Antè trisulca meam quàm flamma cremaverat Arcem, Anteferenda Mihi▪ Fabrica nulla fuit.

On St. PAVL's Cathedrall represented by Mr DAN. KING.
Illustrious Pile, ô that my Muse,
Amphion-like, could Life infuse
Into Thy Stones, & make them dance
In Order, till They might advance
Into their ancient Seats, and rise
In Spires to re-salute the Skies.
What though ye Worlds 7 Wonders have
In their own Rubbish found a Grave;
Consuming Time did scarce amiss
So long as He dispens'd with This:
For whil'st He PAUL'S upheld alone,
The S [...]ar'n re-flourisht in This One.
Haile, Sacred Ruines, which remaine,
And still a Majestie retaine
You in your mouldring Relicks show
GOD's speciall Presence once below:
So as blest Angels might admire
The Model of Their Own Great Quire.
Nor were it an Offence to call
Those Angels to Thy hastning Fall,
Who only can fit Poets be
To grace Thee with an Elegie
And to bewaile a Silence there
Where Voices turn'd each Sense to Eare.
Religions Ark, a Trophy rais'd
By Zeale, where GOD was rightly prais'd
Cheer'd by Thy former Splendor must
We now be blinded with Thy Dust?
Ah that Thy Lead should fall to be
A Winding Sheet to Faith, and Thee!
To view Thee once more in Repaire,
O Theater of ROYALL Care!
To re-exalt Thy glorious Name,
And wash out our Augaean Shame,
A Floud should issue from our Eyes
Which might Alpheus equalize.
Time that devours the World, & brings
A Change on all inferiour Things,
May see an Age in greater Hast
Re-build Thee, then this lay'd Thee wast;
And finde a Holy Pleasure in,
Such an Attonement for This Sin.
However, let Us duely mourn
To view Thee wasting to Thy Urn,
And if Time should not Thee restore,
Thou liv'st in Figure, as before,
By ONE, Who joyning Names, wth Things,
Shares in Renown with Other KINGS.

Threnodia Adis PAVLINA De Seípsâ.

ASPICE Qualis eram primo perfecta Decore,
Vertice sublimi visa ferire Polum;
Culinine nec tantùm Coelo, sed proxima Cultu,
Coelicolae nostros dum stupuere Choros:
Dives Opum, sancta Ara Precum, Pietatis Asylum,
Florida Pace, Fide pura, dicata DEO.
Concipe Mente meum Decus esset quale secundum
Contractum Senio cùm positura Situm;
Pyramis à Flammis cùm surgeret icta Trisulcis,
Auxiliatrices REGE ferente Manus;
Propitio Sumptu renovatâ ut Matre, minorum
Natarum Series tota Venusta foret.
Illa Ego Quae quonclain sublimibus alta Columnis,
Arcuum adornatis concamerata Tholis,
In Coelum Spirâ coepi tendisse stupendâ,
At (que) Ministerijs aptior esse sacris;
Indè, Vetustatis devitatura Ruinas,
Cum Mundo poteram continuâsse Dies.
Maxima Christicolae mansissem Gloria Mundi,
Invida & in nostras Roma fuisset Opes;
Ipsa Cathedrali superâssem splendida Formâ,
PETRE, tuám (que) Solo, MARCE, tuám (que) Salo;
Ar (que) Reformatum tunc Relligione Nitorem
Nactâ, Me summus conclecorâsser Honos.
Sed mihi Seditio nocuit, quae Prodroma Lapsûs,
Saevior ac ipso Tempore, Livor atrox:
Cum sint Arma Tibi tantùm Coelestia, PAULE,
Militis Excubijs non eget Ista Domus:
Antè Decora fui, jam Squallida tota recumbo;
Est sacer Hinnitus quô Sacer Hymnus erat!
Si Fluvio Stabulum Iavit Tyrinthius Heros,
Victor Aquis, quandò Dextra negabat Opem;
Excordes Nati, cur nunc in Funere Matris
Conspicitis siccis Rudera nostra Genis?
O, si versa forent in salsum Lumina Rivum,
Elueret Sordes Rivus ut Iste meas!
Involvo Lodice mei Sacra omnia Plumbi!
Urna priús Magnis, jam rudis Urna Mihi!
Laetor at aeratis quod sim victura Figuris,
Ceu Volucris Syrijs quae reparata Rogis,
Illius Auxilio, Qui non REX Nomine tantum,
Sed Qui, par summis REGIBUS, edit Opus.
Quantò Ego Flebilior, tantò Praesentior audi,
Diruit, aedificat nam tua Dextra, DEUS!
TU miserere Mei, mea TU demortua Saxa,
Verus ut Amphion, mox animare potes:
Dicta Dies, Scriptis promissa fidelibus, adsit,
Cùm Favor in charae Saxa SIONIS erit!
B1E2N3E8 Ʋ 6O5L4 Ʋ 7S9.

Ao. Dn̄i 610 Ethelbert K. of Kent built this Church & de­dicated it to St. Paule.

Ao 670 Erkinwald the 4 Bishop encreased it, Afterward K. Ethelstā & others enlarged its Revenues.

In the time of W. ye Con. the old Fabrick roofed with wood was burnt.

Ao 1094 Mauritius Bp. of London began to build it as it now is viz. the Body of the Church & North & South Crosse Isles

After Maur: the Building was continued & ye Steeple finished Ao 122 [...] The Quire finished Ao. 1240.

Ao. 1257 St. Faiths begun to be builded

Ao 1315 The Spire was taken downe and made new.

Ao. 1444 the Steeple burnt with Lightning. Ao 1462 it was repaired againe.

Ao. 1561 the Steeple burnt down to ye vpper Roofe by Lightning Ao 1566 the Roofe repaired againe.

A further Repaire intended by K James Ao 1633 begun to be repaired within and without as now it is by King Charles.


Your Merit in these [...]s [...] & my Gratitude for [...]r Civilities mov'd me [...] j [...]yne your Picture [...] Peece.

[portrait of the illustrator]

Who would also present all our other Cathedralls in this Forme of encouraged by Such as your honoured SELFE.

The North View of St Paules Church.
The South View of St Paules Church as it was wh [...]n ye Spire was standing.
The South View of St Paules Church.
The We [...]t end of St Paules
The East end of St Paules
The prospect of the Orientall part of the Church
The interior prospect of the Body of the Cathedrall Church of St Paules from West to the quire.
The prospect of the Quire of St Paules Cathedrall.
The prospect of the Parochiall Church of St Faith from West to East under St Paules


St Iohn Bab [...] Chapp

the Vest [...]arie

The Butreyes belonging to the Vpper and Orientall part of the Cathedrall Church or quire of St Paules.

Part of the same Church called the Chappell of Iesus

  • 1 Will Lambe
  • 2 H [...] Ky [...]son
  • [...] [...]
  • 4 T [...] Hind
  • [...] T [...] Dockwray
  • [...] W [...]ll [...]bam
  • [...] [...] Huntte
  • 8 Alin▪ Iohnson.
  • 9 Will West.
  • 10 Will: Lilly.
  • 11 Iohn: Good.
  • 12 Iohn: Brewster.
  • 13 Marg: Robinson
  • 14 Georg: Whitgift.
  • 15 Iohn and Fran: Astley
  • 16 Rich. Ironside.

These are ye nam [...] of ye Seuerall Tombs in S Faiths under St Paules.

The Planographie of the Cathedrall Church of St Paules.





The Body of the Church

St Gregories Ch

the quire

St Marys Chapp.

  • 1 The porticue.
  • 2 The W. dore.
  • 3 The Turret.
  • 4 The Conuocation house
  • 5 The Litle North dore.
  • 6 The Litle S dore.
  • 7 The great N dore.
  • 8 The great S dore.
  • 9 Tho: Kemps Chapp. Bp of London. Ao 65.
  • 10 The Tombe of Iohn Beauchamp
  • 11 The Chapter house.
  • 12 The Stepes to the quire.
  • 13 The quire dore.
  • 14 The Tombe of Io: Donne Deane of this Church.
  • 15 The Mon: of Io: Callet Ao [...]9 Deane of Paules.
  • 16 The Mon: of Will. Hewet. Ao 1599.
  • 17 The Mon: of Will Cokayn Eq: aurat.
  • 18 The Mo: of Nic: Bacon Eq aur 1 [...].
  • 19 The Tombe of Iohn Newcourt Ao 1425.
  • 20 The To: of Valentin [...] Carey Ao 16 [...].
  • 21 The Tom: of Brabazo [...] de Od [...]y Ao 149 [...].
  • 22 The To: of W: Rythy [...]
  • 23 The T: of Sym: Edolph
  • 24 The T. of Ri: Lichfield.
  • 25 The T: of Io: Acton.
  • 26 The Mo: of Christo: Hatton Kt of ye Garter.
  • 27 The To: of Eusta Fauconbridge L: Ep Ao 12 [...]
  • 28 The To: of Hen: Wengham Bp Lo A 1 [...]8
  • 29 The To: Hen: Lacie E of Lincolne Ao 1406
  • 30 The T: of Rob: Braybroke Bp of Lon. Ao 1404
  • 31 The To: of S Erckenwald
  • 32 The Mo: of Alex [...] Noell deane of this Ch: A 1621
  • 33 The Mo: of Tho: Heneage Ep Aur Ao 1494
  • 34 The To: of Raff Hengham
  • 35 The To: of Sym: Barley K of y Garter.
  • 36 The Mo: of Io: of Gaunt 13 [...]2 Duke of Lon: Ao 1399
  • 37 The Mon: of Will: Herbert E: of Penbro Ao 1569
  • 38 The To: of Io: Molint.
  • 39 The To: of Io: Chishull Bp of Lo.
  • 40 The To: of Roff Niger Bp of Lon: Ao 1341
  • 41 The Mo: of Io: Mason Ep aur Ao 1 [...]66
  • 42 The Mo: of Will Aubrey
  • 43 The To: of Sebbe K: of ye Sax Ao 678
  • 44 The T: of Etheldred K: of ye Sax Ao 10 [...]7
  • 45 The Tom: of Tho: Ewre
  • 46 The To: of Will: Green
  • 47 The To: of [...]: son of Hugh Bp of Lon:
  • 48 The High Alter
  • 49 St Gregories Chapp
  • 50 St Dunstans Chapp


South worke

  • 1 St Paules.
  • 2 Whitehall.
  • 3 Suffolk house.
  • 4 [...]rk house.
  • [...] Sauoy.
  • 6 Somerset house.
  • 7 Arundel house.
  • 8 St Clements.
  • 9 St Dunstans.
  • 10 The Temple.
  • 11 St. Brides.
  • 12 St. Andrew
  • 13 Baynards Castle.
  • 14 Queene hith.
  • 15 St Pulchers.
  • 16 Three Cranes.
  • 17 The Waterhouse.
  • 1 [...] [...]he Stillyard.
  • 1 [...] [...]owchurch.
  • 20 Guild hall.
  • 21 St Michaels.
  • 2 [...] St Lawrence Poultney.
  • 23 Fi [...]hmongers hall.
  • 24 The Old Swan.
  • 25 The Bridge.
  • 26 Gray Church.
  • 27 St Dunstan [...] in ye East.
  • 28 Billinsgate.
  • 29 Custome house.
  • 30 The Towre.
  • 31 Towre wharfe.
  • 32 St Katherines.
  • 33 St Olaffe.
  • 34 St Mary Overies.
  • 35 Winchester house.
  • 36 The Globe.
  • 37 Beare Garden.
  • 38 The Swan.
  • 39 Harrow on ye hill.
  • 40 Hamsted.
  • 41 Hygate.
  • 42 Hackney.
  • 43 [...]outney.
  • 44 Ell Ships.
  • 45 Gally fustie.
  • 46 Coale harbour.
‘TEMPLA sunt DEI Pa­latia, Bonita­tis divinae Tribunalia, Misericordiae Aeraria, Miser­orum Asyla; ubi Sacra NVMINIS Celebratio, est Imitatio Angelorum. & Aeternitatis Praeludium, Haec ergò temerare, temerarium,’Mat. 21:13:.

The Citty of London (as some write) had its first Rise from Brute the Grand-child of Aeneas, 70 years after ye Destruction of Troy, whence (say they) it was called Troy nobant, or New-Troy, so called when Caesar entred into Britaine, 54 yeares before ye Birth of Christ. The name London derived (as some say) from Lud a British King, who enlarged it: Others from Lihan-dian, or Dianas Temple▪ because ye chief Temple therein was dedicated to Diana▪ on whose Ruines St. Paules was built by Ethel­bert K. of Kent: It was walled 3 miles in compasse Ao. Chri. 306 by Helen the Mother of Constantine.

In the time of H. 3d. it had six faire Gates.

The Tower builded by W. the Conquerour Ano. 1078

At ye Dissolution of Monasteries it had 17. Religious houses within the Walles, and 12 without.

The number of Churches in ye Citty of London wth. in the Walles 99, in the Suburbs 31. Anno J658.

This Citty hath Longitude 24°. 20′. Lat: 51°. 32′.

Sould by Iohn Ouerton at the White Horse without Newgate at the corner of the little old Baly neere the Fountaine Tauern

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