AN ACCOUNT OF THE PROCEEDINGS AGAINST THOMAS SAXON, Who was Try'd at the Kings-Bench-Bar at Westminster, and found Guilty, On Monday the Eighth of February, 1685. of Wilfull Perjury, for falsely Swearing High Treason against Henry Lord Delameer, Baron of Meer in Cheshire.
This may be Printed, February the 9th, 1685. R. L. S.

OF all the Horrid and Flagitious Crimes, perpetrated by deprav'd Man, there is none of a deeper Dye, or that calls for Divine Vengeance, more than the Sin of Per­jury; which is so Odious to God Almighty; and by which his Sacred Name and Authority is so prophan'd and abus'd, by calling him (who is all Truth) to Witness to the Hei­nousest Lyes and Falsehoods, witness the Case of Otes, who was Convicted of two Horrid Perjuries, whereupon the Foundations of the pretended Damnable, Helish, Popish Plot, were blown up into the Air; and all the hopes of his Cursed Accomplices defeated. The Remainder of them wan­dering up and down, like so many Cain's over the Face of the Earth, Crying, Our Sins are greater than we can bear, Miles Prance the Silver-Smith having lately fled also from the Summons of the Court of Kings-Bench to give Evidence at [Page]the Tryal of one Mr. Vernatti, whom he had formerly Ac­cus'd for the Death of Sr. Edmund-Bury Godfrey, of which the said Mr. Vernatti was the Ninth Instant Acquitted. But alas, who can gather up the Innocent Blood which these Miscreants have spilt like Water; And a farther Instance of the wickedness of these Instruments, you shall find in the following Relation.

The Lord Delamere having been Try'd for High Treason by his Honourable Peers appoined by his Majesty; Thomas Saxon appear'd as Evidence against him, Deposing that he, the said Lord Delameer, with others Conspir'd to Raise a Re­bellion in this Kingdom, and his Sacred Majesty to De­stroy, &c. For the proof of which, the aforesaid Thomas Saxon Swore to Time and Place; which appear'd to be False by several Material Circumstances and Credible Witnesses, produced by the Lord Delameer. Upon which he was Ho­nourably Acquitted by his Peers; and it plainly appearing that Thomas Saxon was Perjur'd, his Majesty out of his Prince­ly Justice, and to Deter others from the like Crimes, in fasly Accusing any of his Subjects, was Graciously pleas'd to Or­der an Enformation of Perjury, to be drawn up against him, which was accordingly done; and being Arraign'd at the Kings-Bench-Bar Westminster, he was on Monday the 8th of this Instant February, Try'd by a Jury of Loyal and Substantial Men; where the Fact being plainly prov'd against him, and he making very little Defence for himself, was by the Jury found Guilty of the said Perjury as laid in the Enformation. After which he was Remanded to the County Gool of New­gate, in Order to his Sentence.


LONDON, Printed for S. Norris, 1686.

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