❧ You shall enquire.

WHat infamous and idle persons pretedyng themseues to be Infor­mers vpon penall lawes & statutes haue therupon troubled or terrified any of the Quéenes subiectes by colour of any plaintes, bills, actions or informatiōs vntru­ly imagined: or by threatnyng of any of the Quéenes subiects, with any proces or information obtained or exhibited or pretended to be obteined or exhibited, since the first of Ianuary in the 13. yeare of the Quéenes raigne.

2. Item, what summes of money, giftes, rewardes, fées, anuities, profites or commondities any such Informers haue had, taken, or receiued by colour or meane of any such [...]u [...]es pr [...] [...] threatnyng since the sayd first of Ianuary.

3. Of what persons, where, by what colour, and for what cause or matter, any of them haue so had, taken or receiued, or couenaunted to haue take, or receiue, since the sayd first day of Ianuary.

4. What and how many writtes and processes and such persons haue deliuered to any person for any apparaunce to be made in any of the Quéenes Courtes of Recorde, or for any cause what soeuer since the sayd day.

5. What extortions, oppressions or vexations haue bene done to any of the Quéenes subiectes by the relation, procurement or meanes of any such infamous and idle persons by colour of the premisses, though such euill persons themselues did not intermedle in any such sutes.

6. What sayned colorable and vndue endes, concordes, compositions and finall agréementes a [...] discharges haue bene had or made by and such persons with any of the Quéenes subiectes for any the causes abouesayd.

7. Also of the certaintie of the factes and tymes of all such oppr [...]ions, vexations, extortions and other enormities.

8. Also all other Articles or masters the sayd misdemeanours and vexations [...] any [...] concernyng.

9. Also of the names surnames, fames, conuersations and demeanors of such [...] troublesome persons, and of their abetters and procurers.

God saue the Queene.

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