Another CRY of the INNOCENT & OPPRESSED, FOR JUSTICE; OR, A Second Relation of the unjust pro­ceedings at the Sessions held at Hicks's Hall for the County of Middlesex, and at the Old Bai­ly, London, the 6th and the 14th dayes of the 10th Month or December, 1664 With and against 32 more of the People called Quakers, who were all sentenced for a pretended breach of the late Act.

Together with an Account of the most material Passages between the Prisoners and the aforesaid Courts, in which it doth appear very plainly, That only Meeting to Worship God in the Spirit and in the Truth, is by the Judges, made and declared to be the matter of Fact deserving so griev­ous a Sentance.

Ʋnto which also is now Added, A Brief, Short Summary of the Sentencing of 36 more of the aforesaid people, in scorn [...] Quakers, at the two places above mentioned, 4 at Hicks's Hall, and 32 at the Old Baily, the 11th and 15th of the 11th Month called Janu [...]ry, where they were all Sentenced for to be Transported to the Island of Jamaica.

But ye have despised the poor; do not rich men oppress [...]ou, and draw you before the Judgment seats? Do not they Blaspheme that wor­thy Name by which ye are called? Jam. 2.6, 7.

London, Printed in the Year, 1664.

These are the Names of the Twelve, Sen­tenced at Hicks's Hall.

  • Edward Berkly.
  • William Mathews.
  • John Terry.
  • Diggery Marshall.
  • William Brend.
  • John Goodwin.
  • John Noble.
  • Nathaniel Harding.
  • Vincent Gerrard.
  • Edw. Malitrat.
  • Francis Tarcy.
  • Martin Groshe.

A few words to be considered by Iury-men, that they might regard their Oaths, their Law and Evidence, though they lay aside Christianity and Religion.

WHy do you swear well and truly to Try, &c. and true de­liverance make, &c. and to bring in your Verdict accor­ding to Evidence, if you do not intend really so to do? And if you did intend, and truly desire and endeavour so to do, how then comes it to pass, that you so readily take the Judges Impo­sitions and prejudiced Opinions, for a sufficient evidential war­rant, to clear your Consciences in the sight of God and men? Do you not know, that those Indictments against those harmless people, contains and expresses several crimes, which are the mat­ter of fact, and should be proved to you by sufficient witnesses? And are not you sole and absolute Judges of Matter of Fact? Are you bound in Conscience or Law, to believe, or hear any Bitter, Cain-like spirited Judge or Lawyer, to tell you what matter of Fact is? Ought you not to consult the Law it self, which de­clares what the Fact is or may be, of which you are to judge, even according as the evidence in truth doth appear to you, and no otherwise? else how do you observe your Oaths? Surely you know, or ought to know, that all penal Laws plainly expres­ses the manner and matter of Fact, and also the manner and measure of the penalty or punishment; and doth any Con­sciencious, Judicious Jury need to value or regard the Judges and Lawyers meanings, contrary, or beyond the expressed mind of the Law it self? by which, and the evidence, you are bound by your Oath to judge and deliver up your Ver­dict in all Cases: how can you answer when you are called to ac­count before God or men, for bringing in Verdicts against inne­cent [Page 20]People contrary to evidence and the Law, for did ever any witnesses give evidence otherwise then thus, (viz.) that they were met together, and that peaceably to worship God in spirit and truth? is not this the largest evidence that ever you had? which no Law in being is expresly against? what if a Judge tell you that this is matter of fact, and say you must finde them guilty, when no Law of God nor man saith no, will you destroy the liberty (if not the lives) of your Neighbours and Countrey-men to please men of corrupt minds, who judge not for God, but turn the sword against the Innocent, unto which those that depart from iniquity become a prey? and can these things be done except you violate your own consciences, and unman your selves, and smo­ther your own reason, understanding and judgment, and so be­come Cyphers and Cloaks, to cover the designes of evil men, who thirst after the blood as well as the liberty and estates of the peo­ple that truly fear the Lord? and is not this done by your hands, by and with whom they make a shew of a fair Tryal, when nothing less is intended, for may not you perceive though these harmless people plead Reason, Law, Religion, or Conscience, all is to no effect or purpose, as to overturn the design and determination of the Judges, so longas you receive their Impositions, and are a­fraid of their threats? if the Prisoners plead, and the Law also saith that it is the end of any meeting, which makes it unlawful; yet if the Judge tell you that it is only meeting that is unlawful; are you not ready to disregard the Prisoners plea, & lay aside the Law, your own Reason and Judgment, dispence with your oaths, and presently become Vassals to the Judges Opinion, and so joyn hand in hand against the Innocent? Consider this while you have time, and load not your consciences with, or by adding Sin unto Sin, for a day of account will come; and as the hills and the Mountains cannot save, nor cover you from the wrath of the Lamb, so shall not you save them, but you both shall receive a re­ward by the hand of the Lord, according to your doings.

Reader, Thou may'st observe all along this brief Relation, what slender proof is made to serve the turn for a pretence, colour & covering under, which these Judges carry on their design against harmless people, that they might, with a shew of Justice, bring [Page 21]their determinations to pass; viz. to Judge and Condemn the Innocent; and that for no other cause than for meeting together according to the command of the Lord, and in obedience to his Requiring: And this is some of their first fruits they have, and do still offer up to God, for his Restoring, and keeping them in power, with the sword in their hands, which they turn against him, and his precious truth, and innocent people, who are freely given up to bear their cruel, unnatural, and unmanlike dealings. But, though they are endeavouring to over-run them by the Might of their power, and would trample upon a company of Innocent men and women of mine in the streets, yet shall they never attain their ends, nor finish their intended work against the Innocent and Oppressed servants of the Lord, no more than Pharaoh and other persecutors and oppressors did, who onely wrought their own de­struction, and shall manifest themselves more and more to be more brutish than those they call heathen, in saying, that it is a crime to worship God, and in persecuting harmless people for no other Cause; and in due time it will appear what God these Judges serve and worship, seeing there is but God and the Devil, one of which all men obey; and by the fruits which are brought forth, it becomes manifest which of them these people do obey and wor­ship: And may it not be said of them, as Christ once said to the Scribes, Pharisees, and Lawyers, (viz.) yee are of your Father the Devil, and his works yee will do; for are not his works manifest by these mens actions against the Lords Innocent people? in persecuting them onely and alone for serving, honouring, o­beying, and worshipping, the Lord God of heaven and earth? And doth it not appear, that they are hard, and seared in their hearts and Consciences, who dare affirm publickly in the face of their Country, that it is Crime enough to meet to worship God in the Spirit and in the truth, and that the Law is against it? Did ever the Jews, the Gentiles, the Barbarians, Turks, or Infidels, or people of any Nation (that acknowledgeth and confesseth that there is a God) affirm the like? Shall not Sodom and Gomorrah, Tyre and Sidon, rise up in Judgment against this perverse, crooked, untoward, blasphemous Generation, who say in their hearts there is no God? for though they sometimes confess him in words, yet in works they deny him: who shall stand in the gap? who shall inter­cede [Page 22]for this Generation? for the cry, and the loud voice of the souls under the Altar, slain for the word of God, and the Testi­mony which they held, saying, How long, O Lord, holy, and true, dost thou not judge and avenge our bloud on them that dwell on the earth? I say, this Cry hath peirced the heavens, and entred the ears of the Lord against this Generation; therefore tremble, ye uncircumcised in hearts and ears, and be smitten with terrour, ye persecutors about Religion, Church, and Worship, for behold, your portion is the same with Cain, your elder Brother, (who was the first murtherer about Religion,) and with the Whore, your Mother, who hath made Nations drunk with the wine of her fornication, and who is also drunken with the bloud of the Saints, and in whom is found the bloud of Prophets, and of Saints, of men and all that were or hath been slain upon earth; yea, in her is found the bloud of all the righteous since Abel to this day: therefore all persecutors in Christendome or elsewhere, who op­press, kill, and endeavour to destroy, and shed innocent Bloud, about Church, and Worship, & Common Service, you are Chil­dren of this Whore; and as you partake of her sins, so you will assuredly partake of her Plagues, for strong is the Lord that judg­eth both her and you; and the Lord hath shewed many thousands in this Nation and elsewhere, the secret Chambers of your Ima­gery, where you commit Uncleanness and Idolatry; and also what is in the golden Cup that your Mother holds forth to the Nations; and also what is under her purple, and scarlet coloured array, and her ornaments of gold, precious stones and pearls, and to them he hath lifted up her skirts, and made her naked and bare, and her filthiness and fornication is seen in and under her glorious out side; and in vain do you, her children, endeavour to impose her Sorceries upon such; if the Lord permit, she may drink yet a little more of their bloud, but of the cup of her fornication they dare not, nor will not drink; for they know the true woman, the true Church, the Spouse of Christ, (the Kings daughter who is all glorious within) and having seen her beauty and glory, and partook of her graces and vertues, cannot now follow other lo­vers, nor be forced by the power of the beast (which carrieth the Whore) nor yet by her fair allurements, to forsake and deny the true Church, though flouds of persecutions follow her and her [Page 23]Children; therefore in vain is the labour of Babels Merchants, and the power of the beast which defends them; against such a people whose eyes are opened, and whose understandings are enlightened, and whose souls have not only tasted, but daily feed on the bread of life which comes down from above, even from the heavenly Jerusalem, the mother of all the faithful, and the City of their Solemnity. I say, in vain do Babels Merchants, the children of the great Whore, and the Beast that carries her, endeavour to compell such to partake of her Merchandize, to drink down her Sorceries, and to become Members of their Church, whose glory is outward fair words, but foul deeds; white garments, but black souls; the blind, the ignorant, the dark in heart and understanding, the doubtful and unstable, the wanton, vicious, and voluptuous ones; these and such like she may prevail upon, and of such do her Church consist; of these are the Multitudes, Nations, Kindreds, and Tongues, on whom she sitteth, and over whom she reigneth, and hath long reigned,—but the Lord in his exceeding riches, grace, kindness, and love, hath in this latter day caused his everlasting day to dawn, and his day Starr to appear, and not onely so, but the womb of the mor­ning is opened, and the Sun of Righteousness is risen in the hearts of thousands, even of those over whom she reigned, and he hath redeemed them from under her, and out of the Nations, Kin­dreds, and Tongues; and as this Light and Glory, Riches and Love encreases and prevails in the hearts of people, (which cer­tainly is to overcome) the Whore will lose her Dominion, Seat, and great Authority, and be cast upon a bed of torment, which is the determinate counsel of God, to bring to pass upon her; for Babylon is faln, and must yet fall, Sin, Violence, Oppression, Cru­elty, and persecution had a begining, and must and shall have an end, and the whole Creation of God longs, groans, and travails for that day, even to enjoy her Sabboths, or rests, and to see sin and iniquity finished, and everlasting Righteousness brought in, and Judges restored, as at the first, and Counsellors, as at the be­ginning; and the knowledge of the Lord to cover the earth, as the water doth the Sea (or the deeps;) but the wicked must fill up their measure of doing wickedly, and the Righteous also must fill [Page 24]up their measure of suffering innocently; and in the end cometh the Reward of both.

‘The memory of the just is blessed, but the name of the wicked shall rot. Prov. 10.7.
‘And may it not be said of Christendome, as once the Lord said of Israel, Sodom thy sister hath not done, she nor her daughters, as thou hast done, and thy daughters. Ezek. 16.48. &c.



I do here present to thy view, a Narrative of the most malicious, wicked & Illegall Process against one of the persecuted and oppressed ones of Christ, called John Otter Shoomaker, who on the 25. of the 10th. Month called December, 1664. was taken in a Meeting at Mile-end, and from thence had before William Rider, and Thomas Player, called Justices, which Meeting the People of God called Quakers, have and do, in their usuall man­ner meet to worship God, as he hath made himself known in them, and unto them, the Relation extracted from his own mouth, is as followeth: The said John Ottir, with some of the people of God, called Quakers, being seized, in the said Meeting was brought before the two Justices (so called) William Rider asked him his name, the Pri­soner [Page 25]declared his name unto them; then he asked him his Dwelling place, or place of abode, the Prisoner asked him if declaring his name was not sufficient; Then Tho. Player said, No; but said in his hast, that if he declared not his place of Habitation or abode, he was to be taken as a Felon, or a Vagabond: The Prisoner answered that he had a dwelling place where neither thief, murderer, nor persecuter could come: Then W. R. asked where that was? he said in God. So they committed him to New Bridewell, as a Vagabond, where he was detained some weeks, and the Sessions at Hicks-Hall, following shortly after, the said Prisoner was called down thither, where were Robert Hide, and Iohn Keeling, two of the Kings Judges, with other Justices (so called) who usually sit there, and there was three Malefactors, who were Pri­soners at the same time, that was brought down to the Sessions, who was called to the Bar, John Otter being also set to the Bar, the Judge asked him his Dwelling place? the Prisoner answered him as he did the said Justices; then after some consultation with the said Justices, the Judge pronouced Sentence against him with the rest, that he should be Transported beyond the Seas to any of the Kings Forreign Plantations; with­out asking the Prisoner any thing, or taking notice in what Capacity he was, only he asked the Keeper if he had the Correction of the house? who answered he had been in the Stocks five times; and so was returned to Prison, having received the sentence as a Vagabond; their proceedings being signified to the Councel, at the desire of two men, one called Tho. Coltloth, the other Richard Sherrwood, men having dealings to Virginia, the said Pri­soner was granted unto them with the three Malefactors, [Page 26]to be sent to Virginia, there to be sold Slaves for seven years. Now whoever thou art that reads this Narrati­on, and the foregoing Relations of the several tryals of the people of God, called Quakers, comprehended in this Treatise, and if thou weighest things in the just bal­lance of Truth, which God hath placed in thee, thou wilt see how oppression is added to oppression, injury to injury, misery to misery, and all to set up lust instead of Law; and how the Law is strained, and stretched, to accomplish their envious devices; For the Statute made and provided in that case, against Rogues, Vagabonds, and sturdy Beggers, doth shew and nominate who are such, before punishment is proceeded unto, as in 39. Eliz. cap. 4. sheweth, First, ‘That all persons calling themselves Schollars, going about begging, all Sea-faring men pre­tending losses of their Ships or Goods on the Sea, going about the Country begging, all idle persons going about in any Country either begging, or using any subtle craft, or unlawful Games and Playes, or feigning themselves to have knowledge in Physiognomy, Palmestry, or other like crafty Science, or pretending they can tell Destinies, Fortunes, or such other like fantastical imaginations, all persons that be or utter themselves to be Procters, Pro­curers, Patent gatherers, or Collectors, for Goales, Pri­sons, or Hospitals, all Fercers, Bearwards, Common Players of Interludes and Minstrils, wandring abroad, all Juglats, Tinckers, Pedlars, and petry Chapmen, wand­ring abroad, all wandring persons, and common Labou­rers, being able in body using loytering, and refusing to work for such reasonable wages, as is tared or commonly given in such parts; all persons delivered out of Goales that beg for their Fees, or do travel begging, all persons [Page 27]as shall wander abroad beging, pretending losses by fire, and all such persons not being Felons, wandring and pre­tending themselves to be Egyptians, or counterfeit Egyp­tians, shall be taken, adjudged, and deemed Rogues, Va­gabonds, and sturdy Beggers, and shall sustain such pain and punishments, as by this Act is in that behalf ap­pointed.’

Now unto you Judges and Justices who have passed, and given your consents unto the sentencing of this inno­cent man for Banishment, and pretend the Law for it, I ask which of all or any of the capacities of persons ad­judged to be Rogues, Vagabonds, and sturdy Beg­gers, by this Statute did you find this Innocent person, which of your doores was he taken begging at? or any others? or what practice else did you find him in which this Statute doth adjudge? what must he be exposed to the uttermost severity men­tioned in the same, that is banished? before you had proceeded to the sentencing for Banishment of this Innocent person, under the name of Vagabond, Rogue, or sturdy Beggar; he should first have been proved so to be, or it should have been made appear unto you, that he had been found in the quality or qua­lities above mentioned, and if you had proved him to be such a one, or he had appeared so to be, yet that is not sufficient for you, who so often repeates your being upon your Oathes, and that you must do Justice according; to proceed to Banishment, for they must appear to be dangerous to the inferi­our sort of people where they shall be taken, or o­therwise be such as will not be reformed of their Roguish kind of life, by the former Provisions of this [Page 28]Act: If he had been found such a one, as you have sentenced him to be, nevertheless he was to have been referred to the former Provisions of this Act, and so then to have proceeded according; but right or wrong whoever they be that fear God, and make conscience of their wayes before him, if they come but within the verge of your fury, their fare is all alike; if one snare will not do, another ginn shall, and so the Innocent are deprived of their Birth-rights outward, which is the equity of Laws made and provided to secure every free-born Englishman in his Right and Propriety, and the equal and impartial ministration and distribution of them; and they are oppressed in their Consciences inward, by that persecuting Spirit which seeks to dis-throne God there, and exalt it self, but, be it known unto you, we neither can, nor shall bow unto that Spirit, the way you take to work us to Consormity; is a contrary way; it is not swords, staves, halberds, nor your Goals, and your cruel Ex­ercises imposed there, and inflicted on our bodies will do it; I tell you, we are gentle to lead, but otherwise to be driven, is unnatural to Englishmen, and such as fear the living God, and no man this day in England can charge us with evil justly: as we are a peo­ple, and God, even God eternal, beareth record unto our Consciences of the same, you have waded very far in this work, considering your day; well would it be for you, if you laid it to heart, and them also who whets you on to this work, of whom it may be said, as of old, Come, let us smite with the Tongue, and smite you with the Fist; and so the Oppression and Per­secution of Gods People is divided between you; and [Page 29]they are ground betwixt you, even you Lawyers and Priests, as between two Mill-stones; but in due time the Lord will arise and plead our Cause, and give Judgement to our enemies, yea, righteous Judgment, and all the Persecutors of his Innocent People shall know it; Although we are made in this day, even the Spunge of the Nation, to drink in the implaca­ble fury of your Malice, yet know, the very dregs of your Cup is reserved of the Lord for your selves, and in due time you shall drink the same; and when you are under Judgment, then it will be given you, to re­member them whom you have most injuriously, and unrighteously oppressed.

I say, Mind, and give good heed unto what is said, for your day hastens.


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