❧ A godly ditty or Prayer to be song vnto God for the preseruation of his Church, our Queene and Realme, against all Traytours, Rebels, and Papisticall Enemies.

Preserue thy Seruaunt Lord,
Elizabeth our Queene:
Be thou her shield and sword,
Now let thy power be seene.
That this our Quéene annoynted,
May vanquish al her foes:
And as by thee appoynted,
Let her lay sword on those.
Geue Lord true faythful hartes,
To vs her Subiectes al:
That we play not the partes,
Of these Traitours that fal
Both from their God and Prince,
And from their lawful othes:
All such O Lord conuince,
And geue them ouerthrowes.

¶Syng this after the tune of the .cxxxvij. Psalme, which begins VVhen as we sat in Babilon. Or such lyke.

OVr liuyng God to thee we cry,
Now tend vnto our playnt:
Behold thy Church and family,
Which enmies seeke to faynt.
And though our syns haue moued thee
Iust plagues on vs to poure:
Yet let thy Christes death shortly
Thy wrath vp cleane deuour.
Correct vs Lord by thine own hand,
And leaue vs not to those:
That do thee and thy truth withstand
Like diulysh deadly foes.
For better is it for vs Lord
Into thy handes to fall:
Then vnto them for to accord,
Which in hell perish shall.
Behold (O Lord) thine enmies rage
Against thee and thy Christ:
Not our syns they seeke to aswage,
But thy truth to resist.
And shall our syns then be a let
For thee them to withstand:
Seing against thee they be set?
No Lord, set to thy hand.
For thine the glory is, not ours
Which they seeke to suppres:
Bend therfore Lord thine host of powrs
And this thy cause redres.
Resist these Rebels and Traytours,
With Papistes euery one:
Which thy poore people so deuours
In euery nacion.
Let not the wicked thus preuayle,
To vexe thy Church and Sayntes:
But stroy them from the head to tayle,
Let none bewayle their playntes.
Lord heare the cry of Fatherles.
And Wyddowes which do mone:
The which these enmies do oppres
With mischiefes many one.
Defend O God our gracious Queene,
From Pope Rebel, and all:
And as by her thy woorkes be seene,
So let thy wrath now fall
Vpon all those that vexe thy truth,
Our Queene, our Realme and state:
And let their vicious prankes of ruth
Light vpon their own pace.
So shall thy name be magnified,
So shall thy power be knowne:
So shall our Christ be sanctified,
By them that be his owne.
Wherefore O Lord graunt our requestes
Which here to thee we make:
And make vs loue and lyue thy hestes,
For thy Christ Iesus sake.
Quoth Ioh. Awdely.

¶Imprynted at London by Iohn Awdely.

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