THE Potable Balsome OF LIFE.

Being a Collection of the choicest Preservatives that are Extant within the three Natural Families of Minerals, Vegetables, and Animals, reduced into such Essences and Tin­ctures by the Scientifick Art of Chymie, which constitute a Radical and Cordial Balsamick Liquor, agreeable and pleasant to the Senses, and to be taken in small proportions.

By which the Bodies which are in Health may be preserved, the growth of Distempers intercepted, and Diseases already con­firmed, totally Erradicated.

Especially such as are most Predominant in Sea-bordering Nati­ons, more particularly in ours, of which diseases you may have an account in the following pages.

Published by P. Bellon, Physiomathetes.

For the Publick Good, especially for those who are unhappily deprived from the great conveniency, and advantagious assi­stance of Learned Physitians, and that live remote from Me­dicaments, it being of such a Nature as meliorates it self with keeping, though it be kept a hundred Years.

All persons are desired to peruse the Book throughly, for in each Page they may meet with something which will satisfie their Curiosity. With Allowance.

Natura Ʋniversalis cum paucis principiis operatur
Mirabilia, & Chimico Ingenioso pauca sunt necessaria.

London, Printed for the Author, 1675.


WHere as the Body of this Balsum is capable of recei­ving all such additions, as all Judicious and experi­mented Phisitians may judge proper for the Cure or preven­tion of such particular distempers, as any of the Subscribers may be most liable unto. And it being also convenient that I should have some account of the quantity of this Balsum, that will be vended so soon as it is finished. (that I may take my measure accordingly) All persons that are desirous to have of this Balsum, are invited to inform me either by word of mouth, or Letters directed to me at my Laboratory o­ver against the Cross-Keys in Bedford-street Covent-Garden. What Medicaments they desire should be added, whereby to render that proportion which they shall please to subscribe unto, more proper for prevention of such distempers; and it shall be faithfully and carefully performed, according to their desires, in their, or any other Persons presence whom they shall appoint. Yet at no greater rate than that said best sort of Balsum (without additions) shall be sold to such as have not subscribed, whereby the said Subscribers will have a great advantage, both by those additions, and the certainty of ha­ving of it rightly prepared, according to the Receit, it being to be done in publique, to which advantage none other can pretend after the Mixture is once made.

And whereas all Persons are not willing or in a condition to go to the rate of 40 shillings a pound, for that Balsum which is prepared with the true Tinctures of Gold, Antimony, Coral, Vipers, Vitriol, and Pearls (as is specified in this Book) I have thought it convenient (for the general good) to prepare some of the Balsum, without the forementioned Tinctures, which though not so great a Cordial, Preserver, Restorer, and Renewer of Nature as the other, yet will prove as effectual for the Preservation, and Cure of those Diseases mentioned in this Book, as likewise for all outward Applications. To be had at sixteen shillings the pound. To which may be made additions, also paying the overplus for them, at very reaso­nable rates. And to avoid all manner of fraud and deceit, both the Balsums shall be delivered ready put up in bottles and sea­led with my own Seal, the same as here prefixed, of which there shall be one delivered to each Subscriber for Surety.

Dignissimo Viro D. D. GEORGIO ENT, Equiti Aurato, Collegii Londinensis Praesidi, nec non Censoribus & Sociis ejusdem nobi­lissimi Collegii. Viri Excellentissimi, & Literarum splendore conspicui.

POst varias peregrinationes per diversos Orbis Chri­stiani tractus, & post multos in Theoriâ & Praxi Chymicâ exantlatos labores; tandem in hoc floren­tissimae Urbis beato sinu senescere, & sedem ponere constitui. Sub D [...]o. Laz. Riverio & Theod. Mayerno Immortalitate dignissimis Viris, Tyrocinium Chymicum ex­ercui, quorum Autographa apud me extant; & si quemlibet Collegij curiositas videndi, & perlegendi tangat, depromp­turus. Offero vobis (Viri amplissimi & doctissimi) selecta quaedam Medicamenta, gustu jucunda, visu amabilia, & in desperatis morbis profligandis efficacia. Vos estis mihi Ju­dices, coram vestro Tribunali me sisto; & vestra praesentia in meo Chymico pistrino erit mihi honori & praesidio; for­tè vobismetipsis non minori voluptati, si mihi quilibet Col­legij Londinensis Socius adesse voluerit. In hoc consultiùs & prudentiùs me fecisse existim̄o, quòd me vestrae candidae cen­surae objicerem, quàm ut Agyrtas imitarer, qui Schedulis postibus affixis, inanem Vulgi gloriam, tantùm densitate hu­merorum notabil [...]s, ridiculè aucupantur. Subscribo me

Vestrae gravissimae Societatis Cultorem obsequentissimum Petrum Bellonium Lond. Natum.


HAving found by a no less succesful then long experience, that this Specifick which I treat of, is not only proper, but effectually powerful for the Cure of divers Diseases, especially of those which usually afflict Maritime Countries, among the rest, more particularly those of this Kingdom, wherein the Scurvy, Dropsy, Apoplec­tick Palsie, Asthma, Tabes, and the Venereal Diseases do so much reign of late years, dayly getting ground by their impetuous Ragings, especially among the Vulgar; who not regarding Rules and Methods, though never so much grounded upon Reason and Experience, are still for the shortest, easiest and cheapest ways of Cure.

I thought my self obliged (through a due sence of this spreading Cala­mity) to render this pleasant and powerful Remedy more generally known, and in a shor [...]er time, by this kind of Publication, than my small acquaintance would do in many years.

The Ingredients that enter into this excellent Composition are selected from among those, that the three Families of Minerals, Vegetables, and A­nimals have in them; which are most proper, not only for the cure of the foer­mentioned Diseases, but also for Preservation, Prolongation, & Renovation.

And lest this excellent Remedy should lye under the scandal of being some upstart Thing, invented meerly for Lucre; and my self a Person that would impose upon the Vulgar (as too many do) not regarding how little effectual their Medicines prove, so they do but thereby fill their Pockets with the Gains: I have not only (as to the practical part) declared what the Ingredients are that constitute this excellent Compound, and published their exquisite Preparations; but also given valid reasons for their choice, in a Theorical Discourse of their Qualities, Properties & Vertues, which ex­tend to Preservation and Renovation. And all this done without the least de­sign of entrenching upon the Prerogative of the most Learned and Eminent College of Phisitians; whom (with all submission to their Censure) I humbly intreat, as well as all other Ingenious Artists, and Lovers of this Scientifick Art, to favour me with their Opinion and Approbation of this Remedy, and honour me with their company at my Laboratory during the time of the Operations. To which purpose I shall give a timely and publique notice of the opening of the said Laboratory. Not doubting but through [Page 2] this fair way of dealing, I may remove from this Medicine, all such preju­dices, and jealousies, as things in this manner of Publication do commonly create; preserve it from all foul aspersions, raise it above those little Spu­rious Brats of Phisick, with which this famous Nation is but so much pest­er'd; and place it beyond the reach of Malice and Envy.

I shall leave it's own Vertues, and those Gentlemen that shall be Eye­witnesses of it's exquisite Preparations and Operations, to speak it's Enco­mium; and shall only say, that though it sets not forth so large a Catalogue of Ingredients as the Theriaca Andromachi, Sr. Walter Rawleigh's great Cordi­al or such like long but most excellent Compositions: Yet in that Few is suffici­ently comprehended, what is requisite to effect those several operations, which I mention in this small Treatise, not omitting Preservation and Re­novation.

It is this excellent Specifick, which I humbly present to the publique, for the general good of this Kingdom, thinking all my studies and I abours well rewarded if I prove in this effectually serviceable to my Country, and so esteemed by the Learned Virtuosi; to whom I wish all health and in­crease of Knowledg.

Of the Preparations of each particular Ingredient and first of the Dissolvant

BY reason that these Preparations are to be made through the medi­um of Dissolvants, which are the material Instruments of such Chy­mical Preparations, I thought it necessary in the first place, to give an accompt of that Menstruum, which I have made choice of for this work.

It is obscurely set down by Ramundus Lullius in his Works, but because it is not to be comprehended so as he has writ it by every vulgar capacity, I have thought it convenient to explain it here, that those Persons who have the least insight in Chymie, might understand it's most exquisite and elaborated Preparations.

The Receit is thus.

Take of the strongest and best Claret-wine one Hogs-head, out of which you wust extract the spirit after the common manner, rectifying it to a perfect purity, let the rest of the liquor be distilled by it self, so draw of the Phlegm by the vaporous or ashee heat, until it remains of the colour of Pitch, and in consistence of a thick syrup, at the bottom of the Vessel. This black substance distribute into several Glasse Bodies, and pour over it he Phlegm, till it overtops the Black substance, the hight of four or five fingers breadth. Set them upon warm ashes and in few days the Phlegm will, be tinged with a red colour, by attracting to it self the combustible Sulphur from the impure faeces of the wine. Let the tinged Phlegm be se­parated by inclination, and fresh Poured upon the matter, repeating this [Page 3] labour till the feces yeild no more Tincture, and that what remains in the bottom be white and Chrystalline. Set this Chrystalline substance in seve­ral Matrasses with long necks, and pour over it the rectifyed spirit of Wine till it overswims it by three fingers breadth; apply to these Matrasses fit heads and Receivers, well joined with a proper Lute for the purpose, and set them on warm Ashes, that the matter may distil, Cohobating diverse times that which is distilled. All being cold, let it be poured out by Incli­nation, without raising the sediment, then pour upon the Feces more of the spirit, and thus reiterate so often, that the Feces which through their pro­per nature Calcine themselves, begin to grow black, and smoak when layd upon a red-hot plate of Iron; which is a sure sign that the first Philosophi­cal Calcination is accomplished, & the Spirit already fully animated with that acid Balsum & Ferment of Nature, that was contained in these Faeces which were reduced into Chrystals. Joine all these animated Spirits together, and preserve them in some close stopp'd Vessel, for fear of Evaporation.

Set the remaining Faeces in small Matrasses with long necks, which seal up Hermetically, and set in sand, in an Athanor Furnace, so that flame may be given round the Vessel, continue the fire five or six days, till the Earth be throughly calcined, fixed, and changed as white as snow. The which to render more volatile again, divide and distribute into several Cucurbit [...], pouring upon them the fourth part of the aforementioned Spirit of Wine, apply their heads and Receivers well joined and Luted, and set all in a wet Bath, luke-warm during one days space, from whence transport them after­wards on ashes, and with a competent heat draw off the Liquor, which from very fiery and sharp that it was, will come off as insipid as spring­water; by reason that the abovementioned Spirit hath then deposited it's Balsamick Salt in that of the Lime, which Salt did ascend in the former ope­rations with the Spirit. Nam Natura Naturam amat, eamque sequitur in sua Natura.

Pour upon the Calx or Lime the same proportion of other animated Spi­rits as before, observing the same order in the Distillation, till you find by your tast that in the distillation, that Spirit comes over as strong, as it was poured on, which will be a sign that the fixed Salt hath retained as much as needs, or as it can contain of the Volatile Salt. Observe that if you have weighed your Maters at first; you will find them trebly augmented in weight, which ought to be diligently noted, in order to the Sublimation and last operation, that the Volatile may exceed and overcome the fix.

Set all your Matter in diverse little bodies of the shape of Sublimatories, adding their Heads and Receivers to receive the sulphurious spirituous hu­midity, distil this in Ashes with a gentle fire, during a whole day, then augment the fire by degrees, till at last (towards the end) the fire be in a degree of Sublimation, which continue so, during 18 or 20 hours, and till that the Vessels appear no longer filled with Whitish Fumes; then will you find the Matter sublimed sticking on the sides of the Glasses Pure, Clear, and Transparent, like unto Pearls or Talk.

Take this Sublimed Matter, and make it into Pouder in a Glass or marble Mortar, put it into a Matrass, and pour over it of the Sulphurious Spirit, moistning it little by little, and concocting them 3 or 4 days in an Athanor Furnace, with a pretty strong fire, and thus you will have the Menstruum.

Concerning the Radical disso­lution of Gold.

When I shall have told you that the Preparation of the Dissolvant for Gold, was given me by an Adeptus under the seal of secrecy, and confir­med with an Evangelical Oath, I hope there is none that bears the name of a Christian, but will dispence with me for making publique, what I ought to keep for ever locked up in the Cabinet of my breast; yet presu­ming upon that limited Liberty which was then allowed me, and that o­thers make use of when they treat of such Secrets. I will here set down in an Allegorical sense (though intelligible enough to those that are Mast­ers) the whole process as follows.

Rep. Glaciei solubilis Gemmarum q. s. imponatur Crucibulo super ignem per 6 vel 7 horat, dein remoto igne, Crucibulo fracto, recipe tuam materiam calcina­tam et vitro retorto inde, superfundendo spermatis Fermenti Ʋniversalis dimidi­am partem, & cum Recipiente capaci, in quâ sit circiter quarta pars aquae com­munis, firmiter lutetur, deinde augendo ignem per gradus distilletur ad materiae siccitatem. Tunc frange retortam & calcinatum tuum inde retorto Terreae recipi­ente adapta, detur (que) ignis vehementissimus apertus, donec ad perfectam distilletur siccitatem, quod septies rectificatum servatur ad usus; Postea R. Speculi Philo­sophici, cum sudore Achillis, sanguine Veneris, et Adami pituita Philosophicè per Vulcanum impregnati partes duas. Ignis terrae partem unam, Purifica in Barathro ad perfectissimum splendorem; deinde sumito de istâ purificatâ materiâ et de a­qua non madefaciente manus ad partes aequales. Ingrediantur apertum Ignis Balneum per aliquot horas, quando satis sudaverint, [...]bducantur cum tegmine, ne à frigore intercipiantur, quiestant isto madore per horas quatuor, mox quando len­tè refrixerint, excipiantur, ex Balneo sicco, & cum praedicto liquore, subtepido, in Balneo liquido foveantur, & maneant in humectatione ista per semidiem, de­inde parato lecto, clausè tecto, Cogas ex Balneo, in gremium Quietis.

Thus have I (though obscurely) yet faithfully set down this great Men­struum, which if any Son of Art understands, let him enjoy it with thanks, and in a Perpetual silence.

Take of this Dissolvant (which the Philosophers call their Mercurius Philosophorum) 9 parts, add to them of Laminated Gold, cemented with Antimony one part. Leave them together in a Matrass without heat, and in 24 hours, the Gold will be dissolved. Close the glass Hermetically, (or adding a blind head to it) set it to digest and Circulate in a gentle lamp heat during a Philosophical month. Then having Poured off the Tincture into a small glass retort, draw off the Menstruum, till the saffron of the Gold remain almost dry. Pour upon it of the Vegetable Menstruum to the hight of three fingers breadth, having stopped the Glass and luted it ve­ry well, set them in digestion during 10 or 12 days, and it will be totally Impregnated and the Crocus of Gold wholly dissolved in it, which is to be kept in a Glass well stopped for Use.

The Preparation of Vitriol and Pearls.

Take of the Vitriols of Mars of Venus, of each a sufficient quantity, and by reiterated dissolutions and coagulations, purify them from all their Terrestrial parts; then put them in a Glass retort with a quart of Pearls, and distil them, still pouring what is distilled upon its faeces, till they have imbued and drank up all the humidity, and you will find in the retort an excellent Red Colcother joyned with the calcined Pearl, reduce all in pouder, and pour upon it of the accuated Vegetable Menstruum, to the height of three fingers breadth, this mixture put into a Glass retort, di­stil it in a Naked Fire during three or four days, save all the Liquor by it self, and extract with common water the dissoluble Magister of the Pearles out of the red Faeces, which keep apart, then take the distilled liquor, and from it distil off the accuated Menstruum, and there will re­main in the bottom of the Lembick a Balsamick Liquor as red as blood, to which add the Magister of the Pearls and the accuated Vegetable Men­struum, and circulate altogether during 40. days, and you will find your Liquor as red as blood, sweet, and without Faeces in the bottom.

Of the Preparation of Antimony.

Basilicus Valentinus in his Currus Triumphalis Antimonii does teach how to make an excellent Tincture of Antimony, of which he says; none but those that have tryed it can beleive it's wonderful Vertues. Yet in my opinion that which is set down by Zwelfer in his Apendix ad Animadversionem pag. 72, is to be prefer'd to this in respect of it's most excellent Dissolvant, which for that very reason I have made choice of, and this it is.

Take of the best pulveriz'd, Vertdegris q.s. which put into a Glass Lim­beck, over which pour distilled Vinegar the hight of three fingers breadth, then after a competent time for digestion, when the Vinegar is well satu­rated with the Tincture, pour it off by Inclination, and pour upon the Vertdegris some other distilled Vinegar, digest it as before, and then pour of the Tinged Vinegar as before, repeating this work till the last Vinegar poured upon the Vertdegris will attract no more Tincture, and that the substance of the Vertdegris be almost totally dissolved. Let all these fil­trated dissolutions be put together in a Limbeck or Copper pan and eva­porated with a gentle fire, till there appears a film on the superficies of the liquor, then set it in a cold place to Chrystalize, part the Chrystals from the liquor, and dry them with a gentle heat, exhalate again the re­maining liquor a little, and gather the Chrystals as before, and thus con­tinue to operate, till it be almost all converted into Chrystals.

These Chrystals being afterwards Put into a Limbeck, pour upon them of good rectifyed spirit of Wine, a sufficient quantity to overflow the matter the hight of three fingers breadth, distil it off again, and this repeat [Page 6] twice or thrice for their better Impregnation and volatilization. These Chrystals being pulveriz'd, put into a Glass retort, luted, to which fit a Receiver, and distil it by degrees, in an open but gentle fire, until all the spirit be drawn off, which is to be very well rectifyed, by an Alimbeck in a sand Furnace.

This Menstruum being Perfected thus, take of Glass of Antimony prepa­red by it self, so much as you please, make it into a very fine Pouder, and pour upon it, to the height of three fingers breadth of this Menstruum, set it in digestion in a gentle heat without any agitation, until the Spirit be Tinged with a yellow or reddish colour, pour this off by Inclination, and pour on some new, this repeat so often, as you find the Spirit Tinged af­ter some time of digestion, (which will be after the second or third time) These tinged Spirits must be put in a Limbeck and drawn off not to a per­fect driness, but that there be some small proportion of liquor remaining behind; upon which pour of the actuated Vegetable Merstruum q.s. which will be instantly imbued with a deep red colour, which must be separated by filtration from the gross and Terrestrious yellowness. Then draw off again part of the Spirit, or Tinged Menstruum, and the rest will remain of a most excellent and bright red colour, which Keep for Use.

The Preparation of Vip [...]rs.

Take Vipers No. xx. of the Actuated Vegetable Menstruum llvss. Put those Vipers living and whole in the Menstruum in a Matrass with a long neck, to wh [...]ch you must fit a head and receiver, and there let them remain till they be suffocated, and after a due digestion draw off half the quantity of the Menstruum in B. M. the other half pour off by decantation, then pour over them the remainder of the distilled Menstruum, & after digestion, distil again half of it, and the remaining part Pour off as before, which must be very hard Press'd from the Vipers, and joined with the first Tinctured Menstruum, then filtrate them through Paper, and keep them close stop­ped.

Take those Vipers very well dried, so that they may be easily crumbled into a gross pouder with the hands, set them in a glass retort, to which fit and lute a large Receiver, distil them in an open fire observing the degrees of heat, till all that is in the retort be driven over through the violence of a Flame fire. The distillation ended, the Volatil Salt will be [...]ound partly dissolved in the Water contained in the receiver, and Partly adherent round the sides of the receiver, in various forms which is to be washed off with the said water, then separate it from it's fatid Oyl through a filter of paper. This Volatile Salt is to be separated afterwards from it's stinking and better water by a gentle Sublimation in a long-neck'd Glass, with it's Head and Receiver, so that the humidity mount not with the Salt.

Join this Volatile Salt to the forementioned Essence of Vipers, which set to digest in a glass well stopped, during two or three days, and so you'l have the Preparation of Vipers.

The Preparation of Coral.

Take of red Coral so much as you Please, make it into very fine Pouder upon a Porphiry, and having put it in a Matrass with a long neck, pour over it to the height of three fingers breadth of the spirit of Venus descri­bed in the Preparation of Antimony, set it to disgest till it is very well im­pregnated, with the Tincture of the Coral. Then pour it off gently, and pour on some fresh Spirit, this repeat till the Coral will afford no more Tincture, then take all the Tinged Spirit, and distil it off almost to dri­ness, then pour over the remaining Tincture, as much of the actuated Menstruum, as will be requisite to take up the Tincture, which keep for Use close stopped.

The Preparation of the Sarsa, China, Saffron, Rosemary and Lavender Flowers.

This Preparation is so common and easy that few words will serve to demonstrate it.

Take the Sarsa and China, and after the usual manner slit them and slice them in to very thin pieces, but leave the flowers whole, put all into a Matrass with a long neck, pour over them the height of three fingers breadth of the Vegetable Accuated Menstruum. Stop well the Glass, set it to digest in a gentle heat, and when the Menstruum is throughly Tinged, pour it off by Decantation, pour new Menstruum upon the Materials, di­gest it as before, and when well Tinged, Decant as before, and so you will have the true Preparation of the Roots and Flowers.

The Preparation of the Gumm Guajacum.

Though this Gumm seems so pure and clear from all dross that it re­quires none other purification, yet in the Preparation of it, there are found such Terrestrial parts, as require a separation from the Tincture af­ter this manner.

Take of that Gumm q. s. pouder it very fine, and put it into a Matrass with a long neck, pour upon it to the hight of three fingers breadth of the Accuated Vegetable Menstruum, Close the Vessel, set it to digest in a gentle heat a day or two, then gently pour off the Tinged Menstruum; in which all the Refinous and Balsamick part of the Gumm is dissolved, which keep for Use close stopped.

The Preparaion of Myrrh.

Is after the same manner, as of the Gumm Guajacum, therefore I refer you to that.

The Composition of the Balsum.

The Ingredients being all duly and rightly prepared as has been said, every one according to what their Nature and Quality did require. It is time to come to the Comp [...]sition, consisting in the true proportioning of their respective Doses, and the Mixture of the several Preparations, which take as follows.

Take of the Tincture of Gumm Guajacum llij, of the Tincture of Myrrh llss; of the Tincture of the Roots and Flowers, the same as of Myrrh, of the Essence of Vipers ℥vi, of the Tincture of Coral ℥iiij, of the Tincture of Antimony ℥iij, of the sweet Red Oyle of Vitriol impregnated with the dis­soluble Magistery of Pearls, as much as of the Tincture of Antimony, and of the Tincture of Gold ℥ij.

Pour these into a capacious Matrass with a long neck, add to it a blind head, and set it in digestion in a gentle heat, during two or three days.

Here is the Composition of the Excellent Balsum of Life proper for a general use, which will keep hundreds of years, fit to receive any Medi­cinal addition, provided it be first prepared, according as it's Nature and Quality shall require and dissolv'd in our Menstruum, For none other being so purely spiritualized as this, those waterish particles which others would introduce into these other pure Tinctures, would cause them im­mediately to precipitate to the bottom in a milkie white substance, to the great detriment of the Accidental, and some Prejudice to the Essential form of this Specifick Balsamick Liquor.

Reasons for the Election of the Ingredients which consti­tute this Balsum; of their Natures, Properties, and Virtues. First concerning the Menstruum.

Amongst the Chymists the word Menstruum is given to any Liquor, ei­ther Natural or Artificial, Simple or Compound, which is used for the dissolution of any Mixt; and in that respect common Water may be so termed, But this word is restrained to such Liquors, as are of power to dis­unite, open, and dissolve, the Mucilaginous, Resinous Saline, and Balsamick parts of whatsoever lyes hid in Natural Productions, as also to extract and retain their respective Tinctures.

There are variety of these Menstruums, according to the diverse qua­lities of matters to be dissolved, and the Inventions of Ingenious and la­borious Artists. There being but few Masters in this Scientifick Art, but have some peculiarly due to their own fortunate Stars, and Industry.

Of these Menstruums some are made of the Juices of fruits, as of Le­mons, Pomgranats, Barberies, and the like; but the chiefest amongst them are such as are prepared of the Juice of the Grape, namely Spirit of Wine and Vinegar. Others are extracted of some parts and excre­ments [Page 9] of Animals, as out of Bloud, Urine, the faecal Matter, and the like. Others are prepared from Minerals and Metals, as out of Vitriol, Common Salt, Nitre, Antimony, Mercury, Venus, Saturne, and the like. To these Men­struums I may add by themselves such as are extracted out of Hony, May-Dew, they being kind of Meteors not to be properly ranged under a­ny of the forementioned Classes.

By a sympathetick influence those which are extracted from Vegetables, are most proper for the extraction of Vegetables, and so it is with those extracted from Animals, Minerals, and Metals: Yet this rule is not so ab­solute, but that some of these Menstruums are used promiscuously one for another, but that which is most general is the Spirit of Wine.

This Spirit is call'd the Incorruptible Essence, the Water of Life, the Key of the Philosophers, the Ʋniversal Liquor or Balsum, the Philosophers Sulphur and Mercury of the Vegetables, the Pearly Matter, and the Author of this Menstruum has given it the name of Accuated Menstruum, or Heaven of the Vegetables, with which he was us'd to extract the true Tincture of Gold. And by the Philosophers it was termed that Fire of Nature, as much con­cealed as Celebrated amongst them, who unanimously say, Ignis & Azot tibi sufficiunt. These and diverse other such Denominations too tedious to relate, are sufficient to declare, that this Spirit is the fittest Liquor of all those which are either Natural or Artificial that is capable of extracting the Vertues of whatsoever is infused and digested in it, without the loss of its seminal Faculties, and leaving behind any reliques of their Middle Lives Vertue. Whosoever is acquainted with this Spirit will acknowledge it to have a most piercing Vertue, yet not of so hot a Nature as is imagined by the Vulgar, since it resolves the hottest and hardest Tumours, allays the pains of burning, and takes away any inflammations. It's Incorruptible Nature renders it in great esteem, both because it preserves it self, and all other Beings Animated or Inanimated.

This Spirit of Wine is Simple or Compound, I call that Simple, which is extracted by bare Distillation, without any further addition. And by the Compound, I mean that which is Essencified and impregnated with its Essential Salt, and amongst all of that kind is that which I have chosen for the preparation of those Matters, which compound this Balsum of Life. Namely the Accuated Vegetable Heaven of Raymundus Lullius heretofore described.

The reasons why I have preferr'd this Menstruum before all others, to be the Vehicle for communicating the Vertues of this Balsum into hu­mane bodies, are, because it will extract the Tincture from all things by devesting them of their Accidental Forms, and yet preserving their sub­stantial ones, which speaks it the most proper Liquor of all such as are capable of extracting the Vertues of those Mixts which constitute this Compound. Besides this its intrinsecal qualities and Vertues have invi­ted me to this Election; for it is not only of power to convey and com­municate the Vertues of all Mixts annexed to it, but through its own pe­netrating Balsamick Essence, does open and dissolve all obstructions, drives forth all Heterogeneal particles, cleanseth, healeth, and strenghtneth the inflamed, and debilitated internal and external parts, and corroborates the whole body; and thus Natura corroborata est omnium morborum Medi­catrix.

Thus much concerning the Vertues, qualities, and choice of this Men­struum, before all others, though easier to be made, and now a few words concerning

Gold and it's Dissolvant.

Gold is the most perfect Child of the Earth, the Ne plus ultrà of the Mineral Power. It is a yellow, most solid and compact Metal, compoun­ded of such principals as are fix, permanent, and digested in a most So­vereign degree, as it's incorruptibility does manifest. It's call'd by some the Sun, not only by reason of it's great Correspondency and harmonious Relation with the Celestial Sun of the great World, but for it's Sympa­thy and Affinity also, with the Sun of the little World the Heart of Man. Its fixidity, purity, and most excellent Cordial Vertues, makes it wholly dedicated to the Heart, who is the Operator of all the Noble Functions of life. It is not only a most Sovereign Cordial, by reestablishing and augmenting the Radical Moisture and Natural Heat, but it is also an excel­lent Purifier of the Bloud, dispersing and driving forth by sensible and in­sensible Transpirations, that which is Heterogeneous and corrupted in the whole Body, which are the results of the diverse alterations of the blood, tending to Corruption and Putrefaction, and Consequently to the destruction of that subject, who it ought to Vivify and Nourish.

Notwithstanding those exquisit intrinsecal qualities and virtues, it is the opinion of some, that Gold cannot preserve nor renovate by reason of his compactedness which is such as not to be so dissolved, but that it may be reduced to a Metalline substance again, and that by consequence never better Imployed or more of use than when it is desolved in the devouring Menstruum of an over gorged Kitchin, an overflowing Cel­ler, and of exorbitant and Gorgeous Apparel (all which be dayly found to be most radical dissolvants.)

To which I shall only say that there are none never so meanly versed in Chymie, but know that Gold can be so opened, through the operati­ons in that Art, as to be capable of producing some good effects upon our Bodies, although reducible again to its Matallick Body. This is ea­sy to be demonstrated, by the example of other metallick bodyes, which are resolved into Salts or Vitriolls, as Silver, Copper, Tin, Lead, and Iron, all which may be reduced again into Metalls, which hinders not the dayly and successful use of them, by learned and eminent Physiti­ans, who are invited thereunto by the dayly discoveries of those admi­rable effects, which such open Metals produce in Cronical diseases, even upon the most obstinate and deepest rooted, and complycated amongst them, all these metallick vitriols having different tasts, various colours, as also some peculiar specifick virtue, as appears by their various effects. If Gold being opened and prepared by the means of a powerful Men­struum so as to be reduced into a Vitriolick Salt, having its peculiar Colour, Taste, and specifick virtues, is administred into our Bodies, why may I not conclude it to be of force and virtue to renovate and o­perate divers other wonderful effects, and consequently not to be de­bared [Page 11] from Physical use, for no other reason then meerly its reducibility into metal again, not but that I know, that if this Metal was once so o­pened and radically dissolved as never to be reduced into Metal again by any Art, it would then be more efficacious, for Gold thus volatilized, and spiritualized, does acquire a more ample sphear of activity and virtue, but this ought not to debar us from the use of its meaner preparations, especially such as have been known by a long experience to be effectual in their operations, for the prevention and cure of diseases in humane Bodies.

But by reason that the more radically Gold is opened, the greater ef­fects it must consequently operate, I have made choice of such a Men­struum, which through its simpathy, and great affinity with Gold, does so radically dissolve it, that though it may be reduced in part, into a metal­lick substance, yet not without a sensible decay of its weight after, every dissolution, which in success of time by reiterated dissolutions & circula­tions, might so radically dissolve the whole as never to be reduced again into Gold or any other metallick substance.

One property that this dissolvant has, which in my opinion cannot be paraleld, is that, though it be so powerful upon Gold, dissolving it with­out external heat, inward corrosion, freting, ebullition, or raising of any fumes, scum, and bubbles, (but just as wax would do in warm water) yet it will not so much as touch any other Metal, Mineral, Linnen, Woollen, or any other thing, being so far from corroding, that those parts of my Cloths or skin that have been accidentally wetted and imbued, with this dissolvant, have proved as sound in the wareing as any other parts of my Apparel, and my hands not in the least offended, which proves its operation upon Gold to proceed from an Analogical consent of parts and by sympathy, but after the dissolution of the Gold in it, it tinges all things of a most glorious purpurine colour, which Evidently shews that the said Menstruum is sufficiently saturated with the central sulphur of the Gold, which yields that colour.

So soon as I shall have prepared this dissolvant, which will take up six Weeks Labour, in which time I hope to have all the other operations required in this composition, I shall present to publick view this as de­lightful, as exquisite dissolution of Gold, to all such as will favour me with their visits at the Laboratory, to which they shall at all times be very welcom, especially such as are desirous to communicate with me about some particuler additions to the Balsum, according to their Phy­sitians orders, whom I advise all Persons to consult very well before they repair to me.

Gold thus prepared yields its Tincture in any Liquor, which Tincture of a most acerb & austere tast, does operate as variously as pleasantly, for sometimes it has been known to Purge by Stools, sometimes (though very rare) by Vomits, frequently by Urines and Sweats, but most commonly by no visible outward effects, but then its Virtues are sensibly felt, in augmenting the strength of the Sick, reviving the Spirits, chearing the Heart, and by Corroborating of the Viscera, and the whole Body. To speak in few words, its innumerable Virtues, I shall conclude with Quer­cetans [Page 12] own words, Ad innumerabiles morbos fere incredibilis videtur virtutis. Thus I conclude with the most noble of Metals, to speak something of the best of Minerals.

Of Vitriol.

That there is an Universal Spirit, or Spirit of the World which God hath Established for the continuance of the species, which Spirit gives Life to all beings, is a truth that is past disputing, but what this spirit is, in what substance incorporated, and how communicated, is that which but few understand.

Yet most of the Eminents Phylosophers say, that the external green and Azurine colours of Vitriol, and its inward acide declare it to be that subtle juice of the Earth, which is the sole cause of that Universal fermentation which preceeds all natural Productions, even as leaven to Flower and Water. The sulphur contained in the said Vitriol being the Spirit and Ferment which opens and unites, gathereth and coagulates the divers vapours which are in the Earth, and according to their re­spective matrices, formes them into Vegetables, Minerals or Metallick Substances.

In Vitriol, Venus is most apparent, and therefore most Ingeniously Feigned by those Poets that were Phylosophers to be the Mother or Principle of all Natural Generations, and in my opinion, the Internal redness of the said Vitriol doth clearly manifest that generative blood of Nature with which she doth ferment her seeds, and of those fermented seeds, produce such Varietys of beings, which makes such a sympathy between those three Natural Families.

This Vitriol that has an acide Spirit, a burning or corrosive oyle, has also a sweet red tincture in it, that is so friendly to Nature as to commu­nicate to her all that she wants both as to her preservation and renova­tion, sweetening all preternatural acides, purging its balsamick parts, from all outward adherences, and Vivifying of the suppressed Spirits, besides it is generally known to be the greatest opener and resolver of obstructions that is used in Physick.

This was the reason that I have made choice of this inward balsamick sweetness of Vitriol, Impregnated with the dissoluble Magisters of Pearls to enter into this composition.

Of the Pearls.

Pearls are the concretion of the purest part of that Mucilaginous Li­quour, that a certain shell Fish called Oyster, draws from the Sea Water, which contains an Embrionated Salt, full of a Natural Balsome, and of a principle of Generation, which is communicated to it by means of the Air and Water, those two great vehicles of the Universal ferment, this Gem is only found in those Shells that are most Rugged, and that con­tain the Leanest and most languid Fish, which shews that in the pro­duction of this Jewel, it is deprived of that sweet sulphureous milky sub­stance, [Page 13] of which this object of Luxury and curiosity is perfected.

This concrete has ever been acknowledged both by ancient and modern Authors to be of a nature capable to free the Natural Balsum from all outward and inward insultations, to reestablish the Languid strength, to recreate and stimulate the Spirits, suppress Poysons, the Plague, and all Putrid humours, by reason of the sweetness of its sulphur, which deads all the effects of these sharp and saline serosities, that prick and ir­retate the Membranous and Nervous parts, inflame the viscera and prey upon the very spirits and Balsum of Life, whence are produced the Gout, Scurvy, Mange, Venereal diseases, and the Leprosie, all which qualities have made me give place in this composition, for the soluble magister of Pearls.


This mineral abounds in a noble mineral sulphur, it pertakes also of a metallick undigestible mercury, and a small proportion of salt, it is call'd by some, the Gray Woolf, the black Eagle, the Dragon, the Leprous Gold, and by many other denominations.

Basilius Valentinus says that it is of an Hermaphrodite nature, fix and volatil, in temperament hot, cold, dry, and moist, that there may be had from it a Medicine for every disease, besides a general Panacea, he says further that there is as great a variety in goodness amongst the di­vers sorts of Antimonys, as there is difference between the flesh of some Fishes and four footed Beasts, which though agreeing in name, are of various differences, but the best he concludes to be that which comes from Hungaria full of long bright and glittering strikes, and here and there tinged with a Purple and Gold Colour.

This Mineral as it comes from the Mines, is crude and undigested, and imbued with some malignant qualities, but not to be rejected, since that by due preparations its impurities may be seperated from its pu­rer parts, its Homogenious principles from its Heterogenious adherences, and its Medicinal virtues, freed and purged from all venemous and offen­sive qualities, therefore not to be despised, much less wholly rejected; for dayly experience teaches us, that Vipers, which are venemous in their own Nature, are notwithstanding inserted in the Theriaca An­dromachy not without great success, and that the bare suffocation of them in Wine, or in its Spirit, produces a sovereign Antidote against all Poysons, nay, what's more, by this bare Emergency, they become a test, by which such medicaments as are dayly used as Catharticks, are exa­mined, whether they be of a venemous nature.

It is not my intention hear to Impeach any particular Medicament, least I should add to the general adversion against Physick, I have two much respect for it, and its learned Dogmatists, therefore only in gene­ral take this example, make choice of two persons, as near as you can of one age, habit and complexion, give to the one an ordinary dose of Viper Wine, to the other none, then administer to each an ordinary dose of a Cathartick Infusion, and you will find, that the Person which [Page 14] took the Viper wine, shall not be moved, and the other sufficiently purged which clearly proves the Alexipharmicalo peration of the Vipers, upon the nox­ious qualities of the said Catharticks: which with pricking Volatil Salt irri­tates the expultrice faculty, and so provokes dejection, it being a Maxim, that none but fix qualities can expel fix diseases. Neither is it so much the driving forth by stools of the excrementitious peccant matter, which is so effectual as the Evacuations through the Emunctories by Sweats, Urines, and imperceptible perspirations.

Now this Preparation, which I have chosen here, being the most fix of all the Preparations of Antimony, for that very reason I have made choice of it, having in twenty years experience found it to be most efficacious against the Leprosy, the inveterate Itch, the Scurvy, and all Venereal diseases, as also in the Dropsy, and generally all obstructions, it purifies the Mass of blood, helps Melancholy, resists Poysons, opens Asshmaticks, heals Ulcerated lungs, cleanses the womb, helps Generation, and Conception, and is indowed with a renewing quality. Thus much of Antimony. And now,

Concerning Coral.

Coral is a stony Vegetation in the form of a Tree sticking fast unto rocks in the bottom of the Sea. There are chiefly two sorts, the White, and the Red, but this last is the best. There is some of other colours also, to be seen in the Clo­sets of curious Persons, as Black, Yellow, Blew, and the like. As to the choice, the Male is the best, which is of a deep and clear Red, this Concrete, if well prepared, and opened, yeilds a Tincture, as red as blood; whose ef­fects & vitutes are to purify & renew the blood; it dries & cools, strength­ens the Ventricle, and the Liver, but chiefly the Heart. It is good against the Plague, Poysons, and malignant Fevers, it recreates the spirits, stops all Fluxes, it is an excellent Anti-Epileptick, prevents Convulsions in Children, is sovereign in the Palpitation of the Heart, Fainting fits, Melancholy, Dropsy, Gout all which it performs through that Solar Tincture, which is communi­cated to it from Gold, in a great measure, which gives it the true and deserv­ing Title of Preserver and Renewer.

Concerning Vipers.

The Viper is a Serpent, the most venemous of all Reptils, apt to be irritat­ed, and when so, it drives in the twinckling of an eye from the vesicle of the gall to the gumms, through an almost imperceptible vessel, so spirituous and subtle a poyson, which insinuates and communicates it self so suddainly to the spirits, and the natural heat, that it as subtlely stupifies the parts, as it has bit; which poyson communicates it self immediately to the heart, and from thence to the brain by the means of Circulation.

The remedies which this Animal affords, are no less surprising & admirable, than its poyson, for it doth not only combat its proper poyson, but enervates, & absolutely overcomes the strength & power of all the poisons that the three natural Families does produce; provided that these Vipers be well prepared, & administred in time and order.

This long-liv'd Animal, of so great assistance, so abounding in a Balsamick Salt, doth not only renew those that frequently make use of its preparations, [Page 15] but renews it self also, in order to which, towards the end of the year, when their food begins to fail them, they hide themselves under stones, and in the Earth, where they remain languid till the beginning of the next Spring, when so soon as they have fed upon the balsamick blades and sprouts of budding plants, refreshed themselves with the Aromatick Air, and cherished themselves in the Raies of the Life-giving Sun; they seek out rugged places to rub them­selves against, and strip off their old skin, which they have no sooner laid by, selves against, and strip off their old skin, which they have no sooner [...]aid by, but immediately possest with the sence thereof, and of its acquired benefit, it crawls more nimbly, and declares by the quickness and liveliness of its moti­on, & the Oriental colours of its new garment, that it is really renewed, and that by consequence, those remedies which it does yeild, can produce the same effects in humane bodies also.

The Virtues of this Animal are to strongly resist all poysons, they are good against Leprosy, all Venereal diseases, Consumptions, Hectick Feavers, but chiefly against the Scurvy, driving forth, through its Volatil Balsamick Salt, all the malignant [...]erosities, which infect the mass of blood, the cause and fomenter of this popular disease, so raging at this very time amongst us.

Of the Roots of Sarsa, China, and of Saffron, Rosemary, and Lavender flowers.

These two Indian Roots are so frequently used, & well known to every vulgar eye, that I need not say much concerning them; I shall only in few words give you the reasons, why I have chosen them to enter into this Composition. They abound both in a fix Balsamick Salt, & in a Faecula, which is of a very drying, & healing quality; they are both Diuretick and Diaphoretick, friendly to the Liver, good against the Dropsy, Palsey, Gout, Head-ache, Jaundice, Green­sickness, the Scurvy, & all Venereal diseases; they heal, and dry up all inward Ulcers, which makes them to be dayly used in all diseases which require exicca­tion.

Saffron is a flower which abounds in such Virtues, as are Analogick with the rest of those Ingredients wh ch compose this noble Balsum; so that I should have done it wrong, not to have inserted it amongst the rest. It is a great Ano­dyne, a great Cleanser of the womb, a Cherisher of the Heart, a Disopilator of the Liver and Spleen, a great Provoker of Child-birth, and of what should im­mediately follow; it is esteemed the most sovereign Cordial of the Lungs, the actions of its Virtues being carried & distributed unto the very last disgestions through the Circulation of the blood, and by respiration. It is a little Panacea against the Plague, & all other infections, & malignant diseases; a great Spe­cifick in the Jaundice, good against the Apoplex, Asthmas, and fits of the Mo­ther: in a word, it abounds in a Balsamick Sulphur, which is manifested by its exquisite odour, and in a Magnetick salt, which makes that af [...]er it has been dessicated, it attracts to it self again from the ambient Air that Balsum, which affords it afresh the same weight of body, the same vivacity of colours, and the same activity of odours, as it had at first, which is a thing worth observation.

The flower of Rosemary, which the Greeks call [...], by excellency does not come short of the Saffron; for not the flower only, but the leaves of the plant also, are totally Balsamick, which renders it a Specifick against all the diseases [Page 16] of the head, and of the Genus nervosum, they strengthen the stomach, clear the Optick nerve, resolve & open all the obstructions of the Liver, Spleen, Womb, Mesentery, Pancreas, &c. They cleanse, and strengthen the Womb, help Con­ception, good against the Palsy, Apoplex, Convul [...]ions, the yellow Jaundice, Greensickness, and the white Effluviums.

The Flowers of Lavender are absolutely devoted to the Brain, and Genus ner­vosum; Therefore excellent against Apoplex, Palsy, Trembling of Nerves, Cramps, Convulsions, Falling-sickness, fits of the Mother, and concussions of the Brains. All these three Flowers are also excellent in all Contusions, old Ulcers, Fistulas, outwardly applyed, especially in spirit of wine.

Of the Gumm Guajacum.

This Gumm which proceeds from a great Indian Tree is of so pure a Balsamick body, that it dissolves wholly in spirit of wine, leaving little, or no faeces at all behind it. It is drying and healing, and taken in a large quantity purges down­wards; it's a great Sudorifick and Diuretick, and hath an Alexipharmical fa­culty: it is also cleansing, dissolving, and attenuating. All which qualities makes it a Specifick against Venereal diseases, for by these forementioned quali­ties, it purifies the blood, dryes up, and drives forth all superfluous moistures, heales all inward wounds, ulcers, and inflammations, strengthens the Nerves, resists putrefactions, augments the radical Balsum, and fortifies the stomach, and the Viscera, against all putrid humors, suppressing all preternatural fer­ments, strengthning the natural Acid. It cures the Dropsy, Asshma, or stuffing of the Lungs, Convulsion fits, all diseases of the Bladder & Reins, pains in the Joints, Gout, Flatulences, Crudities, & all Cronical diseases, especially such as have their being from cold and moist causes. It expels all gross and viscous humors, helps decay'd memory, Catarrhs, Deafness, Gripings, Colicks, Sterility, Cancers, or Ulcers of the Womb, and all cold humors.

It was in respect to this large Catalogue of its excellent Virtues, that I have elected it to be the basis of this Balsamick remedy, it being a Balsum in it self, pro­per against the Scurvy, and all venereal Deseases, as likewise a preserver and re­novator.

Of Myrrhe.

Myrrh is of those Balsamick Gums, which are used for the Inbalming of Dead Bodys, for their preservation, from corruption, and Putrefaction, during many Ages, and seeing that through such properties, this Gum has a peculiar Energy of preservation, I thought I could not err by introducing it among the rest of our Balsamick Ingredients, as a preserver, as well as in respect to its other ex­cellent Virtues, for it is such a resister of all putrid and corrupt humours, and all accidents and diseases that result from thence, that it is dayly used in all those diseases, that proceed from corruption and putrefaction, as in the Scurvy all Venereal diseases, Poysons, Putrid Feavers, Small Pox, and the like, it is a Cephalick Specifick, it drives all impurities from the Womb, the dead Child, also Facilitates Childbirth, &, what should Immediately follow it, and helps con­ception; Provokes Generation, strengthens the Nerves, and is a sovereign Antidote against the Plague.

It was not therefore without good reasons that I have admited it to a con­siderable quantity in this Potable Balsum of Life.

Some short but necessary reflections upon the meanes of Preservation and Renovation.

The reasons why I have given the name of Balsum of Life to this excellent composition, are because this Medicament is not a bare remedy for the cure of diseases, but that also through its admirable Virtues, and qualities, it is a preserver of Life, by the means of its Balsamick Principles, and great Vir­tues in Renovation, but because there are divers Persons that will not allow of Preservers, and especially of renewers; I will indeavour (in as few words as I can possible) to assert it. In order to this (that those to whom I address this discourse may the better relish what I shall say hereafter; I would desire them to reflect a little upon the dayly method in preservation of dead bodys, such as are wholly deprived of all inward assisting qualitys, which are nevertheless so preserved, through the assistance of some Medicaments as to be kept from Pu­trefaction for many after ages, and then I hope) they will be more inclined to approve, and allow, of a preserving and prolonging power in such Balsamick remedy, as may be administred to living bodys such as are replen [...]shed with vital Spirits, and a Native Balsum of Life.

Now whereas our Nature (according to the opinion of the learned) cannot renew her self without the aid and assistance of some Medicaments, by reason of her own insufficiency, in the seperation & extraction, of a pure & clear Quintes­sence from her ordinary and usual food, whereby to renew her self, we must conclude, that these assisters, hold the place of Preservers and Renovators.

For could nature make a pure extraction from the Aliments, such a one as would be required for Renovation, it would be contented with very little proportion, whereas on the contrary she does dayly crave a large quantity of the said Aliments to supply her self withal, whereby an abundance of impurities are distributed throughout the whole body, which puts her to a continual La­bour in the expelling of them again.

This its deficiency is dayly manifested by a continued vissicitude of Lapsies into divers sorts of distempers, but could she extract any such excellency from the aliments, life would then be a continued series of health, without alteration.

Now since our Nature is destitute of such qualities, & too Weak & deficient in her self, to attain to such a height of perfection, by her peculiar fire, & the Instruments of her own Laboratory, Medicine must be invited to her Ayd, with refined Balsamick and Spirituous Medicaments, such as Almighty God (who has promised length of Dayes) through his immense goodness to Mankind has ordained for preservation and prolongation of Life, whence may be concluded a necessity of such preservatives in Nature, whereby our humane Nature, be­ing supported and exalted by a pure Quintessence the sphear of her activity may be expatiated beyond its Natural extent, and limits, both for the preser­vation and prolongation of Life.

In the Chymical anatomy of Blood, the fixt Salt is found in a less quantity than the Volatil, which fix salt it a powerful principle, whose Balsamick parts, are so absolutely necessary to Life, that the durance thereof is to be measured by the standard of its quantity and quality, so that according as any living being does abound more or less in this fix salt, it doth accordingly continue more or less, and requires less nutriment, this is most particularly evinced in [Page 18] the Viper, an Animal of great abstinence, and long Life, out of two ounces of whose Flesh, has been extracted, a dram of Balsamick Salt.

What I have said either concerning this Salt, or in reference to the preser­vers and renovators, is without derogating in the least from the Archeus that fervent Spirit and Prince of Life which resides in us, who assisted by its Balsum, and concurring with the results of the exterior restoratives, does Visit, inlight­en, and comfort, all the Parts and render them partakers of the effects of its Virtues, but whereas this said spirit does keep its chief residence in the more noble parts, where all its Virtues are treasured up, and in which its faculties do shine with a greater lustre, influence, and Authority, the preservatives have likwise a greater power upon, and sympathy with the noble than with the Inferiour and subjected parts,

Now whereas the Heart first agent of the Blood does extract a too small proportion of this fix salt out of the Nutriment to sufficiently supply all the parts withal, and that the Volatil salt does evaporate too fast, and is too easily dissipated, Whereby the said parts remain in a continual craving. If that a Quintessence does add Energy, both in quantity and quality, to the Balsamick Salt, and suppress the Subtil Evaporation of the Voltatils of necessity preserva­tive and prolongation must be adjudged as Infallibly as necessarily.

These things rightly Considered I am of opinion, that to deny the existency of preservers and Renovators, amongst plants, Animals and Minerals, is to oppose experience, maintained by reason, and confirmed by divers Antient and Modern Authentique Authors.

I shall no longer insist upon this Theme least it should swell this little Piece beyond my first intention, the rather, since many have treated at large upon this Subject, but they have involv'd it (for the most part) in so many circumstances, and accompanied it with such a numerous variety of Nicitys which has elevated it beyond the reach of Vulgar capacities, and rendered it so intricate, and of so difficult an acquisition, that but few will attempt the pur­chase, at such a troublesome rate, whilst that man, (who naturally aspires to glo­ry) wants but diligence to search, with courage to execute, he being already endowed with reason to understand, that he is in possession of that Instru­ment of Instruments, the hand to perform, and that kind and plentiful Nature is at hand to supply him withal requisite materials, to operate upon, imploring only the ingenious Artists Care and Diligence.

Of the Qualities and Virtue of this Balsum.

It is now time I should give you an account of the singular properties and virtues of this Exquisite Balsum of Life, which I shall do as succinctly as its various Energies and natures will permit.

It dissolves and opens all obstructions, drives forth all impurities, heales inward bruises, sores, wounds, or ulcers, suppresses all evil ferments, strengthens all the viscera, and the sences, recreates the Spirits, reestablishes and augments the natural heat and radical humide, purefies the blood and natural Balsum, resists all corruptions and putrefactions, cleanses the reins, bladder, and womb, and drys the superfluities thereof, helps conception, provokes the Terms, yet drys up the white effluviums. Accelerates Childbirth, and drives forth what should follow, combats all Poysons, corroborates the whole body, and strengthens and renews nature.

These Qualities and Virtues render it of power to resist and suppress the violence, of some, & to radically extirpate, & absolutely cure others of these following Diseases.

  • All Headaches.
  • Disiness.
  • Plagues.
  • Leprosy.
  • Scurvy
  • All Venereal diseases.
  • Dropsy.
  • Jaundice. Gout,
  • Consumption. All Agues.
  • Convulsions Hectick Feavers.
  • Apoplex. Melancholy.
  • Falling sickness. Wind.
  • Palsy. Indigestions.
  • Cramps.
  • Green-sickness.
  • Gripings.
  • Stone. and Gravil.
  • Stuffings of the Lungs.
  • Ʋlceration of the Lungs.
  • Earenness.
  • Colicks.

and to be used by all such as are accustomed to take of those Pills which they call the Drunkey Pills, or Pills of good fellowship.

This balsum is no less excellent outwardly applyed for the cure of Cancerous, cavernous, Venereal Vlcers, and Fistulas, applying it with Lint upon the Sore, or injecting of it in the cavities which it performes at the far­thest at the third dressing, but somtimes at the very first application, applying over it only some sort of descicative Plaister, and desticates all wounds as are difficult to be cured through a flux of humours. It dissipates and disperses all Venereal Nodes, and those little scurfy and dry pustulas or scabs on the head, face, or any other part of the body.

Allays the pains of the Gout and Cramps.

Heals all concussions, contusions, Sprains, cold aches, contracted nerves, weakness of joynts and limbs, and the dead Palsy.

Discusses all hard cancerous & scrophulous tumours, by chafing of it into the Part with a warm hand, and in the nape of the neck also; as also for gripings, colicks, and the worms chafing the belly and navel with it.

Thus much concerning the Virtues & Qualities of this Balsum, now a word or two concerning the preparation of the body for its reception, as also some in­structions in the administration of it, and of its doses, and so conclude.

According to the intention and nature of the distemper, so must the body be prepared and disposed for the reception of this specifick in gross plethorick bodys, there is required more circumstantial preparations then others; in such persons care must be had not to stir up the humours too hastily, nor to let them remain long in the body after once set in motion, lest through a new fermentation, they should create new diseases, and produce putrid Feavers. But because I have limited this Discourse to two or three sheets of Paper, and that I desire all persons to relye upon the consultations and advices of their own experienced Physitians, though I had much to say upon this subject, I shall forbare it, and only in compassion to such as live in Country Towns, far remote, from Physitians, or that cannot reach to the charge of a Physitians Fees, I shall set down some few Rules.

If the partys design is but to prevent or intercept the growth of some bud­ding distemper, or for preservation & renovation, & that he hath lately taken some purging medicament, or that his stomach is clean of it self, as also in time of infection against the Plague, or any other infectious diseases, there is no use for preparatives.

But if the Person aimes at the rooting out, and curing of some distemper. Then it is necessary first to cleanse the stomach, which according to its foul­ness and repletion, is to be done either by vomits or purgations, and if re­quisite [Page 19] by both. The best of Vomits for this purpose is the Vinum Emeticum, and infusion of Crocus Metallorum, or of glass of Antimony, as also the Antimonial Cup, in the Dropsy, Jaundice, Asthmas, Melancholy, Green-Sickness, and the like. In the S [...]urvy, Gout, and all Venereal Diseases, make use of Mercurius Vitae; well and rightly prepared, and in all Ce­phalick, or Diseases of the Head and Nerves, as Convulsions, Palsies, Apoplex, and the like, make use of the Salt of white Vi­triol. But because these vomits are not to be had every where, (espe­cially in the Country) so well and duly prepared as they should be; I will take care to provide some in the Laboratory of my own preparing with all care and circumspection. As concerning Purges, they being to be had from the Vegetables in every Druggist or Apothecary; Shop, and appropriated to the respective distempers, I shall not mention them. As concerning the [...]aking of this Balsum in the cure of Venereal diseases, the Scurvy, the Gout, Apoplex, Palsies of the head and tongue, Wind, Colicks, Gripings, Faintings, and Mother fits, and Wind in the stomach. Though this Balsum (through the penetrating quality of the Gumm Gua­jacum) is hot and biting in the mouth and throat; I would advise all such as can bare with it, to take it without any mixture, and to drink present­ly after it a glass of white wine, or of some appropriated Liquor to the distemper, because that in the mixing of it with any other Liquor before it is in the body, makes it immediately turn white, and stick, and preci­tate to the bottom of the vessel that containes it, which alteration (though it does not destroy its virtues) yet retards for some time its active and nimble penetration, which is much required in the foremen­tioned diseases.

But in all other cases it is to be dropped according to its dose in some liquors, appropriated to the distempers, and sweetned with some syrup; or if you will make it a most pleasant and delitious drink, take eight times the proporion of white wine, as is the dose you are to take of the Balsum, and drop the said proportion of Balsum into it, sweeten it at your pleasure with sugar, or some pleasant syrup, stir and mix all well together, and it will be like a spiced draught of new milk and su­gar in tast, smell, and locks.

If there be any that had rather take this Balsum in extract or pills they must put the proportion of a dose in a silver spoon (if it will contain it) but if the dose be more than one spoonful, fill your spoon first, and set it at such a distance, as it may not fire over a Candle, or kindled coals, and as it evaporates away, add more till you have the just dose; which dry up to such a consistence, that being mixt with a little loave sugar or su­gar Candy in pouder, may be made up into a Pill or Bolus.

Those that are desirous to keep by them their whole proportion of Balsum in an Extract, let them set it in a silver or earthen glased Cup or Pot in warm water, and let it stand there till it be evaporated to that thickness, but observe that in the keeping it grows hard in sucess of time which may be softened again by setting of it in warm water as before, with addition of very strong spirit of wine.

As concerning its Doses, I shall insist upon them as given to a body of a strong constitution, which all persons are to alter in adding or dimi­nishing [Page 21] according to the strength, sex, habit, constitution, there being no danger of over dosing of it except too extravagantly.

In a body that is but slightly threatned with the begining of some di­stempers, this Balsum is to be taken in small quantity from 10 to 20 or 30 drops once in two or three days in the morning fasting, and continu­ing so two hours after, keeping from cold, and using such a moderate exercise as will keep you warm, stir up the spirit, yet cause no sweat, nor evaporation, or loss of them; continue this during 7 or 8 days or more if required. The same in Preservation and Prolongation.

In time of Infection take every morning, or oftner in the day the same proportion after the same manner.

If you intend to remove some recent obstructions in any part to help disgestion, to expel wind and crudities from the stomach, and bowels, take it during 10 12, or more mornings in the same manner, to half a spoon­ful for dose

If you would help barreness, fits of the Mother, or provoke the Terms, take it going to bed, at the full of the Moon, and presently before or af­ter the time of the evacuations, during five or six days, which if need be, must be repeated every fall of the Moon, during five or six days, in the same quantity as before, adding in the Mother fits a little spirit of Castor.

In distempers of the Lungs, Consumptions, Hectick, Feavers, &c. it is to be taken in drops from 5 to 10 or five or 6 times a day.

The same against all Headaches, Convulsions, Palsies, but in an Apoplex give to a spoonful, blow some up the Nostrils, and pour some into the Ears also.

But if you intend to cure a confirmed or a Chronical disease, take it in a lar­ger quantity, and continue the use of it till you find the distemper, moving the do­ses one or two spoonfuls to three. The same in the Scurvy.

In all Venereal diseases, and the Gout, it is to be taken in the largest proporti­ons, and continue the taking during 14 days at the least, but more if the obstina­cy of the disease does require it, sweating every day once or twice, if strength will permit it, either in bed, in a sweating chair, [...]ub, or hot-house. The dose is one ounce or 4 spoonfuls, I observe that if the disease is not too much confirmed, one pint or pound performs the cure; but if it be very inveterate and complicate you must proceed further.

This is what I was desirous to say concerning the choice, perparations, Compo­sition, qualities and virtues of the ingredients of this excellent Potable Balsum of life, as also of the Balsum it self. In so wide a field I might have expatiated my self at large, but my intention being only to inform the generality in few words of the nature, use and doses of this Balsum, I shall forbare giving any further ac­compt of it, except it be desired of me by some understanding civil persons at the Laboratory, where at any seasonable hours all such persons shall be very welcom unto their humble Servant


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