ADVERTISEMENT Be AGNES CAMPBEL, Relict of the Deceast Master WIL­LIAM GƲTHRIE, Minister of the Gospel, to such, Ʋnto whose hands some printed Papers, called SERMONS bearing the said Master Willam his name, may come.


BEing much afflicted with the sight of some Printed Papers, or Sermons, to which the name of my Worthy Husband (now with the Lord) is prefixed, by these that have published them, because I found many things therein injurious, not onlie to his memorie, but to the Truth: I was therefore at the pains to cause compare them with his Notes I have beside me; And likewise to Interrogate some of his most Judicious and Conscientious ordinarie Hearers, yet living, anent the same: And after due and serious consideration of the whole, I dare verie confidently declare, that they are not the genuine Works and Sermons of my foresaid Husband; which may be very evident to all that knew him, considering the perplexed stile, the confusion, and want of connexion, and a multitude of vain repetitions that are oft-times to be found therein; as also want of that clear method familiar to him, together with the un soundness sometimes of the mat­ter, which was known to be farr from him, being well instructed in the form of sound words, which in all his discourses to the people he held fast. Moreover there be many things therein clear non-sense, and not intelligible by the Reader a fault very farr from his way in Preaching. And this is to be the less wondred, at seeing, that when he was yet alive, some made bold to Print some Sermons of his without his knowledge, which he would not own, and therefore was necessitate to emit these few Sermons himself, Intituled, The tryall of a Saving Interest in Christ, to the advantage of the truth, which had been otherwise wronged.

IT IS hoped therefore that every conscientious person will be so farr tender of the Truth, and of the Fame of such a faithful Minister of the Gospel, who is not now to speak for himself, that they will not look upon these Printed Sermons as his Workes, seing they have been put forth to the publict viewe, without the knowledge or consent of any of his Relations or Brethren of the Ministry, who were particularly acquaint with him, and his way of Doctrine, and to whom, if he had minded any thing for the Press, he would have left the charge or the oversight thereof. The World hath al­ready had a taste of his gift, and of the Spirit that appeared in him in the foresaid use­ful litle Book published by himself, and blessed of God to the Edification of many, which I hope will easily move the observing and Judicious Reader to have these lately Printed under his name in suspition. I shall add no more, but for the future intreat that nothing bearing his name may be looked upon as his, that is not attested by his nearest Relations, and his Brethren of the Ministrie.

I am Thy well-wisher A. C.

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