❧ By the King.
❧ A Proclamation against making Collections without Licence vnder the Great Seale.

FOrasmuch as the Lords of His Maiesties most Honourable Priuy Councell haue beene informed that his Maiesties louing Subiects in sundry places of this Kingdome haue beene much wronged and abu­sed by forged and counterfeited Certificates and warrants, or Licen­ces for Collections, made in the Names of persons of Qualitie, and others his Maiesties Ministers and Seruants: vpon which said for­ged Certificates, Warrants, and Licences, publique Collections haue beene made, aswell in Churches, as otherwise, to the abuse of the Charitie of his Maiesties good Subiects, and discouraging the forwardnesse of such as are well disposed to helpe such as haue had great Dammage and Losses, both by Shipwracke and Pirates at Sea, and by fire and other casualties at Land.

His Highnesse therefore with the aduice of His Priuie Councell, doeth by this His Proclama­tion straightly Charge and Command all his Maiesties Officers, and Ministers whatsoeuer, whom it shall concerne, not to suffer any such Collections to bee made hereafter for any person, or persons, vpon any pretence whatsoeuer, without Warrant, or Licence for the doing thereof vnder the great Seale of England first obtained, and had in that behalfe: And that none of His Subiects presume to Grant or Issue any such Warrants, vpon paine of His Maiesties high in­dignation and displeasure.

God saue the King.

¶ Imprinted at London by Robert Barker, Printer to the Kings most Excellent MAIESTIE: and by the Assignes of Iohn Bill. M.DC.XXXII.

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