A Resitall of certaine branches of a Statute made in the xiiii, yeere of hir Maiesties Reigne, con­cerning Collectors for the poore, duties of Constables, and for such as refuse to paye to the poore: to put them in better minde of their seuerall duties and deligence, their Collections and accompts, and the Constables of their danger for none dooing of their office. And lastly of the punishment of such as refuse to pay to the poore, or wilfully discourage others from paying. The negligence of the Col­lectors in most parrishes hath been such, ye halfe the Reuenewes or collection is cleane lost for gathering: which doth force this course to bee taken, assuring all persons to whom it shal appertaine, that due execution of the same wil be followed with effect, vppon the offenders.

AND it is further enacted by aucthoritie of this present Parliamēt, For refusing to be collec­tors for the poore. that if any manner of person or persons appointed & elected to be Collectiours for ye poore, as is aforesaid, shall refuse ye said office, or shall after hée hath agréed to it neglect the same, he shall forfaite and lose for euery offence to the vse of the poore of the same place fourtie shillings, of lawfull money of Englande, to bee leuied by distresse, or recouered by action, byll, playnt, or information, in any Court of re­cord, or Lords Court, by the hygh Constables or Tything men aforesayd: In which suite, no essoigne, protection, nor wager of law shalbe allowed or admitted to the partie defendaunt. And if the sayd hygh Constables, shalbe remisse or neg­ligent to sue, or shall refuse to sue the sayd Collectours and euery of them with­in two monethes next after such refusall, or negligence in or by the sayd Collectour: that then the sayde hygh Constables or Tything men, shall forfayt and lose fiue pounds of lawfull money of England, to those of the poore of the same place, to bée sued for, by and in the name of two of the next Iustices to the sayd place or places, being out of Cities, Boroughes, and Townes corporate: if within, then by the Mayor, Baylifes, or other head officers of the sayd Cities, Boroughes, or Townes corporate, in any Court of record or Lords Court, by action of debt, bill, playnt, or information, in which no essoigne, protection, or wager of law shalbe allowed.

And further be it enacted, that the sayd Collectours, and euery of them, For the col­lectours ac­compt. so to be chosen, as is aforsayd, shall make their iust accompt halfe yéerely of their sayd collection and gathering, to two Iustices of the place, dwelling next to the sayd abyding place or places, not béeing within any Citie, Borough, or Towne cor­porate: or to the Mayor, Shiriffes, or other chéefe officers, of the sayd Cities, Boroughes, or Townes corporate: and when they goe out of their offices, they shall deliuer, or cause to bee deliuered foorth with vpon their accompts, all such surplusages of their collection & gathering, as shall then remaine vndistributed, to be ordered by the sayd Iustices, Mayors, Baylifes, or other head officers, vpon the sayde payne of tenne pounds. If any such Collectour shall refuse to make his sayd accompt, or neglect the same, by the space of fourtéene daies after request to him therfore made: then the said two Iustices, or one of them, to commit the sayd Collectours to the next gaole for the sayd Countie, there to remayne without bayle or mainprise, tyll he haue made his sayd accompt, & immediat payment and delyuerie of all such surplusages as hée hath receaued.

And bée it further enacted, that if any person or persons, For refusing to giue to the poore, or dis­couraging o­thers. being able to further this charitable worke, will obstinatly refuse to giue towards ye help and reléefe of ye sayd poore people, or doo wilfully discourage others from so charitable a déede: the sayd obstinate person or willfull discourager, shall presently be brought before two Iustices of the peace, whereof one to be of the Quorum, of the same Countie, to shew the cause of his obstinate refusall, or wilfull discouragement, and to a­byde such order therein, as the sayd Iustices shall apoynt: if he refuse so to doo, then to be committed to the next gaole for the sayd Shire, there to remanyne vn­till he be contented with their sayd order, and doo performe the same.

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