❧ By the King.
❧ A Proclamation to summon all such as hold of His Majestie by Grand Sergeanty, Escuage, or Knights Service, to do their Services against the Scots, according to their Tenures.

WHereas the Kings Majestie intends forthwith in his own person, or by his Lieutenant, with an Army Royall, to go in war against the Scots (by Gods assistance) to represse their Treasons and Rebellions: and for that end hath already begun His journey towards the North­ern parts of this Kingdom, His Majesty therfore doth hereby require, and straitly charge & command, all Lords Spirituall and Temporall, Baronets, Knights, Esquires, Gentlemen, & all others, of what estate or condition soever, who hold of His Majestie by grand Sergeanty, or hold of His Majesty, or of any of His Wards by Escuage, or Knights Service (and are thereby bound to go in their own persons, or to finde others for them to go with His Majesty, or His Lieutenant in the said war, against the said Rebels) That they take knowledge of this His Majesties publike Summons, and with all meet expedition after the publishing hereof, and at the farthest before the twentieth day of September next, be ready furnisht with Horse and Arms for performance of their said Services, at the Town of New castle upon Tyne, or at such other place where His Majesties said Army shall then reside; from thence to go with His Majesty, or His Lieutenant, in War against the said Rebels: And hereof they may not fail, under the penalties of the Law, and as they tender the Service of His Majestie, and the safety of the Kingdom.

Neverthelesse, for such as do so hold of His Majestie, or of His said Wards, who upon just oc­casions shall seek to be spared and dispensed with, for their attendance and service in this expedi­tion, His Majesty is graciously pleased, and hath authorized the Lord Treasurer, Chancellor, and Barons of His Exchequer for the time being, or any two or more of them (whereof the Lord Treasurer, or Chancellour to be one) upon Fines to His Majesties use, to admit to Com­position, and Compound with such of those Tenants, as they shall think fit to be spared and dispenced with for this present Service, whom His Majestie doth hereby declare shall be freed and exempted accordingly: So as they shall make their said Compositions before the said twen­tieth day of September next, whereby His Majestie may be provided of other meet persons in their turn to perform the said Services.

God save the King.

¶ Imprinted at London by ROBERT BARKER, Printer to the Kings most Excellent Majesty: And by the Assignes of JOHN BILL. 1640.

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