IT being Notorious, that many ill-minded Persons, for some wicked De­signs against the Government, have dispersed in Coffee-Houses, and o­ther publick Places of Meeting, divers most infamous Scandals of their Majesties General Post-Office; giving out, that Letters are there stopped, broke open, and destroyed at pleasure: And especially, that great Numbers of Let­ters about Elections of Members for the next Parliament, have been burnt.

For the Suppressing of such malicious Falshoods and wicked Insinuations, which in consequence reflect on their Majesties Just and Gracious Govern­ment, and tend to lessen their Revenue from the said Office: It is hereby Notified, that every good and honest minded Person may easily be satisfied by the Oaths of near twenty Officers in the said Office, that the aforesaid Reports are utterly false, and maliciously groundless; and that no Letters up­on the said occasion of Election, or at any other time have been destroy­ed, open'd or stay'd in this Office, and it may be also made manifest to them, that such opening of Letters as is falsly rumour'd and pretended, is wholly impracticable in the said Office, if there were so vile a mind in the Master of the same, in regard the Letters pass not his hands, and the time from the Receipt of the same to the Posts going, is not in any kind sufficient for such a foul and villanous Practice.

It is therefore heartily intreated of all that have respect to Truth and Justice, that in love to the Honour and Reputation of their Majesties Go­vernment, and to Justice it self, they would desire every one whom they shall hear telling and dispersing the aforesaid Scandals upon the said Office, to discover the Authors and Inventers of the same: And if any can be found who have the bold Malice to affirm any of the aforesaid Falshoods, con­cerning the Master of the said Office, or any other Officers thereunto be­longing, he or they reporting the same, shall be put upon the Justification thereof in the due Course of the Law, or otherwise to Pay such Damages as shall be judg'd answerable to their odious Offence.


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