[...]Ah! cruel, cruel Damon cease, cease to teaze; no lo—
[...]nger must you ty—ranize: altho your Charme, altho [...]
[...]Charm's will ever please; & you your Caelia, & yor
[...] Caelia, & you Caelia will despise, and you your
[...] Caelia, & you your Caelia, and you your
[...] Cae—lia will despise. A Second Venus may appear
[...]A Second Venus may appear to Cha—
[...]rm again young Damons Ear; and then alass! then alass too late,
[...]you may repent your ridg—ed face: Cease Damon cease Damon cease be advis'd,
[...]no longer, no longer, no, no, no, no, lo—nger tyranize.

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