The Searching out the DECEIT, and bringing the Deceivers words and actions to the Light, to be proved and tryed with the Light, which is just, judging and condemning that which is acted or spoken contrary to the Light.

This is given forth for the clearing of the Truth from Slanders cast upon it, and for no other end. The ground and cause of our publishing this forth in print to the Nation, is, we finding many slanders and false reports in Books publish­ed to the Nation, by one who is called by name Henry Walker, which calls himself a Minister of Christ; and also by George Horton, called, The Faithful Scout, but is found deceitful. In whose books, many groundless false reports and slanders are tryed and proved by many witnesses, who have gone to search out the matter, and have found them that published them, that they could give no ground for the false reports which was cast upon a people whom every one which is out of the fear of God nick-names, and scornsully calls QUAKERS; and they are their mark, as David was, amongst such as God was not in their thoughts, the proud and losty, which goes before the fall: and such as the Lord regards, and trembles at his word, such the world regards not, as you may read in Isaiah. And they shall speak all monner of evil of you, for my Names sake, saith Christ. And they shall be given ever to believe lyes, saith the Spirit that gave forth the Scriptures, and we do see them fulfilled. And they shall bend their tongues like a bowe to tell Lyes, saying, Report, and we will report it; and this We finde fulfilled in our days, and loading with reproaches the people of God, as it was done unto Moses, which was a Quaker, as you may read, Heb. 12, 21. but reproaches are our riches. So to clear the Truth from slanders cast upon him who is called George Fox, and others, was we moved to write and print these Pa­pers, that all the simple ones, and honest hearted, may see, our end of print­ing is to clear the Truth from false accusations cast upon it; and that all things may be brought to the light by it, to be tryed and proved: for with the light which Christ Jesus hath enlightned thee withal, we see these Spirits that we have tryed, to be like Priest, like People, all uttering forth reproachful slan­ders and evil reports, not having any ground which to us they make appear for what they have done or said against the innocent; who are found slanderers in the dark: but their deeds are brought forth to the light, to all who have an eye open to see them. 2 Thess. 2.11, 12. Jer. 9.2. 1 Tim. 4.3. Hos. 4.2. and the Scriptures fulfilled, Hos. 4 9. A horrible filthy thing is committed in the land, Jer. 5.30, 31.

Printed in the yeer 1655.

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