1691. ASTROLOGICAL OBSERVATIONS AND Predictions For the Year of Our LORD 1691.

Wherein also Is Briefely Shewn the Signification of the Earthquake that Hapned in March last in the City of Bristol.

And wherein also Are Briefely Shewn the Significations of the Three Oppositions of Saturn and Jupiter, that will Happen in the 1692. and 1693. And of the ECLIPSES of this present YEAR, LIKEWISE Monthly Observations for every Month throughout this present Year; Briefely Containing the most Remarkable Events and Accidents that are likely to Happen in divers Places of the World.


Licensed to be Printed, June 28. 1690. J. F.

LONDON, Printed for the Author 1690.

Of the Earthquake that Happened in the City of Bristol, (and other Adjacent Towns and Places) on Shrove-Tuesday last, [being the 4th. day of March] Anno Domini 1689. about a quarter of an Hour before one of the Clock in the Morning, it being very Calm and without Rain before and after.

I Being not Awake my self at the Time of this strange Accident, made several Enquiries about it, but the best Information I could have of it was this, — That it first began with a loud and terrible Noise (like the Bownce of a Barrel of Gunpowder when a House is blown up therewith) and immediately the Bedstead and other things in the Room were shaken, and as it were trembled, which so continued by Guess about four or five Minutes, and at length there was heard two small Noises like two Steps of a Man (there being some small distance of time between) and immedi­ately it seemed to go out at the top of the House with another Bownce, but not so great as the first; This Person then Sitting on the Bed side, (being terribly Affrighted) fell into a Swooning Fit.

Moreover, by Others I was informed, that it made the Chamber Door and Latch to shake and make a Noise, and the Glass-windows to Shake and Rattle, as if they would have been broken to pieces, and made the Bodies of some that were Sitting, to Rock, and some that were standing, to Reel to and fro, they all wondring what was the Matter.

And because Report Rendred this Accident somewhat wonderful, I could not but Enter into some serious Meditations about it, which in­duced Me to make an Observation for the time of the Event, which followeth.

Sagittarius [the House of Religious Jupiter] Ascends: Mars lord of the 12th. and Dispositor of Saturn, is in Opposition to the Ascendant from Gemini [the Ascendant of London,] And besides the Monn is Hastening to an Opposition of Saturn, Posited in the 12th.

[Page 2] This according to my Opinion Signifies, That some secret Mis­chievous Action, (or more plainly a Plot) will too soon Manifest it self against some Religious Sort of Common People.—But whereas Jupiter Lord of the Ascendant is strong, and Joyned with Venus Lady of the 10th. the evil Design will not prosper, but will End to the Joy and Comfort both of King and People.

Saturn's a Plotter, Mars doth Him dispose,
Threatning th' Ascendant with great ireful Woes:
London, beware of Plots and Mischiefs now;
Lest sudden Sorrows come thou Knowsst not how;
Watch wary, the just time thou dost not Know.

And besides, the Opinion of the Ancient Astrologers was, that all Earth­quakes denote Warres, or such kind of Troubles, to the Places chiefely where the Event Happens, so that by this Rule howevtr it should Happen in England; but whether ever any such evil Design may have its Rise in the City of Bristol or not, I leave it to some Wiser Head to Expound.

Those Glorious Celestial Bodies the Planets and Starres, that so Miraculously and Continually perform their Circular Motions, ac­cording to the unchangeable Decree and Will of the most Wise and Omniscient Creator, do seem to shew forth to fallen Man a certain kind of Predestination of Events in the Will of the Almighty; For the Minds of Men and People, do naturally follow their Motions, and mu­tual Concord and Discord amongst themselves, as the Needle doth the Motion of a Loadstone, (though this Mystery be unknown to the greatest part of Men) as by our daily Experiences we perceive and find, for by some Aspects they secretly draw the Minds of Men and People to Love and Unity; And by some Aspects contrariwise they stir up Mens Minds to Enmity and Discord; And sometimes they E­levate the Lofty Mind unto greater pride, (Men wanting the most pure Divine Power for Preservation,) And sometimes they secretly operate and deject the Lofty Mind into a more humble state, and at such a time they often induce it to Consider, how vain all worldly pomp is by Reason of the Mortality of the Body, so that at some time or times in every Mans Life, there seems to drop down from Heaven a Refining Influence more then ordinarily powerful, whereby the Refining Spirit of Judgement in Man or Men is as it were A­wakened, [Page 3]wakened to Reprove their Lofty Minds for their evil Deeds, so that God hath not limited Himself to work only by his Spirit (within,) but doth also freely Operate by those Heavenly Bodies (without), which being admirably Glorious, as well in times past as in our dayes, caused David thus to proclaim, — The Heavens declare the Glory of God, and the Firmament sheweth his Handy Werk Psal. 19. v. 1.

The most Glorious Lamp of Heaven the Sun Enters into the First Minute of the Equinoctial Sign Aries, on March the 9th. 19 h. 32.1. P. M. At which time the 18th. Degree of the Irish Sign [Taurus] Ascends, and Venus Lady of the Ascendant is near unto Mars, (the Dispositor of Jupiter in the Eleventh, yet slowly separates from him, as if some Discords would yet be Continued in Councils (especially in Ireland) about some Religious Ceremonies, which will but Vex the Commonalty, and as if there were yet a people in Ireland that are somewhat for Warre, though they sometimes desire Peace, being some­what loth to Fight to shed Blood. Saturn lord of the 9th. 10th and 11th. Houses, in the 7th. doth not only shew a secret disunity of the Commonalty and Superiours, but also (being Retrograde towards the Cusp of the 7th.) doth foreshew some kind of secret Plottings, and Mischievous Contrivances in Ireland, tending to the discomfort of that Land. But in May this present Year Jupiter comes into Taurus, [the Ascendant of Ireland] and about that time Peace will begin to mitigate the furiousness of Men; yet I fear the turbulency of Ireland will not be quite over, till about the time when Saturn leaves the Sign Scorpio, which will not be till towards the latter End of October this present year, and then he enters into Sagittarius [the Sign opposite to Gemini the Ascendant of London] and then I fear some envious dissa­tisfied Spirits there will begin to plot and contrive how to bring to pass some Mischievous Design to make Disturbances and Alteration of Lawes or Religious Orders; And besides, the Warring Planet Mars enters into Gemini [the Ascendant of London] on the 5th day of August, and will quarter there seven Months; And about December he will be almost in opposition to Saturn from Gemini and Sagittarius, that I fear, during the last four or five Months of this present year, there will be some great Variances and Fury, if not some Warlike Distur­bances in some great City about Religious Orders and Ceremonies; And further, those dissatisfied Spirits will again be quickned by the Three Oppositions of Saturn and Jupiter in Gemini and Sagittarius, in 1692. and 1693. — Of which more hereafter.

[Page 4] Furthermore, I observe the Moon to be Entertained by Jupiter in his Noblest Sign, and she is applying to his Trine in England's Ascen­dant, from hence great will be the Comforts of the Communalty, to see such likelihood of the Establishment of the Religion, that England doth and hath formerly enjoyed: Jupiter will be in Aries till May, so that he intends to Keep Peace and Temperance in England as much as he can, during the first four Months of this present Year; But it is observable, that just about the time when Jupiter leaves Aries, the quarrelsom Planet Mars enters therein, but indeed he stays there but five or six Weeks, that he cannot do much hurt, though he may stir up or create some short Variances in England (and France too) in May or June, but I Conjecture he will cause turbulent Actions in Ireland in July, when he comes to the opposition of Saturn, although Jupiter stands as it were at his Elbow to perswade him to Peace.

Again, Venus Lady of the Ascendant, being near to Mars, will en­cline both Males and Females to Wantonness, but Mars being exalted above Venus will somewhat quench those carnal desires, and will also cause Women not soon to conceive with Child: The Ascendant is a Fixed Sign, and therefore the Judgement of this Vernal Ingress may the better serve for the whole Year.

The Position of Mars near the 9th. House (in the Figure of the Summer Solar Ingress) and Saturn in the third House denotes to Mar­riners pretty dangerous Summer Sea-Voyages, partly by a disturbed Sea, and partly through Pyrates or Sea-Fights, especially near the Eng­lish, Irish and French Shore; Merchants and Mariners greatly desire peace and freedom on the Waters.

Leo [the Ascendant of Rome and Bristol] is the Ascendant of the Figure of the Autumnal Solar Ingress, and the position of Mars in the 11th. in Gemini seems to cause Discords in Councils, in this Autumnal Quarter, especially in the Councils of Rome, London and Bristol.

Of the Three Oppositions of Saturn and Jupiter in June and December 1692. and in April 1693.

IT hath been long Observed, That the most Remarkable Mutations of a King­dom or Nation, have chiefely depended on the Cunjunctions or Aspects of those two Superiour Planets Saturn and Jupiter, and by their Effects past we [Page 5]perceive that the most Wise Creator First Placed them higher then all the other Planets, that they should respect, chiefely, the highest and most durable Affairs and Concernes of Men on Earth.

And if one Opposition of Saturn and Jupiter produceth much, how then can those three Oppositions to come, do any less then cause some Remarkable Changes and Alterations of Laws or Religious Orders in Englands Chief and most Re­nowned City, because Saturn then will be stronger then Jupiter, who also at his second Opposition will be near unto the Body of Mars [the Planet of Warre] and having took Possession of Religious Jupiter, should contend with him (with a frowning lofty Countenance,) in Londons Ascendant, from whence I fear some Religious Disturbances, if not some Warlike Violence by Insurrections, or otherwise, occasioned by some frowning dissatisfied Minds, which will then Happen in some part of Britain, or take its Begsnning there to the Purpose in those yeares.

Ah poor Jupiter in Gemmi [L — n] I fear thou wilt then be so much Humbled against thy Will, that thou wilt think thou hast a sufficient Occasion to bewail thy Condition; And if so, God will suffer this, that thou mayest humbly Endeavour to forsake thy accustomed Sins, and that thou mayest know Pewer is not in Thee to help thy self, — But yet I think thou wilt then have no need to fear that God hath wholly forsaken Thee; For look but a little back unto the Yeares 1682 and 1683. where Jupiter was three times in Conjunction with Saturn, in a Sign of his own Triplicity, and Consider, was not he then stronger then Saturn, and hast not thou been Victorious ever since, throughout all those great Changes and Alterations, and when thou hast thus Considered, per­haps thou wilt believe that that which begins well will End well, and indeed per­haps it may so Happen, but be not too proud of this, a Word is enough to the Wise.

Spain is under the Sign Sagittarius (and Buda too) and I Conjecture there will great Troubles and Discords begin there, as soon as the Mischievous Planet Saturn Enters into that Sign, which will be at the latter End of October this present Year, for then there will be secret Mischievous Plottings, by a sort of People that will be dissatisfied with the present Government there, and in June 1692. when Jupiter makes his first Opposition against Saturn, there will Arise higher Discords then before about their Religion; And a wonder it will be, if some Zealous People in Flanders, or some other place under Gemini be not then quickned and stirred up to make Warres against those dissatisfied people in Spain; And when Mars comes to the Conjunction of Saturn in No­vember 1692. I doubt not but it will shortly after cause an Insurrection and Warlike Tumult amongst the people of that Land; And in December (which is the next Month after) when Jupiter makes his second Opposition [Page 6]against Saturn; I am of Opinion, that there will then be a terrible Warre and much Bloodshed (or that it will stir up strong Resolutions to effect it in a short time) because Mars will then be so near unto Saturn; And when Jupiter makes his third Opposition against Saturn, there will shortly after be Imprison­ments to many, if not also Death, for as this is the last of the Oppositions, so Imprisonments and Death are the last, or end of Warre. Let the King of Spain beware, for I doubt he will be in danger of being Sick, for those Oppositions do usually dispose Kings to be Sick, and Magistrates under one of the Signes of the Opposition, and Jupiter the lord of Spain will then he very weak, I doubt not, but such will be the Effects of those Oppositions in Spain, or in those places chiefely under Sagittarius and Gemini, and yet may Operate in a less measure in the places under Pisces and Virgo, but though they begin to Operate presently, yet perhaps they may not always publickly manifest their Effects just at the very time of their Oppositions, but sometimes in some Weeks or Months after; And though those Oppositions Operate chiefely in those places that are under Sagit­tarius and Gemini, yet they will Create great troubles in any other Nation to particular Persons that are born under either of those Signes, or more plainly to those whose Ascendants are Sagittarius and Gemini.

I could say something of Scotland and Holland, and I think it convenient so to do because they are Neighbouring Nations. But the Troubles which I am about to tell you of, will not Happen to those Nations till the years 1695. and 1696. (yet perhaps may begin in 1694. when Saturn comes into Capri­corn) and then great Troubles, and (I fear) Warres may be there expected, and in or about those yeares the City of Oxford (I fear) will have manifold Troubles and Afflictions, especially because the terrible Comet in the year 1680. appeared in the Ascendant thereof.

And perhaps some may expect that I should now mtntion something about Italy and Rome, but Six or Seven yeares hence will be time enough for that, when Saturn approacheth towards Aquarius, therefore let them be Contented at present with this short Discourse of Events nearer at Hand, and with true penitent Hearts and humble Minds let them pray to the Almighty God, that he would be pleased to Preserve England from the Plague, or any other unusual Mortality, which I fear some Cities in Britain will be subject to in the years 1692. or 1693. for it hath been observed that this malevolent Planet Saturn, never passed through a Sign of the Fiery Triplicity, but he afflicts some City or other with the Plague or some other dangerous Disease. Also it hath been Ob­served, that when he hath Transited the Sign Sagittarius, there hath usually Happened some great Fire in an Eminent City; What hurt do I do, by fore­warning them to beware, the most dangerous times being about November and December 1692. and about July 1693.

Of the ECLIPSES of this present Year 1691.

THis Year there will Happen only two Eclipses of the most Glorious Luminary of Heaven [The Sun]

The First will be a great Eclipse of the Sun on the 18th. of February, and the middle time thereof will be at above half an Hour past four of the Clock in the Morning, but it will be invisible to us, because the Sun will then be sub terra It Happeneth in the Sign Pisces of the Watry Triplicity, which signifies the Death of Common People, Rumours of Warres, the Overflowing of the Sea-Banks. Destruction to Fishes. It Happeneth in the second House, and therefore it fore­shews many Losses to Happen to Common People.

The Second will be also a great Eclipse of the Sun on the 13th. of August, and the middle time thereof will be near unto Five of the Clock in the After­noon, and it will be visible to us if the Air be clear. It Happeneth in the First Degree of Virgo.—It denotes Scarcity of Corn and Fruit, especially because it Happeneth in the Eighth House, for which Reason it denotes Death to Hu­mane Creatures; Mercury is lord of the Eclipse and Combust, wherefore it threatens Death to Scholars, and the wiser sort of Men, but Mars being lord of the subsequent Angle foreshews destruction by Warres; but it will chiefely Ope­rate in the Countreys and Places under the Signes Virgo, Pisces, Gemini and Sagittarius, and according to the Rule of Astrology, it will not begin to O­perate very manifestly till the Month of June 1692.

Behold now how the Glorious Wise Creator,
Secretly Rules the Air, Earth and Water,
Changing the Minds ef Creatures that have sense,
Not only by the Starry Influence,
But also by strange Comets that Appear,
And by th' Eclipses that are ev'ry Year.

So that he hath made none of all his Works in vain.

Monthly Observations briefely Containing the most Remarkable Events and Accidents, that are likely to Happen in every parti­cular Month this present Year.


THE Beginning of this Month, or the latter End of the last Month, seems to produce some kind of Discords, or Variances amongst [Page 8]Common People; All seems not to be well then at London; Some Discords, if not some other Afflictions about Religion, yet chiefely in Ireland, and in the City of Oxford, &c. about the latter End of the Month; Many Affronts Happen on the Roads, especially in Scotland, Holland and Ireland; Great Consultations in Councils about the Af­fairs of Ireland, about the latter part of the Month; Dangerous Sick­nesses proceeding from Choler and Melancholy, happen in the first half of this Month; And in the latter, half the Seas are like to be very Dangerous through Pyrates, (if not also at the beginning of the next) especially near Ireland, Lorrain, the North-part of Scotland, and great part of the Turks Dominions; Ireland and Paris seem to be subject to some scandalous Sickness; Rain or Snow on or about the 12th. 13th. 22th 23. and 27th. days; Cloudy, if not some Thunder, on or about the 16th. or 17th. days.

I cannot Choose but think of something past,
Which lately Happen'd in November last;
For then the two Infortunes were Conjoyn'd,
As if they had more Turbulence ordeyn'd.

To Happen shortly in Ireland, though the greatest Troubles seem now to be over.


SUperiours seem now to be Vexed with the stern and frowning sort of Common People, as if something lately past were in remem­brance, which also seems to stick in the Stomachs of such Common People, and I think the Core of displeasure Lies most in one corner of the City of Oxford. I have also observed Mars and Venus, how briskly they operate upon the Minds of Young Men, to make them desire the Companies of young Women more then ordinarily; Rain, Hail or Snow on or about the 7th. 9th. and 24th days, somewhat windy on or about the 15th. and 24th. days,—The Sun now Eclipsed, see before.

I Wonder why Sly Saturn Entertains.
The Warring Planet to Enrage his Brains;
And wherefore doth he Slyly backward move,
As if he were with Mars his Fury drove.

I think sure he doth so for no other End, then with an intent to make more Mischiefs and Warlike Disturbances by some secret Contrivances shortly in some Part of Ireland, though it seems now to be as it were quite over, and at an End, Cavete.


THere seems now to be a Treacherous Sort of Common People in many Nations (especially in Barbary, &c.) that are not yet tho­roughly united to their own Superiours, (as well as not to the Supe­riour or Superiours of Rome) for they seem yet to remember something past; Bristol, thou art now in a Glorious and Flourishing Condition, but there seems to be a perplexing Enemy in thee or near thee; Many will now be subject to Griefs in their Eyes, and to Swooning Fits Many Losses happen to Common People, small profit by Trading Rain on or about the 5th. 8th. 23th. and 25th. days, some probability of Thunder about the End of the Month.

Now Glorious Sol shines in his Exaltation,
And Jove shines with Him in our English Nation;
As if Religion by some high Command
Will shortly be Promoted in our Land.

For Religious Jove [or Jupiter] is not only there Promoted under Sol, on the very last day of the Month, by being in his Triplicity in Aries, but Sol is made more Glorious also by Jupiter's Company; You may understand my meaning without an Interpreter.


IN the latter half of this Month, or first half of the next, there are likely to be great and wise Consultations in Councils, not only in England, but also in Scotland, Holland and Ireland, about the Affaires of Ireland, they being afraid of some further Treachery there. Very good and Religious thoughts are now in the Hearts and Minds of the Po­tentates of England, though something may happen to provoke them to anger, but an undaunted Courage is in them, to Consult and Act for the good of the Communalty, who now seem more willing to Furnish our Superiours with Money, though they love it too well themselves: Paris is undervalued, or some way vext or threatned; Rain or Hail on or about the 5th. 15th. 19th. and 26th. days; High Winds on or about the 15th. and 26th. days.

Four Planets in the Council-House are Walking;
And Two of them in Englands Sign are Talking
Discreetly too: And Two in Irelands Station
As if they would Consult about that Nation.
As well as about the Affairs of our own Land.


IN the latter half of this Month, or former half of the next, there seems to be a frowning sort of Common People in England; that will be greatly troubled in Mind, and stirred up to passion against some of the well-meaning Council that Contrive for the Comfort and prosperity of the Nation; Bristol is now in a comfortable Condition, and delights more then ordinary in pious Assemblies: The Common People in England and many other Countreys (at the time aforesaid) will be more then ordinarily inclined to Company-keeping in Ale-Houses, where they will be very apt to quarrel: Many Losses happen: A Probability of Rain on or about the 1st. 2d. 6th. 16th. and 17th. days; High Winds about the 1st. and 6th days.

What Lofty Strife is this in Ireland now,
Yet Saturn doth to Lofty Phoebus Bow:
The Mischief-Maker seems to Hide his Face,
And both the Fortunes now Proclaim a Peace

In Ireland; I wish it may Continue: Religious Jupiter (I Perceive) longs to see it Establish'd there; for He Resolves to stay in Irelands Sign these Twelve Months yet, but you shall know more by and by.


THE Hot Month is come, yet the Spirits of the Communalty seem to be Cool, or to be more enclined to Peace then to Warre: Lon­don cryes out aloud for Peace as well as Ireland, especially in the latter half of the Month; Great Tranquillity indeed seems to be in Ireland, though there is yet (I fear) in some part thereof a secret Treacherous spirit remaining, that lies obscure like an Innocent, yet will shortly ap­pear (perhaps the next Month) Many Distempers happen among Cat­tel, especially amongst small Cattel: Many Miscarriages amongst Wo­men with Child: Rain on or about the 12th. 13th. 21th. and 25th. days: Some Probability of Thunder about the 10th. and 24th. days.

Venus that on the Irish Shore Resides,
Contends with Saturn, strongly Him derides.
Then comes to London with a smiling Face
To Keep the Citizens in Love and Peace

A Little while; But I doubt She will not Preserve them at all from Wan­tonness, she being too Wanton her self.


THE latter Half of this Month is likely to produce many Remark­able Events: Kings and Councils appear in great Glory and Splen­dor, but the Irish Warres seems to Leap off the Land into the Sea, that I fear there will be great danger on the Seas (especially near Ireland) by reason of Sea-Fights and Pyrates: Many Ships, I fear, will be taken: Many Mischiefs also on the Roads, that Travellers had need to beware: The Inhabitants of Bristol now seem to be famously United in their Minds to Eminent Councils; But Paris suffers by Reproaches; Some Religion is opprest, or some way suffers, but I have Spyed out a Friend in a Corner; Rain on or about the 10th. and 23th. a probability of Thunder on or about the 6th. 9th. 23th. 25th. and 26th. days.

Now Valiant Mars is out of England quite,
And on the Irish Seas intends to Fight;
And in Conceit I Hear the Cannons Rore,
To Keep the Furies off the Irish Shore;

For indeed, I fear, there is now a Furious Enemy endeavoring to Land in Ireland, where I perceive there is yet a secret Mischievous Party remaining, but Jupiter (that Loves Peace more then Warre) being now an Inhabitant in Ireland, exhilarates the better sort of Martial Spirits there, and encourageth them to stand up for their Religion.


THis seems to be a Month of much Action, and it behoves me to speak the Truth (as near as I can,) Wise are the Consultations that are now in Councils about Religious Orders, but I fear their Unity is not perfect, and that some of them may receive some hot and angry Contradictions from a Person more Superiour in Power: Jupiter lord of the 11th. in opposition to the 10th. tells us the Offence given, will be about Religious Orders, and Mars in Gemini tells us, That London is one of the many places, where (I fear) those kinds of Discords will be (as well as in the greatest part of the Turks Dominions) what can I do more then to wish they could better agree, some of the Communalty seem also to frown, and I doubt it is at Superiours: Great danger of many Miscarriages to Women with Child; A probability of Rain about the 6th. 9th. and 25th. days; Also a probability of Thunder about the 6th. 7th. 20th. and 23th. days, pretty windy about the 7th. 9th. and 12th days: The Sun now Eclipsed, see before.

Wise Merc'ry that Receives the furious Starre,
Speaks Eloquence to Jove about the Warre,
As if some wise Ambassador was sent
To let Jove know his Peaceable Intent,

Who is yet in Ireland, and he denotes the Persons of the best Religion, he consents to a Peace, but malicious Saturn is so full of secret Contrivances that I doubt he is not yet to be trusted in Ireland; but Mars goes now out of Taurus into Gemini, and perhaps some Souldiering part will come out of Ireland to London.


I Pray be not angry, if I tell you that angry Mars is now got into the Council-House, as well as into Londons Ascendant, and he is more wise and more Noble then he useth to be, because he is in Trine to Mer­cury, and lord of the 10th. I pray muse upon this a little, and than tell me whether the Anger that I mentioned in the last Month be quite over yet or not, for my part, I think it not quite over, nor quite so bad; I have a mind to tell you of somthing else too, though it be the same that I have told you of once already, — The quarrelsom Planet Mars entred into Gemini on the 5th. day of the last Month, and from thence he will continue there about seven Months, during which time I fear there will be many unusual Discords, and some secret Mischie­vous Plotting too, and I think you will be of my Opinion when you have Considered that Mars is the Dispositor of Saturn; But I'le tell you something more to the purpose by and by; Women with Child will be in great danger of Miscarriages; A probability of Rain on or about the 3d. 15th. 17th. and 30th. days.

Venus Gives Jove her Courteous Salutation,
Wishing Him Peace now in the Irish Nation;
L—n, Oh thou art now become the place,
Where furious Mars stares with his brazen Face,

With Mischievous Saturn in his Bosom; And whereas this Autumnal In­gress happens but one day after the Preventional New Moon (their Ascendants also being the same) they will Operate both together the more powerfully this Month, and the beginning of the next.


THis seems to be a Month of Remarkable Events, and it seems to produce much Brawling and Strife amongst Common People, and a great disunity between some Religious sort of Commons, and Coun­cils, [Page 13]for indeed something seems to be there which the Commons sa­vour not, for Saturn is crept into the Council-House now, where Mars was at the last New Moon, and whereever he goes he usually makes discords; I am loth to write so much about such high Assemblies, (be­cause some may think, I mean those in England as well as in other pla­ces, though indeed I do not gain say what they may think (for thoughts are free) but my meaning is, that those kind of discords will happen chiefely in Spain, Hungary, Ireland, &c.) but if I write not that which is something near the truth, I had better write nothing at all, for if Mars or Saturn be at any time in the Council-House, it is not in my power to Command them to be gone: I wish those Branglings about Religion may at last rather End with the Tongue than with the Sword: Some likelihood of Rain or Hail on or about the and 22. days; High winds on or about the and 28. days.

Wise Merc'ry's in the Council-House, but He
With Irish Jove can by no means Agree;
With Him about Religion He contends,
And twice his furious Rayes unto Him-sends.

For you must understand he is the Dispositor of angry Mars: At the latter End of this Month the Planet Saturn enters into Sagittarius, and it is said when he goes out of one Sign into another, there doth usually happen some kind of Apparition in the Air.


THere seems now to be a Sly, Envious and dissatisfied Spirit in the hearts and minds of many of the inferiour sort of Common people against the Higher Powers in many places; and I am almost afraid of some great City in England, for Saturn is now got into Sagittarius, and he is under the Earth, applying to the Opposition of the Cusp of the 10th. House in Gemini, the Ascendant of a great City; Our Superiours there have now need to be very vigilant; God preserve them from dan­gers by some Mischievous Plot; My Pen may do them some good, but per; haps their own Care and Wisdom may do them more good; Let the Higher Powers that are at Greece, Corinthia, Babylon and Assyria beware but enough of this because they are Countreys far remote from us; There seems indeed to be fears and troubled spirits amongst (almost) all sorts of people; Bristol seems to lie under some scandalous Reports; and as it were to be subject to some kind of Affronts by a secret Enemy; Many great Men dy: Many Sicknesses amongst Common people; Rain, Hail or Snow on or about the 5.7 10.14.24. and 27. days — A very Rainy or Snowy month—High-winds about the 7 and 24. days.

Wise Merc'ry's now with Mars his Fury drove,
Once more to throw his Verbal Darts at Jove;
Soon after goes to Saturn with great Ire;
They Whisper, and with Treach'rous Hearts Conspire

To do some mischief (I fear) to Superiours, I have already told you where, though I have not told you yet, that I fear that People of several de­grees will be Confederates with the Inferiour sort.


THIS Month, I think, begins with high windy words at London, and Controversies and publick discords seem to be there this Month, I wish it may not continue till the beginning of March; but if it doth, it will then creep into a corner and sleep for a time, till Sly malitious Saturn hath plotted some secret Mischief there (which I think he al­ready begins to do) though I scarce believe it will be ripe enough till the latter End of November next, and then Mars will awake and start up in a warlike Fury to execute the secret Mischievous design of Saturn; the Year is drawing to an end, I wish the troubles were too; Most of the Communalty seem to desire Peace, especially about the middle of the Month, but their Minds seem to be disquieted about the times, and to be tumbled and toss'd like a Ship upon the Rude and deep Ocean: Many Losses now happen to Common people; Snow or Rain on or a­bout the 7. and 22. days, or at least Cloudy; some Winds about the 4. and 12. days,

Now Smiling Venus sends her Greeting Rayes
To Pious Jove who yet in Ireland stayes;
Hermes beholds Him with a Courteous Face,
Great Sol salutes Him with sweet words of Peace.

So that Peace seems now to be better Established in Ireland, and the hearts and minds of many there Rejoyce.


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