A Congratulatory POEM TO THE King's Most Sacred Majesty, ON THE HAPPY BIRTH OF THE PRINCE of WALES.

By Mrs. A. BEHN.

The Second Edition.

LONDON, Printed for Will. Canning, at his Shop in the Temple-Cloysters. 1688.

A CONGRATULATORY POEM TO THE King's Most Sacred Majesty, &c.

JOY to the Greatest MONARCH of the Earth!
As many Joys as this Illustrious BIRTH
Has Elevated Hearts! As Endless too,
As are the VOWS we Offer up for You.
"Oh Happy KING! to whom a SON is Born!
"What more cou'd Heaven for this B [...]ss'd Land perform?
Long with Prophetick Fire, Resolv'd and Bold,
Your Glorious FATE and FORTVNE I foretold.
I saw the Stars that did attend Your REIGN,
And how they Triumph'd o'er Great Charles's Wain.
Far off I saw this HAPPY DAY Appear;
This Iubilee, not known this Fifty Year.
This Day foretold, (Great SIR!) that gives you more
Than even Your Glorious Virtues did before.
No MONARCH's Birth was ever Usher'd in
With Signs so Fortunate as this has been.
Trinity Sunday.
Holy Trinity his BIRTH-DAY claims,
Who to the World their best Lov'd Blessing sends.
Guarded he comes, in Triumph over FATE,
And all the Shining HOST around him wait.
Angels and Saints, that do his Train Adorn,
In Hallelujahs Sing, A KING IS BORN!
St. Mar­garet's Day.
MARGARET, Scotlands Royal Saint and Queen,
The last Great Branch of all the Saxon Line,
[Page 3] Waits on this HAPPY BIRTH; and does Declare
He, in her Right to Saxons, is the HEIR.
[...]n the Fam'd Room, by happy Fate brought forth,
Charles II. Iames II.
Two Illustrious KINGS receiv'd their Birth.
The LESSONS for This Day,
The Mor­ning Les­son for the Day.
by Chance Divine,
Appear'd as they were Order'd by Design.
The First, the Holy PROPHET did Unfold
When he the Birth of the MESSIAH told.
The Words are These;
Matth. 3. 12.
His Fan is in his Hand,
And he shall throughly purge the Floor or Land,
Gathering the Wheat into the Granary:
Then all One FAITH, at least One SOVL shall be.
"The ANGEL next the PATRIARCH did Inform,
The Even­ing Lesson, Gen. 18. 80.
"That ISAAC, Chosen ISAAC, shou'd be Born.
ASTROLOGERS Divine! that when the Sun
Is Mounted to his Full Meridian,
[Page 4] 'Tis Lucky to be Born; and does Portend
Long Life, that can by no Misfortune end.
This, in its Summer-Solstice views the Light,
Breaks out, and makes our Longest Day more Bright.
Methinks I hear the Belgick LION Roar,
And Lash his Angry Tail against the Shoar.
Inrag'd to hear a PRINCE OF WALES is Born:
Whose BROWS his Boasted Laurels shall Adorn.
Whose Angel FACE already does express
His Foreign CONQVESTS, and Domestick PEACE.
While in his Awful little EYES we Fin'd
He's of the Brave, and the Forgiving KIND.
All Joy Great QVEEN!—if to your Happy Store
Our Grateful Pray'rs, and Wishes can add more.
Your Blest DELIV'RANCE to Congratulate,
The Adoring World is Prostrate at your Feet.
Where TEARS of Ioy, and Humble VERSE I lay
Too mean a Trophy for this GLORIOVS DAY:
[Page 5] Inspir'd by Nothing but Prophetick Truth,
They Boast no other Fire, no other Worth.
Full of the IOY, no LINES Correct can write,
My Pleasure's too Extream for Thought or Wit.
Charm'd to Excess, alas! I strive in Vain,
in Scanty VERSE my Transports to Explain
Too Vast for Narrow NVMBERS to Contain.

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