SIX Centuries OF SELECT HYMNS AND SPIRITUAL SONGS Collected out of the Holy Bible. TOGETHER With a Catechism, the Canticles, and a Catalogue of Vertuous Women. By William Barton, A. M. late Mini­ster of St. Martins in Leicester.

The Fourth Edition Corrected, with above a third part of Additions.

LONDON, Printed by J. Heptinstall, for William Cooper at the Pelican in Little Britain. 1688.

TO The Right Honourable Sir Matthew Hale, Kt. Lord Chief Justice of England.

Right Honourable,

WHEN this Labour lay obstructed by the injuri­ousness of others, and partly by my own inability, a word of your Lordship, in favour of this Work, did instantly excite the Right Wor­shipfull, the Mayor and Aldermen of Leicester, and soon after some Honourable Personages and Wor­thy Gentlemen of our Town and County to promote the Printing of this Book of Hymns: and had not fraud and injury inevitably pre­vented, I had e're this presented this little Volume into your Honou­rable [Page] Hands in humble Gratulation of your Lordship's Favours: ho­ping also to leave it as a lasting monument of your attested Piety and the Liberality of the Benefac­tors a [...]d of your Honourable Pro­tection of,

Your Honours Most obliged and humbly devoted Servant, William Barton.


Courteous Reader,

BE pleased to understand that I was sent to and requested by Mr. Richard Baxter to tran­slate that famous Hymn, compo­sed by St. Ambrose and St. Au­gustine, called Te Deum, if I thought good, and so good I thought it, (harping upon Scripture all a­long) that I did it in double Metre, both to the Chapter-Hymns and to the Psalm-Hymns, and to the former I prefixt the [Page] Proofs, as you may find in pag. 2, &c. and to render it as near as possibly I could to the Prose-translation by variety of Metres, and the same correspon­dency I have generally aimed at in all the work, the main design whereof is to propagate and pro­mote Godliness, without which the Notions and Contests of Know­ledge are but meer shadows, and (as the Apostle saith of Genealo­gies) vain janglings; Now how far Spiritual Songs and Psalmody tend to true Godliness, we may ga­ther from the Holy Scriptures, Col. 3.16. where the Apostle saith, Let the word of Christ dwell rich­ly in you, in all wisedom, teaching and admonishing one another in Psalms and Hymns and spiritual Songs, &c.

For in the use of such as these Christians may truly say, that they do teach and admonish one another. For certainly the most [Page] pressing passages of Holy Scrip­tures being put into smooth and familiar Verse, (keeping also the order, and, as much as may be, the words of the Prose-translation) will fix good Lessons in our mind and memory, so as to edify the understanding, and kindle the af­fection, and do excellently instruct a Christian unto prayer and Medi­tation, Ministring abundant hints and helps thereto: And is no in­novation or induction, but a reno­vation and reduction (rather) to Primitive use and Order.

(And) how frequent, famous and familiar was the use of Hymns in the ancient Churches is both attested by the Ancients themselves, and applauded by worthy Writers of the later times. For the former see Justin Martyr in his 107th. Answer to the Or­thodox (here following) touching Songs used in the Church: Ter­tullian in his Apology against the [Page] Gentiles, Chap. 2. and 39. Euse­bius de praeparatione Evangelicâ. lib. 12. cap. 14. where he saith That by good right and reason, Christians did train up their Chil­dren in Godliness, by the use of Songs and Hymns. And in his Ecclesiastical History, Lib. 5. Cap. 25. of the English Translati­on, pag. 94. lin. 1. we have these words: How many Psalms and Hymns and Canticles were written from the beginning by faithfull Christians, which do celebrate the praise of Christ, &c.

And for the late Writers, the Reverend Bishop Davenant on Col. 3.16. saith, That it is apparent by ancient Writers, that the ancient Churches did use Hymns.

Comenius, in a little Book de­dicated to his Majesty, saith, that among the Bohemian Bre­thren they had above 700 Hymns in use, besides the Psalms of Da­vid. But if we do reckon the [Page] Hymns, Aliters, several Parts, and double Metres, together with the Prefatory Hymns, now pub­lished, these do in all amount to the number of 778.

Learned Dr. Hammond gives this Paraphrase upon Eph. 5.19. And let all your Mirth and Jollity be exprest in several kinds of Hymns, &c. that are used among Christians in a pious manner.

Aretius upon that excellent Scripture, 1 Tim. 1.15. This is a faithfull saying, &c. hath these words,

Sententia — digna quae Scribatur aureis,
literis, ac publicè decantetur. i. e.
A Saying worthy of a GOLDEN PEN,
And to be sung i'th' Church by Christian Men.

Wherefore I shall plead no fur­ther at present, but only to pre­sent my honest aim and purpose in these few Disticks following.

To fix choice Scriptures firmly in our mind,
And shew us where we shall those Scriptures find:
[Page]To move the mind to meditate and pray,
And train up Children in a Godly way.
To plant the Doctrine of our Catechism,
And root up Errors, Heresie and Schism.
To purge prophaneness, and create an Ocean
Of Love and Loyalty, and due Devotion.

This Third or New Century of Chapter-Hymns is composed (for the most part) of Context Scriptures, seldom fetching in any other save for a Doxology, and therefore one quotation at the beginning doth commonly serve for all; yet I dislike not the conjunction of parallel places but may say with holy Herbert,

This Verse, Notes That, And both do make a motion
Vnto a third, that ten leafs off do lye:
Then as dispersed Herbs do make a Potion,
These there make up a Christian's Destiny.

And of the usefulness of these Hymns I may say again with him,

A Verse may find him who a Sermon flies,
And turn Delight into a Sacrifice.

[Page]Hymns were accounted Sacred and Divine, even among the an­cient Heathen Poets, who the Apostle, Titus, Chap. 1. Vers. 12. calls Prophets, witness that of Hesiod in the beginning of his Book.

Come, famous Muses, which from Pierus spring,
Call God your Father while your Hymns you sing.

Of what account then should Hymns be among Christians? Hymns especially taken out of the Holy Scriptures? Scripture-Hymns then may challenge the preheminence, for St. Paul cal­leth it the Sword of the Spirit, for it is the Word of God; where­by we may gather that the Hymns used anciently were com­posed out of the Sacred Scriptures, [Page] and certainly such as are thence aptly composed and keep nearest to the original Text are the most spiritual and fittest to be sung in God's worship.

But if any shall think it far in­feriour, for these ends, to the ac­customed Psalmody; I hope I have now, in the regulation of the Psalm-Hymns, given fur­ther satisfaction; having retained none but such pressing parts and passages as are generally suitable to the condition of all good Christians, and shall be of easie apprehension for application: I shall say no more, but that if these twenty short Hymns follow­ing, prefix'd for Preface, (being supernumerary to the Centuries, and consisting most-what of History and Crimination) be thought by some not so suitable for Song, yet, for Apology-sake, [Page] I would have the Judicious consi­der, that some Psalms consist of the same Subjects. The 104th. Psalm (as learned Dr. Roberts saith) is a Narrative of the first five days Creation, and of Man (for whom all things were made) as is shewed throughout the Psalm. The 105th. and 106th. Psalms are Narrative, and Crimi­natory also, as some other Psalms are, as Psalm 50. and Psalm 78. and many others: Neither are such Psalms without great use for Edification; and Edification is a matter of such importance, that the Apostle saith, 1 Cor. 15.5.26. Let all things be done to edifying: and, Greater is he that prophesies than he that speaks with tongues, that the Church may receive edi­fying.

So that if these twenty follow­ing Hymns touching the Creati­on, &c. were but frequently read, [Page] though not sung, it might (by imprinting in the memory) con­duce much to Edification, which is the design of the whole,

By Thy Servant, For Jesus sake, William Barton.
The Author has finished all that ever he intended both Hymns and Psalm-Book.

AN ADVERTISEMENT Concerning this Posthumous Edition OF THE HYMN-BOOK.

Courteous Reader,

BE pleased to understand that the Author of these Hymns, having a natural Propensity to Divine Poesie, and being conversant in the Hebrew Tongue, took great delight in the study and fre­quent Meditation of David's Psalms, which at last did incline him to set upon a new Translation thereof into English Metre, (finding withall that the anci­ent usage of our Speech in Sternhold [Page] and Hopkins Translation was become obsoletely contemptuous to many people of this Age) which pious and laborious un­dertaking he having happily effected caused it to be published in the year of our Lord 1644. which Impression selling off quickly, he set forth a second Edition in the year 1645. and it was again re­printed An. 1654. in 12o. (besides the Pi­racies which some committed upon him) afterwards finding himself at leisure, in his Meditations upon several parts of Sacred Scripture, he collected 100 Hymns and published them under the Title of a Century of Select Hymns collected out of S. Scripture and Printed Anno 1659. in 12o. and finding in a little time that this single Century was very acceptable to the people, it did much encourage him to proceed, as he did in collecting another Century of Cha­pter-Hymns (for so he called them to distinguish them from the Psalm-Hymns which he afterwards published) for af­ter he had finished his second Century of Chapter-Hymns, he took occasion to over­look the multiplicity of Aliters which he had made in his Translation of the Psalms, wherein he found that many of those which he had refused at first were not in­feriour [Page] to those which he had published in his Psalm-Book, but were far too many to insert in that Book, therefore not willing that any of his Labours should be lost, he composed out of them two Centuries more of Psalm-Hymns, which four Centuries unpollished and as yet not Methodized, to use the Author's own words in his Epistle to the Reader before the Psalm-Hymns Section 5. [Because these Centuries were formerly put forth Anno Dom. 1668 against my will by an imperfect Copy and in great disorder, I have put them into a handsome method, passing by no Psalm of common use, but have in whole or in part, inserted it, and have put the whole Psalms together in double Metres,] and having re­viewed the four Centuries which were surreptitiously printed without the know­ledge or consent of the Author, but af­ter that he did then methodize and po­lish them at his leisure to render them as near the Hebrew, and yet as smooth and acceptable as was possible to mean Capacities, and in the year 1670. he published the two Centuries of Chapter-Hymns; and in the year 1672. he set forth the two Centuries of Psalm-Hymns [Page] at his own proper cost and charges, and all in order according to his own desire and design; but since that time it pleasing God to prolong his days he collected a third Century more out of the Chapters of the Old and New Testament, and ano­ther out of the Psalms, which he com­pleated, together with a Catechism, the Book of Canticles, and a Catalogue of the Vertuous Women mentioned in Holy Writ, all in Metre, with the last Ad­ditions and Corrections of the Author's own hand writing, and his twenty Prefatory Hymns, besides his Replenish­ings with various Metres, as also com­pleating it with divers excellent Aliters, with his last supervising, and then de­clared to his Children, Relations and Friends that he had finished all he de­signed, returning thanks to Almighty God that had spared him to finish his Work, and hoped he should survive to see both his Psalm-book and Hymn-book (so at large compleated) to be printed, but within a short time after he sickened, and upon the 14th day of May, 1678. it pleased God to call him out of this life to his Heavenly Kingdom being aged about 74, or 75; and since his death, his last Revise of the Psalm-book was printed [Page] Anno 1682. and Now this present year 1688. is published the rest of his Works carefully preserved ever since his death, viz. The Compleat Hymn-Book in Six Centuries, besides Aliters, double Metres and distinct Parts, which toge­ther with the Prefatory Hymns amounts to the number of 778 Hymns, besides the Catechism, the Book of Canticles, and a Catalogue of Vertuous Women enlarged, all in Metre, and thoroughly corrected by his own hand a little before his Death. The Third Century of Cha­pter-Hymns are wholly New, and the last Century that he made of Psalm-Hymns (which though mixed for Me­thod sake are distinguishable by the Poe­tical Arguments) were never before printed: And though the Psalm-Hymns in this Edition follow in order, yet you may not expect here a Psalm-Book; for here is never a Hymn composed upon any of these 29 following Psalms; viz. the for these you may see his Psalm-Book printed 1682. in 12o. which with this Hymn-Book makes up the Author's Di­vine Works compleat.

[Page]I need say no more concerning this Po­sthumous Edition of the Hymn-Book, it will sufficiently manifest its excellency in the perusal; but this only I do assure the Reader that all the care imaginable has been taken that no Injustice might be done to the Memory of the Worthy Author (through any considerable Er­rata's) not only by the Circumspection of the Printer and Corrector but by sending the Sheets of the whole Work to be Cor­rected by his Son, And

Your Servant in Christ Jesus, Edward Barton, Minister of Welford in Northamptonshire.

Justin Martyr of the use and Excellency of Spiritual Songs in the Church. In his 107. Answer to the Orthodox.

IT moves the mind and makes affections strong
To that which is so taking in the SONG.
The fleshly motions are by it supprest,
And vitious thoughts which foes unseen sug­gest.
The mind it moistens (as a fruitfull field)
Abundance of divine good things to yield.
It makes Religious men (such power it brings)
Champions for patience in all adverse things.
It cures the Godly man of worldly cares.
It is the Spirits Sword, as Paul declares.
Which acts and arms a Christian Souldier so
That he may grapple with his ghostly foe;
For 'tis the word of God, which while revolv'd
And sung aloud, the Devils are dissolv'd
And driven away: yea, it hath power so great
The mind to perfect, and to make compleat
With Christian vertues, whiles (in sacred throngs)
The Saints set on with these spiritual Songs.


PAge 214. Line 10. for stock reade flock. p. 244. l. 20. for mensounder r. each foun­der.) p. 246. l. 9. for breaketh r. baketh. p. 300. l. 1. for known r. know. p. 423. l. 4. for blessed r. blasted. p. 428. l. 13. after right add hand. p. 447. for Psalm 23. r. Psalm 50.14, 15, 23. (1. M.) p. 477. l. 11. for fruit r. bruit. p. 500. l. 10. for the r. thy. p. 583. l. 11. for he r. be. p. 627. l. 13. after and add that. p. 637. l. 26. after griev'd add because.

TWENTY Prefatory Hymns.

HYMN 1. Creation.

First Day.
Gen. 1.1.

All People, &c.
IN the beginning is set forth
How God created Heaven and Earth
Earth did lie void, and darkness keep
Upon the face of all the Deep.
Then said the Lord of sovereign might
Let there be light, and there was light:
And God saw light, a glorious spark,
And God divided light from dark.
And for the light, he call'd it day,
And darkness night, thus nam'd were they,
Evening and Morning set and rose,
And these the First Day did compose.
Rev. 4.11.
Lord thou art worthy of the Crown
Of Glory, Honour, and Renown;
For Thou, O Lord, did'st all things make,
And made they were for thy Will sake.

2. PART. Second Day.
v. 6, 7.

A Firmament did God provide,
Waters from Waters to divide:
The Firmament which God had fram'd
He called Heaven, and so 'twas nam'd.
And let, said God, the Firmament
Divide the Watry Element:
Waters above from these below
Let be distinct, and it was so.
Evening and Morning set and rose
And did the Second Day compose:
Let Israel's God be prais'd therefore
From first to last for evermore.

3. PART. Third Day.

v. 9.
And this Command from God was given
Touching the Waters under Heaven,
That all should gather to a place,
And the dry Land should shew her face.
v. 10.
And God did call the dry Land Earth,
The Waters Seas, which he set forth:
And God beheld that heaped Floud,
And saw that it was very good.
Then was the Earth of God enjoyn'd
To bring forth Herbs of every kind,
The Grass and Trees to yield their Fruit,
And Seed which in it self had Root.
And God commanded all to grow
Upon the Earth, and it was so;
Evening and Morning set and rose,
And these the Third Day did compose.
Let Israel's God be prais'd therefore
From first to last for evermore;
And let all faithfull people then
Say cheerfully, Amen, Amen.

4. PART. Fourth Day.
v. 14, 15.

And, said the Lord, let there be lights
Distinguishing the Days and Nights:
And let them shine within the Spheres
For signs, for seasons, days and years.
And God made two for greater light
The Son for Day, the Moon for Night:
All sorts of Stars he made beside,
The light from darkness to divide.
And God beheld that all was good
Which he had made, and so it stood▪
Evening and Morning set and rose
And these the Fourth Day did compose.
Let Israel's God be prais'd therefore
From first to last for evermore:
And blessed be the King of Kings
Who doth alone such wonderous things.

5. PART. Fifth Day.
v. 20.

And God did give the Waters charge
To bring forth moving things at large;
The living Creatures, Works most rare,
And Fowl to fly 'ith open air.
And God created mighty Whales,
And living Creatures that had Scales,
And winged Fowl of every kind,
And all was good, and to his mind.
And then God blessed them and said
A great encrease by you be made,
Let Fishes fill the Sea, so wide;
And Fowl on Earth be multiply'd.
Evening and Morning set and rose
And these the Fifth day did compose:
Let Israel's God be prais'd therefore
From first to last for evermore.

6. PART. Sixth Day.
v. 24.

And God enjoyn'd the Earth to bring
And to produce each kind of thing,
[Page v]Cattell and creeping things, and Beasts
Each in his kind to make encrease.
Then said the Lord, now let us make
Man in his kind for our own sake:
And let us make and form him, thus,
In our own Image like to us.
And let them have Dominion or'e
The Fish, the Fowl, the Sea, the Shore:
And every Creature that is found
To swim in Sea, or go on Ground.
So God made Mans original Stem
Both Male and Female made he them:
And, blessing them, said God most high
Be fruitfull now, and multiply:
And fill the Earth, and it subdue,
I give the Lordship all to you:
And ye shall rule as Sovereign king
O're Fish and Fowl and every thing.
And lo! said God, I give you meat,
The Herbs, and Fruits of Trees to eat;
To Birds and Beasts the Herbs that grow,
I give for food, and it was so.
And God beheld how all things stood
And all he made was very good.
Evening and Morning set and rose
And these the Sixth Day did compose.
Lord thou art worthy of the Crown
Of Glory, Honour and Renown,
For thou, O Lord, didst all things make
For thine own will and pleasure sake.

HYMN 2. The Sabbath.
Gen. 2.1.

Our Father, &c.
THUS Heaven and Earth were set in place
With all their Hosts in six days space;
The Seventh Day the Lord did rest
Which day he sanctifi'd and blest
Because thereon the Lord had stay'd
From all the Work which he had made.
Heb. 11.3.
And thus by faith we understand
The Worlds were made by God's command,
So that the things which now we see
Were not compos'd of things that be;
Something of nothing God did call,
And of that something God made all.
Thus also we are put in mind
That there's a Rest remains behind,
An Everlasting Heavenly Rest
Whereof God's people are possest,
And we that do believe in him,
At th' hour of death shall enter in.
Let Israel's God be prais'd therefore
From first to last for evermore:
And let the People all proclaim
The praises of his holy Name,
And all of us with one accord
Say here Amen, praise ye the Lord.

HYMN 3. Marriage.
Gen 2.7.18, 21. &c.

Our Father, &c.
AND God the Lord did man compound
Of Dust he gathered off the Ground,
Breath'd in his breast a lively flame,
So man a living Soul-became:
Yet 'tis not good, said th' Holy One,
Not good that man should be alone.
Now will I make a helper meet
For him, as his companion sweet;
Then God made Adam fall asleep:
And so he slept a sleep full deep:
Then took the Lord a Rib most fit,
And clos'd up flesh instead of it.
And of that Rib a Woman made
And brought her to the man, who said
Bone of my bone is this to me,
And flesh of mine own flesh is she:
Woman she shall be call'd, because
Took out of Man, himself she was.
Therefore a man shall leave behind
Father and Mother ne're so kind,
And cleave unto his Wife alone,
And they shall be one flesh and bone:
And both were naked fairly fram'd▪
Man and his Wife, and not asham'd.
[Page viii] Psal. 106. ult. Psal. 67.3.
Let Israel's God be prais'd therefore
From first to last for evermore,
And let the people all proclaim,
The praises of his holy Name;
And let us all with one accord
Say here Amen: praise ye the Lord.

HYMN 4. Paradise.
Gen. 3.8.

All People, &c.
AND God did plant his Garden trees
East-ward in Eden full of these:
All that was pleasant to the sight,
And good for food or for delight.
And into Eden thus adorn'd
He brought the man whom he had form'd;
And made all Paradise his seat
To dress it and to keep it neat.
The tree of Life, of greatest price,
Was in the midst of Paradise.
And there the Tree of Knowledge stood,
Knowledge of evil and of good.
And God did bring each Bird and Beast
(Even from the greatest to the least)
For Man to name, and by his Word
Was named every Beast and Bird.
Let Israel's God be prais'd therefore
From first to last for evermore:
[Page ix]And let all sorts of people then,
Say cheerfully Amen, Amen.

HYMN 5. The Covenant of Works.
Gen. 2.16.

All People, &c.
AND God the Lord did give command
To Adam, saying, understand
Of every tree this ground doth bear
Thou may'st eat freely any where.
But of the tree of Knowledge (still)
Knowledge, I say, of Good and Ill,
To eat thereof be not entic'd,
For if thou eat thereof thou dy'st.
This tree, I say, which I so call
Thou shalt not eat of it at all:
For in the Day that thou shalt try
To eat thereof, thou sure shalt die.
All Glory to the Holy One
That sits upon the Soveraign Throne,
And to the Son and Holy Ghost
Be Glory to the uttermost.

HYMN 6. Man's shamefull Fall.
Gen. 3.1.

Our Father, &c.
BUT now the Serpent was more deep
Than any Beast the field did keep,
[Page x]Subtler than all that God had made,
And to the Woman thus he said
Yea, hath God said ye shall not eat
Of all the Garden-trees for meat?
Fear not, ye shall not surely die,
For God doth know assuredly
That when ye both thereof have eat,
Your eyes it shall illuminate;
And ye as glorious Gods shall be,
Knowing both good and ill, as he.
And when the Woman (having view'd)
Saw that the tree was good for food,
And very pleasant to the eyes,
And to be wisht to make one wise,
She took the fruit thereof and ate,
And of it did communicate.
She gave her Husband of the meat,
And he did also take and eat:
Then were the eyes of both awak'd,
And saw that they were wholly nak'd;
And then they sew'd fig-leaves together
Aprons to hide their shame however.
Then hear the voice of God did they
There walking in the cool of day:
And in the Garden (got aside)
They sought where they might closely hide,
Thinking from him, that all things sees,
To hide themselves among the trees.

HYMN VII. Adam's Arraignment and Ex­cuse.
Gen. 3.9.11.

Our Father, &c.
THEN God call'd Adam, And, said he,
Adam where art thou? answer me.
I heard thy voice then Adam said▪
Ith' Garden and I was afraid,
And hid my self because that I
Was naked thus opprobriously.
v. 11.
Then said the Lord, how didst thou know
That thou wast nak'd? Who told thee so?
What! hast thou eaten of the tree
Which flatly was forbidden thee?
Whereof with penalty so great
I charg'd thee that thou should'st not eat?
The Woman, Lord, then said the man▪
Thou gav'st for my Companion,
She gave me of it; it was she
That offer'd that unhappy tree;
She gave to me of that dear meat,
And I unwittingly did eat.

HYMN 8. Eve's Arraignment and Excuse.
Gen. 3.13. 1 Tim. 2.14. Rom. 5.12.

THEN to the Woman, who was first
In the Transgression most accurst,
Thus said the Lord, what thing is this
That thou hast done so much amiss?
[Page xii]For thou hast done, as thou shalt find,
To the Destruction of Mankind.
Then said the Woman, that foul fiend,
The Serpent, whom I thought my friend,
The Subtile Serpent, it was he
That cousned and beguiled me;
And I, beguil'd by his deceit,
Was so unhappy as to eat.

HYMN 9. The Serpent's Censure, and the Co­venant of Grace intimated to his Sorrow.
Gen 3.14, 15.

THEN to the Serpent, said the Lord,
Since thou hast done this thing abhorr'd,
Above all beasts to thee be woe;
Upon thy belly shalt thou go,
And Dust to thy extreme disgrace,
Shall be thy food all thy life space.
Between thee and the Woman-kind
I will put enmity of mind:
Also between thy seed and hers
There shall be everlasting Wars:
To bruise thy head, as thou shalt feel,
And thou shalt also bruise his heel.

HYMN 10. The Woman's Censure and the Mans.
Gen. 3.16, 17, 18, 19.

AND to the Woman God said thus,
Thy sorrows shall be numerous,
And also thy conceptions;
In sorrow shalt thou bring forth Sons,
[Page xiii]Thy mind shall to thy husband be,
And he shall Lord it over thee.
And unto Adam thus he said,
Because that thou hast disobey'd,
Hearkning to what thy Wife did say,
And her suggestion did obey,
And so hast eaten of the tree
Which flatly was forbidden thee:
The ground is cursed for thy sake,
With grief, thereof thou shalt partake;
In sorrow thou shalt eat thy bread
As long as thou on Earth dost tread:
Thistles and thorns to thee 't shall yield,
And thou shalt eat the herb of th' field.
With sad and sweaty face shalt thou
Eat carefull bread, got by the plow,
Till thou return unto the Earth
Whence also thou wast taken forth:
For by Creation, Dust thou wast,
And shalt return to Dust at last.

HYMN 11. Adam's Expulsion from Paradise.
Gen. 3.21, to ult.

AND unto Adam and his Wife
(Now in a mortal state of life)
Did God the Lord make coats of skin
To cloth their naked bodies in:
Then said the Lord Almighty, thus,
The Man's become as one of us.
Behold, said God his deeper skill
How well he knows both good and ill!
[Page xiv]And now lest he put forth his hand
To th' tree of life, and think to stand,
And eat thereof and never die
(As he may think presumptuously)
Therefore the Lord depriv'd him quite
Of that sweet garden of delight:
And to confute his fond device,
He put him out of Paradise;
And sent him forth, with open shame,
To till the ground from whence he came:
So God drove out the man, disgrac'd,
And at the East of Eden plac'd
The Cherubins with flaming sword
On every side that turn'd and stir'd,
To keep the way from all access
To th' tree of Life and Blessedness.
Rom. 5.12.
And thus by one man entred sin
Into the World; so Death came in:
And Death hath passed over all,
Since all have sinned by the fall;
And as from Adam, all along,
Death reigned over old and young.
Rom. 5.18.
So by one man's obedience
Are many cleared from offence;
That as sin reign'd to Death and pain,
So grace to righteousness might reign:
Through Jesus Christ our onely Lord,
Wherefore praise him with one accord.

HYMN 12. The World degenerate.
Gen. 6.1.

To the tune of the Ten Commandments: Or, All People, &c.
IT came to pass when men began
to multiply upon the Earth,
And Daughters born to many a man
were fair and beauteous from their birth;
That then the Sons of godly seed
did see the Daughters sprung from those
That practic'd many a wicked Deed,
and took them Wives of all they chose.
Then said the Lord, my spirit no more
shall strive with man that is but flesh;
Yet shall his years be twice threescore
to wait repentance and redress.
And God did see Mans works were nought,
and full of foul Iniquity:
Each motion of his heart and thought
was onely ill continually.
And God repented, for his part,
for making man upon the ground:
And lo: it griev'd him at his heart
that man so monstrous should be found.
I will destroy (the Lord then said)
both man and beast and creeping thing,
And fowl, and all that I have made,
for I repent their fashioning.

HYMN 13. The Ark Ordered.
Gen. 6.8.

BUT Noah with the Lord found grace,
(a perfect man without offence)
While all the Earth before his face,
was fill'd with fraud and violence.
And unto Noah God said thus
make thee an Ark of Gopher Wood,
For th' Earth is most flagitious
and I will drown it with a floud.
But thou into the Ark shalt come
thou and thy Wife, thy Sons their Wives:
Two of each sort of Creatures dumb
thou shalt bring in to save their lives.
Of clean ones thou shalt take thee seven,
and likewise food for them and thee:
Both beasts and fowl from under heaven,
both male and female shall they be.
Heb. 11.7.
Thus faithfull Noah, mov'd with fear
prepar'd an Ark (as Scripture saith)
To save his House, and prov'd an heir
of righteousness which is by faith.
To God the Father and the Son
and to the Holy Ghost therefore,
Be Glory done as first begun,
is now, and shall be evermore.

HYMN 14. The Floud rising.

IN the six hundreth year it was
of Noah's life; the seventeenth Day,
And second Month, it came to pass
that Noah's Floud swept all away.
Then all the Fountains of the Deep
were broken up beneath the Sky:
And Windows in the Clouds that keep,
were opened universally.
The Rain unmeasurably fell
full forty Days and forty Nights:
The Waters did prevail and swell
unto the most excessive heights.
The Ark was born above the Earth
no less than fifteen cubits high:
And all the Hills which now stand forth,
did underneath the Waters lie.
And all that mov'd upon the Ground,
all Fowl and Beasts (name what you can)
And every living thing was drown'd,
whatever breath'd; and every man.

HYMN 15. Eight Souls saved in the Ark.
1 Pet. 3.20.

ONELY was Noah sav'd alive,
and those few souls that did imbark,
With Noah (whiles the Floud let drive)
and were preserved in the Ark.
All were destroy'd, save such as sail'd
in Noah's Ark, which scap'd however;
And still the Watry Flouds prevail'd,
for almost half a year together.
Let Israel's God be prais'd therefore,
a God of Judgment, sure is he:
And let the whole Earth evermore
give praise to him: Amen say we.

HYMN 16. The Floud falling.

AND God remembred Noah then,
and every living thing with him;
The Cattel also, and the Men,
that to the Ark were entred in.
And God did make a drying Wind
pass o're the Earth where flouds had rag'd,
Which for that purpose was design'd,
and so the Waters were asswag'd.
The Fountains also of the Deep
and Heavens Windows, whence it rain'd,
Were stopt, and made all close to keep,
and Rain from Heaven was restrain'd.
And waters from the Earth always
were going off: to leave it dry,
And in an hundred fifty days
they were abated wondrously.
And in the seventh Month that Year
and on the seventeenth Day of that,
The Ark did rest and plain appear
upon the Hills of ARARAT.
And still the waters did decay
untill the tenth Month did ensue;
And in that Month on its first Day,
the tops of mountains were in view.

HYMN 17. The Raven and Dove sent out.

Then Noah sent a Raven out
which went and passed to and fro,
Untill the waters all about
were dryed from the Earth below.
Then also sent he forth a Dove
to see if waters did abate,
From off the Earth and all above,
but they were still at too much height.
And the poor Dove could find no place
whereon her weary foot might stand,
So she return'd to th' Ark apace,
and he receiv'd her with his hand.
Let Israel's God be prais'd therefore,
and with his glory Earth be fill'd
And let the People evermore,
to him all praise and glory yield.

HYMN 18. The Dove with the Olive leaf.
Gen 8.

AND seven Days more did Noah stay,
then sends the Dove from th' Ark again,
Thereby to make a fresh assay
how clear the Earth was of the rain.
And in the Evening cometh she,
brings in her mouth (good news to tell)
An Olive-leaf plukt off the tree;
so Noah knew the waters fell.
Then staid he yet seven other Days,
and freshly sends the Dove a-shore;
And, finding place, the Dove there stays,
and came not at him any more.
Then Noah did remove strait way
the covering of the Ark, to spy,
And lo! that Year, first Month and Day,
the face of all the Earth was dry.
Let Israel's God, the King of Kings,
be ever blest and praised then,
Whose mercies are above all things;
and let all people say Amen.

HYMN 19. The Covenant signed by the Rain­bow.
Gen. 8.15, &c. Chap. 9.11, &c.

God spake to Noah then, and said,
Thy house and harbour now resign,
[Page xxi]And let the Creatures be convey'd
Out of the Ark with thee and thine.
And let them breed abundantly
In all the Earth, and fruitfull be,
And ye shall greatly multiply,
And I will covenant with thee.
And I will make my Covenant sure,
And there shall never more be floud,
To drown the Earth while Days endure;
For I will make my Covenant good.
And when I bring a Cloud on Earth,
Therein there shall be seen my Bow▪
And that shall set my Covenant forth,
And I will look upon it so.
That I may call to mind, afresh,
The Everlasting Covenant made
Between the Lord and mortal flesh
In all the Earth, as I have said.
O let the God of Israel
Be prais'd and magnifi'd therefore,
And people all on Earth that dwell
Give thanks to him for evermore.

HYMN 20. Noah's Sacrifice.
Gen. 8.20.

The Mighty God, &c.
AND Noah built an Altar to the Lord
And of clean beasts and fowl he offered two:
And with these Offrings was Gods Altar stor'd,
And God well pleas'd that Noah so should do;
And so the Lord resented a sweet savour,
And Noah for this Act was in his favour.
And thus said God, whose bowels yern'd within
I will no more for mans sake curse the ground,
For mans imaginations are but sin,
And such by Nature from his youth are found:
Neither will I for ever any more,
Smite all things living, as I did before.
And while the Earth and Mountains shall re­main
Seeds-time and Harvest ever shall abide:
And cold and heat shall never fail again;
Summer and winter shall retain their tide;
And Day and Night (increasing or decreasing)
Shall keep their seasons without fail or cea­sing.
Gen. 9.12.
And this shall be the Covenant which I make,
And this the Seal betwixt my self and you
And every living Creature, for your sake,
And all the Generations that ensue:
[Page xxiii]I'll set my Bow i'th' Cloud, to be a token
Between me and the Earth, as I have spoken

Rev. 1.4, 5. Chap. 4.8. 1 John 5.7.

To him that was and is, and is to come,
To God Almighty the most Holy One,
And unto Jesus Christ his onely Son,
And to the seven Spirits before the Throne,
To Father, Son and Holy Ghost together,
Be Kingdom, Glory, Power and Praise for ever.

The Table of the Prefatory Hymns.

  • Hymn 1. CReation.
    • The First Day. i.
    • The Second Day. ii.
    • The Third Day. Ibid.
    • The Fourth Day. iii.
    • The Fifth Day. iv.
    • The Sixth Day. Ibid.
  • 2. The Sabbath. vi.
  • 3. Marriage. vii.
  • 4. Paradise. viii.
  • 5. The Covenant of Works. ix.
  • 6. Man's shamefull Fall. Ibid.
  • 7. Adam's Arraignment and Excuse. xi.
  • 8. Eve's Arraignment and Excuse Ibid.
  • 9. The Serpents Censure, and the Covenant in Christ intimated. xii.
  • 10. The Womans Censure and the Man's. Ibid.
  • 11. Mans Expulsion from Paradise. xiii.
  • 12. The World degenerate. xv.
  • 13. The Ark ordered. xvi.
  • 14. The Deluge, or Flood rising. xvii.
  • 15. Eight Souls saved in the Ark. Ibid.
  • 16. The Deluge ceasing. xviii.
  • 17. The Raven sent forth and the Dove. xix.
  • 18. The Dove with the Olive-leaf. xx.
  • 19. Noah Coming out of the Ark, and the Co­venant of the Rainbow. Ibid.
  • 20. Noah's Sacrifice. xxii.
The First Century.Hy …

The First Century.

Hymn I. Access to the Throne of Grace at our awaking.
1 Tim. 4.10. 2 Cor. 1.10. Psal. 119.133. Jude 21. Psal. 73.24. Rev. 22.8.

Tune. Ye Children, &c.
O God the Saviour of all men,
And most especially of them
That faithfully believe in thee.
Who hast preserv'd us all times past,
And wilt preserve us to the last
As still our trust and hope shall be.
Order our steps in thy good word,
And let no sin reign in us, Lord,
But keep us ever in thy love;
And let thy Counsels be our guide
Till thou receiv'st us to abide
In glory with thy Saints above.
Psal. 28.9.115. 1. Mat. 6.13. Psal.
Lord, save thy Church in every Age,
Govern and bless thine Heritage,
And lift them up for evermore.
[Page 2]We daily magnifie thy fame,
And thy most high and holy Name
World without end we still adore.
Vouchsafe us, Lord, thy grace herein
To keep us clear this day from sin,
Shew mercy, Lord, shew mercy free:
Shew mercy, Lord, as we confide
On thee, O Lord, have I reli'd,
Confounded let me never be.

The second Metre. The Mighty God.

O God the Saviour of all sorts of men,
Especially of them that do believe;
Author & finisher of the faith of them
Whose sure salvation, Lo [...]d, thou wilt at­chieve.
Who hast preserv'd us always heretofore
And wilt, we trust, preserve us evermore.
Order our steps in thy good word, O God,
And let no wickedness in us bear sway;
But Sin and Satan let be under-trod,
And all our steps upholden in thy way:
And let thy Counsels guide and never leave us,
Till to thy glory, Lord, thou shalt receive us.

Hymn II. Acclamations of Praise, or Te Deum Laudamus. Exemplifi'd with proofs of Holy Scripture.
Rom. 15.6. Rev. 11.17.

All people, &c.
WE praise thee, O God, with one accord,
We acknowledge thee to be the Lord,
[Page 3]All the whole Earth adores thy Name,
Father of everlasting fame.
Rev. Isa. 6.2.
To Thee aloud all Angels cry,
The Heav'ns and all the Powers on high,
Both Cherubin and Seraphin bright
Continual cries of praise recite.
Isa. 6.3. Rev.
O Holy, Holy, Holy LORD,
Great God of Sabbaoth (they record)
With splendor of thy glory spread
In Heav'n and Earth replenished.
2. Part.
Rev. 4.10.
Th' Apostles glorious Company
Praise Thee, O God, perpetually,
The Prophets goodly fellowship
Praise Thee, and let no moment slip.
Rev. 7.7, 9, 10.
The noble and victorious Host
Of Martyrs do thy praises boast,
The Holy Church throughout the Earth
Acknowledge and extoll thy Worth.
Isa. 9.6. Joh. 14.36.
The Father of boundless Majesty,
Thy true and only Son most high,
Also that sweet Remembrancer
The Holy Ghost the Comforter.
3. Part. Psal.
Thou art, O Christ, King of renown
Invested with a Glorious Crown.
[Page 4]Thou art (before all time begun)
The Fathers everlasting Son.
1 Pet. 3.18. Gal. 4.4. Heb. 9.15.
Thou undertaking in our room
Didst not abhor the Virgins Womb.
The pains of Death orecome by Thee
Made Heav'n to all Believers free.
Heb. 1.3. John 5.22.
At God's right hand Thou hast thy Seat,
And in the Fathers glory great.
We do believe that Thou shalt come
To judge us at the Day of Doom.
4. Part.
Rev. 5.9. Mat. 8.11.
Lord, help thy Servants whom (when lost)
Thy bloud redeem'd at so great cost.
Place them on Everlasting Thrones
Of glory with thy Holy Ones.
Psal. 28.9.
Thy People, Lord, do Thou protect,
And bless thine Heritage Elect,
Govern thy Church, and, Lord, advance
For ever thine Inheritance.
Psal. 145.1, 2.
From day to day, O Lord, do We
Highly exalt and honour Thee:
Thy Name we worship and adore
World without end for evermore.
5. Part.
Mat. 6.13. Psal. 123.3.
Vouchsafe, O Lord, we humbly pray,
To keep us safe from sin this day:
[Page 5]O Lord, have mercy on us all,
Have mercy on us when we call.
Psal 33.22 31.1.
Thy mercy Lord to us dispence
According to our confidence:
Lord, I have put my trust in Thee,
Confounded let me never be.

The second Metre.
Rom. 15.6. Rev.

Ye Children, &c.
O God we praise thy Holy Name,
Thy Sovereign Lordship we proclaim,
Confessing Thee the Lord alone;
All the whole Earth doth worship Thee
The Father from ETERNITY,
The true and Everlasting One.
Angels loud voices joyn with ours,
The Heavens and all the Heavenly Powers,
do ever magnifie thy fame;
To thee the winged Cherubim
And the bright burn [...]ng Seraphim,
Continual acclamations frame.
2. Part.
Isa. 6.3. Rev.
Thrice Holy Lord, they joyntly say,
Whose royal Power all Hosts obey,
thy glory bright fills Heav'n and Earth:
Th' Apostles glorious Company,
And Prophets sweet SOCIETY,
perpetual praises do pour forth.
The Noble Host of Martyrs stout,
The Holy Church the World throughout,
[Page 6]thy power profess, thy praise prefer,
The Father of endless Majesty,
Thine only Son most true, most high,
with th' Holy Ghost the Comforter.
3. Part.
Psal. Gal. 4.4. Heb. 9.15.
Thou art the King of glory, O Christ,
The King of glory in the high'st,
the Fathers everlasting Son.
Thou freely didst our flesh assume,
And not abhor the Virgins Womb,
for Mans redemption to be done.
When thou hadst overcome the pains
Of sharpest death which sadly reigns
o're all mankind because of sin;
Thou didst set open (in thy Love)
The Kingdom (there) of Heav'n above,
that all Believers might come in.
4. Part.
Heb. 1.3. Joh. 5.22. Mat.
O Saviour Christ, Thou art set down
At God's right hand, in high renown,
and in thy Fathers glory bright;
We do believe it, Lord, of thee,
That thou shalt come our judge to be,
who hast the sole and Sovereign right.
We humbly pray Thee, Lord, therefore,
Assist thy servants evermore,
those whom thy precious blood did buy:
Make them be numbred on the Thrones
Of glory, with the Holy Ones,
in Everlasting dignity.
5. Part.
Psal. Mat. 6.13. Psal.
Thy people, Lord, thine heritage,
Preserve and bless from age to age,
[Page 7]govern and lift them up for ever.
We dayly magnifie thy Name,
We worship and adore the same
World without end, surceasing never.
Thy grace and favour Lord give in,
To keep us safe this day from sin:
Shew mercy, Lord, shew mercy free,
Shew mercy, Lord, as we confide,
On thee, O Lord, have I rely'd,
confounded let me never be.

The third Metre.

To the Common-Tune.
WE praise thee, God, we acknowledge thee
the only Lord to be:
O Father, the Eternal One!
the whole Earth worships Thee.
To thee all Angels cry aloud,
the Heavens and all therein:
Continually to thee do cry
Cherube and Seraphin.
O Holy, Holy, Holy Lord,
the Lord the God of Hosts:
In Heaven and Earth thy praise is spread,
throughout the Skie and Coasts.
The Apostles glorious Company,
and Prophets goodly train:
And Noble Host of Martyrs blest
thy praises do proclaim.
The Holy Church confesseth Thee
throughout the spacious Earth:
[Page 8]The Father of a Majesty
that cannot be set forth.
Also thine Honourable true,
thy dear and only Son:
And Holy Ghost the Comforter
of every faithfull one.
Of glory thou, O Christ, art King,
(that Title is thy due:)
Thou art the Everlasting Son
Of God the Father true.
When sinfull mans deliverance
was that thou camest for:
To be inclos'd in Virgins Womb,
Thou diddest not abhor.
The sharp and cruel pains of death
when thou had'st conquer'd whole:
Thou didst set open Heavens gate
to every faithfull soul.
Thou in thy Fathers glory great
at God's right hand dost sit:
We trust that thou shalt come to be
our Judge, to set us quit.
Help then thy servants whom Thou hast
bought with thy precious blood:
In endless glory reckon them
among thy Saints so good.
Do thou, O Lord, thy people save,
bless thine inheritance:
Govern them, Lord, by thy good grace,
and ever them advance.
We magnifie thee day by day,
thy Name we do adore:
[Page 9]World without end continually,
vouchsafe thy grace therefore.
And keep us, Lord, this day from sin
lest we offend and fall:
Have mercy on us, O good Lord,
have mercy on us all.
Lord, let thy mercy light on us
as we do trust in thee:
In thee I trust, Lord, let me not
confounded ever be.

Fourth Metre.

To the Tune of the 50th. Psalm. The mighty God, &c.
WE give thee praise,
O God, with one accord,
We all acknow­ledge
thee to be the Lord:
All the whole Earth
adores thee, O most high,
The blessed Fa­ther
from Eternity.
Angels loud Voi­ces
joyn their praise with ours,
The Heav'ns on high,
and all the Heavenly Powers.
Both Cherubin
and Seraphin so bright.
Continual cries
of praise to thee recite:
O Holy, Ho­ly,
Holy Lord, they say,
[Page 10]Lord God of Sab­baoth,
whom all Hosts obey,
Both Heav'n and Earth
are filled every where
With thy Majes­tick
glory shining there.
The blest Apo­stles
glorious Company
Do praise thy Ho­ly
Name harmoniously:
The Prophets good­ly
fellowship proclaim
The constant prai­ses
of thy glorious Name:
The Noble Hosts
of Martyrs also bless thee,
The Holy Church
through all the Earth confess thee.
The Father of
a Majesty unknown,
Thine Honoura­ble
true and only Son:
Also the Ho­ly
Ghost they do confess
The Comforter
of thine in their distress.
The King of Glo­ry
thou, O Christ, art Crowned,
The Fathers e­verlasting
Son renowned.
When thou took'st on
thee (what none other can)
[Page 11]Namely to work
deliverance for man:
The Virgins Womb
thou diddest not abhor
To enter on
the Work thou camest for.
When thou hadst quell'd
the pains of death so grievous,
Thou openedst Hea­ven
gate to all Believers.
At God's right hand
thou hast thy seat on high,
And in the Fa­thers
glorious dignity:
We do believe
that thou shalt have the Throne,
And (one day) come
to judge us every one.
O therefore help
thy servants so esteemed,
That them (when lost)
thy precious blood redeemed.
O make them to
be numbred with thy Saints
In endless Glo­ry,
where no fulness wants:
Lord, save thy peo­ple,
bless thine Heritage,
Govern and lift
them up from age to age.
We magnifie
Thee daily evermore,
World without end
Thy Name we do adore▪
Vouchsafe to keep
us, Lord, this day from sin,
Have mercy on
us, and thy grace give in.
O Let thy mer­cy,
Lord, upon us light,
As we have e­ver
trusted in thy might:
O Lord, in Thee
my confidence is grounded:
O therefore let
me never be confounded.

Hymn III. Adventus Christi; or Accomplish­ment of the first Promise.
Joh. 1.14.

THe eternal word took humane flesh,
and dwelt amongst us here;
And men beheld his gloriousness
most plainly to appear.
As of th' alone begotten one
of God the Father, true;
So also full of grace He sho'n,
and glorious in our view.
And of his fulness from on high
we have, in every place,
Received Universally
and (richly) grace for grace:
For lo! the Law Man's bound unto,
by Moses was made known,
But grace and truth to know and do,
by Jesus Christ alone.
To Father, Son, and Holy Ghost,
all glory be therefore;
As was, and is to th' uttermost,
and shall be evermore.

Hymn IV. A faithfull saying.
1 Tim. 1.15. John

THIS is a saying verify'd,
and worthy all esteem:
That Jesus Christ came down and di'd,
poor sinners to redeem.
His Name whoever trusts upon,
shall live, although he die;
And free from Condemnation,
shall live, Eternally.
To him that thus hath loved us,
and cancell'd all our score:
With that pure flood of his own blood,
be praise for evermore.

Hymn V. A joyfull Death, or the Song of Holy Simeon.
Luke 2.29.

NOW lettest thou thy servant, Lord,
depart in perfect peace,
According to thy faithfull Word,
concerning his decease.
For now mine eyes have seen declar'd
(ere death shall end my race)
The saving health Thou hast prepar'd
before all peoples face.
31. Rev. 1.4.—
A light to lighten clear enough
the Gentiles where they dwell,
[Page 14]And to be made the glory of
thy People Israel.
To God the Father and the Son
and Holy Ghost therefore,
Be glory done as first begun,
and shall be evermore.

Hymn VI. A Morning Exercise.
Lam. 3.22.

All People, &c.
'TIS of God's mercies infinite,
That we are not consumed quite;
Because indeed they still prevail,
And his compassions never fail.
23, 24.
Each morning brings a fresh supply,
So great is God's fidelity:
The Lord's my portion, saith my soul,
Therefore my hopes on him shall roll.
The Lord is very nigh to those
That wait on him at his dispose:
Good to the Soul impowr'd with grace,
Unfainedly to seek his face.
And it is good in every strait,
Both quietly to hope and wait,
For that salvation to attend,
Which God in his good time shall send..

Hymn VII. A Promise of sending the Holy Ghost, and of the Miracles at Pentecost.
Luke 24.49.

THUS spake our Saviour Christ to his,
behold! I send, said he,
To you my Father's PROMISES,
which ye have heard of me.
Luke 24.49.
But stay ye at Jerusalem
untill the day draw nigh,
And ye shall be indued then
with power from on high.
Acts 2.1.
And when full fifty days were come
(thus hinted by our Lord)
They all were gather'd in a room
and all with one accord.
And suddenly a sound from Heaven,
like mighty rustling wind,
Fill'd all the house, where sate the Eleven
with other Brethren joyn'd.
And there appeared to the men,
tongues cloven, as of fire,
And sate upon each one of them,
and did their hearts inspire.
And then began they to advance
their speech in Languages,
The Spirit giving utterance
as He himself did please.
And Jews were present there in throngs,
from Nations all abroad,
And heard them speak in several tongues
the wondrous works of God.
Rev. 1.4.
To Father, Son, and Holy Ghost,
all Glory be therefore.
As was, and is, to th [...] uttermost,
and shall be evermore.

Hymn VIII. Arraignment of Ambition, Co­vetousness, and Cruelty.
Hab. 2.9, to 12.

WOE be to him (must all confess)
that with a greedy eye,
Covets an evil covetousness,
unto his Family.
That he may set his nest on high,
and there to keep him warm,
And sit with great security
from fear of future harm.
Thou hast consulted shame enough,
unto thy house this day,
And cutting many people off,
hast sinn'd thy soul away.
For lo! the very stone shall cry
out of the wall to Me,
And thereto shall the Beam reply,
out of the Timber tree.
Wo be to him, to him be wo
that builds a Town with blood,
[Page 17]And stablisheth a City so,
by ways abhorr'd of God.

Hymn IX. A Song to celebrate the restaura­tion of the CHVRCH.

Have mercy, &c.

Isa. 54.11.

O Thou afflicted Church,
and tost with tempest great,
Left comfortless in thy distress,
while all those storms did beat.
Behold! I lay thy stones
with colours very fair,
Thy corner stones most curious ones
with Saphyres to compare.
13, 14.
And great shall be the peace,
thy Children are to see,
And thou, no less, in righteousness
established shalt be.
Oppression shall be far,
because thou shalt not fear,
No Tyranny shall terrifie,
nor unto thee come near.
7. Rev. 15.6.
Though, for a little while,
I hid from thee my face,
My care shall be to gather thee
with everlasting Grace.
To God in Trinity
all glory be therefore:
As hath been done, since time begun,
and shall be evermore.

2. PART.
Isa. 60.15, 16.

Arise, O Church, and shine,
thy light comes in and springs:
Thy Saviour now, hath said, that thou
shalt suck the breast of Kings.
And they shall be design'd
for nursing Fathers kind,
And unto thee their Queens shall be
for nursing Mothers joyn'd.
Thine eyes shall see the King
in all his beauty bright,
And God shall crown thee with Renown
and everlasting Light.
That such as bless themselves
(and each man that so doth)
May bless themselves in nothing else
but in the God of truth.
Because the former times
of trouble are forgot;
And what men did is past and hid,
mine eyes behold it not.
To God in Trinity
all glory be therefore:
As was and is and shall be his
henceforth for evermore.

Hymn X. Astonishing Judgments, or AE­GYPTS ten PLAGVES, for Nov. 5.
Psal. 135.9.

THE Lord sent tokens most severe,
and let great Judgments fall
[Page 19]On Egypt: Upon Pharaoh there,
and on his Servants all.
PLAGVE I.Exod. 7.20, 21.
He turn'd their waters into blood,
so that they could not drink:
Their fishes dy'd within the flood,
and made the River stink.
PLAGVE II.Exod. 8.6. Psal. 105.30.
Their Land brought forth from Brooks hard-by,
from Rivers, Ponds and Springs,
A brood of Frogs Abundantly,
in Chambers of their Kings.
PLAGVE III.Exod. 8.17, 19.
He smote the dust of Aegypt-Land,
and loathsom vermine crawl'd
On man and beast: 'Twas God's own hand,
and so confess'd and call'd.
PLAGVE IV.Exod. 8.24.
He sent them divers sort of flies
in Pharaoh's house to swarm,
Which sore annoy'd all Families,
and did the Land much harm.
PLAGVE V.Exod. 9.3, 6.
A grievous Murrain he design'd,
their Cattel to betide,
That sundry beasts of several kind
of this strange Murrain dy'd.

2. PART.

PLAGVE VI.Exod. 9.10.
Handfuls of Ashes He ordains,
whereby their Plagues increast,
By breaking forth in Boils and Blains,
both upon Man and Beast.
PLAGVE VII.Psal. 78.47, 48.
The Hail destroy'd their tender Vines,
and wealth of their quick stocks,
The Frost destroy'd their Sycamines
hot Thunder-bolts their Flocks.
PLAGVE VIII.Exod. 10.14, 15.
Locusts went over all the Land,
such as were never seen,
And spoil'd the trees that yet did stand;
and all things that were green.
PLAGVE IX.Exod. 10.21.
A darkness such as might be felt,
for three whole days, did cover
The Land where Lordly Pharaoh dwelt,
they saw not one another.
PLAGVE X.Psal. 78.51.
All the first-born which Aegypt bore
He smote with dreadfull hand,
The chief of all their strength and store,
in Cham's accursed Land.
Exod. 12.13.
Then was there a most dolefull cry,
in Aegypt heard with dread,
For there was not a Family,
where some One was not dead.
Ps. 72.18. Rev. 19.16.
Let Israel's God the King of Kings,
be magnifi'd therefore,
Who only doth such wondrous things,
Praise him for evermore.

Hymn XI. A Testimony Prophetical of the Birth and Kingdom of CHRIST.
Isa. 9.3, 6.

NOW, Lord, before thee we rejoyce,
as in a Harvest-day:
As Conquerors lift up their voice,
when they divide the prey,
[Page 22]For unto us a Child is born,
to us a Son is given,
And on his shoulder shall be worn
the badge of power from Heaven.
His Name entit'led Wonderfull
shall faithfull Saints so call,
Our Counsellour, our Oracle,
God mighty over all.
The Everlasting Father, and
the Sovereign Prince of Peace.
Of whose sweet peace, and sole command
shall endless be th' increase.
Th [...] Throne of David to possess,
and order it full sure,
With Judgment and with Righteousness
for ever to endure.
To God the Father and the Son,
and Holy Ghost therefore,
Be glory as at first was done
and shall be evermore.

2. PART. On the Birth, Kingdom, and Conquests of CHRIST.
Isa. 9.3, 4.

NOW, Lord, before thee we rejoyce,
as men in Harvest-while,
As Conquerors lift up their voice
when they divide the spoil.
For thou hast broke the burd'nous yoke,
the Staff that bare the sway,
The Rod of our Oppressors Power,
as once in Midian's day.
For every battel generally
of Warriours prime and good
Is with confused noise and cry,
and Garments roll'd in bloud.
But this of Christ's against his Foes,
that spightfully conspire,
Shall be with burning where it goes.
and Fuel mixt with Fire.
The day doth come, as God assures,
that like an Oven shall burn,
And all the proud and wicked doers
that day shall overturn.
But unto them that fear my Name
there shall arise and spring
The Sun of Peace and Righteousness
with healing in his wing.
To God the Father and the Son,
and Holy Ghost therefore,
Be glory done as first begun,
and shall be evermore.

Hymn XII. At FVNERALS to mitigate Mourning.
Job 1.21.

NAked we go unto the Grave,
as from the womb we came,
God gives and takes but what he gave,
and blessed be his Name.
For he shall wipe off tears one day,
and make all faces free,
And our rebuke quite take away,
and no more death shall be.
[Page 24]No sorrow shall, nor crying last,
nor any further pain,
Because the former things are past,
and never come again.

Hymn XIII. At Funerals to press Patience.
1 Tim. 6.7. Job 1.21.

NOthing we brought into this world,
and it is out of doubt,
That we (from hence when-ever call'd)
can carry nothing out.
The Lord of his good pleasure gave,
the Lord doth take away,
And let his Name the honour have,
and bless him day by day.

Hymn XIV. At Funerals touching the preci­ousness of the Saints death.
Psal. 116.15. Rom. 14.8.

A Thing of price unparallell'd
in God our Soviour's eyes
The death of all his Saints is held,
when any of them dies.
For while we live, we live to God,
to God we also die,
And live or die, we are indeed
the Lords peculiarly.

Hymn XV. At Funerals touching the Resur­rection.
Job 19.25.

I Know that my Redemeer lives,
I know he lives alway,
[Page 25]And shall appear and stand up here
on earth at Judgment day.
And though my skin, and next to that
my body turn to dust,
Yet in my flesh restor'd afresh
I shall see God, I trust.
Whom I shall perfectly behold,
when I from dust recover,
Not otherwise but with these eyes,
my self, and not another.

Hymn 16. At Funerals touching the Saints safety in Death.
John 11.25, 26.

THE Resurrection and the Life,
saith Christ our Lord, am I,
And he that hath in me belief
shall live, although he die.
And whosoever here he be,
that draws this mortal breath,
And stedfastly believes in Me,
shall never more see death

Hymn 17. At Funerals touching the Saints sweet Rest.
Rev. 14.13.

I Heard a voice that spake, and said
to me, from Heaven on high,
Write, blessed henceforth are the dead
that in the Lord do die.
Yea, saith the Spirit, that such men,
may leave their labours hard,
Their works likewise do follow them
to reap a full reward.

Hymn 18. A Thanksgiving at, or after the Sacrament.
Luke 2.13.

All People, &c.
GLory to God in Highest Place,
On Earth be peace, to Men free grace:
We praise, we bless thee, we adore
And glorifie thee evermore.
Rom. 11.17.
We thank thee for thy glory great,
Lord God, that hast the Sovereign seat:
O heavenly King, and God alone,
The Father, the Almighty One.
John 1.14, 29. Acts 2.36.
O God the true begotten Word,
Son of the Father, Christ and Lord,
O Lamb of God, that tak'st away
The worlds great sin, thy grace display.
2 Cor. 5.21. 1 Pet. 2.24.
Thou that wast made sin for our sake,
(Who knew'st no sin) some pity take.
Thou that did'st in thy body bear
The sins of all, receive our prayer.
Eph. 1.20, 21. Job 10.30.
Thou that dost sit at God's right hand,
One with the Father in Command,
Above all Angels having place.
Have mercy on us, and shew grace.
Acts 2.27, 33, 36.
For Thou art Christ the Holy One,
The onely LORD, and Thou alone
Art with the Holy Ghost most high
In God the Father's Dignity.

Hymn 19. Attonement sought upon Humi­liation, or, a woefull bewailing of our Cor­ruptions and Calamities.
Dan. 9.4, 5.

O God that great and dreadfull art,
who keepest truth and grace,
To them that love thee in their heart,
and do thy Laws embrace.
O we have sinned, we confess,
we have done wickedly,
We have rebell'd by wickedness,
and great Apostasie.
6, 7, 9.
Not hearkning to thy Messengers,
who spake by thy command
To Princes, Kings and Ancestors,
and People of our Land.
But, Lord, to thee belongeth grace,
to us, contrary way,
Belongs confusion of the face,
as at this present day.
Therefore the Lord hath watch'd the stroke,
and brought it on us all,
And hath confirm'd the Word he spoke
against us so to fall.
Our Judges too, that judged us,
on them the Lord hath brought
The evil so prodigious
for sins which we have wrought.
12, 13.
For under the whole Heav'ns of God,
among all sorts of men,
[Page 28]The like hath not been done abroad,
as to Jerusalem.
Yet sought we not to know the truth,
nor for repentance pray'd,
But God is just in all he doth,
for we have not obey'd.

2. PART.
Dan 9.8, 11.

Confusion of the face pertains
to us and to our Kings,
Our Peers, and Parents for our pains
in doing wicked things.
For all have broke thy Law, O Lord,
revolting worse, and worse:
That we might not obey thy Word,
which pours out all this curse.
But mercy and forgivenesses
belong, O Lord, to thee,
Though our rebellious Trespasses,
grow to a high degree.
O Lord, according unto all
thy righteousness, we pray,
Let not thy dreadfull fury fall,
but turn thy wrath away.
For we present not our address,
before thy Mercy-Seat,
For any of our righteousness,
but for thy mercies great.
Lord, hear, forgive, and pity take,
hearken, O Lord, and do,
Defer not for thine own dear sake,
now thou art pray'd unto.
[Page 29]18.17.
Incline thine ear, O Lord, and hear,
open thine eyes and see
Our desolations, and the place
relating unto thee.
And let thy face behold with grace
thy Sanctuaries seat,
Whose present state is desolate,
for Christ's sake, we intreat.

Hymn 20. A wofull Lamentation (or David's Elegy) for Saul and Jonathan.
2 Sam 1.19.

THY beauty is, O Israel,
in thy high places slain,
O how those mighty Champions fell,
and we the loss sustain!
O tell it not to any one,
nor publish it in Gath,
Nor in the streets of Askalon,
that Israel bears such wrath
The Daughters of the Philistins,
lest they therein rejoyce,
And those uncircumcised ones,
lest they lift up their voice.
Ye mountains great of Gilboa,
let neither Rain nor Dew,
Nor fields of Offrings, from that day
for ever fall on you.
For there the shield of Sovereignty
was vilely cast away:
The shield of Saul, as if that He
had known no Unction-day.

2. PART.
Verse 22, 23.

From fat of many a mighty Man,
and bloud of enemies slain,
Went not the bow of Jonathan,
nor Sword of Saul in vain.
Lovely were Saul and Jonathan,
and living pleas'd us well,
Division in their death was none,
for both together fell.
23, 25.
Swifter upon the chase they were
than Eagles in their flight:
And stronger than the Lyons are,
although they fell in fight:
Daughters of Israel mourn for Saul,
who deck'd you gorgeously,
With Gems of Gold, and cloath'd you all
in cloth of scarlet-die.
How are the mighty fallen then,
as we may sigh and say,
Weapons of War and warlike men
how perish'd in a day!

Hymn 21. A zealous applause of Christian Con­quests.
1 Joh. 5.4, 5.

All People, &c.
WHatever soul is born of God,
o'recomes the World effectually,
And thus the World is under-trod
by Faith, which gets the victory.
[Page 31]For who is he that can atchieve
the conquest of the world abroad,
But he alone that doth believe
that Jesus is the Son of God?
Col. 2.15. 1 John 4.4.
Who spoiling Principalities
and Powers of hell that durst oppose,
Made shew of them in open wise,
triumphing over all his foes.
And ye have overcome them too;
ye little Children that are his;
For greater is the Lord in you,
than he that in these worldlings is.
Rev. 1.4.
To God the Father, and the Son;
and to the Holy Ghost therefore,
Eternal honour let be done,
from first to last for evermore.

Hymn 22. A zealous Invective against Hypocrisie.
Luke 12.1.

WHen as a mighty multitude,
were gathered on a day.
Our Lord to his Disciples shew'd
what things he had to say.
Beware of first (said he) to these,
and shun most heedfully
The leaven of Scribes and Pharisees,
which is Hypocrisie.
Most grievous burdens do they bind
wherewith to load another:
But cannot one small finger find
to bear it with their Brother.
[Page 32]They spy a mote, when small or none,
within their Brothers eye:
Whenas a beam is in their own,
but that they never spy.
23.13, 15.
The Kingdom where God's glory dwels,
is so shut up by them,
They neither enter in themselves,
nor suffer other men.
They coast and compass Sea and Shore,
to make one of their sect,
A Child of Hell made two-fold more,
than they, by this effect.
24. Luke 11.42. Joh. 21.8.
They tythe their Mint and Anniseed,
(what every Garden hath)
But weightier things they never heed,
as Mercy, Judgment, Faith.
Demurely at a Gnat they strain,
a Camel swallowing whole,
But what's their hope, although they gain,
when God requires their soul!
For the triumphing jollity
of sinners soon goes o're:
The joy of Hypocrites shall be
a moment, and no more.

2. PART.
Mat. 5.20, 23, 25.

Unless your righteousness exceed
the Scribes and Pharisees,
Ye can in no case hope to speed
of Heaven, more than these:
[Page 33]Which make the outside of the Cup
and Platter clean enough,
But leave the inside all fill'd up
with vile and odious stuff.
Luke 11 39. Mat. 23.14.
The outside (Hypocritical)
they finely scoure and dress,
But leave the inside full of all
extortion and excess.
Poor Widows houses they devour,
and for to seem sincere,
Out of their lips long Prayers they pour,
these greater wrath shall bear.
Mat. 15.8. Jam. 3.11.
Th' approach to God with mouth alone,
and honour him with their lips:
But what their mouth and lips do own,
their heart quite over-slips.
But, first, the w [...]sedom from above
is pure without deceit,
Then peaceable, and full of love,
and easie to intreat.
'Tis full of liberality,
and fruits of mercy kind:
'Tis void of partiality,
and of a double mind.
Religion pure and undefil'd
with God and with the Father,
Is to relieve the Orphan-child
with what estate we gather.
To visit Widows (with our wealth)
from habitation hurl'd:
And for a man to keep himself
unspotted of the world.

3. PART.
Prov. 30.11. Mat. 23.27.

There is a generation vile,
yet pure in their own eyes,
But are not cleansed all the while
from their impurities:
They are like Tombs, those painted ones,
that glister to the eye,
When full within of dead mens bones,
and all impurity.
They justifie themselves to men,
as if they had no sin:
But God well knows the hearts of them,
and what doth lodge within.
They trust upon themselves likewise
to be a righteous sort,
But other people they despise
as altogether short.
Isa. 65.5. Luke 16.15.
They say, stand by thy self apart,
and come not near to me,
For I am holier than thou art,
but God knows what they be.
These are a smoak, saith God most high,
within my Nose too strong,
And as a fire of Jealousie,
that burneth all day long.
Job 36.13, 14.
For lo! the Hypocrite in heart,
shall heap up wrath extream,
They often in their youth depart,
whose life's among th' unclean,
[Page 35]The company of Hypocrites
shall come to desolation,
And fire shall quite consume the gates
of bribe—abomination.
Rev. 1.4.
To God the Father and the Son,
and Holy Ghost therefore,
Be glory as at first was done,
and shall be evermore.

Hymn 23. Blessed Angels Attendance.

BEhold the Angel of the Lord
encampeth round about
All that fear God, and is their guard
to keep all dangers out
For he hath given his Angels charge
to keep thee day by day,
That thou mayst walk abroad at large
with safety in thy way.
Psal. 91.12. Heb. 1.14.
And they this charge must execute,
And bear thee in their Arm,
Lest ever thou shouldst dash thy foot
against a stone for harm.
For are not all these Ministers
sent forth for ministration,
In their behalf that shall be heirs
of God's assur'd Salvation?

Hymn 24. Blessedness of Pardon.
Rom. 4.6.

MAN's blessedness most absolute,
thus David doth express,
Whose faith alone God doth impute
to him for righteousness.
For blessed is the man, saith He,
whose pardon is brought in,
To clear him of Iniquity,
and cover all his sin.
Blessed is He to whom the Lord
imputeth none offence:
And thus the scripture doth record
man's blessedness from hence.
And unto us doth so remain.
if we in Him do trust,
Who dy'd for sin, and rose again,
to justifie th' unjust.
To Father, Son, and Holy Ghost,
all glory be therefore,
As was and is to th' uttermost,
and shall be evermore.

Hymn 25. Boasting Corrected.
Jer. 9.23.

Have mercy, &c.
THUS saith the Lord of Hosts,
let not the man most wise
Glory at all, or make his boasts
what wisedom in him lies.
The mighty in his might,
the rich man in his wealth,
Though he should have it to the height,
let him not boast himself.
But all mans boast must be
to boast in this alone,
In knowing and discerning me
the Lord and gracious one.
I exercise kind love,
judgment and doing right,
Towards all men, saith the Lord above,
for therein I delight.

Hymn 26. Charity and Piety extended.
Prov. 3.9, 10. 2 Cor. 9.7.

HOnour the Lord with all thy store,
give thy first-fruits to him:
So shall thy Barns be fill'd with more,
the Press with Wine shall swim.
Let each man give as mov'd in mind,
not grudgingly however:
Nor of constraint, for this we find,
God loves a cheerfull giver.
[Page 38] Mat. 1.14.
But cursed the Deceiver is
that hath in's flock a Male,
And yet doth vow and sacrifice
a thing corrupt and stale.
For I'm a King most highly crown'd,
saith God, the Lord of Hosts:
And dreadfully my Name doth sound
in all the Heathen coasts.

Hymn 27. Circumcision of the Heart.
Jer. 9.25.

BEhold, saith God, the time draws nigh,
that I will punish a [...]l
Th' uncircumcised generally,
and circumcis'd shall fall.
For just as all the Gentiles were
uncircumcis'd in skin,
So all the house of Israel are
uncircumcis'd within.
Deut. 10.16.
The fore-skin of your hearts therefore
be sure to Circumcise:
And be not henceforth any more
stiff-neck'd in any wise.

Hymn 28. Confession of Sin.
Joh. 7.20. Isa. 3.8.

All People, &c.
O Thou Preserver of mankind,
what shall we say or do to thee?
[Page 39]Or what excuse, Lord, can we find?
for we have sinn'd in great degree.
Our ways and doings still have been
Against the Lord by grievous sin,
So to provoke the glorious eyes,
Of God, by our Iniquities.
Job Isa. 55.9.
O we are vile in every part,
with self abhorring we relent:
And from the bottom of our heart
in dust and ashes we repent!
But, Lord, thy ways and thoughts of grace,
Are not as ours, of narrow space:
Thy thoughts transcend our thoughts as far
As Heaven and Earth in distance are.

Hymn 29. Constant seeking of God, by the Meek.
Zeph. 2.3.

Have mercy, &c.
SEEK, seek the Lord most high,
O all ye meek on earth,
Ye that have wrought most faithfully
the Judgments he set forth:
Seek Righteousness, I say,
seek meekness, it may be
Ye shall be hid i'th evil day,
and from God's Wrath go free.

Hymn 30. Correction of Anger.
Jam. 1.19, 20.

LET every man be swift to hear,
but slow to speech and wrath:
[Page 40]Because man's wrath goes nothing near
to God's most righteous path.
For wheresoever strife takes place,
and lusts of envy lurk,
There is confusion in such case,
and every evil work.
Prov. 21.24. Eccles. 7.9.
Proud haughty scorner is his Name,
in whom proud passion rules:
And anger rests not in the flame,
but in the breast of fools.
Whereas the slow to wrath excell
a Champion in renown,
And he that rules his spirit well,
the man that takes a Town:
1 Pet. 3.4.
Put on therefore the Ornament
of meek and quiet minds,
Which in God's sight is eminent,
and great acceptance finds.

Hymn 31. Danger of heinous Sins, and de­hortation from them.
2. Pet. 2.9.

THE Lord of our Salvation,
knows well how to deliver
The godly from Temptation,
how perilous soever.
And to reserve ungodly men,
unto the dreadfull day
Of Judgment, to be punish'd then
for their ungodly way.
And those men more especially
that wickedly transgress,
By practice of impurity
and fleshly filthiness.
Acts. 3.19.
Repent, and be ye all therefore,
converted from your crimes,
To get your sins wip'd off the score,
against refreshing times.
Rev. 21.7.
He that o'recomes this world impure,
shall gain the world to come,
And God will be his God, be sure,
and he shall be his Son.
8. Heb. 6.8.
But faithless ones, and fool'd with fears,
vile persons (thorns and briers)
Whoremongers, Murd'rers, Sorcerers,
Idolaters and Lyars,
Shall have their portion in the Lake,
that burns with sulph'rous breath
Of fire and brimstone (for their sake)
which is the second death.

2. PART. The Adulterers Peril and Penance.
Prov. 6.32.

Whoso commits Adultery
with women, is not wise:
For he that doth so wickedly,
his own dear soul destroys.
A wound he gets, a brand of shame,
that's sure to stick and stay:
And the dishonour of his Name,
is never done away.
He falls as in some nar [...]ow pit,
or in a ditch most deep:
Design'd for him to fall in it,
whom God abhors to keep.
It brings a man of good estate
unto a bit of bread:
And the Adultress lies in wait,
the precious blood to shed.
Her house inclines to theirs that dye,
her paths to death's dark shade:
Yea, it goes down to hell hard by,
and there her guests are laid.
They seldom turn that are so bold
as to go in to her,
Nor on the paths of life take hold
who e're so lewdly err.
[Page 43]7.24, 25.
Hearken therefore to my advice,
attend to what I say:
Let not her paths thy heart entice
to wander in her way.

3. PART. The seven Abominations.
Prov. 6.16.

Six things there are, and here exprest,
which God almighty hates:
Yea, seven things are manifest,
which he abominates.
A lofty look, a lying tongue,
are both abhord of God:
And hands that act so great a wrong,
as shedding guiltless blood.
A heart that harbours Wickedness
lewd projects to pursue:
And feet that press with eagerness
mischievous deeds to do.
A slanderous witness speaking lies,
and Him that discord sows,
To make kind Brethren Enemies,
and feiends to be as foes.
1 Pet. 3.10.
Let him that loveth life therefore,
and longs to see good days,
Eschew all evil evermore,
and follow all good ways.
Let him refrain his tongue from ill,
his lips from speaking guile:
Let him seek peace with great good will,
and follow it all the while.
For th' eyes of God are bent with care,
the righteous to secure:
His ears He openeth to their prayer,
but frowns on th' evil doer.

4. PART. The flying Roll for Swearers and Cursers.
James 5.12.

But above all things, this I say,
my Brethren, do not swear,
But let your words be yea and nay,
And every Oath forbear.
Because a Curse prodigious
shall pass on every side,
And seise upon the Swearers house,
and there it shall abide.
And from that house shall not depart
the Curse, the Flying-Roll,
Till Stone and Timber it subvert,
and so consume it whole.
Yea, Swearing makes a Land to Mourn,
and pleasant places dry,
When Men to such ill courses turn,
and so impetuously.
Be carefull that thou do not then
God's Holy Name prophane:
For God will not acquit such Men,
as take his Name in vain.
Rom. 3.16.14.
Destruction (too) and misery
do all their paths possess,
Whose mouths are full of blasphemy,
Cursing and bitterness.
Col. 3.8.
Cease anger, then, and wrath likewise,
and put off altogether:
Oaths, Cursing, and Scurrilities,
out of your Mouths for ever.

Hymn 32. Deceitfulness of the Heart.
Jer. 17.9, 10.

DEceitfull is the heart of man,
above all things that are,
And desperately carryed on
to sin, who knows how far?
I, saith the Lord, do search the heart,
and try the reins within,
And deal to each man his due part,
just as his works have been.

Hymn 33. Deliverance from shipwrack, or of the Prophet Jonah.
Jonah 2.

All People, &c.
BY reason of our grief and fear
We cry'd to God, and he gave ear:
Out of the depths of hell we cry'd,
And he unto our Pray'r reply'd.
For thou hadst plung'd us in the deep,
In midst of Seas, where waters keep
Surrounding floods with waters vast,
And all thy Billows o're us pass'd.
We are cast out, then did we say,
Out of thy sight, quite cast away:
Yet one look more we will afford
Towards thy holy Temple, Lord.
The waters compass'd us about,
Even to the soul they lanched out:
The depths had us encompassed,
The weeds were wrapp'd about our head.
To th' bottom of the Seas we went,
'Twixt endless Bars of mountains pent:
Yet was our life when under trod,
Brought up by thee, O Lord our God!
When as our soul within did faint,
We thought on thee in our complaint,
And then to thee came in our prayers,
As by thy holy Temple stayrs.
They that observe deceitfull Lies,
And trust to Idol-vanities:
Forsake the tenders of thy Grace,
Which as their own they might embrace▪
But we will sacrifice to thee,
With thankfull songs of melody:
And pay our Vows besides our Songs
Salvation to the Lord belongs.

Hymn 34. Descending of the Spirit.
Numb. 11.29. 2 Cor. 3.18.

O That the people of the Lord
were Prophets every one,
Such as the Lord of's own accord,
would pour his Sp'rit upon!
That we might all with open face
behold, as in a glass,
The glorious image of his grace,
upon our souls to pass.
And by degrees of Glory thus
be chang'd, as still we shall,
Ev'n by the Sp'rit of God in us,
that worketh all in all.
To Father, Son, and Holy Ghost,
all glory be therefore,
As was and is to th' uttermost,
and shall be evermore.

Hymn 35. Drunkard's Cup and Calamities.
Prov. 23.31.

LOOK not upon the Wine fill'd up,
when sparkling red and bright,
It gives his colour in the Cup,
and moves it self aright.
For in the end that pleasant thing,
which did so much entice,
Bites as a Serpent, and shall sting
like to the Cockatrice.
Strange women shall thine eyes behold,
strange words thou shalt rehearse,
And lust shall make thy heart full bold
to utter things perverse.
As one that floats upon the Sea,
and sleeps exceeding fast,
Such shalt thou be: Or just as they
that sleep upon the mast.
Thou shalt discern the strokes set on,
and blows, but all in vain,
For when the fit is past and gone,
thou seek'st it yet again.

Hymn 36. Due fear of God and the King.
Prov 24.21, 22.

FEar God my Son, and fear the King,
and shun their courses strange,
That love a factious meddleing,
and are so apt to change.
For surely their calamity
shall suddenly arise,
And who can tell what misery
shall both of them surprize?

Hymn 37. Duty to Magistrates.
Prov 8.15.

BY me (saith God) Kings reign on Earth,
and Justice they decree:
Princes, and all of Noble Birth,
and Judges rule by Me.
1 Pet. 2.13.
Submit therefore with one consent,
and for the Lord's dear sake,
Yield to each form of Government,
which God himself did make.
1 Tim. 2.1, 2.
And pray for Kings especially,
and all those men that be
In places of Authority,
or eminent degree.
That we may spend our days in peace,
without the storms of strife,
In all good ways of Godliness
and honesty of life.
Let men therefore (as God commands)
pray every where in faith,
Lifting up pure and holy hands
without distrust or wrath.

2. PART.
1 Pet. 2.13.

Submit your selves in every thing
to th' Ordinance of Men,
Whether it be unto the King
as the Supream of them:
Or to inferiour Governours,
whom his commissions raise
For punishment of evil doers,
or for well doers praise.
For so's the sacred will of God,
that ye, by doing well,
[Page 50]May silence foolish tongues abroad,
and all mens clamours quell.
As free with freedom from offence,
and not to cloak thereby
Rebellious Disobedience,
but serving the most high.
Have all men in esteem so good,
that no reproach may spring:
Fear God, and love the Brotherhood,
and honour much the King.

3. PART.
Rom. 13.1.

Let every Soul be subjugate
unto the higher Powers,
For all these Powers did God create,
'tis his Decree, not Ours.
Whoever then resists the Power,
against God's Law rebells.
And the resisters shall procure
damnation to themselves.
And ye must needs be subject then
(to Laws which rulers make)
Not only for the wrath of men,
but most for conscience sake.
Render therefore to all their dues,
Tribute where Tribute's due,
Custome, and fear, and honour use,
to those ye owe it to.
And leave behind no duty ow'd,
but each one love another:
For he fulfills the Law of God
that truly loves his Brother.

4. PART.
Tit. 3.1.

Of duty to Superiour Powers
put Christians still in mind,
Subject to be to Governours,
to all good works inclin'd.
Rom. 13.3.
For rulers are not terrible
to good works but to bad:
Wouldst thou not fear the power? do well,
and praise shall thence be had.
But if thou dost an evil thing,
then fear and fear again,
Because the person governing
bears not the sword in vain.
For he is God's chief Minister
to execute his will,
With wrath upon the trespasser,
whoever doeth ill.
For he's God's minister to thee
for thy great good and gain,
But fear t' offend because that he
bears not the sword in vain.
Prov. 20.8, 26.
A King that sitteth on the Throne
of judgment, and is wise,
Scatt'reth away (as clouds o'reblown)
all evil with his eyes.

HYMN 38. Esaie's Commination.

Isa. 5.8.
WOE's them that draw Iniquity
with cords of vanity,
And, as it were with Cart-ropes, dare
draw sin most eagerly.
Wo to the wise in their own eyes,
prudent in their own sight,
Whom draughts of wine and mixt strong drink
commend for men of might.
That early in the morning rise,
to follow drink so good:
And there they stay to drink all day,
till wine inflame their blood.
That (covetous) joyn house to house,
and land they lay to land,
Untill no place be left on earth,
but in their griping hand.
Good evil, evil good that call,
that darkness put for light,
Bitter for sweet, and sweet for gall,
the wrong way for the right.
That justify iniquity,
for base reward and pay,
And take the blessed righteousness
of righteous men away.
ch. 3.10, 11.
Yet must we tell how safe and well
with just men it shall go:
[Page 53]But wo agen to wicked men,
for all reap as they sow.

HYMN 39. Exaltation of Humility.

1 Pet. 5.5.
BE cloathed with Humility,
and lowliness embrace:
For God resists the proud and high,
but gives the humble grace.
Humility shall honour find,
but Pride destroyeth all,
For sure the proud and haughty mind
goes still before a fall.
Luke 14.11.
For he that prides himself, must know
that God will pluck him down,
But the self humbled sitting low,
shall thereby get renown.

HYMN 40. Exalting a Nation.
Prov. 14▪34.

THE exercise of righteousness
exalts a Nation high:
And sin is a reproach no less
to any Family.
Psal. 107.34.
A fruitfull Land doth God expose
to barrenness for sin,
And for the wickedness of those
that live and dwell therein.
Job 22. ult.
But God doth save the smallest Land
of th' innocent and pure,
[Page 54]And by the pureness of thy hand
it is delivered sure.

HYMN 41. Excellent Counsel of Wisedom.
Prov., 32, 33.

WIsdom puts forth her voice and cries,
and such like words doth use,
Hear ye instruction, and be wise,
and do not now refuse.
For ease shall slay those simple souls,
that let devotion dye,
And the prosperity of fools
destroys them utterly.
But whoso hearkneth unto me
shall dwell in safety still,
And shall be quiet safe and free,
from fear of any ill,

2. PART. 8.34, 35, 36.

Blessed is he that heareth me,
saith Wisedom to her friends,
That at my Gate doth daily wait,
and at my door attends.
For surely he that findeth me,
finds life, and shall obtain
The favour of the Lord above,
to his eternal gain.
But he that sins against such things
wrongs his own soul thereby,
[Page 55]And all that hate on me to wait
love death, and so shall dye.

HYMN 42. Fallow Ground to be dressed.
Hos. 10.12.

SOW to your selves in righteousness,
and reap in mercy sweet,
Your fallow ground break up and dress
for seed to make it meet.
For it is time to seek the Lord,
till he (descending on you)
Shall come, and of his own accord,
rain righteousness upon you.

HYMN 43. Gods Covenant for us with the Crea­tures.
Hos. 2.18, 19, 21.

THUS saith the Lord above,
I have betrothed thee,
In mercy, truth, and tender love,
for ever unto me.
And in that day will I
a faithfull Covenant make
With all my Creatures generally,
for thy sweet safeties sake.
The heavens shall hear the earth,
the earth shall hear the corn,
The corn and wine that thence come forth,
shall hear my Church new born.

HYMN 44. Gods Jealousie for Jerusalem.
Zach 1.14.

THUS saith the Lord of Hosts,
a Jealous God am I,
For Sion and for Salems Coasts,
with eager Jealousie.
And I am unappeas'd
towards Heathens yet unscourg'd;
For I was but a while displeas'd,
and they th' affliction urg'd.
Therefore (saith God) I am
return'd (for all their sin)
With mercies to Jerusalem,
to build my house therein.

HYMN 45. Humble Supplications and Con­fessions.
Deut. 32.4. Rom. 7.12, 14.

All People, &c.
O Thou most just and righteous God!
Thy Law is holy, just, and good:
But we are carnal of our selves,
As sold to sin, and nothing else.
Rom. 3.23 Psal. 15.5.
For all have sinn'd of every sort,
And of thy glory are come short:
Our shape in sin we did assume,
And are transgressors from the womb.
Rom. 7.18, 19.
We from polluted Parents spring,
And in our flesh dwells no good thing:
[Page 57]The good we would do, that we bate,
And do the evil that we hate.
Hos. 14.2.
Take off all our iniquity,
And Lord receive us graciously:
So shall we sacrifice to thee
The Fatlings of our lips most free.

HYMN 46. Humble Supplications in time of Drought.
Jer. 14.20.

All People, &c.
LORD, we acknowledge and confess
Our grievous sins and wickedness,
Our Fathers faults we do deplore,
For we have sinn'd against thee sore.
For thy Name sake loath not thine own,
Do not disgrace thy glorious Throne:
Remember and do not infringe
Thy Covenant with us for our sins.
Can any of the Idol Powers
Cause rain, or can the heavens give showers?
O Lord our God, art not thou he?
And therefore will we wait on thee.
Chron. 6.27.
Send rain, O Lord, upon this Land,
Put here into thy peoples hand:
Lest Britain be one dried Strand,
And all our Earth be turn'd to Sand.
And teach us that good way to know,
Wherein we alwaies ought to go.

HYMN 47. Humble Supplications in time of Sickness.
Jer. 10.24.

All People, &c.
COrrect us but in Judgment, Lord,
Not in thy wrath with sharpened Sword,
Lest thou should'st bring us down thereby
To dust and ruin utterly.
Death climbs our windows, by disease,
Enters into our PALACES,
Cuts off the Children from without,
And from the streets the young and stout.
14.7. Isa. 38.9.
O Lord, though our Iniquities
As witness-clouds against us rise,
Our help and healing undertake,
And do it for thine own Names sake.

HYMN 48. Humble Supplications in times of Tempest.
Psal. 103.19. Isa. 64.6.

All People, &c.
O Thou that dost in Heaven Reign!
We all are as a thing unclean;
And all our righteousnesses are
As filthy rags, unfit to wear.
And therefore are we justly made
Like as a Leaf, to fall and fade:
[Page 59]And our transgressions, bearing sway,
As wind have taken us away.
Psal., 18.
At thy command big storms arise,
Thunder and lightning fill the Skies;
The Clouds pour down their watry load,
Thy flaming Arrows fly abroad.
Joel 2.17. Isa. 64.9. Hab. 3.2.
O spare thy People, gracious God!
Redeemed with thy precious Blood:
Keep not our sins upon record,
In wrath remember mercy, Lord.

HYMN 49. Humble Supplication in times of Transgression and Revolt.
Isa. 43.27.

All People, &c.
OUR Father, Our first Father, Lord,
Hath sinn'd, and disobey'd thy Word:
And all our Teachers, at the best,
Against thee greatly have transgress'd.
Isa. 64.9.
Lord, be not angry very sore,
Nor mind our faults for evermore:
See, we beseech thee, and behold,
How we are all thy Flock and Fold.
Thou art our Father at this day,
Thou art the Potter, we the Clay:
And we are all and every one▪
Thy handy-work, O Lord, alone.

HYMN 50. Humble Supplication in time of War.
Isa. 64.1.

All People, &c.
O That thou would'st the Heavens rend,
And in thy Glorious power descend;
And that the mountains might flow down
At presence of thy face and frown.
As when the melting fire doth flame,
It makes the waters boil a main,
To make thine enemies know thy might,
And Nations tremble at thy sight.
When dreadfull things were done by thee,
Such as we never look'd to see,
Then at thy presence and thy frown
The mighty Mountains flowed down.
Lam. 3.42. Isa. 64.5.
But we have sinn'd, and for our crimes
Thou hast not spar'd, but scourg'd the times:
But in thy mercies is ingrav'd
CONTINVANCE, and we shall be sav'd.

HYMN 51. Judgment waited for.
Luke 21.19. Jam. 5 7. Hab. 2.3. Heb. 10.37.

POssess your Souls with patience,
and wait unweariedly
Untill the coming of the Lord,
for lo! the day draws [...]gh.
[Page 61]For yet a little while endure,
(Th' account shall not miscarry)
And he that shall come will be sure
to come, and will not tarry.
Heb. 10.38, 39. Hab. 2.4.
Now then the Just shall live by Faith,
but if a man draw back,
My soul shall have no joy in him
that true belief doth lack.
But we are not of those that do
draw back to condemnation,
But those that do believe unto
the Souls assur'd Salvation.

HYMN 52. Judgment upon the Proud and Scornfull.
Prov. 8.13.

All People, &c.
THE fear of God is seen in this,
To hate the Paths that lead amiss,
Pride, Arrogance, and all the rest
Of evil ways, doth God detest.
The froward mouth (saith he) I hate,
Onely by pride comes all debate:
And sure God scorns the scornfull race▪
But to the lowly gives his grace.
Luke 14.11.
He then that doth himself exalt,
Shall be debas'd by's own default;
But the self-humbling soul shall be
Exalted in a high degree.

HYMN 53. Kind love of God, in Christ.
1 John 3.2.

BEhold, dear Saints, what kind of love
the Father grants to us!
To be the Sons of God above,
and he to stile us thus.
Therefore the World discerns us not,
because it knew not him:
And we are Sons of God begot,
though yet with eyes so dim.
3. Mat. 25.31.
Not seeing what we once shall see,
but this we know most clear,
That like unto him we shall be,
when he shall next appear.
For we shall see him as he is
in glorifi'd estate:
And sitting on that Throne of his,
where all the world must wait.
Heb. 6.19. 1 John 3.3.
This hope we have whereon to roll,
as that which cannot fail,
A stedfast Anchor of the soul,
Entring within the Veil.
And he that hath this hope on high
establisht in him sure,
Doth purifie himself thereby,
as God himself is pure.
Rev. 1.4.
To God the Father and the Son,
and Holy Ghost therefore;
Eternal honour let be done,
henceforth for evermore.

2. PART.
Rom. 8.35, 36.

WHO can take off Christ's love from us
can trouble or distress,
Or Persecution perillous,
or need, or nakedness?
Can Famine do it, or the Sword?
(as David hath his Song)
For thy sake are we slain, O Lord,
and killed all day long.
37, 38.
Counted as sheep for butchery,
nay, we (though martyr'd thus)
Triumph in all these gloriously,
through him that loved us.
I am persuaded on this wise,
that neither Death nor Life,
Nor Angels, Principalities,
nor Powers, with us at strife.
Nor present things, nor things to come▪
nor height nor depth together,
Nor any thing that can be done
by Creatures whatsoever,
Shall separate us from the love
which (of his own accord)
Is born to us by God above,
through Jesus Christ our Lord.
Rev. 1.4.
To God the Father, and the Son,
and Holy Ghost therefore,
Be glory as at first was done,
and shall be evermore.

HYMN 54. King David's EXALTATION, in type of Christ.
1▪ Pet. 2.6. Mat. 21.42. Psal. 118.22, 23.

Give land, &c.
LO here the stone Elect,
and which (as ye have read)
The Builders did reject,
now made the Corner's head:
This work most wise
God wrought for us, and marvellous
in all our eyes.
This is the day so sweet
which God himself hath made,
We will rejoyce in it,
and be exceeding glad.
I earnestly
Beseech thee, Lord, now to afford
26, 27.
Blest is he that doth come
in God's good Name to us,
And we have sent you home,
blest from his Holy House:
God is the Lord
That hath so bright and clear a light
this day restor'd,
Heb 13.16.
Come bind the Sacrifice
with Cords yet never worn,
Bind it before our eyes
[Page 65]unto the Altars horn:
Shew charity,
That Sacrifice the Lord doth prize
Psal 69.30.
Now will I praise God's Name
with a delightfull Song:
And magnifie his Fame
with thankfull heart and tongue.
And this likewise,
Beyond the proof of horn or hoof,
the Lord shall prize.
Psal. 118.28.29.
O God, thou art my God,
thou art my God, I say:
Thy Name I will applaud,
thy praise I will display:
Give thanks to God,
Whose goodness flows, whose mercy knows
no period.

HYMN 55. Large Mercies Corporal.
Psal. 68.21, 22.

All People, &c.
BLessed be God Our Saving health,
Who daily loads us with his wealth;
The Issues of assayling death
Belong to God, who gives us breath.
He sends us Rain and fruitfull Years,
Our hearts with Food and gladness cheers;
And gives us with a rich supply
All things in plenty to enjoy.
Psal. 44.8. Joel 2. Psal. 46.9. 2 Cor. 9.10.
He sav'd us from our enemies hand,
And hath done great things for our Land:
Wars o're the Earth he soon doth cease,
Blessing the Fruits of our increase.
Psal. 115.1.
Not unto us, O Lord, therefore,
Not unto us on any score,
But to thy Name the glory take,
For thy sweet truth and mercy sake.

HYMN 56. Large Mercies Spiritual.
Eph. 3—7.

BLessed be God, that of his grace
hath us so richly stor'd;
With Spiritual gifts in heavenly place,
through Jesus Christ our Lord.
As he hath chosen us in him
before the World began,
To be without the blame of Sin,
with Love to God and Man.
Having predestinated Us,
adopted Children dear,
Of his good pleasure chosen thus,
and now by Christ brought near.
To praise the glory of his grace,
wherein he hath so done:
His Saints with Favour to embrace
through Jesus Christ his Son.
Rev 1.4.
In whom we have Redemption free
through his most precious blood,
[Page 67]Pardon of our Iniquity
by that rich grace of God.
To God the Father and the Son
and Holy Ghost therefore
Be glory done, as first begun,
and shall be evermore.

HYMN 57. Large Mercies Temporal implored, to make Jerusalem a praise in the Earth.
Isa. 62.1.

FOR Sions sake I undertake,
and will not hold my peace;
And for Jerusalems dear sake
I will not rest or cease.
Untill her righteousness appear
as glorious as the light,
And her Salvation shine as clear
as doth a lamp by night.
Till Gentiles see thy righteousness,
thy glory Kings proclaim;
And a new Name shall Sion bless,
which God's own mouth shall Name.
Thou shalt no more (as heretofore)
be in forlorn estate
Nor shall thy Borders any more
be termed desolate.
Ye that make mention of the Lord,
resolve within your breast,
And keep not silence, nor afford
the great Jehovah rest,
Till Sion be a Diadem
by God's own hand held forth:
And till he make Jerusalem
a praise in all the Earth.

HYMN 58. Large Mercies through Christ in things Eternal.
Eph. 1.8.

BLessed be God who doth display
abundant grace to us,
In depth of Wisedom every way,
and Prudence marvellous.
Having to us discovered
the myst'ry of his will,
As his good pleasure purposed
towards us to fulfill.
That in the full appointed time
he might Collect in one
All things in Heav'n and Earth, to joyn
in Him, and him alone:
In whom we also have obtain'd
the inheritance above,
Predestinated and Ordain'd
unto it, of his Love.
According to the purposes
which he performeth still,
That worketh all things as he please
by Counsel of his will.
To Father Son and Holy Ghost
all glory be therefore.
As was and is to th' uttermost,
and shall be evermore.

HYMN 59. Life and Conversation Conscien­tious.
Isa. 33.15.

THE man that walks, as God prescribes,
in paths of Justice plain,
That speaks the truth, and scorneth bribes,
and all oppressive gain:
That stops his ear from hearing Blood,
from evil shuts his Eye;
That man shall have a safe abode,
and he shall dwell on high.
16. Psal. 84.11.
Munitions of the Rocks shall be
his resting place secure,
Store of Provision He shall see,
his waters shall be sure.
For God that is both Sun and Shield,
will grace and glory give,
And all good blessings freely yield
to them that purely live.
Psal. 106.48.
Let Israel's God, the Lord most high
be ever blest therefore,
From time to time eternally,
Amen, for evermore.

HYMN 60. Light and Darkness discovered.
1 John 2.9.

HE that shall say he is in light,
and doth his Brother hate,
That man doth yet in darkness sit,
in unregenerate state.
But he that loves abides in light,
and not in darkness dim;
And there is none occasion
of stumbling found in him.
But he that doth his Brother hate,
in depths of darkness lies:
And whither he goes he never knows,
for darkness blinds his eyes.

HYMN 61. Looking and longing for the ge­neral dissolution.
2 Pet. 3.12.

THe coming of the day of Christ
we look for, and desire;
Whenas the Heavens shall be dissolv'd,
and th' Elements melt with fire,
Yet, as his promise holds it forth,
we Christians (ne'retheless)
Expect new Heavens and new Earth,
wherein dwells righteousness.
Wherefore (Belov'd) give diligence
to keep in such a frame,
As to be found of him in peace,
without offence or blame.
Because we look for such a thing
as this Worlds new Creation:
Accounting God's long suffering,
to aim at our Salvation.

HYMN 62. Love in deed and truth.
1 Joh. 3.18.

All People, &c.
MY little Children every one,
Let us not love in word alone;
Neither in tongue and onely so,
But deed and truth our love must show.
And this a confidence will breed,
That we are of the truth indeed:
And that by this we may assure
Our hearts before him to be pure.
For if our hearts do us condemn,
God's greater far who searches them:
But if our hearts be pure and clear,
Boldly may we to God draw near.
And whatsoever thing we crave
Of him, we shall be sure to have:
Because we keep his Laws aright,
And do things pleasing in his sight.

HYMN 63. Loves Link, or the Golden Chain of God's Mercy.
Rom. 8.28.

WE know that all shall work for good
to those that love the Lord:
That (as his Holy purpose stood)
are called by his word.
[Page 72]For his foreknown he pre-ordain'd
before all time begun,
That they might be conformable
to th' image of his Son.
The blest first-born that he might be
of many Brethren dear:
Moreover, whom he pre-ordain'd
he call'd, and brought them near.
And whom he call'd he justifi'd
from their iniquities:
And whom he freely justifi'd
he gloryfi'd likewise.
Rev. 1.4.
To God the Father and the Son
and Holy Ghost therefore,
Be Glory as at first was done,
and shall be evermore.

HYMN 64. Memorial of God's Mercies.
Isa. 63 7.

Ye Children, &c.
NOW will I mention and record
The Loving Kindness of the Lord:
and praises of the Lord above:
Answering to all He hath bestow'd,
And his great goodness sweetly show'd
to th' House of Israel in his love.
According to the multitude
Of his compassions still renew'd;
for thus He said, they are my flock,
They are my people certainly,
Children that will not falsifie,
So He became their saving rock.
9. Chap. 50.1. Neh. 5.8. Psal. 72.19.
In all their grievance He was griev'd,
And th' Angel of his eyes reliev'd,
and sav'd them (when to Enemies sold)
In's love and pity he redeem'd,
And sav'd them as his high esteem'd,
and bare them all the daies of old.
Let Israel's God, the Lord most high,
Be honour'd to ETERNITY,
with everlasting praise therefore:
And let his glittering glory then
Replenish all the Earth, Amen,
Amen, say we, for evermore.

HYMN 65. Ministerial Gifts conferred.
Eph. 4.11. 2 Cor. 9.15.

All People, &c.
CHrist hath ascended up on high,
And Captive led Captivity:
And streightway gave his gifts to men,
Ordaining some Apostles then.
Some Prophets, some Evangelists,
Some Pastors, and some Teaching Priests▪
For making of the Saints compleat,
And Ministerial work so great.
And for upbuilding by the word
The Sacred Body of our Lord:
To him that gave these gifts therefore
Be Praise and Honour evermore.

HYMN 66. Our Saviour's call to the Nations.
Isa. 45.22.

LOOK unto me, O all ye Lands,
and be ye sav'd thereby;
For I am God who so commands,
and there is none but I.
And by my self, and none beside,
shall all the faithfull Seed
Of Israel's house be justifi'd,
and glory in my deed.

HYMN 67. Our thorough Sanctification prayed for.
1 Thes. 5.23.

AND now the very God of peace
sanctifie you throughout,
And grant that such a rich increase
of grace may be powr'd out.
That your whole spirit regenerate,
body and soul (I pray)
May be preserv'd immaculate
till Christ our Saviour's day.
Faithfull is he that calleth you,
and he will do it sure;
To whom be praise as i [...] most due
for ever to endure.

HYMN 68. Passover slain for us and prepa­ration thereunto.
1. Cor. 5.7.

LO! Christ our Blessed Passover
is sacrific'd for us,
Now let us keep the Feast therefore,
Subduing all our lusts.
So, not with leaven inveterate
of th' unregenerate flesh:
Nor with the leaven of debate
of spight or wickedness.
8. Col. 3.17.
But let us keep it carefully,
(conforming to our head)
With Sanctifi'd Sincerity,
and Truth's unleavened bread.
And in the name of Christ alwaies
do every work and word;
To God the Father giving praise
through Jesus Christ our Lord.

HYMN 69. Perpetuity and Power of Christ's Resurrection.
Rom. 6.9.

CHrist being risen from the dead,
now never dies again:
No longer over Christ our Head
may death for ever reign.
For dying he took sin away,
at once and altogether:
But living is without decay,
and lives to God for ever.
So count your selves as dead to sin,
But yet to life restor'd,
To live to God through grace brought in
By Jesus Christ our Lord.
To God the Father and the Son
and Holy Ghost therefore,
Be Glory as at first was done,
and shall be evermore.

HYMN 70. Power and prevalency of Christ's Resurrection.
1 Cor. 15.20.

NOW Christ is risen from the dead,
the hope that Christians have:
And is to be acknowledged
the first fruits from the Grave.
For as by mans defection
Came sin and death to reign,
So came the Resurrection
by man to live again.
Rev. 1.4.
For as by Adam all men dye,
So all by Christ revive:
And in the twinkling of an eye
must all be made alive.
To God the Father and the Son
and Holy Ghost therefore,
Be Glory done as first begun,
and shall be evermore.

HYMN 71. Praise to the Creator.
Rev. 4.11.

Have mercy, &c.
WOrthy art thou, O Lord,
to wear the glorious Crown:
All honour we ascribe to thee,
All power and all renown.
For thou, O Lord, alone
didst all the Creatures make,
Even all that are, and made they were
for thy good pleasure sake.
Luke 2.14.
Glory to God on high,
on earth be plenteous peace:
And great good will extended still
among men to increase.

HYMN 72. Praise to the giver of Grace.
Eph. 3.20.

TO him whose mighty Power exceeds
our asking and our thought,
According to his mighty deeds
which he in us hath wrought.
To him let all God's Heritage
give Glory yet agen,
By Jesus Christ, from age to age,
world without end, Amen.

HYMN 73. Praise to the Prince of Poten­tates.
1 Tim 6.15.

O Lord Consider, &c.
THE blest and onely Potentate,
The King of Kings and Lord of Lords,
[Page 78]Who onely hath immortal state,
in Light that no access affords.
Whom no man yet did ever see,
nor can behold with mortal eye:
To him all Praise and Honour be,
for ever to Eternity.

HYMN 74. Praise to the Redeemer.
Rev. 1.5, 6. Eph. 5.27.

Ye Children, &c.
ALL praise to him whose grace so good
washt off our sin with his own blood,
So to present us pure and clean:
The faithfull witness (Christ our head)
The first begotten from the dead,
and Prince of princes here that reign.
Heb 10.14. Rev. 1.6.
Who dying fully clear'd the score
Of all his saints for evermore,
By one oblation offered then:
And made us Kings and Priests to God,
And to the Father, O give laud,
and praise to him for ever, Amen.

HYMN 75. Praise to the Trinity.
1 John 5.7. Rev. 1.4.

Give laud, &c.
UNTO the Three in One
that bear Record above,
The Father and the Son,
and holy Spirit of Love,
Be Glory then,
As first begun, and shall be done
for Ever, Amen.

HYMN 76. Remission of Sin.
1 John 1.5.

THIS message have we heard from God,
and shew'd to great and small,
That God is light, in whom no cloud
of darkness is at all.
If then we say we know the Lord,
and walk without the light,
We plainly falsifie our word,
and do not what is right.
But we that walk with him in light
have fellowship together,
And Christ his bloud shall wash us white
from all sins whatsoever.
To God the Father and the Son
and holy Ghost therefore
Be Glory as at first was done,
and shall be evermore.

HYMN 77. Renewings of Joy.
Isa. 65.18.

REjoyce, saith God, as Joyfull men,
in that which I create;
For I create Jerusalem
a joyfull happy State.
And they shall build their houses new,
and dwell in what they build:
And plant them Vineyards thereunto,
and with the fruits be fill'd.
They shall not build and others take
their Habitation seat:
Nor plant (as for a strangers sake)
for other men to eat.
As Trees stand long before they die,
my peoples time so stands:
And mine Elect shall long enjoy
the labours of their hands.

HYMN 78. Restraining of fleshly lusts.
1 Pet. 2.11.

All People, &c.
NOW we beseech You, Brethren dear,
As Strangers, and as Pilgrims here,
Ye would all fleshly lusts controll,
As foes that fight against the Soul.
Phil. 2.15.
That pure and blameless ye may be,
The Sons of God, from blemish free,
Amidst a Cross and Crooked race,
Shining as lights in every place.
Phil. 1.10.
That ye may give a full assent
To those things which are excellent:
And also be sincere, and clear
From all offence, till Christ appear.

HYMN 79. Right reasoning of Temptation.
Jam. 1.13.

LET no man say, when drawn by Sin
some evil deed to do,
That it was God that tempted him,
and led him thereunto.
For God Almighty neither can
be tempted unto ill,
Nor ever tempts he any man
to so corrupt a will.
[Page 81]But every man is tempted then,
when his own lust bears sway,
And lust conceiv'd brings guilt on men,
And guilt of sin doth slay.
Watch ye therefore, and evermore
pray hard against Temptation:
And with sincere and awfull fear
wo [...]k out your own salvation.

HYMN 80. Sobriety, Prayer and Charity en­joyned.
1 Pet. 4.7, 8.

THE end of all things is at hand,
let us therefore have care
To walk in all Sobriety,
and watch to earnest prayer.
And specially let charity
on all sides be kept in;
For Charity helps mightily,
and hideth many a sin.

HYMN 81. Solemn ascension of Christ, and leading Captivity captive.
Psal. 68.18. Eph. 4.10.

THOU didst, O Christ, ascend on high,
and by almighty power,
Lead captive our Captivity,
in that triumphant hour.
Thou gavest then thy gifts to men,
to them that did rebell,
That God the Lord, (th' eternal Word)
might with the Gentiles dwell.
To God the Father and the Son
and Holy Ghost therefore,
Be glory done as first begun,
and shall be evermore.

HYMN 82. Spirit of God dwelling in us.
1 Thes. 3.23, 24.

THIS is the Lord's Commandement,
and chiefly to be done:
That every one should trust upon
the Name of Christ his Son.
And that we should love mutually,
as his Commandment ties,
And doing thus, God dwells in us,
and we in him likewise.
And that the Lord abides in us
hereby a Christian knows,
Namely by his good Spirit it is
which he on us bestows.

HYMN 83. The Benediction from the God of Peace.
Heb. 13.20, 21.

AND now the very God of peace
that brought back Christ (our head)
Even Jesus our sweet Saviour,
and rais'd him from the dead;
That Shepherd of the Sheep so great,
by whose most precious blood
The Lord did grant a Covenant
to our eternal good.
He perfect you in all good works
to do his will aright,
Working in you to act and do
things pleasing in his sight.
Through Jesus Christ our Saviour,
who dy'd and rose agen,
To whom always be given praise
World without end, Amen.

HYMN 84. The Children of light exhorted▪
1 Thes. 5.4.—9.

BRethren, ye are not of the dark,
but children of the light,
Children, I say, of lightsome day,
and not of darksome night.
Let us not sleep in sin therefore,
as others (ill inclin'd)
But Brethren, we must watchfull be,
and of a sober mind.
For they that sleep, do sleep by night,
and drunkards light eschew:
But Christians! they are of the day,
and fear not open view.
Be sober then, and putting on
brest-plates of faith and love:
And take with you that helmet too,
the hope of life above.
For God ordain'd not us to wrath,
which is for sinners stor'd,
But to obtain Salvation
through Jesus Christ our Lord.
To Father Son and Holy Ghost
all Glory be therefore,
As first begun and shall be done
henceforth for evermore.

HYMN 85. The Confidence accursed.
Jerem 17.5, 6. Psal. 106. ult.

CUrsed is man that trusts in man,
to keep him safe from harm;
And lets his heart from God depart,
to make proud flesh his arm.
He shall be like the desart heath,
not seeing future good:
But shall possess the Wilderness,
not having friend or food.
Let Israel's God, the Lord most high,
be magnifi'd therefore:
From first to last, till time be past,
Amen, for evermore.

HYMN 86. The Confidence applauded and bles­sed.
Isa. 30.18. Jer. 17.7.

BLest is the man that waits on God,
and doth in him confide:
For he shall be like fruitfull tree
set by the water side.
Whose leaf (still green) shall feel no heat,
but keep a spreading root,
And shall not fear the droughty year,
nor cease from yielding fruit.
Psal. 106.48.
Let Israel's God, the Lord most high▪
be magnifi'd therefore,
And people then, say all, Amen,
Amen, for evermore.

HYMN 87. The day of grace proclaimed.
2 Cor. 6.2. Rom. 10.10, 11.

LO! I have heard thee, saith the Lord,
in an accepted time:
And in the day which doth display
Salvation unto mine.
Behold (saith he) I succour'd thee,
when Gospel-time took place:
This is that prime appointed time,
this is that day of grace.
And every one that calls upon,
the Name of God most high,
And call's in faith (as Scripture saith)
shall sure be sav'd thereby.
To God the Father and the Son
and Holy Ghost therefore:
Be glory done, as first begun,
and shall be evermore.

HYMN 88. The great Condemnation.
1 John 3.19. Eph. 5.13.

THIS is the Condemnation great,
that light to men is brought,
And men lov'd darkness more than light
because their deeds were nought.
For evil doers hate the light,
nor come they thereunto,
Lest that their deeds should be reprov'd,
which light is sure to do.
But he that doth the works of truth
comes to the light abroad,
Whereby his deeds are manifest
that they are wrought in God.

HYMN 89. The Lively Hope.
1 Pet. 1.3—

Give laud, &c.
BLessed be God above
the Father of Christ our Lord,
Who, in abundant love,
begat us by his Word
To' a lively hope,
By Christ (our head) rais'd from the dead,
to raise us up.
To an inheritance new,
pure, endless, uncorrupt,
[Page 86]Reserv'd in Heaven for you,
who by his power are kept,
Through faith t' ascend
God's blest abode, sure to be show'd
when time shall end.
Wherein ye much rejoyce
though now (if need so press)
The season be for sighs,
and groans of heaviness:
Which sighs and groans
On you take hold, through manifold
The tryal of your faith
which is of price far higher
Than gold that perisheth,
though it be try'd with fire:
That then it may
Great glory, praise, and honour raise
at Christ his day.

HYMN 90. The Sluggard rouz [...]d.
Prov., 5.

GO to the Ant, thou slothfull one,
learn of her, and be wise,
Who having Guide or Ruler none
to order or advise,
Provides her meat in Summers heat,
in harvest stores her food;
While thou art deep in sloth and sleep,
and still in that dull mood.
Whereby thy want and poverty
comes fast and fiercely on,
As travaylers come suddainly,
or like an armed man.
[Page 87]For he is sure to grow full poor
that lets his business slack;
But (understand) the diligent hand
makes rich, and feels no lack.
A prudent son is he therefore,
and that shall be his stile,
That labours hard, and lays up store
in heat and harvest [...] while.
But he that keeps his bed, and sleeps▪
in harvest, is to blame,
And fitly shall be stil'd of all
a son that causeth shame.

HYMN 91. The true fast.
Isa. 58.6.

THIS is the fast, and none but this,
chosen, saith God, by me,
To loose the bands of wickedness,
and let th' opprest go free.
The heavy burdens to unbind,
all injuries to redress,
To deal thy bread to th' hunger-pind▪
and house the harbourless.
To cloth the naked, when thou seest
in what great need he [...]ood,
And not to hide thy self (i'th least)
from thine own flesh and blood.
Then shall thy light break forth as day,
thy health shall soon appear,
Thy righteousness shall lead the way,
God's glory be thy rear.
And thou unto the Lord shalt pray,
and answer shall be made:
And thou shalt cry, and he shall say,
Lo! here am I thine aid.
[Page 88]If thou shalt take away from thee
the yoke of Tyranny,
The beckning fingers mockery,
and speaking vanity.

2. PART.
10, 11, 12.

If thou draw out thy tender soul,
the hungry to relieve,
And with th' afflicted dost condole
to satiate souls that grieve.
Then shall thy light arise to thee
in thine obscurest night:
And all thy darkness then shall be
as noontide shining bright.
The Lord shall guide thee evermore,
suffice thy soul in drought,
And make thee fat with plenteous store
of blessings poured out.
Thou shalt be like the watred soil
within the garden pale,
And as a spring, whose waters boil,
break forth, and never fail.
And they that be produc'd of thee
shall build the old decays:
And ground-works laid for many an age
thy buildings shall up-raise.
And thou shalt then be call'd of men
repairer of the breach,
Restorer of the dwelling-paths;
so far thy fame shall reach.

HYMN 92. The vile bodies change.
Phil. 3.20. Mat. 24.31.

OUR Conversation is in Heav'n,
from whence we do expect
[Page 89]The Lord our Saviour Christ to come,
and gather his elect.
And he shall change our body vile,
how vile soever it is,
For to be fashion'd (in a while)
a glorious one like his.
His mighty working power to shew,
whereby the Holy One
Is able all things to subdue
unto himself alone.

HYMN 93. Warning of Judgment by be­ginning at God's house.
1 Pet. 4.17.

THE time is come that Judgment must
at God's own house begin:
And if it first attack the just,
what case are sinners in?
And if the righteous scarce go free
from judgment so severe,
What shall the end of sinners be?
or where shall they appear?
Let him therefore that bears distress
according to God's will,
Commit his soul in uprightness
to God's protection still.
As knowing that he doth commit
his Soul to him alone,
Who by his power created it,
and is the faithfull One.

HYMN 94. Warning of the general dis­solution.
2 Pet. 3.9.

THE Lord is not of promise slack,
as some men slackness call,
[Page 90]But is indeed long-suffering,
and patient towards all
Not willing any should be lost,
but all should turn and live,
Because the day of Christ shall come,
and shall no warning give.
When Heaven shall pass away with noise,
the Elements melt with heat,
The Earth and all its works likewise
burn up with fire so great.
Since all things then must be dissolv'd
what manner of men should we
(With grace and godliness resolv'd)
in all points aim to be?

HYMN 95. Well approved hearers.
Jam. 1.25 & vers. 22.

THE perfect law of liberty
whoever looks into,
Continuing in it constantly
the same to know and do;
Not being a forgetfull one,
but hearing with good heed,
To do the work, that man alone
is blessed in his deed.
Be doers of the word therefore,
and not as nothing else,
But hearers meerly, and no more,
deceiving your own selves.

HYMN 96. Whirlwind of God's Wrath.
Jer. 23.19. Rom. 1.18.

BEhold a whirlwind of the Lord
with fury over spread,
A grievous whirlwind falling hard
upon the sinners head.
[Page 91]Because the wrath of God most high
from Heaven is reveal'd
Against lewd mens Iniquity
that truth have so conceal'd.
Rom. 1.19, 25.
For that which may be known of God
is manifest in them,
For God hath made it understood,
the [...]r doings to condemn.
Who chang'd the truth of God to lies,
and creatures did adore,
And the Creatour did despise,
who's blest for evermore.
The lusts therefore of vilest kind
God gave them up unto,
And to a Reprobated mind,
unseemly things to do.
Who knowing well God's Judgment just
what death such men deserve,
Both do such things, and please their lust
in liking those that swerve.
To Father Son and Holy Ghost
all glory be therefore,
As was and is to th' uttermost,
and shall be evermore.

HYMN 97. Winking at the times of ignorance.
Act. Mat. 24.36.

GOD winked at the times that were
in former blindness spent,
But now are all men every where
commanded to repent.
Because the Lord (whose power's no less)
hath set the day (unknown)
To judg the world in righteousness,
by his appointed one.
Act. 17.31. Rom. 6.9.
Whereof he hath sufficiently
inform'd us all before,
By raising him miraculously
from death to die no more.
To Father Son and Holy One
be all the glory then,
As hath been done since time begun,
World without end, Amen.

HYMN 98. Works, Words and Thoughts for the Lord's-day.
Mark 2.27. Rev. 1.10.

All People, &c.
THIS is the day God made for man
To Spiritualize a Christian;
This is the day, upon record,
Whereof the Son of Man is Lord.
Lord, make thy day my dear delight
To think, and speak, and act aright;
For Thou alone art God most high,
That teachest us to edifie.
Ibidem. Psal. 139. ult.
Thou art our guide, and thou dost show
The way wherein we ought to go:
Cause us to take the path most blest
That leads to everlasting rest.
Heb. 4.9.3.
For such a rest there doth remain
For God's own People to obtain,
And all that are believers true
Are sure to enter thereinto.
Rev. 4.13.
All glory to the Holy One
That sits upon the Sovereign Throne,
And to the Lamb of God therefore
Be Praise and Honour evermore.

2. PART.
2 Thes. 3.1. Psal. 51.13.

LORD, give thy Gospel a free course,
And crown it with effectual force,
That converts may come in to Thee,
And Saints, this day, built up may be.
Col. 4.3. Rev. 3.8. John 5.25.
A door of Utterance open, Lord,
To him that speaks thy Holy Word:
A door of Entrance also give,
That thy dead men may hear and live.
Rev. 3.7.
O thou that hast at thy command
The Keys of David in thy hand,
Thou onely openest or canst shut
Into whose hands those Keys are put.
Luke 24.45. Psal. 51.15.
Open our hearts to apprehend
The Scriptures which thy Prophets penn'd:
And open, Lord, our lips alwaies
To make our mouth shew forth thy praise.
Rev. 4.13.
All glory to the Holy One
That sits upon the Sovereign Throne,
And to the Lamb of God most high
Be given praise perpetually.

HYMN 99. Wrongs to be remitted, or a Les­son of true Charity.
Mat. 18.21. Heb. 12.25.

THUS Peter to our Saviour spake;
How oft, O Lord, said he,
Must I forgive my Brothers faults?
Till seven times must it be?
Our Saviour made him this reply,
I, that do speak from Heaven,
Say not to thee till seven times,
but times full seventy seven.
For if ye pardon faults to men,
this Charity assures,
That God your heavenly Father then
will also pardon yours.
But if ye do not, from your heart,
forgive, as ye should do,
Your heavenly Father will impart
no pardon unto you.
Rev. 1.4—
To God the Father and the Son
and Holy Ghost therefore,
Be glory done as first begun,
and shall be evermore.

HYMN 100. Worldly CARES forbidden.
Mat. 6.31, 25, 32.

O Take no thought solicitous
what you shall eat or drink:
And wherewithall you should be cloth'd
be never toyl'd to think.
Is not the life much more than meat,
the body than the cloaths?
And that your need of these is great
your heavenly Father knows.
26, 28, 29.
The fowls that neither sow nor reap,
nor into Barns do gather,
Consider how they are supply'd
by your celestial Father.
Think how, in fields, the Lilies grow,
that neither toyl nor spin:
Yet made that glory no such shew
that Solomon liv'd in.
30, 25.
And, sure, if God so cloath the grass,
(cut down when at the heighth)
Shall he not then much more cloath you,
O ye of little faith?
Take ye therefore no thoughtfull care
for present life, I say,
What ye should eat, or drink, or wear,
for bodily array.
32. 1 Pet. 5.7. Jude 25.
For after all these things abroad,
the Gentiles do pursue:
But cast ye all your care on God,
for he takes care for you.
[Page 96]God onely wise our Saviour
have all the glory (then)
Dominion, Majesty and Power,
both now, and ever, Amen.
2. PART. Phil. 4.6.
Be carefull for no worldly thing,
but (still) in all distress
Your Prayers and Supplications bring
to God, with thankfulness.
And then the peace which God imparts,
past all that can be known,
Shall sweetly keep your minds and hearts
through Christ, the Holy One.
Jude 25.
God onely wise our Saviour,
have all the glory (then)
Dominion, Majesty and Power,
world without end, Amen.
The end of the First Century.

The Second Century.

Hymn CI.

Acclamations of Praise for Babylon's Fall.
NOW Babylon is fall'n and sunk, drunk
that City great in state:
Because she made the Nations
with wine adulterate.
And Thou, O Lord, art righteous,
who art, and alwaies wast,
And art to come most glorious,
for judging as thou hast.
6, 7.
For thy Saints bloud hangs on the score,
thy Prophets bloud they shed:
And bloud to drink thou gav'st them store,
as they have merited.
Even so, Lord God omnipotent,
we gladly do confess,
Thy Judgments are most eminent
for truth and righteousness.
19.3, 1, 7.
Now Allelujah sing aloud,
Salvation, Glory, Fame,
Be given to the Lord our God,
and Honour to his Name.
Be glad in God (for this just doom)
rejoyce and honour Him:
The Marriage of the Lamb is come,
his Wife hath made her trim.

HYMN 102. ALLELVJAH for the same.
Rev. 19.5, 6.

Give laud, &c.
PRaise to our God proclaim,
O ye his Servants all,
And ye that fear his Name,
together, great and small.
For God supream with power doth reign,
and bears the sway.
O they be ever blest,
that shall be call'd unto
The Lambs great Marriage Feast,
These are God's words most true:
Strength, Glory, Power, and Fame to our
Lord God alway.
For thou hast powred forth
thy wrath on that great whore,
[Page 99]That did corrupt the earth
with all her acts impure:
And hast, this day,
Aveng'd the flood of thy Saints blo [...]d,
The Kingdoms of this world
are every one become
The Kingdoms of our Lord,
and of his Christ (his Son)
And he, alway,
Shall reign on high, with Majesty,

Isa. 32.8. Psal. 112.9.

THE Just deviseth liberal things,
and by such things shall stand:
He hath disperst his Charity,
and with a liberal hand.
With honour and with dignity
his horn shall sure be rais'd:
And these his deeds of piety
for ever shall be prais'd.
2 Cor. 9.6. Ecc. 11.1.
For he that soweth liberally
shall gather many a heap:
And he that soweth sparingly,
but sparingly shall reap:
Then, on the waters cast thy bread,
it shall not be in vain:
For when long times accomplished,
it shall be found again.
Prov. 19.17.
For he that giveth to the poor
doth lend unto the Lord,
And, trusting him, he shall be sure
to have it all restor'd.

HYMN 104. Blessed Death.
Rev. 14.13.

BLessed, O blessed are the dead
that in the Lord do die:
Thus hath the Spirit witnessed,
and most assuredly.
For from their toils that were extream,
they are in quiet re [...]:
Their works likewise do follow them,
to make them truly blest.
Isa 57.2.
Thus shall they enter into peace,
and quiet rest possess,
In blessed beds, each one of these
that walk in uprightness.

HYMN 105. Blessings of Obedience.
Prov. 3.1, 2, 3.

MY Son, keep my Commandements,
forget not my decree,
For length of daies, long life and peace
shall these things add to thee.
Then let not truth and mercy kind
forsake thee and depart,
About thy neck my Precepts bind,
and write them in thy heart.
4. Chap. 2.5, 6.
So shalt thou find a good respect
and understanding, then,
Approved in the sight of God,
and in the sight of men.
Then shalt thou understand and know,
his wisedom and his fear:
For from his mouth doth wisedom flow,
and he gives knowledge clear.
10, 11.9.
When Wisedom enters in thy heart,
and is thy souls delight,
Discretion shall preserve thee then,
and knowledge keep thee right.
Then righteousness shall readily
by thee be understood:
Judgment likewise and equity
and every path that's good.
Mat. 25.29. Prov. 4.18.
For unto every one that hath
there shall be given more:
And he shall have abundant grace
still to encrease his store.
For like unto the shining light
is every good man's way,
Which more and more shines clear and bright,
unto the perfect day.

2. PART.
Deut. 28.1, 2, 3, 4.

If thou shalt hearken diligently
To all that God commands,
The Lord thy God shall set thee high
above all other Lands.
And all these blessings shall come on,
and overtake thee soon:
The blessings of the Town and Field,
and blessings of the Womb.
5, 6, 27.
The Lord shall bless thee mightily
with Fruits upon thy Ground:
Thy Flocks of Sheep shall multiply,
thy Cattel shall abound.
The Lord shall take away from thee
all sickness and disease,
And lay upon thee no such Plague
as did on Egypt seize.
7, 12.
The Lord shall smite thine enemies
that rise up in thy sight,
One way against thee shall they rise,
and seven ways take their flight.
The Lord shall make the Heavens give rain
in season on thy Land:
And prosper thee in all thy works
which thou shalt take in hand.
9. 1 Sam. 15.22.
The Lord shall then establish thee
A people of his praise:
If thou shalt keep to his decree:
and walk in all his waies.
For better is Obedience
than Bullocks, Goats and Lambs,
And hearkning to the will of God,
than all the fat of Rams.

HYMN 106. Blessings on the Mount, or Bles­sed Qualifications.
Mat. 5.3. to the 10.

BLessed, O blessed are the poor,
the poor, I say, in spirit:
For they shall have the Kingdom, sure,
of Heaven, to inherit.
And blessed they that mourn and weep,
for they shall meet with mirth:
And blessed also are the meek,
for theirs is all the earth.
Blessed are they that hunger much,
and thirst for righteousness,
For God shall satisfie all such,
with comforts that refresh.
And blessed are the mercifull,
for God will shew them Grace:
And blessed are the pure in soul,
for they shall see his face.
Blessed are they that strive for peace▪
to make men to accord:
For we must call all such as these
the Children of the Lord.
And blessed are the sufferers
for love of righteousness:
Because a Kingdom shall be theirs
in Heaven to possess.

HYMN 107. Call out of Babylon.
Rev. 18.4,— 8.

Have mercy, &c.
COme out of Babylon,
my people, at my Call:
Lest, for her sake, ye should partake
her sins and plagues withall.
Because her sins have reach'd
unto the Heavens high:
And God doth find, and call to mind
all her iniquity.
Reward her to the full,
as she rewarded you:
And fill her cup twice double up,
as she was wont to do.
Look how much she hath been
a proud Luxurious Liver,
So much inflict her torments strict,
and so much sorrow give her.
For thus, within her heart,
I sit a Queen, saith she:
No desolate poor widows state,
nor sorrow shall I see.
And therefore shall her plagues
come on her in one day:
Famine, and death, and mournfull breath
to make her pine away.
And she shall utterly
be burnt with fire at length,
For God the Lord, that doth reward
and judge her, hath such strength.

HYMN 108. Charities Qualifications.
1 Cor. 13.4, 5.

LOng-suffering is Charity:
and most exceeding kind:
It envies not, nor vaunts it self,
nor is puff'd up in mind▪
Doth not unseemly bear it self,
it seeketh not its own:
Is not provoked easily,
and evil it thinks none.
6, 7, 8.
It Joys not in iniquity,
but in the truth takes joy:
Believes, and bears, indures and hopes
in all things patiently.
And Charity fails not at all,
but Prophecies shall fail:
And Tongues shall cease, and Knowledge fade,
but Love shall still prevail.
And now do Faith and Hope abide,
and Charity, these three:
But that which is most magnifi'd,
is Love and Charity.

HYMN 109. Chastisement.
Heb. 12.5, 6.

THE castigation of thy God,
my Son do not despise:
And when rebuked by his Rod
faint not in any wise.
[Page 106]For whom he loves he never leaves
without chastisement fit:
And every Son whom he receives
must to his scourge submit.
7, 8.
By his chastisement if he bleed,
Son-l [...]ke you have your lot:
For what Son is there whom indeed,
the Father chast'neth not.
But if ye no chastisement bear,
which all partake of here:
Then Bastards verily ye are,
and not his Children dear.
And now, indeed, no chastening
doth, for the present, seem
A joyou [...], but a grievous thing,
as usually we deem.
But afterward, it, ne'rtheless,
doth yield us evidently
The peacefull fruits of righteousness,
when exercis'd thereby.

HYMN 110. Christ his Benefits.
Eph 1.3. 1 Cor. 1.30.

BLessed be God that of his grace
hath us so richly stor'd
With spiritual gifts in heavenly place,
through Jesus Christ our Lord.
Made to us wisedom, righteousness,
and sanctifying grace;
Redemption also, to possess
the purchas'd heavenly place.
2 Cor. 5.21. Joh. 14.6. Eph. 2.18.
Made also to be sin for us,
who from all sin was free,
That we the perfect righteousness
of God, in Christ, might be.
The way, the truth, and life he is,
and tho [...]ow him alone
We, by one Spirit, have access
unto the Holy One.
Col. 3.11.
Where there is neither Greek nor Jew;
nor Sex of great or small,
Barbarian, Scythian, bond or free,
but Christ is all in all.
2 PART. Rom. 8.1, 2.
There is no condemnation now
to them that are in Christ:
Who by the Spirit walk with God,
not as by flesh enti [...]'d.
Because the Law of Spirit and Life,
which is in Christ our Lord,
Hath made us free from force of sin,
and us from death restor'd.
3. Gal. 4.4. 1▪ Pet. 1.8.
For when the Law was weak through Flesh,
and had no strength to save,
God sent his Son of Virgin-seed,
and him to us he gave:
Whom having never seen we love,
and through bel [...]ef (no less)
Rejoyce with joy uns [...]eakable,
and full of gloriousness.
Jude 25. Rev. 4.13.
God onely wise our Saviour,
that on the Throne doth sit,
Have honour, glory, praise and power,
for ever, so be it.

HYMN 111. Christ's Commission.
Mat. 10.1, 8.

WHenas our Lord had call'd his twelve
he gave them power at large
Against all Devils and Disease;
and thus he gave them charge:
Go heal the sick, the Leaprous cleanse,
the dead men cause to live:
Cast Devils out, your grant is free,
and therefore freely give.
14, 15, 16.
Whoso receives or he [...]rs you not,
it shall be far more ease
For Sodom, and Gomorrah's Land,
at judgment than for these.
Behold as Sheep in midst of Wolves,
I send you forth, saith he:
The Serpents wisedom therefore use,
and Doves simplicity.

2. PART.
Mat 28.18, 19.

Behold all power is given me
in Heaven, and Earth likewise:
Go therefore into all the world,
and Nations gospe [...]ize.
Baptize them in the Fathers Name,
in every Land and Coast:
And in the Name of God the Son,
and of the Holy Ghost.
20. Rev. 19.16. Gal. 1.5.
And teach them to observe and do
whatever I command:
And I, behold, am now with you,
and while the world doth stand.
To Christ the King of Kings therefore,
and Lord of Lords most high,
Be praise, and glory evermore
to all eternity.

HYMN 112. Communion of Saints.
Heb. 12.22, 23.

NOW are we come to Sion Mount,
the City of abode,
The Heavenly Jerusalem,
where dwells the living God.
To Hosts of Angels numberless,
and to th' assembly there,
The General Church of God's first born,
whose names in Heaven appear.
24. Mat. 25.32.
And unto God the Judge of all
(on whom the world must wait)
And to the Spirits of all just men,
made perfect in that State.
To Jesus Mediatour of
the covenant now made new,
Who [...]e sprinkled blood speaks better things
than Abel [...]s blood could do.
Rev. 5.13.
Blessing, and glory, and renown,
then give we altogether,
To him that on the Throne sits down,
and to the Lamb for ever.

HYMN 113. Confession of Christ.
Mat. 10.32. Rom. 10.10.

HIM that confesseth me to men,
will I, saith Christ, record,
And will acknowledge him agen,
before my heavenly Lord.
For man believes to righteousness,
with humble heart alone:
And with the tongue doth man confess
unto Salvation.
1 Tim 3.16.
This Mystery of Godliness
is very great and high▪
God manifested in the flesh,
the Spirit did justifie.
The blessed Angels saw his face,
his word the Gentiles heard:
Believ'd on in the world he was,
to God's right hand preferr'd.

HYMN 114. Confession of Sin.
Heb. 1.13. Dan. 9.6.

All People, &c.
O Lord that art of purer eye
than to behold iniquity:
We all have sinned, we confess,
and have committed wickedness.
Isa. 59.12. Ezr. 9.6.
Our trespasses against us show,
our sins we cannot chuse but know:
For they are swollen above our head,
and are unto the Heavens spread.
Luke 15.18.
O Father we have grievously
offended Thee, that dwell'st on high;
Unworthy to be own'd therefore,
as thy dear Children any more.
Ezra 9.13. Ezek. 18.32.
Yet hast thou never punish'd sin,
so much as our deserts have been:
Nor is the death of him that dies
a matter pleasing in thine eyes.
Neh. 9.27. Ezek. 13.32.
For thou art unto anger slow,
and dost with grace and mercy flow:
Thou art most ready to forgive,
therefore let us return and live.

HYMN 115. Confidence in God.
Hab. 3.17, 18.

O Lord consider, &c.
ALthough the fig-tree shall not spring,
although the Vine no grape shall yield,
The Olive fail her fruit to bring,
nor any food be in the field.
The flock be cut off from the fold,
no beasts can in the stalls be had:
Yet in the Lord my joyes shall hold,
in God my Saviour I [...]le be glad.

HYMN 116. The Conquest.
Deut. 33.26, to the end.

All People, &c.
THere is not one ('tis truly said)
like Jeshurun's great God on high,
Who rides on heaven for thy aid,
with excellency on the sky.
Th' eternal God thy refuge is,
his everlasting Arms thy stay:
He will thrust out thine enemies:
before thee, saying, kill and slay.
Then Isr'el shall dwell safe, unmixt,
and on a Land of Corn and Wine;
There Jacob's Fountain shall he fixt,
the Heavens dropping on his Vine.
O happy Isr'el! we record,
whom like to thee doth God advance?
O people saved by the Lord!
the shield of thy deliverance.
Thy excellency's Sword is he,
and all thy foes of forreign Powers
Shall be found lyers unto thee,
and thou shalt tread on their high Towers.

HYMN 117. Conscience.
2 Tim. 1.5. Prov. 4.23. Act. 21.16.

THE end of all the Law is Love,
out of an heart unstain'd:
[Page 113]A conscience that we can approve,
and out of Faith unfeign'd.
Keep, then, your heart with diligence
with all the care you can:
A Conscience void of all offence,
both towards God and Man.
Heb. 10.22. 2 Cor. 1.12. 1 Joh. 3.21.
And so draw near with upright heart,
with faith both full and sure,
Our Conscience cleans'd, our Bodies wash'd
with Baptism-water pure.
And our rejoycing shall be this,
our consciences attest:
For if our hearts condemn us not,
on God we boldly rest.

HYMN 118. Contentation.
Prov. 30.8, 9.

LORD give me neither poverty,
nor too abundant store:
Give me to live conveniently,
and I desire no more.
Not riches, Lord, too largely deal,
lest pride should be my bane:
Nor poverty, lest I should steal,
and take God's Name in vain.
Phil. 4.11, 12. Heb. 13.5.
And teach me, if my state be scant,
or if I fulness find,
To know how to abound, or want,
with a contented mind.
[Page 114]And let my conversation still
be void of covetousness:
For God hath said, I never will
forsake thee in distress.

HYMN 119. Covenant-Grace.
Isa. 55.1, 2, 3.

Give laud, &c.
HO, all that thirst and pine,
come to the waters here:
And, ye that have no coyn
Come buy, and eat good chear:
O Come, I say,
Buy milk and wine, without your coyn,
without your pay.
Why do ye money spend
for that which is not bread,
And labour to no end,
not b [...]ing fill'd or fed?
Heark diligently,
And eat ye food, both fat and good,
to your souls joy.
Incline your ear, and come
hear, and your soul shall live,
And I will make you room,
and I to you will give
My Covenant-grace:
The mercies sure, which shall indure
to David's race.

2. PART.
Ezek. 36.25.

Give laud, &c.
Besprinkle you will I,
wi [...]h water that shall cleanse:
And I will purifie
your conscience by this means
from Idols then,
And all excess of filthiness
I'le make you clean.
I will in you create
a heart with grace refin'd:
I will regenerate
the Spirit of your mind:
your heart of stone
I will remove, and make it prove
a tender one.
My Spirit I will place
within you, and will cause
That you shall (by my grace)
walk in my Statute-Laws;
so that ye shall
Observe with trust my judgments just,
and do them all.

3. PART.
Heb. 10, 11.

Give laud, &c.
And this shall be (in sum)
the Cov'nant of my word▪
[Page 116]Made good, in daies to come,
to Isr'el, saith the Lord:
My Laws will I
Put in their hearts, and inward parts,
And they shall all know me,
together great and small:
And gratious I will be
to their offences all.
Their sins therefore
And doings ill, I never will
remember more.
Jer. 32.40.
My people then shall they
be stil'd, and I their God,
Nor will I turn away
from doing of them good:
My fear shall be
In them so put, that they shall not
depart from me:

4. PART.
Jer. 50.5.

They shall enquire the way
with faces Sion-ward,
Come, joyn ye, shall they say,
in Covenant with the Lord,
such as shall bind
Perpetually, and never be
put out of mind.
32, 39.
And I will give them all
one heart, and way, saith God,
[Page 117]And fear me then they shall,
for ever, for their good:
Their good alwaies,
And of their Sons and little ones
in after daies.
Ezek. 34.23. Zech. 14.9.
One Shepherd I will place
over my pasture stock
(A King of David's race)
and he shall feed my Flock:
Then shall there be
One Lord alone, and his name one,
in midst of thee.

HYMN 120. Counsel of Christ.
Rev. 3.18.

I Counsel thee to buy of me
Gold tryed in the fire:
And white array to make thee rich,
and trim in thine attire.
That in this dress, thy nakedness
and shame may not appear:
With eye salve then anoint thine eyes,
to make thy eye-sight clear.
19, 20.
All whom I love I do reprove
with wholsome chastisement:
Be zealous therefore in my way,
and of thy sloth repent.
Behold how I, most graciously,
stand at the door and knock,
If any man attend to me,
and will the door unlock,
21, 22.
I will come in and sup with him,
and he with me▪ alone,
And he that overcomes with me,
shall sit upon my Throne.
Who hath an ear, now let him hear,
what things the Spirit saith
Unto the Churches, every where,
to keep them in their Faith.

Gal. 1.8. 1 Cor. 3.11. Eph. 2.20.

All People, &c. Or, O Lord consider.
SHould we another Gospel preach,
or if a glorious Angel durst
Contrary to our Doctrine teach,
let him be holden as accurst.
Other foundation none can lay,
than what is laid, to build upon,
Namely what Holy Scriptures say,
Christ that is made chief corner-stone.
Eph. 4.4, 5. 1 Co. 8.7. Eph. 1.7. Ro. 4. ult. 25.
One Body, and one Spirit free,
one hope, whereto we have our Call:
One Lord, one Faith, one Baptism,
one God, and Father of us all.
One Jesus Christ, in whom we have
redemption, through his precious bloud,
Who dy'd for us, from sin to save,
and rose to make th' assurance good.
Ro. 8.34 Jo. 2.3. Luk. 24.47▪ Act. 26.18. Heb. 1.3.
Who by the word of his command
made and upholds whatever is:
Who sits enthron'd at God's right hand,
and intercedeth there for his.
Repentance preached in his Name,
and free remission of our sin:
That we th [...] inheritance might claim,
among the Saints by faith in him.
Heb. 6.1. Act. 3.19. Mat. 24.35. Luk▪ 1.45.
The Resurrection of the Flesh,
and the eternal Judgment Day:
When Christ his Presence shall refresh,
and Heaven and Earth shall pass away.
Blessed are they that have believ'd,
for every thing, and every word
Shall be accomplish'd, and atchiev'd,
that hath been spoken by the Lord.

HYMN 122. Deborah's Song.
Judg. 5.2, 3.

SIng praise, O Israel, to the Lord,
that hath avenged thee:
When as the people went to fight,
offering themselves so free.
Ye Kings give ear, ye Princes hear,
I, even I will sing,
And sweetly raise my voice in praise,
to Israel's mighty King.
8.6, 7, 10.
My heart is towards the Governours
that did their help afford:
Offering themselves so willingly,
wherefore bless ye the Lord.
[Page 120]Ye travellers, and passengers,
and ye that ride in state,
And ye that yet in judgment sit
now speak it in the Gate.
11.6, 7.
They that are freed from frightfull noise
of Archers at the Well,
Shall oft rehearse God's righteous Acts,
his Acts to Israel.
The Passengers were wanderers
in by-paths up and down:
And none could dwell in Israel,
but in a walled Town.

2. PART.
12, 19.

Awake, awake, O Deborah!
rise, Barak, sing a Song:
Abinoam's Son, thy captives lead;
thy captives lead along.
There fought the Kings, hard by the springs,
of great Megiddoes plain:
But brought away no prize nor prey,
to glory of their gain.
30, 20.
Curse Meroz (said God's Angel then)
curse Meroz bitterly:
That would not help the Lord against
a potent Enemy.
But there were those against our foes
that fought from Heaven that day:
The Stars in course, did fight with force
against keen Sisera.
27, 31.
At Jael's feet he bow'd, he fell;
he bow'd and fell down dead:
She smote and pierc'd his temples through,
and then cut off his head.
So perish those that are thy foes,
but, Lord, let all thy Lovers
Be like the Sun, when he (at noon)
his brightest beams discovers.

HYMN 123. Diligence in Duties.
Phil. 2.12. 2 Pet. 1.8, 10.

WORK out your own salvation
with trembling and with fear,
That barren ye may neither be,
nor fruitless plants appear.
But use all circumspection
that ye may so find out
Your Calling and Election,
to make it out of doubt.
5, 6.
Add to your Faith the Vertuous Path,
to Vertue Knowledge knit:
With this advance sweet Temperance,
and Patience joyn to it.
To Patience add true Piety,
with Piety express
The Kindness that is Brotherly,
and Charitableness.
5, 10, 11.
Besides all this ye may not miss
of Diligence in all:
For if ye do these things pursue,
then can ye never fall.
[Page 122]Opening a door of large extent
(by this devout behaviour)
Into the Kingdom permanent
of Christ our Lord and Saviour.

HYMN 124. Dragon's Downfall.
Rev. 12.10, 11.

Ye Children, &c.
NOW is salvation come abroad,
The strength and Kingdom of our God:
now hath his Christ extoll'd his might,
For the Accusers made to fall,
He that accus'd our Brethren all,
before our God, both day and night:
And him they quell'd and overcame
By the pure blood of Christ the Lamb
and by their testimony true:
For by that double-edged Sword
(The witness of their faithfull word)
this enemy they overthrew.
Nor did they spare their utmost breath,
Nor love their lives unto the death,
but boldly laid down all at stake:
Therefore, ye Heavens, lift up your voice,
And ye that dwell in them rejoyce,
in this Salvation to partake.
But woe to you, to you, O Sirs,
The Earth and Seas inhabiters,
guilty of our Accuser's Crime:
For Satan is come down to you,
Having great wrath, because he knew
he now must have but little time., 12.
We give thee thanks with one consent:
O Lord, our God omnipotent,
Which art, and wast, and art to come:
For thou hast taken unto thee
Thy great pow'r and Authority
and reign'd with Jesus Christ thy Son.
Salvation to our God therefore,
Wisedom, and blessing evermore
to him that on the Throne doth sit:
And to the Lamb be glory bright,
Thanksgiving, honour, power, and might:
Amen, say we, and so be it.

HYMN 125. Easy Yoke.
Mat. 11.28.

Have mercy, &c.
COME to me, saith the Lord,
All ye that are opprest,
And griev'd within, by weight of sin,
and I will give you rest.
Take on you my sweet yoke,
and learn of me this Art,
How meek to be and like to me,
that am of humble heart.
So shall your souls find rest,
not to be had elsewhere:
My yoke alone's an easie one,
my burthen light to bear.

HYMN 126. Errours and Heresies to be avoided.
Gal. 5.1. Eph. 4.14.

STand stedfastly in liberty,
wherewith ye are made free:
And in the yoke which Christ hath broke
no more entangled be.
Nor childishly transported by
loose Doctrines various wind:
Through their deceit that lye in wait,
beguiled souls to blind.
15. 1 Thes. 5.21, 24.
But speaking truth in love thereof,
(and not by error led)
Grow up and spring in every thing,
in him which is the Head.
Prove all (be sure) keep what is pure,
shun all that seemeth ill:
Faithfull is he that calleth thee,
who also will fulfill.

2. PART.
Col. 2.8. 2 Cor. 11.19.

Beware lest by Philosophy,
and vain deceit entic'd,
Ye follow mens traditions,
which are not after Christ.
For Heresies must needs arise,
and Sects with you be found,
That such as be from error free
may be approved sound.
2 Pet. 3.17, 18.
Be carefull then lest wicked men
should draw you to digress,
And there withall you strangely fall
from your own stedfastness.
But grow apace in Heavenly Grace
and knowledge of our Lord:
To whom alwaies be given praise
of all with one accord.

HYMN 127. Esaies Song of Thanksgiving.
Isa. ch. 12.

O Lord Consider. Or, All People, &c.
LORD, I will praise thee now this day,
though thou wast angry with me sore,
Thine anger now thou turn'st away,
and all my comforts dost restore.
Behold, God is my Saviour strong,
I will confide, as not afraid:
For great Jehovah is my Song,
also my strength and saving aid.
Therefore by means of this supply,
possest with joy and great delight,
Ye shall draw water plenteously
out of the wells of saving might.
Then shall ye say, O praise the Lord,
call on his Name, declare his deeds
Among the people, and record
how far his noble Fame exceeds.
Sing to the Lord the sweetest Hymns
of solemn praise with joy and mirth,
[Page 126]For he hath done most excellent things,
this is well known in all the Earth.
Oh thou that dost in Sion dwell,
cry out and shout, for thou dost see
The Holy one of Israel
is mighty in the midst of thee.

HYMN 128. Esaie's Triumphant Song.
Isa. 26.1, 2, 4, 5.

Ye Children, &c.
WE have a City very strong,
God sets Salvation all along,
for Walls and Bulwarks every where:
Now open ye the Gates for them
Of righteous Jerusalem,
which keep the truth, to enter there.
And since the Lord Jehovah is
Th' eternal Rock of strength to his,
in his great Name for ever trust:
He gives the proud the overthrow,
He lays the lofty City low,
flat to the ground, and to the dust.
8, 10, 11.
Yea, Lord, in thine own judgments way,
We waited for thee every day,
our Souls desire is to thy Name:
But let thy favour be declar'd
To wicked men, they'l not regard,
nor learn Religion by the same:
But most unjustly will transgress,
Here in the Land of uprightness,
[Page 127]and will not see God's Majesty:
But they shall see, and see with shame,
And feel, as foes, thy fiery flame,
for envying our felicity.

2. PART.
Isa▪ 16.18, 19,

Lord, we have been with child in vain,
And we have been in grievous pain,
and as it were, brought forth the wind:
For by our power we have not wrought,
The least deliverance can be thought,
in all the Earth in any kind.
Nor have the dwellers on the earth
Fall'n by the powers that we put forth,
but by thy strength are under trod.
For, Lord, thou wilt ordain, at last,
True peace for us, because thou hast
wrought all our work in us, O God.
20, 21.
O come, my people, enter thou,
Into thy secret chambers now,
and shut thy doors about thee fast:
And hide thy self now as it were
But for a little moment there,
untill the wrath be over-past.
For loe the Lord comes from his place,
To punish this ungodly race
for wickedness that they maintain:
The Earth shall also now disclose
The bloodshed of our barbarous foes,
and shall no more conceal her slain.

HYMN 129. Example of Saints.
Ephes. 5.1, 2. Heb. 6.12.

BRethren, be followers of the Lord,
as Children dear and true:
And walk in love with one accord,
as Christ hath loved you.
And be not slack through negligence,
but followers of their spirit
That thorough Faith and Patience
the Promises inherit.
13.7. Mat. 5.16.
Whose Faith likewise do ye pursue,
considering the end,
And blessed issue whereunto
Their conversations tend.
And let your light so shine to men,
by what good works they see,
That God your heavenly Father then
much glorified may be.

HYMN 130. Ezekiel's Infant.
Ezek. 16.3, 5, 6.

Ye Children, &c.
THUS saith the Lord to Israel,
Thy birth and birth-place know I well,
of Canaan's cursed Land to be:
And in the day when thou wast born,
Thou wast cast out to open scorn,
there was no eye to pity thee.
[Page 129]And when I saw thee (passing by)
Polluted in thy blood to lye:
behold it was the time of love,
When in thy blood thou didst remain,
I said to thee, and said again,
Live, Infant, Live, blest from above.
8.11, 14.
Then over thee my skirt I spread,
Thy nakedness I covered,
I sware to thee, and made thee mine:
With ornaments I did thee deck,
I put a Chain upon thy neck,
and Bracelets on those hands of thine:
And thy renown for beauty, then,
Went forth among the heathen men,
that praised it with one accord:
For, true, it was a perfect dress,
Through my exceeding comliness,
which I put on thee, saith the Lord▪

HYMN 131. Faith praised.
Heb. 11.1, 2, 13.

FAith is the substance of those things
which once we hope to get:
And the assured evidence
of things not seen as yet.
By it the Elders have obtain'd
a good report and fame:
And died boldly in this Faith,
before the Promise came.
6. Rom. 4.3.
But without Faith and Confidence,
as Scriptures clearly say,
It is a thing impossible
to please God any way.
For he that comes to God must trust
that God is God most high:
And the rewarder of them all
that seek him diligently.
Gal. 3.7, 9.
Know then that they that are of Faith,
are all of Abraham's seed,
And blest with faithfull Abraham,
that are of faith indeed.

HYMN 132. Faith Proved.
Jam. 1.14, 20.

WHAT profits it, my Brethren dear,
if any person saith
That he hath faith, and hath not works,
is that a saving Faith?
But wilt thou know, O thou vain man,
that Faith by Works unknown,
Is not a living Faith, but dead,
it being all alone.
26. Gal. 5.6.
For as that body is but dead
the which no breath supplies:
So Faith that is not perfected
by Works, is dead likewise.
[Page 131]And neither circumcision,
avails with God above:
Nor yet uncircumcision,
but Faith that works by Love.

HYMN 133. God's Glittering Sword.
Deut. 32.39,—43.

I Kill, saith God, and make alive,
I wound, and heal, alone;
And there is none with me can strive,
to rescue any one.
For I lift up my hand on high
to heaven above, and say,
Behold I live eternally,
and am without decay.
If once my hand with Judgment close,
and whets my glittering Sword,
With vengeance on my hatefull Foes,
I'le execute my Word:
I'le make mine Arrows drunk with blood,
my Sword shall flesh devour,
The slain and captives shall be food
from the revenging hour.
Rejoyce ye Nations with his Land
to whom he will be good:
And (while his foes shall feel his hand)
avenge his Servants blood.

HYMN 134. Government.
2 Sam. 23.1. Deut. 16.20. 2 Cor. 2 Chr. 19.6. Psal. 82.1.

THE Prince that Ruleth over men
must be exceeding just:
And govern in the fear of God
that putteth him in trust.
Because the judgment is not mans
but God's (the judge on high)
Who sits among these earthly Gods,
to judge most righteously.
Rom. 13.1.5. 1 Tim. 2.2.
And every soul must needs submit
unto the powers supream:
And, not for wrath, but conscience sake,
be subject unto them.
And pray for Kings and Rulers all,
that we, through their defence,
May live in Peace, and Godliness,
with all good conscience.
2 Cor. 5.10.
For we must every one appear,
and personally come
Before the Judgment seat of Christ,
there to receive our doom.
As hath been in the body done
by each man (bond or free)
And as the work is good or bad,
so shall his sentence be.

2. PART.
1 Thes. 5.12, 13. 1 Pet. 4.10.

Obey those Rulers over you
that warn you in the Lord:
And, for their work-sake prize them much
that preach to you the Word.
As each man hath receiv'd the gift
let him discharge his place:
As good and faithfull Ministers
of God's abundant grace.
1 Th. 5.14. 2 Th. 3.6, 14. 1 Tim. 5.22.
Warn the unruly, help the weak,
support them lest they fall:
Comfort the feeble-minded ones,
be patient towards all.
Withdraw from the inordinate,
to shame them from their sin:
And no way be partakers of
the sins that such live in.
Heb. 12.15, 16. 1 Cor. 14.26, 33.
And let no root of bitterness,
no person vain and vile,
Spring up with you to trouble you,
and many to defile.
Let all be done to edifie,
for God's the God of peace,
In all the Churches of the Saints,
to make disorders cease.
2 Cor. 13.11. Rom. 13.8.
And live in peace and holiness,
whereto ye have your call:
And then the God of love and Peace
shall still be with you all.
[Page 134]And owe to no man any thing,
but one to love another,
For 'tis the Laws accomplishing,
to be a perfect Lover.

3. PART.
Eph. 6.1, 2, 4.

Obey your Parents in the Lord,
ye Children, as 'tis fit:
This is the first Commandement,
with Promise made to it.
Parents, provoke not unto wrath
your Children, in their youth:
But bring them up in fear of God,
and nurture of his Truth.
5.6, 9.
Servants, obey your Masters will
with reverential fear:
Not with eye-service, pleasing men,
but as Christs servants dear.
And, Masters, do your Servants right
knowing ye have on high
A Master who hath no respect
of Persons partially.
Behold, he cometh in the Clouds,
whom every eye shall see:
And every man shall have reward
so as his works shall be.

HYMN 135. Government of the Tongue.
Jam. 1.26. Mat. 12.36.

IF he that seems religious
doth not his tongue refrain,
That man's Religion, verily,
is altogether vain.
For, sure, of every idle word
that any man shall say,
He is to give account thereof
at God's great Judgment day.
5.22. Jam. 3.2.
Rash anger shall be judg'd a sin,
contemptuous speech goes higher:
And he that saith, thou fool, shall be
in danger of hell fire.
But not to sin in Word or Tongue
doth testifie and tell
A perfect man, and one that can
rule all the body well.

HYMN 136. Harvest.
Mat. 9.37, 38.

Have mercy, &c.
THE Harvest, truly Sirs,
is very great to view:
But loe, the faithfull Labourers
are but a very few:
Pray ye the Lord therefore,
whose own the Harvest is,
[Page 136]To send out Labourers good store
into this field of his.
Joh. 4.35, 36. Phil. 4.17.
That he that doth engage
to sow and reap, or either,
May have eternal life for wage,
and both rejoyce together.
And that our fruit amount
(as we desire and pray)
Abundantly to our account,
in that great Harvest-day.

HYMN 137. High and lofty One.
Isa. 57.15.

O Lord Consider, &c.
THUS saith the high and lofty One,
inhabiting Eternity,
Whose Name is Holy; be it known,
I dwell in Holy place on high.
Also with him that is contrite,
whose humble Spirit sighs and groans,
To cheer the humbled in my sight,
to cheer the heart of contrite ones.
For, still, contending with the frail,
and keeping anger unallay'd,
The Spirits would before me fail,
and those poor souls which I have made.
But unto him will I be sure
to look with favour, saith the Lord,
That is in Spirit meek, and poor,
and trembles at my Holy Word.

HYMN 138. Humiliation.
Hos. 6.1.

COme now, and let us search and try
the ways that we have trod:
And turn again unfeignedly
unto the Lord our God:
For he hath torn and put to pain,
and he hath made the wound;
And he will bind it up again,
and make us whole and sound.
3. Jam. 4.9.
After two daies he will revive,
and raise us up the third:
And set us in his sight alive,
that felt so sharp a Sword.
Be then afflicted, weep and mourn,
(repentance to express)
Your laughter into mourning turn,
your joy to heaviness.
10. Mic. 6.9. Joel 2.13.
Hear him that smiteth and the Rod,
humble your selves and stoop:
Cast down your selves in sight of God,
and he shall raise you up.
For he is gratious, mercifull,
and unto anger slack:
Of kindness great, and one that will
his judgments soon call back.

HYMN 139. Idolatry Forbidden.
1 Cor. 10.14.22. 2 Cor. 6.14.

FLEE fast from all Idolatry,
from Idols keep you free:
Provoke we God to Jealousie?
are we more strong than he?
With Belial can Christ accord?
or can these things unite
The house of Idols and our Lord,
the darkness and the light?
15, 16, 17, 18.
Unrighteousness, can that combine
with righteousness to dwell?
Or can the true believer joyn
with any Infidel?
Be therefore separate and clear,
and all uncleanness flee:
And ye my Sons and Daughters dear,
and I your God shall be.
Rev. 3.4.
For but a few do walk aright,
and keep their Garments fair:
And these shall walk with me in white,
for worthy Saints they are.

HYMN 140. Jew and Gentiles Call.
Rom. 11.26.15.

THERE cometh a Deliverer
from Sion hill on high,
To turn away ungodliness
from Jacob's Family.
[Page 139]For if the World be reconcil'd
by casting them away,
Much more shall their return be stil'd
life from the dead that day.
26, 27.16.
And then all Israel shall be sav'd,
(as Scripture doth declare)
Because the Gifts and Calls of God
without repentance are.
For if the first-fruits Holy be,
the lump is Holy too:
And if the root yield sanctity,
so shall the branches do.

2. PART.
Rom. 11.32, 33.

Yet now hath God adjudg'd the Jews
by unbelief to fall,
That he might this occasion chuse,
to shew his grace to all.
O depth of riches infinite!
and wisedom of our God!
His Judgments O how past our sight!
his Tracks O how untrod!
34, 35, 36.
For who hath known the mind of God,
or lent his counsels aid?
Or who hath given unto him,
and it shall be repaid?
For of, and thorough him are all,
and pass to him agen:
To whom be praise of great and small
for evermore, Amen.

HYMN 141. Jew and Gentiles fulness held out in many Promises.
Isa. 66.8.

Ye Children, &c.
OH who hath heard of such a thing,
As now God's power to pass doth bring?
or who hath seen such things as these?
For shall a Land (can any say)
Be made to bring forth in a day?
are Nations born at once with ease?
Before that Sion travelled,
She presently was brought to bed,
and brought forth Sons by heavenly aid,
Before she travell'd she brought forth,
Before her pain she brought the birth,
and of a sweet Man-child was laid.
Break out, O barren Church, and sing
Thou that didst (once) no Children bring,
let joyfull Songs take up thy life:
Thus saith the Lord of thine estate,
The Children of the desolate
are more than of the married Wife.
For shall I bring it to the birth,
And then not bring the Children forth,
saith the Almighty Sovereign Lord?
Or shall I cause to bring forth some,
And then untimely shut the womb,
thy God, O Sion, spake this word.

2. PART.
Isa. 66.10, 11, 12.

Rejoyce ye with Jerusalem,
And let her lovers (all of them)
in her spiritual joys partake:
Rejoyce, I say, lift up your voice,
Be glad with her, and much rejoyce,
all ye that mourned for her sake.
That ye may suck, and take your fill
Of Consolations, which distill
in plenty, from your Mothers breast:
Then shall ye suck (danc'd on Her knee)
Milk out, and much delighted be
with her abundant gloriousness.
54.7, 8, 60.18.
Though for a very little space,
Angry I was▪ and hid my face,
and thou wast termed desolate:
Yet will I gather thee again
With kindnesses that shall remain,
and bear an everlasting date.
Destruction shall no more be heard
Within thy Land, nor wasting fear'd,
nor violence be in thy ways:
But thorowout thy borders all,
Thy Walls Salvation they shall call,
and give thy Gates the Name of praise.

Isa. 51.1, ch. 4.

Hearken, O people, and give ear,
My Righteousness is drawing near,
[Page 142]my saving health I will disclose;
My Arm shall judg the heathen men,
The Isles shall wait upon me then,
and on my power shall they repose.
Enlarge and spread thy Tents apace,
(And Curtains of thy dwelling place)
lengthen thy Cords, and stretch them far:
And men shall break their Swords and Spears
To pruning hooks and Plowing shares,
nor shall they any more learn War., 22, 23.
The Wolf and Lamb shall joyntly feed,
The Leopard with the Calf and Kid,
the Lyon and the Youngling fat:
Thy Nursing-Fathers Kings shall be,
Queens Nursing-Mothers unto thee,
they shall bow down before thee flat.
Thy Sun shall never more decline,
Nor yet thy Moon desist to shine,
for God's thy everlasting light:
A little one shall thousands bring,
Strong Nations from a small one spring,
and all thy people shall be right.

4. PART.

Behold (saith God) I will extend
The peace of Israel far-an-end,
that like a River it shall seem:
Then shall the glorious Dignity
Of the converted Gentiles be
like to an over-flowing stream.
[Page 143]Thy Sons shall come from far and wide,
And (to be nursed at thy side)
thy Daughters from the earths far ends.
Then will I sweetly comfort them,
That dwell in my Jerusalem,
as one whom his dear Mother tends.
14, 24. Psal. 149.5. Isa. 35.10.
Which when ye see, your heart shall joy,
Your bones shall flourish wonderously,
like a sweet herb that freshly grows.
Then shall the hand of God be known,
Towards his Servants every one,
and his displeasure towards his foes:
For loe, their worm shall never dye,
Their fire shall burn perpetually,
and not be quenched night nor day:
But Saints shall shout upon their beds,
Eternal joy shall crown their heads,
sorrow and sighs shall flee away.

HYMN 142. Imperfection.
Eccl. 7.20. Jam 3.2. 1 Cor. 10.12.

THere is not any in the earth,
(through all the coasts of it)
A righteous man, that still doth good,
and doth no sin commit.
For, verily, in many things,
we sin, and trespass, all:
Let him therefore that thinks he stands
be carefull lest he fall.
Gal. 6.1. Eph. 4.32.
And if by imperfection,
ye see a man transgress,
Restore him, ye spiritual ones
with love, and gentleness;
And kind and tender-hearted be,
forgiving mutually,
As God for Christ his sake forgave
all your iniquity.

2. PART.
Gal. 5.17. Rom. 7.23.

The Spirit wars against the Flesh,
and this with that doth fight:
So that ye cannot do such things
as ye would do, aright:
We, in our members find a Law
averse to that within:
And bringing in captivity
unto the Law of sin.
Jam. 5.16, 20.
Confess your faults, then, mutually,
And pray for one another:
That so ye may be heal'd thereby,
and grace afresh recover.
Who turns a sinner from the path
wherein he went aside,
Shall thereby save a soul from wrath,
and numerous sins shall hide.

HYMN 143. Joys of Heaven.
Rev. 22.14.3.

BLessed are they whose only strife
is God's good Law to do:
That they may taste the tree of Life,
and have a right thereto.
And that they may have entrance all
into the City Gate,
There, where no curse can ever fall
to alter their Estate.
But there the Throne of God shall be,
and Christ the Lamb's high Throne:
And there his Servants shall be free
to serve the holy One.
And they shall see his blessed face,
and bear his glorious Name,
Which on their foreheads shall have place,
his Image to proclaim.
And there, there shall ensue no night,
(as if their day were done:)
Nor have they need of candle-light,
or shining of the Sun.
For God the Lord ( [...]om whom it springs)
shall give them light on high:
And they shall reign, as crowned Kings
to all Eternity.

HYMN 144. Judgment-Day Forewarn'd.
Joh. 5 28, 29.

THE day and hour is drawing nigh,
when all the dead must hear
The voice of him that is most high,
and shall forthwith appear.
All they to sure Salvation
whose works are good and right:
And they to condemnation
in evil that delight.
Prov. 12.28. Rom. 6.23. Gal. 6.8.
For life is found in righteous ways,
no death can be therein:
But death the certain wages pays
of all unpardon'd sin.
All they that sow to sinfull flesh
corruption shall inherit:
But endless life shall them refresh
that sow unto the Spirit.
1 Cor. 15.58.
Be stedfast, Brethren, now therefore,
and alwaies be unmov'd;
Abounding now and evermore,
in works of God approv'd.
Because ye know his Holy Word
doth make the Promise plain,
So that your labour in the Lord,
can never be in vain.

2. PART.
Luke 21.34.

Be carefull, lest at any time,
you should, by your excess,
[Page 147]Surcharge your souls with surfeiting,
or shamefull drunkenness.
And lest your heart be overcome
with weight of worldly cares:
And so, that day, the day of Doom,
o'retake you unawares.
1 Thes. 5.2, 3. Luke 12.47.
Because the day of Christ will come
like as a Thief by night:
And when they say, Peace, Peace, will be,
shall suddain vengeance light.
He that did know his Masters will,
and not himself prepare
To do according to his skill,
full many a stripe shall bear.
37, 38, 44.
But blessed are those Servants all
that watch with wakefull mind:
Whom Christ shall at his coming call
and in this posture find.
He shall come forth assuredly,
and set them at his board:
And make them partners in the Joy
of their advanced Lord.

HYMN 145. Justification.
Rom. 8.33, 34.

IT is the Lord that justifies,
who therefore shall condemn?
It is our Saviour Christ that dy'd,
or rather rose agen.
Who also is at God's right hand
ascended up on high:
[Page 148]And maketh intercession there
for us continually.
Heb. 4.16. Col 3.17.
Now therefore let us boldly come
(in certain hope to speed)
Unto the Throne of grace, for grace
to help in time of need.
And let all things we speak or do
be in the name of one,
To God the Father giving thanks
through Christ our Lord alone.

HYMN 146. Laud and Praise for God's Judg­ments, or the Lambs Song.
Rev. 15.3, 4.

THY works are great and marvellous,
Lord God th' Almighty one:
Thy ways are true and righteous,
thou King of Saints alone.
Who shall not fear thee, O most high,
and glorifie thy Name;
For thou alone for sanctity
deservest laud and fame▪
For all the Nations of the earth
shall come and worship thee:
Because thy judgments are set forth
so plain for us to see.

HYMN 147. Longing after Christ.
Joh. 6.32, 35. Chap. 7.38.

Ye Children, &c.
THE bread of God (so truly call [...]d)
That giveth life unto the world,
[Page 149]is he that down from Heaven came:
And with this sweet celestial bread,
Lord, let us be replenished,
and give us ever of the same.
For he that (as the Scripture saith)
Laies hold on Christ by lively Faith
shall never thirst or hunger more:
For by that Faith, and feeding so,
Out of his belly there shall flow
of living waters plenteous store.
Rev. 22.17, 20. Cant. 8.14. Jam. 5.8.
Come say the Spirit and the Bride,
And so of all let be reply'd
that hear the Lamb and his dear Wife,
Come all that thirst, and take your fill,
Take freely whosoever will
the water of eternal life.
Make hast, my love, and be not slow,
Be like the nimble Hart or Row
tracing upon the Mountains spic'd:
And I, behold, come speedily,
The coming of the Lord draws nigh,
Amen, so come, Lord Jesus Christ.

HYMN 148. Love of God.
Joh. 3.16. 1 Joh 4 9. Joh. 3.17.

SO greatly God did love the world
that freely he did give
His onely and begotten Son,
that we through him might live.
God sent him not into the world
the world for to condemn,
But that he might be manifest
a Saviour unto men.
Rev. 1.5. Joh. 3.16. Rev. 21.24.
Who loved us, and gave himself
for our eternal good,
And washt away our scarlet sins
in his own precious blood.
And whosoever trusts in him
shall never perish quite,
But he shall have eternal life,
and live in endless light.
Luke 2.24.
To God therefore that dwells on high
be praise and glory still:
On earth be true tranquillity,
and unto men good will.

2. PART.
1 Joh. 2.3. c. 5.3.

Hereby we know undoubtedly
that we do love the Lord,
By keeping with fidelity
the Precepts of his Word,
And this is sure God's love in us,
that we his Laws fulfill;
Nor do we count them burdenous,
but do them with good will.
4.19. Eph. 1.4. 1 Joh. 4.10, 19.
The perfect Love of God most high
is manifested thus,
And we love him so perfectly
because He first lov'd us.
[Page 151]Herein is love, not ours it is,
but his for our dear sake,
In sending that sweet son of his
our debts to undertake.
Rev. 5.13.
To him that sits upon the Throne,
and to the Lamb therefore
Be glory, strength, dominion,
and honour evermore.

HYMN 149. Love of the World forbidden.
Mat. 16.26. Col. 3.2.

WHAT shall it profit any man
the world to purchase whole,
And thereby miss the certain bliss
of his immortal soul?
Oh set your strong affections then
on things that are above!
And let no worth of things on earth
be motives of your Love.
1 Joh. 2.16.15.
All in the world is pride of Life,
and lusts of flesh and eyes:
Which do not from the Father come,
but from the world they rise.
Love not the world nor things thereof;
if any love so low,
The perfect Love of God above
in him can never flow.
These worldly things all pass away
and peri [...]h altogether,
But to fulfill God's holy will
makes to abide for ever.

HYMN 150. Marriage.
Heb. 13.4.

THE due estate of Marriage
(as Scripture doth assure)
Is honourable every where
(the bed preserved pure:)
But Harlots and Adulterers
that violate this thing,
By practice of unchastity,
will God to Judgment bring.
1 Thes. 4.4. Col. 3.19, 20.
Then let us every one know how
his vessel to possess
In honourable dignity,
and spotless holiness.
And Husbands dearly love your Wives,
giving no bitter word:
And Wives, submit obediently
to them, as to the Lord.
1 Pet. 3.3, 4.
And your adorning let not be
in any pompous way,
Of pl [...]ited hair, and wearing gold,
or putting on aray.
But of the heart and hidden man,
where no corruption lies,
[Page 153]And of a meek and quiet soul,
which God doth highly prize.
1 Cor. 7.39. 1 Pet. 3.7.
And be not yoakt unequally,
but joyned in the Lord;
Honouring the Wife (the weaker Sex)
according to the Word.
And live together lovingly,
as heirs of Grace, of Life:
That disagreements hinder not
the prayers of Man and Wife.
Mat. 22.30.
And in the Resurrection, where
none are in Marriage given,
Ye shall be like the Angels there,
Triumphant Saints in Heaven.

HYMN 151. Mediator.
1 Tim. 2.5.

All People, &c.
ONE God there is, and one alone,
and Mediator none but one;
The man whom we Christ Jesus call,
who gave himself full price for all.
1 Joh. 2.1, 3.
If any sin, we have on high
an Advocate to qualifie,
Jesus the Just, whose bloud was spilt
to expiate our hainous guilt.
Rev. 5.13.
Blessing and glory and renown
to him that on the Throne sits down,
And to the Lamb of God therefore
be praise and honour evermore.

HYMN 152. Mercies.
Mic. 6.18, to the end.

All People, &c.
WHO is a God like unto thee
that pardons all Iniquity;
And from their sins doth disengage
the remnant of his heritage?
This wrath he doth not long excite,
for mercy is his dear delight:
He will return again, he will,
and have compassion on us still.
Isa. 43.25.
He will subdue our trespasses,
as drowned in the deepest Seas:
And for his own Name sake on high,
he blots them out of memory.
Thou wilt perform thy Truth and Grace,
to Abraham and Jacob's race.
As thou hast to our Fathers told,
and sworn it from the daies of old.

HYMN 153. Mercy and Terror mixt.
Nah. 1.2,

All People, &c.
JEalous is God's avenging eye,
the Lord avengeth furiously,
He will take vengeance on his foes,
and he reserveth wrath for those.
Yet is the Lord to anger slow,
but of great power to overthrow:
And he will not at all acquit
the wicked that repent no whit.
6. Hab. 3.5.
Before his fury who can stand?
who can abide his angry hand?
The Pestilence before him rolls,
beneath his feet are burning coals.
Nah. 1.5.
The Mountains quake, the Hills do melt
when as his presence is but felt,
The earth is burnt at sight of him
the world and all that dwell therein.
Isa. 14.27. Neh. 9.17.
His judgments none can disanul;
but yet our God is mercifull;
Thine anger, Lord, is slow of pace:
thy kindness great, and rich thy grace▪

Nah. 1.7, 8.

All People, &c.
The Lord is good▪ a Tower to his
when as the day of trouble is:
And them that trust in him he knows,
but darkness shall pursue his foes.
He will with over-running floud:
consume the Palaces that stood:
Like fire his fury poureth down,
the rocks by him are overthrown.
Against him what do ye intend?
the Lord will make an utter end:
Affliction (for so great a crime)
shall not rise up the second time.
Folden as thorns, although they be,
and drunken with prosperity,
They shall be very suddenly
devour'd as stubble fully dry.
O Judah! keep thy solemn feasts,
thy Mountains bring good news of peace
No more shall sinners pass through thee,
but utterly cut off shall be.

HYMN 154. Merit disclaimed.
Luk. 17.10. Phil. 2.13.

WHen you have done the best ye can,
say thus with humble thought,
Unprofitable Servants all
we do but what we ought.
For it is God that works in you,
he works both will and deed,
And of his meer good pleasure too,
doth all your power proceed.
Eph. 2.8, 9. Chap. 3.21.
And ye are sav'd by grace, through faith,
wrought by the Holy Ghost:
Not of your selves, nor of your works,
lest any man should boast.
To him let all the Church therefore
ascribe, with one accord,
All praise and honour evermore,
through Jesus Christ our Lord.

HYMN 155. Moral Precepts.
Mic. 6.8. Psal. 37.28. Col. 3.25.

Prest with Arguments.
THe Lord hath shewed thee, O man,
what God requires as good:
Do justly, love compassion,
walk humbly with thy God.
Because the Lord loves equity,
his Saints he will not leave:
And he that deals injuriously,
shall suitably receive.
Mat. 5.7. Jam. 2.13. Luk. 14.11.
And mercy to the mercifull,
the Lord will still express:
But Judgment shall with rigour fall
upon the merciless.
And God doth still resist the proud,
but gives the humble grace,
Self-humbling, then, shall honour men,
self-honouring shall abase.

2. PART.
Jam. 5.12, Eph. 4.25. Rev. 21.8.

Swear not by heaven, nor by earth,
nor any oath at all:
Lest into condemnation,
by such offence, ye fall.
Put Lyes away and speak the Truth,
for every wilfull Lyer
Must sure partake of that broad Lake
which burns with brimstone-fire.
Rom. 13.13. Heb. 12.14.
Shun surfeiting and drunkenness,
and do not lead your Life
In chambering and wantonness,
in envy, or in strife.
And ever follow peace withall,
and holiness together:
Without which grace there's no man shall
behold God's face for ever.

3. PART.
Eph. 4.31, 29. Rom. 12.21.

All malice, wrath, and bitterness,
and clamour put away:
And be not overcome with ill,
but let the good bear sway.
And let no talk come from your mouth [...]
corrupt in any case:
But such as serves to edifie,
and teach the hearers grace.
Eph. 5.3, 4.
But fornication, avarice,
and what pollutes or taints,
Amongst you, let not once be nam'd,
as it becometh Saints.
Nor filthiness, nor foolish talk,
nor unbeseeming jests
(Which things are not convenient)
but rather thankfulness.

4. PART.
Rom. 12.10, 15. Eph. 2.4. Gal. 6.

By kind affection mutually
the Love of Brethren keep:
Rejoyce with them that do rejoyce,
and weep with them that weep.
And heed not your own things alone,
but each for other care:
And to fulfill the Law of Christ,
each others burden bear.
Rom. 12.16. Mat. 7.1, 2.
Mind not high things, but condescend
to men of low estate:
And be not wise in your own eyes
puff'd up with self-conceit.
And judge not, that you be not judg'd,
for as you mete to men,
Accordingly shall God reply,
and deal to you agen.

5. PART.
Mat. 7.12. Rom. 13.7. Chap. 12.17. T. 3.2. 1 Thes. 4.7.

Do as you would be done unto,
and give to all their right:
Of no man ever speak amiss,
not ill with ill requite.
Let none defraud or go beyond
his brother any way:
For God avengeth all such things,
and will the wrong repay.
Jam. 5.9. Joh. 7.24. Phil. 4.5. Rom. 14.4.
And, Brethren, let no one of you
against another grudge:
Nor judge ye by appearances,
but righteous judgment judge.
And let your moderation
be manifest to all:
The Lord our Master is at hand,
to whom we stand or fall.

6. PART.
Eccles. 5.4, 5. Heb. 13.16.

When thou hast vow'd a vow to God
defer not then, to pay:
For God hath no delight in Fools,
that mock him with delay.
And to do good and distribute
forget ye in no wise:
For God is pleas'd exceedingly
with such like sacrifice.
Phil. 4.8. 1 Cor. 4.5.
And all things honest, just and true,
and such as sweetly please,
For vertue, praise, and good report,
think on such things as these.
Until the secrets of all hearts
be publish'd all abroad:
And then shall every one of us
have his due praise of God.

HYMN 156. More spiritual Precepts.

Prov. 3.5, 6. Mat. 22.37. 1 Thes. 5.15, 16.
TRust in the Lord with all thy heart,
love him with all thy might:
In all thy ways acknowledge him,
and make him thy delight.
Pursue good things, rejoycing still,
and pray continually:
Quench not the Spirit any way,
despise not prophecy.
[Page 162]Walk after God's Commandements,
fear him, obey his Voice:
Rejoyce in him continually,
and still I say rejoyce.
Rom. 12.11. Heb. 12.28. Joh. 6.27.
With fervent spirit serve the Lord,
and (having grace) draw near
To worship God with reverence,
and Godly filial fear.
And for the food that perisheth
be not at any Strife:
But for the food that doth indure
to everlasting life.
Mat. 6.33.
And seek God's Kingdom first of all,
his righteousness pursue:
And then shall all the other things
be added unto you.

HYMN 157. Mortality and Immortality.

Isa. 40.6, 7.
All flesh is grass, and soon must yield,
for all the goodly show,
Which is but as a flower in field
that some short time doth grow.
The grass doth wither and is gone,
the flower doth fade and pass:
Because God's Spirit blows thereon;
the people sure is grass.
8. 1 Cor. 15.53.
The grass doth change, the flower doth fade
at one rebuking blast;
[Page 163]But loe! the word our Lord hath said
for ever standeth fast.
The corruptible must put on
a state that cannot die;
The mortal must be cloath'd upon
with immortality.
54, 56, 57.
The Scriptures sayings then shall be
fulfil'd for Saints to sing,
O Grave! where is thy Victory?
O Death! where is thy Sting?
The Sting of Death Sin needs must be,
the Law the strength of Sin,
But thanks to God for Victory
through Christ our Lord herein.

HYMN 158. Mortification.

Col. 3.5. Rom. 6.12. c. 8.13.
YOUR earthly members mortifie,
and let no sin bear sway,
Or in your mortal body reign
while ye the lusts obey.
For if ye serve the flesh ye dye,
but if that by the Spirit,
The bodies lusts ye mortifie,
then shall ye life inherit.
Chap. 6.16. Chap. 13.14.
For his ye are, whom ye obey,
whether of sin to death;
Or else of righteousness to life,
after this mortal breath.
[Page 164]Put on, then, Jesus Christ the Lord,
and for the fleshes ease
Make no provision, nor regard
the lusts thereof to please.

2. PART.
Rom. 8 7. Chap. 12.2.

The carnal mind is enmity
against the living Lord:
Not subject, neither can it be
to his revealed word.
Be chang'd therefore by minds renew'd,
that ye may understand
What pleasing good and perfect things
the Lord doth here command.
Chap. 8.6. Chap. 6.11, 8.
Because to be of carnal mind
is death without release:
But if Spiritually inclin'd,
it savours Life and Peace.
Then count your selves as dead to sin,
to God (in Christ) alive:
Because if we be dead with him
we trust we shall revive.

HYMN 159. Mose's Song.
Exod. 15.1.

All People, &c.
NOw sing unto the Lord will I,
for he hath triumph'd gloriously:
The Horse and Rider (both of these)
his hand hath cast into the Seas.
5, 6.
The depths devour'd them every one,
they sank to th' bottom as a stone
Lord thy right hand with power shines bright,
thy right hand crusht the enemy quite.
In thy great excellence, O God,
thou hast those Rebels under-trod.
Thou sent [...]t forth thy wrath whereby
they were consum'd as stubble dry.
The enemy thus proudly spake,
I will pursue, and overtake,
The spoil [...]saith he) I will divide,
my Lust shall so be satisfi'd.
Then didst thou blow with blustring force,
the Sea returned to its course;
And (covering them) became their graves,
they sank as Lead in mighty Waves.
Among the Gods, who's like to thee?
who like thee shines in sanctity?
Fearfull in praises, as exceeds,
and doing rare and wondrous deeds.

HYMN 160. Oppression and Rapine disswaded.
Prov. 4.14, 15, 16.

GO not with wicked men, my Son,
go not with them, I say;
Their crooked paths avoid and shun,
and come not near their way.
[Page 166]For if they do no wicked deed,
they take no rest at all:
Their sleep departs, unless they speed
of making some to fall.
Mic. 22. Prov.
They covet fields, and violently
they take them for a prey,
Oppressing Town and Family,
because they bear the sway.
They eat the bread of wickedness,
and drink the wine of strife;
They leave the paths of Righteousness
to lead a brutish life.
Isa. 59.7, 8.
Destruction and unhappiness
are ever in their waies;
Nor do they know the way of peace;
for still their Judgment straies.
They make them crooked paths of sin,
form which they cannot cease:
And whosoever walks therein
shall never know true peace.

2. PART.
Prov. 1.10, 11, 13.

My Son, let sinners ticing thee
be constantly withstood;
If they say, come, let us agree,
let us lay wait for blood:
All precious substance we shall find,
to make us rich and great;
And with the spoil of every kind
shall fill our house compleat.
14, 15, 16, 18.
Cast in thy Lot among us now,
let us have all one purse.
Refrain, my Son, and go not thou
with them in this lewd course:
For unto rapine they run fast,
but loe their laying wait
Shall be for their own lives at last,
and their own bloud the bait.
19, 31.
The projects which they prosecute
shall pay them home one day:
And they shall eat the bitter fruit,
of their own cursed way.
Such ways are his, whoever strives
his hands with bloud to stain,
To take away the owners lives
for greediness of gain.

HYMN 161. Passion and Compassion of Christ.
1 Pet. 3.18. Chap. 2.24.

LO Christ hath suffered once for sin,
the Just for wicked men;
That he might bring us unto God
now reconcil'd agen:
Who bare our sins in his own flesh
upon that cursed Tree,
That we should live to righteousness
and dead to sin should be.
Isa. 53.6.3.
All we like sheep have gone astray,
each took his course to fall:
[Page 168]And God hath laid the Load on him,
to answer for us all.
A man of sorrows sure he was,
and he hath born our grief:
Mean while we hid our face from him,
And gave him no relief.
Joh. 10.11.
Lo, this is that sweet Shepherd, then
so infinitely good,
That for his sheep laid down his Life,
and spilt his pretious bloud.

Joh. 15.13. Rom. 5.7.

A greater Love than this hath none,
to act or apprehend,
Than that a man should stake his life,
and lose it for his friend:
For scarce will any dye for him
that lives most righteously,
Yet haply for a special friend
some one might dare to dye.
18. Chap. 14.9.
But God commends his tender Love
to us ward in this wise:
In that Christ Jesus dy'd for us
when we were enemies.
And therefore did our Saviour die,
recover and revive,
To be the Lord both of the dead,
and those that are alive.
Heb. 13.15.
By him therefore give we to God
the sacrifice of praise,
(The gratefull fruit of thankfull lips)
blessing his name alwaies.

HYMN 162. Patience.
Jam. 1.4. Heb. 10.36.

LET Patience have her perfect work,
that ye may be intire,
And nothing wanting in your grace
which God doth here require.
For ye have need of Patience,
that having done his Will,
Ye may receive the Promises
which God shall then fulfill.
Chap. 6.19. Rom. 5.4, 5. 2 Co. 4.17.
For Patience works experience,
experience hope doth gain:
And hope shall never make asham'd
whatever we sustain.
And lo! our light affliction,
which is but transitory,
Works for us a more excellent
eternal weight of glory.
2 Tim. 2.12. Jam. 5.72.
For they that suffer with the Lord
shall reign with him full sure:
Therefore, behold, we count them blest
whoever do endure.

HYMN 163. The Peace of God, and Prayer.
Phil. 4.6, 7.

All People, &c. Or, O Lord Consider, &c.
IN nothing be perplext with care,
but call on God for every thing:
And with thanksgiving in your prayer
to him your supplications bring.
And lo! the peace which God imparts,
past understanding to make known,
Shall safely keep your minds and hearts,
through Jesus Christ the Holy One.

HYMN 164. Perseverance.
Heb. 3.12, 13.

TAKE heed, my brethren, lest there be
in any of you all
An heart of infidelity,
whereby from God to fall.
But still exhort with mutual heed,
while it is call'd to day,
Lest any one be hardened
by sins deceitfull way.
14. Chap. 10.23 1 Thes. 5 24.
For we partake of Christ (be sure)
if we by faith hold fast,
So that our confidence endure
unshaken to the last.
[Page 171]Let's hold profession firm therefore,
not wavering in our faith,
For faithfull is the promiser,
and will do what he saith.
Rev. 2.10.
Be faithfull to the death, (saith he)
persisting in my way,
And I will surely give to thee
a Crown of Life that day.

HYMN 165. Portion of the little Flock.
Luke 12.32. 1 Cor. 2.9.

FEAR not, O little Flock and few!
for 'tis your Father's pleasure.
To give the Kingdom unto you,
that hath eternal treasure.
Eye hath not seen, nor Ear hath heard
what things God hath above,
Beyond the thoughts of man, prepar'd
for them that do him love.
1 Tim. 4.8.
For godliness avails to all,
having the Promise sure
Of this Life which is temporal,
and that which doth endure.
To God the Father and the Son,
and Holy Ghost therefore,
Eternal honour let be done,
henceforth for evermore.

HYMN 166. Power of Prayer.
Jam. 1.5. Mat. 7.11.

IF any of you wisedom wants,
ask of the Lord alone,
Who liberally to all men grants,
and yet upbraideth none.
For if that ye, which evil are,
can give good things to yours,
Much more your heavenly Father's care
his suppliants assures.
7. Jam. 1.6. Joh. 16.24.
Ask therefore and be sure to have,
and seek and ye shall find:
But ask in Faith what-ere ye crave,
and not with wavering mind.
But if ye ask and shall believe:
God will thereto agree:
Ask therefore that ye may receive,
that full your joy may be.

HYMN 167. Reasonable Service.
Rom. 12.1. 1 Cor. 6.19.

PResent your bodies to the Lord
a living Sacrifice:
A holy offering unto him,
and pleasing in his eyes.
This is a service which ye owe,
and reasonably due:
For ye are not your own, ye know,
but Christ hath purchas'd you.
20. Chap. 10.31.
Now therefore glorifie the Lord
(dear brethren every one)
Both in your bodies and your souls.
for they are God's alone.
And whether eat or drink ye do,
or ought else, all your daies.
Let all be done, by each of you
to God's renown and praise.

Vide Cent. I. Hymn 55. Psal. 68. HYMN 168. Recovery of the Church.
Mic. 17.8, 9.

Have mercy, &c.
REjoyce not over me,
O thou mine enemy!
For, when I fall, the boast is small,
so soon arise shall I.
And when I sit me down
in darkness desolate,
The Lord will be a light to me,
in that distrest estate.
And I will therefore bear
the Lords most just displeasure:
Since I have been intic'd to sin
against him in such measure.
Untill the Lord be pleas'd
my cause to undertake:
And, at my suit, shall execute
his judgment for my sake.
For verily, the Lord
will bring me forth to light,
And will express his righteousness
apparent in my sight.

HYMN 169. Redeeming of Time.
Eccles. 12.1, 7.

REmember thy Creator now,
in these thy younger daies:
Before the year and day draw near
when pleasure quite decays.
Then shall the dust return to earth,
to earth from whence it came:
The spirit then goes back agen
to God that gave the same.
13, 14.
Now let us hear the end of all,
that Scripture doth declare,
Oh fear the Lord, and keep his word,
which should be all our care.
For every work, both good and bad,
with every secret thing,
That here have past, from first to last,
will God to judgment bring.
Eph. 5.15, 16.
See that ye walk exactly then,
and not as fools, but wise;
And still redeem your precious time
because ill daies arise.

HYMN 170. Redemption. Out of the Songs of the Blessed Virgin Mary, of Zacharias and Old Simeon.
Luke 1.46.47, —50.

MY soul doth highly magnifie
the Lord of Sovereign power:
My spirit joys exceedingly,
in God my Saviour.
[Page 175]For holy is that Name of his,
and lets great grace to fall
On them that fear him, every where,
through Generations all.
51, 52.
The things that his right arm hath wrought
have shew'd his strength full well:
Scattering the proud in that high thought
wherewith their hearts did swell.
Yea, he dethrones the mighty ones,
and plucks them from their seat:
And them that be of low degree
he hath made high and great.
53, 54, 55.48—2.11.
He fills the hungry with good things,
the rich sends empty away:
And to his Servant Israel brings
Soul-saving help this day,
Calling to mind his mercies kind,
to our Fore-Fathers told,
With Abraham, and his seed to stand
for ever, as of old.

2. PART.
Luke 1.1.68, 69.

Out of the Song of Zacharie.
The Lord the God of Israel,
we praise with one accord:
For visiting and redeeming us
the people of the Lord.
For he hath thus rais'd up for us
salvations surest horn:
Which in his servant David's house,
is of a Virgin born.
70, 71, 72.
As holy Prophets all foretold
should come to pass for man:
And by their mouth he spake of old,
since first the world began.
From hands of those our hatefull foes
that he would set us clear:
And so perform the mercy sworn
unto our Fathers dear.
73, 74, 75.
His holy Covenant (still the same)
He hath remembred thus:
His oath to Father Abraham,
that he would grant to us.
That safely we (from foes set free)
might walk in fearless waies
Of holiness and righteousness,
before him, all your daies.

3. PART.
Luke 2.30, 31, 32.

Out of the Songs of Simeon and Zacharie.
And now, O Lord, our eyes have seen,
thy saving health and grace,
By power divine prepar'd to shine
before all peoples face.
And as a light to shine full bright
where blind-fold Gentiles dwell:
And to be made the glory of
thy people Israel.
Chap. 1.77, 78.
The knowledge of salvation,
that God might thus give in:
[Page 177]Unto his people making known
the pardon of their sin.
All through the love of God above,
so tenderly let fall:
Whereby the day-spring from on high
hath visited us all.
79. Chap. 2.14.
From darkness and the shade of death
to grant us glad release:
And give us light to guide our feet
into the paths of peace.
To God be glory now therefore,
in heaven's highest place:
Let peace on earth be poured forth,
to men good will and grace.

HYMN 171. Reformation.
Hag. 2.6.

Give laud, &c.
THUS saith the Lord of Hosts,
but yet a little while,
And I will shake all Coasts,
yea, every Land and Isle,
Yet once again,
I shake all these, heav'n, earth, and seas,
and all the main.
All Nations I will shake
the Long desired day,
Which doth all Nations take,
loe, that shall come, I say,
And (for all Coasts)
This house I will with glory fill,
saith God of Hoasts.
The glory of this last
far greater shall it grow,
Than of the Temple past,
the Lord of Hosts saith so,
And in this place,
Will I (the Lord of Hosts) afford
sweet peace and grace.
Zach 4.6, 7. H. 2.22.
Yet not by might nor power,
but by my Spirit alone:
Saith God of Hosts our Tower,
The strength of all in one:
For who art thou
O Mountain great (the Empires seat)
to hinder now?
Zach. 4.7.
Before Zerubbabel
thou shalt become a plain:
The stone that doth excell
(The head-stone of the same)
His hand shall fit,
And bring it out with general shout,
grace, grace to it.
9. Hag. 2.22.
The hand of that same Man
that laid the ground-work low,
Shall end what he began
and I will overthrow
The Heathen Kings;
Who then are they that slight the day
of smaller things.

HYMN 172. Regeneration.
Joh. 3.5. Gal. 6.15.

EXcept a man be born again
of water and the spirit,
He cannot any way attain
salvation to inherit.
For circumcision serveth none
(the priviledge is small)
Nor serves uncircumcision,
but a new creature's all.
2 Cor. 5.17. Jam. 1.18.
Behold a man in Christ, therefore,
and a new creature view:
Old things are past, and come no more,
and all things are made new.
By his own will and word hath he
wrought our regeneration,
A kind of first ripe fruit to be
of all his whole Creation.

HYMN 173. Repentance.
Isa. 59.1, 2.

GOD's arm is never shortened,
but it can reach to save:
His ear not dull, or wearied
to hear us what we crave.
But from you, do your sins divide
your God that was so near,
And cause the Lord his face to hide,
so that he will not hear.
Ezek. 18.13. 2 Cor. 30.9.
Lay therefore your transgressions by,
repent and turn saith he,
And so your great iniquity
your ruin shall not be.
Because the Lord is full of grace,
ready to pardon sin:
And will not hide away his face,
if ye return to him.
Luke 15.7, 10.
One sinner that returns agen
makes Angels joy exceed,
More than do ninety nine just men
that no repentance need.

2. PART.
Jer. 3.13. 1 Joh. 1.9.

Acknowledge how ye have transgrest
against the Lord your God:
And only let it be confest
what by-paths ye have trod.
For if we do our sins confess,
faithfull and just is he,
From sin and all unrighteousness
to cleanse and set us free.
Prov 28.13. Joel 2.13. Neh. 9.17. Ez. 18.32.
For he that hides his sins shall fall,
(they prosper but a space:)
But to confess and leave them all
shall with the Lord find grace.
For he is unto anger slow,
and ready to forgive:
And doth abundant kindness show.
wherefore return and live.
Exod. 34.7.
For he reserves compassion
for thousands that come in:
Remitting all transgression,
iniquity and sin.

3. PART.
Isa. 55.6, 7.

Seek ye the Lord unfeignedly,
now while he may be found;
Oh call on him while he is nigh,
with mercies that abound!
Oh let the wicked leave his Lusts
(the way that sinners take)
And let the man unrighteous
his sinfull thoughts forsake.
—Chap. 1.18.
And turn again unto the Lord,
while mercy now takes place,
And to our God so richly stor'd
with guifts ef pardoning Grace.
For though your sins were crimson-like,
as red as scarlet (full)
I (saith the Lord) will make them white,
as white as snow or wool.
Rev. 1.5, 6.
To him that thus hath loved us,
and washt off all our score,
With that pure floud of his own bloud▪
be praise for evermore.

HYMN 174. Reproach for Christ, and Imi­tation of him.
1 Pet. 4.14, 16.

IF that ye be reproacht for Christ,
happy are ye, and blest:
The Spirit of God and glory great
upon your souls shall rest.
On their parts he's ill spoken of,
but glorifi'd on yours:
Therefore let no man be asham'd
that Christianly endures.
Mat. 5.11, 12.
Blessed are ye when men revile,
and speak each evil word
Against you falsly, for the sake
of Christ your Sovereign Lord.
Rejoyce and be exceeding glad,
considering the reward,
How great it is in heaven above,
for suffering Saints prepar'd.

2. PART.
Phil. 2.5, 7.

Let that good mind be in you all
that was in Christ our Lord:
Who being in the form of God,
the true eternal Word,
Yet made himself of no repute,
to death did condescend,
And came not to be tended on,
but to observe and tend.
Phil. 2.9, 10. Heb. 9.28.
Therefore God gave to him a Name,
above all Names, most high:
That every knee should bow to him,
and every tongue comply.
Who came to take our sins away,
once, by his own oblation:
And shall appear the second time,
without sin, to salvation.

HYMN 175. Resurrection.
1 Cor. 15.20, 21, 22.

All People, &c. or, O Lord consider, &c.
NOW Christ is risen from the dead,
as whom no bands of death could keep:
And is to be acknowledged
as the first fruits of those that sleep,
For as by man came death to raign,
so by a man to rise again:
And as by Adam, all men die,
by Christ came immortality.
Col. 3.1, 2, 3, 4▪
If ye be risen then with Christ
set all your heart on things above:
And be not any way intic'd
on earthly things to set your love.
For ye are dead to things abroad,
and your life hid with Christ in God:
When Christ who is our Life appears
ye must shine with him in the Spheres:

HYMN 176. Revenge forbidden.
Rom. 12.19. Luke 6.27. Mat. 5.44.

DEAR Saints avenge not your own selves,
nor let fierce wrath incense:
For vengeance, saith the Lord, is mine
and I will recompense.
Love ye your very enemies,
and them that curse you, bless:
Do good to them that use you ill,
with hate and spightfulness.
And people persecuting you
curse not, but bless them rather:
That ye may be the children true,
of your celestial Father.
For he doth cause his rain to fall,
and lets his Sun to rise
On good and bad in general,
just and unjust likewise.

HYMN 177. Sabbath.
Isa. 58.13.

IF from my holy Sabbath-day
thou turn away thy foot:
And do not by thy pleasures stray,
my Sabbath to pollute.
But call the Sabbath a delight,
the holy of the Lord:
And thine own carnal pleasure slight
in thought, in deed, and word.
Then shalt thou joy in God alone,
with sweet and sacred mirth:
And he shall make thee ride upon
high places of the earth.
With Father Jacob's heritage
the Lord shall feed thee fat:
For thus doth God's own mouth engage,
and thou mayst trust to that.

HYMN 178. Sacrament of the Supper.
Cant. 1.1, 2. Chap. 2.5.

LET those life-breathing lips of thine
be joyn'd, O Christ, to me!
Because thy love excelleth wine,
and all thy Saints love thee.
With flagons of refreshing joy,
and comforts from above,
Stay me, O stay me powerfully,
for I am sick of Love!
Into the house of Banqueting
he brought me to be fed:
Love was his banner flourishing
with honour o're my head.
Beneath his shadow I was plac'd
with very great content:
His fruit was sweet unto my tast
(his Word and Sacrament.)
O friends, said he, (preferr'd on high)
eat well of my good chear:
And drink, yea, drink abundantly,
my guests to me, most dear.

Cant. 5.16 2 Cor. 5.20.

My Saviour, my beloved one
is mine, and I am his:
Chief of Ten Thousand he alone,
pure red and white he is.
Made sin for us that knew no sin,
that so we might be made
The righteousness of God in him,
by whom the price was paid.
Cant. 8.7. Chap. 1.4.
Stronger than death his love is found,
not to be bought with goods:
Nor quench'd with waters, nor be drown'd
with whatsoever floods.
O draw me, my dear Saviour,
with those strong cords of Love,
And then will we go after thee
as fast as we can move.
2, 3.
We will record thy Love, O Lord,
above the joy of Wine:
The Virgins fair that spotless are
do love thy Name Divine.

1 Cor. 5.7.11.

Loe Christ is sacrific'd for us,
(our Passeover from Heaven)
Now therefore let us keep the feast,
not with old lumps of Leaven:
Not with the Leaven of wickedness,
or Leaven of malice led:
[Page 187]But keep it with sincerity,
and truths unleavened bread.
Chap. 11.29, 28.
Who eat and drink unworthily
their own damnation earn:
Because they want a spiritual eye
his body to discern.
Our hearts (with care) examined,
let us be stirred up
To eat of this coelestial bread,
and drink this sacred cup.
To eat this bread and drink this cup
holds forth a Saviour slain,
So often as we celebrate,
until he come again.

1 Cor. 10.16.

The cup of blessing which we bless,
is it not understood
The sweet communion to express
of Christ our Saviour's blood:
The bread we break (the Holy Loaf)
do we not all accord
To call it the Communion of
the body of our Lord?
For we though many, are one bread,
and in one body joyn:
For all of us are joyntly fed
with that one bread divine.
The living bread is he on high
that down from heaven came;
[Page 188]And he shall live and never dye
that eateth of the same.
Mat. 26.28.
The bloud of the new Testament,
we sweetly tast herein,
Which was for us and many spent,
for pardon of our sin.

5. PART.
1 Joh. 4.10. Chap. 5.6.

Herein is love, not ours to God,
but his to us most large:
In sending down his onely Son
our great debts to discharge.
Lo! this is he that came to us
by water, and by bloud,
And not by one of them alone,
but both waies to our good.
Joh. 17.17. Acts 13.39.
Therefore he sanctified himself,
to lead us into truth:
That he thereby might sanctifie
us also, as he doth.
By whom we may be justify'd
from sins both great and small,
From which set free we could not be
by Moses Laws at all.
1 Thes. 1.10.
He sav'd us from the wrath to come,
at that most dreadfull day:
And was so good to shed his bloud
to wash our sins away.

6. PART.
Mat. 21.9. Rev. 5.9.

Hosanna to King David's Son,
Hosanna to the Christ,
That in th' Almighty's Name doth come,
Hosanna in the High'st.
For thou wast slain, and art alive,
redeeming us to God,
From every Nation, Kingdom, Tongue,
by thy most precious bloud.
1 Pet. 1.18. 1 Thes. 1.10. Rev. 1.5.
Corruptive things as silver is,
and gold redeem'd us not:
But the dear bloud of Christ, our Lord,
a Lamb without a spot.
Even Jesus Christ, who saved us
from storms of future wrath:
Whose love to wash our sins away
made his own bloud the bath.
To him that on the Throne sits down
and Christ the Lamb, therefore,
Be blessing, glory and renown,
and power for evermore.

HYMN 179. Salvation Shining.
Tit. 2.11, 12.

GOD's grace that brings salvation
hath shone to every eye:
Teaching us worldly lusts to shun,
and all impiety.
[Page 190]And that we should live soberly,
and in a godly way:
With righteousness, and equity,
while in this world we stay.
13, 14.
That blessed hope still looking for,
and glorious drawing near,
When that great God our Saviour
Christ Jesus shall appear,
Who freely gave himself for us,
for our dear sakes to dye:
That we might be redeemed thus
from all iniquity.
— 1 T. 6.17. Rev. 5.13.
To purifie to his own Name
(from whom this grace proceeds)
A people of peculiar claim
and zealous of good deeds.
Unto the King of Kings therefore
that on the Throne doth sit,
Be honour, glory, praise and power,
for ever, so be it.

HYMN 180. Sanctification.
Eph. 5.14. Chap 4.17, 18.

AWaken thou that sleep'st in sin,
and stand up from the dead:
And Christ shall let his light break in
whereby thou shalt be led.
Then walk not as some Gentiles walk,
in vanity of mind:
Estranged from the life of God,
because their hearts were blind.
19, 20, 21.
Who being past the sense of sin,
let loose to all excess
Of wanton and unclean desires,
and that with greediness.
But ye have not so learned Christ,
if ye by him were taught:
And as the truth in Jesus is
have learnt him as ye ought.
22. Chap. 5.11.
The old man that ye do put off,
which is corrupt and vile,
In sinfull Lusts of former life,
which did your souls beguile▪
And have no fellowship at all
with works that shun the light:
But rather such unfruitfull works
reprove in open sight.

Eph. 4.24, 23. Chap. 5.8.11.

Cast off the old man with his deeds,
and put ye on the new,
Made after God in righteousness,
and holiness most true.
And be renew'd in heart and soul,
and walk as sons of light:
And prove what things the Lord allows
as pleasing in his sight.
2 Tim. 2, 19, 22, 21. Rom.
And as 'tis meet, let every one
that names the Name of Christ
Depart from all iniquity,
and by no lust be tic'd.
[Page 192]The purging of our selves from these
will evidently produce
Vessels to honour sanctify'd,
meet for the Masters use.
Rom. 6.22. 1 Tim. 1.17.
And being thus from sin made free,
God's Service to attend,
The fruit to holiness shall be
eternal Life the end
Now to the true eternal King
not seen with humane eye:
Th' immortal onely wise true God
be praise perpetually.

HYMN 181. Scriptures.
Joh. 5.39.

SEarch Scriptures, for ye hope thereby
eternal Life to have:
And those are they that testifie
of him that came to save.
Rom. 15.4.
For what of old is registred,
was for our learning penn'd,
That we by Scriptures comforted,
might hope unto the end.
2 Pet. 1.21.
The prophesie came not of old
by mans own private will;
But holy men of God foretold,
by Heaven-inspired skill.
Isa. 8.20.
Then to the Law and Testament,
for they that speak not right,
[Page 193]And as this word doth represent,
in them there is no light.
2 Tim. 3.16, 17.
For Scriptures sacred verities
came all by inspiration;
Able to perfect, and make wise
in all things to salvation.

HYMN 182. Secret reveal'd.
1 Cor. 2.7, 8, 14.

GOD's wisedom in a mystery
we speak to perfect men,
But not the wisedom of this world,
nor what is known to them.
For man while merely natural
receives not what we press,
The things of God spiritual
he counteth foolishness.
Prov. 24.7. Mark 4.11.
Too hard for him to know or learn
(for natural men too high)
And such as nothing can discern
but a spiritual eye.
But unto you (dear Saints) it is,
touching the things of heaven,
To know that Kingdom's Mysteries,
to them it is not given.

John 1.18.

No man hath seen Almighty God
since first the world began:
[Page 194]He that in heaven hath blest abode
declar'd him unto man:
The onely and begotten Son
of God the Holy One,
Did from the Fathers bosome come
to make this Doctrine known.
John 3.32. Jude 25.
Attesting what he saw and heard,
yet faith appear'd in few,
But whosoever believes his Word
hath seal'd that God is true.
To God our Saviour onely wise
be all the praise therefore.
Dominions, Thrones, and Dignities,
Amen, for evermore.

HYMN 183. Secrets unreveal'd.
Rom. 12.3. Deut. 29 29.

BE wise unto sobriety,
as God hath given faith,
And dealt to each man diversly
the measure that he hath.
The secret things that are decreed
belong to God alone:
But to our selves and to our seed,
the things that are made known.
1 Tim. 6.17.
Now to the blessed Prince of might,
the chief of Kings and Lords,
Who onely dwells in endless light,
which no access affords.
Whom no man can behold and see,
nor ever did see yet:
To him all praise and glory be
for ever; so be it.

HYMN 184. Souls under the Altar.
Rev. 6.10.

Give laud, &c.
HOw long, O Lord, how long
thou holy one, and true,
Ere thou avenge our wrong,
and judge, with judgment due
Them that have spilt
Our blood on earth, and pou [...]'d it forth,
with hainous guilt.
Luke 18.7, 8.
And shall not the most High
avenge his own Elect,
Which night and day do c [...]y,
and pray to that effect?
Though he bear long,
I tell you, he will speedily
avenge their wrong.
Rom. 8.36. Psal. 44.23, 24.
But we are killed thus
all day for thy dear sake,
As sheep they count of us
which they for slaughter take.
O God arise,
Why dost thou yet our griefs forge [...],
and our sad cries?
2 Thes. 1.6, 7.
But with the Lord, ye know,
the thing is just and due,
To render wrath and woe
to them that trouble you.
[Page 196]But ye, that thus
Afflicted are, shall surely share
sweet peace with us.
When Christ shall come abroad,
in flaming fire from Heaven:
And they that know not God,
shall have their portion given
Of Vengeance meet:
Because that they would not obey
his Gospel sweet.

HYMN 185. Spiritual Shepherds.
Acts 20.28. 1 Pet. 5.4.

TAKE heed you Shepherds to your charge,
to feed with wholsome food
The flock which God hath purchased
with his own precious bloud.
And the chief Shepherd, coming down
from heaven at his great day,
Shall crown you with a glorious Crown
that never fades away.
Zach. 11.17.
But to the Idol Shepherd woe,
a Sword will God assign
To cleave his arm and his right eye
that leaves the flock to pine.
[...] arm, to nothing withered,
[...]lean dryed up shall be:
And his right eye so darkened
as not at all to see.

HYMN 186. Strait Gate.
Mat. 7.13, 14.

O Enter at the narrow Gate,
for wide is that of sin:
And broad the way that leads astray,
and many go therein.
Because the Gate to life is strait,
and all the way thereto:
Is (as I say) a narrow way.
and they that find it, few.
Luke 13 24, 30.
Strive then to hit the narrow Gate,
the right way to attain:
For not a few (I say to you)
shall seek, and seek in vain.
And there are first that prove the worst,
and last that first prepare:
For in this world are many call'd,
but few elected are.

HYMN 187. Suffering and Self-denial.
Mat 10.34, 21.

THink not (saith Christ) that I am come
to send all peace on earth:
But through malicious minds of some)
a Sword must I send forth.
The Father shall the Son betray,
the Daughter her own Mother:
Brethren shall Brethren seek to slay,
set one against another.
26, 30, 28.
Yet fear not men in these affairs,
nor have them in such dread:
For God hath numbred all the hairs
that grow upon your head.
Who kill the body, fear not them
that then no more can do:
But him that can to Hell condemn
both soul and body too.

2. PART.
Mat. 10.39, 38. Luke 14.27, 33.

He that doth find his life, shall be
at loss of it thereby:
And he that loseth it for me,
shall find it gainfully.
And he that leaves not all to loss,
to follow after me,
Nor for my sake takes up his Cross,
my follower cannot be.
Mark 10.29, 30.
But whoso laies down all at stake,
forsaking Friends and Lands,
For me, and for my Gospel sake,
to follow my commands.
An hundred fold shall he regain,
although with persecution,
And afterwards a life obtain
that fears no dissolution.

HYMN 188. Temptations succoured.
Heb. 4▪15.

SUCH an High Priest we have not now,
as is not touch'd at all
With sense of such infirmities
as on his Saints do fall.
But suffered such temptations
as we our selves fall in:
And was in all points like to us,
but yet excepting sin.
Chap. 2.18. 1 Cor. 12.13. Isa. 40.31.
In suffering such temptations,
the tempted he can aid:
And no temptation taketh you,
But what on Saints is laid.
But God is faithfull verily,
who will not suffer you
To be assail'd above the strength
which ye shall still renew.
But will in all temptations,
provide and order so,
That ye may have a way to scape,
and strength to undergo.

HYMN 189. The Tree good.
Prov. 21.27. Mat. 7.16, 18.

THE sacrifice of wicked men
is hatefull to the Lord:
And offred with a wicked mind
is then much more abhor'd.
[Page 200]For figs of thistles cannot grow,
nor grapes of thorns be had:
A bad tree cannot bear good fruit,
nor yet a good tree bad.
Chap. 12.35, 33.
From the good treasure of the heart
good men bring forth good things:
And from the evil treasury
bad fruit the bad man brings.
Now therefore let the tree be good
the fruit will then be so:
And make the tree an evil one
the fruit the same will show.
And now's the Ax laid to the root,
and therefore every tree
That brings not forth good wholsome fruit
cut down for fire shall be.

HYMN 190. Trinity.
1 Joh. 1.7. Joh. 6.57. Luke 11.13.

THree witnesses there are above,
and all these three are one:
The Father, Son, and sacred Dove,
one Deity alone.
The living Father sent the Son,
who by the Father lives:
And unto them that ask of him
the Holy Ghost he gives.
1 Cor. 12.4, 5.
Diversities of gifts indeed
there are that he bestows:
But from one spirit all proceed,
who doth them so dispose.
[Page 201]And his Administrations
great difference afford:
And divers operations,
but one Almighty Lord.
6. 2 Cor. 13, 14.
All these in great variety
from his good hand do fall:
But one adored Deity
that worketh all in all.
The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ,
and love of God, therefore,
And comforts of the Holy Ghost
be with you evermore.

HYMN 191. Vine-yard of Israel.
Isa. 5.1, 2, 3.

NOW will I sing to my belov'd
(although with mournfull voice)
A Song of my Beloved one
touching his Vine-yard choice.
A Vine-yard my beloved had,
plac'd in a fruitfull hill:
He fenc'd it, and pluckt [...]out the stones,
and planted it with skill.
Choice Vines he set, and built therein▪
a Wine-press and a Tower:
Expecting it should bring sweet grapes
and lo it brought forth sower.
And now O ye inhabitants
of Salem pray you see:
And men of Judah, judge between
my Vineyard here and me.
[Page 202]What could be to my Vine-yard done
more than I did to it,
Why therefore brought it forth sowre Grapes▪
when I expected sweet?
And now, go to, know what I'le do
to this my Vine-yard-soil:
I will break down the hedge therefore,
and leave it to the spoil.
I'le lay it waste, unprun'd, undig'd,
for Bryers and Thorns alone,
I also will command the clouds
to rain no rain thereon.
The Vine-yard of the Lord of Hoasts
the house of Israel is:
The men of Judah are the plant,
that pleasant plant of his.
And when he lookt for judgment done
behold great cruelty:
And when he lookt for righteousness,
behold a dolefull cry.

HYMN 192. Vnity and love of Brethren.

Col. 3.12.13.
PUT on, Belov'd, as Gods Elect,
bowels of mercies kind:
Long-suffering, meekness, sweet respect,
and humbleness of mind.
Forbearing one another long,
forgiving one another:
If any have received wrong
done by his Christian brother.
14. Ph. 2.2. Eph. 4.3.
As Christ forgave you so do ye
your brethren that transgress:
And chiefly put on charity,
the bond of perfectness.
Of one mind, and one judgment be,
and let all discord cease:
Keeping the Spirits unity
in sacred bonds of peace.

2. PART.
1 Pet. 1.22. Heb. 12.1. 1 Joh. 1.16.

See that ye love with fervency
and with an heart most pure,
And let this love so brotherly
perpetually endure.
For God (we know) is perfect love,
and whoso dwells herein.
He surely dwells in God above.
and God most high in him.
3.14. Rom. 13.8.
And hence our change is understood
from death to life above,
Because we love the brother-hood
with true and perfect love.
Owe nothing then to any man
but love to one another:
For he's a perfect Christian
that is a perfect lover.

HYMN 193. Vocation.
1 Cor. 12.2. Tit. 3.3.

YE know that we were Gentiles once;
and carried away,
To Idols and dumb vanities,
as we were led astray:
And sometimes disobediently,
and foolishly we swerv'd,
By divers lusts and vain delights,
which we our selves have serv'd.
1 Pet. 2.9.
But a peculiar people now,
a chosen generation,
A Royal Priest-hood are we made,
and call'd an holy Nation.
That we should shew the praises forth
of him that called us
From darkness great to greater light,
that is most marvellous.
As he therefore that called us
is holy; so must they
That are to this profession call'd,
be holy every way.

2. PART.
Eph. 2.11, 12, 19.

Remember ye were aliens
from Israel's Common-wealth:
And strangers from the Covenants
which promise saving health.
[Page 205]But now are ye that were far off
made nigh by Christ his blood:
And fellow Citizens with Saints,
and of the house of God.
20, 21, 22.
Built on the sure foundation
laid down in holy writ:
And Christ himself head corner-stone▪
who makes the building knit,
In whom together built ye grow
into an holy place,
An habitation of the Lord
by his sweet spirit of grace.
Rom. 8.16.
Which spirit witnesseth with ours,
and testimony bears,
That we are made the Sons of God,
and if his Sons, then Heirs.

Jam. 2.5. 1 Cor. 1.26.

Hearken, beloved brethren dear,
your call ye plainly see,
How God hath chose the poor on earth
full rich in faith to be.
Not many mighty men are call'd,
not many wise and learn'd,
Nor yet in many noble men
this calling is descern'd.
27. Matt. 11.26:
But God hath chose weak foolish things,
and such as men despise,
To bring to nought, and to confound
the noble, great, and wise.
[Page 206]We thank thee, Father, Lord of all,
that hast these things conceal'd
From many wise and prudent men,
and them to babes reveal'd.
1 Cor. 1.29, 31.
Even so, O Father, since it was
thy pleasure and decree▪
That, in thy sight, no flesh on earth
might glory, but in thee.

HYMN 194. Whole Armour.
Eph. 6.10.13, 14.

BE strong, my brethren, in the Lord,
and in his powerfull might:
Put on your soul his Armour whole,
to make you stand in fight.
Stand therefore, having girt your loyns
with truth, which ye profess:
And having done the breast-plate on
of perfect righteousness.
15, 16.
And with the preparation of
the Gospel of our God,
(The Gospel of his peace and love,)
let both your feet be shod.
And chiefly take the shield of faith,
that so your valiant hearts
May quench thereby, most powerfully,
the wickeds fiery darts.
17, 18.
The helmet of salvation take,
and that two-edged Sword:
(The Sword of his good Spirit it is,
to wit God's holy Word.
[Page 207]And alwaies in the spirit pray,
with all requests and prayer:
And watch thereto (what e're ye do)
with constancy and care?

HYMN 195. Will for the Deed.
2 Cor. 8.12. Mat. 10.42.

IF there be first a willing heart,
the Lord the same accepts:
And what one hath takes in good part,
and pardons our defects.
Cold water onely, one small cup
to a Disciple spar'd
For that names sake, is sure summ'd up,
and shall not miss reward.
20. Rom. 8.26. Eph. 3.20.
Nor will he quench the smoaking flax,
nor break the bruised-reed:
Till judgment have a sure dispatch
with victory to speed.
And though we know not how or what
to pray for as we ought,
His spirit helps our wants in that,
beyond our speech or thought.
To him in all the Church therefore
be glory yet agen,
Through ages all for evermore,
by Jesus Christ, Amen.

HYMN 196. Wisdoms exhortation.
Prov. 1.20, 21.

Have mercy, &c.
LO, wisdom crieth out,
she crieth in the streets,
She uttereth her zealous breath
where all the concourse meets.
In opening of the gates
of Cities populous,
She calls, and cries, with words most wise,
exhorting sinners thus.
22, 23.
How long, ye simple ones,
will ye delight in folly;
And scorners in so vile a sin,
and fools hate knowledge wholly▪
Turn you at my reproof
behold I will pour forth
My Spirit to take hold on you,
I'le shew you words of worth.

Prov. 4.5.7, 8. Chap. 3.15.17.

Have mercy, &c.
Get wisdom, O my Son,
with all the care thou canst:
She is of all things principal,
and most to be advanc'd.
Of greater price than pearls,
and all desired treasure:
Her paths and ways have all the praise
of perfect peace, and pleasure.
18, 14, 16, 18.
A tree of life to them
upon her that lay hold:
Her Merchandise of greater price,
than silver or than gold.
Her right hand, length of days,
her left bears wealth and honour:
And happy he (who e're he be)
that lays fast hold upon her.

HYMN 197. Word preached.
2 Cor. 10.4. Heb. 4.12.

All people, &c.
THe weapons of our warfare here
have nothing carnal plac'd therein:
But mighty thorow God they are,
to pull down all strong holds of sin.
God's Word is such a powerfull one,
sharper than any two-edg'd sword:
It parts the marrow from the bone,
and is an heart-discerning Word.
1 Pet. 2.2. Jam. 1.20.
Then shunning guile and malice lewd
envy reproach hypocrisie.
As babes new born desire the food
of God's pure Word to grow thereby.
And let us set all sins apart,
with meekness to receive and have
God's Word ingrafted in our heart,
which is of power our souls to save.

2. PART. Work of mercy magnifi'd, or The second part of mercies (forgot to be inserted in its due place.)
2 Cor. 7.13.

If I shut heaven saith the Lord
or leave the Land to be devour'd
By Locusts, or if I dispence
some drought or dreadfull pestilence.
If then my People whom I grace
with my great name shall seek my face,
Humble themselves and joyntly pray,
And turn them from their evil way.
Then will I hear in heaven high
and pardon their Iniquity:
Most graciously I will forgive
and heal the land wherein they live.
Jam. 2.13. Psal. 136.1.
Thus mercy with triumphant voice
against strict judgment doth rejoyce:
O thank the Lord of Heav'n therefore
whose mercies last for evermore.

HYMN 198. Worker of Grace.
2 Cor. 3.5. Phil. 2.12.

WE have not the sufficiency
and power of our own,
To think so much as one good thought
as of our selves alone.
But all our whole sufficiency
doth of the Lord proceed.
Who works in us most graciously
both the desire and deed.
Jam. 1.17. Rom. 9.16.
For every good and perfect gift
proceeds from God above,
With whom there is no varying,
nor shadow of remove.
It is not then of him that wills,
nor him that runs the race,
But all our good on us distils
from God that sheweth Grace.
Jude 24, 25.
To God therefore the only wise,
our Saviour, strength and stay,
Be Thrones, Dominions, Dignities,
for evermore, we pray.

HYMN 199. World and the Church.
1 John 5.19.

WE know we are of God most high,
for we are born of him,
And this whole world, most generally,
lies soaking in their sin.
And lo, the Son of God is come,
and we the same have known:
And he hath thus instructed us,
to know the faithfull one.
20. Rev. 5.13.
And we are in him that is true,
in Jesus Christ his Son:
This is the true God (known to you)
and endless life begun.
Blessing, and power, and praise, therefore
to him be altogether,
That sits upon the sacred Throne,
and to the Lamb for ever.

HYMN 200. Zealous Ejaculations at Even­ing or Bed-time.
Psal. 31.6. Rev. 1.5.

Give laud, &c.
MY spirit, O God, do I
into thy hands commit:
Lord God of Verity,
Thou hast redeemed it.
Thy grace so good
Washt off our sin, and bath'd us in
our Saviour's blood.
Psal. Mic. 7.19.
Now let my prayers be
as incense in thine eyes,
And hands up-lift to Thee
as th' evening Sacrifice.
O cleanse my heart,
My sins subdue, and still renew
my inward part.
Rom. 14.8.
That whiles I draw this breath,
I may live up to Thee;
And when I die the death,
to Thee, Lord, it may be.
That, live or die:
Whatever time, I may be thine
Psal. 4.8. Rev. 1.4. —
And now my lying down
shall be both sweet and sure;
For thou, O Lord, alone
my dwelling dost secure.
All glory then
To Father Son and Holy one;
forever, Amen.
The End of the Second Century.

THE Third and Last Century OF CHAPT. HYMNS. Newly Translated.

HYMN 201. The Covenant of Grace entred to Abraham.

[All people, or, O Lord consider, &c.]
THus said the Lord to Abraham
Lo! I the Lord Almighty am
Walk thou before me for thy part
Sincere and with a perfect heart.
And covenant with thee will I
And with thy seed successively:
Number the Stars, and thou shalt tell
The Summ whereto thy seed shall swell.
[Page 214]And he believed in the Lord
Relying on his faithfull Word,
And it was counted unto him,
For Righteousness to trust therein.
So all that are of faith indeed
Are blest with Abraham as his seed;
To Abraham's God be praise therefore,
From first to last for evermore.

HYMN 202. The Test to the Covenant.
Deut. 26.16.

All people, &c.
THis day the Lord commandeth thee
Obedient to his Laws to be,
Keep them therefore in every part;
With all thy soul and all thy heart.
Thou hast avoucht the Lord this day
To be thy God: To keep his way,
His Statutes, Laws, and Judgments choice,
And still to hearken to his voice.
And God this day avoucheth thee
His own peculiar stock to be,
As his most gracious promise stands
That thou shouldst keep all his commands.
To Israel's God be praise therefore
From first to last for evermore,
And let all faithfull people then
Say cheerfully, Amen, Amen.

HYMN 203. The Song of Moses the man of God, commanded to be learnt by heart of all Israel. Deut. 32. to 44. v. 46. Moses's Title, Psalm 90.

To the Tune of the Ten Commandments.
GIve ear O heavens from on high,
and I will speak this present day:
And hear O Earth, attentively
the awfull words which I shall say.
My doctrine shall drop down as showers,
my speech as dew shall gently pass:
And as small rain on herbs and flowers,
and as the showers upon the grass.
Because I will this day proclaim,
and publish fully all abroad,
The Lord our God's Almighty Name,
ascribe ye greatness to our God.
He is the Rock his work's compleat,
and all his ways just judgment be,
A God of truth without deceit
exactly just and right is He.
2. PART.
v. 5.
They are corrupt, they bring a blot
upon themselves, of foul disgrace,
Their spot is not his Childrens spot,
they are a cross and crooked race.
Requite ye thus the Lord most high
ye foolish people? Is not He
Thy Father dear that did thee buy?
hath he not made and stablisht thee?
Remember now the days of old,
the years of ages long ago,
Thy Father ask, thou shalt be told,
and ask thine Elders they shall show.
When the most high did first divide
inheritances unto men,
And separated far and wide
all Adam's Sons, as he did then:
He set the people bounds compleat,
but chiefly one that did excell
According to the Number great
of all his people Israel.
3. PART.
v. 9.
For lo! the Portion of the Lord
is Israel whom he doth advance,
And Jacob's house is on record
the Lot of his inheritance.
He found him in a forraign Land
in howling desarts waste and dry,
Led him, and made him understand,
kept him as th' apple of his eye.
As th'Eagle stirreth up her nest,
and flutters o're her young ones there,
[Page 217]Spreads out her wings whereon they rest,
and on her wings she doth them bear.
So God alone was then his guide,
and there was with him no strange God,
On Earths high place he made them ride,
and on those Palaces he trod.
That he might eat th' increase of fields▪
both of the fruits and of the flock,
And suck the honey which it yields
and oyl out of the flinty rock.
Butter of Kine and Milk of Sheep
with fat of Lambs of Bashan-breed,
And Rams which Bashan hill did keep,
and goats which there likewise did feed.
With fat of kidneys of the wheat
which yieldeth flower so passing good,
For thee, O Israel, to eat,
and thou didst drink the grapes pure blood.
4. PART.
v. 15.
But Jeshurun waxt fat and kickt,
thou art grown fat, thou art grown thick,
Cover'd with fatness finely slick;
and this was it that made him kick.
Then he forsook his God on high
that made him and all other men,
And he esteem'd but carelesly
the God of his Salvation then.
With strange Gods they did all the while
provoke Him unto jealousie:
And with abominations vile
mov'd Him to anger vehemently.
They sacrific'd to Devils there,
and not to God: To Gods unknown,
New Gods, and new come up they were,
such as their Fathers did not own.
5. PART.
Of that high God which thee begot
thou art unmindfull, and wilt be:
And (mindless) thou remembrest not
the mighty God that formed thee.
And when God saw it, He at once
abhorr'd them in his holy eyes,
For the provoking of his Sons
and of his Daughters in such wise.
I'le hide, said he, from them my face,
and see the end of their lewd path,
For 'tis a very froward race,
children in whom there is no faith.
They have provok'd my jealous eyes
with that which is not God (they know)
And with their idol vanities
spurr'd on my anger which was slow.
And I'le move them to jealousie
with people that are next to none,
[Page 219]And I will vex them vehemently
with a most foolish Nation.
6. PART.
For there is kindled in my wrath
fire that shall burn to hell below,
Consume the Earth and all it hath,
and make the hills foundations glow.
An heap of mischiefs I will bring
upon their impious heads to fall:
And charge mine arrows on the string
and spend them freely on them all.
Burnt up with hunger they shall be,
and with a burning heat devour'd:
A sad destruction they shall see
with bitterness upon them pour'd.
And I will send upon those men
the teeth of beasts (in vengeance just)
With poysons (as I threatned them)
of dreadfull serpents of the dust.
The sword without shall pierce them through,
and fears within the young men slay;
The Virgin and the suckling too,
and th'ancient man whose hairs are gray.
I threat to scatter their increase,
and drive them into corners then;
[Page 220]And I would also make to cease
their memory from the Sons of men.
Were it not that I fear'd the wrath
of envious foes and nothing else,
Letting their Adversaries laugh,
and strangely to behave themselves.
Lest they should say, our hand is high,
and that the Lord did NOT all this:
For 'tis a Land puts Counsel by,
in whom no understanding is.
But O that they were wise indeed,
and did this matter apprehend.
And would consider, and take heed,
and think upon their latter end.
8. PART.
How should one man a thousand chase
and two should make ten thousand flee?
Had not God sold them to disgrace
and their Rock shut them up, think ye!
For their Rock nothing so excells
as our Rock (Israel's mighty King)
Our very Enemies themselves
being made Judges in the thing!
For Israel's Vine is worst of all
as Sodoms and Gomorrahs field,
Their grapes are very grapes of gall,
and bitter clusters do they yield.
A Wine of Dragons theirs must be,
and as the Asps in venom'd cup:
Is not this safely stor'd with Me
among my treasures sealed up?
9. PART.
Vengeance belongeth unto me
and recompence to every crime,
Their foot shall slide and broken be,
but all in my appointed time.
For lo! the day, the day that brings
calamities which they must taste,
Is near at hand: And all those things
which come upon them shall make hast.
For God shall judge his people known,
and for his Servants sake repent,
Whenas He sees their strength is gone,
and none shut up, or left unspent.
And He shall say, where are their Gods,
their Rock in whom they trusted so?
That eat the fat of all the goods
that to their Sacrifices go?
Which drank the Wine ye did allow,
the Wine of your drink-offerings free;
Let them arise and help you now,
and let them your protection be.
10. PART.
See now that I, even I am He
and there's no God with Me to stand,
I kill, I make alive to be,
I wound, I heal with powerfull hand.
Nor is there any such power given
out of my hand that can deliver,
For I lift up my hand to heaven,
and say behold! I live for ever.
If once I whet my glittering sword
and that my hand with judgment close,
I'le render vengeance, saith the Lord,
and will reward my hatefull foes.
I'le make mine Arrows drunk with blood,
my Sword shall cut, and flesh devour:
The slain and captive shall be food
even from the first revenging hour.
Rejoice, ye Nations, with his land,
for He'll avenge his servants bloud:
And, while his foes shall feel his hand,
he will to's Land and folk be good.

HYMN 204. The Song of Hanna.
1 Sam. 2.1.

The mighty God, &c.
MY Soul rejoyceth in the Lord most high
in Him my horn's exalted and my voice,
[Page 223]Is much enlarged o're mine enemy
because in thy Salvation I rejoice.
None's holy as the Lord, there's none beside Thee
Nor is there any Rock like our Almighty.
Talk so exceeding proudly now no more,
no arrogance let from your mouth proceed,
For God's a God of knowledge, rich in store,
and He doth weigh exactly every deed:
The bows of mighty men are broke asunder
And they that stumbled are with strength girt under.
They that were full, have hir'd themselves for bread;
and they that were an hungry quickly ceast,
So that the barren seven hath numbered;
and with a goodly houshold is increast:
And she that had of children once so many
Is waxen feeble and not brought forth any.
The Lord doth kill, the Lord doth also save,
for He can make alive as well as kill,
He bringeth down unto the very grave,
and bringeth up again whene'er He will:
The Lord makes poor, He also stores with treasure,
He bringeth low and lifteth up at pleasure.
He raiseth up the poor out of the dust;
and lifts the beggar from the dungil base,
Sets them with Princes in high place of trust,
t' inherit thrones of glory in their place:
For Earths strong Pillars God alone doth own them
And He hath stablisht all the World upon them.
He will preserve the feet of all his Saints,
as for the wicked silent they shall be
In utter darkness, where are sad restraints
from light and comfort in the least degree.
For by the strength of man (mans sole indea­vour)
Shall no man in the World prevail for ever.
The Adversaries of the Lord shall be
broken in peices by his power put forth:
Thunder upon them out of heaven shall He,
the Lord shall judge the ends of all the Earth:
He shall give strength unto his king appointed,
And will exalt the Horn of his anointed.
Let Israel's God that is the Lord most high
be ever blest and magnifi'd therefore:
And let the whole Earth universally
be fill'd with his renown for evermore.
And let the people rich and poor together
Say all Amen, and praise the Lord for ever.

HYMN 205. The Change.
Job 14.1.

MAN that is of a woman born
hath but few daies on Earth,
And with continual trouble worn
even from his very birth.
He comes up as a flower that dies,
and is cut down freightway,
And shadow-like he flits and flies,
and keeps no constant stay.
Untill therefore the utmost date
and full appointed summ
Of all my daies, here will I wait,
untill my change shall come.

HYMN 206. Seeking God betimes.
Job. 8.5.22, 23.

All People, &c.
IF thou wouldst seek to God betimes,
and to th' Almighty prayers would'st make
If thou wert pure, and free from crimes,
then would the Lord for thee awake.
Prosperity should still befall
thy Habitation, blest with peace;
Though thy beginning were but small,
thy latter end should much increase.
Return thou then to God most high,
and He shall build thee up full sure;
And put away INIQUITIE
far from thy House, and be secure.

HYMN 207. God's expostulation with Job.
Job. 40.6.

All People, &c.
THEN unto Job, God answer made
Out of the Whirl-Wind, and He said
Gird up thy Loyns now like a man
And answer my demands who can?
Wilt thou my judgment disanull,
Wilt thou condemn me, as more full
More full of righteousness than I,
Hast thou a stem like God most high?
Or canst thou thunder all allowd
Like Him that rules the ratling Cloud:
Deck now thy self with Eminence
Of Majesty and Excellence.
Array thy self in glory bright
And beauty which is exquisite,
Cast thou abroad in every path
Cast thou the tokens of thy wrath.
Look upon every man that's proud,
And mask him with a dreadfull Cloud:
Blast all the proud with foul disgrace,
Tread down the wicked in their place.
Hide them in dust at once to dye,
And bind their faces secretly:
And then will I confess to thee
Thine own right hand thy help can be.

HYMN 208. Job's Answer.
Job. 42.1.

To the Tune of the Ten Commandments.
THen answered Job to God and said,
I know thou canst do every thing:
And there's no thought can be convey'd
Or hid from thy DISCOVERING.
Who's this that doth his counsel hide,
and void of knowledge, as do I?
I utter'd words, exceeding wide,
things that I knew not, and too high.
Lord, I beseech thee, hear thou me,
and I will speak with awfull care:
Instruction I must ask of thee,
and unto me do thou declare.
I heard of thee by hear-say, Lord,
but now I see thee, and relent,
Yea, and I have my self abhorr'd,
in dust and ashes I repent.

HYMN 209. Man's mortality minded.
Isa. 2. ult.

To the Tune of the Ten Commandments.
CEase ye from man, whose fading breath
Is in his Nostrils, near to death:
For wherein is he (since the fall)
To be accounted of at all?
Man flourishing in all his wealth
Is like to vanity it self:
His days are as a slitting shade
Which dayly doth decline and fade.
Psal. 90.12. Eccl.
Lord, teach us how to count aright
Our days that have so long a night,
That we thereby may bring our heart
To wisdom, and betimes convert.

HYMN 210. A Vine-yard of Red Wine.
Isa. 27.2.

A Vineyard of red sparkling wine
Sing to her in that day,
I, saith the Lord, do keep that Vine,
I water it alway.
Lest any hurt it I stand by
to keep it day and night:
And there is in me, verily,
no fury to affright.
But who would set the thorns and briers
against Me in aray?
I would go through with flames and fires,
and burn them up streightway.
Or let him on my strength take hold
and make his peace with Me,
And if he seek it, as he should,
we surely shall agree.
And God shall cause all Jacob's Race
to take effectual root,
Blossome and bud, and fill the face
of all the world with fruit.
Let Israel's God the Lord most high
be ever blest therefore
From first to last perpetually,
Amen, for evermore.

HYMN 211. Debate in measure.
Isa. 27.7.

DID ever God smite Israel
as He hath smote his foes?
[Page 229]Or hath it been with slaughter keen
as God hath smitten those?
In measure when it shooteth forth,
He shall therewith debate;
He staies th' unkind rough Eastern Winde
when storms are at the height.
By this therefore shall Jacob's House
be purg'd and cleans'd within;
And all the fruit of this pursuit
to take away his sin.
Let Israel's God the Lord most high
be ever blest therefore
And people then say all Amen,
Amen, for evermore.

HYMN 212. Commands for comfort.
Isa. 40.1.

Where righteousness, &c.
O Comfort, Comfort Ye
my people, all of them,
Speak comfortably, as may be,
unto Jerusalem.
Say to her (saith your God)
now ends her Warfare here,
Her sins are as a darksome cloud
which God doth fully clear.
For now receiv'd hath she,
in Gods so kind account,
A payment double in degree
to what her sins amount.
[Page 230]And I will (saith the Lord)
take off her heavy score,
And never at all will I record
her trespass any more.

HYMN 213. Jacob's sadness cheer'd.
Isa. 40.27.

All People, &c.
WHY do'st thou Jacob speak? and say
Hid from the Lord is my sad way,
My judgment also (undertrod)
Is passed over from my God?
Hast thou not heard, hast thou not known
That God the everlasting one,
Creator of the Earths far ends,
No weariness nor fainting spends?
His understanding none can search,
He giveth power to his faint Church,
And unto them that have no might
He raiseth strength unto the height.
The youths shall faint, as wearied all,
The young men utterly shall fall,
But they that on the Lord do wait
Shall have their strength renewed streight.
They shall mount up on Eagles wings,
And run as do the nimblest things:
Of weariness make no complaint,
But they shall walk and shall not faint.

HYMN 214. Love engraven.
Isa. 49.14.

BUT Sion said (so sad was she)
The Lord hath quite forsaken me:
And now the Lord hath me forgot
As one whom he remembreth not.
What? can a mother meek and mild
Ever forget her sucking child?
Can her compassions find no room
For the dear son of her own womb?
Yea, (saith the Lord) they may forget
And not remember Natures debt:
Yet will not I forgetfull be,
But always will remember thee.
Behold thy Name engraven stands
Upon the palms of both my hands:
Thy walls are ever in my sight
To keep them safely day and night.
Let Israel's God be blest therefore
From first to last for evermore,
And let us all with one accord
Say here Amen, Praise ye the Lord.

HYMN 215. A Child of Light incouraged and instructed.
Isa. 50.10.

WHO is amongst you fearing God
His Servants voice that hears,
That in the darksome paths hath trod,
and where no light appears?
Upon the Name of God most high
O let him trust full sure;
And on his God let him rely,
and he shall be secure.
Let Israel's mighty God therefore
for ever honour'd be
From first to last for evermore,
Amen, Amen, say we.

HYMN 216. Mourners comforted.
Isa. 51.7.

To the Tune of Ye Children, &c.
HEarken to me in all distress
Ye people that know righteousness,
and in whose heart my Law is plac'd:
Fear ye not the reproach of men
Nor the reviling speech of them
that dare reproach, where I have grac'd.
For lo! the much devouring moth
Shall eat them up like to a cloth,
the worm shall eat them up like wooll:
But still my righteousness shall reign
And my salvation shall remain
from age to age, unto the full.

HYMN 217. Almighty Arm invoked.

The First Metre.
Isa. 51.9.
AWake, Awake, O Arm of God,
whose strength is uncontroul'd,
[Page 233]Awake as in those ancient daies,
and in the time of old.
Didst thou not lay all Egypt low,
and that fell Dragon wound?
Dry'd [...]t Thou not up the Seas that flow
with Waters most profound?
Didst Thou not in those mighty deeps
a plainer path discover?
And for the ransom'd of the Lord
make way for getting over?
Therefore shall God's redeem'd return
with Songs to Sion hill,
And endless joy crown them that mourn
while Songs their mouths do fill.
They shall obtain abundant joy
and gladness in that day,
Sorrow and sadness utterly
shall hast, and flee away.
The God of Israel therefore
renown'd and honour'd be,
From first to last for evermore,
Amen, Amen say we.
Ye Children, &c.
Awake, Awake, O Arm of God
And put on strength for th' undertrod,
awake as in the daies of old:
Art thou not it that rent and tore
Proud Rahab, and Thou woundest sore
the Dragon which those deeps did hold.
[Page 234]Art thou not it that dry'd the Sea
The Waters of the deep were they,
the Waters of the mighty deep:
In those great deeps of Seas, I say,
Thou mad'st a passage and a way,
for thy redeem'd and ransom'd sheep.
Therefore the Lord's redeemed Ones
That were so fill'd with sighs and groans
shall have a time for to return:
And they shall come with songs of joy
To Sion hill unanimously
that formerly did sigh and mourn.
And everlasting joy shall be
Upon their heads in high degree
whom former griefs did oversway:
They shall undoubtedly obtain
Gladness and joy that shall remain,
sorrow and sighs shall flee away.

HYMN 218. The Preachers Lips.
Isa. 57.19.

Have mercy, &c.
I (Saith the Lord) create
The fruit of lips that preach
For peace to men disconsolate,
and far and near to reach.
And I will give them ease:
But wicked [...]en (unblest)
Are like un [...] the troubled Seas
whose waters cannot rest.
But still it casts abroad
Both mire and dirt at once:
There is no peace, as saith my God,
unto the wicked Ones.

HYMN 219. Robes of Righteousness.

Have mercy, &c.
Isa. 61.10.
I greatly will rejoice
In God that is so good;
My soul shall sing with cheerfull voice
unto the Lord my God.
For he hath cloathed me
With that delightfull dress
Of saving health and sanctity
and Robes of Righteousness.
As Bride-grooms, that have wealth,
With ornaments are deckt;
And as a Bride adorns her self
with jewels most select.
Or as the bud that springs
Out of the pregnant earth,
And gardens sow'd with choicest things
doth richly bring them forth:
So God will make, likewise,
His righteousness and praise
Spring forth in all the Nations eyes
now in the latter days.
Let Israel's God therefore
be prais'd perpetually:
And let us all for evermore
give praise to God most high.
The mighty God, &c.
Greatly will I rejoyce in thee, O Lord,
and in my God I will triumph, and shout:
For He hath cloath'd me of his own accord,
with garments of salvation thoroughout.
And with the robes of righteousness attested
By His free grace: He hath my soul invested.
Just as a Bride-groom doth himself array
with Ornaments most priestly to be worn:
And as a Bride upon her Wedding day
with Orient Jewels doth her self adorn,
So hath the Lord with his spiritual beauty
Arraid my soul to serve my God in duty.
And as the teeming Earth puts forth her bud
and as a garden makes the things to grow,
As when the seed, and where the soil is good,
it makes the seed to prosper which we sow,
So God the Lord will cause his sure salvations
And praise to spring afresh before all Nations.
Psal. 106. ult.
Let Israels God that is the Lord most high
be ever blest and magnifi'd therefore,
[Page 237]And let the whole Earth universally
be fill'd with his renown for evermore,
And let the people rich and poor together
Say all Amen, and praise the Lord for ever.

HYMN 220. Treading the Winepress alone.
Isa. 63.1.

To the Third New Tune.
WHO'S He that comes from Edom side
With scarlet cloaths of Bosrah dy'd
in his apparel brave:
Trav'lling in greatness of his might,
I that speak righteousness most right,
and mighty am to save.
Why art thou read in thine array?
Thy garments like to him this day
that doth the Wine fat tread?
I trod the Winepress, I alone,
And of the people there was none
that follow'd me, or led.
Nahum 1.2.
For I will tread them in my wrath,
And trample on them in the path;
letting my fury reign.
Their bloud likewise that war with Me
Shall on my garments sprinkled be
and all my rayment stain.
2. PART. v. 4.
For lo! the days of vengeance due
O Sion, my revenge for you!
the day is in my heart!
The year of my redeem'd is come
I lookt, but lookt in vain for some
salvation to impart.
I wondred then that there was none
None to support, indeed not one
brought any help or aid:
Therefore mine Arm, in high degree
Did bring Salvation unto Me,
and thereby was I stay'd.
And I will tread the people down
In my great wrath and furious frown,
and make them drunk thereby:
And I will all their strength confound
And bring it down unto the ground
so low their power shall lie.

HYMN 221. Mercies recorded and requested.
Isa. 63.7.

I Will make mention of the love
and kindness of the Lord,
The praises of the Lord above
I surely will record.
According to his gifts most free
and loving kindness show'd
With love and liberalitie
on Jacob's house bestow'd.
According to his grace renew'd
which at his hands we find,
According to the multitude
of his compassions kind.
For sure, said he, they are my flock,
children that will not lie;
Therefore he was their saving Rock
in their adversity.
In all their grievances that were
himself was grieved sore:
And th' Angel of his presence, there,
preserv'd them evermore.
He in his love and pity then
redeem'd his flock and fold:
He bare them and he carried them
even all the daies of old.
2. PART.
v. 10.
But they rebell'd and vexed so
his holy Spirit of might
That he was turn'd to be their foe
and did against them fight.
Then thought he on those ancient days,
Moses and Israel's stock:
Where's He that brought them from the Seas
with Shepherds of his flock?
O where is He, said God most high,
that did within him place
In ancient times so powerfully
his holy Spirit of grace?
[Page 240]By Moses's hand that led them right,
with glorious Arm and Name;
Dividing Waters in their sight
to get eternal fame?
That led them through the deeper Seas,
untill to Land they got,
As Horses in the Wilderness,
that stumble they might not?
As Beasts go down into the dale
God's Spirit made them rest,
Thou led'st thy people not to fail,
Thy Great Name to attest.
3. PART.
v. 15.
Look down from Heaven and behold
from that thy dwelling seat
Of Holiness prepar'd of old,
and of thy glory great.
Where is the zeal and strength in Thee?
thy bowels mov'd and pain'd,
And of thy mercies towards me,
are they, O Lord, restrain'd?
Doubtless thou art our Father dear,
though Abraham hath forgot;
Or ignorant of us appear,
and Israel knows us not.
Thou art our Father, still the same,
thou didst us, Lord, redeem:
From Everlasting is thy Name,
a stranger do not seem.
O Lord why hast thou made us err
from thy most holy path?
Hardning our hearts from thy true fear,
in thy provoked wrath?
Return, and have rememberance,
for thy dear servants sake,
The Tribes of thine Inheritance
which thou did'st chuse and take!

HYMN 222. Idolatry exploded.

HATH ever any Nation chang'd
their Gods which yet were none?
Yet have my people been estrang'd
from me, and wholly gone.
And they have chang'd their glory great
for Gods which they have got,
Meer Idols that are all deceit
and things that profit not.
O Heavens be amaz'd hereat
and horribly affraid;
And be ye very desolate,
as God the Lord hath said.
For lo! my people Israel
have these two evils done,
Forsaking Me who am the Well
whence Living Waters run:
And hew'd out Cisterns to themselves
too shamefull to be told:
[Page 242]Meer broken Cisterns, and none else,
that can no water hold.

HYMN 223. Backsliders called back.
Jer. 3.22.

All people, &c.
REturn, backsliding Israel,
And I will your backslidings heal:
Behold we come with one accord
To Thee that art our God the Lord.
Truly in vain do men expect
Salvation for the hills t' effect:
And from the mountains multitude
No safety sure can we conclude.
But truly in the Lord our God
Is sure Salvation to be had:
The saving health of Israel
Is all of Him, we know full well.
Let Israel's God be blest therefore
From first to last for evermore:
And let all faithfull people then
Give praise to God, and say Amen.

HYMN 224. The old good way.
Jer. 6.16.

Have mercy, &c.
THus saith the Holy One
stand in the ways and see,
Inquire, I say, for th' old good way,
the paths that ancient be.
And walk ye all therein,
and ye shall surely find
A very blest Estate of rest
contenting to your mind.
To Israel's God most high
be all the praise therefore;
And people then say all Amen,
Amen, for evermore.

HYMN 225. False fears and false Deities de­rided.
Jer. 10.1.

Our Father, &c.
HEar ye the Word which God doth say
to you O house of Israel,
Learn not, saith He, the heathens way,
nor fear what they count terrible:
At signs of Heaven be not dismay'd,
For so the Heathens are afraid.
For peoples Customs are but vain,
one from the Forrest cuts a tree
(The work of workmen are they plain)
which with the Ax cut down must be:
Then deckt with silver and with gold,
The nails and hammer make it hold.
Like a Palm-tree they stand upright,
but never can they speak a word;
And needs they must be born by might
that go no farther than they're stirr'd:
Let no man fear these Logs of Wood,
For they can do nor ill, nor good.
Since there is none like thee, O Lord,
for very great indeed thou art,
[...]reat is thy Name upon record,
who would not fear thee from their heart?
The King of Nations thou dost reign,
And fear to thee doth appertain.
2. PART.
v. 8, 10, 11.
But they that err and Idolize
are altogether brutes and fools:
The stock's a Book of vanities,
but the true God for ever rules.
He is the Lord the Living One
The King with everlasting Throne.
His Wrath shall cause the Earth to quake,
the Nations cannot bear his blow:
Tell them, that Gods which did not make
the Heavens above, and Earth below,
Even they shall perish from this Earth,
And from these Heavens which God set forth.
Each man is brutish in his skill,
men founder is confounded quite,
His graven Image fools him still,
his molten Image gives no light:
They have no breath, they are but vain,
The work of errors are they plain.
The workmen and these works of his
shall perish at God's visiting,
Unlike them Jacob's portion is
for he hath formed every thing.
[Page 245] Israel's the lot which he doth claim,
The Lord of Hosts is his great Name.
3. PART.
Isa. 44.9.
They that make graven Images
are all of them meer vanity,
They profit not howe're they please,
as they themselves can testifie;
They see not neither do they know,
But may be sham'd it should be so.
Who makes a God or who hath fram'd
a molten Image good for nought?
Lo all his fellows shall be sham'd,
they are but men that have them wrought:
Let all stand up and gather near
They shall be strook with shame and fear.
The Smith with Tongs doth work it warm,
with Hammers doth he fashion it,
He works it with his strength of arm,
he labours and is hunger-bit:
His strength must fail upon constraint,
He drinks no Water, and is faint.
The Carpenter extends his rule,
with lines he makes it as he please;
He fits it with his plaining tool,
he marks it out with compasses:
He forms it like a man compleat,
To make a household God most neat.
4. PART.
He hews him down the Cedar-trees,
he takes the Cypress and the Oke,
He glories in the choice of these
which through the forrest bear the stroak:
He plants an Ash as also fit,
And leaves the rain to nourish it.
With part thereof the fire is fed,
he warms his body at the flames,
He kindles it, He breaketh bread,
yea, and a God thereof he frames:
A graven Image makes he new,
He worships and falls down thereto.
A part he burneth in the fire,
with part thereof he eateth flesh,
He rosteth rost to his desire,
and doth with warmth himself refresh:
Aha, saith he, well warm'd am I,
I saw the fire burn cheerfully.
He maketh of the residue
his God, his graven Image dear,
He worships it, and prays thereto,
he falleth down with awfull fear:
He saith to it, Deliver me,
I for my God acknowledge thee.
5. PART.
v. 18.20.
They have not known nor understood,
for God hath closed up their eyes,
[Page 247]They can not see their Gods are wood,
yea, he hath shut their heart likewise,
So that they can not understand
That there's a lye in their right hand.
And none considers in his heart,
nor hath he wit or skill to say,
I in the fire have burned part,
yea, I have baked bread this day:
Upon its Coals I bak'd my loaf,
I rosted flesh and ate thereof.
And shall I make the residue
abomination for to be,
Shall I fall down and kneel, think you,
unto the stock of any tree?
He feeds on ashes all that while,
An heart deceiv'd doth him beguile.
Isa. 44.21, 22.
O Jacob and O ISRAEL
my servant whom I form'd of old,
As a thick Cloud I did dispell
thy sins and failings manifold;
Remember, and return to me,
For I alone redeemed thee.
6. PART.
v. 24.
Thus hath the Lord thy Saviour said,
that from the womb hath formed thee,
I am the Lord that all things made,
Heaven is stretcht out alone by ME.
I spread abroad the spacious Earth
And by my self I laid it forth.
The lyars signs that nullifies,
and makes Diviners mad to be,
That turneth back the worldly wise,
and makes their knowledge foolery.
That seals the Word of's Ministers
And counsels of his Messengers.
That to Jerus [...]lem doth declare
thou shalt have dwellers in thee plac'd,
And Judah's Cities I will rear,
and raise up all her places waste:
That saith unto the deeps, be dry,
And dry thy Rivers up will I.
That said of Cyrus (yet unborn)
He is my Shepherd: it is He
That all my pleasure shall perform,
and saith, Jerus [...]lem built shall be;
And to the Templ' of old He said,
Thy sure Foundation shall be lay'd.

HYMN 226. Humble Supplications in hard times.
Jer. 14.7.

To the Tune of the Ten Commandments.
O Lord though our INIQUITIES
As Witnesses against US rise,
Yet do it of thine own accord,
Save us for thy Names sake, O Lord.
For we confess our sins to thee,
And our backslidings many be:
And we have very oftentimes
Provok'd thee by our hainous crimes.
O Thou the Hope of ISRAEL
That canst assist and save so well,
The onely Saviour we confess
In time of trouble and distress:
Why shouldest thou whom Nations dread,
Be as a man ASTONISHED?
And as a very MIGHTY MAN
That cannot save, for who then can?
And thou, although estranged thus,
Art in the very midst OF US:
And we are called by thy Name,
O leave us not to utter shame.

HYMN 227. The Glorious Throne.
Jer. 17.12.

A Glorious Throne exalted high
(since first it did begin)
Is that high place the Sanctuary,
which our God dwelleth in.
O God the Hope of ISRAEL
and worthily so nam'd,
All that forsake thee, and rebell,
shall surely be asham'd!
Yea, all that do depart from ME
(in whom they ought to trust)
Saith God the Lord, destroy'd shall be,
and written in the dust.
Because they have forsook the Lord
the fountain and the spring
[Page 250]Of Living Waters richly stor'd
with every good thing.
Heal me, O Lord, as I have crav'd,
and healed I shall be:
O save me and I shall be sav'd,
my praise is all of Thee.

HYMN 228. Vanity of Idols.
Jer. 16.19.

O Lord that art my strength and fort,
my refuge in distress;
The Gentiles shall to Thee resort,
and thus they shall confess:
Surely Our Fathers (dull of sense)
have all inherited lies,
And Vanity, and things from whence
no profit can arise.
Shall men make Gods unto themselves
and Lo! no Gods they be?
Therefore, behold, my Soul resolves
this once to make them see.
And I will make them know my hand,
my might shall they record:
And they shall know and understand
that my Name is the LORD.

HYMN 229. The Partridge.
Jer. 17.11.

LIke as the Partridge gathers young
which are not of her own,
So he that gathers wealth by wrong,
but right thereto hath none,
[Page 251]Shall leave them to another's Rule
in midst of all his years,
And at his end shall be a Fool
as by his work appears.

HYMN 230. Wo to Oppressors.
Jer. 22.13.

WO be to him that builds his house
by wrong and injury.
And by such deeds injurious
his Chambers builds on high.
That doth his neighbours service use
without the wages pay'd:
And doth the recompence refuse
that should maintain his trade.
1 Thes. 4.6. Col. 3.25.
For God avengeth all such things
as we have told you true,
And testifi'd with threatenings
before-hand warning you.
For the wrong-doer surely shall.
receive his just reward:
And there is no respect at all
of persons with the Lord.

HYMN 231. The LORD our Righteous­ness.
Jer. 23.6.

BEhold the days shall shortly come,
as saith the Lord our God,
That I will raise to David's House
a righteous Branch and ROD.
[Page 252]And there shall reign and prosper much
a King of Royal birth,
And judgment He shall execute,
and justice in the Earth.
In His daies Judah shall be sav'd,
and Israel dwell in peace:
And by this Name shall he be call'd,

HYMN 232. Effectual Prayer of Captives.
Jer. 29.11.

All People, &c.
I Know the thoughts of my good Will
which towards you I, saith God, intend
The thoughts of peace and not of ill
to give you an expected end.
And then unfeignedly shall ye
call on ME, and your Prayers pursue:
And ye shall go and pray to ME,
and I will hearken unto you.
And ye shall seek and find me then
when ye seek for me from your heart:
And I will bring you back agen
from whence I caus'd you to depart.
And found I will be at your hands
and have your Captive-state restor'd,
And gather you from all the Lands
to which I drove you, saith the Lord.

HYMN 223. Restoration of Israel:
Jer. 30.7.

ALAS! the Day is great and chief,
and none is like thereto,
It is the time of Jacob's grief,
but he shall well go through.
And it shall come to pass that day,
saith God the Lord of hosts,
That I will take the yoke away
that binds his neck so close.
And I will burst their bonds that hour,
they shall not bind a limb:
And strangers shall no more have power
to serve themselves of him.
But they shall serve the Lord their God,
and David their good King,
Whom I'le raise up with ruling rod
for their good governing.
O let the God of Israel then
be prais'd with one accord,
And people then say all Amen,
Amen, praise ye the Lord.

HYMN 234. The constancy of God's covenant.
Jer. 33.20.

THUS saith the Lord, if ye can break
my Covenant of the day,
My law of night if ye can check,
and take those times away.
[Page 254]My Covenant may be broken then
with David serving ME,
That he shall have no Son to reign,
or on his Throne to be.
The Levites, Priests and Ministers,
and Jacob's House may fail,
And Covenants with your Ancestors
no more at all avail.
But as the Hosts above our head
in Heaven, none can count;
Nor can the Seas be numbered
to what their sands amount.
So I'le increase and still prefer
my Servant David's seed,
And Levites that administer
to me, as I decreed.
Let Israel's God be prais'd therefore
of all, and all together;
From first to last for evermore
Amen, Amen for ever.

HYMN 235. Murmuring restrained.
Lam. 3.39.

To the Tune of the Ten Commandments.
WHY should a living man complain,
A man that sins to suffer pain?
For it is good in very truth
That man should bear his yoke in youth.
He sits alone with silent soul
Because He bears a just controul:
He puts his mouth into the dust
If hope may be in whom to trust.
He gives his cheek to them that smite,
He's filled with reproach and spite:
For thus he thinks God will restore,
And not cast off for evermore.
For though a while He causeth grief
Yet will He surely send relief:
And in his mercies multitude
Shall his compassions be renew'd.

HYMN 236. God afflicts not willingly.
Lam. 3.33.

THE Lord afflicts not willingly,
Nor grieves mankind with misery:
To crush with foot or cruel hand
All the poor prisoners of the Land.
Of man's just right to turn the stream,
Before the face of God Supream;
And to subvert a mans just cause
The Lord approves not by his Laws.
Who's he that saith a thing shall be,
And it is come to pass saith he,
When possibly God may permit,
But never He commanded it.
Psal. 62. ult.
Out of the mouth of God most high
Comes evil and good with equity,
For both He censures what is nought,
And gives reward to works well wrought.
Let Israel's God be prais'd therefore
From first to last for evermore:
And people all with one accord
Say here Amen, praise ye the Lord.

HYMN 237. Exhortations to Repentance.
Lament. 3.40.

All people, &c. or, O Lord consider, &c. putting two Verses into a Staff.
COme, let us search and try our way;
And turn to God without delay:
Let us lift up our hearts and hands
To God in Heaven that commands.
We have transgrest, we have rebell'd,
And thou thy pardon hast withheld:
Thy cloud hath hid us from thy view,
So that our prayer should not pass through.
Turn us, O God, turn us to Thee,
And truly turned we shall be:
Renew our days as 'twas of old
Thy face and favour to behold.
Psalm 79. ult.
So we thy flock and pasture-store
Shall give Thee thanks for evermore,
And will shew forth to great and small
Thy praise to generations all.

HYMN 238. The Sins of Sodom recorded.
Ezek. 16.49.

Tune of the Ten Commandments.
REmember this was Sodom's sin
great pride and fullness of their bread:
And IDLENESS was much therein,
and in her Daughters whom she fed.
And also that she did not care
to strengthen the distressed hand
Of such as poor and needy were,
but waxed haughty in the Land:
Abominable deeds did they,
which were committed in my view:
Therefore I took them quite away
as I my self saw good to do.
Psal. 106.
Let Israel's God the Lord most high
be prais'd and magnify'd therefore,
And let his glorious Majesty
fill all the Earth for evermore.

HYMN 239. Pacification by Repentance.
Ezek. 16.62.

I Will establish now with thee
the Covenant of my Word:
And thou shalt know this thing of Me,
that I am God the Lord.
That thou mayst call to mind the same,
and be confounded sore,
And never speak a word for shame
of this thing any more.
When I am pacifi'd in this
towards thee gratiously
For all that thou hast done amiss,
saith God the Lord most high.

HYMN 240. The exact Doom.
Ezek. 18.4, 5, 9,

BEhold saith God all souls are mine
and mine peculiarly:
The Fathers, Sons, and every ones,
the Soul that sins shall die.
But if a man be just and good,
and doth things just and right,
The Lord will give that man to live
for ever in his sight.
10, 11, 14.
If he beget a wicked Son,
that Son shall surely die:
His bloud I'll shed on his own head
for living wickedly.
Now lo! if he beget a Son
his Fathers sins that sees▪
And shuns them quite, and doth things right,
even he shall live in these.
If he that seems a righteous man
forsakes good ways and true,
And takes a course to worse and worse,
as wicked people do.
The righteousness that he hath done
no more shall mention'd be,
But in the sin he trespass'd in
most surely die shall he.
21, 27, 22.
And when the wicked leaves his lusts,
and for my grace doth strive:
[Page 259]And shall delight to walk aright,
he saves his soul alive:
All the transgressions he hath done
no more shall mention'd be;
In his approved righteousness
most surely live shall he.
29. Psal. 106. ult.
O House of Israel hearken then,
for needs confess ye must
My Ways to be pure Equity,
and your own ways unjust.
Let Israel's great and gratious God
have all the praise therefore,
And people then say all Amen,
Amen for evermore.

HYMN 241. Repentance urged.
Ezek. 18.30.

REpent and turn your selves from sin,
and all transgressions flee:
And so the sin ye lived in
your ruin shall not be.
Cast your transgressions quite away,
trespass no more thereby;
Make new your heart, and inward part,
for wherefore will ye die?
Why will ye die, O Israel's House,
when I such warning give?
Ill pleas'd am I that sinners die,
wherefore return and live.

HYMN 242. God's Oath of Grace.
Ezek. 33.10.

WHEN Israel speaks, as thinking thus,
the Lord will not forgive:
And we in our transgressions pine,
and how then shall we live?
Say to them, as I live saith God,
I swear it solemnly,
I have no pleasure in the death
of wicked men that die.
But that the wicked man should turn
from his ungodly way,
That's my desire and my delight,
thus therefore shalt thou say.
O turn ye, turn ye speedily
from evil, and do well;
For wherefore will ye chuse to die,
O House of Israel?

HYMN 243. The Sabbath.
Ezek. 20.12.

MOreover said the Lord to me,
I gave my Sabbaths signs to be
betwixt my self and them,
That they might know assuredly
I am the Lord that sanctify
and make them holy men.
But Israel's House rebell'd no less
Against me in the Wilderness
than by their former sin:
[Page 261]And they despis'd my Judgments too
Which if a man with care shall do
he shall even live therein.
My Sabbaths they did much pollute,
Then threatned I to EXECUTE
my Wrath in great degree:
Yet for my Names sake wrought I then,
That it among the HEATHEN men
polluted might not be.
2. PART. v. 18, 20.
Thus to your children I did say,
Walk ye not in your Fathers way,
but let my paths be trod:
Hallow my Sabbaths which shall show
My Covenant, that ye may know
I am the Lord your God.
Yet did their whole posterity
Rebell against me wickedly,
and did my Laws transgress:
Wherefore I threatned to let fall
And power my wrath upon them all
within the Wilderness.
Yet shall the House of Israel
Serve me at home, and please me well,
and there will I require
Your First-Fruits and your Offerings,
Your Odors and your holy things
and all that I desire.
3 PART. v. 42.15.
And ye shall know that I am God
That brought you to your own abode,
and gave into your hands
The Land of Israel which I sware
To you and to your Fathers there,
the glory of all Lands.
And there shall ye remember still
Your ways and all your doings ill
wherewith ye were defil'd:
And loath your selves in your own sight
For all your deeds that were not right
when ye are reconcil'd.
And ye shall know that I am God
When I have wrought with you abroad
My Name for to record:
Not answering to your wicked ways,
Nor deeds corrupt in former daies,
O Israel, saith the Lord.

HYMN 244. Ezekiel's evil Hearers.
Ezek. 33.30.

To the Tune of the Ten Commandments.
O Son of man thy people (still)
Are talking of thee very ill;
They talk against thee by the wall
And doors of houses where they call.
To one another thus they talk,
Brother to Brother as they walk:
Come pray you let us hear the word
that now proceedeth from the Lord.
And they come to thee, not a few,
And as the People use to do:
They sit intent before thy face
As People whom my Name doth grace.
They hear thy Words as faithfull men,
But never will they practice them,
For with their mouth much love they show,
But after gain their heart doth go.
2. PART.
Moreover know, O Son of Man,
Thy people blame thee all they can,
They take the oportunity
To talk against thee secretly.
And whatsoever they profess
Their heart pursues their Covetousness:
And thou art as a Song most choice
Of one that hath a pleasant Voice.
As one that giveth great content
By playing on an Instrument;
For this is their perpetual spot
They hear thy Words but do them not.
And when the matters propheci'd
Are come to pass and verifi'd,
And come they must: then shall they know
They had a Prophet told them so.

HYMN 245. Vniting the Nation.
Ezek. 37.21.

Give laud, &c.
BEhold now I will take
the Sons of Israel,
And them one Nation make
in Israel where they dwell:
And there they shall
In midst of thee divided be
no more at all.
Nor shall themselves defile
with Idols any more;
And their transgressions vile
I will take off the score:
And David there
Shall be my King for governing
my People dear.
Isa. 40.11.
And he shall lead his flock
as Shepherds that have care,
Gathering his Lambs whole stock,
them in his bosome bear:
And with mild hand
Lead those along that are with young
in all the land.
Ezek. 37.23.
And I will save them sure
out of their darksome dens,
Where they have dwelt impure,
and will their Conscience cleanse.
[Page 265]So their abode
Shall be with ME, and I will be
the Lord their God.
Moreover I will make
a Covenant of peace
For Israel's dear sake
to stand and to increase.
I'le heap their store,
And fix my Name in midst of them
for evermore.

HYMN 246. Michael our Prince.
Dan. 12. from 1. to v. 5. and 10.

The mighty God, &c.
AT that time shall stand up Michael your Prince
for children of his people that shall stand:
And troub'lous times shall be as were not since
there was a Nation liv'd in any land.
Then shall thy people all obtain salvation
That in the book of life have nomination.
And many of them that sleep in dust forlorn
shall waken: some to everlasting light,
And some to shame and everlasting scorn:
the wise shall shine as firmament most bright:
And they that turn to righteousness great store
Shall shine as stars in heaven for evermore.
And many people shall be purifi'd
from filthiness of their iniquity,
[Page 266]And many shall be white (as purely try'd)
but still the wicked shall do wickedly;
And none shall understand that live profanely,
But wise and good men shall perceive most plainly.
Let Israel's God the Lord that is most high
be prais'd therefore and wear the sovereign Crown;
And let the whole Earth universally,
be filled with his glory and renown:
And let Gods chosen People, altogether,
Give praise to Him and say Amen for ever.

HYMN 247. Back-slidings censured, or Israels Revolt.
Hos. 11.1.

WHEN Israel was a tender child
then did I bear him love,
And call'd my Son from Lands defil'd;
from Egypt to remove.
But as they call'd they went from them,
and did their fancies please;
They sacrific'd to Baalim then
and Graven Images.
And Ephraim too I taught to go
I took him by the Arm,
But they their healer did not know,
that cur'd them of their harm.
With cords of men I did them draw,
with cords of kindness great,
I took the yoke from off their jaw,
and lay'd before them meat.

HYMN 248. Aptness to back-sliding holpen by Grace.
Hos. 11.7.

MY Folk are to back-sliding bent,
and 'tis their general fault,
And though they call'd them to repent,
none would his name exalt.
How shall I give thee up, O how
shall I to wrath deliver?
My heart is turn'd within me now,
my bowels yern together.
I will not execute my Wrath
with fury to annoy:
I will not take the angry path
to ruin and destroy.
O Ephraim look for grace from Me,
for I am God not man:
And, dwelling in the midst of thee,
the Holy One I am.

HYMN 249. The Calves of our Lips. Have mercy, &c.
Hos. 14.1.

O Israel return
unto the Lord thy God,
For thou by thy Iniquity
hast many by-paths trod.
Take with you humble Words,
and turn unto the Lord,
And to him say, now Lord we pray
to thee with one accord.
O take away from us
And now that we draw nigh to thee
receive us gratiously.
So shall we render soon
the Fatlings of the Lip:
The thanks that bind a gratefull mind
no praise to overslip.
Nor will we have recourse
for ever any more
To th' outward force of men or Horse,
as was done heretofore.
Nor to our handy Works
will say in any case
Our Gods are ye: for Lord in thee
the Fatherless find Grace.
Where Righteousness doth, &c.
O Israel return
unto the Lord thy God;
For thou mayst well discern
what by-paths thou hast trod.
Take with you gratious Words,
and turn, unanimous,
Unto the Lord of Lords,
and say unto him thus.
Lord, take thou quite away
all our iniquity;
And as we humbly pray
receive us gratiously.
[Page 269]So we whom grace absolves
and from our sins sets free,
Shall sacrifice the Calves
of these our lips to thee.
It is not outward force
which we shall trust unto,
Nor strength of man or horse
or any works we do.
Nor any more shall we
those Idol-Gods embrace,
For Lord alone in thee
the Fatherless find grace.

HYMN 250. Backslidings healed.
Hos. 14.4.

All People, &c.
I'LE heal backsliding Israel
and love him freely, as I say,
Because mine anger that did swell,
is ceast from him, and turn'd away.
My grace as dew I will bestow
on Israel that he may come on:
And he shall like a lilly grow,
and cast forth roots as Lebanon.
His branches shall grow forth full well,
his beauty as the Olive-tree;
As Lebanon shall be her smell,
and such his spreading out shall be.
And they that dwell beneath his shade,
shall then return from captive state:
[Page 270]They shall revive, as Corn ith' blade,
and grow as Vines most delicate.
Ephraim shall say, what should I do
with shamefull Idols any more?
I heard him and observ'd him too,
he will not do as heretofore.
Now am I like a green firr tree
that groweth on the fertile ground:
And know, O Israel, that from Me
and me alone thy fruit is found.
Whoso is wise and well inclin'd
even he shall understand these things,
And he that hath a prudent mind
shall know whence all this blessing springs.
For all the Ways of God are right,
and all the just shall walk therein;
Yet shall transgressors deviate quite,
still running into farther sin.

HYMN 251. The Fast proclaimed.
Joel 2.15.

BLOW ye with Trumpets loudest blast
in Sion, warning all;
O sanctifie a solemn Fast,
the great Assembly call.
The Congregation sanctifie,
the people gather near;
Assemble th' Elders generally,
gather the children dear.
O Let the Bride-groom (humbled low)
pass from his chamber door,
The Bride out of her closet go,
to humble them the more.
And let the Priests (the Courts that keep)
the Ministers of the Lord,
Between the Porch and Altar weep,
and say with one accord.
Lord, spare thy people, do not give
thine Heritage to reproach;
And under Heathen Lords to live
that on thy right encroach.
And then the Lord of Israel will
be jealous for his Land;
And they shall find most plentifull
compassions at his hand.

HYMN 252. Three and four Transgressions.
Amos 1.3, 6, &c.

THUS saith the Lord, for three sad crimes
Damascus did, and four,
I'le take revenge in after-times,
and never quit their score.
Because they threshed Gilead
with iron flayls in wars
But fire shall burn up Benhadad,
and break Damascus bars.
Thus saith the Lord, for three sad crimes
of Gaza, and for four,
I'le take revenge in after-times
and never quit their score.
Because they carried quite away
the whole captivity,
[Page 272]Delivering them to be a prey
unto the Enemy.
2. PART.
Amos 1.9, 11.
Thus saith the Lord for three sad crimes
of Tyrus, and for four,
I'le take revenge in after times,
and never quit their score.
Because the whole captivity
of Edom they resign'd,
The Covenant so brotherly
came not into their mind.
Thus saith the Lord, for three sad crimes
of Edom, and for four,
I'le take revenge in after times
and never quit their score.
For hunting Jacob with the sword
(all pity cast aside)
His anger was extremely stirr'd,
and ever did abide.
3. PART.
Amos 1.13.
Thus saith the Lord, for three sad crimes
of Ammon, and for four,
I'le take revenge in after times
and never quit their score.
For ripping up with cruel hand
the Women then with Child,
T' enlarge the borders of their Land
that was with bloud defil'd▪
Chap. 2.1, 3.
Thus saith the Lord, for three sad crimes
of MOAB, and for four,
I'le take revenge in after times
and never quit their score.
Because the King of Edom's bones
they burned into lime,
The Judge, the Prince, and their high Thrones
shall fall at some sad time.
4. PART.
Chap. 2. v. 4 & 6.
Thus saith the Lord, for three sad crimes
of Judah, and for four,
I'le take revenge in after times
and not acquit their score.
Because they did God's Word despise
and did not as he bid,
And they were made to err by lies
as their Forefathers did.
Thus saith the Lord, for three sad crimes
of Israel, and for four,
I'le be aveng'd in after times
and not acquit their score.
Because for silver they did sell
the just and righteous Jews,
And sold the poor of Israel
just for a payr of shooes.
5. PART.
Joel 2.12.
Now therefore turn to me, saith God,
and with an heart sincere,
[Page 274]With fasting and with mourning loud,
and many a brinish tear.
And rent your hearts with one accord,
but keep your garments whole,
And turn unto the Lord your God
withall your heart and soul.
For He is gratious, mercifull,
and unto anger slow;
Of kindness great, and sensible
of our excessive Woe.
Who knoweth if He will repent,
and blessings leave behind;
Meat and drink-offerings to present
to your Lord God so kind?

HYMN 253. Heavy Judgments.
Amos 4.5, 6.

Our Father, &c.
O House of Israel, saith the Lord,
I smote you at your dining board,
I gave you emptiness of teeth
In all your Cities to your grief:
And want of bread in every place,
Yet to repent ye had no grace.
The rain from you I have held back
When THREE Months did to Harvest lack;
One City I did rain upon,
And on another there was none:
One piece was rain'd upon and sped,
And that which was not withered.
I smote you with a blasting Dew
When Gardens, Vineyards, Figtrees grew;
And when increas'd your Olive-trees,
The Palmer-Worm devour'd all these;
Yet turn'd ye not with one accord
To seek my favour, saith the Lord.
I sent on you the Pestilence
As Egypt felt when ye went thence;
Your young men I with sword did slay,
Your Horses I did take away;
I made the savour of your Camp
Come to your Nostrils like a damp.
I have o're-throwen some of you
As God Gomorrah overthrew,
And Sodom: and by gratious hands
Ye were pluckt forth as fire-brands:
Yet turn'd ye not with one accord
To seek my favour, saith the Lord.
Therefore will I do this to thee,
And am resolv'd it so shall be;
And since new judgments shall begin,
Greater than all that yet have been;
Against that time, prepare thou well
To meet thy God, O ISRAEL.
For he that did the Mountains form;
That did create the Wind and Storm;
That shews to man what is his thought,
That hath the Morning Darkness wrought,
That treads on all the Earths high Coasts
His Name is call'd the Lord of Hosts.
Let Israel's God be prais'd therefore
From first to last for evermore,
And let the whole Earth, up and down,
Be filled with his bright renown:
And let all sorts of people then
Give praise to God, and say Amen.

HYMN 254. Grass-hoppers and Fire.
Amos 7.1.

WHEN God had formed Grass-hoppers,
(as once it came to pass)
And made them his Commissioners
to eat up all the Grass.
The time was at the latter growth
of shooting out the blade,
And I, to see the judgment loath,
on this wise spake and said.
Forgive, Lord, our iniquities,
I humbly cry and call:
By whom shall Jacob's House arise,
for he is very small?
Then did the Lord repent for this,
and thus He said to me,
Though they have done so much amiss,
yet this thing shall not be.
Then cald He to contend by fire,
devouring all the deep,
And eat a part though not th' entire,
then did I pray and weep;
Lord cease these wofull miseries,
and hear my cry and call:
By whom shall Jacob's House arise,
for he is very small?
Then did the Lord repent for this,
and thus he said to me,
Though they have done so much amiss,
yet this thing shall not be.
Then shew'd he me a plummer line,
pointing at Israel's score:
To shew that God would not incline
to pardon any more.
Lord spare thy flock, do not condemn,
thine Heritage to shame;
That Heathens should rule over them
dishonouring thy Name▪
For wherefore should the Heathen say,
(while we are undertrod)
Now where is Israel's God (say they)
where Now is Israel's God?
Then will the Lord of 's own accord
be jealous for his Land,
And pity his own flock that is
under the Heathens hand.
Let us always give laud and praise,
to Israel's God therefore,
And people then say all Amen,
Amen, for evermore.

HYMN 255. Nonsufficient Sacrifices.
Micah 6.6.

Now Israel may say, &c.
WHerewith shall I, or any man be bold
to come before the Lord confidingly,
and bow my self before the Lord most high?
With Offerings shall I come of flock and fold,
Burnt Offerings or with calves a just year old?
Will God be pleas'd, and with our sins dispense
for thousands of fat Rams which we shall boyl,
or for ten thousand Rivers full of oyl:
Shall my first-born my trespass recompence,
Fruit of my body for my souls offence?
But he hath shew'd thee what is good, O man,
and what doth God the Lord require of thee,
but to do justly and exact to be;
Mercy to love, and shew it all we can,
Walk humbly with thy God, and so go on.
Let Israel's God the Lord that is most high
be ever blest and magnifi'd therefore,
and let the spacious Earth, the Sea & shore
Be filled with his glorious Majesty,
And people say Amen unanimously.

HYMN 256. The Treasures of deceit challenged.
Micah. 6.10. Deut. 25.14.

The mighty God, &c.
AND are there yet the treasures of deceit
in wicked Houses now so general?
And the scant measure, or the small and great,
which is abominable unto all:
Or shall I count them pure with wicked bal­lance,
And of deceitfull Weight which I can chal­lenge?
For their rich men are full of violence,
and their inhabitants are full of lies,
Also their tongue is full of foul offence,
and of deceitfull wicked treacheries:
Therefore I'le make thee sick in visitation,
And for thy sins to be a Desolation.
And thou shalt eat and not be satisfi'd,
thy casting down shall be in midst of thee,
And thou shalt take fast hold on every side,
but not deliver when thy siege shall be:
And that which thou deliverest Son or Daugh­ter
I will give up unto the sword and slaughter.
And thou shalt sow but shalt not reap the crop,
and thou shalt tread the Olive from the tree,
But not anoint thee with the Oyl one drop,
and Wine to drink but none at all for thee:
Therefore, saith God, return to Me, returning
Withall your heart, with fasting, tears and mourning.
And rent your heart, but keep your garment whole,
and turn unto your God so patient,
So gratious, great in kindness, mercifull:
and soon repents him of our punishment:
Who knows if He will turn, and leave behind him
A blessing, that for ever we may find Him?

HYMN 257. The Priesthood.
Zech. 3.1.

The Mighty God, &c.
AND lo! He shew'd me Joshua God's High Priest
standing before the Angel of the Lord,
And Satan at His right Hand to resist;
then spake the Lord to Satan this sharp Word,
The Lord that chose His Church check thy de­sire,
For is not this a BRAND pluckt from the fire?
Now Joshua was clad in vile array,
and stood before the Angel of the Lord,
[Page 280]And God commanded, take those rags away,
and give him change of rayment at my Word,
So then they gave him change of rayment brighter,
And on his head they set a comely Mitre.
Then did the Angel of the Lord protest
if thou, O Joshua, wilt observe my charge,
Then will I give thee Walks among the rest,
to judge my House and keep my Courts at large:
Hear now, O Joshua, my Priest desired,
Thou, and thy fellows that are men admired.
2. PART.
Zec. 3.8, 9. Heb. 10.14.
Behold I will bring forth and will advance
my choice elected, the foundation stone,
My chosen servant who is call'd the Branch,
my Well-beloved, and the Holy one,
That is endow'd above all mortal merit
With all the Graces of my Holy Spirit.
I will engrave with graving of my hand
concerning him the Lord of Hosts doth say,
And those Iniquities of all the Land
I will remove and quit in one short day:
For by one Offering made by him that died
Perfect for ever are the sanctified.
And in that day, as saith the Lord of Hosts,
such amity and unity shall be,
That they shall call their friends in all the Coasts
under the Vine and under the Fig-tree;
Let Israel's God be magnifi'd therefore
And people say Amen, for evermore.

HYMN 258. The Brother-hood.
Zech. 7.9.

Give laud, &c.
THUS speaks the Lord of Hosts,
let every man of you,
In all the Lands and Coasts,
just judgment now pursue,
And mercy show,
Even all ye can, to every man;
both friend and foe.
And do not ye oppress
the Widow any more,
Nor wrong the Fatherless
the Stranger nor the Poor:
Let none of you
His Brother judge, nor bear him grudge
whate're ye do.
But they refus'd to hear,
and pull'd their neck away,
And stopt their willfull ear
from all that I did say▪
Yea every one
Did quite depart, and make their heart
as th' Adamant Stone.
Lest they should hear the Law,
and Words which God had sent,
Which former Prophets saw,
and call'd them to repent:
Therefore there came
On Israel's Land by God's command
great Wrath to flame.
And therefore as He cry'd,
and yet they would not hear,
So was their cry deny'd,
and I would not give ear,
Saith God of Hosts:
And thus alas! It came to pass
in Israel's Coasts.
So I did scatter them
as when fierce whirlwinds blow,
Among all Nations then,
and whom they did not know;
And thus their Land
And whole Estate lay desolate
by God's Command.
Thus was it with the Jew,
their Land was left forlorn,
That no man might pass through,
nor any might return:
For their own hand
Lay'd desolate that delicate
and pleasant Land.

HYMN 259. God's Jewels.
Mal. 3.16.

[Where righteousness doth say, &c.]
THEN they that fear'd the Lord
spake oft to one another,
And God gave ear and heard
What each man told his brother
A Book then of record
was written of the same
For them that fear'd the Lord,
and thought upon his Name.
And they shall then be mine
in that appointed day
When I shall new refine
my Jewels, as I say.
And I will spare each one
of them, as some kind man
Spares his obedient Son
that serves him all he can.
And then shall ye return,
and difference shall be had:
That ye may well discern
betwixt the good and bad.
And [...]t will be seen abroad
how different is the Lot,
'Twixt him that serveth God,
and him that serves him not.
Have mercy, &c.
Then they that fear'd the Lord
spake oft to one another,
And God gave ear and (kindly) heard
what each man told his brother.
A Book then of record
was written of the same,
For them that (truly) fear'd the Lord,
and thought upon his Name.
And they shall then be mine
in that appointed day,
When I shall make up, and refine
my Jewels, as I say.
And I will spare each one
of them, as some kind man
Spares his obedient (humble) son
that serves him all he can.
And then shall ye return
and difference shall be had
That ye may well (and soon) discern
betwixt the good and bad.
And 'twill be seen abroad
how different is the lot
'Twixt him that (truly) serveth God
and him that serves him not.

HYMN 260. The Son of Righteousness arising.
Mal. 4.1.

BEhold the day shall come, saith God,
that like an Oven shall burn,
And all the Wicked and the Proud
shall God to Stubble turn.
And them into that Oven put
(his justice to advance)
The day that comes shall burn them up
not leaving root nor branch.
But unto you that fear my Name
the blessed Son shall spring,
Of righteousness, with shining flame
and healing in his Wing.
And ye, like fatlings of the stall,
shall go forth with renown,
And have the power wherewithall
to tread the Wicked down:
And they beneath your feet shall be
as ashes undertrod,
When this thing shall be done by Me,
saith your Almighty God.
Let Israel's God, the Lord most High
have all the praise therefore
From first to last perpetually,
Amen for evermore.
Finis Hymnorum Veteris Testamenti.


HYMN 261. The Fan of Judgment.
Mat. 3.12.

THE Lord, whose fan is in his hand,
shall one day purge his floor;
And he will purge it thoroughly,
that it shall need no more.
Into his glorious granary
gathering his wheat together:
But then will He burn up the chaff,
with fire that burns for ever.

HYMN 262. The Agreement necessary.
Mat. 5.25.

AGree thou with thy ENEMY,
while with him in the way
Lest he should hale thee to the judge,
that will compell to pay.
The Judge unto the Officer
commit thee by command;
And thou be made a Prisoner,
under the Serjeants hand.
For verily I tell thee right,
from thence thou shalt not get:
Till thou hast pay'd the utmost mite,
of all thy dreadfull debt.
All People, &c.
Agree thou with thy Creditor,
In dues that he contendeth for;
Agree with him betimes I say,
While thou art with him in the way.
Lest thou be haled by the foe,
Before th'impartial Judge to go;
The Judge by his severe command,
Commit thee to the Serjeants hand.
And then the Serjeant that doth wait,
Shall cast thee into Prison straight.
I tell thee thou shalt not get thence
Till thou hast pay'd both pounds and pence.

HYMN 263. The Cabinet.
Mat. 6.19.

LAY not your treasures upon Earth
where worldlings love to deal,
And where the moth and rust corrupt
and thieves break through and steal.
But heap in heaven treasures pure,
from all corruption free;
For where your treasure is, be sure
your hearts will also be.

HYMN 264. The wise builder.
Mat. 7.24.

WHoever hears these Words of mine
and doth them (saith the holy one)
Is like a wise man in's design,
that built his house on rocky stone.
[Page 288]And Rain and Floods and Winds, in course,
Did beat upon that House with force,
And it fell not for all the shock,
For it was founded on a Rock.
But he that hears without regard,
of doing that which I command:
To a foolish man shall be compar'd
that built his House upon the Sand:
Then Flouds of Rain and Tempests great
Upon that House did fiercely beat;
And down it fell unto the ground,
And great the fall thereof was found.

HYMN 265. Our Saviour's Rapture.
Mat. 11.2, 25. Luk. 10.20. John. 5.23.

Our Father, &c.
WHen John the Baptist (free from doubt)
Sent two of his Disciples out,
To ask our Saviour, and to know
If he were very Christ or no,
Tell John said Christ, what things they be
Which ye your selves do hear and see.
The Blind receive their cheerfull sight,
The Lame are heal'd, and walk upright,
Deaf hear, and Lepers cleansed are;
The Dead rais'd up: these things declare;
And while by Worldly-Wise despis'd,
The poor are taught and gospeliz'd.
I thank thee, Father, from my heart
The Lord of Heaven and Earth that art:
[Page 289]Because thy wisdom hath seen good
These things should not be understood:
But hid from wise and prudent men,
And hast to babes revealed them.
Even so, O Father, let it be,
Since so it seemed good to Thee,
For what so seemeth in thy sight,
Must needs be holy, just and right.
God onely wise have praise therefore,
From first to last for evermore.

HYMN 266. The Mustard-seed.
Mat. 11.31.

All People, &c.
THE Kingdom of our Lord, indeed,
Is like a grain of Mustard-seed:
Which sown, of all seeds is the least,
But when 'tis grown the most increast.
So grant us, Lord, in every place
That we may richly grow in grace:
And in the Knowledge of our Lord
Whose name we praise with one accord.

HYMN 267. The Leaven.
Mat. 13.33.

All People, &c.
THE Kingdom of God's Word from hea­ven
Is like unto a piece of Leaven,
Which in a mass of meal was hid:
Untill the whole was leavened.
[Page 290]So grant our Body, Lord, and Soul
May be preserv'd entire and whole,
In holiness, untill the day
Of Christ our Lord, Amen we pray.

HYMN 268. The wise Merchant.
Mat. 13.45. Prov. 2.6.

GOD'S Kingdom in a Christian
Is like unto a Merchant-man
that sought rich pearls of wealth:
Who having found a pearl of price
Sold all he had, and did rejoice
to buy it for himself.
So grant us, Lord, the truth to buy,
And not to sell it foolishly.
(for wisdom flows from thee)
Instruction, understanding too
Grant we may carefully pursue,
and rich to God may be.
To the Tune of the 113. Psalm.
God's Kingdom in a Christian
Is like unto a Merchant-man,
that sought rich pearls of worldly wealth:
Who having found a pearl of price
Sold all he had, and did rejoice
to buy it wholly for himself.
So grant us, Lord, the truth to buy,
And not to sell it foolishly.
[Page 291](for purer wisdom flows from Thee)
Instruction; Understanding too
Grant we may carefully pursue
and wise to God thereby may be.

HYMN 269. The Draw-net.
Mat. 13.47. Pet. 12.3.

THE Kingdom of the Gospel here,
which is for grace design'd:
Is like a net cast in the Sea,
gathering of every kind.
Which when 'twas full men drew to shore,
sat down to make survey;
In Vessels gather'd up the good,
and cast the bad away.
So shall it be at this World's end,
the Angels shall come forth
Severing the wicked from the just
on all the Coasts on earth:
And they shall cast the wicked ones
into a furnace-flame.
There shall be weeping, gnashing teeth,
and everlasting shame.

HYMN 270. The Fool in grain.
Luke 12.16.

Ye Children, &c.
THere was a certain rich mans ground,
That plentifully did abound:
and made the wealthy owner say
What shall I now devise to do,
Because I want a barn or two,
wherein I might my harvest lay?
[Page 292]But now it comes into my mind,
There is a means that I shall find▪
to lay up all my wealthy Crop:
I will pull down my barns, and build
Much greater barns, and have them fill'd
and heaped up unto the top.
And I will say unto my Soul,
Soul, live at ease, without control,
eat thou, and drink, and merry be:
For worldly goods enough thou hast
Lay'd up for many years to last,
and there can come no want to thee:
Thou fool said God, this night shall they
Require thy Soul, and take 't away,
what then becomes of all thy store?
Such is the man that heaps up wealth,
And worldly treasures to himself
and is not rich to God, but poor.

HYMN 271. The best fear.
Mat. 10.23. Luke 12.4.

MY friends, said Christ, to you I say
fear ye not them that threaten you;
And can, perhaps, the body slay,
but after that no more can do.
But I will give you warning here,
and be ye warned by my word:
Whom ye should ever have in fear,
namely, the mighty Sovereign Lord.
Who after he hath smote and slain
(having all power of life and limb:)
[Page 293]Can cast to hell, and endless pain,
yea I say to you, fear ye him.

HYMN 272. The best rejoycing.
Luke 10.17.

Now Israel, &c.
AND lo▪ the Seventy Disciples came▪
As they return'd from preaching of the word
And thus they spake & said unto our Lord,
O Lord, we cannot but with joy proclaim
How Devils are subject to us through thy Name.
Our Saviour said I know it must be so,
I saw proud Satan falling from on high
Like to a flash of lightning from the Sky.
For his power shall come down, but yours shall grow
And conquer all the forces of the Foe.
Nevertheless rejoice ye not in this
that Devils are subject unto your command,
But rather much rejoice to understand.
Your Names are written in the book of bliss,
And of Eternal life ye shall not miss.
To Him that sits upon the Throne therefore,
And unto Christ the Lamb, the Holy One,
And to the seven Spirits before the Throne,
Ascribe in heaven and earth, on sea and shore
Dominion, power and praise for evermore.

HYMN 273. Peace with all men
Rom. 12.18.

AS far as it is possible
and in your power doth fall,
[Page 294]Retain ye still this Principle,
to live at peace with all.
Because the fruit of righteousness
is sown of him in peace,
Whose quiet mind is still inclin'd
to make Contention cease.
And therefore follow peace with all
and holiness together:
Without which grace, none see the face
of God above for ever.

HYMN 274. Subsistance of God's Kingdom.
Rom. 14.17.

GOD'S Kingdom is not meat and drink,
(the things desir'd of most)
But righteousness, and peace it is,
and joy ith' Holy Ghost.
And he that in these things serves Christ
as all men ought to do,
Is much set by, of God most high
and men commend him too.
Let us therefore pursue the things
that make for mutual peace,
And things whereby to edifie
and make true Love increase.

HYMN 275. Moderate affections. All People, &c.
1 Cor. 7.27.

BRethren, I say, the time is short
And this remains for every sort:
[Page 295]The Married so to lead their lives
As free, and not as having Wives.
The sad as sorrowing not too deep,
But weeping as they did not weep:
And they that joy in their fair lot
Should joy as if they joyed not.
The buyers free from carefulness,
As if not buying to possess:
Using the World as doth befit,
And not at all abusing it.
For lo! the World doth quite decay,
The fashion of it fades away,
But he that doth the Will of God
Hath an Eternal blest abode.
All Glory to the Holy One
That sits upon the soveraign Throne,
And to the Lamb of God therefore
Be praise and Honour evermore.

HYMN 276. Sowing to the Spirit.
Gal 6.7.

BE not deceiv'd, my brethren dear,
God is not mock'd, we know,
For all shall reap (for things done here)
according as they sow.
He, then, that soweth to the flesh
corruption shall inherit:
And they eternal happiness
that sow unto the Spirit.
Unwearied, then, let us pursue
good Works, without complaint:
For we shall reap in season due
if that we do not faint.
And taking opportunity,
do good to every man,
But chiefly to the family
of Faith the best we can.

HYMN 277. Amity and Vnity.
Phil. 2.1.

IF any Consolation
in Christ is to be had,
If any Delectation
in love to make us glad.
If any fellowship be felt
in God's sweet Spirit of grace,
If any bowels that can melt,
or mercies taking place.
Fulfill our joy, like-minded be,
in mutual love combin'd:
Having the self-same amity,
and unity of mind.
Let nothing out of strife be done,
or of vain-glory wrought,
But others to themselves each one
preferring in his thought.
And look not every man of you
on his own things alone.
But on the things of others too,
to comfort every one.

HYMN 278. Our Saviour's coming in the Clouds.
1 Thess. 4.16.

THE Lord himself shall once descend
from Heaven with a shout,
And God's Arch-Angel shall attend,
and his loud voice break out.
And then the Trump of God likewise
shall his alarum sound:
And first the dead in Christ shall rise
and stand upon the ground.
Then shall the living that remain
to Heaven in clouds repair:
And be caught up with all the train
to meet the Lord ith' air.
And then shall we for ever joy
in presence of the Lord:
Comfort your selves then mutually
with this so sweet a Word.

HYMN 279. Charity charged upon the rich.
1 Tim. 6.17.

Now Israel, &c.
THE rich in this World charge thou solemnly
Not to be puffed up with secret pride,
Nor in uncertain riches to confide:
But on the living Lord that they rely,
Who gives us richly all things to enjoy.
That they do good, and largely give to th'poor▪
Ready to distribute of their estate,
And to be willing to communicate:
A good foundation laying up in store
Of gaining life that lasts for evermore.

HYMN 280. The Call of Grace.
2 Tim. 1.9.

TIS God that lov'd and called us
with an effectual call,
Of his good pleasure marvellous,
not for our Works at all.
But of his purpose and his grace
ordain'd to every man,
And by Christ Jesus given us
before the World began.
And now is made most manifest
in that which doth appear
By coming of the ever-blest
the Lord our Saviour dear.
Who hath abolish'd death thereby,
and hath, in every place,
Brought life and immortality
to light by Gospel grace.
To God the Father and the Son
and Holy Ghost therefore,
Be glory done as first begun,
and shall be evermore.

HYMN 281. The Cross and Crown.
2 Tim. 2.11.

All People, &c.
THIS is a very faithfull Word,
If we be dead with Christ our Lord,
Then will he us to life restore
To live with him for evermore.
For if we suffer and sustain,
Then shall we with him also reign:
If we deny Him, then, I say,
He'll deny us another day.
If we believe not (wanting faith)
Yet is He true to what He saith:
And howsoe'er we falsify
Yet can He not Himself deny.
All Glory to the Holy One
That sits upon the sovereign throne,
And to the Lamb of God therefore
Be glory now and evermore.

HYMN 282. Vessels to honour.
2 Tim. 2.19. Mat. 22.14. Eph. 5.3.

THE Lord's foundation stedfast is
having this seal thereto,
The Lord well knoweth who are his,
and they are but a few.
Therefore let all unanimously
that name Christ's Holy Name,
Depart from all iniquity
which is to Saints a shame.
But in a great House are at once
Vessels, as seemeth good,
Not onely Gold and Silver ones.
but likewise Earth and Wood.
And unto Honour some are fram'd,
and to dishonour some:
If any shun the things here blam'd,
and as refin'd do come.
A Vessel it shall him produce
of honour and regard,
A meet one for the masters use,
to all good Works prepar'd.
To him that sits upon the throne
and to the Lamb therefore
Be Glory and Dominion
and Honour evermore.

HYMN 283. Evill Times to be amended.
2 Tim. 3.1.

The Mighty God, &c.
THIS also known, as that which must be known,
that in the last days perilous times shall come,
Men shall be lovers of themselves alone,
proud, covetous, boasters, and blasphemers some,
Unthankfull, yielding Parents no subjection,
Unholy, void of natural affection.
Truce-breakers, false accusers, violent,
Traitors, and disesteemers of the good,
Heady, highminded, and incontinent,
loving their pleasures, more than loving God;
Having a form of Godliness, denying
The power thereof: with these is no com­plying.
2 Tim. 2.22. 1 Thes 5.15.
But follow righteousness with one accord,
faith, charity, and peace unanimously,
With all the Saints that call upon the Lord,
out of an heart that savours purity.
And that which good is, follow altogether,
Among your selves, and all men whatsoever.

HYMN 284. Exhortations to good Works.
Tit. 3.1.

All people, &c.
PUT them in mind, all those of ours
Subject to be to higher Powers:
To Principalities and STATES,
And duteous to the MAGISTRATES.
To all good Works addicted still,
To speak of no man any ill:
To use no bitterness or gall,
But shewing meekness unto all.
For we our selves, in former times,
Were much addicted to such crimes▪
Foolish we were, to envy bent,
Deceiv'd, and serving divers lusts,
And pleasures most pernicious:
Living in malice, and debate,
Hatefull and given much to hate.
But when appear'd the kinder love
Of God our Saviour from above,
Not by the Works of Righteousness
Which we have acted more or less:
But saved by his grace from Wrath,
And his regenerating BATH,
And by the very innermost
Renewing of the Holy Ghost.
Which he shed on us plenteously
By Jesus Christ to justify,
[Page 302]Through grace which He towards us bears,
Of endless life to make us HEIRS.

HYMN 285. Dehortation from evil.
Tit. 1.8.

All People, &c.
THIS is a saying very true,
And always to be press'd on you,
That they that do in God believe
Should carefully good Works atchieve.
And let all ours learn to produce
Good Works for charitable use:
These things are good for us and them,
And profitable unto MEN.
But foolish Questions still avoid,
And Genealogies of pride,
And vain contentions of the Law,
Which from the Ways of Truth withdraw.
An Heretick of any SECT
When twice admonisht soon reject,
Knowing such are subverted quite,
And sin against their inward light.
And shun the Words that are prophane,
And bablings which are all in vain,
For they will grow to more excess
Of error and ungodliness.
Beware therefore lest, led aside
By wicked errors, wandring wide,
And leaving truth which ye profess
Ye fall from your own stedfastness.
But have a care to grow a pace,
To grow in knowledge and in grace,
Knowledge of Jesus Christ our Lord,
Whose Name we praise with one accord.

HYMN 286. Pure and impure described.
Tit. 1.15. Rev. 3.4.

UNTO the pure are all things pure,
but to the faithless and defil'd
Is nothing so, ye may be sure,
for mind and conscience both are soil'd.
They still profess to know the Lord,
but in their deeds deny him straight,
Abominable, and untow'rd
and t' every good Work reprobate.
But some are holy and upright,
and keep their garments clean and fair:
And these shall walk with God in White,
for worthy Saints esteem'd they are.

HYMN 287. Fruitfulness blessed.
Heb. 6.7.

THE Earth which oft drinks in the showers,
And bringeth forth sweet Herbs & Flowers,
Meet for his use by whom 't was drest
Is blest of God, and richly blest.
But that which bringeth forth far worse
Rejected is, and near a curse:
Namely, that brings forth thorns and briers
Whose end is burning, flames and fires.

HYMN 288. Charity rewarded.
Heb. 6.10. Gal. 6.9.

THE Lord is not unrighteous,
your labours to forget:
Which ye have shew'd towards his Name [...]
with love so strongly set.
In that ye have administred
unto his Saints so dear;
And still ye do administer
unto his servants here.
And we desire each one of you
with diligence to attend
Unto the full assurances
of Hope unto the end.
And be not slack through negligence,
but followers of all these
That thorough Faith and Patience
obtain'd the Promises.
And let us all good Works pursue,
not fainting any jot,
For we shall reap in season due
if fainting hinder not.
To Father Son and Holy One
be praise and glory then,
As was and is and shall be his
World without end Amen.

HYMN 289. Benediction from the God of peace.
Heb. 13.20.

THE God of peace we now intreat
that brought our Saviour from the dead,
[Page 305]That Shepherd of the Sheep so great
whose pretious bloud for us was shed:
And th' everlasting Covenant seal'd
through that dear bloud which he did spill
Make you compleat through grace reveal'd
in all good Works to do his will:
Working in you through Jesus Christ
things pleasing for the Lord to see,
To whom be glory in the high'st
for evermore, Amen say we.

HYMN 290. Evenness of Spirit in all condi­tions.
Jam. 1.9.

LET Brethren of a low degree
be joyfull to be rais'd,
But rich mens joy made low to be,
and say the Lord be prais'd.
For as the flower of the grass
so shall he fade away,
When sun with burning heat shall pass
unto the height of day.
The grass doth fade, the flower decays,
its grace and fashion goes:
So shall the rich man in his ways
fade as the withering Rose.

HYMN 291. War with lusts.
Jam. 4.1.

FROM whence come Wars and Fightings keen
Come they not from your lusts unseen?
[Page 306]The lusts that in your members are
These are the causes of this War:
Ye lust and have not, ye are slain,
With strong desire, and can't obtain.
Ye fight and war and cannot have
Because ye do not wisely crave,
Ye ask and have not that or this,
Because ye ask so much amiss;
For what ye ask ye aim it thus
That ye may spend it on your lusts.
O ye adulterers that while,
And ye Adulteresses vile,
Know ye not that the World abroad
Hath friendship opposite to God?
Who then doth with the World agree
The enemy of God shall be.
Think ye the Scripture saith not well,
The Spririt that in us doth dwell
Lusteth to envy and disdain,
As apt to let such vices raign,
But yet doth God more grace bestow
These wicked lusts to overthrow.
Job 40.11.
Who saith, God doth the proud abase,
But to the humble giveth grace:
Submit your selves to God therefore,
Resist the Devil evermore:
And if ye do resist him so
He will flee from you as his foe.

HYMN 292. Our Advocate in Heaven.
1 John 2.1.

MY little ones, I write to you
that ye sin not at all,
But if by great infirmity
some into sin do fall:
We have a potent Advocate
with God the Father true,
Jesus the just to mediate,
and intercede for you.
for all our sins is He,
And not for our great sins alone
that pardoned they might be,
But also for them all he pleads
that penitently grieve,
And for the whole World intercedes
whoever in him believe.

HYMN 293. The Children of God and Satan described.
1 John 3.10.

IN this are manifestly known
the Sons of God most high,
And children of the Wicked One
are also known hereby.
Whoever doth not righteousness
is not of God begot:
Nor he (whatever he profess)
his Brother that loves not.
And this command from God above
we have tow'rd one another,
That he that bears to God true love,
should also love his brother.

HYMN 294. God's Children and Satan's di­stinguished.
1 John 3.10. Mat. 19.17.

BY this the Sons of God are known,
And Children of the Wicked One,
The man that doth not righteousness
Is not of God we well may guess,
Neither is he of God above
That bears his brother no true love.
Mat. 19.17.
For this Commandement we have
From God, who all the precepts gave,
That he that loveth God most high
Should love his brother accordingly▪
God onely good have praise therefore
From first to last for evermore.

HYMN 295. Want of Charity discovered and censured.
1 John 3.16.

THE love of God well know we thus
Because He lost his life for us,
And for our brethrens sake should we
Lay down our lives, if need should be.
But whoso hath this Worlds great store
And sees his brother very poor,
Yet no compassion stirs within
How dwells the love of God in him?
For thus, at judgment, Christ will say,
Since ye did shew your love no way
To one oth' least that here ye see
Ye did it not, no, not to Me.
And this uncharitable Train
Shall pack away to endless pain,
But then the righteous (ye must know)
Into Eternal life shall go.
All glory to the Holy One
That sits upon the Soveraign Throne,
And to the Lamb of God therefore
Be praise and honour evermore.

HYMN 296. St. Judes Admonition, Exhorta­tion and Benediction.

Ye Children, &c.
Behold as Holy Henoch said,
The Lord doth come with power array'd,
and millions of his Holy Ones;
To execute his judgment just
On Wicked men led by their Lust
to set them at his Judgment Thrones:
And to convince ungodly men
And all the multitudes of them
of all their Wicked Actions done:
Also of all their speeches hard
Which Wicked men without regard
have spoke against the Holy One.
But ye beloved edifie
Your selves in Faith and Piety:
still praying in the Holy Ghost,
[Page 310]And keep your selves in God's true love,
Looking for mercy from above
to save you to the uttermost.
Now unto him whose power on high
Can keep you from Apostasie,
and with great joy present you then,
And set you faultless in his sight,
To him be Majesty and might,
and Honour evermore, Amen.

HYMN 297. The Joys of Heaven.
Rev. 7.13.

The mighty God, &c.
ONE of the Elders asked me, and said,
Who are these persons in White Robes ar­ray'd?
And answer'd straight, to put me out of doubt,
These from great tribulations did come out;
And they have washt their Robes and white they made them
In Christ the Lambs pure bloud, whose Robes array'd them.
Wherefore they are before the Throne so bright,
And serve God in the Temple day and night,
And he that sitteth on the Throne on high
Shall dwell among them everlastingly:
And they shall never thirst nor hunger more,
Nor Sun nor Heat sustain, as heretofore.
For Christ the Lamb that sitteth on the Throne
With Heavenly Joys shall feed them every one,
And he shall lead them to the living springs
Where the pure Water flows with all good things;
And he shall wipe away scorns and disgraces,
And all sad tears from off his peoples faces.
To him that is and was and is to come,
To God Almighty and to Christ his Son,
And to the seven Spirits before the Throne,
The ever blest and everlasting One,
To Father, Son and Holy Ghost together
Be Kingdom, Glory, Power and Praise for ever.

HYMN 298. The New Jerusalem.
Rev. 10.5.

BEhold I saw an Angel stand
Upon the Sea and on the Land,
to Heaven lifting up his hand,
And by the Everliving swore,
By him that made both Sea and Shore,
that shortly time should be no more.
Rev. 21.1.
New Heavens and new Earths, that day,
I saw, for th' old was past away,
and no created Sea could stay,
I saw the Holy City then
The Heavenly Jerusalem
a coming down from God to men.
And as a Bride she did appear
Adorned for her Husband dear,
and Heaven's loud voices I did hear,
God's Tabernacle is with men
And lo! the Lord shall dwell with them
and they be his JERVSALEM.
All tears shall God wipe from their eyes,
And no more death nor grief nor cries
shall evermore the Saints surprize.
For former things are past away;
And thus I heard him (that same day)
that sat upon the Throne to say.

HYMN 299. The Coronation of Spiritual Con­querors, and reward of Carnal evil doers.
Rev. 21.5, 6, 7, 8.

BEhold I make even all things new,
Write it said He, I 'monish you,
for faithfull are these Words and true:
And said He, it is done and past,
I'm he that hastned it so fast,
Alph' and Omega, First and Last.
To him that is a-thirst will I,
Give of the Fountain never dry,
the Wat'r of Life gratuitously:
He shall have all th' inheritance free
That overcomes: and shall have Mee
his God: and he my Son shall be.
But daunted ones devoyd of grace,
And all the unbelieving Race,
and all th' abominable base;
The murderers and whoremongers,
Inchanters, Witches, poysoners,
all lyars, and Idolaters,
Shall have their part in that broad lake
Which coals of fire and brimstone make,
this after death must they partake:
Glory to God Almighty then,
As was of old, is now agen,
and shall be evermore, Amen.

HYMN 300. The Celestial Paradise.
Rev. 22.1.

Our Father, &c.
AND after this, he shewed me,
A River pure as pure might be,
A Crystal River very clear
Of Waters of life which did appear,
Proceeding from the throne of God,
And from the Lambs most blest abode.
Rev. 22.2.
Amidst the Street of Salem new,
And on each side the River, grew
The tree of life most rich and rare,
Twelve sorts of fruit, each month, it bare▪
And, lo! the leaves thereto design'd,
Were for the healing of mankind.
Rev. 3.12.
To him that overcomes, said he,
I'll give to eat of that same tree
Of life: and he shall have abode
Within the Temple of my God:
A pillar there shall he persever,
And shall no more go forth for ever.
Rev. 1.4.
To God the Father and the Son,
Which is, and was, and is to come:
And to the seven Spirits of might,
Which are before the Throne so bright,
Be given all the praise therefore,
From first to last for evermore.
The End of the Hymns out of the New Testament.

A Brief Summary OF Christian Religion, Poetically drawn up. Shewing, • 1. What things are to be Believed. , • 2. What things are to be Implored. , and • 3. What things are to be Performed. 

A Christian must believe what Scripture saith
Touching the Principles of Christian Faith.
One true, Eternal God, unchangeable,
Most holy, wise, just, mighty, mercifull,
Invisible, immense, and infinite,
And having all things always in his sight.
Incomprehensible, in Persons three,
The Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, they be.
The fountain of this Personality
Begets the Son, who works by his supply,
Both these produce the Spirit, which pro­ceeds
And works from both, and they, by him, their deeds.
So none's afore, but, in this order rare,
All coeternal, and coequal are.
Predestination, and foreseen decree
Now for God's glory every thing shall be.
[Page 316]Creation of the world in six days space,
All Angels first, Man in the latter place;
Perpetual providence, the helpless fall
Of sinning Angels, Some ne're sinn'd at all.
These were elect and praise their Maker still,
And with great quickness execute his will:
These wait on Saints and bear them in their arm,
Those (by permission) tempt, accuse, and harm.
Reserv'd in chains of darkness (which dismay)
Untill the judgment of the general day.
Man's innocence and happiness at first,
That Covenant broke, and all therein accurst,
Original corruption, actual sin,
Transgression censur'd, and thus death came in:
The Law so plainly written in man's heart,
Obliterated for the greatest part;
The Earthly Paradise quite lost and gone,
And all mankind slain by the sin of one.
A better Covenant wrought man's Restora­tion;
By Christ the second Person's Incarnation;
Conceiv'd in Virgin's Womb by Heavenly Powers,
His manhood (sin excepted) just like ours,
To th' Second Person joyn'd immediately,
And mediately to the rest thereby;
Making both Natures but one Person still,
Though having both divine and humane will,
Divine and Humane, Properties distinct,
Man-God, God-Man, both these together linkt.
[Page 317]Equal with God in his spiritual Nature;
Inferiour to him as the Mediatour;
Yet in both Natures (not in man's alone)
Far above Angels in the highest Throne.
His perfect life, and blessed Doctrines taught,
Backt with a world of wonders which he wrought.
His Judgment, Passion, Burial, Resurrection,
Ascension, Session, (in his bright perfection)
And Intercession there, at God's right hand,
And having all things under his command.
The universal Churches sure Election,
Calling, Adoption, Tryal and Correction;
Redounding to their good, Justification,
Sanctification, and sure Preservation.
The seal of Baptism, and the sacred Cup,
With many an Ordinance to build them up,
All to be guided by the Scriptures light,
Which Saints did pen, and God's own Spirit indite.
The common call, and gifts of many a one,
Never built up unto perfection.
Immortal souls of Saints celestial bliss,
Imprisonment of theirs that liv'd amiss:
The Resurrection and the Judgment-day
Where Christ in chief, and all the Saints bear sway.
The world that was accurs'd (for man misled)
Purged by fire, and reestablished.
Then Reprobates must pack to endless pai [...],
And Saints in endless Glory shall remain.

2. What things are to be implored.

The Preface of the Lord's Prayer.

[Our Father which art in Heaven, &c.]

First it sets forth God's glorious attributes
Of might and mercy, and their blessed fruits:
Assuring he can help that dwells above,
And will do, as a Father, out of love.
That we (through Christ who doth this grace display)
With reverence and confidence may pray▪

The First Petition.

[Hallowed be thy Name, &c.]

That worthy instruments may still be found
In Church and State, and God by them re­nown'd,
Our hearts even fill'd with Heaven, our tongues apply'd
To edifie, and God be glorify'd;
And that our lives before the World may shine
With glittering beams of Graces most Divine.

The Second Petition.

[Thy Kingdom come, &c.]

That Saints be kept and Satan's Kingdom quell'd,
False Doctrines, Errours, Anti-Christs expell'd,
The Gospel spread and prosper'd every where,
And Christians labouring (each man in his sphere)
For Jew and Gentiles call, and confirmation,
Our happy end, and final full Salvation.

The Third Petition.

[Thy will be done in Earth at it is in Hea­ven, &c.]

That we with wisedom may be all inspir'd
To know God's will in what he hath requir'd;
Our backward natures that are dark and dull,
Inflam'd with zeal to do it to the full:
And what he pleaseth of himself to do,
We may contentedly submit unto.

The Fourth Petition.

[Giev us this day, &c.]

That we, depending on God's providence,
By lawfull means and daily diligence,
Without ambition, avarice or strife,
May have all needfull comforts of this life
For us and ours: not envying great or small,
But helping those that in affliction fall.

The Fifth Petition.

[Forgive us our trespasses, &c.]

That we confessing our vile sinfull Nature,
Acts and neglects against our great Creatour,
Not having ought to pay, or ought that's good,
But of his gift, may flee to Christ his bloud
For Grace, and Peace, and Pardon while we live,
With peacefull minds, addicted to forgive.

The sixth Petition.

[And lead us not into temptation, &c.]

That we be never try'd above our strength
By weal or wo, but may prevail at length,
That either the temptation time be miss'd,
Or we with Graces armed to resist.
That, ever watchfull, we may never fall,
But grow in Grace, and be preserv'd in all.

The Conclusion.

[For thine is the Kingdom, &c.]

That we may ever praise our heavenly King,
From whom all blessings, friends and favours spring;
That all that hear may joyn with free consent,
And full assurance of accomplishment:
Waiting for answers as not beg'd in vain,
And so returning to our prayers again.

3. What things are to be performed.

Which are contained in the Decalogue or Ten Commandments.

The First Commandment.
MAKE God the sovereign object of thy fear,
Faith, love and joy; and service most sincere.
The Second Commandment.
Act always in Religion every thing
By Scripture warrant from the heavenly King.
The Third Commandment.
Thou maist be short in duty never slight
Nor use a word of God that's vain or light.
The Fourth Commandment.
On Sabbaths always put thy soul to nurse,
Shun worldly thoughts, occasions and discourse.
The Fifth Commandment.
Be sure to carry well in thy relation,
For none are good without that commenda­tion.
The sixth Commandment.
Live peaceably with all, shun wrath and strife,
By all good means preserve and succour life.
The Seventh Commandment.
Keep chastity, all wantonness eschew
In heart, in habit, touch, or talk, or view.
The Eighth Commandment.
Promote your neighbours and your own e­state,
Sloth, riot, couz'nage and injustice hate.
The ninth Commandment.
Maintain thy Neighbours and thy own good Name,
Lies, flatteries, slanders, scoffs and brags dis­claim.
The Tenth Commandment.
Grudge not thy neighbours good, quell fond desire,
And let thy heart to true content aspire.

A TABLE to the Three First Centuries, containing the Chapter-Hymns.

  • ABominations seven, Page 43
  • Acclamations of Praise, or Te Deum Lauda­mus, exemplified with proofs of Holy Scri­pture, 2
  • Acclamations for Babylon's Fall, 97
  • Access to the Throne of Grace at our awa­king, 1
  • Admonition of St. Jude, 309
  • Adventus Christi, or the Accomplishment of the First Promise, 12
  • Advocate in Heaven, 307
  • Adulterers Peril and Penance, 42
  • Affections moderate 294
  • Aegypt's ten Plagues, for the fifth of Novem­ber, 18
  • Agreement necessary 286
  • Allelujah for Babylon's Fall, 98
  • Almighty Arm invoked, 232
  • Almsdeeds, 99
  • Amity and Vnity, 296
  • Angels their blessed attendance, 35
  • Anger corrected, 39
  • Applause of Christian Conquests, 30
  • Aptness to backsliding holpen by Grace 267
  • Arraignment of Ambition, Covetousness and Cruelty, 16
  • Arising of the Sun of Righteousness, 284
  • [Page 324]Ascension of Christ, and leading Captivity Captive, 81
  • Astonishing Judgments, or Aegypt's ten Plagues, 18
  • Attonement sought upon humiliation, or a wofull bewailing of our Corruptions and Ca­lamities, 27
  • Attendance of blessed Angels, 35
  • BAbylon's Fall, 97
  • Backsliders called back, 242
  • Back-slidings censured, or Israel's Revolt, 266
  • Backslidings holpen by Grace, 267
  • Backslidings healed, 269
  • Benediction from the God of Peace, 82 & 304
  • Best fear, 292
  • Best rejoycing, 293
  • Benediction of St. Jude, 309
  • Bewailing our corruptions and calamities, 27
  • Blessed Angels attendance, 35
  • Blessed death, 100
  • Blessings of obedience, Ibid.
  • Blessings on the Mount, or blessed Qualifica­tions, 103
  • Blessedness of pardon, 36
  • Boasting corrected, 37
  • Bodies changed, 88
  • Brotherhood, 281
  • CAbinet, 287
  • Call out of Babylon, 104
  • Call of Grace 298
  • Calves of our Lips 267
  • Captives Prayers effectual 252
  • Carnal and evil doers rewarded, 312
  • Change, 224
  • [Page 325]Charity and Piety extended, 37
  • Charity charged upon the rich, 297
  • Charity what it is truly, 94
  • Charities qualifications, 105
  • Charity rewarded, 304
  • Chastisement, 105
  • Celestial Paradise, 313
  • Child of light encouraged and instructed, 231
  • Children of light exhorted, 83
  • Children of God and Satan described, 307
  • Christ's Birth, Kingdom and Conquests 21, 22
  • Christ's commission, 108
  • Christ's Benefits, 106
  • Christ [...]s Passion and Compassion, 167
  • Christian Conquests applauded, 30
  • Circumcision of the Heart, 38
  • Comforting mourners, 232
  • Commands for comfort, 229
  • Commination of Esay 52
  • Communion of Saints, 109
  • Compassion and Passion of Christ 167
  • Confession of Christ, 110
  • Confession of sin, 38, 110
  • Confessions and Supplications, 56
  • Confidence in God, 111
  • Confidence applauded and blessed, 84
  • Confidence accursed, 83
  • Conquest, 112
  • Conscience, Ibid.
  • Constant seeking of God by the meek, 39
  • Constancy of God's Covenant, 253
  • Contentation, 113
  • Conversation and life conscientious, 69
  • Correction of anger, 39
  • Correction of boasting, 37
  • Coronation of Spiritual Conquerours, 312
  • [Page 326]Corruptions and Calamities bewailed, 27
  • Covenant of God constant, 253
  • Covenant of Grace, 114
  • Covenant of God's Grace entred to Abra­ham, 213
  • Covenant of God for us with the Creature, 55
  • Counsel of Christ, 117
  • Counsel of Wisedom excellent, 54
  • The Creed, 118
  • Cross and Crown, 298
  • Cup and Calamity of Drunkards, 47
  • DAngers of heinous sins, and dehortation from them, 40
  • David's Exaltation in type of Christ, 64
  • David's Elegy for Saul and Jonathan, 29
  • Day of Grace proclaimed, 84
  • Death blessed, 100
  • Debate in measure, 228
  • Deborah's Song, 119
  • Deceitfulness of the heart, 45
  • Descending of the Spirit, 47
  • Dehortation from heinous sin, 40
  • Dehortation from evil, 302
  • Deliverance from shipwrack, or the Prophet Jonah, 45
  • Diligence in duties, 121
  • Dissolution general longed for, 70
  • Dragons downfall, 122
  • Drawn Net, 291
  • Drunkards Cup and Calamities, 47
  • Due fear of God and the King, 48
  • Duty to Magistrates, Ibid.
  • EAsy yoke, 123
  • Effectual Prayers of Captives, 252
  • [Page 327]Errours and Heresies to be avoided, 124
  • Esay's Commination, 52
  • Esay's Song of thanksgiving, 125
  • Esay's triumphant Song, 126
  • Evenness of spirit in all conditions, 305
  • Evil times to be amended, 300
  • Evil dehorted, 302
  • Evil doers rewarded, 312
  • Exalting a Nation, 53
  • Exaltation of Humility, Ibid▪
  • Example of Saints, 128
  • Exact doom, 258
  • Excellent Counsel of Wisedom, 54
  • Exhortation to Repentance, 256
  • —To good works, 301
  • — Of St. Jude, 309
  • Expostulation with Job, 225
  • Extension of Charity and Piety, 37
  • Ezechiel's infant, 128
  • Ezechiel's evil hearers, 262
  • FAith praised, 129
  • Faith proved, 130
  • Faithfull Saying, 13
  • Fruitfulness blessed, 303
  • Fallow Ground to be dressed, 55
  • False fears, and false Deities derided, 243
  • Fan of Judgment, 286
  • Fast proclaimed, 270
  • Fear of God and the King, 48
  • Fleshly lusts restrained, 80
  • Fire and Grasshoppers, 276
  • Flying Role for Swearers and Cursers▪, 44
  • Fool in grain, 291
  • Funerals to press Patience, 24
  • Funerals to mitigate mourning, 23
  • [Page 328]Funerals touching the pretiousness of the Saints death, 24
  • Funerals touching the Resurrection, Ibid.
  • Funerals touching the Saints safety in death, 25
  • Funerals touching the Saints sweet rest, 25
  • GEneral dissolution longed for, 70
  • Giver of Grace, 77
  • Glorious Throne, 249
  • God's Children described, 307
  • God's Covenant for us with the Creature, 55
  • God's Children distinguished, 308
  • God's Covenant constant, 253
  • God's Oath of Grace, 260
  • God's glittering Sword, 131
  • God's jealousie for Jerusalem, 56
  • God [...]s jewels, 282
  • God's Expostulation with Job, 225
  • God's mercy, the golden chain thereof, or loves link 71
  • Good works exhorted, 301
  • Government, 132
  • Government of the Tongue, 135
  • Graces call, 298
  • Grasshoppers and fire, 276
  • Great condemnation, 85
  • Gifts ministerial conferred, 73
  • HAinous sins dangerous, 40
  • Healing of Backsliders, 209
  • Heart Circumcised, 38
  • Heart deceitfulness, 45
  • Heavy Judgments, 274
  • High and Lofty one, 136
  • Humility exalted, 53
  • [Page 329]Humiliation, 137
  • Humble Supplications and Confessions, 56
  • Humble Supplications in time of drought, 57
  • Humble Supplications in time of sickness, 58
  • Humble Supplications in time of tempest, Ibid.
  • Humble Supplications in time of transgression and revolt, 59
  • Humble Supplications in time of war, 60
  • Humble Supplications in hard times, 248
  • JAcob's sadness cheered, 230
  • Idols, their vanity, 250
  • Idolatry forbidden, 138
  • Idolatry exploded, 241
  • Jerusalem, God's Jealousie for it, 56
  • Jew and Gentiles call, 138
  • Jew and Gentiles fulness held out in many Promises, 140
  • Immortality and Mortality, 162
  • Imperfection, 143
  • Impure and Pure described, 303
  • Invective against Hypocrisie, 31
  • Job Expostulated by God, 225
  • Job's Answer, 226
  • Jonah's Deliverance from Shipwrack, 45
  • Joys of Heaven, 145, 310
  • Joyfull Death, or the Song of holy Simeon, 13
  • Israel restored, 253
  • Israel's revolt, 266
  • St. Jude's Admonition, Exhortation, and Benediction, 309
  • Judgment waited for, 60
  • Judgment upon the proud and scornfull, 61
  • Judgment day forewarned, 146
  • Judgments heavy, 274
  • Justification, 147
  • KInd love of God in Christ, 62
  • King David's Exaltation and Type of Christ, 64
  • —His Elegie of Saul and Jonathan, 29
  • —His Lamentation for Saul and Jona­than, Ibid.
  • LArge Mercies Corporal, 65
  • Large Mercies Spiritual, 66
  • Large Mercies Temporal, 67
  • Large Mercies Eternal, 68
  • Laud and Praise for God's Judgments, or the Lambs Song, 148
  • Leaven, 289
  • Lamentation of David for Saul and Jona­than, 29
  • Lesson of true Charity, 94
  • Life and Conversation Conscientious, 69
  • Light and Darkness discovered, Ibid.
  • Lively Hope, 85
  • Longing after Christ, 148
  • Looking and longing for the general Dissolu­tion, 70
  • Lord our Righteousness, 251
  • Love of God, 149
  • Love of God in Christ, 62
  • Loves Link, or the Golden Chain of God's Mercies, 71
  • Love in Deed and in Truth, Ibid.
  • Love of the World forbidden, 151
  • Love Engraven, 231
  • MAN's mortality minded, 227
  • Marriage, 152
  • Mediator, 153
  • [Page 331]Meek constantly seeking of God, 39
  • Memorial of God's Mercies, 72
  • Mercies recorded and requested, 238
  • Mercy and Terrour mixt 155
  • Mercies,—154— The Second Part, 210
  • Mercies Corporal, 65
  • Mercies Spiritual, 66
  • Mercies Temporal, 67
  • Mercies Eternal, 68
  • Merit disclaimed, 157
  • Michael our Prince, 265
  • Ministerial Gifts conferred, 73
  • Miracles at Pentecost, 15
  • Mitigation of mourning at Funerals, 23
  • Mixture of Mercy and Terrour, 155
  • Moral Precepts prest with Arguments, 157
  • Moderate Affections, 294
  • More Spiritual Precepts, 161
  • Morning Exercise, 14
  • Mortality and Immortality, 162
  • Mortification, 163
  • Moses Song, 215
  • Mourners comforted, 232
  • Murmuring Restrained, 254
  • Mustard-Seed, 289
  • NOnsufficient Sacrifices, 277
  • New Jerusalem, 311
  • OATH of Grace, 260
  • Obedience blessed, 100
  • Old good way, 242
  • Oppressors, wo to them, 251
  • Oppression and Rapine dissuaded, 165
  • Our Advocate in Heaven, 307
  • Our Saviour's call to the Nations, 74
  • [Page 332]Our Saviour's Rapture, 288
  • Our Saviour's coming in the Clouds, 297
  • Our thorough Sanctification prayed for, 74
  • PAcification by Repentance, 257
  • Pardon, the blessedness thereof, 36
  • Partridge, 250
  • Passion and Compassion of Christ, 167
  • Passover slain for us, and preparation there­unto, 75
  • Patience, 169
  • Patience to press at Funerals, 24
  • Peace of God and Prayer, 170
  • Peace with all men, 293
  • Peril and Pennance of Adulterers, 42
  • Perpetuity and Power of Christ's Resurrec­tion, 75
  • Perseverance, 170
  • Portion of the little flock, 171
  • Power and prevalency of Christ's Resurrecti­on, 75
  • Power of prayer, 172
  • Praise to the Creator, 77
  • Praise to the giver of grace, Ibid.
  • Praise to the Prince of Potentates, Ibid.
  • Praise to the redeemer, 78
  • Praise to the Trinity, Ibid.
  • Prayers of Captives Effectual, 252
  • Preachers lips, 234
  • Pretiousness of the Saints death, 24
  • Priesthood, 279
  • Prince Michael, 265
  • Promise of sending the Holy Ghost, and of the Miracles of Pentecost, 15
  • Prophet Jonah's deliverance, 45
  • Pure and impure described, 303
  • Qualifications of blessedness, 103
  • Qualifications of Charity, 105
  • RApine and oppression dissuaded, 165
  • Rapture of our Saviour, 288
  • Reasonable Service, 172
  • Recovery of the Church, 173
  • Redeeming of Time, 174
  • Redemption out of the Songs of the Blessed Virgin, of Zacharias and old Simeon, Ibid.
  • Reformation, 177
  • Regeneration, 179
  • Remission of sin, 79
  • Renewing of Joy, Ibid.
  • Repentance, 179
  • Repentance pacifies, 257
  • Repentance urged, 259
  • Reproach for Christ, and imitation of him, 182
  • Restoration of Israel, 253
  • Restraining of Fleshly lusts, 80
  • Resurrection, 24, 183
  • Revenge forbidden, 184
  • Reward of Charity, 304
  • Rich Charged with Charity, 297
  • Right reasoning of Temptation, 80
  • Robes of righteousness, 235
  • Role for swearers and cursers, 44
  • SAbbath, 184, 260
  • Sacrament of the Supper, 185
  • Sacrifices nonsufficient, 277
  • Saints Communion, 109
  • Saints, their safety in death, 25
  • Saints, the pretiousness of their deaths, 24
  • [Page 334]Saints, their sweet rest, 25
  • Salvation shining, 189
  • Sanctification, 190
  • Sanctification prayed for, 74
  • Satans Children described and distinguished, 307
  • Saviour's Rapture, 288
  • Saviour's Call, 74
  • Saviour's call to the Nations, 74
  • Saviour's coming in the Clouds, 297
  • Saul and Jonathan lamented by David, 29
  • Scriptures, 192
  • Seven Abominations, 43
  • Secrets revealed, 193
  • Secrets unrevealed, 194
  • Seeking God betimes, 225
  • Sin confessed, 38
  • Sins of Sodom recorded, 256
  • Sluggard rouzed, 86
  • Sobriety, Prayer and Charity enjoyned, 81
  • Solemn Ascension of Christ, and leading Cap­tivity Captive, 81
  • Son of righteousness arising, 284
  • Song of Holy Simeon, 13
  • Song of Deborah, 119
  • Song to celebrate the Restoration of the Church, 17
  • Song of Zacharie, 175
  • Song of Simeon and Zacharie, 176
  • Song of Hannah, 222
  • Song of Moses the man of God, commanded to be learned by heart of all Israel, 215
  • Souls under the Altar, 195
  • Sowing to the Spirit, 295
  • Spirit of God dwelling in us, 82
  • Spiritual precepts, 161
  • [Page 335]Spiritual Shepherds, 196
  • Strait Gate 197
  • Subsistance of God's Kingdom, 294
  • Supplications and Confessions, 56
  • Supplications in time of Drought, 57
  • Supplications in hard times, 248
  • Suffering and self-denyal, 197
  • Swearers and Cursers their flying Role, 44
  • TE Deum Laudamus, 2, 4, 7, 9
  • Testimony prophetical, of the Birth and Kingdom of Christ, 21, 22
  • Temptations succoured, 199
  • Terror and mercy mixt, 155
  • Test to the Covenant, 214
  • Thanksgiving at or after the Sacrament, 26
  • Thorough sanctification, Prayed for, 74
  • Three and four Transgressions, 271
  • Time of Drought, Sickness, Tempest, Trans­gression, Revolt and War, Vide Humble Supplications.
  • Treading the Wine-press alone, 237
  • Treasures of deceit challenged, 278
  • Tree good, 199
  • Trinity, 200
  • True Fast, 87
  • Vanity of Idols, 250
  • Vessels of honour, 299
  • Vineyard of Israel, 201
  • Vineyard of Red-Wine, 228
  • Vile-bodies changed 88
  • Vnity and Amity, 296
  • Vnity and love of Brethren, 202
  • Vniting the Nation, 264
  • Vocation, 204
  • WANT of Charity discovered and cen­sured, 308
  • Warning of Judgment by beginning at God's House, 89
  • Warning of the general Dissolution, Ibid.
  • War with lusts, 305
  • Well approved hearers, 90
  • Whirlwind of God's wrath, Ibid.
  • Whole Armour, 206
  • Will for the Deed, 207
  • Winking at the times of ignorance, 91
  • Wisedoms Exhortation, 208
  • Wise builder, 287
  • Wise Merchant, 290
  • Woe to the oppressors, 251
  • Wofull bewailing our Corruptions and Cala­mities, 27
  • Wofull Lamentation for Saul and Jonathan, 29
  • Word preached, 209
  • World and the Church, 211
  • Worldly cares forbidden, 95
  • Work of Mercy magnified, 210
  • Work of grace, Ibid.
  • Works, Words and Thoughts for the Lord's Day, 92
  • Wrongs to be remitted, or a Lesson of true Charity, 94
  • ZAchary's Song, 175
  • Zealous Ejaculations at Evening or Bedtime, 212
  • Zealous applause of Christian Conquests, 30
  • Zealous invective against Hypocrisie, 31
The Three Last Centu …

The Three Last Centuries OF SELECT HYMNS Collected out of the Psalms of DAVID By William Barton, A. M. late Minister of St. Martins in Leicester.

Col. 3.16.

Teaching and admonishing one another in Psalms and Hymns and Spiritual Songs, &c.

St. Chrysost. Vol. 3. Hom. 3.
The Holy Ghost descends not to our throngs,
At Sacraments alone, but at our Songs.

LONDON, Printed by J. Heptinstall, for William Cooper, at the Pelican in Little Britain. 1688.

To the Right Worshipfull the Mayor, Aldermen and Sheriffs of the Ho­nourable City of Coventry: And To the Right Worshipfull Sir Ri­chard Hopkins, Knight, Steward of the said City: And To the Right Worshipfull the Mayor, Recorder and Aldermen of the Corporation of Leice­ster: And To the Right Worshipfull the Mayor, Recorder and Aldermen of the Corporation of Nor­thampton.

Right Worshipfull,

MY Birth, Breeding and A­bode in your respective Corporations, together with your kind encouragements and costs bestowed upon these long La­bours of Psalm and Hymn-Tran­slations, (after my own excessive Charge and Detriments) have made me excusably ambitious to Dedicate unto your Worships [Page 340] these Three ensuing Centuries, ac­commodated with some variety of Tunes and Metres, hoping to leave these as a living and lasting Monument of my respect and gra­titude, and of your Christian Love and Liberality. Having also finish­ed the Psalm-Book it self with like variety of Metres to most of the shorter Psalms and to some of the longer sort.

The aim and end of all is to revive, increase, and promote Godliness, which is profitable to all things; and hath the promise of the life that now is, and of that which is to come, 1 Tim. 4.8. In hopes therefore of some good issue of these Labours, and in humble apprecation of the flou­rishing Felicity of the Corporati­ons to which I stand ingaged, I rest, and subscribe my self

Your Worships much obliged, and devoted humble Servant, William Barton.


Courteous Reader,

I Find no clear distinction in Scripture between Psalms and Hymns and Spiritual Songs. Psalm 18 and 45. and Fifteen more beginning at the 120. are called Songs. Psalm 92. is called [...] A Psalm or Song for the Sabbath day. Psalm 145. is intituled [...] David's Hymn or Psalm of Praise: And from this saith learned Schindler the Title of the whole Book seems to be taken; for it is intituled [...] The Book of Hymns or Praises; Quod major Psalmorum pars Dei Laudes contineat; Because the grea­ter part of the Psalms consist of the Prai­ses of God: And of such Psalms the ma­jor [Page 342] part of these Centuries is Composed.

As for the parts and parcels of Psalms conducing to this Composure, I find an Example in the Holy Scriptur [...], 1 Chr. 16. where from the 7th ver. to the 36th are sundry parts and parcels of the 105.96.106. and 136 Psalms, collected into a Psalm or Hymn; upon which conside­ration, I take more liberty to pick and chuse places, and put in parallel Scrip­ture as it serves the purpose.

Now, for the great variety and plen­ty of them in these Centuries set out, I have great variety of reasons to plead.

1. Because I know nothing so much excepted against in my Edition of the Psalms 1654. as that the variety of Metres was very much omitted; neither did the Impression go off in five times the space that the former did.

2. Because many of these Psalms are done more elaborately than those of the former Edition, till they were corrected and compleated, and printed Anno 1682. with Aliters to my mind as they are now finished.

3. Because I may gratifie the Reader with examples to accommodate the choi­cer old Tunes, whereof I have omitted none that I know; and have put in more [Page 343] frequent examples for these two delicate and expeditious Tunes of the Old 50th, and the 124th. As in the 320th, and 322d, and in the 338th, and 341st, Hymns of the Fourth Century you may see Examples.

4. Because I might take liberty in some Hymns to Paraphrase for the Ex­position of some hard passages; for in­stance, it is said, Psalm 139.21. Do not I hate them, O Lord, that hate thee, &c? which I think to be clearly interpreted in Hymn 565. and more largely varied Psalm 139. of the last Edition thereof, printed Anno 1682.

The latter end of the 51st Psalm I found very dark; for when he had said, Thou desirest not sacrifice, &c. Thou delightest not in burnt offering, &c. He saith presently, Then shalt thou be pleased—with burnt offering, and whole burnt offering—and Bullocks, which I think to be clearly interpreted in the 4.7. and 8. Metres of the 51st Psalm.

A passage in the 72. Psalm, vers. 17. I counted choicely done, and keeping the Allusion which the Hebrew seems to hint, [...], Nomen ejus filiabitur, saith Montanus, His name shall be continued — among the posterities [Page 344] saith the Old Translation: Yet I thought it needfull to put it plainer by an Aliter, as you may find it.

The 8th. Psalm was hardest of all to me to be explained, carrying a construction of Christ our Saviour, as the Apostle saith, Heb. 2.6. Which Psalm shew­ing the glory of man in his Creation, in­timates mans re-investing in his Domi­nion by Redemption: I have annexed the Intepretation in a different Character.

5. Because these Centuries were for­merly put forth against my will, by an imperfect Copy, and in great disorder, An. 1668. I have put them into a handsome method, passing by no Psalm of common use, but have in whole or in part inserted it, and have put the whole Psalms together in double Metres, and in some more.

6. Finally, I have endeavoured to doe the Work so well, as that whosoever approves of the Psalm Book (as it is now compleated Anno 1682.) may not think these Hymns unnecessary or un­worthy (for Printing) to precede or follow them.

I might have annexed Scripture-Proofs to that famous Hymn Te De­um, (harping upon Scripture all along) but having done that already in the [Page 345] Chapter-Hymns, (wherein those that are well acquainted may readily find the most noted Sentences of Holy Scrip­ture, as by a Concordance) I let these go for a demonstration, how much the old Version needs amendment, and how near the Verse-Translation may come unto the Prose.

I aimed principally in all this pains to promote Godliness: I much affected that Noble Sentence put out by the fa­mous Dr. Cudworth,

Be Godly, O my Son, for Godly men
Do Christianize it with the best of them.

And sure there is nothing more effec­tual to breed Godliness than Holy Scrip­ture, nothing will preach Scripture to us, or print Scripture in our minds more than Scripture-Hymns.

Wherefore I conclude all with that precept of the Apostle, Col. 3.16. Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisedom, teaching and admo­nishing one another in Psalms and Hymns and Spiritual Songs, singing with grace in your hearts to the Lord.’

Your Servant for Jesus sake, William Barton.

Of the TUNES.

THE Tunes here set down are none of the common ones, except that of the 100 Psalm.

Note, That the Tune of the 51 Psalm, O Lord consider, &c. or any Tune of eight Sil­lables in each Line, when four Lines make up the Verse, may be sung in the Tune of the 100 Psalm.

Note, that the Tune call'd, Where Righ­teousness. &c. may be changed into the usual Tune of the 67 Psalm, if you put in two Sil­lables more in the third Line of every four.

Note, That the New Tune (set in Mr. San­dy's Psalm-Book by Mr. Henry Lawes) for the 531 Hymn, pag. 646. may be changed into the Tune of the 113 Psalm, Ye Children, &c. if you put in two Sillables more into every third Line.

Note, That the old 127 Psalm, mentioned in the 564. Hymn, pag. 678. hath no pro­per Tune of its own, but in the old Psalm-Book is referred to the Tune of the 112 Psalm, which is the proper Tune of the Lord's Prayer, as it is in the old Psalm-Book.

Note, That the 111 Psalm, as it is in the old Psalm-Book, may be sung in the Tune of the old 120 Psalm, which is a shorter Tune; And all these Tunes, (except the New Tunes) are taken out of the old Psalm-Book rectified by Mr. Ravenscroft.

The TUNES of several HYMNS in this Book.

PSALM 50. The mighty God, &c.

[...] [...] [...] [...] [...]

PSALM 51. O Lord consider, &c.

[...] [...] [Page 348] [...] [...] [...]

PSALM 100. All People, &c.

[...] [...] [...]

PSALM 111. With heart I do accord, &c.

[...] [...] [...] [Page 349] [...] [...] [...]

PSALM 112. The man is blest, &c.

[...] [...] [...] [...]

PSALM 113. Ye Children, &c.

[...] [...] [Page 350] [...] [...] [...] [...] [...]

Ps. 120. In trouble and in thrall, &c.

[...] [...] [...]

Psalm 121. I lift mine Eyes, &c.

[...] [Page 351] [...] [...]

Psalm 122. I did in heart rejoyce, &c.

[...] [...] [...] [...] [...] [...] [...]

Psalm 124. Now Israel may say, &c.

[...] [...] [...] [...]

Psalm 125. Such as in God do put, &c.

[...] [...] [...] [...]

Psalm 126. When that the Lord, &c.

[...] [...] [...] [...] [...] [...]

Psalm 130. Lord, to thee, &c.

[...] [...] [...] [Page 354] [...]

Psalm 148. Give laud, &c.

[...] [...] [...]

Complaint of a Sinner.

[...] [...] [...] [...] [...]

The New Tune for the 524. Hymn of the Sixth Century, Page 617.

[...] [...] [...]

The New Tune of the 532. Hymn of the Sixth Century, Page 646.

[...] [...] [...] [...]

Here follows an Example of turning the Tune, Where Righteousness doth say, into the plain Tune of the 67 Psalm. 6th Century, Hymn 526. p. 622. (2. M.) Have mercy, &c.

TEach me, O Lord, the way
whereto thy Statutes tend,
So shall I never go astray,
but keep it to the end.
Give me to understand,
and then shall I endeavour
To act (O Lord) by thy command
with my whole heart for ever.
In paths of thy commands
Lord make me go aright,
For ver'ly my desire so stands,
and therein I delight.
Incline my heart, O Lord,
that I may not digress:
Incline it to thy holy word,
and not to covetousness.
Lord turn away mine eyes,
turn them, O Lord, I pray,
From viewing worldly vanities:
and quicken me in thy way.
Establish thou thy word
unto thy servant dear:
Who wholly is devoted, Lord,
unto thy faithfull fear.
The obloquy I fear,
Lord turn away from me:
For I confess to thee how clear,
How good thy Judgments be.
Behold how my desires
do for thy precepts press:
O stir these heats, these holy fires
to shew thy righteousness.

Here follows a perfect Praxis for the Tune of the old 111 Psalm, because those Examples of p. 508. (2. M.) and of the 120 Psalm want Hypermeters to each second Verse, and may well be sung in the proper Tune of the 120 Ps. but not in the Tune of the old 111 Psalm.

Pardon of sin implored, the suit pursued, the mercy assured. Out of the 130 Psalm.

OUT of the dreadfull deeps,
Where fear and horror keeps,
I cry'd to thee, O Lord;
Lord, hear my voice said I,
ATTEND unto my CRY,
And to my suits accord.
For shouldst thou mark, O God,
What by-paths we have trod,
By sinfull Conversation:
Who then, O Lord, shall stand,
Or scape thy heavy hand,
Of righteous Condemnation.
But, Lord, there is with thee,
Forgiveness full and free,
That thou may'st be ador'd:
I wait upon the Lord,
My soul waits on his Word,
[Page 359]And there my hopes are stor'd.
My soul waits patiently
Upon the Lord most high.
And for his words performing:
More eagerly than they
That watch for break of day,
And dawning of the morning.
Yea, Lord, my soul and mind
Attendeth still to find
Free favour in thy sight:
Whereafter I enquire
With earnester desire
Than Watch-man for the light.
Let Israel hope therefore
In God for evermore,
For with the Lord is mercy:
And plenteous grace with him
To pardon all our sin,
Which made the Controversie.

A Perfect Praxis for the Tune of the old 126 Psalm. Out of the 117 Psalm.

PRaise ye the Lord
O all ye Nations far and near,
His praise record,
O all ye people every where.
Because we find
How very great and marvellous
His mercies kind,
And his compassion is to us.
His Faithfull Word
Endures for evermore:
Praise ye the Lord,
Praise ye the Lord therefore.

The Fourth Century. Beginning the PSALM-HYMNS.

HYMN 301. A blessed Man described.
Psalm 1.

THE man is blest whose piety
forbids to turn aside,
In Counsel, or Society,
with men unsanctify'd:
That from those evil paths doth keep,
wherein the wicked are.
And joyns not in their fellowship
that sit in scorners chair.
verse 2 But in the Law of God the Lord,
he placeth his delight,
And meditateth on his Word
devoutly, Day and Night▪
verse 3 He shall be like a planted tree
that near a River springs,
Which always, as his seasons be,
abundant fruit forth brings.
verse 4 Whose leaf likewise shall never fade,
but flourish still and stand:
And prosperous shall his works be made,
what'ere he takes in hand.
verse 5 But as for men of wicked minds,
far otherwise are they:
And like the chaff which boisterous winds
drive easily away.
verse 6 Therefore th' ungodly never may
in Judgment rise up clear;
Nor sinners in the Judgment Day
among the Saints appear.
verse 7 For God doth favourably know
the Godly Persons Path:
Whereas the way that sinners go
shall perish in his Wrath.

HYMN 302. (2. METRE.)
Psalm 1.

Good men and bad this first Hymn compre­hends,
Discovering fully both their ways and ends.
Have mercy, &c.
A Blessed man is he
that is not led aside,
By counsels of impiety
to go where sinners guide.
Nor sits in scorners seat,
but in Gods Law delights,
And in this Law doth meditate
continual Days and Nights.
He shall be like a plant
set by the Rivers side,
Whose boughs no timely fruit do want,
whose leaf shall fresh abide.
And well shall he succeed
in all good works design'd,
Not so th' ungodly; they shall speed
as chaff dispers'd with wind.
Therefore ungodly men,
shall not stand justify'd;
Nor sinners with the righteous then,
when Judgment must be try'd:
For ways of men upright
the Lord doth kindly know;
But sinners paths shall perish quite,
with everlasting woe.

HYMN 303. A difference betwixt good and bad. 3. METRE.
Psal. 1.

THE Man is blest that shuns the snare
of wicked mens advice:
Whom sinners paths, and scorners chair,
by no means can entice.
But his Delight both Day and Night
is in Gods Holy Law;
Whereon he waits and meditates
with constant care and awe.
Like planted tree by water-springs
shall such a man be made▪
A tree that timely fruit forth brings,
whose leaf shall never fade.
And all he doth is blest of God,
the wicked are not so:
But are like chaff dispers'd abroad
when stormy wind doth blow.
Therefore th' ungodly shall not stand
in judgment clear and quit:
Nor with the just at Christ's right hand
shall any sinner sit.
For men upright are God's delight,
their ways to him are known,
But sinners ways shall soon decay,
and quite be overthrown.

HYMN 304. (4. METRE.)
Psalm. 1.

The good and bad are here compar'd,
Both in their Works and their reward.
The mighty God, &c.
THE man is blest that walketh not astray
by evil counsels of ungodly men,
Nor doth comply with sinners in their way,
nor cometh high the scorners seat with them:
[Page 365]But with delight on God's good word he wait­eth,
And Day and Night thereon he meditateth.
He shall be like a tree by th' River side,
whose fruit is ripe and in his season, sure;
Whose leaf in youth and greeness shall abide,
and all he doth shall prosperously endure:
Ungodly men may look for no such matter,
But are like chaff which stormy wind do's scatter.
Therefore ungodly men shall never stand,
at Judgment Day (as righteous men may trust)
Nor any one of all the wicked band
come in the Congregation of the just:
For just mens ways the Lord doth know and cherish,
But Days will come when sinners paths shall perish.

HYMN 305. (Psal 2.)

Christs Kingdom how oppos'd and hated
And how the wrong is vindicated.
All People, &c.
WHY do the Heathen rage and fret
and people plot a thing so vain?
They rise and are in councill set
Rulers and Kings, on Earth that reign.
Against the Lord they proudly speak,
against his Christ, advising thus;
Their bonds asunder let us break,
and cast away their cords from us.
But he that doth in Heaven dwell,
their wicked doings shall deride:
And laugh to scorn his foes that swell
with such presumptuous haughty pride.
Then in his wrath the most supream
shall all his enemies controll:
And in Displeasure most extreme,
shall he torment their guilty soul.

HYMN 306. (2. PART.)

Christ's Kingdom how exalted high,
By type of David's sovereignty.
UPON my Sions sacred Hill
yet have I set my sovereign King;
Thou hast decreed and wilt fulfill,
and I will now declare the thing.
The Lord hath spoken thus to me
thou art my true and onely son;
This Day have I begotten thee,
ask of me and it shall be done.
All Heathen Kingdoms I will make
to be th' inheritance of thy birth:
And thou shalt in possession take
the utmost parts of all the Earth.
Thine Iron Rod, of sovereign might,
shall dash thy foes and make them break:
Yea dash them into pieces quite,
As Potters Vessels that are weak.

HYMN 307. (3. PART.)

Kings here are mov'd, the Psalmist saith,
Christ's Kingdom to receive by Faith.
NOW therefore O ye Kings take care
that ye may truly understand;
Be well instructed ye that are
the Princely Judges of the Land.
See that the Lord have service done
with reverence and due respect:
Rejoyce with trembling, kiss the Son;
lest in his wrath ye should be checkt.
So should ye perish from the way,
for lo! if his least anger flame,
Blessed, O blessed then are they
that trust upon his Holy Name.

HYMN 308. (Psalm 3.)

The Enemies of Saints encrease,
But God do's still procure their peace.
Ye Children, &c.
LORD how the number multiplies
of my incensed enemies,
that daily do against me rise:
Many, O Lord, many are they
that of my soul presume to say
God cannot help him any way.
But Lord thou art a shield for me
my head is still upheld by thee
in Honour and in Dignity.
For when with voice so loud and shrill
I call'd on God, he pleased still
to hear me, from his holy hill.
I lay'd me down and sweetly slept,
I wak'd and was in safety kept,
for God's good hand did me protect.
And tho' ten thousand of my foes
should me now round about enclose,
I would not be afraid of those.
Arise, O Lord, and plead my cause,
for thou hast smote them on the Jaws,
and broke the teeth of all my foes.
Thus are th' ungodly overthrown,
salvation is of God alone;
and thou, O Lord, dost bless thine own.

HYMN 309. Felicity of God's protection.
Psalm 4.

PITY me, Lord, for well I know
I am belov'd of thee,
I find it so because my foe
triumphs not over me.
I am upholden by thy grace
in my integrity,
Thou giv'st me place before thy face,
and that perpetually.
The Lord the God of Israel's Name
for ever day by day,
And all his fame let us proclaim.
Amen, Amen, I say.

HYMN 310. Affiance and repose in God.
Psal. 4.6.

THE greater sort crave worldly wealth,
and riches they embrace:
But Lord grant us thy saving health,
and shining of thy face.
verse 7 Thou hast put gladness in my heart
by those thy beams Divine:
Much more than they that had their part
of plenteous corn and wine.
verse 8 In peace therefore will I lye down,
and take my sleep secure:
For thou, O Lord, and thou alone
dost make my dwelling sure.

HYMN 311. (Psal. 6.)

He supplicates the Lord to spare
Those Chastisements he cannot bear.
Have mercy, &c.
IN thy incensed wrath,
O Lord, rebuke me not:
Nor on me lay thy chastning hand
in thy displeasure hot.
verse 2 Have mercy on me, Lord,
for I am wonderous weak:
Heal me, O Lord, because thou knowst
my bones with anguish break.
verse 3 My soul is sorely vex'd;
how long stay wilt thou make?
verse 4 Return Lord, free my soul, and save,
me, for thy mercies sake.
verse 5 For none can, after death,
of thee remembrance have.
Who can give thanks to thee, O Lord,
when lying in the grave?
verse 6 I'm weary with my groans,
all night I make my bed
To swim in sorrows; and my couch
with tears I watered.
verse 7 By reason of my grief
mine eye consumed is:
It waxeth old, and that because,
of all mine enemies.
verse 8 Depart therefore from me
ye wicked workers all:
For lo, the Lord has heard my voice
when I did, weeping, call.
verse 9 My supplication
the Lord hath kindly heard,
The Lord will gratiously receive,
my Pray'r, to him preferr'd.
Let all mine enemies
be sham'd and vexed sore;
Let them return, and suddenly
be shamed evermore:

HYMN 312. Arraignment of Persecutors.
Psal. 7.11.

GOD is a righteous Judge (be sure,)
and one that will repay;
And with the lewd and wicked doer,
God's angry every day.
verse 12 Unless he do his sins forgo,
and speedily repent:
He whets his sword, and strings his bow,
and hath it ready bent.
verse 13 His deadly Darts he doth ordain
to smite h [...]m unawares:
And for the persecutors pain
sharp arrows he prepares.
Let Israel's God the Lord most high
be ever prais'd therefore:
From first to last eternally,
Amen for evermore.

HYMN 313. Arraignment of Persecutors and their ruin.
Psal. 7.14.

BEhold, how with iniquity
the wicked is in pain:
Conceiving mischief craftily,
and labours all in vain.
verse 15 He made a pit, and digged it,
no pains at all he spar'd:
And now is fall'n into the pit▪
which he himself prepar'd.
verse 16 Upon his own unhappy crown
his mischief shall be spread:
His violent dealing shall come down,
and light on his own head.
verse 17 But I his justice will proclaim
that judgeth righteously,
And with a Song, will praise the Name
of him that is most high.

HYMN 314. Babes and Sucklings setting forth God's praise. 1. METRE.
Psalm 8.

O Lord our Lord, of how great worth▪
is thy Name every where?
For thou hast set thy glory forth
above the starry sphere.
verse 2 The mouth of babes thou didst ordain,
thy mighty power to show:
And tongues of sucklings to restrain
the proud imperious foe.
verse 3 Now when I see the Heavens high,
the work of thine own hand:
The Moon and Stars that deck the Sky,
and in their order stand.
verse 4 O what is man, Lord, think I then,
that he should be in mind:
Or any of the Sons of Men,
to whom thou art so kind?
verse 5 For thou hast made him little less
than Angels in degree,
And crowned him with gloriousness,
and great Nobility.
verse 6 Preferr'd him to be Lord thou hast,
of all thy works of wonder;
And at his feet all creatures cast,
that he should keep them under.
verse 7 All Oxen, Sheep, and Beasts obey,
all that in fields do feed:
verse 8 Fowls of the Air, Fish of the Sea,
and all that therein breed.
verse 9 O Lord, our Lord, of how great worth,
of how exceeding fame,
And excellence in all the Earth
is thy most glorious Name!

HYMN 315. Babes and Sucklings shaming Atheists. 2. METRE.
Psalm 8.

If you put in the Exposition in the lines of the Italian Character, you must sing it to the Tune of The Lords Prayer; but if you leave the Exposition out, you may sing it in the Tune of the 100 Psalm, or O Lord Consider, &c.
O Lord, our Lord, how excellent
in all the Earth, is thy great Name?
Above the Heavens Eminent
thou spread'st the splendor of thy fame.
Thy Wisedom, Might, and Majesty
Do far surpass both Earth and Sky.
From mouth of Babes and Sucklings young
thou hast ordained strength to flow:
[Page 375]To still the scornfull Enemies Tongue,
and silence the avengefull Foe.
Their Innocence and Infant grace
May shame such Atheists to their face.
When on the Heav'ns I fix mine eye,
the Moon, and Stars, thy Creatures rare:
Why should God visit man, think I,
or, for the Son of man should care?
An Heir of Heav'n that should have bin;
But now is fall'n from God by sin.
Next Angels once, Thou had'st him plac'd,
with Glory and with Honour crown'd:
And him with high Dominion grac'd,
or'e all thy handy-works renown'd.
His Dignity did then excell,
But sin made all things to rebell.
Thou gav'st him whatsoever went
through paths of Seas, or thence came forth:
O Lord, our Lord, how Excellent
is thy great Name in all the Earth!
Blessed be God, that, since the fall
Hath thorough Christ restored all.

HYMN 316. (3. METRE.)
Psalm 8.

Man's glory shining in his first Creation,
And (thorough Christ) seen in his restoration.
The Mighty God, &c.
O Lord, our Lord: O how thy Name ex­cells!
O're Heaven and Earth thy glittering glo­ry dwels,
Out of the mouths of Babes and Infants young,
Thou hast ordained strength against the strong;
For in these Weaklings, is thy strength or­dained,
That our avengefull foe might be restrained.
When I consider in my serious thought
The glorious Heavens which thy fingers wrought,
The Moon and Stars, which were ordain'd by thee,
What's Man think I, that he should minded be?
Or what's the Son of Man? what favour is it
That thou should'st honour him with so kind a Visit?
For thou hast made him but a little lower,
Than glorious Angels that thy Name adore;
Than Cherubim and Seraphim so bright
That see thy face in unapproached light:
That thou might'st cloath him in a glorious manner,
With Robes of Royal Dignity and Honour.
Thou mad'st him have Dominion and Com­mand
O're all the works of thine Almighty hand,
And hast put all things (as thou saw'st it) meet
In due subjection underneath his feet
All Sheep and Oxen (take them all together)
And Beasts belonging to the Field whatever.
All Fowl that fly thou gavest unto him,
And all the Fishes in the Seas that swim:
With whatsoever sort among all these,
That have their passage o're the deepest Seas;
O Lord, our Lord, with what great glory crowned
Is thy great Name o're all the Earth renown­ed!

HYMN 317. Calamity of the wicked, or Re­markable Judgment.
Psalm 9.15.

SUNK down the wicked Heathen are
into the Pit they made:
Their foot is taken in the snare
which they themselves have lay'd
verse 16 By doing judgment God is known,
when wicked people fall
By handy-works, which are their own:
Remarkable to all.
Psalm 41.13.
Let Israel's mighty God therefore
be prais'd and prais'd agen,
From age to age for evermore,
Amen, Amen, Amen.

HYMN 318. Chains of Darkness for the Wicked.
Psalm 9.17.

LEWD men shall into Hell be hurld',
where Chains of Darkness bind:
And all the people of the World
that have not God in mind.
verse 18 For poor men shall not be forsook
for ever in their pain:
The patient people never look
for help from God in vain.
verse 19 Arise, O Lord, lest men presume
still to prevail by might:
And let the Heathen have their doom,
and judgment in thy sight.
verse 20 Smite them, O Lord, with fear, full sore▪
and let the Nations find,
And know themselves to be no more
but men of mortal kind.

HYMN 319. Comforts for the Righteous. 1. METRE.
Psalm 11.

I Make the Lord my trust and stay,
why therefore urge ye still,
My harmless soul to hast away,
as birds unto the Hill?
verse 2 For lo! the wicked bend their bows,
their arrows they prepare:
That closely they may shoot at those
that upright-hearted are.
verse 3 If the foundations of our faith
by you be taken away,
No comfort then the righteous hath,
nor strength whereon to stay.
verse 4 But God doth in his Temple reign,
his Throne's in Heaven on high:
His eyes behold the Sons of men,
and them his eyelids try.
verse 5 He trys the just mans patience,
as unto him seems best,
But lewd men loving violence
his soul doth much detest.
verse 6 On sinners he shall rain down snares,
brimstone and balls of fire:
An horrid Tempest he prepares
to pay them home their hire.
verse 7 For God most just without defect,
in justice doth delight:
His countenance with kind aspect,
beholdeth the upright.

HYMN 320. Confusion of the wicked. 2. METRE.
Psalm 11.

The Mighty God, &c.
I Trust in God, why do ye daunt my soul?
hast as a bird, unto your Hill, ye say:
The wicked bend their bows without con­troll,
and string their shafts the upright soul to slay:
If Faith whereon we ground be not assured,
What can the righteous do to be secured?
The Lord is in his Holy Temple still,
his Throne's in Heaven, (he can see us then:)
His eyes behold all people good and ill,
his eye-lids try the Childeren of men.
God trys the just man who in patience wait­eth:
But wicked men, and cruel, his soul hateth.
Upon the wicked, he shall rain down snares,
Brimstone and Fire, from which they can­not flee.
[Page 381]And a prodigious Tempest he prepares,
and this the portion of their cup shall be.
For God that's righteous, righteousness af­fecteth:
His grace so good all good men so respect­eth.

HYMN 321. Corruption of the Times.
Psalm 12, 1, 2, 3.

HELP Lord, for godly men decay,
the faithfull are but few:
Men lie, and flatter, and betray,
with tongue, and talk untrue.
But God will cut those lips away,
whence fraud and flattery springs:
And tongues that dare presume to say
such proud blasphemous things.
4, 5.
Our lips say they, shall lord it still,
and hold the upper hand:
Our Tongues are ours to speak our will.
what Lord shall countermand?
Now for the sighs of needy men,
and poor mens wrongs and woes;
I'll rise, saith God, and rescue them
from proud oppressing Foes.
6, 7, 8.
Pure words, that will the test abide;
God's promises come forth
Like silver seven times purifi'd
in Furnaces of Earth.
[Page 382]Lord thou shalt keep thy Saints alway,
from this ungodly Race,
Though every where they hunt their prey,
when vile men are in place.
Psalm 106.48.
O let the God of Israel then
be prais'd perpetually,
And let all people say Amen,
the Lord to magnify.

HYMN 322. Curbing of the Wicked▪ 2. METRE.
Psalm 12.

The Mighty God, &c.
HELP, Lord, the Godly cease, there's few of them,
The faithfull fail among the Sons of men:
Each man to's neighbour vanity imparts,
With flattering lips they speak, and double hearts.
But Godwill cut off every lip that flatters,
And tongues that speak such proud presump­tuous matters.
Who thus have said our tongues shall bear the sway,
Our lips are ours, and who shall us gain­say?
Now for the poor men, under proud con­troll,
And for the sighing of the needy soul,
I'll rise, saith God, and be his sanctuary:
And set him safe from his proud adversary.
The Words of God are pure, as silver try'd
In Earthen Furnace, seven times purifi'd:
Thou shalt preserve, O Lord, and keep the poor
From this lewd generation evermore.
The wicked walk on all sides to devour,
When Vilest men are set in place of power.

HYMN 323. Degenerate World described. 1. METRE.
Psalm 14.1.

THere is no God the fool hath thought,
they are corrupt and lewd:
Abominations have they wrought,
and none of them doth good.
The Lord look'd down from Heaven high,
man-kind for to discern,
If any knew spiritually,
or sought God's Will to learn.
But all were wandred from the way,
defiled by the fall:
Not one did good, not one I say
did any good at all.
Are workers of iniquity,
so brutishly mis-led:
To eat my people greedily,
devouring them like bread?
Upon the Lord they never call,
yet greatly did they fear:
For God will surely be with all
the righteous every where.
The poor man's Counsel ye disdain,
whose trust on God is stay'd:
But Oh, that Israel might obtain
from Sion saving aid.
When God turns our Captivity,
and sets poor Sion free,
Jacob shall joy triumphantly,
and glad shall Israel be.

HYMN 324. Degenerate World (through A­theism) described. 2. METRE.
Psalm 14.

All People, &c.
FOOLS say in heart, there is no God,
and with such thoughts their fancy feeds:
Corrupt they are, and none doth good,
but act abominable deeds.
The Lord from Heaven view'd all mankind,
to see who knew, or sought for God:
All were defil'd, and far declin'd,
not one by Nature doing good.
Are wicked workers all so dead,
and void of knowledge since the fall,
To eat my People up like bread,
without regard of God at all?
Yet do their hearts with terror quake,
and guilty makes them to mistrust:
For God doth in protection take
the Generation of the Just.
Ye sham'd the Council of the poor,
because his hope on God was stai'd:
But O that Israel might procure
from Sion Hill some saving aid.
When God brings back from captive state
the chosen flock of Sion Hill:
Then Jacob shall rejoyce thereat,
and gladness Israel's heart shall fill.

HYMN 325. Description of true Christians.
Psalm 15.

THE Tabernacles of thy Grace,
Lord, who shall rest in still?
Or who shall have a dwelling-place
in thy most Holy Hill?
verse 2 The man that walks in God's true fear,
whose works are just and straight:
Who speaks the truth from heart sincere,
who utters no deceit.
verse 3 That to his neighbour doth no hurt
in body, goods, or name:
Nor taketh up a false report
to prejudice his fame.
verse 4 The man whose pure impartial eye
vile persons doth contemn:
But whoso fear the Lord most high,
he highly honours them.
His Oath and all his promises
that keepeth faithfully,
Though he sustain the damages
that might accrue thereby.
verse 5 That putteth not to usury
the money that he lent:
Nor takes reward to testify
against the innocent.
He that shall do the will of God,
whereof this is the sum:
Shall never perish in this world,
nor in the world to come.

HYMN 326. Description of true Citizens of Sion. 2. METRE.
Psalm 15.

All people, &c.
O Who shall have a blest abode
Within thy sacred Tents, O God?
Thy Holy Hill who shall possess?
Sure he that walks in uprightness.
The works of righteousness that doth,
And from his heart doth speak the truth:
That slanders none with spightfull tongue,
Nor doth his neighbour any wrong.
That takes not up an evil fame
Against his neighbours honest Name:
That doth of vile men vilely deem,
But hath the Saints in high esteem.
That changeth not what once he swears,
Though he the loss and damage bears:
That puts not out his coyn, whereby
To get his gain by usury.
That takes no bribes to circumvent,
Or prejudice the innocent:
He that doth these things is approv'd,
And never shall that man be mov'd.

HYMN 327. Expectation of Resurrection.
Psalm 16.8.

I Set the Lord still in my sight,
and trust him over all:
Since he doth stand at my right-hand,
I know I shall not fall.
verse 9 This therefore fills my heart with joys,
my glory joys in this,
My flesh shall rest in hope likewise,
in hope of endless bliss.
verse 10 Thou wilt not leave my soul in hell,
nor wilt thou, Lord, permit
Thy Holy One, (as lost and gone)
to perish in the pit.
verse 11 The path of life thou wilt declare
to me, with joys full store:
And Lord at thy right hand there are
sweet pleasures evermore.

HYMN 328. Extolling of Scripture verity and virtue.
Psalm 19.7.

MOST perfect is the Law of God,
of Soul-converting might;
His Testimonies are most pure,
and give the simple light.
verse 8 The Statutes of the Lord are right▪
and fill the heart with joys:
The precepts of the Lord are pure,
inlightening the eyes.
verse 9 The fear of God (his word) is clean,
and doth endure for ever:
The Judgments of the Lord are true,
and righteous altogether.
verse 10 Yea more than Gold, than much fine Gold,
to be embrac'd alway:
The hony and the hony-comb
are not so sweet as they.
verse 11 They are thy Servants Monitors,
how he his life should frame:
And great reward's provided for's
if we observe the same.

HYMN 329. Faith seen in fear of Sin.
Psalm 19.12.

LORD who can all his Errors see?
O cleanse my heart within
verse 13 From secret faults, and keep thou me
from all presumptuous sin.
O let it have no power to reign
in me at any time:
And so shall I be free from stain,
and scape the greatest crime.
verse 14 O let the words which I recite,
my thoughts and whole behaviour,
Be acceptable in thy sight,
O Lord, my strength and Saviour.

HYMN 330. Faith's Triumphant Banner.
Psalm 20.

Have mercy, &c.
THE Lord attend thy cry
in this distressfull hour;
Great Jacob's God most gratiously
defend thee by his power.
[Page 390] verse 2 He send thee succour still
out of the sanctuary:
And strengthen thee from Sion Hill
against the Adversary.
verse 3 Thy Offerings in like wise
O let him have in mind:
And let thy whole burnt Sacrifice
a good acceptance find.
verse 4 The Lord now grant to thee
thy very hearts desire:
And let thy prudent councils be
accomplish'd all entire.
verse 5 We will our Joy proclaim
in thy assur'd defence:
And spread our banners in the Name
of God our Confidence.
The Lord now grant in love
what-ever thou would'st have:
verse 6 And now I know that God above
doth his Anointed save.
And he will hear his King
from Heaven, his Holy Throne:
With saving strength which he shall bring
by his right hand alone:
verse 7 Some people make their boasts
of Chariots, some of Horse:
But in our God, the Lord of Hosts
we reckon all our force.
verse 8 While these bow down and fall,
we rise and stand upright:
Save, Lord, and hear us when we call,
O King of Soveraign might!

HYMN 331. Faith's Victorious Banner. 2. METRE.
Psalm 20.

O Lord Consider, &c.
LORD hear our King this troublous day,
the Name of Jacob's God defend:
Help from his holy place convey,
and succour out of Sion send:
Remember well, and highly prize
Thine Offerings and Burnt Sacrifice:
Thy hearts desire he grant thee still,
And all thy councils God fulfill.
In thy Salvation we'l rejoyce,
and in our God's great Name shall we
Our Banners raise with prayerfull voice,
all thy requests God grant to thee.
Now God, I know, will save from harm,
With saving strength of his right arm,
And heareth his anointed one,
From Heaven, his high and Holy Throne.
Some hope in Chariots help to find,
and some in Horses hope the same:
But we will ever bear in mind
the Lord our God's all helpfull Name:
They are brought down, and fallen quite,
But we are risen, and stand upright:
Save, Lord, O let the King give ear
Now when we pray, our prayer to hear.

HYMN 332. (Psalm 21.)

The King's supply and sure defence,
Obtain'd by Prayer and Confidence.
THE King rejoyceth to record
the comforts of thy might,
And in thy saving health, O Lord,
How much, shall he delight.
Thou gav'st him what his heart desir'd
and that important thing,
Which he with humble lips requir'd
was not deny'd the King.
Blessings of goodness to be sure
thou hast on him powr'd down,
And made a Crown of Gold most pure
his royal head to crown.
He askt thee life, and thou didst please
to give it in such store,
That he might see the length of days,
and live for evermore.
Great is his glorious dignity
in this thy saving aid,
For honour and great majesty
thou hast upon him laid,
For as one ever blest of God
thou didst thy King advance,
And thou hast made him wonderous glad
with thy sweet countenance.
For on the Lord he doth rely,
to see thy promise prov'd.
And through thy mercy, O most high,
he never shall be mov'd.

HYMN 333. (2. PART.)

The sure destruction of rebellious men,
The Lord is prais'd for Judgments upon them.
THY hand shall find out all thy foes,
whoever, Lord, they be,
And thy right hand shall find out those
that bear ill will to thee.
And make them as the Ovens hot steam
what time thy wrath shall light:
The Lord in wrath shall swallow them,
and fire devour them quite.
Their fruit likewise shalt thou destroy
from off the Earths increase,
And cut off their posterity,
and cause their seed to cease.
For they intended ill to thee,
and thought they should succeed
In their mischievous Tragedy,
but could not act the deed.
And thou shalt make them for these things
to turn their backs apace,
Charging thine arrows on the strings
against their very face.
[Page 394]Be thou exalted, O most high,
in thine own strength therefore,
And so our Songs shall magnify
thy might for evermore.

HYMN 334. (Psalm 23.)

God's the good Shepherd of our lives and souls,
No danger need we fear nor foes controlls.
Have mercy, &c.
THE Lord my shepherd is,
and he that doth me feed,
Since he is mine and I am his
what comfort can I need.
He makes me to lie down
on tender pasture grass,
Then to the streams he leads me on
where waters gently pass.
And when I go astray
he doth my soul reclaim,
Conducting me in the right way
for his most holy name.
Yea though the paths I trod
in deaths dark vale should be,
would not fear, for there's my God
a staff of strength to me.
Thou mak'st me sit and dine,
even in my enemies sight,
My head with Oyl, my cup with Wine
run over day and night.
Thy goodness sure, and grace
shall measure all my days,
And thy house be my dwelling place,
to give thee endless praise.

HYMN 335. (2. METRE.)
Psalm 23.

God the Good Shepherd doth supply,
No dangers need to terrify.
All People, &c.
MY Shepherd is the Lord most blest,
I shall not want but be supply'd;
In pastures green he makes me rest,
by sweet and silent waters side.
He doth restore my soul that strays
the paths of truth he makes me take,
To walk in his most righteous ways,
and this he doth for his Name sake.
Yea though I pass deaths dark abode,
afraid of ill I will not be,
For thou art with me, O my God,
thy rod and staff they comfort me.
In spight of foes thou dost appoint
my Table spread and in their sight,
My head with Oyl thou dost anoint,
my cup runs over day and night.
Surely thy goodness and thy grace,
shall follow me throughout my days:
And thy house be my dwelling place,
where I will ever give thee praise.

HYMN 336. God our good Shepherd. 3. METRE.
Psalm 23.

MY Shepherd is the living Lord,
and he that doth me feed:
How can I but be richly stor'd
while he supplies my need?
verse 2 In pastures green and flourishing
he makes me to repose:
Hard by the silent water spring,
whose stream with pleasure flows.
verse 3 He guides my soul, so apt to stray,
a safer course to take:
Conducting me in his right way,
for his alone Name sake.
verse 4 And though I walk in deaths dark shade,
it shall me not dismay:
For thou art with me, and hast made
thy rod and staff my stay.
verse 5 My Table spread thou didst appoint,
in presence of my foe:
My head with Oyl thou dost anoint,
my cup doth over-flow.
verse 6 Thy grace and goodness certainly
shall measure all my days:
And in thy house, O God will I
for ever give thee praise.

HYMN 337. God our sure-Shepherd. 4. METRE.
Psal. 23.

Give Laud, &c.
THE Lord is evermore
my Shepherd to provide:
I shall be sure therefore
full well to be supply'd.
For by this means,
In pasture green I couch between
the silent streams.
Most gratiously doth he
restore my soul that strays:
And also leadeth me
in those his righteous ways
Which I should take:
(The paths of truth) and this he doth
for his Name sake.
Yea, though I walk on still
through deaths most darksome Vale,
Yet will I fear none ill,
nor shall my courage fail:
For there thou art
With me, O God, thy staff thy rod
uphold my heart.
My Table thou hast spread
in all my foes despite:
And hast it furnished
here, in mine enemies sight.
Thou 'nointst my head,
And fillest up my bounteous cup
untill it shed.
The goodness, Lord, in thee,
and grace thou dost display
Shall surely follow me
unto my dying day.
And I therefore
Will make abode i'th' house of God
for evermore.

HYMN 338. Good Christians described.
1. METRE. Psalm 24.3.

To the Tune of the 124. Psalm. Now Israel, &c.
WHO shall ascend
into thine Hill on high?
[Page 399]And who shall dwell, Lord,
in thy palace pure?
verse 4 The clean of hand, and
pure of heart is sure:
That hath not lift
his soul to vanity:
Nor sworn unjustly,
or deceitfully.
verse 5 He shall receive
the blessing from the Lord,
And righteousness
(to him so pure in heart:)
The God of his
salvation shall impart.
verse 6 This is the Ge­neration
that regard,
That seek, that seek
thy face, O Jacob's Lord.

HYMN 339. Devout and true Saints. 2. METRE.
Psal. 24.

THE Earth is God's and wholly his▪
the World is all his own,
And whatsoever therein is,
belongs to him alone:
For he hath firmly fram'd it so
above the Seas to stand,
And laid the liquid flouds below
to flow within the Land.
Who shall ascend into thy Hill,
or who may make account
To stand, and to continue still,
within thy holy mount?
The man of spotless purity
in life and conscience too:
Whose soul affects not vanity
whose oaths are just and true.
For such a one the Lord shall bless,
and he shall have convey'd
The rich reward of righteousness
from God his saving aid:
For these be they that are indeed
true seekers of his grace,
O Jacob this is sure thy seed,
of them that seek thy face.

HYMN 340. Entrance of the King of Glory▪ 3. METRE.
Psalm 24.

YE Everlasting Doors and Gates,
lift up your heads on high,
And then the Prince of Potentates,
shall enter in thereby:
Who is this King so glorious?
the mighty Lord and strong,
In battel still victorious;
to him these Names belong.
Ye Everlasting Doors and Gates,
lift up your heads on high,
And then the Prince of Potentates
shall enter in thereby:
Who may this King of Glory be?
his royal Name's set down,
The Lord of Hosts and none but he
is King of high renown.

HYMN 341. Good welcomers of the King of Glory. 4. METRE.
Psal. 24.7. 1 Cor. 6.19. Isa 30.18.

To the preceding Tune. Now Israel, &c. In Paraphrase.
LIFT up your heads
ye Everlasting Gates,
Ye living Temples
of the Holy Ghost,
Lift up your hearts
to him whose might is most,
To entertain
the Prince of Potentates,
And He shall enter
who in mercy waits.
Col. 2.15. Rev. 14.14.
verse 8 Who is this Prince
of Princes (here set down)
that vanquish'd Prin­cipalities
and Powers?
It is this Soveraign
King, and Lord of ours,
That conquers all
our foes, and wears the Crown:
He is the King
of Glory and Renown.
1 Cor. 6.19. Isa. 30.18.
verse 9 Lift up your heads
ye everlasting Gates,
Ye living Temples
of the Holy Ghost,
Lift up your hearts
to him whose might is most,
To entertain
the Prince of Potentates:
And he shall enter
who in mercy waits.
verse 10 Who is this Prince
of Princes (here set down?)
It is the Soveraign Lord,
the Lord of Hosts,
That conquers Kingdoms,
Countries, Lands and Coasts.
That sits upon
the Throne, and wears the Crown:
He is the King
of Glory and Renown.
Psalm 106.48.
Blessed be God
whom Israel doth adore,
From everlasting
let his Glorious Name,
To everlasting
have renown and fame.
And let all people
say Amen, therefore
Praise ye the Lord,
and praise him evermore.

HYMN 342. (Psal. 25. Ver. 8.)

God guides the meek and soon imparts
His pardoning grace to penitent hearts.
verse 8 UPright and good is our Lord God,
and therefore takes delight,
To teach his way to them that stray
and sinners to set right.
verse 9 In Judgment he a guide will be
to meek men hating pride,
The meek I say, shall know his way,
for God will be their guide.
verse 10 For all the ways which God displays
are truth and mercy still,
To them that seek his Laws to keep
and Covenants to fulfill.
verse 11 Wherefore for thy Name-sake do I
thy mercy, Lord, intreat,
To pardon my iniquity,
for it is very great.

HYMN 343. (Psal. 25. v. 12.)

The Mysteries of God's free Grace
Reveal'd to such as seek his face.
verse 12 WHO is the man that fears the Lord?
to him he plainly shews,
What way to go, and how to know
the way that he shall chuse.
verse 13 His soul shall dwell exceeding well
in perfect peace and rest,
And 'tis decreed that by his seed
the Earth shall be posses'd.
verse 14 The secrets of the Lord above
shall all that fear him know,
And unto them that fear his Name
His Covenant he will show.
verse 22 To Israel then do thou, O God,
thy sweet redemption send,
And bring all his adversities
unto an happy end.

HYMN 344. 2. METRE.)
Psalm 25.

IN mercy, Lord, do thou regard,
th' affliction I am in,
O see the pain that I sustain,
and pardon all my sin.
Consider those that are my foes
for many such there be:
And thou hast seen how sharp and keen
their malice is to me.
O keep and save my soul, I crave,
and put me not to shame:
But keep me safe, because I have
believed in thy Name.
O Lord, let my integrity
and uprightness in me,
Preserve me still from every ill,
because I wait on thee.
To Israel now, O God, do thou
thy sweet redemption send,
And bring all his adversities
unto a happy end.

HYMN 345. Greatness of God seen in Tem­pests. 1. METRE.
Psal. 29.

GIVE to the Lord ye mighty men,
give glory, strength and fame:
[Page 406] verse 2 Give glory great (I say agen)
as due to his great Name.
Worship the Lord with head down bow'd
in beauties holy place,
verse 3 Whose Thundring Voice upon the Cloud
makes rain pour down apace.
The Glorious God makes Thunder fly
from th' Elements Watry Towr:
verse 4 God's Voice is full of Majesty,
God's Voice is full of Power.
verse 5 He lets his thundring voice fall on,
and breaks the Cedar-trees:
The Cedars of mount Lebanon,
the Lord breaks such as these.
verse 6 He makes them dance as Bullocks do,
or youngling Unicorn:
Mount Lebanon and Syrion too
with tottering Earth-quakes torn:
verse 7 His Voice divides the lightning flame,
verse 8 the Wilderness it shakes:
And Parans Wilderness (by name)
by such concussion quakes.
verse 9 God's voice doth through the Forrest pierce,
and Hinds to calve compels:
And all his house his praise rehearse,
each tongue his glory tells.
verse 10 The Lord sits King upon the floud,
his Kingdom shall not cease:
verse 11 His peoples power he will make good,
and bless his Church with peace.

HYMN 346. Greatness of God seen in Thun­der. 2. METRE.
Psalm 29.

YE mighty in your stock and tribe,
All Glory to the Lord ascribe:
In beauty of his holiness,
His Glorious Name adore and bless.
The Lord by his commanding power
Brings down the Clouds in many a shower:
The Glorious God the Thunder sends,
And many Watry Clouds he rends.
His Voice is powerfull in the sky,
His Voice is full of Majesty:
His Voice when he in Thunder speaks
The high and lofty Cedars breaks.
Like sporting Calves, the Mountains trip,
Great Lebanon doth leap and skip:
Syrion by his motion born,
Leaps as a youngling Unicorn.
God's Voice divides the flames of fire,
When Lightnings with the Clouds conspire:
At his rebuke the Desart shakes,
The Wilderness of Kadesh quakes.
He makes to calve the frighted Hinds,
He bares the Forrest with his Winds,
And all that in the temple are
His Soveraign Glory must declare.
God sits above the Watery main,
This Glorious God doth ever reign:
His Peoples strength he will encrease,
And bless them with long lasting peace.

HYMN 347. (Psalm 30.)

Escape from Death his thoughts employ,
He tells the quick return of joy.
I Will advance thee, O most high,
that am advanc'd by thee,
Who hast not left an enemy
to triumph over me.
verse 2 I cry'd to thee, O God, to save
and thou hast made me whole,
verse 3 And from the all-devouring Grave
brought back my gasping soul.
To me a new life thou didst lend,
and wouldest not permit
That I should hastily descend
into the dreadfull pit.
verse 4 Sing to the Lord ye Saints of his,
and thankfully express,
How sweet the due remembrance is
of his pure holiness.
verse 5 For though his anger burns a space,
it quickly slacks again,
But in his favour and his grace
doth constant life remain.
Though sorrows lodge with [...]s a night,
and make us weep and mourn;
Yet joy comes in at mornings light,
making a quick return.

HYMN 348. (2. PART.)
Psalm 30.

Prosperity puffs up, then Grace withdraws,
Prayer is excited, and gives God th' applause.
verse 6 IN my prosperity I laid,
I never shall be mov'd,
verse 7 So strongly was my mountain laid
so free thy favour prov'd.
Thou didst no sooner hide thy face,
But trouble did invade,
verse 8 Then Lord [...]ory'd to thee for grace
and supplication made.
verse 9 What pro [...]it is there in my bloud
when I to Grave go down?
Can Dust declare thy praise, O God,
can Dust thy truth renown?
verse 10 Hear me, O Lord, O bow thine ear,
and pity on me take:
O Lord unto my help draw near
for thy sweet mercy sake.
verse 11 My mourning then to melody
thou didst for me convert:
My sackcloth thou hast quite laid by
and me with gladness girt.
verse 12 To th' end my Glory may sing La [...]d,
to thee and not give o're:
O Lord my God I will applaud
thy Name for evermore.

HYMN 349. Happiness conferr'd on the Saints.
Psalm 31.19.

O God, how great felicity
hast thou laid up in store,
For men affected faithfully
to fear thee evermore.
What goodness Lord, what recompence
is wrought by thee for them
That put their trust in thy defence,
before the sons of men?
verse 20 The secret of thy presence, Lord,
shall those thy Servants hide,
And be their safety, and their guard
from man's insulting pride.
And thou shalt keep them secretly,
in a Pavilion sure;
And save them by that secrecy,
from strife of tongues, secure.
Psalm 35.10. Psal. 76.10.
And who, O Lord, is like to thee,
that sav'st the poor from spight
Of's over-potent enemy,
that seeks to crush him quite.
Surely the wrath in men that reigns
shall turn unto thy praise:
Remaining wrath thy power restrain [...],
when passion oversways.
Psalm 72.18, 19.
O Let the Lord of Israel
be prais'd of rich and poor:
Whose works are such as do excell,
and he the onely doer.
And let the whole earth generally
be fill'd and fill'd agen
With his renown and Majesty,
Amen, Amen, Amen.

HYMN 350. Exceeding happiness of pardon·
Psalm 32.

All People, &c. Or, O Lord Consider, &c.
THE man is blest whose sin's remitted,
Whose crimes are covered, and acquitted,
To whom the Lord imputes no fault,
Nor guile is harbour'd in his thought;
For while I no confession made,
My strength with daily grief decay'd,
Thine anger burnt the day throughout,
My moisture turn'd to summers drought.
Then I confest and kept not in,
But said, I will confess my sin:
And thou when I, Lord, did confess
Forgav'st my sinfull wickedness:
For this cause, all the Godly Race
Shall seek thee in a time of Grace,
That when great flouds of waters roll
No danger may come near their soul.
Thou art my hiding place from wrongs,
To close me round with safeties songs,
I'll tell and teach the faithfull so,
Mine eye shall guide them how to go:
O be not like the Horse and Mule
Whom understanding doth not rule;
Whose stubborn mouths we must restrain
From violence with bit and rean.
The wicked shall be curbed so,
And are reserv'd to many a wo,
But them that in the Lord confide
Shall mercy close on every side:
Be joyfull therefore in the Lord
Ye righteous men, with one accord;
And shout for joy with great delight
All ye that are in heart upright.

HYMN 351. (Psal. 33. v. 13. to 21.)

Protection and Provision from above
For those that fear the Lord, and trust in's love.
THE Lord lookt down from Heaven high
beholding all abroad,
All mortal mans posterity
from place of his abode.
In all the Earth and all the parts
the dwellers he survays;
He fashioneth alike their hearts
and all their works he weighs.
No numerous Hosts can save a King,
the strength of limb saves none:
Nor can the Horse deliverance bring,
his great strength saves not one.
But lo! the eye of God above
is ever fixt on those
That fear his Name, and in his love
their confidence repose.
To save their souls from sharpest sword
of Famine that can be:
Wherefore our soul waits for the Lord,
our help and shield is he.
For in him shall our hearts be glad
because we can proclaim,
The confidence that we have had
in his most holy Name.

HYMN 352. Honouring God at all times.
Psal. 34.1.

AT all times I will bless the Lord,
my mouth shall spread his fame:
Continually it shall record
the praises of his Name.
My soul shall make her boast in God,
the humble men shall hear:
And they shall gladly spread abroad
his praises every where.
O magnifie the Lord with me,
and let us altogether
Exalt his Name in high degree,
and speak his praise for ever.
I sought the Lord with fervent cries,
and graciously he heard:
And did deliver me likewise.
from all the harms I fear'd.
The meek lookt up and sought his Name,
and they enlightned were:
Their Faces did receive no shame,
that fled to him by Prayer.
[Page 415]This poor man cry'd unto the Lord,
the Lord did hear his call;
And saving health to him afford,
out of his troubles all.

HYMN 353. Holy Angels protecting Saints. And Exhortations to fear God.
Psal. 34.7.

GOD'S Holy Angel doth encamp
round about all those men
That have Rel [...]gions real stamp,
and he delivereth them.
O tast and see that God is good,
O blessed men are they
That have that goodness understood,
and make it all their stay!
O, fear the Lord, ye Saints of his,
and on his care rely:
For they that fear him never miss
a competent supply.
Young Lyons shall have meat full scant,
shall hunger, and lack food:
But they that fear the Lord shall want
for nothing that is good.

HYMN 354. How to fear God aright.
Psalm 34.11, 12

COme unto me, my Children dear,
and hearken to my word:
And I will teach you how to fear
the true and living Lord.
[Page 416]Who is the man that would live long,
and lead a blessed life?
See thou refrain thy lips and tongue
from all deceit and strife.
13, 14, 15.
Refrain thee still from doing ill,
and all good deeds embrace:
Inquire for peace and quietness,
and follow it apace.
Because the Lord's most gracious eye
upon the just is bent:
His ears are open to the cry
of all the innocent.
16, 17.
But he looks down with angry frown
upon the wicked train;
To cut their memory from the Earth,
that none of them remain▪
But when the just do call and cry
the Lord doth hear them so,
That out of pain and misery
he lets them timely go.

HYMN 355. Jewels of God's keeping.
Psal. 34 [...]19.

FUll many be the miseries
which on the just do fall:
But God doth soon deliver them,
and help them out of all.
He keepeth every bone of theirs
by his Almighty Arm,
That not so much as one of them
is broken to their harm.
Evil shall slay the wicked man,
for sin which he hath wrought:
And such as hate the righteous man
shall quickly come to nought.
But them that fear the living Lord
he keepeth safe and sound:
And them that put their trust in him
no malice shall confound.

HYMN 356. (Psalm 36.)

Ill deeds describe the wicked sort,
God [...]s mercies are the Saints support.
The mighty God, &c.
verse 1 TRangressions of the lewd to me sug­gest,
that there's no fear of God before his eyes,
verse 2 For still he sooths himself in his own breast
till all abhor his foul iniquities.
verse 3 The words of his foul mouth are fraud and lewdness,
He hath left off all wisedom, grace and good­ness.
verse 4 He studies▪ mischief on his secret bed,
he sets himself to go in no good way,
No evil action doth he hate or dread▪
yet is thy mercy my sufficient stay.
verse 5 The Heavens O Lord, thy mercy compre­hendeth,
Thy faithfulness unto the clouds extendeth.

HYMN 357. (2. PART.)
Psal. 36.

God's mercies keep both man and beast,
His comforts make the Saints to feast.
verse 6 THY righteousness is like the mountains great,
thy Judgments are a most unfathom'd deep,
Thou Lord, art he that holds the sovereign seat,
thy preservation man and beast doth keep:
verse 7 How excellent, O God, is thine affection,
Which makes mankind to trust to thy pro­tection?
verse 8 they shall be satisfy'd abundantly,
with fatness of thy house and holy place,
And thou shalt make them drink pure streams of joy,
And pleasures there imparted by thy grace.
verse 9 For Lord, with thee is life's pure fountain present,
And in thy light shall we see light most plea­sant.

HYMN 358. (3. PART.)
Psalm 36.

God's mercies to the Saints secure.
Great woes attend the wicked doer.
verse 10 O Lord continue thy compassions kind
to them that know thee by experi­ence,
And let the upright hearted people find
thy righteousness for their assur'd defence.
verse 11 Let not the foot of pride with power op­press me,
Nor let the hand of lewd men dispossess me.
verse 12 See there those workers of iniquity
how often times they fall before our eyes.
Yea they shall be cast down eternally,
and never more be able to arise.
O let the God of Israel therefore
Be prais'd from first to last for evermore.

HYMN 359. Joys of Heaven. 2. METRE.
Psalm 36.5.

THE Heavens, O Lord, thy mercy fills,
thy truth doth reach the sky:
verse 6 Thy justice over-tops the Hills,
and deep thy judgments lie.
Thou dost preserve both men and beasts,
for Lord thy grace excells:
verse 7 And underneath thy wings in peace
mankind securely dwells.
verse 8 With dainties of thy house most sweet
replenish'd they shall be:
And drink the streams of pure delight,
imparted there by thee.
verse 9 For Lord, from thee the fountain flows
that giveth light to thine:
And in thy light shall we disclose
our lasting light to shine.

HYMN 360. Just mens vindication, Protecti­on, and Provision.
Psalm 37.3.

TRust confidently in the Lord,
to goodness give thy mind:
[Page 420]So shalt thou dwell in Israel,
and sure provision find.
verse 4 Delight thy self in God likewise,
and he shall set thee have,
Yea grant entire thy hearts desire,
whatever thou dost crave.
verse 5 Commit thy way unto the Lord,
and rest in him secure:
And he shall bring to pass the thing,
and make the issue sure.
verse 6 He shall bring forth thy righteousness
as manifest as light:
Thy [...]udgment he shall make to be
as noon-tide, shining bright.

2. PART.

verse 18 God knows the days of upright men
how far their tryal goes:
And doth engage an heritage
which they shall never lose.
verse 19 They shall not be asham'd at all
when some are hard bestead:
And in the day of famine they
shall be suffic'd with bread.
verse 25 I have been young and now am old,
yet ne're saw Saints so poor;
Nor yet their seed in so much need
to beg from door to door.
Psal. 55.22.
Then cast thy burden on the Lord,
and he shall well provide:
For not a whit will he permit
the righteous man to slide.

HYMN 361 Just mens sure safeguard and happy end.
Psal. 37.37.

MARK and behold the perfect man,
for that mans end is peace▪
verse 38 But quickly shall transgressors fall,
be quite cut off and cease.
verse 39 But the salvation of the [...]ust
is of the Lord most high;
Their strength and stay m [...]th evil day
of their adversity.
verse 40 And he shall shield and save the just,
and keep them life and limb;
Delivering them from wicked men,
because they trust in him.

HYMN 362. Knowledge, and acknowledg­ment of Mortality.
Psalm 39.5.

All People, &c.
WHAT is our life but as a span?
So meer a vanity is man:
And reckon'd at his best estate
Is reckon'd at no higher rate.
verse 6 Man walketh in a shadow vain,
And toyls himself with needless pain:
He gathers wealth with wretched care▪
And knows not who shall be his heir.
verse 11 When thou rebukest man for sin,
A sad condition he is in:
[Page 422]Thou mak'st his beauty like a cloth,
fretted and eaten by the moth.
Surely every man how great soever,
Is vanity, yea, altogether:
And reckoned at no higher rate
When reckon'd at his best estate.
verse 12 Lord hear my prayer, attend my cry,
Slight not my tears: for what am I,
A stranger and a Sojourner
With thee, as all my Fathers were.
verse 13 O spare me, Lord, a little space,
That I may gather strength of grace,
Before I lose this mortal breath,
And shall be taken off by death.

HYMN 363. Lovers of Charity blessed. 1. METRE.
Psalm 41.1.

THE man is blest that minds the poor
that suffers sore distress:
The Lord will sure deliver him
when perils most oppress.
verse 2 The Lord will keep him safe alive,
and bless him in the Land:
And he will not abandon him
unto his enemies hand.
verse 3 Upon his bed of languishing,
the Lord will strengthen him,
And in his sickness make his bed
to ease each weary limb.
[Page 423] verse 4 Then in my sickness thus said I,
be gracious, Lord, to me:
And heal my sick and sinfull soul
that hath offended thee.

HYMN 364. Falseness of Persecutors. 2. METRE.
Psal. 41.5.

MINE enemies speak ill of me;
when comes his dying-day?
And when shall we survive to see
his blessed Name say they?
He visits me with complements,
his heart he fills with fraud,
And vile intents, all which he vents,
whene're he goes abroad.
My haters all lie whispering,
against my soul combin'd,
Some hurtfull thing on me to bring,
devising in their mind:
An ill disease doth him surprize,
and cleaves to him so fast,
That now he lies he shall not rise,
but breaths (say they) his last.
My trusted friend, fed at my board,
against me lifts his heel;
But help me, Lord, that when restor'd
they may my justice feel.

HYMN 365. (Psalm 42.1. to 5.)

The Saint, when from God's house confin'd,
In Sighs and Prayer, sets forth his mind.
All People, &c.
LIKE as the chased hart doth pant
after the cooling water brooks:
So, Lord, my soul pursu'd and faint,
pants after thee with longing looks.
verse 2 I thirst for God, the living God,
O when shall I come and draw near
The place of his most blest abode,
and in his glorious courts appear?
verse 3 Both thoroughout the night and day,
my mournfull tears have been my food:
While constantly my foes do say,
where now is thy most faithfull God?
verse 4 When I these things have thought upon,
my grief of soul has much renew'd,
Because I formerly had gone
among the zealous multitude.
I went with them to God's own house,
with cheerfull voice of joy and praise,
Where multitudes did follow us
that kept the solemn Holy daies.
verse 5 O Then my soul, why shouldst thou be
so over-whelm'd in thy distress?
O wherefore art thou mov'd in me,
and tossed with unquietness?
Hope still in God's deliverance,
for I shall surely, yet again,
Praise him for his sweet countenance,
and help I, shall thereby obtain.

HYMN 366. (Psal. 43.)

When persecutions greatly grieve and grind,
God's Ordinances cheer the Godly mind.
verse 1 Judge me, O God, and plead my cause,
against th' ungodly train,
From subtil tyrants greedy jaws,
my righteous soul sustain.
verse 2 For of my strength thou art the God,
why dost thou leave me so?
And why walk I so heavily
oppressed by my foe?
verse 3 Send out thy light, and truth so bright,
and guide me with thy grace;
And so conduct me to thy hill,
and to thy dwelling place▪
verse 4 Then shall I to the Altar go
of God my hearts delight,
And on the harp, O God, my God,
thy praise I shall recite.
verse 5 Why art thou then so sad my soul,
and fret'st thus in my breast?
O why art thou so troubled now
and taken off thy rest?
Hope still in God, and him applaud,
whom I shall yet record;
Who doth advance my countenance,
and is my God, my Lord.

HYMN 367. (2. METRE)
Psalm 43.

He cheers his soul in God's free love,
And Comforts flowing from above.
Give Laud, &c.
verse 1 MY judgment, Lord, maintain,
and plead my needfull case,
Against a Nation vain,
and destitute of grace.
O save thou me
From men unjust, and such as trust
in treachery.
verse 2 For thou art my support,
my God, my strength and stay:
Why seem'st thou [...]n such sort
to cast me clean away?
Why do I go
So mournfully, oppressed by
my cruel foe?
verse 3 O Lord send out thy light,
send out thy word most true;
And let them lead me right,
and let them bring me to
Thy holy Hill,
That dwelling place where thy sweet grace
abideth still.
verse 4 And then, O Lord, will I
unto thine Altar go,
To God my wondrous joy,
from whom my comforts flow.
There I'le give laud,
And honour thee with Psaltery
O God, my God.
verse 5 Why art thou then so low
dejected O my soul?
Why do such waves of woe
within thy bosome roll?
And why art thou
With fear and dread disquieted
within me now?
O let thy hope be set
on God that helpeth thee:
For I shall praise him yet
for his great aid to me
When undertrod,
Who doth advance my countenance
and is my God.

(Psalm 44 v. 3.)

Canaan the Type of Heaven fell,
By Gods free grace to Israel.
All People, &c.
O God our Fathers have us told
What works thou didst in days of old;
And we have heard it with our ears,
What works thou didst in times of theirs.
How thou didst drive out Heathen men
With thy strong hand, to plant in them;
How thou those people didst afflict,
And cast them out in judgment strict.
For neither their own sword or hand
Did get possession of the L [...]nd,
Nor was it their own chivalry
That sav'd them from the enemy.
But thy right and powerfull arm,
That kept them evermore from harm,
And Lord it was the lightsome glance,
Of thy sweet face and countenance.
Thou wast the aid of Israel still,
Because thou bear'st them great good will:
To Israel's God be praise therefore,
From first to last for evermore.

HYMN 369. Martyrdom, or slaughter of the sheep. (2. METRE.)
Psalm 44.20.

IF we have now forgot the Name
of our Almighty One,
And stretched out our hands (in vain)
to Idol-Gods unknown:
verse 21 Should not our God the matter try,
and understand the whole?
For he doth know undoubtedly
the secrets of our soul.
verse 22 Yea for thy sake, O God, are we
slain all day long indeed,
And counted as the sheep we be
which men for slaughter feed.
verse 23 Awaken and arise therefore,
why sleepest thou, O Lord?
Cast us not off for evermore,
as people quite abhorr'd.
verse 24 O wherefore dost thou hide thy face,
and dost our grief forget,
In this forlorn and wofull case
that hath our souls beset?
verse 25 For down to dust our soul is thrust,
our belly cleaves to th' Earth:
verse 26 Rise, and afford some succour, Lord,
to set thy mercy forth.

HYMN 370. (3. METRE.)
Psalm 44.20.

All People, &c.
IF our God's name we have forgot,
or bow'd to gods whom we knew not:
Should not our God the sin disclose,
the secrets of our hearts that knows?
Yea for thy sake thus ill we fare,
that killed all day long we are:
Counted as sheep, that have their life
exposed to the slaughtering knife.
Awake, why sleep'st thou, Lord, arise,
O do not quite cast off our cries:
Why dost thou hide thy face so long,
forgetting all our grief and wrong?
For to the ground our soul is thrust,
our belly cleaveth to the dust:
Arise our aid to undertake,
and save us for thy mercy sake.
So we thy flock and pasture-store
shall give thee thanks for evermore:
And as thy mercies do engage,
shew forth thy praise from age to age.

HYMN 371. (Psalm 45.)

The praise of Christ who spake as no man did.
His powerfull word disclosing secrets hid.
Have mercy, &c.
MY heart indicts good words
To praise the Lord of Lords:
More swiftly than the Writers Pen,
My tongue his praise records.
O fairer than mankind
Thy Lips with grace have shin'd;
And God therefore for evermore
To bless thee hath design'd.
Thy sword gird on thy Thigh,
O mighty Majesty:
Ride on O King all conquering,
And ride on prosperously.
Because thou dost express
Truth, meekness, righteousness;
And mak'st that word thy conquering sword,
Thou shalt have sure success.

HYMN 372. (2. PART.)
Psalm 45.

The power of Christ converting Souls,
But stubborn Enemies he controuls.
THE right hand of thy might
Thine Enemies shall smite
With dreadfull sense of Conscience,
Till yielding to thy right.
Full sharp shall be thy dart
In the King's enemies heart:
Nothing shall ease the Consciences,
Till they to thee convert.
As for the stubborn foe
Well shall thy right hand know,
To wound such hearts with dreadfull darts,
And work their overthrow.

HYMN 373. (3. PART.)
Psalm 45.6.

The Throne of Christ with justice deckt
The Graces of his Saints elect.
Have mercy, &c.
THY throne, O God most high,
Abides perpetually;
[Page 433]Thy Government is excellent
For truth and equity.
Thou lovest righteousness,
And sin thou hat'st no less;
Therefore hath God thy God bestow'd
On thee such blest success.
And hath anointed thee
With gifts of grace so free,
And oyl of joy transcendently
Above all saints that be.
Thy graces all divine
Which do from Heaven shine,
Like Cassia, Myrrhe and Aloes are,
The joy of thee and thine.
Chief Saints in every place
Shall come before thy face,
At thy right hand shall Israel stand
All deckt in robes of grace.

HYMN 374. (4. PART.)
Psalm 45. v. 10.

The Spouse of Christ he doth exhort,
The Gentiles call'd to Sions Court.
Have mercy, &c.
HEarken O spouse most dear,
consider and give ear,
[Page 434]Forget thy birth that sprung from earth,
And as new born appear.
So shall the King desire
Thy beautious grace entire,
For none but he thy Lord must be
Pure worship to require.
And converts most compleat
Shall come with gifts full great,
The Gentiles which are great and rich,
Thy favour shall intreat.
And I will cause thy Name
To be of endless fame,
And therefore all the people shall
Thy praises still proclaim.

HYMN 375. (5. PART.)
Psal. 45. v. 13.

The Churches inward beauty, her succession.
The Jew and Gentiles glory with confession
Of Christ our Saviour's praise past all expres­sion.
Have mercy, &c.
THE Kings dear spouse behold
Deckt in her cloth of gold.
(The inward dress of Holiness
And graces manifold.)
Be brought to Christ shall she
In robes of sanctity,
Her Virgin mates (confederates)
Must all be brought to thee.
With joy shall they resort,
And in triumphant sort,
(Gentile and Jew) be brought into
The Kings celestial court.
And in the Fathers stead
Thou shalt have children bred,
As Princes high for piety
The Earth to overspread.
And I will cause thy Name
To be of endless fame,
And therefore all the people shall
Thy praises still proclaim.

HYMN 376. (Psalm 46.)

The Lord proclaim'd a present aid:
The foes with fear are much dismay'd.
All People, &c.
GOD is our strength and present aid,
Our refuge in our need,
Therefore we will not be afraid,
Nor tottering earthquakes heed:
[Page 436]Though midst of Seas huge hills be hurl'd,
though troubled waters roar,
And swelling of the billows curld
make mountains tremble sore.
A River there with Crystal stream
shall glad that City of his,
The sacred tent of God supream
the Lord amidst her is.
Right early God shall help her there,
she shall not once be mov'd,
The Heathen Kingdoms moved were,
and most outragious prov'd.
He uttering then that voice of his
the earth did melt away,
The Lord of Hosts with Israel is,
and Jacob's God our stay.
Come see the work of God's own hand,
what desolation's made,
How wars are husht in all the Land,
and how he breaks the blade.
He burns the Charriot, breaks the Bow,
be still and know, saith he,
That I am God on earth below,
and there extol'd will be.
Of Heathens I'll be magnifi'd
in this my glorious power,
The Lord of Hosts is on our side,
and Jacob's God our tower.

HYMN 377. (2. METRE.)
Psalm 46.

A present refuge God appears,
Therefore the Saints should banish fears.
All People, &c.
GOD is our refuge and relief,
A very present help in grief,
Therefore we will not fear at all
Although the earth should flit or fall.
And though the mountains should be hurl'd
Amidst the Seas throughout the world.
Although the troubled waters rore
And swelling Seas should shake the shore.
There is a River whose sweet stream
Shall glad the City of God supream,
The Glory of his holy place
Are th' Ordinances of his Grace.
The Lord is in the midst of her,
She shall not once be made to stir,
God gives her help and soon perform'd
Tho' Heathens rag'd and Kingdoms storm'd.
His voice he utter'd soon 'twas felt,
And made the stubborn Earth to melt,
The Lord of hosts is with us still,
The God of Jacob's our high hill.

HYMN 378. (2. PART)
Psalm 46.

God ceaseth wars, proclaims his power,
Is Israel's refuge and high Tower.
THE works of God O come and see
How mild he makes the Earth to be;
He ceaseth wars to earths far ends,
He breaks the bow, the spear he rends.
He breaks asunder steel entire,
He burns the Charriot in the fire,
Be still and know that I am God
To be exalted all abroad.
Heathens (saith he) shall set me forth,
I'll be exalted in the Earth,
The Lord of hosts is with us still,
The God of Jacob our high hill.
Psalm 106.48.
Let Israel's God be blest therefore
From first to last for evermore;
And let all people joyntly then
Give him renown and say Amen.

HYMN 379. Mercies to the Church by our Saviour's ascension. 1. METRE.
Psalm 47.

Have mercy, &c.
O People clap your hands,
and shout unto the Lord
With Voice of Joy triumphantly,
and all with one accord.
verse 2 Because the Lord most high
with terrour is set forth,
A mighty King in governing,
and ruling all the earth.
verse 3 He shall subdue the Lands
for us, as he thinks meet,
And make to fall the Nations all,
subjected at our feet.
verse 4 He shall elect for us
a lot which doth excell:
A glorious choice for Jacob's house▪
which he hath loved well.
verse 5 God is gone up on high,
ascending with a shout,
With Trumpets shrill to Sion-hill,
the Lord is thus gone out.

2. PART.

verse 6 Sing praises unto God,
sing praises chearfully:
Sweet praises sing unto our King,
sing praise with melody.
verse 7 For God is Soveraign King
of Earths remotest parts:
Your Voices raise, to sing his praise
with understanding hearts.
verse 8 God reigneth o're the Lands
which Heathen men possess:
God sits upon his sacred Throne
of perfect Holiness.
verse 9 The Princes of the world,
and people every one,
That are by Grace of Abraham's Race,
are gather'd to his Throne.
verse 10 For all the powers on Earth
belong unto the Lord:
So much must he exalted be
of all with one accord.

HYMN 380. Mercies to the Gentiles by Christ's ascension.
2. METRE. Psalm 47.

All People, &c. Or, O Lord Consider, &c.
CLap hands ye people generally,
and shout to God with joy and mirth:
For dreadfull is the Lord most high,
a mighty King in all the Earth.
The Heathen he for us subdues,
and Nations to our feet subjects:
A glorious portion he shall chuse
for Jacob, whom he so affects.
God is ascended with a shout,
the Lord now while the Trumpet plays:
Sing praise to God, his praise sing out,
sing praises to our King sing praise:
The Lord is King, the Earth submits,
sing praise with understanding then:
Upon his Holy Throne he sits,
he ruleth o're the Heathen men.
Exod. 3.14.
Hither the peoples Princes throng,
to him whose Name is call'd I AM:
The faithfull people that belong
unto the God of Abraham.
Because the shields of all the Earth
belong unto the Lord alone:
For they are of that heavenly birth,
and he the high exalted One.

HYMN 381. (Psal. 48.)

The Churches beauty highly prais'd,
Her walls besieg'd, the Siege is rais'd.
All people, &c.
GReat is the Lord, prais'd all abroad,
and greatly to be praised still,
Here in the City of our God,
and in his consecrated hill.
Mount Sion is a beautious thing,
the only joy of all the Earth,
The City of the soveraign King,
is situated on her North.
God in her palaces is known
to be a refuge near at hand,
Th' assembled Kings were quickly gone,
with all the whole beleaguering band.
They saw it and they marvelled,
and troubled, hastned back again,
Surpriz'd as women tortured,
with keenest pangs of Child-bed pain.
Or like as when at thy command
the Eastern wind with fury roars,
And splits the Tharsian Ships by Land,
upon the naked rocks and shores▪
[Page 443]Now have we seen in Israel's Coasts
what we have heard declar'd of old,
The City of our Lord of hosts
the Lord for ever shall uphold.

HYMN 382. (2. PART.)
Psalm 48.

The Church records God's mercies past,
Her strength and safety to the last.
A Midst thy holy house, O God,
thy kindness to remembrance came,
Thy praise on earth is spread abroad,
according to thy Glorious Name.
Thy right hands full of righteousness,
therefore let Sion-mount rejoyce,
And Judahs Towns their joys express,
to hear thy iudgments awfull voice.
Walk round about and Sion see,
her stately Towers distinctly tell,
Her palaces consider ye,
and mark ye all her bulwarks well: