The Statutes[?] Prohemium Iohannis Rastell[?].

BEcause that the lawys of this real [...] of eglōd as wel the statutes as other iug [...] mētis & decreys be made & wrytyn most cōmynly in the frēche tōge, dyuerse men thereof muse & haue oft tymys cōmunicaciō & argumēte cōsyderīg that in reason euery law wherto any people shuld be bo [...]dyn oughte & shuld be wrytt [...]n in suche maner and so opynly publyssed & decl [...]yd that the people myght sone without gret di [...]ficulte haue the knowlege of thesame lawes. But the very cause whithe said lawes of ēglōd were writī in the frēch tōg shuld seme to be this Fyrste it is not vnknowyn that when wyllyam duke of normandy came into this lande & slewe kyng herrold & conqueryd the hole realm / there was a great nōbre of people as wel gentilmē as other that cam with him which vnderstode not the vulgar tong that was that tyme vsyd in this realme but onely the frēch tōg / and also by cause the sayd kyng & other great wyse mē of his coū sel ꝑseiuid & supposid that the vulgar tōg w [...]ich was than vsyd in this realme was in a maner but homely & rude nor had not so greate copy ād [...]aboundaūce of wordys as the frenche tōg thā [Page] [...] [...]or that vullgare tonge was not of it sel [...] suffycyent to expound & to declare the matter of such lawis & ordenaūcꝭ as thei hade determine [...] to be made for the good gouernaūce of the peo­ple so effectually and so substauncyally as they cowd indyte thē in the frēch tong / therfore they order [...]d wrote & indited the seid law is that they made in the french tong. And forthermore longe after the cōmyng of kynge wylyā conquerour because yt the vse of the frēch tōg ī this real me began to mynyssh & because that dyuers people thā inhabytyd withī this realm which coud nother speke the vulgare tongue of this realme nother the french tong. Therfore the wyse men of this realme causyd to be orderyd that the matters of law & accyōs betwene ꝑtes shuld be ple­dyd shewyd and defendyd / answered debatyd [...] [...]uggyd in the englyssh vulgar tōg & more ouer y wryttyn & enteryd of recorde in the rollys in the latyn tonge by cause that euery man generally [...] indyfferently myght haue the knowlege thereof as apperyth by a statute made. in the .xxxvi. yere of Ed. iii. ca. vltimo. wherefore as I suppose for these causꝭ before rehersyd the law is of this re­alm were īdytid & wryttī in the frēch tōg which was ītēdyd for a ryght good purpose. But yet besyde this now of late days, the moste [Page] noble prynce our late souereyn lorde kynge henry the .vii. worthye to be called the seconde salomon (whiche excellyd in polytyk wysedome all other pryncis that reyngned in this realm before his tyme) concyderynge and well perseyuynge that our vulgare englissh tong was maruelously amendyd & augmentyd by reason that dyuerse famous clerkys & lernyd men had translate and made many noble workys into our englisshe tōg wherby there was moch more plenty & haboundan̄ce of englyssh vsyd than there was in tymys past. & by reasō ther of our vulgare tōg so āplified & sufficient of it self to expound any lawys or or­dinaūcis which was nedeful to be made for the ordre of this realm / and also thesame wyse price consyderyng that the vnyuersall people of this realm had greate pleasure and gaue thēself greatly to the redynge of the vulgare englyssh tonge. ordeynyd and causyd that all the statutys and ordinauncis which were made for the commyn welth of this realm in his dayes shulde be indytyd & wryttyn in the vulgare englyssh tonge & to be publysshyd declaryd and imprītid so that thā vnyuersally the people of the realm myght sone haue the knowleg of the sayd statutꝭ & ordynaū cys which they were bound to obserue / & so by reasō of that knowlege to auoid the daūger an [...] [Page] penaltes of the same statutys / & also the better to lyffe in tranquylyte & pease. which dyscreyt cha­rytable & resonable order our most drad souereyne lord that now is kyng Henry the .viii. hath cō tynuyd & folowyd & causyd all the statutys that haue be made in his dayes to be also īdytyd and wrytten in our englyssh tonge to the intente that all his lege people might haue the knowleg ther of All which goodly purposys & intentys in my mynde oftē tymys reuoluyde hath causyd me to [...]ake this lytell payne to translate out of frenche in to englysshe the abbreuyacyon of the statutys ma [...] before the fyrst yere of the reyn of our late s [...]uereyn lord kyng Hen. the .vii. & also thoughe y the statu [...]ꝭ made as well in the tyme of the se [...]d kinge Hen. the .vii. as in the tyme of our souereyne lord that now is be suffyciently indytyd & writen in our englysshe tong. yet to thē that be desy­rouse shortly to knowe the effect of them they be now more tediouse to rede than thoughe the mater & effect of them were cōpēdyously abbreuiat wherfore now as farre as my symple wyt & smal lernynge wyll extende I haue here takyn vppo [...] me to abbregge the effect of them more shortly in this lytell book / Besechynge al them to whom the syghte ther of shall come to accept it in gre [...] & though they shall fortune to fynde any thynge [Page] my [...]eportyd or omyttyd! by my neglygēs or ellis by neclygēs of the prynters yt it wold lyke them to pardon me & to consyder my good wyl which haue intendyd it for a comī welth for the causꝭ & consyderacyons before rehersyd / and also if y it shal fortune them to be in dout in any poynte therof yet yf it please them they maye resorte to the hole statute where of this book is but a bred gemente & in maner but a kalendre [...] And further more I wyl aduertyse euery man that shal fortune to haue any matter in vre to resort to som man that is lernyd in the lawes of this realm to haue his coūcel in such poyntes whiche he thynketh douteful concernynge the sayde statutys by the knowlege whereof and by the dylygente obseruyng of the same he maye the better do his d [...]wty to his prynce & souerayngne and also lyue in tranquylyte and pease with his neyghboure a­cordynge to the pleasure and commaundemente of almyghty god to whome be eternall laude & glorye. Amen.


fo pri
fo. primo
accyon populer
fo. ii.
fo. ii.
a [...]dycyon
fo ii
fo. ii
fo. iiii
fo. v
aid of the kyng
fo. v
alyen [...]
fo. vi
fo [...] vii
amend [...]ment
fo. vii
am [...]rc [...]ment
fo. vii
am [...]su [...]ement
fo viii
appar [...]ll
fo. viii
fo. viii
apꝓp [...]i [...]ciō
fo. [...]iiii
apr [...]mentes
fo. [...]iiii.
app [...]ll.
fo. xv.
[...]re [...]es
fo [...]vi
artificer [...]
fo. xvi.
fo. xvi
fo. [...]vii.
a [...]yse
fo. xi [...].
fo. [...]i.
ass [...]acyon.
fo [...]vii
fo x [...]ii
fo. xxiiii
fo. xxv
fo. [...]xvi
fo. xxvii
fo. xxvii
fo x [...]viii
fo xxviii
bastardye /
fo. xxix
fo. xix.
fo. xxx
fo. xxx.
fo. xix.
fo. xxx
fo [...]xxi [...]
bow [...]s & bowstrauꝭ
be [...]eler of the kīg
[...]x [...]i
bot [...]men
fo. xxxii.
fo. xx [...]i [...]
fo [...] [...]x [...]iii [...]
brod [...]rers
fo. x [...]xiii
fo. xxxiii
butter & [...]hese
fo. [...]xxiii.
¶Cal [...]ce
fo. xxxiii
c [...]pt [...]ns and mess [...]ngers
fo x [...]iiii
c [...]rtyficacion
fo. xxxiiii
fo. xxxiiii
fo. xxxv
Chalenge for the kyn­ge
fo xxxv.
fo. xxxv
fo. xxxvi
chartor of ꝑdō
fo. [...]od.
fo. xx [...]viii
fo. eod.
fo. eodem
[...]lerkys of the mar­ket
fo. xxxix
clerkys of the eschekyr
fo. xl
clerke of the statute in̄chaūt [...]odem clerkes of the shyr [...]f
fo. eodem
clerke of the chauncery
fo. eodem.
fo. eodem
fo. eod [...]
fo xli.
comen plees
fo. xlii.
fo. eodem
cōmī bench
fo. [...]lii.
cōmyssyons & cōmyssy­ours
fo [...]odem
fo. xliii.
constable marshal
fo. xliiii.
contra formam colusyonis
fo. xlv
fo. xlv
fo. eod
cordynars and coryers
fo. xlv.
fo. xlvii
fo. xlviii
fo. eodem
corpus cū causa
fo. li.
cosyn [...]ge
fo. lii
counterplede voucher
fo. lii
fo. liii
fo. liii
cui in vita
fo. liii
fo. liii
fo. liii
customers and controllers
fo. liiii.
fo. lvi
fo. lvii
[Page]darē p̄sētmēt
fo [...] lviii
fo. lviii.
fo. lviii
fo. lviii.
det of the kīg
fo. lix
Disseysyn with robbe­ [...]ye
fo. lix
fo. lix.
fo fo. lix.
fo. lix
fo. lxi
fo. l [...]i
fo. lxii
d [...]awlatch
fo. lxvii.
drye eschaūge
fo. lxvii
fo. lxvii.
fo. lxvii
fo lxviii
fo. lxix.
fo. lxix.
fo. lxix
fo. lix.
fo. lxx.
fo. eodē
fo. lxxi
fo lxxi
fo. lxxii.
fo. lxxii
escheky [...]
fo. lxxv.
fo. lxxvii.
fo. lxxix.
fo. lxxx
euerwik & york
fo. lxxx
e [...]cepcyon
fo. lxx [...]i
fo. l [...]xi.
fo eodē
fo. lxxxii.
fo l [...]xxiii
fo. lxxxiiii
fo. [...]odem
expēs of kny [...]htꝭ.
exposycyon of wor­dys
fo. l [...]xxv
fo. lxxxvii
fo lxxxvii [...]
fals iugemētꝭ
fo [...]ode [...]
fo. [...]odem
fo. [...]odem
feffementys and gyf­tes
fo lxxxix
[...]e [...]auntes and partry­chis
fo. xci.
[Page] [...]elonye.
fo. xci.
fo. xcii
fees forfeytꝭ
fo xciii
fees of courte.
fo. xciii
fo. xciii.
fynys forfeyt to the kynge
fo. xciii
f [...]nours
fo. xcv
fo. xcv
forcyble ētre
fo. xcv
fo. xcvii
fo. xcviii
forgyng of fals dedꝭ
f [...]rmedon.
fo. ci
for stallers.
fo. c.i
fo. c.ii
fo. cii
fo. c.iii.
gayle delyuere
fo. c.iii.
[...]agīg of winꝭ.
fo c.iiii
gyldys of frat.
fo. c.iiii
gold & syluer.
fo. cv
Hattꝭ & cappꝭ.
fo. c.vii
hauis & ryuerse
fo. c.viii
fo. c.i [...]
hye wayes.
fo c.ix
fo. c.ix
hors & marys.
fo. c.x
fo. c.x.
housis of religiō
fo. c.x
homa [...].
fo. c.xi.
fo c xii.
fo. c.xii.
fo. c.xii
fo. c.xiii
¶Idemptitate nomi­nis
fo. c.xiiii
fo. c.xiiii
fo c xv
fo. c.xv
fo. c xv
fo c.xvi
fo c. [...]vii
iuris vtrū
fo c.xvii
fo. c.xvii.
iustyce of peas [...]
fo. c.xix
iustice of assise
fo. c.xxv
iustyce of bothe ben­ches
fo. c.xxvii
[Page]iustyce of gayle delyuere.
fo c.xxvii
fo. c.xxviii
fo. c xx [...]i
fo. c.xxxi.
letters patētꝭ
fo. c.xxxi.
letters of m̄k.
fo. c xxxi.
fo. c.xxxi
fo. c.xxxii.
fo. c.xxxii.
lyuer of lādꝭ
fo. c.xxxii
lyuer of cōpani
fo. c.xxxiii
fo. c.xxxvi
fo. c [...]xxxvii.
fo. c.xxxviii.
fo. c.xx [...]viii
fo. c xxxix
fo. c.xl.
fo. c.xii.
fo. c.xliii
fo. c.l.
fo. c.l.
fo. c.l
fo. c.lii
fo. c.lvi.
fo. c.lvii
fo. c lvii.
fo c.lvii.
Ne īiuste vexes
c lvii
Nisi prius
fo. c.lvii.
fo. c lix.
fo. eodem
fo. c.lix
fo. eodem
fo. eod.
fo. c.lx.
fo. eodem
othe of the kīg
fo. c.lxi
othe of the iustice.
fo c.l [...]ii
ordynaunce by bodye [...] incorporate
fo. c.lxii.
fo. c.lxii.
oyer & tminn̄.
fo. c.lxiii.
fo. c.lxiii.
fo. c.l [...]iiii
payne harde and strayte
fo. c.lxi..
fo. eod.
fo. eodem
fo. c.lxx.
fo eodem
fo. c.lxxi.
[...]erꝭ of the reaml.
fo. eod.
[...]ew [...]erers
fo. eodem
[...]he [...]iōs
fo. c.lxxiii.
[...]lays & gamꝭ
fo. c.lxxv
[...]ore men
fo. c.lxxv
fo. c.lxxvi
fo. eod.
[...]rogatif of the kīg.
fo [...] c.lx [...].
fo. eodem
fo. eodem
fo. c.lxxxi
fo. eodem
fo. c.lxxxii
fo [...] eodem
fo. c.lxxx [...]ii
fo. c.lxxxv
fo. c.xc.
fo c.xciiii.
fo c.xcv
quare īpedit.
fo. c.xcv.
fo. c.xcvi
quod ei deforciat.
quod ꝑmittat
fo. eodem
quo warāto
fo. c.xcvi.
fo. c xcvii.
fo c xcviii
fo. cc.
fo. cc.
reasonable ayd
fo. cc. [...].
r [...]pell
fo. cc.i.
fo. cc ii.
r [...]scyt
fo. cc.iii.
r [...]torne of sheryffys
fo. cc.iiii.
ryottꝭ & rowtꝭ
fo. cc v.
fo. cc.viii.
[...]o. cc.ix
Robberyes and felonyes
fo. cc.x.
saue cōduytꝭ
fo. cc.x.
s [...]rchers
fo. cc.xi.
seriaūtꝭ of armꝭ
f. cc..xi
Seale of the marches
fo. cc.xii
fo. [...]odē
fo. eodem
fo. cc.xiii
fo. eodē
fo eodem
fo. cc. [...]v
fo. cc.xix.
fo. eodem
fo. cc.xx.
fo. cc.xxi.
fo cc xxi
statute marchaunt
fo. cc.xxviii.
sub pena
fo eodem.
fo. cc.xxxi
fo. eodem
fo. cc.xxxi
fo cc.xxxi
fo. eodē
takers of ꝓfetꝭ
tellers of new tythyn­gꝭ
fo. cc.xxxiii.
fo. cc.xxxiii
fo. cc.xxxiiii
fo cc.xxxiiii
fo eodem
fo eodem
fo. eodem
fo. eodem
fo. eodem
torne of shyriffꝭ.
fo. cc.xxxv
fo. cc xxxvi.
tōnage & pōdage
fo eod
fo. eodem
fo. cc.xxxviii
fo cc xxxi [...]
fo eodem
fo cc.xl [...]
fo cc x [...]
wager of law
fo. cc. [...]l [...].
fo cc.xlii
wa [...]des.
fo. cc.xlii
wa [...]ys
fo. cc.xlvi
war [...]antie
fo. cc.xlvii.
fo [...] cc xlviii.
wa [...]chaundeler
fo. cc l.
fo. cc.l.
weyghtes & mysuris
fo. cc.l
fo. cc.lvi
fo. cc.lvj.
view of fraūkplege
fo. cc.lvii
fo. cc.l [...]ii.
vitell & vitellers.
fo. cc lix
fo. cc.lx
fo. cc.i [...].
fo cc lxii.
fo. cc lxii
fo. cc.lxiii
fo. cc.l [...]iii
Finis Tabule


HE that abiurith the land while he is in the opyn strete shalbe in the kyngꝭ peace nor ought in no wise to be tro­ [...]elyd / and whyle he is in the church his keꝑs [...]ught not to dwell in the church yard except [...]ecessite or iuꝑdye of escape reqire / nor he shall [...]ot be ꝯpellyd to deꝑt whyle he is ī the church [...]ut that he may haue his necessary lyuyng & fre [...]y to go owt to ea [...]e hym self of the burdō of na [...]ure The statute callyd. articuli cleri capit. viij.

¶A Clerk fleyng to th [...] church for felo [...]y for [...]o haue the puylege of the church affirmīg him [...]elff to be a clerk shall not be ꝯpellyd to abiure [...]he reame / but yeldyng hym selff to the lawys of the reame shall inioy the lybertes of the [...]hurch accordyng to the lawdable custome of [...]he reame hydirto vsyd. Articuli cleri. cap̄. xij.


¶If the lord assigne auditours to the baylyf or reseyuer whych be found in areragis the [...] [...]itours shall commyt them to the next geall of [...]he kyng tyl they haue payd the areragis. And [...]uch a baylyff or reseiuour may fynd maym per­ [...]ours & haue a wryt of ex parte talis to [...]ryng [Page] hym before the barons of the excheker & the shyryf shall delyuer hym vnto them And the shyryf in whos pison he is shall warn the lord to be before the barons at a certayn day wyth rollys & tayles &c̄ and in the presence of the barōs or audytours which they wyl assyne the account shalbe rehersyd and yf he be found in areragis he shalbe commyttyh to the flete and yf he depart and wyllyngly wyll not account he shalbe dystraynyd & yf he come auditours shalbe assygnyd vnto hym and yf he be in are­ragys he shalbe commyttyd to ward vt supra: this statute gyffith ꝓces of vtlary yf the shiryf retorn nichyl And these ꝑsons so cōmyttyd to pison be not repleuysable &c And yf the gealour let them go at large / An acciō of det shall lye agayns hym but yf he be insuffycient then the accion shall lye agayns hys superiour that com­myttyd the geall vnto hym. Westmester ii ca xii

¶The tenure of accomt gyffyn ī the eschekyr by costom̄s countrollers shiryffꝭ & other shalbe send into the contre where &c for to be examy­nyd by comyssioners therto assinyd & yf they be cōuyct of fraud or ꝯceylm̄t they shal yeld to the kyng thre tymys as much & be in prison tyl they haue made fyne and raunsom to the kyng The vi yere of henry the iiii Ca iii [Page ii] Auncyen fermys and rētis shall not be ratyd ī accompt in the eschequyr xxviii E iii Ca iiii

¶Every costōmer vppō hys accoumpt shalbe sworne to answere the kyng of all ꝓfetis & commodytes for the payment of any assygnement be it by tayl or in any other maner iiij. H iiij Ca xx

Accion populer

If the defēdāt in accion populer plede a recouery in barre had agayn hym selfe by an o­ther ꝑson or els that the same defēdant before that tyme barryd any suche playntyfe in the acc [...]on populer The playntyfe may auerre that suche recouery was by couyn or that suche [...] playntyfe was barryd by couyn or colucion that is to sey agremēt betwene the playntyfe and defēdant and if suche couyn or colucion be foūd the playntyf shall haue Iugemēt and the defendant shall haue īprisonement of ij ye­ris Also a release made by any estrange ꝑsone before suche an accion or indytem̄t or after be not alowyd Prouydyd that no playntyfe b [...] receyuyd to auerre suche couyn in case where the poynt of the same acciō or where suche co­uyn [Page] or colusion hath ben before tried or laufully foūd agayns the plaintyffꝭ or ellis with thē by the tryell of xii. men and not other wyse The .iiij. yere of kynge hēry the vij. cap̄. xx

¶That all sewtis from the xx. day of nouem­bre in the vij yere of kynge hēry the viij. by ac­cciōs byllys īnditementꝭ or informacions vppō an [...] penall statute wherby the kyng is only intytulyd to any det mouable goodꝭ or cattellꝭ so for [...]etyd shall be cōmensid & sewyd within iiij. yeres next aft the offēce or forfeture / And that all suche seutis vppon any accion penall wher by the forfeture is gyuyn as well to the kyng as to the ꝑti [...] that will sewit / thā if the kyng sewit only that than that sewt by the kyng be cō mensyd & sewyd within the space of two yere next after the offēce and forfeit so made / And yf any oth [...]r ꝑsō sew therfore as well for hym selfe as for the kyng that than that sewt be cō mēsyd within the space of one yere next after the offēce or forfeit so made / And yf any acciō or sewte be had or made other wyse than with in the tymys lymytyd they to be voyd & of non effect / the vij. yere of kyng H. viij. cap̄. iii.


¶No man shalbe takyn or imprisonyd or any [Page iij] wyse distroyed nor we shall not go nor sit vp­pon hym but by laufull iugement of his peerys or by the law of the land. magna carta cap̄. xxix.

¶Non shalbe actachid by his bodi / nor his landis nor godis sesyd cōtrary to magna carta .v. E iij capitu. ix.

¶Non shalbe takyn by peticion or suggestion made to the kyng or his counsell yf it be not by inditement or dew origynall nor put out of his [...]raunches or frehold wythout iugement .xxv. E. iij. Capitu. iiij.

¶The accuser shalbe send wyth the suggestiō before the chauncellour & the tresorer & there shall fynd surete to pursew &c & yf he can not ꝓue his seyeng he shall haue that same payn that the other shuld haue .xxxvii E iij Ca x [...]iij but that payn of pena talionis is put ow [...] by the statut the yere xxxviii. E iij. ca ix but he shal be send to pson there to remayn tyl he hath ma­de gremēt wth the ꝑte of his damagis for the sklaunder &c & furthermore shall fyne & raunsome to the kyng

Non shalbe put to a [...]swer wth out p̄se [...]t [...]ment [Page] before the iustice or by dew ꝓces & wryt origi­nall & if any be / it is voyde in the law & holdyn for errour .xlij E: iii: Cap: xii

¶The deffēdantꝭ vexid by such accusementis before the kyugs counsell or in the chauncery shall recouer theyr damagis .xvij R ii Ca vj


¶In wryttis originallis of ꝑsonell accōn [...] appellis and indi [...]ementis where an exigent shalbe awardid the namys of the deffendaūtis shalbe made wyth addycions of theyr estate degre or craft & of the townys hamlettis placi [...] and countes where of they be or haue be con­ [...]ersaunt or ells they shalbe abatyd And yf any vtlary be pronoūced in such case it shalbe voy [...] And though they vary from the record o [...]ef­pecyalte for such surplysage they shall not a­bate j. Hvcav.


[...]ors a [...] that they be reteyned to se [...] [Page iiij] the kyng vppō the see and reseyuyd their wa­gis and after depart wythout lycēce of the ad­myral or his leuetenāt be bound to restore the double of that they receyued & to haue īpriso­emēt of ij yeres without bayll or maymprise & the kyng ꝯmaūdyth all shiryffs mayre [...] aud baylyffes that at the certifycat of the admyrall or hys leueteuaūt witnyssīge the same to arest them and to put thē ī preson ther to remayn tyll thay haue a speciall ꝯmaundemēt of the kyng for theyr delyueraūce / lyke punyshm̄t be done of the seriaūtis of armys maisters of shyppꝭ & [...]ll other that shall be a tayntyd by īquire before the admyrall or hys leuetenāt that haue takyn ought of the sayd mareners to suffer them to go at large after that they haue them so therfore [...]restid / the / ij. yere of R. ij. c. iiij

¶All maner contractis plees quarrellys and other thynges done or growyng withī the bodyes of the cōntes as well by lande as by wa­ter & also wrekys of the see shallbe determynyd by the lawe of the land and not by the ad­myrall / neuertheles of the deth or mayme of a man don in the great shyppis beyng harboryd in the myddys of the hye stremis of the gret ryuers only benethe the bryggys of the [...] [Page] riuers next to the see / the admyrall shall haue iurisdiccion & in no nother maner And also to arest the shyppys in the great stremys for the great vyagis of the kyng & the realme / sauing to the kynge all maner forfeytis therof cōmyng And also he shall haue iurisdiccyō in the sayd stremys durynge the sayd viagis only sauynge all wey to cytes and borowes and lordis theyr lybertes and fraunches / The / xv / R: ij: c: iij:

¶The admyrall shal medyl with nothīge do­ne within the realm̄ / the xiij R ij c v & he that is greued agaīs this estatute shal haue a writ vpppon his cas agayns hym that sewyd hym in the admyrall court & shal recouer double da­magis / & yf the defendant be attaīt he shal pay xli. to the kyng / the ij H iiij c xi Loke mor [...] for admyrall in the tytle trews


¶yf a mā dye intestate the ordinary shall dep [...]te the next lawful frēdꝭ of the dede mā whych shall haue accion & make answere / aud be ac­comptable to the ordinaryes as executours [...] xxxj E iij Ca xi


¶In a wryt of entre by the heyre of the disse­ysi agayns the heyre of the disseisour the wryt shall not be abatyd by the noneage of the one nor of the other nor the plentyff delayd &c and if a man bryng assise & the disseysour dye before the assise pass the pleyntyff shall haue his wryt agains the heyre of the disseysour of what age so euer he be / & the ple shall not ab [...]d but it shall be pursewyd with quyk su [...]t astyr the disseysyn And in the same maner this point shall­be in the ryght of the p̄latis of religion & other to whom landis & tenemētis may come after an others deth whedyr they be disseysyes or dis­seysours. Westm̄ prim̄ Cxlvi

¶yf an infant with in age be kept from hys inherytance after the deth of his cosin graunt fadyr or gret graunt fadyr by whcih he owght to haue a wryt / & his aduersary alege a fefement or sey any other thyng wherby the iustyce aw­ard the inquest wher it was delayed tyl the age of the infant / here the inquest shall now passe as though he were of full age / Gloucester [...] Capitulo secundo

[Page] [...] wryt of cui in vita or [...]ur cui in vita shall not be di [...]erryd after the deth of the husband for the noneage of the heyre which ought to warrant it but the byer shall [...]ary vntyll the ful age of the heyre. westm̄ ii Ca xl

Aid of the kyng

¶where the kyng makyth a fefement and the dede ther of made be so / that any person by lyke dede or lyke feffement be bound to warrantye / the iustyce may ꝓcede no further In other casts as where the kyng hath confirmyd or ratyfyed an other mānis dede in to an other man­nys ryght or grauntyd any thyng to an other as mych as in hym is. Or wher a dede is shew [...]yd that the kyng hath gyffyn any tenement not no clause therin conteynyd wherby [...] he owght to warrant it and for the occasion ther of in all such lyke cas [...]s it shall not be surseysyd but that as sone as it is shewd to the kyng they shall ꝓ­cede Of wymennys dowers where any ha­ [...]e the kepyng off the heyris of theyr husban­d [...]s of the kyng is graunt whethyr the kepers hold the land or the heyris of the lond be vou­chid or callid to warrantye yf they ley excep­ [...]on [Page vj] that they can not answere wyth out the [...] / they shall not surcesse therfore but they [...]all procede in the accion accordyng to ryght [...]tatut de bigamis. Capitulo primo

¶A mā shall haue but iiij wryttis of [...]erch w­ere he hath ayde of the kyng wherof euery [...]albe deliuerd .xl. days before the retorn of the [...]me .xiiij. E. iii. Cap̄. xiij.


¶Priours alyens conuentuall institute & in­ [...]uct may haue theyr beneficis in englond so [...]hat they fynde suerte that they shall not disco [...]er the secretis of the reame / The furst yere o [...] [...]enry the .v. Capitulo .vij.

¶Non of the kyngis lege people nor nō other [...]e fermour nor procuratour to any alyen wh [...]che hath auy benefyce within this reame / The iii. yere of R &c. ii. capitulo .iij.

¶Alyens shall take no possessyon in no bene [...]ice in englond without the kyngis lycēce / The [...] of Richard .ij. capitulo .xi.

[Page]¶The kyng shall haue the possessions of p [...]ours aliens in fee if they be not cōuentu [...]lls [...]stitute & induct / The iiij yere of henry the [...] the last chapt

¶It is law full for no alien to shote in a lo [...] bow with out the kyngꝭ lycence vppon pay [...] of forfeture of the same bow & arows & euery of the kyng subiectis may seyse the bow & ar [...]ws .vj h viij Cap ij

¶All aliens hauyng any manuel occupacio [...] in the suberbis of any cyte or town with in th [...] reame or with in ij myle therof except oxford [...] brydg & seynt merteyns the graūt in londō [...] be vnder the serch of the wardens of the o [...]paciō with an alion housholder of the same [...]cupaciō to thē chosin / And they shall dely [...] to the same alions beyng a blak smyth coup [...] pouchmaker or ioyner a sign or a merk why [...] they shall put vppon theyr work or thei pu [...] to sale vppon payne of forfeytour of doble [...] leto of the same warys Also yf such warden [...] fynd any [...]ceyt in theyr workꝭ the workers [...] owners shall forfeyt the same warys the [...] hal [...]f to the kyng the other to hym that wyll [...] by acciō of detynew wherin no wager of [...] [Page vij] [...]ecciōnor essō shalbe alowyd / ꝓuidyd that e [...]ry lord of ꝑliam̄t & other that may dispēd Cli [...] yere may retayn alions [...]oynours & glasi­ [...]urs in theyr [...]uice to excersise theyr art / This [...] to indure vnto the end of the next ꝑliamēt [...] h viij Ca ij


¶Ambydexter that is he that takyth money [...] bothe partes shall be put ī no Iurre / And [...]uery on before whom that he passyth hath po [...]er to īquire of his defaute & to determyn hit / [...]he v yere of E. iij Ca. x


[...]oke for amendmēt in the tytle of record


¶The townshippis shall not be amercyd befo [...] the iustyce of ī eyre because that they of the [...]wne of xii yere of age do not appere before [...] shiryffꝭ and coroners at the inqui [...]icions of [...]ery & other belongyng to the coron̄ while [...] come sufficient of the townysmen except [...]ly in inquisicions of the deth of man Mar [...]e Capitulo .xxv.

No man shalbe amercyd but accordyng to [Page] his trespas sauyng his frehold / A man of the church shall not be amercyd but accordyng to his lay fee / Amercyament shall not be assessi [...] but by probable men of the same vesnew. &c. And yerlys & barons shall not be amercyd but o [...]ly by theyr peerys &c. magna carta Ca. xiiij.

¶Because that cōmyn fyn & amercyment of all the shyres in the eyre of the iustyce is asses­syd by the shiryf & barrectours of the shyre it is ordeyned that frō hens forth in the eyre of the iustyce before theyre deꝑting such sōmes shal­be assessid by the oth of knyghtꝭ & probable mē & the iustyce shall cause the ꝑcellis to be put in theyre estreytis whych thay shall delyuer in to the escheker and not only the hole some. West­mester primer Ca xviij They vse to do thus be­fore the Iustice of assise of the amercyamēti [...] in the kyngis court and I suppose it is by the eqite of this statute & by the statute of magna carta before rehersi [...] And they shall set them by the oth of ij or iij ꝓbable men of the shyre by theyr discressions

¶No man shalbe amercyd where he ought to haue corporall payn .xiij R ij ca viij

¶The shyryf shalbe amercyd for defaute of hys retorne at the ꝑlyment And they that cō [...] [...]o the ꝑlyment aft [...]r the sommons shalbe am [...]yd [Page viij] & ponysshyd as they haue ben of old tyme v R. ij ca iiij

¶yf any man be murderyd by the day and be that doth it escape / the township where such murder was shalbe amercyd & the corron̄ vppō the syght of the body and also the Iustyce of the pease haue power to inquere of such esc [...] ­pis .iij H vij ca primo


¶Awryt of mysurem̄t of dower shalbe [...]ūty [...] to the wardē nor the heyre / shall not be excludid when he cōmyth to his age to mysure the dower by the sewt of the warden yf he p̄sue it [...]eyntly or by colusiō / And as well in this writ [...] in admysurement of pasture the ꝓces shalbe that at the graund distres days shalbe gyffin betwen the whych two countes shalbe holdyn at the whych ther shalbe made opyn ꝓclamacon that the deffēdaūt shall com at the day ꝯteyny [...] in the wryt to answer the playntyff at whych day yf he come not &c. they shall ꝓcede by de­fault to the mysurement [...] W. ii. Ca. vij

¶yf the pasture be mysuryd before the iustice / The playntyf shall haue A wryt of iugement that the shyryf in the p̄sēs of the ꝑtees warny [...] yf they wylbe there shall īquere of the secōd s [...] peroneraciō that yf it be [Page] [...]ound it shalbe send to the iustice vnder the shiryffis seale and the sealis of the iurrous / And the iustice shall iugge to the plaintyff his damage & shall put ī the estretꝭ the valew of the bestꝭ whych he that ouerchargyd after the mesure­ment made dit put in to the pasture more than he ought to do & shall deliuer the estretꝭ to the barons of the esthekyr that they may therof answer the kyng If the mesurement be don in the counte than at the instans of the playntyff a wryt shall go owt of the chauncery to the shyryff to inq̄re of the same ouer charging & of the best is put in the p [...]sturis aboue the dew nōber and he shall answer to the kyng at the esthe­ky [...] of the price of thē / And all these wryttis of second suꝑoneracōn that go owt of the chauncery shalbe inrollyd / and at the yeris end the transcriptis shal [...]e s [...]nd to the esthekyr vnder the chauncelours sealle that the tresorer & ba­rons may see how the shyryff shall answer of the issues / W ii C viij / lyke wise wryttis of re [...]isseisyn shalbe inrollyd & sēd to the estheky [...]


¶Non except the kyngis grace the quene the [Page ix] kyngꝭ moder the kyngis childern the kyngꝭ brethern and sisters were any cl [...]th of gold of purpure colour or sylke of purpure coler or furre of blake genet [...]s vppō hys body or horse vn­der the payne of forfetour for enery tyme and thesame appel

¶And no mā other than the kyngꝭ chyldern or vnder the state of a duke or markes were an [...] clothe of golde of tyssue on the payn of .xx. markes and forfetour of the same apparell.

¶And non other thā the kyngꝭ chyldern or vnder the degre of a dukꝭ sone & he [...]re apparant marq̄s or yerle were any furre of sables vnder the payne of .xx. marke & forfetour of the same.

¶And that non vnder the degre of a son of a duke marques or [...]rle & their sones & heyris ap­parant and vnder the degre of a baron were any clothe of gold or cloth of syluer vnder the payn of .x markꝭ and forfetour of thesame

¶And that non vnder the degre of the son of a duke erle barō or knyght of the garter were any wollyn cloth made out of this realme of [...] ̄glōd yrelonde walys calys or marchis of thesame or berwyk except in bonettꝭ vppon payn of x markis & forfetour of the same.

[Page]¶And that non vnder the degre of a knyght of the gart [...]r were any crymsyn veluet or blew vppon p [...]yn of .xl. s. and forfetour of the same.

¶And that non vnder the de [...]re of the sone & heyre apparant of a baron knyghtꝭ sqnyers o [...] the kyngis body his cup berers carue [...]s [...]nd sewers to the kyng quene or prynce hauyng f [...]e [...] the tresorer of the kyngis chambre and all other squyers for the kyngis body cup berers caruers and sewers and other hauyng landꝭ to the yerely valeu of .CC. markis / Iustyces of both benchis the maister of the rollys barons of the eschekyr and all other of the kyngis and quen [...]s coūsell an [...] theyr phesicyons / and may res o [...] the cyte of london for the tyme beyng w [...]re any veluet in theyr gownys / Iakettꝭ or cotis or furre of marterns vnder the payn of .xl. s. and f [...]r [...]ture of the same except suche per­sons after here expressyd & theson & heyre apparaūt of all barons and eu [...]ry knyght may were tynsel and cryms [...]n veluet in theyr dubletis

¶Also non vnder the degres aboue namyd except the sone and heyrs of knyghtis and other hauynge lād or f [...]e to the yer [...]ly valew of .CC. mark were any cheyn of golde vnder the pay­ne of forfeture therof except suche as be ī this act expressyd.

[Page x.]¶Also the sonnys and heyris appar [...]nti [...] of all persons aboue nam [...]d may were bla [...] [...]l­uet in their dublettis and blak da [...]ask roset & tawney / and chamlet in theyr gownys Iaket­tis and cotes.

¶Also non but the persons aboue namyd ma [...] were [...]atten or damaske in gown [...]s Iakkettis or cotis excepte he haue landis for terme of l [...] ­fe or reuenum to the reyely valew of .C. marke excepte such here after excepte vppon payne of xl. s. and forfeture of the same.

¶And that non except he haue landis or reuenum for term̄ of lyfe to the yerely valew of or els he be sone and heyr apparant to hym that hath possessiōs to the yerely valew of .Cli. were satten damask or silk chamlet in their dublettis vppon payn of .xl. s. and forfeture of the same.

¶An [...] that non vnder the degre of a gētylmā e [...]cept graduatis and yemē gromys & pagis of the kynges q̄nis & prīcis chāber & such as haue p [...]ssessiōs to the yerly valeu of for term̄ of l [...]fe or Cli. in goodis were any furris wherof there is no lyke kynd growīg in englond or els where vnd the kynges obeysaūce on payn of .xl. s. and forfeture of the same furr̄ prouydyd that the furr̄ be not of martns.

[Page]¶Also the coferer of tge kynges housold [...] the two cl [...]rkys of the gr [...]ne cloth the clerke countroler the cheffe clerke of the kechyn the ch [...]ffe [...]lerke of the spycery Gentylmen vsshers of the kyuges quen [...]s & pryncis chamber be­ynge dayly wayters & sewers for the kynges quen [...]s & prīces borde endis / the sergeaūtꝭ o [...] th [...] s [...]ller pantry and seriaunt porter gromys & pagis of the kyngꝭ pr [...]uey chambre may were ī theyr doubletes Iakkettis & cotes [...]eluet sat­teyn and damaske blake tawney & russet and in their gownys damaske and chamlet and about theyr neckis cheynes of gold aud the coferer to [...]re in his goun satten of the sayd colours & f [...]rr [...] of m [...]rtens and sergeauntis of all other offyce and sergeauntis of armys may were in th [...]r dublettis bl [...]k veluet damaske or chamlet in Iakkettes [...]nd cotꝭ damaske & chamlet / and gownys of chamlet.

¶Also the marchall of the kynges hall quene and pr [...]ncis gentylmen of euery offyce & gen­tylmen of the chappel [...] the mayster Cookes / the iiij seconnde clerkes of the kyngꝭ housold may we [...]e dubletꝭ of blak veluet damaske or chamlet & Iakketꝭ & cotꝭ of damaske or chālet [...] chālet ī theyr gownis

& Also yemen of the garde and yemen of the [Page xi] quenys chambre dayly wayters and yemen of the crown hauynge the fee may were du [...]letis of blak veluet satten or damaske and chamlet ī gownys And yemen and grdmys for the kyn­ges the quenys and pryncis mouthe and the thre porters and all other gentylmen felowes in the iiij Inn [...]s of court may were dublettis of sattin damaske or chamlet and Iakkettis of chamlet.

¶Also that non vnder the degre of a son of a duke [...]arqu [...]s or erle or the degre of a lorde or knyght of the garter were any apꝑel broderyd broochyd or garded wyth gold syluer or gold­s [...]ythes worke nor non other were any apꝑell br [...]deryn brochyd or gardyd wyth any other thyng than he is lymyte [...] to were by this stat [...]t on payn of xl. s & forfetoure of the same appell.

¶Also that non vnder the degre of a knyght and other before namyd except spirituall m [...]n & seriauntꝭ at the law & graduatis of the vny­uersites were aboue iiij yerdes of brode cloth in a long goun and in a cote or rydynge gown iij yer [...]es upp [...] payne of forfeture therof [...] nor no seru [...]ng man vnder the degre of a gentylmā aboue thre yer [...]ꝭ in hys gown cote or garm [...]t nor that he were therin no chamlet nor other [Page] furre but lambe growynge in englond wales or yreldnde on payne of forfeture of it or els the valew therof.

¶Also that no seruyng man vnder the degre of a gentylman were cloth in his hose aboue .xx.d. a yerde except it be his maistres leuyuge vppon payn of .iij. s. iiij. dꝭ and of forfeture of the same.

¶Also that nō vnder the degre of a gentylmā were any maner of sylk or chamlet or any pointis in any apparell vppō his body with agletis of golde or siluer or gyltyd / or buttons or bro­chis of gold or syluer gylt or any goldsmyth worke excepte it be his lordis bage vppon payne .x. s. and forfeture the same.

¶And that non vnder the degre of a knyght other than be except to were gownys of vel­uet were any pynchid shurt or pinchid ꝑtlet of lynnyn cloth or playne shurt garnysshid or made with sylk or gold or syluer vppon payne of .x s. & forfeture of the same.

¶And that no seruant of husbandry shepperde conyn labourer nor seruaūt to any artyficer out of Cytes and boroughs nor husbandman hauyng no goodes aboue the valew of .x li. were any cloth aboue .ij. s. iiij. d. a brode yerd / [Page xij] nor non of the sayd seruauntis of husbandry sheperdis nor labourers were any hose aboue xij. d. a yerde vppon payn of .iij. dayes prisonement in the stokkis.

¶Prouydyd that this acte be not preiudyci­al to any werynge the ornamentis of the chur­che / nor to no marchaunt s [...]raunger nor to non ymbassatours / The maister of horsis / The maister of hensmen to the kynge quene and prynce / the maister of the kynges armery / nor hense­men / fotemen [...] haroldis of armys myns [...]rellys players in enterludys / nor to any for the tyme beynge in the kyngis garnyson / nor in wagis in the kyngis war [...]e / nor to any weryng apꝑell of the gyft of the kinge quene or prynce nor to no doctours nor graduatis of the vnyuer [...]y [...]es but that they may were veluet in theyr typpet­tis / nor to mayres recorders aldermen shyryf­fes wardens of feleshyps swerdeberer of lon­don / baylyffes and [...]uratis of the [...]ynk portis as well of all cytes to wnys and borowes corporate as the meyr of the staple of Calice and the gouernour of the englyshe uacyon but that they may were as their predecessours vsed in tyme of occupacyon their sayd offycis / nor [...]o non whom the kyng shall gy [...]e lycence by placarde.

[Page]¶Also that the gentylmen vsshers of the kin­ges chamber haue the forfe [...]ure of the apꝑell worn in the kynges chambre the vsshers in the q̄nys chāber the forfetour there / the vsshers in the pryncys chābre the forfeture there the marchallys in the ky [...]ges hall in other placys ī the kynges house The marchallis of the quenys hall in other placis of the quenys house The m [...]rchallys in the pryncis hall in other placis in the prynces house by meane of [...]isour or by acci [...]n of detinew and the offycers that furst seasith it or sewith the accion of detinew to haue the apparell & to haue an accyon of det for the sayd penaltes so that the accyon be cō ­mensi [...] within .xv. dayes next after the begynnyn [...]e of the next terme after the seasour the one halfe of the penalte to his vse the other halfe to the kyng Also any of the kyngꝭ house whom the kynge shall name and appoynt may haue the sayd forf [...]tours ther as is before sayd if he furst s [...]ase it And yf any of the fayd ꝑsons cōmēse not his acciō within xv. days next after the begynnyng of the sayd terme next after the sayd forfeyt than any of the kyngꝭ subiectis that wyll furst sue therfore to haue it Also the warden of the [...]l [...]te the marshall of the kyngꝭ benche or their deputes to ha [...]e the forfeytꝭ [Page xiii] of apꝑell worne in Westmynster hall a [...]d in the kyngꝭ paleys there / And that all mayres shyryffis and baylyfes in cytes townes & borowes and baylyffis of fraunches and sheryffes vnder sheriffes eschetours in euery counte and con­stables in euery hundryd in lyke maner [...]o haue that forfetour of apparell worne within their Iurysdiccions as is before sayd within the ty­me lymyttyd or els any of the kynges subiectis that wyl furst sew.

¶Also yf any persone wery [...]ge suche appa­r [...]ll make any resystence than he to lose as mu­che more as he shall forfeyt by this statu [...]e to be recoueryd in lyke maner as is before sayd / and in all the sayd accyons nother wager of law esson̄ nor proteccion to lye nor the parte to be delayed by no plee in disablement of his person nor to be barryd by the kyngys par­don.

¶And that the lorde stywarde of the kyngis hous [...] beynge within the verge and Iustice of ass [...]se and Iustice of pease stywardis of letis or lawe dayes and euery of them haue power to hold ple of the premyssis as well by examy­nacyon as by course of the commyn lawe and [...]o determyn the same as well at the kyngis [Page] sew it as at the pertes / And that all other ac [...]s of apparell any tyme before made be vtterly voyde and repellyd / The .vij. H. viij. ca. vij.


¶If any infant vse husbandry tyl he be .xij. yere olde and after be made apprentyse his co­uenant is voyd / The .ij. yere of. Richard .ii. Capitulo quarto.

¶Apprentyse where his [...]ad and moder may [...]ot exspēd .xx. s. by yere his couenaūt is voyd and he that reteynith hym shal pay .C. s. to the kyng if it be not furst testyfyed vnder the scale of two Iustices of peas of his co [...]rey / [...] [...]e that wyll [...]ew for the kynge shall haue the one halfe / and in euery lete they that be out o [...]seruyee shall be sworn to serue or els put in stokkis vntyl they wyll serue And this sew it shall be takyn as well before the Iustyce of pease as other Iustice / the .vij. yere of. H. the .iiij. capitulo .vij. The Cyte of londō is except tyll it shall please the kynge The .viij. yere of henry .vj ca. vj. And the. Cyte of norwych is ex­cept from the sayd statute / The .xj. yere of hen­ry the .vij. capitulo .xj.

[Page xiiij]¶If any artyfycer alyen strau [...]ger after thys day retayn any aprētyse to worke wyth hym but only of the kyngꝭ s [...]biecteꝭ except his owne sō or doughter s [...]all forfet .xxli. for euery tyme the on ha [...]fe therof to the kyng the other half to him y wyll sew hyt / the furst yere of rychard [...]he .iij. ca. ix. in fine.

¶No Alyen denysed or not denysen dwelling in this reame shall take any prentyse after the [...]est of all [...]yntꝭ next cōmyng except he be born vnder the kyngꝭ obeysauns nor no [...]orneman [...]or couenant s [...]ruant alyon born aboue the nomber of .ij. vppō payn of forfetor of th [...] one ha [...]f to the kyng the other to hym that wyl [...]ew where wager of law esson lycence & ꝓteccion shalb [...] put owt .xv. H. viij. ca. ij.


¶In euery lycēce frō hēforthe to be made in [...]he chaūcery of ꝓpriaciō of any ꝑy [...]h [...] churce [...]e it exp̄sly ꝯteynyd y the ordinary of the place shall assyne certeyn money to be distributyd yerely of the fruy [...]ꝭ cōmīg of the same church among the pore peryshens and that the vy [...] [...]age be [...]ffycyently in dow [...]d / The .xv. yere of Ryc. ij. c. vj.

[Page]¶Uicaragis appropried aft [...]r the .xv. yere of kyng Rychard be disapropryed and secular ꝑ­sons shall be from hēsforth ordeynyd vyc [...]r [...] ꝑpetuall vppō the apꝓpriaciōs to teche th [...] peo­ple and to kepe hospitalyte and no relygyous ꝑson the .iiij. yere of henry the iiij. Capi. xij.

¶Churches [...]ppropryed agaynst the forme o [...] the sayd statute. The .xv. yere of Richard vn­tyl now be voyd. And that no religious mā b [...] made vicar in any churches so apꝓpried in ty­me to come.


¶The lord may apꝓw hym self in his wasty [...] yf he leue sufficiēt cōmin to his freholders an [...] if they bryng assise agayns the lord the suffyci­ente shalbe tryed by the assise merton. ca. iiij.

¶The statute of mertō shall hold place betwē the lordꝭ of the wastes wod [...]s and pasturis [...] theyr neyghbors / So that the lordꝭ of the w [...]astꝭ wod [...]s and pastures sauyng suffycient pa­sture to their mē & neyghburꝭ may approw th [...] selff of the resydew / and that shalbe obseruy [...] of them that clayme pasture ꝑteynyng to they [...] free hold & cetera / but loke well [...]he statute. [...]. ij. Capitulo .xlvj.


¶Non shalbe takyn or imprisonyd by the ap­ [...]ell of any woman for the deth of any other [...]an of her husband. Magna carta. Ca. xxxiiij.

¶An exigend shall not be awardyd agayns [...]he accessory in appell tyl the principall be atta [...]nt by vtlary [...] or in other maner westm̄. j. c. xiiij

¶No appell shalbe abatid so hasteli as it hath [...]ont to be [...] but yf he declare the yere & the day the town the appell shall stand & that he may [...]ake the appel wyth in the yere & the day after [...]e dede. Glouc capitu. ix. it seyth not after th [...] [...]eth ideo quere.

¶yf in appell of morder or other felony the effendaunt be quyt in due maner at the sute [...]f the partie or at the kyngꝭ sute the appelour [...]all haue in prisōment of a yere & shall yeld d [...] [...]age to the deffendāt hauyng regard to the im [...]isonment & sclannder that he hath had / And [...]all make fyne to the kyng / And if he be not [...]fficient it shalbe inqueryd by whose abetmēt [...]nd if it be found &c. the abbettours shall be di [...]reyuyd at the sewt of the appellant to com [...] [...]efore the iustyce. And yf they be cōuyct [...]hey [...]all haue imprisoment & yeld damage &c / Nor [...]er shall lye no esson in apell of morder in no [...]urt / w [...]stm̄. ij. Cap. xiiij.

¶Appelys of thyngꝭ don wyth in the r [...]lme [Page] shalbe determynyd by the laws of the reame b [...]fore vsyd / And appellys of thyngꝭ don owt o [...] the realme shalbe determynyd by the cōstable & marchall / And no appel fro hens forth shalbe sewyd in the ꝑlyamēt j. h. iiij. capitulo .xiiij.

In appelle where felony or treasō is supposyd for to be don in a place / yf ther be no such pla­ce wyth in the counte where the indytement is leyde the appell or the īdytem̄t is voyde & the indyt [...]tours ꝯspiratours or ꝓcurat [...]urs halbe ponysshid by imprisonment fyne and raunso [...] by the discression of the Iustice / And that the appellees or the indytees shall haue a wryt of conspyracye agaīs the indytours cōpiratours or procuratours and recouer theyr damage. xviij. h. vj. Ca. xij.

¶It is agreyd for the grettyr ponissement of murders that they & theyr accessoryes shalbe ara [...]nyd mayntenēt after the dede at the suet of the kyng yf they be indytyd & not to [...]ary the yere & day for the suite of the ꝑte. And if it hap the same murdrers & accessoryes so araynyd o [...] any of them to be acquyt or the principall of the same felony or any of them to be attaynt / the parte may take his appell wyth in the yere after the murder don agayns the accessoryes of [...]he same princypal [...]ꝭ or any of thē so attaint or [Page xvj] agayns the same princypallꝭ or any of them so attaynt yf they be alyue & the benefyce off the­yr clergy not takyn. And the appellant shall haue the same aduauntage as though the acqui­tall or attynder had never be & he that of ryght ought to haue the appell may begyn hit befo­re the shyryff & coron̄ in the counte where the m [...]rder was don or before the kyng in his bēch or before the iustice of the gayole delyuere. and yf batell by cours of the comen law lye not in such appell the appellāt may make an [...]torney iij. h. viij. Capitulo primo Loke for appell in rape


¶All men must be redy at the cōm [...] ̄dment of the shiryffe to sew & to arest felons whan neds is as well within the fraunches as without / [...] yf any defaut be in the lorde of the fraunches [...]he kyng shall take the fraunches to him selfe / [...]nd yf defaut be in the baylyffe of the frau [...] ­ch [...]s he shall haue a hole yeres imprisonement and make fyne and yf defaute be in any othe [...] [...]hey shal make fine: And if the shyryf corone [...] or other baylyf within fraunches or without conseyll s [...]che folony [...] [...] [Page] feyn to arest them & [...]herof be a [...]taint they shall haue a hole yeres prisonement & after make fy­ne yf they haue where withall / & yf they haue nought they shall haue .ij. yeris prisonement westm̄ .j. capitulo .xiij.

¶Minesters of holy church at the d [...]uyne seruyce shall not be arestyd so that no couyn be found in th [...]m l. E. iij Cap. v.

¶yff any arest them as is before s [...]yd he shall make fyne at the kyngis wyll & grement wyth the parte .j. R. ij. Cap. vltimo


¶Artificers shall vse but one craft saue only womē .xxxvij. E. iij. ca. vj. Loke more for artyficers in the tytyls coryers laborers / & tanners.


¶In all parliament is treytes & assembles that shalbe ī this reame / That euery mā there shall [...]me wythout force of armys well & peasably And that the king shall ponyssh th [...]m and all oder force d [...]n againe the peace at all tymys / Statut de defensis armorum /

¶Non shall bere armour in disturbaūce of th [...] [Page xvii] peace vppon pain of for [...]etour therof & hys body to prison at the kyngꝭ pleasure And the kyngꝭ Iustice in theyr presence the shyryfe and other mynisters & their baylyffꝭ lordis of fraunchessis wardeyns of cytes & boroughs consta­bles and wardeyns of the peace wythin their wardes haue power to make exc [...]cucion of theyr recorde .ij. E. iij C iij Also Iustice of assise at thayr commyng haue power to inquere how sych mynesters haue don & to ponysh thē No man shall ryde wythin the realme wyth spere nor armor vppō payn of forfetour .vij. R. ij. C xiij

¶Non shall ryde nor by nyght nor day wyth no spere nor were no salet nor skul of yryn vp­pon payn of forfetor xx. R. ij. C. pmo

¶Armor caryed in to skotlond and the vesselt [...]nd hors that caryeth it shalbe forfeyt .vij. R ij [...] ca. xv

¶No saruant of hosbandry or laborer or ser­ [...]ant artyficer vse non armor but in the tyme of war or goyng in his master seruyce

¶Non shalbe compelled to harnes hym self other wyse than was vsyd of old tyme .j E. ii [...] ca. v.

¶wrytyng made that men shall come to the kyng in harneys as oft as thay shalbe send for [Page] is dāpnyd [...]. E iij. C xv. ¶That euery mā vnder the age of .x. yerꝭ beyng not lame or other īpedyment except sperytuall mē iustyce of both benches & of assyse & barons of the esch [...]ker haue a bowe & arowes ī hys howse & vse the s [...] me & that euery man rulers of chyldern ꝓuyde contynually for euery chylde in hys hows that is .vij. yeres of age tyll he cō to .xvij. yeres a bow and .ij. arowes and cause them to vse the same and if any of them take wagꝭ to abate the money on hys wagꝭ & when they shall come to xii. yers thā euery such yong man to ꝓvyde for hym self a bow & .iiij. arowes contynually and for euery of the sayd defautꝭ to forfet .xij.d and that the Iustice of assyse and gayle delyuer̄ & of the peace and stywardys of fraunches may therof examyn inquire & determyne & the lord of euery fraūches to haue ther the forfeture and the kyng in all other placis. And the sayde Iustyces and all other hed offyce [...]s to ponishe suche as vse other vnlawfull gamys accordyng to the statutys and to cōmyt them to ward wi­thout bayll or maymprise till they be bound to the kyngs vse by obligacyon in sum some by the Iustyce dyscressyon frō [...] thens forth to vse such gamys no more And that euery bowea [...] for euery bow of ewe that he makyth to make [Page xviij] [...]j. of elme or other wod of low pryce and if the bowears therin be defectyfe and so founde by xij mē be fore the Iustyce or hed offycers or by examynacyon be fore the Iustyces of pease mayrs or baylyffyꝭ thē they to be commyttyd to ward by the space of .viij dayes or more with­out bayl or maympryse by theyr dyscressyon And that buttes be made in euery town cōti­nued and vsyd accordyng to the auncyent law and custome

And that .ij. of the sayd Justyce of peace may assyne and compell the bowears to inhabyte in two or thre or m̄o placꝭ of the shere as of [...]e as shall lyke them and there to mak bowes of elme or other wode of easy pryce and that no straungers cōuey to any ꝑtes out of the kyngꝭ obeysaunce any long bowes or arowes or sha­ftes without the kyngꝭ lycens on payn of for­feture and imprisonement without bayle or maympryse tyl they haue made fyne therfore before two Justyce of pease in the sessyons in the coūtre wher he was cōmittyd to warde or fynde suerte for paymēt of the same fyne & that no straunger being no deuysyn vse shotīg with lōge bowes without the kynges lycēson payn of forfeture of both bowe arous & shaftꝭ & b [...] that can sease thē to haue thē to his owne vse. [Page] And that all bostaues of Ewe brought ī to this realme be solde opyn and not in bondellys / The .iii. yere of Henry the .viii. c. iij. to indure tyll the next ꝑliament / and after confyrmyd the .vi. yere of Henry the .viij. c. ij.

¶That non shote ī any crosebow nor hande gō excepte he haue possessyons to the yerely / valew of CCC. marke or els lycence from henforth by the kyngꝭ placard vnder payn of .xli. the one half to the kynge and the other half to hym that wyll shew for hit / and the forfetour of the same crosbow or handgonne to hym y wyll sease hi [...] by accyon of det / and that non kepe any crosebow nor hand gonne in his house / on payne of inprisonment and of forfetour to the kynge .x.l. And that the accyō of the kynge be begon with in a yere after the offence & with in half yere for other ꝑsons or elles the ꝑte to be dischargyd and also that these defautꝭ be as wel ponyshable be fore the kyngꝭ coūsell as before the Iustyce of pease / prouydyd all way that this acte extend not to crosebow makers / nor to dwellers ī wallyd towns within / vii. myle of the see / and other holdꝭ on the see / costꝭ or matchis for agayns scotlād / kepīg cros chowes for theyr defēce / nor to no marchūtꝭ hauyng crosebowes and handgonnys to sell [Page xvix] only nor to non host loggyng any mā bryngyng them in to his house but the fo [...]etour to be onely vppon the brynger. The vi. yere of henry viii. c. xiii. All other actys of shotyng in crosbo [...]wes made before this tyme here by this acte / are repellyd.

¶Arowe hedes must be well stelyd brasyd & her denyd at the point vppon payn of forfeture and prisonement and to make fyne at the kynges pleasure / And that euery hed be markyd with the sygne of hym that makyth them and / the Iustyce of pease mayres and baylyffes in Cytes and boroughes haue power to īquere therof and to ponyshe them the .vii. yere of henry the .iiii. capitulo .vii.

¶he that may dispend .Cli. by yere may shote in a crosebow or gon and kepe them ī his hous And he that doth ꝯtrary shall lose xls. for eueri tyme & his crossebow & gon & euery lord hauīg lete y mayntenyth any wythin his iurysdicciō doyng ꝯtrary shall forfet xls. the one half to the kyng the other to hym that wyll sew wher no ther wager of law esson nor ꝓteccion shall lye xv. H. viij. ca. vij.

Loke more herefore in the tytle of bows and bow stavys.


¶Especiall assise shalbe graūtyd by the chaūcelor & a ꝓcedēdo with out suing to the kīg wher any lādꝭ & tenem̄tꝭ be graūtyd by the kīgs patēt wyth out tytle foūd by ēquest or ells where the entre of the kyng is not giffin by the law & the playntyf shall recouer treble dam̄ agayns hym so hauyng the kyngꝭ patent .j. h. iiij [...] C. vij.

¶Especiall assise shalbe graūtyd by the discreciō of the chaūcelor where a man is disse [...]i [...] wyth force & the pl. shall recouer doble dam̄ & dam̄ for the goods takin a way & yt one of the iustyce of the one bēch or other or the cheff barō yf he be lernyd ī the law be one of the iustyce & that frō hens forth no suꝑsidias be grauntyd to the ꝯtrary of such asiyse .iiij. h. iiij. C. viij.

¶Especyall assise shal be araynyd & the panel therof delyuer .vj days before the sessions and the baylyff of the fraunches shal make theyr retorn .viij. days before &c. and that vppō pain of euery of them h. vj ca. ij. some bokes the panel shalbe delyueryd by indenture

¶A man that is disseysyd wyth robery shall recouer damage as well of goodys as of land & the deffendaunt shalbe cōmittyd to pson and lyke wyse shalbe of dysseysyn don wyth force and armis though he do no robery. w j ca xxxvj

¶No eschet or shyryff or other bayliff by coler [Page xx] of hys offyce wyth out warāt or other cōmaū ­dm̄t of the kīg or auctoryte y lōgyth to his offyce disseise no mā of his frehold & if he do the ꝑte shall haue assise & recouer doble dam̄: w i c. xxiij

¶Tenant by elegit that is put owt shall haue assise. w. ij. ca. xviij.

¶If the tenaunt by statute marchant or hys assiyne be put owt he shall haue assise Stai de marcatoribm.

¶Tenaunt by statute staple shal haue assise yf he put owt .xxvij. E. iij. cap. ix.

The kīg ḡūtyth yt a wryt of assise of nouel disseys [...] shall lye ī māy casis. s. of estouerꝭ of wode s. of ꝓfet to be takī ī wode of nuttys akornys / & other frutys to be gederyd of a corody dely­uerīg of corn & other vittell necessary ī a certen place yerely to be takī: of toll: tronage: passage pontage: & such other ī a certein place to be takī of the kepīg of a ꝑk: wode: forest: chace: warrē gatꝭ & other balywikys & a officꝭ ī ff [...]e: & a wryt of fre hold shall lye & haue place as it had before ī comī of pasture: comē of turbary: of fysshīg & other lyke casis that any mā hath belongīg to his frehold or also wyth out his fre hold bi speciall dede at the lest for tme of lyff: & yf the t [...]naunt for tme of yeris or the gardeyn aleyn in f [...]e he shalbe had for a dysseysor and the f [...]ffe also. [Page] So that lyuyng the one of them the seyd wryt shall lye / and yf by the deth of any person this wryt can not gyf remedy / thē ther shall be remedy by a wryt of entre / and he that pasturyth a nother mānis seuerill ther shalbe remedi by this seyd wryt of assise and yf in assise the dissesor / ꝑsōally pled a record and at the day gyffyn him he fayle of his record he shalbe had as a dissei­sor without recognicōn of the assise and furst / shall restore damage found and so after foūd to be doubled & shall haue a yeris prisonment W .ii. C. xxv. ¶recogniconis of assise shall not be takyn but in theyr countes magna carta. C. xii

¶Two Iustys shalbe asygnyd before whō and non other the assise of nouell disseisyn of mort anuiest or and attayntꝭ shalbe takyn / and they shall assocyat vnto them one or two of the most discrete knyghtꝭ of the shyre into the whych shyre they shall com and take the asyses & attaynts &c. and in euery shyre or they depart they shall assygn a day of theyr cōmyng thydyr agayn that all men may know and by this same statute the iurrours ī assise shall gyf theyr vdet at large and the Iustyce shall put non in the as­sise or iuryes but they that be furst sōmonyd. w. ii. C. xxx.

[Page xxj]¶Ther shalbe viii. Iustyces assignyd to the assisis iurryes and certificacōns to be takyn thorow out all englond bnt in middylsex they shal be takyng before the justyce of the commyn bench Statut. de iustyces assiss

¶Other that be not Iustyce of the placys yf / they may be found suffycyent shalbe iustyc [...]s of assyses of Iurrys and certificacōns thorow out the land to delyuer the gealys .iij. tymes of the yere & more oft yf nede reqire .iiii. E. iii.c.ii.

¶Assises shall be holdyn ī the tounis where the countes be / vi. R. ii. C. v.

¶The chaūchelour by the aduise of the iustis may charge the tovnis of assisys / xi. R. ii.c. vlt

¶Assises of the coūte com̄land shalbe holdyn in the tyme of pease at cardoyll and ī no nother place. Anno .xiiij. H. vi.c.iii

¶Assises of rent goyng out of tenementis in ii. countes shalbe holdyn in the border of the countes as it hath be wōt of comē of pastur in one conute appēdāt to tenemētꝭ & a other coūte vii. R. ii. cx:

¶Assise brought agaīs the lord of the auncy on demesne or baylyf of fraunches that be not disseysours nor ten̄tꝭ therin namyd for to take a way theyr fraunches furst it shalbe inq̄ ryd therof by the assise & if it be found the [Page] wryt shall Abate in the hole .ix. H. iiij. Ca. v.

¶Where in assise the shyryf ys namyd a disseyssour to the intent that he shall not serue the wryt the tenant shall pled it and shall sey he is no disseyssour and yf it be fond the wryt shall abate .xj. H. vj. cap. ij.

¶yf in assise or accōn ꝑsonell the deffēd make defaut by colucōn bytwen the / pl. & hym to take a way the cōusaūce & that found by assise wher such excepcion is aleyd or by inquest in accion personell that than the wryt shall abate and the pl. the lord or baylyf of fraunches shall haue theyr chaleng .viij. h. vi. Ca. xxvj.

¶A recouer̄ in assise shall not be preiudyciall in the reuercōn to them that were beyōd the see in the kyngis seruyce / to īdure to a certeyn time ix. h. v. ca. iij.iiij. h. vj. ca. ij.viij. h. vj. ca xiij.

Assise of the nisi prius were pror [...]gyd by pro­clamacion be cause of the plyam [...]nt wyth out discontynuaunce ix. h. iij ca. primo.

¶Loke for assise in the titles panell / & in iurrour in iustice of assise & in takers of ꝓfettis

Adiournem [...]nt

¶The iustice of assise shall adiourne the as­sise in theyr iurney & also in the bank for difficulte. [Page xxij] Magna carta cap. xij.

¶The iustice of as [...]ise frō terme to terme shall adiorn the assises yf that by calling to warātye essō or be defaut of the recognitours at one day the takyng of them be defferryd and if it be se­ene profitable for any cause that the assise of inordaūcetour: by essō: calling of warrātye respityd shuld be adiournyd in to the bēch: it shalbe lawfull for them so to do / and thē they shall sēd the record to the iustice of the bench wyth the wryt originall / and when the ple cōmyth to the takyng of the assise the ple shalbe sēd wyth the wryt originall by the iustyce of the bēch to the furst iustyce before whom the assise shalbe ta­kyn / But the iustyce of the bench in these assissis shall gyff .iiij. days be the yere before the iustyce assygnyd. W. ij. C. xxx.

Assosiacion in assise.

Loke therfor before in the tytle of assise. W. ij. capit [...]lo .xxx.


¶The kyng by his office shall graūt attaynt vppon an inquest in ple of land or of thyngis whych long to frehold when he shall see it necessary. W. prim̄. ca. xxxvij.

¶yf the furst iurrours that be alyue come [Page] not in the attaynt at the furst grand distress vppon them retornyd or yf the retorn be that they haue nothyng wherof they may be distreynyd that thē the iurry of xxiii. shalbe takyn by their defaut sauyng alweys other ꝓces in syche iurryes vsyd &c. stat de attinctꝭ xiiii. E. iii

¶Attaynt shalbe grauntyd as well vppon the princypall as vppon the dam̄ in a wryt of tres / pas without spekyng to the kyng and the iustices in sych case shall not let to take the atta­intys .j. E. iii. C. vi.

¶Esson de seruices le roy nor ꝓteccon shall not be alowyd in attaynt & v dayes in the yere shalbe gyffyng in attaynt .v. E iii C vii

¶Attaynct shalbe graūtid in a byll of trespas before the iustyce of record yf the damagis passe not .xl. s. v. E. iij. C. vij.

¶Attaynt shalbe grauntid as well vppō a byll of trespas as vppon a wryt not hauing regard to the damag .xxviij. E. iij. Stat. vltimo. ca. viij.

¶Attainct shalbe grauntid ad well in plereall as ꝑsonnell & it shalbe gyffin to pore mē wyth out fyne and to all other for easye fyne .xxxiiij. E. iij. Chapitulo septimo.

¶yf the tenāt for terme of lyff tenant in dower tenant by the curtesye or tenant in the tayle af [...] possibylite of the issu extynct be inpledyd an [...] [Page xxiij] lose by defaut or in other. maner / that he to whom the reuercōn is or his heyris or succes­sours shall haue attaynt or a wryt of errour as well in the lyfe of the seyd tenantꝭ that so lost as after theyr d [...]th. And yf such iugement erro­neons be reuersyd or such fals verdyt than the tenaūt that lost by the furst iugement. yf he be alyue shalbe restoryd to possession of the landꝭ so lost wyth the issues in the meane tyme / and the ꝑte pursuant shall recouer the areragis of the same rēt yf any to hym be dew And yf such tenaunt at the tyme of such iugement be ded that the restitucōn of such tenement be made to the perte pursuant wyth the issues after the deth of the tenāt before seyd [...]oyntly wyth the areragis of the rēt yf any be dew to hym in the lyfe of s [...]ch tenāt It is porueyd nor for that be [...]ouyth not that the tenant that so lost by the [...]urst iugem̄t be alyue / and the perte pursuāt wyl [...]lege that the same tenant was of couen and [...]ssent wyth the demandaūt that recouyd that [...]uch tenementis ought to be lost that than resti [...]ucon of the same tenementis be made to the sa [...]e partie pursuāt wyth the issues & areragꝭ as [...]s before seyd / sauyng to the seyd tenant his ac­ [...]ōn by wryt of scire fac. owt of thesame iuge [...]ent so reuersyd or yeldyd in the writ of attaīt [Page] yf he wyll trauers the couē & assēt before seyd & ellꝭ not / & that this statut holde place in iugem̄t to be gyffyn in tyme to come .ix. R. ij. cap. iij.

¶A man shall ha [...]e an attaynt of a verdyt that passid before the mayre & baylyffis of lincoln whych shalbe araid of the foreyns of the coūte & not of the mē of the fraūches .xiij. R. ij. c. xviij

¶Also the record shalbe brought ī to the bēch & there the attaynt sued & tryed as it was befo­re .iij. h. v. capitulo .v.

¶yf in attaint the deffend or one of the petyt iurry pled a fals ple or a foreyn ple triable by a nother inq̄st than by the graūd iurry And it be tried agains hym he shall yeld dam̄ to the ꝑte & shall haue the same payn as yf the graund iur­ry had passyd agayns hym .xi h. vi. cap. iiij.

¶The iurrours in attayn shall haue of land to the valew of .xls. by yere [...] And of an accion of actys concernyng landis and tenementis of lyke valew or more / And of ple ꝑsonell whero [...] the iugement extēdyth to the same of they shall dispend .xx li. by yere owt of auncy on demesne .v. portis and gauelkynd Et no person of lasse sufficyente be sworn vppon no issue in the same attaīt also the iurrours in such attaīt shall lose at the furst defaut in the furst tyme of the distres .xls. at the secōd tyme. C. s. and from [Page xiiij] thēs forth doble: Also yf a foreī plee of ani deffēdāt in attaīt be foūd agaīs him he shall haue the same payne as if the attaynt had passyd agayns hym but it shall not hurt his companions whych be not ꝑtes to such ple / Also shyryffis & other mynistres foūd in defaut in (ser)uing the seyd wryttꝭ shall losse to the kyng & to the ꝑte ꝓuydyd that if ther be not suffycient wythin the hundred vnder the estate of a barō hauīg lādis to the valew of in the same coūte that than they shall put in the panell other of more sufficiētcy ꝓuidyd also that this estatute extend not to cytes & borows wythin the realme nor the inherytaunce within thesame .xv. h. vj. capitulo .v.

¶He that may dispēd or aboue to his vse in gauell kynd shalbe sworn in attaynt .xviii. h. vj. capitulo vj.

¶Attaynt is giffin vppon a fals serement gyffyn in the cyte of london by byll in the hustyn­gis & enery of the petit iurry yf thei be attaynt shall lose or more by the discression of the meyre and aldermen to such vse as other issues in the same cyte be / And they shall haue impri­som [...]nt of .vj. wekis or lasse by discression / and this attaynt lyeth yf .ij. of the petyt iurry be a lyue and the nōsute or the deth [Page] o [...] one of the pleyntyfꝭ or deffēdaūtꝭ shall not Abate the wryt and the grand iurry after the­sōmons retornyd shalbe takyn not wyth standdyng that the deffendaunt or the petyt iury m [...] ke defaut and yf the playntyf proue not hys bil or be nōsuyt he shall make fyne and haue inprisonment by discression &c / And if the petit iur­ry be affyrmyd & be found by the graund iurry that they or any of them toke any money or other thyng of hym that is namyd deffendaunt in the attaynt or of any other by hys cōmaund­ment he that so toke and the deffendant that gaff it shall lose .x. tymys the valew of the thing so takyn and the forfet of the iurrours shall go to the playntyf & the forfeit of the deffēdant to the vse as is aboueseyd & the ꝑte shall haue impsonment by vi. monithis or lesse the iurrours .v. monyths or lesse by disscression &c [...] And yf the furst inquest were of the halff tong the graunt iurry shalbe ī the same maner wherof euer one shall haue goodis to the valew of .Cli. xi. H. vij. Capitulo vigesimo prymo


¶No man attendyng vppon the kyng in hi [...] warr wythin the reame or wythout or by hi [...] cōmanndment shalbe atteynt by ꝑliament in or [Page xxv] by other ꝑces of the law and if he be / such at teynder shalbe vtterly voyde and he shall for­feyt no thyng xi h vij ca j


¶Euery free man that owyth suyte to the court of hundred or od [...]r court his lord may make his attornay to do the suyte. merton. ca. ix

¶It is grauntyd that deffendauntꝭ may make theyr attorneys in such plees where no apeil is so that yf they be attaint of trespas in theyr absens it shalbe cōmaundyd to the shyryf that they be takyn: and they shall haue payn that they shuld haue had yf they had be present. Glo [...]c. capitulo .viij.

¶No baron of the [...]scheker nor iuge shall re­seyue attorney but of plees in theyr placys &c. neuerthelas: but the auctorite of our chauncellour that shalbe for the tyme to whon by his dicression he shall see necessary to be cōmyttyd & also of our chef iustyces in reseynyng of attorneys shalbe obseruyd / Statut de finibm & at­tornatis.

¶The tenaunt may make his attorney in ass. of nouell disseysyn Statut. Ebo (rum).

[Page]he that by the kyngꝭ lycence passyth ouer the see may make hys generall attorney by patent ī the chaūcery as well in a pmunir̄ fac as in o­ther plees if he b [...] of good fame & .vij. Ryc. ij. capitulo .xiiij.

Ther shalbe but a certeyn of attorn [...]ys in the bench and in the eschekir by discression of the Iuggys and barons. &c. and they shalbe sworn that they sue no foreyn suytꝭ vppō payn of for iuggyng the court .iiij. h. iiij. ca. xviij.

¶styward nor baylyf of fraūches nor minister of lord which hath retorn. &c. shall not be attor­neys in plees within the same fraūches .iii [...]. h. iiij. ca. xix.

¶A seke man owtlawd shall make hys attor­ney in a wryt of error by dyscressio [...] of the Iustyce .vij. h. iiij. C. xiii.

¶The [...]nder shiryf shytyfꝭ clerk re [...]ynor no [...] bayly of shiryf shall not be attorneys in any of the kyngs courtꝭ for the tyme that he is with the shyryf pmo. h. v. ca. iiij.

¶Euery abbot por and other relygious and theyr successours & other seculers what soeuer wythin the reame may make theyr attorneys generall in euery hundred and wapyn take wythin the reame that is to say euery religius vnder theyr cōmin seale and euer seculer vn [...]er [Page xxvi] his owne seale and the stiward and baylyf shall reseyue them vppon payn of & eu [...]ry on that wyll sew shall haue the one half therof by wryt of det and the kyng the other half .xv. h. vi. ca. vij.

¶In all sutꝭ where the exigent lyeth yf the at­torn [...]y haue not his warrant of record the same terme that [...]he exigent is aiuggyd he shall lose .xl. s. to the kyng if he be attaynt therof by examynacion of the iustices .xviij. h. vj. ca. ix.

¶Ther shalbe but .xiiij. attorneys in the cite of norwch norfolk & s [...]ffolk but that is referryd to th [...] discression of the iustyce xxxj. h. vj. ca. vltio.

¶He that will sew appell of morder may make attorney after that it be begon in ꝓper ꝑson yf that waggyng of batell lye not in that appell .iij. h. vij. ca. pmo. loke more of attorney in the tytyl fynes and tytyle recordꝭ.


¶where the record cōmyth in court by wryt of faux iugement the ꝑ [...]e shall haue auerment that the record is other wyse and it shalbe [...]ryed by them that were p̄sent or by other .i. E. iij. ca. iiij.

[Page]¶A man shall haue Auerment in a wryt of er­ror that the man vtlawyd was at large at the tyme. &c. notwithstandyn [...] that the shyryf or other that haue not the record certefye the cō ­trary but furst the ꝑte shalbe warnyd and yf it be at the kyngꝭ suet the kyngꝭ seriant or the kyngꝭ attornay shalbe reseyuyd to the auer­ment .v. E. iij. C. iij.

¶In An acctō agayns the ꝑsone of holy church that Iustifieth for dysmes the playntyf shall not haue a generall auerment that it was a lay chattell wythout shewyng whi j R. jj. .C. xiiij.

¶If the baylyffꝭ of franches whych haue re­torn of wrytts retorn small issues a man shall haue auerment agayns th [...]m as well as agaynꝭ the shyryfꝭ yf the baylyfꝭ haue not suffycyēt they shalbe ponysshid by their bodyes .j. E. iij. [...]a. v.

¶Esp [...]ciall au [...]rment of bygamy is put out .xviij. E iij. ꝓ clero. ca. ij. but he shall haue a ge­nerall auerment whych shalbe tried by the or­dynary and he in whom bygamy is aleggid shall abyd in psō tyl it be certyfyed if he be not ma [...]mpernable.

¶A mā shall haue auerm̄t agaīs a record of the merchalsye that the ꝑtes to the ple were not of [Page xxvij] the kynges. hows .xv. H. vj. C. j.

¶Nota of Auerment for the knyghtꝭ of the plyamēt agayns the offyce found by the iustis of assise .v [...]. H. vi. C. iiij.


¶They that recouer theyr heyrꝭ and assyne [...] may d [...]strayn for rent seruyce and customes behynd and make auowre of Iustyficacion & also to haue such remedye for the recoueryng of the seyd rent ser [...]yce and customys as those ꝑsons agayns whom the recouere was made myght yf it had ben to them denyed vij. h. viij C. iiij. loke in the tytle of damage yf the avo­want may recouer damage in A repleuyn .vij. h. .viij. C. iiij.


¶yf vsurpacōn or psētmēt by one that hath no ryght be sufferyd in the tyme that t [...]e heyre is wythin Age by fraude and neglygence of hys gardeyns or in the tyme of the tenaunt by the curtesye tenaunt in dower or for terme of lyfe or veris or tenaunt in the tayle by fraude and [...]ecligence of them of what age that the heyre [Page] be / that in these casis the heyre or he to whom the reuercōn is after the deth of such tenāt at the next voydaunce after the deth of the seyd tenātis they shall haue the same accion and excepcion by a wryt of aduouson as the last possessour shuld haue had. & cetera. The same law shalbe hold of vsurpacion made duryng the couerture / The same law shalbe of vsur­pacion made in the time of vacacion to chur­chis perteynyng to housis of religion arche­bysshopis o [...] personagis but this statute shall help in case where such parsonis feynyngly defend ple by th [...]m self or by them mouyd but the iugementis shalbe in their forse tyl they be defeytyd by errour or attaynt / and yf they be recouerd by verdit of assise of daren pre­sentemēt or quare impedit they in the reuercōn shall haue attaynt or certificat or a wryt of er­rour / And yet it is a dowt yf sych remedy be­gynyn to them in the reuercōn or to them that lost. & cetera. And if the parte deff [...] take excep­cion of the fulnes of the church of his own presentacion / the ple shall not tary by that ful­nes whyle t [...]at the wryt is purchaisyd wythin tyme semest. s. vi. monythꝭ though that he may not recouer the presentacion wythin the tyme semester / And when pease is made betwen ꝑt [...]ers [Page xxviij] of an aduouson & inrollyd that one shall present furst and the other at the next voydaunce. &c. yf he to whom the aduouson belongyth be disturbyd by any man that was ꝑt [...] to the conuēcion or in his place / he shall come to the fyne or rollis & shall haue a wryt of s [...]ire fac to the shiryf to warn̄ hym to appere withī .xl. days or thre [...] wekys as nede is. &c. & yf he come not or come & sey no thyng why &c. by reson of any dede aft the ꝯuenciō rollyd he shall recouer the p̄sentaciō wyth damagꝭ & yf tenāt in dower or by the cortesy p̄sēt & the heyre aft theyr deth at the next auoydāce be disturbyd it shalbe in his elecciō whethyr he wyll haue a wryt of q̄rcīpe dit or assise of darreyn p̄sentm̄t / The same shal­be ob (ser)uyd of aduousōs let for terme of lyfe or for yerys or in fee tayle & damagis shalbe adiuggid yt is to sey yf the tyme of .vi. wekꝭ ouerpas bi īpedm̄it of any man so y the bysshop put ī one: & y the verey patrō lose his p̄sentacōn for yt whyse: dam̄ shalbe iuggid to the valew of the chur­che for .ij. yeris & if the disturber haue not wherwith to restore dam̄ ī case whē the bisshop doth put ī one. by laps of time: he shall haue .ii. yerys psonm̄t: & yf the aduousō be disꝓuid with ī the tyme of .vj. wekꝭ the plaītyf shall recouer damage for half a yere & yf he haue not wherewyth [Page] &c. than he shall haue half yerys prisonmēt / & from hēs forth wryttis shalbe graūtyd of chappellis prebend [...]s vicaragis hospitallis abbays priories & other housis whych be of the aduouson of any whych were not wōt to be graū [...]d / and because by a wryt of indicauit the person of any church is let to ask his dysmys ī his next ꝑyssh / the patrō of the same ꝑson shall haue a wryt to ask the aduouson of the dismis & whē he hath dysprouyd it / the ple afterward shall ꝓcede in the spirituall court as it was dispro­uyd in the kyngis court / when aduouson descē dith to ꝑtiners though one present twys and vsurp vppon the coheyre / for that the other shall not be excludid holy whych was necli­gent but a nother tyme he shall haue his torne of presentement when it shall fall. w. ij. Cap. v. Loke for auouson in quare impedit.


¶Loke for Awnage in the tytle drapry

Baylyffis and shyryffis

Baylyffis shall haue lādis in theyr bayly wykꝭ ij. E. iij. capitulo .iiij.

[Page xxix]¶Non shalbe shyryf baylyf of hundred wa­pentat or fraunches nor vnder eschetour yf he [...] haue not landis suffic in the place wehere he is minister .iiij. E. iij. C. ix.

¶Ther shalbe but one baylyf errant in one co­unte and out ryders shall be put owt and that the shyryf and they that be baylyfꝭ and hunder ders in fee and let them to auncyon ferme / the iustyce of the one bēch and of the other the barons of the eschekyr and iustice assignid shall haue power at all tymys when they come in to the contrey to ponyssh such defautis and yf the shyryffis or theyr fermers be found in defaut the hundyrdis and the wapyntakis shalbe ta­kyn in to the kyngis handis and let to other by the seyd iustices [...] and they shall commaund thē to prison tyl they haue made fyne & raunsō to the kyng & not wythstondīg to answer the kyng of the hole ferme and yf lordis baylyffis be found in defaut or not sufficiēt they shall b [...] put owt and other put in theyr romys by the same lordis and they shall be ponysshid as the comyn law askyth .xiiij. E. iij. cap. viij.

¶He that hath be baylyf to a shyryf a yere [...]hall not be the shyryffis baylyf by .iii. yeres after but only the baylyf of the fee .j. h. v. C. iiij.

[Page]¶Yf the shyryffe arest a man he shal haue .xx [...] for hys fee and the baylyfe that dyd the ar [...] .iiij. d. and the gealour yf the prisoner be cō [...]tyd to his warde .iiij. d. And that the shiryf [...]der shyryfe the clerke of theshyryf stywarde [...] baylyf of fraūches (ser)uāt baylyf or coroner [...] .iii. d. for the copy of a panell and for a wara [...] or p̄cept or makyng of an oblygacion for [...] kepe hys day .iiij. d. and he that doth the cō [...]ry shall forfet treble damage and to th [...] kyng euery tyme and he that wyll sue sha [...] haue the halfe and the iustyce of pease to [...]qui [...]r therof The .xxiij. H. vi. ca. x.

¶Baylyffes of hūdreddꝭ shall make due exe [...] siō of the preceptis to thē made by the shyryft to warne the defautis in euery playnt vppō [...] of forfetor of .xl. s. to the kynge and that euery Iustyce of the pease hath power to examyn such defautꝭ by whych examynaciō th [...]i shalbe cōuy [...]t if they be fond gylty the .xi. yere of hē [...]y .vij. ca. v.


All the bysshoppis in the ꝑleamēt prayed that they that were born before matrimony myght [Page xxx] [...]e legittimate as they that be born before ma­ [...]ymony for the church hath thē for legittyma [...]e and the erlys and the barons answeryd that [...]hey wold not nor cowd not chaunge the laws [...]f englond whych were vsyd hether to. mer­ [...]on .ca. viij.

¶wher the iustyces of assyse and other iustices [...]e before whom the wryt goth forth to the [...]rdynarye for to certyfye basterdy that is aleg­ [...]yd in any that is ꝑte to the ple they shall make [...]emembraunce vnder the sealys of them or of one of them the maner of the issue and shall cer [...]yfye to the chauncelor of englond: so that .iij. [...]ymys and by .iij monythys ꝓclamacion shall be made in the chauncery that enery one that hath interest shalbe before the ordynary that ought to certifie for to gyf euydens and than the chauncellor shall certyfye to the iustyce & the same statut wyll that the iustyce shall make ꝓclamacion in the same court onys before they wryte to the chaūcellor & a nother tyme when the chauncelor hath certyfyed vnto them and then they shal wryte to the bysshop to certy­fye and yf any wryt be awardyd to the bisshop to certyfye before that all the proclamacion be made as is before sayd that the [Page] [...]erteficat gyffyn theruppon be voyde and of nō e [...]ect .ix. h. vj. ca. vltimo


¶Loke for beggers in the title vacabo undꝭ


¶Benyvolens that hath be damaundyd of the kyngꝭ lege people shalbe adnullyd for euer more .j. R. iij. C. ij.


¶No fetherbed bolster or pilowe made to be sold be made but of fethers drye pullyd or of down only vppon payn of forfetor .xj. h. vij. [...]ca. xix.

¶No mater as quylt or quisshy on ought to be made but of one maner of stuf that is to sey with clene woll or flokks vppon payn of for­feture .xi. h. vij. ca. xix.


¶A man may carye vitaylys and marchādyse to berwyk though it be in skotlond & without [...]ayng custome therof .xv [...] R. ij. ca. vij.


¶yf cle [...]kꝭ made were bigamyes before the cō stitution [Page xxxi] of lugdon or after they shall not be deliuerd to their p̄latis but iustice shalbe dō vppō thē as vppō lay mē Statut de bigamis. c. v.

¶Bygamy shalbe tried by the spirytuall court though especyall matter be leyd &c. xviij. E. iij. ꝓ clero. Cap. ij.

Biss [...]oppis

¶No arche bysshop nor bysshop shalbe impechyd of ani cryme before the kyngis iuggis wyth out especiall cōmaundment of the king .xviij. E. iij. ꝓ clero. cap. j.

Bowes. & Bowstaues.

¶Non sell any bow aboue the pryce of .iii s. iiij.d vnder the pain of .xx. s for euery [...]ow and he that wyll sew therfore to haue an accyō by wryt or pla [...]nt & the ꝓte shall not wage his law The .xxii. E. iiij. ca. iiij. and the .iij. yere. h. vij. ca. xii. it is ordeynyd that he that doth [...]trary shall forfet .xl. s.

¶Eueri car [...]kshyp o [...]galey that commeth frō [...]en [...]se or other contreys where bowstaues be whether it [...]e englyshmā or straunger shall brī ge in euery sh [...]p xl. bow staues vppon payne of forfetor for euery bow staf .vi. s. viij d. and th [...] [Page] serche to be by the mayrys shryf [...]xs and gouer­ners of townes wyich may assyne .ij. other more expert and shalbe sworne to make serch. the .xii. E. iiij. cap. ij.

¶Loke for bowstaues in the tytyll of archery The .xix. of henry .vij. ca. ij.

¶Euery marchant that bryngeth maluesyn or tyre must bring with euery but .x. bowstaues vppon payn of forfeture for euery but .xiij. s. iiij.d. the one half to the kyng and the other half to hym that wil sew for hit and that none of the bowstaues be solde but to the kyngis lege pe­pull. the .i yere. R. iij. capitulo .xi [...]

¶That no custome be payd for bowstauys brought ī to this reame ꝯteynyng the lenght of vi. fote aud half .xix. H. vii. ca. ii.

¶Loke more for bows in the title archery.

Bottiler of the kyng

¶The styward of the kingis house or tersorer of the wardrobe shall send to all the .v. portis where wynes be to be takyn for the kyngis vse the certeyn nōber that the boteler shall take: & yf the boteler or his leuetenaunt take more thā the nomber the maire and baylyffes of the .v. portis shal certefie vnder their scalis to the said [Page xxxij] tresorer or stiwarde the nomber by indenture made betwene them & the takers / and yf it be founde that he hath arestyd & takyn more than th [...] nomber he shall restore double damage to the partye and be put out of his office and put in pryson and make fyne at the kyngis pleasur [...] / and the kyng shall assygne Iustices whā it shall please hym to inquire these defautis: & the boteler shall answer for his deputis as well as for him selfe / The .xxv. yere of. E. iii. cap. xxi.

¶The kyngis boteler shall take his wynꝭ for the kyngis houlsolde within .x. dayes and aft that: the merchaunt to do his pleasure not with stondynge the botelers arrest or his leuetenaūt And yf he take more than nedyth he shall be imprisonyd & make fyne and raunsome to the ky [...] ­ge / The .xliii. yere of E. iii. ca. iii.

¶The boteler shall pay to the Gascoynm [...] hād for their wynes / The .xxvji. E. iii. ca. v.

¶The botelers leuetenāt m [...]st be resydent vppon his offyce vppō the payn of. C. li. The .iiii. yere of Henry the .iiii. capitulo .xx.


¶That botemē & watermen & owners of bo [...] [...] barges take no more for their wagis thā hath [Page] ben of olde tyme vsyd & they that refuse so to do to forfete for euery tyme the treble valu of their fare the one half to the kynge the other half to hym that wyll sue for it by acyō of det informacyon or presentement and that the baylyffis cō stables and other offycers vppon complaynt [...]rrest the offenders and commyt them to ward and to make fyne for the same And the Iustyce of pease mayres shiryf [...]is of lōdō and stywardes of letys inquyre as well for the defautes of the sayd officers as of the defautes of the sayd owners water men or bargemen. The .vi. henry viij. ca. vij.


¶No bocher within the Cyte of london bo­rough or wallid town or in the towne of cā ­bryge / except the townys of Berewyk or Karlyle flee any best within the Cyte or town vn­der the paī of .xij. d. for euery oxe / & for euery cowe or other beest .viij. d / and he that wyl sue by accion of det to haue the one halfe and the kyng the other half and no proteccion nor esson̄ to lye / The .iiij. yere of. Henry the .vij. capitulo .iiii.

[Page xxxiij]¶Brokers makyng vnlauful bargainꝭ & cheuysaūcis with vsure / that shall be voyd and yf he be found defectife by the mayre or other officer where the bargayns be vsyd shall forfeyt euery tyme and haue halfe a yeres īprisonment and be put on the pyllory and he that wyll sue hit by acciō of det shall haue the one halfe and the kyng the other halfe where nother ꝓtecciō nor esson shall lye The .iij. yere of. H. vij. ca. vi.


¶Broderers shall work no gold nor syluer me dlyd with laten of spayne oppō payn of forfeture. The .ij. yere of henry .vi. ca. xi.


he that demaundyth ought of the kyng of his coron other ward maryage or other pension he shall not haue the ihing demaundid but he shal­be ponys [...]hyd by the aduyse of the kyngꝭ coun­sell .iiij. h. iiij. ca. iiij.

Butter & chesse.

butter & chese shalbe caried owt of the reame [Page] to euery place by the lycence of the chauncel­lour by his discression vnder the kyngis seale .iiij. h. vj. cap. iiij.

¶Butter and chesse be not merchaūdise of sta­ple but euery of the kyngis lege people may ca­ry them to what place they wyll of the kyngis amyte payeng therfor the custome / it is ꝓuidid that the kyng may restrein them at his pleasure xviij. h. vj. cap. iij.


¶The inabytaunce of calyce shall not bye of the mayer no marchaundyse of the staple vppō payn of forfetor The .viij h. vi. cap. xxv [...].

¶All maner shyppys accustomed to come frō yngland to calyce except fyssher botys shall brīg with thē theyr lastage of good stones for the reparacyon of the becons and of the place callyd paradyse. The .x. henry .vi. cap. v.

¶The tresorer and viteler of calyce shall ac­compt euery secōde yere for the yere before vp­pon payn of .v. C. li. wherof he that wyl sew therfor shall haue the one half the .xxx. h. vj. at [...] parliamēt of reding.

¶yf a mā be seased of any londes in cales for the which he shold do any (ser)uice for the salu [...] ­cyon [Page xxxiiii] of the same towne and yf he cesse of hys seruice by a yere and a daye the land shalbe sea­syd in the kyngis handes by the tresorer of ca­lyce and he shall do the seruyce and yf the kyng commyt the land to an other the other shall do it and yf he cesse therof the lande shalbe seased agayne. & cetera. from tyme to tyme. And yf the tresorer do not the seruyce when he hath the land in hys handes he shall forf [...]te the doble value of the seruyce to the kyng. The .xi. henry .vij. cap. xvj.

Capteyns & messengers

¶A mā retainyd to serue the kyng in his warr his message or other maner: his couenaūtis shal be put in wrytyng and brought to the eschekyr and they and theyr executours shall haue there alowaunce / and yf any repell or cōmaundment he made of such retinew [...] the same repell shalbe put in the eschekyr and they shall haue alowa­unce vppō such couenātis wythout other warrant. & cetera. And that that is dew to them shal be payd to them by the tresorer and chaumber­leyn by certefycat of the same eschekyr .v. R. ij. Capitulo .x.


¶yf in assise the baylyff of the tenaunt pled a record: for that the taking of the assise shall not be defferryd / but yf his maister afterward shew the matt to the iustyce he shall haue a wryt to make the record to come & when the iustice see it and that the record shuld haue preuaylyd before iugement and the plaintyf shuld haue be excludid from his accion / anon they shall cause the ꝑte to be warnyd to apere at a day at which day the deffendāt shall haue agayn his seisyn & damagꝭ doble that he payd & the other shalbe ponysshid by psōment after the discression of the iustyce lyke wyse shalbe yf the defend agayns whom the recouer̄ was had be defaut sh­ew a quitance or a dede wheruppon the iurry were not examynyd. w. ij. ca. xxv. loke w [...]ll th [...] statute at lenght


¶If a man let landꝭ to ferme to fyndest ouers in vitell or in vesture which amonntyth to the gret ꝑte of the valew of the land & he suffer the lād to lye fressh wyth out manurīg so that a mā can fynd no distres by .ij. yere with out yel­dynge of the ferme or wyth out doyng that that is cōteinyd in the dede or wryting it is ordeynyd that after the .ij. yere the less or shall haue a [Page xxxv] wryt of cessauit and yf the tenauit come be­fore iugment gyffyn and tend the areragis & the damagꝭ and fynd surte as the court shall see to gyf that that is contaynyd in the wrytyng of the lees he shall retayn the lād and yf he abyde tyl it be recoueryd by iugment he shalbe exclu­dyd of the remenaunt gloc. ca. iiij.

¶It is agreyd that if any wythhold frō the lord his seruyce dew and accustomyd by .ii. yerꝭ the lord shall haue a wryt of cessauit and the wryt is expressid in the statute. &c. & that ī that case and in a cessauit of fee ferme ther shalbe a wryt of entre for the heyre of the demaundant vppon the heyre of the tenant & vppō them to whom the same tenem̄t was alienyd. w. ij. c. xxi

¶And paraduenture yf a tenement be gyffyn for a chauntery of a lyght or fyndyng of pore folk or other almys to be susteynyd and it be not alienyd but the same almys wyth drawyn by .ij. yere the donor or hys heyre shall haue an accion to ask the same tenement so gyffyn as it is seyd in the statute of gloucest of landis let to fee ferme to do and to yeld the .iiij. parte of the valew of the land or the more parte. w. ij. Capitulo .xij.

[Page]¶yf any that hath dwellyd at the stewys be retornyd in any panell by the shyryf or baylyf of the coūte of surrey or by any mynyst [...]r before the stiward of the kyngis hous that as well for the kynge as for the parte he shalbe chal [...]ngid and the chalenge is peremptorye .xi. H. vj. capitulo .vj.

¶A chaleng to a iurrour for that that he was the i [...]ditour is good .xxv. E. iij. C. iij. de ꝓdic.

¶A chaleng to a iurrour for that that he may not desp [...]nd .xl. s. is good .ij. h. v. ca. iij. and note well that this chalēg is good in ple of deth of man and in euery accyon reall and also in personell yf the det or damage amount to .xl. mark.

Chaleng for the kyng

¶yf a man challeng a iurrour for the kyng he s [...]all shew cause by and by. whych shalbe tryed maintenaunt by the discression of the instyce / and yf he shew no such cause or that the cause be tryed agayns hym the inqnest shalbe takyn mayntenaunt Statut de inquisic ꝓrege .xxxiij. Edwardi primi.


¶Non of the kingis ministers maynteyn plee [Page xxxvi] in the kyngis court to haue ꝑt of the thyng &c or other ꝓfet by couenant bytwen them made. w. j. Cap. xxv.

Chaūcellour nor non of any of the court of the kyng nor of the kyngis house nor lay man re­seyue church nor aduouson of church nor landꝭ and tenementis in fee by gyfft nor by byeng nor by ferme nor chāꝑte nor in other maner as lōg as the thyng is in ple before vs or any of our ministers nor no wagis be takin by hym nor by no nother or any bargaī made and he that so doth shalbe ponysshid at the kīgis pleasure & also as well as he that purcheysyd. w ij. ca. vltimo.

¶No mynister nor other may haue any parte of the thyng that is in ple or tak the bysynes of the ple or sewt nor non vppon that couenaunt let his ryght to a nother & yf he do and therof be attaynt the taker shall forfet to the kyng of his goodꝭ and landꝭ as much as such takyng dyd amount / and he that will sew shalbe resei­nyd te sew before the iustice before whom the ple was. &c. articuli super cartas. cap. xij.


¶No seculer pay more thā .v. mark to no ānuall chapleī ī money or other thīgꝭ to the valew & if such a chapleī be reteynyd to be at hys table he [Page] shal [...] pay hym but .ij. mark for his gown and other necessaryes his table to be accomptyd at xl. s. and yf he do the ꝯtrarye he shall pay to the kyng ful as much as he payd to the chapleyn: & that no chapleyn goyng frō on diocyse to a nother be reseyuyd there to syng dyuyne (ser)uice yf he shew not to the dioc [...]sane of the place the letts ꝯmaūdatyf of the bysshod in whos dyocise he dwellyd next before .xxxvj. E. iij. C. viij.

¶Annuell chappeleyns shall not take for the­yr hole annuel sa [...]erye aboue .vij. markꝭ & they that shalbe reteynyd to serue curys .viij. markꝭ yf it be not by the lycence of the ordynary so that the hole some wyth the lycence passe not .ix. mark .ij. h. v Statut. ij. C. ij.

Charter of ꝑdon

¶Charters of pardon shall not be graunt but where a man sleyth a nother but where a man sleith a nother in his defence or by mis fortune ij. E. iij. C. ij.

¶No charter of pardon shall be graūt where a man is vtlawyd for the kyngis fyn / yf the [Page xxxvij] chauncellour be not assuryd that gre is made to the playntyf of damagis / And wher a man is vtlawyd at the suyt of the parte by proces / no charter shalbe graūt before that he yeld hym sef to prisō before the iustyce where the record is. And that the iustice shall award a scire fac to the parte plaītyf and yf he come he shall ple­de vppō the oryginall as though no vtlari were And yf he be warnyd and come not the charter shallbe alowyd .v. E. iij. ca. xij. & xiij.

¶He that hath a charter of pardon of felony shall fynd surete of his good aberīg before the shyryf and coroners where the felony was don wythin .iij. monythis after the makyng of the charter by .vj. men whyth shalbe insealyd and retornyd ī the chaūceri wythī thre wekis after the .iij. monithis or ellis the charter shalbe voyde. And yf he be not of good aberingh afterward the chart shalbe voyde .x. E. iij. C. vltimo.

¶A charter of pardō shall not be graūt of any felony. agains the kyngis oth aud yf. &c. it is voyde .xiiij. E. iij. C. vltimo.

¶A charter of pardon of felony shall conteyn the suggestion and the name of hym that made [Page] the charter and the iustice before whom sich charters be alowyd. &c. shall inquere of the suggestion and yf it be found fals the charter shal­be dysalowed .xxvij. E. iij. Cap. ij.

¶yf a man slee a nother by misaduenture the kyng shall gyf hym grace yf it please hym. Gloucest. cap. xij.

¶A Charter of pardon shall not be alowyd for murder of a man slayn by lyeng await or malece before though yf it be not specyfyed in the same and if a charter of the deth of a man be aleggyd before what so euer iuggys making no mencion of the premissis / the same iustic [...] by a good inquest of the vesnew whe [...] the ded man was slayn shall inquere of the pr [...]mi [...]sis & yf they fynd that he was murderd by awayt [...]t [...]upra the chart shalbe disalowed .xiij. R. ij. ca. j

¶The name of hī that suyth for an apꝓuo [...] shalbe put in the same and he shall pay. C. li [...] to the kyng yf he b [...]come a theff after ward .v. H. iiij. cap. ii.

¶The kyng perdonyth all th [...] clergye for one s [...]bsydye grauntid to him for all the felonyes & rapis don by them / and theruppon euery of thē [...]hall haue a wryt for theyr di [...]charge wyth­out any chater .xxv. h. vi. cap. vj.

[Page xxxviii]¶Note well the ꝑdō of kīg E the .iiij. in his viage beyond the see. &c. xiiij. E. iiii. C. j. &. C. ij.

¶Note well the pardon of king henry the .vij. [...]s to them that toke his quarell when he cam in to englond to take the corone .i. h. vij. ca. vj.

¶Note well that the pardon of kyng hēry the viij. shalbe alowyd in all the kyngis cour [...]is wythout suīg of a wryt of alowaūce .v. h. viii. capitulo .viii.

¶Note well the pardon of the same kyng .vii. H. viii. Cap. viij.


¶Men of chestershyre vtlawyd of murder & [...]elony don in other shyrys shall lose theyr lā dꝭ in chestershyre to the kīg & theyr landis ellꝭ where to other lordis / And the vtlary or the exigent shalbe certefied to the minist [...]rs of chestershyre that they may make seyser. &c. & that ī the same maner yf they be vtlawyd of trespas in other shyrys theyr goodꝭ shalbe forfeyt as is befor [...] seyd of landis / & a capias vtlagat awardid to the same mynisters of chester. &c. j. h. vj. capitulo .xvii.


The cirograser shall take but .iiij. s. for the wrytynge of a fyne / and yf he do the contrary he shall lose his office and be foriuggyd the court and haue an yeris prisonemēt & shall pay to the ꝑtye greuyd treble damage / & the sewte shall be before the Iustice of the cōmyn place The .ij. yere. of H. the .iiij. capitulo .viij.


¶It is prouidid that when a clerk is takin for felony and be askyd by the ordinaryes / that he shalbe delyueryd vnto them according as it hath ben vsyd before this. w. prim̄. ca. ii.

¶All clerkꝭ as well relygious as seculer shall haue theyr clergye but in case of treason tou­chyng the kyng himsel [...] or his mageste .xxv. E. iij. Statut. de clero. C. iiii. And that non acquit before the iustice be by and by deliueryd wyth­out sendyng agaī to prison Eod. Statut. ca. v.

¶The benefite of the libert [...] of the church shall not be denyed to an appellour in d [...]w for me as to a clerk askyd by the ordenary Statut vocat articuli cleri.

[Page xxxix]¶The wordis insidiatores via (rum) & depopulatores agro (rum) in inditementis appelles or aretementis shalbe voyd: and yf a man be indited by wordis of the same effect he shall haue his clergie iiii. H. iiii. Cap. ii.

¶The arche byshop of cauntbury. & other bisshoppꝭ in theyr ꝓuynce do graunt to the kyng that a clerk cōuict of petyt treason or they that be cōmyn thefys shalbe surely kept accordyng to a constitucion ordinary by symon late arche bysshop of caunterbury the .ii. kalend of march the yere of grace .M.CCCv. and that no such cherke in the same maner couyct after that that he be diliuerd to the ordinary shall make his purgacion .iiii. h. iiii [...] capitulo .ii [...].

¶Clerkis of the vniuersitees beggars shall haue theyr letters vnder the seale of theyr chaū cellour or they shalbe arestyd and put in prison xii. R. ii. C. vii.

¶Clerkys which be not within orders that haue had theyr clergi before yf thei be araini [...] aft [...]rward they shall not haue theyr clergy / And clerkꝭ araynyd and cōuyctyd vppon mur [...]er shall be markyd vppon the left hand vppon [Page] the brawne of the thombe with the sygn of an M. and for any other felonye with a. T [...] and these shall be markyd by the geallour in the presence of the Iustice before he be delyueryd to the ordinary / prouydyd that if any pe [...]sone [...] the second tyme that he is araynyd demaunde his clergy because he is withī orders and hath not his lettres redy nor the ordynarys certyfy­cat / than the Iustices shall gyue a day by their discression to hī to brynge in his letters or cer­tyfycat / & he fayle therof at the day to be put from his chergie / The .iiij. H. vii. cap. xiii.

Clerk of the market

¶The clerke of the market of the kyng is house shall take no comyn fyne. And that all false mesuris and weyghtis be brennyd after the forme of the statute & that he shall not ryde with aboue .vi. horsys nor he shall not dwell in no town nor other place more lenger than nede shall require / and yf he do contrary to this est [...] tute he shall pay to the kyng at the furst time C. s. at the second tyme and at the thyrd tyme The xiii. R. ii. ca. iiii.

The clerke of the market shall haue his mis [...] ris [Page xl] and weyghtis sygned with the sygne of the eschekir therfore ordeinid to all partes where he shall go in ynglond / The .xvi. R. ii. cap. iii.

Clerk of the excheker

¶The clerke of eschekir that makith proces after the tayle alowid shall lose his office. The i. yere of. Ric. ii. cap. v.

Clerk of the statute marchaunt

¶Clerke of the statute merchaunt shall dwell vppon his office and be sufficyent in the same me counte or ellis he shall lose his office / The .xliii. E. iii. capitulo .xi.

Clerk of the shyryff

¶The shyryffis clerk shall not dwell in his office aboue a yere .xlii. E. iii. ca. ix.

Clerkꝭ of the chauncery.

¶Clerkys of the chaūceri may frō hensforth be weddid to wiffꝭ after the law of holi chyrch & that not wyth staūding to enioy theyr office ī as large maner as they dyd before: ꝓuidid that this act [Page] be not preiudiciall to the master of the rollis in disposing any of those offices as hath be vsid / the forfeture of those office by reson of maria­ge only except / An. xv. h. viii. cap. viii.


¶Uessellys callyd keels which bryng coles frōe new castell shalbe mesured how mani chaudrēs they conteyn vppon payn of forfeture to the entēt that the kynge shall not be desceyued of his custō that is to say euery chaudren .ii. d. The .ix. h. v. cap. x.


¶Non that is dwellyng in cyte or borow frō [...] whens the pepull come to the parlyament shal­be assyned collector in any countye yf he may not dyspend. C. s. by yere withī the same coūte out of the cyte or borowe The .xviii. h. vi. ca. v.

Collectours of dismem shall not be chargid to answer to any byll against them in the eschekyr The .i. R. iii. cap. xiiii.

¶The kyngis letters patentis made to any to [Page xlj] be dyschargid of the dismem and of the colleccion of them be clery voyde. The .iiij. h. vij. ca [...] v


¶In the cyte of london yf a man let landis for terme of yerys & he to whom the free hold is / make hymself to be impledyd by colusion & make defaut aft defaute or come into the court and wyl yeld forto make the termour to lose his terme and the tenaunt haue a cause so that the termour may haue recouer by wryt of couenant the mayre and baylyffis shall inquere by a good inquest before the termour and the de­maundant. &c. And yf it be found / the iugemēt shalbe suspendid tyl after the terme and the sa­me maner it shalbe dō before the iustice yf the termour chaleng before iugement. Glouc. Capitulo .x.

¶Where men indyted gyf theyr landis and go­odis to their fryndis by colusiō to haue therof the profettis at their wyll / & after fle to placis priuilegid it is prouydyd that yf it may be pro­vyd yt such gyfftis be made by colusiō: that the creditours shall haue execucion of them as [Page] though no such gyfft had be made. & cetera .j. E. iij. Capitulo vi.

¶Because that mani make gyfftis and feffemē tis of land that be in debate and of theyr other goodis and cattellis to lordis and other gret men of the r [...]alme to b [...] mayn [...]nyd and vphol­dyn in theyr wrong / it is ordeynyd that no gyft or fefement of landis tenementis or goodis be made [...] by such disc [...]yt or mayntenaūs and if any such be made they shalbe hold for nough and of no valew .i. R. ij. Cap. ix.

¶wher dettours make gyfftis and [...]effemētis of theyr landis and goodis and they them selff take the profet and fle to s [...]yntwaries [...] it is or­deyneyd that if theyr creditours bryng theyr wryttis of det / after the furst capias retornyd ther shalbe a wryt send to the shyryff that he m [...]ke proclamacion at the gate of the place priuilegid by .v. wekis cōtynuelly euery weke onꝭ that the defendant shall come at the day. &c. and yf the come not ī proper person nor by attorne [...] iugement shalbe gyffyn vppon his defaut and execucion awardid of the same landis & goodꝭ as though no such gifte or fefem [...]nt had be ma­de .ij. R. ij. Cap. vltimo.

¶yf assise be brought & the tenant make de [...]faut [Page xlij] and the baylyf of the fraunches demaund counsans that the colusion shalbe īnqu [...]ryd and yf it be found the wryt shall abate / the same law in other accions personellis .vii. Henri .vj. Capitulo .xxv.

¶yf in an accion populer the deffend pled are couery in a nother accion popul [...]r that [...] was brought agayns hym by a nother straunger or acquitaunce made to hym by on estraunge / the pleintyf in this latter acciō may auer this recouere or acquitaunce to be / made by colusion / and also note that no acquit by way of indite­ment or reles by a straūger shalbe a barr in this accion .iiij. H. h. vij. Ca. xx.

¶Note well in the title of attaint how he in the reuercion shall haue an attaynt or errour & shall auer the colusion .ix. R. ij. Ca. iii.

¶Loke more in the title acciō populer & title assise .viij. h. vi. C. xxvj.

Cōmyn plees

¶Comyn plees shalbe holdin ī a place certein magna cart. C. xi.


¶Euery mā greuid agaynst the law ī the cōtre may [Page] complayn to the iustice of peas and they shall do hym remedy .iiij. h. vii. cap. xi. & .xiii.

Comyn bench

¶Iustice of the comyn bench before whom the bēch shall be remouid shalbe warnyd by tyme so that proces be not lost .ii. E. iij. C. xj.

Cōmissiōs & cōmissioners

¶Commissions to inquere of proces made by iuggis of holy churche shall cesse. &c. xiiii. E. iii. pro clerd. Cap. vi.

Cōmissions shalbe made to the iustyce of pe­ase to here [...]nd to termine defautis of laborers and forto award damage .xlii. E. iii. Cap [...] vi.

¶Comyssioners of oyer and terminer to in­qu [...]re & to certefye shalbe chargid in the esche­kyr by theyr othis and in lyke maner theyr heyris and executours / and the same barons & the iustyce of the one bench and of the other shall take the same othe by wryt of dedimus potestatem [Page xliii] in the contrey .vii. h. vii. cap. xi.


¶Iustice of the one bench and of the other & of assise shall inquere of fals conspiratours and procuratours wythout delay of euery playnt wythout wryt. Articuli suꝑ cartas. cap. xi.

¶A wryt of conspyracy shalbe graūt [...]d by the chef iustice & brought agayns ꝯspiratours in­uētours of fals quarellis and their abbettours and vpholders and the wryt is expressyd in the statute. s. responsurus tali in plīto conspiracionis: and so it is generall and determynyth not in what casis it shall lye and who so be therof cō uict shalbe prisonyd tyl he haue made satisfaccion to the perte greuyd and also shall make fyne to the kyng. Statut. Ordinacio de conspira­toribm puniendis

¶Conspiratours be they that medell by coue­naunt or by other alyaūce that euery one shall hel [...]p & hold vp others purpose falsy & maliciously to endyte or cause to indyte or falsely to moue pl [...]es or maynteyn them / and also they that cause infans wythin age to appell men of [Page] felony wherby they be imprisonid and gretely greuyd and they that retein men in the contrey with their clothyng and fees for to maynteyn theyr malicyous purposis & to hide the trewth as well the taker as the gyffers and stiwardis and baylyffis of grete lordis whych by theyr lord ship office and power take on them to ma­ynteyn and vphold plees and barettis by other ꝑtes than those that touch the state of theyr lo [...]is or them self This ordy [...]aunce & fynall di [...]tynycion of conspiratours was made and fynally agreyd by the kyng and his consell in his parliament .xxxiii. E. primi / And it is ordeynyd that the iustyce assygnyd to diuerse felonyes and terspassis to be hard and determynyd shall haue the transcript of the statute indiffynycion of conspiratours

¶An indyt [...]ment where ther is no such place wythin the same counte shalbe holdyn for non and the indytee shall recouer his damagis in a­wryt of conspiracy Agayns the inditours procuratours and conspiratours the same law shal­be in apell but the statute spekyth not but of treson and felony to dure tyl the next parliamēt ix. h. v. Cap. primo. and the same statute is made perpetuall .xviii. h. vi. Cap. xii.

[Page xliiii]¶A man indited in appell of treason trespas or felony in a foreyn counte shall recouer tr [...] ­abl [...] damagis agains his consparatours, after that he is dewly acquyte by verdyt. viij. hen. vi. Capitulo .x.

¶Iustyce of assise and of insi prius haue po­wer to determyne conspiracie confederacie and champertye at the fuyte of the kyng and of the ꝑt [...] .iiij. E. iij. Capitulo .xj.

¶Iugges & pursuantis in the spirituall court indyted for these causis shall recouer vppō the­yr acquitell agains the procuratours though thy be inditours and the procuratours shall haue the same payn that is conteynyd in the sta­tute of. w. ii. as agains them that procure fals appellys .i. R. ii. Cap. xiij.

Constable and marchall

¶yt belongyth to the constable merchall to haue conusans of contractis touchyng featꝭ of armys and of warr owt of the realme and also of thyngis touchyng armis or warr within the realme whych may not be determinid nor discuss [...]d by the commyn law / and yf any plebe commen [...]yd before them that may be determy­nyd [Page] by the comyn law of the land the partye shall haue a letter of priuy seale of the kyng dyrect to the same cōstable and marchall to sur­cesse tyl it be discussyd by the kyngis ꝯsell why dir it parteyn to them or no .xiii. R. ii. Cap. ii.

¶Constable marchall shall hold no plee termi­nable by the comye law .viii. R. ii. cap. vltimo.

¶Constable and marchall [...] shall haue power to determin apell of a thyng don owt of the re­alme but not wythin .i. h. iiij. Cap. xiiij.


¶After prohibicion dyrect to the iuggis spirituall the chauncellour or the chef iustice shall see the b [...]llet of the cause at the instance of the pla [...]ntyffis yf he see that it ꝑteyne to the spirituall court he shall make the consultacion. S. a wryt to porsew. Statut. de ꝯ [...]sult [...] xxxiiii. E. i.

¶Also it is ordenid that where a cōsultaciō is onis dewly graūtid vppon a prohibicion made to a iuge of the holy church that the same iuge may procede ī the cause by vertew or the same [Page xlv] consultacion not with stondyng any other prohybiciō vppō that to hym deliuerd prouidid alwey that the matt in the seyd libell of the seyd cause be not ingrosid nor inlargyd nor in no maner chaungid .l. E. iii. Capitulo .iiii.

Contrifers of new talis

¶Loke therfore ī tytle tellers of new [...]ythigꝭ.

Contra formā colucionis

¶If abbattꝭ priors kepers of hospitallis and of other relygious housis found [...]d of the kīg or his progenitours. Alyen from hensforth the [...]and of his housis of hym or his progenitours [...]yffyn [...] those tenementis shalbe takyn in to the [...]yngis hādis & holdyn at his will / yf that hou­ [...]e be fon̄dyd of another / he of whō or of who [...]e aūcetours the tenemet so alyenat was gyffin [...]hall haue a wryt to recouer the same tenement & the wryt is expressid in the statute and it lyeth [...]gains the abbot / The same maner of tenemētꝭ gyffyn for a chauntery or lyght in any church [...]r chapell or almis to be susteynid yf the tene­ment [Page] so gyffyn be alynid. w. ii. C. xlj. se the resydew of this statute in cessauit.


¶They that come to conuocacions shall haue priuilege for them and theyr seruauntis as they that come to the parliament .viij. h. vi. Capitu. j.


¶yf the deffendant make defaut or the playn­tyf by colucion in any accyon to take a way the conusauns and that found the wryt shall abate .viij. h. vj. C. xxvj

Cordyners and Coryers

¶Non vsynge the crafte of cordyner vse the crafte of tanner / nor tanner the craft of cordy­ner and he that doth the contrary to forfet to the kyng all his tannyd leder and botes & shoys and to make fyne at the kyngis pleasure no [...] withstondyngt any charter of patent made to the contrary. The .xiii R. ii. cap. xij.

¶Non whyle he vseth the craf of cordiner vs [...] [Page xlvi] the craft of tanner vpon payn of forfeture for euery hyde by him or any to his vse tannyd .vi. s. viii.d. And yf the cordyners fynde defaute in the leder tannyd by the tanners then the tāners to forfaite for eueri hyd so defectyfe .vi. s. viij. d. The ij. h. vj. cap. viii. and confirmid. The .i. yere of. h. vii. Capitulo .v.

No tāner nor other to hys vse occupy the craft of coryer nor black no ledder on payne of forfetor for euery hyde .vj. s. viii.d. & that no corier corie any hyde if it be not sufficiently tannyd vppō payn for euery hyde so coried .iii. s. iiij.d.

¶And that no tanner put no ledder to sale but red as it comyth from the tanne vppon payn of forfetor of the same and that no corier vse craft of tanner vppō the payn of forfeture for eueri hyde .vj. s. iiij.d. and that no tanner tanne no shepeskīnys vppon payn to forfeyt for euery skyne so tānyd .xx.d / The .j. yere of. Hen. vii. Capitulo .v.

¶That no cordener nor non to his vse / vse the crafte of coriars vppō payn of forfeture of [Page] vi. s [...] viii. d. for eueri hyde so coryed wher of the one halffe to be to the kyng and the other halfe to hym that furst fyndyth it and shewith it / [...] no coriour vse the craft of cordener vppō lyke payn / And that no tāner nor barker put no le­der to sale before it be suffyciently dryed vppon payn of forfeture for euery hyde .vi s. viii. d. wherof the one halfe shall be to the kyng and the other halfe to him that furst fyndyth it and shewith the same: The .xix. yere of. Hen. vii. Capitulo .xix.

¶That no straunger alyen borne dwellyng in the Cyte of London: in the fraunches of seīt Kateryns: seynt Marteyns and the subberbis of the same Cyte / or in westmynster or the bo­rowe of South werke bye any leder or waris insecrete placis but only in opin merket where it may be seen assayd sealyd and ablyd goode sufficiently tānyd & coryed vnder payn of .v [...] viii. d. for euery hyde: the one half therof to [...] kīg the other halfe to the furst fynder & shewe [...] therof: [...] that the wardēs of the coryers in the Cyte of Lōdō & their sufficiēt deputis may ser­che as well withī the feleshyp of tāners as the feleshyp of straūgers alyēs beyng cordeners as [Page xlvii] in theyr owne proper craft of coriers within the fraunchessis for leddyr insufficiētly tannyd and so founde the owner to be commytted towarde without bayle or maympryse by the space of .v. dayes and to forfeyt .xx. s. the one half therof to the kyng the other to hym that wyll sew therfore. And they that disturbe the sayd [...]erches to be brought to geale without bayle or maimprise by .x. dayes and to forfeit .xl. s. the one halfe therof to the kyng the other halfe to [...]he sayd feleshyp of coriers and to the chambre [...]f london to the vse of the commynalte / & the [...]ordis of all fraūches afore sayd to haue to his [...]se all suche ledder there so forfeytyd / and the [...]ewit to be by accion of det where nother pro [...]eccyon nor esson̄ shall lye nor no plein disable [...]ent of his parson nor the kyngis pardō to be [...]o barr̄: The .iij. H. viij. Cap. x.

¶Euery person straunger beyng of the compa [...] the trinyte and all parsō is born vnder the [...] of the emperour and prince of castell all by all maner of red ledyr or other coried or [...]t coryed in opyn merket and feyris lawfully [...]ade & sealyd in all placis fraunchesyd or [...]ot [...]aunchesid not wyth staundyng the seyd sta­tute [Page] of the .iii. d. yere prouydyd that the byer [...]seller in london be a fre man of the cyte ex [...]cept in bartolomew feyre / and that the auctor [...]te of the wardeyns of coriers be not mynys­shyd to make serch / and that no person bo [...] owt of the kynges legeaunce by thys act may commense no new fayre wythin seynt mertyn [...] the graunt .v. h. viii. C. vii.

¶Euery cordyner in the cyte of lōdon & wyt [...] in iii. mylys of the same may sell shoys boty [...]galegis vppon the sonday. &. all other festis pr [...]cipallis not wyth standing the statute made the tyme of kyng. Edward. the iiij / xv. h. viii. C. ix.


¶Euery mā may ship corn to what place tha [...] he wyll owt of the realme but to the kīgis en­mys except that restreint be therof made by the counsell .xvii. R. ij. Capitulo septimo .iiii. Hen [...] vi. Capitulo .v.

¶Euery man may shyp corne to what plac [...] [Page xlviii] that he wyll out of the realme without lycence saue onely to the kyngꝭ ēnemyes yf the quarter of whete excede not .vi. s. vii [...].d. and barli .iii. s. in the port wher it was shyppyd this to endure .x. yere

The .xx. yere. henry .vj. ca. vi.

And after this act was made ꝑpetuall

The .xxiii. yere of henry .vi. ca. vi.

¶No persō conuey in any port of this realme any whe [...]e rye or barly that is not of the gro­wyng of englond yrelond walys or other yle therto be longyng yf the quarter of whete ex­cede not the pryce of .vi. s. viii.d. the q [...]arter rye iiii. s. and the quarter barly .iii. s. and that vp­pon the payne of forfeture the one halfe to the kynge and the other halfe to hym that seasyth hyt.

Thy .ii. yere of. E. iiii. ca. v.

¶wedows may bequeth thei corn as well growyng vppon their doweryes as vppon theyr other landis / Merton Ca. ii.


[...]No shyryf constable coroner nor other baylyf of the kyng hold any plee of the corō. magna carta. Capitulo .xv.


¶Coroners chalbe chosyn of the most sagist knyghtys. &c. And the which shall lawfully at­tache and present the plees of the corone: and the shyryff. shall haue countrolers wyth the coroners as well of appellis as of inquestis atta­chementis and other thyngis whych to the of­fice ꝑteynyth & that no Coroner take any thig to do his office vppon agreuous forfeture to the kyng. w. j. C. x.

¶Coroners shalbe chosyn in opyn counte by the cōmīs of the same coūte .xxviii. E iii. ca. vj.

¶Coroner shall haue land suffycyent in the same counte. &c. xiiij. E. iij. C. vii.

¶These be to be inquerid of the coroners of our lord the kyng: furst when the coroners ha­ue commaundment from the kyngis bayllyff or from the men of the cōtrey that they shall goo to them that be slayn or sodeuly ded or woundyd or brekers of howsis or the place where tres our is found anon they shall comaund .iiij. townys next ioynyng that they be before them in such a place and when they come by an oth shall make inquisition in this forme. S. of the man slayn yf ther were any / ffurst it is to be [Page xlix] inquerid where he was slayn whether in the fyld other in the howse or at tauerne or at any congregacion / and who were there / Also it is to be inqueryd who be gylty of dede or of force and who were there men or women and what age so euer they be so they can speke and haue discression. &c. And all that by inquisicion shall be found gilty shall be takyn and delyueryd to the schyryff & put in the geale / And they that be found though they be not gilty shalbe atta­chyd vntyl the commyng of the iustice and the namys of them all shalbe wrytyn in the coro­ners roll / yf any such be slayn in the feld or wood and be found / furst it is to see where he were slayn ther or no yf paraduenture he be brought thedyr let the trace be folowyd yf it may be who brought the body thydir by hors or by cart / it shalbe inq̄ryd also yf the man slain be knowyn or vnknowyn and where he lay the nyght before / yf any such be slaī & any be foūd gilty anō the coroner shall go to hys bows and inquere what catell he hath and what corn in the grange or fyld & yf he be a fre man what landis he hath and what they be worth by the yere and cause them all to be p̄ysyd landis corn & catell and anon they shalbe seen and delyue­ri to the hole to wnship to āswer before the iu­styc [Page] therof / And also the lādis deliueryd what they be worth by the yere sauyng the seruis to the lordis of the fee and the landis shall be holdin in the kyngis handis tyl the lordis of the fee haue made fyne for thē These thyngis so inqueryd the body shalbe be [...]yed also it is to be inq̄ryd of such bodyes whether they were drownyd or slain or stranglid be tokin of any cord about the nek or by any member or by any hurt in the body found / it is to procede in the forseyd forme and then coroners shall attache the fynders and all other in their companyes

¶Of tresure found the coroner owght to in­quere who be the fynders and also who that is therof suspect and that may be knowyn be cause h [...]lyffyd dylycately and vsid the tauerne and so long contynued for suspicious he ought to be attachid bi foure six or moo pleggis yf they may be found / yf any be appellid of rape / he shalbe attachyd yf it be newli don and they see a tokyn of trewth. s. a tokī of bledyng and crie made he shalbe be attachyd by .iiii. or .v. pleggꝭ [...]f it be appellid wythout crie or tokī manyfest thā .ij. plegꝭ be suffic [...]ēt / of an appell of a woūd yf the same wound be a dethis wound / an [...] [Page l] they that be appelllyd shalbe takyn and holdin tyl it [...]e knowyn whether he may lyff / and yf he dye they shalbe hold gylti / and yf he lyff by .iiij. or by .vj. pleggis after as the wound is gret or lesse / But of mayme by moo than by foure / Off a small wound .ij. be sufficient

¶Also of all woūdis it is to be seen the lēght brede and depnes and wyth what wepon the hurt man was woundyd and in what place of the body / and yf any be gylty who made the wound and so all thyng must be put in the coroners roll / yf any be appellyd of the dede and some of the force They that be appellyd of the dede shalbe takyn and they that be appellyd of the force shalbe atachid tyl that they that be appellid of the dede be conuyct /

¶Of horsys bottis cartis by the whych any man is slain whych be properly callid bannys they shalbe praysyd and after ward delyuerd as is aboue seyd / off wrekkis of the see where soeuer it be found yf any putto his hands. s. to take them he shalbe attachid by good pleggꝭ and sure and the wrek shalbe praysyd and delyuerd to the townis men yf any man be suspect of the deth of any man ꝑishid he shalbe takin & [Page] imprisonyd also of all manslaughters burgla­ryes of men ꝑishid or slayn / hue and crye shal­be leueyd as it was wont in englond & all shall folow the crye and the trace yf it may be and they that do not theron shalbe conuict and attachid that they be before the iustice. &c. Tracta [...] de officiis coronatorum.

¶Certeyn men shalbe assygnyd to inquere of the defautis of the coroners and they shall make inquisicion by men of euery hundred and wapentak yf the coroners haue take any thyng for the doyng of theyr offyce and for not doyng of their offyce in euery poynt. & cetera. Stat. Exon. yt semyth by the statute that the coroner shall take the goodꝭ of the felōs suspect & delyuer them to the townꝭ to be kept / and that he shall take as well appellis of rape as other appellis. & cetera.

¶Here you this syr coron that. I. M. B. am. [...]. theff of .ii. beoffis or some other best or a murderer of one man or many and a felon of our lord kyng henry kyng of englond and because. I. haue done many yuellꝭ & thefftis ī this his lād. I. Abiure the lād of our lord kīg henry [Page li] of englōd / and that. I. owe to hyeme toward the port of such a place whych thou hast gyffin me and that. I. owe not to goo owt of the hye wey. & yf. I. doo. I. wyll that. I. shalbe takī as a theffe and felon of our lord the kyng and that at such a place. I. shall seke my passage diligē tly and. I. shall not byde there but one flod & an Eb yf. I. may haue passage / and yf. I. cā not haue such spede. I. shall go euery day in to the see to the kneys wyllyng to passe and if. I. may not wythin .xl. days cōtinually. I. shall bryng my selff agayn in to the church as a theffe and a felon to our lord the kyng as so help me god & holy iugement. &c. Tractatu de abiuracione latronum.

¶Coroners owght to certefye theyr inquisici­ons to the iustyce of the gaole delyuere next beyng in the counte after the inqisiciōs takī vppō paī. C. s. also the coroner shall haue for his [...]abour .xiij. s. iiij.d. whych shalbe leueyd of the goodꝭ of hym that dyd the murder yf he haue any and yf he haue not / and escape than it shal be leueyd of the mercyam̄tꝭ of the town wher any such murder happyth to escape .iii. henry .vij. Capitulo primo

[Page]¶Coroners shall inquere vppon the syght of the body / yf the m [...]rder where don by day and if they fynd it so & the murderer be not takyn than it is an escape for the whych the town wher the murder was dō shalbe amercid .iiij. h. vii. Capitulo primo.

¶The coroner shall do his office vppon the body slain drownyd or other weys ded by my­saduenture vppon a request to hym made wyth owt any thyng takyng for his labour or yf he­do not or ellis take any thing that he shall for­feyt for eueri tyme .xl. s. j. h. viij. Cap. vj.

Corpus cum causa

¶He that suith to defete an execucion by a statute of the staple and theruppon commyth in the chauncery by corpus cum causa. and there hath a scir̄ fac agains the partie vppō the defeysaunce or such like he shall fynd surete as well to the parte as to the kyng seuerally .xi. hen. vi. Capitulo .x.

Loke yf he shall do so in an audita querela by the equite. & cetera.


In a wryt of cosynage ayl. &. besayl the tenaūt shall sey that the demaundant is not next heyre of the same auncestour. & cetera. w. ij. Cap. xx. as it is in mordauncetour at the comin law.

Countreple de voucher

¶In a wryt of mordauncestour cosynage ay­le nuꝑ obiit intrusion and other wryttis lyke yf the tenaunt vouch to warantie and the demaundant sey that the tenant or his auncestour whose heyre he is was the furst that enteryd after the deth of hym of whose seysyn he de­manudyth / the auermēt shalbe reseynyd yf the tenaunt wyll abyde theron and yf not he shal­be put to a nother answer yf he haue not hys warrante in presence that wyll warrant hym and incontynent enter in answer sauyng to the demaundant hys excepcions agayns hym yf he wyll vouch forther as he shuld haue before agayns the furst tenaunt. & cetera. yet agayn in all maner wryttis of entre that make mencion of the degres that non from hens forth vouch owt of the lyue / and in other wryttis of entre [Page] where no mencion is made of the degrees and in the vryt of ryght / it is prouydyd that yf the tenaunt vonch to warrantye and the demaun­dant sey that he that is vouchid or his aunce­stours had neuer seisin of the lād or the tenemēt in demaund in fee nor in seruice by the hand of the tenaunt or his auncestours after the tyme of him of whose seseisin the demaundant decla­ryth vnto the tyme that the writ was purcheysyd and the plee mouyd by the whych he may auer the tenaunt or his auncestours feffours / the auerment shalbe reseyuid if the tenaūt wyll abyd therby vt supra / sauyng to the demaūdāt &c And the same excepcion shall haue place in a wryt of mordauncestour and other wryttis before n [...]myd as well as in wryttis that touch the ryght and [...]f the tenaūt haue a dede of warr̄ of a nother mā other wyse his recouery shalbe sauyd vnto hym by a wryt of warrant of char­ters when he wyll porchass it but that the pla­yntef shall not be therbi delayed. w. j. Ca. xxxix.

¶when so euer the tenaunt callyth any man to warrant and the demand conterpledith by the statute that he that is vouchyd nor non of his auncestours. &c. he shall haue the conterple bi the statut whether the vouche be absent or present [Page liij] for by the wordis of the statut of. w. j. he shuld not haue had the conterplee yf the vou­che had be present at the tyme of the vou­cher & therefore this statute was made. & cetera. Stat de vocat ad warr̄. The demandant shall haue the auermēt that the vouche is ded or that ther is non such. &c. xiiij. E. iii. C. xvij.


¶yf a tenant put a cross on his house to be de­fendyd by hospitallis agayns theyr lordis it is inactyd that it shall rene to the lordꝭ lyke wise as of tenementis alyenyd to mortmayn. w. ij. Capitulo .xxxiii.


¶M [...]rchaundise shall not be chargid and dis­chargid in crykkis vppon pain of forfeture but by cohercōn of Tempest .iiij. h. iiii. Cap. ix.

¶Merchaundise of the staple shippid in crykkis shalbe forfeyt .xiiij. h. vj. Capitulo .v.

Cui in vita

¶yf aman lose by deffaut the tenem̄t that was [Page] his wyffis ryght the wyfe shall haue a wryt of cui in vita / and yf the tenaunt pled the recouere he owght auer his ryght bi the recoueri which yf he can not shew the woma [...] shall recouer &c. w. ii. Cap. iij.


¶Cunage shall be at Calece as please the kīg The .ix. yere of. H. vi. capitulo .vi.

¶Cunours shall receyue by weyght and delyuer by weyght and not bi nomber / The .xxv. E. iii. Cap. xix.

¶Cunours shalbe sworne that the thyrde ꝑte of the bullyon be mad [...] in halpens and farthyngis / The .iiij. y [...]re of H. iiii. capitulo .x.

Loke more of cunage in the tytyls of chaunge and money.


¶Custome shall not be payd for canuas nor for cornettis of sakkis of woll .xxxiiij. Ed. iii [...] Capitulo .xix.

[Page liiij]¶He that carieth marchaundises not custo­med to any where out of the realme but to ca­lyce shall forfeyt the valew and shall be im­prisonid tyll he haue made fyne / and he that es­pieth & giffith knolege to the tresorer shal haue the .iiii. parte: the .ii. H. vi. capitulo .v.

¶The custome of all wollē clothes that shall be caried out of this [...]ealme shall be payd to the custom [...]rs of the porte where thei shallbe shyppyd and not to the collectour of the custome notwithstōdīge the statute made the .xii. E. iiii. The .xi. H. vii. Capitulo .vi.

¶Marchauntis straungers made denizyn [...] shall pay lyke custome as they shulde haue done before they were denyzīs / The .i. H. vii. cap. ii. &. the .xi. H. vii. cap. xiiii.

¶Cloth made by marchaūtes straungers in robys and in lytyl pecys shall pay custome after the rate / and commyssioners to be made to in­quere therof and to certifye in to the chauncery / The .xi. yere of. H. the .vii. capitulo .vii.

¶Non vnder the obediens of the kyng of en­glond sell any marchaundise in to scotland nor bye non of them of scotlandꝭ yf it be not costomyd at berwyk or carelyle / and that no march [...] undyse [Page] shall be shyppyd betwene tīmouth & berwyk but only at berwyk / and non sel no sal­mons of twede but the burgeys and fremen of berwyk vppon payn of forf [...]ture of the mar­chaundyse / and he that wyll sue shall haue an accion of dett wher [...] esson̄ nor protection shall not lye and shall haue the one halfe / The .xxii. E. iiij. Capitulo. vltimo

¶Item that .vj. s. viij.d. be payd custome for euery mare aboue the price of vi. s. viii.d. before she be shyppyd to go ouer the see to besolde vppō payn of forf [...]ture of the same mare / and for marys of south tyndall suche custome as hath be before vsyd / The .xj. H. vii. Cap. xiiii.

¶Loke more for custome in the tytyll of Tonnage and poūdage

Customers & Countrolers

¶Customers and countroll [...]rs shall haue no shyppys of theyr owne nor medyll with the freyght of shyppis The .xiiii. R. ii. cap. ix

¶Customers s [...]rchers and countrollers shall [Page lv] be r [...]sident and dwell vppon theyr offyce theyr owne persons without any depute vppō payn of imprisonment and vppon payn of .C [...] li. and also the leuetenauut of the [...]oteler and the ser­cheours shalbe residēt after the same maner vppon the same pain to pay the one half to the kīg and the other half to hym that wyll sew and the customer must be sworne to accompt in the escheker of all profytes that he receyued for paymēt of tayles and of all marchaūdyse chargyd and dyschargyd. The .iiii h. iiii ca. xix.

¶Non that holdeth any comyn hostry be cu­stomer controler fyndour or sercher. The .xi. h. iiij. cap. ii.

¶Customers and countrolers serchers & gau­geours of wynis be not absent in time of char­ge and dyscharge nor .iii. wekis after vppon payn of forfetour of their offyce. The .xiii. h. iiii. cap. v.

¶Customers and countrolers attayntyd of cō seilmēt of their customes and subsedyes shall [...]ose to the kyng .iii. tymes the valu of the thyng conseylyd. The .iii. h. vi. cap. iii.

[Page]¶Customers shall deliuer a warrāt to the marchant of the goodis by them costomyd vppon payn of to the kyng and. C. s. to the party greued the .xi. h. vi. cap. xv.

¶Customers serchers and cōtrollers nor their clerkis nor seruaūtis vse no marchaundise nor medyll with no shyppis nor haue no wharues nor kepe no hostries nor tauernis vppon payn of as oft. &c. wherof he that wyll sew for the kynge shall haue the one half. The .xx. hen­ry .vi. cap. v.

¶That euery englysshemā or marchaunt stra­unger hauyng the conueyaunce of other men­nes goodis may custome them in his owne na­me so that the kyng be not dysseyued in his custome not withstondyng the statute to the contrary made / the .iii. yere of. h. vii. ca. vii. but yf he counseyl the kyngis custome thā the goodꝭ therfor to be forfeit to the kinge and he to for­fayt to the parte greued as moche monei as the goodis forfeyted amoūtyd vnto and that nō beyng free of prisage or buttelerage custom any wynes of any other persone not free vppon payn of forfetour to the kyng the doble value of the ꝑrisage. And that the owner so greued [Page vi] to haue an accion of det agaynst hym that so customyd hyt of the valu of the marchaundy­se so forfetyd wherin nother esson nor protect [...] on shall lye nor wager of law the .i. h. viii. ca. v.

¶The collector of subside and countrolers & theyr clerkis shalbe all tymes redy to seale any cloth of golde or syluer bawdekyng and euery other clothe of sylke and euery corse of gold and sylke of the makyng of beyonde the see without any thīge takyng therfore and yf they take any thyng therfore to forfayt and as oft as they vnresonably delay or tary the marchaunt to forfeyt for euery tyme .xl. s

The one half of the penaltes to be to the ky [...] ­ge and the other half to the marchaunt so gre­uyd that wyll sew for it by informacion in the eschekyr or by accyon of det in the commy [...] law. The .iiij. yere. Henry .viii. Capitulo .vj.


¶They that be born wythin this realme and sworne to forreī princys as long as they dwel vnder theyr subieccion shall pay here all ma­ner customes subsidem tollem and [Page] other inposicions as other straungers and such personis shalbe certefyed to the chauncery by the gouerner of merchauntis venturers & theyr assistēs or by the kyngis imbassetours there at that tyme beyng vnder their seales / xv. hen. viii. Capitulo quarto.

Customers serchours countrollers nor auneg [...] ours shall haue no patentis of theyr offyce for terme of lyff or yeres bu [...] shall haue a bill of the tresorer .xxxi. h. vi. cap. v.


¶A womā shall recouer damage in a wryt o [...] dower vnde nichil habet of lādis wherof her husband dyed seysyd. s. frō the time of the deth of her husband vntil the day of iugement Merton. Capitulo .j.

¶yf dissessours alyen the landis and haue not wherof damage may he leueyd that they in whose hādis the landis shall come shalbe chargyd of damagis so that euery one shall answer for his tyme / yt is prouidyd also that the dis­seise shall recouer his damage in a wryt o [...] [Page lvii] entre sur disseison agaynst him that is [...] tenaunte after the deseisyn / it is ꝓuyd [...]d also that frō hens forth in all casis damage shalbe awar­dyd where a mā recouerith by assiss. [...] mordaū cestour as is before seyd in assiss. nouell dissey­syn / And in the same maner a man shall recoue­ryt damage in a wryt of colsynage ayle or bay­sayll / And also from hens forth they shall [...]eco­uer the costis of his wryt and of his purchase iointly with the damage of val [...]w of the issues of the land / And this shalbe hold in all poyn­tis where a man recoueryth agains a nother of his intrusion and of his own wrong. Gloucest Capitulo primo.

¶Doble damage shalbe recoueryd in assise where a fefemēt is made by a dyseissour by maī tenauuaunce .i. R. ii. capitulo .ix.

¶Treble damage shalbe recouerid ī assisse whe [...]e a man is dysseysyd with [...]orce .viii. h. vi. ca. ix.

¶They that pur [...]heys a ꝓhibyciō & attachem̄t agaynst the ordynaryes of a thy [...]ge that belon­geth not to the lay court shall y [...]ld dam̄ to the ordynaryes bi the awarde of the iustyce. &c. In [...]ouis ordinacoī [...]m .v. E. iii. and it is repelled .xv E. iii. it semyth that the iustyce b [...]fore whō the attachement is s [...]ed shall award damage in the [...]ame sute to the ordynarye that is deff &c. [...]e [Page] if it be a statute.

¶He that suyth a wryt of errour for to extort execucion yf the iugemēt be affirmyd he shall lose damage and costis for the delai that he did to hym that had iugement .iij. h. vii. ca. x. The same law shalbe yf the wryt of errour be discontinuyd or yf he be non suyt he shall yeld dama­ge but inquere what shall be yf errour be suyd after execuciō / This estatute is cōfyrmyd .xix. h vij. Capitulo .xx.

¶The tenaunt shall recouer damage agayns [...]he demaundant in a wryt of ryght as apperith in the tytle of gard .iiij. h. vij. capi. xvij.

¶Euery auouant and other person that ma­kyth auowry conusaunce or iustificacyon [...] baylyf to a nother person in any replenin secōd deliueraunce for rent custome or seruyce yf it be found for him or that the pleyntif be other wyse barryd that the auowaunt shall recouer his damage and costis as the playntyf shul [...] haue done yf he had recoueryd in the seyd re­plenyn .vij. h. viij. Cap. iiii.


¶The day of the lepe yere & the day folow [...] shall be hold for o [...]e day The statute of the l [...] pe y [...]re

Darreyn presentem̄t

¶Assise of darreyn presentment shalbe alwey takin and determinid in the bench magna carta. Capitulo .xiij.

Decies tantum

¶A wryt callyd decies tantum shalbe brought agayns the iurrour that hath takyn money to sey his verdyt and as it is seyd the .xxxiiii. E. iii ca. viii. he that wyll sue shall haue the one half and the king the other and the same law shalbe against embrasours. &c. and yf they haue no thin & wherof they may make satisfaction they shall haue a yerys prysonment .xxxviii. E. iij. Capitulo .xii.

Loke more of this in the title iurro [...]r.


¶A declaracion shall not abate for defaute of forme if it haue substaūce .xxxvi. E. iii. ca. vlii.


¶The kepar of the priuyseale may make letts of request to the king of denmark for reforma­cion of all thīgis dō by his people: & yf he wūt [Page] not make reformacyon our souereyn lord the kyng by the aduyse of his counsell shall prouyde remedy .x. h. vi. cap. iij.


¶yf the wardeyn of the flete let a man cōdēp­nyd to go by bayll or mamprise or baston if he haue no commandment by wryt he shall losse his offyce / and for thermore yf such a warden be attaint by dew proces that he hath lett vt supra the pleyntyffis shall haue theyr recouery agayns the gardeyn by a wryt of det .j. Ric. ij. Capitulo .xij.

¶The mayre of the staple of calece shall haue an accion of dett agaynst hym that shippyth wollys. &c. to a nother place thā to calece wherin esson proteccion nor law shall lye and shall haue such proces as is in an other accion of dett at the comyn law and the mayre shall recouer the the one halff to the kinge and the other halff to him selff / and yf any issue be takyn vp­pō the certificat of the customer of calece that shalbe tried in the shyre where the eschekyr ys iii. E iiij. Capitulo .ii.

¶See in the tytle of shyryff how an accion of de [...] is mayntenyd agayns the shyryff that sufferyth an escape of one that is in excecucion

[Page lix]¶The tresorer and barōs of the escheky may termyn and: ordeyn euery det dew to the kyng to the somme of sauyng the cōtinuans of the dettours and that they charge not the shy­ryf. nor baylyf of the fraunches nor other ac­comptaunce in the eschekyr of no thyng to be­leueyd of any / yf he be chargid of as much as he may leuey by his oth without abatīg the coūtenaūce of the dettour .i. E iii. c. v. Stat. scdō.

¶Recognisaunce to the dodle shall not be ta­kyn in the eschekyr for the kīgis dett as it hath be wont notwithstanding ther shalbe takin sufficient surete .xiii R. ij. Capitulo .xiiij.

¶we or our balyffis shall not seyfe any landis for any det as long as the cattell and the dettours presēs suffyce and the pricipall dett therfore be redy to answere. Magna carta. cap. viij

Disseyson wt roberye

¶yf a man be attaint of disseisin don in the tyme of the kyng that now is with robbery. of any maner of catell or mouables by reconisaunce of assise of nouell diss. the iugem̄t shalbe that [Page] the playtyf shall recouer seysyn and his dama­gis as well of the chatell as of the mouable & as of land the disseysor shalbe fynyd. &c. and yf he be present he shalbe awardyd to prison. and the same maner shalbe don yf the dysseysin be dō with force and armys though the mā do no robery. w. i. Cap. xxxix.


¶A man shall haue a wryt of disseyt where he losyth by stire fa [...] as well as in a precipe quod reddat .ij. E. iii. Cap. vltimo.


¶Seyre fac shall not be made to prelatis and mē of holy chrurch to answer of dismis in the chauncery .xviii. E. iij. ꝓ clero capitulo vltimo.

¶Fermours and possessioners of aliens beyng in the kyngis handis shall pay dysmes .v. h. iii. Capitulo .xi.


¶No ꝯstable distreī any mā to gyf money for kepīg of a castell yf he wyll do yt hī self or by an other if he mai not / for a resonable cause [...]nd [Page lx] see the statut. m [...]gna carta Cap. xx.

¶yf the lord distreyn for his seruice though no rent be behynd therfor the lord shall not be ponisshyd by fyne. &c. yf he suffer the distressi [...] to be delyuerid &c. And the tenaūt shall recouer his damage agayns hym / and the distressis shal be resonable and not to gret. merlebr̄. Cap. iii.

¶Nō shall cause ani distres to be brought owt of the counte wherin. &c. and yf one neghbor do that to a nother by his wyll he shalbe ponissid by fyne as of a thyng agayns the pease / and yf the lord do so to his tenent he shalbe ponys­shid by greuous amercement. merlebr̄. cap. iiij.

¶A man shall not distr [...]yn in a nothers fee & yf h [...] do he shalbe ponysshid after the statut of merlebr̄ and more greuous yf the tre [...]p [...]s so re­quire. w. i. Cap. xvi.

¶A man shalbe amercid for excessiue distress merlebr̄. Capitulo .v.

¶Non shall distr [...]yn in the kyngis hye wey or comyn strete but the kyng and his ministers merlebr̄. Capitulo .xv.

¶No distres shalbe made but by baylyffis knowyn and ther to sworn and yf they do other wysse & therof be conuyet they shall yeld damage to them that be greuyd by an accion of tres­pas & shalbe make fyn [...]. w. ii. Cap. xxxvii.

[Page]¶yf the shyryf distrein for the kingis det the ꝑ­te to whom the best is be may gyff them mete. &c. and that sych distres be not sold within .xv. dayes and yf he bryng a tayll of one of the shy­ryffis of payment made to hym and fynd sure­tes to be at the next accompt at the escheikr the distres shall sease and that non be dystrenyd by his shepe nor by hys bestis that tyll his lād for the kyngis det nor for other cause yf a nother distres be sufficient except that a man fynd thē doing hurt and that in such casys the distres be not excessyue Statut de distr̄ skaccarii

¶Distressis shall not be in the church fee ī the whych the churchis be indowyd Statut. vocat Articuli cleri.

¶Non shalbe compellyd nor dystreynyd to come before any lord or lady to auswer of hys frehold nor other thing reall nor personell that touchyth the comyn law and yf any be greuyd he shall sue to the chauncellour and he shall gyff hym remedy .xvj. R. ij. ca. xii. & if any do the contrary he shall forfeyt to the kyng

Loke for distres in the tytle auowry. vii. h. viij. Capitulo iiij.


¶The thyrde parte shalbe assignyd to the wo­man for her dowry of all the lande that was to her husband in his lyfe / except that she were re­dowed of lesse at the churche dore. M. carta capitulo. septimo.

¶In a wryt of dowervnde nichil habet there shalbe gyuen .iiii. v. or .vi. dayes by the y [...]re mer­lebr̄. Capitulo .xvii.

In dower wherof she hath nought the write shall not be abated by the excepciō of the tenaunte for that that she hath receyued her dowry of another man before the wryte purcheysed. if he can not proue that she hath receyued part of her dower of hym selfe in the same towne befo­re the wryt purchesed. w. i. capitulo .xlviij.

¶The statute rehersyth that yf the husbande graunt playnly the iustyce shall iugge dower to this womā but yf the man lose by defaut it was a doute. it is ordeyned therfore that in bothe casys that the womā that demaūdeth dower shall be herd and yf the tenaunt plede a recouere by defaut he owyth to auer his ryght but it speke­th not how he shall plede yf the recouere be by confessyon. &c. but it is adiugyd .xvii. E. iii. that [Page] he shal recouer by and by for so was the comyn lawe. w. ii. capitulo. quarto

¶yf a wyfe wyllyngly refuse her husband and goo her way and dwel with her aduout [...]rer she shall lose her dower̄ excepte the husbande wyllyn [...]ly and without cōpulcyon of the churche wyll receyue her againe and suffre her to abyde with him in whiche case she shalbe receyued to her accyon w. ii. capitulo .xxxiii.

¶Loke in the tytle off [...]fement how a woman tenaūte in dower̄ may forfeyt. her estate.


¶The borow of Dorcestre shal vse theyr weyghtes .xii. myle aboute the sayd borowe as they were wont notwithstādyng the statute of weyghtes made at the last ꝑlyment .ix. h. vi. ca. vi.

¶None brynge no Clothes in to this Realme made in any other place vppon payne of forfeytoure. The .xi. E. iii. capitulo .iii. And also clothe makers of other landys be in the kynges proteccyon & may dwell & worke here at they [...] [Page lxii] pleasure the same statute:

¶Clothes that lacke ayarde of mesure be for­fayt and the [...]ulnegeo [...]r founde in defaute before the mayre or baylyffes where they be solde / shall haue a yeres p̄sonemēt and lose his offyce The .xxv. statute de pannis. and he that wyll se­we in suche case shall haue the one halfe of the thynge forfetyd or elles the pryce

¶Also the byer whan it is agreid of the pryce maye worke the clothe notwithstondynge it be sealed with the aulnegeours seale and yf it lac­k [...] of mesure it shalbe forfeyte and, the mayre [...] and baylyffes. &c. shall certifye to the chaunce­lour suche defautes and he shall wryte to them to delyuer the one halfe of the forfaite to hym that seweth and the other half [...] to the kynges vse. The same yere. capitulo .ii.

¶The aulnegeour shal take for euery cloth of assyse of the seller a half peny / and of halfe a cloth a ferthyng for his offyce and yf it be lesse thā halfe a clothe nothynge and that he medyll wi­th no clothes but suche as be to sell and that he inseale euery clothe what mesure so euer it be And that Clothes putte to sale vnsea [...]d [...] [Page] be forfait .xxvii. yere. E. iii. capitulo .v.

¶Clothe not fullyd shall not be caryed out of the realme and that no subside be payd therfore tyll it be fullyd. The .l. E. iii. ca. v.

¶Cloth sowed to gider of peces īsealed be forfait & the aulnegeour shall lose his offyce therfore. And also yf the aulnegeour s [...]ale ony clothe that is not of assyse he shall lose his offyce & the valu of the cloth and shall make fyne at the ky [...] ges pleasure. The .iii. yere. R. ii. ca. ii.

¶Clothe shall conteyn the assyse vppon payn of forfaiture and he that spyeth the defaute agaynst the statutys of clothes shal haue the thyrd part [...]. The .vii. yere. R ii. ca. ix.

¶Cogware and kendall cloth shalbe .iii. quarters of a yard brode as they were wonte to be so that they be not made of better woll than they were wonte to be. The .xiii. R. ii. ca. x.

¶No pleyn cloth tacchyd nor rolled be put to sale in the sherys of somerset or dorset o [...] gloucestre but openyd vpon payn of forfetour [...] [Page lxiii] and that the makers weuers & fullers put theyr markes to euery cloth that they worke vppon payn to that limyted by the iustyce of peace. The .xiij. R ii. ca. xi. Clothe shalbe mesured by a corde and they that hold not the assyse so limited be forfait the .ii. E. iii. ca. xiij.

¶No fuller nor other person bye in the coūtye of surrey sussex and south. ani cloth before that the same cloth be fulled and sealed with the seale therto ordayned vppon payn of forfetour of the same .xv. R. ii. ca. x. A man may sell cloth as well Karseys as other what length or bredeth so euer it be and that non sell it tyll it be mete by the aulneg [...]our and sealed with the seale therto ordeyned vppon payne conteyned in other sta­tutes and that none make fraude in clothes of Karseyes vnder the payn of forfeture of the [...]a [...]ame. The .xvii. yere. R. ii. ca. ii.

¶Clothes made wouyn and fulled at london [...]r in the [...]ubberbys of the same be īsealed with [...] or with the seale to that ordeyned & yf they [...] solde vnsealed as is before sayd they be for­ [...]ait to the kynge The .iiii. yere of Henry .iiii. capitulo .vi.


¶Clothes of coler shall conteyne in length by the bak .xxviii. yardes and in brede .vi. quarters and halfe / and the ray cloth as muche in length and .vi. quarters in brede vppon payne of forfeytor and the aulnegeour shall sease them for the warderope. The .viij. H. iiii. cap. x. But that i [...] repelled as touchynge the kynge. The .ix. h. iiii. capitulo .vi. And after it is confyrmed in the hole. The .xiii H. iiii. capitulo .iiii.

¶Kendall wherof the dosyn is not worth aboue .vi. s. viii. d. shall not be sealed the .ix. H. iiii. Capitulo .ii.

¶Clothes called dosyns of the west parte an [...] other clothes plyted & tacked before the syght of the aulnegeour that putteth his seale therfo­re ordeyned to clothes that be not of assyse shal lose for the fyrst defaute at the seconde de­faute at the thyrde defaut his goodes. &. c

¶And it semeth by the wordes of the statute that suche clothe called dosyns shall conteyn [...] xiiii. yardes. &c. & he that wyll sewe for the kyn [...] agaynst the aulnegeour in such case shall haue the .iiji. part [...] The .xi. yere of henry the .iiii. capitulo .vi.

[Page lxiiii]¶In this boke many other statutis of cloth be lafte out because they be repelled and other statutes made to the contrary. &c.

¶This word clothe hath relacyon and exten­deth to hole clothes called brode clothe or bro­de dosyns and to none other and euery narowe clothe put to sale shall conteyne in length .xiiii. yardes and in brede a yarde or elles the aulne­geour shall cut the lyste of them vppon payne of .vi. s. viii. d. for euery clothe that is put to sa­le before that the aulnegeour hath put to his se [...]le therto ordeyned. The .xi. henry .vi. capi. ix.

¶None shall cary wollyn yarne or clothes not fulled out of the realme vppon payne of forfey­ture of the valew / and he that espyeth it shal haue the one halfe and the kynge the other halfe. The vii. E. iiii. capitulo .iii.

¶Clothe makeres of Northfolke Suffolke and Essex shall make brode clothes in lengthe xxviii. yardes and .xxviii. ynche [...] and in bre­de with in the lyst .vii. quarters and shall waye and narowe clothes whiche be cal­le [...] the strayte sette Clothes shall contayn [Page] in lengthe .xiiii. yardes and in brede within the lyst .iii. quarte [...]es & dī. quarter & shall wey & dī. & that all the sayd clothes shall be insealed by the aulnegeour or seal [...]r with the s [...]ale of the subsidy with waxe / and yf the sayd clothes be put to sale and not mesuryd weyed and s [...]aled that he shall forfait the one halfe to the kynge / and the other halfe to hym that espyeth it and seyseth it / and that non carye the clothes out of the sayd coūtes before they be sealed vnder the forsayd payn. And yf any aulnege [...]ur s [...]ale the clothes not beynge of the sayd mysure and weyght he shall forfait for euery brode clothe .vi [...] [...]. viii. d. and euery narow cloth .xx. d. the one halfe therof to the kynge and the other half to him that wyll sewe by accyon of det wryte or byl o [...] in any of the kyngeg courtes and shall recouer his cost and dam̄ aboue the pryncypall duyte. The .viii. ye [...]e of E. iiii. ca. i. quer̄ how mich is [...] li.

¶Clothes shall [...] not be caryed ouer the see before they be berbyd rowen and shorne vpon pain lymyted in the statute of .vii. H. iiii. c. iii. as is before The iii. H. vii. ca. xi but this acte ertendyth not to vesses rays / saylynge clothes nor to no [...] other cloth that is sold vnder .xl. s. This acte i [...] [Page lxv] confyrmed the .iij. H. viii. ca. vii Prouyded that this acte extende not to any clothe solde for .iiii. marke or vnder.

¶Clothe in greyn the yarde shall not be sold aboue .xvi. s. and out of greyn aboue .xi. s. vppō payn of forfeyture for euery yarde solde aboue the pryce aforesayd .xl. s. and he that wyll sewe by accyon of det shall recouer the one halfe to the kynge & the other halfe to hymselfe in whi­che nother esson̄ proteccyon nor wager of lawe shall lye. The .iiij. H. vii. capitulo .viii.

¶See dyuers good ordynaunces of cloth and of makers of cloth in the .iiii. yere of E. the .iiii.

¶For the trewe makynge of clothe furst that the woll delyuered to be broken cardyd or spōe shall be by weyght of haburdy poys sealed and so delyuered agayne to the clothier / and in .xii. pounde semed wolle to alowe but one quarter of a pounde for the waste without any other thynge puttynge therto dyseyuably by the bre­ker carder or spynner vppon payn to forfait to the lorde of the lete for euery defaute .xii. d. vp­pon profe before the mayre or other heed offy­cer callynge to them conuenyent persones for [Page] the profe therof & that the weiuer put therto [...]is vsyd marke / nor put nothynge dysseyuably therto vppon payne of .iii. s. iiii. d. for euery defaute And that none bye no coloured wolle nor yar­ne of any carder or spynner or weuer but in opē market vppon payne of forfeytoure of suche woll and yarne. And that the walker and fuller shall put no flockes nor do other dyssayte therto nor shall not rowe nor worke no clothe with Cardes on nether syde vppon payne for eue­ry defa [...]te .vi. s. viii [...]. And that none put no cloth to sale that shall shrynke in length whan it is wete aboue a [...]arde and in brede a quarter and narowe clothes after the same rate vppon payn of .vi. s. viii. d And that no denysyn nor alyon after he hath bought the cloth drawe it out in length or b [...]de vppon tentours or other wyse vpō payn for euery cloth. c. s. excepte he do it to trye it aud than to drawe it out but a yard more thā it was whā it was wete nor that no flockes nor other dysseyte be put in payn of: xx s. And that the clothe be solde by no mesure but by yarde .x ynche vppon payn of [...] c. s. The one halfe of all these sayd forfeyte to the kynge and the other halfe to hym that wyll sewe therfore by wryte byll or accyon where nother wager of lawe es­son nor proteccyon shall lye.

[Page lxvi]Prouydyd that this acte ext [...]nde not to wollen clo [...]hes called Kendalles nor carpenall whytes made for hose lynynge nor to no tostokes of Deuynshyre nor to any wollen clothe made in cor­wall nor to any cotons or playne lynynge or fryse made in walys lancasshyre. or chesshyre. the .vi. Hen. viii. Capitulo .ix.

¶That none make no clothes called whyte straytes to sell without it be whan it is rawe redy to be tucked .xv. yardes longe / a yarde and a halfe brode and that euery maker put his owne marke therto and non other marke vsed by fore by none other man vppon payne of forfeytour of the same clothes the one halfe therof to the kynge / the other halfe to hym that seas [...]th it and this acte to endure to the nexte parlyament. The .v. Henry .viii. Capitulo. secundo

And this acte is confyrmed perpetual. The .vi. Henry .viii. Capitulo .viii. And also added to the same acte that euery of the sayd clothes soo rawe shall waye at the lest vppon payn of the sayd forfaytoure and russet straytes be put in the same.

[Page]Euery whyte wollen Clothe solde at .v [...] mar­ke / or vnder may be caryed beyonde the see vn­barbid vnshorne and vnrowed any acte be­fore not withstandinge and he that conueyth any suche whyte clothe thyder aboue the pri­ce of .v. marke to forfait the valewe of the sayd cloth the one half therof to the kyng / the other to hym that seweth therfore by accyon formacion or other wyse where nother wager of lawe proteccyon nor esson shall lye. The .v. yere of H the .viii. capitulo .iii.

¶Other statutes there be that be repelled or e [...] pyred therfore I put them not in this boke.

Marke well all these statutes of clothes for so­me of them repele other in dyuers poyntes.

¶No subiect of the kynge sell no clothes cal­led brode whyte wollyn clothes made in this realme to noo marchaunte straunger or to any other to his vse vppon payn of .xl. s [...] the one halfe therof to the kinge and the other to the party that wyll sewe where wager of lawe proteccy­on esson and lycens shall be put / out prouyded that of the sayd clothes brought to blackwell [Page lxxvii] hall in london / yf they haue remaned there .viii. dayes to be solde and than not solde to no En­glysshe marchaunt / than euery marchannt straū ger hauynge lyberte in the cyte may bye them so that they paye for them with in a monethe after / prouyded also that whytes of Coggy sale bookynge / blanck tre. Eleynfurthers / & bastardꝭ that haue crūpyll lystes of the length of .xxv [...]i. yardes at the water / and all brode whytes that come to euery fayre in this realme shalbe solde to marchaunte straungers this acte notwithstā ge so that they paye for them as is aboue sayd xv. henry .viii. Capitulo. primo.

¶The clothes made in Suthfolke called ves­ses or set clothes not aboue the valewe of .xl. s. shall not be forfait / because they lacke in length or brede / notwithstandynge the statute made the .vi. yere of this kynge .xv. H. viii. ca. xi.


¶Constables of twones shall a reste waste­rs and draw laches for suspecyous of felonye [Page] and put them in the geale tyll they be inquyred of The .v. yere of E. iii. Capitulo vltimo

Dry eschaunge.

¶Loke therfore in the tytle of vsery.


¶Elienacions shalbe fre. w. primo. Capi. v.


¶The encumbent of a patronage of a spyrytu all man greuyd by prouysyon or by the kynges lycence shall recouer treble damages in a p̄munir [...] & forthermore they that dysturbe them shalbe p [...]nysshed as prouysours .iii. H. vi. statu. ii. capitulo .iiii.

¶The encumbent of the kynge shall not be receyued by the ordynary to the churche that is full tyll the kynge hath recouered his presente­ment by the course of the lawe. And euery en­cumbent putte outte by suche presentemente shall haue his suyte within the yere .xiii. R. ii. c [...] pitulo primo

[Page lxviii]¶An encumbent so put out may begyn his su­te whan please hym .iiii h. iiii. capit [...]lo .xxi

¶In all cases where the ordynary hath gyfyn a benefyse by laps. &, cetera. and the kynge take his suyte agayns the patron / whiche percase wyll not defende / by fraude. &c. And in as other lyke cases where the kynges ryght is not tryed the ordynaryes and the possessours shalll haue answer to the kīges tytle how beit that the ordynarye clayme no thynge in the patronage .xxv. E iii. pro clero. Capitulo .vii.


¶The iurours shall put theyr seales to the en­dytementes in the sheryffes tourne. And yf the the sherif imprysō ani other but thē which they shall fynde indyted by the same inquysycon / they shall haue an accyon of fals imprysone­ment. et ce [...]era. the same shalbe ob (ser)ued of euery [Page] baylyfe of fraunches. w. ii. capitulo .xiij.

¶All inditementes before in the sheryfe in his tourne shalbe adnulled .ii. E. iii.

¶Endytementes before the sheryfe and baylyfe of the fraunches and all other that take endytementes at theyr tournes or elles where / whe­re indytementes shulde be hadde shall take theyr indytementes / by dede indented wherof one parte shall abyde with the enditours .i. E. iii. statut. ii. capitulo .xvii

¶No endytours be put in enquest vppon the delyueraunce of hym that is endted of trespas or felonye yf he be chalenged for that cause by hym that is indyted .xxv. E. iii. statut de prodi [...] capitulo vltimo.

¶Endytementes of extorcyons of ordynaryes shall make mencyon of whom and in what ma­ner the extorcyō was done .xxv. E. iiii. ca. vltīo.

¶These wordes insidiatores via (rum) & depopulatores agro (rum) in enditementestes be voyde .iiii. H. iiii. capitnlo .ii.

¶No endytementes from hens forth be made but by enquest of lawfull men as it was in olde tyme and by the sheryffes and baylyffes of the [Page lxix] fraunches duly retornid wythout denominaciō of any maner and the inditement made to the ꝯ [...]trary shall be voide & adnullio .xi. h. iiii.c. vltīo.

¶Enditem̄t where is no such place within the same counte be hold for nought and he that is indited shall recouer his damagis agains the conspiratours in a wryt of conspyracy and also they shall haue imprisomment and shall make fyn and raunson by discressiō of the iustice. &c. To indure to the next parlement & after it was made perpetull .xviii. h. vi. Cap. xii.

¶A man of lancastr̄ indited in any other counteyf the indytours may not dispēd .c. s. or other to theyr vse wythin the same counte wher [...] &c. the inditment shalbe voyde .xxxiii. h. vi. C. ii.

¶An indytement in the torne takyn by them that may not dispend .xx. s [...] by yere of frehold or .xxvi. s. viii.d. of copy hold shalbe voide .i. R. iii. Capitulo .iiii.

And the baylyff that retornyth thē and the shyryff that putteth them in shall lose .xl. s.

¶A wryt vppon the case and treble damage is gyffyn for hym that is indytyd in a foreyn counte agayns the procuratours .viii h. vi. Ca. ix. And see more therof in the tytle of proces.

¶No wryt shall go owt to the sheryf to take inditement .xxviii. E. iii. Capitulo .ix.

[Page]Loke for indytem̄t ī the tytle iustice of the one bench and the other .vi. h. viii. Capitulo .vi.


¶Englisshyre & presentmēt of the same is put owt .xiiij. E. iii. Capitulo .iii [...].


¶Englond shall neuer be subiect nor obediēt to the reame of fraunce nor to no kyng of en­glond as kyng of fraunce .xiiii. E. iii. Stat. ꝑse.

Engliss [...]emen

¶The kyngis chyldern born in englōd or owt of englond shalbe inheritable. &c. And all chil­dern whych for hens forth shalbe born owt of the legeaunce of the kyng of whom the fader and moder at the tyme of the byrth be of the feyth and legeaunce of the king of englōd shall haue and inioy the same benefitis and aduauntage to haue inheritaūce within this same legeaūce as other heirs before seid in tyme to come [Page lxx] so that the moders of the same infantm go o ouer the see by the assent and wyll of theyr husbandis. And yf it be alegyd agayns any such born beyond the see that he is bastard en cas where the bysshop shuld haue knolege of the basterdie it shalbe commaūdyd to the bysshop to certefie to the kīgꝭ court as it hath be of old tyme vsyd ī case of basterdye agayn thē which be born in englond .xxv. E. iii. Stat. ꝑse.


¶yf enfans wythin age [...]e a way so they can not well sew / theyr next fryndis shalbe admyttyd to sew for them. w. ii. Capitulo .xv.


¶yf so many alienacions be made that a man can not haue his wryt of entre with in the de­gres he shall haue a wryt of ētre ī the post. merlebr̄. Capitulo .xxx.

¶yf the tenaunt in dower alien in fee of for terme of anothers lyff he in the reuercion shall haue incontinent a wryt of entre. s. A wryt callid in casu prouyso.

¶yf tenaūt in dower tenaūt by the cortesye or for tme of lif lose bi defaut or make ꝯfessiō he ī [Page] the reuercion shall haue a wryt of entr̄ after the deth of the seyd tenauntis in whych wryt the tenant shall haue his ryght. &c. w. ii. C. iij. s. a wryt of entre ad communem legen / Also if the tenant by the curtesy tenaunt for terme of lyff­aleyn in fee or for terme of nothers lyffe he in the reuercion lyuyng the tenaunt by the corte­sye or the tenaunt for terme of lyff shall haue a wryt of entre in casu consili. &c. but after the deth of the tenant by the curtesye tenāt in do­wer or tenant for terme of lyfe by this alyena­cion made in their lifis he in the reuercyon shall haue a wryt of entre ad comuen legem.

distent of any landis and tenementis shall not be preiudiciall to any persō beyng ī the war̄ of the kyng no more than the person had bē wyth in age .iij. h. viii. Capitulo .iiij.


¶yf erour [...]e in the eschekir the chauncellour and tresorer shall make the record to come before them in some chamber nygh the eschekir takyn to the iustyce & other sage men. &c. & they shall cause the barons to be callid to here the cause of their iugement and if defaut befound [Page lxxi] they shall cause the rollis to be correct & amen did and to be send again to the eschekyr to do therof execution as it is conuenyēt .xxxi. E. iii. C. xii. it semyth that this statute takyth no pl [...] ce yf execucion be awardyd quer̄.

¶Errour before the steward and mershal shal be reuersyd in the kyngis bench .v. E. iii. Ca. ii

A mā beyng seke ought to sue a wryt of errour by attorney in a especyall forme of record yf the iu [...]tice see the person .vii. h iiij. Cap. xiii.

¶Se in the tytle of attaynt that he in the r [...] [...]euercion shall haue an attaint or errour and so his heyre shall haue vppon a iugement gyffyn [...]gayns his tenaunt for terme of lyf .ix. Ri. ii. Capitulo .iij.

¶See the tytle damage how the deffend shall [...]ecouer damage .iii [...]. h. vij. Cap. x.

¶Loke more for errour in the title a [...]erment [...]nd the title london.


[...] If any thynge be leuyd for the Escape [...] [Page] any thefe or felon / before that it be iuggyd be­fore the Iustice in eyre / he shal restore it to the ꝑte / or to hym that payed it as moche as he to­ke / and to the kynge asmoche. westm̄. j. cap. vii.

¶The escapys of Felons and Clerkes cōuici from hens [...]orth Iuggid before any Iustyce / beleuyd from tyme to tyme by the vew of the s [...] ­me Iustyce. The .xxi. E. iij. cap. xiiij.

¶If the warden of the Flete let a man condē pn [...]d goo by bayle or maymprise or baston yf he haue no commaundement by wryt / he shall lose his offyce / and if h [...] be attaynt therof by due proces the ꝑte shall haue his recouere agaynst hym by accion of dette. The .i. R. ii. ca xii.

Loke in the tytle of Sheryffis an accion of de [...] mayntenable against the Sheryf that suffred [...]n escape of one that was in execucion. The .xxiii. h. vi capitulo .x.

Loke more for escape in the tytle of coroners.


¶the estreytꝭ chaūgid shalbe put ī the eschek [...] [Page lxxii] by the chaūcellour of ēglōd frō .xv. days to .xv. & the barons haue power to exam [...]n the custo­mers in this case & to punissh thē that do contrary to this estatute .xi. h. iiij. Cap. viii.

¶None take any thynge for to chaunge gold for syluer or contrary wyse vppon payne of forfeytour of the money so chaungyd but only the kinges eschaungeours [...] The .xxv. E. iij. stat de ꝓdic. Capitulo .xii.

¶None shall make eschaunge for payment beyonde the see without the kinges lycence / vp­pon payne of forfeytour. The .v. R. ii. cap. ii.

¶The chaunge our shalbe sworne and boūd [...] in the chauncery for to bye marchaundise of the lande to the velue the somme within .iij. mon­thes / vpon payne of forfeytour. The .xiiij. R. ij. Capitulo .ij.

¶Non shall make eschaunge wytho [...]t the kingꝭ lycēce / and he that doth the cōtrary shall forfeyt the value therof / and he that wyl sue by [Page] accyon of de [...] shall haue the one halfe and the kynge the other halfe / wherin nother esson proteccyon nor wager of lawe shall lye. The .iii. H viii. capitulo .vi.

¶None of this lande paye or gyue to any marchaunt straunger by way of eschaunge or otherwyse any coyne of this lande of gold or bullion or oth [...]r maner plate of golde for his marchaundyse vpon payne of forfeyture of double valew of that coyne or plate [...] And he that wyll sue by accyon of dette shal haue the one halfe and the kynge the other halfe. And he may haue it by wryte byll playnte or informacyon. The .i [...]ii. H vii. capitulo .xxiii.

¶Loke more of this in the tytle of golde and money.


¶The kynge shall not holde the landes of thē that be conuyct of felonye but a yere and a day and then [...]hey shall retourne to the lordes of the fee Mag. carta. ca. xxii. loke for eshete in the ty­tle wynes.


¶Eschetours shalbe chosyn as the sheryf [...] [Page lxxiii] and that there be as many of them as ther were whan the kynge toke the gouernaunce of the realme / and that no eschetoure tary in his offy­ce past one yere The .xiiii. E. iii. capitulo .vii. Before this statute there were but .ii. eschetours in Englande.

¶Eschetours shall take the inquestes of theyr offyce bytwene them and the Iurry of the same county openly in good townes or elles it is voyde. The .xxxiiii. E. iii. capitulo .xi.

¶Eschetours must haue lande or fee or more or to be put out of theyr offyce. The .xlii. E. iii [...] Capitulo v [...]

¶Eschetours or commyssyoners whiche take inquestes of folkes not retourned by the sheryf shall lose wherof he that wyll sewe shall haue the one halfe also they shal retourne those inquestes so taken byfore them in to the chaun­cery or escheker withī a moneth after the takynge vppon payn of to be payed as is afore­sayd the .viii. H. vj. capitulo .xvi. They shal pay to the kynge as moche as he is indamaged for the not retournynge of them.

Loke more of exchetours ī the title of tauerner [...]

[Page]¶Euery Eschetour shall take his inquestes of offyce by vertue of wrytes of diem clausit extremū / and of al other wrytes within a moneth after the delyuere of them / and that they shall ta­ke them in good townes and open places / and that he shall not take for his laboure and coste in one Countye aboue .xx. s. And yf he do con­trary to the premyssis he shal forfe [...]te wherof he that wyll sewe it for the kynge shall ha­ue the one halfe. The .xxiii. Henry .vi. ca. xvii.

¶None shall be Eschetour excepte he or other to his vse at the tyme that he is chosyn may dysspende by yere in the same county .xx li: And also he may not lette his offyce to ferme or make any depute if it be not to suche one for whome he wyll answere and he must gyue knowlege of the deputacyon to the tresourer within .xx. dayes after And yf the [...]schetoure do otherwyse than is lymitted here / he and his depute / that so wyll occupye vnder hym shall forfeite The one halfe to the kynge and the other halfe to hym that wyll sew it by accyon of dette / wherin nother esson proteccion nor wager of lawe shall lye. And also the Iustyce of peace ought to inquire therof and make proces as vppon an Indytement of trespas / but Eschetours in cy­tes [Page lxxiiii] and townes be excepte. The .xii. E. iii Capi­tulo .v.

¶If any eschetour or Commyssyoner putte in any offyce concernynge landes and inherytaūce in to any of the kynges courtes whiche is not presented by .xii. men indented and by them sea­led [...] he shall forfeyte. to the parte therby greued / nor that no eschetour nor other Commyssyoner syt to inquere of any landes or inherytaunce excepte he or other to his vse may dyspende xl. marke by yere vppon pain of And yf he may not dispende .xl marke he may refuse to syt in any suche commyssyon / and shalbe dyschar­ged in the Esch [...]ker therof by his owne othe without fyne or fee / and that euery eschetoure and commyssyoner shall syt in open places ac­cordynge to the statutes before made / and that they suffre euery persone to gyue euydene [...] opē ly in suche inquestes vpon payne of .xl. pounde. And the sheryffe and other hauynge retourne of wrytes shall retorne before suche exche­tours or cōmyssyoners no persone to inquere of landes excepte suche as haue landes to the yer [...] ly valewe of .xl. s. within the same shyre vppon payn of euery ꝑson so retorned. c. s. And that the Iurry that shall be sworne shall receyue the counterpane o [...] the offyce indented and sealed [Page] by the sayd exchetour or commyssyoners and that to rest in the hādes of the fyrst persō sworne in the same Iurry vppon payne of euery one of the Iurry .xx. s. and that the sayd exchetour or commyssyoners shal receyue the verdet whē the Iurry is redy to gyue it without delay and to delyuer the counterpane of the sayd verdet indented to the Iurry vppon payne of. C. li. And the clarke of the pete bagge of the Chauncerye or other offycere there hauynge auctoryte or other offycer of the excheker hauynge auctory­te to receyue suche offyc [...]s shal receyue the said offyce & inquisition to them offered within .iii. dayes after it is offerd vppon payn of And t [...]n the sayd exchetours or commyssoner to be dyschargyd of his penalte for none retournynge of the same offyce within the moneth a [...] ter it is taken so that the sayd exchetour or commyssyoners at any tyme after the sayd moneth / within an other moneth than nexte in sewynge retourne the sayd offyce in to the Chauncery or excheker as the case shall requyre. And the clerke of the petye bagge to certefy the transcrypte of the sayd offyce the nexte terme folowynge the receyte therof vppon payne of. C. s. for euery defaute. And that uo exchetour be cōpelled to occupy his offyce cōtynually aboue one yere [Page lxxv] And the he that is exchetour one yere shal not be agayne in .iii. yeres after the fyrst hole yere ended / and yf he do his patent therof to be voyde. And the parte greued shall haue theyr reco­ueres of the sayd forfayte of. C. li. by accyon of dette / wherin no wager of law proteccyon nor esson shall lye. And of the other forfeytours the kynge shall haue the one halffe and the parte that wyll sewe it the other halfe by accyon of dette where nother esson / proteccyon nor wa­ger of lawe shall lye.

¶Prouyded that this clause of the exchetou­rs excersysynge theyr offyce ouer one yere ex­tende not to Eschetours in any cyte or towne corporate or in the duche of Lancaster / Corne wall and the Countyes palentynes of Lancastre / Chestre / Durham / or Ely / or in any other Countye palentyne in Englande wales or the marches of the same / or to any eschetour made by any persone hauynge auctoryte by Fraun­ches pryuylege / or by preserypcyon to make them.

¶Prouyded that this clause of the insuffycy­ency [Page] of the exchetours and Iurrours extēde not to any eschet our in cite or town corporat ne to any eschetour made by any person hauynge auctoryte to make them [...] for inquisicions of landes ne to any sheryf or bailyf for retournynge in ani panell any persones byfore the sayd exchetours of lesse valewe than is conteyned in this acte. The exchetours of the Countyes palentyne of lancastre & Chestre in this prouyso only except.

¶Prouyded that this acte extende not to any Iustyce of peace for doynge any thynge con­cernynge the commyssyon of the peace. The .i. H. viii ca. viii. to endure to the next parlyament. But this acte is confyrmed perpetuall. The .iii. Henry .viii. Capitulo .ii.


¶Clerke of the Escheker makyng proces after a t [...]yle alowed shal lose his offyce and yelde damages to the parte greued [...] and that by the dyscrecyon of the tresourer and barons. The .i. R [...] ii. Capitulo .v.

¶Loke an old statut called statut slaccarii th [...] [Page lxxvi] tr [...]tith of all the fourme of the Escheker & of the accomptes in the escheker & of theyr ꝓfettes at my helmas & ester after the auncyon forme and that accomptās be not taryed by plees bytwen ptye & partye excepte it be for the kynges dette. And it speketh how the chamberlain of chestre shall accompte to the escheker and how that dyuers sheryffes shalbe executours of dyuers coū tes / And no offyc of the escheker shall put no clerke vnder hym but suche for whome he wyll make answere and all suche shalbe sworne to be trewe / And yf any occupye otherwyse he shal be remoued from his offyce / and no nother shal be put in his offyce without the kynges lycen­ce / and many maters be cōteyned ī thesame stat.

¶No comyn plee shalbe holdē in the excheker agaynst magna carta articlīsuꝑ cartas.

¶The bodyes of the shyres shall not be wrytē in the yerely rolles but in a certeine roll and thei shalbe rede euery yere vpon the accompt of the she [...]iffes & it shalbe knowen what may folowe therof of euery cause the remanentes of the verey fermys of the same coūtes after the lāde gyffyn shalbe wryten in the yerely rolles & the sheryf shalbe therof charged & of the fermis of [...]he shery [...]es ꝓfettꝭ of the coūte the fermis of [...]iātie [Page] & fermys assessyd of the coūtes borowes & other fermis whyche must be answerde yerely to the eschekyr also men shalbe assignyd to inquyre in dyuers countes of th [...] kyngis dettis when they denye the shyryff. &c and also of those of whom the shyryffe retornyth nichill. &c. Also we wyll and ordeyn that no plee from hensforth be hold in the eschekyr but that that touchyth specyally vs or our ministers before seyd and note well that hit spekythe before of no mynysters but of the tresorer chamberlain shyryff and baily [...]fis but that is no statute as [...]t semyth but an ordynaunce made for the kyng. E [...] the furst at the rollis the .xxvij. yere of his reygn and it is callyd the new statute of the eschekir.

¶A clerk shalbe made in the eschekyr to countroll the pipe .xxxvij. E. iii. Capi. iiij. The barons of the eschekir shal haue power to here euery ansuere resonable of them that be accusyd there for any cause by hym or by a nother & therof to make discharge without wryt or priue seale .v. R. ii. C [...] ix.

¶The accōptās of nichill shalbe dischargyd by theyr othis without other accompt of such [...]chils .v. R. ij. Capitulo .xiii.

¶The two reme [...]brancers shalbe sworn to make euery terme a cedule of the namis of eueri [Page lxxvii] one that is dischargid before thē bi iugem̄t or other wyse ꝯteynyng theyr discharge and shall delyuer it to the clerk of the pype that therof shall make dischargyd to the partes and the clerk of the pype shalbe sworn for to ask ter­me by terme the cedulys and ther vppon dis­charge the parties & in the same maner the clerk of the pype shall certefye in wrytīg to the seid remembrācers the dyschargys made in his offyce to the intent that a man dyschargyd in one place shalbe dyschargyd in all places of the seyd eschekyr .v. R. ii. C. xiiij.

¶where a man hath lyuere of landis and tenementis owt of the kyngis handis in the kyngis bench or ell [...]s where and the tenure of the same put ī the eschekyr by a wryt of mittimus for to discharge them of the accomptis of them de­maundyd for the same that the remembrācers in whose office such accomptis shalbe demaundyd by and by shall cesse the suite by wordis enteryd vppon the bak of the wryt without new iugemēt or proces therof made .v. Ric. ij. Capitulo .xv.

¶A man shall not pay in the eschekyr for the fee of the clerk makyng the commission aboue .ii. s. and for the record of the nisi prius in the eschekyr wyth the wryt but .ii. s. v. R. ij. cap. vltīo

[Page]¶Two clerkis shalbe assygnyd to make the ꝑ­cellis of the accōptt in he eschekyr at the costis of the coūtāt and they shall be sworn that they shall not do falsely in theyr offyce .v. R. ii. Ca. xij

¶He that is reteynyd wyth the kyng in hys warr̄ and hath reseyuyd a certeyn some of mo­nei i [...] the reseyt his conu [...]nauntis shalbe put in the eschekyr in w [...]ytyng and yf the barons de­ma [...]nd accompt of hym he shall accompt and bryng in his wrytyng and shall hau [...] alowaū ­ce wythout any other warranty and yf he be in surplisage they shall make hym remedie and yf any repell be made after his couenauntis put in the eschekyr that repell shalbe send in to the es­chekyr and it shalbe ratyt of hys retynue acco [...] ding .v. R. i [...]. Capi. x.

Loke more her of in the title estretis.


¶In a wryt where attachmen and distres lyeth after issue a man shall haue but one esson or one defaut so that he come not at the day gyffē hym by the esson or make default the second day then the inquest shalbe take by hys defaut and if the deffend make defaut at the nisi prius thā at the day in bank ther shall go owt a veni [...] [Page lxxviii] fac ad audiēd iudicium retornable at a certeyn day at whych day if he make defaut iugement. &c. lyke wyse shalbe don yf he come not at the day gyffyn hym by the esson Merlebr̄. Cap. iij.

¶Affter that that the tenauntis in a wryt off ass. atteit or iuris vtrum haue apperyd in court they shall not be essonyd but shall make attor­neys. w. j. Capitulo .xlj.

¶Parceners and ioyntenaūtis shall not be es­somd but at one dai so that thei may not fourch but onely one esson as a sole tena [...]ut shall haue w. j. Capitulo .xlij.

¶Because that people make them selff to be essonyd ouer the see where they be in englond at the day of essō and .iij. wekis after. that it shal be tryed by the contrey and yf it befound for the demaund the esson shalbe tornyd into a de­faut and that was to be vnderstand onely before the iustice in eyre. w. j. Cappitulo .xliij.

¶yf a man make hym selff to be essonyd in the kyngys feruyce and at the day he bryngyth not in his warrante he shall lose for the iornei or more by the discressiō of the iustice / and this to vnderstand in such accions where attachem̄t and distress lyeth Gloucest.

[Page]¶The husband and wif shall not fourch by esson wher they be tenauntis no more than perceners Gloucest. Cap. x.

¶yf in the iorney of the iustyce the tenaunt be essonyd of sekenes in the bed / the demaundaūt shall haue auerment that he was not so seke but that he might haue commyn and yf it be found by the inquisyciō it shalbe tornyd in to a defaute. &c. loke yf it b [...] intendyd before other iusty­ce by the equite of the statute. &c. nor an esson of sekenes in the bed shall not lye betwen .ij. clay­mers by one disteut w. ij. Capitulo .xvij.

¶After that any man hath put him selff in any inquery at that next day one esson shalbe alowid vnto hī but at the next days folowing the takīg of the inqici [...] shall not be defferryd whether he hath had essō furst or no nor essō shall not be so mytryd aft a day gyffyn by the prayer of the partes in whych case they graunt to come with out esson. w. ij. C. xxvij.

¶where by the statute of. w. j. it is ordeynyd that after the t [...]naūt hath onꝭ apperyd no essō shalbe alowyd to hym in vryttis of assise The same maner shalbe obseruyd of the demaūdātꝭ [Page lxxix] .w. ij. Capitulo .xxviij.

¶An Essō shall not lye whē the lād is takin in to the kyngis hand nor esson shall not lye when any is distressid hy his goodys and catellys / yt lyeth not for it is grauntid here therof iugemēt yf the iurye come lytlyeth not be cause he is seē in the court / it lyeth not be yond the see be cause he essonyd him selff of euyl commyng Ther lyeth no esson because he was essonyd such a day / Ther lyeth no essō because it was cōmā ­dyd to the shirif that he shuld cause hym to cōe Ther lyeth not esson because his attornei was [...]ssonyd / it lyeth not because he hath an attor [...]ey in the plee / Ther lyeth no esson of the kin [...]is seruyce because the essonour testefieth that he is not ī the kīgꝭ (ser)uice / Ther lyeth / no esson because he was esson [...]d before of the kīgꝭ seruice & now he sēdith not ī his warāt: ther lieth nō [...] a writ of dower because it semith to be a disce [...]t & progaciō of the law: it lieth not because the pleintyf foūd no pleggis de proc / it lyeth not because no sommons or attachement doth wyt [...]es for that that the shyryff retornyd that he [...]as not found / yt lyeth not because he was re [...]ommonyd in a wryt of darreyn presentment or nor dauncestour / it lyeth not be cause it was cō [...]anndyd to such a bysshop that he shuld make [Page] hym to come / it lyeth not because yet the day is not come / it lyeth not because the day is past / it lyeth not because the essoner did abyd his day.

¶And it is to be knowī that esson lyeth not a [...] ter the land takī in to the lord is hand. s. after graunt cape and pety cape. Tractat de esson ca­lumniand.

¶Esson of the kyng is seruyceis put owt in [...]ttaynt .v. E. iii. Cap. vi.

¶yt is purueyd that in cosite hundred court ba [...]on and [...]llis where nō shalbe necessarly sworn to warr̄ his esson. Merlebr̄ Cap. xix.

¶Loke for esson in the tytle vew & extorcion.


¶All iustice inquyrours and other shall delyuer to the eschekyr at the fest of seynt my chell frō yere to yere the estretꝭ fynis & auercyamētis tarid before them and they of the eschekir shall make the estreytis of a some by all countes sauyn [...] that the estreytis of the iustice in eyr [...] shalbe delyuerid to the shyryf, after the yere d [...] ̄ [Page lxxx] Statut de districtionibus skaccarij.

¶yf any man or town be chargyd in the eschekyr by an estreit of the sleyng of a felon and wyll alegge that a nother is chargid in dyschargyng of hym he shall be herd and iustyce dō to him .xxxj. E. iii. Capi. iij.

¶The shyryff and the mynisters shall shew the estretis vnder the seale of the eschekyr & yf he leuey au estreit that is not dew he shall yeld to the partetreble damage and that he shall haue his suyte as well before the iustyce of pease as before other iustice & that no copy be made of such estret but to the bailyff of the fraūches and that vnder the seale of the shyryff and that the baylyff of the fraūches shall accompt by hys copy in the eschekyr .xlij. E. iij. Cap. ix.

¶The estretis shall make menciō of the nature of the accion the namys of the partes the terme the cause of forfeture .vii. h. iiij. C. iij.

¶Estretis of eschaungis shall esend from the chaūcery into the eschekyr from .xv. days to .xv days .xi. H. iiij. Cap. viij.

¶None estrete shal go out of the Counte be­fore [Page] that it be seen by .ii. Iustice of pease / wherof one to be of the Quorū. And the estretis shalbe indentyd one parte sealed with the seale of the Iustyce of pease [...] and the other with the seale of the Sheryf & if the sheryf or other officer leuey any amercyment by estrete nat examyned against this ordinaunce and therof be attaynte by examynacion of a Iustice of the peas [...] that shall be therto astygned yerely bi the custos rotulorum or the eldest Iustice of the quorum in his absence shall forfeyt to the kyn­ge .xl. s. The .xi. Henry .iiii. capitulo .xv.


¶Of a plee mouyd in london by wryt the t [...] naunt shall make no wast nor distruccion ha [...] ­gyng the ple but the mayre and the bailyffis [...] the suite of the demaūd shall cause it to be ke [...] and the same ordynan̄ce shalbe kept in all other cytees and borows thorow owt all the real [...] Glouc. Cap. xiij.

Euerwyk or york

¶yf a man of the cite of euerwik otherwy [...] [Page lxxxi] called york purcheys letters patērꝭ of the kyng or his successours to be exempt frō the offyce of mayralte sheryffe chamberlayn collectour of dysmys & .xv. or to be cytezen of the same cyte to come to the parlyament that such letters shal be voyde & he shal lose wher of the one half shall go to the kyng & the other halfe to the mayre of the cyte for the tyme beyuge and that the mayre shall haue an accyon of dette of the fame [...] and the defendaunte shall be put from his lawe .xxxix. H. vi. Capitulo .iii.


¶when that any man is inpleded before any i [...]styce & puttyth forth an excepcyon and the ius­tyce wyll not alowe it he shall wryte the excep­cyon and one of the iustyce shall put to his sea­le / and yf the kynge cause the record to come before hym and the same excepcyon be not founde in the rolles / and the playntyf shewe the same excepcyon wryten. &c. it shalbe commaunded to the iustice that yf at a certeyne day. &c. and yf he can not a gayne say it they shall procede to iugement after that excepcion as it had ben alowed or dysalowed. w. ii. ca. xxx [...]. serche yf the iustyc [...] denye his scale how that shall be tryed. &c.

Excōmengement [...]

¶wrytes were ordeyned to the bysshopes to a cursse all and euery of them perturbers of the peace of holy churche & of the kynge / felons maintenours of felons and conspyratours of felony false Iurrours takers and maynte [...]ers of false quarrelles / euery sonday & doble festes. &c. ī the cathedrall churche & in euery colage & parysshe churche & to procede agaynst thē accordynge to the canō lawes .ix. E. iii. ordinacio per se.


¶yf a man recouer dette or damage it shalbe in his eleccion to haue a fieri fac of his landes and catelles or that the sheryffe shall delyuer to him all the catell of the dettour excepte oxen and the bestes of his teme vntyll his dette be leueyd by a reasonable p̄ce / and extente and yf he be put out he shall haue ass. &. rediss. w. ii. Capi. xviii.

¶Of those thy [...]g [...]s that be recorde before the chauncelour & Iustyce whiche haue a recorde in theyr rolles. &c. there shalbe no proces made by somons attachement esson vew of the lande or other solempnytes of the court. &c. but yf the knowlege be newly done or yf a fyne be leueyd within a [...]ere by wryte anon he shall haue a write of execucion. &c. and yf the recognicion or fyne haue be made of a l [...]nger tyme / he shall [Page lxxxii] haue a stir̄ fac / & yf he be warned & come not he shall haue execucyō / ī the same maner it shall [...]e cōmaūded to the ordynary in his case obser­ued notwithstandynge that is a boue spoken of the meane which by recognysaunce or iugemēt is bounde to acquite. w. ii. Capitulo .xlv.

¶The statute of acton bornell of merchaūtes shall not be holden but be twene merchaūt and merchaunte & for merchaundyse betwene them made and that by the wytnes of .iiii. lawfull mē of theyr names entred in the recognisaunce / and that no lande be put in execucyon but burgages and that they shall take suche recognisaunce at new castel / york / chestre / nothyngham brystow suffolke / lyncolne northfolke / seynt botulphus / in london caūtorbury / salysbury / & norwiche / and no where elles. In nouis ordinac .v [...] E. iii. & a [...]ter it is repelled the xv. yere of the same king

¶yf a man condempned at an others suyt & in an other pryson than in the flete wyl knowlege by faynt cause hym selfe to be dettour to the kynge and therfore is adiuged to the pryson of the flete to haue greter suerte the recognisaūs shal not be receyued but he shalbe send to the pson where he was tyll the ꝑte be satysfyed / and af­ter he shalbe sende to the prison of the flete for that recognisaunce .i. R. ii: ca. xii.

[Page]¶A man shall haue execucyon of landes and goodes alyened by colucion by hym that fleyth to westm̄ or to another place preuileged .i. E. iii. Capitulo .vi.

¶A man shall haue execucyon i [...] Englande of all recongnysaunces of dettes made at cales .x. Henry .vi. Capitulo .i.

Loke for execucyon in statute merchaunte.

¶Execucion shalbe made vppon any condempnacyon of statute merchaunt statute staple or recognysauns and delyuered to the parte of all suche landes and tenementes that any parsone or ꝑsones be sesid so it be to the vse of him agayns whome execucyon is suyd as yf the parte hym selfe had be soleseised to his own vse at the time of the recouere suyd / and that euery such persō agayns whom any such execucyon is suyd shal haue lyke aduauntage in the law agaynst hym that suid excuciō as yf he hym selfe had be sey­sed .xix. H. vii. Capitulo .xv.


¶Executours frō hens forth shall haue a w [...]yt of accompte & the same accion & proces as the [Page lxxxiii] deed man shuld haue had yf he had lyued. w. ii. Capitulo .xxiii.

¶Executours shall haue an accyon of trespas of goodes taken away in the lyfe of theyr testa­tour .iiii. E. ii. Capitulo .iiii.

¶In a wryte of dette agayns executours they shal not fourch by esson before apparaūce nor afterwarde so that they shall haue but one esson after / as the testatour shuld haue had & he that comethe furst by dystres shall answere. &c. And the iugement shall be of the goodes of the deed [...]s yf all had appered .ix. E. iii [...] ca. iii.

¶Executours of executours shall haue an ac­cyon of accompt of dette and of goodes taken away of the furst testatour and execucion of the statute merchaunt and reconisaūce made to the furst testatour as the furst testatour shulde haue had And that the same executours of executours shall answere as muche as they haue recey­ued of the furst testatour as the furst testatoure shulde yf he had ben alyue .xxv. Ed. iii. de pro­dic. Capitulo .v.

¶Executours shall haue a wryt out of the chauncery with .ii. proclamacions retournable ī the cōmyn place against the housholde (ser)uauntes of [Page] the testatour that haue spoyled or eloyned the goodꝭ after the deth of the testatour and yf the writ be retourned serued and the defendaūtꝭ make defaut they shalbe attaynt of felony & yf they appere they shalbe cōmyt to prison there to ta­ry at the dyscrecion of the iustyce tyll they haue answerde to the executours by byll or wryte of the furst takyng so that such accyons by sewed with effecte. And they shall not go out of prison without fyndynge suerte to the executours by way of recognifa [...]ce to kepe theyr dayes in the court & yf the gealour let them go without suerte. &c. he shall lose to the executours. And no ꝓteccion lieth in any accion taken vpon this statute. The .xxxiii. H. vi. Capitulo .i.


¶A charter of exempcion shall not be alowed in that that there be not I now suffycyent besy­de hym that hath the charter as in the grete assyse attaynt and wryte of per ābulacion / or yf th [...] be wytnes in the d [...]de. &c sauyng to hym alwey his lyberte. &c. merlebre. ca. xx [...]


¶Exemplificacion of domysday by the which vyllaynes & tenaūtes in vylynage with sey theyr seruyce were declared for voyde in this parlya­ment / and that lordes haue commyssyones to inquere of thē that purcheyse suche & of theyr [...]y­dours & to ponisshe & īpriso [...] them without bail or maymprise tyll they be acquyt .i. R. ii. ca. vi.

¶Exemplificacion of a dede in rolled brent in the tyme of īsurreccyō sha [...]be of the same effec­te as the dede was .vi. R. ii. ca. iiii.


¶They that haue or be receyuers of wolles of the kynge whiche they toke of the people and do aloyn them awaye / so that the kynge can not be therof (ser)ued / of them that brynge wolles beyonde the see without cokkettes or payenge of custome or subsydye / And of the customers & the fynders that suffre it to the kynges hurte / of the kynges mynysters that receyue his money and withold it / of cōspyratours / confederatou­r [...] and mayntenours of false quarelles [...] of them that r [...]yse rowtꝭ in the p̄sence of the iustyce or other the kynges mynysters or in the Countes in dysturbaunce of the people / soo that the lawe / may not be done. And also as [Page] well they that come in theyr company. And of them that brynge false money to dysceyue the people / agayns all these in case that they can not be founde or bro [...]ght to answere by attachement or dystres / an exigent shalbe gyffyn and s [...] wyd & agayns none other.

¶Exigent shall not be awarded where a man is indyted of trespas excepte tha [...] it be agaynst the peas .xviij. E. iii. statut. ii. ca. v.

Exspences of knyghtes

¶Landes purcheysed by lordes of the parlya­ment shalbe contributorye to the exspences o [...] knyghtes as they were before the purcheys xii R. ii. Capitulo .xii.

¶The sheryf at the next coūte holden after the delyu [...]raūce of the wryt to him for the eleccion of the knyghtꝭ shal make proclamacyō that the coroners & constables and baylyffes of euery hundred be at the n [...]xt coūte to assesse the wagꝭ of the knyghtꝭ and that the sheryf vndershe­ryf coroner / or baylyffes for the tyme beinge be there vppon payne of .xl. s. At whiche [...]yme the [Page lxxxv] Sheryf in the presēs of them and the [...]ew tours of the counte shall assesse euery hundred to a certeine sūme. and than they must cesse euery towne within the hundred / so that the summe in euery towne amount in all to the hole summe of the hundred and n [...]t aboue. And if the Sheryf leue more he shall forfeyt to the kynge eue­ry tyme and .x li. to the parte that wyll sue by Scire facias / and if he make defaut or be ꝯ [...]uyct the parte shall recouer for the kyng and for hymself and treble damage. The .xxiii. H. vi. ca. xi.

Exposicion of old wordis

¶Sok [...] that is suyt of men in your court after the costome of the realme Sak that is plee and amendis of trespas of men in your court

¶Toll that is that you and your men of your homage shalbe quit of all maner toll in all mer­cettis of thyngis to be bought or sold.

¶Thom that is that he shall haue the hole generacion of your villeyns with theyr suytꝭ and catellis wherso euer they be found in englond except that if any bondman haue dwellyd in [...] [Page] priuilegyd town by a yere and a day quietely so that he be foūd as one of them in theyr commynalte or gyld therī he is delyueryd of his v [...] ly [...]age.

¶Infang theff that is that theffꝭ take in your lordship or [...]ee of thefft conuict in your court shalbe iuggyd.

¶Hanghwyte that is to be quit of the hangyng of a theff without iugement or of skap [...]g owt of ward.

[...]wt fang theff that is that theffys of your land or of your see takyn without your land or without your fee wyth theft shalbe retornyd a gayn and there iuggyd.

¶Home sokyn that is to be quyt of amerc [...]mē ­ [...]s of violent entre in to housys without lycence and agayns the kyngys peace and that ye shall hold plees of the same trespassis don in your court and in your land.

¶Grythbreche that is the kingis peas brokin

¶Blodwyte that is to be quite of amercementis [Page lxxxvi] of blode shed and that plees shalbe hold in [...]our court and that ye shall haue the mercemē ­tis therof commyng for wyte englyssh is mercement in lat [...]n.

¶Flytwyte that is to be quite of couencions and dispytes / and that he haue the pl [...]e therof in your court and the amercymentis.

¶Fledwyte that is to be quid of amerciamen­tis when any man vtlawid fleyth and commith to the kyngis peace frely or by lycence.

¶Flemyne swyte that is that ye shall haue the catell and amercyamentis of your mē that flee.

¶Letherwyte that is that ye shall take amen­dis of him that coruptith your nature without your lycence.

¶Chydwit that is that ye shall take amēdꝭ of your nature corupt & got with chyld without your lycence.

¶Forstall [...]hat is to be quit of amercymentis [...] cattellys a restyd within your land and amer­cyamentis therof commyng.

¶Scot that is to be quit of a certeyn costom [...] as of comyn tallage made to the vse of the shyryf or his baylyffis.

[Page]¶Belte that is to be quit of bound custome whych sometyme where wont to be giffin as hornegeld and such other

¶Hidage that is to be quit yf the kyng tax all his land by hidys.

Caruage that is to be quit yf the kyng tax his land by acres.

¶Dangelt that is to be quit of a certeyn custo­me that rennyth some tyme whych the danys dyd leu [...]y in englond.

¶Hornegelt that is to be quyt of a certeyn co­stome exact by tallage by the hole lād as of euery best that is hornyd.

¶Lastage that is to be quit of a certeyn costome exact in feyrꝭ and merkettis for thyngis to­be caryed whether a man wyll.

¶Stalage that is to be quit of a certeyn co [...]ome exact for a place takyn or assignyd in feyrꝭ & mercettis.

¶Shewing that is to be quid of attachment i [...] [Page lxxvii] [...] court or before who soeuer of quarrellꝭ she [...]wd & not aduowyd /

¶Mish [...]rsyng that is to be quit of amercymē ­ [...]is prouid in the transompt before who so euer

¶Burghbrech to be quyd of trespassis do [...] i [...] [...]yte or borough agains the pe [...]ce.

¶wardwyt [...] that is to be quit of gyffīg of mo [...]ey for wardis to be made.

¶Hundred that is to be quyt of gyffing of mo [...]ey or customis to be don to prouostis and hun [...]redars

¶Brode halpeni that is to be quit of a certein oftome exact for tabuls leu [...]yd.

¶B [...]rghbote that is to be quit of gyffyn ayde [...] makyng a borogh cast [...]ll Cyte or throyng own of wallis.

[...]Auerpeny that is to be quit of dyuers mo­ [...]y for the auerage of the kyng

[...]ractaf de exoposition bus vocabulorum.


¶No shyryf coroner nor other of the kyngis ministers take no alowaunce to do hys offyce but they shalbe payd of that that they take of the kyng. w. i. C. xxvi.

¶Because that people compleyn that seriauntis criours of fee and mershallys wrougfulli take money of them that recouer theyr̄ quarellis or recouer seisyn of land and of fyne leueyd of other attachementis in the plees of the coron that thei ought not to do: and that ther be more gret nomber of them thā owght to be / the king defendyth that these thyngis from hens forth be no more don & yf the seriaunt of the fee do it his office shalbe takyn in to the kyngis handis and if the merchall of the iustice do it he shalbe ponyshid at the kyngis pleasure and the one and the other shall yeld damage treble to them that be greuyd. w. i. Ca. xxxii.

¶Extorcions of ordinayres and his ministers shalbe specyally declaryd in theyr indytemētis xxv. E. iii. pro clero. Capitulo vltimo.

¶Loke for extorcion in the title maintenaun­ce & purueyours.


¶who so euer fynde any Faucon / tarc [...]let / la­ner or laneret / or other faucon that is loste that incontinent he bringe it to the Sheryf of the shyre / and that the sheryf make proclamacion in all the good townes that he hath suche a faucon / And if he that oweth it or any of his chaleng it and proue it resonably he shall pay for the costis and haue the faucon agayne / and yf none come withī [...]iii. monithes to chalenge / the sheryf shall haue the faucon makyng grewith hym that toke it yf he be a pore man / and yf he that toke it be a gentylmā and of estate to haue a faucō than the sheryf to deliuer hī the faucon taking resonable cost of hym for the while that he kept it And if he that so hath takē any faucon and conseyl it and kepe it secret and after be therof attaint he shall haue .ii. yeres prysonment and yelde to the lorde that owed it [...]he price of the faucon if he be able / and if nat than to tary the lenger in prison. The .xxiii. Ed. iij. Capitulo .xxij.

¶He that taketh a way a faucon not doynge after the ordinaunce before sayd it shalbe do­ne of hym as of a thefe. The .xxxvij. Ed. Capitulo .xix.

Loke more for faucons in the tytle of hawkꝭ.


¶Non but onely the kyng hold [...]le of fals iu­gement gyffin in the court of his tenaunt. Merlebr̄. Cap. xx.


¶when a free man shall do fealte he shall hold his right hād vppon the boke and shall sey here you my lord that. I. A. B shall be to you feyth­full and law full and shall bere you feyth of the ten [...]mentts that. I. clayme to hold af you and that. I. shall lawfully do you the seruice and costomes that. I. owght to do at termes assygnes as so help me god and all seintis / and a villayn shall hold his handis. vt supra. and shall sey / here you. & cetera. that. I. shalbe to you feythfull and shall bere you feyth of tenementis that. I. hold of you in villenage and. I. shalbe iustifia­ble to you of body and goodis as so helpe me. & cet [...]ra.


¶A cry shalbe made at the begynnyng of eue­ry feyre how longe it shall indure / and that none shall sell after vpon payne to be greuously ponysshed agaynst the kynge / And the lordes [Page lxxxix] shall holde no lenger there auctoryte vpon pay­ne of takynge the fayres in to the kynges handꝭ tyll fyne be made. The .ii. E. iii. Capi. xiii.

¶Marchauntes that s [...]ll marchaundyse after the feyre ended shall lose to the kynge double value therof. And he that wyll sewe for the kynge shall be receyued and shall haue the .iiii. part therof. The v. E. iii. ca. vij.

¶All feyres and markettes in the feestes of the Assencyon / Corpus crysti / whytsontyde / die paraceues and all sondayes shall vtterly cese from the shewynge of any ware excepte ne­cessary vytayle vppon payne of forfeytour of the same goodes to the lordes of the lyberte / ex­cept only foure sondays in the heruyst.

And they that haue no power to kepe feyre or market but such dayes. They may kepe it with in .iii. dayes before or after any of the sayd fes­tes after proclamacyon furst made / and with­out any fyne to be forfeyte to the kynge.

And they that haue by theyr graunte suffycyente dayes before the sayd feestes or after shall kepe the nombre of theyr dayes in lyke maner to holde them excepte in the sayd f [...]stes.

[Page]And this prouysyon shall dure vnto the nexte parl [...]ament and so from thens forth excepte so­me reasonable cause be then alegged why this statute shulde not be expedient. The .xxviii. Hē. vi. Capitulo .v.

¶They of london may go to euery Feyre or market and yf any interrupt them he shal forfeit and he that w [...]ll sew can accyon of det shal recouer the one halfe to the kynge [...] & the other halfe to hym selfe wherin no wager of law shal lye. The .iii. Hen. vi. Capitulo .ix

¶Loke for fayr̄ cour courtꝭ in the tytle of pi­pouders

Feffementes & gyftꝭ of trust [...]

¶yt is ordeyned that euery estate gyft feffemēt [...]les graūt lesse and confyrmacion made or to be made by any ꝑson of full age of hole mynde at large & not in duresse of ani landꝭ & tenemetꝭ rentis (ser)uise & inherititamētꝭ wheof other be seysed to theyr vse / & that all recouers & execucyous agains such persons made & had be frō hensforth good & effectuall agayns thē & theyr heyrꝭ clay­mynge the same onely as heyr or heyres to the same sellers feffours or grauntours and agayns all other claymynge any tytle or entrest only to [Page lxxxx] the vse of the same seller feffours giffer or graūt̄ & theyr heyrꝭ / sauyng to euery persō sych ryght bi reasō of ani gyft ī the tayl made as they shuld haue had yf this gyfte had not ben to them made primo. R. iii. Capitulo primo.

¶yf any man make fef [...]ement or gyft of goodes or ony dysseysour make feffement by fraude or mayntenaūce to grete mē / such feffement or gyft shalbe voyde. & the ꝑte shall recouer double da­mages .i. R. ii. Capi. ix.

¶yt wasīacted in the fyrst yere of rychard .iii. that yf the same kyng were infeffed to anothers vse / that the possessyon shuld be in the other co­feffese and yf he were sole seysyd to a nothers vse than the possessyon shuld be in hym to whose vse he was infeffed or in his heyres.

¶yf any woman discontynue aleyne relesse or confyrme with warrante any landes & tenemen­tes whiche she hath in dower or for terme of lyfe or in tayle of the gyfte of her furst husbande or of any of his auncestours or of any other seys [...]d to the vse of her furst husbād or his aūcestours or suche landes wherof any other is seysed to his vse by the wyll of her furste husbande [Page] or any of his auncesttours o [...] suffer any reco­uere by couen agayns her or agayns other sei­syd to her vse that suche dyscontinuaunces alie nacyons and recouers be voyde and that it be lefull to hym that shuld haue the lande after the deth of the woman to entre and to holde hym selfe as in his elder ryght for euer / and yf suche a woman take another husbande and he make suche alyenacyon or dyscōtynnuaūce with warrantye of suche landes or suffre any faynt reco­uere as is aboue sayd that he that shulde haue the lande after the dethe of the woman may en­tre and holde the lande to hym durynge the lyfe of the husbande but after the dethe of the hus­bande the woman shall haue agayne the lande accordynge to her elder ryght / prouyded that this acte extende not but to alienacions made after the furst day of decembre nexte comynge nor where he that ought to haue the lande after the deth of the woman is agreable to suche alyena­cion or recouere so that the gremēt be of record xi. Hen. vi. capitulo .xx.

¶Dedꝭ of gyft of goodꝭ or catellꝭ made to any man to the vse of the graūtour be voyd .iii. h. vii. ca. iiii.

¶Loke in the tytle of vyllynage that yf a feff [...] mēt [Page lxxxxi] be made to the vse of a vyllayn that his lord may enter .xix. H. vii. ca. xv.

¶Euery ꝑson to whose vse Empson & dubley were seysed of landes or tenemētes may entre & make estate to otherꝭ in fee to his vse as well vppon the possyssyō of the kynge as vpō the posse­ssyon of any other & also of such landes wherof any of thē were seysyd ioyntly with other / that the other & theyr heyres shalbe seysyd to suche intent as they were with Empson & dudley not­withstādynge theyr atteīder pmo. h. vii. ca. xiiii.

¶yt is a greyd that no man shall take fesaūtes nor ꝑtriches with nettes or other ingines ī any others lande vpō payn of the one halfe ther of to the possessour of the land [...] wher. &c and the other halfe to hym that wylsew .xi. h. vii. ca. xvii

¶Noman take in an others lande by craft or in gyne any herons but with haukyng or longe bowe vppon payn of .vi. s. viii. d. & that none take in a nothers lande yonge her on out of the nest without lycence of the lorde vpon payn of .x s. for euery heron & he that wyll sew shall haue an accyon of dette And that the proces shalbe as in an other accyon of dette where nother es­son proteccyon nor wa [...]er of lawe shall lye .xix. Hen. vii. Capitulo .xi.


¶None frō hens forth that breketh any prison shal [...] haue iugemēt to dye for that only brekyng except the cause wherfore he was īprisoned req̄ re the same iugemēt though in times past it hath be otherwyse vsed [...] statut de psonā frāgēt Multiplicaciō of money is made felony .v. h. iiii. c. iiii

¶Cuttynge of [...]onges & puttynge [...] out of eyes of malyce p̄pensed is made felony .v. h. iiii. ca. v.

¶wher before this dyuers women hauīge substans in mouable goodes or in landꝭ or that be heyrꝭ apparātes to theyr aūcestours be oftymꝭ takē away by misdoers agayns theyr wyllꝭ and after be maryed to suche mysdoers or to other by theyr assent or elles defoylyd to the grete dyspleasure to god & dysꝑgement of the women. &c. it is ordeyned therfore that suche takynge be felony and that suche mysdoers takers ꝓcuratours & receyuers knowyng the same offence. &c be iugged as pryncypalles felones: prouyded that this acte extend not to them that onely clayme the woman as ward or vyllayne. &c. iii Hen. vii. Capitulo .ii.

¶Loke for felony in staple puru [...]yours. faucō rape recordes money hunters and in iustyce of the one bench & other .vi. h. viii. ca. vi.


¶Hundredꝭ & wapentakꝭ shal not be let aboue [...]he old ferme & that is to eschewe brybery. &c. & iustyces of peace haue power to inquyre and to ponysshe sheryffes doynge the contrary .iiii. Ed ii. Capitulo v [...]timo.

¶The next of the kin to whō the heritage may not discēd shalbe p̄ferred to the fermꝭ of tenaūtꝭ in the kyngꝭ ward without fraude fyndīge suerte to yelde to the kīge. &c. .xiiii. E. iii. ca. xii.

¶The chapters shalbe perferred to the fermꝭ of bysshoprykꝭ & abbais & other possessyons of holy church & the chaūcelour & the tresourer haue power to let such fermꝭ for euer yeldyng the value by the yere or bi the monethe .xiiii. Ed. iii. pro cler [...]. capi. iii.

¶No landꝭ nor tenemētꝭ seysed in the kynges handꝭ vpon enquest taken before exchetours or cōmissioners be let to ferme but shall abyde ī the k [...]gis hādes till the same questꝭ be retorned ī the chaūcery or in the escheker by one moneth after the same retorne except they that be greuyd put out by [...]uil īquestes of theyr lādes & tenementis come in to the chauncery and profer them selfe to trauers the same inquest / And to take the same landes and tenementes of f [...]rme / then they shall be commytted to them yf they shewe by [Page] good euydence prouynge theyr trauers to be t [...]ewe aft the forme of the statut made .xxxvi. E. iii ca xiii. to hold tyll the yssue of the same trauers be dyscused & to fynde suerte to set thesame trauers with the effecte & to yelde the kynge the value yf it be foūde for the kynge and yf any patēt or lesse be made to the contrarye within the sayd moneth it is voyd. &c. viii. H. vi ca. xvi. And the chauncelour & tresourer shall let suche fermes .xviii. H. vi. ca. vii. in fine. but now yf he come in to the chaūcery within thre monythes next aft the same offyce put in to the chaūcery or esche­ker / that thē by the same chaūcelour he shalbe admytted / & that all other patens & graūtꝭ h [...]re­after to be made therof with in the .iii. monethes ended be voyd notwithstādinge the sayd statut of āno. viii. H. vi. or any other statute made con­trarye. &c. .i. H. viii. capitulo .ix.

¶None shall holde any fermis within the yle of wyght but that they all extende not to the valewe of .x. marke by the yere .iiii Hen. vi [...] capitulo .xvi. And he that taketh any suche aboue the the sayd valewe shall forfayte to the kynge &. they that haue many fermes at this tyme. &c [Page lxxxxiii] shall chose whych of the fermis plesyth hym to the same valew and the lesse of the remenaunt to be voide ī the yere of our lord. M.CCCC.lxxxx. And they that haue payd fynes for theyr furst lessis to be alowyd and this alowau [...]ce to be iuggyd by the capteyn of the same yle or his leuetenaunt for the tyme beyng. & cetera.

Loke for fermes in trauers.

Fees forfeyt

¶Loke in the title forfetour.

Fees of court

¶Ushars and seriauntis of the court shall ta­ke for theyr fees as yt is ordeinid by the statu­te but it spekyth but of the iustice in eyre. & c [...] ­te [...]a. ideo vide. w. ii. cap. xliiij.


¶At the cōmī law the partes to the fyne and theyr heiris were reseyuid to auoyd the fynes by such auerment / that before the fyne leueyd & in the tyme of the leueyng therof and after / the [Page] plaītyffꝭ demādaūtis & theyr aūcestours of the tenemētꝭ ꝯteynyd in the fine or any ꝑte of them were alwey seysyd. &c. yt is ordeynyd that the seyd excepci [...]s or ansuers no wyse agayn [...]t the seyd recognusan̄ce & fines frō hēs forth shalbe amyt [...]yd / ad thys statute shall haue place to fynys leueyd & to be leueid. &c. Ad that the fynes be opinly red in the kingꝭ court & that all plees shall sesse the meane whyle. Statut de finibus.

¶The partes to the fines vppon knolege of ryght or r [...]nder shall come personalli before the iu [...]tice that theyr agis staturis and other defau­tis by them may be iuggyd pro uydyd that yf a [...]y old man feble o [...] decrepyd may not come Than .ij. iustice or one iustice and an abbot or other discrete man shall haue pow [...]r to go to hī & to take his knolege & to reseyne an attorney for him & they shall sertefye hit in to the kyngis bench. Statut. de finibus & attorn̄

¶Fynes sold & gyuī of landis & recognisaūces of dettys af [...]er the exile made of hugh the spē cer & other made by dures to the seyd sugh and the other shalbe def [...]ytyd / vppon certein forme here lymytyd i E. iij. Cap. iij.

¶A wryt of couenaūt and dedimus potestatē & the recognisaūce & notes of the synys shalbe ī [...]ollid by the cheff clerk for the old fee of .xxii. s [Page lxxxxiiii] without any more [...]o be payd to the intent that if the fynes be inbesellid that a man may haue execuciō of the record .v. H. iiij. Cap. xiiij.

¶Note well that a fyne aft the ingrosyng shal be .iiii. tymys at .iiij. seuerall days in that terme & other .iij. tyms next folowyng ꝓclaimyd & a trāscript sēd to the iustice of assise ī the coūte where the lādis & thei must ꝓclaī thē at all assises with in the yere & a nother trāscript to the iustyce of peace where the land is to ꝓclayme ī .iiij. sessiōs withī the yere & thē it shalbe certefyed in to the bēch the next tme after ꝓclamacyō & it shalbe a fynall ꝯcluciō to all saue to womē couert yf she be not puey to the fyne or to ani withī age ī psō owt of the realme or owt of his mynd: & it shal be no ꝯclusiō to all estraūgers which haue right to entr̄ or acciō yf they come withī .v. yerys aft the ꝓclamaciō certefied & if cause of acciō fall aft the īgrossem̄t bi discēt or remaīder yt they behoue to sew agayns the takers of the ꝓfet withī .v. yere next after the cause of accion fallī but yf thei be withī age ī psō couert ouer these or out of their myndꝭ thā their tytle or ētre shal be sauid to thē tyl yt they be of full age owt of psō discouert withī the reame & withī the .v. yeris afft. &c theyr acciō or ētre ought to be brought & suyd with effect .i. R. iij. cap. vii.

[Page]¶Fynes shalbe solemply red and proclaymyd the same terme and .iij. termes next folowyng thengrossement at whych tymes all the plees shall sease and suche fynys shall conclud all straungers except they take their suyte within .v. yerys after the proclamacion made: except such personis except in the seyd statute of. R. the .iii d. And forthermore this statute rehersyth all the pointis as in the statut before seyd ioy­nyd ther to that all estraūgers may sey that thei that where partees to such fyne nor other to theyr vse had no thyng in the tenementis at the tyme. &c. And it shalbe in the election of euery man to leuey a fyne vppon this statute or as it hath ben vsyd before. &c. iiij. H. vij. cap. xxiiij.

Fynes forfeyt to the kyng

¶Fynes that shalbe taken before any iustyce shalbe made in the presens of the pleggis & that the pleggis know the some of theyr fynys before theyr departure .xxxviij. Ed. iij. Cap. iij.

¶Fynes for trespas shalbe made hauīg regard to the occasiō of the trespas .xxxiij. E. iij. cap. j.

[Page lxxxxv]¶Resonable fyne shalbe takyn for alie [...]aciō of the kyngꝭ tenaunt without lycence .i. E. iij. Stat. ij. cap. xii.

¶Non shalbe greuyd for purchesyng of tene­mentis holdin of the kyng as of his honours The same Statut. Cap. xii.

¶Euery man beyng wyth the kyng in wagis & seruice of war vppon the see or beyond may make alienacion feffement transmutacion & of pos­session by dede fyne or recouer̄ for the parformaūce of his wyll wythout makyn [...] an [...] f [...]ne therfore and that they and theyr heyr̄ be dischargid of such fynys without wryt patent or pardon prouydid that this act extend not to the capte­yns nor soudears of calece hammes g [...]snes [...] ­sebank be [...]wyk wales and the marches of the same .iii. h. viii. Cap. iiii.


¶No fynour nor departer of gold and siluer [...]ay no gold nor siluer nor sell no [...] but to the of [...]ycers of the myntꝭ chaungis or gold smyt his [...]ppon paī of fo [...]fetour therof / one half to the [Page] kyng and the other to him that can espye it and wyl sue in the eschekyr / and that theyr syluer be so fyne that it may bere .xii. d. veight of alay in euery .li. and that such fynour put his sygne vppon such fyne siluer .iiij. h. vii. Cap. ii.

¶Loke more therfor in the tytle goldsmythis eod auno


¶He that disturbeth any foreyn or alien to sell fysseh in london or ellys where in grosse or by retayle shall lose .xl. pounde wherof he that seweth shall haue the one halfe therof and shall haue his sewt for such offence in London / or shall sew ī whiche coūte that he will of Mydd Herford / Kent / Surr̄ / or Essex. The .xiiij. h. vi. cap. vi.

¶Loke more of fysshe ī the tytle of forstallers [...] in the .xxxiiij. E. iii. and .xxxv. E. iij.

Forcible entre

¶The iustice of peace or some of them sh [...]l take with hym the power of the counte & sha [...] go to the place where entre is made wyth forc [...] [Page lxxxxvi] and yf they fynd any that hold it by force they shall put them to the next geale there to abyde cōuyct by theyr record tyl that they haue made fyne & raunson to the kyng and the shyryff and all men of the counte shalbe attēdaunt to them and helping them to arest them vppon pain of imprisonment and to make fyne to the king and in the same maner it shalbe don of them that make forcyble entre in beneficis or offyces of holi church .xv. R. ii. cap ii.

¶yf a mā ētre or hold with force lādꝭ or tenem̄ tis theiustic of pease shall ex [...]cute the statute Enno. xv. R. ii. And forthemore yf such ꝑsonis be present or voyd before theyr̄ commyng ne­uerthelas the iustyces or one of them in cōuenyēt place by theyr discression shall inquere of such entre and with holdyng with force and yf it be found thei shall put the parte in possession: and yf any persone after such entre make f [...] fement or discontynuaunce for mayntenaunce for to defraude the possessour of his recouer̄ & so be found in assise or other acciō than sych feffement shal [...]e holdin for non and euery on that shalbe so impanelid before iustice of peace shall haue lādis and tenementis to the valew of .xl. s. by the yere / And that the shyryff shall retorn yssues vppon euery of them. s. at [Page] the furst day .xx. s. at the second .xl. s. and at the .iij. d. day. C. s. and at eueri day after ward dobl [...] and yf the shyryff or balyf of fraunches be laches he shall lose for euery defaut and make fyne to the kīg and as well iustice of peace as iustice of ass. shall determyn such defautꝭ as well by byll at the suyt of the parte as by en­ditemāt and he that wyll sue shall haue the one half with his costis. & cetera. And sych proces shalbe agayns them as in an accion of trespas with force & yf any person be put owt or disseysyd with force or put out peasally & after hol­dyn owt with force or affter such entre any fef­fement or discontinuaunce made vt supra / that the ꝑte greuyd shall haue ass. of nouell disseysi [...] or a wryt of trespas agayns such disseysour & recouer his damages treble and the other shall make fine and raunson / And that mayris iusty­ce of ass and iustice of peace shyryffis and bailyffis of Cytes townis and boroughs hauyng fraūches shall haue such power of such entres puttyngis owt and articles before seyd as the iustice of peac [...] and shyryffis of countes haue & cetera. prouydid alwei that they that kepe by force theyr possessions wherof they or theyr aū cestours or they whose estatute they haue / ha­ue contynuyd theyr possessions in the same by [Page lxxxxvii] thre yeres or more shall not be in damaged by this statute .viii. h. vi ca. ix.

¶None fro hensforth make any entre in to any lādꝭ or tenemētꝭ nor entre ī lādes but where his entre is gyuen by the lawe and in suche case not with stronge hādes nor multytude of peple but only in peasable & easy maner & yf any do the cō ­trary & therof be dewly cōuict he shalbe ponys­shyd by his body & ouer that fyned at the kyn­ges wyll .v. R. ii. capitulo .vii.


¶yt is prouyded in our courte before vs that no man takyn for the deth of man or other felo­ny shalbe dysseysed of his landꝭ or goodes tyll he be conuyct / And as soone as he is taken his goodes shalbe vewyd and wryten and delyue­red to them that shall fynde suerte / sauynge al­way to them that be so taken theyr reasonable lyuynge so that yf he be conuyct before the iugges then the resydew of his goodes aboue his lyuynge after the custome of the realme shall remayne to vs / And that we shal haue the profet of his lande by a yere and a day / And yf he be [Page] acquit than his goodes shall peasably remayne vnto hym statut de catallis f [...]lonū.

¶yt is lawefull to no man to sease or to take the goodes of any that is a rested or in pryson for felonye tyll that he be therof cōuyet or attaynt or vntyl that he haue other wayes forfeyted the same goodes. And yf any do the contrary / he shal forfeyte the double value to hym that is greuyd for the whiche he shall haue an accyon of dette in the which nother esson ꝓteccyon nor wager of lawe shall lye. The .i. R. iii. ca. iii.

¶They that be nat with the kyng in his warr [...] sh [...]ll lesse all fees & offycꝭ that they haue had of his graūt except they be seke or haue other exc [...] se vnfeyned [...] but all offycers of the chaūcery iustyce (ser)uaūtꝭ attorney & solycyter of the kyng offycers of berwyk & karlyl / & the clerk of the kingꝭ counsell the barons and all offycers of the ex­cheker be excepte frō this statute. the .xi. h. vii. ca xviii. There is an other statute of lyke mater the xix. h. vii. ca. i. Ducre

¶All offycers of the kynge ought to certefye the kyng within .xl. dayes of his tenauntes whiche be reteyned with other and yf they do nat [Page lxxxxviii] theyr offyce shalbe forfeyt. And also yf they come not to the kynge by his cōmaūdemēt whan he hath batayle or warre. Theyr offyce shall be forfayte & the kynges tenaūtꝭ that be retayned wit [...] other shall forfeyte / theyr terme. The .iii. Hen vii. capitulo .xii.

¶Loke more for this in the tytle of letters and patentes


¶Men that dwell without the forest shall not come before our iustyce of the forest by comē sō mones excepte they be impleded or plegges of some other men that haue ben attached for the forest Cart de foresta. Cap. ii.

¶No mā frō hensforth shalbe put to dethe for our huntynge but yf any be taken and cōuict for takyng of veneyson he shalbe greuously payned yf he haue wherof he may be redemed & yf he haue nat he shal lye in pryson by a yere and a day & yf he can fynde plegges with in a yere and a day he shall go out of pryson or e [...]les he shall ob [...]ure the realme of Englande Carta de foresta. ca. x.

¶what so euer archedysshop / bysshop Erle or baron cōmynge to vs by our commaundemente [Page] yf he go by our forest it shalbe law full to hym to take a beest or two by the syght of the forest yf he be present or elles he shall blowe for hym lest hit shuld seme that to be done by stelt [...] Also he may do the same goinge frō vs Cart de forest catulo .xi.

¶Euery fre man may haue in his wodes they eyre of [...]oshaukis sꝑhaukes faucous egles and he rons and also shall haue the hon [...] that shalbe founde in his wodes Cart de forest. ca. xiii

¶Noman shall pay chymynage for caryenge in the forest but they that come out as marchauntꝭ for to by & sell & that but .ii. d. for a carte by the halfe yere & they that brynge trees vppon theyr backes to sell shall pay no thynge Cart de forest Capitulo .xiiii.

¶No cōstable of cas [...]el or baylyffe holde ple of our forest of vert or of veneysō but euery forest of the fee shall attache the plees as well of vert as of veneyson & shall present thē to the virider of the puynce & whē they shalbe inrolled & clo­sed with the seale of the viridar [...] they shalbe p̄sē ted to our chefe iustyces whē they come in to those ꝑtes to hold the plees of the forest & shall be determyned before them Cart de fores [...]a capitulo vltimo.

[Page lxxxxix]¶The perābulaciōs of the forest made in the time of kynge. E. the fyrst shalbe cōfyrmed & it is graūted that the ꝑambulacions that be not ma­de shalbe made .i. E. iii. statut. ii. ca. i.

¶we wyll & ordeyne that of trespasses done in our forest of vert & veneyson frō hensforth to be made. The foresters within whose baylywyke those same trespasses happen to be done shall p̄ sent the same at the nexte swanymote before the foresters viriders vewers and other mynysters of the same forest and vppon the same presente­mētes there by the othes as wel of the knyghtꝭ as other dyscrete of the nexte partees where the [...]respasse presented was done the trouth shalbe inquyred / And the trewth so founde the same presentementes by assente of all the sayd mynysters shalbe solēply affyrmed & sealed with theyr seales and yf the inditemēt be made ī any other maner it shalbe had for voyd / & if ani of the said foresters or mynysters hap to dye or to be seke so that they can not be at the swanymote / than the iustyce of the forest shal put a nother in their places so that the indytement be made by all of the forest / and yf the chargynge of the forest be founde by any other that take vppon them the [Page] mynystracion of the forest they shalbe amoued and impsoned after the dyscrecyon of the iustice of the forest or his leu [...]tenaunte / And they by whome they were put in shalbe ponysshed at our wyll and at euery swanymote it shall be inquer [...]d of the ouer chargeres of the forest and other mynysters and of oppressions done to the people and amendes therof shal be made &c. and we reuoke the grauntes and disaduowynges of the forest for certaine causes and we pardon the trespasses done in the tyme of such disaduowynge / excepte that the dyches and he [...]ges in the same tyme made shalbe caste downe / sauynge our reuenues whiche accordynge to the assysse of the forest we wolde shulde remayne / we wyl also that our iustice of the forest or theyr l [...]ue tenauntes in the presens of our tresourer shall haue power to take fynes of them indited of tres­pas done in the forest & not abydynge the com­mynge of our iustyce [...] we wyll also that they that had cōmyn of the pasture in the forest before the perambulacion mad [...] and after putte out shall haue as fre & large commyn in the forest as they ought to haue had before the ꝑābulacyō made sauinge our reuenues in the sayd forestes In cuiusrei &c. statuta de for [...]sta

¶yf any forester warrenner or ꝑker in his bay [...] [Page c] wyk fynde any mysdoers & arest them & in resy­stence the same mysdoer is slayne / for that he shall not haue payne of deth nor other payn but shall haue fre p [...]ase. statut de malefactor̄ ī ꝑcis.

¶Trespas of vert and veneyson in the forest shalbe presēted by the foresters at the nexte swanymore before the vewers / whiche presentemetes shalbe cōfirmed by the othes of the knyghtꝭ & dyscrete men there nexte / vnder theyr s [...]ales & other inditementes shalbe voyde / & none shalbe indyted for vert or veneyson except he be so in­dited or foūde with the maner / and than he shal be let to maimpryse by the souereyne warden of the forest ty [...]t the [...]yre of the forest without any thyng taking & yf the warden wyl not the other s [...]all haue a replenyn & vppon that an attache­ment & therupon the sheryffe shall delyuer hym by ma [...]n pryce & he shall recouer treble damagꝭ agais the wardeyn & the wardeyn shalbe fyned at the kyngis wyll .i. E. iii. capitulo .ix.

¶Euery man that hathe wood within the fo­rest may take in his owne demesnys husbote & haybote by the syght of the foresters .i. E. iii. statuta .ii Capitulo .ii.

[Page]¶No man be takyn nor imprisonyd by the mi­nisters of the forest without dew inditement or found doing the trespas in the forest nor con­strainid to make obligaciō or redempciō to any minister of the forest against his wyll and who that doth contrari to this ordynaunce & therof be attaint shall pay to the ꝑtes doble dam̄ & fyn & raunson to the kyng .vij. R. ij. Cap. iiij.

¶yf a man haue wode growing in his own demea [...]ne within the kyngis forest & cut th [...]m by the kyngis lycence he may than without other lycence copye them and inclose them by .vij. yere [...] & yf the wode be within another lordis forest then he may cut them and inclose thē with out lycence by the seyd space .xxii. Ed. iiii. Capitulo vij.

¶A man shall not be cōstreinid to go to a no­ther place to sey his verdit for the forest but in the place wher he was chargid .vii R. ii. ca. iij.

Forgyng of fals dedis

¶A wryt of forgyng of dedis is gyuē [...] agaīs hī that makyth the dede & publisshith it [...] to troble the ryghtfull possession of any man and the parte [Page ci] greuid shall recouer damagis and the deffend shall make fyne and raunson .i. h. v. C. iij.

¶Proces of vtlary is gyffyn in a wryt of for­ging of dedis .vii. h. v. Capitulo vltimo in fine.


¶By the comyn law whan the tenaunt in the tayle had issue he had fee simple condicionell and his alienacion shuld be effectuall as the statute rehersyth wherfore the kīg ordeynyd that the wyll of the donour after the forme of the gyft expressed from hēs forth many festely shuld be obseruid So that they to whom the tenemē tis were so gyffyn vppon condicion shuld not haue [...] power to aleyn but that neuerthelas it shuld remayn to theyr issue after the deth of them / and shuld reuert to the gyffer yf that the issue fautyd / and yf it be an especiall tayle the second husband of the woman shall not haue the land by the curtesye / And the statute expressyth the wryttis of formedon / and that aliena­cions made before this statute shuld be in theyr force [...] and yf any fyne therof were leueyd by [Page] that ryght it shall be voyd / w. ii. Cap. i.


¶No forstaller shal be suffred to dwell in any towne the whiche for his lucre wyll make hast to mete any corne fysshe / hering and other thyngis to be sold the which so takyng it doth [...]magyn to sell it the more de [...]er. Also they that co­me to marchauntis straungers offeringe them to the sale of theyr ware and exortyng them to sell theyr ware more de [...]er than they dyd purpose to sel it and so by crafte and ingyhe begyleth bothe the townes and countrey. The firste ty­me that he is ther of conuic [...]yd [...] he shall be gre­uously amercyd. The seconde tyme he shalbe put vpon the pyllory. The thirde tyme he shal be put in pryson and make fyne. The fourth tyme he shalbe abiuryd and banysshed the towne. And that shalbe obseruyd of all maner for stallers and of theym that gyue to them coun­seill and cyde. The statute of Assyse of brede and ale.

¶Forstallers of wynes & all other warꝭ shall forfeit the forstalle or the pse / if it be nat payde to the seller. & if he haue n [...]u [...]ht wh [...]rof he shal [Page cii] haue .ii. yeres prisonement without maymprise and he that wyll sewe in suche case shall haue the one halfe. The .xxv. Ed. iii. statut de pannis

¶None shall goo bilande nor water to forstall wynes or other marchaundise before that they come to the staple or porte wh [...]re they shall be dischargyd nor entre in to no shyppes for suche causys tyll that the marchaūdises be put a lāde to sale vppon paine of deth and of forfeytour theyr landes to the lord. The .xxvii. E. iii. statut stapule ca. ix. but the payne of deth and forfeytour of landes is repelled. The .xxxvii. E. iii. Capitulo .xvi.

¶It is forbodyn to all hostis vppon the see cost vppō paī that shall fall thei meddel not thē self to imbrase fysshe or other vitayles vnder colour of pryuilege of charter or ordinaunce ma­de to the contrary or priuely or opēly procure / or gyue any impediment to any vitayller [...]s en­glysshe or alyons of the kynges amite to let thē to sell theyr vytayll to whom and when so euer it pleaseth them and also that they meddyll nat to sell or to bie any fysshe to the vse of anifyssh monger or other cytesin of Lōdon. It is for bodyn [Page] also to the fysshemongers and cytesins of the sayd cyte vnder the same paine that none of them nyghe the sayd cyte nor farre from it shal by any see fysshe or fresshe fysshe in the fresshe riuer to sell it againe ī the said cyte except fressh elys lucꝭ and pykes Neuertheles they shall nat let the foreyns to sell such fysshe within the cyte as oft as they brynge it thither. The .vi. R. ii. Capitulo .xi.

Loke more for these in the tytle of wynes.


¶Frerys shall reseyue no children in to theyr ordre tyll they be .xiiij. yere olde nor they shall nat remoue such children in to one other place by the space of a yere after without lycence of theyr faders moders or tutors. The .iiij. H. iiij. cap. xvj.


¶No fustyan shalbe shorne but with a brede­shere / ; he that doth the contrary shal lose for eueri d faute .xx. s. the one halfe to the kīge & the other to hi that will sew. The .xi. h. viij.c. xxvij


¶S [...]eryffis / baylifes a [...]d gealours shall certe­fye the namis of the prisoners at the next ga­ole deliuere vppō payn of .c. s. for euery defaut iii. h. vii. Cap. iij.

¶If the gardeyn or south gardein of any geale compell any man by [...]uresse to be come a prouer the Iustice before whom the case shall co­me haue power to enquere therof maintenaunt and if he be areinyd and that so foūde / he shall haue Iugement to dye. The .xiiii. E. iii. cap. ix.

Loke more for geale in to the tytle of escape and in the title of maympryse.

¶Sheryffes baylyffes / and gealours shall certefye the names of the prisoners at the next gayle deliueraunce vppon payne of. C. s. for euery defaute. The .iii. H. vii. ca. iii.

¶Bealys shal be ioynid to the countes where they where wont to be & the shyryffis shalbe keps of thē & shall make vnder kepers and yf the keꝑ or vnder keper constreyn any man by dures [Page] to be come an appellour The iustice before whom such case shall hap to come shall haue power by and bi to inquere therof and yf it be fonud therof he shalbe araynyd and haue iugemēt of deth .xiiii. Ed. iij. Capitulo .ix.

¶Castellis and gealis of the kyng whych we­re wont to be ioinyd to the bodyes of the countes and be now diss [...]ueryd shalbe ioynyd again to the same countes .xiij. R. ii. C. xv.

Gayle deliuere

¶The iustice of assise after the assisis shall deliuer the gealis as well within lybertes as with out of all man̄ of personys and yf one of the iustice be a clerk ther shalbe a discrete knight sociat to the other that is a lay man and they shall inquere yf the shyryf or any other haue let any prisoner to maymprys [...] agayns the statute of. w j. and shal [...] ponyssh them that [...]e found gylty accordyng to the seyd statute Statut de finibus Capitulo .iii.

Loke more therof in the title iustyce of gaole deliuery

Gawgyng of wynes

¶Alwynys / oyle / hony vyneger / & al lycours shal [...]e gawgyd vppon payne of forfetour. The iiii. Richard .ii. Cap. i.

¶All maner tonnes: pypes / tercyans / & hog­gyshedys of wyne oyle hony be gawg [...]d be­fore they be solde and if they lacke of theyr me­sure the byer shall be satisfyed after the rate vppon payne of forfeytour of all / & he that dothe [...]spy [...] it and sheweth it to the tresourer or to the bar [...]ns of the Escheker shall haue the halfe therof for his labour and that the gaugeour shall take for his labour gawgynge of oyle and honi of eu [...]ry tone / pype hoggished and tercian after the rate as he takyth for gawgynge of wine. The .xviii. H. vi. Cap. xvii.

¶The gawgeour shall not haue his gawgep [...]ny till that he haue gawgyd the wynes / and he shall take but that peny. And that he or his depute be redito do his office / vppon payne comprisid in the statute of the .xxvii. Ed. iii. The .xxiii. H. vi. cap. xvi.

¶The gawgeour ī defa [...]te of doynge his offyce shall vaelde treble damages / & he that wil not suf [...]re his wynes to be gawgyd shall lose them.

[Page]The .xxvii. E. iii. capitulo .vii.

¶None shall be in damaged for the none gawgynge of wynes of gean. The .xiiii. Richar. ii. Capitulo .viii.

¶The gawgeour shall nat be absent at the tyme of charge & discharge nor thre wekꝭ after vppō payne of losyng his offyce. The .xiii [...] henry .iiii. capitulo .v.

¶The wages of gawgers / packers and sercheours of barellys of samon [...] herynge and elys is put in certayne .xi. H. vii. ca. xxiii.

¶None sel tonne nor pype of wyne not gaw­gyd vppon payne of forfetour of the valew therof to the king [...]. The .xxxi. E. iii. cap. v.

Gyldes and fraternytes

¶Gyldes and Fraternytes and companies in corporate shall not make nor vse no ordenaun­ce that shall be to the dyminucion of the kyn­ges Fraunches or of any other or against the commyn profet of the people / yf it be nat firste [Page cv] dyscussed by the iustyce of peace / or the chefe gouernours of the towne and before them entered of recorde vppon payne of for euery ordynaunce / and to lose the auctoryre therof in theyr charter. The .xv. Hen. vi. capitulo .vi.

¶Loke more for gyltes in ordynaunce by bodies incorporate.

Golde & syluer.

¶No golsmith worke no worse gold but of the touche of parys vpon payne of forfeytour / Nor syluer worse than the starlīg. And that the pla­te of syluer passe not out of his handes tyll it be assayd by the wardēs of the craft and that it be marked with the lybertes heed. yet it semeth by wordes of the statute that rynges and other iu­elles may be made of worse golde. Articuli suꝑ cartas. Capitulo vltimo.

¶No relygyous nor other cary no sterlynge nor syluer nor golde in plate out of the realme without the kynges lycence / vppon payne of forfeytoure. The .ix. Ed. iii. Capitulo .i.

[Page]¶None shall cary no golde nor syluer in plate nor in money out of the realme but vytellers of fysshe whiche medle with no other marchaun­dyse and that by the dyscrecyon of the chaūce­lour. The .xxxviii [...] E. iii. capitulo .ii.

¶None shall cary golde nor siluer out of the realme but for the wages of calyce and other the kynges fortresses / nor make no eschaūge for paiment beyond the see without the kynges licens vpon payne of forfeytour. The .v. R. ii. Ca. ii.

¶Goldsmythes nor none other shall gyld any rynges nor suche other lyke thynges of copper nor latyn excepte ornamentes of the Churche / wherof the metall shall appere in the fote or in some other place vpon payn of. C. s. to the kyng for euery tyme and to yelde damage to the par­te the .v. Henry the .iiii. capitulo .xiii.

¶Loke more of this in the tytle of / eschaunge in the tytle of money / the tytle of fynours.

¶Other statutes there be of caryenge of golde and syluer out of the realme to be felonye made for certeyne yeres but the yers be expyred.


¶Goldsmythes shall worke no worse alay thā sterlynge and therto put to theyr marke nor shal nat take for the workynge of a .li. of paris of vessell whyte and playne aboue .xviii. s. And that no goldsmythe makynge whyte vessell shal meddyll with gyldyng nor they that gyld shal make no whyte vessell / vpon payne of forfeytoure of the value. The .xxxvii. E. iii. capitulo .vii.

¶Goldsmythes shall gyld no syluer that is of worse alay than the sterlynge and of reasonable weyght nor to take for the .li aboue .xlvi. s. viii.d vpon payne of forfeytour. The .ii. Henry. the .v. Capitulo .iiii. et statut. ii.

¶None shall gylte no shetem nor mettall but syluer and the ornamentes of the churche and sporres for knyghtes / and all the apparell that longeth to a baron and a boue the estate / vpon payne of [...]orfeytour to the kynge .x. tymes asmoche as the thynge that is gyld is in value. And shall haue the imprysonement of a yere / and the iustyce of peas haue power to inquere therof and to determyne it And he that wyll [...]ewe for the kynge shall haue the thyrde parte. The .viii. Henry the v. Capitulo vltimo.

[Page]¶Goldsmythes shall not worke no worse alay than the sterlynge and the touche of the lybertꝭ heed / & the marke of the goldsmythes to be put therō vpon payn of the double value. And that the marke of euery goldsmith be knowen to euery wardeyn of the crafte / and yf the wardeyne put the touche of lybertes heed to any worse a lay than the sterlinge he shall forfeyte the doble value. &c. wherof he that wyll sue shall haue the one halfe. Also [...]t is ordeyned that in yorke / lyncolne / new castell norwitche brystow salysbury & couētre euery one shall haue dyuers touches after the ordynaūces of mayres / baylyffes / and gouernours there & that they shall do there as it is beforesayd vpon the same payn before they put it to sale and the iustyce of peas maires and baylaffes may here and determyne the premyssꝭ at the sewte of the parte or otherwyse. The .ii. Henry .vj. capitulo .xiiii.

¶No goldsmythmelte nor alay any fyne syluer to no intent but for amelles or for a mendyng o [...] plate / nor sell no fyne nor a layed syluer that is multon in masse to none vppon payne of forfeytoure / the one halfe to the kynge / and the other [Page cvii] halfe to hym that can proue it and wyll sewe in the the escheker. The .iiij. H. vii. ca. ii.

¶Loke more for goldesmythes in the tytle of Fynours.

Hattes and cappes.

¶That no cappes nor hattes made beyonde the see be bought of none of the kynges subiectꝭ except lordꝭ or knyghtꝭ vpon payn for euery hat or cap so by them bought .xl. s. The one halfe therof to the kynge and the other halfe to hym that wyll sewe by accyon of dette or otherwy­se wherin nother esson nor wager of lawe shall lye / & that no capper nor hatter or other parson put to sale any cappe or hatte but yf yt be suffy­cyently wrought and of a suffycyent coloure after the fynes of the wolle vpon payn of forfey­toure .vi. s. viii. d. for euery cappe or hatte. and that the capper nor non other to his vse take for any cappe of the fynest lemster woll aboue .iii. s iiii. d. and that cappe to be marked in the linyng therof with the lett of L. nor for any of the secō de sorte of lemster woll aboue .ii. s. vi. d. and that cappe to be marked in the lynynge therof with [Page] These letters L. R. nor for any of the thrid sorte aboue .xx.d nor for any of the .iiii. sorte abo­ue .xii.d. nor that non take for any cappe of the fynyst cottyswold aboue .ii. s. and that cappe to be markyd in the lynyng ther of wyth thys let­ter. C. nor for any of the secōde sorte aboue .xvid. and that cappe to be markyd in the lynynge therof with these letters. C. R. And that al cappes and hattes of other woll to be sold as the byers and selers can agre / And that none take for any hatte of the best makinge nat ingreynid more than .ii. s. And if any ꝑsone take more for any cap or hat thā is here rehersyd by thys acte to forfeyt for euery hat and cap. xl. s. The one halfe therof to the kyng / and the other halfe to hym that wyll sew by wryt byll or playnt whe­rin nother ꝓteccyon esson nor wager of law sh­all lye. And thys acte repellyth all other actꝭ here before made. The .iii. Henry. the .viii. Capitulo .xv.

hauyns & ryuers

¶Gores mylles and stakes set vp in the tyme of. Ed. i. and after for the dysturbaunce of the [Page cviii] passage of the shippes shal be betō downe. And a wryt shall be send to the Sheryfe to do execucyon therof / And Iustyce shall be assyned as ofte as nede shall requyre. The .xxv. E. iii. ca. iiii stat de pānis

¶He that makyth any Gore set vp of new or repayryth agayne any that is brokyn downe in dystourbaūce of the passage of the shyppes shall lose. C. marke. The .xlv. Ed. iii. capitulo .i.

¶Commissioners shalbe made to breke downe Gorys as well by theyr discression as other wyse And they that haue the freholde shall breke them downe by their Iugement vppon payne of. C. marke. The .i. H. iiij. ca. xii.

¶The statute of magna carta of werys is confirmyd. and ferther more that the cōmyssyoners shal be assynyd to inquere of such werys gorys fyssogarthes mylles / myldāmes / stoppes of my­lles / lokkes / hobbyng weres / stakys / kydelles hekkꝭ / or flodyates / set or / inhauncyd and to breke them downe / and if the offender wyll nat pull them downe he shall lose and forfeyte. C. marke. The one halfe to the kynge and the [Page] other halfe to hym that wyll sewe by accyon of dette wherin nother esson nor wager of lawe shall lye. The .xii. E. iiii Capitulo .ix. Commyssyoners of the gores shall take .iiii. s. the day for theyr beynge. The .iiii. Henry the .iiii. Capitulo .xi.

¶For the saluacyō of the hauen of southamtō hit shalbe leuefull to euery man to breke downe all the werys made betwene Callehorde and redebruge and he that seweth the brekars shall lose .xl li. and he that maketh any were betwene the sayd places after this said statute made shal lose. C. li. the one halfe of the the sayd some to the kynge & the other to hym that wyll sewe / where nother esson ꝓteccyon nor wager of law shall lye .xv. Hen. viii. Capitulo .xiii.

¶Loke more for this in the tytle of ryuers.


¶Non take the eggys of any faucō / goshawk [Page cix] laner or swan out of the nyst vppon payne of ayerꝭ presonment and a daye and to make fyne at the kynges pleasure / And that none bere any hawke of the brode of englande called an nyesse goshawke laner or laneret vppon his hande vppon payne of forfeytour of his hawke to the kynge. And that none chase any hawk out of his couert where he bredyth nor slethē. vppon payne of .xli. the one halfe to the kynge / and the other halfe to the parte that wyll sew by accion of dette examinacion before the Iu­stice of peas informacion or otherwise. The .xi. Henry .vij. cap. xvii.


Loke for that in the tytle fesauntis

Hye wayes

¶Euery mā hauing landis within the weld of kent hauyng any hye wey withyn the weld noious for the passage of the kyngis people. And will fynd and lay owt a more commodious hye wey in his own landis therto nyght adioynīg [Page] by the ouer sight of .ii iustice of peace and .xii. other discrete men ther shalbe holdyn and occupied as the old wey before hath ben / and that he may in recōpence therof hold the soyle & ground of the old hye wey in seueraltie to him and to his heyris and that the seyd Iustice and .xii. dyscrete men shall make certeficat therof into the chauncery vnder theyr seales of the lenght and brede of the same new hye wey / prouydyd that this act be not preiudicial to thē that claim any wey or by path ouer the old hye wey to the church or to ellis were .xv. h. viij. Cap. vj.

¶Loke for hye wayes ī the tytle of robberyes and felonyes.


¶Horners of londō ought to haue all the hornys within london and .xxiiii. myle next adioynynge. and that none shalbe solde to any estraū ge alyons tyl the horners of london haue chosē ynough for thē selfꝭ & the horners of lōdon̄ shall haue serche of the hornꝭ wrought withī lōdō & in the feyres of sty [...]bryge and ely. and if thei be nat well wrought they may sease thē. And the one halfe shall be to the kyng / & the other halfe [Page cx] To the mayre of london or to the baylyffes of The feyre. The .iiii. E. iiii. ca. viii.

horse and marys.

¶None shall cary any hors ouer the see to sell Hym without the kynges lycence vpon payne Of forfeyto [...]r of the same / nor no mare before she be thre yeres of age / and that she be nat a­boue the pryse of .vi. s. viii.d. vpon payn of forfeytour of all except .vi. s. viii.d. And the one half of the ouer plus shall be to the kyng / and the o­ther half to hym that seasyth it. The .xi. H. vii. capitulo .xiii.

¶Loke more of mares in the title of custome.


¶The hostelers shall yelde .iii. times as moche as he hath taken aboue a halfe peny of euery [...]usshell of otys aboue the cōmyn pryse of the merket as well at the suet of the kynge as of [...]he parte. Also the .iii. parte of the value of the [...]rede made by hym in hys howse. The .iiii. Hē [...]iii. Capitulo .xxiiii

[Page]And he shall make noo horse brede ī his owne howse nor shall take no thīg for litter eod āno

¶Hostellers shall be no customers coūtrolers fynders nor sercheours. The .xi. H. iiij. cap. i. & .xx. h vi. cap. v.

Howsis of religion

¶yf any disseysons or rauin be don to abbattis or other spirytuall men And yf they sew an accion and dye before they cā recouer theyr ryght the successours of them shall haue an accion to recouer the [...]r goodis of the church agains the seyd transgr [...]ssours / And lyke accion the successours shall haue of those thyngis that were ta­kyn from their howse lately by violence before the deth of theyr predecessours. though they sewyd no accion in theyr lyfes / And yf any entrude and enter in to theyr landis in tyme of vacacion wherof they dyed seysid then their suc [...]cessours shall hau [...] an accion and recouer dama [...]ge as well as in ass [...]se. Merlebre. Cap. xxix

¶Non shalbe lodgyd with men of religiō ag [...] ­yne theyr wyllis except that he be patron o [...] [Page cxi] founder. w. i. Cap. primo.

¶The shiryff may lodge in a howse of relygiō so that he haue not past .v. or .vi. horsis. & so that they be not greuyd by theyr oft cōmīg. westm̄. i. Capitulo .v.

¶No religoins man bere or send ouer owt of the realme vnder the name of any rent tallage or imposicion / or by wey of eschaunge sale or prest / any money or by any meanys cari owt of the reame the goodis of the monestary. & cete. and yf he do to be greuonslyd ponisshed nor no house of religiō make such tallage or īposiciō. with othe howsys vnder thē vppō payn of for­feture of all that they haue vnder theyr power and of all that they may forfeyt. Statut de car­ [...]iolis de asport religios.

¶The abbatis of cisternens and premonstrace [...]es and religious men of whom the sealis hath ben wont to be in the kepyng of the abbot and [...]ot off the conent fromhens forth shall haue a commyn scale and it shall be put in the kepyng of the p̄our of the howse and .iiij. of the most worthiest and discretyst of the same couent vn [...]er the puy seale of the abbat of the same place [Page] so that the abbot or the pryour of the house shal make no wyse no cōtracte nor oblygacyon as they were wonte to do / And yf any wrytynge oblygatory of gyfte bargayn sale or alienacyon or of any other cōtract be sealed with any other s [...]ale than the cōmyn seale / it shall be voyde statut de carliolis.

¶The statute of Carliolis that relygyousmen shall brynge nothynge ouer the see shalbe kepte in all poyntes .iiii. E iii. Capitulo .vi.


¶The marchall of euery Erle baron holdyng [...] hole baronye shalbe content with a palfrey o [...] of the pryce as it was wonte to be / soo tha [...] yf he take a palfray for his homage / than at his knyghthode he shall take none / of abbottes an [...] priors for theyr homage or fealte he shall take [...] palfrey or the pryce & the same of archebysshop [...] & bysshopꝭ & of them that hold ꝑte of a barony [...] they shall take after the rate / of relygyous folk that holde in fre almes he shall take nothynge neuerthelas the m̄shal shal not be excluded of a kīge more fee / if he may shew he haue right the [...] to. The kynges chāberleyns shall haue of arch [...]bysshopes [Page cxii] bysshopꝭ abbottꝭ & priors & other spirituall men holdynge a hole baronye a reasona­ble fyne whē they do homage or fealte / & of ꝑte of a baronye after the porcyon / other abbottes priors & seculars not holdynge by a baronye or ꝑt of a baronye shall not be dystreyned to make fyne / but the chamberlayens shall be ꝯtent with the vtter garment or with the pryce therof. w. ii. Capitulo .xlii.

¶Of thē that make homage in the bench they shalbe ꝯtent with the vtter garmēt & that is vn­derstand the vsshers and offycers of the place w. ii. Capitulo .xlvi.

¶yf the heritage descende to systers that is holde of the kynge in cheffe all shall do homage to the kynge [...] and yf it be holde of a nother lorde the elder shall do homage for all & the other systers shal do (ser)uyce to the lorde by the handꝭ of the elder as it is rehersed in the statute of hybern̄ of coheyrꝭ but it is no statute.

¶The tenaūt shal hold his hādis betwene the handꝭ of the lorde & shall sey / I become your mā frō this day forwarde & shall bere you fayth and wordly honour of the lande that I clayme to holde of you / sauynge the fayth that I owe to our souerayne lord the kyng / & a womā sole shal [Page] sey / I. make you homage aud shall bere you fayth from hens. &c. and if he hold of a nother lord by priorite he shall sey as before except the feyth that. I. owe to the kinge and to my other lordis more auncyēt.


¶The maister and bredern of the hospitall of seint leonard in york shall haue an acciō of det and detinew of their thrauys that is to sey of euery plow land within certein countis a thr [...] re .ii. h. vi. Cap. ii.


¶Hunderydis and wapētakkis let to ferme bi the kyng taxid of old to the fermys of the coū tes shalbe ioynyd agayn to the countes and not seueryd here after .ii. E. iii. Cap. xii.


¶No ley man that hath no landes or teneme­tis to the value of .xl. [...]. bi yere nor no prest no [...] [Page cxiii] other clerk except he be auaūced and may dispē de by yere shall haue nor kepe no greyhoū ­des nor other houndes to hunte nor kepe no syrrettes hayes nettes harepypes cordes nor noo other ingynes to take or to dystroye dere hares nor conyes nor other game vpon payn of inprysonement of a yere. And the iustice of peas shal haue power to inquere of them / and ponysshe them by the sayd payne. The .xiii. R. ij. ca. xiij.

¶Iustyce of peas or the kynges counsell haue power vppon informacyon to them made to awarde their warant to the sheryffe or other offycer agaynst hunters by nyght or with vysers or faces paynted or otherwyse [...] dysgysed to the entent that they wolde not be knowen and to cause them to come before thē and they to examyne them / and yf they counseyl the sayd huntynge / of any other persone that was with them [...] defectyfe that this councelyment shalbe felonye and yf the sayd hunters confesse the trouth / than it shalbe but trespas agayns the kynge and fyna­ble by the iustyce of peas to be assessyd at theyr next sessyons. And yf any rescous be made by them in execucion of the precept to any person [Page] that wyll execute the warrant so that execucion may not be done because of suche rescous / than that rescous be felony inquirable and determina as is aforesayd / and that ꝑsons so cōu [...]cted of huntynge as is aforesayd shall haue suche ponysshement as they shulde haue had yf they were conuycted of felony. The .i. h. vii. ca. vii.

¶Loke more for hunters in the tytle of venery


¶Euery owner of any mese which within .iii. yers past hath bē or here after shalbe let to ferme with .xx. acres of lād at the lest lyēg in tyllage & husbandry shalbe boūde to kepe and sustein the howsynge and buyldynge of the same [...] conuenyently for the mayntenaunce of the husbandry & tyllage and yf the owner occupye the mese & lā ­de in his owne handes he is bounde to susteyne it as is before sayd [...] and yf any do the contrary it shalbe lawful to the kynge or for the lordes of whom the lande is holden immedyately to take yerely the one halfe of the yssues and profettes of suche tenementes vntyll the howsynge be buylded agayne. And that no person shal ha [...]e any [Page cxiiii] [...]re holde in the lande by takynge of the sayd profettes but only the kynge but than it shalbe lawfull for them to dystreine fo [...] the yssues and profettes. The .iiii. Hen. vii. capitulo .xix.

¶In all suche townes / villages / broughes and hamlettes tythyng houses or other īhabitaciōs wherof the moonst parte the fyrst day of this present parlyament was vsed in tyl [...]age yf the ow­ner after the sayd fyrst daye suffre them to decay & to be torned in to pasture / he shall agayn with in one yere after reedyfye the same mete for people to dwell in as they were the said fyrste day and if any do it not within one yere space / thā it shalbe lefull to the kynge or to the lordes of the fee to do as is before rehersed in the statute of .iiii. H. vij. capitulo .xix.

¶And yf the lordes immediate execute not the p̄mysses thā the lordes nexte aboue immediate within halfe yere after to take the aduauntage therof .viii. Hen. viii. capitulo. primo.

¶Prouyded that this acte extend nat to parkꝭ to be made for dere / or for the inclosynge of any marsche grounde.

Idemptitate noīs

¶He that suith a wryt of idēptitate noīs wher his landes & goodes be seysed by the eschetoure or other minister for cause of vtlary of a nother person by suche a surname shal fynde suerte that the kynge shall haue the same goodes in case that he can not dyscharge hym selfe / And he shall haue his goodes hengynge the suyte / and yf the eschetour. &c. refuse suche suerte he shall yelde doble damage to the parte and also shalbe ponysshed greuously agayns the kynge / serche yf he be vtlawed of felonye .xxxvii. E. iii. ca. ii

¶Executours of men outlawed shall haue a w [...]yt of idemptitate noīs where theyr testatour h [...]d the same name as he that was outlawed .ix Henry .vi. Capitulo .iiii.


¶Rētꝭ corne in the graīgis [...] & all goodes mouable except rydyng gere & houshold stuffe be ꝯteyned vnder the name of yssues. w. ii. ca. xxix.

¶After the attachement witnessed the distres shalbe a warded and yf the sheryffe retorne that he hath made execucion & that he hath taken the [Page cxv] issues to the maymp̄nours & he that is attached cōmyth not / the kynge shall haue the issues & it shalbe cōmaūded to the sheryffe that he shall make the issuis to be brought before the iustice / and the kynges iustyce shall delyuer thē to the ward [...]op / & the iustyce of the benche at westm̄ to the escheker & the iustyce of eyre to the sheryffe. w. primo. Capitulo .xliiii.


¶yf in assyse the tenaūte ley ioyntenaūcy by dede with his wyfe or other ertraūger not named &c. the pl [...] shall auer hī to be sole tenaūt the daye of the wryt purcheysed. &c. & the iustyce shall kepe the dede & ward a sciri fac to the ꝑte absente that he at a certayne day. &c. & yf bothe they that were called tenaū [...]ꝭ come & maīt [...]yn the excep­ciō / the assise shalbe takē & yf it be foūde agaīs the tenaūte though he be acqit of the di [...]s [...]ise yet he shalbe ponysshed for that excepcō by a yeris psonm̄t & shall not be delyuered without a grete fyne / & yf the baylyffe plede ioyntnaūcy that sh­all not tary the assise & if the tenaūt make defaut & the ioynt feffe appere & deny the ioynt [...]naūcy the assyse shalbe awarded by defaut of the tenaūt & yf it be foūd that thexcepciō be made falsly [Page] thē the plaītyf shal recouer his damagꝭ double & thei that put the excepciō shal haue the fore said pain / the same lawe yf bothe make defaut & if it be foūd with the tenaūt the wryt shalbe abated the same shalbe in ass. of mord aūcestry & iurꝭ v­trū & in other wrytꝭ where lādꝭ be demaūded yf the ꝑtes appere the fyrst day & put the said excepciō & the demaūdaūt auer his wryt the same ꝑtꝭ shall ꝓcede betwene the ꝑtis / tyll the iury shall pas betwene thē / & yf it be foūd with the tenaūt the wryte shall abate / & yf for the demaūdaūt he shall eecouer seysyn & the tenaunt shalbe ponys­s [...]d by the s [...]id pain as to the prisonm̄t by the discr [...]ci [...] of the iustyce. stat de ꝯiuncti feoffatꝭ.


Loke for this in the tytle feffemētꝭ .xi. h. vi. c. xx.


¶Loke many good ordynaunces for the lande of yrelād .xvii. E. iii. in oībm capitulis / & āno .xxvi statut hybern̄ but they be no statutꝭ but ordynannces made by the coūseyl therfore they be not wrytē in al bokes of statutꝭ ¶Marchaūdise of [Page cxvi] the staple accustomed in yreland & wales shall not be customed agayn and that they may come with theyr marchaundyse & brynge theyr cokkettꝭ with them / And the tresourer & the barons of the escheker of englād shall certefye twyse in the yere that is to sey at ester and myghelmas how myche of the said marchaundyse goth out of the sayd landes and of the customes therof payd. &c. xxvii. E. iii. statut. staple. ca. xviii.

¶All marchaūtis shall come frely in to yrelāde xxxiiij. E. iii. ca. xvii.

¶Englysshemen that haue possessyons & inheritaūce in yrelād may brynge thyder and frō thes theyr goodꝭ. Thesame statute. Cap. .xviii.

¶yrysshe rebelles shall not come to the ꝑlyam̄t with the bysshopes there / Benefyces in yrelād shall not be gyuen to yrysshemen. &c. and in the sayd cases the kynse shall seyse theyr temꝑaltes for a fyne .iiii. H. v. Cap. vi.

¶yrysshemē shall bryng to the chaūcelour of england letters of the leuetenaūt or iustice witnessynge that they be no rebellꝭ / also they shall not [Page] be principallys in vniuersites also yrisshmē shal be voydyd out of the realme yff they fynd not surete of theyr good aberyng .i. h. vi. cap. iii

¶They shall find suretes in the vninersites before the chauncellour and he shall certefye it in to the kingis chauncery and iustyce of pease of the countes and mayrys and baylyffis of the cytes and borows and fraunchessys shall take surete of theyr good aberīg and shall do execuciō therof .ii. H. vi. Cap. viii.

¶yrysshmen and yryssh clerkis beggars callyd chamberdekyns shalbe voydyd owt of the realme except graduatis in skolis and seriaūtis and apprentyse in the law and they which be inheritours in englond and relygious men professyd and marchauntis of good fame and theyr ap­prentises .i. h. v. C. viii.


Irō made in englond shall not be brought owt vppon payne of forfeture of the double .xxviii. Ed. iii. Capitulo .v.


¶Iugement wherof the iuggis can not accord sh [...]lbe gyffyn by the aduyse of the lordis cōmissioners assygnyd in parliament .xiiii. E. iij. ca. v. iugementis gyffyn in the kyngis court shall not be examinid in the chauncery parliament nor el­lys where .iiii. H. iiii. C. xxii.

Iuris vtrum.

¶As ther is a wryt gyffin whether such a tenemēt be fre almis of such a church or ellis lay fee so ther shalbe a wryt whether it be fre almis of such a church or of such a church. w. ii. C. xxiiii.

¶Iuris vtrū is gyffin to vicaris personis pro­uostis ward [...]ins of chappellis wardens & chapleins of chaunteries perpetuallm and recouer̄ b [...] other wryttis in theyr casis as persons of churchis and prebendaryes .xiiii. Ed. iii. ca. xvi. and the proces is as in ass. of mordauncestour.


¶No man shall make his freholders to swere agains their wyllis. Merlebre. C. xx.

[Page]¶Ther shalbe no mo sommonyd in assis. but .xxiiii. nor old men aboue the age of .lxx. yerꝭ nor they that be seke at the tyme of the sōmons nor they that dwell owt of the coutrey shall not be put in assise nor iuryes nor they that haue lasse landis than .xx. s. by yere yf they be take in the­yr shyre and yf they be take owt of the shyre but they haue .xls. by yere except them that be wytnes in dedis / nor this statute [...]hal not extēd to gret assussis where for lak of knyghtis ther must be put knyghtis dwellyng owt of the shyre so that they haue tenemētꝭ ī the same / & yf the shiryf vnder balyffis or bayliffis of fraūches do cōtrary to this statute & therof be cōuict they shall yeld damagis to the partes greuid and the iustice af assise shall haue power to here the cō ­plaītis of all that cōplayn vppon the primissis & to do iustice in the same maner. w. ii. C. xxxviii.

¶The iurrous in assise shall gyff theyr verdet at large / and the iustice shall not put in the assi­se or iurry any but them that were therto furst somonyd. w. ii. Cap. xxxiii. iv fine.

¶No shyryff nor baylyff of lyberte shall put [Page cxviii] any in the iurris of assise inquisicions or atta­yntis without theyr own countes but yf they haue landis and tenementis to the valew of. C. s. by yere at the lest So that within the counte before the iustyce of assise or other ministour of the kyng for iurry [...]s inquisiciōs or recognysaunce to be takyn ther shall non be put except he haue landis and tenementis to the valew of xl. s. by yere at the lest sauīg that before iustice of in eyre and in eytes borows and other mar­chaunt townis in the whych the recognisiciōs of assise iurrie or inquicions shall hap to be made vppō all cytes boroughs or townis towchīg them it shalbe don as it hath be vsyd in tymys past. Stat. w. iii. Alias dict de ponendis ī assisis

¶Euery man may sue agains a iurrour that hath takyn money for to gyff his verdit before the same iustice where it passid by byll by and by / and yf they be at issue the inquest shalbe takyn and yf he be attaynt he shall make fyne & he that sueth for the kīg shall haue the one half of the fyne and yf the parte [...]ue he shall recouer [...]is damagis .xxiiii. E. iii. Cap. viii.


[Page]¶No iurrour shall pass. many enquest vppon tryall of deth of man nor ple reall nor personell wherof the det or the damages declaryd doth amount to .xl. Marke yf they haue not lan­des and tenementis of yerely valew of .xl. s. aboue all chargis secundo. h v. stat. ii. Capitulo .iii.

¶In all accions in myddilsex at the .iiij. day after the retor̄ of the venir̄ fac or hēas corpora the iurrours shalbe callid not withstāding that the playntif or deff [...] be essonyd or make defaut and the apparaunce of them or any of them shalbe recordid and entrid for the sauyng of theyr is­sues .viii. E. iiij. C. iii.

¶Non shall pass. vppon any enquest in london except that he haue landis or goodis to the va­lew of .xl. marke and yf it be in ple of land or other accion in whych the damage do pass .xl. s. but yf he haue landis or goodis to the valew of. C. Mark. & that the parte shall haue his chalēge and euery iourrour in the same cyte at the furst defaut shall lose .xii d. in issues at the secōd ii. s. and after at euery defaut it shalbe do bly [...] xi. h. vii ca xxi:

[Page cxix]And that the issues lost in the may [...]ꝭ court and in the shyryffꝭ courtis the mayre may dy [...]trayn for them to hys own vse and the commynyalte And that the shyryffꝭ may retorne them that haue goodꝭ to the valew of .C. markꝭ whych shalbe sworne and do in lyke wyse as other persons shall do hauyng landꝭ to the yerly value of xl. s. and that the shyryfe shall retorn vpon eue [...]y Iurror vppon the furst dystres .xx.d. & vppon the second .xl.d. and vppon euery dystrese after doble vppon payn of sorfeture for euery retorn made ꝯtrary the one halfe therof to the kynge and the other to hym that wyll sewe. wherin esson proteccyo [...] nor wager of lawe shall lye iiii. Henry .viii. capitulo .iii.

¶And this estatut is to be vnderstand at the di [...] tresses of nifi prius at saynt martines before the iustice of nisi prius and that vppon all other wrytes and proces that they may make retorne accordynge to the lawe as they were wonte to do before this statute without any forfeytoure [...] v. Henry the .viii. Capitulo .v.

Loke more for this in the tytle panell .iii. h. viii. ca. ii. & in the tytle ryot .xix. h. vii. ca. xiii.

Iustice of peace [...]

¶Good men and trew whych be no maynte­nours in the contrey shalbe assigned to kepe the peace .i. E. iii. Stat. ii. Cap. xvi.

¶Iustice of peace shall ponyssh them doyng agains the statute of wynchest .ii. E. iii. Ca. vi.

¶Two or thre most worthye in euery counte shallbe chosyn to be iustice of peace and they with other lernyd in the law shall determyn fe­lonyes and trespas don agaynst the peace .xviii. E. iii. Stat. ii. Cap. ii.

¶Iustice of peace shall hold theyr sessiōs .iiii. tymys in the yere. S. at the festis of the annunciacion of our lady / seint margaret / seynt my­chell & seint nicholas and more oft yf nede reqi ­re by theyr discression .xxv. E iij. Capitu. x. And shall direct preceptis to take seruauntis labo­rers that haue fled into other countes retornable before them and shall ponissh shyryffis and otheyr officers that take playntis agaīs the forme of the statute of .xi. h. vii. Cap. xv. by examinacion and shall certefie theyr examinacion in to the eschekir within a quarter of ay [...]re vppon payn of .xl. s. Eod. statuto.

[Page cxx]¶Iustice of peace shall inquere of them that sell yron at to hygh prise and shall ponyssh thē after the quantite of theyr trespas .xxviii. E. iij. Capitulo .v.

¶Iustice of peace shall inquere of barretours and wrongdoers and shall ponyssh them by the yr discression and also of all vacaboūdꝭ & shall imprisō thē that be suspect & not good name & take surete for theyr good abering before thei goo owt of prison / & that they may here & determyn all trespas & felonyes don within the counte & shall enquere of mesuris and weghtꝭ after the statutis therof made .xxxiiii. E. iii. Ca. i.

¶The cōmyssions of the instice of peas shall make expresse mēciō that they shall hold theyr sessions .iiii. timis in the yere. S. within the vtas of thepiphany / the second weke of lent / betwene w [...]tsontyde & seynt Iohn baptist / & within the vtas of seint mychell .xxxvi E. iii. Cap. xii.

¶Iustyce of peas shall determyn the defautis agains the statute of laborers and shall award damage at the suite of the parte .xlii. E. iij. cvi. And they shall inquere of vacabondis .vii. R. i [...] Capitulo .vi.

[Page]¶Iustice of peas shall hold theyr cessions euery quart of a yere iii. days yf nede require vp­pon payn to be ponyssid by the kyngis counsell at the suytte of euery man and shall inquere of mayris byliffis constables stiwardis and gea­lours in the ponisshment of labourers .xii. E. iii. Capitulo .x.

¶Iustyce of peas shall take .iiii. s. and theyr clerk .ii. s. euery day of the sessiōs by the handꝭ of the shyryff of the fynys and amerciamentis of theyr sessions and the lordis of fraunches shalbe contributours to their wagis after the rate of theyr part of the fines and merciamentis .xii. R. Capitulo .ix.

¶Iustice of peace shalbe sworn̄ to execute all the statutis touchyng theyr offyce .xiii. Ric. ii. Capitulo septimo.

¶Iustyce of peas shall ponyssh hunters that kepe doggis or fyrrettis .xiii. R. Cap. xiii. And shall ponyssh clothmakers that put not theyr markis o [...] their clothis .xiii. R. Capitulo .xi. And shall ponisshe hostelers that make hors [Page cxxi] brede in theyr houses / or wyn aboue. ob. in a busshell of othes or that take ought for lytter xiii. R. ii. ca. viii. & shall ponyssh hunters with vysers by nyght .i. Hen. vii. ca. vii.

¶Iustyce of peas at theyr sessyōs at ester and michelmas shal make proclamaciō after their discrecion accordynge to the pse of vytell how myche artificers & labourers as well in august as other tymes of the yere shal take by the day / with mete & drynke & that euery man shall obey the proclamaciō as a thynge made by the statute & that they shall put the statute of vytellers & hostlers in execuciō .xiii. R. ii ca. viii. & .vii. h. vi. c. iii. and .viij. Henry. the .vi. Capitulo: viij.

Lordꝭ & banerettꝭ shal take no wages for theyr sessions .xiiii. R. ii. ca. xi.

¶In euery cōmyssyō of the peas ther shalbe as­sygned .viii. iustyce of peas and theyr e [...]eittes shalbe double and the one ꝑt delyuerd by thē to the sheryffe for to leuey the money cōmyng therof and he shall pay the iustyce her wages by endenture & the sheryff vppon that endenture shall haue alowaūce in the escheker vpō his accōpte and the names of the iustyce shalbe put in the estretꝭ with the nōbre of the dayes of theyr sessiōs [Page] xiiii. R. ii. Capitulo .xi.

¶Iustyce of peas shall recorde forcible entres xv. R. Capitulo .viii. & .viii. h. vi. ca. ix ¶Two lerned mē of the law shalbe in euery cōmissiō of pe­as whiche shall del [...]uer the felons & ꝓcede to the delyueraūce of thē at all tymes whe they sh­all thynke best .xvii. R. ii. ca. vltimo.

¶Iustyce of peas & euery of thē shalbe ꝯ (ser)uators of the waters & shall make vnder ꝯ (ser)uatours. xvii. R. ii. capitulo .ix.

¶Iustyce of peas shall ponysshe thē that offēd agains the statute of leuere of cōpany / as well by witnes ī their p̄sens as by inq̄re. ii. h. iiii. c. xxi.

¶Iustyce of peas shall ponyssh thē that kepe not due watche vppō the see cost as they were wont to do .v. Hen. iiii. Capitulo .iii.

¶Iustyce of peas shall īprison none but in the comyn geale .v. Henry .iiii [...] Capitulo .x.

¶Iustice of peas shall ponysshe thē that make arowhedꝭ & quarel hedes that be dysfectyue .vii h. iiii. c. vii. & shal execute the statute of apprētice where the fader & moder may not dyspēde .xx. s, [Page cxxii] by yere .vii. h. iiii. ca. xvij. ¶And also shall ponysshe ryotꝭ & rowtꝭ in dyuers maners .xiii. h. iiii. c vltimo. & .ii. h. v. ca. viii. & they shall wytnes vpō a byll of ryot that the fame is such .ii. h. v. ca. ix. & viii. h. vi. ca. xiiii. ¶Iustyce of peas shall holde their sessions the fyrst weke after saint mychell / Epyphany / Ester / & saynt Thomas / except lor­dꝭ iustyce of assyce the chefe baron / the kynges seriaūtꝭ and attorney occupyed ī the kīgꝭ courtꝭ or in his (ser)uyce .ii. hen. v. cap. iiii.

¶Iustyce of peas shall make ꝓces agayne labors to euery sheryffe of englād & such ꝓces as the statute doth req̄re as well at the kyngꝭ suyte as of the ꝑte / also labourers shalbe attaynt by exa­mynacyon of the iustyce of peas. Also the statute of labourers shalbe exemplified in the keping of the iustyce of peas .ii. hen. v. Capit [...]lo .iii.

¶Iustyce of peas shal make ꝓces ī walys for a man outlawed of felony or treason ii. Hen. v. Statut. ii. Capitulo vltimo.

¶Iustyce of peas haue power by cōmissiō to enquere of coūterfeytours / clyppers wassheres or other pairers of monei and thei shal make ꝓc by capias only agayns them / whiche before thē be indited therof .iii. hen. v. capitulo .vii [...]

[Page]¶Iustyce of peas haue power to enquere & try the deff. of thē that gyld or ouer syluer shethes or other metall than syluer excepte ornamētes of the churche sporres for knyghtꝭ / & apparel that belōgeth to a baron .viij. h. v. ca. vltimo.

¶Iustice of peas haue power by cōmyssyō to make ponysshm̄t of fals m [...]sures and weyghtes after theyr dyscrecyō & to inquere here & determī as oft as they shal thynke nede & to put thē in execucyon .ii. Hen. v. stat. ii. capitulo. vltimo .viii. h. vi. ca. v. xi / h vi. ca. viii / vii. h. vi. ca. iii.

¶Iustyce of peas shalbe made dwellyng in the same counte & of the moost suffycyent parsones except lordes iustyce of assyse & the stewardes of the duchye of lancastre & they shalbe chosen by the chauncelour and by the kynges counseyl ii. h. v. statuto .ii. Capitulo primo.

¶Iustyce of peas shal execute the statute of assese of mysures of vesselles of wines elys / samō and herynge .ii. hen. vi. ca. xv.

¶Iustyce of peas haue power to determin the defautes of cordyners & tanners & tornars .ii. hē vii. ca. vi / & primo. h. vii. ca. v.

[Page cxxiii]¶Iustyce of peas haue power to determyn the defautꝭ of goldsmyth that worke syluer of w [...]rse alay thā sterlynge or sell harnes not touched ii. henry .vi. capitulo .xviii.

¶Iustyce of peas shal make ꝓces agains gyfers and receiuers of lyueryes of cloth agains the statute and them examyne & ponysshe without inditement .viii. hen. vi. Capitulo iiii.

¶Iustice of peas and euery of thē haue power to enq̄re and to ponyssh waxchaūdelers as wel by examinaciō as by serche / whiche wyn aboue iii.d. in the .li. of wax / except it be for hersys .xi Henry .vi. Capitulo .xii

¶Plees before iustyce of peas shall not be dysc [...]tynued by a newe cōmys [...]yon of peas but the new iustyce shal haue auctoryte whē they haue theyr record to ꝓcede therupō / xi. h: vi. ca vi

¶Iustice of peas of mydd shal not hold sessiōs aboue .ii. tymes in the yere the kīgꝭ bēche beyng within the same counte except it be for ryot or forsyble entre / ¶Iustyce of peas shall haue lā ­dꝭ to the valewe of .xx.lj. by yere & yf [...]ny be ma­de in any other maner / yf he syt in the sessions or make any p̄cept / or if he certefye not the chaūcelour [Page] therof with ī a moneth aft that he haue no tye of the cōmyssyō he shal lose wherof he that wyl su [...] shal haue the one halfe & shal haue therof a wryt of det / prouyded that this extend not to cytes and broughes whiche haue iustyce of peas of the inhabitaūs / and also they that be lerned in the law shalbe made iustyce of peas by the dyscressyō of the chaūcelour though he ha­ue not lādꝭ to suche valew .xviii. h. vi. ca. xi

¶Iustice of peas haue power to enqire & determyn as wel at the suete of the kynge as of hym that wyl sue for the defautes of puru [...]iours and offycers whiche wyl not at the request of the ꝑte make resistens to the puru [...]your which [...] wyll make p̄sis agaynst the forme of the statute .xx hē vi. capitul: viii

¶Iustyce of peas shall enquere yf any be mor­dred by the day and if the morderer be not taken by the towne it is an escape to the towne / & thei shal certefye that in to the kynges benche iii H vii Capitulo primo

¶Two iustyce of peas wherof one is of the quorū may let felones susp [...]cte to maimprise vn­tyl the next cessions or gayle deliuere / And they [Page cxxiiii] shal certefye the same bayle or maymprice at the next sessions or gayle delyuere vpon payn of forfeyte to the kynge for euery defaute xliiii Hē vii Ca iii / and this statute repelleth the statute made the i yere of Ric the thyrde ca iii

¶Iustyce of peas by theyr discrecyon shall ta­ke enquestꝭ wherof euery one shall haue landes & tenementꝭ to the valew of xl s at lest to enqire of conseylmentꝭ of other enquestꝭ taken before them wherof cōplaynt is made by byll as well within fraūches as without / and yf any cōseyl­ment be foūd / than euery persone of the enquest sh [...]lbe a mersed / which shalbe sessid in the open sessions by the descression of the iustyce of peas iii Henry vii ca. primo

¶Iustyce of peas shall enquere of souldeours whiche departe without lycence of theyr captayn & shall ponyssh thē as felon [...]s .viii h. vii ca i

¶Iustyce of peas shall ponyssh thē that maīteine laborers ꝯtrary to the statutꝭ in theyr p̄sēs or in their absēs after their discressiō xxv E iii c x

¶Iustyce of peas shall ponysshe them that suf­fre any to playe within theyr howses at any [Page] play agayns the statute of .xi. h. vii. ca. ii / & thē examyn & no offender shalbe cessed at any l [...]ss fyne thē .vi. s. viii.d.

¶Two Iustice of peas wherof one is of the quorū haue power to avoyde cōmyn alehowsis & shall take sue [...]te of the maisters of the al [...]housꝭ by theyr dscreciō .xi. h. vii. c. ii / & .xix. h. vii. c. xij

¶Two iustice of p [...]as in their coūtꝭ and euery mayre sheryffe and baylyf in their cytees haue power .iiii. tymes in the yere to make priuey ser­che. s. ones a quarter for vacaboūdes and if thei fynde any to ponyssh hym / xix. h. vii. ca. xii

¶Iustyce of peas haue power to call before thē any ꝑsō suspect for kepīge of dere hays and bukstallꝭ / and thē that stalk with busshes or bestes and of thē that kyll herons with engins and which take yonge herons out of their nestꝭ and thē to examyn of the p̄mysses and yf they be foū de defectyffe to cōmyt thē to prisō tyll they fynd suerte for paymēt of the forfeyture to the kynge and the iustyce shall haue the x [...] ꝑte of the forfeiture [...] see the penalte therof in the tytles hunters fesaūtꝭ / and ꝑtryches [...]xix h. vii. cap. xi Iustice of peas & iustice of assise shall enquere [Page cxxv] yf the coroners syt vppon the viwe of the bo­dy slaī or other wyse dede by mysaduēture vpō request to hym made and what he taketh for his wagis .j. H. viii. Cap. vi.

¶That iustice of gaol [...] delyuere or of the pease [...] wherof one is of the Quorum may inquere for the kyng in panellis made by the sheryf before them and may reforme them by puttynge to & takīg out of names of persones and euery mynyster that wyll nat retorne the same panell so reformyd shall forfeyt .xx li. the one half therof to the kyng the other half to hym that wyl sew therfore / and that no esson wager of law nor proteccion in such accion to lye nor the kī gis pardon to be no barr̄. The .iii. h. viii. C. xii.

¶Iustice of peas haue power to inquere by examinacion or presentment of them that shote in crossebows or gōnis & ponyssh thē .vi. h. viii. capitulo [...]xiii a [...]d they shall make proces to leuey the forfeture of the statute made the .xv. of. H. viii. Cap. vii.

¶Iustice of peas mayris and bayliffis shyryf­fis cōstables and other cheff officers shall com­myt [Page] them to prison that vse vnlawfull gamys without bayle or maimprise tille he be bound to the kyngis vse that he shall from thēs forth vse no such gamis and they may assigne .ii. or .iii. or mo bowears to dwell in euery counte cite or borow to make long bowes of elme wych or other wod .vi. h. viii. Cap. ii.

¶Iustice of peas within euery counte at their cessions shall assigne .ii. personis to serch for vnlawfull pewter as well withī fraūches as with out except in cytes and borows .iiii. Henry .viii Capitulo .vii.

¶Iustice of peas in euery coūte wher passage is ouer thamys & the stywardis of letys haue power to enquere in euery sessions and lete as well of defautis of owners and occupiers of the bargys bottis werys and watermen as of defautis of officers for non ponysshment of such offendours .vi. h. viii. Cap. vii.

Iustice of assise

¶Iustice of assise mai hold plee of quo waranto [Page cxxvi] by wryt but they may not gyff iugement the­rof as apperyth by the statute of quo waranto

¶Iustice of assise shall haue commissiōs to en­quere of mayntenours and of shiryffis exche­tours and theyr ministers which take reward xx. E. iii. Capitulo vltimo.

¶No man of law shalbe iustice of assise in his contr [...]y and the chef iustyce of the commin place shalbe assignyd among other to take the assi­ses and gaile delyuere .viii. R. ii. Cap. ii.

¶No lord nor other shall sit with the iustice of assise at the takīg of the assise vppon a grete forfeytour to the kyng .xx. R. ii. cap. iii.

¶The chef iustice of the kyngis bench shall not be iustice of assise but in lancaster sauyng the kyngis prerogatif .xiii. h. iiij. cap. iij.

¶Also they shall haue commissions to here and determin treason of money .iii. h. v. Stat. [...]i. Capitulo .vii.

[Page]¶And loke for the power of iustice of assise in the statutis made .i. E. iii. Cap. viii. & the .ii. yere Cap. vi. & .vii. and the .iiii. yere. Ca. vii & .xxi. & vltimo. And in the i. yere of. R. C. ix. and in the vii. yere. Ca. iiii and in the .ii. yere of. h. iiii.c.xxi. and in the .xi. ca. primo & .iii. And in the .ii. yere of. h. v. ca [...] vii. and in the .ii. yere. h. vi. ca. viii. and in the .viii [...] yere cap. iiii. & .ix.

¶The chauncellour tresorer two cheff iustyce the cheff baron of the eschekir and the iustice / of assyse within theyr circuyte shall examin all officers that haue power to execute the statute of beggars and vacabu [...]dis and they that be found defectiue to haue such ponysshment as thei were conuict by the course of the law .xix. Henry .vii. Capi. xii.

¶The iustyce of assise shall not compell the iurrours to sey precisely whether it be a disseisō or non yf they wyll sey the trewth of the dede and ask help of the iustice but yf they wyll precisely sey it is a disseisyn or non / theyr verde [...] shalbe admittyd vppon theyr parell. w. ii.c.xxxi.

[Page cxxvii]¶Iustice of assise shall enquere yf the coroners do syt vppon vew of the bodyes slayn & yf they take ought for theyr wagis .i. hen. viii. Ca. v. loke for theyr power in the title iues.

Iustice of both the benchys

¶The iustice shall not surcesse to do ryght in no poynt by the commaundment of the grete seale nor priuey seale .ii. E. iii. Cap. viii.

¶The iustyce seriauntis and the attorney of the kyng shall be payd in hand theyr wagis by the tresorer of englond for the tyme beyng at ester and mychelmas by euin porcions without any other suite .x. h. vi. Stat per se.

¶yf felons and murderers and theyr enditemē tis be remouyd in to the kingis bench the iusty­ce of the same bench haue power to send agayn the same felons and murderers and theyr enditementis in to the counte wher the felo­ny was don and to command the iustyce of the gayole deliuery and the iustyce of peas and [...]ll other iustice and commissioners to procede [Page] and determin vppon̄ the same ꝑsonis in the same forme as though thei had neuer ben remouid .vi Henry .viii. Capitulo .viii

Iustice of gaole deliuery.

¶The iustice of the bēchis assignid iustice of assise and gaole delyuere haue power to ponyssh thē whych ꝓcure the psoners to be come ap­pellours to appell mē that be not gilti to the entēt to haue fines & raūsōnis of the appellees / & shall ponyssh such defautis as well by byll at the suit of the parte as at the king is suyte .i. E. iii. Capitulo .vii.

¶Iustyces of the gaole delyuer shall not be made agains the statute of quia fynes .ii. E. iii. Capitulo .ii. Loke for the statute of quia fines in the title of gaiole deliuery

¶Iustice of gaole deliuery shall deliuer the gaoles of thē that be indited before the iustyce of peas and the iustice of peaa shall send to thē the inditementis / and they shall ponyssh the shyryff and the gealour which haue let to mayim­prise them that be not maymꝑnable and they [Page cxxviii] that haue not reseynyd them that were endited appelled or found with the manure brought to them by the constables of the town .iiii. E .iii. Capitulo .x.

¶No man shalbe iustice of comyn dely [...]eraun [...]em his countre .viii. R. ii. C. ii.

¶The mayris baylyffis of cytes and borows whych haue coroners of theyr own may dely­uer the gealis of their fraunches wythout comission but yf a felon be endited in a foreyn co [...] te and takyn without the fraunches they may not haue conusans therof with out the kyngꝭ iustyce whych shalbe assignid by a writ of gaole deliuery of the same counte / but with them they may do it and for this loke the register:

¶The iustice of gaole deliuery shall procede vppon the inquisiciōs deliuerd by the coroners agains the murderer yf he be in the gaole or ellis the iustyce shall sēd the inquisiciōs in to the kingis bench .iii. h. vii. cap. i.

¶Iustice of gaole deliuery may reforme the [Page] panell as the iustice of peace may do loke before in the title iustice of assise .iii. h. vii. cap. xii.


¶Non shalbe distreinyd to be knyght yf he haue not landis to the yerely valew of in fee or for terme of liffe but he that is within age or his land in suyte or in det to the king in theschekyr or his landis be in aūcion demesne or withī orders or hath landis in burgage or that is co­me lately to his landis or he that is very old or hath defaut in his membris or anysekenes vncurable. &c. or such lyke it shalbe in the discression of the kyngis counsell. Stat demilitibus [...] &c.


¶That no baylif of husbandry shal take for his yeres wagꝭ aboue .xxvi. s. viii. d. and for his clothes .v. s. with mete and drynke nor chef hī de as carter or chefe shepard aboue .xx. s. and for his cloth .v. s. with mete and drinke nor commyn seruaunt of husbandry aboue .xvi. s. viii. d. [Page cxxix] and for his clothe .iiii. s. with mete and drynke / no woman seruaunt aboue .x. s. and for her clo­th .iiii. s. with mete and drynke / no chyld within xiiii. yers aboue .vi. s viii.d. and for his clothes. iiii. s. with mete and drynk. Also a fre mason master carpenter / rough mason / bryck leyer / master tyler / plūmer / glaysyer / keruer & ioynet shal take but .iiii.d. a day mete & drinke fro ester to michel mas / & fro mychelmas to ester .iii.d. mete & drynk Alfo a maister shypwryght frō Candelmas to mychelmas shall take. but .v.d. with mete & drink an hewer .iiii.d. an able clyncher .iii.d. an holder ii d. a maister calker .iiii.d. and other meane calk [...]s .iii. a calker lobourynge by the tyde .iiii. pens But euery one of these sayd artyfycers may ta­ke .ii.d. more by the day yf they fynde them selfe mete and drynke. Also from mychelmas to can­delmas the master shipwright mai take but .iiii.d the hewer .iii.d: the clyncher .ii. ob. the holde [...] .i.d ob. the maister calker .iii.d. and other meane calkers .ii.d. ob. Also the maister mason / or maister carpenter takynge charge of the worke hauyn­ge .vi. men vnder hym may take v. pens mete and drynke / and .vii.d without it. Also in suche co­untres as is vsed to gyue lesse wages the sayd artyfycers shall be compelled to take as it is there vsed / this acte not withstandynge. And [Page] that euery artificer nat retayned shalbe compel­led to serue euery man / and that none suche re­teyned departe from his maister tyl his work be fynysshed as long as he wyll gyue hī his wagis vpō pain of a monethes īprisonm̄t & to make fyn̄ of .xx. s. except he go to the kīgꝭ workꝭ. And th­at all other labourers to take frō ester to mychelmas excepte haruest .ii.d. a day with mete & drynke / & .iiii.d. without: & fro my chelmas to ester .i.d ob. with mete and drinke / and .iii.d. without mete and drynke. And in haruest euery mower to take .iiii.d. with mete and drynke a repar & carter .iii.d. a woman labourer and other labourers ii.d. ob. & the said mower repar carter and womā labourer may take .ii.d. a day more if they fynde them selfe mete and drynke. and that euery artificer and labourer workynge but halfe a day take but halfe a day / & nothynge for the haly day and if any baylyf of husbādry hynde carter shepard comen seruaunt woman seruaūt or chyld (ser)uaūt beforesaid not reteyned in worke refuse to serue then he to be committed to warde by the constable or other heed offycer tyll he haue founde suerte to serue according to this acte / and if any artificer or labourer refuse to serue after the ra­te of his estate or take more wages than is here lymytted or take wages for the hole day where [Page cxxx] he serueth but the halfe daye / he to forfeyte for euery suche defaut .xx. s [...] and they to be cōuicted before the iustyce of peas in the cessiōs or other place of the shyre by examinacion or otherwyse and the sayd .xx. s. to be leued of their goodes or landes. Also the sayde artificers and labourers to be at worke bytwene the myddes of the mo­neth of Marche and the myddes of Septembre before .v. of the clocke in the mornynge and to haue but halfe an hour [...] for his breke faste [...] and an houre for his dyner / and halfe an houre for his slepe or nonemete [...] and not to departe from his workes from the myddes of Marche and Septembre tyll bytwene .vii. and .viii. of the cloke in the euenynge / and yf they kepe not theyr hours to be abated of theyr wages after the ra­te. And from the myddes of Septembre to mar­che to be at theyr worke in the sprynge of the daye / and departe not tyll nyght / and that they slepe not by day / but from the myddes of May to the myddes of August. Also yf any artyfycer or labourer make any assaute or assymble to hurte any men that wyll coūtroll them here in to ha­ue a yeres prysonement without bayl or maimp̄ se / and to fyne at the kynges wyll. This acte to be proclaymed in euery good towne and bo­roughe.

[Page]¶Prouyded that this act extend not to mynours & dyggers forsee cole or making of glasse / nor for fynours & workers & labourers for tynne / lede yron / or syluer. The .vi. H. viii. ca iii.

¶Also al artyficers & labourers in london may take as they were wonte to do except they worke in the kinges workꝭ or out of the lybertes of the cyte and that the penalte cōprised in the said form̄ actes in the .vi. of h. viii. & vii of. h. viii. extē ­de but to the taker onely. The vii. h. viii. ca. vi.

¶Other old actes were made consernynge la­bourers and artyfycers / some in the t [...]me of kynge Edwarde the thyrde / and in other kynges dayes after / whē .xx.d. made an ounce of troye weyght and at those dayes / the maister carpenteres thakkers and playsterers toke but .iij.d. a dayes founde them selfe / for then they had as moche vytell for a peny / as nowe for ii.d and yet all is one in effecte for a peny at those dayes weyed two pens of the money that nowe is / for nowe thre shelynges and foure pens goth to the o [...]ce [Page cxxxi] And yet they gafe as moche syluer at that tyme for a dayes worke as they do now at this daye. Therfore all the sayd old statutes stand in lytell effect because the coyne is mynysshed & chaūged


¶A man outlawed or put in exigent in lācastre shal forfeyte no landes nor tenememtes in other countes .xviii. Hen. vi. capitulo .xiii.

¶No forayne shalbe maryed within the coūte of lācastre except the īditours may disped. C. s. within the same coūte .xxxiii. h. vi. Ca. vi.


¶wydowes may beq̄th their cor [...]e as wel gro­wyng on their dowres as on their other landes merton [...] Capitulo .ii.

Letters patens.

¶If any mā make any suit to the kyng for any lande / offyce or other thynge grau [...]ted by the [Page] kyng to any other durynge the kynges pleasure & the ꝑson to whom it was graūted be alyue at the tyme of the suet made / that thā he do expresse in his byll of petycyon or patent the tenour of the sayd former patent / & that the kynge hath determyned his pleasure agaīst the first patente or elles the seconde letters patentes of the premys­ses to be voyde. The .vi. Henry .viii. cap. xv.

¶Loke more for this in the tytle of forfeytours and patentes.

Letters of marke [...]

¶Letters of marke is grounded vppon the statute of magna carta. Capitulo .xxx.

¶Loke more for them in the tytle mark.


¶The copye of the libell shalbe delyuered to the deff. in the spyrytuall court with out dyffy­culte to the entent he may sue a prohibicion yf [...]de requyre .ii. Hen v. ca. iii.

[Page cxxxii]¶No lycence shalbe graūted whiche shall be p̄ iudycyall to the realm [...] & the staple / sauynge to the kyng auctoryte to modefy the statute by the aduyse of his coūseyll / and sauynge to the mar­chaūtꝭ of geane / venys / tuskayn [...] lomberdye / [...]lorence / and catelyn / & to the burgeys of berwyk / theyr̄ lybertes .xiiii Hen. vi. Cap. ii

¶All placardes made by the kynge to shote in crosbowes or hande gones be voyde. The .xv. Henry .viii. ca. vii.


¶In the declaracyon of a dystent in a wryght of ryght none shall demaūde of the se [...]syn of his aūce [...]tours of lenger tyme thā of kyng. R. the .i. and that wrytes of nouell diss [...]syn & of purꝑtye called nuꝑ ob [...]t shal haue the tyme after the passage of kynge henry the thyrde in to gascoyne & that the wrytes of mordauncestre / Cosynage / ayle / bas [...]yle and wrytes of nieff shall haue the terme of coronement of the same Henry and not before. w. i. ca. xxxviii Se the statute of merton / that speketh of the same matter [...] ca. vii.

Liuerey of landꝭ [...]

¶yf the eschetour sease lādꝭ in to the kyngꝭ hā des & after by inqisicion foūd before hym it is foūde not holden of the kynge / that than a wrytsh all go to the eschetour to take it out of his hādꝭ & to deliuer it to him / to whō it shuld come with the yssues and ꝓfettꝭ that he hath receyued. &c And if it be after foūd for the kyng of record in any court / thā the sheryffe shal not yet seise the lāde again tyll the tenaūt of the land be warned by scire fac. & if he come not / or come & can not distroye the kyngꝭ tytle / the kynge shall than sease it agayn & he shalbe answered of the ꝓfettes the meane whyle not withstandynge. &c. statu [...]. lincoln̄ .xxix. Ed. primi

¶yf landꝭ be seised in to the kyngꝭ handes / and after of the kyngꝭ handꝭ put out because he had no cause to seise thē / the issues shalbe holy ren­dred to hym that had the damage articli super Cart. Capitulo .xx:

¶Euery eschetour & minister whiche seiseth to the kyngꝭ vse any cites maners borowes townꝭ hūdredes or fraunchesles wherof ꝓfettꝭ come as from tyme to tyme all the yere longe as myl­les her bage toll proffettes of courtes and other suche shall a [...]swere to the kynge after the rate [Page cxxxiii] according to the old course of the eschekir. xxviii. E. iii. Capitulo .iiii.

¶All women beyng of the age of .xiiii. yere at the deth of theyr aūcestour whych hyld of the kyng shall haue lyuery of theyr landis out of the kyngis handis mayntenant .xxxix. henry .vi. Capitulo vltimo.

Lyuerey de companye

¶Nō shall haue lyuery of a suite for maintenaunce / and the iustice of assise shall inquere therof and of fraternites by such lyueres for ma­yntenaunce or confederecye .i. R. ii. Cap. vii.

¶Non lesse thā a esquire shall vse liuerey of cō pany of any lord except he be cōtinually famy lyer ī office wyth the same lord / & iustice of peace shall ponyssh them .xx. R. ii. Cap. ii.

¶No lorde shall gyue lyuere of company to no knyght esquier nor yoman saue oonly that the kynge shall gyue his honourable lyuere to his lordes temporall which shall please hym & to his knyghtis and esquyers mannel [...] and to [Page] his knyghtis & esquyers takyng f [...]e of hym for terme of lyfe. and that such knightis & esquiers were nat theyr lyuere in the countre / but in the the kyngis p [...]esens. And he that dothe contrary shall make fyne to the kynge. And raunsome And the knyghtis and esquyers shall lose their lyuere and theyr f [...]e / or euer. and that none take lyuere of the kyng nor other vppon payne of a fyne as is before sayd.

¶It is prouided that the cōstable & marchall of englāde for their retynew of knyghtis esquiers may gyue the sayd knyghtis lyuere in the marches in the tyme of warr̄. Also no lorde spirituall nor temporall shall gyue any lyuere of clothe to none but to his manuell seruaūtis and officers / & them of his counsell lernyd of the spirytuall law or temporall vppon the same payne. The .i. h. iiii. cap. viii.

¶And also Iustyce of the one bēch or other iustice of assyse & of pease haue power to inqire here & determyne aswell by recorde in theyr presēce as other wise of gyuers & takers of liuere [...] it semith that thei may do so out of their courtꝭ

[Page cxxxiiii]¶Dukes / erles / barons / & banerettis may were the kynges lyuerey ī theyr countres / but noo knyghtes nor esquyers except they be goyng or cōmynge frō the kynge. And the prynce may gyue his lyuere in lyke maner as the kyng. The .ii. H. iiii. capitulo .xxi.

¶Knyghtes & other of lower estate that gyue lyuerey of cloth shall lose at euerey tyme. C. s. & the receyuour .xl. s. & he that wyll sew for the king shall haue the one half / & the kīge shall nat pardon the payn. & euerey one of any company which at theyr costꝭ make such lyu [...]rey shall lose .xl. s. except gyldes & craftis. Prouyded that in tyme of warr̄ they may wel gyue such lyue­res. & Iustice of assise haue power to inquyre therof in theyr cessions & to certefie it in to the kingis bench. the .vii. H. iiii. ca. xiiii.

¶Iustyce of assyse & of the pease shall awar­de attachement agaynst gyuers and receyuours of lyuereys vppō suggestion without indite­ment And vppon that a Capias and exigent / and if they appere they shall attaynt them by examinacion as well of the lyueres of lordes and ladyes as other And they shall take. C. s. [Page] of the giuer / and .xl. s. of the taker as oft as thei offende. And they shall haue a yeres prisonmēt The .viii. h. vi. capitulo .iiii.

¶And that the iustice of Lancastre and Chestre shall haue the same power. &c. The statutes be vnder stande of lyueres gyuen to them that be nat manuall seruauntes and officers.

¶None may gyue lyuere or other sygne but to his manuall seruaunt or to his man of law spirituall or temporall or other of his counsel. and if he do the con [...]rary the gyuer shall lose. C. s. for euery moneth that there is any with hym so reteyned / and the receyuer. C. s. & he that wyll sew shall haue an accion by byll of informaciō agaīst as many of offēders as he wyll in euery of the kinges courtis or counter palentyne. & vppon that proces as in trespasse except that in countre palentine no exigende shall be awardyd. and if ani of the deffenders be present in courte The Iustice may cōmaunde him to be brought to answere and first the informer shalbe exami­ned vppon a boke that his complaint is true. & after they may examine that defendant and iuge [Page cxxxv] him conuyet b [...] theyr discression / aswell as by triall. And the informer shall recouer the o [...]e half. and the ky [...]g the other half if it be nat in cyte or towne that hath lyke forfeitour by the kyngis graunt. And that no esson nor prot [...]ccion be alowed. And that the sheryf or coroner may r [...]torne no lesse issues at the first day than .xx. s. At the second day .xxx. s. And so at euery day .x. s. of increse. and if the sheryf or coroner do the contrary he shall forfeyt for euery tyme .xx. s. And the mayre and gouernours of cytes and boroughes haue power to examine and to determine it as is before sayd aswel by examinacion as by tryall. And vppon that the kīg shal haue the one half and the maires & gouernours the other half to be imployed to the vse of the cyte or towne. The .viii. E. iiii. ca. ii. But lyue­res gyuen at the kyngis coronaciō of creaciō of a bysshop or mariage of any great lorde or lady of estate or at the creacion of the seriauntes at the lawe and at other such festis. and lyueres gyuen b [...] the mayres and sheryffis of townes and lyueres gyuen in the defence of the king be except fro this estatute

¶The chaunceller. tresourer. & the pryueseale [Page] or .ii. of them or a bysshop. and a temporall lor­de of the kyngis coūsell and with the .ii. chefe iustice. or .ii. other Iustice in theyr absence vp­pon byll or informacion put to the chaunceller for the kynge or any other agaynst any person for mysbehauinge in gyuinge of lyueryes or sygnes haue auctoryte to make to come before them by wryt or pryuey seale the sayd mysdoers and to examine them and to punyssh thē yf thei fynd them defecty [...] accordyng to the estatutis therof made in lyke maner as they shuld be ponysshed if they had be ꝯuict after the dew ordre of the lawe. The iii H. vii. ca. i.

¶If any stewarde auditour receyuour or baylyf of any of the kīgꝭ lādes & tenemētis ꝯstable keper of castell wardē maister or game ꝑke keꝑ or other offycer of his forestis chaces ꝑkes or warēs be law fully reteyned with any ꝑsone or reteyne any mē that is dwellīg withī the said lā dis tenemētis or lordshyppꝭ ꝯtrary to any ordynaūce before made or suffre any of thē to be so reteyned with any other person & shew it nat to the kynge within .xl. dayes that he hath know­lege therof / or if any of the sayd offycers con­uey any of the sayd tenauntis inhabitaunce fermours of the king to any fyld or assemble other [Page cxxxvi] wyse than by the kyngis cōmaundement to do such seruyce as the kyng shall commaūde hym. And that alway in the kynges lyuere and sygne Or if such officer come nat to the kyng in tyme of warre or trowble when he is commaundyd hauyng no resonable excuse to the cōtrary that than all graūtis by the kyng or his ꝓgenytours or predecessours to them made be voyde. And also if any of the said tenauntes or fermours b [...] reteyned with any other cont [...]ary to the statutꝭ by lyuere to kyn othe indenture or promesse or go in any fylde or assemble with ani other persone in any other lyuere sygne nat the kynges / & to serue the kyng only that than al grauntes & lesses of any percell of the sayd lādes lordshyppes and possessions for terme of yeres or at will be vtterly voyde. The .iii. h. vii. ca. i.

An other acte there is .xix. H. vii. ca. xiiii. but it was durynge the kynges lyfe.


¶Ordinaries may arest mē defamyd or suspect for heresie & kepe thē ī theyr pryso [...]s til they be [Page] purgid therof or abiuryd after the law of holy church / so they make full determinacion therof within .iii. monythis after such arestis except ther be a lawfull impediment / And yf they be conuict they shall kepe them in theyr prisons as they shall thynk best / and yf it the cas require that thei put them to fyne thā the ordinaryes shall send that in to the eschekyr vnder theyr sealis to be leueyd to the kingis vse / And yf such heretykkis cōuict refuse to abiure or after abiu [...]acion fall in to relapse so that thei shuld be delyueryd vnto the seculer court Thē the shyryff mayr or baylyffis next shalbe attendant at the request of the ordinary to take them and to brē them in conuenient place before the people in example of other .ii. h. iiii. Cap. xv

¶The chauncellour [...] tresorer and all the iusty­ce mayris baylyffis & all officers at the entering in to theyr offyce shall swere to do theyr payn to distroy heretykkis and to help to arest them at the costis of the ordinary and yf they be qict [...]f heresie after they be ded they shall lose the [...] landis and goodis as in felonye but the landis holdyn of the ordenaries or theyr cōmissione [...] [Page cxxxvii] shalbe forfeit to the kynge & iustice of the kyngꝭ bench / iustyce of assyse & of the peas shall inquyre of them and make proces by capias / and delyuer thē to the ordynary by indenture / and thei shalbe redy to take thē within .x dayes / but the meane tyme the sheryffe may let thē to maimpryse / and yf such heretyk escape out of pryson the kīge shal haue his land the whyle / but yf he dye his heyre may entre .ii. Hen. v. ca. vii.

Cōmyssyoners shalbe made to arest prechers of heresye vppon the certyficat of the ordynary .v. R. ii. stat. ii. Capitulo vltimo.


¶yf one in london vouch a foreyn he shal haue a som̄ ad warr̄ retorn̄ in the kynges benche and a wryt to the mayre & baylyffes of londō to surcease / & when it is determyned in the kynges bench it shalbe cōmaūded to the warranter that he go in to london to answere the fyrst plee / & a wryte shal go from the iustyce to the mayre &c. to pro­cede / and yf the demaūdaunt recouer / the tenaūt shal haue a wryt to the mayre to extend the lāde [Page] retournable before the iustice / and after that a wryte to the sheryff [...] of the countrey where. &c. to delyuer the tenaunte as myche lande of hys that dyde warrant it in value. Glouc [...] ca. xii. & statut de forincecis vocat ad warrant.

¶Marchauntes of london shalbe as fre to pak their clothes as other marchaūtes & other straū gers withī the cyte or ellys were not withstādīg letters patētes made before .i. h. iiii Capitu. xvi

¶The mayre & aldermē of londō. s. euery alderman in his warde & the mayre thorowe the ho­le cyte may call before thē suche that haue po­wer to execute the statute of vacabundꝭ & beggers & to ponysshe them that be defectyue as well as though thei were ꝯuict by the ordre of the lawe .xix. Hen. vii. ca. xii.

¶Also there is an other statute that the gouer­nours of the cyte of london shal correct & redres all open offēcys there cōmytted vppon payn of. M. mark for the first defaut & .ii. M. mark for the second as appereth at large .i. h. iiii. ca. xv. / and xviii. E. iii. capitulo .x.

[Page cxxxviii]¶Loke more for london in the tytle iurrours.


¶Lordes and other that compell the people to answere before theyr counseyl of any freholde or other thynge determynable at the comyn law shall lose to the kynge The .xvi. R. ii. ca. ii.

¶If lordes stewardes procure any persone to moue false quarrelles in their courtes agaīst any that is attached by his goodes the parte greued shall haue a repleuyn against them wherin he shall recouer treble damagꝭ. westm̄. ii. ca. xliii.


¶Prisoners which be outlawed & thei that haue abiured the realme ꝓuours. they that be take with the manure / thei that haue brokē the kīgis psō theues opēly cryed & knowē / thei that be appelled of ꝓuours wihle the ꝓuer is a lyue if thei be not of god fame they that be takē for brīnīge of houses felonously done / or for fals money [Page] or forgynge of the kinges seale / or excōmunicat taken by the prayer of the bysshoppe / or treason that touche the kynge hym selfe be in no maner of wyse repleuysable be cōmī writ nor without wryt. but they that be indited of felonye by the sheryffes or baylyffes inquestꝭ / taken by theyr offyce or for lyght suspecyons / or for petyt larcyn that a mounteth not aboue the sūme of .xii.d. yf he be not rette of other felonie before or rette of reseuynge of felones or commaundinge to strength or eyde felonye done / or other trespas wherfore a man shal not lose his lyfe or men appelled of prouours after the deth of the [...]rouour if thei be not open theues proclaymed / they shalbe frō hensforth let to maimprise by suffycy [...]nt pledgis wherof the sheryfe wyll answere without any thynge takynge of them. And yf the sheryffe or any other let to maimprise any that is not reple­nysable and therof be attaynt / he shall lose his fee & offyc [...] for euer / & if the vndersheryf consta­ble or other baylyfe then he that hath the fee for kepynge of the prisoners do it without the wyll of his maister or other baylyf hauyng no fee / he shall haue prysonement of .iii yerꝭ and make fy [...] at the kīges pleasure / & yf any kepe such priso­ners repleuysable aft that they haue offered sufficient suerte he shalbe mercyed / and if thei take [Page cxxxix] any thinge for their delyueraūce / he shal yeld to the ꝑte the double value and be greuously a mercyed. westm̄ prim̄. Capitulo .xv.

¶yf any prīcypal or accessary be acquit of mur­der at the kīgꝭ suet before the yere & the day / yet the same iustice shal remit him again to prison or let him to bayl by their discression tyll the yere & day be past / & if they be so other acquit or attaī ­ted yet the wyfe or next heire may haue their appelles against the within the yere & daye aft the same murder done or against their accessaryes. The .iii. H. vii. ca. i. Loke the statute. &c.

¶Eueri iustice of peas hath power to let prysoners arested for suspecious of felony to maym­prise as they may yf they were indited before them of recorde. The .i. R. iii. ca. iii.

¶Two Iustyce of peas wherof one is of the [Page] Quorū may let felons suspect or other persons maimpernable to maimprise tyll the nexte gene­rall sessions or gayl [...] delyuere at whiche day the same iustice must certefye it vpon payne of for­feitour to the kynge for euery defaute vpon that record The .iii. h. vii. ca. iii. And the statute of Rychard that gyueth power to one iustice of peas to take suche maimprise is repelled by the same statute.

¶If aman be cōdempned in ani courte & his body in execucion & after remoued be a corpus cū causa / or cerciorare in to the chauncery & vpon the same wryt condempned he shall be no more let to bayl nor maimprise / but remaūded to the prison there to abyde after the lawe tyll that he hath satysfyed the playntyf. The .ii. hen. v. ca. ii. Loke more for maimprise in gayle.


¶No clerke of the iustice nor of the Sheryffe maint [...]in partes in quarelles nor in besynes that is in the courte of the kynge / nor do deceyte to dela [...]e or to disturbe the cōmyn ryght / and yf any do so he shal yelde thre tymes as moche as [Page cxl] he hath taken therfore / and shall lose his seruy­ce for a hole yere / nor that no seriaunt at the law nor pleder make no maner dec [...]yte nor colucion in the kynges courtes or consent to be made to begy [...]e the court or the parte / and yf thei be th [...]r of attaint they shall haue a yers prisonment and a day / and they shall not be suffred after that to plede for non. And if the trespas aske greter payne he shall be at the kyngꝭ pleasure. westm̄. i. Capitulo .xxviii xxix.

¶None maintein plees in coūtes nor in other c [...]urt wes [...]m̄. i. ca. xxxii. & the statute of berwyk wyl that if any be attaint of suche maintenaūce or champartye that he shall haue .iii. yeres imprisonement & to make fyne at the kynges pleasure

¶Nother grete nor small by cōmaūdemente of letters or otherwyse mainteyn no quarel [...]es ī [...]he c [...]ntreys in disturbaūce of the cōmyn lawe .i. E. .iii. Capitulo .xiiii.

¶The iustice of bothe benches / iustice of assi­se and nisi prius shall here & det [...]rmyne as well at the kynges suyt as of the parte / mayntenaun­ce champartye confederacye and conspyracye as well as iustice [Page] in eyre & that that can not be determined before the iustice of nisi prius shalbe adiorned in to the yr places .xx. E. iii. Capitulo .vi.

¶He that mainteineth any quarell shalbe at the kīgꝭ wyl body & lādꝭ [...]xx. E. iii. capi. iii.

¶Euery man is boūdē to maintein ple of ꝓuision .xxxviii. E. iii. de prouis. ca. v.

¶No coūcellour of the kynge maintein quarell in the coūtrey nor elles where vpon paine to be greuously ponysshed by the king nor no nother meane offyc vpon payne of losynge his officer to be fyned at the kyngꝭ pleasure nor no nother ꝑson vpon payne of enprisonment & to be fyned at the kynges pleasure .i: R. ii. ca. iiii


¶The Marschall of the kyngꝭ benche shall kepe them that be indited of felonye / and them that haue yelded thēselfe at the exigent in appele of felonye / and yf they let them go at large by [Page cxli] bayle or by baston they shall haue halfe yeres prisonment and make fyne at the kyngis pleasure. And the iustice shall inquere therof when theyse tyme and yet they shallbe punysshed therfore of escape accordinge to the ordre of the commyn law. The .v. E. iii. capitulo .x.

¶Loke what fynes and fees the marchall shal take. The .ii. H. iiii. ca. xxiii.


¶The styward & marchall shall hold no plee of frehold nor of trespas but onely of trespas within the kyngis hous or other trespas don within the virge and of contract and conuenaū tis that any of the kyngis howse hath made to another of the same howse & ī the same hows & not ellꝭ where / & plees of trespas shalbe pledid but it be attachid by thē before that the kīg go owt of the virge where the trespas shalbe dō / & thei shall ꝓcede hastely frō day to day so that it may be ēdid before yt the kīg go owt of the bōdꝭ of the virge where the trespas was / and if they can not be endyd the plee shall sease and shalbe [Page] at the commyn law / and the styward shall haue knolege of no dettis nor other thyngis but of them of the kyn [...]is hows nor shall hold no nother pl [...] by obligaciō made by the distress. of the styward or the marchall / and yf the styward or marchall do contrary to thys ordinaunce it shal be voyd articuli super cartas. ca. iii.

¶Of manslaughter don within the verge / the coroner of the contrey with the coroner of the kyngis house shall do the offyce belongyng to to the coroner & that that can not be before the styward determynyd as by cause the felons cā not be attachid or for o [...]her cause it shall goo to the cōmin law. so that exigēt vilary & presēt mentis shalbe therof made at the [...]yre by the coroner of the contrey as well as of other felonyes don owt of the vyrge but yet it shall not let but that attachem [...]ntis shall be made vppon the felonyes don. Articuli super cartas. Capitulo quarto.

¶Mē of the kīgis howse shall not be sworn ī the marchalsie but betwene mē of the same house of b [...]th ꝑtyes but the īquest shalbe takin of men dwellyng abowt .v. E. iii. cap. ii.

[Page cxlii]¶Errour before the styward and marchall of the kyngis hows shalbe reuersid in the kyngis bench .v. E. iii. Cap. ii.

¶Prestis and other men of holy church imprisoned in the marchalsye shall pay lyke fees as lay men .ix. R. Cap. vltimo.

¶The court of the marchallsye nor the iurys­dicion therof shall not extend .xii. mile to be ac­coyntyd from the kyngis logyng .xiii. Richard .ii. capitulo .iii.

¶Also for as much as the marchall of the marshalsie of the kīgꝭ howse ī the tyme of kīg Ed­ward graunt fadir to the kyng that now is and before haue be wonte to take these fees that folow. s. of euery one that cōmyth to the same court by capias .iiii. d. & yf he be let to maympryse to a certeī day .ii. d. more / & of euery one that is impledid & fyndith .ii. maympournours to ke­pe his days tyll the end of the ple to take of the deffend .i.d.

[Page]Of eu [...]ry one commyttyd to prison by iugemēt of the steward .iiii. d. & of euery one delyuerid of felonye .iiii. d. of euery felon let to maympryse by the court .iiii. d. whych fees shalbe taken in opyn court [...] Therfor the kyng hath ordeinyd that yf the marshall or his mynysters take any other fees than be here aboue declarid that thei shall lose theyr offices and shall pay treble damage to the parte greuyd and that the parte shall sew before the stiward for that tyme beyng / also it is ordeinid that no seruitour of billys that herith any staff of the same court shall not take for euery myle vnto the place wher he shall do his office more than .i. d. and also for .xii. myle .xii. d / and for seruyng of a venire fac. of .xii. men or a distres from the same court the doble and yf any of the seruitours of the billis do the cō trary they shalbe ponishid by emprisomment & shall make fyne and raunson to the king by the discression of the stiward and shalbe for iuggid the court [...] and the styward shall haue power to make proclamacio [...] at euery court of all these articles / ii. h. iiii. cap. xxiii.

¶He that hath dwellyd at the stywes shall not be sworn in the merchallsie / and yf he bere [...]oruyd he may be challengid as well for the kīg [Page cxliii] as for the partye .xi. h. vi. Ca. i.

¶A man may haue an auerment agains the record of the merschallsie that the partye was not of the kyngis howse at the tyme. & cetera. xv. h. vi. Cap. i.

¶The stiward and tresorer of the kīgis hows haue power to call before them all maner of of­fycers within the virge / whych haue power to execute the statute of beggars and vacabundis and they that befound defectyue to haue lyke ponysshment as they where conuyct by course of the commyn law / xix. h. vii. cap. xii.


¶All marchaūtꝭ except thei be b [...]fore ꝓhibite shall haue saue cōducte to cum and to goo into ynglonde to by and to sell except it be in tyme of warr̄ and yf they be of any lande that is agaīs vs in warr̄ than if that our marchauntis be safe in that coūtrey they shallbe safe in this lāde [Page] magna carta. capitulo .xxviii.

¶All marchauntis estraungers and d [...]nymyns may by & sell corne wyne marchaūdyse & a thynges vendable in euery place without dysturbaū ce & if they he trobled he that hath the gouernaunce of the towne shall gyfe thē remedy vppō cōplayntes or ellys the fraunches shalbe seysed in to the kyngys handes & he aswell as the dys­turbor shall gyfe doble damages to the party & yf he be absent his depute shall gyue thē remedy as is before said or ellys yeld doble damagis &c. not withstondinge any charters of fraūches to them graunted to the contrary sauynge that marchauntes estraungers shall cary no wyne out of the realme and that the chaūceler tresorer and iustyce assined to hold ples shall chose where they wyll inquere of suche dysturbaunce and shall make ponyshiment as it is before ordeynyd The .ix. E. iii [...] cap. i. & .ii.

¶All marchauntis shall come in to englond as is ordeyned in magna carta. the .xiiii. E. iii. c.i.

¶Euery marchaunt as well straunger as [Page cxliiii] denyzyn may sell vitellys & other ware in lōdō & elles where in grosse or by retayle & he that disturbeth thē shalbe attached by his bodi by writ out of the chaūcery & shall yeld doble damages The .xxv. E. iii. cap. iiii.

¶All marchaūtes except the kynges enmyes may come frely into englond & yf our pourue ours or any other by colour take ther gooddes or any thing againest ther wyll they shalbe incō tinent ar [...]id by the mayres or baylyffis & there shall be proces made f [...]om day to day and from howre to howre afte [...] the law of the staple and not by the comyn law and shall yelde doble to the party and as much to the kyng the .xxviii. E. iii. cap. ii. stat. staple.

¶All marchauntes straūgers may by marchaū dyse of the staple within englond wales yrelande witthout couin̄ to abate the prise so that thei bring them to the staple and that no marchaunt englyss Irish nor welch nor marchant straūger by theyr couībring no woll fell lether nor led out of the sayd lo [...]d vppon payne of forfetor of the same [Page] marchaundise and of theyr goodis to the kyn­ge and theyr landes to the cheffe lord which shall haue a wryt of eschete in the cas [...]. and that euery marchaūt ēglysh yrishe and welsch shall make theyr payment in the place wher the con­tract was made and not out of it vppon the foresaid payn and euery marchaunt that shall sell the wolles to the stapelers before seid be boūd to warāt the packynge of the same wolles the same y [...]re. cap. iii.

¶But the payne of deth is put out of all statutes of the staple bi a nother statute. The .xxxviii E. iii ca. vi. and the warraūt of packyng is put out a .xxviii. E. iii. capitulo .xiii.

¶Non shall bring out of this realme woll fell nor ledder to berwyk vppon twede nor scotlond to sell them to no man of scoteland vppō paī of forfetour his lādis to the lord / the same yere. Capitulo .xii.

¶Marchauntes denisins or straūgers robbyd yf the goodis com ī to this land they shall haue [Page cxlv] thē agayn by proues of marchaūtes and by sygnes & cokettes that they shall shewe without o­ther proses of law / and in lyke maner if the shyp be broken commynge to lande i [...] it be no wrecke The same yere. Capitulo .xiii.

¶Noo marchaunt straunger be impleded or inpeched for anothers det wherof he is not suerte sauynge only the letter of marke and the takyng to be in his force. &c. & in case that debate growe betwene vs and lordes of straunge landes yet for that we wyll not that marchauntes of those lādes beyng here be sodēly greued but they shall haue .xl dayes space by proclamacyō to remoue their goodes and lenger if nede require the same Capitulo .xvii.

¶Marchauntes shall not lose their goodes for trespas of their seruauntes excepte thei mys vse their offyce wherin their maister hath put them or in other maner where the maister is bounde to answere for his seruaūt after the law m̄chaūt The same yere Capitulo .xix.

¶Also for asmoche as we haue taken in to ou [...] [...]eccion al marchaūtes straungers it is ordey­ned [Page] that if any greuaunce be made to them out of the staple that the iustice wher the greuaūce is made shall do hasty remedy after the lawe m̄ ­chaūt frō day to day and hour to hour without sewyng to the cōmyn law and he that is cōuict shall yelde doble damage to the marchaunt and as moche to vs. The same yere. ca. xxi.

¶yf a shyp that is freyght toward englande or elles where come in to any parte of englande by tēpest or other fortune they may sell ꝑte of their marchandise the .xxviii. E. iii. the .iii. ca. xiii.

¶where it was ordeined at the last ꝑliam̄t that no m̄chaūt englissh shuld vse but one m̄chaūdi­se. &c.

¶It is a greed that all peple be as free as they were in the tyme of the graūtfader of our soue­reine lord that now is & of his good ꝓgenitours The .xxxviii E. iii. ca. ii. it semeth that this esta­tute repelleth many therfore they be not here wryten for the letter is very generall.

¶Marchauntis as well straungers as denizy [...] may cary all marchandise out of the realme but [Page cxlvi] that denyzyns may cary no woll nor shepe fell / nor golde nor syluer out. The .xxviii. Ed. iii. Ca­pitulo .ii.

¶All marchaūtes alyens of the kyngis amyte may come in to englande without safecondit & abyde as well within fraūches as withuot and they shall sell all maner of wynes in grose by the hole vessel & not by retayle and all marchaūtꝭ as well straūgers as denyzyns shall sel in grose in euery place of england vpō payne of forfeitour & not by retayle excepte cetemyns & bourgesis in theyr owne townes & marchauntꝭ straungers & denysyns shall by & [...]el wares. &c. notwithston­dynge the fraunches to the ꝯtrary & that as wel strangers as denizyns may by woll wol fell and other thynges in fayres and markettes as they were wont to do & if they be dysturbed to sel. &c. that the mayre and baylyffes and other hauyng kepyng of the said franches at the request of the m̄chauntes or other in their name shall gyfe thē remedy / and if they do not and therof be attaynt the fraunches to be seased in the kynges handes and the disturber shal yeld doble damagꝭ / and if the lord or cōstable be therto required and gyue them not remedy they shall yeld doble damage [...] [Page] and the dysturbours in bothe casis shall haue a yeres prysonement and make fyne at the kyngis wyll. The .ii. R. ii. Capitulo .i.

¶Almarchauntis of geane / venis / cateloyn aragon and other londes towarde the west of the kynges amite may brynge to hāptō or elles where in englaud [...] carik / shyppes and frely sell their marchaundise to whom they please / and charge their vessel agayne with marchaundyse of the staple and them bring to theyr contreys toward the west paīg the customꝭ as thoughe thei brou­ght thē to the staple of caleis & to fynde sewerte that they shall brynge them towarde the weste and not to est except to the staple of caleis vpon paine of forfeitour. The .ii. R. ii. ca. ii. ca. iii.

¶The statute of the .ix. yere of. E. iii. be kepte in all poyntes notwithstondinge any statute made to the contrary / and that all marchauntꝭ strā gers and denyzyns may sell all marchaundyse & vytell in grose or by retayl in lōdon & ellꝭ where without disturbaūce of ani minister .xi. R. ii. c.ix

¶The staple be remoued frō cales ī to englāde [Page cxlvii] holden in places therto lymyted. The .xxvii E. iii. and that the same statute be kept in al thynge & ouer that that euery alyen that bryngeth mar­chaundise in to England shal fynde suerte to the customers of the porte wher the marchaundyse shalbe brought to by other merchaundyse ther­fore as wolles / fell / leder led / tyn / butter / chese / clothe and other commodytes of the land. The .xiiii. R. ii. Capitulo .i.

¶Also for euery eschaunge that shall be made at the court of rome or ellꝭ where that the sayde marchaūtꝭ shalbe sworne & be sureli bound ī the chauncery to by within thre monethes after the seyd eschaūge of the said marchaundise here to the some so eschaunged vpon payn of forfetou [...] of the same. The. same yere. Capitulo .iiii

¶Al marchauntes and other of the realme shal freyght theyr marchaundise in the kingis shyp­pes & not in straunge shypꝭ so that owners take resonably for the freyght. Thesame yere cap. vi

¶Marchaūtes straung [...]rs shal by no marchaū dyse within the realme for to sell it there agayne [Page] nor they shal not sel by retayle but vytayle / but they shall sel wynes and spyces. &c. by vesselles and bales hole / & that no spice that is brought in to the realme be after that cōueyed out of the realme nother by alyon nor denyzyn vpon payn of forfaytour. The .xvi. R. ii. Capitulo. primo.

¶Marchauntes straungers shall demeane thē here as denyzyns do beyonde these vppō payn of forfeytour of theyr goodes and imprisonemēt The .v [...] Henry .iiii. Capitulo .vii.

¶All marchauntꝭ & all other cōmyng to the cyty of london shal sel there frely theyr cloth wyn oyle hony war and other marchaundyse & thynges in grose or by retayle as wel to euery one of the kynges lege people as to the cytezyns of lō don. The .vii. Hen. iiii. Cap. ix.

¶But inquyre what pryuylege is graunted syth that tyme to the cyte of london confyrmed by parlyament.

¶Eueri marchaunt straunger may by wolles & cary them to any other place besyde the staple so [Page cxlviii] that he brynge to the maister of the minte of the tower of lōdon for euery sak of wol an ounce of bullyon of gold & in the same man̄ of thre peces of tyn an vnce of bullyon of gold or the val [...]e in syluer vpon payne of forfeytour of the same or the value .viii. Hen. vi. ca. ii.

¶Marchauntes alyens shall not refuse theyr payment in syluer notwithstandynge any coue­naunt to be payed in gold .vi. Hen. vi. ca. xxxi.

¶Also that no englyssh m̄chaunt sel withī this realme to no marchaunt alyō no maner marchaū dyse but onely for redy payment ī money or ellꝭ in marchaundise to be ꝯtent in hand vpō payne of forfeytour of the same / the same yere / the sa­me chapter.

¶marchauntꝭ englysshe may sel theyr clothe to m̄chauntes alyons for redy payment to be made in money or m̄chaundise within .vi. wekis after thesame bargayne without more lōger day gyf­fynge vpon payn of forfaytour of the same.

And this ordynaunce to indure as long as it pleaseth the kynge. The .ix. hen. vi. ca. ii

¶A good ordinaunce was made that marchaū tes [Page] straungers shall not sell theyr marchaūdices to other marchauntes straungers and that they shalbe loged with hostꝭ whiche shalbe pryue to all theyr marchaundises. &c. to in [...]ure for .vi. yer̄ The .xviii. Henry .vi. ca. iiii.

¶marchaundis of the amite of alyons founde in vessels of the kyngꝭ e [...]myes not hauyng safe coundeth within the bourde nor in rolled in the chauncery shall not be restored. The .xviii. Hen vi ca. iiii.

¶marchauntes of gascoyn guyon yreland ger­nesay ierse / goynge & cōmynge by the portes of fowey plimouth d [...]r [...]moth and pole or ellꝭ where be not greued by the officers of the said place with suche charges as they were wonte to be that is to say takynge for euery pese of cres clo­the .iiii.d. and so of other / and euery one that greuyth them contrary to this statute shall for­feyte .xl. pounde / wherof the marcha [...]ntes gre­ued so all haue theyr recouer̄ by wryte of tres­pas yf they take theyr sute within two mone­thes. et cetera. or [...]lles it shalbe lawful to euery one to sue that wyl / & shal recouer the one halfe [Page cxlix] to hym self and the other half to the king the .xxviii. h. vi. cap. v.

¶Euery company of marchauntis straungers shall fynd surete in the chaūcery that they shall conuey no gold nor siluer out of the realme. The .ii. henry .vii. Cap. vii.

¶Marchauntis straungers which be of the amyte of the king and be robbed vppon the see the chauncellor hath power to redresse it the .xxxi. h. vi. Capitulo .iiii.

¶Marchauntis straungers may not retayle theyr marchaundise nor be hostyd with nō but of theyr owne nacion The .i. R. iii. ca. ix. vppon payne of forfetor and that straunger that taketh ony estraunger to host and not of his nacion shall lo [...]e but the statute is repellid the [...]. h. vii. cap. x. saue onely that the kyng shal haue all the aduauntage therof. ideo vide statut.

¶Marchaūntes straungers may not brynge in to this realme certein maners of wares lymyted [Page] in the same statute vppon payne of forfetor the one half to the kyng and the other half to hym that wyll sew bi acciō of det wherin nother wager of lawe esson nor protection lyeth. The .i. R. iii. cap. x. & .xii.

loke the statute of the same effect the .ii. Ed. iiii. Capitulo .vi.

¶Marchaūtes straūgers which bring goodis withī this reame to be sold owght to īploy ther moni in marchaundise of england. & the same l [...] we of marchauntꝭ of yreland gernesey and [...]er­sey vppon pain of forfetor of all theyr goodis within this realme and theyir bodis to preson for a yere also the customer and countroller shal take suerte of eueri marchaūt aforsayd that he imploy his money vpon the goodis of this lād vppon payn aforesaid the .iii. h. vii. cap. viii.

¶The marchaūtis of s [...]eleyard shal haue their auncion lybertes priuilegis vsis and customy [...] of old tyme to them grauntyd and confyrmyd by the kīg [...] & that no statute agaīs theyr liberte extend not to their libertes prouidid that this act be not preiudicial to the mayr shyriffis cy [...] [Page cl] mens and commynalte of london or theyr successours .xix. h. vii. cap. xxiii.


¶No officer of the est marches or west marches from hens fourth attache any person by his bodi in the countes of northomber̄. cumbef westmerland or in the town of new castell by colour of any presentment in theyr courtes. &c. and yf they do it shalbe lauful to such persō to make resistence aud if he be greued by suche attachement he shall haue a writ of trespase wherin he shal recouer treble damagꝭ and ouer that the defendant shal have .ii. yeres presonmēt and shal pay to the kīg .c. s. the iustice of peas of the said coūtis shyrif and lorders of lettes haue power to enquere of such attachementꝭ. The .xxix Hen. vi. capitulo .iii.


¶Letters of marke shalbe where the kyngis [Page] emmyes haue don any contempt agayns any trewse made before this day. where no menciō is made that markis and taking again shall scase and that thei shal haue letters of request vnder the priuey seale and after letterts of mark vn­der the grete seale / Also com­myssioners shalbe made to the wardens of the estmarches and westmarchis to here compleintis of brekīg of trewse of them of scotlād and the marches adioynyng and theruppon they shall make etrters of request or ellis they shall make proclamacion in oppin placys vppon the marches that he that hath done contrary to the trewse shall make restitucion withī tyme cōueniēt or ellis to make letters of mark vnder their seale .iiii. h. v. Cap. vii.

Loke more for mark in the title letters of mark.


¶The makers of chaptirs and congregacions of masons shalbe ponysshid as felōs / and other that come therto shalbe imprisonid and fynyd at the kingis wyll .iii. h. vi. C. i.


¶In a wryt of meane at the distres days shal­be gyffyd within the whych .ii. countes shalbe holdyn with proclamaciō that the meane lord may come at the day in bank and yf he come not / that meane shall lose the seruice of hys tenaunt and lyuing the meane the tenaunt shall answer to the chef lord the same seruice that the meane was wont to do / and yf the tenaunt offer the seruice for the meane the lord shall ta­ke it without takīg any distress. and yf the chef lord aske more thā the meame was wont to do the tenāt shall haue the same excepcion that the meame shuld haue. &c. That is intendid after the foriugement / and yf the shyryf retorn nichill at the somons he shall haue a wryt of attachement and a graund distress. and yf the meane haue no landis in the same counte to be distrey nyd but in a nother counte ther shall an orygy­nall writ go owt in to that coūte with a distres. with proclamacions vt supra / and yet proces shall go in to the furst counte vntyll the distress. with proclamacion and so after proclamacion in euery counte the meane shalbe foriuggid and yf the meane come and knolege the acquitaūce or be adiuggid that he shall acquite the tenaūt and yf he do not acquite him / the tenaunt shal haue a writ iudiciall to distrein the meane to answer [Page] him [...] yf it be found that he did not acquite hym he shal yeld damage to the plaintiff and shalbe foriuggid and yet the tenaunt shall haue his warrantye agains the meane. & cetera. w. ii. C. ix. stude bene statutum.


¶No messengers of the kyng nor other for ani bysynes of the kyng take ani hors or other best agains the wyll of the owner except he shew a sufficient auctorite of the kyng and if he do he shalbe imprisoned tyl he hath greyd with the parte .xx. R. ii. cap. v.


¶Loke for mesures in the title weyghth & me­suris


¶Loke for my prisions in the tytle recordi [...]


¶Money counterfeyt brought in to this realme shalbe forfeit. The .ix. E. iii. cap. ii.

¶The sterlyng halpeny nor ferthyng shall not be molton for to make vessell nor other thinge vppon pain of forfetorand he that wyll sew for the kyng shal haue the .iiii. parte. The .x. E. iii. Capitulo .iii.

¶No grote nor peni of .ii.d. shalbe molte to ma [...]e vessell nor other thyng vppon payne of forfetor and the meltor shalbe impreson tyll he haue paied the kīg the half of that that is molte & y no money of golde nor syluer of scotland nor of other landis be yonde the see shal renne in any payment within this realme but it shalbe brought in bullion to the mint to be turned in to english coyn on paine of forfetor therof and impresonment and to make fyne and raunsom and that none bryng englysh money into scotland to eschaunge for scottish money vppon the same payne.

The .xvii. R. ii. capitulo .i.

[Page]¶Non bryng money of flandres of scotland [...] nor other realmes within this realme vppon payn of forfetor The .ii. h. iii ca. vii.

¶Galey halpens shall not be currant frō hens for vppon payn of forfetour .xi. h. iiii. cap. v.

¶No money of gold shalbe takī but bi weight ix. h. v. Cap. xi.

¶yf golde or syluer in coyne or in masse be founde by the serche or in any shyp or vessell to go out of any port hauyn or kryk of the realme without the kyng is lycence it is all forfayt ex­cept resonable expencis abpro;uyded yt marchaūtis straunge [...]s that sell theyre marchaundyse with in the reame and the half of the half therof re­ceyuyd imployed vppon marchaundyse within the realme that they may cary the other half by the kyngys lycence. The .ii. h. iiii. cap. v.

¶For the incresing of charyte of almys it i [...] ordeynyd that the thyrd parte of all the money of syluer that shall be brought to the bullio [...] [Page cliii] shalbe made in halfpens & ferthynges that is to say the one halfe therof in halfpens & the other halfe in ferthynges and no golde smyth melt no halfp ny nor farthynge of syluer vpon payn of forfeytour .xi. Hen. iiii. Cap. v.

¶He that byeth or bryngeth in to the realme the halfpens called foskins and dodkyns shalbe ponysshed as a felō and he that taketh or paye­th suche money shal lose. C. s. wherof the kyng shall haue the one halfe & he that wyl sew the other halfe & that the iustice of peas maire baylyf & stewardꝭ of letis shal īquyre. &c. & the said mai­res baylyffes stewardes shall sende theyr presētment before the iustice of peas and they shal make proses of vtlary and the sayd matters here & determyn. The .iiii. Henry .v. sta ꝑse.

¶Money shalbe made at yorke or elles where and thes chaūge also by the discreciō of the kynges counselours for the tyme beyng .i h. vi. ca. i.

¶None cary money out of the realme without the kingꝭ lycence to no where but to caleis vpō pain of forfetour except wagis for souldeours & yet they shall haue lycence of the king & m̄chaū ­tis straūgers shal find suerte for their felawship [Page] in the chauncery that they cary none out vt su­pra vppon the same payne. The .ii. h. vi. ca. vi

¶Elākes be voyded out of the realme nor thei shall not be take in paiment vpon the same payn that is rehe [...]sed of galy halfpens .ii. h. v. ca. ix.

¶The maister of the mynt shal receiue of eueri one that bryngeth syluer to the mint after the value vpō pain of doble damage to the ꝑte / & that the coūtroller and the assaier of the mynt be present whiche be cōnig in the craft .ii. h. vi. ca xii.

¶That none bye nor sel no syluer in plate nor pese nor masse beyng of as good alay as the sterlyng aboue .xxx. s. the .li of troy aboue the faciō vppō payn of forfeifour the double value of as myche so bought or sold against this ordinaūce & that the one halfe be forfait to the king is vse & the other half to his vse that wyl sewe therfore & ꝓue the forfeitor ꝓuided alway that thei that goo to the coynage mai haue & take of the mais­ters of the same coyn after that as is laufully cō teyned in the indentures bytwene the kyng and the maister therof made / and also the maister o [...] the sayd mynt for the time beynge may take and [Page cxliiii] delyuer as it is conteyned in the said indenturis without more takynge for the case and profyte of the commyn people. The .ii. Henry vi. Ca­pitulo .xiii.

¶The wardens and mynysters of the mynte shall reseyue plate of golde and syluer by wey­ght and in the same maner delyuer it and not by number. The xxv. Ed. iii. statuto de prodic. Ca [...] pitulo .xx.

¶All maner of gold of the coyne of a souereyn half souereyn ryal half ryal the .iiii ꝑte of a ryal the angell halfe angell beinge hole & of weyght shalbe currant in this realme for the sum thei were coyned for / and also all grotꝭ coined in this realme or in other lādꝭ now currant for .iiii.d. and al halfe grotes coyned in this realme or in other landis now currant for .ii.d. not clypped minys­shed nor other wise impaired and all pens of the kyngꝭ coyne beyng siluer shalbe currant in this realme excepte pens hauynge dyuers spor [...]es or the mullet betwyxte the barres of the crosse the whiche shal be currante / but for halpens onely / & that the mayre or chefe officers of eueri towne or place to inprison or to ponysshe such by their [Page] dyscrecyon that refuse any suche money in any payment and they to be compelled to take it and that all such grotes half grotes and pens of .ii.d. clypped mynysshed or other wyse impeyred ex­cept reasonable weryng shall not be currant but to be forsaken in paiment but thei may bring thē to the mynt and to be chaunged after the custom of the mint. & for auoydynge of clyppynge here aft the kyng hath ordeined new coynes that euery grote & peny shal haue a cercle about the vtt border & that al maner of gold hereafter coyned shall haue the hole scrypture aboute euery pece therof & that the wardē & coūtrollers of the kyngꝭ mynt shal serche & se it be so made ꝑfite before it passe from the mynt vppon payn of forfeitour of their office & to make fyne at the kyngꝭ pleasure & that no ꝑsō cary any bully on plate or coyne of gold or syluer in to yrlond aboue the sōme of vi. s. viii.d nor cōuey it into any ship or bote nor brynge any coyne of gold or syluer of the coyne of yrlond in to this land aboue the some of .iii. s iii.d. vppon payn of forfeitour therof & to haue īprisonment & to make fyne at the kynges plesu­re and that euery man that can sease any suche yrisshe money abou [...] the some of .iii. s. iiii.d. and bryn [...]e it to the kynges mynt shall haue the va [...]e of the one halfe therof delyuered to hym a [...] [Page clv] the sayd tyme by the mayster of the sayd mynt. The .xix. Hen. vii. ca. v.

¶Loke more for money in the tytle of eschaūg of fynours of gold & syluer & or goldsmythes.

¶They that coyne at any mynt within this realme shall make of euery. C. li. of golde as many halfe angelles as a mount to the value of .xx.ii. and of euery. C. li. of syluer plate or bullyon grotes to the value. of and half grotes to the value of pens to the value of / halfpens to the value of .x. marke and farthyns to the value of .v. marke / whiche farthynges shall haue vppon the one syde the print of the porcolyce / & vppon the oth [...]r syde a rose with a crosse and yf any do the contrary / the mayster of the mynte shall forfeite the halfe therof to the kynge the other to hym that wyll sewe / wher [...] wager of lawe esson and proteccyon shall be put out.

¶They that resorte to the mynt wyth bully­on or plate vnder the value aforesayd shal receyue the .x. parte therof in halfepens / prouyded [Page] that this acte be not preiudicial to the mynt maisters of yorke / Caunterbury and durram .xv. H. viii. Capitulo .xii.


¶The recognisans of assise of mordauncestre shalbe alway taken in their countes magna car­ta Capitulo .xii.

¶yf the gardeyn holde the lande aboue the full age of the heyre / the heire shall haue assise of mordauncestre agayns hym and recouer his da­mages from the tyme he was of full age: merle­bre. Capitulo .xvi

¶yf a man dye and haue many heyres wherof one is a sone or doughter / brother or syster / ne­uewe or nece / and the other be of a more lenger d [...]gre than these foresayd heyres they shal haue a wryte of mordauncestre Glouc. ca. vi.

¶yf a woman recouer her dower agayns the gardeyn and he confessithe the accyon or losyth by defaut or pledeth a faynt ple by the which [Page clvi] he recouereth / the heyre when he cometh to ful age shall haue an accyon agayns the woman of the dysseysyn of his auncestour and the woman shal haue here ryght. westm̄. ii. capitulo .iiii


¶yt shalbe lawful to none to sel nor to gyue lā de to any house of relygion and yf any suche gyfte or sale be made it is voyde and the land is forfeyte to the ch [...]fe lorde: magna carta. ca. xxxvi.

¶No regilious presume to receyue or to appropre to hym by crafte or ingyne or bye by the coloure of gyfte terme or other tytle any landes or tenementes whiche by any meanes shulde be mortemayn and yf they do it shall be lawfull to the lorde immedyate within a yere after to enter and to holde the same lande in fee / and yf the lorde entre not within the yere than it shall be lawfull to the nexte lorde aboue within hal­fe a yere after to entre. et cetera. And so euery lorde shall haue his halfe yere / & yf all the lordꝭ [Page] be negligent and be of ful age and within the realme and out of prison. Then the kynge shal sease the landes in to his handes and shall infesse other therof yeldyng to hī certein seruyce for the defence of the realme sauyng to the lordes war­dꝭ r [...]leues eschetꝭ & other (ser)uyce. sta. de religiosis

¶yf any relygyous or spyrytuall ꝑsons impled any that maketh defaut wh [...]rby the land shuld be lost / yet it shalbe inquired by the contrey yf the demaūdāt haue ryght or no & if he haue / thē iugement shalbe gyuen for hym and yf he haue no ryght then the land shalbe forf [...]yt to the next lord of the fee / yf he aske it within the yere & yf not then the next lord aboue if he aske it withī halfe a yere and so euery lord to haue his halfe yere tyll it come to the kynge & euery one of the chefe lordꝭ or any other for the kyng may chalē ge the i [...]rry and the land shal remayne after the iugement be clere in the kinges handes tyll the tenement by the demaundant or sōme chef lord be disprouyd [...] and the sheryffes shalbe charged to answere to the escheker of the issues. westm̄ ii. Capitulo .xxxiii.

¶yf relygyous purchace landes with lycence of the kyng and haue his ad ꝙ dampnū though [Page clvii] he entre by dew processe yet he shalbe put to hys resonable fyne. The .xxvii. E. iii. capitu. iii.

¶In all casis where any be in feffyd or in possessyon other wyse of any landes tenementis a­uousons fees or other possessions to the vse of men of relygyon or other spirituall persones to the intent to mortise them wherof sych persons take the profettis it shalbe done of them as of landis alyenid agaynst the statute of religiosis / and the same law shall be of such possession purchesyd to the vse of gyldis or broderhodys mayres baylyffes and commyns of any town which haue commynalte perpetuall or of other that haue offyce perpetuall / and they that make chyrcheyardis or sepultur̄ perycholl without the kyngis lycence though they haue lycence of the pope yet they shall fall in to the same payne / The .xv. R. ii. capitu. v.


¶Nō shall vse to multiplye gold or syluer nor vse the crafft of multiplicacion and yf he be attaynt therof to renne in to the pain of felonie / v. h. v. Capitulo .iiii.


¶Cytezens and burgeys to whō the kyng o [...] his fader hath graūtyd murage for the inclosing of theyr to wyns & for that murage take other wyse than is to them grauntid that they shall lose that grace for euer and shalbe in the kyngis mercy. w. i. cap. xxxiiii.


Murder shall not be iuggid wher ther is only b [...]t mi [...]fortune mar [...]ebre. Capitulo. xxv. And the kyng therof shall gyff hi [...] pardon.

Ne imustue vexes

¶Non shalbe distreinid to do more seruyce of a knigh [...]is [...]ee nor no oth [...]r fr [...]e hold thā is dew therof. Magna carta. capitulo .x.

Nisi prius

¶A nisi prius is gy [...]f [...]n in assise adiornid vppō a foreyn pl [...]e and also in plees of trespas and in a plee of l [...]nd [...]ft [...]r the discression of the iusti­ce of the one bench or of the other and before [Page clviii] one iustice and a knyght yf both partes ask it. & cetera and the iugement shalbe giffyn in the bench. & cetera and the wryt is expressyd in the statute / and the day of the nisi prius is put ī certeyn in the wryt. w. ii. Cap. xxx.

¶Inquisicions and recognisans shalbe takyn before one iustyce of eythyr benche [...]n the ty­me of vacacion wyth a knyght of the same counte wher. & cetera. Stat de finibus

¶Nisi prius of land which nedyth no grete examinacion shalbe takin in the countrey before .ii. Iustyce or one iustices and a sade man so ther be a c [...]rteyn day gyffyn in the bench and a certeyn day in the contrey / and the iuggement shalbe gyffyn in the bench and yf the iusty­ce come not in to the contrey the partes and they off the inquest shall kepe theyr days in in the bench Stat. Eborum

¶Nisi prius shalbe grauntyd in ple of land as well at the prayer of the tenanut as of the demaundant .ii. E. iii. Cap. xvi.

[Page]¶Nisi prius shalbe in attaint. v. E. iii. ca. vii.

¶Uppon an issu tried in the kyngis bench yf nō of that bench may come [...] the nisi prius shal be than grauntid before the iustice of the com­min place and econuerso. &c. and if non of them may come than before the chef baron yf he be lernyd in the law or before the iustice of assise / so that alwey one of them shalbe a iustice or seriaunt at the law sworn / and that they may record nonsuetis and defautis according to the statute of york. &c. and that the tenure of the record shalbe del [...]ueryd to eyther parte if it be askyd so that ther be no fraude to them nor to the iurrye .xiiii. E. iii. cap. xv.

¶No enquest but assise and deliueraunce of gealys be takyn by nisi prius nor in other maner at the sewt of non before that the namis of all them that shall pass in the enqnest be retornyd xlij. E. iii cap xi.

¶A man shall pay for the commissions of nisi prius in the eschekyr .ii. s. & for the writ of re­cord .ii. s. v. R. ii. Cap. xvi.

¶Nisi prius shalbe grauntid at the praer of the [Page clix] iurrours of any of them at the graundistress [...] retornyd and that as well at the eschekyr as ellis where .vii. R. ii. Cap. vii.

¶Iustice of nisi prius in all casis of felony & treason haue power to gyff iugement inconti­nent / as well wh [...]re they be acquite as attaynte and to ward execucion by and by .xiiii. hen. vi. Capitulo primo.


¶No shyryff of northumberland make colleccion of hedepens vppon payn of. C. li. wherof he that wyll sew shall haue the one half .xxiii. h. vi. Capitulo .vii.


¶Non within the cyte of norwych kepe any worsted sherers in his hows vnder the paī of xl. s. the one half therof to the kyng & the other half to the maire and maisters of the occupaciō and the maisters of the occupacion shall not make non ordinaunce betwē them self but such as the mayres and aldermē of the seid cite shal [Page] thynk necessary for the kyngis subiectis .xix. h. vii. Capitulo .xvii.

Loke more of norwych in the title apprentyce and in the title worsted.


¶The plaintiff shall notbe nonsuyte in no proces after verdet passyd agayns hym .ii. h. iiii Capitulo septimo.


¶Non tenure of percell shall not abate the wryt but for the porcion wherof he pledyth .xxv. Ed. iii Statut de prodic. Cap. xvi.


¶Sicut prius fit breue questus est nobis a. et cetera quod. B. leuauit domum mercatum et alia que sunt ad nocumentum. et cetera. Et si transferat de vna persona in aliā tuncfiet breue sic. quod. B. et. C. leuauerunt. et cetera. w. ii. Capitulo .xxiiii.

[Page clx]¶All wryttis of nusauns callyd vicountyllys shalbe made from hens forth at the election of the playntif in the nature before vsyd or in the nature of assise determinable before the iustice .vi. R. ii. Capitulo .iiii.

¶He that d [...]th ley or cast dong dirt or fylth in the dychys riuers waters or other placys about the cyte of london shalbe callyd by writ befo [...]e the chauncellour at the sewte of hym that wyll complein and shalbe ponisshid by the discression of the chauucellour .xii. Rychar. ii. Capitulo .xiii.


¶If aman intyse a woman sole to make an o­bligacion or recognusaunce promysyng her feyth loue or affiaunce or other lyke / yf after the woman wyll not be gouernyd by hym and yf he do sew the scyd bond / them the woman shall haue a vryt out of the chaunceri direct to the shiriff wher et cetera retornable before the chauncellour / And than yf the parte ay pere not [Page] before them that the chauncellour assynyth to examī it / or yf he appere and yf it befonud before thē thā the obligacion and all the proces the­rof shalbe voyd / and if the shyryff retorn̄ not the wryt he shall lose. C. li.xxxi. h. vi. Cap. ix.


¶No shyryff or other mynyster of the kyng take wagis to do his office and yf he do he shall yeld doble damage. w. i. Cap. xxvi.

¶The chauncellour tresorer the priue seale stiward and chamberlaī of the kyngis hows. the clerk of the rollis the iustice of both benchis the barons of the eschekyr and other that shal be called and ordeinid to name the iustice of peas shyryffis exchetours enstromers countrolers and other officers shalbe sworn̄ that they shall name them without any affeccion or brybery .xii. R. ii. Cap. ii.

¶No eschetour: gaugcor of wines: aulnege out sercher or weyer of wollis or other marchaundise collectour of customes & subsidies whatsoeuer they be or coūtrollers shall haue no es [...] [Page clxi] in their office for terme of lyfe or for yeres / & ani patet made to the contrary shalbe as voyd .xvii [...] R. ii. ca. v. & loke the statute of .xxix. h. v. ca. v.

¶Offycers by patent in euery one of the kingꝭ courtes shal make their clerkes vnder them for whom they wyll answer. The .ii. h. vi. ca. xiiii.

¶Loke how officers of the kynges graūt shal forfeite their offyce dyuers wayes in the tytle of forfeytour.

Oth of the kynge

¶This is the othe that the kyng shall swere at his coronaciō / That he shal kepe & maintein the ryght & the lybertes of the holy church of old tyme graūted bi the righteous cristē kīgꝭ of englā de & that he shall kepe al the landꝭ honours & dignites ryghteous & fre of the crowne of england ī all maner hole without any maner of mynysshe­ment / & the ryghtis of the crowne / hur [...] decay­ed / or lost to his power shall call agayn [...]n to the [...]uncyon estate / and that he shall kepe the peas of the holy church & of the clergie & of the peple with good accord. And that he shal do in al his [Page] Iu [...]ementꝭ equyte and ryght / iustyce with dis­cressyon and mercy. And that he shall graunte to [...]old the lawes and customes of the realme / & to his power kepe them and affyrme them whi­che the folke & people haue made and chosyn / & the euyl lawes and customes holy to put out / and stedfast and stable peas to the people of his realme / kepe and cause to be kept to his power.

Othe of the iustyce.

¶The kynges iustice shalbe sworne that they s [...]all all take fee nor lyuerey of no mā but of the kīg And they shal take gyft / or rewarde of no man that hath to do before them excepte it be mete & drynke of smal valewe / and that they shall gyue counsell to none in the ma [...]ter that may touche the kyng vppon payne to be at the kynges wyll both body and goodes / and that they shal do ryght to eueri man. &c. And the same maner the ba [...]ons of the escheker shall be sworne / and al­so iustyce of oyer determyn̄ and of assise and of gayole delyu [...]re and iustice of peas shalbe sworne before that they haue theyr commyssyons in certeyne fourme as it shall lyke the chaūcellour .xx. Ed. iii. Capitulo. primo.


¶when the goodes of any deed man dyenge in testate being in det to any other & bound therfore cōme to the hādes of the ordinarie to dyspose the ordynaries be bound to answere the det as farre as the goodes of the deed man wyll suffice in the same maner as the executours be bounde yf he had made a testament. w. ii. ca. xix

¶The king shal cause the extorcions of ordinaries to be hard & to be determinid for the takyng of ꝓues of testamentis .xxxi. E. iii. ca. iiii.

¶Also it shalbe lawful for al ordidaries hauīg episcopall iurisdiccyon to ponissh al maner prestes and clerkes & other relygyous ꝑsons wi [...]hin their iurisdiccion that shalbe conuict before thē by examinacion and lawful proces accordynge to the law of holy churche of aduoutry / fornicacyō / incest or other flesshely incontinency by suche prisonment as shal seme thē cōuenient after the qualyte & quantite of their trespas of wiche imprisonment [...]hey shalbe discharged in an accion of fals imprisonment. The .i. h. vii. ca. iiii.

Ordinaunces of bodyes incorporate.

¶That no maister warden or felaship of craft [...] [Page] or maysters of any of them nor any rulers of gyldes or fraternites make no acte nor ordynaunce nor execute non before made in disinheritaunce or dymunycyon of the kynges prerogatyf nor other agaynst the commyn profyte of the people except those ordynaunces be examined and apꝓbate by the chauncelour tresorer or chefe iustice of eyther benches or thre of them or before the iustice of assise in the circute where they be vpō payn of forfeitor of for euery tyme and that non of the same bodyes corporate make ani such ordynaunce to restrayne any ꝑson to sewe to the kinges hyghnes or to his courtes for remedy in their causes nor execute any penalte or ponisshement vppon any person or ani suche sewte to be made vppon payn of for euery tyme. The .xix Hen. vii. Capitulo .vii.

¶Loke more for this in gildes and fraternites.


¶That the mayre of london the mayster & wardens of the craft of talow chaundelers of these me cyte haue autoryte to serche all maner oyles theder brought and truly to serche & ouer see the same oyles that they be not myxt nor altered frō theyr kyndes but good & laufull & that they may [Page clxiii] dampne and cast away all [...]uche oyles defectyf and to commyt all persons defectyfe and vsyng suche deseite to pryson to be ponysshyd by their dyscression aft the lawes & customꝭ of the cite & that the maire gouernours & rulers in euery cyte borowe & corporate towne in england haue lyke power and auctoryte within their iurisdicyon as is aforesayd. The .xiiii. h. viii. cap. xiiii.

Oyer̄ & termyner̄.

¶A wryte of oyer̄ & termyner̄ shall not be graū ted but before the iustice of the one benche or other / or the iustyce in eyre but for grete trespas where hasty remedy is reqnyred. westm̄ .ii. Ca­pitulo .xxix.

¶Iustyce of the oyer̄ & determyn̄ shall make writes into foreyn countes to take them that be indited appelled or outlawed of felony .v. Ed. iii Capitulo .xi.

¶Iustyce of oyer̄ and termyn̄ shalbe named by the courte & not by the partye .xxxiiii. E. iii. ca. i.

¶Iustice of oyer̄ & determyner shalbe sworne ī the chauncery before that the commyssy on be to them delyuered .xx. E. iii. Capitulo .iii


¶The sheryffe shal put in the panell the moost suffycyent nexte & lest suspecte & yf he do other­wyse [Page] he shall yeld to the ꝑte greued his double damages. Articulo super cartas cap. x:

¶The sheryffes and other mynysters shal araie theyr panelles in euery enquest of them that be next nor suspect nor laboured & yf the sheryffe coroners or other do to the contrary thei shalbe ponysshed before the iustice where suche enquest shalbe taken as well agaynst the kynge as the ꝑte and shall yelde damages after the trespas [...] the xxxiiii. E. iii. Capitulo .iiii.

¶Sheryffes shall aray the panellꝭ in assises at the lest .iiii. dayes before the sessyons vpon pain of so that the parte may haue the syght of the panell yf he aske it / and the baylyffes of the fraūches shall make theyr retourne to the shery [...] at the lest .vi. dayes before the cessions vpon the same paī & yet ī al panellꝭ they shalbe put that be nexte and moost suffycyent and not susspect. The .xlii. Ed: iii. Capitulo .xi.

¶Baylyff [...]s offycers nor their seruaūtes shall not be impanelled vpō payn of forfeitour to the parte greued his treble damagis and ouer that .x li. wherof the one halfe shalbe to the kynge and the other halfe to hym that wyll sewe therfore. The .xxiii. Henry .vi. capitulo .x.

¶Enquestes take before the eschetour or commission̄ shalbe retourned bithe sheryf or ellꝭ the [Page clxiiii] escheter or cōmissioner shall lose as wel by examinaciō as by inq̄re .viii. hen. vi. ca. xvi.

¶Especyall assyse shalbe arayed & the panell in dentid deliuered to the ꝑtes [...] vi. daies before the cessions if the ꝑtꝭ aske it / & baylyffes of the fraū ches shall make their retourne to the sheryffꝭ .vi dayes before the cessions: and that vpon payn of forfaytor of euery of them to the kynge. The .vi. hen. vi. Capitulo .ii.

¶No sheryf nor other person shal retourne ani person before the eschetour or cōmissyoner but if he or some other to his vse haue landis and tenementes to the value of .xl [...] s. by yere in the coū te where the enquest shall be taken aboue all charges vpon payn of. C [...] s. for euery that shall be retourned / vylagꝭ. cyties and contrepalentynes be except / for the whiche loke in the title of eschetour. Anno iii. h. viii. cap. ii. Loke in the tyt [...]e of iustice of peas. Anno .iii. h. viii. ca. xii


¶yt is a greed that parlyament shalbe holden euery yere ones yf nede requere .iiii Ed. iii. Ca­pitulo .xiiii.

[Page]¶A ꝑliam̄t sōmoned bi the leuetenaūt whē the kyng is ouer the see shall not be dyscontynued / though the kynge come a gayn duryng the ꝑlyament .viii. h. v. c. i. The knightꝭ & the sheriffꝭ may trauers the enquestes wher by it is found befo­re the iustyce of assyse that the knyghtes were euyll retorned to the parlyament .vi. h. vi. ca. iiii.

¶At the next court aft the delyuery of the wryte proclaymacyon shalbe made in the hole coūte of the day & place of the parlyament / and the names of them chosen wryten in an indenture and annexed to the wryt vnder the seales of the chosers & this clause shalbe ī the wryt / Et eleccionē tuā ī pleno com̄ tuo factā distincte & aꝑte sub si­gillo tuo & sigillis eo (rum) qi eleccōi illi inter fuerint nobis in cancellar̄. &c. The .vii. h. iiii. ca. xv.

¶The iustyce haue power to inquyre of the assises if the sheryf make retourne contrary to the said eleccion / and yf it be so found by inquest or by dewe examinacion. The shyryf shall renne in the [...]ayne of C. li. to be payed to the kynge and the knightes shal lose their wages. The .xi. henry .iiii. capitulo. primo.

¶Non [...] shalbe chosen knyghtis in the ꝑlyam̄t [Page clxv] except they be dwellyng in the same coūtes the day of the date of the wryt of somonis of the perlyament. and that in the cytes and borowes ther be cytezyns and burgeyses chosyn that be dwellinge and free in the same cytes and bo­rowes. The .i. henry .v. capitulo primo.

¶The chosers of the knightis of the shyre of the ꝑliament shalbe of thesame shyre that may dispēd .xl. s. by yere and the shyryf shall retorn hym hat hath moost voyces by indēture sealyd betwyne hym and the chosers vppon payne of. C. li. and a yeres imprisonement. and the Iustice of assise shall inquyre therof and it semeth that the iustic [...] of the assise shall gyfe iugement theron and that mencion be made of this ordynaunce in the wryt for the chosynge of them. The .vii [...] henry .vi. capitulo .vii.

¶If any assaut or affray be made vppon the lordis knyghtis of the counte cytyzens [...] or burgesys comyng to the parliament or to the councell or there b [...]yng attēdaūt / that there shalbe proclamacion made by .iii. seuerall days on the most opyn placis of the town where the assaut or affray is made that he come and render him sellf before the king in his benche within a [Page] quarter of a yere after the proclamacion if it be in the terme tyme ensuyng the sayd quarter / and if he come not he shalbe attaīt & shall gyf double damagis & shall make fyne at the kingis pleasure / And if he come and befound culpable by examinacion or other wise he shall gyff dama­gis [...]t s. Anno. xi. H. vi. ca. xi

¶The shyryffis of euery counte for the tyme being at the next counte after that the wryt comyth vnto thē for the leuey [...]xp [...]sis of the knyghtis shall make opī ꝓclamaciō that the coroners & euery chefe cōstable of the ꝯtrey of the sayd cofites & the baylyffis of euery hundred or wapentake & all other that will be at the [...]essing of theyr w [...]gis that he be at the next coūtie to assesse theyr seyd wagis. And that the shyryf vnder shyryf coroners or baylyffis for the tyme being shalbe there at the same tyme vppon the payn of .xl. s. and that then the shyryff or vnder shyryff in the presens of thē & of the su [...]ers of the coūte shall sesse eueri hūdred that is to be assessyd by hym selff so that the hole somme that shalbe sessyd shall not excede the somme which shalbe payd vnto the knyghtis / and af [...]er that they shall sesse euery town in the s [...] me [Page clxvi] hundred so that all the sayd townys with in the sayd huudred excede not the somme. & ce. and yf they sesse any hundred or town other wise or do levey any money contrary to this they shall forfet for euery defaut to the kyng and to euery one that will sew in that case

¶And that the shyryff well and duly leue [...] the sayd sommis as hastely as he well may and delyuer them vnto the knyghtis according vnto the wryttis for that made vppon the same pain And that he that will sew in that case shall haue for his accion scire facias agaynst him that offēdyth and if the deffendant duly warnyd make defaut or appere and is conuyct that the playntyf shall recouer to his vse besidis the with treble damagis for the costis of the sute and that the iustices of the one bēch & of the other iustice of assise gayll deliuere and iusticis of peas may inquere here and determyn the premysses aswell at the sute of the king as of the partie / and that in euery wryte to leuey the wagis of the knyghtis this act shallbe e [...] ­prest. anno. xxiii. h. vi. cap. xi.

[Page]Euery shyryf after the deliuere of any such wryt to hym made shall make and deliuer with out ani fraud a sufficient precept vnder his seale to euery mayre and baylyf or to the baylyff where no mayre is of cytes and boroughy [...] in his counte recytyng the sayd wryt commaunding them by the sayd precept if it be a cyte to chose by the cytyzens o [...] the sayd cyte citezēs and in lyke maner if it be a borugh by the burgesys to chose burgeysis to come to the parlyam̄t and that the said mayris and baylyffis or baylif where no mayre is / shall retorn truly the sayd precept to the said shyryff by endēture betwen the sayd shiriff and them and the namys of the sayd cytyzens and burgesis by them chosyn and vppon that that euery shyryff make good & r [...]ghtfull retorn of sich wryt and of euery re­torn made to him By the mayre bailyffis or bailiff where no mayre is and that euery shyryff at euery time that he doth the contrary of this statute or of any other statute for the eleccyon of the knyghtis cytyzens or burgesis comyng to the parliament before thys daye made shall ro [...] n [...] in the payne in the stat [...]te made the .vi [...] yere of the k [...]ng that nowys.

And besydis that shall pay to euery ꝑson that after this shalbe chosē knyght cytyzen or bourges [Page clxvii] in his count [...] to come to any parlyament & is not duly retornyd or to any other person that in the defaute of any such knyght cytimen or burges will sew. C. li. and the executours or administratours shall haue theyr accion aga­ynst the sayd shyryff to demaunde and to haue the sayd / C. li. with theyr costis in that case su­steynyd & that insuch acciō taken the deffēdāt shall not wage his law of the forsayd dette in no man [...]r / & that no deffēdaūt ī such acciō shall haue any essoyn / and lyke wise at euery tyme [...]hat the mayre and baylyff or baylyf where no mayre is to retorn other thā them which be chosen by the cyteyzens and burgesse of the cytyes and borows where such elecciōs be they shall [...]onne in the payn an forfait to the king of and forther they shall forfet and pay to euery one which is chosen by cytyzens and burgesis to come to the parliament and not by the may­ [...]ys and baylyffis retorned or by other person which in the defaute of such cytezein or bur­gesse so chosyn will few wherof euery of [...]he cytyzens and burgesis so greuid seuerally or any other person which in theire defau [...] will [...]ew shall haue his accion of det agains euery of the sayd mayrys and baylyffis or bailyf whe [...] no mayre is & agains theire executours and [Page] admynystratours to ask and to haue of euery of then with his costis in that case susteynyd and that in such accion of det taken by for [...]ce of the sayd estatute no deffendant shall wa­ge his law of the sayd dett nor shall haue no maner of essoyn / And that euery shiryf which makyth not dew election of the knyghtꝭ to co­me to the parlyament in tyme conuenyent. [...] euery shyryf in playn counte betwen the hou [...]re of .viii. and the houre of .ix. before no [...]ne without colusion in this party / & euery shy­ryff which makyth not good and trew retorn of such eleccions of knyghtꝭ to come to the parlia [...]ment in tyme to come / as to them perteynyth i [...] maner and forme be forsayd shall forfayt to the kyng. C. li. and shall ronne in the payn of. C. li [...] to pay to him that will sew against hym his exe [...]cutours or administratours or for that cause by way of accion of det with his costis in that [...]ti dispēdid without wagīg of his law of the sa [...]yd det or to haue ani essoī as before is sayd It is purueyd alway that euery knight cytyzē or burgesse to come to the ꝑlyam̄t ī tyme to come to be holden in dew forme chosē & not retornid as before is sayd and beginnith his accion of [Page clxviii] det afore aid within .iii. monithis after the said parliament begon to procede in the sayd sute effectually without fraude and yf he do not so than an other which will sew the said accion of det as is before sayd to hane it & to recouer the same sōme with his costis in that party susteynyd in maner and forme before sayd so that no deffendaunte in suche accion shall not wage his law nor there shalbe no essoyn in no maner as is before rehersyd and if any knyght cytyzen or burgesse in time to come retornyd by the shiriff to come to the parlyament in maner before sayd aft such retorn made be put out by any person ād a nothere put in his place which doth take vppō hī to be knight cityzen or burgese at any parliamēt in tyme to come he shall for­fait to the king. C. li. &. C. li to the knight cityzē or burgesse that is so retornyd by the shiryff and after put out as is before sayd / and he so put owt shall haue an accion of det of the sayd. C. li. against such persons so put in his place or agaynst his executours or admynystra­tours prouyded alway that he shal begyn his sute within .iii. monithis after the parliament begō [Page] and yf he do not he that will sew shall haue the acciō of det of the sayd. C. li. And that no deffendant in such case shall wage his law nor shall haue no esson / and that such. proces shal be in thos [...] accions aforesayd as ī a writ or trespas done agaynst the pease of the comen law / so that those kny [...]htis of the shirys for the parliament to be chosen shalbe notable knyght is or ellis notable esquyers or gentilmen of the sayd countres as be able to be knyghtis and no man to be such knyghtis which is vnder the degre of a yeman. Anno. xxiii. h. vi. cap. xv.

¶None shalbe put to ansuere in the parlyam̄t nor ellis where of matters determinyd by iugement but theyr iugemētis shalbe in force vntill thei be reuersid by errour or attaynt. Anno .iiii. h. iiii. Cap. xxiii.

¶Loke for the expensys of knyghttes of th [...] shyre and how they shall be leu [...]yd in the tytl [...] of expensys for knyghtes of the shyre.

[Page clxix]¶Loke more of parliament and how the she [...]yf [...]nd other shall do in the sayd eleccyōs. the .xxi. Hen. vi. ca. xv. other statutes their be concernynge the parlyament / but bycause they be but syl­dome in vre therfore I make no menciou of thē here at this tyme.

¶That no knightꝭ of the shyre cytezin nor bu [...] [...]ys nor barous of the synke portes departe frōe the parlyament nor absent thēselfe frome it tyll it be ended or prorogid without licēce of the speker and cōmyns in the parlyament whiche lycē ­ce be entered of recorde in the boke of the clerke of the cōmyn house vppon payne to lose theire wagis / and the shyres cytes and borowes ther of to be dyscharged for euer. The .vi. Hen. viii. Capitulo .xvi.

Payn harde and strayt

¶yf felons of ill fame wyll not put them selfe vnder thenquest before the iustices at the suyte of the kynge that they shalbe put in prison strey [...]ht & hard as they whiche refuse the law of the lāde / but this is not vnderstand of thē which be [...]aken for lyght suspeccyon. w. i. ca. xij.


¶Loke for the kyngꝭ pardon the .v. h. viii. cap. viii & .vii. h. viii. ca. viii. & .xv. h. viii.


¶Thershal no more be paied for passage at the portes than was wont / and the iustyce of assyse shall ponysshe them that do the contrary as wel at the sewt of the kyng as at the parte & the con­stables and baylyffes may redresse suche defau­tes at euery mannes sewt that complayneth the iiii. Ed. iii. Capitulo .ix.

¶Passage shall not be but at Douer on payne of imprysonment of a yere [...]x. E. iii. ca. ix.

¶Lycence shalbe graunt for passage out of the realme at the portes of london / sandwich suth. plymmouth / dartmouth / douer brystvyt yermo [...]th / saint botulff kingston vpon hull new castel vpō tyne & other portis & passagꝭ toward yrelād and the yles parteynyng to the realme only an [...] he that passith without lycēce shal forfeyt al [...] goodes and the shyp to be forfeyte where in [...] passith but lordes knowen / marchaūtꝭ and th [...] kynges so [...]dears be except by this statute. The .v. R. ii. Capitulo .ii

[Page clxx]¶Passage of pylgryms and other saue only in̄ ­chaūtis soudears and men of armes shall be at plymmouth and [...]ouer only but a man may pas in to yrelande where hym lyste. The .xiii. R. ii. Capitulo vltimo.

¶No pylgryme marchaunt beest nor hors may passe in kent but only at douer and he that d [...]th the ꝯtrary shall forfeyt .v. marke / and that [...]uery [...]re man of the same towne or castell shall haue [...]n accyon of dette agaynst the offender vppon this acte and proces of vtlary and also he may haue an accyon of dette agaynst the mayster of the shyp & ꝓces of v [...]lary. The .iiii [...] E. iiii. ca. x.


¶Patenmakers shall ma [...]e no patens nor clogges of aspe vpon payne of. C s. for euery tyme [...]nd he that wyll sew for the kyng shal haue the one halfe. The .iiii. henry .vi. cap. iii

¶Patenmakers notwithstondynge the statute of the .iiii. h. vi. may make pat [...] ̄s of that parte of [...]he aspe wherof no shaf [...]ꝭ cā be ma [...]e but if they [Page] do the contrary they shall lose .xl. s. the one half to the kyng and the other halfe to hym that wyl sew therfore. The .iiii E. iii. ca. ix.


¶Patentis by the kynge of landes and tenemē tes rentes offyces annuites and other profettes what so euer / where there is no expresse menci­on made in their petycion of the valewe of the thinge. et cetera. And also of that / that they ha­ue of the kynges gyfte or of his progenytors be voyde. The .i. Henry .iiii Capitulo .vi.

¶They shal make no mencion but of that that they haue of the gyfe of the kynge or of. E. his graūt father or of. R. or. E. late prynce of waly [...] or of. I. late duke of lancastre / and as to the profettes of goodes and catellis thei shall make n [...] mencyon except it amount to the sōme of. C. [...] excepte wardes. &c. and as to confyrmacyons to be made of any graunt of the kyngꝭ progenito [...] rs that nowe is [...] it is nede to make suche me [...]cyon as it semeth by the statute. The .ii. Henry iiii. Capitulo .ii.

[Page clxxi]¶The king and the kynges chyldren be except in the sayd statutis. The .vi. Hen. iiii. ca. ii.

¶Patentis of the elder date shall be fyrst payd but the proferres shall be preferred. The .vii. Henry .iiii. Capitulo ii.

¶Patentꝭ shall bere date the day that the warrant is delyuered to the chauncellour & not before and that daye shall be entred in the chaūcery of recorde / and yf it bere date otherwyse it is voyde. The .xviii. Henry .vi. Capitulo .i.

¶Patentis of landes or tenementes before the kinges tytle be found bi inquisicion in the chaū cery or escheker retourned of recorde / and patē ­tis made within a moneth after the same retour [...]e if it be not to him or them that tendeth the tra [...]ers and offeryth to take it to ferme after the statute of the .viii. h. vi. be voyd. the .xviii. h. vi. c. vi. The statute of. anno. viii. speketh not but of pa [...]entis of fermis / and therfore this statute speke­th of all maner patentis generally. &c.

¶Patentis made to collectours gaugeours of wynes customers coūtrollers sercheours aulne [...]eours fynders and wayers for terme of lyfe be [Page] voyde. The .xiiii. R. ii. ca. x. lyke lawe is if it befor term [...] of yeres. The .xvii. R. ii. ca. v.

¶patentis made by the kynge or his prodeces­sours to any person to be dyscharged of collec­tour of dysmes or payment of dysmes ben voyd The .iiii. h. vii. Capitulo .v.

¶patentis made to fosters of ynglewod be voyde except them that be made to the lord dacres [...] this statute shal not be preiudiciall to henry the Erle of northumber. The .iiii. h. vii. ca. vi.

¶Patentis made to gromes and yomen of the kynges chambre whiche attend [...] not vppon the kynge shalbe voyd. The .iiii. h. vii. ca. vii.

¶Letters patentis made by the kynge to any person to geder custome / or toll vppon sta [...]es brydge sha [...]l be voyde. The .i. Henry .viii. Capi [...]tulo .viij.

¶Loke more for patentꝭ in the tytle lettters p [...]tentis and forfeytour.


¶yt behoueth that a man in his peticion to the kynge shewe the value of the thinge that he de­manndyth. The .ii. Henry .iiii. Capitulo .ii.

Piers of the realme.

¶No fre mā shalbe takē īprisoned or disseysed of his freholde / nor we shal not go vpō hī but by the lawful iugemēt of his piers [...] magn̄ catt. c x [...]vii. ¶women of estate whether they be wed­ded or syngle shalbe adiugid as piers of the real me in lyke maner. Anno. xx. Henry .vi. Capi­tulo .ix.


¶No accyō shalbe brought in court of pepou­deis but only of actꝭ that begyn within the fay [...]e and at the tyme of the fayre / and also within the iurisdicciō [...] / & vpō that the defendāt in the acciō shal put the plaītif to swere vpō a boke whether the thyng began within. &c. vt sup̄. & aft the defendaūt may pled in a batement of the playnt and to tend the issewe that the same cōtract trespas or other act cōteyned in suche declaracion [Page] was not begon nor done within the tyme of the fayre and within the iurysdyccion but without the tyme or at other placꝭ out of the iurysdicciō and yf it be so foūd or yf the playntyf refuse to make suche oth then the defendaūt shalbe dys­charged & the playntyf shal take his sewt at the cōmyn law if he list & if ani steward or gouerner of courtꝭ do the cōtrari he shal lose. C. s. the on [...] halfe to the kynge and the other halfe to hym that wyll sewe by accyon of det prouyded that this acte be not preiudycyall to the bysshop of durham and his successours. The .xvii. E. .iiii. ca ii. to endure to the nexte parlyament. This statu [...]e is made perpetuall. The .i. R. iii. ca. vi.


¶That no person vsyng the craft of pewterer [...] & brasyers frome hens forth shal sell or chaunge any pewter or bras in any place but in open markettes or in theyr dwellyng housꝭ except thei be desyred by the byers vppon payne of euery de­faute .x [...]li. and that none caste nor worke any pewter or bras except it be as fyne metal as that that is wrought in lōdon after the statutꝭ of the same cyte nor none suche put to sale vpon pay [...] [Page clxxiii] of forfeytour therof and that non make no holowe ware of pewter callid ley mettall excepte it be after the trewe assise of ley mettall wrought in the cyte of lōdō And the makers shall put theyr owne seuerall markes therō vppō payne to the sayd makers of the forfetor of the same ware or elles the valew therof the one half of the sayd forfetor to be to the kīge and the other to hym that fyndeth it / and that non vsyng by eng and sellynge of pewter or bras occupy fals weyghtes or beames vppon payne of .xx. s. and forfeiting his beames to hym that will seise it. [...]xx. s. the one half therof to the king & the other half to hym that wyll sew by acciō of dett wherin nother protection nor esson shal lye / and if the offenders be not able to pay the sayd some than the mayre baylyffis or other officers whe­re he is so founde to put hym in the stockes tyll the next market day and thā and there to be put on the pylory all the market tyme and also that [...]aysters and wardens of pewterers or hed of [...]ycers in euery cyte and borowe to assyne a cer [...]en person experte in knowlege to make serch [...]herfore / and also the Iustice of peasse in euery hyre at the generall sessions at my chelmas to as [...]yne .ii. persons to make serch elles where tho [...]w the hole shire for such vnlawful pewter or [Page] brasse the one half therof so found forfayt to be to the kīge the other half to the sayd sercher and th [...]t in defaute or negligence of such maysters and wardens that thē euery other person hauing cunnyg therin by ouer syght o [...] the said mayris baylyffis or officers to make serche and to put thys act in execucion the .xix. henry .vii. ca. vi. to endu [...]e to the next parlyamēt. But this act was confyrmyd the .iiii. h. viii. ca. vii. And ouer that then enactyd that if any dyssayuable metall or worke manshyp of tyn or pewter be found in dysshes or in any vessell sponys candil styckys or other suche ware that the mayre ballyffys and hed offic [...]rs of cites and townes and b [...]rowes shall assigne cert [...]n p [...]rsons hauynge knowlege therin to make serche of sych new wares and so found d [...]ctif in the possession of the seller to be forfayte the one half to the kyng the other halfe to the sercher or finders prouyded that this act cōcernyng the forfetor be not preiudycyall to any person hauyng graunt of th [...] kyng by patent of such forfetor but that he may inioye the same graunt the .iiii. h. viii. ca. vii


¶The letters patentis of the corporacion of [Page clxxiiii] phesicions made to Iohan chamber Thomas linacre Fernand de victoria Nicolas halsewell Iohan frauncoys and Robert yaxley. The .x. yere of the king that now is be confirmid / and the s [...]id vi personis as principalys chosing to them .ii. other of theyr cōmynalte from heus forward be callyd electis and that they yerely shall chose one of them to be president of the seyd commynalte / and the suruiours of the electis within .xl. days after the deth of any of them shall chose a nother able person expert in the faculte to supply the rome and nombre of .viii. personis so that he be by the seyd superuisours examynyd and approuyd .xvi. h. viii. ca. v.

&Non be suffred to excersice or practise phy­syk in englond except he be examynyd at londō by the seyd president and .iii. of the seyd electꝭ [...] to haue letters testimoniallis therof except he be a graduate of oxford or cambryge whych hath accomplysshid his forme without grace. Eod. anno. Cap. x.

¶That no ꝑson within the cyte of londō nor vii myles of the same occupi as phesiciō or surgyō except he be apꝓbath by the bysshop of lō [...]on or deane of powles callynge to hī .iiii. doc­tors [Page] of phesyk and for surgery other expert persons in that faculte vppō payne of forfetor for euery moneth the one half therof to the kī ge the other half to hym that wyll sew by accyon of det wherin nother wager of law nor proteccyon shall be alowed and that no person in any other place occupy as phesycyon or surgiō except he be approbate by the bysshop of the dyosyce or by his vycar generall callynge to hym syche expert persons therin as he shall thī ke conuenient and geffinge letters testimonyall to hym that they shall so approue vppon lyke payn to be leuyd as is before sayd Prouyded that this act be not preiudiciall to oxford or ca­mebryge or to any priuileges grauntid to them. The .iii. h. viii. cap. xi.

Playes and gamys

¶Laborers and seruaūtys that vse dyse and other sych gamis shall haue imprisonment of .vi. dayes / and the sheryff mayrys bailyffys and cō stables haue power to execute it frō tyme to tyme. and if they do not the sheryffmayre or balyffis shall forfeyt to the kynge for euery defaut [...] [Page clxxv] xx. s. and the constable .vi [...] s. viii. d and the iustyce of assyse haue power to inquyre of theyr defautis and to certyfy it in to the chauncery. The .xi [...] h. iiii. cap. iiii.

¶Noo gouern [...]r of howse tenement or gardein suffer wyllyngly any person to occupy to plaie at the classh keyles halfe bowle handyn hād out or quekbourd vppon payn of imprisonment by .iii. yeris or to forfeyt to the kynge or to the lord of the fee that hath catall. felon̄. & fugit the one halfe therof to the kynge or to the lorde before sayd and the other halfe to hym that wyll sew by acciō of det where proces of vtlary shall lye and the parte that playeth shall ha­ue imprisonment of .ii. yeris and shall forfeyt the one half to the kinge or lord and the other to hym that wyll sew therfore by accion of det &c. The .xvii. E. iiii. cap. iii.

¶No apprentyce nor seruaunt of husbādry laborer nor seruaunt artyficer play at the tablis tē nyse dyse / cardis / bowlys nor at none other vnlawful game owt of the tyme of Crystmas but for mete and drynke and in cristmas to playe onely in the dwelling howse of his mayster or [Page] in the presence of his mayster. and he that doth other wyse shalbe put in the stockys openly by a hole day and that the howsold where such vnlawfull gamis be vsyd be presentyd before the iustice of p [...]ase and the mayre or sheryf in hys tyme or stywardis or lete and no lesse fine be set than .vi s. viii.d and lyke proces shalbe made a­gains hym as is in an enditemēt of trespas and the iustice of pease wherof one shall be of the quorum to reiecte and put a way all vnlawfull al [...] howses by their dyscressiō. The .xi. h. vii. ca. ii. and the .xix. h. vii. cap. xii.


¶All plees in eueri court of england shallbe pledid shewed defendyd ansew [...]d debatid and iuggyd in the englys tonge. and that they shalbe en [...]erid and in rollyd in latyn.

The .xxxvi. Ed. ii. cap. vltimo.

Pore men.

¶It is agreed that pore men that haue cause [Page clxxvi] to sew by the discressyon of the chaūceller shal haue wryttes oryginall & sub pena owt of the chauncery with out any thyng payng and a clerke assyned by the chaunceller to wryt such writtys and also he shall assygne counsell and attorneys to thē. & cetera. And when such a wryt is retorned before the king in his bench the iusty­ce there shall assy [...]ne them counsell attorneys and other offycers necessarys that shall do all thynges for them requysyte without any thīge takinge et cetera. And the same lawe shall be holden in all courtys of recorde.

The .xi. h. vii. capitulo .xii.


¶He that payeth to the pope for the fyrst fru­tys more than is wont to be payd shall forfay­te to the kynge all that euer he may forfayt.

The .vi. h. iiij. Capitulo .i.


¶No prechers shall prech without licence of [Page] the ordynary of the place / except personis priuylegid and curatis withī theyr ꝑissh .ii. hē. iiii. Capitulo .xv.

prerogatyf of the king

¶we shall not haue the custody of any land which is holden of an other by reson of any land which is holden of vs in socage or petyt seriaūtye or fee ferme but that fee ferme which makyth knyghtis seruis / Magna carta. Capitulo vigesimo quarto.

¶yf the kingis tenaunt hold any land of hym in chief by knightis seruyce he shall haue the ward of that and of all the landis holden of hī and of other for what so euer seruice. &c. if he dye seysyd except the fee of the byshop of canterbury and the byshop of durham the kyngis prerogat regis. Capitulo .i.

¶Also he shall haue the mariage of the heyr if he hold of eschet in the kingis handis / or he shall haue the mariage by reson of the keping hauing no respect to the furst fefement though he hold of an other. cap. ii.

[Page clxxvii]¶Also he shall haue the furst seysyn after the deth of them whych hold of hym in chy [...]f of all the landis of which they dyed seysyd of whō so euer they hild. ca. iii. It semyth that he shall haue the furst seys [...] though they hold of hym but in socage

¶Also he shall haue the furst of all the landis whych be holden of hī in chief and that is vnderstand of landys and fees whych by reson of knyghtes fee of (ser)īantꝭ f [...] or by the law were wont to be ī the kynges handꝭ m̄lebrige. ca. xx [...].

¶Also he shall assinge to wydows of such tennātes theyr dowres though theyr heyrys be of full age / and if such widows mary them self without lycence. &c. he shall seise all theyr land til they make fyne at his wyll

¶Also women that hold of the kyng in chief. of what age so euer she be shall swere that they shall not mary them self wythout licence. &c. & if they do the landes shalbe taken into the kingꝭ hādes vntyll they haue made satisfaccion at his plesure. ca. iiii. loke how this is put in vre

¶Also if inheritaūce which is holden of the kyng in chief do discend to ꝑten̄s then all shall make homage / and the inheritaunce shabe ꝑted among them so that eūy for theyr ꝑte shall hold of the kyng [...] ca. vj.

[Page]¶Also i [...] a woman befor the deth of her auncestors which hild of the kīg ī chief before yeris mariable be maried thē the kīg shall haue the custody of the body of that womā vntill the age that she may consent and then that she shall chose whether she will haue that man that she furst maryed or an other that the kyng shall appoynt for her ca. vii.

¶Also non holdyng of the kyng in chief by knyghtes seruice may alyen part of his landꝭ except of the resydew mai be made seruice &c. wythout the kynges licence. &c. ca. viii It is sayd that he cannot alyen any ꝑty without lycence &c. the same law is though the land be hold in chife by socage as it is sayd

¶Also of chirchis which be voyd of whō the aduousons long to the king and other haue presentyd so that there is a contention betwene the king and other if the kyng by consideracion of the court hath recoūid his presentacion though / that the syx monythis be past no tyme [...] shall roun whyle that neuer thelas the king di [...] present within the sayd tyme of syx monythis / ca. ix

[Page clxxviii]¶Also the king shall haue the custodi of al natral folys taking the ꝓfettes of theyr landꝭ wyth out wast of whose fee so euer it be / and after the deth of them shall yeld it to the next heyres so that by the same folys the landꝭ no wise shal be alyenyd. ca. x.

¶Also he shall ꝓuyd of the landꝭ of them that be lunatyk. &c that they may be kept wythout wast so that he and his household may be conpetētly susteynyd and the resydew shalbe kept to theyre vsis when they come to good memory and wythin the seyd tyme it shall not be sold & yf they dye in such estate thā the residew therof shalbe discributyd for the soulys of them by the counsell of the ordinarye. ca. xi

¶Also he shall haue wrek of the [...]ee thorow out all the reame and whallys and s [...]rgeons / takyn in the see or in elles where wythin eng [...]lond except [...] in placys preuylegyd by the kyng capitulo .xii

[Page]¶Also he shall haue eschetys of landes of normans of what fe so euer they be sauyng the seruis that ꝑteiīth to the lordꝭ of the fee cxiii this word eschete is intendyd as well of landes for faite bi porchase as of the landꝭ of any of them

¶yf the kyngꝭ tennant dy [...] & his heyre entre wythout sewyng lyuē &c. ther is no fre hold growyn vnto hym and yf he dyeseysyd by the same tyme / his wyfe shall haue no douer of the free hold. &c. but that is not vnderstād of socage and of small tenuris. c.xiiii.

¶also he shal haue eschetꝭ of the lādꝭ of freholders of archebysshopis & byssoppis when theyr tenanntꝭ be cōdempnyd for felonye don in the tyme of vacacon whyle theyr tēꝑaltes were in the kynges handes to gyf it to whom that he wyll for eū sauyng the (ser)uyce which to the sayd plates therof belongyth & hath be wont be don c. .xv.

yf the kyng graunt a maner or lād with the pu [...] tenūces the knyghtꝭ fees the aduousones of / churchis with theyr gyftes shall not pass except that expres mencyon of thē be made .c.xvi.

[Page clxxix]¶Also he shall haue the goodes of felonꝭ cōdempnyd and fugytyue wher so euer they be found and yf they haue landes holdyn of other men the kyng shall haue the yere d [...]y & the wast [...]. c. [...] thā they shall be delūed to the lordꝭ &c ca v [...]timo

¶yf any man hold of any eschete as of the ho / +nour of wallīgford &c his heires shall giff no nother releue nor other seruice than he shuld do / to a baron yf it were in a baron his handes magna carta cxxxi.


¶The kyng shall take no tytlē of presentacion to no benefyꝭ ī an other his right of no tyme of his ꝓgenitours nor non that the p̄larꝭ no [...] iuggis shall do execuciō therof sauyng to the kyng and his ꝓgenitors p̄sentmētꝭ in others ryght in hys own tyme .xxv. E. iii. statnto d [...] clero c.i.

¶Before that the kyng make collac or presenmēt ī a nothyr his ryght

[Page]The title shalbe well examynyd / & if it be found nor trew the sayd collacion or p̄sentmēt shalbe repellyd / and the patron or the clerk shall haue possession and as many wryttes of the chauncery as he wyll .xxv E iii. Statut de clero

¶The persente of the kyng shall not be admyttyd to the church that is full of an encombent tyl the kyng hath recoūyd his presentacōn by ꝓces of the law .x. R. ii. C. primo

The encōbēt so put out shall cōmēce his suite when he wyll .iiii. h. iiii. ca. xx.


Loke for priorite in the tytle wardꝭ w .ii. C xvii


¶Somōuis and attachmētꝭ in ple of land shall coteyn the space of xv days at the lest after the cōmyn law yf he be not attachyd in assise in the presens of the kyng or in ꝑle before the iusty [...] [Page clxxx] In eyre &c. articuli super cartas ca. xv. and for that cause in the kynges bench they makcatta­chemētes ī viii. days or more or lesse & that is by this statut

¶They that be appellid by ꝓuours before the iustyce of geale de [...]yūe shalbe put in the geale wythin the same counte where they dwell and yf they put them on the contrey they shall send to the shyryf where the felony was to make the Iurre to appere statut. de appellatis .xxviii. E. primi.

¶Iustyce of peas or other determyner shall send capias for them that be indyted of felonye and an alias and in that shall be expressyd that the shiriff shall seise all his goodꝭ saue [...] to kepe & yf he than retorn a nichill / than an exigent xxv. E. iii. de ꝓuic C. xiiii.

¶yf the baylyffes that shuld accompt haue no thyng to be dystreynyd the parte shall haue attachement for his body m̄lebryg C. xxxiii. and ꝓces of [...]tlary is gyuin ī the same accion w. ii C xi

[Page]¶ꝓces of vtlary is gyf [...]yn in dett detinue and takyng of bestꝭ as well as in accompt xxv E. iii de ꝓuic. C. xvii.

Utlary of felony and treasondon by men of tyndall and examshyre shalbe made at the commyn law and excutyd in the same fraunches by the mynysters of the same fraunches .ii. h. v.c.vii. And lyke remedy is giffin for mē of ryddesda e for felony and treason .ix. h. v.c.vii.

¶vppon an endytement of treason or felony in the kynges bench wryttes of capias shalbe dyrect as well to the shyryff where they were indited as to the shyryf where they be namyd cōteynyng the space of vi wekes or more by the discression of the iuggys or elles the exigent & vtlary thy [...]ruppon is voyd to indure at the kynges wyll .vi. h. vi. ca. primo.

loke for a lyke ordynaūce made for inditemēs & appellys takyn in the connte of chester .vii. h [...] vi. C. x. And also a lyke order for inditmentꝭ and appelles remouyd in to the kynges bench .x. h. vi.c [...]vi.

loke ī the tytle laborers that a capias shalbe awardyd agayns the seruant that departyth an [...] theruppon an exigent

[Page lxxxi]¶The sāe ꝓces shalbe made i [...] an acciō vppō the case sewyd in the one bench or in the other as is in det or trespase xix. h. vij ca. ix / loke for ꝓ­ces in the tytle ꝓclamacyon vi. h. viii ca iiii. and in the tytle gamys & plays .xix. h. vii. ca. xii


In a specyall assyse brought agayns the ky [...]gꝭ patente / a ꝓcedendo shalbe graūtyd by the chauncellor with out sewyng to the kyng I. h. iiii C. viij.


Euery shyryf shall make ꝓclamacyon of the statute of wynchester .iiii. tymys ī the yere in euery market town to the intent that wrong doers shal not be excusyd by ygnorance .vii. R. ii. C. vi.

¶wher one exigent shalbe awarded at the sewt of the kyng or ꝑte agayns any ꝑson callyd of [...]y shyre or cyte or late of [Page] Any shire or cyte other than in to such where the exigent shal be awarded and also in eueri exig [...]nt in ꝑsonell accions where the exigent shall go in to lōdon or midelsex & the defēdant be therin namyd late of london or midel & then doth not dwell ther the iustice before whom such exigent shal be awarded to award [...]. wryt of ꝓclamacion to the shyryf of the same coū te wher the defendaunt ys at the tyme of the exigent or lately was dwellyng yf the kyngꝭ wryt be there currauntor ells in to the next shire theryn to a dioy [...]yng & the effect of the accion shal be c [...]teinid in the wryt and the shiry [...] shall make .iii ꝓclamacions at iii. seuerall dais that is to say in the opin counte & the third at the generall sessions yf the kyngꝭ wryt do renue there or els in the ꝑtes of the counte therto next adioināt so that the shirif there may haue hys bodi to answere the ꝑte and that this wryt of ꝓclamacion shall haue the same day of retorne as the exigent hath & that eueri such writ of ꝓclamacion to be deliuerid of record and yf any vtla [...]i be had agains ani ꝑson in ani forayn coūte & no writ of ꝓclamacion as is before sayd awardid & retornyd that such vtlarie be voyd / by [...]uerment wythout sewyng any wryt of erro [...] v [...]. h. viii. ca. iiii.


¶If any lorde in any courtꝭ or [...]hiryffꝭ in [...]heyr countꝭ or hu [...]ders or stiwardes ꝓcure any man to moue ple [...] in theyr court [...]s by wryt or ells o­therwyse & for such causys they be attachid the defendauntes shall sew repl [...]uyn of th [...]yr goodꝭ so attached or destraynyd and a pone to r [...]moue it before the ius [...]ice. &c. and if the shirif baylle or lord than ad [...]owe the takyng of the des [...]res by reson of such cōplaynt before hym made & i [...] it be fou [...]d that it was don by hys malycious ꝓ­curement the playntyf shal recouer treble damage agayns hym &c. and yet he shall make fyne to the kyng. w. ii. ca. xxxvi.

¶Shiryffꝭ or keꝑs of p̄sons whych ꝓcure o [...] cōstrayne psoners to appell mē that be not g [...]t [...] shalbe ponyshid at the [...]ute of the ꝑte or of the kyng before the iustice of the one bench or other the iustice of assise or gay [...]e delyuere by wryt or by byll which shalbe determynyd by & by .i. [...]. iii. ca. vii.

Iuggy [...] in espirituall courtꝭ [...] p̄sueauntꝭ there For dys [...]e [...]and causis ꝑteynyng to that court [Page] shall recouer theyr damagys vppon theyr acqu [...] tayll agayns them that ꝓcuryd such endytemen [...]ꝭ & to be the same enditors & the same ꝓcu­rators & endytors shall rene into the same paī whych is contaynyd in the statute of. w. ii. a­gayns them that ꝓcure fals appellys. j. R ii. ca [...] xiii


¶For fornicacione adulterio et huiusmodi procemitorio nō clauso ecclecia discooperta vel inde center ornata sirector petat decimas versus ꝑochianos vel cōtra rectorem dūmodo nō pe­tar. quartapars alicuius ecclecie si rector petat mortuarium vell pensionē oiēs huiusmodi faci­end. sint in foro eccliastico de violent. ī manuū inieccō [...] in clericum vel in cōuersū vel in causa de famacoīs alias cōcessū fuit qd. plitū inde te­ncatur in curia cristianitatꝭ dū modo non petatur pecunia si ad correcōnem peccati a­gat. / ī omnibus predictis casibus et consīlibus habet i [...]dex eccīlasticus congnoscere nō obstā ­te regia prohibicione si porrigat. Tractat. de circumspecte agatis

¶we ꝓhibit that no ꝑsons of churchis p̄sume to cut doune ani trees growēg ī the church yard [Page clxxxiii] But when ther nedyth necessary byldyng or reꝑacyon of the channcell nor that they be cōuer­tyd to non other vse / statut. edyt. xiiii E. ii.

¶Item super oblacionibus obuencōnibus non habet locū regia ꝓhibicō et si clericus vel religiosus decimas suas congregatis vendiderit propecunia alicui si precium petatur corā iudice ecclesiastico locum habetregio prohibicō / si prelati imponant alicui penam corporalem si huiusmodi pena pro pe [...]nnia redimatur locum nō habet regia prohibicio si coram prelatis vel episcopis pecunia exigatur.

¶Si quis manus violenter iniecerit in clericū vel in connersum pro violencia pacis debent fieri emende coram rege et pro excōicacoē coram ep̄o velceteris prelatis imponatur p [...]na corporalis quā si sponte reus velir redimere dādo prelato vel leso pecunias potest / nec in talibus locus est regie ꝓhibicōi. Tractatu sub qua forma.

¶In decimis oblaciōnibus obuencionibus mortuariis qn̄ sub istis noībus proponuntur ꝓhibicōi regie nō est locus / statut. apud lincoln̄ anno .ix. E. ii. voc articlī cleri.

Item si sit contencio de iure decemarum origin [...]m habēs de iure potronatus & earūd. decīarum [Page] Quātitas excedat ad quartam partem bonorū ceclesie locum habeat regia prohibicio.

¶Item si prelatus imponant penam pecuniariam alicui pro peccato et repetat illam locum habeat regia prohibicio sed si imponat penas corporales et si pu [...]iti volunt huiusmodi pe­nas propecuniis sponte redimere nō habet locum regia prohibicio si coram [...]is pecunia exigat. eodem statuto.

¶Item si causa vel negocia cuius recognicō spectad forū ecclesiasticū & corā ecclesiastico iudice fuerit sentencialit. terminata et post modū coram iudice seculari super cadēre īter easdē ꝑsō asquestico mōeatur r [...] ̄detur sic Quādo eadē causa diuersis racionibus coram iudicibus ecclesiasticis et secularibus ventulatur vt supra patet de inieccione in clericum / dicūt qd. non obstante ecclesiastico iudicō curia regꝭ ipm̄ tractat iudicium vt sibi videret expedire eodem staruto.

¶Edwardus. &c. prelatis archidiaconis. &c. c [...] ̄ cognicōnes plintorum de transgressionibus et catallis et debitis que non sunt de testamento aut matrimonio ad coronam et dingnitatem nostram pertineant. &c. vobis ꝓhibimus. &c. c [...] [Page clxxxiiii] Nos super his et aliis quorum cognicō ad nos pertinet parati sumus plenam iusticiam exibere incuria nostra mādāus autem vicnostris. quod premissa vobis alias nhibiant ex parte nostra et quod non ꝑmittant quod aliqui laici in balliua sua i [...] aliquibus locis comoueant ad aliquas r [...]congniciōnes per sacramenta sua facienda nisi in causis matrimonialis et testament ariis et super huiusmodi feodis debitis et catal­lis coram vobis et aliis iudicibus ecclesiasticis in premissis iurisdiccōis nostre regie ad coronā et dignitatem nostram spectantibus subire presumat et quicquid vos in hac parte de his feceri tis reddāt nos ad plēum cercōres In prohibicione formatta super articlis cleri.

¶A proibicion is giuen vppon an inditemente where he is impechid in the spirituall courte of periuri The .i. E. iii. statut. ii. capitulo .xii

¶A proibicion is geuen where a man is impledyd for dismis of wod of .xx. yere old or more by the name of silua sedua the .xlv. E. iii. ca. ii.

¶The iuge may procede in the spirituall court after a cōsultacion though a prohibicyon be deliuerid vnto him. l. E. iii. ca. iiii.


¶yf the tenūt cast ī a proteccion & the demaund a [...]t wil aver mayntenaūt that he was in a certeī place within the .iiii. sees and out of the kyngis seruyce so that he myght cōe / the chalenge shall be enteryd but the proteccyon shalbe alowed and whē the ꝑte shall be resūmonid & the parte [...]esōmonid wyl auer̄ and if it be foūd agaynst hī by inquest it shall torne into his defaut. Statut de protece.

¶Proteccion shall not be alowed ī attainte the v. E. iii. capitulo. vii.

¶Proteccion shall not be alowed ī the court before the mayer or leve tenauut constable & felyship of the marchauntys of the staple at caleyes nor in no court within the towne of caleyes or the marches of the same in any accyon sewed by any of the sayd marchauntis theyr seruauntꝭ factours or attourneys The .i. h. vii. ca. iii.

¶where proteccyōs haue bene made by the kyng to the kynges dettours so that they shall not be impledid tyll that gre be made to the kīg it is agreid that not withstanding such ꝓtecciō [...] [Page clxxxv] the partes shal be answered and shall haue iugement but execucion shall be respited tyll the gre­ [...]e made with the kyng & yf such credytors wyl answer for the kinges det they shall haue ex [...]cucyon maītenaūt. & also they shall recouer to thē as muche as they shall pay to the kynge.

The .xxv. E. iii. de proui. capitulo xix

¶Proteccyon shall not be alowed for vitellys bought or takē for the viage wherof the pro [...]ccyon maketh mencion nor in plees of trespas or of contractys made after the date of the same ꝓteccyon The .i. R. ii. capitulo. viii.

¶ꝓtecciō quia ꝓfuturus shall not be alowed [...] any ple comensyd befor the date of the ꝓteccyō yf it be not in the viage wher the kyng hym self passyth or in viagys royall or in the kynges bes [...]nes for the nede of the realm the .xiii. R. ii. c.xv [...]

¶Protecciō shal not be alowed for the kepers of prisoners that let mē condēnyd go at large or by bayle The .vii. h. iiii. capitulo .iiii.

¶ꝓtecciō shall not be alowed ī a scire fac. vpō the trauers of ā ofyce takē befor the eschetor or commyssyoners agaynst any patente.

[Page]The .xxiii. h. vi. capitulo .xviii.

¶That eueryone now beīg or here aft be ī the kīgꝭ wagꝭ of ware beyonde the see or vpō the see haue at his pleasure the ꝓteccyō of ꝓfecture or morature cūclā volumus and in the excepciō of the sayd ꝓteccyon be made comyssyon of assi­sys and so to be alowed in al the kinges courtes except in accious of det takyn by the kīg or any other to his vse or to the vse of the executours of kīg hēry the .vii. & ī appelꝭ of murdre & felony & yf this ordeynaūce be not suffyciēt to ease thē thē the kyng and his councel for the tyme being may graunt ꝓteccyons to euery of them during the tyme thei contynew in the sayd warrys.

Prouyded that this act extende not to any capteyns or sowdears in calayes hāmys / guynis ryse bāk berwyk walis or any marches of thesam The .iii. Henry .viii. ca. iiii. Loke the statute.


¶All prelatys & other folkys of holy church yt haue aduouson of any benfice of the kingꝭ gyft or of his ꝓgenytours or other lordꝭ shall hau [...] theyr eleccyon collacyon and presētment freely accordīg to the gift &c. [...] ī case that of any archebysshoprych [Page clxxxvi] bysshopis dygnyte or other bn̄fice ther be reseruacyon prouysion or collacyō made frome the courte of rome in the dysturbance of the eleccyons collacyons or presentmentꝭ beforesayd that at the tyme of the same aduoydaūce that such reseruacyōs &c. sholde take effecte our souerayn lord the kyng & his heyrys shall haue & enioy at season the sayd collaciōs to the archebysshopryches bysshopryches and other dygnytes electyfꝭ whiche be of his a vowre lyke wyse as his progenytours haue had before and free eleccyon graunted therof as the eleccyon were fyrste grauntyd by the kynges progenytours vp on certeyn forme and condycion as to demaūde of the kynge lycence of the eleccyon / and aft [...]r the eleccion to haue his riall assent and not in no other maner / the whiche condycyons not kept the thynge ought to resort to his fyrste nature / the same law shall be of howsys of relygyon of his aduoure the same lawe shall be of chyrches prouenders or other benefyce whiche be not of the aduoure of holy churche wherof the kynge hathe the voureperamounte imediate as oft as suche dysturbancis shall be &c [...] sauynge to them theyre ryghte an other tyme whan no prouysy­on is made & in thesame maner euery other lorde shall haue &c. his presentmentys or colacyons [Page] to howsis of religiō & other beneficꝭ of their a uoure. &c. & if suche lordꝭ p̄sēt not withī half a yere after such voidaūce nor the bisshop of the place within a moneth after the halfe yere


¶That thā the kyng shal haue the p̄sētmēt. &c and yf he that is presentyd or any other patron be sturbyd by such ꝓuision then the prouisors ꝓcurators & executors & notares shal be out of the kingꝭ ꝓteccyon. and tachyd by their bodis & put in prison and yf they be conuict they shall abyde in prisō without bayle or maīpryse til they haue made fyn & ransom at the kyngys wyl and agreyd with the ꝑty greuyd and find [...]urety that they shal attempt no such thyng afterward. and [...]f such ꝓuisors their ꝓcurators exectors & notaryes can not be found than the exigent shal be awarded by dew ꝓces as wel at the kyngꝭ wyll as at the partes. & in the meane whyle the kyng shal haue the profitꝭ of the beneficis so occupied by such prouysors except abbayes priories & other howsys yt haue colege or couent shall haue the profet &c. the xxv E. iii. sta de prouis.

¶A man may do of prouysors as of the kinges [Page clxxxvii] enmys without any impechement that is to say ꝓuysors that execute prouysyōs of abbayes or prioris. The same statute and chapytre.

¶They that draw any person in ple out of the realme wherof the knowlege apꝑtaineth to the kyngis court or of such thyngꝭ wherof iugemēt be gyuen in the kynges courte or seweth ī any other court to deffete iugemētis gyuē in the kīgꝭ courte shal haue a day by garnyshement or warning conteininge the space of .ii. monethes to be befor the kyng in his coūcell or in the chaūcery or before the iustice of the one benche or other. And yf thei come not at the day & in ꝓpre parsō thā they their procurators attorneis executors notaryes & mayntenours shalbe out of the kingꝭ proteccyon. and theyr landys goodis & cattellis forfayt and theyr bodyes shal be takē by capias and vpon that an exigent. &c. prouided alwaye that yf they come befor outlari thei shal answer And yet not withstondīg the forfeitor [...] of theyr landys / goodys and catellys shall abyde in his force yf they come not within .ii. monethes. The .xxvii. E. iii. Capitulo .i.

The statute of prouysor made the .xxv. & .xxvii. E. iii shal be kept saue only y by force of those [Page] statutis the bodyes of the lordys & prelatꝭ shall not be takyn. and addyd therto that where any seweth to the court of [...]ome personell citacions vppon faynt suggestions againste ꝑsons of this realme where knowlege belongyth to the kingꝭ courte and also of impetracyons and prouysyōs made in thesame court of rome of beneficꝭ chappellꝭ and offyces of the churche what so euer belongyng to the presentacyon or gyft of the king or other laye patrons & of benefyces appropryed to churchꝭ cathedrall collegꝭ abbeys &c [...] they theyr mayntenours & fauourers shall be arestyd by the shyryff of the place & iustyce in their cessyons and let to bayll by suffycyēt maynpryse and brought before the kyng and his councell shortly / and yf thei be cōuyct they shal haue the pai [...] comprisy [...] in the statute made at westm̄ the .xxv. yere of E. iii. and yf they be not foūd they shalbe ponysshid by force of the statute made the .xxv [...] yere of the same kyng whiche begīneth / nr̄s [...]ygne or le [...]oy &c and that the kynge shall geue the no pardon without assent of the parte / and they shall be out of the kyngꝭ proteccyō The .xxviii E. iii. statute de prouys. capitulo .i.

¶None shal take nor receiue ꝓcuracie letter o [...] [...]turney ferme [...]or other administracyon by [...] denture [Page clxxxviii] nor in other maner of any bn̄fyce with in this realme but onely of the kīges leegꝭ with out the kynges licence or aduise of his councel & that none cary ani gold syluer or other tresour out of the realme by letter of eschaunge nor in other maner to the profyt of any alyons without lycence vpon payne conteynyd in the statute of prouysours made the .xxvii. y [...]re of E. iii. the kinges graunte fader that now is / and that no bys­shop nor other parsone of the churche medyl by way of sequestrac [...]on nor in other maner of fruites of suche benefyces to the profytys of the same alyons vppon payne that belongyth. there to the iii R. ii.c.iiii but the spyrytual lordys assē tyd to this estatue.

¶Alyons that take possessyon of benefyces within the realme withoute the kingys lycence shal haue the payn as ꝓuisours The .xxv. E. iii. and the vii. R. ii. ca. xi. but the spyrytuall lordys assentyd not.

¶He that passyth ouer th [...] see with oute the kyngys lycence and taketh any benefice by prouysyon shall be in contynente in so doynge oute of the kynges proteccion and the benefice voyd the .xii. R. ii. ca. xiiii.

[Page]¶who so euer take any bn̄fyce by ꝓuinsiō shal b [...] exciled & banished whether thei be within the realme or without and his landys & goodꝭ shall be forfeit to the king & yf he be within the real­me he shall take his way so yt he be without the realme within .vi. wekes after such takynge. &c. And no mā shal receyue him that is so banished after the vi. wekes vpō pain of thesame forfeitor And that the procuratours notaryes excutors & somners shall haue the payne beforsayd and he y exhorteth the kyng to wryte or to sende to the court of rome contrary to his estatute or yf any sēd or pray to the pope to the cōtrari yf he be a p̄ late he shal pay to the kīg the valew of the tem­poraltes for a yere & yf he be a lord [...]ꝑoral the valew of his landꝭ & tenemētꝭ for a yere and yf he be a parson of lower degre the valew of the sa [...] benefice for a yere and he shal haue prisonment of a yere The .xiii. R. ii. Ca. vltimo.

¶He that brīgeth into this realm or withī the poure of the king any sōmonis sentence or excō mengement agaynst any ꝑson of what condiciō yt he be / bycause of the mocyō makyng assent or execucyon of the sayd statute of prouysors shal forfeyt all his landes goodis & cat [...]llis & his life And yf any prelate so do he shal forfet his temꝑaltes [Page clxxxix] tyll dew correxiō be therof made & a mean parson shall make fyn & raunsom / these wordes meane ꝑson shall be intended parsons spirituall as it semeth The .xiii. R. ii. ca. vltimo

¶yf ani purches or pursew ī the court of rome or ellys wher to trāslate any prelatys or bysshoppys within this realm without the kyngꝭ assent & knowlege & without the assent of those p̄latis that shall be so translate / any proces sentence of excommunycacion Bullys / instrumentes / or o­ther thynges whatso euer that towcheth the kynge his crowne and regally in his Realme or they that brynge them in to this realme or them receyue or make notyce of theym or execucyon within this Realme or without / thei theyr notaryes proctours & maynteynours shall be out of the kynges proteccyon and theyr landys goodꝭ & cattellꝭ forfeyt / And be attach [...]d by they [...] [...]odyes and brought before the kyng and his counseyle / and proces shall be made agay [...]st th [...]m by preminire fac. as there is in other casis of prouysours ordeyned. The .xvi. R. ii. ca. v.

¶Prouision made to any person of Relygyon or other by the. Pope to be exempt frome regu­lar obedyence or ordinarie or to haue offyce perpetuall [Page] within any howse of Relygyon &c. [...]hal [...]en in the payne comprysyd in the statute of prouysours. The .xiij. R. ii. and the .ii. H. iiij. ca. iij.

¶Cisterciens and other religious mē that purches bullys to be dyschargyd of dysmys of thei [...] landes and possessions set to ferme or otherwise occupyed or put suche bullys before purchesyd in execucyon / proces shall be made agay [...]st thē by priminire fac by garnysshment or warnynge of .ii. monethes / & yf they make defaute or be attaynt they shall rēne in to the payn & forfeytour cōteined ī the statute o [...] ꝓuisours made the .xiii. R. ij. and .ii. H. iiij. ca. iiii.

¶He y purchasyth or putteth ī execucion any bulle purchesyd after the fyrst yere of Rychard the seconde to be quyte of dysmys shall be punisshed in lyke maner. The .vii. H. iiij. ca. iiij

¶Lycence of pardon made by the kyng of prouysyō to a benefyce ful with an incōbent is voyde. The .vij. H. iiii. ca. vi.

¶All the statutes of prouisours made in the tyme of kynge E. iij. and. R. ij. shall be kepte in al [...] [Page xc] poyntꝭ nat withstandinge any moderacyon made by the kynge. The .ix. H. iiij. ca. vltimo.


¶None shal take horsis or cart of any man for caryage to be made but yf he gyue after t [...]e ol [...] ordinaūce that is to sey for a cart with two horses .x. pennys by the day and for a carte with .iii. horses .xiiij. pennys by a daye / no lordes carte of any spyrytuall person / or of a knyght or of any other lorde shall be takyn by the kynges baylyffꝭ magna carta. C. xxi. No cōstable or his baylyff shall take corne or other catell of any man that is not of the same town wher the castell is excepte he pay redy money / And yf he be of the same town he shall pay it within .xl. dayes after Magna carta .c.xix.

¶None take vitayl nor charret agaynste the wyll of the owner / and yf they do they shal y [...]lde dowble domages. wemynster .i. ca. ii. And yf the parte sewe not / the kynge shall haue the swete / & they y shall be indyted there of shal be be attachid & dystreinid by graūde dystresse yt cō teineth the space of .ii. moneths ī the kīgꝭ court [Page] or wher hym lyst and yf he come not by the day thā he shal be agayne distreyned by the space of vi. wekes. And yf they come not than they shal be atteynt & shall yelde dowble domages to the partes greuyd / and make fyne to the kynge

¶Of them that take vitayles or other thynges to the kynges vse to the makynge or kepynge of a castell or other. And whan they haue receuyd the paiment at the Escheker or at the wardero [...] or els wher and with holde the payment of the credytours to the great domage of them / and to the s [...]lander of the kyng it is prouyded that of them that haue landes and tenementes it shal be leuyed of theyr landes and goodes and payd to the credytours with theyr domages & they shall make fyne to the trespasse / and yf they haue no landes and tenementes they shal be imprysoned at the kyngꝭ wyl. Of thē yt take reward of the kyngꝭ credytours to make the kynges payment they shall yeld dowble and be punysshed at the kynges pleasure. vestm̄. i. ca. xxxii.

¶Of them that take horse or cartꝭ for the kingꝭ caryage more than nede is & take reward to re­leue thē if he be of the court he shalbe punisshed [Page clxxxxi] by the marchall and yf he be out of the court he [...]hall yelde treble domagꝭ and be imprysoned .xl. dayes. vestm̄. i. ca. xxxvi.

¶That no puruey our take any thynge of any / [...]or make ther of no price without his agrement and that he take corne by cōmyn mesure nor ta­ [...]e no thinge but to the very value set by the cō [...]tabels or other good men. And that paymēt be [...]ade therof before the kyng passe out of the ver [...]e. & that none haue no purueyours excepte the [...]inge the quene or theyr chyldren / nor that they [...]ake no more than nede is. And that the kynges [...]uruey our take no thinge tyll he shewe his war [...]ēt vnder the kyngꝭ seale. & he that otherwise ta [...]eth any pryse of any man without his agremēt [...]t shal be don to hym as to a thefe yf the quanty [...]e of the goodes requyre it. The [...]iiij. Edwardꝭ . [...]ii. capitulo .iii.

¶where the kyngꝭ horsys lye at lyuē iu the cō [...]ey there shal be for eueri hors a page / And the [...]eper shall haue a hakney a [...]d there shall be no [...]o / nor theyr wyues nor hoūdys at the charge [...]f the contrey And that pa [...]ment shall be made [...]efore that they go out of the verge. and yf ther [...]e mo fonnde there / they shall be sent to pryson [Page] th [...]r to byde at the kynges wyl / And in thesame maner it shall be cōmaundyd to the shyryff that he make purueyaunce for the kynges houndꝭ of the issues of his baylies wher they dwel so that the countrey be not chargid with them Aud he that is gr [...]uyd in this case shal haue his recouer agaynste the shyryf .xiiij. E. iij. C. xviij

The fees and goodꝭ of holy chyrche be excepte in the commyssyons of purueyours .xiiij. E. iij. pro clero. C. i.xxviij. E. iij. pro clero Ca iiij.

¶The purueyours of the kyng quene & theyr chyldren shall make theyr pryse by the cōstable and .iiij. honest men of the townes with out manace or cōpulsyon to the preysers to set any pse contrary to theyr othes. And tayles to be made incontynent and insealed of the agremente &c. i [...] theyr psēce And yf the purueiour do otherwise he shalbe incontinent arestid there & brought to the next geale / and it shalbe done to hym as to [...] these. And this payne shalbe expressid ī their cō myssyons vnder the kynges seale. The .v. E. iii. ca. ii. and this same clause is enacted. The .xx. [...] iii. statut de ꝓuis. capitulo .i.

¶The fees and goodes of the church shalbe [...]cept [Page cxcii] in the cōmyssions of the purueyours The .xiiii. E. iii. ꝓclero ca. i. & .xviii. E. iii. ca. iiii.

¶No purueyour of wod or tymbre to the kīgꝭ vse cut any trees growynge in or about any mā nes howse. And if he do he shal yelde to the ꝑte treble domages and haue a yeres prysonment & be foriudgyd his office. The .xxv. E. iii. statut. de prouys. capitulo .vi.

¶Purueyours that take shepe after ester befor the sheryng mo thā shalbe for the. tyme expēdy [...] for the kynge it is felony / and yf they take after warde mo than shall come to the kyngꝭ vse it is also felony Thesame statut. ca. xv.

¶Purueours yt take puruyauuce for the kynge the quene or prīce with in the some of .xx. s. shall make paymente incontynente and if it be to the summe of .xx. s. or aboue payment shall be made within a quarter of a yere. The .xxviii. statut vltimo capitulo .xi [...].

¶Of purueyours of pultry and small thynges paymēt shall be made in hande / and of great purueyaunce within .vi. wekes. The .xxxiiii. E. iii. capitulo .iii.

[Page]¶None shal haue purueyours but the king / the quene / or paymente shal be made in hande after the price of the market. and the byers shal be suffycient men / nor shal haue no deputes. And payment for caryage shall be made in hande. The .xxxvi. E. iii. ca. ii.

¶That no byer shal take no gyfte of no person to be sparyd vpon payne to yelde the treble ther of [...] & to be at the kynges wyll. And he that wyll sew therfore shal haue the thyrde peny. The sa­me statute. c. iii. And ther shall be cōmyssyoners made to here and to determyne theyr defautes & yf it be found that they haue not made paymēte they shal haue iugement to dye and this statute is intendyd as wel of purneiors for the kynges and quenes greate horses as of other biers / the same statute. &c.

¶That the hūtꝭ / fauconers / seriaūtꝭ of armys & all other shal be at the wagꝭ or belongynge to the hous [...]holde shal haue the same payn if they do agaynste the statute. The same statute. c. iiij. Prelatꝭ & clerkꝭ greuyd by purueyours agaynst the forme of the statutꝭ before made shal recou [...] theyr treble domage. The .i. R. ii. c [...]. iii.

[Page cxciii]¶No purueyour make any pu [...]ueaunce or bye any thinge for the kyngꝭ how shold to the value of .xl.d. or within yf he pay not incōtynent vpon payne of losyng his office / & to pay as moche to the partegreuyd. The .ii. H. iiij. ca. xiiij

¶The statute of purueyours shal be exemplifyed & lyuered to the sheryf / & euery sheryf shall ꝓclayme it .iiij. times by the yere vpō payn of C. s for euery defaut. And yt the shyryffꝭ shal deliu [...]r them to theyr successours whiche shal make proclamacyon after the same maner vpon the same payne. The .i. H. vi. ca. ij.

¶Purueyours shall pay in hande for pryses of the value of .xl. s. & vnder or ellis they may ma [...]e [...]esystēce / And eueri cōstable tythin [...] mā or chef plege shal be aydynge to that resystence / or ellis they shall yelde to the par [...]e so greuyd the value of the thynge taken with theyr dowble domagꝭ And the purueyour which for his cause vexith any in the merchalsye shall lose wherof he that wyll sewe shal haue the one halfe / And the Iustyce of pease in euery counte shall haue po­wer to inquire and to determyn [...] it as well at the kinges sewte as at the [...]ewte of the parte and to [...]warde domages to the partꝭ And the defēdaūt [Page] shall answere without ayde of the kyng and the proces shall be as in accyon of trepasse with force and armes. The .xxi. H. vi. ca. viii.

¶Euery purueyour and byer before that he h [...] ue any cōmyssyō shall make another in the chaū cery that he take nothynge of the people contrary to the statutꝭ therof made / & that all the tow­nes adioynynge shall do theyr deuour to resyste suche byers that do contrary to the statutes / and he that is greuyd by them agaynste the sayde statutꝭ shall chose to haue an accyon of det against them of the townes that do nat theyr deuoyr in resystens of the sayd byers or purueyours in the forme beforsayde when they be therto requyred or ellys agaynst the sayde purueyour and byers / and euery of them to recouer the treble value o [...] the goodes so taken and ouer that theyr costagꝭ and treble domages. And yf any purueyoure o [...] other offycer of the kinges troble in the march [...]lsye or ellys where any of the kyngꝭ subiectes by any malyce suggestyon cawse feyned Imagyn [...] cyon or colour bycause of the execucyō of these sayd ordynaunces shall renne in to the payne of to paye to the parte greuyd ouer his coste [...] & damages in yt part [...]e susteyned. And he shall haue therof an accyō of det / & euery issue triabl [...] [Page cxciiii] in that accyon shalbe tryed in the counte where the takynge of the sayde goodꝭ was. And yt the defendauntes in all suche casys be nat receyued to wage theyr lawe and shall answere without [...]ourcher. And that esson̄ eyde of the kynge nor proteccyon be alowed And that the seriaunt of the chaterye shal pay all the dets domages and execucyons / whiche shall be recouered agaynst euery purueyoure vnder hym in all the casys be forsayd in case that the purueiour or byer be nat suffycyent / and the parte playntyffe shall haue a S [...]ire facias to haue execucyon against the said [...]eriaunt in this case And that these statutes and ordynauncꝭ be put to the iustyce of pease in euery counte to proclayme them euery yere / and to informe the people. The .xxiii. Henry .vi. capitulo secundo.

¶No purueyour except the kinges and the que [...]s take any thynge of any of the kynges lege against their wylles / and yf they do they shal be [...]restyd by the sheryfe baylyf or constable offycers or other ministers / & put to the next pson of the kynge / there to remayne withoute bayle or maynpryse / tyll they haue redelyuered all the vytell and thynges &c. or the value of them. And yf the said sheryffes / bayliffes &c. after that that [Page] they be requyred make defaute of the execucio [...] therof they shall forfeyt wherof the parte that wyll sewe by wryte of dette shall haue the one halfe / and the defendaunt shall nat do his lawe nor haue ꝓteccyon / and yf he be cōuyct he [...]hall yelde .iii. tymes the value of the thynge ta­ken and dowble domages for the costages / and shall make raunson. The .xxiii. H. vi. ca [...] xiii

All patentes made to any holdynge hostreys or howsynge of retayle of vytayle to be puruey­ours for terme of theyr liu [...]s shalbe voyde & that none take any horse or charet without gremen [...] of the owner / and by delyueraunce of the mayre [...]heryf baylyf / or cōstable where such pryse shal be / &c. The .xxviii. H. vi. ca. ii. And the part that is greuyd contrary to this statute [...] shall haue an accyon of trespasse at the cōmyn lawe / and shall recouer treble domages.

Loke more for purueyours in the tytle of S [...]ple.


¶The kynge doth waren all prelatꝭ that they in no maner delyuer them that be indyted for fe­lony withoute dewe purgacyon so that th [...] [Page cxcv] kynge haue no nede to putte other remedye. w i. E. ii

¶The archbysshop of canterbury for hym self & all his prouynce hath promysed the kyng that yf any be conuycte of treason that towcheth not the kynge hymselfe nor his magesty or if he be a comon thefe openly knowen & for such cause deliuered to any ordynary as clerke conuycte the ordynary shall kepe hym sure after the effect of a constytucyon prouincyal to be made by the sayd archbysshoppys and bysshoppys after the effecte of the letters of Simon late archbysshop of canterbury berynge date the .xii. kalendes of March the yere of grace. M.CCC. l. And that no such felon or traytour make his purgacyon contrary to the same constytucyon which cōstytucyon shalbe delyuered to the kyng before the next ꝑleamēt / yt yf the seyd cōstituciō be not suf [...]icient remedy that he may than puruey remedy that shall therto parteyn .iiii. H. iiii. C. iii.


¶The pryse of a yonge capon shall not pas .iii pennys and of an olde capon iiii pennys & of a goslynge .ii. pennys and of a gose .iiii. pēnis and [Page] the iustyce of peace shall put in it exeeccucyon xxxvii. E. iij. C. iii


¶In assise of da [...]eyn p̄sentment or in a quare impedit dayes shall be gyuen frome .xv. dayes to xv. or from .iii. wekes to .iii. wekes / and in a qu [...] re impedit yf he come not at the fyrste daye nor be essonyd / he shall be than atachyd at an other day / and yf he come not than nor be essonyd / he shall be than dystreynyd by the greate dystres / and yf he come not than by his defaute it shall be wryten to the bysshop that the clayme of the dysturber shall not lette the playntyf / sauyng all way to that dysturber his ryght whan he wyll call for it / Marlbryg C. xi.

¶where the .vi. wekes be past so that the tytle be fallen to the ordynarye / and dyuers persons seynge that / wyll make the kynge to presente / [...]nd yf he be dysturbyd by the ordynarye or by the enconbent to brynge a quare impedit agayn [Page cxcvj] [...] the patron and other / and bycawse the pa [...]ron wyll not answer but suffer the kynge to recouer in dyceyt of the ordynarye. &c. In al such casys where the kynges tytle is not founde / they shall be receyued to conterpled the tytle of the kynge / and to shewe theyre ryghte thoughe they clayme noughte in the patronage .xxv. E. iii. pro clero. C. vii.

¶They that recouer theyr heyres and assynes shall haue a quare impedit yf they be dysturbyd vii. H. viii. C. ii


¶The women shall dwell in the chyefe house of her husband after his dethe .xl. dayes within the whiche tyme her dower shall be assyngnyd her / and yf it be a castell than an other house cō ­petente shall be purucyed for her / and she shall haue her resonable fewel &c. magna carta. C. vii

[Page]¶If tenaunt in dower tenaūt for terme of ly [...] or tenaūt in frācke mariage or in the taile lose by defaut they shal haue a wryt of quod ei deforci at whiche wryte is expressyd in the statute and the tenauntes shall auer theyr ryght or ellys the demaūdaunt shal recouer / And for that y the demaundauntꝭ can not answere withoute them in the reuersyon / they shall call them to warantye as they were tenauntes / And yf the acouer of the tenaunt were mouyd by a wryte of ryghte though the great assyse or ioyning of batell may not be ioynyd by wordꝭ accustomyd / yet they may be by wordys apt westm̄ .ii. E. iiii [...]

Quod permittat

¶Lykewyse as a spyrytuall man may recouer a comon of pasture by a wryt of nouell disseisyn so the successour shal recouer agaynst the disseysour or his heyre by a wryte of quod permittat w. ij. C. xxv.

Quo waranto

¶All they which resonably haue vsyd any ly­bertes shall enioy them vnto oure next comyng [Page cxcvij] [...]to thesam coūte or into the comīg of our iustice in cyre o [...] tyl we send contrary cōmaundemēt sauynge alway our ryght whan we wyll speke therof and in thesame maner wryttꝭ shall be dy­rectyd to the shyryf & to other bayliffꝭ for euery man yt wyl aske / the forme shal be chaungyd af­ter the diuersyte of the lybertes / the form of the wryte is expressid in the statute / Statute de quo warant no im anno. vi. E primi

¶All they that clamyd possessio [...] of fraunches before the tyme of kyng Rychard the fyrst with out interupcyon and myght shew it by good in quest shall enioy theyr possession and yf they haue not abusyd theyr lybertes the kynge shall cō firme them by title / and they that haue old charters of fraunches / those charters shall be adiudgyd after the tenure and forme of them / and thei that haue loste theyr frannches syth ester laste past by the wryt of quo waranto shall haue re­stytucyon of theyr fraunches loste / Statut de quo waranto secundū āno .xviii. E. primi.


¶No man rauyssh nor take with force damisel within age by her grement nor with out her grement [Page] nor lady nor damosell of full age nor othe [...] woman agaynste her wyll / and yf any so do at the sute of them that wyll sewe with in .xl. da [...] ys the kynge shall do them ryghte / and yf none wyll sewe within .xl dayes the kynge shall sew and they that he fyndeth culpable shall haue in prysonmente of two yeres and after shall be fynyd at the kynges pleasure and yf he haue noughte wherof to be fynyd he shall than be punyshed by longer imprysonmente accordynge as the trespas requyreth westm̄ .i. ca. xiii

¶If a man Rauesshe a weddyd woman damosell or other woman where they assente not afore nor after he shal haue Iudgement to dye an [...] thoughe it so be that she assente after he shall haue indgemente as is afore sayde at the sewte of the kynge and the kynge shal haue the sewt. &c. w. ii ca. xxxiiii

¶For Rauyshours of women it is ordeyny [...] that who so euer rauyssh such women and they that be rauysshed after suche maner Rape consent to the rauyshours that as well the Rauys­shours as they whiche be rauysshed and euery of them here after be vnhabylyd and dyshabylyd to haue or clayme ony herytage or dowe [...] [Page cxcviii] [...] ioynt sco [...]ement after the dethe of theyr husbandes or auncestours and then in this case the [...]exte of the blood of the rauyshours or of them rauished to whom the heritage dowre or joynt [...]coffemente oughte to dyssende or Retorne Remayne or fall after the dethe of the Rauyshour or of her rauyshed / shall haue the tytle immediatly after the Rape to entre vpon the rauyshour or her rauyshed and theyre assyngnys and the landes and tenementes in the same herytage dower or ioynte feoffemente to holde.

¶And that the husbandes of suche woman yf they haue husbandes / or yf they haue no husbā des [...]ft alyue that than the fathers or other [...]exte of theyre kynne from thens haue the sewte [...] and may sewe agaynste suche Rauishours and malefactours in this be halfe and them th [...]r fore conuicte of dethe all thoughe the same women after suche rape consente to suche Rauysshours / And further it is agreed that the defen [...]aunte in this case shall not be receyuyd to w [...] [...]e batell butte the trewth of the matter there of [...]hall be tryed by inquysicyon of the contrey Re [...]eruyd euer to the kynge & other lordys of this Realme the eschetys / of the sayde Rauishour [...] [...]f they hap therof to be cōuict [...] A. vi. R. ii. ca. v [...]


¶wryttys desecunda suphonoratione pasture [...] and ofredissin shalbe enrolled and the transcri [...]tes [...]end to the escheker at the yeres ende. w. ii [...] ca. ix.

Recordes tmynyd before iustyces of assyse oye [...] & dyterminer & gaole dely [...] shal be deliuered to the escheker to the tresorer & chāberlein vnder their se [...]lys but fyrst the iustices shall take fort [...] the estretys to send to the shyryffe. A. ix. E. iii. ca. vltimo.

No proces shall be adnullyd or dyscontynewed for myspryson of the clarke in wrytynge a lette [...] or sylable to moch or to litel / but as sone as the [...] thynge is perseyuyd it shall be hastly amendy [...] without gyuyng any aduauntage to the party [...] A. xiiii. E. iii. ca. vi.

¶If any iudge or clarke be conuyct before th [...] kyng & his councell of fals entrynge of plees r [...]synge of Rolys or chaungynge of the trew say [...]enges so that by that defaut the dishēheritaun [...] of any therof folowe so yt the sewt (yf the ꝑty [...] g [...]uyd be of full age) be with in two yeris a [...]ter the defaut done and yf he be within age wi [...] in two yeres after he come to full age / he sha [...] be punysshed by fyne and redempcion at the ki [...]es [Page cxcix] pleasure & shall satysfy the partye and as to [...]e restytucyon of his herytage / the parte gre­ [...]yd shall sew by wryte of errour or otherwyse [...]fter the law yf he thynke it expedyent a. viii. R ii. Ca. iiii

¶Recordes shall not be amēdyd nor appayryd after the iugement gyuyn & enrolled anno xi. H [...]ii. ca iii [...]

¶Recordes y shall come before any iustyce by errour or adiourneyment may be amendy [...] for [...]ysprysyon of the clarke As well afte [...] the [...]gem [...]nt as afore to endure the next parlyamēt [...] ix h v ca iiii And the same statute is made ꝑ [...]tuall except recordes of walys and outlaryes [...]t the sute of the partye A iiii h vi ca iii.

¶It is accordyd that for errour assygnyd in a­ [...] recorde proces warrant of atourney orygy­ [...]all wrytte panell or retorne in places scrapyd / [...]cyd or interlyned or dymynycyon which Ra­ [...]ure or interlynynge apperyth to the iustyce sus­ [...]ectyd byfor y such recorde shal com by errour [...]r otherwise there shal be iugemēt reuersyd but [...]e iustyce before whan &c. shall haue power to [...]amyn such recordes and theym reforme in [...] fyrmynge [Page] of the fyrste Iugement And also to [...]mend all suche as they in theyre dyscrecyon [...]h [...] thynke to mysprisyon of the clarke / In such [...]ner recordes proces wordes plees warraunt o [...] attourney wryttes pannellꝭ and retornes excep [...] appells indytamentes and the vtlaryes of the [...]me and the substaunce of propre mannys sur [...]mys and addycyons enterlesse. In writtys ori [...]nall and wryttꝭ of exigentys accordy [...]ge to th [...] statute Anno. ii. H. v. And ī other writys whic [...] conteyne proclamacion / so that no iugement b [...]fore suche mysprysyon reuersyd nor adnully [...] in affyrmans of suche iugementes the party sh [...] alledge that the record which is certyfyed do [...]vary frome the tother recorde frome whens [...] comyth And yf it be certyfyed and the vary [...] frome the iugges shall reforme that recorde t [...] the fyrste recorde Also recordes exemplyfyed [...] not rasyd shall not be reuersyd bylerrour contr [...]ry to the exēplyficacyon also he that imbecyly [...] any recorde wherfore the iugement is reuersy [...] shall be punyssed as a fellon. &c. by the iustices o [...] the same courte so that the halfe enquest be [...] the same courte and the other halfe of the othe [...] Recordes beynge before any of the kinges iust [...]cys by errour or otherwise and retournes of t [...] shyrys [...]ꝭ / baylyffys / and other mynysters in my [...]ysyon [Page cc] of theyre clarkes in wrytynge of a lett [...] moche or to lytell shall be amendyd by the dys [...]esyon of the iustyces A. viii. H. vi. ca. xv.

¶He that entryth plee by these wo [...]dꝭ in ꝓpria ꝑsona sua & the. pl. nor none other suffycyent of [...]is cou [...]sell Is not sworne before the i [...]styc [...]s [...]at he is the same parson shall lese .xl. s. If he [...] therof attaynt by examynacyon of the iusty [...]ys &c. anno .xviii. H. vi. ca. ix.

¶It semyth by these wordꝭ that this is not in [...]dyd to be in suche sutꝭ where proces of vtla [...]y lyeth.


¶If a man reco [...]ere by assyse of nouell dyssey [...]yn and is put in possessyon by the shyryfe and [...]er is put by hym agaynste whome he recoue [...]yd he shal haue a wryt of redysseysō dyrecte to [...]e shyryff and to the coroners yt they by the fyr [...]e Iurours and other make t [...]erofe Inquysy [...]yon.

[Page]Lykewyse it is ordeyned of theym that haue [...] couered theyr land by assi [...]e mo [...]unceto [...]r o [...] al theyr landes and tenemente [...] reco [...]eryd by [...] syse or iurre in the kīges courte yf they be after dysseased and redyssīn found he shall be cōmyttyd to pryson marten ca iii

¶He that is put in pson for redyssīn shall not be delyu [...]red without specyal cōmandement of the kynge And also make fyne with the kyn [...] therfore and yf the shyryf do otherwyse he sh [...] be amercyed marl ca viii.

In wryttꝭ of reddissīn ther shalbe iudgyd do [...] ble domages & the dysseysours shall be Irrep [...] gyable by the comyn wryt and as in the statu [...] of marten It was prouyd the wryt for them y were disseysyd after that they had recouerid by assise of nouell disseysyn mort dauncestour or by other iurry / furthermore frome hens forthe that writ shall haue place for them that haue reco [...] red by defaut reddicyon or other wyse witho [...] recognicion of assise or iurry westm̄ ii. E xxvi


The heyre of an erle for the hole yerldom sh [...] [Page cci] [...] for relefe after the ve [...] of hi [...] auncestou [...]s C. li. The [...] of a [...]arto [...] for the hole barrony [...]. [...]erkes the hey [...]e of a knyghte for the hole [...]yghtes [...]ee C. [...]. [...]nd he that holdyth lesse shal [...]ay after the rate. magna cart [...] ca. ii.

¶If a man make [...] by dede or by fyne of landes holden b [...] [...] or suffre any recouery agaynste hym to his vse for truste [...]nd after dye his heyre shall pay Belefe yf he be [...] full age A. iiii. h. vii ca. xvii

yf the [...]enaunt in socage make [...] feo [...]emēt to hi [...] [...]n vse / the lorde of whom i [...] is hol [...]yn [...] [...]ft the [...] of his tenaunt where no [...] [...]claryd [...] haue the relyef and [...] & [...]ll other [...]ewtes as yf his [...]enaunt had dyed seysyd .xix. h. vii.

Reasonable [...]yd

¶For reson [...]ble [...]yd to make a [...] [...]night [...] to mar [...] hi [...] dowgh [...] It is ordeyny [...] [...]hat for tho [...]e knyghtes fee shall be gyuyn .xx. [...] and of .xx.l. lande holden in soccage .xx. s. and of more / [...]ore and of le [...]e le [...]e / [...] the rate a [...]d it sh [...]ll [...]ot be leuyed fo [...]he son [...] [...]yl the [...]ge of .xv [...] yere [...]or for the doughter tyll the [...] of .v [...]. yere and [Page] of that shall be mencyon m [...]de in the kyngꝭ wr [...] formyd ther vpon when he wyl demaund it & yf the father when [...]he hath leuyed such ayd dye byfore he haue maryed his dought his executour [...] be bounde to the doughter of moche as he hath res. for that ayd And the goodꝭ of the father suffyce not therto his heyre is bounde to pay it to the doughter westm .ii. ca. xxxv

¶Also reasonable [...]yd to make the kyngꝭ sonne knyghte or to mary his doughter shall be leuyd after the rate of the statute here made And not other wyse. s. of euery fee holden of the kynge without mesue .xx. s. & no more / & of euery .xx.ll. lande holden in socage .xx. s. and no more A. xxv E. iii. ca. xi.


¶The payne of detys is put oute in all statu [...]ꝭ of the staple and all other forfeytours be in the [...] force .xxxviii. E. iii ca. vi.

All stat [...]tes made in the ꝑplyament holdyn .xi. ye­re of. R. ii. be repellyd by the statute of .xxi. yer [...] of the same kynge ca. xii.

[Page ccii]¶And all statutes made in the ꝑlyament holdē in the readepcyon. H. vi. repellyd by the statute the .xvii. E. iiii. ca. vi.


¶If the bestes of any man be takē the shiryff after complaynt to hym made shall make delyue­rauns and yf the bestes be takyn with in a fraunches and the baylyffe of the fraunches wyll not make delyuerauns Than the shyryffe in defaute of the baylyfe shall make delyuerauns marlbryg Ca. xxvi. Quere yf it be in anncyon demeane & yf the baylyfe may make delyueraun [...] withoute precept of the shyryffe.

¶If a man take another mannys bestes & them dryue to any castell or fortres & there kepe them withonte gagys or pleggis that then the shyryf or the kyngꝭ bailyffe after reasonable warnynge to the lorde of the castel yf he wyll not let them be deliueryd shal take with hym the strength of the counte and shall make reple [...]yn And for the de [...]pyte done to the kynge [...] shall bete down th [...] castell and the playntyf shal recouer dowble damages agayne the with holder and yf he haue wher withall than he shal recouer it against the [Page] lorde of the castell. &c. and yf it [...]e in [...] franche [...] and yf the bayly [...]fe wyll not make repleuyn [...] the sheryff shall do as before is sayde. [...]. [...] capit. xvii.

¶If the lorde distrayne his tenaunt for his seruyce and he sew a repl [...]uyn in counte or in hun­dred and the lorde a [...]owith it for his (ser)uyce and the tenaunt dysclayme the lorde shall haue no remedy as the statute rehersith and therfor the st [...] tute wyll that the lorde shall haue a wrytte to remoue the ple in to the kingꝭ bench and this cla [...] se shal be in the wrytte Quia talis distinx [...] feo [...] do suo ꝓ (ser)uicio. &c. aud the same statute gyuyth the same lymytacyon in auoure as in assyse of nouell dysseysin and the same statute wyll that the playntyff [...]hall fynde pledgys to make retor­nes [...] &c. as well as to pursewe and yf any by a­ny other wayes take any pledges he shall an­swere for the pryce of the bestes and the lorde that dystrayneth shall haue a wrytte to delyue [...] hym so many bestes or so moche cattaylles and yf the baylyffe haue not wher with to contente hym than his superyour shall answere for hym and yf the lorde haue iudgement to retorne

¶It shal be comaundyd to the shyryff by wryt [Page cciii] of iudgement to make retorne and that he shall not ma [...]e delyueraū [...]e otherwise with out wryt mak [...]g m [...]nsyon of the iugement and yf at that wryt the lorde haue retorne for any cawse that dystres shall remayne Irreplegyable westm .ii. [...]. ii. Loke more for repl [...]uyn In maynpryse.


If a wryt be broughte agayn a man & his wyfe [...]nd he make defa [...]te or wyll make reddicyon yf [...]he woman come before iudgement gyuyn to de [...]end her ryght she shall be receiuyd and yf the tenaunce in dower or tenaunt by the cur [...]esy or tenaunt for terme of lyfe make defaute or wolde make reddycyon If he in the reuercyon come before iugement he shall be receyuyd. w. ii. ca. iii

¶If any man pray to be receiuyd to defend his ryghte after the statute of westm̄ .ii / before he be admytted he shall fynde suffycyent suerty as [...]he courte shall deuyse to answer to the demaū ­daunt for the valour of the tenement &c. frome the day that he is receyued to answer vntyll the day that fynall iugement shall be on the petycy­on of the demaundaunt / yf the demaundaunt recouer hi [...] demaund he shall than be gr [...]uously a [Page] mercyed yf he he haue where with all and y [...] he haue not than he shall be cōmyttyd to pryson [...] the kinges pleasure statut de defēcione iuris.

¶If the tenau [...]te for terme of lyfe tenaunt en­dower it b [...] the curtesy in the tayle after possybylyte pleed fayntly

¶And he in the reuercyon come in to the court and praye to be receyuyd at the day that the tenaunt pleed to the accyons with oute delaye by voucher and proteccyon esson of the kynges seruyce or other wyse and that dayes of grace be gyuen by dyscrescyon of the Iustyces and not comen dayes if the demaundaunt wyll not assē te to the same to the intent that the demaundaūt shall not be delayed bycause yt he pledyth with two aduersaryes / It is prouyded that they that praye shall fynd suerty of thyssues A. xiii R. ii [...] ca. xvii.

¶The statute rehersyth the [...] that wyll by comyn pleed fals plees / And therfore he y so prayeth &c. shall sey that suche plee is faynte.

¶Loke for reseit of the tenaunt for terme of yerys in the tytle of collusyon Glouc. ca. xv.

[Page cciiii]Loke in the tytle of attaynt how he in the re [...]ercyon shall haue an attaynt or wryt of errour Anno .ix. R. ii. ca. iii.

¶Clerkes hauynge offyces in the escheker or other cowrtes of the kynge shall be com­pellyd by the ordynarye to be resydent in theyre bn̄fycys in so moch as they be occupyed abuot the comyn welth statuto vocato articuli cleri.

Retourne of shyryffꝭ

¶If a man delyuer his wryt to the shyryffe he shall make a byll conteynynge the namys of the partyes and the day of the delyuer of the wryt and the shyryf or the vnder shyryf shall sette his seale ther vnto and yf they wyll not thā some knyghtes or other credable ꝑsōs thā psent shall set to theyr scalys & yf they do not retorn theyre wryt of iugemēte to iustycys of assyse yt they enquere of them that ware present & if it be found that the wryt was delyuered they shall iuge the playntyffe his damages that he hathe susteyned. The same lawe is whan the shyryff retornyth tarde westm ii. ca xxxix.

[Page]¶Loke further in the same statute and ye sha [...] se the sheryffes and bayly [...]ꝭ of franches be bo [...] ̄ de to make theyr retornes and that rent corne i [...] graynges and all mouable goodꝭ except rydyng gere raymente & vtensyllꝭ of housholde shall be callyd issues

¶Itē the shyriffys and the vnder shiryffys shal receyue wryttys in euery place of the countye in the maner aforasyd and the iustycys of assyse haue power to enquere thereof at euery playnte and to adiuge damages to the partyes Anno .ii. E. iii. ca. v.

¶The baylyffe of the faraunches shall put his ꝓꝑ name vpon his retourne and the shyrif chaū ge the retourne that is delyueryd [...]ym by an en­denture and therof be attaynte at the sute of the lorde of the fraunches he shall render double damagys as well to the partye as to the lorde and by some bokys shiryffys and other baylyffꝭ shal set theyr propre namys in theyr retornes [...] or ellis they shall be amercyed Statut Ebo (rum).

If the shyryf or his clarke make a false returne.

[Page ccv]¶yf the defaute be in the shyryf he shall render damages to the partye greuyd and if the defaut be in the clarke he shall thā render damages and not the shyryf with ont the clark be insuffycye [...] te. &c. And also they shalbe punysshed vpō theyr [...]ccompt in the exchekr &c. statuto de male retorne bro [...]. A. xxvi. E. i.

¶A man shall haue auarment agaynst a fals retorne of the baylyff of the fraunches and shall recouer as well as agaynste the shiryffes as wel of small yssues as in other casys and that all the ponyshment of the baylyffes shall be vpon theyr bodyes yf they haue no goodꝭ wherewith. [...]. i. E. iii. ca. v.

Ryottys & Rowtys

¶The shyryffe & euery of the kyngꝭ mynysters with the strength of the counte maye arest them that make assembles and rowtes. The .xvii. R. ii capitulo .viii.

¶It is ordeyned that yf any ryot / assemble / or [...]owte of people agaynst the law be in any part of the Realme that the iustyce of pease .iii. or .ii. [...]t the leeste / & the shyryf & vnder shyryff of the [Page] shire where suche ryot / assemble / or rowte is m [...] de her after shal come with the power of the shire yf nede be tor to areste theym. And the same Iustyce / sheryf / & vndersheryfe / haue power to recorde that that theyse there done in theyr presence agaynste the lawe. And by the recorde of the same Iustyces euery suche trepassours and euyll do [...]r shall be conuycte in maner and forme as is conteyned in the statute of foreyble entre. And yf it h [...]apon that such trespassours or euyll doers be departyd before the comynge of suche Iustyce sheryf or vndersheryf / that the same iu­styce .ii. or .iiii. of them shall inquere dylygently within a moneth after / and shall here and beter myne the same. And yf suche ryot assemble or rowte so made may nat be founde in maner as is before sayde / than within a monethe nexte folowynge the sayd iustyce .iii. or .ii. of them / and the sheryf and vndersheryf shall certyfye before the kynge & his councell all the acte and the cyrcu [...] staunce therof whiche ceryfycacyon shallbe of suche force as the presētment of .xii. men / where vpon the sayd trespassours and euyll doers sh [...]l be put to answere. And they that shall be fou [...] gyltye shall be punisshed after the dyscression [...] the kynge and his councell. And yf suche trep [...]sours and euyll doers tra [...]ers the matter so cer [...]yed [Page ccvi] / thā the certyficate so certyfyed shalbe sent in to the kyngꝭ benche to be tryed & tmyned as the lawe wyll. & yf they come before the kynge & his connsel in the kynges benche at the fyrst cō maundemēt / thā there shal be another cōmaūdement dyrectid to the shyryf to bryug vp theyr be dyes. And yf they can nat be foūde / thā the Sheryf or vnder sheryf shal make ꝓclamacyō in playne count next in sewyng the lyuere of the second cōmaūdement yt they shal come before the kyng & his councell in the kingꝭ benche or in the cha [...] cery in the vacacyon tyme within .iii. wekꝭ than next folowynge. And in case that the same trespassours and euyll doers come nat as is before sayd and the proclamacyon made and returnyd / they shal be conuycte and attaynt of the sayd ryo [...] assemble or rowtes / nat withstandyn [...]e any estatute made to the contrary And ouer that / y the iustyce of pease there dwellynge next in eue [...]y counte where suche assamble or rowte is shal make an assemble with the Sheryffe or vnder sheryf of the same countes And also the iustyce of assyse for the tyme that they shall be there in theyr sessyons in case that any suche assemble or rowte be made in theyre presence / shall make ex [...]c [...]cyon of this estatute euery yere / vpon payn [Page] of a hondred pounde to be payde to the kyn [...] as oft as they shall be found in defaut in the executynge the same statute. The .xiii. Henr̄. iiii [...] capitulo vltimo.

¶Cōmyssyons shall be awardyd by the aduy [...]e of the Chaunceler of England to inquyre of de­fautes of iustyce of pease / and assyse / shyryffes [...] and vnder shyryffes in executyng of the sayd statute of ryottys / & the coroner shal make the pa­nell and retorne none therin except he haue lan­des to the value of .x [...]li. by yere and shall retorn [...] yssues at the fyrst daye .xx. s. at the second daye. xl. s. at the thyrde day. C. s. & at euery day after the dowble / vppon payne of And euery of the sayd iustice shyryf &c. shal haue their coste [...] in execuciō of the sayd statute by the sherif / and that the same shyryf shall haue alowaunce the [...] of in the escheker / and yt no baylyff of the frau [...]ches in panell none but as is before sayd / vnder payne of And that lyke ordynaunce & pay­ne holde place in cyties / boroughes / & towne [...] whych haue iustyce of pease / The .ii. He [...]. [...] capitulo. viii.

¶If any robbery / murdre / man [...]l [...]ugh [...]er [...] rye / assemble of p [...]ople rebellyons or rowtes [...] [Page ccvii] m [...]de / that than vpon a byll put to the Chaun­calle [...] conteynynge the matter there shalbe a Capias a wardyd to the Sheryf where the royt is supposyd retornable in the Chauncery he shall be putte inwarde or let to maynpryse or bayle by dyscressyō of the Chauncellour / And ouer that to be inquyred of suche malefactours / and ther [...] vpon to be done as the comyn lawe requyreth And yf the shyryffe retorne that he is nat found / than there shall be awardyd a wryt with proclamacyons in .ii. countes / that they come at a cer­tayne day / at which daye yf they come nat to be a [...]aynt. It is prouyded that it be testyfyed by ii. Iustices of pease of the coūte wher such ryot is that the comyn voyce is so / before that any capias go out. And yf such case happen in coūter palentyne or fraunches / where there is a chaun­cellour that hath a seale / that than that Chaun [...]ellour do thereas the Chauncellour of englan­ [...]. The viii. H. vi. ca. xiii.

¶That the iustyce of assyse and of pease vpon [...] informacyon to them made by the kyng that [...]ny man hath offendyd agaynste any statute before this made agaynst Ryottes and Row [...] / [...]ssembles / reteynours / extorcyons / imbras [...]r [...] / [Page] And offenders agaynst the statute of labourer [...] shall haue ful power to here aud determine such offences / and to make such proces against them as agaynst hym that is indyted of treshasse and to ponyssh them acordyng to other statutꝭ therof made. Prouyded that suche informacion extende nat to treason / murdre / or felony / nor that he agaynst whom any such informacyon is made shall lose no landes nor tenementes to hym that made the informacion / nor that suche informacyon extende not to any dwellynge in any other counte. And yf any make any fals informacyon that than he shall yeld domages to the ꝑi [...] greuyd. The .xi. H. vii. ca. iii.

¶The shirif in euery precept dyrect to hym for any ryot rowte / or other assemble shall retorne .xxiiii. within the same Shyre wherof euery o [...] shall dyspende of charter holde and freholde b [...] yere .xx. s. and of Coppy holde [...]or bothe .xxvi. [...] viii.d. & to retorne vppon euery person in yssues for the fyrste defaute. xx. s. for the seconde .xl. s. vpon payne of And yf it can not be found [...] be meanes of imbraydry or maintenaūce of a [...] parson / than the iustyce and the shyryff & vnd [...] sheryf to certyfye the namis of the maīteinou [...] & imbrasers accordyng to the statute madet the [Page ccviii] xiii. H. iiii. vpon payne of yf the sayd iustyce sheryf and vndersheryf haue no resonable excuse & that certificat to be of as good force as a verdet therof dewly founde by .xii. men / & euery person dewly proui [...] to be a maynteynour or inbrasour to forfeyt and to be cōmit [...]yd toward by the dyscressyon of the iustyce. The .xix H. vii. ca. xiii


¶The samon frye shall not be distroyed by nettes nor other ingynes. And they that do / for the fyrste defaut to haue theyr nettes and ingynes brent. and for the seconde defaute to haue halfe [...] yerers prysonment / and as they encrese in of [...] trespassynge so to haue theyre payne increasyd. westm. ii. capytulo .xlix.

¶The wateer of humbre ouse an trente. .&c. [...] [...] other waters where samons be takin in this re [...]amle shalbe put in defence as to the takīg of the samon from the natyuyte of our lady vntyl saint [...]rtins day & the samō fry shal not be distroied by netꝭ or other ingynes at the mill pōdꝭ frō the [...]ꝭ of march to the fest of saīt iohn̄ bab. & thei [...] do for the first defaut to haue their nettꝭ br [...] ̄ [...] [Page] And for the seconde defaute to haue a yerys [...] sonmente and as they encrease in ofte trespas­synge so to haue ther payn incresyd And there shall be con (ser) ̄uatours assygnyd and sworne t [...] enquer therof. w. ii. ca. xlviii

¶The statute of westm̄ / seconde of samons [...] Ryuers shall be kepte in all poyntes & furthe [...] that in the same tyme the samon frye shall uot be taken in myll pondes nor other places / And th [...]t stallers and all engynes wherby the frye offyssh may be dystroyed shalbe put downe vpo [...] thesame payne / & that the ryuets of lancastre shire shal be in defēce for samons frome saynt Mychelꝭ daye vntyll the feste of the puryfycacyon of our lady & in non other tyme of the yere / xiii. R. ii. ca. xix.

¶Iustyces of peas shal be cōseruatours of ryuers & shal make vnder cōeruatours which sh [...]l haue halfe the fynys / & they shal suruey the werys that they be of resonable bygnes and not to streyt so that the frye offyssh be not dystroyed / and the seyd i [...]stice shal enquere of this in they [...] sessyons and ponyssh them / and the mayre of [...] don shal haue the ouersyght of thamys and my [...]ey accordīg to his olde ryght .xvii. R. ii ca. [...]. [Page ccix] Cōmyssyons shall be made to suffycyent ꝑsones to be iustyce in euery counte of englonde where nede shall be to suruey and to kepe the ryuers & the greate waters and to execute the statutes of thē made as well by theyr surueyeng as by eng [...] nes [...]ꝭ to be takin within fraunches and without and yf any mylles pondes weyrys or other nu­saunces be iudgyd by them / to be pullyd downe and he that hath the free holde therof shall do it vppon his owne costes within a halfe yere after notyce to hym gyuyn vpon payne of. C. merke / And he that maketh them agayne inlargyth thē or streyteth them contrary to that ingement shal pay .c. mark .i. H. iiii. ca. xii.

¶Cōmyssyons shall be assygnyd for to enquere of werys and other nusaunces for destruccyō of frye of fysshes / and they shall delyuer theyr estretꝭ to the shyriffe to leuey it and to accompt in the escheker / and they shall take .iiij. s. a day of the­same shyryffe of thesame estretys .iiii. H. iiii. c.xi

¶They that fasten nettes called stallers for cō ­tynuall store in thamys and other waters wher­by the fry offysshe is dystroyed shal lose for eue [...]y defaut. C. s [...] The .ii. Hen. vi. capitulo vltimo.

[Page]¶The chauncellour may make cōmissyons for to reforme def [...]ut of the ryuer called ley which [...] cometh frome the towne of ware vnto thamis iii [...] H. vi. ca. vi.

¶The mayre of londō & his successour shal haue auctoryte in all issues & crekes as farre as the water [...]f thamys ebbyth & flowyth frome stanes brygge vnto the water of yendale and mydway to ponysshe fysshers for vnlawfull engynes and nettes excepte in the kyngys landes and othe [...] fra [...]ucheses iiii. H. vii. ca. xv [...]


¶we shall sell to no man nor denye to no ma [...] nor deferre no man ryght nor iustyce. magna. car. ca. xix

¶A wryt that is called precipe in capite shalbe made to no man of any fre hold wher of a fre m [...] ̄ shold lose his court / magna cart. ca / xxiiii

¶The champion of the demaundaunt sh [...] not be constrainyd to swere that he sawe the seysyn of his lord or his auncestour but the oth [...] shall be kept in all other poyntꝭ. w. i. ca. xl.

Roberys and felonys

¶After a robbery or felony done / fresshe sewt [...] shal be made from towne to towne. &c. and yf nede be inquestꝭ shal be made in townes / hundredꝭ [...]raunches / and countes / so that the felo [...]s maye be attaynt & suffre execucion. And yf they be nat taken than the people where suche robberi was done as in hondred and fraūches shall answere therfor. And yf it be done betwene .ii. shyres thā bothe the shyres. &c. within .xl. dayes yf the mysdoers be nat takē Also none shal lodge any man but such as he wyll answere for / & the baylyffes of townes shall inquere of such euery weke. Also watche shalbe made & kepte from Ascencyon tyde tyll Mychelmas in townes & borowes / after the nōbre of the inhabytauntꝭ contynually al the nyght frō sonne set to sonne rysyng / And yf any suspecte straūger come by thē / he shalbe are styd and brought to the shyryf tyll he be delyue­ryd by dewe ordre / and euery towne adioynyng shalbe aydynge to other. Also the hye wayes of merket townes shall be inlargyd / where there is any woddꝭ / heggis / diches / or busshes nygh the hye waye. CC. fote on the one syde and. CC. fote on the ohter syde / but this statute extendy [...]h [...]at to okys nor great fustes and yf the lorde wil [...]at do thus & yf any robberyes or murdre be do­ [...]e / he shall answere therfor [...] and make fyne at [Page] the kynges wyll.

¶Also yt in the hye wayes in the kyngꝭ wood or parke nyghe the hye wayes it shal be done after the same maner / or ellys yt the lorde shall ma­ke such wall dyche or hedge that the euyl doers can not escape / statut wynton̄

¶For dyuers robberyes done if any be suspect therof wether it be by nyght or daye he shall be arestid by the cōstables & deliuered to the bailyf of the fraunches or sheryf / & ther kept in pryson tyll the comyng of the iustyces of gayol deliuer̄ wher the shyryffꝭ shall retorne theyr inquestꝭ & vpō y the iustyce shall proced to the delyueraū ­ce of them. The .v. E. iii. ca. xiiii.


¶The clause of vidimus shal be put out in safe conduytes and the namys of the vessels owners and maysters and the nombre of the mareners and of the burthon of the vessels shall be especyfyed in the saue conduytes .xv. H .vi. ca. iii.

¶Safecōduites shall be enrollid in the chaūcery els they be voyde .xx. H. vi. ca. i.


¶Serches shall not haue theyr offyce for terme of lyfe xvii. R. ii. ca. v.

¶Serchers shall haue the .iiii. peny of the goldꝭ and syluer and money that is forfeyt by cawse of caryenge oute of the realme. And hostelers shall besworne to serche theyr gestys / and shall haue the .iiii. parte that they fynde in theyr hosteryes to be caryed oute of the realme. And yet the ser­c [...]ours shall serche the hostryes and make infor­macyons of the defautes of the hostylers in that case. The .ix. E. iii. ca. ix.x.x.

¶Serchours that suffre goldꝭ or syluer or other thinges to passe out of the realme without lycence shall lose theyr offyce and theyre goodes / and shall haue a yerys prysoment / and he that espyeth it shall haue the one halfe. The .v. R. ii. ca. ii.

¶Serchers shall nat lette theyr offyce to ferme nor take nothīg for doynge theyr offyce but that that shall be ordeined by the kynge / nor they shal [...]t be lodgyd with no marchaunt nor maryner vpon payne to lose theyr offyce / and to make fy [...]e and raunson. The .iiii. H. iiii. ca. xxi.

¶Serchers nor cōtrollers of serchers shal take [Page] no brybys of marchauntes for weight nor other thynges / but as they were wonte of olde tyme vpon payne of to the parte greuyd. And yf he sew nat within .ii. monthes / he shall sew that wyll and recouer wherof the kyng shall haue the one halfe. The .xviii. H. vi. ca. v.

¶The mayre of the staple shall be serchoure of marchaundyse of the staple caryed to other pl [...] ­ces than to caleys. And yf he finde any defecty [...] and therof informe the kynges counsell then he shall haue the thyrde part. The .viii. H. vi. ca. xix. And in this case euery man shall be a serchoure / and shal haue the one halfe. &c. The x. H. v [...] ca. vii.

¶Loke more for serches in the tytle customers and countrellers.

Seriauntes of armys

¶Ther shal be but .xxx. seriauntꝭ of armis with in the realme and that they shall do no extorcio [...] nor oppressyon to the people vppon payne of losynge theyre offyce and to make fyne at the ky [...] ges wyll and full grement with the parte .xiii. R. ii. capi. vi.

Seale of the marches

¶Euery graunt made by the kīg of any thynge touching the yerldō of marchꝭ shall be insealyd with the great seale of the chauuceri & not with the seale of the marches .iiii. H. vii. ca xiiii.


¶Especyall remedy is gyuē for trespas don by men of dene in seuerne to the comynalty of [...]ewkysbery ī the coūty of gloucest. viii. H. vi. ca. xvii

¶All the kīges lege people shall haue their passage vpō seuern with botes trowes & other vessels to bristow gloucester & worcester and other placys as they haue vsyd & yf they be dysturbyd they shall haue a wryt of trespas .ix. H. vi. ca. v.

¶who so euer take any imposicion for any bote trow or other vessell for any goodes or merchaū dyces caryed in or vpō the water of seuern shall forfeyt [...] the thyrd parte therof to the parte [...] wyll sew therfore by accyon of dettte / and the other .ii. parties to the kīg in which accyon not wager of law proteccion nor esson nor other dylatorye ples to lye / and if issew be ioyned ī any such accyon tryable by the cōmyn law in the cyte of worcester or i [...] the lybertes ther of or ī the [Page] shyre of the towne of gloucester / than that to b [...] tried in the counte of worcester or gloucester by xii men hauynge no dwellynge nor landes in the sayd cyte nor the subberbys therof / nor ī the shyre of the town of gloucester Prouyded that this acte be not preiudycyall to any hauynge landes nygh the sayd streme or water / but they maye t [...] ke resonable recompence for such hurtꝭ as they shall haue by halynge and drawynge such bottꝭ and vessells ouer theyr landes. Prouyded al­so that yf any ꝑsone before the f [...]est of the ascencyon yt shall be in the yere of our lord. M. v. c. v. can proue any title for hym in the sterre chambre before the kyngꝭ councel and th [...]re admyttyd before the same day to haue any suche imposycion that that same tytle admyttyd and imposycyon / and deutes there dec [...]yd to stāde in force frome hensforth. The .xix. H. viii. ca. xviii.

¶Therf [...]re loke the acte of coūsell made in the starre chambre for the town of Glowcester


¶Commissyons of sewers shall be made by the Chauncellour of Englande for the tyme beyng in all Englande after the ordre of the statute made [Page ccxiii] the .vi. yere of. H. vi. and that the Cōmyssyo­ners haue auctoryte to make and excecute statutes and ordynaunces accordinge to theyr cōmyssyon .vi. H. viii. ca. x.


¶Shepe caryed oute of the realme but for vitellyng of calece or marches of the same be forfeit / iii. H. vi. ca. ii


¶If a man alyen his lande and goodes by collucyon / to the entente that he wyll leue there of and fleyth in to a place pryuylegyd yf such collucyon maye be founde / his credytour shall haue execucion of his landys and goodꝭ .i. E. iii. ca. vi

In case that the dettours make gyftys feoffemē tꝭ or dedes of theyr landꝭ or goodꝭ & fle in to placys pryuyleged and take the profyttys there of by longe tyme. After anaccyon brought against them and capyas awardyd yf the shyryf retorne nihil for that cause / a wryt shall be graūtyd with proclamacyon openly made by the shyryf at the [Page] gate of theseyntwary / by .v. wekꝭ contynually [...] euery weke ones / that the same dettour com before the iustyc [...] at the day and ther to answer at which day yf he come not iugemente shal be gyuen / & excecucyon as well of his landes and tenemeutes so gyuen by collucyon as of other / but by this estatute non shall be stoppyd to take his sewte as it was at the comī law .ii. R. ii. st [...] ii. ca. iii.

Shyppys and shyppyng

¶He that shyppyth marchaūdyse of the staple and bryngyth them not to the staple shal forfeyt the valew &c. & he that espyeth it shal haue the half / & he that brīgeth suche marchaūdyse in suspecyous placꝭ adioynīg to the water & no īdēture betwen thē & the mat [...]r & cōstables of the towne they be forfeyt / wher of the lord of the town shal haue the one halfe &c. & euery one shal be serchour in this case. The .xiiii. H. vi. capitulo .v.

¶Marchaundises of the staple shal nat be shippyd but at the keys stays and portes where the kyngꝭ be [...]e & weyghtꝭ be assygnyd / And that enery mayster of the shyp shal fynde suffycyent [...]urty ther to the customers to cary the same mar [...]haundyse [Page ccxiiii] to the staple of Calyce & brynge a certyfycat from thens that he hath so done sauynge to the marchauntꝭ of geane and venys / theyre lybertes. &c. The .xv H. vi. ca. vltimo.

¶Euery man that shyppeth woll fell morlynge and shortlinge shall fynde surete to the customer of the port that heshal cary them to the staple of Calice. And when thei come there the customer there shall at the request of the ꝑte within a .xii. month make to hym a certyfycat wytnessīg that the marchaundyse came to calyce / so that the certyficat may be entred in the Escheker of recorde within the said .xii. monthes. and he that brīgeth [...]at in suche a cercyfycat shal forfeyt all the sayd wollis. &c. or ellꝭ the pryse. The one halfe to the kyng / and the other halfe to the mayre of the staple the which mayre for his dyscharge shal haue an accyon of det at his pleasure of the goodꝭ or the value. & yf the customer within .viii [...] dayes after the requeste to hym made by the ꝑte wyll nat deliuer such a certyfycat he shal forfeyt to the ꝑte Prouided that no ꝑson robbid vpō the see & that ꝓuyd by dew profe shalbe greuyd by this s [...]atute / all though that he brynge nat in his certyfycat. And that prouyded also that the wollys woll fell morlyngys or shorlyngꝭ growynge betwene [Page] the waters of Lese and twede / northumberlond / comberlaude / westmer lande / durham / rychmoūd shyre / and northalderton shyre maye be shyppid in the porte of new castel vpon tyne to passe at theyr pleasure / this acte nat withstā dynge. The .iiii. E. iiii. ca. ii.

¶If any ship any wollis at new castel yt be nat of the growīg betwene tese & twed or of the coū tes of northumberlonde / comberlonde / westmer lande / durham rychmonde & northalderton shyres / he shall forfeyt the dowble value / & he that wyll sew by acciō of det shal recouer yt one half & the kyng the other half / wherī nother ꝓteccyon nor wager of law shall lye. And euery yssue theron taken shalbe try [...]d in the coūty of yorke The .iiii. E. iiii. ca iii.

¶If any ship woll or fel morlyng or shorlīg to any other place thā to calice if he be cōuict therof he shalbe attaynt as a felon but they of westmerlande comberlaud / northumberlond / durhā / rychmounde / allerton may shyp at new castell & at none other place / & cary them to berwik or to some other place named by the kynge / & yf they do to the contrary they shall be cōuyct of felony The .xiiii. E. iiii. ca. iii.

[Page ccxv]¶Shyppes shall nat be forfeyt for small thyngꝭ put in them nat customid without lycence of the owners of the shippes. The .xxxvii. E. iii. ca. viii

¶He yt shippeth marchaūdise in any other ship than of the kyngꝭ legiaunce shal forfeyt the marchaūdyse so shypped / and he that espyeth it shal haue the one halfe The .v. R. ii. ca. iii.

¶For defaut of shippꝭ of the kingꝭ legian̄ce mē may shyp in shyppꝭ of alyons the .vi. R. ii. ca. viii

¶None shal cary nor bring any wyn̄ of gascoyne or gean or to lose wood in any shyp / but onli ī englissh shyps or shyps of walys yrelād berwyk or calyce & marches of thesame / & yt the maisters & mariners of the ship for the most ꝑte be of thesame coūtreys vpō payne of forfeytor of thesame wynꝭ & wod the one half to the kyng / ther other half to hym that seasyth it And that no englyssh man freyght in any staungers shyp yf he may haue a sufficyent shyp of englande vpon payne of forfeytour of the same goodes The one halfe to the kynge and the other halfe to hym that seasyth it. The .iiii H. vii. ca. ix.

Loke more for sheppynge and shyppes in tytles of marchaundꝭ and of staple.

Shyrffys and baylyffys

¶Sheryffꝭ shal acquyte lawfully the kyngꝭ de [...] tours for the det that they receyue of thē at the next accompt after. And that than the det shalbe alowed at the escheker. And yf he do nat he shal yelde thre tymes as moche as he hath receiued & make fyne at the kyngꝭ wyl. w. i. ca. xxiiii.

¶The sheryf shalbe chosyn on al soulday ī the escheker by the chaūcellour tresourer & chefe b [...] ron of the cheker callīg to thē the chefe iugys of both bēches yf they be p̄sēt & that no sherif shal abid ī his office aboue one yere. the .xiiii E. c.viii

¶No vnder sheryf nor clerke of sheryf shal abyde in his offyce aboue a yere. the .xlii. E. iii. ca. ix.

¶He that hath be shyryf one yere shal nat be i [...] the office withī .iii. yeres next aft yf there be an [...] other sufficient within thesame counte. the .i. R. ii. ca. xi.

¶These sayd statutꝭ of sherif made the .xiiii. the xlii. E. iii. and the .i. R. ii. shal be obseruyd excep [...] the vndersheryffes of London that now be and other sheryf & theyr clerkes whiche haue esta [...] of frehold therin at this day And he that occu [...] eth agaynst the sayd statutꝭ except them befor [...] except shall forf [...]it. CC. li. yerely as longe as [...] [Page ccxvi] occupyeth. A [...]d that al patentes & ꝑdons from hensforth made to the cōtrary shal be voyde not withstandyng any clause of non obstante. And he that wil sew shall haue the one half by wryt of det. & the kyng the other half. The .xxiii. Hēr̄ vi. cap [...]tulo .viii.

¶No shyryf shal let to [...]er [...]e his coūty nor any of his bayliwikꝭ / nor wepen takes / nor that the sheryffꝭ baylyfꝭ of fraunches / nor other baylyff retorne vpon any wryt or precept to thē dyr [...]cte to retorne any inquest in any panel ther vpon to be made any baylyf offycer seruaunt or other of theyr offycer beforsayd in any panel by them so to be made. nor that none of the sayd offycers or mynyster or mynysters by accyon vnder colour of theyr offyce take any other thyng by them or by any other to theyr vse profyt or auaile of any perso [...]e by them or by any of them to be arestyd or attachid / nor o [...] non other by them for the let [...]ynge of any arest or attachemēt to be made by [...]heir bodies / or of any ꝑson by them by force or colo [...]r of theyr offyce [...]o arest / or to attache by [...]yne fee sewte of pryson maympryse lettynge to [...]ayle shewynge any case or fauour to any such persone so arestyd or to be arestyd for theyre re [...]arde or profyt / saue only suche as foloweth /

[Page]¶That is to say for the shirif .xx.d. The bailif that made the arrest or attachement .iiii.d. And the gealour if the p̄soner be cōmittyd to his warde .iiii.d. And the sherif vndersheryf the sheryffꝭ clerke / stywarde or baylyf of fraunches / seriaūt bailif nor coroner shal nat take by the colour of theyr offyce by them self / nor by none other ꝑsō to his vse / of any ꝑson for the makynge of any retorne or panel any thynge and for the copy of the panell but .iiii.d. And that the sayd shyryffe & all other offycers & ministers beforsaid shal let out of p̄son al maner of ꝑsons by them or any o [...] them arrestyd or to be arrestyd or beyng in theyr ward by force of any wryt byl or warant of any accyon ꝑsonell or by cause of indytement of trespas / vpon resonable suerte of sufficiēt parsones hauyng suffycyent within the same counte where such parsones be so let to bayle or mayn pryse to kepe theyr dayes ī such places wher the say [...] wryttes / bylles / or warrantes requyre / snche ꝑsones that be or shal be in theyre warde by condempnacyon execucyon capias vtlagac. or excō munycacyon suerty of peace and all suche persones that shal be comyttyd to warde by eshecy [...] cōmaundemente of any iustyce / & vacabounde [...] refusynge to serue aft the forme of the statute [...] bourers onyly except. And that no sheriff nor [...] [Page ccxvii] mynyster nor offycer be forsayd take or do to be taken or made any oblygacyon for any cause be forsayde or colour of theyr offyce only to the same persones nor by any person that be in theyre warde by the course of the law / but in the name of theyr offyce / and vpō cōdycyon written that the sayd prysoner appere at the day and place cō teined in the said wryttes or warātꝭ / and they that take any oblygacion in any other forme by colour of theyr offyce / thā that to be voyd and he shall take no more for the makynge of suche an oblygacyon warant or precept by hym to be made but .iiij. pens. And also that euery shyryf shall make yerly a depute in the kynges cour­tes of his Chauncery Benches and eschekyr of recorde / to receyue of recorde all maner of wryttes and warantes to theym to be delyuered And that the shyryffs / vndershyriffꝭ clerke / baylyf / geal [...]r / coroner / stiward / baylyf of fraūches or any other offycers or mynysters yt do the contrary of this ordynaūce or any poynt therof shal lose to the ꝑte greuyd his treble domage & shall forfeyt the sum of for euery tyme that they or any of thē do the contrary herof in any point wherof the kyng shal haue the one half to be inployed to the vse of his howsold & in no noth [...]r maner. And the ꝑty that wyll sew shal haue the [Page] other half. and the Iustyce of assyse in theyr ce [...] siōs the iustyce of the one benche & of the other and the iustyce of pease in theyr countreys shall haue power to inquere here & detmyne by theyr offyce without especiall cōmissyō vpon all them that do the contrary of this ordinaūce or any artycle or poynt therof. And yf the sayd sheryffꝭ retorne vpon any ꝑson yt he hath takin the bodi or yt he hath yeld hī thā they shal be chargeable to haue the bodies of the sayd ꝑsōs at the dayes of the retorne of the sayd writtꝭ byllꝭ or warātꝭ or ī such forme as they were befor the makīg of this statute. ꝓuided alway that by this p [...]ēt ordinaū ce the wardeyn of the Flete and of the paleys of westm̄. for the tyme beyng shall nat be in dom [...] gy [...] in taking the dewte of theyr offyce. the .xxiii H. vi. c. x.

¶The olde sherif ought to retorne al the writtꝭ tyll that he haue a wryte of dyscharge nat with standynge that a new sheryf be chosyn. The .xii. E. iiii. ca. i.

¶It is agreyd that euery old sherif haue auctoryte and power to execute / and to retorne euery wrytte precepte or warant to the kingꝭ court &c and euery thynge to do that belōgeth to a sheryf at all tymes duryng the termes of seynt Mychel and seynt Hyllary / yf he be nat before that tym [...] [Page ccxviii] lawfully dischargyd of the shirifwik. The xvii. E. ii. capitulo .vii

¶The shyryf ought to receyue wryttꝭ in playn coūte or in other place within the counte. And that he shal make a byl therof. The .ii. E. iii. ca. v

¶No playnt shalbe entred i [...] the county / but if the playntyf be in courte in propre ꝑson or by attourney wel knowē & of good fame.

Loke more for shyriffꝭ ī the tytle of tourn of sherifꝭ / y the playntif shal find pledgys me wel knowē ī the cōtrey / & that the plaintif shal take but one plaint for a trespas or cōtract. & that the sherif shal not ētre any plaint but such as the plaintif doth suppose that he hath cause of acciō. & if the shyryff vndersheryff or shyre clerke ētre any playnt a gaīst the ordynaūs he shal lose .xl. s. the one half to hī that wyl sew for the kīge by accyon of det or īformaciō in the escheker. And the iustyce of pease / & euery of them vpon cōplaynt to them made by the ꝑte greuyd haue power to inquere of suche defautꝭ / & yf they fynde the sherif or his officers gylty they shal lose .xl. s. to the kynge. The .xi. H. vii. ca. xv.

¶The baylyf of the frau [...]ches shal put his proper [Page] name vpon his retorn̄ / and if the sheryf chaū ge the retor [...]e so delyuered to hym by an inden­ture / and therof [...]e attaynt at the sewt of the lord of the fraunches he shall yelde dowble damages as well to the ꝑte as to the lorde statut ebo (rum).

¶Sheryff from hensforth shal not be chargid of any issues [...]o be leueyd before they go oute of the escheker of estr [...]tys. &c. and that sīguler men shal be chargid of those issues forfeyt as of amercy [...]ent [...] / And yf the shiryf answere of the issues of any recogniso [...] [...]leg or mainpuruiour by him [...] whiche at the tyme of the retorne [...] not suffycient / the shyryf shalbe therof chargyd hymself and yf he retorne the namys of any maynp [...]r [...]ey our [...]urrou [...] or any other but accor­ding to the te [...]o [...]r of the wryttꝭ he shalbe punysshyd no [...] he shall r [...]torne the namys of no pleg­gys except the same pleggys consent therto. Statut de [...] ca. ii.

¶Sheryffꝭ that receyue the kynges dettꝭ shall acquyte the dettours at the next accompt so that they shall not come into no sōmons afterward. Statut de distruccyone skaccarij.

¶No [...]e that is styward and or bailiff to a great ma [...] [Page ccxix] shall not be made Shyryf or executour of write [...]ꝭ whiche come to the sheryf but they shalbe made by the baylyffꝭ and hundreders knowyn and sworne in opyn county & not by none other but if ther be a great defaut. &c. Statu. lincol .i [...]. E [...] ii

¶A shyryf shall not be in his office aboue a yere .xxviii. E. iii. Ca. vii.

¶Cōmysyons shall not be made to shyryfꝭ to take endytmentꝭ Eodem statut.

¶Shyryfꝭ shal haue alowaūce in the escheker vpon theyr othys of the yssues of theyre counte [...] that shal accōpt to the escheker .i. H. iii. ca. xi.

¶Sheryffꝭ shalbe sworne to dwel vpon theyre baylywykꝭ & that they shal not lette theyr baylywykꝭ to ferme .iiii. H. iiii. ca. i.

¶Shyryfꝭ shal haue no alowaunce vpon their othys of casualtes but of an [...]cion fennes and demaundes as it hath be vsyd before .iiii. H. v. ca. ii.

¶The counte of sussex shalbe holdyn at chyce­ster one tyme and at lewes another tyme alway xix H. vii. ca. xxiiii.


¶If any mayre sherif or other officer leuey any custome of any of the kyngꝭ subiectes called skauage or sewage of englysh marchaūt or denizīs for any marchaūdises [...]before trewli customid or distreyn thē therfore or dysturbe them therfor he shal lose for euery tyme so offēdyng .xx li. the one halfe therof to the kyng / and the other halfe to the ꝑte that wyll sew therfore by accyō of det wherin nother wager of law ꝓteccion nor esson̄ shal lye. Prouyded that this acte extende nat to the cyte of London / but that they may take for skauage suche sommys as by the kynge and his counsel shal be determynid to be theyr ryght and tytle .xix. H. vii. ca. viii.


¶That none brynge in to this realme to be sold any silke wrought out of this realme by it self or with other stuf in rybādys lacys gyrdyls corces calles corces of tyssue or poyntes vpon payne of for [...]eytor therof or the valew of the same ī whose handis so euer thei be foūd the one half therof to the kynge the other half to hym that s [...]asith it And that all parsons as wel straūgers as othe [...] [Page ccxx] may brynge in all other maner sylke as well wrought as raw or vwnrought to fel at their plesur this act not withstanding The xix. H. vii. ca. xxi Loke for sealing of cloth of gold & of siluer and of sylke The .xii. E. iiii. capitulo .iii.


¶Sowldyars and shipmen shal haue letters of their captain or of the townes wher ther aryue and that they shall be commanndyd to hold the hye waye towarde theyre contreys and yf they do coutrary that they shal be takyn & ponysshed as vacabondes and he that receyueth them aboue a nyghte in his howse shall lose for euery tyme .xii.d. xix. H. vii. ca. xii.

¶If any captayne be reteyned in the kingꝭ seruyce vpon the see or beyond the see nat hauyng his nombre of souldiars as he shalbe reteyned & gyue nat them their wagꝭ as he shall receyue of the kyng for them he shall for euery such defaut forfeyt all his goodes & cattellꝭ to the king & his [Page] body to be imprisoned And that euery captain [...] pety captain paye to euery soul [...]iour his wages within .vi. daies after that he hath receiuydit for hym and yf any souldy our beyng not captain reteyned īmediatly with the king take any prest to s [...]rue the kyng vpō these or vpon lāde or beyond the see deꝑte oute of seru [...]ce without l [...]cence of the kynges leuetenaunt ther that than such deꝑ­tyn [...] be felony & to haue execucyon lyke a felō & to lose the bn̄fite of his clergy except he be with ī orders And that the Instyce of pease haue po­wer to here and determyne the premysses & that suche departynge and retaynou yf it be trauer­syd be tryed in the same shyre where they be for suche causes arestyd and arayned.

¶Prouided that no captain be chargi [...] here by for his sowdyers beyng deed or departyng with out his defaute so that he shewe it to the kyngꝭ leuete naunt yf he be at lande wagꝭ within .x. da­yes aft the departynge or to the admyrall of the nauey at his next metynge yf he be at the see wages. Prouyded that this act extende nat to cap­taynes and sowdyers of Calyce hāmys / gynys ryse bāck / berwik / walys / or any other marches of the same. Prouyded also that this act extende nat to any captayne for nō paymēt of the kynges [Page ccxxi] wagꝭ to any of his howshold seruaūtes or other to whom he shall dayly fynde meat & drynke durynge the sayd seruyce of war [...] The .iii. H. viii. capitulo .v.

¶Captaines shal pay their souldiers their hole wagꝭ without any thyng abatyng but for theyr restures .x. s. for a robe of a gentylman and .vi. s viii.d. for a [...]oman vpon payne. of for a spere and for a bowe. The .xviii. H. vi. ca. xviii.

¶Souldyers yt deꝑtyn before the ende of their tyme shal be ponysshed as felons / & baylyffꝭ & cō stables wher they aryue shall putte them vnder [...]rest excepte they shew letters of licēce of their captaynes / And iustyce of pease shall inquere & defmyne the premysses. The .xviii. H. vi. capit. vltimo. The .vii. H. vii. ca. i.


¶He that hathe dwellyd at the stewes shall be no comen hosteler nor tauerner in sonth warke / / and iustyce of pease of thesame county may enquere th [...]re of and ponysshe them by fyne a [...]d raunson .xi. h. vi. ca. i.


¶The staple of wollys / ledyr / wol fel / and lede shalbe holdyn / that is to say for england at new castell vpon tyne / yorke [...] lincoln̄ / norwich / westmester / caunterbur [...] / cycester / wynchester / and brystuyt and for walys / at carmerdyn / and for yrelande / at deuelyn / waterforde / corke / and drodaugh / & that all the wollys / ledyr. &c. that shall be brought out of the said Realme ande landes shalbe fyrste brought to the sayd staples and the rew [...]yed by the kinges standarde And that euery sacke and sarpler of woll so weyed be ī sealyd with the mayres seale of the staple / & testyfyed by byll insealyd with the seale of the sayd mayre &c. and they shalbe brought to the portys of yo [...]ke hul lincoln / boston / norwych / greatiermouth westm. london cauntebury / sande wytche / wy [...]chester / southampton / and the sayd wollys an [...] lede shal be weyed agayne by the kynges custo [...]mers. And al the wol & lede that shallbe brough [...] to the portes of new castel / cycester / excest / bri [...]uyt / kermerdyn / deuylyn / waterford drodaugh & corke shalbe but ones Weyed. and there shalb [...] an indenture made betwene the mayre of the st [...]ple and the customers of the same woll leder. &c [...] and customes and co [...]ettes & the costomes ther [...]of dew shalbe payed to the customers that is to say halfe a marke of a sake of woll / half a mar [...] [Page ccxxii] of. CCC. wolꝭ fellys / and a marke of a last of ledyr &c. & the said marchaūdyses / shalbe brought beyonde th [...] see by marchanntꝭ straungers that bye them / and nat by englyssh men / welshe / noryrysshe. & that the sayd mayres & customers delay no man nor take no thyng to do theyr offyce vpō payn of impsonmente / & to pay the dowble that he hath takē of the part with the domages &c. And that they take an othe of the byers that they shal kepe no staple beyond the see of thesame marchaundyse. The .xxvii. Edwarde [...]iii. statut stapule capitulo .ii.

¶No purueyour take goodes nor cattellys nor cariage nor beest of any marchaūte of the staple nor caryage cōmynge nor goynge to the staple / vpō payn of deth / & suche pryses that be within the boundes of the staple the [...]aier shal haue conysaunce and make proces after the law of the staple / thesame statute. ca. iiii [...]

&No iustyce shal haue conysannce in the places wher the courtꝭ of the staple be of nothyng belongynge to [...]he mayre and mynysters of the staple / eod statut capitulo .v.

No herbenger of owrs dysloge any mynyster or remoue any marchaundyse or other thynge / [Page] where the staple is vpon payne to yelde foure tymes as moche [...] thesame statut ca. vi

¶No licence shalbe graunted to cary marcha [...] ̄ dyse of the staple out of the realme / the same st [...] ­tute capitulo .vii.

¶The mayre and constable shall haue Iurisdiccyon and conusaunce within the townes wher the staples be & the suberbys of the same of the folke and all maner thynges thouching the sayd staple after the law marchaunt / and nat after the cōmyn law [...] and that they be impledyd befor the Iustyce in ple of det couenaunt or trepasse tou­chynge the staple. And that they plede all ꝑsons as wel them that be nat of the staple that be ther foun [...]e. And of contractes made betwene mar­chaunt and marchaunt or other wherof one ꝑte is of the staple whether the cōtract were within the staple or without and also of trespasse made within the staple to mynysters of the staple by any of thē / or by any straunge ꝑsone the playntyf may chose whether he wyll sew ī the staple or ellys where at the comin lawe so that in plees touchynge the kyngꝭ housolde that than the stewarde or his leuetenaunt / and the marshall shall be with the sayd mayre and mynysters of the stapl [...] [Page ccxxiii] to se the ryght there done yf they lyst / but plees of lande and freholde shall be at the comyn law / but of felonyes or maymes made to the mynysters of the staple or by them the maire of the staple and other couenable folke shall be iustyce assygnid to here and to determyne the felonys and maymes within the sayd staple without delaye. And if suche misdoers be takyn withī any fraū ches there shal be a wryt direct to make them to come before them / and if he that hathe them inward wyll nat delyuer he shall forfeyte. C. li. to the kynge. And yf any of the staple be inditid of felony or trespas done to any minister of the staple the īdytemēt shal be sēd before the sayd mayre and iustyce assygnyd to do ryght. And yf the ple be mouyd before the mayre of the staple / & if the one ꝑte and the other be straūgers it shall be tryed by straungers. And if they be bothe deny­zins it shal be tried by denyzyns. And if the one ꝑty be denyzyn and the other alyen the one half of the inquest or of the proues shalbe denyzyn [...] and the other half straūgers. Thesame statute ca. viii. but to yt poynt is addyd yt yf ther be nat suffycyent straūgers than to take denizens. The xxviii E. ca. xiii.

¶Also yt ī euery of the said estaples ther shalbe [Page] a seale ordeyned abydīg in the warde of the sayd mayre vnder the cōstables seale. & al the obligaciōs that shal be made vpō such reconusaūce shal be insealyd with the sayd seale payeng for euery oblygacyō of. C. li. & within of euery .li. a half peny. And of euery obligaciō aboue. C. li. of euery li. a farthynge. And that the mayre of the staple by vtue of suche letters so sealyd maye take and hold the bodyes of thesame dettours in prysō af­ter the daye expiryd / yf he be founde within the staple [...] til thei haue made grewith the creditours for the same det and domages. And also to arest the goodes of the dettour found within the sayd staple and to delyuer them to the credytour by true estymacyon or to sell them for as moche as can be made & to delyuer to the credytour the money therof vnto the same dewe. & in case that the dettour be nat found within staple nor theyr goodes to the value of the det / than it shalbe certyfied in the chauncere vnder the sayde seale / vpon whiche certyfycat there shall be a wryt sende to take the bodi of the dettours without puttīg thē to maynpryse and to sease theyre lands and tene­mentes goodes and catellys / and the wryt shall be retornyd in the chauncery with the certyfycat of the value of the sayd lādꝭ tenemētꝭ goodꝭ and cattellys / And theervpon shal [...]e dew execuciō [Page ccxxiiii] made from day to day as is conteyned in the [...]tatute marchaūt / so that he to whō the det is dew shal haue an estate of free holde in the landes so deliuerid to him / & shal recouer ī a writ of assise in case that he be put out / & that the dettour shal nat haue the aduaūtage of a quarter of a yere as is cōteinid in the statut marchāt. thesam sta. c.ix

¶yf any mayer take any conisaūs cōtrari to the form beforsaid he shall forfeyt to the kynge the one half of the sum so receyued. The .xv. R. ii. capitulo .ix.

¶He that wyl cary woll ledyr wol felan [...] lede y is betwene the see & te staple by bracys of the see ī fressh waters shal make indēture with the bailifꝭ there &c. cōteining the quantyte &c. wherof the one ꝑt shalbe put to the mayre of the sta­ple. &c. and that such bailifꝭ shal take suerte that they shall go to the staple &c. The .xxvii. E. iii. statut stapule ca xv.

¶How [...]ꝭ wher the staple shal be shal nat be let at to hye a pryse but by the mayer of the staple & by the oth of the neighbours they shall be let at a resonable pryse. thesame statute ca. xvi.

[Page]¶In e [...]ery towne wher the staple is ther shall be a mayre that knoweth the law marchaūt & .ii. constables at the beginyng of the staple ordenid by the kynge. And whan they be dee [...] ther shal be other chosī by the cōminalte of the marchātꝭ as well straungers as denizyns so that he be nat mayre aboue one yere but yf he be newly chosī And there shalbe ordeyned a pryson for the mysdoers / and the mayres baylyffes sheryffes of the towne where the staple is or adioyninge therto shalbe attēdaūt to the mair & ministers of the staple to execute theyr cōmaūdmēt vnder payne of a greuous forfeytour. And they shall hold theyr plees of trespas and cōtractꝭ after the law marchaunt [...] And there shalbe a lord or another most suffycyent of the contrey wher the staple is assygned to eyde them & to assyst them when he shal be requyred by the mayster and mynisters. And yf any marchaūt or other cōplayne on the maire or cōstables yt they do nat right it shalbe shortly redressid by the caūcellour & other of the kyngꝭ counsell. And that the mayre nor constables make no imterptaciō of this act other wise thā the wordes be / & yf any doubt fall it shall be shewy [...] to the kyngꝭ coūcel and there declaryd by good [...]duyse. The same statut. ca. xxi.

[Page ccxxv]¶Also there shall be a certayn nombre of correctours in the staple aswell of straūgers as denyzyns to recorde bargaynes bytwene marchaūt & marchaunt. Thesame sta. ca. xxii.

¶Also portes / packes / wynders / and all mynysters of the staple shalbe sworn before the maire and constables that they shal be dyr [...]ctyd by the law of the staple. And the maire and constables shalbe sworne in the chauncery to do rightfully theyr offyce. The same sta. ca. xxiii

¶Also that two marchaunt straungers one to­ward the north / another toward the so [...]th shall be assig [...]ed to syt with the maire and constables to h [...]re the complayntꝭ of marchauutꝭ alyon [...] / to see yt ryght be done / so that th [...]yr cōmyng l [...] nat the mayre and constables to procede. And if they come and dyscord happen to come betwen them and the mayer and constables in any qua­rell the tenour of the quarell shalbe sende before the chauncellour and other of the kynges coun­sell and there determyned. And also there shalbe vi. marchauntes / that is to saye .ii. Almaynes .ii. Lombardes / and .ii. Englysshe men to se resonable pakkynge and other thynges after theyr b [...]rgaynes / & by theyr othe to report to the mayer & [Page] mynysters. &c. and credence shalbe gyuen therto without cōtradiccion. Thesame statut. ca. xxiiij.

¶If any make conspiracie or other ingyne that may torne to the disturbaūce or hurte of the said estaples or any thynge belongynge to them and therof be attaynt before the mayre & mynysters of [...]he staple or other therto assygned vpon payn conteyned in the sayd statute ca. iii. whiche is expr [...]ssyd before in the title of marchaūtes / but the payne of deth is put out by another statute. The xxxvi E iii. ca. v

¶Also such a staple as is before rehersid shalbe at kyngston̄ vpon hull. The .xxviii. E. stat. ꝑ se.

¶The fees of the mayre & constables of the staple be lymyttyd as foloweth / that is to saye the mayre of the staple of westm̄ shal take. C. li. and euery constable ther the mayre of Lincoln̄ xx. marke / and euery cōstable ther .x. marke. The mayre of yorke / kyngstone vpon hul [...]e norwych and wynchester / euery one of them .xx. pouude and euery constable there. C. s.

¶The mayre of new castell vpō tyne / cyceft & excester euery one of them and euery const [...] ble [Page ccxxvi] there .v. marke. And if any of mayer or constables beforsayd after they be chosē by the m [...] chaūtꝭ refuse to occupy / they shal pay to the cō pany as moch as their fees amonnt vnto / [...]y th [...] yere. And that .iii. d. of euery sacke be leuyd to pay such fees. the .xxviii E. iii. sta. ꝑ [...] se.

¶No shew nor comyng of wollys shalbe with in iii. myle of the staple saue yt euery man maye shewe & sell that that is of his owne growynge The .xxviii. E. iii. sta. iii.

¶The staple of westmyster shal begyn his boū des at the temple barre / and shal extende to tu [...] hyll / and in all other cytyes & townes the boū [...]ꝭ shalbe within the wallys if it be a walled town or els thorow out al the towne / the xxviii. E. iii. sta. iii. ca. vltimo.

Also no woll brought to besolde shal lye withī iii. myle of the staple. the .xxxi. E. ca. viii.

¶Mayer and cōstables of the staple shal haue conusaunce only of dettes couenaūtꝭ & cōtractꝭ and of all other plees touchynge marchaundyse and suerty of marchauntꝭ betwene marchaunte and marchaunt and proces of felonies & al oth [...]r pl [...]es as wel withī the staple as without shalbe [Page] at the comyn lawe saue that marchauntꝭ straun­gers may sew theyr playntys & quarellys as wel trespas as other within the staple / or at the co­myn law. &c saue yt the mayre of the staple hath power to take knowlege of euery parson [...]. The xxxvi. E. iii. capitulo .vi

¶Englysshe marchauntꝭ shall cary no marchaū dyse of the staple out of the realme vpon payn of forfeytour of the shyppes. The .xliii. E. iii. ca. i.

¶The staple was remouid from myddilborow to calyce. The .xii. R. ii. ca. vltimo

¶Euery offyce and mynyster of the staple shall be s [...]o [...]ne in euery p [...]ace where the staple is first to the kynge & after to the staple. The .xiiii. R. ii captiulum .ii.

&No marchaūdise of the staple shalbe brought be [...]onde the see vntyll it be fyrste brought to the staple vpon payne of for feytour of the marchan̄ d [...]e / yf it be nat by the kingꝭ licence but by them th [...]t be except the .ii. R. ii. ca. iii. in marchauntes a [...] in the .ii. of. H. v. statut. ii. in wollys / as it is there rehers [...]d. And that euery one that caryeth suche marchaundyses out of the realme shal fynde [Page ccxxvii] suerty to the customers to bryuge them to she staple. The .xiiii. R. ii. ca. v.

¶The hole repayr of marchaundyse of the staple and shotētyngoynge oute of Englande / yre­lande and walys shalbe at Calyce vpon payn of forfeytour of the valew &c. except they haue licē ce / except to the west ꝑt that is befor except. the ii. R. ii. ca. iii. And that no lycence be graūtyd to the contrary except for wollys / woll fell / & ledyr of northumberlonde / westmerlande / cumberlād and the bisshoprich of Durham / sauyng the kynges prerogatyff. and yf they shyp any other wollys vnder coloure therof they shalbe forfeyt

And he that espyeth it shal haue the .iiii. part after notyce made to the tresourer of England.

The .ii. H. vi. ca. iiii.

¶The town of melcombe in the county of dorset shalbe a porte to shyp marchaūdise of the staple. the .vi. H. vi. ca. vi.

¶He that bryngeth marchaūdyse of the staple to any other place than to calyce shal forfeit the double value therof / and shal be in pryson by .ii. [Page] yere. And he that informyth the treasourer there of shall haue the thyrde peny when he is cōuyct & he shall be cōuyct by examynacyon saue yt marchauntes of Gean / venys tuskeyne / lombardye / florēce / and cateloyne may shyp wollꝭ / wol fell / ledyr lede / and tyn in theyr shyppes / carrekkys / galeys and other vesselys / and thē bryng to their countreys towarde the west / and sauyng to the burg [...]ys o Berwyck theyr pryuylegys. The .viii H vi. ca. xviii.

¶The shyp that bryngeth marchaundise of the staple to any other where than to Calice and the goodes of the mayster in the same shyp foūde be forfeyt. And the mayre of the staple shal be sercheour in suche case and shall haue the thyrd ꝑt [...]. The same statute. ca. xxiiii.

¶Lycence made to men of New castell and berwyk to cary marchaundise of the staple to other place than to the staple is repellyd. The same statute ca. xxvi

¶He that caryth marchaundyses of the staple into Scotlande hall lose the dowble value ther of. And shall haue the prysoment of a yere. thesa­me statute ca. xvi.

[Page ccxxviii]¶Reconusaunce made before the mayer & constables of the staple of calys shal be excecute in england. The .x. H. vi. ca. i

¶Euery one shall beserchour of the marchaundyse of the staple caryed to other placys than to the staple / and suche marchaundyses shal be forfeyt / and he that espieth it shal haue the o [...]e halfe by the dyscression of the tresourer and barons of the chekyr. the .x. of Henry the .vi. statutum ꝑse.

¶He that bryngeth marchaundise of the staple to any other place than to calyce with out lycence shalbe ponysshed as a felō except wollis that passe the streytꝭ of merrok. The .xviii. h. vi. capi. xv.

¶The partycyon yt is ordeyned in the staple of Calyce was out for .vii. yerꝭ / Und that the third part of the prise of the wollis shalbe brought to the mynte in bully on the xx. h. vi. ca. vltimo

¶It is agreed yt the payn of dethe be put out in al statutes of the staple. And that al the forfeytours of landes and [...]enemetes goodes and catellys shalbe in his force. the .xxxviii. E. iii. c [...]pi vi. [Page] a [...]d the warrāt of packinge is put out the .xxviii E. iii. ca. viii.

¶Loke more for the staple in the tytle of mar­c [...]aūdyses and in the tytle of wollis and in the [...]ytle of shyppynge

¶Note well all these forsayde statutes for sum of the last repell some of the fyrst in dyuers pointes.

Staute marchaunt

¶The marchaunt shall make his dettour to come before the mayre of London or other keper of the towne and before the clerke therto ordey­ned by the kynge and to make recongnysaūce of the dette whiche shall be inrollyd in two rollys wherof one shall abyde with the mayre or gar­dein and the other with the clerk And the clerke shall wrytte the obligaciō with his hande to the which the dett shal put to his seale and the kyn­ge seale shall be therto whiche shalbe in two pecys wherof the bygger part shall remayne with the mayre or wardē & the other with the clerke. & at the daye assygned passyd the mayre or warden shall take the bodye of the dettour yf he be a ley [Page ccxxix] man and found ī his ward and shal delyuer hym to the pryson of the towne yf there be any ther & to abyde vpon his owne ꝓper costis tyll he hath payd the det. And yf the wardē of the prisō wyll not rece [...]ue hym he shall answer the det yf he haue where with. & yf he haue not wherwith than he y cōmyttyd the keping of the prison to hym. & yf the dettour be not foūd in his baylywyke thā the mayre or baylyf shall send vnder the forsayd [...]eale the sayd recongn [...]saūce in to the chaūcery And the chaūcellour shal send a wryt to the shyryf where the dett is to take his body yf he be a lay man & to put him in pson vt sup̄. And within a quarter of a yere after that he is takē his landꝭ and goodis shall be delyueryd vnto hym so yt he may leue [...] the det / and the sale made of the landꝭ and goodꝭ shalbe good. And yf he agre not with in a quart of a yere all his landꝭ and goodis shal [...]e deliuere [...] to the marchaūt by resonable extēte [...]o hold tyl the det be payd. and not with stāding [...]he body of the dettour shal abide in pryson and [...]he marchaunt shal fynde hym bred and water. And yf the marchaūt be put out of the lādys he [...]hal haue assyse of nouel dysseysyn as of his f [...] [...]old & redysseysin yf he be dysseysyd again And the wryt of execucyon shalbe returnable ī the comin place. &c. And yf it be retornyd that he is not [Page] founde & yf he be no clerke the marchaūt shal haue wryttꝭ to al the shyryffꝭ where he hath any lā dꝭ to delyuer all his lādis goodꝭ & catellys by resonable extēt as is beforsayd. and not withstondyng he shall haue a wryt to take his body. &c. & the m̄chaūt shal haue his resonable ī prowmētes &c. And yf the dettour fynd pleggꝭ which know legyth thē to be prīcipal dettour it shalbe done of them as of the pryncypal. &c. And the marchaūt shal haue all the lādys that were in the dettours hādys the day of the recōgnisaūce made ī whose hādys so euer thei come by feffemēt or other maner. & yf the dettour or his pledgys dye the marchaūt shal haue the lāde of the heyre yf he be of age. &c & ther shal be purueyd another s [...]ale that shalbe send to euerifayre by a clerke sworue & by the wardēs of the feyre by the cōmynaltꝭ of the marchauntis there shalbe .ii. marchaūtys chosin of london or of yorke & one part of the seale shal by delyuered to the sayde marchaūtes or to one of thē & the recōgnysaūce shalbe made as is beforesayd. and for to susteyn the costys of the sayde clerke the kynge shall take of euery pounde .i.d. except in fayres & markettys where he shal take of pounde .i.d. ob. and this estatute shall be holdyn in al englond walys and yreland amonge all people except iews The staute de marcatoribus [Page ccxxx] And by the statut of actō bornel if the preisours of the mouable goodys prayse them to hye a prise ī fauour of the detter the mouables shal be delyuered to the praysours bi the same prise & they shal āswer maītenaūt the det to the creditour &c Also the statute of actō bornel wyl that the marchaunt shal fynde hym bred aud water vt supra And ferthermore that the detor shal pay his costys before he go out of prisō And the marchaūt straunger shal fynde hym nothynge &c. and so the excecucyō is gyuē by this statute of actō &c

The statute of actō bornel was made the .xi. E. i. and the statute of marchnunte was made the xiii. E. i.

¶The clerk of the statute marchaūt shal tary ī [...]roper person to do his offyce and shal haue lād [...]uffycyente in the cyte or borowe to answere to euery one yf he do amys the .xiiii. E / iii ca x

¶whan a statute marchaunt commyth in to the chauncery and thervpon a writ to the shirif yt is [...]etornid in the comin place and the statute there [...]ns shewed how be it that excecucyon be discō [...]ynuyd after the iustyce shal awarde excecucyō without hauīg any more syght of the statute of [Page] the oblygacyon the .v hen. iiii. ca. xii.


¶That euery act here to for made not cōcernīg marchanntys or marchaūdyse or other waris [...]e not preiudyciall to the mar [...]hauutys of the stele yard contrary to theyr auncient pryuelegis libertes free vsagys aud customis of olde tyme to thē grauntyd and confyrmyd by the kynges grace ꝓuyded that this act be not preiudicial to the mayre shyryff cytyzyns or cōmunalte of london for any priuylegys or other thynge to them graunted by the kīges ꝓgenytours or p̄decessours. kyngꝭ or by auctoryte of ꝑlyamēt the .xix. h. vii. ca. xxiii


¶Stockꝭ shalbe in euery town xxv. E. iii. ca. ii.

Stockꝭ shalbe made in euery towne vpon payn of. C. s. vii. h. iiii. ca. xvii

Sub pena

¶The defendant wrongfully vexid by fals suggestion before the kīges coūcel in the chaūcerye [Page ccxxxi] shall recouer his damagys The .xvii. R. ii. ca. vi.

¶No wryt of sub pena shalbe grauntyd tyll the suerte be foūd to satysfy the parte greued for his damagys yf the matter in the byl be not prouyd. The .xv. H. vi. ca. iiii.


¶No man may haue swannys and signettꝭ nor no nother to his vse if he haue not landys & tenymentys of fre hold to the yerely valew of vm̄ke. And yf any do the contrary it shalbe lawfull for euery of the kynges legys to lease them. And he shall haue the one half & the kyng the other half The .xxii. E. iiii. ca. vi.


¶That al that be of the felisshyp and mystry of [...]urgeons in london shalbe dischargyd of watch and al maner offyces of berynge armour & of in­qnestys and iurris in londou and also that thys [...]ct extende to [...]arbours surgyons admytted so [...] they excede ne be at one tyme aboue the nom­ [...]re of .xii persons The .v. h. viii. ca. vi.


¶Men suspect shall finde suerty to be of good aberyng .xxxiiii. E. iii. ca. i.

¶Uacabondes and beggers hole of body shall fynde suerty of good aberyng .vii. R. ii. ca. v.

¶Suerty of dowble shall not be for the kyngꝭ det .xiii. R. ii. ca. xiiii.


¶Loke for tanners in the tytle coriers.


¶we haue graūtyd for vs and our heyres / archbysshoppys bysshoppys abbottꝭ priours yerlys barons and al the comynalte of the realme / that for no mauer of besynes we shal take no maner of eyde gaderynge nor taxes of oure realme / but by the cōmyn assent of all the reame / saue onely olde eyde dew and acustomyd / And where tha [...] eydys haue be grauntyd to vs / by the comyn a [...]sent of the relame before this tyme of theyre good wylles / that we shal not drawe that in t [...] [Page ccxxxii] a custome frome hens forwarde / Also who haue relessyd the male torte. s. the euyl wronge of wollys sauynge to vs the customys of the wol­lys fellys and ledyr of olde tyme grauntyd by the commynalte of the same reame / Statut d [...] confirmacione carta (rum) alias dict. suꝑ additio car [...]ta (rum). And the kynge hath grauntyd to al bysshoppys that twyse in a yere they may curse all men doynge agaynste these artycles.

¶No tallage nor ayd shalbe put by vs or leueid without cōmō a assēt of archebisshopꝭ bisshops & other prelatys yerles baronꝭ knyghtꝭ burgeses and other fre men of the reame nor none of [...]ure mynisters shal take corne wol leder or other goodes withoute assent of hym that owyth thē nor no thyng be takyn in the name or by the occasyō of m [...]etolte of the sake of wolle / we wyll also [...] all clerkes and lay men of oure reame haue [...]h [...]yr lawfull lybertes and free customys as f [...] ­ [...]y as they haue ben before vsyd And yf any sta­ [...]utꝭ made by vs or our aūcestours or be brought [...] by customys agaynste any artycle in this pr [...] ­ [...]ent charter we wyll an [...] graunt that those cus [...]omys and statutꝭ be voyd for euer and of none ef­ [...]ect. Statut. de tallagio.

[Page]¶A foreyn shalbe taxid at the xv. in the towne where his goodes were at the tyme of the graūt of the taxe so that he be not chargyd .ii. tymes .ix H. iiii. ca. vii.

Takers of profettꝭ

¶The dysseyses shal haue theyr recouer agaīst the dysseysours whiche make alyenacyon to ꝑ­sons vnknowen by fraunde [...] so that they begyn theyre sute within the yere after the dysseysyn & shall recouer theyr dowble damagꝭ and thi [...] estatute holdyth place in euery other accyon in plee of lande where such feffementꝭ be made by fraude &c. to haue theyr recouere agaynste the fyrste feffour and his statute ought to be vnderstande where such feffours take these profettys A. i. R [...] ii. ca. ix

¶Such dysseysees shall haue an accyon agaīst the fyrst dysseysour durīg the lyfe of the dyssey­sour where suche dysseysour taketh the profytꝭ at the tyme of the sute begon [...] and in other pl [...]e of lande the demaundaunt shal begyn his sewte within a yere after the accyon to hym growen iii.. H. iiii. ca. vii.

[Page ccxxxiii]¶And all these wryttes foundyd vpon thassyse of no diss. the dysseysem haue theyre recouere a­gay [...]ste the dysseysours or agaynste theyr feffeem as well as in accyon of no dyss. so that the same disse [...]sours or theyr feff [...]em agīnst whom the writ is brought take the ꝓfettꝭ at the tyme of the purchasynge of the wryt not withstandynge the fefment made or gyuen for to delay the demaūdaū tes. A. xi. H. vi. ca. iii.

¶If the tenaūte for terme of lyfe or yerys lette theyre estatue to parsones vnknowyn and they them selfe take the profitys the lessour shal haue [...]n accyon of wast agaynst them so takynge the profyttꝭ / yf they were before the graunt ponys­shable of wast .xi. H. vi. ca. v.

¶A forme done shal be mayntynable agaynste the takers of the profettꝭ where parsonꝭ vnkno­wen be insessyd to theyr vse and the takers shal haue their voucher view eyd praier and age as wel as they were tenauntes in dede and the re­couers agaynst them and theyr heyres as strōge as they had be tenauntes of the free hold at any tyme of the sayd accyon vsyd .i. H. vii.. ca. i.

Tellers of new tythyngꝭ

¶A teller of new tydynges whereof dyscordes or sclaunders may grow betwene the kynge and his people or the great men of the realme shal be takyn and put in pryson tyll he hath founde and brought into the kynges court hym that shewed hym the tale. w. i. ca. xxxiii.

¶Tellers of fals newes and fals messagys of prelattys of lordys of iustyces and other greate offycers of the realme wherby debate or discord may [...] shal be inprysoned tyl he haue found hym of whome the tale was shewed. The .ii. R. ii. ca v.

¶If a teller of newe dydynges can not brynge forth his auctour he shal be ponysshed by the aduyse of the kynges councell. The .xii. R. ii. capi­tulo .xi.


¶Tēporaltyes of the bysshop shal not be seisid without cause & iugemēt gyuē there vpō xliii. E iii. ꝓ clero.

¶wher tēporaltes shalbe seisid for a cōtēpt dō to the kīg the iugis before whō &c. shal put resonable fine for such cōtēpt xxv. E. iii. ꝓ. cle ca. vji

¶The tēporaltes shalbe kept by the chapters & couēt without wast .xiiii. E. iii. ca. vltimo.


¶All the knyghtes of the temple were dystroyed for heresye & afterwarde. s. xvii. E. iii. al theyr landꝭ were gyuē by auctoryte of the ꝑlyamēt to the ordre of the hospital of seit Iohn̄ for to maī tayn the cristē feith as they were gyuen to the tē plers at the begīnīg not withstōdīg that it was a good entēt ī thesame ꝑlyamēt yt the same landꝭ shuld eschete to the lordes. sta. templer


¶It is lawful to eueri fre mā to sel his lād or ꝑte therof at his wyl so yt he yt is īfeffid holdith it of the chyef lord by thesame (ser)uyce yt the feffour first hyld it / & if he alyen ꝑt the feffe shal be chargyd acordynge to his part / this statute holdyth place of landes in fee symple only / and that this statute be not preuydycial to the statute fo mort maīsta. quia. emptores tarra (rum).


¶Non shall cary thrōmys nor wollen yaren vnder the colour of thrōmys out of the realm vpon payn of forfeytour the dowble valew The .viii. h. vi. ca. xxiii.



¶Al the landys in south [...] & northtyndale shalbe gyldable & annexid to the counte of northumber landꝭ & the kynges wryt and al warantes and p̄ ­ceptes of iustyce of peasse and other offycers of northūberiōd shalbe there obeyed .xi. H. vii.c.ix


¶Loke for tyles ī the tytle weightꝭ & misures.


¶A mā may charge tyn wher it pleasyth hī but the discharg shalbe at calice oli the xv R ii c.viii

¶Passage of tyn out of the realm shal be at the porten of derthmouth & no other where. the .xiiii R. ii. ca. vii

¶Loke more fortin ī the title of merchaūtꝭ and staple.


¶yf owtragyous toll be takyn in a towne marchaunt yf it be the kynges town let to fee ferme / [Page ccxxxv] the kyng shal take fraunches of the market into his hande / and yf it bo done by a lord of a towne the kyng shall do in lyke maner. w. i. Ca. xxx.

¶Toll shal be takyn after the strengthe of the cours of the wat as of the xx. corne & the mesure wherby it shalbe takyn shall agre with the kyn­ges m [...]sure by strykell and not by hepe. The sta­tute of the assyse of brede and ale.

Tourne of shyryffꝭ

¶Sheryffꝭ or baylyffꝭ may take presētmentꝭ or indytmentys before thē in theyr tourne but they may make no syne nor award no ꝓces therō vpō payn of. C. li. the one half therof to the kyng and the other half to the parte greuyd but they must certyfy that presentmēt to the iustyce of pease at the nexte cessyons vpon payne of And they shal award theron ꝓces as the law wyl but this act shal not be p̄iudicyal to the cyte of londō nor to lordꝭ of any fraūches which hath the kynges patent therof or ellys hath it by tytle of prescrypcyon The .i. E. iiii. capitulo primo

¶No baylyf nor other offycer shal retourn ī an [...] [...]urne non but such as be of good fame & y haue [Page] landys of free hold within thesame coūte to the yerly valew of .xx. s. or copy hold to .xxvi s viii. d. at the lest. & he that retorneth any contrarye to this ordynaunce shal lose for euery persō not beyng so su [...]fycyent .xl. s. as oft as h [...] so off [...]ndyth. And the shyryff other .xl. s. And who that wyll shall sew there fore by accyon of dette as well agaynst the sayd shyryf as baylyf / the one half so recoueryd to the kyng & the other half to hīselfe wherī nother e [...]su nor ꝓtecciō shal lye. and eueri indytement in any turne other wyse takyn to be voyd. The .i. R. iii. ca. iiii.

¶No shyryf nor constable shall hold their torn but twis in a yere & ī a place acustomid. S. ones aft ester and a nother tyme aft mychelmas. &c. & the vew of frankpleg shalbe than at the torne of myghelmas. &c. & no counte shal be holdī but frō moneth to moneth & ī the cōtrey where more lō ­ger tyme hathe be vsyd it shall be so contynued magna carta. ca. xxxv.

¶Archbysshopꝭ bysshoppꝭ abbotꝭ priors countes barōs nor mē of religiō nor womē shal not cō to the shiryffꝭ torne also mē shal not come to the shyryffꝭ torne whiche haue landys in dyuers hō dredys marlbryg. ca. x.

[Page ccxxxvi]¶The sheryf shall hold his torne whiti [...] a mo­nyth after ester & the other withi [...] a moneth aft mychelmas or elles he shal lose his torne for the tyme .xxxi. E. iii. ca. xiiij


¶The parte shal haue his trauers to the offyce wherby it is found that the kynges tenaunt did alyen without lycence or that he hyld of the kīg by knygtes (ser)uyce & dyed his heyre beīg within age / the record shalbe send in to the kīges bench and there tryed .xxxiiii. E. iii. ca. xiiii.

¶yf the eschetour sease any lādys in the kyngꝭ handes by inquest of offyce if any mā put claym therto. The eschetour shal send the same inquisicyon in to the chauncery within a moneth aft yt lād s [...]sayd. And that a wryt shalbe delyueryd hī to certify the cause of the seasour ī the chaūcery And there without delay to trauers the ofice or elles to shew his ryght. And in case that any cō before the chaūcelour & shew his right by good euydens that the chauucellor shall lett the lande vnto hym yeldyng the valew to the kyng fyndīg suerte that he shall do no was [...] tyll that it be iug­gyd the .xxxvi [...] E. iii. ca. xiii.

[Page]This statute is enlargyd the .i. h. viii. ca. x.

And .iii. monethes respyte gyuen to any man yt wyl make clayme

¶Loke more for this in the tytle of eschetour.

Tonnage & poundage

¶yf any marchaundyse be shypped to be caried beyond the see or brought from thens in to this realm and there put to land at any port the subcidye and tunnage and poundage dew to the king not payed nor agreed with the colectour th [...]rfor than the sayd marchaundyses to be forfeyted to the kyng the .xii. E. iiii. to endure the kynges life This acte is confyrmed the .vi. h. viii. ca. xiiii. To endure duryng the kynges lyfe.

Loke more for this ī the tytle of custō & loke for subsyde & poūdage. The .xii. E. iiii. ca. iii.


¶when a man cōpassyth or ymagineth the deth of the kīg or of the quene his wif or of his eldest sone and heyre or if any defoyle the quene or the kingis eldest doughter not maried or the wife of [Page ccxxxvii] the kinges eldest son and heyre and yf a mā leuey war agaynst the kynge in his realme or be adhe­rent to the kynges enmyes in the realme or h [...]lpe them or comfort thē in the realme or ellys where And therof prouabli be attaynt of open dede by people of his degre and condycyon.

A [...]d yf a mā counterfeyt the kynges greate seale or his money or yf a man b [...]ynge any fals money in to this realme counterfeit to the money of yngland knowinge the money to be fals for any marchaū [...]y [...]e or payment made in dysceyt of the kīg & his people / And yf any mā sle the chaūcellour tresorer or the kyngꝭ iustyce of the one bench or other iustyce meyre or assyse and al iustyces assyned of other and determyner beyng [...] in theyr placys in doyng theyr offyce. And it is to vnderstōd that these cases before sayd ought to be aiuggyd treason for they extend to our souerayn lord the kynge and to his royall mageste and of suche maner treson the forfeytour of the eschetys be long to the kyng as wel of landꝭ & tenementis holden of other lordꝭ as of the kinge hym self. And with this there is another maner of treason that is to say when the seruaūt slyeth his mayster the wyf that sleth her husbād a seculer or a relygyous mā that sleyth his prelate to whom he oweth feyth [Page] and obeysaūce and such maner of treasō gyuyth the forfeyt of the eschetꝭ to euery lord of the fee. And bycause y many other causes of lyke treson may fal in time to cōe wherof men can not think nor declare at this tyme. It is agreyd that yf any other cause supposid to be treasō that be not specyfyed happen to fall of new before any iustyce The iustyce shall tary withoute goynge to iugement of the treasō tyll the case be shewyd and declaryd before the kyng and his perlyament whethere it be treasō or other felony. The .xxv. E. iii statut. de prodic. ca. ii.

¶This statute was cōfyrmyd .i. H. iiii. ca. x.

¶Clyppynge wasshyng fylynge of money is declaryd for treasō the .iii. H. v. statut. ii. ca. v.i. & it semeth to be graund treason for the statute sayth that he is a traytor to the kynge and his realme.

¶Brēnyng of howsyn but if he wold gyue thē a certen some of money / is made treason sauinge to the lordys the eschetys. The .viii. H. vi. ca. vi.

¶Brekyng of truse is made treason and saufe cō dytys also. The / ii. H. v. ca. vi. ¶See the statute for dyuers causys.

[Page ccxxxviii]¶Forgyng and counterfetyng of coyne of a nother lande is made treason as well as counterfetyng the coyne of this lande. The .iiii. henry vii. ca. xviii.

¶who so euer yt dothe compas or purposse the deth of the kyng or to depose hym or to yeld vp his lege homage / And he that leueth people and rydeth agaynst the kyng to make warre within his realme and ther of is attaynt in parlyamente shalbe adiudgid a trajtour of hye treasō and shal forfeyt to the kyng all his landꝭ that he hath or any other to his vse as wel fee symple as fee tail

¶But this statute extendith not to landꝭ wherof ani that doth scuh forfait is scasid to an other vse. The .xxi. R. ii. ca. iii.

¶Brekyng of trews and saue conduytes is adiudgyd haut treasō [...]he .ii. H. v. ca. vi.


¶No man shal do no remengement nor take distresse without ordre of the kinges court though he haue had hurt & iniury vpō payn to make fy­ne aft the quātyte of the trespas. m̄lebr̄. ca. i.

[Page]¶Mysdoers in parkys and waren shall make greate amendes and haue inprysonmente of .iii. verys and shalbe fynyd at the kyngꝭ wyl if they haue whereof and shal fynde good suerty to do no more hurte and yf they haue not wherof / af­ter .iii. yere they shal fynde the same suerty / and yf they can not they shal abiure the realme / and if the parte sewe not within a yere the king shal haue the sewte and proces of outlarye / and yf suche misdoers take any tame bestes or othere thynges in ꝑke it is felonye. w. i. ca. xx

¶Of a woman takyn awey with her husbādꝭ goodes the kyng shal haue the sewte / he that takyth a nonne frome her howse thoughe she consente shal haue iii. yerys prisonment & shal make satysfaccyon to the howse and make fyne at the kynges wyl. w ii. ca. xxxiiii.

¶A man shall not haue an accyon of trespasse before the iustyce except that he depose by hys fayth that the goodes takyn awey be worthe. xl shylynges at the lest / and yf he complayn of battery to depose by hys fayth that his complaynt is trew / Glouc. ca. viii.


¶The brekers of trews and saue condytys ben [...]iuggyd haut treason and in euery porte there shalbe a conserua [...]our that hath of lande by yere to inquere of suche brekers vpon the see by auctoryte of the kynges letters and the admyralꝭ cōmyssyon to here and to determyn as the admyralles haue vsyd sauynge to the admyrall the determynacyon of the deth of man to inquere by the people of the shyre / And that .ii. men lernyd in the law shalbe associat to hym to make delyue [...]aunce of them that be endyted for felonyes don in the coūtes out of the see sauyng the fraūches of the .v. portes [...] wher ther shal be lyke conseruatours .ii. H. v. ca. vi.

¶The chauncellour of englond shal call to him one of the iuggys and shal determyne brekynge of trewsys and saufcondutes vpon a cert [...]in forme .xxix. H. vi. ca. iiii.

¶All actꝭ and estatutes made before the .iiii. daye of march the fyrst yere of king. E. the .iiii. and [...]ot repellyd against brekers of trewse or saue cō [...]uytꝭ ben cōfyrmyd .xiiii. E. iiii. ca. iiii. but the sta [...]ute of .ii. H. v. made agaynste suche offenders is [...]xcept from this statute.


¶Of the equalyte of name of a pa [...]son presētyd to a benefyce / the examyacyon ꝑteynyth to the spūal iugestat vocatu rarti [...]clo cler. yf a relen or dede be pledid in barre in assyse or other plees of lande or in accyons vpon a graunt couenaunt or trespas beinge date within any fraūches where the kynges wryt rennyth not it shall be tryed in the counte where the accyon is brought / and yf wytnes be in the dede ꝓces shalbe made ī the same counte & also yf they come not at the graūd dystres the enquest shal be takyn .ix. E. iii. ca. iiii

¶Bastardye aleged in hym that is borne beyonde the see shalbe tryed by the ordinary of the place where the accyon is brought .xxv. E. iii. ca. vltimo / Stat de partibus transmarinis.

¶The issu whether a prior by datiffe & remouable or ꝑpetual shalbe tryed by the byssop .ix. R i [...] capitulo iiii.

¶Tryall wher an alyō is ꝑty shalbe of the hal [...] of his tonge & yf both ꝑtes be alyēs all the tryall shalbe by alyēs .xxviii E. iii. ca. xiii. not withsta [...]dyng yt they that pas in the ēquest haue no land [...] viii. H. vi. ca. vl.

¶The mayre of the staple shal haue an acciō o [...]det against him that shippyth wollꝭ to any othe [...] place thā to calyce & eu [...]ri issue iyonyd ī this ac [...]ciō [Page ccxl] shalbe tried in the counte where the wollys were shypped but yf the issue be taken vpon the certificat of the customer of calyce / thā that shal be tryed in the coūty where the eschekyr is .iiii. E. iiij ca. ii.

¶Loke in the tytle of shipping of wollys how the issue shalbe tryed in the coūte of york .iiii. E. iiii. ca iii.


¶Loke for that in the tytle botemen.

Uacabundys & beggers

¶No mā shal giue almes to beggers yt be strōg and able to worke vpon payn of imprysonment The .xxiij. E. iii. ca. vltimo.

¶Beggers that be strōg and hole of body shal be compellyd to work and beggers that depart out of their hūdred cite or borow without leters testymony all it shalbe done to them as of labourers that pas out of the hūdred &c. Also heremytys and relygyous beggers shall haue letters of theyr ordynaryes and cierkys letters of the vnyuersite The .xij. R. ii. ca. vi.

[Page]¶Beggers that haue be in prison beiond the see shal haue letters of their captēs or of the towns where they aryued and shal be sworne to go the next way to their contreis. The .xii. R. ii. ca. vii.

¶Iustyce of pease and assyseꝭ shal inquyre of vacabundys loyterers and faytours and them to ponysshe and as wel thesame iustyce as mayrys baylyffꝭ & constablꝭ & other gouerners of towns and placys where such come may examyn them and compel them to fynd suerte of there good a­beryng and other wyse commit them to the next geale tyl the cōmīg of the iustice of deliueraūce and they haue power to do of thē as they shall thynke conueniēt The .vii. R. ii. ca. v.

¶Mayres shreuys baylyffꝭ and other offycers and rulers of cyties and townes shall take vacabundys idell and suspecte parsons and them to pute in stockys there to abyde .iii. nyghtes with brede and water / and after .iii. nyghtes they shal be cōmaundid to a voyd the towne And yf they offend agayne they shall abyde in stockys by .iii dayes with the forsayd dyet. and he that gyueth them any other sustenauns shal forfeyt for euery tyme .xii.d. And that euery begger that may not labor shall goo in to the hundred where he dwellid [Page ccxli] last or where he is most knowen or where he was borne within .vi. wekis after proclamacion of this statute made there to abyde. And [...]f any begge in any other place after that he shal be ponysshed as it is before sayde. And that none be excusid for that / that he his a clerk of the vniuersyte or shipman except that he shew the letter of the chaūcellour of the vniuersyte of his captē or of the towne where he cam to land. & yf he haue such letters he shall be commaundid to go to his contrye. And yf any such vacabūdys tari in any cite or towne by the space of a day not punisshed And such offycer hath notyce of hym than that offycer shall forseyt for euery tyme .xx.d.

¶And that lordys in theyr letys and sheryffꝭ in theyr turnys shall inquyre therof and take the a­marcyament for euery defaute .xx.d. And yf it be in a cyte that hath mayre and aldermen that than the alderman of the place where suche defaut is shall take the aduauntage to his owne vse. And that euery one that is intytelyd to haue such pe­ [...]alte may dystrayn. &c. & further more by this sta [...]ute the imprysoment that is gyuyn by the statu­ [...] Ryc. is put out. The .xi. h. vii. ca. ii. This ac [...]e [...]s confyrmyd. The .xix. h. vii. ca. x. And thereto [...]largyd and addyd than yf any kepe any suche [Page] beggers in his howse ouer one nyght to forfayt xii. d. And also yf the offycer examyn not suche beggers but suffer them go vnponysshed as is beforsayde to forfeyt therfore .iii. s. iiii.d. And the lord of the lete or sheryf in his turne or aldermā as is beforfayde to take the mercyament therfor iii. s. iiii.d. And to dystrayne therfore. And that the chaūcellour the tresorer the two chefe iuggꝭ the chyf barō of the eschekyr the iustice of assise in theyr cyrcuitys to examyn the sayd officers defectyfe and to put them to suche punysshemēt as though they were conuycte by dew ꝓces of the law & the styward tresorer & controller of the kinges howse haue lyke auctoryte within the p̄cic [...] of the verge and the mayre and euery alderman in the cyte of london within his warde / ꝓuydid yt the dyminicyō of ponysshement of vacabūdys shalbe for women with chyld and men & wymen in grete sekenes and impotente aboue the age o [...] lx. yeres by the dyscression of them that haue au [...]toryte. And the iustycꝭ of the pease within thei [...] shyre and the mayre sheryffꝭ and baylyffꝭ in thei [...] iurysdyccyon to make serche of these .iiii. tyme [...] in the yere yt is to say euery quat ones & to se dew [...] execucyō done as is beforsayd. The .xix. h vii. c [...] xii.

¶And that the iustyce of pease mayres baylyffys [Page ccxlii] & stywardys of fraunches haue power to serche and examyn it by the contrie and by thyer dyscressyons. The .xi. h. vi. ca. xii

Loke for wardē of the flete ī the title of escape.

wager of law

¶No balyf shal put any mā to wage hys law opynly without witnes. magna carta. ca. xxviii

¶A mā shal haue his law agayns papirs of lō don .xxxviii. E. iii. ca. v.

In det vpon the arreragys of accōpt the pleyntyff or the deffendaunt shalbe examinid by some iuge before whom &c. & vppon that by theyr dyscression the defendauntes shall do thyer law .v. [...]h. viii ca vii.


¶Al abbotꝭ & priors in euery hūdred wapētak or court barō by their attorne is made by their co [...]ēt seale shal pled al plees for thē. & the stuward [...] eueri such court shal receiue such atorneis vpō [...]ain of .xl.i ī. & the abot of foūteins shall do his [...]aw by one of his mōkꝭ or by atturnei with f [...] [...]ādes but the attorney must haue his warraunt [...]nder the couente seale. and the stuwarde that [Page] refustth to take his lawe in such maner shal lose for euery tyme / and he that sewyth shal haue the half .x [...]xiii. H. vi. ca. vi


¶No man shal be chargyd to arme hymselfe o­therwyse than hath be vsyd in tymes past / & that none shalbe dystreynyd to go out of theyr countes / but bycause of necessyte of sodeyn comynge of straungers enemyes to the kynge / and than it shalbe done as it hathe be done before this tyme in defence of the realme .i. Ed. iii. capitulo .v. statuto .ii.

¶Non shalbe compellyd to fynd men harnysed bylmen nor archer except that they hold of such (ser)uyce / but if it be by a comyn assent & graunte of parlyamente xxv. E. iii. statuto de prodicione ca. viii. this statute is cōfyrmed .iiii. h. iiii. ca. xiii. But that no lord therby shal lose his (ser)uyce nor amountes nor grauntes therby chaungyd.

Loke more for warre in the tytle souldyars.


¶The lord shal not haue the warde of the heir nor of the lād tyll that he hath takē his homag [...] [Page ccxliii] And when he cōmyth to full age of .xxi. yere he shall haue his herytage without relef and with­out fyne / magna carta ca. iii.

¶The king shal not haue the warde of the heyre of lādys holdyn of any other by knyght seruyce by occasion of any tenur of vs by petyt serian tie. magna carta. ca. xxvii.

¶Euery lay man that is conuyct of the takyng away of a ward by strēgth or maried & with holdyn shall yelde the valew of the maryage and be imprysonyd yf the chylde be maryed / And that is of the heire within .xiiii. yeres / and yf the heire dasse .xiiii. yere and marye himselfe befor his full age withoute the lordys assent and the lorde tend hym mariage / than the lorde shall holde his lande after the terme of his age vntyll he haue receyuyd the dowble valew of the maryage / And yf the heyre wyll not mary he shal not be compellyd therto but whā he cōmyth to full age he shal satysfie the lord as myche as he myght haue had for the maryage before that he receyue his landys marton tapi. vi.

¶Theyrys shall be maryed without dysperge­ment / magna carta ca. v. in fine.

[Page]¶yf the lorde marye the heyre where he is dysꝑgid within .xiiii. yere the lord shal lose the warde / at the sewte of the chyldes fryndys and all the ꝓfet therof shal go to the vse of the heire. but if he pas .xiiii. yere so that he may consent to maryage than there shal folow no payne. Morton ca vi.

¶yf the tenaunt enfeffe his son & heyre within age / that shal not put the lord frō his ward &c. & if the tenaūt enfeffe other by colucy on that shal not put the lorde frome his warde / but the statute wyll that he shal not put out such feffes with out iugemēte / & shal haue a wryt of warde / & the colucyon shal betryed sauing alway to the feffes theyr accyon whan the heyre comyth to his age m̄lebryg. ca. vi.

¶In a wryt yf ward of the def. come not at the graūd dystres a wryt shal go forth dyuers times opynly red in the shyre & yf he com not or the shiryf can not haue his body before the iustyce thā he shal lose the poss [...]ssyon of the ward / sauynge to hym an other tyme his sccyon / & yf the wryt be brought agaynst the gardeyn ꝑ cause de gard the comyn law shal renne. Merlebryg ca. vii [Page ccxliiii] The warden shal recouer the double valew of the maryage of the heyrys maryed without consent of their gardein after the age of .xiiii. yere after the statute of morton / and forthermore they shal haue susteyned the mariage shal yeld the valew of the maryage to the gardeyn for the tres­passe. Of the heyrys femalys aft that they come to .xiiii. yere and wyl not be maryed by the lord / The lorde shal not hold the land but .ii. yerys after the seyd .xiiii. yere. And yf they wyl not thā be maryed by theyr lordys where there is no disꝑgement / than he shal hold the land tyl their age of .xxi. yere and aboue tyll that he hath reseyuyd the valew of the maryage. westm. i. ca. xxii.

¶yf the warden or chyeflord infeff any man of landys that is of the herytage of the chylde in his warde / the heyre shall haue his recouere by assyse of nouell dysseysyn agaynst the warden & the tenaunt and yf he recouer / the seysyn shalbe delyuered to the nexte frende to whom the hery­tage can not dissend to be answerable to the childe at his ful age & the gardeyn shal lose durynge his lyfe the warde of the childe and all the remenauunte of the herytage and the warden that is [...]ot the lorde / shall lose the warde for that ryme [Page] & shal make fyne to the kynge / and yf the enfaut b [...] takyn away his next frend that wyl shal sew for hym. w. i. ca. xlvii

¶whan any herytage decendyth to an enfante by the father syde holdyn of one lorde / & of the mother syde holdyn of an other lord / That lord shall haue the warde of whome the auncestour was fyrst infeffyd. w. ii. ca. xvi

¶Of chylderen malys or femalys rauysshed though the rauysshour delyuer the chyld agayn vnmaryed or satysfy for the maryage yet he shall haue .ii. yerys prysonment / & yf he do not so delyuer hym nor be not able to satysfy he shal abiure the realme or haue parpetual prysonmente / And yf the heyre in the meane whyle dye / yet the defendaunt shal haue the sayd ponyshmente / And yf the playntyf dye hangyng the ple / it shal be resōmonyd at the sewt of the heyre / yf it be the tytle of gyfte or sale than at the sewt of the excecutours / and yf the defendaunte dye / it shalbe resō monyd betwene the pleyntyf and his heire or excecutours or the excetours of the defendaunt. or his heyres yf the excectours suffyce not for the valew of the maryage / lykewyse yf the ple b [...] of the ward of the land or the heyre or of both / the [Page ccxlv] resōmons shalbe betwene the heyre & the excecutours of the playntyff and also the heyres & excecutours of the defendaunt yf the deth of eyther of them happyn / And at the greate dystres a day shalbe gyuē within the which .iii. countes may be holdyn with proclamacyon / And yf the defendaunt come not iugement shal be gyuen / Sauyng to the defendaunt his ryght an other tyme Thesame wyse it shalbe in a wryt of eiectmente of ward. w. ii. ca. xxxv.

women beyug of the age of .xiiii. yerys at the tyme of the deth of theyr auncestors shall haue le­euery of theyr landes without any questyon or difficulte for the law of this laund wil so .xxxix. .H. v. ca. ii

¶If any persone take any mayde wedowe or wyfe thoughe they be maryed after to hym or to other bi his assent or defowlyd beyng heyres apparant to any auncesteurs or hauing aui goodys or laundes that sueh takynge be felony and that the misdoers takers procurators and receiters knowynge that same offence be iudgyd as pryncypall felons pronyded that this act extēde not to any mā takyng any womā claymīg her as his ward the .iiii. h. vii. ca. iii.

[Page]¶yf any parson be lorde of any lāde in fe holdin of another lorde by knyght seruyce to the vse of any other parson / and heto whose vse he is sey­syd dye no wyll by hym made / his heyre beynge within age the lorde of whome the land is hol­dyn shall recouer the warde of the body and lan­de by a wryt of warde / as though thesame aun­cestour had be impossessiō &c. And yf such heyre be than of full age / he shall pay relef / and yf the lorde do waste the heyre shal haue an accyon of waste And yf the lorde be barryd in his wryt of warde / the defēdaūt shal recouer his damage .iii H. vii. ca. xvii.

¶yf any man beyng with the kyng in wagis in warre vpon the see or beyonde the see holdynge of the kynge or of any other by knyghtes (ser)uyce dye there or yf any feffement be supposyd to be made by collucyon / his heyre beyng within age that the feffes or executours of suche parson so dysseysyd shall haue the warde and maryage o [...] the heyre and of the landys durynge the no nage to the ꝑformaunce of the wyll of hym so desces [...]syd without any accompt yeldynge payenge th [...] rent to the cheflorde of the feesauing to euery o [...]ther ꝑson such ryght & vse as they had befor th [...] feffemēt alienacyō or recouer / ꝓuydyd y this a [...]te extend not to the souldiars of Cales hammy [...] [Page ccxlvi] gysnes Ryse bank berwyk walys & the marches of the same .iiii. h. viii. c. iiii Thesame stat & ꝓmis. is made for al thē yt were reteinyd in the kynges wagꝭ in his warrꝭ the .xv. yere of king h. the .viii

¶Loke more of wardꝭ ī the tytle felony .iiii h. vii. ca. ii


¶The lordꝭ of the marches of walys shal be ꝑpetually ītendīg & ānexid to the crown of englō de & not to the prīcypalyte of walꝭ .xxviii. E. iii ca [...] ii.

¶yf any mē of the march of walys be arestid in walꝭ or theyr goodꝭ takyn & brought thyder thei shal haue letters testimonialꝭ of the gouernours of the town wher they dwell to the gouernours town where such wrōg is don for to deliuer thē within .viii. daies. And yf thei be not delyueryd thā they shal arest and withold as many of thē and of theyr goodes / tyll grement be made .ii. H. iiii. ca. xvi.

¶The lordes of walys and theyre mynysters shal do excecuciō of mē attaīt of felony ī ēgland which dwel in walys vpō a certyfycacyō of the [Page] kīges iustice vpō a greuous payn .ii. H. iiij. c.xvii

¶Englyssmen shall not be conuict by welchmē in any accion in walys but by englysshmē of the next vesnew and men of good fame / wasters and rymours and mynstrelles in walys shall haue no cōmortha in walys nor that the englysshe burgeys that wede welsshe women shall not haue fre­dome withe englysshe burgeys .iiii. H. iiii. ca. xxv

¶welsshmen shal bere no armour in marchaunt townꝭ vpō payn of forfeytour .iiii. h. iiii.c.xxviii.

¶Uytels and armour shall not be brought in to walys vpon payn of forfeytour / And the constable that espyeth it shall haue the .vi. parte .iiii. H iiii. ca. xxix.

¶welchmen shall purches no landys in the townys adioynynge to the marchis of walys vppon payne of forfeytour to the lordys of the fee nor they shal not be burgeys nor cityzēs nor bere no offyce nor of the cōmyn counsell of any cyte or borowe .ii. h. iiii. ca. xii.

¶welchmen shall not purchas no landys in englōde nor in boroughs nor townꝭ of the marchis [Page ccxlvii] of walys vpon payne of forfeytour to the lordꝭ of the fee suche estate as they haue purchasyd nor shall not be accept to be burgeys nor to no lyberte within the reame nor in the seyd boroughs and townes .ii. h. iiii. ca. xx.

¶welchmen shall haue no castellꝭ nor forfelet­tꝭ except lordis and bysshopꝭ for theyr proper bodyes iiij. h. iiii. ca. xxx.

¶An Englysshman which doth wede a welch woman shal not be put in offyce in walys nor in the marchys of the same .iiij. h. iiii. ca. xxxiii

¶Felons in walꝭ shal not delyuered by dysclaymer nor letters of march .ix. h. iiii. ca / iiii

¶Where rebellem were slayn in walys and theyr heyrꝭ and fryndys take englyssmen & welchmen of the kyngꝭ legaunce and put them in pson tyll they haue made fyne or be acquyt by assache aft the custome of walys y is by enquest of / CCC / men it is ordeynyd that the parte so greuyd shal recouer his treble damage and the defen [...]aunt shall haue prysōment of two yerys and shall make fyne and raunson / i. h. v / ca / vi

[Page]¶Iustyce of pease shall determyn treasonꝭ and felonyes done by men of walys in englond And yf they be vtlawed shall certyfye that to the of­fycers and lordꝭ of walys wher they dwel to do execucyon vpon them there .ii. h. v. statut [...] ii. ca. v.

¶The sheryffꝭ bayliffꝭ or constables & all other of the counte of hereforde may arest men of wa­lys and of the marchys that be vtlawyd or indy­ted of felony or treason or to leuey hue and crye and euery man shall helpe them vpon payn. s. of euery knyght. C. s. esquyer .xl s. and all other .xx. s. and iustyce of pease shall inquyre therof .xxiii. H. vi. ca. v.

¶All grauntꝭ of markettꝭ feyrys and lybertees within the townes of no [...]thwalys made to any welchmā is voyd / And that all villaynꝭ in north walys shalbe compellyd to do theyr auncion seruyce not withstandynge any graunt made to the contrary .xxvi. h. vi. ca. i.


¶yf a man alyen haue landꝭ or tenemētꝭ that he hath by the law of englonde / his son shal not be [Page ccxlviii] barryd by the dede of his fader with a warantie by to recouer of the seysī of his moder by a writ of mordaūcester but yf herytage descend to him by his fader than he shall be barryd for so myche valew / And in the same maner the heyre shal haue recouere by a wryt of cosynage ayle or be sayle / and in lyke maner the heire shal not be barryd by his faders dede to demaūd the heritage of his moder by writ of entre which his fader alyeuyd wherof no fyne is leueyd in the kynges courte Gloucester ca. iii.

¶wher the tenaunte and the vouche be at issue vpon the warantie as the tenaūt sholde lose the landys demanudyde yf the waranter may adnull the warauntye / so the waranter shal lose yf he denye the warantye / and be cōuyct / And yf they two be at issue the playntyff may sew out the venire fac. w. ii. ca. vi

¶whē a man alienith his wyffꝭ ryght / the sewt of the woman or of her heyre shall not be defer­ryd after the deth of her husbād by the noneage of the heyre which shold warant it / but the bier shall abyde to haue his warantye vntyll the age of the waranter. w. ii. ca. xl

[Page]¶In dedys where these wordis dadi & cōcessi be conteynyd to hold of the dolour & his heiris by certayn seruyce / dolour & his heyrys be boū de to warantye / and where it is / to holde of the chyef lordes &c. the feffour hym self is bound to warantye by reason of his owne gyft & not hys heyre / sta. de bigamis.

¶Loke more for warantye in the tytle london


¶The warden in chyualry shall take but resonable issues & seruyce of hym that is in his ward sauyng distruccyon / and yf the cōmytte of the kyng make destrucyō the kyng shall take of hym amendes and the landes shall be cōmyttyd to other / And yf the donee of the kynge or the vendee make waste he shall lose the warde & it shal be cōmyttyd to another magna carta ca / ii [...]i

¶The wardē in chyuallry shal sustein the howsys ꝑkes warens pondys myllys & other thyn­ges ꝑteynyng to the lande of the ysseus of thesame land & shal yelde it to the heyre at his ful age storyd with cartꝭ and other thynges as he receyuyd it / an [...] al this shalbe obseruid of the kepers [Page ccxlix] of archbysshoprykys / byshoprykys abbays pryoris / chyrches / & dyngnites / being voyd / which belōg to the kyng / Sauynge that suche wardes may not be solde / magna carta. ca. v. and this statute is confyrmed. w. i. ca. xxi.

¶The warden in socage shal do no waste ī the landes & yf he do he shal yeld accompt to the heire at his full age merlbryg. ca. xvii.

¶Fermers shall do no waste / & yf they do they shal yelde damage. and be amercyed merlebryg ca. xxiii.

¶A man shal haue an accyon of waste agaynst the tenaunt by the law of england / tenaunte for terme of lyfe or yerys or a Woman that holdyth in dower. & he that is attaynt of waste shal lose the thynge wastyd. & shal gyue treble damagys / and of wast made in wardys / it shalbe done as it is cōteyned in magna carta / & also he shal lose to the heyre the damagys of the waste. yf the losse of the warde be not suffycyent Glouc ca. v.

¶Of waste done to any maner noysaunce frō hensforth there shalbe no prohibicion but a sō ­ [...]ons / & yf he come not than he shalbe attachid. [Page] and after that a dystres. and yf he come not tha [...] a cōmaundement to the sheryf to go to the place to enquere of the wast / and vpon that retorne to procede to iugement accordyng to the statute of Glouc. w. ii. ca. xiiii.

¶Of tenauntꝭ that hold with oute dyuysion yf one do wast the other shal haue remedi by a writ of wast. w. ii. ca. xxii

¶The heyr shal haue a wryt of wast as well of wast done in the tyme of his auncester as in his owne tyme of what age so euer he be / or within warde or out of warde. statutū de vasto .xx. E. i. tamen dicit quod non est statutum

¶Of wast done by the eschetour in housis parkys and all other thynges which he hath in the kynges hādys / he that fyndeth hymselfe greuyd shal haue a wryt of wast agaynste the eschetour or vnder eschetour and shall recouer such damagys as it was late ordeynyd of w [...]st done inwa [...]dys / articuli cleri. ca xix

¶Eschetours shall do no wast in parkis warē [...] nor other extorciōs to the damage of the heire [...] the landꝭ beyng ī the kingꝭ hādꝭ xiiii. E. iii.c.xi [...]

[Page ccl]¶Eschetours nor other wardeyn in tyme of vacacyon of the temparaltes shall do no waste no [...] dystruccyon to the hurte of the housys / xiiii. E iii. pro clero ca. iii.

¶Eschetours shal kepe the lādꝭ seysyd in theyr handys by cause of warde withoute waste And that they shal haue no fee of wod veneson fyssh nor other thynge / and the heyre shall haue his accyon of waste as well within age as of full a­ge / and shal recouer his treble damagys / and the defendaunt shall haue .iii. yerys prysōment / Al­so of other landys seysyd in the kynges handys by inquest of offyce this same ordynaunce shall holde place agaynste theschetours / xxxvi. E. iii [...] capitulum .xiii.

¶A wryt of wast is mayntenable agaynste the fyrste lesse for terme of lyffe or yerys which haue lette ouer their estate yf they themselfe receyued the profettꝭ at the tyme of the wast / xi. h. vi. ca. v

¶yf a man make a feffement by dede or by fyne of landys holdyn by knightes seruyce or suffer [...]ny recouere agaynste hym by truste and dye / [...]is heyre shall be inwarde / &c. And yf the [Page] warden make waste the heyre shal haue an accion of wast agaynste hym .iiii. h. vii. ca. xvii.

wax chaundelers

¶Euery parsō that worketh any wax shal take for the workyng of a .li. of wax candels images & such like b [...]t .iii.d. except hersys vpō payn of forfetor of that / yt is put to sale or the valew therof And that the iustyce of pease mayrys baylyffꝭ & stywardys of fraunches haue power to serche & examyn it by the contrye & by theyr dyscressyōs The .xi. H. vi. ca. xii.


¶Loke for werys in the tytles hauins & ryuers

weyghtys & mysurys

¶One mysure of wyne shal be thorow oute all englonde / and one mysure of ale / And one misure of corne that is to sey the quater of lōdo [...] magna carta ca. xxiiii.

¶yt is ordeynyd that .iii. barly cornys drye an [...] [Page ccli] round make an ynche and [...]xii. ynchys make a fote and .iii. fete make a yerd and fyfe yerdys and a half make a perch and .xl. perch in lenght & .iiii. in brede maketh an acre of lande / The ordynaunce of makynge yerdys and perchys.

¶The stādardys of the bussellꝭ galons & yerdꝭ shalbe sygnyd with the kynges seale in yryn dy­lygently / and sauely kept vnder the payn of. C. li and no mysure shall be made in the towne but it agre with the kingꝭ mysure and sygnyd with the cōmyn seale of the towne / and examynyd by the mayre & baylyffes And he that byeth or sellyth by mysure not sygny [...] shalbe greuously amercyd And all the mysurys in euery twone shal be .ii. a yere serchid and seen / & he that is founde to bye by a greate mysure and to sell with the lesse / shal be imprysonyd and greuously ponysshyd. These stādardys of the busshell galon and yerde shalbe in the kepyng of the mayre or baylyffꝭ & .vi. men of the towne sworne before whom they shal be sygnyd Statut devlnis & buss [...]llhys.

¶The englysshe peny which is callyd the ster­lyng rounde and without clyppynge shall wey. xxxii. graynys of whete drye and in the my [...]dys of the ere / and .xx. pens makyth an ounce and .xii [Page] ounces do make a posid & make a galō of wyne & .viii. galons of whete make a busshell of lōdō / which is the .viii. part of a quarter. The ordynauuce of makyng of money & mysure.

¶The tresourer of ēglād shal make the stādard of busshels galons & weyghtꝭ & shall sēd thē ī to euery counte. and there shal be .ii assygned to ponysshe them that sell by other mysurys whyche shall haue the fourth part of the fynys for theyr expens / and none shal sel by busshel but yf it be markyd with the kynges seale .xiiii. E. iii. capitulo .xi.

¶The cōmyssyon to asses mysurys & weyghtꝭ is repellyd .xviii. E. iii. sta [...] ii. ca. iiii.

¶The we [...]ghtes of wollys shal be acordynge to the standard of the eschekyr .xxv. E. iii sta. de prodic ca. ix.

¶None sel by fals weyghtes nor mysurys vpō pa [...]ne of forfeytour to the kynge the valewe of the thyng solde / and treble damage to the part [...] and the iustyce assygned haue power to enquere therof as well at the kynges sewt as at the sewt of the party / & therof to do excecucyon .xxvii E. iii. sta. staple. ca. x

[Page cclii]¶Certayn balaunces & weyghtes of the sacke & halfe sacke of the pounde and half pound and quarter / acordynge vnto the standarde of the eschekyr shalbe sende to all shyryfꝭ of englande and that euery man may proue his weight with out any thynge gyuyng / & that no man bye by o­ther weyght vpon payn to be at the kynges wyl xxxi. E. iii. ca. ii.

¶The weyght called auncel weyght shalbe adnullyd .xxxiii E. iii. ca. v.

¶The mayrys & baylyfꝭ shal see that the mysu­rys be acordyng to the standard .xxxiiii. E. iil. ca­pitulo .vi.

¶He that vsyth fals mysurys or weyghtꝭ shall haue half yerys prysonment. & shal make gremēt with the perty the double of his losse / The coūt of lancaster is exempt for they haue mysurys by them self .xiii. R. ii. ca. ix.

¶He that by [...]th more for the quarter than .viii. busshels strykyn in london or els where shal forfeyt the corne .xv. R. ii ca ix

¶None shal bie corn but by misure strikē. s. viii busshels for the. q̄. vpō pain of forfeytour to the [Page] kynge and. C. s. to the partye and nothyng shall be take for the mysuryug / And the ꝑtye shal haue his accyon founde vpon the case .xxxiiii. E. iii ca. vi [...] and .i. h. v. ca. vltimo.

¶The tōne of wyne shall conteyn. CC. xlvi. galōs The pype tercyan & hoggysshed of wyne of gascoyn after the rate vpon payne of forfeytour of thesame wyn to the kyng The barel of heryng and elys shal contein .xxx. galons The butte of samon .lxxxiiii. galons. And the kylderkyns tercy­ans and fyrkyns after the same rate vpon payne of forfeytour therof to the lordys of the towns And he that wyll sew shall haue the .iiii. parte / and the iustyce of peas shal determyn the premissys .ii. h. vi. ca. xi

¶Eueri cyte on pain of Eueri borough vpō payn of. C. s. and euery town where any constable is vpō payn of .xl. s. shal haue a cōmyn balans with weyghtꝭ accordyng to the stādard / & al the inhabitantys within thesame townes may frely way without any thyng gyuyng / And foreyns shal pay for euery draught of the weight of q̄. and for eueri draughte betwen &. C. li. ob. And for euery draughte betwen. C. li. &. m. li.i.d. And vpon the offycers shalbe rewardyd / by the [Page ccliii] dyscressyon of the chyef of the town / And that the iustyce of peas mayrs & baylyfꝭ & stuwardꝭ haue power to examyn the p̄myssys / & to ponish the trespassours .viii. h. vi. ca. v.

¶The weyghte of a waye of chese maye holde xxxii. clouys. s. euery cloue .ix. Henry .vi. ca. viii.

¶The mayer of london shalbe sworne in the eschekir to execute the statute of mesurꝭ & weygh­tes / and al other mayrys & baylyffꝭ shalbe sworn whan they take their charge / And euery cyte or town shal haue a comyn balaunce and a comyn busshell insealyd accordyng to the standard vpō payn of euery cyte euery borow. C. s. euery town where a cōstable is .xl. s. / & euery mayer & baylyf shal make accompt in the eschekyr of all that euer they maye reseyue by force of these sa­me statutys / xi. Henry .vi. capitulo .viii / and .viii H. vi. ca. v.

¶The instyces of peas baylyffꝭ & stuwardꝭ of fraunches shal ponyssh the defautꝭ of mysurys & weyghtes as well by examynacyon as other wyse / viii. h. vi. ca. v. & .xxxiiii. E. iii. ca. v. & vi. and he that wil sew for the defautꝭ shal recoue [...] [Page] C. s. and his costes and the kynge an other. C. [...].

¶Tōnes pypes tercyās and hoggyshedꝭ of oyle and hony shall cōteyn as wyne doth .xviii. H vi capitulo .xvii.

¶Tyles shal be well whytyd and aneylyd / and that the erth wherof the tyle shalbe made shalbe dygged and cast vp before the fyrst daye of nouē ber next before that they shall be made and that the same yerth be styrryd and turnyd before the fyrste day of februarij than next folowynge and not opynyd before the fyrste day of march than next folowynge and that the yerth befor the makynge be tryed from stonys and also that the veynes callyd Malme merle or calke be seueryd frō the yerth And yt euery tyle shall cōteyn in lēght x. ynches and a halfe and in brede .vi. ynches and a quart [...]r and that euery roffe tyle shall conteyn xiii. ynches and ī thyknes half an ynche & a quarter and euery gutter tyle and couer tyle shall cō ­teyn in lenght .x. ynches and a halfe / & yf any sell any other tyle not made accordinge to this ordynaunce he shall forfeyt to the byer the double valew And shall make fyne and raunson to the kinge and he that wyll sew for the det shall haue ꝓ­ces [Page ccliiii] of vtlary where nother proteccion esson nor wager of law shall lye / and the iustyce of pease may inquyre therof / and sesse the syne for euery M. playntyle / v. s / And euery C rose tyle vi. s. viii.d. and euery. C. gutter tyle or couert tyle .ii. s. And that .ii [...] serchours may present the defautꝭ before the iustyce of peas and that to be as stronge as a presentment of .ii. men .xvii. E. iiii capiulo / iiii [...]

¶No herynge samon elys or other fysshe barel­lyd shall not be packyd before that the vessels be seene. s. that euery butte shall cōteyn .lxxxiiii. ga­lōs the barell / xlii. galons / the halfe barel / xxi. galons payne of forfeytoure of euery butte ba­rell and half barell / vi. s. viii.d. And yt all the great samons shalbe packyd by thē self and the smal samōs by them selfe vpon payn of forfeytour for euery but barel and half barell / vi. s. viii. And no marchaunt sell no herynge nor elys by the barell except it cōteyn / xlii. galons and the halfe barell and firkin after the rate and that they be wel packyd vpon payn of forfeytour for euery on suche vessell of the herynge / iii. s. iiii.d. And for euery one suche vessell of the elys / x. s. xxii. E. iiii. ca. ii

[Page]¶None shal sell maluesey except that the butte contein C : xxvi. galons / and of other wyne eueri tonne shal conteyn. CC. lii. galons euery pype C. xxvi. galons / Euery tercyan .lxxxiiii. galons / euery hoggys hed .lxili. galons / And euery barell xxxi. galons and a halfe / and euery rondelet .xviii galons & a halfe / And that no vessel be put to sa­le tyll it be gagyd vpon payne of forfeytour / and yf the vessel faut of his mysure / the byer shal abate to the seller & alow as mych money as cometh to the rate vpon paayn of forfeytour to the kynge all the valew of the wyne hony or oyle so solde / i. R. iii. ca. xiii.

¶One mysure and one weyght shalbe thorow out al the land and they shal be markid with the letter. h. crownyd and who soeuer occupyeth any other mysure shal forfeit for the fyrst tyme .vi s. for the second time .xiii. s. iiii.d. and for the thirde time / xx. s. and to be set on the pylory / and these forfeytes to go to the mayre & gouernours of the towne / water mysure weyghtes and mysurꝭ in cornwall and weyghtes for cunage of tyn in deuōshyr alwey except xi / h vii / ca iiii.

¶The busshell shall conteyne .viii. galons of whete / and the galon of troy / & the. li.xii. [Page cclv] ouncys. & euery ounce .xx. sterlynges / and euery sterlyng .xxxii. graynes of whe [...]e in the myddys of the care / and that al mysurys ordeyned the .xi yere of this kyng shalbe sende agayn in to there feit by the gouernours of the townes before the fest of pentecost / next to come vpon payn of & shal be broky [...] before the fest of crystmas next comyng vpon payn of to be leueid vpō euery cyty & town. &c. and that new busshels shalbe cōueyed to thē before the feste of saynt Andrew next cōmīg / and that all the other busshels shall be made acording to the new busshhel .xii. H. vii ca iii.

Assyse of bred and ale

¶whan a quarter of whete is sold for .xii. d thā the farthynge wastell lose shal wey s and the farthyng cocket lofe of thesame corne & bultel shall wey more than the wastell by ii s. and the farthyng cocket lofe of lesse pryce shall wey more than the wastell by .v. s. The far­thyng symnel shal wey .ii. s. lesse than the wastel the farthynge loffe of the hole whete shall wey the cocket and the halfe that is to say the coket that weyeth .v. s. more than the wastel The farthyng lose of treyt shal wey .ii. wastels / and the [Page] farthyng lofe of comyn sort of corne shal wey .ii great cocketꝭ

¶whan the quarter of whete is sold for .xviii.d. the farthynge wastel shall wey [...] s. viii.d. whan it is solde for .ii s. than the farthynge wa­stell shall wey .lxviii. s

whā for.ii. s. vi.d.thē it shal wey / liiii. s iiii.d. ob q̄
when foriii. s.thē it shal wey .xlviii. s
whā foriii. s. vi. dthē it shal wey .xlviii. s
when foriiii. sthan xxxvi. s
whan foriiii. s. vi. dthen xxx. s.
whan forv. sthā xxviii. s. ii.d. ob
whan forv. s. vi. dthā xxiiii. s. viiii.d. q̄
whan forvi. sthan xxii. s. viii. d
whan forvi. s. vi. dthan xix. s. xi. d
whan forvii. sthan xix. s. i. d
whan forvii. s. vi. dthā xviii. s. i.d. ob. q̄.
whan forviii sthan xviii. s
whan forviii. s. vi. dthan xvi. s
whan forix. sthan xv. s. q̄
when forix. s [...] vi. dthā xiiii. s. iiii.d. ob. q̄
whan forx. sthan xiii. s. vii. ob
whan forx. s. vi.d.than xii. s. xi.d. q̄
whan forxi. sthan xii s. iiii.d. q̄
whan forxi. s. vi.than xi. s. x.d
whan forxii. sthan xi. s. iiii. [...]

[Page cclvi]¶But yete not wel the statute of the assyse of brede and ale for that tryel goth by the weyghte of money and at the tyme of makyng of that statute in the tyme of the reyngne of kynge henry the .iii.xx.d. dyde make an ounce of troy / & now at this day in the .xv. yere of kyng henry. the .viii.iii. s. iiii.d. goth to the ounce. therefore in euery good cyte town and borow there be standardes thereof substauncyally kept to the whyche men may resorte for the trew knowlege thereof.

¶Also the weyghtꝭ of wolwax alame & diuers other warys go by the pounde whyche pounde by the olde statutes is tryed by the weyghte of money but as I seyd before bycause the money is chaungyd & mynysshed it were to doutfull to translate those statutes in to englyssh / Therfor in the kyngꝭ eschekyr & in euery good cyty and town̄ there be standardes substanncyally kepte whereto men may resort


¶no ꝑsō hauīg no ꝑk of his own shall kepe nor cause to be kept any dere hais or bukstallys vpō payn of forfeitour for eueri moneth And no [Page] parson stalke or cause any other to stalke with any bussh or be [...]te to any dere without lycence o [...] the owner maister of the game [...] or keper except it be in his own ground vpon payn of a [...]d no ꝑson without his own ground sle or cause to be takyn with any craft or engynes ani heron with out it be with haukyng or lōg bow vpon pa [...]n [...] of forfeytour for euery herō .vi. s. viii.d. and that none out of his own gro [...]nd take any yonge herōs out of the nest without lycēce of the owner vpon payn for euery herō .x. s. and that euery mā may sew for the sayd forfeitour by accyō of det. wherin nother wager of law essō nor proteccyō shal lye / and the iustyce of peas haue power to examyn the p̄myssꝭ & the partes found in defante to be cōmyttyd to pson tyl he haue found suerty to pay the sayd forfeyts to the kynge & those iustyce to haue the [...]x. part of the forfeytꝭ for theyr labour The .xix. h. vii. ca. xi.

¶Iustyce of peas in theyr cessyons & stewardꝭ in letꝭ haue power to asses a fyne of .vi. s. viii. d vpō thē yt trace & kil harꝭ ī the snow .xv. h viii cx Loke more for this in the tytle hunters


¶whā a dede or other writing is denyed wher [Page cclvii] in there be wytnes / and yf the [...] [...] [...]ot at the graunde dystres reto [...]nyd and it is r [...]tornyd that they haue nought or ellys that they can not be [...]o [...]de the takynge of the enquest shal not be deferryd by theyre absens / And yf they come & the [...]nquest remayn for any cause thesame day shall [...]e gyuyn to them and they come not theyr issues shalbe forfait And the enquest shal be takyn and for the absens of wytnes that be within the fra [...] [...]hes where the kynges wryte rēnyth not the ta­ [...]yng of the enquest shall not be deferryd / statut [...]bo (rum).

Uiew of fraunckplege

¶The view of fraūkplege shal be done so that our peas may be kept & our tythynge holdyn holy as it was wont. magna carta. ca. xxxiii.

¶Fyrst ye shall sey by the oth that ye haue ma­de yf all the sewters be cōme Also yf all the che [...] pleggys be in the kynges assyse / also yf the vyl­leyns of the lord be any where els & wher they dwell / also of them y be in the lordys demeanys [...]nd haue not dwellyd ther by a yere an [...] a d [...]ye / [...]l [...]o of c [...]tomy [...] and (ser)uyce with holdyn and by whom and by what b [...]ylyffes tyme / also of pur­presturys [Page] in landys waters and olde weyys / Also of wallꝭ housys hedgys dychys leueyd or bettyn downe to noysannce / Also of boundys ta­kyn awey / also of weys stoppyd or made streyte also of waters mystornid or stoppid / also burglaryes of howsys and theyr receyuers / also pety [...] larcrynye as of pullet sheuys and such other / also of hues cryes leueyd and not pursued / also of affrays and of blode shede / also of escape of the­uys and felons / also of rauyssyng of women that is not presentyd before the coroners / also of out laws resortyng without the kyngꝭ warraunt / also of clyppers & false makers of money / Also of tresour founde also of the assyse of brede and ale brokyn also of fals mysurys and weyghtes / also of them that hanth in tauerns and of them that slep [...] in the daye and watch in the nyght / also of them that take dooues by engyns / Statut de vi­su franci pleggis.


¶wynꝭ shalbe assaid .ii. tymꝭ in the yere in tauarnys & vesse [...]lꝭ defectyf shalbe brokin by the lordꝭ of the towne mayre & baylyffys. &c. & resonable pryse set. &c. & Iustyce of assyse shall enquere of the defaut of such mayrꝭ & bailyfꝭ .iiii. E. iii. c. xiii

[Page cclviii]¶Marchauntꝭ straūgers shal bryng no wynys out of the realme. The .ix. E [...] iii. ca. xiiii.

¶All marchauntys repayryng to gascoyn & gy [...] may frely bye wynys there of the hye coutrey in such lybertes as they were wont .xx. or .xxx. yeris past witho [...]te imposycyon or charge and yf any offycer or other in those partes dystorbe them he shal forfeyt for euery tyme and treble damagys to pay to the kynge & to hym that wyll sewe therfore / The .xxiii. H. vi. ca. vltimo

Uytell & vytellers

¶No mynyster in cyte or borow which by rea­sō of his office ought to kepe the assise of wine & vytayle be marchaūt of wyne & of vytel ingrosse nor by retayle vpō payn of forfeytour of the marchaundyse to the kyng & the thyrd part shalbe gyuyn by the kynge to hym that wyllsew for it. &c. And the chaūcelour tresorer baronꝭ of the eschekyr Iustyce of the one bēch or other and Iusty­ [...]f assyse shal r [...]ceyue suche pleyntys by wrytte & without wrytte & determyne them / statuto ebo (rum) but that is reformyd the / iii. of. H. viii.c.viii. y yf any vyteller be chosyn to bere any offyce in any cyte borowgh or towne whiche shuld ther haue [...]he assessyng & correccyō of vytell / that thā .ii. discrete [Page] personys not beyng vitillers be chosin ther by the comonalte & sworn which .ii. or one of thē with the seyd offycer shall sesse & set the pryce of vytell and that after that assessing done it shalbe l [...]wf [...]l to the seyd offycer to sell vytell not with­sto [...]dyng the foreseyd act made / statuto ebo (rum) or any other act / ꝓuydyd that this acte extend not to discharge the mynysters of the cytes of lōdon yorke or couentre / The .iii. H. viii. ca. viii.

¶Also vuchers fisshers hostelers bruers bakers & [...] other sellers of vytel / shall sel for a resonable pryce a fithe dystaunce of the placys frō whēs they come vpon payn of forfeytour of the dow­ble v [...]lew of the thynge olde to hym y is greuyd & yf he wyl [...] not sew therfore / than he y wyll may sew ther [...]ore / [...] the mayrys & baylyffys of cytes & b [...]rges [...]esse of townys & portys haue power to inquere of the p̄myssys & the iustyce of pease haue power to inquere of the defautis of such mayris & b [...]ylyffys. &c. at the sewt of the parte or hī that wyl sew it / and yf they be cōuycte they shall yel­de [...] d [...]mages aud make fyne to the kynge / The [...]xxv. E. iii. ca. v

¶Iustyce of pease shal īquere of the defautꝭ o [...] [...] [...] vytellers & shall ponyssh them as wel [Page cclix] at the sewt of the party as at the kinges [...]ewt xv E. iii. ca. v.

¶Euery one y brīgeth vytell to london by lād or water may frely sell thē without disturbaūce by the fysshmōgers dochers or pul [...]ers or other & that the mayer & aldermē shall redres the fautꝭ of fyshmongers bochers pulters as they do of thē yt sel bred wyne or ale & the mayer or aldermē shal put it in execucyon vpō the payn prouyded touchīg the cyte of lōdō. The .xxxi. E. ca. x

¶Uytellers shal not be chosē to the offyce of a iuge in cyte and townes but for defaut of other and than they shal not s [...] vytell vppon payne of forf [...]ytour of the same vytell / the .vi. R ii. ca. ix

Uytell shalbe folde for resonable ga [...]nys by the lymytacyon of the iustyce of pease the xiii R ii ca viii

¶Uitel caried ī to scotlōd & the vessel or hors that caryeth it shalbe forfeyt The vii R ii ca xv but berwik is except frō this statute .xv R ii c vii The chaūcellour & tresourer & other of the kīgis councell may make ordynaunce for the pryse of wynys & fyssh the xxxi E iii statu de allecis [Page] Al foreyns & alyens may sel fyssh & vytayl by re [...]ayl in london & els where. The .vi R ii ca x He yt dysturbyth any foreyn or alyen to sel sisshe in londō or els where in grose or by retayle shal lose .xl li. & he that sewith therfore shal haue the one half / The xiii H vi ca vi


¶Boltys of syngle worsted may be caryed o [...]t of the realm to what place y any mā wyl except to ēmyes payng ther of the custom without payeng money to caleys notwithstandyng any libe [...] te graūted to burges of calyce or marchan̄tis of the staple or other vse the contrary .vii R ii ca iii

¶worsted shal be good & not defectif & shal be [...] sealyd. And yf any sel any pece not beyng of the mysure lymytyd & not insealyd he shall forfeyte the valew of the pece & the mayer of norwiche the stiwar [...] of the duchi of lācaster or one of thē with xii artificers may make serch / vii E iiii ca i

¶worsted weuers of the towne of yermouthe shal chose yerely on the mōday in wytsō weke a householder of thesame town that may dispēd xx. s. by the yere or hath goodys to the valew of xli be warden of the same occupacyon whiche shal be sworne before the mayer of norwich the mōday next after corpus xp̄i day / as the wardēs [Page cclx] of norwych be acordyug to the act made the .vi [...] yere of E iiii / & yf the mayer be than absēte or refuse to take the othe / thā within iiii dayes after the baylyfꝭ of yermouth shal take it / & that the same wardē shal ordeyn a seale with this lett. y. & to haue power to serche and seale al clothis of worsted & stamyn & say ther made / & thesame act shal extēd to the town of lyn as lōge as there be x householders there of the same occupacyon / & theyr seale shalbe with this letter .l. and whan there is not x [...]uch householders there / thā one of the wardēs of the cyte or norwych or coūtye shal come thyder euery .xxviii. dayes or within vi days after to serch & in seale al the sayde worstedꝭ says & stamyns & to haue for theyr costes of thē of lyn for euery tyme betwene mychelmas & the ānūciaciō of our lady ii. s. & for eueri time betwene the ānūciaciō & mychelmas .ii. s. & for fau [...] of paymēt to forfeyt vnto thē .xl. s & yf the seyd wardēs of norwych com not thā they to forfeit to the inhabytaūce of lyn for euery defaut . [...]l. s. for the which they may haue an accyon of dette where nother proteccyō essō nor wager of lawe shal lye / ideo vide sta .xv. h. viii ca iii


¶The sak of wol shal cōtein xxvi stone & euery [Page] [...]tone and euery parson that passith out of the realme with wollys shal fynd good suerte to the customers before his passage to bryng at his fyrst cōmyng agayn for euery sake plate of syluer to the valew of .ii markꝭ & the same plate he shal bryng to the kyngꝭ eschaūg / & there shal receyue his money / & that none coket any woll but he yt oweth the woll vpon payne of forfeytour / The xiiii. E. iii. ca. vlti. also the customers shall certifie the wardēs of the eschaūge at the towre of lōdō thre tymes by the yere that is to sey at the fest of the natyuyte of saynt Iohn̄ baptyst all seyntes & cādelmas / and yf the wardens reseue not the money / They shal certifye to the barōs of the eschekyr which shal make ꝓces as wel agaynst the customers as agaynst the suertes to leuey it. &c. the same yere ca. vltimo.

¶The price o [...] the sortm of wollꝭ in eueri coūtre shalbe abatyd & defetyd / And that euery mā as wel strāger as priuey may bie wolis as they may acorde with the seller. the .xviii. E. iii. statut. secū do capitulo .iii.

¶No wollys to be [...]old shal lye within .iii. my­le of the staple / The .xxx. E. iii. ca. viii.

[...]o īposyciō or charg be put vpō wollꝭ fel lede [Page cclxi] or ledyr otherwise thā the subsidy or custōe gra [...] [...]id to the kynge excepte it be by parliamente .xlv E. iij. ca. iii

¶No denysin or forein make any refuse of wollys but code carde & villeyn / & that none bye his wollys by these wordys good packīg nor other wordys lyke vpon payne of double damages to the parte greuyd / & the brokour shall haue halfe yerys prysōment / The .xiii. R. ii. ca. ix.

¶no denysī shal by wollys but of the owner of the shepe and tythe wol / but in the staple / & that no denysyn regrate wollys nor marchaundyse of the staple vpō payne of forfeytoure of the va­lew of the thynge regratyd / And the Iustyce of pease in the sessyōs shal enquere therof and shal ponyshe them bye the foreseyd payn no englyse man bye wollꝭ but to his owne vse as to sell it at the staple or to make cloth / the xiiii R ii ca iiii

¶no denizī brīg wolys wol fel leder nor led out of the realme vpō payn of forfeytour / xiiii. R. ii. ca. v.

¶Inhabytasitys at berwyk vpō twed may by wollys wol fell leder as wel of the growyng of tyndal & other placys [...]skotland as growynge in [Page] englond that is to s [...]y betwen the waters of twede and coket / & them to put to sale in berwycke ii. H. v. capitulo vi.

¶No straunger shall force clacke nor berde no maner of wollys vpon payn of forfeytour of the double valew and imprisōment of his body / and that no packer in winde the teson of the wol nor putte in the same lokkys poll wol yerth nor dyrt and the parte shal haue agaynst them an accyon of dysseyte at the cōmyn law .viii. H. vi. ca. xxii.

¶Loke / ii. E. iiii.c.i.ii.iii and loke for wollꝭ i [...] the tytle of marchauntys.


¶yf a man vouch a forein to warraunt in londō the mayre aud the baylyffys shal adiourne the ꝑ­tes before the Iustyce of the bench and shal sende thydyr the record / And the iustice shal sōmon the warraunt to plede before them and they shal cesse in london tyll the warraunte be determinid before the iustyce / and whan it is determynyd it shalbe seyd to the warraunt yt he go in to londō to answer the cheffe ple / & the demaūt shal haue a wryte of the iustice to the mayre & bailiffꝭ to go [Page cclx] forth in the ple / & yf the demasidaūt recouer The tenauut shal haue a wrytte to the mayre and baylyffes to extende the landys lost & to retorne the extent in to the bench / and after it shal be cōmaū dyd to the sheryf where the warraūt was sōmonyd to make him to haue as mych land of his in valew / and yf the tenaūt make defaut at the day gyuyn hym in the bench / a wryt of instyces shal go from thēs to the mayre and baylyffes to take the lande in to the kynges handys by petit cape and to sōmon the tenaūt that he be at the [...] hustinges before the iustices which shalbe aduysyd to gyue iugement of that defaut &c. Statut. de for incecis vocat ad warraunt / Sed vide statutū qr nō concordat in omnibus cū statut Gloucester.

¶Lokemore for voucher in the tytle lōdon and warantye.


¶where a man a dogge or a cat escapyth alyue out of the shyp or bot it shalbe iuggyd no wrek so that the partye to whom the goodys belonge come within a yere & a day he shal haue his goodys and yf not it shall remayn to the kynge or to the lorde &c. w. prymer. ca. iiii.

¶Loke more for wrek ī title m̄chaūtꝭ .xxvii. E iii. ca. xiii.


¶If a wryt come in octabis sctī michaelis / A day shalbe gyuyn in octabis sancti hillarij / yf inquindecīa sctī micha. in .xv hillarij / yf in tres septimanas sācti michaelꝭ / in crastino purificacoīs be marie / yf in mense mich. in octabis purifica. if in crastino aīa (rum) in .xv pasche / yf in crastino sctī martini in tres septimanas pasche / yf in octabis sctī martini / in mense pasche / yf in xv sācti martini / in quin (que) sep. pasche / & there is a certayn day gyuen sp [...]cyally / in crastino ascensionis dn̄i & it vaylyth as muche as quinque septīas pasche / yf in octabis scāti hillarii in octabis [...]cti trinitatꝭ if in quindena sācti hillarii / in xv sctī trinitatis and somtyme in crastino sancti Iohannis baptiste yf in crastino puri / in octabis sācti iohānis / yf in octabis pur. in xv / sācti iohānis / yf in xv / pasche in octabis sācti micha / yf in tres septīas pasche in xv sācti micha. yf in mēse pasche in tres septimas micha / if in quinque septimas pasche or crastino ascēcionis donini in mēse sctī mich / if in octab / sctī mar / in cristino aīa (rum) / if in xv sāctitrinj. or in crastino scti iohānis / in crastino scti martini [...] in octab. scti iohānis / in octau. sancti marti. yf in xv. scti iohānis / in .xv. sācti marti. Tractat vocat dies comunis in banco / & the days of a wryt of dower be abreggid by the statute of merle brig which seyth there shalbe days gyuē iiii days in [Page cclxiii] the yere at the lest .x. more if nede require / therfor loke the statute.

¶Ther shal no wryt go forth vnder the small seale that towchyth the cōmyn law / Articuli suꝑ cartas. ca. vii.

¶No wryt shal go to the shyryf to take endytementꝭ .xxviii. E. iii. ca. ix

¶All wyrttes of det accōpt & suche other accyo [...]s shalbe directyd to the shyryffes of that shyre where the cōtractꝭ were / And yf in the plees of those wrytres it be declaryd the cōtract to be done in a nother coūte thā is cōteynid in the orygynal than the wryt shalbe abatyd / vi. R. ii. ca. iii


¶Usury shal not renne vpō the heyr within age so neuerthelas that for yt the paymēt of the pryncypal with the vsury before the deth of the auncestour shal not remayn / marton. ca. v.

¶yf a man take any money or other th [...]g for the lone of the money sauynge lawfull penaltes for nō payment of the same or yf a man sell goodys to any man being in necessyte & thesame goody [...] [Page] afterward bye againe within .iii. monythis for a lasse some knowyng them to be the same goodys by hym solde or yf a man for the lone of his mo­ney haue landys or tenementes in perfyte suerty of his money without condycyō or aduenture & forther couenaūtyth that he shal haue the ꝓfyte of the londys & tenementꝭ tyll a certeyn tyme. &c. this is vsery / And he that is conuyct therof shal forfeyt the one halfe of the money or goodys so sold or lant. And he that wyll sue by an accyō of det byl or informacyō in court of recorde shal haue the one halfe / and yf none wylsew the kynge shall haue al / the .x. H. vii.c.viii. & this statute re­pellyth that stattue of vsury made the .iii. yere H vii. ca. v. reseruyd alwey to spyritual Iurysdyciō theyr lawfull ponishmētꝭ in euery cause of vsury

¶Loce more for vsury in the tytle of brokers


¶The feffes of truste which bryng accyons to the vse of theyr feffours shal not be dysablyd nor barryd by any vtlary in those feffes allegyd .iii. H vii. ca. xiiii.

¶yf any wyll defete any vtlary by wytnes he shal yelde hymselfe to pryson / and than the parte [Page cclxiiii] shall be warnyd to come & to maynteyn that the wytnes is not trew which shalbe tryed and lyke wyse the kynges seruaūt and attorney shalbe receyuyd yf it be at the kynges sewt .v [...] E. iii.c.xiii.

¶Loke more for vtlary in the tytles exigēt charter de ꝑdon chestyrshyre and lancaster.


¶Enprynted in the chepe syde at the syg­ne of the mere mayde next to poulys ga­te the .xxii. day of Decēber in the .xix yere of the reyngne of oure souerayne lorde kinge Henry the .viii.

¶Per me Iohannem Rastell A.D.MDXXVII. Cum Priuilegio. Regali.

Iohannes Rastell

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