AN ADVERTISEMENT FROM THE Society of Chymical Physitians, TOUCHING MEDICINES by them prepared, in pursuance of his Majesties Command, For the Prevention, and for the Cure of the PLAGUE.

IT Being a matter avowed by the most laborious Physitians practising in this famous City, yea and now openly acknowledged by those also in several Prints, who are principally addi­cted to Galenick Doctrines and Medicines, that Remedies made by Chymical preparation are of greater Excellence than any other, for preservation from Diseases, as well as for the Cure of them, and that the other failing, the people are to have recourse unto Chymical Medicines, whereby it is clearly given and granted, that they are the most powerful and efficacious Means, and there­upon have been by those worthy Persons particularly recommended for publick use, in this sad time and de­plorable Estate of Pestilential Contagion; We cannot but with all our hearts congratulate our Brethren, touching this their so seasonable and ingenuous an acknowledgment, rejoicing to see the day, that the un­happy Controversie betwixt us and them, touching the efficacy of Medicines, is now at an end: so that we look on it as a good Omen towards a more full and free coming over to us in the future, even of the most a­verse of those that till of late have been otherwise enclined; and it gives hope, that we may one day come to a more Brotherly correspondence, and unanimously endeavour to reform and rectifie the state of Medi­dicine, both as to Principles and Practise, according to the Chymical and more ancient way.

We therefore, the Society of Chymical Physitians of London, being deeply moved with commiseration of the calamity befallen this great City by the Pestilence, and perceiving it every day to encrease notwithstand­ing the use of those common Galenical Medicines, which have been recommended to the people by others, have thought fit, in obedience to his Majesties command, to hold several meetings, and have thereupon de­liberately consulted about the preparation of such Medicines, both Preservative and Curative, by Art Chy­mical, as are not borrowed out of former Authors, but agreeably devised and fitted to the nature of the pre­sent Pest, which in many things differs from the Pests of former times, or in Forreign Countries where those Authors lived. Which Medicines so prepared we here offer to our Countrymen, not doubting but that the great God, who hath given us a heart and light to search into the mysteries of Nature, and the mysterious na­ture of diseases, will so second our endeavours by his special blessing, as to make us and our Remedies as his own hands, to secure the sound, and save the sick from this devouring Maladie.

In pursuance whereof, it is thought meet to signifie the places, to which all persons concerned may repair and be furnished with the Antidotes so by us prepared, at reasonable Rates, with Directions how to use them in order to Preservation, and in case of Cure.

Viz. at the Houses of
  • Dr. William Goddard, in St. John's Close neer Clarkenwel.
  • Dr. Marchamont Nedham in St. Tho­mas Apostles.
  • Dr. Edward Bolnest in Jewen-street neer Cripplegate.
  • Dr. Thomas Williams in Two-Cranes Court in Fleet-street.
  • Dr. Everard Manwaring next door to the Blew Boar at the foot of Ludgate Hill without Ludgate.
  • Dr. George Thompson next to the Blew Boar Inn without Algate.
  • Dr. Thomas O Dowde at his House against St. Clements Church in the Strand.
  • Dr. Richard Barker in Barbican.

These Places are named, because our Society is not yet provided (as we intend suddenly to be) of a Publick House or Colledge, with publick Officers, to whom the people might be directed to resort for the Medicines; and there is a necessity of doing somewhat immediately, because of the present distress of his Majesties Subjects.

Licensed 28 June 1665.

London Printed for John Starkey, and are to be sold at his Shop at the Mitre near Temple-Bar.

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