By the King.

Iames by the grace of God, &c.

The causes of the assembly of this Session of our Parlia­ment haue beene made so manifest to all our people, as we shall not need to vse many words to declare the same to be held for the supplying of our necessities, and of conuenient meanes to support the honour and dignitie of our estate. And yet because some present burden of expence falleth vpon vs before those helps can come which wee expect from the grant of our Parliament, aswell for some extraordinary causes of charge vpon forraine occasions, as for some necessary expence concer­ning the honour and reputation of our estate, and especially in the creation of our dearest sonne the Prince, wherein Wee would be loth to be wanting of that which hath beene heeretofore obserued by our Royall Progenitors in like occasions: Wee haue thought fit to take that course which the former Kings of this Realme haue held heeretofore in like sudden accidents: that is, by borrowing of such of our people as are knowen to be of ability, some reasonable summes of money to be lent only for a time, vntill that supply may come in, by which it may be repaied. To the furnishing whereof, Wee assure our Selfe Wee shall finde euery one (of whom Wee shall require it) ready and willing, for the experience they haue had of our iust and full satisfaction made of all summes hitherto by Vs borrowed in this or any other kinde. That which Wee require therefore is, that within twelue daies after the receit heereof, you will cause the summe of [...] pounds to be deliuered to [...] whom We haue appointed to be our Collector in that our County of [...] The loan whereof We doe desire to be vntill the [...] day of [...] which shalbe in the yeere of our Lord one thousand six hundred and [...] For assurance whereof We haue directed these our Letters of Priuy Seale vnto you, which with the hand of our said Collector testifying the receit of the said summe of [...] pounds, shall binde Vs, our heires and successors for the repaiment thereof, and shalbe an immediate warrant to one Exchequer to pay the same vnto you or your assignes vpon the deliuery of this our Priuy Seale into our said receit.

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