¶ The Fraternitie of The Vacabondes.

As wel of rufling Vacabonds, as of beggerly, as wel of wemen as of men, and as wel of Gyrles, as of Boyes, with their proper names and qualityes.

¶ Also the .xxv. Orders of Knaues, otherwyse called a Quartten of Knaues. Confirmed thys yers by Cocke Lorel.

The Vpryght man speaketh.
Our brotherhode of Vacab ondes,
If you would know where dwel:
In Graues end Barge which seldom stands
The talke wyl shew right wel.
Cocke Lorel speaketh.
Some orders of my Knaues also
In that Bar [...] shall ye fynde,
For no where shal ye walke (I know)
But ye shall see their kinde,

¶ Imprinted at London by Iohn Awdely, dwelling in lytle Brittain streete, beyond Aldersgate. The. 13. day of December. Anno. do. 1565.

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