An Exact Catalogue of the Common and Statute Law Books of this REALM, and some others relating thereunto.

Be pleased to take Notice. That F. signifies French Law, and L. Latine, the rest are English; And where there is any difference in the Editions this Mark * is prefixed.

FANderson's Rep. 2 parts Fol.0180
FAshes Tables to the Law Fol.100
F—Tables to Cook's Reports Fol.060
 —The same in English 8o050
FEpieiceia 8o020
F—Table to Dyer 12o020
 —Fasciculus Florum 8o010
 Argum. on the Writ of Hab. Corpus016
 Argument concerning the Militia.010
 Assize of Bread 4o006
LAston's Placita Lat. Rediviv. 4o060
 Andrew's argument at his Trial 4o020
FAbr. book of Assizes 8o016
 Attorney of the Common Pleas016
 Abridgment Hen. 7. 8o056
 Attorneys Guide 8o020
 Argum. of the Prop. of the Subject 4o010
 Answer to Pettyt and Jani Angl. facies nova 8o060
 Arcana Clericalia 8o050
 Allen's Reports Fol.040
LBRacton Folio0180
L— Quarto0140
FBrooks Abridgment, large Folio1100
FSmall Folio1150
 — Reading on Limitation 8o016
 —Reading on Magna Charta 4o006
F—Cases 8o016
 —The same in English 8o016
 Blount's Law Dictionary Fol.080
 Bolton's Office of a Justice Fol.100
LBrevia Judicialia Fol.0120
FBendlowe's Reports Fol.080
 Bulstrode's Reports, 3 parts Fol.2100
 Bridgman's Reports Fol.060
LBrown's Entries in 2 parts Fol.100
LBrown's Modus Intrandi 8o070
 Brown of Fines and Rec. 8o026
LBrown's Ent. Cl. Vade Mecum 8o060
LBook of Entries the old Fol.1100
 Bacon's Cases of Treason 4o006
 —Charge 4o006
 —Ordinances in Chancery 4o006
 —Post Nati 4o010
 — Elements Common Law 4o026
 —Reading on the Stat. of Ʋses 4o010
 Boon's Exam. Legum Angliae 4o046
 Brownlow's Declarations, 2 par. 4o0180
 —Judicial Writs 4o040
 —Reports, 2 parts 4o080
 Bagshaw's Argu. in Parliament 4o006
 Bagshaw's Right of the Crown 8o026
LBrevia Selecta 8o016
FBellew's Richard II. 8o020
FBritton 8o050
 Book of Oaths 8o040
 Bridal's Jus Criminis 8o016
 Sir Orl. Bridgman's Convey. Fol.0100
 Book of Rates 8o016
 Blount's frag. Antiq. 8o020
 Babington's Advice to Jurors 8o026
 Bankers Case 8o020
 Brief method of the Law Fol.016
 Bridal's Jus imaginis 8o010
 —Spec. Juris Ang. 8o010
 —Decus & tutamen 8o016
LCOke's Entries Fol.350
*—Comment on Littleton Fol.0180
*—Magna Charta Fol.0150
*—Pleas of the Crown Fol.070
*—Jurisdiction of Courts Fol.090
F—Reports II parts Fol.300
 —Reports English 13 par. Fol.1150
 12 and 13 parts of Reports Fol.080
 —Declarations Fol.070
 —Of Bails and Mainprizes 4o010
 —Reading of Fines 4o010
*—Copy-holder 8o016
 Cotton's Record Fol.0160
 —Abstract of Recor. 4o006
*Cowell's Interpreter; with Manley's Additions Folio080
 Customs of Normandy Fol.100
*Crook's Reports, 3 parts Fol.2100
 Collection of Ord. and Decl. from March 42. to Decem. 46. Fol.1100
 Cook's Vindication of the Law 4o010
 Calthrop's customs of London 4o008
 —Copy-holder 4o010
*Reports 8o016
 Collect. of Remonstrances, Votes from 1641 to 1643. 4o016.
LClark's Praxis in Curiis Eccles. 4o060
L—Practice of the Admiralty 8o010
 Callis Reading on Sewers 4o060
 —Argument 4o006
 Crook and Hutton's Argument 4o020
* FCrompton's Jurisdict. of Courts 4o060
FCrompton and Fitzherb. Justice 4o060
 Commisson with Instruct. for com­pounding for Idiots and Lun. 4o006
 Court of Request 4o020
*Complete Clerk 4o0120
 Case of Ship-money 4o008
 Clarendon's Orders in Chancery 8o010
*Clark of Assize 8o026
LCowell's Institutions 8o020
 —The same in Engl. 8o020
 Clark's Vade Mecum 8o030
*Clark's Guide, 4 parts 8o050
*Clark's Tutour, 8o016
 Carey's Reports 8o020
 Clayton's Reports 8o010
 Cary's Ʋse of Pleadings 8o010
*Complete Sol. Entring Clerk 8o036
*Complete Attorney 8o036
 Charter of Rumney Marsh 8o040
 Collins Justice 12o01 [...]
 Cary's Guide in Eccles. Courts 12o010
 Court Marshals. with its proceed. 12o0 [...]0
*Complete Justice 8o036
 Clerks companion 24o010
 Charter of London Abridg. 4o010
 Conset's Prac. Eccles. Courts 8o050
 Cory's Prac. Com. Pleas 4o006
 Customs of London 4o006
LClerk's Manual 8o040
 Charter of the Forest 4o006
 Cook's Engl. Law Judge 4o010
 Cawley's Laws against Papists Fol.0100
 City of London's Plea Fol.010
 Catalogue of Justices Fol.010
 Camera Regni 8o010
LClerks Assistant 8o040
 Clark's Grammar 8o010
*DAlton's Office of Sheriffs Fol.0140
 —Sheriff Abr. 8o030
*— Justice Fol.0120
FDyer's Reports with a Table Fol.0180
 Brograve, and Risden's Read 4o026
F—Abridgment 8o020
 —The same in English 8o020
*Dugdale's Orig. Juridiciales Fol.0180
*FDavis Reports Fol.080
 —Of Impositions. 8o016
 —Ab. of Cook's Reports 12o020
 Denshall's Reading of Fines 4o006
 Dodridge's Principalit. of Wales 4o010
 —English Lawyer 4o026
 —Compl. Parson 4o020
 —Of Parliaments 8o010
 Davenport's Abr. of Cook's Lit. 8o030
 Doctour and Student 8o026
 Doctour and Student Abr. 8o010
 Derham's Manual 8o010
 Danby's Argument 4o010
 Debates of the Comm. at Westm. 8o026
 —Of the Comm. at Oxford Fol.006
 D'ewe's Journal. of Q. E. Fol.100
 Degge's Parsons Counsellor 8o036
FDsctrina Placitandi 4o070
*Duke's L. of cha. uses Fol.060
 EPhemeris Parliamentaria fol.070
 Elesmere's Post Nati 4o010
 —on a Lord Chancellour 8o010
 Elsynge of Parliaments 8o020
 Edgar's Charge 4o006
 Exact Clerk 8o010
 Exact Law-giver 8o016
 Exact Constable 12o010
 Enchiridion Legum 8o010
 English Liberties 12o010
FFInch's Law fol.080
 —in English 8o030
 —Summary of the Law 8o010
FFitzherbert's Abridgment fol.1150
*F—Natura Brevium 8o050
*—Nat. Brev. Eng. 8o050
LFleta on the English Law 4o0100
 Fulbeck's Parallel and Pandects 4o080
 —Preparative 8o016
 Fraunch's Lawyers Logick 4o030
 Freeholders Grand Inquest 8o030
 Fillacers Office 8o016
 Fleetwood's Justice 8o010
 Forster's Lay-man's Lawyer 8o020
 Fidell's Presidents 8o026
*Fortescu de laudihus L. 8o030
 Fitzharris Arraign. and Plea fol.016
 Fuller's Argument 4o006
 Fees of Courts 8o010
 GOdboults Reports 4o0100
 Gouldsbrough's Reports 4o036
 Glisson and Gulst. Ep. of the Law 8o046
FGregorie's Moot-Book 8o080
 —The same in Eng. 4o0100
*Greenwood of Courts 8o036
 Godolphin on the Admiralty 8o026
 Grand Quest on the H. of Peers 8o080
LGlanvil on the Law 8o020
 Grand Quest conc. Bishops rights 8o016
 Godolphin's Abr. Eccl. Law 4o0100
 —Orphans Legacy 4o060
 Grand-Jury mans Oath 4o006
 Guide to Eng. Juries 8o010
 Grotius of War and Peace in English fol.0140
 HUtton's Reports fol.060
 Hetley's Reports fol.060
*Hobart's Reports fol.0100
 Hern's Pleader fol.120
 —Law of Conveyances 8o026
 —Modern Assuraneer 8o026
 —Reading on Sewers 4o006
 Hughes Grand Abr. 3 parts 4o2100
 —Abr. of Acts and Ordin. 4o080
 —Original Writs 4o036
 —Abr. of Crook's 3 Reports 8o0100
 —Abr. Acts 16, 17, [...]8 CAR. I. and 12, 13, 14, 15 CAR. II. 8o026
 —Abr. of Moor's Reports 8o026
*—Parsons Law 8 [...]026
 Huntley and King [...]ey's Argum. 4o010
 Hakewell's Liber [...]y of the Subj. 4o016
 —manner of pas [...] Bills in P. 8o010
*— of Parliamen [...]s 8o020
FHorn's Mirrour of Justice 8o020
 —The same in English 8o020
 Hawk's Grounds [...] the Law 8o040
 Historical discourse [...] Parliam. 8o010
 Heydon's Idea of [...] Law 8o016
 Hunt's Argument [...]050
 Hales Pleas of the [...]wn 8o026
 Hollis his remains [...]040
 Honour of the Lor [...] Spiritual fol.010
 Hesket's Reading [...]010
 Holborn's Readin [...]010
 Hatton of Statutes [...]010
 Hughes's Queries [...]010
 Hale of Sheriffs Ac [...]nts 8o020
 —provision for the [...]or 12o006
FJEnkin's Reports fol.0160
 —of Courts 8 [...]010
 —Liberty of the Subject 12o010
 —Works 12o010
 Justice restored 12o010
 Ireland's Abr. of Cok [...] 11 Vol. 8o026
 Justice revived 8o016
 Institutions or Grounds of Law 8o010
 Judgments in the Ʋpp [...]r Bench 8o026
 Instructions for Jury [...]en 8o016
 Jurisdict. of the H. of [...]ords and of Impositions 8o020
 —Of the H. of Lord [...] Appeal 8o020
 Jani Anglorum facie [...] va 8o020
 Journals of the H. of [...]mmons 8o080
 Jus Ang. ab antiquo 8 [...]026
FJones's Reports fol.0160
 Jura Coronae 8o016
 Jus Sigilli 12o010
* FKElleway's Reports, with Dallison fol.0160
* FKitchin of Courts 8o040
*— The same in English 8o050
*Kebles Statutes fol.2100
 Keble's Justice fol.0160
 Keble's Abr. of the Laws against Recusants 8o026
*Kilburn's Presidents 12o026
 King's Prerog. Asserted fol. 10
 King's Prerog. and Subj. privil.016
FLAtch's Reports fol.070
 Lane's Reports fol.060
 Ley's Reports fol.046
 Leonard's Reports 4 [...] parts fol.200
LLambert of the Laws of Engl. fol.0180
*—Duty of Constabl [...] 12o010
 —of Courts 8o016
*—Perambulation of Kent 8o070
*—Justice 8o060
LLinwood's Constitutions fol.0160
 Layer's Off. and Duty of Constab. 8o010
 Ley of Wards and Liveries 8o010
 Leigh's Law Terms 8o016
 Legis fluvius 8o010
 Littleton's Tenures Fr. and En. 12o026
FVicesimo Quarto026
 —Reports fol.0120
*Lex Londinensis 8o026
 Lex Mercatoria fol.100
 London's liberties fol.010
FMOore's Reports fo [...]140
*Manwood's Fore [...]Laws 4o080
 Moyle's Entries 4o030
 Method of passing Bills in [...]arl. 4o006
 Marches Reports 4o030
 —Actions for Slander parts 8o030
 —Amicus Reipublicae [...] o010
*Mariton's Guide for Co [...]tables 12o010
*—Landlords Law [...]2o016
 —of Wills and Tes [...]ments 12o016
 Ma [...]ley's Ab. Coke's 1 [...]13 Rep. 8o016
 Manby's Abr. Statute 8o020
 Murray's Scotch Law [...]ol.200
 Modern Reports fol.0100
FMayna [...]d's Edw. the [...]d. fol.040
LMagna Charta 8o020
 —in Eng. by Cok [...] 8o010
 Meriton' [...] Parson's M [...]itor 12o020
 Molloy de jure Mari [...] 8o050
 NOye's Reports fol.060
 —Maxims of the Law 8o010
 — Compleat Lawyer 8o010
 Nusances with Judges resolut. 4o006
LNovae Narrationes, with Articul. 8o040
 New Book of Instruments 8o036
 OLiver's Ordinances fol.060
 Owen's Reports fol.060
 Orders for the Poor 4o006
FOld Natura Brevium 8o020
 Orders of a Court Leet, & C. Baron 8o006
 Orders in Chanc. by the Com. of the G. Seal 8o010
LOfficina Brevium fol.0120
 Officium Clerici Pacis 8o036
*PUlton's Stat. at large fol.1100
 —de Pace fol.0100
 —Abr. of Stat. fol.0120
 — Abr. of P. Statutes 4o036
FPlowden's Rep. 2 par. 3. Tables fol.150
F—Queries 8o026
 —Queries English 8o026
F—Abridged 8o020
 —The same in English 8o020
 Popham's Reports fol.070
 Pryn's Animad. on Cook's 4 Inst. fo.0120
 —Parliamentary Writts, 4 Vol. 4o100
 Practice and privileges of Parl. 4o006
 Perfect Conveyancer 4o050
 Parsons Ans. to Cook's 5th Rep. 4o080
 Powell of Courts 4o030
 —Reportery of Records 4o020
 —Direct. to search Records 4o020
*—Attorney Academy 4o036
 —Attorneys Almanack 4o010
 Practice of the Exchequer 8o010
 Practice of Chancery 8o016
FPerkins 8o026
 The same in English 8o026
 Vicesimo Quarto020
 Presidents or Instruments 8o016
 Page's Jus Fratrum 8o016
 Philips Studii Legalis 12o010
 —Principles of Law 12o010
 Praxis utriusque Banci 8o026
 Practick part of a Justice 12o020
 Power of Parliaments 8o026
 Pettus of Parliaments 8o036
 Pettyt's right of the Commons 8o026
 —Miscell. Parliaments 8o026
LPlacita Gen. & specialia 8o046
FPalmer's Reports fol.0150
 Philipps Grandeur of the Law 8o020
FROlls Abridg. of the Law fol.200
LRyley's Rec. of the Tower fol.0180
LRegister of Writs fol.180
LRastal's Entries fol.300
 —Stat. in 2 Vol. fol.200
 — Abr. of the Stat. to 7 Jac. fol.0120
 Rights of the Kingdom 4o040
 Rights of the People 8o010
 Rules and ord. in the upper Bench Com. Pl. & Chanc. made 1654.026
 Ridley's view of Civil Law 8o036
 Rights of the Bishops 8o016
FRolls Rep. in 2 parts fol.140
 Royal Charter in English 8o026
 Replication to the City of Lon­dons Plea fol.006
LRead's Decl. and Pleadings 8o040
 Rules and orders in the Com. Pl. 8o010
LRobinson's Pleadings fol.0160
FSTatham's Abr. fol.1150
 Shepherd's Epitome fol.1100
 —Law of Common Assurances fol.0140
 —Practical Counsellour fol.0120
 —Actions of the Case for Words 8o026
 —Actions of the Case for Deeds 8o050
 —Marrow of Law, 2 parts 4o0120
 —Touch-Stone 4o070
 —President of Presidents 8o036
*—Duty of a Constable 8o016
 —Court keepers Guide 8o016
 —Guide for a Justice 8o036
 —Clerks Cabinet 8o010
 —Clerk of the Market 8o010
 —Of Corporations 8o010
 —Survey of Justice 12o014
 —Proposals 8o016
 —Of County Judicatures 8o010
 —Grand Abridgment 4o200
 —Of Tithes 12o010
 —View of the Laws 12o010
*LSpelman's Glossary fol.250
 Stiles Reports fol.0120
*— Pract. Register 8o050
 Scobell's Collection of Acts fol.0160
LSkenes Scotch Laws fol.0120
 The same in Scotch fol.0120
 De significat. Verborum 4o026
LSelden's Mare clausum fol.0120
 —The same in English fol.0120
 —History of Tithes 4o060
 —Of Barronage 8o010
 Sherman on Estates Tayle 4o006
 Special Law cases 4o026
 S. Johns Argument 4o006
 Star-Chamber Cases 4o008
* FStamford's Pleas of the Crown 4o060
 Somner of Gavel Kind 4o036
 Small's Declarations 4o036
*Swinbourn of Wills 4o070
 Sharrock on Linwood 12o060
 Stone's Reading of Bankrupts 8o016
 Statute of Bankrupts, by T.B. 8o016
 Statuta Vetera & Recentiora 8o010
 Smith's ommonwealth of Eng. 12016
 Sheriffs Practice in London 12o010
 Series of the House of Peers 8o060
 Selden of the Judic. of P. 8o020
FSavil's Reports fol.060
 Statutes of Ireland fol.1100
 Security of English mens lives 8o010
FSiderfin's Reports in 2 parts fol.100
 Selden's Tracts fol.080
 Spelman of Law Terms 8o010
LTHesaurus Brevium Rep. fol.000
 Tenures of Ireland fol.080
LFTownesend's Tables fol.0120
Taylor of Gavel Kind 4o030
 Thorp's Charge 4o006
 Tything Table 4o006
FTrotman's Abr. Cook's 11 Rep. 8o050
 Tothil's transactions in Chanc. 8o016
*Trials Per Pais 8o036
*Terms of the Law 8o046
 Topicks of the Law 8o010
FTheloal's Digest. of Writts 8o080
 Tenants Law 12o010
LTompson's Lib. Placitandi fol.0140
 Townsend's Collections fol.0100
 Trahern's Readings 4o010
FTable to Hen. the 7th. 12o020
 —to Coke's 1 Instit. fol.030
 —to his 2 Instit. fol.020
 —to his 3 Instit. fol.010
 —to his 4 Instit. fol.016
 —to Hobart's Rep. fol.026
 —to Davis Reports fol.010
 Townsend's 2d Book of Judg. 4o046
 Treatise of Nobility 8o010
 Touchstone of Precedents 8o030
 Townsend's Prep. to Pleadings 8o026
 Travellers Guide 12o010
 Trye's Jus Filizarii 8o026

TRIALS. The Tryal of W. Staley, E Cole­man, W. Ireland, &c. R. Green, &c. N. Reading, R. Langhorne; G. Wakeman, &c. A. Bromwich, &c. T. Gascoyne, J. Tasbourough &c. W. Stafford; M. Stapleton, &c. G. Busby, R. Essex, S. Colledge E. Cellier, H. Care, J. Giles; E. Fitzharris, &c. T. Knox, &c. T. Whitebread, &c. L. Munson, &c. N. Thomson, &c. Lord Cornwal­lis, 29 Regicides; Count Coningsmark, &c. E. of Strafford, the Ri [...] ters, W. Russell, A. Sidney, Sir S. Bernardiston, L. Braddon, &c. J. Hambden.

 VErnon's consid. in Excheq. 8o010
 Vaughan's Reports fol.0140
L—Prac. Wallae 12o016
 Vidian's Exact Pleader fol.090
 WIngate's Maxims fol.0140
*Ab. Statutes 8o066
 Body of the Law 8o016
 — Statut. Pacis 12.020
 Waterhouse on Fortescue fol.0140
 Winch's Reports fol.070
*West's Presidents 2 parts 4o0140
 Womans Lawyer 4o040
 Wiseman's Law of Laws 4o046
 White on the Sacred Law 8o016
 Welwood's Abr. of Sea Laws 8o040
 Wentworth's Executors Office 8o026
*Wilkinson's Office of a Sheriff 8o030
LWinche's Entries fol.2100
 Williams excellen. of the Law 8o020
 Whalley's Relig. estab. by Law 4o006
 Williams Jus Appellandi 8o010
Year Books.
  • EDW. II. Published by Sir John Maynard Knight.
  • EDW. III. 4 Volumes
  • HEN. IV. and V. 1 Vol.
  • EDW. IV. 2 Vol.
  • HEN. VI. 2 Vol.
  • HEN. VII. &c. 1 Vol.

I have omitted the Price of the Ten Volumes of Year Books, some of them being sold by way of Sub­scription.

FYElverton's Reports fol.080
 Young's Vade Mecum 12o010
 ZOuch on the Admiralty 8o020

Collected by Thomas Basset Bookseller at the Geo [...]ge near St. Dunstan's Church in Fleetstreet. 1684

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