A LAMENTATION over CAMBRIDGE, AND ALSO A Visitation to the Inhabitants thereof; Who have not yet sinned out the day of their Mercy, and worn out the Patience of the Lord.

OH! thou Town of Cambridge! what sort of La­mentation and mourning shall I take up for thee? how shall I lament thy sad Estate and condition, my tongue is not able to utter the grief of my heart, for thy Inhabitants who have so long grieved the Lords Spi­rit, and resisted his Appearance in thee by his Light and Spirit, which is given to heal thee, and all people: But Oh, you Inhabitants of Cambridge how have you slighted it, and rebelled against the Lord dayes without number, and have still continued in your wickedness, and idola­trous practices, and have highly provoked the Lord in acting that which you saw to be evil, which his righteous witness in your Consciences did reprove you off, and which many of you were and are convinced of in your Consciences to be evil; yet notwithstanding, you have done that evil which you were convinced of, which is a grievous provogation of the Lord; and the ground of it is because you were not faithful unto the Lord in what he convinced you of, but for fear of man, and also the reproach that might fall upon you, if you departed from iniquity, yee have rather chosen to obey Man then the Lord, that yee might save your selves from that which Man could do unto you; but alass, alass, who shall save you from the stroak of the Lords hand, which is now ready to fall upon you, who now will stand in the Gapp; will your Teachers whom you have followed, will they save you, or are they able to save themselves? who is so wise among them as to discern the cause? which of them can find out the ground of the matter? hath not fearfulness surprized the hearts of all? who can say, his heart is clean, and he hath no hand in procuring this which is come, and may yet further come; do you not now see? In vain is the help of Man; have yee not been often told it by the despised people of God called Quakers, that in vain was the help of Man, whose Breath is in his nostrils; and hath not the Lord raised up this people, and sent early and late among you, exhorting you to cease from following of Man, and to turn to the Lord, and be obedient to his Light and Spirit, manifested in you: And have not they born a faithful Testimony among you, in your Markets, in your Streets, in your Colledges, &c. and have they not been evilly intreated by you? Oh yee Inhabitants of Cambridge! and was not the first PERSECƲTION begun among you in all these Parts, and was it not in this Street, where the Lord hath begun to stretch forth his hand; and hath not even all the Persecution that hath been ever since begun in that Street: Oh consider and lay to heart, ye Inhabitants of Cambridge, and repent and turn unto the Lord, and love his Appearance in you, for yet a little while is given you to return; take heed of sligh­ting of it: And thus I was moved of the Lord to write these few lines unto you, for the Seeds sake which is a­mongst you; and that the honest hearted may know for what the Lord is offended with you, and be separated in their hearts and conversations, least they also feel the stroak of the Lords hand, for the Lord is certainly risen to plead the Cause of his innocent and oppressed People, for he hath heard their Cryes and their Groanes, even as sure as he heard Israel in the dayes past, and will as cer­tainly deliver them from all their Oppressions; and well will it be for them that have had no hand nor consent in Persecuting of them; for the Lord will certainly take their parts more eminently then he hath yet done, even to the Astonishment of their Enemies, and to the opening of the eyes of many that they may see and discern the cause of the Lords Controversie with England: But oh, thou Town of Cambridge, there is yet something in my heart to write unto thee, and that is, that every one may search their own hearts, with the Light of Christ, Gods righte­ous and true witness which he hath placed in your Con­sciences; and every one depart from that which it lets you see to be evil, and let it search your hearts, and be subject unto it; for that is it that must stand in the Gapp, and cause the judgment to be removed, for it is your transgression against the Lords witness, and appearance in you, which is the cause of his judgments breaking forth amongst you. (and in this Nation) And thus I have cleared my Conscience in the sight of God, (concerning you) and whether you hear or forbear I am clear of your blood, who am subject to the motion of Gods Spi­rit; and this is the message of the Lord unto you through his Servant.

J. A.

An Epistle written in the movings of Gods holy Spirit unto the Elect People of God every where.

DEar Friends, Brethren & Sisters of the birth of the morning of the day which is sprung from on high, which hath vi­sited us; unto you all is the breathing of my Fa [...]hers love through my vessell; & in the tendernesse of my heart, & moving of the spirit of life do I dearly salute every one of you, having you all fresh in my mind before the Lord, wishing well unto you all, as my own soul, and desiring of the Lo [...]d that ye may never want the enjoyment of his life and love, which at this time I am filled withall towards you, and which I feel is still in sto [...]e for you and all that are not yet brought home, my soul travelleth for them and you, that all may be brought into the rest, and also continue in it, for great shakings of heart may still be to come, to try every birth, that that which is born of God may only stand and be approved in his sight, and all false births will fail and fall before the Lord, and will not stand in the day of try­al, though it may make a great shew for a time, and boast it self in its many sufferings, and conquests, and glory over others, with its many words and great shew, yet it will come short of the blessing, and the inheritance of God is not for it: therefore dear friends, I warn you all in Gods fear and holy awe, that ye watch diligently over your own hearts, that such a birth be not found amongst you, for that is it will betray the just for something of this world, therefore beware of it, for it seeks it self and its own honour, and not the good of all, nor Gods glory; by this ye shall know it, it breathes downwards, and will say, save thy self; but the pure holy gentle Seed and birth of the holy God, its cry is unto him, and its eye is towards him, and it sayes, shall I not drink the cup which my heavenly Father giveth me? and shall I not follow the Lamb through the great tribulation, and lie down in the will of the heavenly Father, and be content in all conditions, and it murmures not at any tryal, but chearfully and joyfully passes through all, rejoicing that it is found worthy to bear his testimony, and that it hath a crosse to bear, though it meet with a Crown of thorns, from the world, and spittings and mockings from the men thereof; yet the present enjoyment of its God, in the midst of them makes up all, and constrains it to say (in the strength of his love) all these things is but little; in comparison of what thou art to me, how can I answer thy love, oh my God! so it wearies not in its journey, nor faints not by the way, because the Lord is its portion, and the place of of its rest; oh dear friends feel this birth in your hearts which breathes upwards, and seeks those things which are above, and is not intangled with the things of this world, with the cares of it, and fears of it, but casts its cares upon God, and believes beyond all, and its faith removes the mountains, and it hath the evidence thereof in its self, and is of Abraham, For it staggers not concern­ing the promise, though Sarahs womb be dry, this is the birth that my life travelleth for, and that which my God will stand by, and deliver out of all its afflictions, and will raise it up in the brightnesse of his arisings and glory of his appearance, and blessed and happy are they that hath part in this first resurrection, for over them the second death shall have no power, and they shall be reckoned in the number of Gods elect, which cannot be deceived, & they are builded on that rock which the gates of hell cannot prevail against, but all others shall beshatter'd & scatter'd, the mouth of the Lord hath spoken it, & it must short­ly come to passe, therefore be awakened, oh every one of ye who professe the name of the Lord, and put on your beautiful garments (which is the covering of Gods holy pure spirit) and meet the Bridegroom; prepare, prepare to meet him, for in power and great glory is he come, and coming, and every eye shall see him, but the slumbering spirit shall be shut out; but the bride that is prepared for her husband shall enter; for now is the Kingdome of Heaven like unto ten Virgins, there­fore it is in my heart, from the mighty God, to warn all to watch and be diligent, that none lose their Crown, and misse of their rest after so long a travell; for surely my cry is, Lord save thy people, that none of them perish in the wildernesse, but that Iosuah's spirit may be found amongst them, that all may passe the River Iordan; even So be it, Amen, saith your Brother in the tribulation, kingdome, and Patience of our Lord Jesus Christ.


For the FLOCK of God in the Town of Colchester.

DEar Friends and suffering Lambs, whom I dearly love and tenderly imbrace in the arms of my Fathers love, which flows in me towards you and all my suffering Friends and Brethren every where, and also to the whole flock of my Fathers fold, the breathing of my life is for you, and the salutation of my love is unto you in the Town of Colchester, who is called to bear you testimony in this day for the living God, and is found faithful in your tryal, and shrinks not at the sharpnesse thereof, though it hath exceeded others. Surely it is because the Lord is with you, and stands by you, and ina­bles you to bear and suffer what he suffereth to be done unto you for the tryal of your faith and patience, that ye may be approved of in his sight, and manifested unto all your enemies that ye are of God. Oh ye Valiants in Israel, my heart loves you, and my life is refreshed in you: go on and prosper, and let it never repent you of what you have suffered or may suffer for his Names sake, for surely your reward is from God, and no man can take your crown from you; and happy are ye whom God hath counted worthy to bear such a testimony which is so much renowned in the hearts of your Brethren, and so much in remembrance before the Lord; and strong are the cries that are put up for you, that ye saint not, which surely prevail with God on your behalf, for how can you suffer and we not partake with you, and bear part of your burthen, and contri­bute our assistance for your help by supplicating to God for you, as the life doth arise in our hearts, which is all that we can do, having our own help from him, And now my dear friends and fellow-sufferers in the kingdom, and patience of our Lord Jesus Christ, what have we to glory in in all this? wherein can we rejoyce save that our names are written in the book of life? what hath the Lord done for us? how can we answer his love? what can [...]so dear to us as our God? what is so precious as his life? what can we not part withall rather then it? what can we not suffer in body and estate, rather then to be deprived of the light of his countenance? is not this the cry of our hearts, Lord lift thou up thy countenance upon us, and then we have enough, and be thou the portion of our cup, and which of us can say but he hath dealt bountifully with us, and doth spread our table, and cause our cup to overflow in the sight of our enemies, and many are the experiences we have had of his love, day by day he hath not ceased to do us good; how hath he engaged our hearts unto himself? O [...] the remembrance of his love is fresh upon my heart, and I cannot but communicate it unto you, that we may rejoyce together and praise the name of the Lord. And friends, be ye still valiant for the truth upon the earth, keep your ground, and ye shall gain more. Weary not in well doing, for surely you shall have your reward, if you faint no: fight the good fight of faith, look over all the hardship unto the Lord, and he will sweeten your cup, and make your trial easie. But wo to the enemies of Sion, better they had never been born, then thus to vex and trouble Israel, who would only passe through their countrey, and eat our own bre [...]d and drink our own water, and not fowl their springs, but the heathen rage, and the people are angry, because of what the Lord is about to do in the earth. But be ye still in your tents, and quiet in your habitations which ye have in God: these things will passe over, and the remembrance will be no more so. Think not the time long, nor your trial hard, but ly down in the heavenly will of the heavenly God, that his will may be done on earth as it is in heaven, which is the travel of your suffering Brother.

J. A.

Printed in the first Moneth, 1664.

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