IACOB is become a FLAME and the house of ESAV Stubble.

Or the Battail betwixt Michael and the Dragon, in which the Seed of the woman is bruising the Serpents Head.

And Cain the first Birth (the Persecutor) is found the Vagabond and Abel and Abraham (that wandred) the freinds of God.

Being a true discovery of the two seeds or births, between which the en­mity is put, the time and day being come in which the Elder must serve the Younger.

With a few words to the Priests, Bishops, Episcopal-men, and professors of this last Age, and a short warning to the Rulars and Inhabitants of the EARTH.

Do men gather Grapes of Thorns or Figs of Thistles.

IN the beginning God created the Heavens and the Earth, the Sea and all living Creatures, and the end of their creation was to serve, and manifest the glory & wisdome, power & goodness of God their Creator, and for no other end were they Created in the beginning, and that all his works of Creation should be in subjection unto him, being ruled and governed by his pure Righteous power, Counsel, and wisdome.

And to the end that his wonders, and power, and goodness, and wis­dome might be the more manifest, he endued man with a proportion of [Page 2] the same, that he himself is, even pure, wisdome, Love, Holiness, Truth, Justice and Goodness, or whatsoever might be named of the properties and qualities of the Creator, (mark) this was the end of Gods Creation, (especially of mankind) to set forth his own glorious virtues, and holy righteous power, that so his workmanship might be a continual praise unto him, living in subjection to that pure power, by which they were created; this was Gods end even to glorifie himself in these things.

Therefore said his dear Son (who came to restore man, and the whole Creation into its first state) Herein is my Father glorified that you manifest or bring forth good fruits, (mark) this glorifies God, and his end of Creati­on, by this is answered even the bringing forth of those virtues in power and life again: But whilest man is in the transgression, seperation and alie­nation from God, he answers not the end of his Creation, but is out of his right and proper habitation fallen short of his glory; neither can he mani­fest Gods wonders, and power, wisdome and truth, and goodness in that state, but doth manifest and bring forth the power and lying wonders, works and properties of the wicked one, which is called the old Serpent the Divel and Satan, whose workings are contrary to God, and the wel­fare of his Creation, therefore is he called the Adversary and was known so to be, by the true Seed in all Ages, who came again to be restored into that state in which they enjoyed the power and virtues and wisdome of God, and so in the end of their Creation, even bearing good fruits, glory­fying God in body, soul and spirit.

Now consider, man in the beginning was made uprightly, and planted a noble Vine, and in that state was blessed of God his Creator, in whose power and virtues he should have continued, and in the wisdome autho­rity and dominion thereof to have ruled over all the Creation, yet as a subject to that power by which he was made and created, and not aspire above it (mark that) for it was so, and this was the first appearance of the Adversary, even to draw out the simple mind to be more wise, knowing and seeking something to himself, with a promise (mark that) ye shall be as Gods, knowing, to which hearkning, and obeying, the upright and sim­ple mind is deceived and beguiled of that wisdome, Power, Glory, and Blessedness which endures for ever, and so feeds on that which dyes of it self, against the command of God, for knowledge doth vanish away, but the life, power, and blessings of God endures for ever, and will never dye, though Heaven and Earth may pass away.

Therefore consider O mankind, in what state thou wert at first created, and by what spirit and power thou wast then upheld and guided, and to [Page 3] what state or seed, the everlasting blessings of God the Creator, are due and of right unto; for now are the Springs and Fountains of the great deep broke open unto the children of men, and the great day of God and the Lamb is manifest and come, in which all things, works and fruits shall be proved and tryed of what seed, root, or ground soever, and every seed shall have his own body (he that hath an ear to hear let him hear) and now shall the seed and body of the Serpent, call to the Mountains and Rocks to fall on them, to hide them from the wrath of the Lamb (the womans seed) and of him that sits upon the throne, to whom be blessings and goodness, all glory and honour Amen, for ever.

Now this was the Serpents seed, (whose head is and must be bruised) that at its beginning sprang up in the mind, with a deceivable promise of being wise, and knowing of himself, lifting up above, and without respect of subjection to his Creator, so from this root grew pride, selfishness, earthly wisdome, and disobedience to every good motion of that holy righteous power, by which he was created, and here is that Proverb true After pride comes a fall, for its not of God, but abomination to him, and the seed of evil doers shall never be renowned, but must be bruised by the dread and power of the Lord of Heaven and earth, and be chained down as a slave of abominations for ever; and the day is come in which the Al­mighty hath laid hold on this Dragon, and will seal him down into the pit of perdition no more to arise and deceive the Nations of the Earth, and the Ax of his displeasure (against unrighteousness) is laid at the root of the great tree of wickedness, and down must it come as a Milstone that is cast into the depth of the Sea, as you have heard of Babylon, for this is the Mother (or original) of all Harlots and abominations of the earth, and they that live in wickedness, and take pleasure in ungodliness, are the children of this womb of Confusion, where all is out of the true order, and subjection of the Holy pure God of truth, yet are wise to do evil, but to do good have no knowledge, being lifted up out of the fear of God that made them: yet there is a government, and kingdome, and fruits and pro­perties of this seed of wickedness, in the time of its reign and predominan­cy. As there is of the seed of God in its reign and government, but con­trary in nature, fruits and effects, and this wicked deceivable one hath got a Church, Religious, Worships, and Orders, (as they call them) and are in the imitation of the true seed things (like Cain) but from the root of confusion and enmity as by its fruits and effects is manifest through the Creation of God: this is that Elder which must [now] serve the Younger, [Page 4] having had its day; (or rather night) and time to manifest it self fully in the Creation, that so the just God might Judge, and destroy it, Root, and branch, with a witness; and that every mouth may be stopt and silent, but what shall justifie the Righteous Judge in his Judgments which are equal, just, and true.

And this time of the growth, manifestation, Reigne, and Government of this Seed (the man of Sin, or son of perdition, which hath been exalted above all that is called God;) And the sufferings and oppressions of the Righteous seed, hath been the time of the Creators forbearance, long suffering, and patience, (he that can hear, let him hear) even the long suffering of the Lord God gratious and merciful, whose Name is I AM and besides him there is no Saviour, (he that can receive it let him) and happy is the man that hath him on his side, and that he may not be mo­ved, for the great God is come, to move and to remove, and shake all foundations, Roots, Seeds, Plants, and Trees that are not of the Root of Iesse the Plant of his own Right hand's planting; And wickedness shall be broaken as a tree: Therefore look to it you ungodly ones, (ye seed of evil doers, (for your time is short, you have had your day, (or rather your hour and power of darkness) in which you have delighted to live in, and manifest the Root and fruits of the wicked one, even the Serpents seed, which hath been bruising the heel of the womans seed, even causing them to suffer by reproaches, cruel mockings, and persecutions, as your bre­thren Ishmael, Cain, and Haman, with many more of the same seed and stock, have done to the Righteous seed in Ages past, but now are the last of that Generation, even the Dragons Tayle; which think to draw down the stars of Heaven by your power of pride, Rage and madness, and are casting out many flouds of Venome against the woman, and the remnant of her seed, which keeps the Commandments and testimony of Jesus: But it's in vaine for you to strive against God the Creator of heaven and earth, woe is your portion (in so doing) you will be ground to powder in the dreadful day at hand.

For as I have received of the mighty God in his eternal Counsel, do I declare unto you, that you that now are in the Spirit of Pride, Envy, Ma­lice, uncleaness, Pleasures of this evil world, Scoffing and deriding the poor and harmless, and are in the flattering titles, and respecting persons, and forcing, and persecuting about Religion and Worship, in disdainful­ness, fullness and Idleness, Hypocricy and all manner of unrighteousness, I say you that are in this seed or spirit, which brings forth these fruits and effects, whether you be Popes, Emperours, Bishops, Kings, Priests, Prin­ces, [Page 5] Dukes, Earles, or Counsels of ungodly men, or any other of these flattering titles you bear, you are of the same seed, stock, or offspring, as was Cain, Ishmael, Haman, Esau, and the rest of that Generation, menti­oned in the Scriptures of truth out of whose Loynes proceeded many Princes, as were the Princes of Ishmael, and Dukes of Edom, which were of Esaus stock, who sould his Birth-right for a messe of Pottage: Hear this ye ungodly, and set your ears tingle, for this is your state who for the satisfiing the Lusts of the fleshly Birth (which are but for a season) that war against your souls, have lost the comfort, rest, and eternal peace thereof, in the salvation of the pure Righteous God; and instead of fear­ing his great and dread full Name, and departing from iniquity, and sub­miting to the strivings, and reprofes of his Light and holy Spirit, (which lets you see the evil of your ways) you are like Goliah of Gath, the un­circumcised Philistine, who defied the Armies of the living God, and are vaunting your selves with your Challenges, upbraiding, and deridings a­gainst the true Israel, for whose sake he will break the strength of Nations, as he did in the days past when they were oppressed.

And be it known to you, who are in the seed and spirit before menti­oned by what names or flattering titles soever you are called, oppressing the innocent, (who have no helper in the earth, but the living God alone) and are living in the pleasures of sin, and ways of unrighteousness; you are unto God the pure eternal Jehovah of Israel, even as Pharoah, Sodom, and Egypt, who are smitten with blindness, not seeing the heavy plagues and dreadful Judgements that are swiftly coming upon you: O ye Sons of transgression, and children of falsehood, who love the glory and plea­sures of this world which passeth away, and the honour below, and vanity of vanitys, which vexeth the pure spirit of the Righteous God, and op­presseth your own souls; your day hastens, in which you will be as Stub­ble in the firery Oven even all you heathen that are at ease, for the great and dreadful God of Israel is very sorely displeased with you, and the wo and vengeance of his fury burns against you, even this last Generation of Persecutors; though you may plot, consult, and decree against his rem­nant whom he hath Redeemed from that seed, fruits, works, and ways which you are in, even out of Babylon and are brought to Sion, where they declare the vengeance of the Almighty God, against Babylon the great Whore, (whored from God the contrary to God) which hath ruled, and sat over Nations; I say though you may combine and contrive much, in the abundance of the wicked counsels of your hearts, and decree unrigh­teous decrees, yet you shall not prosper nor prevaile to accomplish your [Page 6] intents, and purposes against my people, (I the Lord have spoken it) no more then Pharoah, Goliah, Herod, or Haman did, who sought the young Childs life to destroy it, but was prevented, so you may consider it did ever any fight against God, his seed and people, and prosper; But you may object being of the contrary seed, and say, are you the seed of God, or his people, against whom we have made Laws and decrees, traps, and snares, even you that are called Quakers, for we look upon you as Hereticks, disobedient and dangerous persons, not submiting to Governments, not honouring Authority, nor respecting persons, nor giving us (flattering) titles, but are of another generation, then we are of, therefore do we con­sult, and contrive how to destroy you, from being a people by imprison­ing spoyling of goods, and banishment, and death also if we could bring it about, and that even the whole Nation would not rise against it, for all sober people (we perceive) are affected with you and your ways and dea­lings amongst them, by which we are afraid to proceed so far, as other­wise is in our hearts to do. To which I shall answer in the Name of the Lord.

That we who by the sinful and adulterous generation, are scornfully called Quakers, are the people, servants, and children of the most high God, which might be demonstrated, or proved, paralel to his chosen seed and people in all Ages, by the spirit, ways, worship, and practises, life, and conversation of his servants and Children from the beginning to this day.

First consider there are but two seeds in the whole Creation, between which emnity is put, and are obsolute contrary in Nature, fruits, and effects, that is the seed of the Serpent; And the seed of the Woman, which is Christ (in his people) the same to day, yesterday and for ever the Ima­nuel, who is now coming in ten thousands of thousands of his Saints cal­led Quakers who tremble at his word, for they are the people that shall spring up and spread from the Root of Iesse over the face of the whole Earth, through the vertue and power of this seed Christ Jesus, whose fruits and effects, is Love, meekness, patience, temperance, mercy, fulness, justness, soberness, righteousness, holiness, peace, and joy in the eternal power and spirit of the pure God, doing to all men as they would they should do to them: these and such like are the fruits of the tree of this seed of the Woman, (Christ) which must bruise the head of the Serpent, whose seed brings forth contrary fruits and effects in every particular, though in some things it might imitate the Righteous seed (as Cain did) in matter of sacrifice, or worship, or the like, but still its from another seed [Page 7] root and ground which is acursed, for said God cursed is the ground for thy sake (mark that) the ground not the simple earth which is good, but the ground of envy, murder, and wickedness, that had opened his mouth (in him) to swallow up his brothers blood, from which it cryes against him, and his generation of murderers about sacrifice and worship, at this day and for ever, so this is the other seed, whose fruits and effects are manifest, as saith the Scriptures, (even the seed of the fleshly Birth, which persecutes the birth born of the Spirit of the living God) which are these envy, pride, wrath, malice, striffe, anger, highmindedness, frowardness, bitterness, uncleaness, laciviousness, covetousness, drunkeness, wan­toness, revellings, rioting, emulations, witchcraft, hatred, heresies, Idola­try, injustice partiallity, and hipocrisy, these and such like are the fruits and effects of the Serpents seed which hath spread as a great tree of wick­edness over the whole earth, and is that cursed one that hath so long cum­bred the ground.

And these are also the Children of Babylon the great Whore which hath Reigned over the Nations, and Kings of the Earth, happy is the man that dasheth these against the stone, (Christ Jesus the light that discovers them) and these are those wares & costliness, & pretious things of Babylon, even the fruits and pleasures of sin, the glory, riches, worships, and belov­ed practises of iniquity, which proceeds from this seed of falsehood, satisfying a ground that is accursed for ever; Therefore saith God come out of Babylon, my people pertake not of her sins (or fruits) that ye be not pertakers of her plagues.

And now is the day come, in which Babylon shall receive at the hand of the Almighty, the Cup of the wine of his fury and indignation without mixture, and shall drink the dregs thereof and wring them out, and all her Marchants that have lived deliciously, and delighted in her wares and costliness, and traded with her, shall houl, wail and lament, beholding the smoak of her torments which ascends up for ever and ever.

Hear this, you superstitious, and Idolatrous Priests, Bishops and Hire­lings, for the foolish woman, whose feet are not in her house, but is with­out, loud, stubborn, and clamourous, is now pulling down her own house with her hands (mark that) by her own ungodly actions, wicked words and practises, slanders, persecutions, and greivous abominations even pul­ling, or drawing down the just judgements, plagues, and eternal venge­ance of the righteous God upon her own head, (he that reads let him un­derstand) for the time is at hand) therefore consider, all ye that live in enmity against the harmless seed and people this day, are not you in [Page 8] pride which is abomination to God, and Ambition and Covetousness, which is Idolatry, and love pleasures and vanities, lusts of uncleanness, deceit and flattery, more then the pure living God of truth and righteous­ness, and are not you in the stoutheartedness, disdainfulness, feignedness and Hypocrisy, dissimulation and all manner of wickedness, and are not you become the hold of every foul spirit, and cage of unclean and hateful birds, read your state, and do not strive against that, that lets you see it, nor say no by any pretence or covering; for the dreadful God hath found you out, and his judgements and vengeance is your portion, and the great day of the Lamb is come, in which you are not able to stand.

(This is the ground of your rage, seeing you have but a short time) as it is written the wicked cannot stand in the judgement, nor sinners in the Congregation of the Righteous. Therefore hearken all ye who are in the Babilonish Garments (the night attire of the great Whore) the Al­mighty, strong, and powerful God of Heaven and Earth, is stripping and making her bare, and naked, as in the day in which she was borne to the the view of all Nations, Men and Angels, for the hour of her judgements is come, her sins have reached to heaven, and are come into the remem­brance before God, even her envy and rage, scorning and disdaining per­secuting and cruelty, lusts and pleasures, and vanities, and all manner of Injustice, iniquity and ungodliness, flattering and deceitful titles, ambiti­on, dissimulation, Hypocrisy and Idolatry, and the like abominations: this is also the tongue of the Egyptian Sea which God Almighty of Hea­ven, will shortly dry up that people may goe over dry-shod (he that hath an ear let him hear and understand) the day hastens yea, it cometh swiftly, in which righteous, just, sober, and godly men and people shall walk with boldness with comfort and courage in the waies of holiness, uprightness and truth in all the Nations of the earth or else the Lord God, hath never spoken by me (which I know he hath and will perform it.)

Therefore tremble ye careless daughters that are at ease, walking haughtily with stretched forth necks and wanton eyes, howl, howl and weep bitterly, ye light puft up and vainglorious men and women, the day of your calamity cometh on like an armed man, and you shall not escape, and upon all you that cry out against the children and servants of the most high God, saying they will not obey Magistrates, nor reverence such as are in Authority, nor respect and honour Superiors, nor be subject to the Kings Laws, but are proud and wilful stubborn and disobedient, and will not worship as we worship, nor admire mens persons, though they might have advantage by it.

Hear now my answer ye people whose portion is in this life, who are of the houshould and stock of Esau the prophane person, whose house is now as Stubble.

The God of heaven by his dreadful, and Almighty power and Judge­ments, hath broken in upon us, and laid low the haughtiness, and hew­ed down the tree of wickedness and unrighteousness in us, from whence these evil fruits before mentioned, proceeded, and hath redeemed us from our vain conversation in which we were as other Gentiles, walking in the vanitys of our minds, in the Lusts of Ignorance, and hath raised up by the same power, a seed of his own begetting in us, having cast out the heathen (in us) that knew not God, and prepared roome for his own Life, and power and wisdome, (which is foolishness to the world) to take possession of our hearts and consciences for ever, to which our souls are subject, knowing him to be the higher power, who hath put down all Rule and all Authority (in us) which was contrary to him, who is now be­come our King, and our Law-giver, Teacher and Saviour, which no man can remove from us into a corner, and we are led and guided by his spirit, who is the wonderful Counsellour, the mighty God, the Prince of peace, and are not Rebellious, wilful, or stubborn neither to God nor man, in what is manifest to be his will concerning us.

And as for Magistrates, and such as are in the Authority and power of God, as was Moses and such men fearing God hating covetousness, in­justice, and unrighteousness, we dearly own, and honour in the Lord, e­ven such as are punishers of evil doers, favourers, and encouragers of them that do well, these are [Magistrats] (in Gods behalfe) bearing the Sword of Justice and true Judgement, and not in vain, being (in the power and wisdome of God) a terrour to evil doers, and a praise to them that do well, these are worthy of honour, these rule well, these answer the witness of God in all people, these Judge Righteously, equally, and justly, without partiallity, in the fear and dread, and domion of God hav­ing respect to him, and his honour only in what they do, not seeking their own honour, (which would perish) but in meekness, soberness, and sound­ness of minde and Judgement, without respect of persons, judging be­tween man and man, being able to discerne the ground of all causes and controversies in the Light and Counsel of God, (whose servants they are) mark that, these are [Magistrats] & not every one that beareth that name, no more then all that profess Christ in words, are Christians, who can say Lord, Lord, and we are Christians, and we love God, when they hate the light, his own witness in them, and walk in darkness, being Lyers [Page 10] and Hypocrits, for none are Christians, really and in Gods sight, but they that follow Christ in the Regeneration, being borne again through the strength and power, and vertue of his own life and spirit, being guided by it, out of all unrighteousness into holiness, righteousness, and truth, for they that say they are Christians and are not are Lyers, and of the Sy­nagoge of Satan, whose will and works they do, even they it is that bear the name of [Magistrates] and are not really so: Now [Magistrates] are not a terrour to good works, but to the evil, (mark that) but such as have been, and yet are so called, in England (New and Old,) have been and yet are a terrour to good works, contrary to the end and will of God, government on Earth, and the very word [Magistrate] so that such are but like them that said they were Jews and were not, but of the Syna­gogue and generation of him who hath been a lyer from the beginning, for this I testifie in the Lord without respect of persons, that such are not [Magistrates] ordained by him, that are out of his fear and those good properties, and qualities before mentioned (though they may be rich, and great men in the earth, as Cain, Esau, and Haman were, yet are like the Preists that bear rule by their means, and not by the power, wisdome, and mercy of God,) who will rage, and fume, and storme, like a wild Bull in a net, before they have heard the causes, and controversies of such as are brought before them, because the spirit of Pride, and Ambition, (which is of the Devil,) is not bowed unto, and will imprison people (right or wrong) without breach of any [just] Law of God or man, these are not [Magistrates] but evil doers; and [Magistrates] are for the punishing of evil doers, neither is that a just Law (but an unrighteous decree) which is made to be a terrour to good works, and an encouragement to evil doers, this is turning Judgment into Gall, and Righteousness into Hemlock, and the Sword backwards: Consider these things, for with them God is not pleased, who beholds the prey that is made on them that de­part from iniquity in the Land.

For such do well (and are not evil doers) who meet together in the fear of the true God, to wait upon him in the light of his counsel, by it to be guided into all truth through the knowledge of his will concerning them and their salvation, that so they may serve God in his holy way ac­ceptably all the daies of their life with reverence and godly fear, (for our God is a consuming fire) and he or she that bears witness in the spirit of truth, and power of righteousness, against Pride, Idolaty, Popery, or su­perstition, or any other ungodly lusts, deceit or hypocricy, as preaching for money, or Judging for rewards, and such like, Injustice, Oppression, and [Page 11] cruelty, or any of the fruits of the corrupt tree, (which God is hewing down for the fire, I say that man or woman, boy or girle, of the streets of Ierusalem that so doth as afore mentioned, in the name of the Lord, doth well; and they that abuse them for so doing, doth evil, and God shall re­quire it at their hands, for he or she that stands a witness in the power, and wisdome of God (which is the higher power) against the fleshly lusts, which warr against the soul, is in so doing the souls freind, (he that can hear let him him hear,) for to the higher power (which was before the lusts and wills of men, or the powers of darkness, Death, Hell, and trans­gression, (the lower condemned power was) are we subject, and this seed (or life) which God hath raised in us, (who at this day are called Quakers) cannot bow down to the Devil (the lower power) nor worship that spirit of Pride, enmity, ambition, and wickedness, which God hath determined to destroy root and branch, and them that live in, and worship it, for it is the Image of the old Serpent, the Devil, and destroyer of mankind, to which the pure Image or son of the living God, could never bow, but was always a sufferer (for a season) under its enmity and cruelty, as may be seen throughout all ages to this day, for it is no new thing to see him that is born after the flesh, oppress, and persecute him that is born after the spirit; for it began at Abel, [even about sacrifice] and is the same at this day, for whatsoever you may say, and profess in words (Cain could also talk and contend in the same nature) that matters not while you are in the spirit of Pride and enmity (which is of the Devil,) your Sacrifice is not accepted, of the Righteous holy God, but is unto him, as an odious smoak of Brimstone in the Nostrills of a man, and your Church (so called) is not the body of Christ Jesus, (the Lambs wife,) but of the great whore, which hath drank the blood of the Saints; living in pleasures, wanton­ness, pride, scornfulness, disdain, flattery, deceit, and vanity, with your tongues at Liberty out of Gods fear, in wrath and envy, lust and mali­tiousness, swearing, cursing, and corrupt communication, rioting and sporting, and all manner of ungodliness; these are not the fruits of Gods spirit (in which he is only worshiped,) nor graces of Christs Church, (but the Whores night garments) for the Christians were, (and are) to abstain from all appearance of evil, and to waite upon God, through his power to be sanctified throughout, in body, soul, and spirit, hating even the garment spotted with the flesh; against which work the Serpent and his seed, in all Ages have set themselves, and took counsel together, and made Laws and decrees, even to hinder the appearance, growth, and Dominion of the Righteous seed, and Image of God which is Christ (in [Page 12] his people in all generations,) the seed of the woman which is brusing the Serpents head.

Therefore All ye Rulers, Priests, Bishops, Lip-professors, and people who are gainsayers of the light, the truth, the way of God in his people, and are persecutors, opposers, proud, wanton, disdainful, wild, scornful and rebellious against Gods witness, that lets you see your evil deeds and vain conversation: and all you swearers and drunkards, lyers, envious, un­beleiving whoremongers, hypocrites, whores, sorcerers, fearful and abo­minable, you are all without (without are dogs (the biters) and every one that loveth and maketh a Lye.

Hear this you that oppose the power of the pure dreadful God, and its mighty works amongst the children of men, which he hath begun in his people, (called Quakers) it is too weighty for you, it shall break you to peices, and confound you, (its Gods work you oppose and not mans) and if you say in your hearts, you will make us bow before you have done with us, I tell you nay, God hath raised a seed in us of his own life and Image, (can ye not understand) which can never bow to unrighteousness, Idola­try, hypocricy, and deceit, but stand in the Royal power, and Authority of the Living God, bearing testimony against it, and fear not him that can but kill the body, and after that hath power to do no more, but is in the pure fear, dread, and terrible power of the Almighty God, who hath raised it up, compassing it about, as a wall of fire and you can never quench it, for it is that love (which is stronger then death,) that is shed abroad in our hearts, (blessed is the man that heareth, beleiveth, and receiveth it,) therefore it is imposible for you to prevaile against it, unless you could prevaile against God, or were stronger then him, then might you hinder his handy works and mighty wonders which he hath determined to bring to pass in these last days, for let me tell you the Kings, & Rulers, Priests, & Bishops for to you now am I speaking, and that from the eternal God of Heaven, that you are at this day verily opposing the great & weighty work of God which he will accomplish, & none shall be able to hinder, & veri­ly you shall as easily pluck the Sun, Moon, and Stars, out of the Firmament (in which the living God hath set them by his power, and orders them by his wisdome,) as stop, hinder, or fustrate the decree or purpose of God, concerning his people, and their Enemies in these last days.

For the day is come, of which his former Prophets have prophesied, and declared, that in the last days, he would poure out of his spirit upon his sons and daughters, and they should prophecy; But this is a strange work which you cannot understand, as it is witten, many shall be tryed, [Page 13] purified, and made white, but the wicked, will do wickedly, and none of the wicked shall understand, but the wise shall understand [who are in that wis­dom which the fear of the Lord is the beginning of:] And in the day when the proud were called happy, & them that tempted God, were even delive­red, did some fear the Lord, and met often together, and thought upon his name, for when a book of remembrance was written before the Lord, and they shall be mine saith God, & I will spare them, as a man spareth his son that serveth him (though men will not spare them, who are servants of the Devil,) and is not this the day, ye this is the day, even the notable day, the great and dreadful day, in which the mighty God will cut short his work in Righteousness, and because of this, Nations shall be distressed, and in great perplexity, the Sea shall roar, and mens hearts shall faile them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming upon the Earth, and men shall walk like blind men, because of their Rebellion against God, and God shall send his Plagues upon the Earth, like show­ers of Hail, even Sword, and Famine, and Pestilence, and Earthquakes, and dreadful Thunderings upon the head of the wicked, and all flesh shall faile before him, and the Mountains shall quake at his presence, for the terible God shall roar out of Sion, and utter his voice in Ierusalem, and the earth shall tremble, and pain shall take hold of the ungodly as a wo­man in travail, and they shall not escape.

Therefore seek not to get ease, and covering, by your unrighteous de­crees against the Saints of the most high God, or by afflicting and abusing them; for we whom you have thus dealt with, are his chosen Genera­tion, his Royal preisthood, his peculiar people, zealous of good works, whose cause he will plead with all flesh, and there is not a man upon the face of the whole earth, that God hath respect unto, or his offering, but in this seed of Abraham (which is Christ in us) which he hath raised to offer up living sacrifices, acceptable in his sight, for the sacrifice of the wicked is abomination to him, and there are but two seeds, roots, or grounds (as (I have said) from whence all good and evil springs, the one is the seed of Gods own sowing, which is now arising to spread over the whole earth even the Plant of Righteousness, Truth, and Equity, and the other is the seed of Enmity against God, his truth and people; and this is the seed of evil doers, which shall never be renowned: And the son of God is come the seed of Renown, and hath given us an understanding, that we know him that is true, (and are in him that is true) and we know him that is false and out of the truth, and we know God only is to be worship­ed, and the Devil denyed, though he might rage, storme, and persecute, [Page 14] or promise all the Glory, Kingdoms, and pleasures of this world, to be bowed unto, or worshiped, yet the Royal seed cannot give glory to ano­ther, therefore would the Devil (like his son Haman) have him destroy­ed out of the world, in which he himself hath been worshiped as God, blinding, and vailing the minde of mankind, from the true knowledge and understanding, of the noble seed, (the heir) whose right it is alone to Reigne, and he must Reigne [now] till all his enemies are trampled under his feet, the Lord hath spoken it, to whom be all Honour, Worship, Glory, Dominion, Praise, Thanks-giving, and Eternal songs of deliver­ance, and Redemptions, over all Heaven and Earth, Halelujah, A­men.

ALL you Bishops, Prelates, Preists, Episcopal men, or any other that are professing God, Christ and Scriptures, and are offering Sacrifice in your own wills, and time, and places, out of the fear, and counsel, and wisdome of God.

This is the word of the Lord God, you and your Sacrifices are not accepted in his sight, but are Abomination unto him, even iniquity and Idolatry, and all your prayers, singings, preachings, fastings, feastings, and roarings, enters not into the ears of the Lord God of Sabboths, but is a smoak in his nostrils all the day long, and all your Sacrifices, and Sa­craments (as you call them) are not better in the sight of the pure living God of Heaven, then if you cut off a Dogs neck, or offered Swines blood, for it is so you offer Swines blood, (and not the blood of the Lamb with­out spot, the acceptable seed) and the broth of Abominable things (which the Lord abhors) is in your Vessels; if you have ears to hear, hear, you offer Swines blood, the life of the Swine (the greedy devourer) that lives in your dwellings, in which the Devils is entered, and you are running violently down the steep place, and you will perish among the waters if you Repent not, and turn speedily, the Lord hath spoken it.

Therefore hear, hear you that are offering Sacrifice, and prayers, (called Common) and are in your will Worships, and feigned humility, never commanded of God, & though you make a great noyse with your Organs, and Sacraments, and Surplices, and Tippits, and Girdles, and tables, and fingings, and pipings, and ringings, and the like, its all but as the hidious howling of a Dog at midnight, whilst you live in lusts, envy, pride, cove­teousness,, [Page 15] coveteousness,, and unrighteousness, and no more accepted of the Righ­teous holy, just God, then Cains was (the Vagabond) who slew his bro­ther, being in the same nature and ground of malice, and wickedness, and God hath set a mark upon you, (as upon Cain) which shall never be blotted out, unless you turn, and be converted (from that root) and sink down in your minds to the righteous suffering seed in you, which ne­ver had fellowship in these things in which you are thus excercised, but reproves you in secret for sin, and lets you see the evil and vanity of your ways.

For while you do evil sin lyeth at your door, and your prayers and Sa­crifices do not enter into the acceptance of the holy God, for God heareth not sinners, but if any man be a Worshiper of God, and doth his will him he heareth, but none worships God, but them [...] worship him in spirit and in truth, even in that spirit which you dayly greive and provoke with your abominations, and Sacrifices, and Oblations, sinning, and supersti­tions which he is weary to bear, of which he will shortly ease himself, and of you also, if you proceed in these things which never came into his mind to commend or require at your hands.

Therefore hear and consider, and fear and tremble before the just God of power, who is arisen to plead with you about these things, and will reprove you for your words, worships, and Sacrifices, feigned imitations, which are without the true knowledge, darkening the Counsel of God in your own selves and others, whereby his pure way of life and truth is not heeded, but evil spoken of, and his Eternal Counsel (by you) is not understood, which is to stand still in the Light of Christ Jesus the Saviour, and not will, nor run, but as led and guided by it; which leads out of all unrighteousness, into soberness, goodness, equity, & all truth, & it will let you see (if you are quiet in your minds) that the jealous God of holiness, hath no fellowship, nor delight in your ways of superstition and wicked­ness, but secretly saith, Returne returne, this is not your rest for it is po­luted; but and if you will not hear, and come into the still waters of Shiloah, which run saftly, but will still ride upon Horses, even go on in the strength of your wills in your great noyse of false worships, ways, Sa­crifices, and ungodliness, then they that persue you (even the Judge­ments of God) shall be very swift against you faith the Lord God of Hosts.

This is your warning, and visitation as shall be witnessed whether you hear or forbear.

Some occasional Queries concerning a Vagabond.

1. Qu. VVHether the ground of being a Vagabond, be the want of an outward Inheritance, Habitation, or earthly riches, or certain dwelling place in the Earth (as some have said) yea or nay, if yea, then how was Cain as a Vagabond, seeing he was a Rich man, and had an Inheritance and certain dwelling place in the Earth, who builded a City, and called it after the name of his son, Gen. 4.

2. Qu. And if the want of an outward Inheritance, or certain dwelling place in the Earth be the only ground of being a Vagabond, then whether A­braham was a Vagabond when he went out of his own Country, not knowing whether he went, (having not so much ground as to set his foot on,) of whom it is written, he is called the freind of God, Acts 7. Heb. 11.

For there hath been a great noise in the World, amongst the Rich and great men, and professors thereof, in these latter days, saying, if you cannot give an ac­count of your certain dwelling place, habitation, or place of aboad in the earth, we account you as Vagabonds, and wanderers, and Rogues, and you must be prosecuted against as such, by our Law, Ordinace, or Act of Parliament or the like; which if they have such a Law that doth Iudge & conclude, such to be Vagabonds as have no certain dwelling place in the earth & that this (in their account) is the ground of being a Vagabond, then marke how far this Law will reach.

3. Qu. Whether it will not reach as far in this case as did the Scribs and Pharisees, the Jews Law, to the son of God, who said we have a Law, and by our Law he ought to dye, for said Christ, the Foxes have holes, (such as He­rod) and the fowles of the Aire have nests, (of whome the Devil is Ruler) but the son of man hath no where to lay his head.

Now this Law taks hold of him, and of Abraham his freind, and of his Apostles and Prophets in the days past who wandered in Sheep-skins, and Goat-skins, being destitute and afflicted, having no certain dwelling place: But if you say nay, these are no Vagabonds, though Christ had not a place to lay his head on, nor Abraham a foot of ground, and wandered into a strange Country, not knowing whether he went, and the Apostles and Patriarks wandered, and were in Dens and Caves of the Earth, being destitute, afflicted, and tormented by the wicked men of the World (who was not worthy of them) having no cer­taine [Page 17] dwelling place, yet these were no Vagabonds, but good men, Righteous men, sincere and holy men of God.

4. Qu. Then what is the absolute ground of being a Vagabond, seeing these men are no Vagabonds, though they have no certaine dwelling place (but wandred up and down) in the earth, and that Cain is a Vagabond, though a rich man and builded a Citty.

5. Qu. Whether the word [Vagabond] doth not signifie a seperation or wandring from God (who is truth and love) or a being banished from his pre­sence, by reason of envy, murther, and rage, which seperates from the pure just God.

For Cain said (when he had been wrath and had slain his brother,) now shall I bee a Vagabond and a fugitive in the Earth, and from thy presence shall I be hid (mark that) and behold every one that findeth me, will s ay me, so he fled from the presence of the Lord, and dwelt in the Land of Nod, (on the East of Eden,) where this Murderer built a City (a strong hold) being afraid every one that found him would kill him, mark here the first builder in the Earth was a Vagabond, a rich man a persecutor, and a Murderer about Sa­crifice, Gen. 45.

6. Qu. Now whether envy, wrath, persecution, murder, cruelty, oppres­sion, and imprisoning about Sacrifice and Worship, be not the very ground and cause of being a Vagabond, or seperated from God and not the want of a cer­taine dwelling place in the Earth.

Seeing Cain is a Vagabond, though he builded a City, and Abraham, and the Apostles and Prophets, and many other holy men of God and Christ, are no Vagabonds, though they wandred and had no City, house, or dwelling place in the Earth, or so much ground as to set their foot, or to lay their head on.

7. Qu. Whether God hath not chosen the poor of this world, rich in faith, and heires of his everlasting Kingdome, and whether the rich men that did oppress them, and draw them before Iudgements seats, were not the blasphe­mers, and such as tormented and afflicted them, in envy, ambition, and wrath, were not the Vagabonds, seeing such things seperates from God, and hides his presence from them.

8. Qu. Whether Lazarus was a Vagabond, who was very poor, and lay begging at the rich mans Gate, where the Dogs came, in more love then their owner) ticking his sores, or whether this hard hearted Rich man was not the Vagabond, seeing he was cast into Hell torments, where he was seperated (with a great Gulf) from the presence and Glory of Gods love for ever, and Laza­rus the begger carried into Abrahams bosome, (the friend of God) by an Angel, being comforted, and the other (who lived in pleasures unrighteous­ness; and deliciousness, every day in his life time) tormented Luke 16. He that hath an ear to hear, let him hear.

Now seeing Cain is a Vagabond, being in the wrath, envy, & transgression, (the ground of it;) Let us search the line of true Iudgement yet further, and see if we can finde more rich men to be Vagabonds, and Blasphemers, though they have Citys (like Cain,) or habitations in the Earth.

9. Qu. Whether Ishmael (the wild man the mocke and scoffer) was not cast out of Abrahams house (the freind of God) into whose bosom the poor man Lazarus was carried and whether he was not seperated by his wildness mock­ing and enmity, (whose hand was against every man, and every mans hand a­gainst him,) from the presence of God and was a Vagabond, seeing the word Vagabond signifies a seperation, or being driven from, (or cast out of Gods pre­sence.

10. Qu. Whether Esau the cunning Hunter the prophane person, was not a Vagabond, seeing he sould his Birth-right for a mess of Pottage and lost the blessing, and afterwards sought a place of Repentance, but could not finde it, (but was rejected,) though he sought it carefully with tears; (consider this ye prophane and ungodly ones, whose pleasures, and treasures are in this life) out of whose Loyns came the Dukes of Edom, and twelve Princes from the Loynes of Ishmael (the wild man the mocker and scoffer, who was cast out of Abrahams house,) and these had Towns and Castles (like their brother Cain) and great possessions in the Earth, Gen. 21.9, 25.16, 36.40. H [...]b. 12.16.

11. Qu. Whether such as are in the envious wrathful, wild, mocking, and scoffing nature. [Now] and are prophane persons cunningly hunting [Now] and persecuting and afflicting about Sacrifice [Now] and drawing the poor of this world, (wh are chosen rich in faith, and heirs of Gods Kingdome) before the Iudgement seats [Now,] Whether these are not the Blasphemers, Vaga­bonds, and seperated from Gods presence [Now] (in this state) though they may be great and rich in this world (as the Princes of Ishmael Cain, and the Dukes of Edom,) seeing God hath chosen the poor of this world rich in fai h, and heirs of his Kingdom without end, from which Cain was a Vagabond, though he builded a City, and called it after the name of his son, Gen. 4.17.

THerefore hearken all you Kings, Rulers, Governours and people up­on earth, and take heed you do not persecute and imprison, or abuse the servants and Children of the most high God, (wherever they come in your Dominions or Countrys) under the name of Vagabonds, wander­ers, or Idle persons, or the like, (who come in love to your souls;) And be you warned that you hurt not them, who do no evil, I charge you in the name of the dreadful God that made heaven and earth, least you bring Innocent blood upon your own heads, and as you will answer it in the ter­rible day at hand, for the Almighty God is no respecter of persons, (who [Page 19] is King of Kings, and Lord of Lords;) neither doth poverty or riches in this world, make a Vagabond, or keep from being a Vagabond, for they were no Vagabonds, who had here no continuing City, but sought one to come, whose builder & maker is God, though they wandered about in sheep skins, & Goat skins, in Dens & Caves of the earth, yet these were no Vaga­bonds, but had a habitation in God, of whom they obtained a good report, through faith, and were blessed; of whom the world was not worthy.

And if any of us, who are of the same seed, and generation, and built upon the same foundation Christ Jesus, (the Light that lighteth every man,) who was hated, scorned, derided, and drawn from prison to Judge­ment; I say if any of us who declare his Generation now, (by afflictions, persecutions, cruel mockings imprisonments, and drawing before Judge­ment seats) should like Abraham in obedience to the voice of the Lord God of our fathers, go out of our own Countrys, not knowing whether we went, even we who are called Quakers, (that tremble at his word,) yet we are no Vagabonds, but obedient children and servants of the most high God of power, and compassions, before whom all Nations shall bow and tremble; Therefore be awakened all ye Rulers and Inhabitants of the Earth, and consider these things, and be not rash heady, nor high minded, nor hasty to give heed to false reports, or to fulfil the lusts and wills of envious wrathful and ambitious men, or to lay hands suddenly, or violently on any, without just cause, but be meek, patient, and sober, and search out the truth of causes, and controversies, and consider the Scrip­tures before written, for the people of the living God, are at this day stran­gers and Pilgrims in the Earth, as all our fathers were; Therefore fear God, and be very careful, (heeding the light, his witness in you which lets you see between good and evil) for some have entertained Angles unawares, Heb. 13.2.

Be wise thererore now O ye Kings and Rulers, and be instructed, and learn Righteousness, ye that be Juddges of the Earth, and serve the God with fear and trembling, least his anger be wholly kindled against you, and then you perish from the way of everlasting peace and happyness.

I am a lover of the Holy God and good men of truth, mercy, and Righteousness, and am w [...]y [...]ing in the spirit of Love and patience for the Resurrection of the dead, that the Righteous and holy seed may arise, and come into Rule and Dominon, in and through the whole Creation, called VVilliam Bayly.
THe decree of God, the first Birth is to slay,
That all its fruits and Offspring might decay,
Which hath sild the Earth with Pride and Violence
Even like the Plague, and grevious Pestilence;
The zeal of God, against it now doth burn,
Which will consum't, in Iacobs blest return;
For the first born of Egypt, must be brought
To death, who hath the seconds mischeif sought,
Which now must rule, the Nations with his Rod,
Though Cain may flee, and build i'th Land of Nod,
Yet there his hand, will finde him out again,
Then endless will be, his punishment and pain,
And all that came from the first Birth must go
In't Condemnation, and eternal woe,
Which caus'd the wrath of God, on earth to come,
Therefore its great destruction, is the Sun
Of what the Prophets by past, have declar'd
That Babylon no longer should be spar'd,
But Vengeance on her head, should poured be,
That all her Plagues, and nakedness may see,
And by her Torments learn, for to amend,
Least furious Plagues, again on them he send;
For with his sword hee'l cut down Ceadars tall,
And with great noyse, Now Babylon must fall,
And all her Merchants, they shall weep and wail,
For God will neither leave her, head nor tail,
And hee'l not spare his Arrows for to spend
Till of her seed h'hath made a final end;
All flesh shall fail, all knees shall feeble be
The Joynts and Loyns of men, now loos'd you'l see,
The Earth shall reel, the Mountains they shall quake,
Because God pleads with them for his Seeds sake,
These things are neer, and hasten they do now
The time is come, that Nations all must bow
To him that's born, who must the Scepter sway,
And bring to dust, what stands against his way
His Name is Light his burthen is so to,
Easy his Yoak, to those who life for-goe,
And in his Name sake, and in his will can rest,
These are the Souls that are for ever blest
But as for them that will not he should Reign
The time draws neer, in which they must be slain. Amen
Ha le lu jah.
W. B
‘Babylon the Great is fallen is fallen, and become the habitation of Devils, Revel. 18.

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