on every side,
In every corner hunt.
verse 15 Where wandring wide
For meat let them repine:
verse 16 But lo my tongue
Shall sing a song
To praise thy pow'r divine.
[Page 116] Yea, in the morning I'l begin,
Of thine affection deer,
To sing aloud, for thou hast bin
My sole Protector here.
Thou wast my stay
In dangerous day,
verse 17 To thee my strength I'l sing:
God's my defence
And rock from when
My mercy hath her spring.


To Old England tune.

David remembers the sad desertions of the Church,Meditate of the advan­ced kingdom of Christ thus typed. prays for better success, and for the advancement and enlargement of his Kingdome.

O God thou did'st thy people leave,
And then were we disperst:
Displeasure great thou did'st conceive,
The land feels the sad effects of warre to this day.
Thy wrath let be reverst.
verse 2 The earth by thy fierce handling quakes,
Yea, thou the same hast broke:
O heal her breaches,
A more bit­ter cup of af­fliction, but of late ap­pear great tokens o [...] thy love to witness the truth of thy promises; proceed Lord to pro­sper David, to conquer the remotest places.
for it shakes,
By such thy dreadfull stroke.
verse 3 Things which most bitter we did think,
Thou on thy folke did'st bring:
And mad'st thy wofull people drink,
A wine astonishing.
verse 4 Thou on thy people fearing thee,
A banner hast bestow'd,
Because of truth and veritie,
To be display'd abroad.
verse 5 Now Lord that thy beloved King,
Delivered may be:
[Page 117] Let thy right hand assistance bring,
And kindly answer me.
verse 6 In holiness Jehovah spake,
I therefore make no doubt,
But Shechem to divide and take,
And Succoth-vale mete out.
verse 7 Manasseh, Gilead must subscribe
To me in dutious aw:
My heads chief strength is Ephraims tribe,
Ephraim for Souldiers, Iudah for Counsellors, servile Moab &c. yet glad that Christ overcomes them.
And Judah gives my law.
verse 8 On Edom I will set my foot,
My wash-pot Mo'b shall be:
Philistia shall triumph and shout,
And that because of me.
verse 9 Who will to Edom me direct,
Unto the Citie strong:
verse 10 Not thou that did'st our hoasts reject,
Nor with us went'st along?
verse 11 The help of man is vanitie,
O help us in distress:
verse 12 Through God we shall do valiantly,
He shall our foes suppress.


Old England tune.

David forced from Jerusalem, prays for re­stauration,By Absol [...]ms conspiracy. with confidence and thankfulnes.

LOrd hear my cry, my pray'r attend:
verse 2 From earths remotest part,
From the deserts, whi­ther I am fled. per­swade me to rest on thy power and promises.
Mine earnest cries to thee I send,
When over-whelm'd in heart.
Conduct me to the rock of pow'r,
That higher is then I:
verse 3 For thou hast been my fort and tow'r,
Against the enemie.
[Page 118] verse 4 Within thy sacred coverings,
I desire to frequent thy Tabernacle. Thy mercies represented by the Che­rubims. Exo. 37. 9.
I will for ever house:
And trust in covert of thy wings;
verse 5 For thou hast heard my vowes.
Thou gav'st the King the heritage
Of them that fear thy Name:
verse 6 His life and yeers to many an age,
The best he­ritage. Acts 26. 18.
Thou wilt prolong the same.
verse 7 Before the Lord he shall abide,
In his seed according to faith.
For ever to endure:
Thy truth and mercy ô provide,
Which may preserve him sure.
verse 8 So will I sing from day to day,
The praises of thy Name:
That, having vow'd, I daily may
To thee perform the same.


Dutch tune.

The confidence of Saints, vilenes of persecu­tors, vanitie of men and worldly means, and impartiall judgement of God.

verse 1 MY soul indeed on God is stay'd,
verse 2 He is my Saviour prov'd:
My onely rock, defence, and ayd,
I shall not much be mov'd.
verse 3 How long will ye have lewd pretence?
Ye shall be slaughtered all:
Ye shall be like a tott'ring fence,
And like a bowing wall.
verse 4'Tis all your aim, and all your art,
To dispa­rage the righteous.
His exc'lence to despise:
Ye bless with mouth, ye curse in heart,
And take delight in lies.
[Page 119] verse 5 My soul wait thou on God alone,
My expectation's thence:
verse 6 He onely is my rock of stone,
Salvation and defence.
I shall not therefore much be mov'd,
verse 7 My God's my health and praise:
My rock of strength and refuge prov'd,
On whom my spirit stayes.
verse 8 At all times trust in him alone,
Ye Saints with one accord:
Powre out your heart before his throne,
Our refuge is the Lord.
verse 9 All sorts of men are vanitie,
They whose condition's base,
And they no better then a lie,
That are of higher place.
In balance lai'd are found more light,
Then vanitie it self:
verse 10 O trust not in oppressing might,
Become not vain in stealth.
Though wealth increase not got amiss,
Set not your heart on gains:
verse 11 God spake it once, twice heard I this,
Once and again, many a time and oft.
That pow'r to God pertains.
verse 12 And unto thee ô LORD alone,
Compassion doth belong:
Thou renderest to every one
Reward of right or wrong.


To new verse tune.

David longs for the publick Ordinances; feeds his soul with meditations thereupon. The joy of the godly, and utter destruction of Christs and our enemies.

[Page 120] O God thou God to mee,
I'l early seek for thee:
My soul, my flesh
With longings fresh
Desireth there to bee.
In thirstie land and dry,
Where is no water nigh:
No ordinan­ces.
verse 2 To see thy might
And glory bright
As in the Sanctu'ry.
verse 3 Thy kindnes and thy love,
Are life it self above:
My lips shall frame
To praise thy name,
And that doth make them move.
verse 4 Thus will I bless and praise
Thy Name, even all my dayes:
And unto thine
Own Name divine.
My hands devoutly raise.
verse 5 With fat and marrow fed,
My soul shall sure be sped:
My mouth and lips
(Sweet fellowships)
Thy praise shall speak and spread.
verse 6 When I sweet thoughts recite,
Upon my bed at night,
And meditate
Upon thee late
Before the dawning light.
verse 7 Since thou the fountain whence
Proceedeth my defence,
Thy wings safe shade
Shall now be made
[Page 121] My joyfull residence.
verse 8 My soul pursues thee hard,
Thy right hand is my guard:
verse 9 But who assay
My soul to slay
Shall death and hell reward.
verse 10 They by the sword shall fall,
Slain in bat­t [...]ll and left a prey to the beasts. And for e­very good Christian. Rev. 1. 6.
The foxes portion all:
verse 11 But for the King
Fresh joys shall spring,
While he on God doth call.
All swearing by his Name,
Shall glory in the same.
Their mouth likewise
That utter lies,
All that wor­ship the true God aright. Gen. 31. 53. but God will discover hy­pocrite-pro­fessors.
The Lord shall stop with shame.


York tune.

He shews the destruction of crafty and cruell persecutors, and how Gods judgement shall be reverenced of others.

VOuchsafe ô Lord to hear my cry,
And to my pray'rs give ear:
Preserve my life from th'enemie
Of whom I stand in fear.
verse 2 Lord hide me from the secret snare,
That wicked men devise:
From them that wicked workers are,
And up against me rise.
verse 3 For they have made their tongues acute,
As sharpest edge of swords:
That they might deadly arrows shoot,
Most cruell bitter words.
[Page 122] verse 4 That they may shoot in secrecy,
The perfect man to hit:
They do shoot at him suddainly,
And do not fear a whit.
verse 5 With courage they in ill proceed,
And commune how to lay
Their privy snares, in hope to speed,
For who shall see, say they?
verse 6 They to accomplish wickedness,
Have diligently sought:
Their hearts are deep and bottomless,
Cunning to conceive, close to con­ceal mis­chief.
With every secret thought.
verse 7 A suddain arrow shall them wound,
Shot from the Lord to slay:
verse 8 So shall their tongues themselves con­found,
Beholders flee away.
Their threats and curses fall on them­selves.
verse 9 This shall a feare on all men bring,
They shall Gods work declare:
Most prudently considering,
What these his doings are.
verse 10 The righteous shall in God delight,
Trust in his holy Name:
And all that are in heart upright,
Shall glory in the same.


New verse tune.

The promptnes of the Church to serve God; The assurance of pardon of sin, access to his presence, and success in our prayers with the great and terrible God.

PRaise waiteth for thee still,
O God, in Sions hill:
And unto thee
The vow shall be
[Page 123] Performed with good will.
verse 2 O thou that hearest pray'rs,
To thee all flesh repairs:
verse 3 My sins assail
And so prevail,
They fill me with dispairs.
But Lord no sins are they,
But what thou dost away:
verse 4 O blest are those
Whom thou hast chose,
[...]n and tho­rough Christ
That neer approach thee may:
Within thy Courts to abide,
Published, pressed, and experienced by the ordi­nances there.
VVhere we are full suppli'd
VVith grace, of which
Thy house is rich,
Thy Temple sanctifi'd.
verse 5 Thou wilt, by dreadfull things,
Judgements against our adversaries.
VVhich thy sure justice brings;
An answer frame,
O thou great name,
VVhence our salvation springs.
VVho art the confidence
Of earths concumference:
And also theirs
Whom th'Ocean bears,
Remote so far from hence.
verse 6 VVhose strength sets fast the hills,
And, girt with pow'r, he stills
verse 7 The Sea that raves
With boist'rous waves,
And mens rebellious wills:
Eclipses, Comets, and strange acci­dents.
verse 8 Thy signs affright the stout,
Who all parts dwell about:
[Page 124] The mornings voice
Thou mak'st rejoice,
Every day hath some remarkable providence rejoicing the creatures.
And th'evenings goings out.

2. Part.


The rich blessings of God upon the earth.

verse 9 THou visitest the land,
And wat'rest with thy hand:
Rain is God river.
Gods river which
Makes earth so rich,
Powrs down at thy command.
It do'th with water flow,
And corn thou do'st bestow,
When as thou hast,
By thy forecast,
Provided for it so.
verse 10 Her ridges that are dry,
Thou wat'rest plenteously:
Her furrowes cast
Thou setlest fast,
And softning show'rs apply.
Thy blessings make the crop,
To spring upon its top:
verse 11 Thou crownest th'yeer
With goodnes meer,
Thy paths doe fatness drop.
verse 12 The pastures are suppli'd,
And desarts far and wide,
VVhile rain distills
The little hills
Rejoyce on every side.
verse 13 The covered vallies spring
With corn which they forth-bring:
[Page 125] The pastures glad
With flocks are clad,
They shout for joy and sing.


To Coventry tune.

He praiseth God for miraculous deliverances.

SIng to the Lord ô all yee lands,
And make a joyfull sound:
verse 2 Sing forth his fame,
And glorious Name,
And make his praise renown'd.
verse 3 How dreadfull works come from thy
Thy pow'r (say) Lord, how great! (hands!
Foes bow before,
verse 4 Vast earth adore
At his most sacred seat.
Yea sing unto thy Name shall they,
In songs thine honour spread:
verse 5 Gods works come see,
Whose actions bee
To mortalls full of dread.
verse 6 To firm dry land he turn'd the Sea,
The red Sea.
And all the waters moist:
There went they through
And dry-shod too:
There wee in him rejoic'd.
verse 7 He ever rules by soveraign pow'rs,
His eyes all lands descry:
O let not then
Rebellious men
Exalt themselves on high.
verse 8 All people praise this God of ours,
With earnest voices strive,
[Page 126] His praise renown'd
To make resound.
verse 9 Who holds our soul alive.
And suffereth not on any side,
Our feet to be remov'd:
verse 10 For thou ô God,
With smarting rod,
Hast us thy servants prov'd.
As silver in a furnace tri'd,
So throughly tri'd were we:
verse 11 Our feet were set
Within the net,
And therein brought by thee.
Afflictions sore and violent,
Thou mad'st our loins abide:
verse 12 Yea thou did'st then
Cause furious men
Over our heads to ride.
Through flames of fire we also went,
And through the watry flouds:
But surely thou
Hast brought us now
To places stor'd with goods.
As from E­gypt into Canaan.

2. Part.


He gives us an example of true gratitude, by performance of vows, sacrifices, exhorta­tions, abstaining from sin, and cheerfull praises.

verse 13 BUrnt-offrings to thy house I'l bear,
There those sworn vows to pay,
verse 14 VVith lips of mine,
And mouth made thine,
[Page 127] In my distressfull day:
verse 15 Burnt sacrifice of fatlings there,
My soul to thee devotes:
VVith incense too,
Of Rammes enow,
VVith Bullocks offring Goats.
verse 16 Come hearken ye that fear Gods Name,
To you declare will I;
VVhat favour hee
Hath done for mee,
verse 17 My mouth to him did cry,
I with my tongue extoll'd his fame:
verse 18 But if I should regard,
And purpose in
My heart to sin,
My pray'r should not be heard.
verse 19 But God hath heard me verily,
And hath been well content;
VVith willing ear
The voice to hear
And pray'r I did present:
verse 20 The Lord I bless and magnifie
VVho turned not away,
Nor grace hath he
VVith-held from me,
VVhen I to him did pray.


A prayer for the publication of the Gospel, and the blessings that do accompany it.

O God be mercifull to thine,
And bless us every one:
Command thy face on us to shine:
verse 2 Thy way on earth make knowne.
[Page 128] Thy saving health to Nations all:
verse 3 Let people praise thy Name:
O let them all in generall
Give praises to the same.
verse 4 Let all the people far and wide,
Sing out with joy and mirth:
For thou shalt justly judge and guide
The Nations of the earth.
verse 5 Let all that are of humane birth,
Praise thee, and not surcease:
verse 6 Then shall the fat and fruitfull earth,
yield plentifull increase.
Yea God our God shall bless us then,
verse 7 Great blessings God shall send:
He shall be fear'd of mortall men,
To earths remotest end.


To Dutch tune.

David (at the remove of the Ark) celebrates the greatness and goodness of God.See Numb. 10. 35. 1 Chr. 15. 16. 26.

LEt God omnipotent arise,
His scattered foes to chace:
And let his hatefull enemies,
Flee from his angry face.
verse 2 As driven smoke drive them away,
As fire makes wax to fry;
So in Gods presence perish they
That work iniquitie.
verse 3 But let the just be glad with joy,
Before Jehovahs face:
Let them rejoyce exceedingly,
And sing unto his grace.
verse 4 Sing praise to God with cheerfull voice,
[Page 129] Extoll'd by JAH his Name;
And in his presence much rejoice,
That rides on heavens frame.
verse 5 A father of the fatherless,
A Judge of widows case,
Is God in place of holiness,
From that his dwelling place.
verse 6 He sets th'alone in families,
Calleth to marriage & blesseth it; releaseth prisoners & bond-slaves.
And bringeth out the bound;
But lets rebellious enemies,
Inhabit barren ground.

2. Part.


A memoriall of Gods miraculous works in the Wilderness, and the land of Canaan.

verse 7 WHen thou to be thy peoples guide,
O God did'st undertake:
And marchedst through the desarts wide,
verse 8 Affrighted earth did quake.
Then also did the heavens drop,
Exod. 19. 18.
'Cause Israels God was there:
Yea at thy presence Sinai's top
Did move and quake for fear.
verse 9 Thou Lord did'st send a gracious rain,
Ier. 5. 24. All manner of blessings. [...] 34. 26.
Thine heritage thereby
VVas strength'ned and confirm'd again,
When it was faint and dry.
verse 10 Thy Congregation dwelt therein,
Thy chosen people, and for their sake the land was blest. Presently in all mens mouths.
O God thou art the doer:
Thou of thy goodness brought'st us in
Provision for the poor.
verse 11 God gave the word of victorie,
Immediately there came
[Page 130] Innumerable companie
That published the same.
verse 12 Stout Kings of potent Armies fled,
For they were put to foil:
Women had spoil brought home.
And shee at home that tarried,
Helpt to divide the spoil.
verse 13 Tho ye have lien among the pots,
As scullions.
Ye shall be like a Dove:
VVith checkquerd wings of silver spots,
And yellow gold above.
verse 14 When God almighty scattered here
Proud Kings, that came to kill's:
Victorious Israel shin'd as cleer
As snow on Salmon hills.

3. Part.


The happines of Sion, excelling Sinai,Intimating the happines of the church above all o­ther people. and all other hills, because the Temple was there built. The glorious acts of Christ for the Church thereby typed.

verse 15 THe hill wherein Jehovah dwells,
As Bashan hill we count:
A loftie hill, that parallels
The height of Bashan mount.
verse 16 Why leap yee, yee aspiring hills?
This is that famous hill:
VVherein the Lord precisely wills.
To have his dwelling still.
Yea here to dwell for evermore.
verse 17 Gods Chariots are not small,
But thousands, yea a thousand score
Of pow'rs Angelicall.
[Page 131] The Lord's with them, as formerly,
As Angels waited on God on Si­nai. Exo. 19. So on the Church. Heb. 1. 14. Christ (after his passion) ascended, conquering our captivers and received power to send down the Holy Ghost, even for the Elect Gentils that were yet rebellious. Escaps from death corpo­rall, spiritual, temporall & eternall.
In Sinai's holy ground:
verse 18 Thou hast ascended up on high,
And led captiv'tie bound.
Thou hast received gifts for men,
Yea those men that rebell:
That God the Lord might also then
Among the Gentiles dwell.
verse 19 Blessed the God that every day
With ben'fits doth us load:
Even our salvations God, I say,
Who hath them so bestow'd.
verse 20 He is the God of saving health,
Even God on whom wee call:
And unto God the Lord himself
Belong deaths issues all.
verse 21 But God shall wound his en'mies head,
Their hairy scalp and skin;
That having lewdly trespassed,
Dare still persist therein.
verse 22 I will bring back, the Lord did say,
From Bashan come shall these:
Tho another Og of Bashan or red Sea were in their way.
My people I will bring away
From bottoms of the Seas.
verse 23 That thou mai'st dip thy foot in bloud,
Of adversaries slain:
And where thy slaughter'd en'mies stood,
Thy dogs their tongues may stain.

4. Part.


The pompous carriage of the A [...]k to the Ta­bernacle,Meditate of Christs glo­rification & appearance at the last judgement. the resort of great men thereto.

verse 24 THy goings in thy Sanctuary,
Thy goings Lord my King,
[Page 132] The people saw apparently:
verse 25 Before went those that sing:
The skilfull play'rs on instrument,
Close following at their feet:
Amidst them there the damsells went,
That tun'd the timbrels sweet.
verse 26 In great resorts Gods praise ascribe,
From the first Israelite to the last, or from the gifts of God himself.
The Lord from Israels spring:
verse 27 There's Benjamin that little tribe,
Together with their King.
There's Judahs Princes generally,
And Counsellors of theirs:
From Zebulon and Nepthali,
Each famous Prince appears.
verse 28 They God by his supream command,
Outward magnifi­cence of that king­dom, a type of the Church.
Thy strength hath founded thus:
Strengthen O God with thy good hand,
What thou hast wrought for us.

5. Part.


The conversion of the Gentiles, and confusion of implacable adversaries.

verse 29 THy Temple at Jerusalem,
Shall forein Kings allure:
To come and bring their gifts with them,
Thy favour to procure.
verse 30 Rebuke the spear-mens company,
Wanton and brutish ad­versaries.
And that unruly crue
Of Bulls and calves, till generally
They pay their tributes due.
Till each man silver-plate presents,
2 King. 8. 2. Mat. 2. 11.
Disperse and scatter farre
All these tumultuous male contents,
That take delight in warre.
[Page 133] verse 31 Aethiop to God shall stretch her hands,
And Aegypt send her King:
verse 32 Sing praise to God, ye forein lands,
To great Jehovah sing.
verse 33 That rides upon the highest sphere,
Of heavens fram'd of old:
And sendeth out his thunders there,
A mighty voice, behold.
verse 34 Ascribe to God omnipotence,
His strength in clouds in shown:
O're Isr'el is his excellence,
verse 35 Lord thou'rt a dreadfull one;
Yet in thy house we learn thy magnifi­cence best.
The same thy Sanctuary shows:
Yea Israels God's the same;
That strength and pow'r on his bestows,
And blessed be his Name.


Oxford tune.

David in deep affliction, prays that no good man might be discouraged by his sufferings, which were for the cause of God.

SAve me O God, for to my soul
swift waters flow apace:
verse 2 I sink within a miry hole,
Where is no standing place.
In deepest waters I am come,
Supprest with flouds main force:
verse 3 My crying is most wearisome,
My throat is dry and hoarse.
Mine eyes do fail while (hard bestead)
I for my God do wait:
verse 4 More foes then hairs upon my head,
Do bear me causless hate:
[Page 134] My wrongfull foes are mightie men,
That seek my soul to slay:
The things have I restored then,
VVhich I took not away.
verse 5 O God my sinne's not hid from thee,
My exceed­ing inno­cence.
My foolishness thou know'st:
verse 6 Let no man be asham'd through mee,
O Lord O God of hoast.
Let none that wait on thee have shame,
None to confusion sell:
For my sake, none that seek thy Name,
O God of Israel.
verse 7 Since for thy sake I suffered scorn,
My face was fill'd with shame:
verse 8 To those that were my brethren born,
A stranger I became.
My mothers children do with mee,
Consumed with care to maintain thy pure service. Iob. 2. 22.
As with an aliant deal:
verse 9 And I am eaten up for thee,
And with thy houses zeal.
I bore thy scorners blasphemies,
verse 10 And when I wept and mourn'd,
My soul with fasting to chastise,
That to my shame they turn'd.
verse 11 I put on sackcloth, and became
A by-word to the throng:
verse 12 Of Magistrates I bore the blame,
I was the drunkards song.

2. Part.


David in danger to be swallowed of afflicti­on, makes his earnest prayer to God.

verse 13 BUt as for me I'l pray to thee,
In acceptable hour:
[Page 135] In thy great mercy hear thou mee,
And truth of saving pow'r.
verse 14 O from the mire deliv'rance send,
And me from sinking keep:
From such as hate me ô defend,
And from the waters deep.
verse 15 No swallowing depth nor floud permit,
Whose water over-flows,
To 'ore-top my head, nor let the pit
Her mouth upon me close.
verse 16 Good is thy loving kindness LORD,
O hear thou me therefore:
Turn to me LORD, as may accord
With thy compassions store.
verse 17 Nor from thy servant hide thy face,
For I'm bereft of peace:
verse 18 Hear me with speed, draw nigh apace
Unto my souls release:
For my foes sake deliver mee:
verse 19 Thou my reproach hast known;
My shame and scorn and enemies be,
Before thee every one.

3. Part.


The extreme malice of the wicked, adding af­fliction to the afflicted. Reprobates are bitterly and eternally cursed.

verse 20 REproach my heart hath overcome,
Meditate of Christs suf­ferings.
And sorrow fill'd my soul:
I lookt for pitie shew'd by some,
But no man did condole.
I look'd, but found no comforter.
verse 21 For meat they gave me gall:
[Page 136] For drink they gave mee Vineger
To quench my thirst withall.
verse 22 O let their table prove a snare,
And whatsoere might hap
For to have made them well to fare,
Smite them with the worst disea­ses, as blind­ness, pal­sie, &c.
Let it become a trap.
verse 23 Upon their eyes let darkness fall
Their loyns let always shake:
verse 24 Yea, let them Lord, yea let them all
Of thy fierce wrath partake.
Take hold of his ungodly race,
With wrath that ne'r relents:
verse 25 Make desolate their dwelling place,
Let none dwell in their tents,
verse 26 For where men bear thy heavie blows
They persecute the more:
And talk unto the grief of those
Whom thou hast wounded sore.
verse 27 Bring all their sinnes into a summe,
Let them in­crease sinne, but never get pardon.
Heap'd up in great excess:
And let them never never come
Into thy righteousness.
verse 28 Out of the book of life, O blot
Their most detested name:
And with the righteous let them not
Be written in the same.

2. Part.


David prayes in affliction,Both of Iews and Gentiles. commends true gratitude, and prophesies good to the Church.

verse 29 BUt sorrowfull and poor am I,
O God do thou me raise:
[Page 137] Let thy salvation set me high.
verse 30 My song shall give God praise,
And with thanksgiving him extol:
verse 31 No bullock horn'd and hoov'd,
Or stalled ox presented whol
Can be so well approv'd.
verse 32 This sight shall joy thy humble Saints:
Hearts seeking God shall live;
verse 33 For lo, the Lord to poor mens plaint▪
A gracious ear doth give:
His pris'ners hee doth not contem',
Held under the bondage of affliction.
verse 34 Let heaven, earth and seas
Give God due praises all of them,
And all that moves in these.
verse 35 For God will Sion mountain save,
The true Church. Also he pro­miseth the conversion of the Iews. In the true Church ty­ped by the land of Iu­dah.
And Judahs Cities rear:
Which men may in possession have
For constant dwelling there.
verse 36 And all thy servants faithfull race
Inheriting the same:
There they shall have a dwelling place
That dearly love his name.


To 2. strain tune, or to both.

A prayer against persecutors, and for the speedy succour of all the godly.

MAke haste, O LORD,
And help afford:
Make haste to help me, O my Lord.
verse 2 Let shames controll
Confound them whole
That seek to hurt my harmless soul.
[Page 138] Confusions hire
Cause them retire,
That do my hurt and harm desire.
verse 3 And them that say,
Aha, Aha,
Repulse and shame their shame repay.
verse 4 All that seek thee
Let joyfull bee,
And also very glad in thee:
Still let them frame,
To praise thy Name,
That love salvation from the same.
verse 5 But I (poor weed)
Still stand in need,
Do thou ô God to mee make speed:
Thou art my tow'r,
And saving pow'r,
Lord tarry not, but come this hour.


To Cambr. old tune.

A prayer for preservation, alledging Gods promises and providence.

O Lord, I put my trust in thee,
O put me not to shame:
verse 2 Cause me to 'scape, delivering me
By thy most righteous Name.
To me be thy salvation show'd;
Give ear unto my pray'r:
verse 3 Be thou my place of sure abode,
VVhere I may still repair.
For thou to save me gav'st command,
Gavest com­mand to thy Angels. Psal. 91. 11.
Thou art my rock and fort:
verse 4 Save me ô God out of the hand
Of all the wicked sort.
[Page 139] Out of the hand of the unjust,
And of the cruell man:
verse 5 Lord God in thee I hope and trust,
Ev'n since my youth began.
verse 6 Thou hast upheld me from the womb,
And thou alone art he,
That took'st me from that narrow room,
My praise still waits on thee.
verse 7 I am a wonder to the Town,
But thou my refuge strong:
verse 8 O fill my mouth with thy renown,
And honour all day long.

2. part.


David prays for preservation in his old age,In which time Abso­lom rebelled. considering the malice of his adversaries, and mercies of God, which he praiseth.

verse 9 CAst me not off in these my dayes,
When old age makes me break:
Forsake me not when strength decayes,
verse 10 For foes against me speak:
They have together counsell took,
Who for my soul lay wait:
verse 11 Now God, say they, hath him forsook,
Pursue and take him strait.
For there is no deliverer:
O be not far from me:
verse 12 O God my God do not deferre,
Make haste my help to be:
All adversaries to my soul,
That seek to hurt the same;
verse 13 Confound them, and consume them whole,
And cover them with shame.
[Page 140] With ignominious infamy,
Let them be covered o're:
verse 14 But I will hope continually
Still praise thee more and more.
verse 15 My mouth thy righteousness shall show
And saving health all day:
More then can be told.
For I thereof no numbers know,
So infinite are they.

3. Part.


Davids confidence in Gods experienc'd pro­tection, hee desires to publish it to all the generations.

verse 16 WIth God the Lord's assistant might
I will couragious walk:
Thy righteousness will I recite,
And thereof only talk.
verse 17 Even from my youth and infancie,
O God thou hast me taught,
And hitherto declar'd have I
The wonders thou hast wrought.
verse 18 Now also Lord, when I am old,
And when my head is gray,
O do not slack, or leave thy hold,
O cast me not away,
Untill thy strength I have made know'n
Unto the present age:
To after commers every one
Till I thy pow'r presage,
verse 19 Thy righteousness, O God, exceeds,
In wonderfull degree:
Thou hast performed wondrous deeds
O God who's like to thee?
[Page 141] verse 20 Thou shew'dst me troubles great & sore,
Thy pow'r shall me revive;
From dee­pest & dar­kest dunge­on of adve [...] ­sity.
And from the depths of earth restore,
And bring me up alive.
verse 21 On all sides thou shalt comfort me,
My greatness thou shalt raise:
verse 22 With Psaltery I'l give thanks to thee
With cheerfull songs of praise:
Yea, even thy truth and verity
O God my God alone,
And sing to thee with harp will I,
O Isr'els holy One.
verse 23 Full greatly shall my lips be joy'd
VVhen I shall sing to thee:
Thus my glad soul shall be imploy'd,
For thou redeemest me:
verse 24 My tongue thy justice shall proclame
Continuing all day long:
For they are quell'd and brought to shame
That seek to do me wrong.


Martyrs tune.

David prayes for Solomon, praiseth his just and happy government and large extent of his Dominion a type of Christs.

LOrd give the king thy judgements wise,
His sonne thy righteousness:
1 Chr. 23. 1.
verse 2 To judge the people with these eyes
The poor and succourless.
verse 3 Then mountains shall bring peace to men
And little hills by right:
Then barren places will be fruitfull when justice abounds.
verse 4 For he shall judge the people then,
And crush oppressors might.
[Page 142] The needies children he shall save,
verse 5 And fear him all men shall;
Meditate of Christs go­vernment.
VVhile Sun and Moon their course shall have,
Through generations all.
verse 6 He shall descend as soking rain,
Upon the mowen grass:
After one crop to pro­duce ano­ther.
As show'rs that water hill and plain,
What ever way they pass.
verse 7 The righteous shall be flourishing,
And most abundant peace;
In dayes of this most happy King,
Untill the Moon surcease.
verse 8 And his dominions shall extend,
From the red Sea to the Syrian, from Euphrates to the great desert, in token of Christs do­minion all over the world.
And spread from sea to sea:
From rivers side to earths far end,
All lands shall him obey.
verse 9 All those that in the deserts dwell,
Before him bow they must:
His enemies he will compell,
To stoop and lick the dust.
verse 10 The Tarshian Kings shall gifts present,
Shebah and Sabahs King,
And all the Ilands adjacent,
Their gifts to him shall bring.
verse 11 All Kings before him down shall fall,
All nations shall him serve:
verse 12 And when the needy cry and call,
He shall their life preserve.

2. Part.


The graciousness and happiness of Christ his government, and the great applause thereof.

[Page 143] verse 13 THe poor and needy he shall spare,
The poor and succourless:
The souls of them that needy are,
Deliv'ring from distress.
verse 14 From violence and fraud shall he
Their abject souls redeem:
And in his sight their bloud shall be
Of singular esteem.
verse 15 They Shebahs gold to him shall give,
And daily for him pray:
And honorably he shall live,
Applauded every day.
verse 16 Handfuls of Corn shall grow upon
The pregnant mountains top:
Some fruit­fulnes in the barrennest places, yea, a plentifull crop to ru­stle as the boughs. The subjects of Christs Kingdome shall flou­rish.
VVhose fruit shall shake like Lebanon,
So plentifull the crop.
The Citizens shall spring and spred,
As grass most fresh and fine:
verse 17 His Name shall be continued,
As long as Sun shall shine.
His Name shall be retain'd in minde,
For ever to remain:
And in the same shall all mankinde,
Great blessedness obtain.
Gal. 3. 8.
All lands shall call him blessed one.
verse 18 O let the LORD be prais'd:
The God of Israel who alone
Hath mighty wonders rais'd.
verse 19 And blessed be his glorious Name,
To all eternitie:
The world be filled with his fame,
Amen, Amen, say I.


To Oxford tune.

Asaph sets forth the great prosperity of the wicked, and what a temptation it is to the godly.

TO Isr'el truly God is good,
To each true-hearted one:
verse 2 But as for me I scarcely stood,
my feet were almost gone.
VVel-nigh my steps had slipt aside,
verse 3 For I did envious grow
At wicked men, whom I descri'd
To speed and prosper so.
verse 4 For in their death no bands there are.
Their strength is firm and sure:
verse 5 They have no plagues, no grief, no care,
They die of age or easie diseases, without pangs of bo­dy or con­science. Iob 21. 13.
VVhich other men indure.
verse 6 As therefore with a chain are those
Incompass'd round with pride:
And violence doth them inclose
And (like a garment) hide.
verse 7 Their eies with fatness swell and stare,
No heart can wish such hoards:
verse 8 Exceedingly corrupt they are,
And speak great swelling words.
They lewdly speak concerning wrong,
They med­dle, censure, curse, how and whom they list. Gods peo­ple seek their favour, that have so much, and that makes them more carnall and prophane.
verse 9 Against the heav'ns they talk;
And their unbridled lavish tongue
Throughout the earth doth walk.
verse 10 Therefore his people hither stray,
And brimfull waters flow,
verse 11 VVrung out to them, and thus they say,
How doth God come to know?
[Page 145] Is knowledge sure in God most high?
verse 12 Behold there are the lewd;
Who have the worlds prosperity
And riches multitude.

2. Part.


Asaph seeming to question the good conditi­on of the godly, learns from Gods Word the unhappiness of the wicked, and overcomes the temptation.

verse 13 NOw surely I, on poor pretence,
Have cleans'd my heart in vain:
And washt my hands in innocence
VVith labour for my pain.
verse 14 For I was dieted all day
With plagues for my repast:
And every morning was my pay
With blows to break my fast.
verse 15 Yet if I utter these complaints,
I should (said I) offend
The generation of thy Saints,
And rashly read their end.
verse 16 Then thought I how to cleer this doubt
And see the full extent:
But found it hard to find it out
verse 17 Till I to Sion went.
Till I consul­ted with that word which I had heard there.
I saw their end made recompence,
verse 18 On slipp'ry seats they sit;
Thou setst them there to cast them thence
Into destructions pit.
verse 19 A moment brings their misery,
O great and wondrous change!
They are consumed utterly
VVith thoughts of terror strange.
[Page 146] verse 20 Even as a dream in fancies brow,
from walking senses flies;
So Lord when thou awak'st shalt thou
Their image quite despise.
When thou awakest to judgement thou shalt make their vain pomp, which is but an Idea, a fancie.

3. Part.


Asaph confesseth his folly to be so much trou­bled at wicked mens prosperity; he placeth temporall and eternall happiness in neer communion with God.

verse 21 THis prick't my reins and griev'd my heart,
verse 22 Such folly didst thou see
And brutish errour on my part,
verse 23 Yet I am still with thee:
Yet thou didst not suffer the temptati­on to over­come me.
Thy right hand's all my stay and guard,
verse 24 Thy counsell all my guide,
And shall receive me afterward
To heaven glorifi'd.
verse 25 In heaven I have none but thee,
Nor is there any one
That lives on earth desir'd of me,
Except thy self alone.
verse 26 My flesh and heart now fail in mee,
But God doth fail me never:
The strengthner of my heart is he
And heritage for ever.
verse 27 For they that are estrang'd from thee
Shall perish every one:
Thou hast destroy'd all them that be
From thee a whoring gone.
verse 28 But unto God draw neer I must
For that's my wisest care:
[Page 147] In God the Lord I put my trust
All thy works to declare.
Hoping to set out thy works so as that none may stumble at prosperity or adversity of good or bad.


He complains of grievous desolations by fire and sword, and lingring calamities.

WHy hast thou, Lord, rejected us,
And dost thine anger keep:
And keep'st it ever smoking thus
Against thy pasture-sheep?
The land of Canaan and people of Israel, Deut. 32. 9.
verse 2 Thy congregation bought of old
Mount Sions purchas'd rod
Of thine inheritance behold,
VVhere thou hast dwelt, O God.
verse 3 Perpetuall ruines here begin,
Live to be perpetuall.
Come succour Lord betime:
Which in the sanctuarie's done
By th'enemies wilfull crime.
verse 4 Thine adversaries roar and rave
Here where thy people joyns.
For signs of victory.
And in their congregations have
Set Ensigns up for signs.
verse 5 By lifting axes on thick trees,
Twas once a credit to build, now to break down.
Men once obtain'd renown:
verse 6 VVith ax and hammer now do these
The carved work break down.
verse 7 Thy Sanctuary they have burn'd,
The place where dwelt thy name;
These furious foes have overturn'd,
And so defil'd the same.
verse 8 Let us destroy them out of hand,
Thus did their hearts conspire:
Gods Synagogues throughout the land
[Page 148] They have burnt up with fire.
verse 9 No Prophet speaks, no sign's descri'd,
No sign of mending or ending our misery.
None of us knows how long:
verse 10 How long ô Lord, shall we abide
The foes reproachfull wrong?
Shall th'enemy still blaspheme thy name?
verse 11 VVhy draw'st thy right hand back?
Out of thy bosome pluck the same,
And be no longer slack.
verse 12 For God is sure my King of old,
And by his pow'rfull hand
He wrought salvation uncontroll'd
In sight of all the land.
We can wit­ness many former de­liverances.

2. Part.


Gods ancient deliverances, omnipotent works and faithfull covenant incourageth their prayers.

verse 13 THou didst divide the seas by might,
Pharaohs hosts and officers, that great Levia­than. Exod. 15.
The Dragons heads in these,
verse 14 Leviathans heads thou brokest quite,
Thou brok'st them in the seas.
The same thy people did receive
I'th' wilderness for meat.
verse 15 The flood & fountain thou didst cleave,
Twas meat and drink to thy people to see his destruction. The red sea and river Jordan.
And dri'dst up rivers great.
verse 16 The day is thine, likewise the night,
Peculiarly is thine:
O Lord, thou hast prepar'd the light,
And caus'd the Sun to shine.
verse 17 The borders of the land and seas
Thou hast ordain'd the same:
Summer and VVinter, both of these
By thine appointment came.
[Page 149] verse 18 The enemies do thee scandalize,
O keep it in record:
The foolish men speak blasphemies
Against thy name, O Lord.
Thy dearly beloved Church into the hand of, &c.
verse 19 Thy Turtles soul deliver not
To many a wicked doer:
For ever let not be forgot
Th'assemblies of the poor.
verse 20 O have, ô have respect unto
Thine ancient cov'nant still:
For cruel habitations do
The earths dark places fill.
Ignorant heathenish places a­bound wi [...]h tyrants.
verse 21 O let not them that are opprest
Return with cause of shame:
O let the poor and men distrest
Have cause to praise thy Name.
verse 22 Rise Lord, and plead thine own just cause,
Think on the fools reproach:
Thy name into contempt it drawes,
VVith slanders which they broach.
verse 23 Forget not thou the furious cries
Of thy tumultuous foes:
Their tumult that against thee rise
continually growes.


Davids tune.

David (newly come to the Crown) promiseth justice, inveighs against the base corruption of Sauls officers, minding them of Gods su­preme power and terrible vengeance.

O God we render praise to thee,
To thee we give the same:
[Page 150] For by thy wondrous works we see
The neerness of thy name.
We see by what is done who is the doer that Da­vid so much opposed reigns King, but medicate more of Christ.
verse 2 VVhen I the congregations call,
An upright Judge I'l be:
verse 3 The earth's dissolv'd, the men and all,
Her pillars hold by me.
verse 4 But I admonish'd them the while,
Yee wicked fools, said [...],
Be not so vain,
The king­dome is in a to [...]ering condition under Saul for want of Justice, but David put it in frame. The cup of Gods wrath is a bloody one, like their sins.
be not so vile,
Nor lift your horn so high:
verse 5 Presumptuous horns do not advance,
Nor speak with haughty mouth:
verse 6 Promotion doth not come by chance
From East, or VVest, or South.
verse 7 But God is Judge, some sets he up,
Some others down doth pull:
verse 8 For in Gods hand there is a cup
Of crimson wine mixt full.
He powres it out, and he will make
The wicked of the land
VVring out the very dregs, and take
And drink them at his hand.
verse 9 To Jacobs God I will each day
Declare fresh songs of praise:
verse 10 The wickeds horns I'l cut away,
Their power
But righteous mens I'l raise.


Choyce tune.

A memoriall of Senacheri [...]s m [...]raculous de­feat.

IN Judah God is know'n to his,
For a faith­full and po­werfull pro­tector.
His name is great in Israel:
verse 2 His Sanctu'ry at SALEM is,
He doth in Sion-mountain dwell:
[Page 151] verse 3 The bows and arrows brake he there,
Arabian rob­bers are not so strong as God, not the kingdoms of the world.
The battell, shield, & sword, & spear:
verse 4 Thou art more glorious every way,
And excellent then mounts of prey.
verse 5 The stout of heart are over-thrown,
And they have slept their sleeps last night:
And of the mighty men not one
Hath found his hands wherewith to fight.
See 2 Chr. 22▪ 21.
verse 6 O God of Jacob thy reproof
Spoild ratling wheel & thundring hoof:
Charet and horse at thy fierce blast
Into a sleep of death are cast.
verse 7 Thou, thou alone art worthy fear,
For who may stand before thine eies?
Who dares approach, who dares appear,
When once thy burning wrath doth rise?
verse 8 From heaven thou mak'st judgement heard,
The silēt earth was sore afeard:
Thy judge­ment terri­fied the world which was wrought for poor distressed Israel. Thou gettest glory by permitting & stopping tyrants rage.
verse 9 When God arose to judgement then
To save on earth all humble men.
verse 10 Mans wrath shall surely praise thy name,
Henceforth held in by thy restraints:
verse 11 O make your vows and pay the same
Unto the Lord your God ye Saints.
Let all about him presents bring
To him that daunts the proudest King:
verse 12 To him, I say, whose fear compells,
And Princes spirits curbs and quells.


To sweet tune.

Asaph strives against desperation.

I With my voice to God did cry,
Even with my voice exprest aloud,
[Page 152] I cry'd to God most fervently,
And unto me his ear he bow'd.
verse 2 VVhat time I was with mis'ry stung,
I sought the Lord in that my grief:
My ceasless sore ran all night long,
My soul refused all relief.
verse 3 I to my grief call'd God to mind,
And my complaint while I doe make;
My spirit over-whelm'd I find,
verse 4 For thou dost hold mine eies awake;
I cannot speak I'm troubled so:
I seriously considered
verse 5 The dayes and yeers past long ago,
That were of old determined.
verse 6 I call'd to mind my song by night,
What com­fort I had heretofore.
I commune with my private heart,
My spirit was most exquifite,
Yea even in this examining art.
verse 7 Will God cast off,
To find out what the cause, or what the end might be.
And is his favour clean remov'd?
verse 8 Is mercy quite and clean set by,
His promise past but never prov'd?
verse 9 Hath God forgotten to be kind,
And wholly left compassions path?
His tender mercies all confin'd,
And hath he shut them up in wrath?
verse 10 But this, said I, full well appears,
To be mine own infirmitie:
But I will call to mind the yeers
Of his right hand that is most high.
Such times wherin God displayd his greatest fa­vours.

2. Part.


He overcomes temptations to desperation, by consideration of Gods ancient and mira­culous mercies to his Church.

[Page 153] verse 11 I Will remember in my thought,
The mighty works of God the Lord:
The wonders which of old he wrought,
Surely (said I) I will record.
verse 12 Of all thy doings I will talk,
And meditate of all thy pow'rs:
verse 13 The Sanctuary is thy walk,
Thou hast appeared most unto thy people in such great works.
Who is so great a God as ours?
verse 14 Thy strength is to thy people shown,
A wonder-working God indeed:
verse 15 Thy stretcht-out arm redeem'd thine own
Jacob and Josephs fruitfull seed.
verse 16 The waters LORD had sight of thee,
The red Sea seemed to be sensible of Gods presence. Tempests there.
The waters saw, and were afraid;
Because they did the visage see,
The depths were also sore dismaid.
verse 17 The clouds powr'd down their watry load,
The skies a thundring sound forth sent:
Thine arrows were disperst abroad,
Shot from the flaming Element.
verse 18 In heaven was thy thunder heard,
Thy lightnings did the world surround:
Earth shook and trembled sore afeard▪
verse 19 Thy way is in the seas profound.
Thy paths are in the waters deep,
Thy footsteps none can understand:
None knows now where that passage was.
verse 20 Thou ledst thy folk like flocks of sheep,
By Moses and by Aarons hand.


York tune.

He exhorts to hear the story of Gods ancient works, and to relate it to our generations.

[Page 154] MY people to my Law give ear,
Unto my speech incline:
verse 2 For lo my mouth shall open here
A parable divine.
As excellent things as Proverbs & Apothegms.
Dark sayings treasur'd up of old,
I'l utter now to you:
verse 3 Things which our fathers have us told,
And what we heard and knew.
We will not from their seed conceal,
But with a joint accord,
Unto the future age reveal
The praises of the LORD.
And all his wonders excellent,
Perform'd by powerfull hand:
verse 5 For he ordain'd a Testament,
He appoint­ed us to re­hearse these things.
In Jacob firm to stand.
For Isr'el he a law decreed,
And gave our fathers charge,
That they to their ensuing seed
Should make them known at large.
verse 6 That th'age to come and following race,
His Testaments might know:
Who should arise in fathers place,
And them to theirs might show.
verse 7 That they on God their hope might s [...],
Not from his laws remove:
Nor Gods almighty works forget,
verse 8 Not like their fathers prove.
A stubborn and rebellious brood,
Whose hearts were wrong inclin'd:
Whose soul with God unstedfast stood,
Still wavering in their mind.

2. Part.


The shamefull repulse of Israel going up with­out God, of whose works they had so won­derfull experience.See Numb. 14. 40.

verse 9 THe sons of Ephraim carrying bows,
The tribe of Ephraim car­ries the name of all Israel.
Nor did they armour lack,
In day of battell with their foes,
Faint-hearted turned back.
verse 10 God cov'nant they regarded not,
Nor for his precepts car'd:
verse 11 But all his wondrous works forgot,
Which he to them declar'd.
verse 12 Most wondrous works by his right hand,
Had their forefathers known,
Accomplished in Aegypt land,
And in the fields of Zoan.
verse 13 The Sea he did in parts divide,
Zoan the chief Court of Pharaoh, where grea­test wonders were done. Red Sea. Exod. 14. 29. 19.
And made them passage there:
VVith clatt'ring heaps on either side,
He made moist waters rear.
verse 14 He also in the time of day,
A cloud their guide assign'd:
And all night long he made them way,
With lights of fire that shin'd.
verse 15 The stony rocks he also clave,
Within the desert ground:
And store of drink to them he gave,
As out of deeps profound.
verse 16 Fresh streams did he from Horeb bring,
Meditate of Christ the foun [...]ain of grace.
And made fresh waters thence
Run down like Rivers from a spring:
verse 17 Yet gave they more offence,
G [...]ev'd God most high in desert ground,
[Page 156] By provocations great:
verse 18 And tempted God with heart unsound,
Numb. 11. 4.
By lustfull asking meat.
verse 19 Yea thus they said, controlling God,
Can God spread tables here?
verse 20 Lo, tho the rock obey'd his rod,
Can deserts yield good cheere?
The waters gusht from rocks hard side,
And streams did overflow:
But for his people flesh provide,
And can he bread bestow?

3. Part.


The great displeasure of God for the mon­strous infidelity and ingratitude of Israel.

verse 21 GOd heard therfore, and was incenst,
'Gainst Jacob fire did flame:
And anger also came agenst
All Isr'el for the same.
verse 22'Cause they on God did not relie,
Nor in this Saviour hope:
verse 23 Though he had charg'd the lostie skie,
And heavens dore set ope.
verse 24 And rain'd down Manna for their meat,
And gave them for their fare
verse 25 The corn of heaven:
Grew not on earth, but distill'd from heaven, as if Angels had sed-on it.
Man did eat
The food of Angels rare.
He fed them full with food good store:
verse 26 He sent an Eastern wind:
His power set ope the Southern dore,
Both execute his mind.
verse 27 He rain'd upon his people flesh,
[Page 157] Like Summers dust for store:
And feathered fowl he brought them fresh
As sands upon the shore.
verse 28 In midst of all the camp throughout
He let it gently fall:
And there disperst it round about
Their habitations all.
verse 29 So they did plentifully eat;
And were suffi [...]'d and fill'd:
For he did give them, look what meat
Themselves desir'd and will'd.
verse 30 Estrang'd they were not from their lust,
But while they chew'd their meat,
verse 31 The wrath of God assaults them just
Before they could it eat.
The fattest of them, there he slew,
The chiefest and greatest.
And, smiting down, did kill
The chosen men, all Israel through:
verse 32 And yet they sinned still.
For all his wonders was their crime
Most shamefull unbelief:
So that 600000. were con­sumed in 40. yeers in the wilderness.
verse 33 He therfore made them spend their time
In vanity and grief.

4. Part.


The Hypocriticall humiliation of Israel, Gods favour and their unfaithfulness.

verse 34 WHen he destructiō on them brought,
And many of them were flain,
Then they for God inquir'd and sought,
And turn'd to him again.
With early care to him they flock,
verse 35 And then they call to mind
[Page 158] That God the high God was their rock,
And their Redeemer kind.
verse 36 But yet for all this goodly show,
While their fair words intreat,
They did but lie, and flatter tho,
With teeth and tongues deceit.
verse 37 For neither was their heart upright,
Nor to his cov'nant clave:
verse 38 Yet he in mercy infinite
Their wickedness for gave.
And would not overthrow them quite,
But did his wrath asswage
Full many a time: nor would excite
The utmost of his rage.
verse 39 For graciously he call'd to mind,
How that they were but flesh:
A temporary fading wind,
That doth not come afresh.
verse 40 How oft did they provoke his rod,
When they in deserts were?
verse 41 Revolting, grieving, tempting God
VVhile they continued there.
And Israels only one confin'd,
Limited his power to possibilities and likeli­hoods.
verse 42 His hand that sav'd them so;
Nor yet that day they call'd to mind
That quit them from the [...]o.

5. Part.


Israels ungratefull neglect of Gods Judge­ments on their behalf against Egypt.

verse 43 THey did not keep in memory
VVhat signs in Egypt land
VVere brought to pass before their eye
By Gods almighty hand.
[Page 159] verse 44 In Zoan field his wonders strange
VVhen every ford and flood,
In Phar [...]ohs Court, and all the land over.
And every river he did change
Into a lake of blood.
That they to drink thereof abhor'd,
verse 54 Devouring flies annoy'd
Of divers sort sent from the LORD,
And croaking frogs destroy'd.
verse 46 He let the Caterpillers eat
The fruit of all their soil:
And gave their labours hopefull sweat,
To be the Locusts spoil.
verse 47 The hail destroy'd their tender vines,
And wealth of their quick stock:
verse 48 The frost destroy'd the sycamines,
Hot thunder-bolt their flocks▪
verse 49 Upon them did his wrath severe,
And indignation fall:
God sending evill Angels there,
To vex and plague them all.
Messengers of venge­an [...].
verse 50 He for his anger made a lane,
Nor spar'd their soul from death:
But gave their lives unto the b [...]ne
Of pestilentiall breath.
verse 51 First-born of all the creatures there
In Egypt he did smite;
VVithin the land of Ham that were
The chief of all their might.

6. Part.


Gods safe conduct of Israel: their Apostasie and Idolatry, and the bitter fruits thereof.

GOD for his people did provide,
That they went out like sheep,
[Page 160] VVhom safe through deserts he did guide,
As flocks which shepheards keep.
verse 53 He led them safe and free from fear,
But in the briny waves
Their en'mies overwhelmed were,
The seas became their graves.
verse 54 To borders of the holy land
The Lord his people led,
[...]he mountain which his own right hand
VVith pow'r had purchased.
verse 55 The heathen too he did expel,
And did their lands assigne
And heritage to Israel,
Dividing it by line.
He made his tribes dwel in their tents
verse 56 Yet tempt they God most high,
And kept not his commandements;
Provoking God thereby.
verse 57 Unfaithfully they backward slide,
And all false dealing show;
And like their fathers turn'd aside,
Like a deceitfull bow.
On moun­tains where they set up Images. Ezech. 20. 28, 29.
verse 58 VVith places which they built on high
They did the Lords displease;
And moved him to jealousie
VVith graven Images.
verse 59 God heard it,
Their Idola­try cried loud in Gods ear, Ier. 7. 14.
and was angry then
Abhorring Israel sore:
verse 60 The tents at Shiloh plac'd with men
He would come at no more.
His ark a monument of his migh­ty Name.
verse 61 To bondage in another land,
His strength he (careless) gave,
And from his foes prevailing hand
1 Sam. 5. 1.
[Page 161] His glory would not save.
Fire of Gods wrath.
verse 62 To cruell swords devouring rage,
He gave his people o're:
Against his chosen heritage
His wrath was kindled sore.
verse 63
Because the men were killed up.
Consum'd with fire their young men were,
The wives (as Phinehas wife) died also.
Their virgins nuptials fail'd:
verse 64 Their Priests were slain with sword and spear,
No widowes them bewail'd.
Also twas a fashion for widows to mourn,

7. Part.


Gods mercifull returning to his people; his free election of place and person.Ier. 9. 17.

verse 65 THen to awake the Lord began,
As one from sleep doth start;
And shouting like a mighty man,
VVhen wine hath cheer'd his heart.
With the piles.
verse 66 In hinder parts prodigiously,
He smote his bed-rid foes:
1. Sam. 5. 12.
VVhom to perpetuall infamy
He thereby did expose.
verse 67 Joseph likewise and Ephraim
He did their tents refuse:
To build his Temple, and call a king a type of Christ and his Church.
verse 68 But Sion mount belov'd of him,
And Judah's tribe did chuse.
verse 69 There rais'd his sanctuary's head,
Like high rear'd palace sure:
Like earth which he established
For ever to indure.
verse 70 His servant David he did chuse,
And him from sheep folds bring:
Build the Temple, in the Anti­type the Church.
verse 71 From following the great belli'd Ews,
A type of Christ our Shepherd.
And brought him to be king.
To regall throne did him advance,
[Page 162] That he might daily feed
All Isr'el his inheritance,
His people Jacobs seed.
verse 72 After his hearts integrity,
So he all Israel fed;
And disciplin'd with policie
His people safely led.


To Oxford tune.

The grievous calamities of invasive warre:In the Ba­bylonian in­vasion, or that, 2 Marc. 5. 15. He prayes that the storm may recoil on the adversaries.

O Lord, our God, thine heritage
Rude heathen now invade,
Jerus'lem, through their barb'rous rage,
A ruinous heap is made.
Thy holy Temple they defil'd,
verse 2 And thy Saints bodies given,
Some to the beasts, some to the wild
And ravenous fowls of heaven.
verse 3 Their blood about Jerusalem,
Like water have they shed:
And none was left to bury them,
When they were flain and dead.
verse 4 Our neighbours with reproachful mocks
And scornfull tauntings flout:
We are become as laughing-stocks,
To them that dwell about.
verse 5 How long, O Lord, continually,
Shall thy fierce wrath persever?
Shall thine outragious jealousie
Burn out like fire for ever?
verse 6'Gainst heathen men that know thee not
[Page 163] Powr out, powr out the same:
And let it be the Kingdoms lot,
That calls not on thy Name.
Worship thee not aright.
verse 7 For they have eat up Jacobs seed,
And lay'd his dwelling wast;
verse 8 O let not any past misdeed,
Against us now be plac'd.

2. Part.


He prays for rescue of the Church, and re­venge against the wicked.

PRevent us soon with tender grace,
For we are much brought down:
verse 9 O God our Saviour help our case,
To get thy Name renown.
Save us and purge our [...]ns away,
For thy Names sake that bears:
verse 10 O wherefore should the heathen say,
Where is that God of theirs?
O let him be acknowledged,
By heathens in our sight:
The servants bloud which they have shed,
Let just revenge requite.
verse 11 To sighs of prisoners give access,
And LORD preserve thou them:
Even of thy powers almightiness,
Whom they to death condemn.
verse 12 Into their bosomes sevenfold,
O recompence the shame;
Wherewith our neighbours have bin bold,
To vilifie thy Name.
verse 13 So we thy flock and heritage,
Will ever bless thy Name;
[Page 164] And spread thy praise from age to age,
And never cease the same.


Asaph humbly sues for succour in the bitter calamities of warre.2 King. 17. 5.

O Israels Shepheard lend thine ear,
Ioseph put for Israel.
Who Josephs flock lead'st out:
Who dwell'st between the Cherubs there,
Amos 6. 6.
Shine clearly round about.
2 Chr. 5. 13.
verse 2 In Ephraims and Manassehs sight,
Shine forth in favour to us all.
O let thy strength appear:
In Benjamins sight, stir up thy might,
To save us Lord draw near.
verse 3 O God convert us by thy grace,
And turn our hearts to thee:
Shine on us with thy cheerfull face,
And we shall saved bee.
verse 4 Lord God of hoasts the most supream,
While we to thee repair;
How long shall burn thy wrath extream,
Against thy peoples pray'r?
verse 5 With store of brinish tears for meat,
Thou mak'st them to be fed:
And giv'st them tears in measure great,
For drink as well as bread.
verse 6 Thou mak'st us in our neighbours eies,
An argument of strife:
They strive who shall have us their slaves.
Amongst themselves our enemies
Deride our wofull life.
verse 7 Turn us again Lord God of hoasts,
And cause (as we have crav'd)▪
Thy face to shine on Israels coasts,
And then shall we be sav'd.

2. Part.


A complaint of Israels desolation,Under para­ble of a vineyard. and prayer for restauration, promising faith­fulness.

verse 8 A Noble Vine of Israel,
Thou did'st from Aegypt bring:
Psal. 44. 2.
The heathen folk thou did'st expell,
To plant it here to spring.
verse 9 Sufficient room for it to shoot,
Preparing by thy hand:
And when it once had taken root,
It filled all the Land.
The great increase of Israel, peo­pling the land of Ca­naan.
verse 10 Her boughs like goodly Cedars sprout,
Her shade the hills did hide:
verse 11 Her boughs & branches were sent out,
From Sea to Rivers side.
verse 12 Why hast thou then broke down of hers
The quick-set hedges so,
Psal. 72. 8.
That all the transient passengers
Do pluck her as they go?
Subject to the weakest adversary.
verse 13 All wasted by the woodland Bore,
Cruell ty­rants.
Wild beasts from neighbouring coasts
verse 14 Devour thy Vine. Return therefore
We pray thee Lord of hoasts.
Look down from heaven, and behold,
And visit this thy Vine,
verse 15 And Vineyard planted here of old,
By that right hand of thine.
The branch which was made strong for thee,
verse 16 See it is all cut down,
Alas, it was but a little branch, a little peo­ple.
And burnt with fire thy branches be,
They perish at thy frown.
[Page 166] verse 17 Uphold the man of thy right hand,
The poor people whom thou didst fence and favour.
The sonne of man sustain:
Made strong by thee, for thee to stand,
O make him strong again.
verse 18 So will not we go back from thee,
O quick'n us for the same,
And we shall faithfull suppliants be,
To call upon thy Name.
verse 19 Lord God of hoasts our souls incline,
And turn us now again:
Command thy cheerfull face to shine,
And safe shall we remain.


London short tune.

An exhortation to praise God with musick.Signifying the melodie of our hearts Signifying our spiritu­all delive­rance. A celebration of the deliverance from Ae­gypt.

O Sing aloud this day,
To God our strength and stay:
O make a noise,
Feast of Ta­bernacles.
Exciting joys
To Jacobs God,
Lev. 23. 43.
I say.
verse 2 O take a Psalm and sing,
The timbrell hither bring:
The Psalt'rie too
And harp take you,
The harp that pleasant thing:
verse 3 The trumpet sound withall,
Lev. 23. 24. 31. 41.
This new Moons festivall:
The time hath thus
Appointed us,
Solemnitie doth call.
verse 4 A statute this must be,
[Page 167] O Israel kept by thee:
Th'almighty drew,
This law for you,
T'was Jacobs Gods decree.
verse 5 This was the Lords command,
In Joseph firm to stand:
In Israel. In memori­all of Israels going from Aegypt and God with him.
A Testament
VVhen as he went
Throughout all Aegypt land.
I heard a language there,
All unknown words they were.
Lev. 23. 48.
verse 6 The Lord there broke,
The burdenous yoke
Which Israels neck did beare.
Psal. 114. 1.
His hand from pots were freed,
From ma­king earthen vessels.
And in the time of need,
verse 7 Thou call'dst on mee,
Exod. 1. 14.
I set thee free,
Deliverance did succeed.
I answered thee with grace,
With favour whē I might on a sudden have de­stroyed thee.
In thunders secret place,
I prov'd thy way
At Meribah,
Where waters ran apace.
Exod. 17. 7.

2. part.


The blessedness of obedience, the baseness of Idolatry, ingratitude, and disobedience.

verse 8 HEar ô my people free,
I'l testifie to thee;
O Israel mine,
If thou incline,
And hearken unto mee.
verse 9 In thee, I say, there shall,
Be no strange God at all;
And never more
Shalt thou adore,
Or on a strange God call.
verse 10 The Lord thy God am I,
Who brought thee graciously,
With pow'rfull hand
From Aegypt land,
And servile tyrannie.
Thy mouth then open wide,
In pray'r to be suppli'd,
And sure I will
Thy pray'r [...] fulfill;
verse 11 But Israel deny'd▪
They to my voice so free,
Obedient would not be,
And (grief to tell
Of Israel)
He would have none of me.
verse 12 So I, in judgement just,
Ev'n left them to their lust,
And they fulfill
Their way and will,
In their own counsells trust.
verse 13 My people, ô that yee
Had hark'ned unto mee:
That Israel
Had walk'd so well,
As after my decree.
verse 14 I should have soon subdu'd
Their adversaries rude:
And turn'd my hand
[Page 169] Against the band
Of all their enemies lewd.
verse 15 They that the Lord do hate,
Had bow'd down at his gate:
Establisht in a prosperous condition.
But Israels time
Had been in prime,
And born eternall date.
verse 16 He should have made them eat,
The finest of the wheat:
And made the rock
An hony stock,
In plenty very great.


To Cambridge old tune.

God the supream Judge, convinceth and con­demneth wicked Governors.

AMong the Gods, God takes a room
To judge among the great.
verse 2 How long will ye unjustly doom,
While sitting in his seat?
The wicked yee are partiall to,
verse 3 But should defend the poor:
Unto the needy justice do
And fatherless secure.
verse 4 Save, rid them from the wickeds hand,
These poor and succourless:
verse 5 They know not, nor will understand,
Tyrants will not know their dutie. All runs to ruine for want of justice.
But walk in darksomness.
The earths foundation quite decai'd,
All out of order runnes:
verse 6 I styl'd you Gods, all you I said
Are high Jehovahs sonnes.
[Page 170] verse 7 But die like men of mortall birth,
As Iezabel, Athalia, Herod, &c.
Like Princes fall shall you:
verse 8 Arise, O God, and judge the earth,
All Nations are thy due.


Martyrs tune.

Consederate enemies conspire against the Church, and are cursed.

LOrd be not still, hold not thy tongue,
Behold, how furiously
verse 2 Thy hatefull foes, in tumults throng,
And lift their heads on high.
verse 3 Most crafty counsell they have ta'n,
Against us all at once:
Consulting how to work the bane
Of all thy hidden ones.
verse 4 Come let us cut them off, said they,
And leave no root behind:
So that the name of ISRAEL may
No more remembrance find.
In hot coun­tries they dwelt in tents. The Sara­cens were in­deed Haga­rens of Ha­gar the bond­maid.
verse 5 Against thee have they all combin'd,
Advis'd with joint consents:
verse 6 The Hagarens with Ishmael join'd,
And those at Edoms tents.
verse 7 With Moabites and Ammonites,
And Gebal do conspire,
The Philistims, Amalakites,
With them that dwell at Tyre.
verse 8 These Ashur is adjoyn'd unto,
The Turks succeed these pa­gans.
To help the sons of Lot:
verse 9 To them as unto Midian do,
Gen. 19. 37.
Gain they what Sis'ra got.

2. Part.


God is glorified in the destruction of persecu­tors, according to the ancient examples of his judgement.

SPeed they as Jabin, Canaans King,
O'rthrown at Kishon brook:
verse 10 Which there at Endor perishing,
Iudges 4. 15. 7. 25. 8. 11.
Became as scattered muck.
verse 11 Like Zeeb and Oreb, ô compell
Their noble Peers to fall:
As Zeba and Zalmunna fell,
So let their Princes all.
verse 12 Those namely that have spoken thus,
Come on, and let us take
The houses of the LORD to us,
The dwel­lings of Gods peo­ple.
And them our houses make.
verse 13 Make them (my God) like to a wheel,
Restles, ever falling into evill, as a wheel dragd ith durt.
Or stubble toss'd with wind:
verse 14 As burning woods fires fury feel,
Let them this fury find.
As kindling flames at mountains foot,
With fury all deform.
verse 15 Them with thy tempest persecute,
And fright them with thy storm.
verse 16 That they ô Lord may seek thy Name,
If not for love, for fear.
With shame their faces fill:
verse 17 Yea let them perish, put to shame,
Confounded, troubled still.
verse 18 That men may know that thou alone,
Whom we Jehovah call,
In all the earth the onely one
Art highest over all.


Old England tune.

The great zeal of the Saints to Gods publick Ordinances, and blessednes of such desires.

O Lord of hoasts how lovely fair,
Thy Tabernacles be!
verse 2 My longing soul is nigh despair,
I even envie the sparrows. And emulate the Levites constant at­tendance up­on the pub­lick service, Psal. 134.
Thy sacred courts to see.
O living God, my flesh, my heart
For thee cry out amain:
verse 3 Behold the sparrow, for her part,
Blest house-room doth obtain.
The swallow builds her nests full close,
Where shee her young may bring:
Even to thine Altars,
This Bac [...] was a dry plain where they were fain to dig for water, or use rain­water as they journeyed to the Tem­ple, Exod. 32. 17.
Lord of hoasts,
My God and glorious King.
verse 4 Thy house-hold servants happy be,
They still will give thee praise:
verse 5 The man is blest whose strēgth's in thee,
Who minds thy servants wayes.
verse 6 VVhich make a Well of Baca-plain,
In passing to and fro:
The Pools are also fill'd with rain;
verse 7 From strength to strength they go,
To Sion hill they all repair,
Their going from stage to stage was a type of our progress in grace, and holding out to the end. Remember thy covenant in Christ, for we rejoice in thy service.
Before Jehovah there:
verse 8 Lord God of hoasts, ô hear my pray'r,
O Jacobs God give ear.
verse 9 O look on thine anointeds face,
O Lord our shield behold:
verse 10 For in thy Courts a days short space
Excells a thousand-fold.
In thy fair Temple, I profess,
[Page 173] I'd rather keep a dore,
Then in the tents of wickedness
Have dwelling evermore.
verse 11 For God the Lord to Israel is
A constant Sun and Shield:
He will vouchsafe his grace to his,
And glory freely yield.
From them that walk in upright way,
No good thing hold will he:
verse 12 Lord God of hoasts how blest are they,
If he have faith, tho perhaps he cannot al­wayes come: Meditate of ours from the Romish Babylon, and pray for a full reforma­tion.
That put their trust in thee?


Martyrs tune.

He praiseth God for deliverance from the Ba­bylonian captivitie, praying God to make it compleat.

LOrd thou hast dealt most favourably,
With thy beloved land:
And Jacobs hard captivitie,
Brought back with pow'rfull hand.
verse 2 Thou to thy people Lord didst please
To seal a pardon free:
Their grievous sins and trespasses,
Are covered all by thee.
verse 3 Thy vehement wrath thou hast allayd,
Fierce anger turn'd to peace:
verse 4 Turn us ô God our saving ayd,
Perfect the good work.
Thine anger tow'rds us cease.
verse 5 Wilt thou be angry evermore,
And not thy wrath recall?
Wilt thou draw out thy wrath so sore,
Some of thy people are in Babylon still.
To generations all?
[Page 174] verse 6 Lord shall not we by pow'r divine,
Again revived bee:
That so the people that are thine,
May much rejoice in thee.
verse 7 Lord grant us thy salvations aid,
Thy mercy let appear:
verse 8 Of God the Lord what shall be said,
I am per­swaded God will grant our prayers.
That will I gladly hear.
He to his Saints and people deer,
Will utter words of peace:
But let them take a warning here,
And former follies cease.

2. Part.


He prophecies honour and happiness to the Church, in token of the good things of the Gospel.

verse 9 SAlvation sure is neer at hand,
Wait for Gods good time.
To them that do him fear:
That glory may invest the Land,
And be a dweller here.
verse 10 Now truth and mercy both do meet,
The perfor­mance joy­ned to the promise.
And both in one consist:
Now righteousness and peace do greet,
And mutually have kist.
verse 11 Justice from heaven shall look down,
Christ from heaven in his divine na­ture, from earth in his humane na­ture, shall come, teach, and give ex­ample.
While truth from earth shall spring:
verse 12 Yea, and the Lord shall Israel crown,
With gifts of each good thing.
Our land shall yeeld her fruits (no doubt)
verse 13 The righteousness of God
Shall go before, and point us out
The way that he hath trod.


London long tune.

The transcendent goodness and greatness of God incouraging prayers.

LOrd bow thy ear, and hear my plaint,
A needy wretch and poor:
verse 2 Since thou hast made me for a Saint,
My troubled soul secure.
O thou my God, thy servant save,
verse 3 Be mercifull to mee:
Who trust in thee, and daily crave,
And call and cry to thee.
verse 4 Rejoyce, O Lord, thy servants heart,
I lift my soul to thee:
verse 5 For good and gracious Lord thou art,
And to forgiveness free,
To all that call upon thy Name,
Most rich in mercies fruits.
verse 6 O Lord attend the prayers I frame,
Mark well my voyce and suits.
verse 7 I'l call, for thou wilt answer me,
In my most troublesome time.
verse 8 Among the gods is none like thee,
Nor any works like thine.
verse 9 All nations which thy hands did frame,
Thee Lord shall come before:
And there to glorifie thy name,
Submissively adore.
verse 10 For thou art God, yea God alone,
Thy pow'r great wonders doth:
verse 11 O Lord to me thy way make known,
I'l walk in all thy truth.

2. Part.


As before.

UNite my heart to fear thy name,
verse 12 Then (Lord my God) will I
Applaud and magnifie the same
To all eternity.
verse 13 For tow'rds my soul in every deed
Thy mercy doth excell;
Which thy peculiar pow'r hath freed
Even from the lowest hell.
verse 14 The proud are risen for my fall,
My souls destruction sought
By violent men assembling all,
On thee they have not thought.
verse 15 But Lord thou art a God most kind,
Suff [...]ing no little space:
Compassions store in thee we find,
Born in the Church, de­ny baptisme of Infants, and none can be cal­led thy hād­maids son. He asketh a providential sign, and not a miracle.
And plenteous truth and grace.
verse 16 O turn to me that I may live,
Thy grace to me extend:
Thy strength unto thy servant give,
Thy handmaids sonne defend.
verse 17 Some good apparent sign afford
That hatefull foes may see,
And be asham'd, because thou Lord
Didst help and comfort mee.


Coventry tune.

The happy priviledges of the Church typed by Sion.Specially in the later days.

SIons foundations edifice
In holy mountains lies:
As God chose Sion & made it holy, so his people▪ Psal. 78. 68.
verse 2 Whose gates Gods love
[Page 177] Doth far above
All Jacobs dwelling prize.
Hast glori­ous priviled­ges.
verse 3 O city of God, thy structures frame
Obtains a glorious name.
Egypt and o­ther heathen shall be con­verted. Ile tell the faithfull that believe it, and pray for it. Such and such a man was new born, rege­nerate in the Church.
verse 4 Rahab for one
And Babylon
I to my friends will name.
Philistia, Ethiop, Tyre lo there
verse 5 This man was made an heir;
And Sion (they
Shall point and say)
Did this and that man bear.
The high'st himself shall stablish her,
verse 6 And this mans birth refer
To Sion mount,
God himself [...]hall number them among his elect. Store of Preachers and Confes­sors.
So make his count
When hee shall register.
verse 7 As well the voyce of him that sings,
As him that tunes the strings
Of musick sweet,
Therein shall meet,
In thee are all my springs.
All springs of grace and comfort in the true Church,


To sinners tune.

Heman in the deep dungeon of affliction, de­stitute of all outward comforts, maketh lamentable complaint.

I Cry'd before thee day and night,
Lord God my saving aid:
verse 2 O let my cries come in thy sight,
And all the pray'rs I pray'd;
Incline thin ear unto my cry.
verse 3 My soul is fill'd with woes:
[Page 178] My life unto the grave drawes nigh
Because opprest with those.
verse 4 Numbred with them that pass down-right,
The path to pit they tread:
I'm like a man that hath no might,
verse 5 And free among the dead.
As a man discommon­ed from the world, free from any affaires of the world.
Even like slain men's my present state,
Which in the grave do rot;
Which from thy hand are separate,
And utterly forgot.
verse 6 Thou hast me laid in lowest caves,
Beneath deep darkness barr'd:
verse 7 Afflicting me with all thy waves,
Thy wrath doth press me hard.
verse 8 My 'quaintance far remov'd thou hast,
And made them me abhor:
As one whom, now shut up so fast,
There's no redemption for.

2. Part.


Hee humbly sues for redress of his grievous afflictions,Knowing that after death there was no hope. while there was yet hope.

MIne eye laments a burd'nous load,
Of sorrows multipli'd:
Lord I have stretch'd my hands abroad,
To thee I daily cry'd;
verse 10 Intend'st thou, Lord, said I, to shew
Thy wonders to the dead:
Shall dead men rise again, that so
Thy praises may be spread?
verse 11 Shall we thy loving kindness, Lord,
Within the grave express:
Shall in destruction men record
[Page 179] Thy truth and faithfulness?
verse 12 Shall we in darkness understand
Thy wonders manifold:
All these are descriptions of the state of death.
And in oblivions cloudy land
Thy righteousness behold?
verse 13 I'th' morning I to thee will pray,
Yea, Lord I cry'd to thee:
verse 14 Why dost thou cast my soul away,
Why hide thy face from mee?
verse 15 I am afflicted like to die,
Suffring from youth to age;
I am distracted, while that I
Indure such wrath and rage:
verse 16 Thy fierce displeasure o'r me goes
Thy terrours cut me down;
verse 17 And every day they me inclose,
As streams that threat to drown:
They all together me invade.
verse 18 Thou sep'rat'st friend and lover:
And darkness with it's misty shade
Doth my acquaintance cover.


Dutch tune.

Ethan magnifies Gods love and faithfulness to the house of David.A type of his favour to the church in Christ.

verse 1 MY song for ever shall express
The mercies of the Lord:
My mouth shall all his faithfulness
From age to age record.
Thy promi­ses (as ingra­ven in hea­ven) are as sure as the heavens themselves.
verse 2 For mercy shall (said I) be built,
For ever to indure:
Thou in the very heavens wilt
Thy truth establish sure.
[Page 180] verse 3 I with my chosen have agreed
To faithfull David swore;
verse 4 My servant, I will fix thy seed,
To stand for evermore.
To ages all thy throne I'l raise,
Saints and Angels there Mat. 2.
verse 5 And heav'n shall find a tongue
Thy wondrous faithfulness to praise
Thy gathered Saints among.
verse 6 In heaven who may any way
With our Lord God compare:
VVho of the glorious Angels may
So bold compar'son dare?
verse 7 The Saints assemblies that are his
Must greatly fear his Name,
And all that round about him is
Must reverence the same.

2. Part.


Gods goodness to the Church in creation and government of the world.

verse 8 O Lord of hosts, what god excels
Like thee, with great pow'r crown'd?
Thy faithfulness who parallels
In all thy circuits round?
verse 9 The restless raging of the seas,
Thou rulest at thy will:
Her swelling waves thou dost appease,
And mak'st it calm and still.
verse 10 Thou brok'st in pieces Egypts land,
Like one that slaught'red lies:
Thou hast with thine almighty hand
Disperst thine enemies.
Made Egypt [...] dead corps by the ten p [...]agues.
verse 11 The heavens and the earth are thine,
The world and all inclos'd,
[Page 181] Thou foundest by that pow'r divine,
All coasts & corners of the world praise thee, (Tabor and Hermon are put for East & West, be­cause they stood so) who hast in­riched them with thy blessings. The sound of the Go­pel, and that which calls thereto.
verse 12 Which North and South compos'd.
Tabor and Hermon wondrously,
Shall in thy Name delight:
verse 13 Thy hand is strong, thy right hand high,
Thy arm is full of might.
verse 14 Justice and Judgement on thy thro [...].
Retain a dwelling place:
Pure truth and mercy joyn'd in one,
Shall go before thy face.
verse 15 That people blessed we record,
That knows the joyfull sound:
Thy countenances light ô Lord,
Shall safely them surround.
verse 16 Even them thy righteousness shall raise,
And they shall take delight
verse 17 In thy great Name, that is their praise,
And glory of their might.
Thy favour such, that shall there spring,
Our horns advancement thence:
verse 18 For Israels holy one's our King,
The Lord is our defence.

3. Part.


Prophecies and promises to Davids house recorded.Fulfilled to the Church in Christ. In prophecy or by Pro­phets thou didst pro­mise to pro­mote David, a type of Christ.

verse 19 IN vision to thy Saint was said,
For then thou mad'st it known:
Lo, I my helping hand have laid,
Upon a mightie one.
verse 20 A chosen Israelite I crown'd,
With holy Oil have I:
My servant David, whom I found
Anointed purposely.
verse 21 Mine hand shall stablish his success,
Mine arm shall make him strong:
verse 22 No foe,
No wic­ked tyrant.
no sonne of wickedness,
Shall crush or do him wrong.
verse 23 I'l crush his foes before his face,
Plague them that do him hate:
verse 24 But will my faithfulness and grace
With him perpetuate.
[...]is horn shall be exalted high,
His power and domi­nion.
By my great Names command:
verse 25 I'l stretch to th'Seas his soveraigntie,
See Ps. 72. 8. His seed shall cry Abba fa­ther.
To th'river his right hand.
verse 26 Thou art my Father, he shall cry,
So invocate my Name:
My God, my rock, my sure supply,
Whence my salvation came.
verse 27 Him my first-born will I advance,
David was the first King that God chose. Meditate of Christ.
All earthly Kings above:
verse 28 And ever grant continuance,
Unto him of my love.
My cov'nant shall with him stand fast,
verse 29 His seed shall still endure:
And I will make his throne to last,
As dayes of heaven sure.

4. Part.


He shews that God corrects his people, but never casts them off.

verse 30 IF Davids seed forsake my Law,
Much more Christs seed.
Not execute my will:
verse 31 If from my precepts they withdraw,
Not my commands fulfill:
[Page 183] verse 32 They shall be sure that I their God,
Their wickedness and sin,
With scourges of a smarting rod,
To visit will begin.
verse 33 But of my loving kindness yet,
I will not him bereave:
Nor will my faithfulness permit
To take a finall leave.
Then how sure in Christ.
verse 34 My cov'nant with my chosen King,
By me shall ne'er be broke:
Nor will I alter any thing,
Which once my lips have spoke.
verse 35 Once by my holiness I swore,
To David I'l not lie:
verse 36 His seed shall last for evermore,
His throne before mine eye.
verse 37 Like Sun and Moon it shall be fixt,
I'l never fail them while the world stands.
For ever they shall be
Heavens faithfull witnesses betwixt
My chosen King and me.

5. Part.


He complains of great distress besall'n the house of David,Afflictions may object that God hath cast us off, but ne­ver prove it. The glory of his kingdom (which was a type of so sacred a kingdom) is much a­based, by desolation of warre. seeming to disprove Gods promises.

verse 38 BUt thine anointed now abhor'd,
Thou hast cast off in wroth:
verse 39 Made void thy servants cov'nant Lord,
The cov'nant of thy troth.
By casting down to ground thou hast
Profan'd his sacred crown:
verse 40 Of his strong holds made wofull waste,
His hedges all broke down.
verse 41 All passengers do him destroy,
He is in en'mies scorn:
verse 42 And all his foes thou mad'st to joy.
And liftest up their horn.
verse 43 Yea thou hast turn'd and blunted quite
His swords puissant edge:
And for to stand it out in fight,
Thou hast not been his pledge.
verse 44 His glory thou hast caus'd to cease,
And cast his throne to ground:
In the very beginning his kingdom is decayd, and seems to be brought to a decrepit state.
verse 45 His youthfull days thou didst decrease,
And him with shame confound.

6. Part.


He prays for restauration of Davids king­dome, considering Gods faithfull promises, and the greatness of the adversaries.

verse 46 How long Lord wilt thou hide thy face,
Shall thy continuall rage
Flame out as fire so long a space?
verse 47 O think of my short age.
The Church in a dying state.
Why hast thou made all men in vain?
verse 48 What man draws vitall breath,
As thou wouldst pitie short brea­thed man, [...]o much more thy Church.
That shall his soul from grave detain,
And not at all see death?
verse 49 Thy former loving kindnesses,
Which thou didst swear and vow
To David in thy righteousness,
O Lord where are they now?
verse 50 Remember, Lord, thy Saints reproach,
What taunts my bosome bears:
VVhich all the mighty people broach,
[Page 185] Thine en'mies taunts are theirs.
verse 51 Wherewith they have reproacht the ways
Of thine anointed King:
As the wic­ked do Christ.
verse 52 To God be everlasting praise,
Amen, Lord grant the thing.


London long tune.

Moses prays God (the eternall stay of the Church) to sanctifie the many mortalities of Israel in the Wilderness for their sinnes.

LOrd thou hast been our dwelling place,
In generations all:
Thou wast ere there was forme or face
Of creature great or small.
verse 2 Before the mountains had their birth,
The world or smallest clod
Of all this vast and spacious earth,
Thou art eternall God.
verse 3 But as for man that's made of clay,
He's soon unmade agen:
And falls to dust when thou dost say,
Return yee sonnes of men.
verse 4 Whereas again a thousand yeers
So seemeth in thy fight,
As yesterday when past appears,
A fourth part of the night.
Or as a watch by night.
verse 5 Like to a swift and hasty stream,
Mat. 24. 43.
Thou mak'st mans life-time pass:
Mat. 13. 35.
Or like a transitory dream,
Or like the springing grass.
verse 6 Which in the morning flourisheth,
Most pleasantly up-grown:
And in the evening withereth,
Soon after it is mown.
[Page 186] verse 7 For by thine angers pow'r ô God,
Are we consum'd and spent:
And troubled with thy stinging rod,
Of wrathfull punishment.
verse 8 Thou set'st in sight th'iniquities
Wherein we lewdly run:
And thy cleer countenance descries
Our sinnes in secret done.
verse 9 For all our dayes are past away,
Thine anger taking hold:
We spend our years from day to day,
As when a tale is told.
A pleasant tale delights us, and steals our thoughts from us, and is done ere we are a­ware or willing, so, &c.

2. Part.


Moses prayer for grace to make good use of our frail life, and a happy change of their sad condition.

verse 10 THe time's but threescore yeers & ten,
That we continue here:
And if some stronger sort of men
Do live to fourscore yeer:
Their life is labour, strength is none,
But sorrowfull decay:
So soon is it cut off and gone,
We post, we fly away.
verse 11 Who understands among us here,
What pow'r thine anger hath?
Thy wrath is as dread­full as we do or can ima­gine.
For answerable to thy fear,
So great appears thy wrath.
verse 12 Lord teach us this religious art,
Of numbring out our days:
To consider the shortnes and uncer­tainty there­of.
That so we may apply our heart
To sacred wisdoms ways.
[Page 187] verse 13 How long shall thy fierce anger burn?
O leave thy discontent:
And for thy servants sake return,
Concerning them repent.
verse 14 O satisfie with mercy then
And that without delays:
That we may be most joyfull men
And glad even all our days.
verse 15 According to our days of tears,
And mis'ries making sad,
And also for the evill years,
Comfort and make us glad.
verse 16 O let thy work appear to those
That are thy servants true:
Thy work of mercy, for Judgment is called his strange work Isa. 28. 21. but mercy his own work, Isa. 26. 12.
Thy glorious shining rayes disclose
Unto their childrens view.
verse 17 O let the Lord our God command
His face on us to shine:
Confirm the actions of our hand
Confirm them Lord by thine.


Davids tune.

The admirable safety of the Saints in most perillous times.

WHo dwelleth in the secret place
VVhere God most high doth hide;
Vnder the wing of Gods pro­tection is all safety.
In shadow of th'almighty's grace
Full safely shall abide:
verse 2 The Lord's my God, I will report,
Ev'n he, and none but he,
He is my refuge, and my fort
In whom my trust shall be.
[Page 188] verse 3 He surely shall be thy defence,
Both from the fowlers snare;
From the Executioner of Judge­ment.
And from infectious pestilence
Which poysoneth the ayre.
verse 4 His feathers shall thee overspread
His wings thy confidence:
This Psalme is thought to be made on occa­sion of that plague, 2 Sam. 24.
His truth a shield to save thy head
And buckler for defence:
verse 5 Thou shalt not need to be afraid
For terrours of the night:
Nor for the arrow be dismai'd
That flies in open light.
The sickness is most infe­ctious (some write) in the night and at noon.
verse 6 Nor shalt thou fear the pestilence
That walks in darksome way;
Nor that destuctions violence,
That wastes at height of day.
Object. Why doth the sickness take us away pro­miscuously?
verse 7 A thousand at thy side shall fall,
Millions at thy right hand;
Yet shall it not come neer at all
The place where thou dost stand.
Answ. I doubt we want that goodness they had of old.
verse 8 Only with thy peculiar eyes
Shalt thou behold and see
How wicked mens iniquities
Shall recompensed be.
Thou shalt see how it a [...] lights on the wicked.

2. Part.


God keepeth his Saints by his providence and Angels from all savage enemies, and deadly dangers.Tyrants, rob­bers, here­ticks and hy­pocrites meant by these beasts.

verse 9 BEcause thou hast the Lord alone,
VVho is my rock and shade,
Even the Lord the highest One
Thy habitation made:
verse 10 No plague nor evill shall befall
[Page 189] Nor come thy dwelling neer:
verse 11 For he shall charge his Angels all
To keep thee every where:
verse 12 They shall uphold thee in their hand
From stumbling at a stone:
On Lions neck thy foot shall stand,
And th'Adder tread upon.
verse 13 The Dragon and the Lions Whelp,
Trod under foot by thee:
verse 14 I, saith the Lord, will send him help
Because he loved me.
I'l set him up in high degree,
Because he knew my name:
verse 15 With prayers he shall call on me,
I answering the same.
I will preserve, to honour raise,
Be with him in temptation:
verse 16 Suffice him with the length of days,
And shew him my salvation.


Short staffe tune.

God is highly magnified for his work of crea­tion & providence, the depth of his judge­ments,Intituled a Psalme for the Sab­bath day. especially to the wicked.

TO give thanks to the Lord,
It is an exc'lent thing:
To magnifie
Thy name most high
In praises when we sing.
Therefore should we keep the Sabbath (for such memorials) from morn­ing to night.
verse 2 Thy kindness to record
So soon as morning springs:
At night express
Thy faithfulness.
[Page 190] verse 3 On instruments ten strings,
On harp and psaltery
With sweet and solemn sound:
verse 4 O Lord through thine
Own works divine
Thou mad'st my joyes abound.
Musick of affections now.
In them triumph will I,
The works which thou hast wrought,
verse 5 How great and rare
O Lord they are,
How deep is every thought?
Rom. 11. 33.
verse 6 A brutish man knows not,
No fool perceives this thing:
verse 7 All flour'shing when
Lewd wicked men
As morning grass do spring.
Then is the finall lot
Of their destruction nigh:
verse 8 But thou dost reigne
The most supreme
To all eternity.

2. Part.


The certain downfall of the wicked, and exaltation of the righteous, and their per­petuall fruitfulness.

verse 9 FOr lo, O Lord, thy foes
For lo thy foes shall fall:
Thy truth assures
That wicked doers,
Though multitudes. Maintain my dignity: They write that the V­nicorn is ne­ver taken [...]ive.
They shall be scattered all.
verse 10 But like the horn that growes
Upon the Un'corns head:
So Lord thou shalt
My horn exalt,
[Page 191] And fresh oil on me spread.
Renew thy gifts and graces on me.
verse 11 Mine eye his wish shall see
On wicked enemies:
The same mine ear
Of them shall hear
That up against me rise.
verse 12 Even like the Cedar tree
That Lebanon forth brings
The just shall grow
And flourish so,
As laden palm-tree springs.
verse 13 Gods Temple plants shall spring
In our Gods Courts each one:
The true members of the Church.
verse 14 And still produce
Their fruitfull juice,
When they are ancient grown.
Still fat and flourishing,
verse 15 Gods Justice to express,
How ever the godly are tryed, or the wicked suffered.
My rock is he
Most pure and free
From all unrighteousness.


Coventry tune.

The Majesty of God, stability of his works, and of his Church and Ordina [...]es against all the waves of wickedness.

The Lord our God doth reign on high,
And doth himself invest
With Majesty
And potency,
With both is girt and drest.
verse 2 The world he fixt for ay to last,
[Page 192] Thou hast prepar'd thy throne:
Of old thou hast
Confirm'd it fast,
Thou art th'eternall One.
verse 3 The floods O Lord, the floods arise,
The floods lift up their waves,
Up to the skies
Their uprore flies
Their voyce rumultuous raves.
verse 4 Yet is the Lord on high far more,
Far more of might than these:
Though num'rous store
Of waters roare,
And mighty waves of seas.
verse 5 Thy testimonies questionless
Are sure, and alter never:
Pure holiness
Doth seemly dress
Thy house,
Holy promi­ses, ordinan­ces, exerci­ses.
O Lord, for ever.


New staffe tune.

The insolence and cruelty of tyrants; the All-seeing eye, and All-judging power of God.

O Lord to whom it doth belong
Just vengeance to repay:
O God the punisher of wrong,
Do thou thy self display.
verse 2 Thou Judge of all
In generall
Thy self no longer hide:
Arise, dispence
A recompence
To all the sonnes of pride.
[Page 193] verse 3 How long shall wicked men, how long
Triumph as Lords and Kings?
verse 4 How long shall they with spitefull tongue
Pronounce and speak hard things?
The multitude
Of sinners lewd
How long shall boasting use?
verse 5 Thy folk in rage
Thine heritage
How they afflict and bruise?
verse 6 Poor widows, strangers, orphans they
VVith murd'rous hands have smote:
verse 7 The Lord yet shall not see, they say,
Nor Jacobs God shall note.
The God of the puritans.
verse 8 Ye rude among
The brutish throng,
O understand, discern:
Ye foolish men,
Why when, why when
Will ye be wise and learn?
verse 9 Shall he that form'd both ears and eies,
Not he both see and hear?
verse 10 Not he correct that doth chastise
The heathen every where?
Not he discern
That makes man learn?
That gives man the fa­culty of rea­son.
verse 11 The Lord discovers plain
The thoughts of man,
Which he doth skan,
To think they are un­seen, or shall scape unpu­nished.
And finds them meerly vain.

2. Part.


The blessing of sanctifi'd affliction; The de­struction of the wicked in their sinnes.

[Page 194] verse 12 THe man whom thou dost, Lord, cha­stise,
Is infinitely blest:
VVhom by thy Law thou makest wise,
Not every man afflic­ted, but he that learns by it.
That thou maist give him rest.
verse 13 Even when there come
Times troublesome,
Till dangerous days be past:
And till the ditch
Be dig'd,
Esa. 26. 20.
in which
The wicked shall be cast.
verse 14 For sure the Lord will not reject
The people whom he took:
Tho God try the righ­teous, and suffer the wicked for a time, it will change.
The heritage to him select
Shall never be forsook.
verse 15 But sure regress
To righteousness
Shall judgement have again:
And joyntly then
True-hearted men
Shall wait upon her train.
verse 16 But who against lewd men shall rise,
Yet I was ready to di­struct for my own part, Then God came in, &c.
Or who for mee's at hand,
'Gainst workers of iniquities,
In my behalf to stand?
verse 17 But that the Lord
Did help afford,
My soul had very nigh
In silence dwelt,
I had been in my grave ere now.
verse 18 But when I felt
My foot to slip awry.
Thy mercies, Lord, did me uphold.
verse 19 In various thoughts which roll
VVithin my brest so manifold,
[Page 195] Thy comforts glad my soul.
Comforts of thy Word and Spirit. Shall they that make laws for traps plead thy authori­tie: you must obey the King, si [...], i [...] all things.
verse 20 Lord shall the thrones
Of wicked ones
Have fellowship with thee?
When as the same
Lewd mischief frame
By purposed decree.
verse 21 Against the righteous souls they flock,
They guiltless bloud condem':
verse 22 But of my refuge God's the rock,
And my defence from them.
verse 23 Hee'l recompence
Their bold offence,
And take them in their sin:
The Lord, I say,
Our God shall slay,
And cut them off therein.


To short staffe tune.

An exhortation to praise God the maker and governor of the world, the Shepherd and Saviour of the Church. A dehortation from rebellion, and hardness of heart, like our unbeleeving forefathers that were debar­red entrance into Canaan.

O Come, sing we a song,
A joyfull noise be made:
With joint accord,
Before the LORD,
Our rock of saving aid:
verse 2 Into his presence throng,
Hearts truly thankfull bring:
And make a noise
Exciting joyes,
[Page 196] Sweet Psalms unto him sing.
verse 3 Great King, great God he is,
Whose pow'r all Gods transcends:
The spacious lands
Are in his hands,
verse 4 The deeps he comprehends.
The strength of hills is his.
The Sea in his command:
He made the same,
His hands did frame
The dry and solid land.
verse 6 O come bow down all we,
Before him let us fall:
Let us adore
And kneel before
The Lord that made us all.
verse 7 Our God and Shepheard's he,
His folk and flock are we:
This day give ear
His voice to hear,
When ever ye hear his word or spi­rit moving you.
If yee obedient be.
verse 8 And harden not your heart,
As once at Meribah
Yee did transgress
In Wilderness,
In forty yeers space (a long day) specially that notori­ous tempta­tion, Exod. 17. 6.
In that temptation day.
As in the desert part
verse 9 Your fathers tempted me,
And prov'd my might
Each Israelite,
My wonders they did see.
verse 10 I forty yeers was griev'd
VVith this lewd race, and said,
[Page 197] They are indeed
An erring seed
In heart and judgement straid.
Nor known nor have believ'd,
verse 11 Wherefore I sware in wrath,
And did protest
Into Canaan a type of heaven.
That to my rest
They should not tread the path.


Coventry tune.

The incomparable majestie of the true God.

COmpose new songs, and sing the same
To God, ô all the earth:
verse 2 Sing forth his fame
And glorious Name
All men of mortall birth.
From day to day, ô do not spare
His saving health to show:
verse 3 His wonders rare,
And fame declare,
That Nations all may know.
verse 4 For God a great God doth appear,
And greatly prais'd must be:
And every where
Be had in fear
Above all Gods must he.
verse 5 For all the Gods that Nations name,
Are Idols ev'ry one:
The Lord this same
Most glorious frame
Of heaven made alone.
verse 6 Before him honour stands in sight,
With majestie divine:
[Page 198] Adored might,
And beautie bright,
Greatest to­kens of his glory are in his Church.
In's Sanctuary shine.
verse 7 Ye people give unto the Lord;
Let every stock and tribe,
Unto the LORD
With joint accord,
Glory and strength ascribe.

2. Part.


He magnifies God for the hopefull revelation of the Gospel,For by Christ they shall be delivered from the bondage of corruption. Rom. 8. 19, 20, 21, 22. the joy of all creatures.

verse 8 GIve God the glory, as the thing
Due to his Name most high:
Devoutly bring
An offering
And to his courts draw nigh.
verse 9 Adore the LORD in beautie cleer,
Of his most holy place:
Gentiles come in.
Earth far and near,
O stand in fear
Before his awfull face.
verse 10 Let heathen know Jehovah reigns,
Be bold to say the word,
He Earth sustains
That it remains,
The Church militant in unitie, veri­tie, safetie.
And never shall be stirr'd.
He righteously shall judge the Earth,
verse 11 Let heavens rejoice therefore,
Let all the Earth
Be fill'd with mirth,
And seas swift billows rore.
verse 12 Let fields and fruits shew high degrees
[Page 199] Of mirth with one accord:
And then shall these
The woodland trees
verse 13 Rejoyce before the LORD.
For lo, he doth himself address,
And judgement he pursu'th,
His coming is nigh at hand, to teach, judge, justifie, san­ctifie. Mediate of his coming to judge­ment.
To judge all flesh
With righteousness,
And people with his truth.


Davids tune.

The majestie of Christs kingdome, the confusi­on of Idolaters, and great harvest of joyes, promised to the godly.

LEt earth rejoice God reigns alone,
Ilands aswell as continent, rejoyce for the Kingdom of Christ, dreadfull onely to his adversaries.
Let num'rous Iles be glad:
verse 2 In truth & judgement dwels his throne,
With clouds and darkness clad.
verse 3 A fire his foes consuming quite,
There goes before his feet:
verse 4 His lightnings gave the world their light,
The earth did quake to see't.
verse 5 The hills like wax did melt and thaw
Before the earths great Lord:
Kingdomes of Tyrants tremble at his Judge­ments.
verse 6 And all the world his glory saw,
The heav'ns his truth record.
verse 7 Who worship graven Images,
Angels and men.
Confusion on them fall,
That boast of Idols such as these:
Let all false gods fall as Dagon, &c. & their dis­ciples wor­ship the true God.
Ye Gods adore him all.
verse 8 Mount Sion heard, and was hereat
With joy affected much:
And Judahs Daughters joy'd for that
[Page 200] Thy judgments Lord were such.
verse 9 All Gods thou art extoll'd above,
Ore all the earth most high:
verse 10 Ye Saints that do Jehovah love,
Hate all iniquitie;
His servants souls he saves each one,
And adverse pow'r controuls:
verse 11 And for the righteous light is sown,
And joy for upright souls.
Light of cō ­fort, which if it spring not up in▪ this world, will be plentifull hereafter.
verse 12 Ye righteous servants of the Lord,
Great joy in him express:
And give him thanks when yee record
His perfect holiness.


To the three first lines of choice tune.

The victorious salvation of Christ,Such a holy nature can­not fail of his promises. the reve­lation of his gracious Gospel, to the great joy of all creatures.

UNto the LORD a new song sing,
For many a great and wondrous thing,
His mighty pow'r to pass doth bring.
His holy arm of soveraigntie,
Luk. 1. 69.
And his right hand exalted high,
Have gotten him the victory.
verse 2 He hath made known his saving might,
And brought his truth to open light:
Even in the very heathens sight.
verse 3 He hath remembred in his mind,
Published to the Gentiles.
His perfect truth and mercies kind;
As all the house of Israel find.
The ends of all the earth abroad
Have seen declar'd and plainly show'd
The saving health our God bestow'd.
[Page 201] verse 4 Make to the Lord a joyfull noise,
Let all the earth express their joyes,
And sing his praise with loudest noise.
verse 5 Sing to the Lord, with harp rejoice,
With instruments of musick choice;
With harp and psalms melodious voice.
verse 6 With trumpet and with cornet sound
Before this Lord and King renown'd;
Let sweet and sacred joys abound.
verse 7 Let all the earth and num'rous store,
Even all that dwells on seas or shore;
The world and all its fulness rore.
verse 8 Let flouds clap hands, and every ford,
And let the hills with one accord,
Rejoice with joy before the Lord.
verse 9 For lo he comes to judge and try
The world and people gen'rally
With righteousnesse and equitie.


To choice tune.

The majesty and equitie of Christ and his king­dom; The prayers, answers, errors, cor­rections, mercies, miracles, recorded of the ancient Saints for our example.

THe Lord doth reign,
Heb. 12. 28. Christs go­vernment delights in righteous­ness. Kings thrones are adorn'd with Purple, Ar­ras, &c.
let people quake,
'Twixt Cherubims he sets his seat:
O let the earth be mov'd and shake.
verse 2 The Lord in Sion is so great.
Above all people he is high,
verse 3 Thy greatness let them magnifie;
O let them praise the dreadfull Name,
For high and holy is the same.
verse 4 The Kings firm strength doth judgment love,
Thou dost establish equitie:
Christs with righteous­ness▪
[Page 202] Thou execut'st them from above,
And rul'st in Jacob righteously.
verse 5 The Lord our God exalt therefore,
And rev'rently his name adore
At foot-stool of his holy throne,
At, or before the Ark, a Type of Christ.
For he's a high and holy one.
verse 6 Moses and Aaron also were
Among his Priests and men of fame:
The word for a Priest is sometimes put for a great person Num. 16. 46. 1. Sam. 7. 9. Exod. 13. 21. Ancient mi­racles be­long to us. Pardon and chastisement may stand together.
And Samuel among them there
That call'd upon his holy name.
They call'd, and answer he did make
verse 7 In cloudy, pill'r to them he spake
They to his his testimonies clave,
And kept the ord'nance that he gave.
verse 8 Thou answ'redst them, O Lord our God,
Thou wast a pard'ning God likewise:
Though thou tookst vengeance with thy rod,
And their inventions didst chastise.
verse 9 The Lord our God exalt yee still,
And worship at his holy hill:
For the things they did besides and against the word.
For sure the Lord our God alone
He is a high and holy one.


Southwell tune.

He exhorts to praise God for our happy cal­ling in Christ Jesus.

ALL men of mortall birth
That dwell in all the earth
O make a noise
To God with joyes,
verse 2 And serve the Lord with mirth.
O come before his throne
With singing ev'ry one:
[Page 203] verse 3 For certainly
The Lord most high
Ev'n he is God alone.
He made us,
He made us his people, Ioh. 15. 16.
and not we,
Not we our selves, but he
His folk and flock
And pasture stock
He made us for to be.
verse 4 VVith praise come to his gate
And in his Courts relate
His laud and fame,
And bless his name,
His honour celebrate.
verse 5 For God is good for ever,
His mercy faileth never:
His truth doth last
All ages past,
And constant doth persever.
How much more doth Christ in his Church?


To new staff tune.

In this song publikely profess it. David vows to rule his house and Kingdom with discreetComprehē ­ding all the vertues of a governour. Doing all for thy glory. When wilt thou settle mee in my kingdome, mean while I will do so in my house▪ justice, to curb and cut off the wicked, and countenance the godly.

LOrd, I will sing of mercy sweet
And judgement, to thy praise:
verse 2 And wisely guide my wary feet
In all thy perfect ways.
VVhen wilt thou Lord
To me accord
Thy justice to impart:
At home will I,
VValk righteously
And with a perfect heart▪
[Page 204] verse 3 I will no wicked thing abide,
I [...] do no wrong to my subjects, nor suffer any one to coun­sell me so, I hate such doings, &c.
Before mine eyes to be:
I hate their works that turn aside,
It shall not cleave to me,
verse 4 The froward heart
From me shall part,
An [...] have no more access:
And I will no
Such persons know
As practise wickedness.
verse 5 That man that sland'reth privily
I will cut off, be sure:
The stout in heart, whose looks are high,
I will not once indure.
verse 6 I'l look out then
The faithfull men,
The ser­vants both of my Court and Crown shall be the best deser­ [...]ing.
That dwell with me they may;
And then shall he
My servant be
That walks in perfect way.
verse 7 I in my house will entertain
No guilefull man to dwell:
Nor in my sight shall he remain
That lies invents to tell.
verse 8 I soon cut short
The wicked sort
And wickd works condem'
That so I may
Them take away
From Gods Jerusalem.
Typing our bondage to Satan, and the Romish Babylon.


Sinners tune.

The lamentations of the whole Church, as one man, in the captivity of Babylon.

[Page 205] LOrd hear my prayer, and let my cry
Come speedily to thee:
verse 2 In day of my calamity
Hide not thy face from me.
Incline thine ear invok'd to day,
Thine answer quick return;
verse 3 My days as smoke consume away,
My bones hearth-like do burn.
verse 4 My heart like grass is withered,
With deep and dolefull grones;
verse 5 While I forget to eat my bread,
My skin cleaves to my bones.
verse 6 The Pelican of wilderness
And deserts Owl I match:
verse 7 And Sparrow-like companionless,
On houses top I watch.
verse 8 I all day long am made a scorn
To my malicious foes;
The mad men are against me sworn,
Against me that arose:
verse 9 For bread I do the ashes eat,
My drink with weeping mixt:
verse 10 Because thine indignation great
And anger comes betwixt.
For down thou hast thy servant cast,
Therefore my adversi­ty is the greater.
First having rais'd me high:
verse 11 Like fleeting shade my days are past,
Like with'ring grass am I.
verse 12 But thou, O Lord, dost still indure
From all mutation free:
To ev'ry generation sure
Shall thy remembrance be.

2. Part.

To martyrs tune.

The Churches restauration from Babylon, and happy reformation in the days of the Go­spel: he desires to see it, but contents him­self with consideration of Gods eternity and perpetuity of his Church.

verse 13 THou shalt arise and mercy yet
To Sion mount extend:
Seventy yeers, Ier. 25. 12. Of the ruins of the mate­riall temple, how much more of the living tem­ple of the holy Ghost? Prayer shall bring thee deliverance. Though in after ages.
Her time for favour which was set
Is now come to an end.
verse 14 Thy Saints take pleasure in her stones,
Her dust to them is dear;
verse 15 All heathen lands and kingly thrones
Thy names renown shall fear.
verse 16 Gods shining glory shall appear,
VVhen Sion he repairs:
verse 17 He shall regard and lend his ear
Unto the needies pray'rs.
Their humble pray'r he will not scorn,
verse 18 This thing we will record;
For future ages yet unborn,
That they may praise the Lord.
verse 19 He look'd from height of's holy throne
The earth view'd from the skie:
verse 20 To hear the pris'ners dolefull grone,
Captives in Babylon.
And save the doom'd to die.
verse 21 Both Sion and Jerusalem
His name and praise record:
Gentiles conversion.
verse 22 VVhen lands and people all of them
Meet there to praise the Lord.
verse 23 My strength he weakned in the way,
Oh that this generation might see these days, but we are broken with affliction, and wearing away.
My lingring days decay'd:
[Page 207] verse 24 My God, O take me not away
Amid'st my days, I said.
Thy yeers throughout all ages last,
verse 25 Of old time thou hast laid
The earths foundation firm and fast,
Thy hands the heav'ns have made.
verse 26 They perish as old garment wears,
But thou shalt still indure:
As vestures thou shalt change their spheres,
And chang'd they shall be sure.
verse 27 Thou art the same of endless years:
verse 28 Thy servants sonnes survive
Their seed before thy face appears,
Establish'd still alive.


York tune.

An exhortation to praise God for his incom­parable mercies to his Church and chil­dren.

MY soul I charge thee to express
The Lords renown and fame:
Let all within me praise and bless
His great and sacred name.
verse 2 Forget not all his benefits,
But bless the Lord my soul:
verse 3 VVho thine offences all remits
And makes thee sound and whole.
verse 4 Who hath redeem'd thee from the dead,
Destruction threatning sore:
VVith loving kindness crown'd thy head,
And tender mercies store.
verse 5 VVho with his gifts large multitude,
Thy mouth sufficing, fils:
[Page 208] So that thy youth is now renew'd,
As Eagles casting bills.
Her bill in old age grows so crooked, she cannot eat till it fall off and then she revives. Psal. 147. 29.
verse 6 The Lord doth judgment execute,
And righteousness conclude:
For persons that are destitute,
Opprest by tyrants rude.
verse 7 His ways to Moses he made known,
His acts to Isr'els seed:
verse 8 The Lord's a very gracious one,
And mercifull indeed.
To anger slow, aboundless deep
Of mercies multipli'd:
verse 9 He will not always anger keep,
Nor everlasting chide.
verse 10 He hath not dealt as our offence,
And wickedness hath bin:
Nor given us due recompence,
According to our sin.
verse 11 For as the heav'nly Orbs appear
The earth so far above:
So great to them that do him fear,
Is Gods surpassing love.
verse 12 The sins whereby we have transgrest,
Removing, by his grace,
As far from us, as East and West
Are separate in space.

2. Part.


He magnifies the sweet compassion of God, exhorts all creatures to praise him for his greatnes also.

verse 13 AS fathers are compassionate
Unto their children dear:
So God doth them commiserate
[Page 209] That truly do him fear.
verse 14 For he remembers we are dust,
Our crasie frame he knows:
verse 15 The days of man resemble just
The grass which short time grows.
He prospers as a flower in field,
verse 16 Which, when the winds pass ore,
Is perisht, and the place can yield
No knowledge of it more.
verse 17 But lo, the Lords abundant grace,
Eternitie doth fill:
His constant righteousness takes place
To childrens children still.
verse 18 To every person that consents
To keep his cov'nant true:
And thinks on his commandements,
For observation due.
verse 19 In heaven, as a glorious King,
The Lord hath set his throne:
And over every kind of thing,
His kingdom rules alone.
verse 20 Ye Angels that in strength excell,
And Gods commandments do:
That know his voice and word so well,
Still hearkning thereunto.
verse 21 Bless ye the Lord, ô bless him still,
Ye glorious hoasts of his:
Ye Ministers that do fulfill
What ere his pleasure is.
Numerous Angels.
verse 22 Yea all his works both far and neer,
Bless ye the Lords great Name:
Through his Dominions every where,
My soul bless thou the same.


Davids tune.

The admirable power and providence of God in the creation & government of the world▪

MY soul the great God magnifie,
My God thou dost thee cloth,
With honour and with majestie,
[...]xceeding great in both.
verse 2 With light thou cover'st thee about,
As with a Princely robe:
The father of lights, for thou mad'st light the first day.
Like curtains drawn thou stretchest out
The bright celestiall globe.
verse 3
Second day Gen. 1. 6. As nimble as a flame to execute his will.
Upon the wat'ry element there,
His chamber-beams he bindes:
He makes the clouds his Chariot bear,
Gen. 1. 3. Some think he treats of the five days Creation.
And walks on winged windes.
verse 4 His Ministers a fiery flame,
His Angels spirits he makes:
verse 5 He laid the earths foundation frame,
So sure, it never shakes.
verse 6
Third day. Gen. 1. 9. At first water lapt about the earth, but God bounded the water, to make the earth habitable.
Which thou didst cover with the flood,
Like garments over-spread:
The waters ore the mountains stood,
Quere, if An­gels were not made the second day.
verse 7 At thy
Thy word, Gen. 1. 7. was soon o­bey'd.
rebuke they fled.
Thy thundring voice compeld them all,
To haste away apace:
verse 8 The
Heb. The mountains ascend, the valleys descend.
mountains rise, the valleys fall,
Each to his founded place.
verse 9 Their passage thou dost now restrain,
By setting them their bound:
That they may
As naturally (being a lighter element) they would.
never turn again,
To cover all the ground.
[Page 211] verse 10 Into the vales fresh springs he sends,
Yet Rivers accommo­date us, tho the Seas co­ver not the earth.
Which run among the hills:
verse 11 Each beast the Forest comprehends,
Here take and drink their fills.
Wild asses here their thirst do slake;
verse 12 Here feathered fowl do house;
And nests for habitations make,
And sing among the boughes.

2. part.


The works of creation intermixt; the use of them for man.

verse 13 HE from his chambers of the skie,
The earth with rain hath stor'd:
Thy works the whole earth satisfie,
VVith fruits that they afford.
verse 14 For cattell he makes grass to spring,
And herbs for mans own use:
Convenient food for every thing,
He makes the earth produce.
verse 15 To glad mans heart he makes fat soil
Bring forth the grape for wine:
Heart-strengthning bread, & suppling oil,
To make the count'nance shine.
verse 16 No juicefull sap Gods trees do want,
Those goodly Cedar trees
Which he in Lebanon did plant:
verse 17 The birds make nests in these.
The stork in stately firre-trees dwells,
verse 18 High hills the goats befit:
The Conies in the hollow cells
Of stony rocks do sit.
verse 19 The moon a certain course doth run,
Gen. 1. 14.
And he ordain'd it so:
[Page 212] And when to set none tells the Sun,
For he the time doth know.
verse 20 Thou makest darkness, darkness night,
The forests beasts do then,
(VVhom glittering day-light did affright)
Creep all out of their den.
verse 21 Young Lions roaring for their prey,
Of God do seek their meat:
verse 22 The Sun ariseth▪ then do they
Together make retreat.
verse 23 In secret dens they closely lurk,
And then doth man begin
To set upon and ply his work,
Till ev'ning calls him in.

3. Part.


The admirable works of God both by Sea and Land; the dependance of the creatures up­on him; the wicked are cursed for con­tempt of his works.

verse 24 HOw many are thy works? O Lord,
In wisdom all compos'd:
The earth by thee is richly stor'd
VVith treasures there-inclos'd.
verse 25 So is this great and spacious deep,
Replenisht therewithall:
VVhere things innumerable creep,
And beasts both great and small.
verse 26 The ships go also here away,
Leviathan here keeps,
VVhom thou hast made to sport and play
Within the tumbling deeps.
verse 27 These on thy bounty all depend.
[Page 213] For seasonable food:
verse 28 Thy lib'rall hand thou dost extend,
And they are fill'd with good.
They gather what thou dost supply,
verse 29 Thou hid'st thy face, they mourn:
Thou tak'st away their breath, they die,
And to their dust return.
verse 30 Thy Spirits power thou sendest forth,
Tho indivi­duums (i. e. particular creatures, men, beasts, plants) die, yet the spe­cies (the kinds of each) con­tinue still.
VVhich them anew creates:
And all the surface of the earth,
Thy Spirit renovates.
verse 31 For ever lasts the Lords renown,
His works his joy provokes:
verse 32
As at Sina. Exod. 19. I will not neglect to praise God for his work, as profane men do.
Earth made to tremble at his frown,
Hills at his touch to smoke.
verse 33 I'l praise the Lord with cheerfull song,
While I remain alive:
VVhile I have beeing, shall my tongue
In his choice praises strive.
verse 34 My thoughts of him most sweet shall be,
In God will I be joy'd:
verse 35 Let workers of iniquitie
Be from the earth destroy'd.
And let the wicked be no more:
Take him away in his sins.
O thou my soul record
The praises of the Lord therefore,
Praise ye, praise ye the Lord.


Old England tune.

An exhortation to seek Gods favour, help, and succour, upon consideration of his won­derfull works, expressed all the world [...]ver.

[Page 214] GIve thanks to God, call on his Name,
To men his deeds make known:
verse 2 Sing, sing his praise, his works proclame,
And wonders ev'ry one.
verse 3 Joy fill their hearts that seek his grace:
Boast in [...]is holy Name:
verse 4 S [...]ek, seek the Lord, his strength & face,
For ever seek the same.
verse 5 His marv'lous works to mind recall,
And every wondrous deed:
His miracles and judgments all,
Which from his mouth proceed.
verse 6 O ye his servants, Abrahams seed,
His chosen Jacobs sons:
verse 7 He is the Lord our God indeed,
Through th'earth his judgement runs.

2. Part.


The fidelitie and confirmation of God;Which sig­nifies our safe conduct to the king­dome of glory. pro­mises to the faithfull, instanced in Israels conduct to Canaan.

verse 8 HE hath remembred still to do,
His covenants contents:
The word which he commanded to
A thousand of descents.
verse 9 Which cov'nant he with Abraham drew,
And next to Isaac swore:
verse 10 And for a law confirm'd anew
To Jacob, as before.
An everlasting Covenant
With Israel firm to stand:
verse 11 Saying, To you I freely grant
All Canaans fertile land:
[Page 215] An heritage allotted you,
verse 12 When few the people were:
Their number was exceeding few,
And also strangers there.
verse 13 From under on Kings government,
When, travelling along,
They to another people went:
verse 14 He let none do them wrong:
But for their sakes he Kings controll'd,
Let no presumptuous arm
verse 15 Touch mine anointed, nor be bold
To do my Prophets harm.
My people taught and anointed with my Spirit.

3. Part.


Gods preventing providence to his Church,Typing our provision & preservation in the world. instanced in Israels coming into Aegypt, and preservation there.

verse 16 MOreover then th'Almighty spake,
That famine should be spread
Ore all the Land,
Ou [...] of evils God intends good for his children.
and wholly brake
The succouring staffe of bread.
verse 17 But Joseph he had sent before,
Whom for a slave they sold:
verse 18 Whose feet with fetters they made sore,
He lodg'd in irons cold.
verse 19 Untill his words accomplishment,
Till the time came that God had said with himself (i. e. decreed) to deliver him; his word of permission tri'd Josephs patience.
By Gods word tri'd was he:
verse 20 The King (the peoples Ruler) sent
To loose and set him free.
verse 21 He made him Lord of's family,
And ruler of his treasure:
verse 22 To teach his Senate policy,
And binde his Peers at pleasure.
[Page 216] verse 23 Then Israel into Aegypt came,
And Jacob there found place
To sojourn in the land of Ham,
verse 24 Where they encreast apace.
He made them stronger then their foes,
verse 25 And of their foes abhor'd:
God guides wicked mens malice to our good.
And subtly made them deal with those
The servants of the Lord.

4. Part.


A memoriall of Gods miracles in Aegypt; They are forced to let Israel go with ho­nour and riches.

verse 26 HIs chosen servants had command,
Moses and Aaron too,
verse 27 In Aegypt, Hams accursed land,
Wonders and signes to do.
verse 28 A darkness he among them sent,
A cloud of darkness fell:
Against his flat commandement,
They no way did rebell.
No creatures disobedient to God, but Devils and men.
verse 29 To bloud he turn'd their streams and springs,
And all their fishes kill'd:
verse 30 With frogs the chambers of their Kings
Abundantly were fill'd.
verse 31 Strange flies and lice by his command
In all their coasts remain:
verse 32 He gave them hail in all the land,
And flaming fire for rain.
verse 33 Figtrees and Vines in all their coasts,
He smote, and brake the same:
verse 34 He spake, and locusts, countless hoasts,
And Caterpillars came:
[Page 217] verse 35 Upon their lands green herbs they fed,
And all their fruits devour:
verse 36 all Aegypts first-born smote he dead,
The chief of all their pow'r.
verse 37 He brought them out,
Exod. 12. 35.
hir'd thereunto
With gold and silver bribes:
And not a feeble soul quite through
The Israelitish Tribes.
verse 38 Full glad was Aegypt when they went,
Exod. 33. 12.
Their terrour did affright:
verse 39 He spread a cloud, a sheltring tent,
Exod. 13. 22.
And fire by night gave light.

5. Part.


A touch of Gods miraculous mercies to Is­rael in the Wilderness and Canaan,These were types of hea­venly food. Meditate of the continu­all care of God for our bodies and souls. And of Christ, signified by the rock of water. 1 Cor. 10. 4. and the end for which they were bestow'd.

verse 40 THe Lord with Quails his people fed,
Such as they askt to have:
And satisfi'd them with the bread
Which he from heaven gave.
verse 41 He opened stony rocks, where-out
Fresh waters gusht amain:
And like a river ran about
The dry and desert plain.
verse 42 He on his servant Abraham thought,
His holy Word and all:
verse 43 His chosen people thence he brought
With joy and festivall.
From Wil­derness to Canaan, and us from earth to heaven.
verse 44 The heathens labours, and their lands,
on Israel he bestow'd:
verse 45 To keep his laws and his commands,
O spread his praise abroad.


To short staffe tune.

The great goodnes of God to his chosen people, which godly men desire to partake of.

GIve thanks unto the Lord,
Who is with goodness stor'd:
His mercies sure
Do still endure,
His praise do ye record.
verse 2 VVho can the acts recite
Performed by his might:
VVho can forth-show,
That men may know
His praises infinite?
verse 3 O blessed blessed they
That walk in judgments way:
And he that doth
The works of truth,
Wilfully transgres­sing.
And never goes astray.
verse 4 O Lord remember mee,
Even with thy favour free:
VVhich to thine own
Is born alone
To them vouchsaf't by thee.
To visit me draw near
VVith thy salvation dear:
verse 5 Thy chosen good
Well understood
Let unto me appear.
Let me ex­perimentally feel thy fa­vour, as thy elect Saints shall do.
In that deliverance
VVhich doth thy land advance
Let me rejoice,
With glorying voice,
With thine inheritance.

2. Part.


Our disobedience and ingratitudo, instanced and exemplifi'd by Israel, and humbly con­fessed.

verse 6 WE into sins have run,
The father and the son:
Transgressing by
VVe wickedly have done.
verse 7 The wonders which thy hand
Perform'd in Aegypt land,
Our fathers old,
Who did behold,
Did not edi­ [...]e by them.
Yet did not understand.
Thy mercies many a one
They did not think upon:
But at the Sea,
Provoke did they,
The red Sea scor'd it on.
verse 8 Yet letting them alone,
He sav'd them every one,
For his Name sake,
That he might make
His mighty power known:
verse 9 The red Sea on each side,
At his rebuke was dri'd:
Through depths profound
As desert ground
He did his people guide.
verse 10 Their Saviour he did stand
Against their haters hand:
Redeeming those
From hand of foes,
[Page 220] That rul'd them at command.
verse 11 The waters drown'd their foes,
Not one was left of those:
verse 12 His words the men
Beleeved then,
His praise their songs compose.
verse 13 His works they soon forgot,
For's counsels waited not:
verse 14 In Wilderness
Their lusts excess
Restraining not a jot.

3. part.


The judgements of God upon Corah, and shamefull Idolatry of Israel.

IN deserts God they tempt:
verse 15 At their requests content
Quails to bestow,
As divers dyed sud­denly by surfet, Psal. 78. 31. So some by consumpti­ons, going to the heart of them.
With leanness tho,
Into their soul 'twas sent.
verse 16 As they in camp abide,
Good Moses they envi'd:
On Aaron too
They envie drew,
Whom God had sanctifi'd.
verse 17 The earth asunder clave,
Became a swallowing grave:
VVhere Dathan and
Abiram stand,
And unto all they have.
verse 18 And in their company
Fire kindled suddenly:
The flame caught then
Those wicked men,
[Page 221] Which were burnt up thereby.
verse 19 In Horeb were they bold,
To make a calf of gold,
And worshipped
An image dead
Which they did melt and mould.
verse 20 Thus they their glory pass
Into a molten mass
Of Oxes rude
A beast that eateth grass.

4. Part.


Gods vehement wrath against Israel, pacifi'd by Moses intercession:But that in­tercession was through Christ, on whom we must medi­tate. their incredulitie and contempt of the promised land.

verse 21 OF God their Saviours might,
They were forgetfull quite,
VVhose pow'r and dread
Great things in Aegypts sight.
Aegypt was peopled by the posterity of cursed Cham.
verse 22 He wrought with wondrous hand
In Hams accursed land,
Dread things were they
At that red Sea
Perform'd by his command.
verse 23 Therefore he said that he
Would their destruction be:
Had not, alone,
His chosen one
Good Moses been so free:
He stood, to save them each,
Before him in the breach:
[Page 222] To turn away
His wrath that day,
Lest them destruction reach.
verse 24 Yea they in careless wise
That pleasant land despise,
And entertain
His words as vain,
And deeming them but lies.
As unbelee­vers do the heavenly Canaan.
verse 25 But murmured in their tents,
And gave not their consents,
With willing ear,
The voice to hear
Of his commandements.
verse 26 He lifted up his hand,
Sware. See Ezek. 20.
That he would them withstand,
To overthrow
That people so
Within the desert land.
verse 27 Their seed to overthrow▪
And scatter them also
In forein lands
And tyrants hands
To serve a heathen to.

5. Part.


The corporall and spirituall adultery of Isra­el; The zeal of Phinehas, their provoking of Moses to passion, and lenitie to the Ca­naanites.

verse 28 TO Baal the God of Peor,
Some write this God was Priapus a filthy God, worshipped pudendis pa­ [...]facti [...].
Themselves adjoined were:
They are likewise
The sacrifice
Of those dead Idols there.
[Page 223] verse 29 Thus did they him provoke
To fiercest angers stroke:
So hatefull their
Inventions were,
The plague upon them broke.
verse 30 Then Phinehas rose to aid,
Num. 25.
With justice he repaid
Their foulest facts,
This part he acts,
And so the plague was stay'd.
verse 31'Twas deemed righteousness,
An appro­ved act, how ever men might censure it.
Which that act did express:
And ages all
For ever shall
Esteem it for no less.
verse 32 At Meribah they spake,
And him they angry make:
So discontent
That ill it went
With Moses for their sake.
Num. 20. 10, 11, 12.
verse 33 His Spirit they provoke,
Rash speeches from him broke:
Such errour slips
From hasty lips,
So unadvis'd he spoke.
verse 34 They were advertised,
And charg'd to smite them dead,
Yet did not they
Those Nations slay,
verse 35 But were among them spread,
The works which heath'nish are
To learn they did not spare:
verse 36 And there they serv'd
[Page 224] Their Idols carv'd,
Which were to them a snare.

6. Part.


The horrid Idolatries of Israel:Meditate how prone our nature is to sin. the dreadfull judgement of God for the same.

verse 37 YEa, they did sacrifice
Their little girls and boyes,
(Daughters nor Sons
Their blind zeal shuns)
To Devill-Deities.
verse 38 And innocent bloud they shed,
Which sons and daughters bled:
Whom they likewise
In sacrifice
To Canaan Idols led.
verse 39 VVith bloud they stain'd the land,
VVith works of their own hand,
VVhich they invent
A whoring went,
Defil'd with that foul brand.
verse 40 The wrath of God therefore
Against them kindled sore:
So that the Lord
His own abhor'd,
Such blame his her'tage bore.
verse 41 He left them in the hands,
And under the commands
Of heathen men,
Whose hatred then
They felt in forein lands.
verse 42 Their enemies also
Opprest and brought them low:
[Page 225] His people were
Subjected there
Under a forein fo.

7. Part.


Gods mercifull compassions to his distressed people:'Tis thought to be made in the Baby­lonian cap­tivitie. he taketh heart to pray for de [...]e­rance from present calamities.

verse 43 HE sav'd them many times,
Yet their unjust designes
Provok't him so,
They were brought low
For their abhorred crimes.
verse 44 But never a whit the less
Their pitifull distress,
He did regard,
When as he h'ard
Their cry in bitterness.
And he to mind did call,
His cov'nant for them all:
verse 45 His mercies shew'd
Their multitude,
For he repents their thrall.
verse 46 He made them pitied there
Of all whose slaves they were.
verse 47 Lord God our stay
Now save we pray
Thy people ev'ry where.
Gather thy flock that strays,
'Mong heathen now adays:
That we may fame
Thy holy Name,
And triumph in thy praise.
[Page 226] verse 48 Bless Israels God most high
To all eternitie:
And people then
Say all, Amen,
The Lord to magnifie.


To Dutch tune.

That God is magnifi'd for his admirable pro­vidence over captives and planters.No sort of men under­go harder things.

O Give ye thanks unto the Lord,
Who doth with goodness flow:
VVith everlasting mercies stor'd,
verse 2 Let Gods redeem'd say so.
How much more then for our spi­rituall deli­verance.
VVhom he redeem'd from enemies hand,
verse 3 And gathered them to rest,
From North and South, in every Land,
And from the East and West.
verse 4 No Citie they for dwelling found,
Planters of a new coun­try; It was a common trade in an­cient times.
They wandred in the ways
Of solitary desert ground,
verse 5 Where thirst and hunger slays.
Their weary souls did in them faint,
verse 6 When trouble on them seis'd;
Unto the Lord they made complaint,
Who their distresses eas'd.
verse 7 He led them forth by straitest ways
To Cities of abode:
verse 8 O then that men would give God praise,
For all his mercies show'd.
And for his works and wondrous deeds,
To men of mortall kind:
verse 9 Who longing souls with goodness feeds,
And fills the hunger-pin'd.

2. Part.


Gods providence towards poor prisoners & sick persons, though incurring their mise­ries by their sins.

verse 10 SUch as in darkness have abode,
With shade of death ore-cast,
VVhom irons and afflictions load,
VVhich fetters bind them fast.
verse 11 Because Gods word was scornfully
Rebell'd against by them:
The counsell of the Lord most high,
Because they did contem'.
verse 12 With labour sore he tam'd their pride,
They fell quite succourless:
verse 13 In trouble then to God they cri'd,
He sav'd them from distress.
verse 14 From shade of death & darksom night,
Out of a dungeon.
Which they were subject under:
He brought them out to life and light,
And brake their bonds asunder.
verse 15 O that the Lord might reap due praise,
For every wondrous deed:
And goodness show'd in all his waies,
To mans unworthy seed.
verse 16 The gates of brass he broke in two,
And iron bars divide:
verse 17 Fools, for offences which they do,
Great miseries abide.
verse 18 Their soul abhors all kind of meat,
To gates of death draws near:
verse 19 They cry to God in troubles great,
He saves them from their fear.
[Page 228] verse 20 He sent his word and heal'd them then
From ruines were they rais'd:
verse 21 O that the Lord so good to men,
Were for his goodness prais'd.
And for his wondrous works likewise,
To us that mortall are:
verse 22 And bring him thanks for sacrifice,
His works with joy declare.

3. Part.


Gods rare providence over Seamen.

verse 23 THey that in ships go down to Seas,
And have affairs to do
verse 24 In waters great, such men as these
Gods wonders see into.
His works in deeps discern do they:
verse 25 For he commandeth oft
The storming wind to stir the Sea,
VVhich lifts her waves aloft.
verse 26 They mount to heav'n, and back again
Down to the deeps they roll▪
The dangerous trouble they sustain,
Dissolves their very soul.
verse 27 They stagger like to drunken men,
And reeling to and fro,
verse 28 Almost besides their senses then,
They cry to God in wo.
He them from their distresses saves,
verse 29 And doth proud storms asswage:
Becalms the Seas tumultuous waves,
And stills their boist'rous rage.
verse 30 Then have they rest, the tempest past,
And are most joyfull for't:
[Page 229] And so he brings them, at the last,
To their desired Port.
verse 31 O that the Lord were duly prais'd,
For all his goodness then:
And for his mighty wonders rais'd
To all the sons of men.

4. Part.


All sorts exhorted to praise God, that raiseth the poor, and depresseth the proud; the blessedness of such as observe Gods provi­dence.

verse 32 AMong the people gathered,
Let them exalt his Name:
Among assembled Elders spread,
His most renowned fame.
verse 33 He springs of waters waterless,
And rivers deserts makes:
verse 34 A fruitfull land all barrenness,
For wicked dwellers sakes.
verse 35 Dry wilderness again he brings
Into a standing VVell:
Dry desert ground to water-springs,
verse 36 Wherein the hungry dwell.
Inhabited Cities to prepare,
verse 37 To sow each neighb'ring field:
Plant vineyards with industrious care,
Increasing fruits to yeeld.
verse 38 Such blessings are on them confer'd,
That they are much increast:
Not suffering them of all the herd
To lose a sory beast.
verse 39 Again they are diminished,
And brought to low estate:
[Page 230] Through great affliction suffered,
Distrest, disconsolate.
verse 40 He on their Princes powres disgrace,
And causeth them to stray
In solitary desert place,
Where is no beaten way.
verse 41 Yet saves the poor from misery,
sets him on safeties rock:
And makes him up a family,
Like to a num'rous flock.
verse 42 This thing the righteous shall behold,
Rejoycing in the same:
To convince Atheists, that heed not providence.
And all iniquitie controll'd,
Shall stop her mouth with shame.
verse 43 Who so hath wisdom from above,
These matters to record;
Ev'n they shall understand the love
And kindness of the Lord.


London short tune.

David praises God, and prays for the enlarge­ment of his kingdom a type of Christs.

O God I fix my heart,
My glory bears a part:
And (as my tongue)
So shall my song
Praise thee with musicks art.
verse 2 VVake harp and psaltery,
Right early wake will I:
I wil divulge thy Gospel in these psalms to the Gen­tiles.
verse 3 Thy praises Lord
Will I record,
The people standing by.
I'l praise thee with my song,
[Page 231] The nations all among:
verse 4 To heavens high,
For the An­gels both re­ceive thy mercy, and report it, and it is infinite mercy.
To clouds of skie,
His truth and mercies throng.
verse 5 Exalted be thy Name,
Above the heavens frame:
Let earth below
The Trumpet blow
Of thy renowned fame.
Command deliveran­ces for thy Church, and to David in token therof
verse 6 That thy belov'd of thee
Delivered may be:
Thy help command,
With thy right hand,
And kindly answer me.

2. Part.


David hoping to enlarge his kingdom accor­ding to Gods promises,So must we for the en­larging Christs king­dome. depends wholly on Gods power.Remote parts, as She­chem are my heritage. And all the tribes and coasts of Is­rael.

verse 7 IN holiness God spake,
Which doth me joyfull make:
Shechem my share
And Succoth are
To measure out and take.
verse 8 Manasseh Gilead's mine,
And Ephraim I'l assign,
Yea and the Gentiles al­so, be token­ing Christs rule over all. But (as Moab a wash-pot to wash the feet) som are but slaves, submitting to Christ out of necessitie.
VVhile Judahs tribe
My laws prescribe,
To keep this head of mine.
verse 9 My washpot Moab shall be,
Edom I'l tread on thee:
Philistia do
Thou triumph too,
And that because of mee.
[Page 232] verse 10 But who will be my guide,
To conquer the Citie as well as the field, in to­ken that Christ over­comes the most obsti­nate.
To Edom fortifi'd?
verse 11 Lord, wilt not thou
Assist us now
That hast before deni'd?
O Lord wilt thou refrain
[...] Armies to maintain?
verse 12 Thy help afford
In trouble Lord,
For mortall succour's vain.
verse 13 VVith Gods assistance crown'd,
VVe shall do acts renown'd:
For he it is,
The pow'r is his
That shall our foes confound.


To new staffe tune.

David fearfully cursing Judas with a pro­pheticall spirit, leaves a dreadfull exam­ple to deter all false hypocrites and furious persecutors.

O God my praise, my just cause plead:
verse 2 The lewd deceitfull throng
Their mouths have open'd, and inveigh'd
Against me with false tongue.
verse 3 VVith words of spight
And causless fight
They compass me about:
verse 4 Even for my love
My foes they prove,
But I ply pray'rs devout▪
[Page 233] verse 5 Much hate for love to me they show,
Let the De­vill be ready to tempt him to sin.
And ill for good reward:
verse 6 Some wicked man set ore my so
To be a Master hard.
Some under­stand, Let all his actions be cross as hindred by Satan, i. e. an adversa­ry.
Let Satan stand
At his right hand,
verse 7 VVhen judgement shall begin,
Appoint that he
Condemned be,
And turn his pray'r to sin.
verse 8 His office let another take,
Turn his a­pologie and plea at judgement against him­self.
Cut short his treach'rous life:
verse 9 His children wretched orphans make,
VVith widowhood vex his wife.
verse 10 Let's children fly
Abroad, as vagrants base.
And begging fed
Seek out their bread
In ev'ry desolate place.
verse 11 Let merciless extortioners
Catch all he hath away:
And let some greedy foreiners,
Of's labours make a prey.
verse 12 Stir up no friend
That may extend
Relief in his distress:
And let there no
Man favour show
Unto his fatherless.

2. Part.


as before.

verse 13 CUt off the race that from him breeds,
With everlasting shame:
And in the age that next succeeds,
Extinguish quite his Name.
verse 14 Let's fathers fau't
To mind be brought,
Before the Lord for ever.
His mothers crime
By length of time
Let be extinguisht never.
verse 15 Let them be had continually
Before the Lord in mind:
To cut from earth the memory
That's left of them behind.
verse 16 Who mercy so
Forgot to show,
The poor and needy still
VVith fresh pursuits
He persecutes
The broken heart to kill.
verse 17 As he lov'd cursing him requite,
Lov'd to be in an unrege­nerate state, subject to the curse, and ca­red not for the blessings of the Go­spel.
Let it come to him so:
As blessing did not him delight,
So let it from him go.
verse 18 Him cursing had
As garments clad,
His cursing let recoil:
Let it like drink
In's bowels sink,
And soke his bones like oil.
verse 19 Let it be to him as the skirt
That covers him alway:
[Page 235] And like the girdle that is girt
About him every day:
verse 20 Let God dispence
This recompence
Mine en'mies to controul:
That are incenst
To speak agenst
Mine inoffensive soul.

3. Part.


Complaints and prayers of the poor and per­secuted.

verse 21 O God the Lord do thou for me,
Even for thy Names dear sake:
Because right good thy mercies be,
My freedom undertake.
verse 22 For I indeed
Do stand in need,
VVith mis'ry sore distrest:
My grieved heart
With wounds doth smart,
And bleeds within my brest.
verse 23 I'm gone like Suns declining shade,
Like wandring locust toss'd:
verse 24 My knees through fasting weak are made,
My flesh her fat hath lost.
verse 25 Yea I became
To them a shame,
On me they gaze and stare:
Their heads they nod,
verse 26 Help Lord my God,
Me by thy mercies spare.
verse 27 That they may know this is thy hand,
[Page 236] That thou hast done the deed:
verse 28 And when they curse, do thou cōmand
A blessing to succeed.
Them when they rise,
Rise to at­tempt any wicked act.
Let shame surprise,
But make thy servant glad:
verse 29 With shame be those
That are my foes,
And self-confusion clad.
O let their mantle be of shame:
verse 30 But greatly shall my tongue
Give God due praise, and sing his fame
The multitude among.
verse 31 For he shall stand
At his right hand,
Stand up a neer helper to the poor and persecu­ted.
And for his sake controul
The doom of them,
That would condem
The poor mans harmless soul.


To Magnificat tune.

The Kingly, Priestly, and Propheticall offices of Christ Jesus.

THe Lord unto my Lord thus spake,
To Christ my Lord.
Sit thou at my right hand:
Till I thy foes a stool shall make,
VVhereon thy feet may stand.
verse 2 The Lord shall out of Sion send
Thy pow'rs prevai [...]ing rod:
Gospel first preached at Jerusalem▪
Thy rule shall in the midst extend
Of all thy foes ô God.
verse 3 Thy people, when thy Gospel calls,
Shall yield unto thy pow'r:
[Page 237] From mornings womb thy first dew falls
Conversion at the first preaching, as plentifull as the morn­ing dew.
In the Church a beautifull creature.
In sacred beauties bow'r.
verse 4 The Lord hath sworn nor will repent,
Thou art for ever call'd
A Priest with priest-hood permanent,
Heb. 7. 3. Destroying the adversa­ries by heaps pursuing the victory as a warriour, wetting his lips onely for hast. Some under­stand it of Christs pas­sion and re­surrection.
Melchis'dek-like enstall'd.
verse 5 In day of his fierce anger then,
The Lord at thy right hand
verse 6 Shall strike through Kings: and wound chief men
In many a heathen land.
Filling the places where he strook
With bodies of the dead:
verse 7 And in the way drink of the brook,
And so lift up the head.


To pause tune.

The Church exhorted to praise God for his marvellous works, which are here in part described.

PRaise ye the Lord,
I will record
His praise with heart sincere:
Where men upright
Themselves unite
Ith' Congregation there.
verse 2 Gods works are rare,
Viz. Creati­on, preser­vation, &c.
Sought out they are
Of all that so delight:
verse 3 His work's renown'd
VVith glory crown'd
His justice infinite.
His wonders he
Hath made to be
[Page 238] Retain'd in thankfull mind:
verse 4 The Lord is known
A gracious one,
Compassionate and kind.
verse 5 Providing meat
For them to eat
Th [...]t fear his holy Name:
Provision for soul and bo­dy, typed by Manna of old.
He will fulfill
His Cov'nant still,
Still mindfull of the same.
verse 6 In Israels fight
He shew'd his might,
And did his works advance:
That he might so
On them bestow
The heathens heritance.
verse 7 Works of his hands
And his commands
Are truth and judgement sure:
verse 8 They stand full fast
And ever last
Accomplisht true and pure.
verse 9 Redemption is
Sent down to his,
His Covenant still the same:
As he commands
It firmly stands;
O holy reverend Name!
verse 10 Gods fear's the thing
Doth wisdom bring,
Sanctificati­on, without which we have no true knowledge of his great works.
Good knowledge have all they,
That do fulfill
His holy will,
His praise endures for ay.


Magnificat tune.

The great pietie, justice, and charitie of the Saints: the blessing upon them and theirs, to the great grief of the wicked.

PRaise ye the Lord: Blessed are such
As serve the Lord in fear:
In his commands delighting much:
verse 2 His seed shall prosper here.
The uprights off-spring God shall bless,
verse 3 And fill his house with store:
His memorable righteousness
Endures for evermore.
verse 4 Unto the man immaculate,
Good out of evill.
In darkness riseth light:
Hee's gracious and compassionate,
In justice exquisite▪
verse 5 A good man shews much kind respect,
And lends to him that needs:
And with discretion will direct
His thoughts, his words, his deeds.
verse 6 Surely to all eternitie,
He shall not moved be;
But had in lasting memorie,
For evermore shall he.
verse 7 For any evill tidings told
He shall not be afraid:
His faithfull heart which makes him bold,
On God is firmly stay'd.
verse 8 His heart is so established
Afraid he shall not be:
Till his desire accomplished
Upon his foes he see.
[Page 240] verse 9 He hath disperst his charitie,
And given to the poor:
He shall to perpetuitie
Be styl'd a right'ous doer.
His horn shall high exalted be
With honour so atcheiv'd:
verse 10 The wicked man this thing shall see,
And be extreamly griev'd.
Yea he shall gnash his teeth for spite,
And pining melt away:
And his desire shall perish quite,
The wicked mans, I say.


To Coventry tune.

Gods gracious respects to the creatures; His marvellous advancing of mean persons.

PRaise ye the Lord, praise him, I say,
All ye his Saints profest:
verse 2 Even from this day
For ever may
His glorious Name be blest.
verse 3 From Sun to Sun is Gods great Name,
Of all men to be prais'd:
verse 4 Surmounts his fame
The heavens frame,
Above all Nations rais'd.
verse 5 VVith God the Lord who may compare,
Tis his meer grace that he should respect any Saint in hea­ven, much more the poor on earth.
VVho dwells in heaven high:
verse 6 Yet stoops to care
For things that are
Both in the earth and skie.
verse 7 The poor and needy he doth grace,
verse 8 Whom from the dust he brings:
[Page 241] And dung-hill base
To Princes place,
To sit inthron'd with Kings.
verse 9 The barren to keep house makes he,
As barren­nes was of old a great grief and children a great bles­sing, so much more, spiri­tually under­stood.
So that of children store,
A mother she
Full glad may be,
Praise ye the Lord therefore.


Davids tune.

The rare providence of God to Israel, in re­move from Aegypt towards Canaan.

WHen Israel Aegypts bounds forsook,
Meditate of our coming out of the world into the Church, & travelling towards heaven. Israel was a holy and o­bedient people. Red sea▪ Sinai.
Their dwelling to exchange:
And Jacobs house their journey took
From folk of language strange:
verse 2 His Sanctu'ry was Judah there,
He rul'd in Israel:
verse 3 The sea saw that and fled for fear,
And Jordan backward fell.
verse 4 Th' affrighted mountains skipt like rams,
Low hillocks like young sheep:
verse 5 What (JORDAN) rea [...]d thy water­dams,
Why fled the liquid deep?
verse 6 What made ye, ô ye mountains dance,
Like tim'rous flocks of rams?
Ye little hills, how chance, how chance,
Ye skipt like frighted lambs?
verse 7 O earth in great Gods presence quake,
Even Jacobs God, that brings
verse 8 The stony rock to standing lake,
The flint to water-springs.


London long tune.

Great glory appropriated to God; the deri­sion of Idols and Idolaters.

LOrd not to us, Lord not to us,
But give thy Name renown:
And let thy works miraculous,
Thy truth and mercies crown.
verse 2 O wherefore should the heathen cry,
Now where's their God become?
verse 3 Our God he is in heaven high,
And all he pleas'd hath done.
verse 4 Their Idols gold and silver be,
The handy-work of man:
verse 5 Have eyes and mouths, but do not see,
Nor speak at all they can.
verse 6 Have ears, but do not hear a jot,
Have noses, but no sent:
verse 7 Proportion'd hands, but handle not,
And feet, but never went.
Their hollow throats no breath goes through,
verse 8 Their makers like them are:
And so are all that trust thereto,
The work [...]man like the ware.

2. Part.


The Church exhorted to praise God, as most interessed in his mercies.

verse 9 O Isr'el trust in God, that must
Thy shield and helper be:
verse 10 In him ô house of Aaron trust,
Their help and shield is he.
verse 11 Trust in the Lord, your help and shield,
All ye that do him fear:
[Page 243] verse 12 His blessing to us he will yield,
Still mindfull of us here.
In Isr'els house he'l bless them all,
And Aarons house no less:
verse 13 His fearers all both great and small,
The Lord will surely bless.
verse 14 Of you, and of your children too,
VVill God increase the birth:
verse 15 The blessed of the Lord are you,
That formed heav'n and earth.
verse 16 The highest heavens are the Lords,
Even all the heavens are so:
But he the spacious earth affords
To sonnes of men below.
verse 17 The dead to silence that go down,
The Church shall survive in its gene­ration to praise God.
Do never praise the Lord:
verse 18 But we will still his Name renown,
Do ye his praise record.


To 2. French tune.

David gives humble thanks for great deli­verance from extream temptations.

I Love the Lord, who heard my cry,
And to my suits good ear did give:
verse 2 VVhich since to me he did apply,
I'l call upon him while I live.
verse 3 Sorrows of death did me infold,
Afflictions seeming as bitter as death.
Trouble and anguish on me came:
The pains of hell on me gat hold,
verse 4 Then call'd I on Jehovahs Name.
O Lord I pray to thee alone,
From sorrows pit my soul to pull.
verse 5 The Lord's a gracious righteous one,
[Page 244] Yea, and our God is mercifull.
verse 6 He saves the simple when opprest,
I was brought low he helped me:
verse 7 My soul return unto thy rest,
God hath dealt bounteously with thee.
verse 8 My soul from death thou didst preserve,
Mine eyes from tears, my feet from falls:
verse 9
Lead my life as in thy sight, with a particular trust that thou lookest to me. 2 Cor. 4. 13.
I'l walk before thee, thee to serve,
Here where the living on thee calls.
verse 10 I have beleev'd, therefore I spoke,
Tho scorched in afflictions fire:
verse 11 I said (for passion did provoke)
Tush, every man is found a
A vanitie, a thing of nought, which who would think God should regard. They were publick mer­cies in re­spect of the person re­presenting Christ.

2. Part.


David studies true gratitude, and celebrates his deliverances in publick.

verse 12 LOrd what requitall shall I make,
For all thy benefits to me:
verse 13 Salvations
A custom of the Iews at feasts to lift up a cup at singing a Psalm, which they cald the cup of salva­tiō, to which Christ allu­ded, Luk. 22. 17. Born in the Church of beleeving progenitors, and therefore interessed in the Covenant.
cup lo I will take,
And therewithall will call on thee.
verse 14 My vows to God I'l render there,
Yea, now in all his peoples eies:
verse 15
He recals what he said, man's a lyer n [...], a Saint is a precious thing to God, who prevents th [...]ir death, or rewards it.
The death of all his Saints sincere,
The Lord doth very highly prize.
verse 16 I am thy servant certainly,
I am a servant of the Lords:
Thy handmaids son O Lord, am I,
And thou hast loost thy servants cords.
verse 17 I'l give thee thanks for sacrifice,
[Page 245] And on the Lords Name I will call:
verse 18 I'l pay my vows to God likewise,
In sight of these his people all.
verse 19 In Sions Courts I'l render them,
In Gods own house in midst of thee,
Of thee ô great Jerusalem,
O therefore praise the Lord with me.


1. Strain tune.

The Gospel, truth, and grace of God, joyfull to all Nations.

O All ye Nations praise the Lord,
Ye people all his praise record:
verse 2 For very great and marvellous
His loving kindness is to us.
His truth endures for evermore,
O praise his holy Name therefore.


York tune.

An exhortation to praise God as most wor­thy, and to trust in him as most safe.

THe Lord, the Lord is good and kinde,
O give him thanks therefore:
Because we do his mercies finde
Continued evermore.
verse 2 Let Israel say this very day,
Day of Da­vids setling in the king­dom, a type of Christs.
His mercies still prevail:
verse 3 Now let the house of Aaron say,
His mercies never fail.
verse 4 Let them that fear the Lord confess,
His mercies still remain:
verse 5 I call'd upon him in distress,
He answered me again.
[Page 246] verse 6 A spacious place he brought me to,
The Lord doth take my part;
For all that man to me can do,
No fear shall seiz my heart.
verse 7 God, with my helpers, takes my part,
And I fulfill'd shall see
VVhat I desired in my heart,
On en'mies hating me.
verse 8 It's better for a mans defence,
To trust in God alone;
Then for to put our confidence
In any mortall one.
verse 9 Yea, it is better to repose
Our confidence in thee;
Then for to put our trust in those
That pow'rfull Princes be.

2. Part.


The triumphant and typicall victories of Da­vid, to the great joy of the Church.

verse 10 ALL Nations compast me about,
Meditate of Christ, con­quering the sons of B [...] ­lial.
Whom yet I overcame:
For I shall surely root them out
In Gods assistant Name.
verse 11 They compast me about, I say,
They compast me about:
But in the Name of God shall they
Be all destroy'd, no doubt.
verse 12 Like to a swarm of angry bees,
They compast me about:
But like a fire of bramble trees,
Are soon again put out.
Yea I shall soon destroy them all,
[Page 247] In Gods assistant Name.
verse 13 Thou thrustedst sore to make me fall,
Saul or Ish­bibenob, 2 Sam. 21. 16.
But God my help became.
verse 14 The Lord's become my strength and song,
And my salvation sweet:
verse 15 Salvations voice & joys sweet tongue,
Davids deli­verance a joy to all the Church.
In just mens dwellings meet.
verse 16 The Lords right hand doth valiantly,
The Lords right hand's renown'd:
The Lords right hand's exalted high,
With valiant actions crown'd.
verse 17 I shall not die, but still draw breath,
Not be slain by Saul, or any adver­sary.
Gods works to testifie:
verse 18 Thou didst not give mee ore to death,
Though sore chastis'd was I.

3. Part.


David magnifies God for choosing him (a con­temptible person) to the Crown,Meditate of Christ, of whom he was a type. Gate of the Sanctuary▪ where righ­teous men, righteous ordinances. &c. praying for the preservation of his kingdom.

verse 19 OPen to me the righteous gate,
Then shall thy Courts be trod;
VVhere I thy praise may celebrate,
verse 20 This Temple-gate of God.
Here shall the righteous entrance have.
verse 21 Thy praises I'l declare:
For thou becam'st my rock to save,
And thou hast heard my pray'r.
verse 22 The stone the builders have refus'd,
David by Courtiers, Christ by Cavillers, Mat. 21. 42.
Is now become the stone
VVhich for the corners-head is us'd,
verse 23 This is Gods art alone;
This in our eyes is marvellous,
[Page 248] verse 24 This day which God did make
Shall be a day of joy to us,
Day of Da­vids inaugu­ration, and of Christs incarnation, &c.
Therein delight to take.
verse 25 Now save O Lord, I crave the same,
O send us good success:
verse 26 O blessed commers in his Name,
Blessed Mi­nisters that preach these glad tidings. It seems this Psalm was used at some solemn feast.
You from his house we bless.
verse 27 God is the Lord that light affords▪
Which this high day adorns:
Then bind the sacrifice with cords
Unto the Altars horns.
verse 28 Thou art my God, I'l spread thy fame,
My God I'l spread thy praise:
verse 29 The Lord is good, ô praise his Name,
His mercies last alwayes.


2. French tune.

The blessedness of true Religion; The Saints great desire thereto, and prayer against desertion.

O Blessed blessed are the pure,
That never from Gods laws depart:
verse 2 That keep his testimonies sure,
And seek him with a perfect heart.
verse 3 They also do no wickedness,
Walk in his ways, and never swerve:
verse 4 Thou dost a strict command'ment press,
That we with care thy laws observe.
verse 5 O that my ways were made direct,
And to thy statutes rightly fram'd:
verse 6 VVhen t' all thy laws I have respect,
Then sure I shall not be asham'd.
verse 7 With upright heart I'l give thee praise,
[Page 249] When I have learn'd thy judgmēts right:
verse 8 And I will surely keep thy ways,
O do not Lord forsake me quite.

2. Part.

Dutch tune.

The power of the word to curb the lusts of youth: The earnest affections of the faith­full to that Word.

verse 9 HOw may the waies of man be freed
From errour in his youth?
If thereunto he take good heed,
According to thy truth.
verse 10 Lord I have sought thee (I am sure)
Even with a perfect heart:
From paths of thy commandments pure,
O let me not depart.
verse 11 I hid thy Word within my heart,
From sin to keep me free:
verse 12 A blessed God O Lord thou art,
Thy statutes teach to me.
verse 13 Thy mouths decrees my lips declar'd:
verse 14 I count no worldly treasure
With thy commandments waies compar'd,
To yield so sweet a pleasure.
verse 15 Upon thy precepts I will muse,
Much by thy judgments set:
verse 16 Thy statutes with contentment use,
And not thy words forget.

3. Part.

2. French tune.

The word of God a good guide, and a strength­ning comfort against reproach and perse­cution.

[Page 250] verse 17 BE moved towards thy servant Lord,
To deal with me in bounteous wise,
That I may live and keep thy word,
verse 18 Yea, open thou, O Lord, mine eies.
That I the wondrous things may see,
Which from thy testimonies flow:
verse 19 Thy statutes do not hide from me,
That am a stranger here below.
verse 20 My soul ev'n breaks with fervent thirst,
Thy judgements having still preferr'd:
verse 21 The proud thou hast rebuk't and curst,
VVhich from thy precepts greatly err'd.
verse 22 Remove from me contempt and shame,
For I have kept thy just decrees:
verse 23 While Princes in their counsels blame
Thy servant (Lord) for keeping these.
But in thy Statutes exquisite,
Thy servant meditation ply'd▪
verse 24 Thy Testaments are my delight,
They are my counsell and my guide.

4. Part.

To 1. Strain tune.

Davids deep affliction and great affection to the Word, but the grace is of God.

verse 25 MY spirit cleaves unto the dust,
My soul faints.
O quick'n me for thy promise just.
verse 26 I have declar'd my ways to thee,
Opened my heart in con­fession and petition.
And thou hast heard and noted me.
verse 27 Teach me thy Statutes I thee pray,
And let me know thy precepts way.
So my discourse shall wholly tend,
Thy works and wonders to commend.
verse 28 My heart doth melt for very grief,
[Page 251] Lord for thy promise send relief.
verse 29 The way of lies from me with-draw,
Heresie and error.
And grant me graciously thy law.
verse 30 I chose the way of truth most right,
I laid thy judgments in my sight.
verse 31 Thy testaments I stuck unto,
Lord shame me not for what I do.
verse 32 I'l run the way thou giv'st in charge,
When as thou shalt my heart enlarge.

5. Part.

2. French tune.

Davids desire of grace, and to avoyd temp­tations.

verse 33 LOrd teach me in thy Statutes way,
And I shall keep it to the end:
verse 34 O give me knowledge that I may
With my whole heart thy laws attend.
Yea, I to keep them shall be sure,
verse 35 Make me therefore to go aright;
In paths of thy Command'ments pure,
For therein onely I delight.
verse 36 Incline mine heart unto thy Law,
And not to cov'tousnes (I pray)
verse 37 From objects vain mine eies withdraw,
Greediness of any lust, restrains all my senses.
And quicken me in thy good way.
verse 38 Thy promise to thy servant prove,
Who is devoted to fear thee:
verse 39 My fear'd reproach from me remove,
Therefore I would have nothing else to fear.
For very good thy Judgments be.
verse 40 Lord I have long'd with earnestness,
Thy blessed laws to know and do;
Vouchsafe then in thy righteousness,
To move and quicken me thereto.

6. Part.

Southwell tune.

A prayer for courage in our profession: Gods service is perfect freedome.

verse 41 LORD let thy mercies free
Come also unto mee,
As well as to other good Christians.
According to
Thy promise do,
And my salvation be.
verse 42 So shall my answer just
Reprove his envious lust;
Who ever he be
That taunteth me,
For in thy Word I trust.
verse 43 Let not the word of light,
My mouth abandon quite;
For lo the scope
Of all my hope
Is in thy judgments right.
verse 44 So keep thy laws shall I
For ever constantly;
verse 45 And I, because
I keep thy laws,
Will walk at libertie.
verse 46 Thy Testaments to name
To Kings, I will not shame;
verse 47 Delighting still
To do thy will
For I have lov'd the same.
verse 48 I'l also lift my hands,
To thy belov'd commands,
And on them pitch
My thoughts, to which
My strong affection stands.

7. Part.

London long tune.

Davids great affection to Gods Word, even in his greatest adversitie: His night-devo­tion is commended.

verse 49 THy promise to thy servant mind,
Whereon thou mad'st me rest:
verse 50 This comfort in distress I find,
Thy word revives my brest.
verse 51 Tho proud men have me greatly scoft,
Thy ways I ne'er declin'd:
verse 52 Thy judgements old I thought on oft,
Thy judge­ment on the wicked.
And comforted my mind.
verse 53 I'm seis'd with horrour for this age,
Which doth thy laws forsake:
verse 54 And in my house of pilgrimage,
In time of my flitting and fleeing from Sauls persecution. My grace was reward­ed with more grace.
Thy laws my songs did make.
verse 55 Thy Name I have in mind retain'd,
When night her curtain draws:
verse 56 I kept thy word, this grace I gain'd,
Because I kept thy laws.

8. Part.

2. French tune.

Davids contentment in God, and in all the godly.

verse 57 THou Lord my onely portion art,
I said that I will keep thy Word:
verse 58 I sought thy favour from my heart,
Thy promised grace to me afford.
verse 59 I have considered of my ways,
And to thy laws my feet [...] bent:
verse 60 I made good haste and shunn'd delays,
To keep thy just commandement.
[Page 254] verse 61 The wicked bands have robbed me,
As at Ziglag, 1 Sam. 30. 3. judgments of thy mouth, and thy hand.
Yet have I not forgot thy laws:
verse 62 I'l rise at midnight praising thee,
For thy just judgments give me cause.
verse 63 Who fear thy Name and do thy will,
Such men I am companion to:
verse 64 Thy mercies do the whole earth fill,
Teach me thy laws to know and do.

9. Part

to 3. first lines of choice tune.

The speciall goodness of God to his servants, and the great benefit of sanctifi'd affliction.

verse 65 ACcording to thy promise free,
Lord thou hast dealt full well with me,
That am thy servant fearing thee.
verse 66 Teach me good judgment Lord, I pray,
And knowledge of thy word and way,
I grounded my faith on thy Word.
For I beleeve what thou dost say.
verse 67 While unchastised with thy rod,
I went astray from thee, O God;
But in thy paths I since have trod.
verse 68 Lord thou art good, thy nature's so,
And thou dost good, thy works do show,
O teach me Lord thy laws to know.
verse 69 The proud against me forg'd a lye,
Doth at good for me.
But my whole heart will I apply,
To keep thy precepts faithfully.
verse 70 As fat as grease their heart is grown,
Proud and fottish with prosperitie.
But, Lord, the law which thou dost own,
Is my delight, and that alone.
verse 71'Twas good for me to undergo
Th' afflicting hand of God, I know,
That I might learn thy Statutes so.
[Page 255] verse 72 The law of thy dear mouth I hold,
Better to me a thousand fold,
Then heaps of silver and of gold.

10. Part.

Dutch tune.

The godly desires and mutuall love of the faithfull.

verse 73 THy hands have made and fashion'd me,
Give me thy laws to learn:
And thy Commandements what they
Give knowledge to discern.
verse 74 All they that see me will be glad,
When they shall me behold:
Because I have assurance had
In what thy word foretold.
verse 75 How right ô Lord, thy judgments be,
I understand no less:
I know thou hast afflicted me
Of very faithfulness.
verse 76 I pray thee let thy mercies kind [...],
Come to thy servant Lord:
For comfort to my troubled minde,
According to thy word.
verse 77 With tender mercy me prevent,
That I may live thereby▪
For lo in thy Commandement,
Full great delight have I.
verse 78 Asham'd let all proud persons be,
For they without a cause
Have most perversly dealt with me,
But I will mind thy laws.
verse 79 Turn they to me whose fear thou art,
And that have known my Name:
[Page 256] verse 80 In all thy laws make sound my heart,
That I be free from shame.

11th Part.

To sweet tune.

Davids assurance, notwithstanding delay: His faithfulness, notwithstanding perse­cution.

verse 81 MY soul for thy salvation faints,
But in thy word is all my stay:
verse 82 My failing eies urge sad complaints,
When wilt thou comfort me, they [...]ay.
verse 83 A wrinkled bottle set in smoke,
I am rightly compar'd unto:
Prov. 17. 22.
But lo the word which thou hast spoke,
I have not yet forgot to do.
verse 84 How many are thy servants days?
The days of my affliction.
When wilt thou judgment execute?
On them that persecutions raise
Against my soul with close pursuit?
verse 85 The proud have digged pits for me,
VVhich with thy law do not accord:
verse 86 All thy commandments faithfull be,
They persecute me, help me Lord.
verse 87 Here upon earths malignants coast,
Their cruel and injurious hands,
Had ev'n consumed me almost:
But I forsook not thy commands.
verse 88 O give thy loving kindness vent,
To quicken up my fainting mind:
So shall I keep the Testament
VVhich thy most holy mouth assign'd.

12th Part.

1. French tune.

The stability of Gods Word and works: The comfort of the Word in trouble, and perfe­ction of it above all things else.

[Page 257] verse 89 O Lord thy Word is setled sure,
As sure as heav'n frō whēce it came:
verse 90 Thy faithfulness doth still endure,
From age to age it is the same.
The earth, by thee confirm'd, abides
verse 91 Unto this day continuing still,
No decay in nature. Gen. 8. 22.
Just as thine ordinance provides,
For all things do obey thy will.
verse 92 Had not thy Word been my delight,
And inward comfort ministred:
Affliction had destroy'd me quite,
And I therein had perished.
verse 93 Of thy commandements therefore,
I never will forgetfull be:
But think upon them evermore,
For thou with them hast quickned me.
verse 94 LORD save me, I belong to thee,
And I do seek thy precepts still:
verse 95 The wicked lie in wait for me,
Intending to destroy and kill.
But still thy laws I entertain,
And thereon are my thoughts bestowd:
verse 96 I see the worlds perfections vain,
Of a latitude to give full content.
Onely thy laws are wondrous broad.

The 13th Part.

1. French tune.

Gods Word the best School-master, and pra­ctise the best proof of divine knowledge.

verse 97 HOw much O Lord, I love thy laws!
All day I meditate on those:
verse 98 And thy command'ments are the cause
That make me wiser then my foes.
For they are evermore with me.
[Page 258] verse 99 And make my understanding more
Then even my Teachers skill can be,
Such tea­chers as were not godly.
For they my meditation store.
verse 100 I kept thy precepts carefully,
And so more skill then th' ancients gaind:
verse 101 To keep thy holy word have I
From all lewd ways my feet refraind.
verse 102 I from thy precepts have not err'd,
For thou hast taught me wondrous well.
verse 103 O how have I thy word preferr'd,
Counting its sweetness to excell.
No honey to my mouth so sweet,
verse 104 It is thy precept onely praise;
That I am made so wise, discreet.
Detesting all erroneous ways.

The 14th Part.

1. Strain tune.

The cleerness of Gods Word, Saints desire to keep it, praying for assistance and accep­tance.

verse 105 THy word's a lamp unto my feet,
A light to guide my paths most meet.
verse 106 I've sworn, and will perform it too,
Thy righteous judgments I will do.
verse 107 I am afflicted very sore,
Lord keep thy word, and me restore.
verse 108 The free-will offrings that I vow'd
Let I beseech thee be allowd.
Lord from my mouth accept thē each,
And unto me thy judgments teach.
verse 109 My soul is ever in my hand,
My life in continuall danger. Iudg. 12. 3.
Yet I forget not thy command.
verse 110 The wicked laid a snare for mee,
Yet err'd I not from thy decree.
[Page 259] verse 111 Thy Testaments to me I chose
A constant heritage of those.
For they are all and every part,
The dear rejoicing of my heart.
verse 112 I evermore my heart did bend,
To keep thy statutes to the end.

The 15th Part.

To sweet tune.

Davids dislike of the wicked, and dread of Gods judgments.

verse 113 I Hate vain thoughts, but love thy laws.
Heb. Boughs metaph. thoughts that winde crookedly. Ier. 4. 14. Some reade, I hate the [...]nstable.
verse 114 Thou art my hiding place, ô Lord:
My shield (when dāger neer me draws)
And I have hoped in thy word.
verse 115 Ye evill doers from me depart,
Your fellowship must needs withstand:
For I am purpos'd in my heart
To keep my righteous Gods cōmand.
verse 116 My soul in life good Lord uphold,
As thou hast promised the same:
That for my expectation bold,
I never may be put to shame.
verse 117 O Lord uphold me by thy pow'r,
And I shall very safely stand:
And I will have respect each hour
To all thy Statutes shall command.
verse 118 Thou all the lewd hast undertrood,
Which from thy Statutes go astray;
verse 119 Whose fraud is falshood, them ô God,
For all their policie they deceive thē ­selves.
As basest dross thou putst away.
Therefore I love thy holy laws.
verse 120 My flesh even quakes for fear of thee:
And all thy dreadfull judgments cause
A trembling fear to rise in me.

The 16th Part.

1. Strain tune.

David professing integritie, prays against Ty­rants, and the iniquitie of the times.

verse 121 I Do what truth & right commands,
O leave me not to tyrants hands.
verse 122 For good thy servants suretie be,
Engage thy self for my defence.
To proud oppressors leave not me.
verse 123 Mine eyes for thy salvation fail,
And till thy righteous word prevail.
verse 124 In mercy with thy servant deal,
And unto me thy laws reveal.
verse 125 I am thy servant, give me skill,
That I may know thy blessed will.
verse 126 It's time for thee to work O God,
To work a reformation.
For they thy laws have undertrod.
verse 127 Therefore I thy commandments love,
Being confi­dent that thou wilt maintain the truth.
Yea gold and finest gold above.
verse 128 Therefore thy laws I estimate
In all things right: All false ways hate.

17th Part.

To 1. French tune.

The cleerness and sweetness of Gods Word, His great desire thereto, and extream sor­row for the generall contempt thereof.

verse 129 THy testamēts are wōderfull,
Therefore my soul doth keep them right:
verse 130 The entrance of thy Word gives light,
And understanding to the dull.
verse 131 I long'd, gaspt, panted for thy laws;
verse 132 Look thou upon me and be kind,
As those thy usuall dealing find,
Whom pure affection tow'rd thee draws.
[Page 261] verse 133 Order my steps by thy good Word,
From sins dominion set me free:
verse 134 From mans oppression save thou me,
So shall I keep thy word ô Lord.
verse 135 Thy face let on thy servant shine,
And in thy statutes make me wise▪
verse 136 Rivers of tears run down my eies,
Because they keep no laws of thine.

The 18th Part.

To 1. Strain tune.

The singular excellencies of Gods Word, and ardent zeal of the Saints thereunto.

verse 137 LOrd thou art a righteous God indeed,
And righteous judgmēts hast decreed.
verse 138 Thy words, wch each cōmādmēt mings,
Are very righteous faithfull things.
verse 139 My zeal consum'd me, 'twas so hot,
Because my foes thy words forgot.
verse 140 The pureness of thy word is such,
That I thy servant love it much.
verse 141 By me they littl' or nothing set,
Yet do not I thy laws forget.
verse 142 Eternall righteousness is thine,
Thy law is truth, the truth divine.
verse 143 Trouble and anguish on me seis'd,
Yet thy cōmandments sweetly pleas'd.
verse 144 To me this understanding give,
And I eternally shall live.

19. Part.

To the 3. first lines of choice tune.

David prays early and earnestly for audience and deliverance; comforts himself in the stabilitie of Gods grace and truth.

[Page 262] verse 145 WIth all my heart I cry and call,
Lord hear the words wch I let fall:
For I will keep thy Statutes all.
verse 146 O save me Lord, I cri'd to thee,
Thy testimonies then shall be
Most faithfully observ'd by me.
verse 147 I did prevent the dawning day,
Ith' morning did I cry and pray:
I made thy Word my hope and stay.
verse 148 Mine eyes prevent the watches late,
That I might sweetly contemplate,
And on thy Word might meditate.
verse 149 According as thy judgments be,
And after thy compassions free,
Lord hear my voice, and quicken me.
verse 150 Lo they draw nigh, and neer me press,
That follow after wickedness:
But from thy law they far digress.
verse 151 But thou O Lord, art very nigh,
And thy command'ments generally
Are perfect truth and equitie.
verse 152 Thy testimonies alter never,
I know of old they must persever:
For thou hast founded them for ever.

20th. Part.

To London long tune.

David sollicits for mercy, shews the wret­chednes of the wicked, and stabilitie of the Word.

verse 153 WEigh mine affliction, set me free,
For I do mind thy laws:
verse 154 Make good thy word by quickning me,
Defend me, plead my cause.
[Page 263] verse 155 Salvation from the wicked flies,
Who never seek thy ways:
verse 156 But rich are thy benignities,
Me by thy judgments raise.
verse 157 Full many be those foes of mine,
Which persecute me sore:
Yet did not I thy laws decline,
Nor go aside therefore.
verse 158 Transgressours I with sorrow saw,
Who kept not thy decree:
verse 159 Consider how I love thy law,
In kind love quicken me.
verse 160 Even from the first thy word is known
To be a bulwark sure:
Thy righteous judgments every one
Perpetually endure.

21. Part.

2. French tune.

David professes his constancy in a persecuted condition, the comforts of the Word, and all-seeing eye of God.

verse 161 PRinces have persecuted mee
Maliciously without a cause:
Yet stands my heart in fear of thee,
So much thy Word my conscience aws.
verse 162 As one that finds the richest prize,
So do I in thy law delight:
verse 163 I hate and loath the way of lies,
Errors and Heresies. Nothing needs dis­quiet or dis­courage them what ever falls out.
But love thy laws, for they are right.
verse 164 Sev'n times a day I give thee praise,
Even for thy righteous judgments sake:
verse 165 Great peace have they that love thy ways,
And no offence they need to take.
[Page 264] verse 166 Lord I have hoped to partake
Of thy salvations welcome ayd:
And thy command'ments for thy sake,
To execute have not delayd.
verse 167 My soul hath kept thy laws contents,
VVhich great affections in me raise:
verse 168 I kept thy laws and testaments,
For thou beholdest all my wayes.

22. Part.

To 2. French tune.

David sollicites for mercy, confessing his back-slidings.

verse 169 BEfore thee let my cry come neer,
Thy faithfull promises to prove:
O give me understanding cleer,
verse 170 Admit the humble suits I move.
For me a sure deliverance raise,
According as thy promise stands:
verse 171 My lips shall utter thankfull praise,
When thou hast taught me thy commands.
verse 172 All thy commands are righteousness,
I'l speak of them with cheerfull voice:
verse 173 O let thy hands my wrongs redress,
For of thy precepts I made choice.
verse 174 I long'd for thy salvation LORD,
And have delighted in thy laws:
My soul thy praises shall record,
verse 175 O let it live for that same cause.
Though his back-slidings were not to­tall, yet could he not reco­ver of him­self.
O let thy judgments give me aid,
verse 176 Thy poor lost servant seek to find,
VVho like a wandring sheep have strayd,
For I thy precepts bear in mind.


To new staffe tune.

The wickedness and barbarousness of slan­derers and incendiaries of mischief.

I Cry'd in my distresses great,
To God who did attend:
verse 2 From lying lips and tongues deceit,
My soul O Lord defend.
verse 3 What giv'n shall be
Or done to thee
False tongue thus us'd to err;
verse 4 Sharp shafts of his
That mighty is,
Some inter­pret this of the sin, o­thers of the punishment, as keen and fierce as &c. Juniper coals will keep fire a twelve-moneth, if some may be beleeved. Moll. in loc. As barbarous as Moors & Arabians.
With coals of Juniper.
verse 5 O wo is me, that I am fain
In Mesech to reside:
And must in Kedars tents remain,
And therein still abide.
verse 6 My soul hath much
Converst with such
As unto peace are foes:
verse 7 I peace would make,
But, when I spake,
They straight to warres arose.


Davids tune.

The perpetuall vigilancy of God over his Church.

I To the hills will lif [...] mine eies,
To heaven, typed by Si­on-hill.
My help comes from the same:
verse 2 Even from the Lord my help doth rise,
That heaven and earth did frame.
verse 3 He will not slumber thee that keeps,
Nor thy foot mov'd permit:
[Page 266] verse 4 Lo Israels keeper neither sleeps,
Nor slumbers any whit.
verse 5 The Lord at thy right hand's thy stay,
The Lord's thy shady bow'r:
verse 6 Nor Moon by night,
When they lie in camp the hurtfull influences of heaven shall be restrai­ned.
nor Sun by day,
To smite thee have the pow'r.
verse 7 From evill God shall keep thee sure,
And guard thy soul about:
verse 8 Henceforth for ever to secure
Thy going in and out.


London short tune.

The religious devotion and mutuall affection of the Saints; the honour and priviledges of the Church, typed by Jerusalem.

I Joy when they exhort
To Gods house let's resort;
Made at their Arks remove. 2 Sam. 6. 2.
verse 2 Behold our feet
Shall early meet,
Jerus'lem, in thy port.
signifying u­nitie and u­niformitie of the Church. The males came thrice a year to worship be­fore the Ark of the testi­mony (repre­sēting Christ) Exod. 34. 23. & 25. 21.
verse 3 Jerus'lems buildings are
Like to a Citie fair;
For form exact,
And close compact;
verse 4 Whereto the tribes repair:
The Lords tribes are the same,
To Israels Ark they came;
Each severall tribe,
There to ascribe
Thanksgiving to his Name.
verse 5 There's
Typing Christs go­vernment & discipline.
thrones of Davids stem,
There's Judgment-thrones for them;
verse 6 O pray that peace
May never cease
[Page 267] From fair Jerusalem.
Thy lovers peace befalls,
verse 7 Peace be within thy walls,
In all the Cities and famous pla­ces, typing Christs Con­gregations. Which Tem­ple typed the Church, and Christs body that dy'd for us. Ioh. 2. 21.
Dwell constantly
Within thy stately halls.
verse 8 My pray'r thy peace betakes,
For friends and brethrens sakes;
verse 9 I'l seek thy good
For neighbourhood,
Which our Gods Temple makes.


Oxford tune.

The patient waiting of Saints, and oppro­brious contempt of adversaries.

O Thou that dwell'st above the skies,
I lift mine eyes to thee:
verse 2 Even as a servant bends his eies,
His Masters hands to see.
As hand-maids watch their Mistress hands,
Our eye of faith even thus,
Upon our God fast fixed stands,
Till he commis'rate us.
verse 3 Have mercy on us, ô most high,
Have mercy on our woes:
For wee are fill'd exceedingly,
With foul contempt of foes.
verse 4 Our soul is fill'd exceeding much,
With foul contempt, and scorn
Of those that are at ease, and such
As have lift up the horn.


2. French tune.

God is glorified in the salvation of his, from the fury and fraud of our adversaries.

[Page 268] BUt that the LORD (may Israel say)
verse 2 But that the LORD to us did stick:
VVhen en'mies rose to hunt their prey,
verse 3 They had devoured Israel quick:
VVhose kindling fury nothing stopt.
verse 4 The flouds did rise, the waves did roll,
Our soul had then been over-topt,
verse 5 The waters proud had drown'd our soul.
verse 6 Blessed be God that gave us not
Into their cruell teeth a prey:
verse 7 Like bird from snare of fowler got,
So is our soul escap't away.
The snare is broke that held the game,
By that good means do we evade:
verse 8 Our help is in Jehovahs Name,
Who hath both earth and heaven made.


Davids tune.

The perpetuall protection of the Church.

ALL they that on the LORD rely,
As Sion Mount shall prove:
Abiding firm perpetually,
That nothing can remove.
verse 2 As mountains bound Jerusalem,
So God is altogether
About his people, guarding them,
From this time forth for ever.
Their rod & rule may be upō the back of the godly, but notabide over long, to make Gods people de­sperate.
verse 3 The rod of sinners shall not rest
Upon the just mens lot:
Lest righteous men (too much opprest)
Should do they care not what.
verse 4 To all good men do good ô Lord,
To men of upright heart:
[Page 269] verse 5 But such as of their own accord,
To crooked ways depart.
VVith workers of iniquitie,
The Lord shall lead them out:
As malefa­ctors to exe­cution▪
But Israel shall, undoubtedly,
With peace be hedg'd about.


York tune.

The Church celebrates her happy return from the captivitie of Babylon,Typing our deliverance from Romish Babylon. praying for the compleating of their deliverance.

WHen as the Lord brought back again,
We thought it but a dream.
The bondage most extream,
VVherein poor Sion did remain,
We were like them that dream.
Act. 12. 9.
verse 2 Our mouth was fill'd with laughter then,
And singing fill'd our tongue:
Among amazed heathen men,
These speeches past along.
Great things for them and marvellous,
The Lord hath done indeed:
verse 3 Yea God hath done great things for us,
VVhich doth our gladness breed.
verse 4 O Lord our thraldom turn again,
As streams in Southern parts:
As comforta­ble as rivers in dry pla­ces.
verse 5 For they that sow with tears obtain
To reap with joyfull hearts.
verse 6 Who weeping precious seed bears out,
They that sow seed when the dearth is so great, they weep to spare so much.
A pledge behind him leaves
To come again with joy, no doubt,
And with him bring his sheaves.


Dutch tune.

The unprofitableness of worldly care; The sweet blessings of posteritie.

[Page 270] EXcept the LORD the house do build,
Vain pains the builders take:
Except the LORD the Citie shield,
In vain the watch-men wake.
verse 2 Vain's early rising, watching late,
And eating carefull bread:
VVhile Gods belov'd in their estate,
Sleep quietly in bed.
verse 3 A fruitfull womb God onely grafts,
And children can bestow:
verse 4 Young children are like piercing shafts,
Shot from a Gyants bow.
verse 5 VVhose quiver is with them repleat,
Enjoys a happie state:
Such shall not be asham'd to treat
VVith th'enemie in the gate.
In the gates of warre, or Courts of ju­stice, which were built in the gates.


To Davids tune.

The blessings of the godly in provision and po­steritie.

BLessed are all that fear the LORD,
And walk as God commands:
verse 2 For thou shalt eat the plenty stor'd
By labours of thy hands.
All welfare shall to thee betide,
And happie be thy life:
verse 3 Like fruitfull Vine on thy house-side,
Lo such shall be thy wife.
Thy children round about thy board,
Like plants of Olive tree:
verse 4 Behold the man that fears the Lord,
Thus blessed shall he be.
From hea­ven what was promi­sed in Sion.
verse 5 The Lord from Sion unto thee,
[Page 271] Rich blessings shall convay:
And thou Jerus'lems good shalt see,
Unto thy dying day.
verse 6 Yea with great joy shalt thou behold
A plentifull increase
Of childrens children, being old,
And Israels stablisht peace.


The often assaults sustained by the Church: he curseth the implacable adversaries.

THey from my youth may Israel say,
From the very begin­ning of the Church.
verse 2 They from my youth assail'd;
And sorely griev'd me many a day,
But never have prevail'd.
verse 3 The plowers on my back did plow,
And made their furrows long:
All the means & instrumēts of destructi­on.
verse 4 The righteous Lord hath cut in two,
The wickeds cords so strong.
verse 5 All Sions hatefull enemies stop,
Confound, and overthrow:
verse 6 Make them like grass on houses top,
Such ears of corn as grow on the house top, never have the ho­nour of a harvest, so let the wick­ed never come to good.
Which withereth ere it grow.
verse 7 Whereof the mower ne'r receives,
So much as hands can gripe:
Nor he that bindeth up the sheaves,
A bosome full grown ripe.
verse 8 Which never invites the passengers,
At gathering of the same,
To say thus much, God speed you Sirs,
We bless you in his Name.


Oxford tune.

The depths of sorrow and sin; he seeketh suc­cour in Gods mercies, and exhorts all thereto.

[Page 272] OUt of the depths I cri'd to thee,
verse 2 Lord let my cries be heard:
And let thine ears attentive be
Unto my suits preferr'd.
verse 3 Such are our sins, that none could stand,
If thou shouldst mark the same:
verse 4 But there's forgiveness at thy hand,
That men may fear thy Name:
verse 5 I wait for God, my soul doth stay,
I on his Word depend:
verse 6 My soul waits for him, more then they
For morning that attend.
I say, more earnestly then those
That watch for mornings light:
verse 7 Let Israel in the Lord repose,
VVhose mercie's infinite.
Redemption in most plenteous wise,
VVith him is found to be:
verse 8 From all his scor'd iniquities,
Shall he set Israel free.


Dutch tune.

Davids meek and quiet spirit, waiting upon God by faith, exhorteth the Church to fol­low his example.

O LORD, I have no loftie eies,
Nor haughty heart have I:
My soul I do not exercise,
In things too great and high.
verse 2 Sure I have shew'd my self as mild,
And have my self contain'd
[Page 273] In silent meekness, like a child
From his fond mother wean'd.
Like to a weaned infant just,
My soul is pacifi'd:
verse 3 Let Israel in JEHOVAH trust,
And trusting so abide.


York tune.

Davids zeal to turn the Tabernacle into a Temple:Meditate how zealous we should be to promote Religion. Never quiet in his minde till he could resolv where to build a Temple. Which also betokened the temple of our hearts 1 Cor. 6. 19. He foretels the joy of the people therein, and prays for Gods favour.

KIng Davids case ô LORD record,
And all his tort'ring care:
verse 2 To Jacobs mighty God the LORD,
VVho thus did vow and sware.
verse 3 Up to my bed I will not climbe,
Nor come my house amids:
verse 4 Nor give mine eies a sleeping time,
Nor slumber to my lids:
verse 5 Till for the LORD I find a place,
A place wherein may dwell
The mighty God of Jacobs race,
The God of Israel.
verse 6
David born at Bethlem-Ephrata, told us where the tēple should be built, namely, in Jerusalem, which was once a wood land place.
Lo, Ephrata this news did yield,
There heard we of it so:
VVe found it in the woodland field;
verse 7
When these Tents are turned into a Temple (figuring the setled state of the Church) & the Ark (represent­ing the strong God) placed in the Propitiatory (a type of Christ, 1 Ioh. 2. 2.) then shall we go to worship joyfully.
We to his Tents will go.
And at the footstool of his grace,
With reverent worship bow:
verse 8 Rise LORD into thy resting place,
Thy ARK of strength and thou
[Page 274] verse 9 With righteousness thy Priests aray,
Thy Saints let shout apace:
verse 10 For DAVIDS sake turn not away
Thy Kings anointed face.
For thy Co­venant sake with David through Christ, of whom he is a type.

2. Part.


Davids good will is taken for the deed, his son Solomon (another type of Christ) builds the Temple; a blessing is promised to Davids seed reigning in Jerusalem.A type of Christs reig­ning in the Church.

verse 11 THe LORD hath unto DAVID sworn,
VVhich shall not be recall'd:
VVith children of thy body born,
Thy throne shall be enstall'd.
verse 12 If taught my Law and Covenant,
Thy seed therein persever:
Their childrens children shall not want
To hold the throne for ever.
verse 13 Because the LORD hath Sion chose,
The Temple was built on Mount Mori­ah, Davids house on Si­on, which be­ing more fa­mous, carries the name, & types Christs Kingly office as well as Propheticall and Priestly.
His habitation will'd:
verse 14 This is for ever my repose,
My dwelling here I'l build.
For so have I desir'd to do,
verse 15 And in abundant wise,
VVill bless provision thereunto,
Her poor with bread suffice.
verse 16 I'l cloth her Priests with saving grace,
And make her Saints to shout
verse 17 Aloud for joy; And in that place
Make DAVIDS horn to sprout.
I have for mine anointed there
Ordain'd a shining flame:
A type of the light & glo­ry of the Church.
verse 18 A flourishing crown I'l make him wear,
But cloth his foes with shame.


1. Strain tune.

The commendation and blessing of unitie.

BEhold how good and full of bliss,
And what a pleasant thing it is:
VVhen Brethren do most lovingly
Together dwell in unitie.
verse 2 It's like the precious ointment shed
Upon the top of Aarons head,
Wch drencht his beard, & from his crown
Even to his garment skirts ran down:
verse 3 Like pearlie dew on Hermon hills,
Or which on Sion Mount distills:
Where GOD powrs down his blessings store,
Blessings of life for evermore.


Old England tune.

An exhortation to the Levites to praise God,Typing the dutie of Ministers. And ours too, who are Gods (Clergie, 1 Pet. 5. 3. [...] and) Priest­hood. and their blessing and praying for the peo­ple.

BEhold, bless ye the LORD of might,
Ye servants of the Lord:
VVhich in his house do stand by night,
All ye his praise record.
verse 2 Lift up your hands, and bless his Name,
In his most holy hill:
verse 3 The Lord that heavē & earth did frame,
1 Pet. 2. 9.
From Sion bless thee still.


To 2. Strain tune.

The happy election, vocation, and preserva­tion of the Church, by the creator and go­vernor of all things, who executed his judgments on our behalf.

[Page 276] PRaise ye Gods Name:
His praise proclame,
O ye his servants spread his fame.
verse 2 Whose feet have trod
The Courts of God,
The Temple Courts of our great God.
verse 3 His Name praise ye:
For good is he,
And praises very comely be.
verse 4 His Jacob is;
And Isr'el his
Peculiar and choice treasure is.
verse 5 The LORD also
Is great, I know,
All Gods they are our LORD below,
verse 6 In heav'n, and these
Earth, deeps, and Seas,
He did what ever did him please.
verse 7 He vapours sends
From earths far ends,
And rain with lightning makes & blends.
The winds swift wings
From treas'ries brings,
verse 8 And smote all Aegypts first-born things.
The first increast
Of man and beast,
Even from the greatest to the least.
verse 9 O Aegypt, he
In midst of thee
Sent tokens that most wondrous be.
In generall
Those judgments fall,
On Pharaoh and his servants all.
[Page 277] verse 10 VVho smote, and slew,
And overthrew
Great Kings, and mighty Nations too.
verse 11 The Amorite,
And Bashanite,
Sihon and OG his hands did smite.
By him alone
Were overthrown
The Kings of Canaan every one:
verse 12 He gave their land
To Isr'els hand,
An heritage at their command.
verse 13 Thy mem'ry sure
And Name endure,
Not any age shall them obscure.

2. Part.


Gods gracious reconciliation to his Church; the definition of Idols, and praise of God.

verse 14 GOD will repent
Our punishment:
To judge his people he is bent.
verse 15 Their Gods, behold,
Are form'd of gold
And silver, which mens hands did mould.
verse 16 Both mouth and eies
They have likewise:
But blind and speechless Deities.
Each side an ear,
But cannot hear:
No breath doth in their mouths appear.
verse 18 Their makers must
Be like them just:
[Page 278] And so are all that in them trust.
verse 19 The Lords Name bless:
His praise express,
Israels and Aarons house no less.
verse 20 Let Levi frame
To do the same:
And all that fear his holy Name.
verse 21 From Sion hill
Him bless we will
That dwells at Salem,
By some spe­ciall tokens of his pre­sence at Je­rusalem, i.e. peace.
bless him still.


London short tune.

A thankfull commemoration of Gods mercies, testifi'd in so many miraculous works.

UNto the LORD,
Typing the Church, whence God gives peace of the Go­spel.
ô ye
Give thanks, for good is he:
His mercies sure
Do still endure:
For they eternall be.
verse 2 The God of Gods proclame,
With praises to his Name:
His mercies sure
Do still endure
Eternally the same.
verse 3 The Lord of Lords most high,
With praises magnifie:
His mercies sure
Do still endure,
To all eternitie.
verse 4 To him that wrought, alone,
Great wonders many a one:
His mercies sure
Do still endure,
[Page 279] To ages all made known.
verse 5 To him that formed by
His wisdom all the skie:
His mercies sure
Do still endure,
To perpetuitie.
verse 6 That did the earth extend
The seas to comprehend:
Caused the shore to stint and bound the Sea, which natu­rally would cover all the earth.
His mercies sure
Do still endure,
And never have an end.
verse 7 To him whose pow'r divine,
Did make great lights to shine,
His mercies sure
Do still endure,
Not subject to decline.
verse 8 The Sun to rule and sway
The motions of the day:
His mercies sure
Do still endure,
And never fall away.
verse 9 The Moon and starres of light,
He made to rule by night:
His mercies sure
Do still endure;
For they are infinite.

2. Part.


A memoriall of Gods mercies to his Church,Instanced in Aegypt, which is a typicall de­liverance. and judgement on our adversaries.

verse 10 TO him your thanks devote,
VVho Aegypts first-born smote:
His mercies sure
Do still endure,
[Page 280] Of everlasting note.
verse 11 And from among them all,
Brought Isr'el out of thrall:
His mercies sure
Do still endure:
And so for ever shall.
verse 12 With arm out stretched and
VVith his Almighty hand:
His mercies sure
Do still endure:
For they eternall stand.
verse 13 To him that did divide
The Sea on either side:
His mercies sure
Do still endure,
And evermore abide.
verse 14 And Isr'els passage made
Amidst it to evade:
His mercies sure
Do still endure,
And never fail nor fade.
verse 15 But Pharaoh did confound,
His hoast in red Sea drown'd:
His mercies sure
Do still endure,
And ever shall abound.
verse 16 To him that led his own
Through deserts all unknown:
His mercies sure
Do still endure:
As permanent alone.
verse 17 To him that smote and slew
verse 18 Great Kings and famous too:
[Page 281] His mercies sure
Do still endure,
And so shall ever do.
verse 19 King Sihon he did smite,
That Giant Amorite:
His mercies sure
Do still endure,
Continuing day and night.
verse 20 And OG of Bashan King,
He did to ruine bring:
His mercies sure
Do still endure,
An unexhausted spring.
verse 21 And did their land engage
To be an heritage:
His mercies sure
Do still endure,
Out-wearing time and age.
verse 22 That heritage befell
His servant Israel:
His mercies sure
Do still endure;
Times constant parallel.
verse 23 Who thought on our estate,
When low and desolate:
His mercies sure
Do still endure,
And bear eternall date.
verse 24 Redeeming us from those
That were our mortall foes:
His mercies sure
Do still endure,
A spring that ever flows.
[Page 282] verse 25 For he provideth meat,
Whereof all flesh may eat:
His mercies sure
Do still endure,
For ever most compleat.
verse 26 The God of heaven therefore
With thankfull thoughts adore:
His mercies sure
Do still endure,
Henceforth for evermore.


Southwell tune.

Israels excessive lamentation in the Babyloni­an captivitie: the crueltie of the enemies, and Gods dreadfull curse upon them.

BY Babels Rivers deep,
By pleasant Rivers side, which seemd to tice us to mirth and musick.
There sate we down to weep:
And thinking still
On Sion hill,
Our tunes in teares we steep.
verse 2 Our harps, untun'd, unstrung,
On willow-trees wee hung:
The trees grew so plea­santly too, but we had no heart to musick.
verse 3 Where they of us,
Required thus,
Sing us a Sion-song.
And even there, did they
That carried us away
In captive state,
We counted it crueltie for our ene­mies to urge us.
And desolate,
Urge us to sing and play.
They mirth of us demand,
Tho wasted by their hand:
verse 4 How shall our tongues
[Page 283] Tune Sions Songs,
Here in a forein land?
verse 5 Jerus'lem if thou be
Forgotten here of me
In forein land,
Let my right hand
Forget her facultie.
If I forget thee ever,
Then let me prosper never:
But let it cause
My tongue and jaws,
To cleave and cling together.
verse 6 If for Jerusalem
I do not quite contem'
All joys that be,
And count not thee
Above the chief of them.
verse 7 Remember LORD the spite
Shew'd by the Edomite:
Thus did they say
In Salems day,
At the sack­ing of Jeru­salem.
Down with it, raze it quite.
verse 8 O daughter Babylon,
Whose ruine now comes on:
Oh happie he
That does to thee
As thou to us hast done.
verse 9 And blessed be his pains
That dasheth out the brains
Of little ones,
How much less should we favour the Idols of Romish Babylon?
Against the stones,
VVhen Babels judgment raigns.


Davids tune.

David praises God for outward and inward mercies, proclaming the comforts of the Gospel, and his hope of further favours.

BEfore the Gods thy praise I'l sing,
Before great men (& per­haps Angels there) in the Congre­gation, look­ing toward the Propitia­tory, a type of Christ.
My heart shall have regard
verse 2 Thy praise to utter, worshipping
Thy holy Temple-ward.
Thy praise, for thy compassions tri'd,
And truth, will I proclame.
For thou thy Word hast magnifi'd,
Yea more then all thy Name.
Made known thy goodness in fulfilling thy Word more then thou hast set forth thy ju­stice, or o­ther attri­butes. Kings need thy help for their tempo­rall, more for a spirituall kingdome.
verse 3 That day whereon I cri'd to thee,
Thou answeredst me again:
With inward strength thou strength'nedst me,
My soul for to sustain.
verse 4 All Kings on earth shall give thee praise,
When they understand how thou wast good to me, and to all in Christ.
VVhen they shall hear thy words:
verse 5 Yea singing walk along thy wayes,
Such great fame is our LORDS.
verse 6 Though God be high, he hath respect
To such as lowly be:
But then they must be meek & seek thee in hu­militie.
But all proud persons doth neglect,
Sure thou wilt quicken me.
verse 7 Yea, though I walk in midst of woes,
Thy hand shalt thou extend
Against the wrath of all my foes,
Thy right hand shall defend.
verse 8 VVhat me concerns will God fulfill,
Most firm thy mercy stands:
Forsake not Lord, but succour still
The work of thine own hands.


The all-seeing eye of God, and admirable workmanship of mans creation.

O Lord thou hast me searcht and known,
verse 2 My sitting down thou know'st:
My rising up, my thoughts each one,
Thou see'st, when distant most.
verse 3 Thou compassest my path, my bed,
And all my ways dost note:
verse 4 There's not a word my tongue hath said,
But thou dost fully know't.
verse 5 Behinde, before, thou hast beset,
And on me lay'd thy hand:
Thou art e­ver all about me, doing what thou wilt with me, I cannot know how great thy knowledge of me is.
verse 6 Such knowledge is too great to get,
Too high to understand.
verse 7 Where from thy Spirit shall I go,
Or from thy presence fly?
verse 8 Make I my bed in hell below,
Or climb to heaven high:
Behold, thou art in each of these.
verse 9 If mornings wings me bear,
If I had wings as swift as the Sun (that goes from east to west) I could get no further from thee; thou shouldst hold me still as thy pri­soner.
To dwell in parts of utmost seas:
verse 10 Thy hand shall lead me there.
There thy right hand shall hold me fast.
verse 11 And if I say dark night
Shall cover me with skies ore-cast;
All shall surround with light.
verse 12 Yea, darkness hides not from thy sight,
But night as day shines clear:
To thee the darkness and the light,
Do both alike appear.
[Page 286] verse 13 For thou hast powerfully possest
My reins most secret room:
Yea thou knewest me an embryo in the womb, & every vein and part of me in my mothers belly.
And covered in the secretest,
My mothers narrow womb.
verse 14 I'l praise thee, that hast made me thus,
Of rare and fearfull frame:
Thy handy-works are marvellous,
Well knows my soul the same.
He names the reins being the most inward; for the bow­els being pluckt out the kidneys stay behind, and have the obscurest passages.
verse 15 My substance was not hid from thee,
When secretly compos'd;
Most curiously thou formedst mee,
In the wōb as dark as any cranie of the earth.
In earths dark caves inclos'd.
verse 16 Thine eye saw my rude substance there,
Thy decree ordaind eve­ry part of me & formd me by degrees.
Thy book my members nam'd:
VVhich in continuance fashioned were,
Whiles yet they were not fram'd.

2. Part.


David acknowledges Gods exceeding good­nesse, shews his dislike of the wicked, and approves his heart to God.

verse 17 HOw precious I thy
Thy purpo­ses of good to thy chil­dren.
thoughts account,
O God how great's their summe!
verse 18 The sands in number they surmount,
If they to reckoning come.
And whensoever I
Awaking frō sin, sleep, or sorrow, I feel fresh tokens of thy power & presence.
Lord I am still with thee:
verse 19 And know that thou revenge wilt take,
On them that wicked be.
Surely O God thou wilt them slay,
Therefore say I to them,
Depart from me, depart, I say,
O all yee bloudy men.
[Page 287] verse 20 For lo thy foes against thee spake
With blasphemous disdain:
Thine enemies are bold to take
Thy sacred Name in vain.
verse 21 Do not I hate thine enemies,
Hate their vices, & fa­miliaritie with their persons, seeking to bring them to shame & punishment.
And that for hating thee?
And them that do against thee rise,
Am not I griev'd to see?
verse 22 I hate them with a perfect hate,
I count them foes of mine:
verse 23 Search me O God, and know my state,
My heart and thoughts untwine.
verse 24 And see if I do go astray
In any course of sin:
Set ope the everlasting way,
The path of thy comman­demēts that leads to e­verlasting life.
And lead me LORD therein.


Cambridge old tune.

A prayer against persecutors, expressing their malice, and experience of Gods delive­rance.

LORD save me from the violent,
Preserve me from the lewd:
verse 2 VVhose heart, (so bent)
A vile intent
Against me have pursu'd.
Continually for warres they throng,
verse 3 With sharp'ned tongue,
And poyson strong
Between their lips, they strike.
verse 4 Preserve me from ungodly hands,
And from my furious fo:
[Page 288] Hells fier-brands,
Whose purpose stands
My steps to overthrow.
verse 5 The proud that they my soul might get,
Close snares, and cords did hide:
They spread a net,
They grins have set
Hard by the high-way side.
verse 6 I said to God, it doth appear
Thou art my God alone:
LORD bow thine ear,
That thou mai'st hear
My supplications grone.
verse 7 O God the Lord thou didst me stead,
My soul with saving might:
And thou my head
Hast covered
In day of bloudy fight.

2. Part.


As before.

verse 8 O Do not, do not grant a jot
The wicked mans desire:
O further not
His wicked plot,
Lest that should lift him higher.
verse 9 As for the head of all the throng,
Saul &c. representing grand adver­saries.
That do me round inclose:
With mischief sprung
From their own tongue
The LORD shall cover those.
Psal. 64. 8.
verse 10 Let fall upon them burning coals,
And cast them in the fire:
[Page 289] In deepest holes
Whence (damned souls)
They never may retire.
Into the most intri­cate and in­extricable judgment, such as hell it self.
verse 11 Let no blasphemer impudent,
Be stablish't here below:
Mischief shall sent
The violent,
And hunt to overthrow.
verse 12 Their cause will he maintain, I know,
That is the most of might,
That undergo
Such storms of wo,
And poor mens lawfull right.
verse 13 Surely the righteous every where,
Thanks to thy Name shall give:
And all that bear
A mind sincere,
In thy safe presence live.


Martyrs tune.

David sues for acceptation of his person and prayers, for direction of his words and works; to avoyd the inticings of the wic­ked, and to obtain the reproof of the righte­ous; He prays for them against the wiles of the wicked.

To thee, O Lord, I call and cry,
Make haste, make haste to me:
Give ear unto my voice, when I
Cry earnestly to thee.
verse 2 O let my prayer be now set out,
As incense in thine eyes:
And lifting up of hands devout,
An evening sacrifice.
[Page 290] verse 3 Lord set a watch to guard my lips,
And keep my mouth from sin:
verse 4 That wicked works and fellowships,
My soul partake not in.
Incline my heart to no misdeed,
With them that wicked are:
Let me not swallow their doc­trines of carnall li­bertie.
Nor let me ever dare to feed
Of their delicious fare.
verse 5 Suffer the righteous smiting me,
Which I shall kindness deem:
And his reproof an oil shall be
Of singular esteem.
I will re­quite their reproofs with prayers in the saddest times of their adver­sitie, to shew the truth of my love.
Such smiting shall not break my head:
For still I'l pray to thee,
VVhen as they shall be hard bestead,
With great calamitie.
verse 6
The ring­leaders of wickedness (Sauls cour­tiers now in authoritie) being fear­fully over­thrown, will cause the vulgar to hearken to good coūsel.
Their Judges being overthrown
In dang'rous stony ground,
Shall make them hear my words each one,
For they full sweetly sound.
verse 7
Tho while these tyrants reign they chop the righteous as flesh to the pot.
The graves devouring mouth is found,
With our dead bones bestrew'd:
As chips belitt'ring all the ground,
When wood is cleft and hew'd.
verse 8 Lord God mine eyes are fixt on thee,
Leave not my soul depriv'd:
I trust in thee, O save thou me,
verse 9 From their close snare contriv'd.
From wicked workers setting grins:
verse 10 O let the wicked fall,
Even in their own devised gins,
While I escape withall.


To sweet tune.

David in the cave of Adullam,1 Sam. 24. prays to God in that desperate condition, expecting deli­verance, to Gods glory, and comfort of the faithfull.

WIth voice, with voice, & cries devout,
To God the Lord I made request:
verse 2 Before him my complaint powr'd out,
I shew'd the Lord my case distrest.
verse 3 My spirit overwhelm'd and spent,
In the de­serts of En­gedi, where Saul sought to take me. 1 Sam. 24.
My private path was known to thee:
Ev'n in the way wherein I went,
They laid a secret snare for me.
verse 4 On my right hand I lookt and star'd,
But there was no man would me know:
For my poor soul no creature car'd,
All refuge fail'd of things below.
verse 5 I cri'd to thee, ô Lord, I sayd,
Among the living in the land,
Thou art my portion, and my ayd,
And all the help I have at hand.
verse 6 Attend unto my earnest sute,
For I am brought exceeding low:
Save me from them that persecute,
Too hard for me, too strong a fo.
verse 7 My soul from prison Lord bring out,
That I may render praise to thee:
The just shall compass me about,
When thou dealst bounteously with me.


To old England tune, the latter part twice.

An humble confession of sin, and complaint [Page 292] of suffering; a prayer for pardon, delive­rance, and the Spirit of grace.

LOrd hear my prayer and humble suit,
Thy willing ear address:
Yea answer mee
By thy decree
Of truth and faithfulness.
verse 2 Against thy servant no dispute,
Nor action let be tri'd:
Before thee can
No mortall man
Be ever justifi'd.
verse 3 The fo my soul doth persecute,
It seems to relate to Davids con­dition in the deserts.
My life quite undertrod:
My dwelling made
In darksome shade,
As men long dead O God.
verse 4 Orewhelm'd therefore my spirits sink,
My heart is desolate:
verse 5 Thy ancient daies,
Psal. 77. 11.
Thy works and waies,
I mind and meditate.
Of all thy handy-works I think,
verse 6 To thee I stretch my hands:
Lift up my hands in prayer.
My soul doth burst,
VVith fervent thirst,
For thee, like thirsty lands.
verse 7 Lord hear me soon, my spirits shrink,
Hide not thy face from mee:
Like them that go
To pit below
Lest I should quickly be.
[Page 293] verse 8 Cause me to hear of thy kind love,
To gather comfort by thy Word which I have heard.
When morning doth begin:
Cause me to know
VVhat way to go,
For thee my trust is in.
verse 9 I lift my soul to thee above,
Me from mine enemies save:
I fly to thee
To shelter mee,
No other God I have.
verse 10 Thy spirit is good, let that sweet dove
Thy servants soul instruct:
In thy command,
Let me lead my life a­mong godly persons, in a godly way.
And to the land
Of uprightness conduct.
verse 11 Lord for thy Names-sake quicken me,
And that this very thing
May well express
Thy righteousness,
My soul from trouble bring.
verse 12 And of thine own compassions free,
My foes destroy and dam':
Destroy them whole
That vex my soul,
For I thy servant am.
Thine heritage Lord bless and keep.
So that &c. Ps. 28. ult.


York tune.

Gods wonderfull protection on his people in warre and battell;Instanced in David a pre­sident unto us. his gracious respects to mankinde: the quickned desires of the faithfull to praise God.

[Page 294] O Blessed be the LORD my might,
Who, in the war-like field,
My hands and fingers taught to fight:
verse 2 My goodness, Saviour, Shield.
My fort, high towr, in whom I trust,
My people that subdues:
verse 3 Oh what is man that LORD thou doest
Such poor acquaintance chuse!
Or what is mans posteritie,
Whereof such reckoning's made?
verse 4 Sure man is like to vanitie,
His dayes as fleeting shade.
verse 5 LORD bow the heavens, & come down,
Thou canst be as dread­full as thou wast on Sinai Exod. 19. and canst destroy my adversa­ries with lightning & thunder.
Toucht mountains make to smoke:
verse 6 Destroy thy foes with angry frown,
By dreadfull lightnings stroke.
Destroy them with thy bended bow:
verse 7 Send help my soul to save:
Send thy high hand, rid, save me so
From swallowing waters grave.
Even from the hands of children strange,
From hypo­crites, aliens from true grace, of strange un­toward dis­positions.
verse 8 Whose mouths of folly treat:
And their right hand's a meer exchange
Of falshood and deceit.
verse 9 My songs on Psaltery I'l present
To thee compos'd anew:
And on a ten-string'd instrument,
Will sing thy praises due.
verse 10 Tis he that unto Kings extends
Salvations welcome pledge:
His servant David he defends,
From swords offensive edge.

2. Part.


A prayer for the flourishing estate of the Cōmon-weal. Felicity is placed in God alone.

verse 11 RElease and rid me speedily
From hand of sinners vile:
Whose subtle mouth speaks vanitie,
Their right hand full of guile.
verse 12 Our sons as plants in youth up grown,
And daughters, to us born,
Let be as some carv'd corner-stone,
Fair palace to adorn.
verse 13 Our garners full as they can hold,
With ev'ry kind of thing:
Our sheep a thousand thousand fold,
VVithin our streets may bring.
verse 14 Our Oxen not in labour faint,
No en'mie to invade:
No leading captive, no complaint
Within our streets be made.
verse 15 O blessed people would we say,
VVith such like blessings stor'd:
O rather blessed people they
VVhose God is God the Lord.


Old England tune.

David in a well composed song of praise,In the Name of all Saints. ex­tolls Gods majestie, might, and mercy.

I Will extoll thee Lord my King,
And ever bless thy Name:
verse 2 I, all my dayes,
Will bless and praise,
And never cease the same.
[Page 296] verse 3 Great God, great praises meriting,
VVhose greatness none can reach:
verse 4 One age shall praise
Thy works and waies,
To thy succeeding Church.
Thy mighty acts shall they recite,
verse 5 And I will here discuss
The fame of thy
Great Majesty:
And works miraculous.
verse 6 Thy actions of such wondrous might,
Men shall speak of the same:
They dreadfull are;
And I'l declare
The greatness of thy Name.
verse 7 The mem'ry of thy goodness great,
They fully shall make known:
In songs express
Thy righteousness.
verse 8 The Lord's a gracious one.
The LORD is easie to intreat,
verse 9 Kind, patient, good to all:
His mercies do
Extend unto
His works in generall.
verse 10 Thy works shall praise thee every one,
Thy Saints thy Name shall bless:
verse 11 They shall proclame
Thy Kingdoms fame,
And pow'rs Almightines.
verse 12 To make thy mighty actions known
To mans posteritie:
And celebrate
[Page 297] The glorious state
Of thy supremacy.

2. Part.


As before.

verse 13 THy kingdom wears eternall crown,
And thy dominion shall
Endure and last
All ages past,
verse 14 God holds up all that fall.
Crushe un­der tyrants.
And raiseth all the bowed down,
verse 15
Ps. 104 27.
All eyes do wait on thee:
Thou givest meat
For them to eat,
When fittest seasons bee.
verse 16 Thine opened hand doth satisfie
Each living things desire:
verse 17 Gods Justie sways
In all his ways,
His holiness intire.
verse 18 To all his suppliants God is nigh,
Even all that call sincere:
verse 19 He also will
Their pray'rs fulfill,
Who ever do him fear.
Hee'l hear their cry, and help afford,
verse 20 And all his lovers true,
Will God secure,
But he will, sure,
Destroy the wicked crue.
verse 21 My mouth shall magnifie the Lord,
And universall flesh,
His holy Name
And glorious fame
Shall ever sound afresh.


To both Strain tunes.

The vain trust in men, and happie confidence is Gods salvation, who made all things, & is most gracious to us in his providence.

THe Lords deserved praise proclame,
My soul do thou extoll the same:
verse 2 I, while I live,
Will praises give
Unto the Lords Almighty Name.
Unto my God will I sing praise,
While breath prolongs my life and daies:
verse 3 Trust in no King,
Nor mortall thing,
They can no help nor succour bring.
verse 4 For lo, there passeth out his breath,
And he returns to dust of death;
That very day
His thoughts decay,
And each of them then perisheth.
verse 5 O happy happy happy one,
VVho ever Jacobs God hath known
To be his ayd:
Whose hope is stayd
Upon the Lord his God alone.
verse 6 That made the heavens, seas, and shore,
The earth and all the num'rous store
In liquid seas:
He made all these,
And keepeth truth for evermore.
verse 7 In-judgment he for us proceeds,
For to avenge oppressors deeds;
From bondage He
Set pris'ners free;
[Page 299] The Lord likewise the hungry feeds.
verse 8 The righteous doth the Lord affect,
The bowed down he doth erect;
Psal. 45. 14.
Opening likewise
The blind mans eyes,
Both spiritu­all and cor­porall.
verse 9 The strangers doth the Lord protect.
The Lord relieves the fatherless,
And helps the widow in distress:
But in his wrath,
The sinners path,
The Lord doth utterly suppress.
verse 10 The Lord shall reign eternally,
Thy God O Sion rules on high;
And so he shall
To ages all:
His Name do ye still magnifie.


To 1. French tune.

God is glorified for the works of his admira­ble providence, and specially for favours to his Church in his Word and Ordinances.

PRaise ye the Lord, for it is meet
The praises of our God to sing:
For it is an employment sweet,
The captives and exiles, it is thought that this Psalm cele­brates the deliverance from Baby­lon.
And praise a very comely thing.
verse 2 The Lord doth build Jerusalem,
The outcasts gleans of Israels bounds:
verse 3 The broke in heart he healeth them,
And bindeth up their bleeding wounds.
verse 4
Much more doth he know his elect.
The number of the starres he tells,
And all their names he doth recite:
verse 5 Great is the Lord, his pow'r excells:
His understanding infinite.
[Page 300] verse 6 Poor humble souls the Lord doth raise,
But treads the wicked to the ground
verse 7 Sing to the Lord with thanks & praise,
And with the harps harmonious sound.
verse 8 Who with thick clouds orespreads the skie,
Prepared rain on earth distills:
Gods work indeed, that grass should grow on the barren moū ­tains.
And makes the earth to fructifie
With store of grass on highest hills.
verse 9 Who to the beast doth food allot,
And feeds young ravens when they call:
verse 10 The strength of horse delights him not,
Nor yet the legs of champion tall.
verse 11 Who fear him he delights in them,
And such as on his grace rely:
verse 12 Praise, praise thy God Jerusalem,
Thy God ô Sion magnifie.
verse 13 Thy children in thee he hath blest,
Strengthned the barrs wch bar thy gates:
verse 14 Of wheat he fills thee with the best,
And in thy borders peace creates.
verse 15 He sends out his commandment full:
His word through th'air most swiftly posts:
verse 16 He gives us snow like gentle wool,
He spreads like ashes hoary frosts.
verse 17 His ice like morsells casts about,
How much less his eter­nall burning wrath.
His pinching cold who can sustain?
verse 18 His pow'rfull Word he sendeth out,
And makes the waters melt again.
His pow'r doth cause the winds to blow,
The ice to thaw, so can he our hard hearts to melt.
Whereby the rugged waters flows:
verse 19 His Word to Jacob he doth show,
His laws and judgments Israel knows.
verse 20 He dealt not so with other lands,
[Page 301] As for the Judgments of the Lord,
No heathen people understands;
Do ye therefore his praise record.


Old England tune.

The creatures (in their kinde) praise God, how much more his people, obliged by his benefits?

PRaise ye the LORD, praise ye the Lord,
All celestiall creatures.
From heavens lofty frame:
Him, from on high,
O magnifie;
verse 2 All Angels praise his Name.
O all his hoasts his praise record:
verse 3 O praise him Moon and Sunne:
Ye stars of light,
That shine so bright,
The like of you be done.
verse 4 Ye heav'ns of heav'ns that are so high,
Praise him with full consent;
And waters, ye
On high that be,
Above the firmament.
verse 5 O let them praise and magnifie
The LORDS almighty Name:
For lo they were
Created there,
When his commandment came.
verse 6 He hath est [...]blisht them also
For ever and for ever:
Till the end, and then a renovation of all things. Psal. 102. 26.
So firm decree
Ordained hee,
That they shall pass it never.
[Page 302] verse 7 Praise ye the Lord from earth below,
Dragons and every deep:
verse 8 Fire, vapour, snow,
Serve in your kinde accor­ding to his ordinance. Psal. 119. 91. which con­demns our disobedi­ence.
Hail-storms that blow,
His word that firmly keep.
verse 9 All mountains high, and fruitfull trees,
All hills and Cedars tall;
verse 10 Ye fowl with wings,
And creeping things,
Ye beasts and cattell all.
verse 11 Kings, Princes, people, all degrees,
Ye Judges of the earth:
verse 12 Young men and maids,
Children and babes,
And men of elder birth.
verse 13 The Lords great Name still praised be,
For that alone excells:
And far more high
Then earth or skie,
His glitt'ring glory dwells.
verse 14 The praise of all his Saints is he,
He is both the object of their praise, and the au­thor of their dignitie by Christ Jesus, whose kind­red they are spiritually. Mat. 12. 50. Taken from occasion of the Babylo­nick bon­dage. Ier. 25. 11.
His people neer alli'd;
From Israel born,
He exalts their horn:
The Lord be magnifi'd.


Magnificat tune.

The triumphs of the Church, in memoriall of great deliverances, and the subjection of the adversaries.

PRaise ye the Lord, sing to the Lord
A new composed song:
His memorable praise record,
[Page 303] His gathered Saints among.
Meditate of Christ our King and spirituall mercies. Melodie of hearts.
verse 2 Let joyfull Israel shout and sing
In their Creators Name:
Let Sions children in their King,
Triumphant joyes proclame.
verse 3 In dances let them praise his Name,
The harp before him bring:
And joyn the timbrell to the same,
VVith these his praises sing.
verse 4 For lo the Lord exceedingly
In Israel doth delight:
The meek he'l richly beautifie
With robes of saving might
verse 5 In glory let the Saints be joy'd,
Sing lowd upon their bed:
verse 6 And their religious mouths imploy'd
The Lords high praise to spread.
Fulfil'd in the happie dayes of re­formation. Rev. 11. 15, 17, 18. and finally at the last judg­ment.
And let a double edged sword,
Be put into their hands:
verse 7 T'inflict the vengeance of the Lord
Upon the heathen lands.
T'impose the peoples punishments,
verse 8 Their Kings in chains to bind:
Their noble Peers and Presidents
In iron links confin'd.
verse 9 To execute upon them all,
The judgment on record:
Such honour to the Saints doth fall,
Praise ye, praise ye the Lord.


To London short tune.

An exhortation to praise God with instru­ments of musick; typing the melodie of Christians affections.

[Page 304] PRaise, praise the Lord most high,
The Sanctua­ry was a type of the hearts of the faith­full, the tem­ples of the holy Ghost. 2 Cor. 6. 16.
Within his Sanctu'rie:
In topmost tow'r
Of his great pow'r,
With praise him magnifie.
verse 2 Praise him for acts renown'd,
With excellency crown'd:
According to
His greatness do:
verse 3 Praise him with trumpets sound.
O praise him cheerfully,
VVith harp and psaltery:
verse 4 And let the dance
His praise advance,
And timbrells melody.
Praise him with joynt consents
Of stringed instruments:
The organs bring,
verse 5 Lowd cimballs ring,
Each one his praise presents.
High-sounding cymballs ring,
verse 6 Let every
Not onely instruments that are blown, but all men, Jews & Gentiles: some under­stand it a de­scription of all creatures, because the most have this pro­perty.
breathing thing,
The praise record
Of this great Lord:


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Trust in God.
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  • Their ruine, ps. 36. 2 p.
  • Confederacy in evill, ps. 83. 1 p.
  • The scourge of the godly, ps. 17. 2 p.
  • How sure, ps. 12. & 18. ver. 30.
  • How powerfull, ps. 19. & 119.
  • Of God, ps. 29. 96. 104. 148.
  • Degenerate, ps. 12. & 14.
  • How due to God, ps. 29. 95. 99. 100. 122.
  • Ps. 69. 1 p. ps. 132. 1 p.

Errata in Textu.

Psal. 32. 1. read, O Blessed blessed man, This is in some copies onely. &c. Ver. 6. for roaring read rolling.

Psal. 83. ver. 6. for at read of Edoms, &c.

Errata in Margine.

Psal. 9. 6. Thou ô enemy mayst destroy no more, though thou hast destroyed whole Kingdomes, Isa. 37. 26. 29.

Psal. 32. 2. But confesses all without dissi­mulation,In some copies.

Psal. 24. 1. Made the earth (one globe with water) habitable, tho naturally the water would cover it, being the center and basis.


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